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Trump University

The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative (formerly Trump University) is an online education company owned and founded by Donald Trump.

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Breaking Satire:'An expert from Trump University just told me Obama once wiretapped Booker T Washington'
Did Tim attend a seminar at Trump University?
Trump University has an engineering program? Your students must be so proud of your Ayn Rand inspired pseudonym.
For every Trump Taj Majal there is a Trump Steaks...or Trump Airlines...I mean Trump University. I need an example of winning!?
How many businesses has Trump failed at? Trump University, Trump Steaks, Atlantic City, etc.
Trump hosts the Swamp Monsters Ball. Billionaires admitted free. Trump supporters turned away, but given Trump University coupons.
the first was with US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel when he ruled on the Trump University case.
did you hear about The Bowling Green Massacre at Trump University?
Maybe he's been to Trump University or that ramshackle shed Kent Hovind 'graduated' from.
Obama a Harvard Law School grad & Hillary Clinton Yale.Trump scammed students at Trump University. You get what you vote for.
"Alternative facts? That sounds like a class at Trump University." ~ Jimmy Fallon
San Bernardino is also full of people that Trump conned via Trump University.
"Trump University is the most prestigious college in the United States. Period."
Pres.-elect Trump pays $25 million to settle three lawsuits against his now-defunct Trump University.
Excuse me. Trump University is very, very astonishing
It's as legit as a degree from Trump university.
Hamilton Collection
And if you believe that, he has a degree at Trump University to sell you
My taxi driver is listening to the Trump University radio station...?
telling Americans he'll never let them down, ask his first 2 wives, his contractors & trump university students…
Did you learn to read at Trump University? I don't think Obama was mentioned once.
BREAKING: One person reportedly shot at University of Washington during anti-Trump protest - https…
Funny how Trump dissed public schools while he started a fraudulent scam university that failed. Is Trump U our future?
Do people really think Trump University would be long-term investment venture to help others & not be just a cash cow? 😂smh
An anti-Trump protest is happening outside Leeds University just hours before the new President is sworn in h…
⚡️ “Anti-Trump protester shot at University of Washington gathering”.
Update: Man shot near protests at University of Washington campus in critical.. via
Demonstrators had gathered in Red Square to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump.
BREAKING UPDATE: One person has died following shooting at University of Washington during Anti-Trump protests.
Important: if you teach at a public university or college, do not use your work email for anti-Trump work including petiti…
Gunman on loose after protest shooting at University of Washington, v… -
Man suffers life threatening gunshot wound on University of Washington campus during Trump protest riots in Seattle.
A man was shot today in Seattle by a Trump supporter at University of Washington during Milo Yiannapoulos speaking eve…
We are all now officially enrolled in Trump University.
UW CAMPUS SHOOTING Gunman on loose, victim critical in anti-Trump clash
Local Expert views on the inauguration from Newcastle University
BREAKING: Active shooter situation and 1 confirmed shot at anti protest at the University of Washington
BREAKING: At least one person shot at University of Washington during anti-Trump protests
BREAKING: Shooting at University of Washington during anti-Trump protests
One person shot in Seattle after violent clashes between Trump supporters & protesters
Students and community members rallied at the University of Oregon against Donald Trump's inauguration.
MORE: Apparent shooting at the University of Washington campus happened during protests against Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos
BREAKING: One person shot after violent riots break out at University of Washington campus https…
Who's unhinged, wearing masks, using violence & rioting in University of Washington Nazis
The New Curriculum -- needs to be read by every senior high school student, every first year university student...
Hope Trump extends an olive branch by giving Obama an honorary degree from Trump University.
Um WHY did you use 's Samford Hall for "Trump University" graphic? Not. Cool.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
She'll end up with a Trump University honorary degree at this rate.
She deserves an honorary degree from Trump University for that performance!
Senator Warren asks Betsy DeVos how she’ll protect students from schemes like Trump University. Her answer disappoints. https…
.They donated to Mitch Romney's campaign way back and have connections to Trump University.
This is a US Senator. Must be a Trump University dropout. Virginia, what were you thinking electing this guy…
Trump illegally "donated" 25k to ATTY GEN Pam Bondi for dropping the investigation into Trump University. She's now…
Today the Electoral College chooses whether to be Yale or Trump University.
You are rambling. The CIA said this. And, you choose to believe a man who bilked people out of their money with Trump University
Trump University for undergrad, Ball So Hard University for grad school.
I hear Trump University and the South Harmon Institute of Technology are both on next year's non-conf. schedule for…
just like Michigan basketball does! Trump University at the Big House in 2018!
Christ on a crutch! *** Did you all get your degrees at Liberty University or Trump University? Dafuq is wrong wit…
When you pay 25 million to settle Trump University. You admit to swindling the American public. Trumpkins are the dumb…
Blessed to announce I will be continuing my academic and indoor soccer career at Trump University. I give thanks to God…
He settled his Trump University fraud suit for $25 million, but what will he do about all of these other open cases? http…
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This guy is onto something… like the social media Hamilton hubbub vs. Trump University fraud payout. Follow the money and…
Trump Foundation admits it self-deals. Trump University admits to fraud. What will the Trump administration have to admit…
Trump University was a fraud. Trump Foundation was a fraud. How many more days till everyone realizes Trump is a fraud?…
how did graduates of Trump University vote?
can we report Donald Trump of Trump University
.and lost his Trump University fight.
Donald Trump: I could have won the Trump University fraud lawsuit if I didn’t have to be president via
And our president elect literally settled a 25 million fraud case about Trump University that had no license appearently.
If Trump University case hadn't been settled, video testimony would have DESTROYED Conman-in-Chief. .
It's not just Trump University. Trump regularly steals services from ordinary Americans. Even from kids. https…
Trump's response this evening when asked about $25 million Trump University settlement.
Priebus on $25 million settlement: Trump wanted to take office 'without distraction'
KU suspends cheerleader over Snapchat photo that mentions KKK, Trump.
Tonight! Congratulations to the graduating plaintiffs of Trump University!
Here’s Why Conservatives Should (But Won’t) Be Freaked out about the Trump University Settlement. (By…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Hard to see somthing that don't exist. In contrast to Trump University fraud.
Trump's Hamilton spat is a distraction, as notes, but it's working. Overshadowed Trump University in US as soon…
how abt trump university $25M settlement many more fraud Shameful act from u to talk abt Hillary Ivanka advertise her business
The details of the "Trump University" scam are sickening. Trump preyed on the most vulnerable Americans.
Unfortunately, that's why Trump University was able to suck so many people in.
The absolute best, most terrific reporting on trump university. .
Trump’s decision to settle the Trump University fraud cases was clearly an effort to prevent a major embarrassment.
Sunday news programs barely addressed or completely ignored settlement in Trump University fraud lawsuit:
So, is settling the Trump U lawsuit. If I were a plaintiff, I'd demand admission of wrongdoing. . https…
Trump tried to scam veterans through his fraudulent Trump University. He doesn't care.
What does the Electoral College think of Trump University?
Trump University literally destroyed vulnerable peoples livelihood, many of them elderly. Expect no less from as POT…
Trump University was a complete scam. Trump hired literal felons, to defraud people. He was charged with fraud and financia…
Cupcake update:. University professors demand that students who opposed anti-Trump protests are expelled. Smh
University profs call for expulsion of Trump supporters...
New York AG's office makes Trump certify no charitable funds will be used to pay Trump University legal settlement.
Who is the bully now ?. UNH Professors Call for Supporters to be Expelled -
Trump lawyer: No charitable funds will pay for Trump University settlement
Don't forget Trump scammed 6000 ordinary Americans out of their life savings w Trump University but that's not all: https…
After cast booed Pence, Trump says Hamilton is “highly overrated”, but if they want acting classes he knows an excellent…
He settled the Trump University case for $25mil today. But his conning of America continues full steam ahead.
University of New Hampshire Professors Call for Trump Supporters to... via
Trump University was a scam, so is he .
The University of New Hampshire encourages students to protest. Total disgrace. This is where your tax dollars go. https:…
in my country so many politicians lied about their university studies. for me is more important who will be in Trump´s team
We just elected a president who just paid $25 MILLION to avoid being found guilty of blatant FRAUD & DECEIT. "Trump Univ…
Cost of defrauding 6000 Trump University students: $25million. Attacking "Hamilton" cast to distract from this: Pricele…
In a remarkable concession, Trump, who derides legal settlements, will pay $25 million in the Trump University case
So everyone who's certain the Trump University settlement means he's guilty... also believes Bill Clinton was guilty w/ Paula…
Reince Priebus on Trump University settlement: "Let's just start leading this country without distraction"
I settled the Trump University lawsuit for a small fraction of the potential award because as President I have to focu…
BREAKING: President-elect Donald Trump agrees to settle civil fraud lawsuit over Trump University for $25M - Reuters, citing s…
I believe Le Pétomane graduated from the Trump University.
Why did Trump pay $25M to settle the NY State case against Trump University? This might help explain:.
I wonder if Pence went to Hamilton to take our focus off the Trump University fraud settlement. This administration is mor…
YouTube is ur source, loser? Really?! 😂😂😂 I see u must have graduated from Trump University with flying colors!
BREAKING: New York attorney general announces $25 million settlement in Trump University case.
- "I don't settle cases I win in court" - Pays $25 Million dollars to make Trump University case go away.
Most discussed topic in Oklahoma City right now: Trump University
"Trump University" Anything in the settlement re Trump having to contribute to the . TU Reunion Fund- Class of 2007 has its 10th coming up.
Trump settles Trump University lawsuits for $25 million. Michael Isikoff 49 minutes ago Comments Sign in to like...
Trump fans "boycotting" Starbucks by buying Starbucks must have taken business classes at Trump University
Embarrassing climb down? settles Trump University lawsuits for $25m -
Did you guys forget about this? . Donald Trump attempting to delay Trump University fraud trial - NY Daily News
New motion filed in the Trump University case - CNN
"The Electoral College is more corrupt than Trump University!!" ~ Rep. Hank Johnson, probably.
Comey's letter, colluding with Russian government, fraud trial for Trump University. Can we let those things slide?
Donald Trump set to appear in court for Trump University, will be entangled in other suits while in White House
I feel like America just sent in our tuition check for Trump University.
BREAKING from Montreal media : Canadian fraudsters were teachers at Trump University
When you've made more money than Trump University. Legally.
Trump University trial set for November 28 . via
Trump lawyers want the campaign to be off-limits in Trump U. trial via
Kind of cool: Trump's lawyers file a motion to block me from testifying in Trump University trial
Donald Trump to testify after November election in Trump University lawsuit via
Hey Donald-Why don’t you give back the money to everyone who went to Trump University?
Trump attorneys file motion to block me from testifying on Trump University
Trump university in court Nov 28. Lawyers trying to exclude all Trump comments during campaign. WRONG!
it was a scam point blank. Did any of his kids graduated from Trump University ?
Trump the candidate wants campaign kept out of Trump University fraud trial
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“Trump wants everything he’s said during the campaign excluded from Trump University trial” by
Trump seeks to bar personal conduct claims from Trump University trial
Trump's lawyer asks judge to exclude statements he made during presidential campaign from Trump University trial: http…
Trump attorneys seek to block testimony from Times columnist
Chutzpah. Trump asks to exclude his comments about the Trump University judge from the Trump University trial
BREAKING: Donald Trump's lawyer asks judge to exclude his statements made during presidential campaign in trial over T…
Arrived at the Conference on Faith & History at Regent University today only to find out there's a rally on campus t…
Trump's lawyer has asked that his campaign statements be excluded from the Trump University trial. And ideally, also fro…
Trump tries to keep groping allegations out of Trump University trial
what they aren't accredited?! I was told they were accredited like Trump University
'Vote November 28': Trump seems to confuse election day with the date of a trial against Trump University
November 28th is court date for Trump University case. That's the date he confused for election day. Sigmund Freud, tab…
That idea of what locker room talk is probably explains why you never saw Trump University in a bowl game. That, and not bei…
She was ok with his public racism and his Trump University fraud, but this crosses the could harm her cam…
The New York attorney general suing over Trump University is now investigating the Trump Foundation
George Allen: "People don't care about judges, they don't care about Trump University, they don't care about Miss Universe from 20 yrs ago."
Would Church of Trump be more successful than Trump University
wrong again, Great Britain is not a country. You probably got geography lessons from Trump University.
Judge rules that Trump University class action will begin Nov. 28, denies motion to delay
The Florida Attorney General? A bribe for not investigating Trump University!
Danny Williams and his wife Leah lost their home after Trump University took advantage of them.
Colbert: 'Pam Bondi is the only person in the world who made money from Trump University'
And this is very clearly political bribing to stop investigation into Trump University.
Any forgiveness for the students that got scammed at Trump University?
.As opposed to Pam Bondi, who dropped the Trump University investigation in Florida AFTER getting a check from Trump?
YouConway slide with Pay to play. When Trump bought the AG to kill the investigation of his university
Media finally grills Donald Trump over his Trump U bribe & he digs a deeper hole
. Inside the charges against University via
Didn't Bondi give Trump a pass on investigating his fraudulent University in exchange for a $25k donation?
Won't the joke be on Trump voters when they find out this whole campaign was nothin' but an infomercial for Trump Universit…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Trump University insider: My job was to sell, sell, sell
Don't forget going to trial for Trump University shenanigans.
real case of illegal pay to play lying TRUMP paying 25,000$ to Pam Bondi of Fla to drop case on TRUMP university lawsuits
Did Donald Trump give money to any Attorney Generals who were NOT looking into Trump University? Does anyone know?
Ivanka gave to Bondi too --> Investigate Pam Bondi on Trump donation: Where we stand
no point in arguing with you bc trump university alumni can't even understand anything let alone big facts. Bye little girl
I've suspended my personal investigation of Trump University as they've given me $25,000 to do so. I'd appreciate no m…
??? Sold decision on Trump University forv $25,000. FBI should be asked to investigate.
Conway's answer twice today on Bondi/Trump has been some variation of "Well, they say they didn't discuss Trump University."
"I've given to everybody...when I want something I get it. When I call, they kiss my *** "- Trump
Clown Diversity Training. PhD program at the newly reopened Trump University. DJTPhD
. More good news, Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald poll today: 36% of Hispanic voters & 19% of blac…
Did Trump University receive an A from the Better Business Bureau?
Wow, this one poor veteran personally paid "Trump University" enough to cover Trump's bribe to Pam Bondi.
Reminder: as attorney general of Texas, accepted a bribe to kill a Trump University fraud probe.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Shout this from the hilltops! Trump is the pinnacle of political corruption.
Judge directs internal Trump University documents to be released Everyone pass this on its BIGLY
I would have guessed your favorite show was: Law and Order - Trump University. Fraud. Bribed. Cheating. Ruining lives. Sad
Trump misled students at Trump University and he continues to mislead the American people through his campaign. This must stop…
Former Texas official says he was told to drop Trump University probe
ICYMI N.Y. attorney general on Trump University: 'This is straight up fraud'
New York attorney general says Trump University was "straight up fraud" via
Pastor Burns is a fake pastor just like Trump's Doctor and Trump University. via
Trump Demands Special Prosecutor to Investigate: His Tax Returns for last 10 years, his business deals,Trump University,hiring undocumented.
Trump University has conned students. Trump presidency will con all Americans!
And..The Attorney General of NY is not going to bring a "baseless claim" against anyone Trump University was a Fraud
Dishonest needs to look into a mirror. Better yet, Trump University.
Not many people knows this, but Putin was a Charter member for Trump University.
Judge blocks release of video testimony in Trump University lawsuit
"Federal District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel has ruled that Donald J. Trump, founder of Trump University, must...
Judge blocks release of Trump's video testimony in Trump University lawsuit
Donald Trump just got more bad news in his Trump University trial via
Trump spokeswoman blames Obama for Captain Khan's death Where do these *** come from? Trump University? BAD!!
Trump loses bid to end Trump University lawsuit before trial -
More bad news 4 : he has FAILED 2 PREVENT the Trump University lawsuit from going to trial. . **Brush fires in all directions**
Florida AG sought donation before nixing Trump University fraud case. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is...
. Trump University has a D minus with the Better Business Bureau when he lied and said they had an A
Better Business Bureaus is calling out Trump University being sued for fraud.
Trump University, Steaks, Taj Mahal, Plaza, Entertainment, & Trump Mortgage all failed or bankrupt..who’s the crook?
Trump University is a motivational program. Compares to Tupperware, Mary Kay cosmetics programs.If you do this! Track driven programs
NY Attorney General on Trump University: "Thousands of people were bilked out of millions of dollars.”
Al Franken: "I got my doctorate in megalomania studies from Trump University.”
Sen. Al Franken says he has doctorate in megalomania from Trump University.
"I got my doctorate in Megelomaniac Studies from Trump University". ~Al Franken
"I'm Al renowned expert on right-wing megalomaniacs" & "I got my doctorate...from Trump University"
Update your maps at Navteq
U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel denies a Trump University motion to dismiss the case
Looks like Trump is going to court for fraud in Trump University case. Love trumps hate
Judge Curiel clears path for Trump University lawsuit.
Yeh..all that public service,foreign relations experience Trump has,picked up at Trump University as well, con artist,expert
unless you went to Trump University
Fact-check 28. (Feb 2016) Trump University has an 'A' from the Better Business Bureau? False.
Hoping DNC brings up some Trump University students to speak about the fraud Trump committed
Either plagiarism is a Trump family value, or it is the favorite major at Trump University.
Paula White is the Trump University of Christendom. How in the world can the GOP now be supported?
too lazy to develop a real curriculum for Trump University, too lazy to run a real presidential campaign
Unless you're a Trump University student, Atlantic City, Gary Busey or one of his first two wives. Or America.
Sheriff Clarke definitely would have flunked out of Trump University.
Sheriff Clarke speaks of the law being applied equally to rich & poor. He didn't learn that at Trump University.
Maybe the democrats should feature people ripped off by Trump University and Atlantic City contractors ripped off by Trump.
the understanding that the Electoral College is nothing like Trump University
This guy is everything you ever hoped for in a Trump University instructor. James Harris for Vice President! .
Trump University, Trump Steaks, Trump Casino, etc. The ultimate branding victory is to take over a complete political party!
Trump University's 'top' instructor's job was to sell, not teach: Former Trump University instructor James Harris…
Very 1st TrumpU hearing is now July 18th, on 1st day of GOP Convention
This instructor works for Trump University. What else would you expect?
trump needs to worry about trump university scams casinos bankruptcy child rape case trump taxrecords. ECT
Damning interview with a University salesman shows it was a sham:
According to this he is a convicted felon too.
Donald Trump is trying to block the release of court videos that could give 'a more ... -
,I see they closed down Trump University, what Scam, & all your investment's go bankrupt, you refuse to show your tax's...
wants to block release of his Trump University testimony via
Trump seeks to suppress video of his deposition in university case, arguing it will hurt his campaign.
. Can Pam Bondi be unbiased regarding Trump University lawsuits if she accepts a $25,000 campaign donation from him?
1,400 students of Donald Trump's old university sign an open letter blasting him for his bigotry
Trump University taught students how to exploit disabled homeowners via
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It is my recommendation Bloodsucker Trump's Trump University court case date be accelerated to before the 2016 Presidential election.
Hey buddy, how are we coming with those taxes? Oh yeah, what's the deal on Trump University? They get their $$$ back yet?
Paul Ryan: Donald Trump's judge comment is "the textbook definition of a racist comment"
Democrat Judge tries to block Donald Trump attorneys in Trump University testimony
Trump University instructor: My job was to sell, not teach via
Transcripts and video of Donald Trump testifying about his now-defunct university are at stake in San Diego today:
America calls for trump taxrecords bankruptcy childrape case trump university scams.ECT
Good one "Trump University, a business set up to give business advice that went out of business." Succinct.
If not about rape accusations how about asking him about his taxes or Trump university?
I bet your an awaken leader. trump university, class of .
Trump doesn't want you to see his clueless Trump University testimony
Trump seeks to block release of Trump University testimony
New Trump University Course - The Art of Political Malpractice. Taught by the one and only.
Trump Honest and Trustworthy? Really? Tell that to all the people he ripped of with his fake Trump University.Aren't people…
Trump University: majoring in make-believe - Claims against Trump 'school' continue to dog GOP frontrunner
remember that time Trump lied &4 Americans died at Trump University bc the server was in Juanita Broderick's bedroom in Benghazi?
Inside the charges against Trump University via
Donald Trump's narrow path to victory involves replacin' the Electoral College with Trump University. .
He's selling himself as president just like he sold Trump University as a legitimate school. We see how that turned out.
Trump University: N.Y. attorney general says 'this is straight up fraud' -
.News/WaPo poll: 59% disapprove of Trump’s handling of questions about Trump University https…
John Oliver slams shady Trump University -- an apt metaphor for his campaign:
->> "Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University." -- Gov. Mitt Romney, 3/3/2016
No one sounds more like they attended Trump University than Trump.
Let's compare Donald Trump's Trump University to Stratton Oakmont, brokerage featured in
EDITORIAL: Release state records on Trump University - Beaumont Enterprise
New York Attorney General says Trump University was ‘Straight Up Fraud’, which is probably why their football team never wo…
Trump said he didn’t want to settle the Trump University fraud case. It appears he was lying.
I'm going with this one: Carlson thinks Trump University no bigger “scam” than Yale or Princeton
The good folks allowed me to make two Trump University jokes in an early autopsy of primary media coverage:
Controversy surrounding Trump University heats up with reveal of TU Playbooks deemed not to be trade secrets:
I rewatched "Kamp Krusty" this morning and all I could think about was Trump University. Where is this country's Bart Simpson?
Gretchen Carlson shut up about the Trump University and stop your wining. Let Trump talk about the issues.
.on comments about judge presiding over Trump University: “This was not the original judge…
BREAKING: Donald Trump's lawyer files motion to get Trump University lawsuit switched to new daytime courtroom show https…
what's your take on Trump University. Financial Peace University is the Best!
Reporters sat on Trump University story until after primary, says Cruz advisor
Trump University exposes The Donald's black heart, and contempt for the judicial system | Editorial
WATCH: Donald Trump argues that a Muslim judge could also not fairly hear his Trump University case
Gregg Abbott,Ken Paxton,Pam Bondi and DJT should be Criminally investigated for their involvement in the Trump University fraud cases,period
Warren used a speech at the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s state convention to zero in on Trump University.
RE: AG Ken Paxton and his handling of Trump University revelations: incompetent or deceitful?
Not claiming to be smarter than most, but what kind of fool goes to Trump University in the 1st place? Was Faber College full?
NEW on Inside the investigation into Trump University that Greg Abbott's office launched & then ended h…
Greg Abbott and Pam Bondi got Trump cash after deciding not to investigate Trump University
Wow. Then TX AG Greg Abbott deep-sixed investigation of Trump University-- and then got $35,000 in contributions from Tru…
Re: Trump University - I noticed that the police force in Ferguson was all white. Did anyone point that out?
Trump University scandal looking more like corruption? Trump made political donations via
First-hand lessons of Trump University from 'wise-guy' and 'third-rate reporter'
"Trump University scandal beginning to look more like corruption?..." by Sophia Tesfaye -
Former Texas official claims 2010 lawsuit to sue Trump University was blocked by now-Gov. Abbott
Report: Attorneys general who declined to prosecute Trump University were given campaign contributions
Report: Trump keeps up attacks on judge handling Trump University case
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