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After Targeting Elephants,Trump Administration put African Lions in the Crosshairs-The U.S. government is turning Amer…
Louise Linton is the Martha Mitchell of the Trump Administration.
This is what the Trump Administration is feeding families that are hungry in Puerto Rico after the devastation of the…
Well, Ben's dad is an official in the Trump Administration: Doug Domenech.
Rupert Murdoch twice discussed buying CNN. Is this why the Trump Administration is pushing AT&T to divest it? We need…
Gregory Katsas is currently the Deputy White House Counsel for the Trump Administration – which has routinely attacked the
We should oppose any effort by the Trump Administration to take action against CNN. Our free press is more important t…
Trump Administration further restricting US travel to Cuba. No one wins with this terrible new policy – it’s just puniti…
Anthony Gardner, former American ambassador to the EU, reflects on US-EU relations under the Trump Administration
GOP faces testing time on democracy with Trump Administration.
Anyone figured out why the Trump Administration unexpectedly fired senior DOJ official and US Attorney Dana Boente last week?
NBC reports that the Trump Administration asked Boente to resign so Trump could name his successor.
The funny thing is the Trump Administration is just showing u how Amerikkka was really built to run. A white supremacist c…
Trump: I'm "very, very close" to picking new Federal Reserve chair
Please stop enabling tRump & his Administration. He did not mislead, he LIED. Watering down of his of…
Gold Star widow confirms Dem lawmaker's account of call from Trump: It was "100 percent correct" https…
Well thx 4 clearing up yet another F up by this guy & his administration. Ur proof is that u were…
MSNBC just now acting like the border wall prototypes were a secret. DHS put press releases out about it
If Obama was the crook, then why does ONLY Trump have several inv…
States to ask judge to keep health subsidies that cut
The Trump administration wants to replace birth control with this dubious method for women
On top of the 31.2 billion dollar deal at the end of the Obama administration...
I'm watching House of Cards Season 4 rn but the Trump administration has been more wild, so the show isn't doing it for me anymore
WH staff do their jobs. Why can't the Trump Administration?
Trump administration is abusing its power with this case. Please read this. Please share this.
Melania Trump, wife of the world's worst bully, launches anti-bullying campaign
Trump Education Dept rescinds dozens of documents outlining rights of students with disabilities: report
To have an administration questioning this fundamental principle of our democratic republic is severely disturbing.
Melania Trump to visit Detroit middle school to combat bullying Start with the bully in your bed.
Trump Is Using Hurricane Maria as an Excuse to Subsidize Coal via
“Trump hails liberation of Raqqa as critical breakthrough in anti-ISIS campaign”
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A few weeks ago, Energy Secretary Rick Perry took the unusual step of directing the Federal Energy Regulatory...
Jimmy Carter: Media 'harder' on Trump than other presidents because he lies more than all predec…
Monday mornings are a perfect time to get caught up on current events.
Administration Sends Mixed Signals On State Health Insurance Waivers trump is seeming to have d…
start with your husband, otherwise this is a joke. POTUS is a bully. .
How is the Trump Administration getting along without such clear-eyed policy advice?
It could not be more perfect that criticizing the Trump Administration by explaining rudimentary math is my most succe…
A key Republican senator says the Trump administration needs to explain how 4 U.S. soldiers were killed in Niger
Sen. McCain says his Armed Services Committee needs more information about the 4 American soldiers killed in Niger
Name a single responsible decision on anything by anyone in the Trump administration. I’ll wait.
A senior administration official joked to last week that the real EPA Administrator is Chuck Grassley
Deadlines loom for the Trump administration to renew TPS for Salvadorans, Hondurans, Haitians, & Nicaraguans.
The will put in jail if the Trump has any balls. This is absolutely the target. htt…
DOJ insists that undocumented minors in federal custody simply don't have a constitutional right to an abortion
Perry is using recent natural disasters to prop up coal. His very own grid study refutes every point he's making. .
The Trump administration is using Hurricane Maria as an excuse to subsidize the coal industry.
Now we know the Trump administration is Putin's puppet.
“the latest in a series of actions by the Trump Administration to undermine civil rights for vulnerable Americans.” https…
Trump: Dem lawmaker the 'gift that keeps on giving' for GOP
Heads up: will be on today at 3 to discuss the Trump administration pulling his visa in tandem with…
War widow controversy is typical of administration willingness to cross any boundary to protect Trump’s fragile ego.
Eventually everyone working for Donald Trump becomes like Donald Trump:
Trump is showing Myeshia Johnson & the world how disposable Black bodies are to his administration & the military indust…
Facts first, yes, . And stop giving a microphone to the gaslighters, please.
Sturdy? Resilient? That's a laugh! His fat *** couldn't keep up with the G7 leaders.
The Trump administration is trying to run out the clock and force a 17 year old to carry a pregnancy to term against her will.
If you think anyone from the Trump Administration will ever be punished just look at how George W. Bush is being fawned over by the media
As notes, the Trump Administration has repeatedly undermined the Justice Department's independence. https…
The HLS Environmental Law Program is tracking environmental regulatory rollbacks in the Trump Administration.
Trump Administration yanks support for rainbow-flag raising ceremony at
Trump Administration should listen to decorated warrior in Israeli history and great strategist
To say Trump's administration is rudderless & drifting would be a gross understatement. They're leaderless, shipless & drowni…
Trump met with Sheldon Adelson after Las Vegas shooting: report | TheHill
Trump opens a new front in his successful dismantling of Obama's climate-change rules, writes
Fake "conservatives" who won't even try to conserve the planet. Trump administration scrapping Obama-era coal regs
US-President Trump isn't famous for his climate-friendly policies. Now he wants to end Obamas climate plan…
NEW: Today launches an effort for American citizens to do what the Trump Administration refuses: Spread the w…
The Trump administration is working hard for you by
Trump EPA scrapping the unlawful Obama “Clean Power Plan” we fought in court. Great day for MO
Attorney generals from New York and Massachusetts vow to sue the Trump administration for repealing the Clean Power Plan. https…
Trump administration offers broad leeway to employers to drop birth control coverage
Washington state AG Ferguson sues to block the Trump administration's rules on contraception access.
How about the Trump Administration? They’ve been treating everyone else like 2nd class. u…
Walruses Face ‘Death Sentence’ as Trump Administration Fails to List them as Endangered
Ivana Trump: 'I am glad Melania is there and I am here' - The Hill
recipients shouldn't be a political football. My statement on the Trump administration's draconian demands: https:/…
JW says Congress's unlawful exemptions should END - and we asked to help make it happen. htt…
Pure ignorant selfish *greed* at it's WORST!!! Trump administration to terminate Obama-era climate plan via
Trump administration cut funds for assisting consumers ahead of the open enrollment period by 89%
“There can be no more delays. There is an extreme threat to life. The Trump Administration, FEMA & Congress must act im…
The Trump administration is rolling back regulations that have helped prevent a repeat of the 2008 crisis
: EPA Administrator Pruitt says administration will withdraw from Obama-era Clean Power Plan. Trump does m…
SHOCKING: gives Pacific walrus 'death sentence' as administration fails to list them as endangered. ht…
So right now administration is taking a stronger stance against than Nazis?
As Americans die because they can't afford medication, the Trump administration delays a rule to prevent drug companies from p…
Mnuchin wants to repeal rules that require companies to disclose how much more executives make than employees.
Trump praises Cowboys owner for threat to bench players who kneel during anthem
I continue to be shocked at the gratuitous cruelty of Trump and his administration.
Ivana Trump: "I am glad Melania is there and I am here"
Corker: Trump is setting up the country for World War III
At least five top Trump administration officials are the subject of investigations into charter or military flights.
The NFL was the one that invited politics into sports, the Trump Administration was polite enough to accept the invitation.
ACA sabotage. Documented and analyzed. And tellingly not denied by anyone in the Administration to my knowledge.
Protect the Clean Power Plan from the Trump Administration via
BREAKING: EPA Head Pruitt announces Trump Administration will be pulling out of the Clean Power Plan.
.their response to Puerto Rico Proud of how Trump Administration has handled the back to back hurricanes .
Trump Administration is committed to rebuilding our nation with American products made by the American people.
No number of "tweaks" make it less of a Muslim ban. We will keep fighting until there is
Did the Obama administration make up the Russian story for an excuse to spy on the Trump Team?
California Today: Suing the Trump Administration, Again and Again and Again via
Official: Travel ban to be adjusted.
Tillerson and others want to remove the need for Trump to have to constantly renew certification of JCPOA.
Hunting is down in the US. The Trump administration wants to change that.
The Trump administration is looking to make it easier to kill more people in more places
Exactly! They thought we'd just roll over and take it like people in tRump's administration! Nope!.
The Trump Administration just rescinded important protections for campus victims! Help us ht…
Thank you Sir,we are under attack not just by Russians but by RACIST Trump administration! Rescinding Pr…
Trump administration readies new order to replace travel ban
This used to be firing offense. Read who spotted & exposed this abuse during Clinton admin.
BREAKING: Trump administration rescinds Title IX guidance that has been critical for sexual assault survivors
I’m so ashamed of the reputation the Trump administration is giving off, it’s sick😣
Hard to see why the Court on Oct 10 would want to tackle a ban that will have expired on Sept 24. Mootness, anyone?
The Trump administration is about to release yet another version of their “Muslim Ban” via
It's really up to the American people to demand trump & all of his administration is removed. Noone…
More good news from the Trump administration.
The Trump administration has just scrapped Obama's campus sexual assault rules
The Trump administration plans to end a refugee program for children
Trump could slap more countries with visa bans. .
Government agency to investigate Trump health secretary’s use of private jets
The real solution to failed Trump Administration is empower Robert Mueller resources & flexibility to craft solutions.
Abusing taxpayer money used to be a firing offense. Not in Trump era.
Today, the Trump administration put the concerns of abusers over survivors. Again. . Trust survivors, always.
BREAKING: Trump administration to replace travel ban with country-specific restrictions, official says htt…
It's a shame to see the RNC serve as the legal defense fund for a corrupt family administration.
California sues Trump administration over proposed border wall
My friend Ben Howe and I are making a documentary about the disastrous first year of the Trump Administration. We... htt…
1/ Ben Howe and I are producing a feature-length documentary on the disastrous 1st year of the Trump Administration.
A Summer Report Card on the Trump Administration - Columbia Law School via
On Paris, the Trump Administration is shooting itself in the foot – AEI – American Enterprise Institute: Freedom, …
It was Spicer’s first television appearance since resigning from the Trump Administration in July. .
.on Trump Administration's decision to review Obama-era campus sexual assault policy
ICYMI: on the Trump Administration's campus sexual assault policy
The worst time to have a Trump Administration is upon us.
BREAKING: Trump Administration backs anti-"license to discriminate" case at Supreme Court h/t
Steve Harvey pushes forward on deal with Trump Administration following severe backlash | well done
Trump Administration and Key House Republicans Push for Aerial Gunning of Grizzly Bears and Wolves
It is a sad day for the immigrant community and for the United States. The Trump Administration has rescinded the...
Trump Administration has announced its intention to nominate Jonathan F. Mitchell as ACUS Chairman.
POLL: Do you support the Trump Administration ending DACA (The Obama program that protects younger illegal immigrants from d…
First the now Trump Administration asserts itself in the international arena to what end?
Sheriff David Clarke resigns and most likely heading to Trump Administration. Great for America!! 👊🇺🇸.
Sec. of State Rex Tillerson could be the next casualty in the Trump Administration.
I call on the Trump Administration to make this Inconvenient report public.
Sane, competent, reasonable men & women inside of the Trump Administration are choosing to stand with USA public/pr…
: Trump Administration declares public health emergency over decisions by Trump Administration.
Trump Administration slaps new sanctions on "dictatorship in Venezuela." Bars US transactions with Venezuelan Govt and sta…
Paul Cox is now head of communication in the Trump Administration.
Sebastian Gorka's wife, Katharine Gorka, is also employed by the Trump Administration. Nobody can figure out what she doe…
Mike Pence may be the only person in the administration that Trump can't fire.Yet he is the biggest coward of them all.
The arrogance and incompetence of the Trump administration knows no bounds.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
If any Trump administration officials are looking to place an exclusive interview, our DMs are open.
JUST IN: Pence: I "stand by" Trump's comments on Charlottesville
Well I didn't see this coming ... Trump administration lists One Nation as a threat to religious freedom
Nearly seven months into Trump's presidency, 40 Obama administration officials are still holding senior policy-making pos…
10 Black Republicans You’ll Likely See Working for the Trump Administration 🇺🇸 . https:/…
.Trump has put America at moral crossroads
Trump administration could lead to more drinking... through deregulation - MarketWatch
The Trump Administration is standing up against lawless sanctuary cities.
Despite praising Trump policies, One Nation has been labelled 'a threat to religious freedom' in new US report.
Trump approval falls to lowest level ever in Gallup poll -
Donald Trump's continued acceptance of white nationalists in his administration is an endorsement of hate.
California to sue Trump administration over &city&Related Articles:
Gary Cohn "disgusted" by Trump Charlottesville comments but not planning to leave White House: report
He was silent throughout Trump's vile campaign and administration. NOW Lookstein is outraged? Not much of an exam…
2016 was hottest year on record confirms US government.
Bannon might have cracked. Trump and whole administration are in over their heads. They have all embar…
JW still says Congress's unlawful exemptions should END - & we asked Trump Admin to help. See how here🔎: http…
Phoenix mayor demands Trump delays his campaign rally after his Charlottesville remarks htt…
Pence: I "stand by" Trump's comments on Charlottesville
The real irony. The current Administration (yes, Trump) is A LOT closer to alt left than we were during WWII.
JUST IN: Phoenix mayor demands Trump delay his campaign rally after his Charlottesville remarks https:…
Are WH Staffers not resigning because they expect Trump to be gone soon and hope to keep their gigs in a Pence Administration?
My head is exploding. Why do these seven months seem like seven years. Every day in Trump Administration time seems an e…
CONFIRMED: Trump administration will make the August CSR Obamacare payments, a WH spokesman tells
White House instructs GOP to defend Trump as "entirely correct" in his Charlottesville comments: https…
Officials stripped Trump logos from Trump Tower before Trump's press conference
I'm saying that Obama started all this race baiting during his administration.not Trump. And you know it.
Poll: Trump's approval rating hits new low as Republican voters withdraw support
for an administration whose only consistent talking point is "I hate the press," the trump WH sure loves talking to the press
America has reached a point where Congress' inaction will lead to rapid deterioration of society. now. https:/…
Dear everyone thinking Trump's impeachment will solve anything: .
Trump announced he was disbanding advisory council after getting call that it was disbanding: report h…
The Trump Administration wants the identities of those who visited an anti-Trump website. That's a request only tyrant…
Bannon breaks with Trump: There's no possible military solution to North Korea
Dem lawmaker: Trump must be removed after showing "mental instability"
Top GOP senator pleaded with Trump to "unequivocally" condemn white supremacists
It's no surprise that the Trump administration's cutting funds to groups that combat white supremacy and neo-Nazism.
Obama’s administration requested a Bikeshare station at the White House. Trump’s administration just had it removed. ht…
."The biggest problem for the Trump Administration has been Trump, not his staff."
🚨🚨🚨. Trump Administration, Day 203:. Still not in a *** concentration camp or being electrocuted by Mike Pence. . 🚨🚨🚨
Hot off the presses! My new report on science and the Trump Administration. We're only 6 months in.
Dean Daniel Rodriguez, on the Trump Administration's attack on affirmative action in higher ed, in the Chicago...
The Qatar dispute deals a death blow to Trump Administration dreams of an Arab NATO arrayed against Iran.
Archie Bunker = Trump Administration . with special guest stars: Steve Miller and Steve Bannon, who w…
Trump Administration to investigate & sue colleges w/affirmative action admission policies that discriminate
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The new jobs program from the Trump Administration, every American will eventually serve in the White House for a d…
Republicans seek to probe Clinton despite 2016 loss
Keep in mind - everybody in the original Trump administration? That was the A team.
Is Trump turning the White House administration into a bizarre season of the apprentice? White House clown school.
Colbert compares Trump administration to a mob-movie after Trump escalates feud with Alaska senator ht…
The whole Trump administration is jiggling like iPhone apps about to be deleted.
Folks, Trump has the power to unclassify millions of documents in Obam administration! Simple way to open up so many i…
I still have not seen a 100% convincing argument why the Trump administration wants to destroy the State department.
Ivanka Trump looking to lower expectations about her influence on her father: report
Can we think less of her?... Ivanka Trump seeks to lower expectations of her influence: report
Typical white male attitude in the trump administration: I'll just toss a compliment her way and she'll be eat…
.on whether the Trump administration might waive the individual mandate: "All things are on the table." https:…
.is visiting national monuments under review by the Trump administration
Studies show school vouchers lead to lower math, reading scores. So why has the Trump administration embraced them?
C. Fred Bergsten gives his take on the good, bad, and indeterminate on the Trump administration's agenda.
The Trump administration is being sued over not making billions of dollars in Obamacare payments to insurers.
Time for the Trump administration to pursue regime change in Iran
The only people doing the obstructing are in the Trump administration and the obstruction is of ju…
Kris Kobach sends new request for state voter data, laying groundwork to suppress votes. My 1st piece
Wow. Wikileaks still in bed with the Trump administration.
Trump wants to distract from the fact that he's done almost nothing he promised, while filling his administration with Wall St…
Neocon worms have eaten Trump's administration and shat on his voters...
Candidate for top Homeland Security job withdraws over Trump's transgender soldier ban.
Trump visits his Virginia golf club in 43rd trip to one of his golf properties
The politics of the EPA museum under the Trump administration
Trump on pace to spend more in 1 year of travel than Obama's 8 years & he's spent 22% of presidency at a golf course https:…
For every *** in Trump's administration, I see there's always someone more douchey waiting to fill a post should someone get fired.
The Trump administration needs to be sued over every one of its efforts to sabotage ACA
If I ever staffed a presidential administration, service in the Trump administration would be an automatic disqualification.
Putin just kicked 800 or so US diplomats out of his country. Meanwhile, Trump is golfing. Again. For the 43rd time.
Next administration will feel as it's moving into a crack house. Trashed, windows have plywood & utilities are OFF. https…
“I am a scientist… as of today, I am also a whistleblower on an administration that chooses silence over science.” http…
SCANDAL! Obama officials made HUNDREDS of 'unmasking' requests — all to undermine the incoming Trump Administration! https:/…
I need Rod Serling to explain what's happening with regard to the Trump Administration.
Watch today's panel here: Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Trump Administration
Thank you to for giving the first six months of the Trump Administration an A+. S.C.,reg cutting,Stock M, jo…
Trump's DOJ, Trump, Trump Administration crack down on marijuana is only guaranteeing a Political suicide of Trump & the ignorant wimps
Look at the Trump Administration. Covered up with scandals, nothing accomplished in 6…
A perfect fit for the Trump Administration:. Anothony Scaramucci sleazy sales pitch:.
The Supreme Court is allowing the Trump Administration to enforce the refugee ban. Huge win!
Given an inch, the Trump Administration has tried to take a mile in implementing the ban. That is cruel and unlawful. .
Perhaps this will put a scare into some of the Trump Administration!
Today: USTR Lighthizer is expected to release the Trump Administration's North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiating objectives
Are you as angry as I am that our reps aren't holding the Trump Administration accountable for the collusion w/ Russia?…
It's not hard to imagine what Thoreau would have thought about the Trump Administration's policy on fossil fuels
1-Washington Journal 07/07/2017 | 2-[Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley].. | 3-Trump Administration and the Rule of..
The Northern Cheyenne Tribe is challenging the Trump Administration's decision to lift Moratorium on Federal Coal...
The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has ruled that the Trump Administration cannot delay...
White House Cabinet Secretary urges Trump Administration for continued support of Juvenile Justice programs
Former WH officials coming forward with claims they were told by Obama to work against incoming Trump Administration https:…
Chris Hayes is about to forego all discussions of the Trump Administration & our crumbling democracy to investigate Rihan…
Let's Post: Trump Administration is guilty of placing Suicide teams on Salethia L.M. Kennedy. 2012 Administration removed by Order.
The Muslim Ban ruling although not a complete victory for the Trump Administration shows why Justice Kennedy cannot resign
.. Krystal Ball ... NEVER ... has anything positive to say about the Trump Administration. She over-talks everyone.
Time for the Trump Administration & AIPAC to put shoulders to the wheel & get Congress to pass the Taylor Force Act. https…
"Despite 16 years of failed efforts, the Trump Administration got it done in 5 months," Kushner says of unifying VA and DO…
On my radio show: Meg Schmitz Forecasts Climate Under the Trump Administration
FLASHBACK: Loretta Lynch called for marching, blood, and death in the streets to "resist" the Trump Administration.
My statement on Today’s Decision by the Trump Administration to Withdraw from the Paris Agreement: http…
Despite its flaming incompetence, the Trump Administration has managed to trash years of work to protect the planet: https:/…
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It took the Trump Administration just a month to turn Obama-era drug policy on its head --
My gift to the Trump Administration. New lawn ornament for White House
Trump Administration asks Supreme Court (and its own apppoinment, Neil Gorsuch) to revive anti-Muslim travel ban
Fiona Hill,on payroll of Soros & Open Society Institute, infiltrates Trump Administration . via
.just made vital point: No "Trump Administration" EXISTS beyond the family circle and a few top appointees -- a NULL S…
WOW !! John McCain PRAISES the Trump Administration. . Says Obama was WEAK & Trump is strong. LOL Leigh will be spewing.
This is the "Trump Administration" *** The UK gave it to your team & they leaked it. Your team is trying to take yo…
If Michael Flynn invoking the Fifth Amendment isn't a sign of corruption in the Trump Administration, I don't know what…
Read what our founder suggests for the Trump Administration regarding foreign policy and religious freedom: .
S.N.L.: Watch Alec Baldwin and Scarlett Johansson Celebrate the End of the Trump Administration
If Tom Fontana wrote for The West Wing you'd get the Trump Administration .
Idea for a show:. A revamp of Dirty Jobs. First Episode: Press Secretary for the Trump Administration
Ben Wizner: We need more leaks and whistleblowers from the Trump Administration
When all this is over, the Trump Administration is going to make Kim Philby look like a minor security breach.
Only a Hollywood liberal would prefer his mom be dead than live under the Trump Administration.
One thing for sure about Trump Administration..."Minority Free"
Trump Administration, Day 118: Still no *** in concentration camps or electrocuted by Mike Pence.
Patenting Invention: Clean Energy Innovation Trends and Priorities for the Trump Administration and Congress
This is the woman representing the Christian faith in the Trump Administration? I shudder.
Does everyone know wife Cindy McCain is planning to go work at Trump Administration. I see Trump bought Joh…
Fake news by Trump Administration. CNN did a report on the truth about this c…
Our statement on today's reports that the Trump Administration plans to cut Office of National Drug Control Policy’s bud…
Trump Administration proves it's Racist by not charging the 'police officers' that murdered Alton Sterling.
Poor hires may explain poor performance of administration via
Viral photo of Ivanka Trump billboard in Philippines is several years old
The Obama Administration worked to empower girls and women. The Trump Administration is trying to keep them down. https:/…
Breaking the Iran nuclear deal would be a grave mistake for the Trump Administration, unleashing Iran's nuke program aga…
Is this the end of the Trump administration?
WAKE UP AMERICA! It's not just trump n his family n administration n advisers etc that r connected w/Russia, many in the GOP…
Finally. If there's one thing this administration has gotten right...
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Ivanka Trump doesn't have a single success to speak of in her dad's administration. My opinion for
This guy is not the only one with extremist ties. What about Steve Bannon? Darth fader of the Trump ad…
Priebus says Trump administration has 'looked at' First Amendment changes to protect Trump /love the egg-shell skin
Trump: 'Why was there the Civil War?'
This was when the left loved America and its people. If it happened today, under the Trump administration, there'd be r…
Trump administration ends girls education program championed by
Not only is the Trump Administration simply sick, but their total disregard for children can only break our hearts. htt…
Trump sparks outrage after questioning why Civil War happened
They roasted donald trump and his administration with the truth about his first 100 days.
First on CNN: Trump administration ending Michelle Obama's girls education program
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