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Trump Hotel

The Trump Hotel Las Vegas is a 64-story luxury hotel, condominium, and timeshare located on Fashion Show Drive near Las Vegas Boulevard, just off the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, named for famed real estate developer Donald Trump.

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US Secret Service agents along with Washington,DC police officers arrested an armed man at the Trump Hotel on Wednesday morning.
.has time to meet with donors at Trump Hotel in Washington but doesn't have time for a Town Hall? . .
"El Chapo" has a Trump Hotel scheduled to open soon in northern Mexico?
Btw, American-Turkish Annual Business Meeting will be held at Trump Hotel first time. It has been at Ritz for years ht…
Hard Rock International reveals plans to redevelop failed Trump Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City -…
Federal employees Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are still making money with Trump Hotel
Ethics filings show Ivanka Trump will maintain a stake in the Trump Hotel in D.C. despite her new White House position. https:/…
Ethics filings show Ivanka Trump has kept a stake in Washington's Trump Hotel
"Hundreds" of vets have been put up at Trump Hotel by Saudis to lobby to weaken JASTA since Trump's election
In which weaves a web of Saudi lobbying, the Trump Hotel in DC, and the fight over the 9/11 lawsuit bill
Trump is a money launderer hotel. Once budget approved his sons can siphon money for military contracts…
To gain complete info about The Latest: Trump campaign manager defends hotel click to the a…
Feds: Trump DC hotel not in violation of government lease
JUST IN: Trump Hotel in Washington does not violate conflict of interest rules - U.S. General Services Administration
And if you think will stop with this one lease you're naive: he will make as much $$ as he can while POTUS🤑.
It seems pretty clear to me, yet GSA says in compliance with DC Post Office lease?
GSA says Trump International Hotel not in violation of lease
Trump's Washington hotel poses no conflict of interest, agency finds
Government lets Trump off the hook for his Washington hotel conflict of interest
The federal government rules Trump's luxury Washington hotel is not violating its lease, despite ethics concerns
Trump's DC hotel lease says no one in govt can hold lease. GSA says Trump can hold the lease. GSA don't think he is le…
Ivanka Trump was once reported "missing" as a teen while in Aspen on a family trip – Law enforcement located her in a hotel…
Reps. Elijah Cummings and Peter DeFazio, both Democrats, condemned the GSA conclusion.
.fail to report that Trump is not in violation of DC hotel lease
Merkel should chill out. “Pay up” only means he wants some emoluments. Gvt. subsidy for Trump Hotel Marienplatz? .
"fed agency ruled...Pres.Trump's hotel at a historic frmer post office bldg in Washington is not violating its leas…
The Trump Hotel in D.C. didn't violate the terms of its lease when Trump became president, a government agency said
CREW statement on GSA / Trump Hotel decision: "The problems remain, as they were on inauguration day, unaddressed"
water protectors set up tepee in front of Trump Hotel in DC. ✊️
DNC chair Ellis wants to Impeach for allowing foreigners to stay at Trump Hotel. Clear illustration…
Three hours in still thousands out on Central Park West at the Not My President protest outside Trump Hotel
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Piers Morgan is like Basil Fawlty trying to manage a Trump Hotel in Yemen
Vegas at noon at Trump Hotel on Fashion Show Drive.
...also controlled by Trump - Wash Monument & Clock Tower in Trump Hotel. Maybe from W Hotel bar?
Electrical contractor suing Trump Hotel for $2 million in unpaid bills via
had White House public comment line turned off. SO call Trump Hotel in DC with all our comments & jam lines! C…
👍 Just remember its -25% XP and poison if you rest at Trump Hotel. Camp on the national park fracking fields instead.
Trump Hotel in DC Revenues Far Lower in First 2 Months than Expected, House letter says. Look at this.
Women from Massachusetts and New Hampshire outside Trump Hotel. "It's a beautiful day to fight the patriarchy," one…
ERIC POSNER: Should you stay at the Trump Hotel in DC before meeting with the president or a federal official?
Begin at 1100 Pennsylvania Ave NW. Trump Hotel in Washington DC. Call, write, Congress. Until they block your access. RESIST.
Trump the worst guy in the world This homeless woman lives free @ the Trump Hotel in NY for 8 years 1
Didnt we all kind of assume that Melania would be left on her own outside the White House/Trump Hotel on Pennsylvan…
Panorama: NYC stretches all the way from Trump Hotel to Trump Tower
Trump Hotel in west Clare set to celebrate a massive win for their boss.
Given Trump grifting off campaign, assume Victory Party will be at Trump Hotel; can we expect open bar, or too che…
Trump Hotel revitalizing Harlem Central Park ice skating rink that's what Donald Trump did for New York just think about our country
We asked an energy question and also what he thought about matters such as Trump Hotel and
will he start a coup in Trump Hotel and walk down Pennsylvania Ave to White House.Get the Police position&national guard ready
Trump Hotel employees are voting for They don't even think he's a good boss.
"Ate the best steak of my life at your Trump Hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii. Tremendous service…
Adrian Gonzalez refused to stay with Dodgers at Trump Hotel in Chicago
"For $805 a night at the Trump Hotel, you deserve what you get"
Central Park is Manhattan's oasis. Time Warner Center is the twin buildings, right is Trump Hotel. Great view!
"Everything you could imagine in a dream beach vacation is here for you." – ||
Brazil’s economic woes now threaten to cut into Miami’s tourism numbers: Late 2014 found Donald Trump effusin...
I had an injury at trump palace in 2011,have medical video,they filed bankruptcy.was never contacted by hotel
Why in the *** did they tolerate in the first place? Could they move it to a hotel banquet room or the Trump tower.
. Trump filed it on his FEC report. Plane , hotel , meals all have invoices
People from Fox News are staying at the hotel tonight 😂 I'm guessing because Trump will be in town tomorrow? 🤔
In pay dispute at DC hotel, workers’ advocates see same old story
"President Trump, the aliens have vaporized L.A.!". "This'll be very good for me. They'll need hotel rooms. I'm going to m…
man oh man, Trump hotel rooms will soon be getting trashed!
Protesters target Donald Trump at Scottish hotel launch
Trump supporters are the dumbest people in the world. Their candidate just used a press conference to hock his hotel https:…
Is Trump still overseas selling Hotel Rooms in the middle of a Presidential Race?
Xenophobic supporters: he runs a global hotel chain with a site available in 9 languages
9/ Will publicly state that the Trump team threat to publish the hotel room numbers of resistant delegates is pu…
There you are - Trump International Hotel and Tower in
In pay dispute at Trump hotel, workers' advocates see same old story
The global market lost 2 TRILLION off their value because of Trump thinks that's great because of his Hotel https:…
Classic Waldorf Hotel to be gutted, up to 1,100 rooms turned into condos IT'S NEW NAME CHING CHANG WALDORF AMERICA IS GONE VOTE TRUMP
why isn't anyone able to say it. . that Trump Hotel in Illinois is doing well. . bravo = why not?. just like other hotel destinations. bravo.
"Taxi to Trump International Hotel & Residence (Phoenix)! The ride there is free with Lyft app, Use code DEX "
At least no TRUMP sign will deface the bldg:. Classic Waldorf hotel to be gutted, up to 1100 rooms turned into condos.
Trump trip not about Brexit, a business trip to open course. He is not POTUS UNTIL NOV. He wanted to be there & will o…
Hillary and Obama were 100% correct on and that a leave vote will hurt the people of the U.K. Trump? He's happy 4 h…
Fear and Loathing at the Trump SoHo Hotel: Trump Throws the Republican Oppo File at Clinton: Donald Trump on ...
YUGE Conflict of interest with Post Office Hotel. Ivanka Trump lied to get the deal.
Man on Ledge at Trump Hotel in Vegas Taken Into Custody: Las Vegas police say a man who threatened to jump of...
Is UR catering company going to help open the new DC Trump Hotel on 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue? If so, cool! BTW, like the Kitchen!
We're going to visit DC, stay at the Trump Hotel at 1100 Pennsylvania Ave. to visit President Trump in White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Im in the car behind the wheel waiting while my mom walks into Trump Hotel with the Cleveland Cavs
Just spotted: Amber Rose and Terrence Ross canoodling outside the Trump Hotel. 👀
Why does the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas not have a casino? . Because the Gaming Commission objected to his unseemly business pr…
Donald Trump's campaign headquarters/speech tonight will be at Tropicana. A little weird he isn't doing it at his own hotel...Trump Hotel.
Sad that Obama patronizes restaurant that filled space left in Trump Hotel in solidarity w/Hispanics
Congrats to Trump Hotel workers in Las Vegas who expressed their right to join a union! I stand w/ you now & always http…
What will Democrats win at the Wynn Hotel the Trump Hotel trumps in the shadow of the last Democrat to lose leadership of our Senate? HITRT
Months after first reported a likely breach at Trump Hotel Collection, company confirms year-long breach
When he offer you a position at the Trump Hotel ...
Memories of the Plaza Hotel: Had Donald Trump kept this investment, he would have doubled his money.
Did you know that Trump International Hotel & Tower in is the 4th tallest building in the country?
well i have two jobs, holiday inn (where im at rn) & the trump hotel in doral. Trump hotel is hiring rn!
Celebrity chef Jose Andres countersues Donald Trump for $8 million over hotel deal
It can happen to you too, so be aware!
Belleville man takes Donald Trump to court over hotel hacking -
I'm at Trump Int'l Hotel in Las Vegas, tallest/most beautiful building in town. Speaking to another great crowd at Tre…
Khloe leaving the Trump Hotel in Soho on Wednesday
Kylie leaving the Trump Hotel in SoHo, New York City earlier.
Tried to go somewhere in DC yesterday but couldn't because of a Trump Hotel's construction. Still blame Mrs.Keith
.lends support to union drive at Trump Hotel in Vegas, calls for comprehensive immigration reform
Check out this photo of Trump Hotel on
"The 'Hanoi Hilton' is no Trump Hotel" -- Excellent perspective from my colleague
Celeb chef dumps restaurant at hotel owned by
Turns out many of the construction workers building Trump’s D.C. hotel came to U.S. illegally
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Real Talk: Last thing Trump fought was a widow for her house so he could build parking for his now defunct Atlantic City hotel.
why does Trump have a hotel but NOT a casino in Las Vegas? b/c he'd have to open up ALL his books to regulators...Nothing s…
Guess who is building Donald Trump's hotels?
"ISIS is building a hotel in Iraq. They are competing with me," Trump says.
Donald Trump tells Las Vegas crowd he will "send all the Mexicans to the moon, I own the moon, I have a great hotel there, they'll love it."
EXCLUSIVE: Our interview with a Latino National Golf Course employee outside the Luxe Hotel:
Trump, "ISIS is building a hotel in Iraq. They're competing with me.". This is a real quote.
While waiting for fancy blowouts at the Trump hotel post-workout (yeah, it was a great morning), an…
Amazing who we ran into on our way out of Trump International Hotel & Tower New York-Central Park
workers in the news! Grab a copy of today's Toronto Star!.
Having a Bloody Mary and enjoying the view from atop Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago before heading to...
Late lunch stop at Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago in Chicago before heading back to Oklahoma City,...
Inside a union drive at The Trump via
The inside story of the wonderful Trump hotel organizing victory
Profile of successful by vs reluctant, resisting and bullying
Just remember to all the perps thats gonna be in ac acting like they're in vegas we kno how the trump hotel looks
Geoffrey Zakarian, aka to open the National inside the Trump Hotel and source ingredients from Trump Winery. http:/…
Great deal on for Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto. Save $180 on 5 nights compare to
Trump got drunk in his hotel and built a giant wall across Pennsylvania Avenue. Better put down the driver unless you want a black eye...
They were like the days inn and we were like the trump hotel we keep clean sheets
The ever-widening gap between rich and poor can't be reduced without the protection of the right to unionize:
I'm going to go into the trump hotel and break into Derrick Rose's penthouse
Inside a union drive at The Trump Hotel ✊
New opening at Trump International Hotel & Tower in -
Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach Walk Located just across the street from the main beach of Honolulu, …
Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower Panama. Casino Players claim your free suite, you pick the dates,...
Inside a union drive at The Trump Hotel via
Inside a union drive at The Trump Hotel
The Trump Hotel is getting a restaurant from Geoffrey Zakarian
Photo by | Infinity pool at the Trump Hotel, Panama City, Panama. by natgeotravel
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I love the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas! It's the very best! :-).
to make up for the cancelled Trump Hotel project on the Jumeirah Palm, a few years ago?!
Just ran into Nelson Cruz at the Trump Hotel!
I told 'em meet me at the Trump, Ivanka! @ Trump Hotel & Tower
Donald Trump was ripped by Chicago's mayor over the new Trump Hotel's sign that has Trump spelled out in twenty-foot letters on the skyscraper. Of course he did. If Donald Trump were homeless on the street he'd be pushing a grocery cart with a cardboard sign on it that reads Trump Cart
Callia loves the Trump Hotel, and so do we. @ Trump International…
Scored some points today by selling a membership to Kati Bramhall! Did you say "Who?" Well, hold on: she's the office manager of the new Trump Hotel--as in Donald Trump!--opening up in the Old Post Office Building on Pennsylvania Ave. and 12th St., a block away from my 12th St store. Wasn't hard to do because she purchased from me almost $800.00 in DC travel books today, and I saved the Trump $75.00, but my senior management are ecstatic because Kati wrote down for me her contact information because she's coming back for more reading materials for the high rise hotel! Didn't hurt that I had bonded with her by telling her about my year at 67 Wall St., across from the Trump Building.( I deserve a commission for all these memberships, my affluent customer Tom Herring reiterates to me each week--he spends several hundred dollars weekly--stating stubbornly that he needs no membership and to tell my boss he will buy one only after I am paid a commission for the sale(s).LOL! (Oh, come on, everyone knows I prefe ...
Drunk guys cause $700,000 in damage after being denied drinks at Trump Hotel bar
Next trip to Chicago.Trump Hotel or Hilton? Does the Plaza have a hotel in Chicago? I know Ritz isn't actually Ritz owned...
could've just said The Trump Hotel lol but no I guess you're on of those girls
Best Western, Holiday Inn Trump Hotel Digital Media Use: Best Western and Holiday Inn top a new... via
some of the uniforms we did for theWit, Trump Hotel and the underground!
Last evening in Panama was spent at the Trump Hotel.
Spa, Massage, and facial at the Soho Trump hotel in NYC!!! :)
I was in Atlantic City looking down to the outside of the Trump hotel and just thought... There's more to come.
It was invite only. And it was at a local Trump hotel
This is not burj khalifa... Its chicago trump hotel!
Excited to co-host the Arrow IBM Thought Leadership Event @ Trump Hotel Toronto on October 2nd.
CANADA-->Enter The Trump “Life of Luxury” Getaway Sweepstakes for a chance to win a 2-night stay at a Trump Hotel...
Zayn). But there are two distinct differences in the “cheating” pic and the pictures from Trump Hotel
With the one&only at the beautiful Quartz Spa at Trump Hotel Toronto! Shooting with ..Stay tuned!
I was looking through old photos and BOOM! Mike Tyson and ayah posing in front of Trump Hotel in New York City
In a coffee shop… You looked stunning tonight like a beauty queen who had lost but everybody knew that the judges were bought, and that, if life was fair, you would be the one wearing the crown you would be the one talking to children about how important milk is to their diet and how their parents should gamble at a Donald Trump hotel, and nowhere else. You looked like a model, but one who didn't have to walk down anybody's walkway, where Jack Nicholson would be waiting at the end to leer at you. Mikel K (From my memoir, "Baking Banana Bread From Scratch).
Exciting week!. Working at the Trump hotel!. Have an extremely busy week with meetings samples!. I hope to enjoy the...
Trump Hotel Las Vegas offers various suites overlooking either the Vegas skyline or the Spring Mountain Range. The One-Bedroom Corner Suites at this Las Vegas hotel feature European-style kitchenettes, Italian marble baths, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
We love providing elite service to the Trump Hotel in Toronto
Get your free download of the week from A time-lapse clip of the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas. Available in 4k!
nice. We look forward to another Trump hotel on Canada's west coast. Please be careful to secure the glass this time.
Swag from being at a presser at the Trump Hotel (apparently Gristedes sells them):
Toronto’s Trump Hotel looks to brighter future via
Get 6 Free VitaTops
I was planning on getting the Trump hotel in Chicago, but people don't even have gas money. idk
Witnessing some DL shenanigans in Trump Hotel lobby wish you were w/ me or this
Freakeasy was great! :) Today we film some Body Art for music video at The Trump Hotel! :) Let's Party Chicago!
Trump Hotel is the greatest place to live
Room is booked for Las Vegas at Trump Hotel for next month to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Getting those nickels and quarters together. Any recommendations on evening shows?
Toronto’s Trump hotel looks to brighter future
Tomorrow I really get to play in the Trump hotel with the awesome tony award winning Lindsay Duncan. What is happening to my life?!
Livin it up in the trump hotel. Pretty Swank but when in Vegas right? So far the one armed bandits haven't robbed me and I've made a few bucks on the black of jacks. 21 c here now too.
was very instrumental in planning and executing Trump Hotel Collections entry into social networking and acts as the face of the bran
Had a inspiring client lunch meeting today at the Trump table over was Mark Wahlberg and his crew. That feeling that comes over you...started from the bottom now I'm here.
I'm still laughing because Jase Robertson got kicked out of the Trump Hotel after being mistaken for a homeless man. 😂😂
"Duck Dynasty" star, Jase Robertson mistaken for homeless man and kicked out of Trump Hotel
ONE BAD APPLE (SAMPLE..ROUGH DRAFT) I exited the plane and I made my way down the steps and over to the Bentley and gave it the once over. It was even more beautiful than I remembered, and the 20's made it even prettier. They were chrome and had pink teddy bears in the middle, my baby would look real nice in this. The inside was fully tricked out with TV’s , navigation, playstation 3 and an on board laptop computer. I would find out later that it took third place at Funkmaster Flex’s last car show. I opened the door and jumped in. The keys were in the ignition and the ring was in place hanging from the rear view mirror. I opened the box and *** near blinded myself as the California sun reflected off of the large diamond like a piece of prism glass. I smiled, closed the box and started the car headed towards the Trump Hotel in Beverley Hills to surprise my wife to be. As I proceeded down the highway towards the hotel, I received numerous honking horns, accompanied by thumbs up by motorist that were ad ...
I'm really enjoying all six of these identical presentations on the Trump Hotel and it's double grand deluxe presidential piano suite.
Reconciling the fact Hotwire booked me the Trump Hotel in Vegas with the fact I need to bring my longform birth certificate to check it.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
WHAT a weekend. In descending order of fun: 1. Family time with Mom and Jeff Johnson 2. Friend time with Marcie (Mike Miller) Miller 3. Trump Hotel (Are you kidding me?? That was a trip. Thank you, Jeffrey.) 4. Brian Regan. Show me a funnier comic. He. was. 5. The Tortoise Club. Fancy/casual and delicious food. 6. Marcie's "White Elephant" prize box. Those kids will be taking home some kick *** Trump crap.
Back in Chicago and now after we got home. Now I'm in a hurry to go to Trump Hotel and Tower to work for few hours.
The LA Clippers were in town yesterday playing the Bulls and I spotted Lamar Odom at the Trump Hotel. I told him I was a fan of his from “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” He just grunted. He looks happier in the pic than I think he was. Lol. Have you ever been disappointed when you met a celebrity?
Sexy After 30 shared the following link: don’t tell me the Billionaire Donald Trump couldn’t keep his fine dining restaurant clean. The elegant and classy DJT, named after Donald Trump, located inside the Trump Hotel was shut down by health inspectors.
From a New York friend: "We just left our breakfast table at the Jean Georges restaurant here at the Trump Hotel and are now back in our room. The sun is shining and the city looks normal and beautiful from here. The hotel is packed with foreign runners in a jovial mood in anticipation of the Sunday NY Marathon. Meanwhile, there is no electricity in either of the towns where my kids live or below 34th Street in NYC where some areas are still flooded. Diane X is coming to visit today because she lives below 34th and she hasn't been able to shower. Staten Island is still flooded and there are many homeless plus others who are scavenging for food. Still no help from the government or the Red.Cross. Where is FEMA? Power companies from distant states have come to help, but in the hard hit Seaside Heights, NJ, non-union workers have been turned away. Some crews went back to Alabama, others diverted to Long Island where they were welcomed. Just north of the hotel, on Central Park West, a six block area is cra ...
I seen and felt a $12,000.00 blanket today. Well, not even a blanket - a "throw". Seriously!? Some people have way too much money. Some of my co-workers and I were at the Presidential Suite at the Trump Hotel today to check out our xmas party venue. WOW is an understatement. We will be partying in the same place that Bruce Willis stayed during TIFF. I still can't get over the $12K blanket. For those fashionistas - it was a Hermese ? Have no idea how to spell that designer name - lol. I really need to win the lottery.
What happened in History on this day? 1936 Jesse Owens became the first American to win four gold medals in One Olympics 1969 Members of a cult led by Charles Mansonbrutally murdered pregnant actres Sharon Tate (wife of Roman Polanski) and others 1993 Charges were brought against Heidi Fleiss for running a call-girl operation in Los Angeles 1995 Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead died of a heart attact at age 53 2004 Donald Trump received the 2257th star on the Holleywood Walk of Fame 2004 Trump Hotel and Casino resorts announced plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy 2005 Christopher Reeve's widow at the time, Dana was diagnosed with lung cancer even though she never smoked 2010 Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater exploded on a passenger. His fliht from Pittsburgh had just landed at New Yorks JFK Airportwhen he ignored his requests to sit down. and struck him in the head with her bag she saide go f--k yoursel and called him a mo-fo slater then got on the flights PA system and allegedly cursed out ...
(3:00pm) Residential suite at the Trump International Hotel... (7:00pm) Mystère show at Treasure Island... (9:30pm) Gambling at Wynn Casino... (10:00pm) Window shopping at the Ferrari Showroom... (10:30pm) Slot Machines at the Venetian Casino... (10:50pm) Fire Show at the MGM Grand... (11:00pm) The famous Bellagio Fountains... (12:00pm) A drink at the NewYork NewYork... A lot of sites seeing at Paris, Cosmopolitan, Palazzo Casino and Caesars Palace... N lastly 6 mile walk, up n down Las Vegas Blvd... (3:00am) back to Trump Hotel :D
Occupying floors 14 – 27 of a soaring 92-story tower, the Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago is North America’s second tallest building. The building, comprised of polished stainless steel and iridescent-tinted glass, makes a bold statement in the Chicago city skyline. The 5 star Trump Hotel on the Chicago River features easy access to The Loop, financial centers and is within walking distance to exclusive shopping on Michigan Avenue. Since the hotel’s unveiling in 2008, Trump International Chicago has been awarded numerous awards and accolades including recipient of the coveted AAA Five Diamond Award in 2011. Overlooking the Chicago River and South Magnificent Mile, this waterfront celebrated hotel represents a new generation of style and luxury. Purify and revitalize at The Spa at Trump and Fitness Center, a 23,000 square foot oasis in the heart of the Windy City. Upon arrival, personal Spa Attachés will customize unique experiences and ensure an ideal retreat away from the ordinary. The ...
Just had a 15 minute conversation with Brandon Marshall outside of the Trump Hotel as I was headed to my car. Guys a cool dude.
Don't have the chance to stay in the Trump Hotel in Toronto, Get a glimpse of the suites featuring Dimplex fireplaces
weekend at Trump Chicago has changed my bucket list from staying at A Trump Hotel to ALL the Trump Hotels
I got to meet JC's work, Mandarin Oriental and the Trump Hotel where Tower Heist was shoot. And now a walk by 5th Avenue.
tour Wall Street, High Tea in the Plaza or Trump Hotel, meet with and pitch him your west coast real estate plan
Ok so we have a project in math we have to make a vaction and then find all prices and all that crap we have 2500- 5000 to spend on this trip my people are flying to Washington D.C and going to MLK statue, White House, Washington Monument, arlington cemetary, Lincoin Memorial and staying in either Days inn Alexdria South side or Super 8 then they get to fly to NYC and visit 9-11 memorial, 9-11 museum, a broadway (show wicked ), time square shopping and then to statue of liberty and can stay in Trump Hotel and Tower or New York Marriot East Side and take a bus back to Marion all for a price of $4991.42!!! :) i didnt think i could do it now onto Brochure pwerpoint and report!!
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