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Newswire: Trolls and Trump Jr. claim CNN blackmailed creator of Trump-wrestling meme
D Trump Jr. i met ur dad years ago and voted for him But u Jr, are a dirt bag ur l…
Trump Jr. links shooting to "Julius Caesar" production-- NOT that bill signed by his dad makes it easier for the mentally…
Within 90 seconds of being on air, Trump Jr. undermined the denials made by his father refuting James Comey's testimony.
A meeting by Trump Jr. with a bank that made a money laundering manual
Ken Jennings beefs with Trump Jr. after mocking Barron - New York Post
David Clarke Jr has proved himself to be a yeehaw sheriff of the highest order. Trump worship is really interesting to see who it infects
How many of them Wealthy celeb big mouths actually give to charity? But they sure will insult Trump family & cut Jr
New: Donald Trump Jr, in interview, nixes rumored 2018 bid for NY governor but does not rule out future run
Donald Trump Jr.: I'm still waiting for celebrities who promised to move if Trump won to leave US vi…
Note to Mr. Trump Jr: Running for office is not going to get any easier as people become mor…
spot on policy seems to be trump golfs and lies and Ivanka and jr run the country that is if it's ok by Putin
President numbers slip, Gov. approval rises in Arkansas
2047. Trump Jr. attempts a coup on the Mars colony, is killed. You can now surf from NYC to Philly. Jesus comes again but is…
Donald Trump Jr. acknowledges having been bitten by the politics bug.
John G. Roberts Jr. you know donald trump refused to rent to black people.
.filmed dragging a shark from the ocean for a SELFIE before release. SELFISH SOB https:…
3. Trump Jr flew to Paris one month before election to discuss replacing Assad with another Putin pawn–Randa Kassis https:…
Donald Trump Jr. has announced he will not run for NY governor in 2018. And he could have gotten at least 20% of the vote.
Trump Jr says he will not challenge Cuomo
Donald Trump Jr. says he may run for office someday, but not for NY governor in 2018, by
WSJ reporting Trump Jr was paid at least $50,000 for meeting with pro-Putin/pro-Assad Syrian leader at think tank in Paris…
Trump Jr nixes 2018 NY bid, but could run for office someday - Townhall
Donald Trump Jr. shoots down speculation about gubernatorial bid: "I am not running in 2018" for governor of NY.
Sad! ...For New York political reporters, that is. h/t
. Thank you and I really like the idea of . Donald Trump Jr running for Governor of NY
Donald Trump Jr. won't make run for governor in 2018
Trump Jr. denies 2018 N.Y. governor bid, but hints at future run for office: Donald Trump Jr. says he will not be a…
Donald Trump Jr. not running for New York governor in 2018, but 'maybe someday'
Reports say Donald Trump Jr. has set his sights on becoming the worst governor in New York history. More news 📻 ➡️htt…
Donald Trump Jr. will put Cuomo out to pasture. Sorry Andrew. Just facts.
"Maybe someday," Trump Jr. said. "It's not something I'm doing now. But you never know, it's fascinating stuff."
Not this time, literal Satan. Best news of the day.
But: "New York City mayor is much less interesting to me than perhaps other things like governor of a state."
Look what happened to Michael Flynn Jr's dad after Jr. Got mouthy. Maybe we can get a replay for Trump Jr. and his dad.
Trump Jr. praises alt-right conspiracymonger. They're making a real effort to elevate the bigot fringe.
Trump Jr. slams London’s Muslim mayor over terror attack. Here’s how he responded.
Trump Jr. criticizes London mayor after attack
Trump tries to stick SC taxpayers with bill for Trump Jr's mess
Proof Michael Cohen, Trump & Trump Jr are tied to Russia since at least 2009.
Take a trip over to & read which includes photos of Trump Jr at Russian real estate conference. Traito…
For just $1 million, you can kill animals with Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump
Business Since Birth: Trump’s Children and the Tangle That Awaits. via
Report: Event Offers Donors Chance To Hunt With Trump's Sons For $500K ..Begaining of the END of via
ompaloopa for sale ..Ask Eric and jr...This is what trump is gonna do..Sell the white House pay to play.. ***
Ex.11:'08 Donald Jr. spoke often about travels to & doing business in
Trump wants to know why nobody asked about Russian hacking before the election. A) They did. B) They did. C) Donald, where…
Trump transition statement says Don Jr and Eric "are not involved in any capacity” in fundraising event
Here is the Eventbrite ticket page for the Opening Day 45 fundraiser, which cites Don Jr. and Eric as organizers…
This has been in the open for a long time, yet only Bannon gets properly identified as a Neo-Nazi. Trump Jr follows the same ac…
In ultimate Orwellian news from Russia: Trump Jr pal nominates PUTIN for Nobel for "promoting various peace initiatives"…
Tell me again how this isn't pay for play? fail to talk about this.
Spox: Trump’s sons “not involved” in a charity event hosted by a non-profit where they are registered as directors
Both Donald Jr/Eric Trump are directors of the foundation putting on the fundraiser. How are they "not involved"? Gr…
Trump: "Mitch is OK with the hacking?". Jr: "He's cool". Trump: "And Ryan's OK with the foreign bribes?". Jr: "As long as he…
Statement doesn't explain why Don Jr and Eric are listed as directors for nonprofit holding fundraising event: https:/…
But Don Jr. & Eric are listed as directors for nonprofit, whose registered agent is a longtime pal of Don Jr serving o…
Trump Jr. spoke at a conference in 2008 with CEO of Russia's Alfa Bank
I've seen pics of him groping Ivanka, Trump Jr holding a severed tail, Melania naked, and this is the picture that upsets…
2: of wastrel son Trump Jr. Is he really going to be the President's diplo emissary on Middle East policy? On Syria? On anythi…
The media is giving Trump Jr. a pass on his Russia connection and the internet is furious
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
As Russians bombed Aleppo, Trump Jr. met in October with Kremlin-backed Syrian interests to talk "cooperation." Wow.
Stephen Bannon is now in Trump transition team, along with Reince Priebus, Trump Jr, Eric Trump and Ivanka.
Trump Jr. helps a woman push her stalled car
This is incredible, interviews Trump Jr in Las Vegas, Jesse Jackson shows up and basically tells him to calm d…
D.Trump Jr. said the presidency would be a step down for his dad. Wrong! it would be a step down for this nation!
I have a theory that narcissistic men name their children xyz jr. see Donald trump.
at least you probably can avoid them unlike Trump and Trump Jr
Darrell Issa, aka Trump Jr., wants voters to think he's all buddy-buddy with Obama. LOL.
I am not a trump supporter. But this is as ridiculous as attacking Bill Clinton. Donny T jr isn't running for offic…
.found video of Trump on Morton Downey Jr.
The latest from Donald Trump Jr., on tape and mocking overweight people and children in beauty pageants
Like father (like son. Disrespecting teachers while defending sexual harassment marks a new low.
Leaked Donald Trump Jr audio proves he's as offensive as his father
Trump Sr. or Jr.? I was referring to Jr. because he was completely losing his hair not long ago and now it's MUCH fuller.
Clearly the decision to vote for Trump was an anomaly for Jerry Jr. Otherwise, he's a shining example of Christ-lik…
Trump Jr.: 'They're all fat. Ugly' - Jr.: 'They're all fat. Ugly'Like his father, Donald Trump Jr. has a history ...
like father like son. What do you expect from the animal killer All Trump's kids are disgusting
Donald Trump Jr.'s comments the morning after the Aurora shooting -
Trump in 1989: Tough press coverage doesn't bother me.
Donald Trump Jr. says father's campaign is running against corruption in Reno visit
In one exchange, Trump Jr. lamented he couldn't joke about the overweight:.
Donald Trump Jr. made some jokes on shock jock radio in recent years he might wish he could take back now:
Trump Jr. jokes about overweight people on radio show
From the Grandfather Fred Trump, to the son DJT, to his son, Don Trump, Jr., and probably the entire Trump family-S…
Donald Trump Jr. complained, 'You can't even make fat jokes now'
CNN: Donald Trump Jr told radio after 2012 Colorado theater shootings: "Overall I give the movie two thumbs up."
Trump Jr. joked about Aurora shooting the day it happened: report
10. Jerry Falwell Jr. said he will vote for Trump even if Trump committed sexual assault
Trump's son joked about the Aurora movie theater shooting the day it happened:
Donald Trump Jr.'s joke about Aurora theater shooting sparks anger in Colorado via
Donald Trump Jr. joked about the Aurora shooting, Arab stereotypes and overweight people in shock-jock interviews
Trump Jr. Denied Entry to the Sink in Boulder; Andre 3000 Makes Surprise Visit via
THE SINK-ING: Boulder restaurant owner says Trump Jr. can't hold event at restaurant; good, send biz elsewhere.
How does Trump Jr. deal with his Orthodox Jewish sister as a white nationalist???
Trump Jr. should be condemned for dehumanizing refugees, comparing them to candy.
Trump Jr.'s Candy Covered Cruelty: This image says it all. Let's end the politically correct agenda that does...
On order of supreme chancellor Trump Jr., Skittles have been banned to protect the citizens. Contraband must be surrendered.
Trump Jr. went all Jonathan Swift on us.
Trump Jr.: Dad's not releasing tax returns because they would invite too many questions
Trump Jr.: Releasing tax returns 'would detract' from message that Trump puts America first
Not that Trump is any better. He's as transparent about his flip-flopping policies as a slab of mouldy granite.
Trump Jr shared White Nationalist symbol Pepe The Frog when making fun of comment; Proved her point
. Where was trump on 9-11? . Seriously, that's his home!. She moved there just 2 take John Kennedy Jr senate seat when he died
I'm coming to the Donald Trump Jr event on Wednesday
Donald Trump Jr. Shares White Supremacist Meme >> MSM with this tactic again.
Donald Trump Jr posts Instagram image of US 'white nationalist mascot' Pepe the Frog via
Trump Jr confirms that all of the DREAMers, including will be rounded up and deported.
Must read from Gabe Ortiz responding to Donald Trump Jr's call for Astrid Silva to be deported. Dale!
Donald Trump Jr. says undocumented brought as children, like (at age 4), will be subject to deportation.
.tells Trump Jr., don't mess with Astrid:
"This is despicable." —Harry Reid slams Donald Trump Jr for suggesting DREAMer Astrid Silva could be deported:
Alex Jones, one of Trump Jr's fellow "deplorables" thinks 9/11 was an inside job.
His own Son and close advisors can't help themselves by proving they are deplorable https:/…
Deplorable graphic with Alt right nazi symbol still up on trump Jr page
You see Trump Jr racist photo yet?Shares picture with White Nationalist Pepe The Frog. Nary a peep from MSM,it's an NBC story!
when will Trump discuss that Jr said about immigrants here in Las Vegas? Threatening them
Crickets on MSM even though it's an NBC story. Trump Jr, in sharing includes racist icon in photo.
Thank you for reminding me Trump is unfit to be human. I can't w/this guy. I just can't.
and daddy Trump makes me think of all the icky ways he speaks, looks that, and touches his daughter 😳
Why Trump’s Florida attorney general scandal is a really big deal
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Donald Trump Jr. shares an image linking his father to the alt-right
Donald Trump Jr & Roger Stone both put out this pic, w/the winking symbol of white nationalism right at Trump's side https…
Donald Trump Jr puts Instagram post of 'white nationalist symbol' Pepe the Frog
Roy Wood Jr. said precisely what everyone knows about purpose of Trump's visit to an African-American church.
Kasich said one of the reasons he turned down Trump Jr's offer was he doesn't take orders; wants to run for POTUS…
That's right media, keep slandering an innocent frog who dindu nuffins!
Donald Jr now shamelessly posting white-supremacy memes
Even 's frog is racist. Trump Jr. and top supporter share White nationalist image on social media htt…
John Kasich confirms to NYT report that Trump Jr. called one of his aides to put a feeler out for VP:
Kasich: Trump Jr. called aide to float VP offer
Trump Jr calling out for stealing his "That's not the America I know" line, only to have it pointed out to him Obama said it first.
Trump Jr.: We knew Cruz endorsement wasn't coming was the bigger man via msnbc
Trump's kids take center stage... says Trump Jr. was 'the anchor of the night, along with Christie'
Trump Jr reminds me of one of the characters from the film 'Riot Club' 👀.
Trump Digs Coal- sign Trump Jr just said was going to fill America with green energy
New York: Donald Trump Jr. casts the votes for his father. NY's 89 Trump delegates gives Donald Trump the nomination of th…
Knowing how bad Donald Jr. is on camera, Trump Jr will be stealing from Ralph Kramden.
Trump Jr. tells his father is still deciding on running mate. Full interview. http…
Trump Jr. said in an interview the family was involved in Lewandowski's sacking
tump has gotta go with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Trump Jr, or Rick Sanchez.
How about this: Trump Jr and George P. Bush duking it out for the nomination.
Shame on Bernie and shame in his supporters!!! That's why he's losing. Trump Jr
John Legend clears up some confusion for Trump Jr.: your father is racist
Trump Jr grants radio interview to white supremacist!.
This photo of Trump Jr holding a bloody piece of dismembered elephant may be the best accidental metaphor ever.
Trump Jr. sez supremacist "was brought into the intv w/o my knowledge" yet supremacist sez booker reached out to him
NEVER!!! but watch out for Ted Cruz aka Trump Jr.
jk im actually voting for Donald J "Pimp" Trump Jr. Were all dead if he wins
Mary Richards and Trump Jr came over and the addressed the staff about this health issue. still all sounds a little bit shady to me.
- Donald J. Trump - Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Melania Trump--- all involved with this...
Came from 5 days at a turtle sanctuary then I read *** like Trump Jr. belittling our marine heritage. Kainez Veneracion!
Just a prediction ; Americans will hold there collective noses and vote Obama in by a hair, and Romney and/or Ryan will come close to imploding by the end of October...reason being, the poor, huddled masses will find a way to the voting booths not so much to vote for Obuma and what's his name, oh yeah, ''The Phantom'' Biden, but to vote against Romney, aka Trump Jr., and nut-job Barry Goldwater Ryan. If I'm wrong I will buy you a beer...nothin' fancy...nothin' cheap...I'm an Independent ; )..may the lesser of two evils win.
Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and Eric Trump: Stop the merciless killings of wildlife!! via
Fantastic interview by Forbes with | TMZ Is Wrong About Donald Trump Jr. and Safari Hunting
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