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Study: 89% of broadcast news coverage of the Trump Administration has been negative.
My statement on why the Trump Administration's march toward war with North Korea is NUTS.
What is Sean Spicer going to do after this job? Who would hire him? Seriously. He's like the Arnold Horshack of the Trump Administration.
I know you're very busy making America great again, but I want to serve the Trump Administration in Cyber Security.
Trump Administration launches probe into dumping of cheap aluminum imports citing national…
The U.S.S. Vinson episode was a group effort in humiliation for the Trump Administration.
Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy removed by Trump Administration, replaced by deputy for now - The Washington Post
Trump Administration strange set of priorities: "Relieves" Surgeon General of his duties tonight. Bad Rx…
How could the Trump Administration allow something like this to happen?
The petition requires 100,000 signatures before May 14 to get response from Trump Administration. h…
Happy Black History Month! Or as the Trump Administration is now calling it, "All History Month.”
Tell the Trump Administration: Don’t abandon the or weaken U.S. climate commitments!
Trump Administration arrests Clinton hire & supporter Marie Claiborne for spying for China.
Everyone in the Trump administration could switch jobs with each other and nothing would change.
skeptism has more 2 do with affinity 2 a cultural group than science illiteracy explains Trump administration ignorance
The hypocrisy of the Trump Administration is limitless. Trump said he'd nev…
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The time to stand up, is now! Stop the bullying! . Marijuana industry braces for clash with Trump administration |
We're a brand new, nonpartisan oversight group using FOIA to keep Trump's administration accountable.
Trump administration narrows list for Fed regulatory post via
You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than the GOP Senate and the Trump administration in all the know…
Oh I know. I'm just wishing it was a fake. Actually, I'm hoping the whole Trump administration & Republican…
The Trump Administration Is Heading for a 100-Day Train Wreck: Foreign Policy. Yeah, like they could even get the trains to…
White People: "Have you even given the Trump administration a chance?". Me:
It's only a matter of time before the Trump administration starts denying Trump's role in the Trump administration. http…
Just as a reminder 3 people on Trump's campaign and/or administration Flynn, Carter and Manafort have had to register as for…
Trump administration agrees to $1.5 billion for Florida hospitals' uninsured care
Trump wrongly claimed his administration has "created over 600,000 jobs already in a very short period of time."
House GOP Pushes Trump Administration to Prosecute Lois Lerner and Get to the Bottom of the IRS Scandal.
Budget director: Trump's promise to eliminate the national debt was "hyperbole"
The Trump Administration has accomplished more during the first 100 days than perhaps any other administration.…
Trump administration narrows list for Fed regulatory post - Reuters
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The Clown President's incompetent administration can't even get the White House Easter Egg Roll right.
State Dept. delays training sessions for Trump's new ambassadors: report
trump - worst president ever - flips on four policies in one day . BECAUSE HE IS UNQUALIFIED TO LEAD
Number of Jews murdered by members of Trump administration? 0. Number of Jews murdered by an organizer of the…
thinks the Trump administration is "pretty incredible." Senator, we think you're "pretty incredible" yourself!
The Trump administration is moving quickly to build up a nationwide deportation force, reports
Trump administration moving quickly to build up nationwide deportation force via
2 employees of Trump administration discovered to have recently worked for designated hate groups.
Trump flipped on four policy issues in one day
Confirmed - Obama administration did do surveillance on the Trump campaign team:
What IS the bar to be fired from Trump's administration? It clearly has NOTHING to do with bigotry. Read https…
Sessions is a quick study under the tutelage of Trump. He has failed quickly and t…
Demand independent investigation of ✍🏻Sign Senator petition
Coming roundup? task force finds 33,000 more detention spaces if ICE radically ramps up arrests of immigrants
Good article from Rich Lowry who is worried about what happens when the Trump administration goes full Kushner
Now just put on your stupid pink knit hat and be quiet.
Kellyanne Conway: People on TV "literally say things that just aren't true"
If the WaPo report on Carter Page is correct, then that means Clapper, Obama, & Susan Rice all lied, AGAIN. READ: http…
John Batchelor Show. (Does the Trump Administration see that Iran sponsors the North Korean nukes?
They just gotta hold out until next Spring, when they'll have 16 former members of Trump Administration available.…
Jesus, the Trump Administration has given us a Renaissance in political humor. I guess…
Steven Colbert's show is the most liberal I've seen. He's been talking down the Trump Administration for 20 mins. How is this entertaining?
Things are getting real for the Trump Administration. Their expelled Putinite, Mike Flynn, is seeking immunity ...
The elimination of PBS (Public Broadcasting System by the Trump Administration should NEVER happen. I wonder if Trump has ever watched PBS?
8 quotes from Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" that explain the Trump Administration
This needs to be repeated over and over again. While the Trump Administration and fellow Republicans attempt to...
Turkish Airlines is on the Trump Administration's new electronic ban list as the only non-Arab airline:
I pray that the Trump Administration get Elio Motors to produce their 84 mpg, $7,400, American-made, 3-year warantee, safe Autocycle ASAP!
A timely analysis of the challenges facing Studies under the Trump Administration.
Trump Administration, Day 62: Still no *** in concentration camps or electrocuted by Mike Pence.
The case of Daniel Ramirez shows how the Trump Administration could undercut DACA without officially eliminating it: https:/…
Lord Jesus, please shield President Trump, Attorney General Sessions, and the entire Trump Administration from the fie…
How downy is the Trump Administration . Attorney general says marijuana is "only slightly less awful" than heroin😂😂
Goldman Sacks leadership failing so you pick them up cheap for Trump Administration, nice guy cheap labor! When you hiring Putin's flunkies
White Supremist King & all those in Trump Administration.need to go to an all White Island- perhaps south of the eq…
The damage to Scott County and Indiana as a whole is irreparable. Pence is not the moderate in the Trump Administration yo…
Saudi, Germany, Ireland - big foreign policy weeek for Trump Administration
Jerry Springer: Bannon targets institutions that maintain multiculturalism
Afghan ambassador to US: "Trump wants to win. Sincerely. All the Obama administration wanted to do was not lose."
I guess my Saturday morning read on Ivanka's role in the Trump administration was well timed...
Republicans are not thrilled with the Trump administration's first pass at a new healthcare bill.
What Obama has done to sabotage the Trump Administration is an ominous precedent & a danger to the very fabric of our Repu…
President Trump is months behind where experts say he should be in filling senior government positions
Some do: "Does the Trump Administration Want a Holy War Against Islam? It’s a Terrifying but Reasonable Guess"
For is the most important agency that no one has ever heard of. This pick is really important. htt…
Trump has the most dishonest Administration since Nixon, without the basic competence the Nixon Administration provided.…
Imagine you’re a nation that wants the United States to fail. Here’s some news to brighten your day:
THE ON WILL COME OUT. was fired because he uncovered massive involving Trump https…
President Donald Trump still hasn't named a number of key deputy secretaries to back up his Cabinet
This lawsuit could change everything. No wonder the Trump administration doesn’t want it going to trial https:/…
I'm just going to refer to the "Trump Administration" as the from now on. Takes up less characters.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Trump administration where competence and int…
Trump Still Hasn’t Filled Hundreds and Hundreds of Federal Jobs Vital to an Administration
Trump tried to call US attorney Preet Bharara before firing him: report
For Trump, an early test of leadership:
I reiterate my evergreen forecast: Donald Trump is not capable of forming a presidential administration, and I believe he…
We invite all Jews to work with us to promote pro-Israel policies in the Trump administration.…
Warren rips Trump over US attorney's firing
If Trump admin scales back security partnerships, will allies reconsider nuclear weapons? New report on challenges: https:…
Top Story: Trump Lets Key Offices Gather Dust Amid ‘Slowest Transition in Decad… see more http…
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I’m late here but this is easily 2017’s most cringe-worthy interview not with/about the Trump administration
Is Ryan Paul crying fowl in the Trump administration on repeal and replace our health care?
White House submitted 63 nominee financial disclosure forms to OGE by March 5 compared with 228 by March 5 2009.
A lawsuit brought against the federal government by 21 children is hailed as a bold strategy to start climate action https:/…
came on 'Justice' to talk about the Trump administration making a healthcare pitch. Take a look: https:/…
Trump tried to call US attorney before firing him: report
Trump's failure to fill executive posts is not calculated rather it is incompetency plus turn downs from many.
After pledging to donate salary, Trump administration declines to release proof
if you think the Trump administration shouldn't be allowed to claim anything without concrete proof.
We won't tolerate the proposed rollback of hard-earned environmental protections by the Trump administration:
Preet Bharara was scheduled to remain in Trump administration, but Trump fired him two days after Bharara was asked to in…
At this point, I'm excited to see which parts of the Trump administration. AREN'T financially connected to Russia. https:/…
Today in Louisville, Ky., Pence outlined the goals and early accomplishments of the Trump Administration.
JUST IN: Mixing moonshine and I will be held in the FRONT PAGE: Trump Administration ordered 46 United States join
Indian-American attorney Preet Bharara among 46 attorneys asked to quit by the Trump Administration.
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Barack Obama has reportedly Deployed a Team . to “keep tabs” on the Trump Administration.
I love how often the Trump Administration had allowed me to use the words of Inigo Montoya...
🚨🚨🚨Day 44 of the Trump Administration 🚨🚨🚨. I'm still not in a *** concentration camp or being electrocuted by Mike Pence.
Vince Sampson and Matt Johnson discuss potential impact of the Trump Administration and Betsy DeVos in this free we…
SO. Having Military bases be GUN FREE. Like Ft Hood is. Is this policy being REVERSED by current Trump Administration?
Congratulations on your ambassadorship to the Trump Administration. You can retire now.
"What the Trump Administration is doing with the Dakota Access pipeline is just plain wrong." Bill de Blasio
Great information, he couldn't be more spot-on!. Cuban on Trump Administration, Future of Jobs via
Thousands chanting "White supremacy has got to go!" at Chicago's protest of the Trump Administration
Fox Poll: 47% of voters say Trump Administration is working on things that will help their family.
General Flynn's hiring -- and subsequent delayed removal -- is evidence of the Trump Administration's incompetence.
Just when you think things can't get crazier in the new Trump Administration, they do.
Americans deserve to know the full truth on Russian influence in the Trump Administration.
Russian spy ship spotted off US coast, possibly carrying some new job applicants for Trump Administration
Wow, what a story. . Honestly, of all the Roy Cohn's in the Trump Administration, Stephen Miller is the Roy Cohniest.
JUST IN: Republican lawmaker: Flynn "should step down" if he misled Trump
4 ways the Trump administration could fight for its travel ban
It takes lots of practice to become a convincing liar. Look at the Trump administration. They've become professiona…
Our job: Break up the major financial institutions, not appoint more Wall Street executives to the administration as Tru…
Worth noting that we are barely a month into the Trump administration and a top level advisor has already been fired.
The question is how deep is Russia into this administration? Flynn only clapped and called, Tillerson got a medal,…
Responding to criticism, PM Abe says he has "no choice" but to build close and friendly ties with the Trump administrati…
Demonizes is Dishonest. Deportations have been ongoing. ❌NOTHING new except Liberal Media agenda
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' marriage lasted longer than Michael Flynn's stint in the Trump administration
Hypothesis: the Deep State is going to pick off the Trump administration one by one. Flynn was first because he's most vulner…
BREAKING News: administration to appeal the 9th Circuit Court decision.
wonder if Michael Flynn Russia debacle is cause for a review of Administration's possible Russia connections Like Trump Taxes?
Trump, Abe discuss North Korea missile test in public
Michael Flynn said Islam is cancer. Glad to see he was surgically removed from the Trump administration.
Michael Flynn resigns as National Security Advisor, basically due to treason. This is the Trump Administration for…
Huge: administration was already warned by Sally Yates about Russian contacts. Who knew what, when, & why did…
The Trump Administration was a no-show at this huge cybersecurity conference
So in other words if you make a mistake in the Trump administration you will be dealt with, in obamas you got promoted…
How embarrassing must it be to be too dishonest and incompetent for the Trump Administration? Like being too fat for Arby's.
Sally Yates was the only one with a moral conscience in the Administration. Donald Trump removed her.
Michael Flynn’s resignation must not stop the investigation into Russia’s influence with the Trump administration. htt…
Wow already a resignation in the Trump Administration.FLYNN IS OUT.this is outrageous...Aug 9, 1974
TRUMP's Economy; Would you start a Small Business with a Small Business Administration Loan, and your capital?
White House: No classified information was on site at Trump dinner with Abe
Michael Flynn has resigned, but we still don't know what people in the Trump administration knew about his actions
Pleased to see Judge Robart reject Trump Administration's request to delay. We will, indeed, see you in court.
So it's worse than I could have ever imagined. The Trump administration is deleting ?
Inspite of all this Trump didnot keep any ill will in his heart and invited them to join his administration.Really statesman like
This is only the beginning. This is actually going to get much worse for the trump administration
guys! I guess, there's no more Trump administration. There's a Pence-Ryan administration. Terrible news.
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Neo-Cons are working behind the scenes to dismantle President Trump's administration. General Flynn is the first casualty.…
Let the record show it took the country finding out how much a traitor Flynn is for the Trump Administration to get rid of Flynn.
The first three weeks of Trump's administration:. 40% approval rating. Bungled travel ban rollout. National Security Advis…
Michael Flynn just resigned from the Trump Administration. What should be his next job?.
Flynn just resigned. Anyone denying Russian collusion at this point has been lied to by the Trump administration
With any luck, the resignation of Michael Flynn will just be the start of a complete Trump administration collapse. ht…
Imagine being too much of a liar to be in the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION
Duckworth voting against Mnuchin: "Greed and unethical behavior may be skills valued by the Trump administration," but he…
Objectively more scandal in the first 3 weeks of the Trump administration than Obama had in 8 years
Acting AG Sally Yates warned Trump administration that Gen. Flynn was vulnerable to Russian blackmail.
Only 5 of your father's 33 cabinet nominees and appointments have been women.
General Flynn's resignation is more a sign of deeper Russia-related issues in the Trump administration than it is a sign…
I thought the person in the Trump Administration who scared me the most was Steve Bannon. Then I heard Stephen Mil…
Trump administration fails to show up at important cybersecurity conference
The story of Russia’s involvement with the Trump administration didn’t start with Flynn, and it won’t end with his resignation.
I don't trust any of these creeps, the Trump Administration or the CIA, Homeland Security or the FBI for that...
State files Response to Trump Administration's Motion for Stay in Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. https:…
I always liked listening to Sebastian before the election. I'm proud that he is part of the Trump Administration.
BREAKING: Trump Administration responds to temporary halt on Executive Action. Promises to file emergency stay to "out…
POLL: 67% of respondents believe the Trump Administration is a threat to the European Union. (Votes: 4,343)
Permanent musical accompaniment for the Trump Administration should include:. Yakety Sax (the Benny Hill theme). Curb Your Enthusiasm theme
The Bowling Green Massacre affects us all. It shows how casually the Trump Administration will lie to us to justify the un…
By declaring itself a sovereign state California could stop the Trump Administration from working with Russia to start a third world war.
How the ACLU Is Taking On the Trump Administration - Extended Interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
BREAKING: San Francisco is first city to sue the Trump Administration, over President's sanctuary city executive order
"The script of the first 10 days of the Trump Administration reads like the work of Le Carré come to America."
New J&J Staff Pick: America Is My Home – Day of the Trump Administration by Meerkat Media
BREAKING: Trump Administration's new acting attorney general has directed the Justice Department to defend executive or…
Sally Yates was doing her job and doing it well. Which gets you fired in the Trump Administration.
Mass. State Sen. wants Springfield-Boston HSR to be Trump Administration priority.
. More evidence that the Trump Administration did not perform due diligence.
Trump Administration caves to pressure, says Green Card holders won’t be barred.
Trump Administration defends the role of senior strategist teve Bannon on National Security Council
I'm so disgusted by Trump Administration but I'm not surprised. I've studied way too much history & politics that I knew what would happened
Bill (the one on the right) has a new job, overlooking the Trump Administration.
Trump Administration, Day 5: Still not in a *** concentration camp or electrocuted by Mike Pence.
National Park Service employees have a message for the Trump Administration: we will not be silenced.
The best outcome we can hope for at the end of a Trump Administration is a Truth & Reconciliation Commission.
Trump Administration and their funny solutions . Pakistan Is the Crisis Flying Under the Radar
To understand the Trump Administration, read up on the John Birch Society.
Trump Administration is clearly frustrated and outnumbered. More to come .
"Clarifying the Trump Administration's platform or the Middle East". On inauguration day, Dr Walid Phares was...
Hmm. Trump Administration asks that Finance Minister Taro Aso accompany PM Abe when he meets Donald Trump in Washington in early February.
The link provided by the Trump Administration leads to Trump website, not the petition. Use this link via
Why shouldn't we blame Obama for this? (Even though it appears the Trump Administration will be as accurate as Tiny Toons)
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On day 1 of the Trump Administration, ACLU demands documents related to his conflicts of interest:
Ashley J. Tellis: "Avoiding the Labors of Sisyphus: Strengthening U.S.-India Relations in a Trump Administration"
Trump Administration to pick Sonny Perdue as agriculture secretary.
Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus is shutting down. Apparently couldn't compete with the Trump Administration. -…
Looking forward to the discussion at American University on African Policy under the Trump Administration with
If James Mattis is confirmed, there is the possibility he will move the Trump Administration to peaceful alliances.
Deputy AG optimistic criminal justice reform will continue in Trump Administration
Deputy AG Yates says criminal justice reform likely to continue in Trump Administration
The evil of these guys cannot be over estimated. Koch Brothers Take Root in Trump Administration
We've enlisted & to advise the legislature on how we can react to the Trump Administration https:…
Trump picks Kushner's friend to serve in administration via
The Trump Administration will be the most important catastrophe of our lives
Trump promised to speak on the Russia Hacking tomorrow and now he's backed off, This is a foreshadowing of a dark administ…
Holder hired to help California fight Trump administration . . . . http…
Assange: "Donald Trump needs to set a standard early in his administration... nobody is immune to betraying their role."
Six donors that Trump appointed gave almost $12 million with their families to back his campaign and the party. https:…
Julian Assange: “I think that Donald Trump, early on in his administration, he needs to set a standard”
More than 1,000 law school professors have rejected Donald Trump's choice for Attorney General
Bill Stepien, who was ousted from the Christie administration in New Jersey, has just been added to Trump's White House st…
Holder hired to help CA fight Trump's agenda. Foolish to provide sanctuary to criminal illegals. http:/
If P-e Trump backs Assange then I'm backing Trump. Assange has more credibility than the Obama Muslim Administration.…
It's going to be a sight to see when Hannity & Ingraham etc. demand Assange be arrested when he undermines the Trump Administration.
This is exactly the kind of action we need to take/support to stop the Trump administration's agenda of hate and bi…
The Trump administration wants to repeal Obamacare, which would lead to a complete social disaster. Don't Make America…
I will not believe until the Trump administration reveals it to be entirely true.
While our world was falling apart, Obama was thinking of bathrooms! That defines his pathetic administration. Trump Re…
Does anyone think Trump people are scared?
The entire Trump Administration is a crime scene.
Hired to help find conflicts in Trump's administration. Accountability Now!.
. The old guards will make way 4 the new guards.The Obama Administration will make way 4 The Trump Administration
hired to help California fight Trump // Watching set this little weasel on his *** should be fun... htt…
Graham: I can't support Trump picks who reject intelligence on Russia.
GOP lawmakers slam Julian Assange after Trump praise
For the first few minutes, I honest to goodness thought this was a joke. For real.
This edited US gov website gives us a glimpse of how Trump's administration will try to delete climate science:
I truly believe that we will see unity in our country- we talked to millennials today & they are very hopeful about a T…
Under the Trump Administration, what is the future of the department of education? More freedoms for states?
AIA, CSE renew call to support space exploration roadmap on Trump Administration - SpaceFlight Insider -
Talking to folks at Baltimore's Inner Harbor about the future of Obamacare in a Trump Administration
What "The Sound of Music" can teach us about surviving the Trump Administration.
Set Science Standards for the Trump Administration - Union of Concerned Scientists.
Walter White returns as the latest member of the Trump Administration on "SNL"
Obstruction, Supreme Court sabotage, defending Russia, but hey, his wife got a job in the Trump Administration.
House Speaker Greg Hughes says he's not taking a job with the Trump Administration
David Goldman Offers Insight into Impact of Trump Administration on Obamacare and Medicaid
domain names
Big policy question for HUD is will the Trump Administration let John Paulson loot hundreds of millions from taxpayers vi…
The idea that a banker would be an alluring choice for a member of the Trump Administration is a startling change.
Putin: Russia 'Ready to Cooperate' with Trump Administration: Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen on a ...
Sarah Palin is openly lobbying to be head of Veteran Affairs in the Trump Administration.
6 global policy issues to watch in the Trump Administration
Hillary Clinton is so mentally messing with Trump Administration and Republicans without saying a word. That's smart power,…
I'm not sure what's worse, that Dan Quayle may be in the Trump Administration or that if he is, he'll be known as "the s…
Another Koch Cartel asset in Trump Administration. It's Christmas early in Wichita
The Obama Administration by all índices set high standards for the incoming Trump Administration with a four year duration to make a change
Petraeus says he'd serve in a Trump Administration. Make him Secretary of State, not Mitt Romney!
"The D.C. Circuit, the Trump Administration, and Chevron Step One-and-a-Half": Daniel Hemel and Aaron Nielson have https:…
No more poverty bus tour with Tavis Smiley? Back to the academy during the Trump Administration?
Fmr. Republican Presidential candidate on top 3 priorities of the Trump Administration.
"The Greeks have a word for the emerging Trump Administration: kakistocracy."
Ben Carson declined a role in the Trump Administration, claiming "no governmental experience." Says the guy who ran for PR…
Ben Carson: I'm declining a role in the Trump Administration due to no governmental experience. Reporter: you or Trump.…
Would Michael Milken accept a role in Trump Administration?
Paul Ryan very comfortable with white supremacist as leader in Trump Administration
BenefitsPro offers three predictions for health care policy under the Trump Administration:
To think, Reince is now part of the Trump Administration. WHY? Maybe because he hired THIS man more than once.
Congratulations Mr. Trump!!! I'm Inspired and would like to close my Real Estate Company and serve in your administration.
The trump administration will be more boring than y'all think. He's not going to ride down streets in an MRAP and arrest all ***
The turned into a suicidal night for America and What expected next for the Trump Administration..
Now lets hope Trump administration does better than expected!
Amen and Amen. God Bless You and Trump/Pence Administration and all those dear to y'all, America/Americans. The People Won
We may be looking at a President Donald Trump. Meet the motley members of his prospective administration:
Nine Texans who could serve in the Trump administration —
Turnbull government will seek early engagement with Trump administration
Just let trump start now boot whole Obama administration out real support for our first responders awesome
I just realized the if I actually graduate in 2018 like I planned, I will be working in government during the Trump Administration.
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😖 the only thing I dislike more than a Trump administration is the ugly he provokes in his followers.
Stay vigilant, folks. After what we've seen, imagine the kind of people who'll be racing to join the Trump administration.
Donald Trump will not sign anything without Mike Pence approving it. Mike Pence is the monster in this upcoming administration, not Trump.
Even if foreign investors pull out of the USA? Trump's administration doesn't exactly signal Desirable Trading Partner..
Watching to see whether Trump seeks to stabilise the chaotic situation as he establishes his administration - or to exac…
marcos sa libingan ng mga bayani, Miriam died, this poor excuse of an administration, trump won, fml
How will Donald Trump's administration relationship with Africa be like? And which African nation will he visit first?
no place for the *** community in the Trump administration lol
Duterte: "Looking forward to working with the US administration". So now that Trump is President you're suddenly interested i…
Things we can kiss goodbye in a Trump administration: higher education, health care reform, living wage, police reform,…
Collective Washington neocon establishment: "now it's time to figure out how to get excellent jobs with Trump Administr…
So many scenarios to play out right here in Maine, if/when takes a senior position in the Trump Administration.
What President Trump means for Japan: the implications of a Trump administration for Japan are huge and worrying.
Trump phoned Alicia Machado and offered her a position in his administration--if she dropped a few pounds.
The Donald Trump administration has officially begun...
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A competent Trump administration may be more dangerous to liberal democracy in long term than an incompetent one.
Tom Barrack one of Trump's few mainstream corporate CEO supporters. Will there be a $CLNY halo? Will he join administra…
As earnest and conciliatory Trump may be, the biggest worry may be the people he chooses to surround himself with in his ad…
From the Obama administration to the Trump administration. 2 step forward then 60 years back. . White rage is rather typical…
If Trump wins, Republican national security experts need to step up and serve in his administration. We need you.
I truly, truly hope I'm wrong about what a Trump administration entails. The country and its people deserve much better…
What a Trump administration means for space - SpaceNews
What will be tagged under Administration
Trump Administration To Cancel Billions of Payment to UN’s Green Climate Fund via
Presumably the May administration response to this result is to spend the next few months telling us that "Trump means T…
If you voted for Trump, you'll be responsible for any LGBT rights threatened by the Trump administration. You knew and voted…
Congratulations to Donald Trump and much looking forward to working with his administration on global stability and prosp…
The Trump administration will enjoy Republican control over all three branches of government
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