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Trump Organization

The Trump Organization is a limited liability company conglomerate based in Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York.

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Bannon helpfully explains that Don Jr, CEO of the supposedly multibillion-dollar Trump Organization, was too inexperienced a…
Trump Organization cuts ties with struggling Trump SoHo hotel
Trump hotel employee: Trump is "definitely involved" in Trump Organization business: report
Nike’s flagship store is breaking its real estate contract with the Trump Organization early
I reported that was indicted under RICO, with the Trump Organization over Sater-Bayrock, this past sprin…
Exclusive: Donald Trump, Trump Jr. and others in the Trump Organization got an email in September 2016 offering a decryption key a…
Schiff reveals that Republicans on House Intel refused to subpoena Deutsche Bank for Trump Organization financial records. He s…
NEW: Trump Organization reached a deal that will allow it to walk away from Trump SoHo property by the end of next mont…
Funny that Eric Trump, who is running the Trump Organization and has absolutely not connection to the White House, is on Fox…
Trump Organization worth one tenth of value previously reported. Trump Organization claimed $9.5bn in sales. In actual…
Trump may have shady dealings, but that isn't the main reason he won't show his taxes. He won't show his taxes because he's…
It's still not pocket change... but it's funny!!.
we all know you're blinded by Trump, Russia, Moore, Russia, elephants, Trump, Moore, Trump, Russia, Russia..…
Breaking: Crain's reporter Aaron Elstein was an easy mark.
Trump Organization claimed $9.5bn n sales last year, public filings suggest revenues of less than a tenth of that…
No surprise that Donald Trump is only 10% of what he says he is. organization
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Trump Org worth 1/10 of value reported- falls 37 places in ranking of largest privately held companies in NY
Last year, the Trump Org claimed $9.5 billion in sales. Now that he have public filings, they suggest revenues this year a…
There is nothing illegal or improper about someone having contact with Julian Assange or WikiLeaks. Julian Assange is n…
Not like our President has any honesty issues or anything like that:. The Trump Organization in NY is reportedly wor…
He just abandoned the old scam for the new scam. Trump Organization actually worth one tenth of value they previously s…
Jared & Ivanka's use of a Trump Organization helicopter for their personal use blurs the line between the White House & the f…
Be interested to know if any of that steel is being used in any of Trump Organization development projects
.has a problem with using tax payer funds at Trump Organization property.
"Trump Organization" - No one cares what happens to the *** emails. Obama Administration wasn't concerned, DOJ wasn't concerned! LMAO
Trump Organization suggests wedge salad to cope with Hurricane Irma "stress"
Trump Organization 'still assessing' whether Hurricane Irma damaged properties
Here's a copy of Russian mobster Felix Sater's business card for when he worked for Donald Trump & the Trump Organization
5) If anything, it may be evidence of Trump Organization being involved in a scheme to ex…
Trump Organization gives up US Open suite, but wants it back
At that moment Donald Trump became president of the Trump Organization
Much of the Trump Organization's business appears to be licensing name out to developers
The best part of Robert McFadden's Times story on this is the comment from Trump Organization spokesman "John Baron" h…
Q: "Will the Trump Organization stop hiring foreign workers to set an example for the rest of the country?” . Stephen M…
Trump Organization asks federal government to grant dozens of special visas for foreign workers http…
Trump Organization looks to obtain special visas for foreign nationals to work at President Trump's Florida clubs.
Trump Organization renews rights to - POLITICO
TIME has confirmed to NBC News that the company asked the Trump Organization to take down the fake magazine cover. https:…
And on target, here's a link to an organization that banned participants:
She is another histrionic anti-Trump lunatic working for a fake news organization just like you…
Michael Moore writes $10K check to arts organization that staged “Caesar” with assassination of Trump look-alike - WNBC
Time magazine asks Organization to remove fake Organization to remove fake Donald Trump cover...
Manafort just registered as a foreign agent as did Flynn in March; Fact: two (2) foreign agents wer…
Time magazine asks Trump Organization to remove fake Donald Trump cover from golf clubs
Time asks the Trump Organization to take down bogus magazine covers at the president's golf clubs.
Sub (pardon) contracting will be handled by the Trump Organization, since they'll already be in situ.
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And trump organization, please also remove the fake president from the White House.
.Speaking of fake. Time has asked Trump Organization to remove fake magazine covers of president.
Time asks Trump Organization to remove fake cover from golf clubs
Time tells con-man grifter Trump to remove his 'fake' Time Magazine covers from his golf clubs
Time orders Trump Organization to remove fake magazines from golf clubs:
Trump Organization to check out from Toronto hotel, condo tower: The Trump International Hotel and Tower…
Foundation used the Eric Trump Foundation to turn donations into revenue for the Trump Organization.
Eric Trump who has been skimming money to enrich Trump Organization from money to help children with cancer accu…
"On Monday, the Trump Organization announced plans for a new three-star hotel chain with a patriotic flair".
FBI investigating attempted hack of Trump Organization: report | TheHill
Christopher Wray works for the same law firm that represents the Trump Organization he cannot be confirmed as
JUST IN: Trump Foundation funneled $100K in donations into revenue for Trump Organization
The Eric Trump Foundation golf outing brought in millions for St. Jude--and business for the Trump Organization
Trump charity funneled $100K in children's hospital donations to Trump Organization: report
Donald Trump used Eric's foundation to funnel kids cancer charity donations into revenue for Trump Organization. https…
“The Office of the Presidency is isolated from the Trump Organization.” Yeah, okay, sure looks like it...
Wonder if it has anything to do with the FTP server someone I know told the NSA about? Fits the timeline-🤔🤫😎.
The Constitution is optional if it involves Our Dear Leader and the Trump Organization
Probably ordered BY the ORGANization, so that they could then play the victim.
Report: FBI looking into attempted cyberattack on Trump Organization
Trump organization to break promise of donating foreign profits reports
probing attempted hack of Organization, officials say
.now actively aiding Trump violations of Emoluments Clause by defending Trump Organization
Trump Organization tells Congress it's 'not practical' to comply with the Emoluments Clause, reports https:…
So the FBI is probing an attempted hack of the Trump Organization, reports
Trump Organization to Congress: Upholding the Constitution "diminishes the experience of our brand"
"Trump Organization" Trump, Europe has great confidence in the American presidentThe OTHER American president
The Trump Organization was reportedly hit by overseas hackers, triggering an FBI probe
FBI probing attempted hack of Trump Organization...
Trump Organization recently told Congress that it's "not practical" to comply with the Emoluments Clause. Sorry folks, it…
FBI probing attempted cyber attack on Trump Organization. .
Report: FBI investigating attempted hack of Trump Organization
Officials tell ABC News the FBI is investigating an attempted hack aimed at the Trump Organization:
FBI probing attempted hack of Trump Organization, officials -
FBI probing attempted hack of Trump Organization, officials say
Interesting if true.. Someone tries to hack the Trump Org and the FBI has to be given access to poke around 🤔.
The FBI is reportedly looking into an attempted hack of the Trump Organization via
The FBI is investigating an attempted overseas cyberattack against the Trump Organization, ABC reports.
A nudge is not assault. The US pays for that whole organization and they failed to show us any respec…
FBI investigating attempted hack of Trump Organization: report
Sorry, overseas hackers! Unlike some people, the Trump Organization doesn't keep its server in a bathroom
Pathetic: Trump Organization won't track foreign payments as required by Emoluments Clause because it might "diminish the…
Did Russia guarantee loans to the Trump Organization? Inquiring minds want to know.
Eric Trump on how the Trump Organization got capital to finance its golf courses
It's pretty well known to everyone in NYC that the Trump Organization is a front for int'l money launder…
Jason Chaffetz demands the Trump Organization explain plans to donate certain profits to the Treasury Department
This story is not about Carter Page. This story began 20plus years ago when the Trump Organization crawled into bed wi…
Opportunities for trump organization in China?
. Looking forward to work with Trump Organization? Even for charity, why would you?
Let's verify...some loving organization should sue for violating
“we are excited about the prospects of working together with the Trump Organization..."…
The leader of an ineffective organization needs to look in the mirror, rather than blame others.
I just uploaded 'The Trump Organization's Ties to China No Conflict of Interest' to
We should demand all assets tied to DJT/Trump Organization be frozen then cease all earnings on deals post election day.…
Trump Organization is now America's 48th largest private company. Trump Organization is now one of America's top
Trump organization settles lawsuit with celebrity chef
Finalmente, coño! stood on principle and the power of his convictions. That's why I love him.
Celebrity chef Jose Andres settles his $10m lawsuit with Trump via pulled out of Trump Tower
Senators have asked Jeff Sessions and James Comey to *** whether the Trump Organization violated the law.
Eric Trump says he'll share Trump Organization financial reports with his father via
Trump Organization is in violation of NYC law; Trump Tower's registration expired in 2016, not renewed
Trump Organization will donate money from foreign officials to Treasury to avoid conflicts of interest
As per "Jason Greenblatt, a former Trump Organization lawyer and now a special representative for international negotiations...
The US is not a subsidiary of the Trump Organization & children need to know you cannot bully & lie your way to the White…
.China’s decision to grant Trump Organization trademark in that country violates the Emoluments Clause of the…
Donald Trump Jr. stumbled making his mark outside of Trump Organization...
The says Eric Trump's trip to Uruguay for the Trump Organization cost tax payers nearly $100k.
Trump Organization uses really, really insecure e-mail servers. Sad!
nypostbiz: "The President-elect will have no role in deciding whether the Trump Organization engages in a new deal"
Sheri Dillon: "[has relinquished leadership and management of the Trump Organization to his sons...&…
2. Ivanka will not leave the Trump Organization but "restructure her participation" so that she just receives a portion of t…
how is BLM still not considered a domestic terrorist organization specially after the kidnapping of a T…
CNN: two ounces =4200 joints. 😂😂where do I sign up? organization to hand out free joints on Inauguration Day
Trump organization cancels business talks in India, Brazil and Argentina
A pro-weed organization says it will hand out free joints on Inauguration Day
anti-Trump/GOP movement grassroots organization was what I was thinking
Trump Organization says it has no plans to build Buenos Aires tower
Trump adds key Bridgegate figure, Trump Organization head of security, Omarosa to list of new White House staffers…
Trump Org cancels "exploratory talks" for second real estate project in Pune, India, Brazil and Argentina
BLM: *nonviolent organization *. *gang of black kids kidnap Donald Trump supporter, don't mention BLM at all*. Y'all: they…
Trump Organization cancels business talks in 3 countries - FOXBusiness
Today feels like it might be the seminal moment in the organization of RESISTING TRUMP. People are rea…
I mean that's the responsibility of an organization to keep good credit to their name. Same with Trump and the KKK
Trump supporters are always looking for an excuse to call black people “thugs", but BLM is not nor will it ever be a t…
Does Wallace know that the Trump Tower in Manila is not being developed by the Trump Organization. It's o it naming rights.
Trump Organization then denies its own denial of same reports. Then acknowledges expansion into Taiwan but says med…
Oookk Trump & every news organization says she called him! Your turn.
Read Newsweek's latest cover story on the Trump Organization’s secretive foreign ties: h... by
Since 11/9/16. Trump has settled $25M case. Has prepared America 2 be absorbed into his Trump Organization Business pla…
no you are. And Trump is a con and a liar.
the call was pres arranged educate yourself. Trump lied and here is more
This is filling the swamp, not draining it:.
How long will it take before a terrorist organization blows up a hotel with TRUMP splashed across it? He is risking lives all over the world
This: "Taiwan media have reported that the Trump Organization is involved in developing hotels in the northwestern…
REVEALED: Trump Organization eyes for newest luxury resort location
Don't pretend Trump has a clue about foreign policy- he called Taiwan because he wants Trump Organization to do business there.
Keep movin'. Nothing here to see... Yeah, right.
Trump to Declare Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization, what happens to these 2 Traitors then?
Taiwanese media is reporting that the Trump Organization's looking to do business in Taiwan building luxury hotels: https…
why would he tell the White House that he's illegally using his FAKE title to *** out his hotels?.
Personal wealth will guide this gigantic phony through his torrential rein. Creepy!.
Well nice to get through all this possible pesky building permits!!
Like Trump, the Trump Organization is a bunch of liars. What do you expect?
2. In TOTALLY UNRELATED NEWS the Trump Organization is looking to do business in Taiwan
Con-man Trump already on the verge disaster: No thought given to U.S. policy as long as he can get a hotel in Taiwan https…
While Donald Trump was campaigning, the Trump Organization reportedly registered eight new companies in Saudi Arabia https:…
Melania's speech was written by Meredith McIver, a longtime Trump Organization employee
True. The Trump organization and campaign have the best security practices since we know despite repeatedly trying,…
Donald Trump employs many women and most of the women in his organization make more money than men so shut up Hillary
Hey Egypt's president Sisi is as thin skinned as Trump! Disrupts important multi govt organization over "joke".
only froEn at trump organization because he thinks his employees are on obamacare. Trump is dumb as a rock.
The Trump Organization seems to have an email server that linked exclusively to a Russian bank - Happy Halloween!
Do not believe anything until the Kremlin denies it™ 😎.
I am very concerned by reports of a Trump organization secret server communicating with Russia; raises serious qs that need…
Experts: Trump Organization may have used private server to communicate with Russian bank via
So taking that hope out of the way, how does Trump overcome the polls? He's outmatched in ground game, organization, an…
Report connects Trump organization server to Russian bank
Trump's debt at least double reported in his FEC filing. Bankruptcy is highly likely for Trump Organization.
Trump campaign denies report of Trump Organization tie to Russian bank
Report connects Trump organization server to Russian bank . .
Wikileaks, a foreign organization with ties to Russia, has blatantly & openly tried to help Trump. Why is no one disturbed by t…
relatively short and on focus: no mention of Clinton emails, Trump organization or today's NYT story on his tax evasion.
Was a server registered to the Trump Organization communicating with Russia’s Alfa Bank?
Trump camp denies report of Russian bank being tied to Trump Organization
Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank. h…
The has been investigating Donald Trump and the Trump organization since the summer but has made no public stateme…
Stephen Bollenbach dies at 74; former executive at Hilton, Disney and Trump Organization
One of the most disturbing Trump Organization pursuits involved Trump’s attempts to woo Libyan dictator Qaddafi.
I've been more successful than any MLB team including dopey Cubs and Dodgers. Trump Organization led MLB in shutdown innings
Donald Trump cannot be president until the Trump Organization is shut down. US national security would be at stake. htt…
Trump Staffer Takes the Fall for Plagiarism in Melania Trump’s Speech via
An insides look at the inner workings within the Trump organization
Trump wants to privatize the VA not one reputable Vets organization supports that!
The first question asked when the Trump Organization mentions an employee's name is, "Does this person really exist?" That's…
Statement from Trump Organization staffer apologizing over the Michelle Obama language in Melania Trump's speech: https:/…
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Newt Gingrich on Melania Trump plagiarism controversy: Who cares?
Meredith McIver, an in-house staff writer at the Trump Organization, claims responsibility for Melania’s speech:
Lynne Patton - VP in Trump Organization.Oh, Lynne is an African American Woman.tell me more about him...
So is Meredith McIver's work on Melania's speech an (illegal) corporate in-kind donation from the Trump Organization or did s…
Meredith McIver, a staff writer for the Trump Organization, has released a statement on Melania's speech
Trump aide takes blame for Melania's speech
Trump Organization letterhead & employees are corporate resources which may not be legally used in campaigns.
Chamber of Commerce might make an astonishing break from the organization's nearly invariable support for the GOP. https:…
Cruz thinks the Trump campaign will lose badly and that his organization can take over the GOP
The Trump Organization acknowledged Melania's speech was plagiarized today; stands behind calling everyone a liar for sa…
Really? Eric Trump is executive VP of the Trump Organization? At such a young age? How did he get that gig?
Unimpressed. . This Trump organization has much to learn from practicing dictators around the world.
JUST IN: Trump organization sent cease and desist letter to "Art of the Deal" ghostwriter
Trump demands answers re: Orlando. Here are some, provided by the news organization to whom he denied credentials: https:…
Lawsuit accused Trump company of deleting emails
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If Trump doesn't beat DNC and Hillary over this intrusion, wonder if it's because RNC & Trump Organization hit as well?
Washington Post is my new hero news organization. Here is the article that got them banned by Trump
DNC getting in front of intrusion will pay dividends if RNC & Trump Organization also hit, which seems possible
Where are the SIX YEARS of emails that The Trump Organization deleted?
Also, with how little organization exists, force Trump to spend money and people outside of necessary battlegrounds.
If coverage doesn't correspond to what Trump wants, the news organization will be banished like On 6/13. Chávez?
A Self-proclaimed guardian Organization of Indian Hindus celebrates the birthday of Donald Trump, needless to say...
"The Trump Organization routinely erased emails and had no records from 1996 to 2001."
The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) is an American nonprofit organization . Tax Information
Where is your statement condemning imams that promote killing *** You are now a partisan organization. What a shame.
No Respect. Criminal Organization. BLM is the most racist group of all times and needs to go!
The Post isn't the first news organization denied credentials to cover Trump's campaign events.
Donald Trump was accused of destroying email evidence as part of a lawsuit in 2006.
Oh My Goodness. deleted a bunch of emails?
Any news organization that *hasn't* been banished by Trump should be asking themselves why not.
Hey Dumb Dumb !! People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones. is such a hypocrite !!...
ICYMI: after years of mishandling his organization's email, shouldn't throw stones at other peoples' servers.
U.A.E warns Americans about CAIR isa terrorsit organization who carries out the intel for attacking Americans
Was he also accused of facilitating Muslim terrorists to enter America and kill Americans?
Trump touting endorsement -- organization that fights tooth & nail to ensure AR-15s are widely available to people on…
Well, if this isn't the pot calling the kettle black.
Lawsuit accused Trump company of routinely destroying email evidence
Honestly, if Trump hasn't blacklisted your media organization at this point, you should question how well you've actually co…
Liberal *** organization director calls for Trump to be silent on *** issues...after Trump unequivocally…
Every organization that thinks data security is someone else's job can expect this. Good piece fro…
In 2006, the Trump Organization was accused of deleting email evidence in lawsuit
Trump should promise to designate CAIR a terror organization and ban it from the United States.
Jill Martin, 35, assistant general counsel, who joined the Trump Organization... 🎀.
The 34-year-old executive vice president of development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization cited her role at her father's company
Trump says bought NBCs share of Miss Universe Organization
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.Any news organization on Donald Trump's enemies list must be doing something right.
I've never seen an organization turn against someone like that. Trump2016 no Trump no fox
Trump leads and created a large complicated organization which is known for its competence and excellence.
"Trump flings another insult, story at 11" -every other news organization
The Trump Organization is mostly a construction company, think the Trump Wall is simply about immigration?
In a statement released by a Fox News spokesperson Thursday, the news organization announced that Roger Ailes,...
Your work against poverty & disease is Saintly, keep it going. Buy out the Trump Organization and put the Donald in his place(_).
(Reuters) - Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said on Friday he had bought NBC's share of the Miss Universe Organization
This is a headline from a news organization, not SCREW magazine ==> "FLASHBACK: When Donald Trump Had Balls"
NBC refused to broadcast the beauty pageant in July after comments about immigrants by Mr. Trump, who owned 49 percent of …
The article you linked is nonsense. The Pope is "the anti-Trump"?. CNN is a political organization, not journalists.
I'm starting an organization called "emos against trump"
As the Trump Organization's lawyer writes another cease and desist letter, the question of its legality remains.
Trump is currently Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions The Trump Organization.
Rich Lowery’ s boss is on the Board of Directors for the Organization Trump sent the cease and desist letter to. Hm?
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Why Trump won't win: he has no organization at state level to turn poll support into actual votes on election day https…
I hope someone in the media is keeping a list of organization's Trump claims ignorance or or disdains.
Trump-Fox feud getting REALLY personal; this is hitting below the belt! Fix News is a corrupt organization. Screw IT!
Such a terrible news organization more grilling to Trump than any planed parenthood exe.
Oh Trump brought up his fake vets organization! AHA!
Gosh Fox News is really the one bad organization that's been enabling the Trump media circus
“As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” –Donald Trump, The Trump Organization President"
I agree with Trump, why should you go to a media organization and give them the rating; if their intent is to...
Donald Trump has reportedly sold the Miss Universe organization to WME/IMG
This is all about taking Trump out of the race.Never saw this before from a news organization.
According to the NY Courts System, Michael D. Cohen of the Trump Organization and Thomas Cooley law school was admitted to the bar in 1992.
Michael Cohen, the Trump Organization: “is going to be the Republican candidate.”
Find out what Ivanka's 2015 New Year's resolution is in her latest video update for The Trump Organization.
of Donald Trump of the Apprentice and Trump Organization 143553
Of the Palin some organization from michigan, arizona, alaska, new york bloomberg trump, nevada, were not nice embassy hackers
Donald Trump, Chairman and President of The Trump Organization, Margaret Russell, Editor in Chief of
"Show me someone without an and I'll show you a loser." - CEO of Trump Organization
Author Blank needs to Donald Trump the whole organization, top to bottom...clean house.
"Co-owner if the Miss Unioverse Organization US billionaire Donald Trump (R) poses next to Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe 2013"
Dad, can I put a cut on the Trump Organization for you to build a SOHO in Singapore 😋
No - unless the account is making fun of the person/organization it represents. Donald Trump, etc.
“Without passion, you don’t have any energy, and without energy, you simply have nothing”. Donald Trump, CEO of the Trump Organization
So an organization can trump the Bill of Rights?. He never used a racist word on any of those rants nor did he threaten anyone.
Donald Trump, chairman and president of the Trump Organization, spoke at a NPC luncheon on May 27, 2014.
News|| Noticias . NBC, Donald J. Trump and Paula M. Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization,...
For more than two decades, REPUBLIC ESCROW has delivered exceptional service to a variety of clients such as; large financial institutions and community banks, hedge funds, receivers, real estate professionals, auction companies and our most notable clients Coca-Cola, Trump Organization, The Carlyle Group, Bentall Kennedy, and Adelphia Communications during their historic bankruptcy case. Needless to say, REPUBLIC ESCROW has the experience to handle the most challenging closings. Our team of professionals is fully versed in federal and state regulations regarding foreign transactions and we offer the highest level of security for wire transfers. Give us a call at (949) 717-4848 for your next transaction!
The Estates at Trump National (Trump Organization) scored a 0 on HRC’s 2013 Buying for Workplace Equality rating
Hiring the trump organization inasmuch as services in re combine brisbane: QXZ
“Big Data Debate: Do Analytics Trump Intuition? of what an organization already knows
Donald Trump now talking about how a NBC exec “showed weakness” by calling him to wish him happy birthday
tuned into Donald Trump’s Natl Press Club livestream just as he said “what we’re talking about here is brine”
DC reporters: Today is your chance to have lunch with Donald Trump.
What's going on DC? NPC Luncheon with Donald Trump, President and CEO, The Trump Organization
Is the Trump Organization, the parent company of all Donald
Organization, Ivanka Trump is the founder of Ivanka
Dubai-based DAMAC Properties, one of Middle East’s leading real estate firms, has launched its latest collaboration with the Trump Organization inside the AKOYA by DAMAC.
Isn't this fantastic JT Foxx takes one of his South African coaching students Ettiene Pretorius to the Trump Organization @ Trump Tower NY. Coaching with George Ross, Donald Trump's advisor for decade's and a tour on the set of The Apprentice by Donald Trump.!
Trump plans luxury hotel in Rio de Janeiro: Trump Organization has agreed to place its fl...
"One of the keys to thinking big is total focus. I think of it almost as a controlled neurosis, which is a quality I've noticed in many highly successful entrepreneurs." - Donald Trump (an American business magnate, socialite, author, and the Chairman and CEO of the Trump Organization)
April 24, 2013 RE: Blackstone Amphitheatre for Humanity To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm, that I write this letter of support for the Blackstone Amphitheatre for Humanity project in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. As a part of the fifth generation on this property, Graciela Blackstone has worked tirelessly to realize her vision of transforming the family farm, to a historical location for public use. She has sought the help and expertise of numerous professionals including the JT Foxx and the Mega Partnering program; Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers; Eric Trump of the Trump Organization; and Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys. With guidance from this successful group, Graciela has grown as a savvy business women and enhanced her ability to properly visualize and implement monetary progression towards breaking ground on the Amphitheatre in 2013. Ms Blackstone’s vision will not only preserves this African American Historical site, but will provide much neede ...
Donald Trump Who was He? Donald Trump is an American business magnate and television personality. He is the Chairman of the Trump Organization, a US-based real-estate developer. To date, Donald Trump has accumulated wealth of up to US$2.7 billion, primarily through his real estate investments. A Quick History Donald Trump was born to a successful business man Fred Trump. Fred was a self-made millionaire in real estate, based in New York City. After his graduation from a Military Academy, Donald Trump had thought about going into film school, but he ended up deciding to follow in his father’s footsteps in the real estate business. He had many successes in his early years as a real estate investor, having made several successful investments like the Grand Hyatt and the Wollman Rink. However, a recession would hit in 1989 and cause Donald Trump to be bankrupt. Some of the casino investments he made were financed using junk bonds and he was landed himself in millions of dollars in debt. He ended up making a ...
15 Minutes With Ivanka Trump Sure, Ivanka Trump comes from a famous family, but she’s paved a career path and found a level of success that’s arguably all her own. After graduating with honors from the Wharton School of Finance, she launched a career in real estate and design, eventually co-founding the Trump Hotel Collection with her brothers, as well as Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, a line that now includes apparel, footwear, handbags, and fragrance. Today, she oversees the real estate and hotel management holdings for her family business, the Trump Organization. Oh, and she also found time to pen the bestselling book The Trump Card: Playing To Win in Life and Work, a guide to interviewing, negotiating, and making an impact in the office. In our new interview series, we spent 15 minutes with Ivanka getting the scoop about her career, what it’s like working with family, and the biggest career lesson she’s learned along the way. First, can you tell us about your career path in a nutshell? I was natur ...
Mr. Trump has the Trump organization ever considered a golf resort/ condos in Orlando?
Young woman who suffers from lupus carrying severely-damaged fetus which endangers her and unborn baby
I'm with How can an organization's right to advertise/communicate their product trump my right to be left alone?
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You are a Rivers Youth; they want to frustrate your State Governor because, among other things, he is fighting to protect oil wells in the State for the sake of posterity and because of political acrimony you say they should kill him... Are you not shortsighted and naïve? Ours is ours, theirs is theirs!!!
My kingdom for anyone who can get Amanda Bynes to sit down for a live Q&A. That includes you, Donald Trump and the Miss USA organization.
Donald Trump got his own October Surprise today when his organization was removed from managing Trump Place
One of the reasons why many of us experience hair loss or hair thinning is due to the chronic condition of your digestive system… As your digestive organ begins to decay, it will affect hair follicles, due to wholistic interactions within our internal environment… So in other words, if the digestive system is weak, hair follicles will also be weak and as a result your hair will eventually fall out… Solution: 1) CHANGE YOUR DIET! Eliminate artificial salt and sugars.. Incorporate more dark greens and or green juice, in addition to fresh herbs, mainly sage and rosemary.. 2) CLEANSE THE BLOOD! Cleansing the blood with blood tonics in order to combat toxins which is circulating throughout your body 3) EXCERSICE! Exercising will increase oxygen levels to the head ~Samorys Teaching
Donald does the Trump Organization have plans to invest in Argentina?
Huge WIN for the Trump organization! She tried to play the king of development. Your Chicago property is awesome.
I get some flak from folks about how I seem to "attack" creationists a lot. Granted, since starting this page I have a lot less time for trolling creationist pages or commenting on remarks by creationists on Atheist pages, but I still try and get in there and debate with them when I can. The thing is, when someone refuses to even examine the MOUNTAINS of evidence in support of evolution simply because it differs with what they "believe", I take issue with that. It's like a child trying to tell you that elves live at the north pole simply because they believe in Santa. Truth and evidence should always trump what one "believes". Just because you like the idea of something doesn't mean the facts and evidence support your position. In fact, one should ONLY believe what IS supported by facts and evidence. So when one of these creationists tries to bring up something like the "complexity" of the human eye as evidence of "intelligent design", then I HAVE to point out the fact that the human eye is probably the l ...
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