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Trump Era

Charlie Baker Clinton Foundation

More w/ Craig Hodges on kneeling for justice in the Trump Era.
Zuckerberg Wealth Boom in Trump Era... (King of sucker punch algorithms that dupes just love:)
Greg Proops discusses how direct action and activism has grown in the Trump Era
Baker, Hogan, and Scott: Republican governors occupying a unique lane in the Trump Era.
Charlie Baker, Larry Hogan & Phil Scott: A new wave of pragmatic Republican governors or a Trump Era anomaly?
New report - TiSA Troubles: Services, Democracy and Corporate Rule in the Trump Era.
How Matt Stone and Trey Parker Scrambled to Change ‘South Park’ for the Trump Era
Sooo Trump is excited he opened a new coal mine in "the Trump Era" *** ! What century are we in again???
First new coal mine of era opens in Pennsylvania
I wonder what King of the Hill would be like in the Trump era:
Great—The fight against change: 4 cities leading the way in Trump era
If you're in NYC, go see Julius Caesar, free in Central Park, brilliantly interpreted for Trump era. A masterpiece: http…
Trump era is not even 5 months in & it's been littered with a fake witch hunt. Imagine what he'll be able to do for America…
Your only success has been to unify people against you. The Equality March is the…
Under a clinical-sounding label, the shame-and-ignorance approach of the Bush era makes a comeback under Trump
.says state AGs serve as "necessary check and balance in the Trump era," like courts and "the unfairly-malig…
RuPaul on identity in the Trump era: "Don’t pick battles with your allies"
The fight against climate change: four cities leading the way in the Trump era.
DC AG: "State attorneys general are serving as a necessary check and balance in the Trump era where others fail." (via
The Trump presidency is inspiring a new era of violent rhetoric on the religious right
Yes I lost my mind watching the slow train wreck called the Trump Era of American history.
Wow. Just wow. Major Hollywood player "Brad Grey" dead at 59 from cancer. Didn't even know he had it. That's how bad the Trump Era is.
.Question 6: (toughie:). Hands down the WORST excuse for a journalist/News persona in Trump Era
Lawmaking in the Trump Era, post by David Mayhew via
urges attendees at this weekend's African diaspora conference to ‘Be Bold’ in the Trump Era
The Making of a Legacy: First Steps in the Trump Era - The New York Times. Changed. For better ?? May be worst .
Blacks with Power Podcast w/speaking on Black College Student Advancement in the Trump Era.…
my niece is in hs, her big coming out was so no drama, just brought her gf home to meet the parents, I fear the Trump era for her
Countsdown -1367. era performs a song she's written about : nasty man
We're living in the Trump Era. The past is not prologue to the Trump Era.
Iraq-US relations in the era. What does the future hold?
Ukraine not worried relations with U.S. fraying in Trump era
The state of civil discourse in the trump era _ klew -
In a normal administration, something like this would be a big scandal. But in the Trump era...
Jason is no Devin Nunes even if both are casualties of the Trump era
a must-listen TAL this week. gets to how authoritarians gain, consolidate, and wield power. crucial to understand i…
"The First Great Film of the Trump Era" is here, and everyone is getting served. arrives in theaters Ju…
A mix of despair and resolve for US Muslims in Trump era
You're just sorry that America hasn't become pre civil righ…
They had 9/11 in the Bush era, then followed Hurricane Katrina 🌀 in the Obama era.. Next up, Trump era. Don't even wanna think about that.
People voted for Trump because the loony left was getting out of hand in Obama's era.
2017 isn't about Trump. It's about regular people standing up to Trump. This is the birth of a new progressive era in Ame…
Barack Obama has a plan for the Trump era via
"Sean Spicer's like a 'before' photo in a Xanax ad.". -- assesses Team Trump.
Child, she's been COONED, folks are doing anything possible to survive this Trump era.
Communists report U.S. Communist Party membership is increasing - as is the 100 million+ communism body count.
Thousands march in downtown Los Angeles to support science in the Trump era: "Science is real".
An tradition for the Trump era: burning a Yule Planet.
How Berkeley became a hotbed of violence in the Trump era
Bernie Sanders need to stop attacking and undermining Democrats. He did enough damage in 2016. Unforgivable to continue in t…
“We need to be out here”: March for Science drew thousands to downtown L.A. to support science in the Trump era
In Trump's era? Please, the lefts have always been Intolerant. You are fake news.
How does it feel to drink complicity and hypocrisy for breakfast every morning?
Communist Party membership numbers climbing in the Trump era - People's World.
We the People Collective responsibility and Common good in the Trump Era: Tim Keller
We the People: Collective Responsibility and Common Good in the Trump Era via
At First Congregational Church in Oakland for a Tim Wise talk on racism and the politics of a Trump Era...
Analogy of treatment of Betsy DeVos to Elizabeth Eckford fails in all forms. Epitome of Trump Era. Igno…
Rolling back investor protection in the Trump Era via
Joan Baez Goes Viral With 'Nasty Man,' a Protest Song for the Trump Era -
A Protest Musical for the Trump Era - also I think Alex Timbers is my new favorite person via
I liked a video David Muir, Lester Holt and Scott Pelley on Covering News in the Trump Era
Charity Leader Sees New Urgency for Global Outreach in Trump Era - The Chronicle of Philanthropy via
San Fransisco Sets an Example of How to Resist in Trump Era, via
The House Republicans Calling for Climate Action in the Trump Era - The Atlantic
Effective Political Advocacy in the Trump Era - Wed Mar 29 at Morrow Church - Sponsored by SOMA Political Action
Learn how to survive the Trump Era from economist Joseph Stiglitz:
I guess no one is interested in gaining favors anymore. . Soul-Searching at Clinton Foundation in Trump Era
Soul-Searching at Clinton Foundation in Trump Era - New York Times via thanks
Immigration History for the Trump Era: launches via
Trump Era to be like being trapped in waiting room showing loud reruns of Jerry Springer Show, no earplugs or blindfold.
Making Sense of Political Language — and Euphemisms — in the Trump Era with John McWhorter
States Will Lead on Climate Change in the Trump Era via
CRITICAL! North Carolina: A Case Study for Resistance in the Trump Era | via
The Donald and Charlie Baker: a Mass. Republican tries to navigate the Trump Era
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