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True Detective

True Detective has been the name of several different magazines.

Mahershala Ali Matthew McConaughey Rust Cohle David Milch Nic Pizzolatto Vince Vaughn Colin Farrell Robert Downey Jr Collin Farrell Taylor Kitsch Jon Stewart Twin Peaks Ray Donovan

True Detective season 1 episode 4, the 5 and a half minute one shot scene is the greatest thing I've seen on television oh my god
The first season of True Detective is one of the greatest things I've ever seen
Trying (and failing) to connect The King in Yellow, True Detective, and David Foster Wallace's The Pale King ...
"Ah,lovely."Giving her an assuring smile,the detective nodded and admitted that what she said might…
The first season of true detective is absolutely masterful. Shame it went downhill so quickly after
I guess you have seen true detective season 1?
Okay, a few years late here, but just watched the first episode of True Detective. That's a good show.
Coming soon: A forensic addage says, "Every conact leaves a trace" It's just as true when detective and criminal are forced t…
True Detective season 3 with and please and thank you.
OTJ The Bird / little creepy shows up: Detective jim was wiggling around on the floor with a huge *** saying…
Can't wait for another season of Ray Donovan and True detective.
We gotta hold out for True Detective Season 3.
: Colin Farrell's had recent turns in THE LOBSTER, THE BEGUILED and THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER. TRUE DETECTIVE SEASON 2 was not a mistake
This has to be the best television series ever. by The wire, Breaking bad, Friends,True detective (so1).
Feel a bit the same with True Detective, the hype sorta died!
That scene from True Detective. Hope you all enjoy it
One of the best single seasons of a television series I've ever watched. Up there with True Detective s…
Uh-oh, Matt, that's my little bro & he's not messin' around. Just ask True Detective's Matt McConaughey! Trailer:…
I'm fine with Streetcar if we're ruling out True Detective
It's TRUE DETECTIVE day on I Was There Too with the fantastic She played the…
True Detective season 1 had "Who Goes There" - with the greatest single 6-minute tracking shot when Rust breaks into the biker gang's house.
Mr robot or true detective or riverdale
On a par with True Detective series 1 as the best shows ever on TV .in my opinion
.discusses her role as Charmaine Boudreaux on “True Detective" on IWTT w/
We never had any cheating except for when we watched true detective (s1 obviously) and he just couldn't wait!
Usually I find sex scenes in movies and TV pointless at best, but Velcoro and Bezzerides banging in True Detective actually makes sense
Love True Detective, so this week's episode was great; hope you'll have Dave Davis back, as he was the store clerk in Logan.
One of the stupidest things ever said seriously if that were true I’d be a surgeon slash lawyer slash detective
True detective but just the first season
I know. You can never get enough kdramas.if kau nk tgk drama yg thriller, try tengok 'Signal'.Detecti…
True. He wasn't. He was however warned from doing so by a respected…
Been solving all the secret society-episode puzzles and got the bonus content! I feel like a true detective-Angus.
der was this article I read dat u doing a detective show on star plus it true?
Totally different. This one is set in the 70s. Stand By Me and True Detective vibes.
Hi it's me Drew I want vaping and then I watched True Detective
Or more accurately, Don't Stalk Strangers. must have learned this on True Detective Season 2
I always thought True detective was the greatest and the most intriguing show ever created,but Game of thrones is in the league of its own.
If you're at all curious what the exact plot of True Detective season 2 would've looked like were it written compet…
TV SHOW: True Detective, Season 2 for $9.99(SD) [56% off] or $9.99(HD) [66% off]
Season 2 True Detective but in the east end.
That first season is perfect (to me), so it was a hard act to follow but... those True Detective season 2 c…
"The Night Of" should have been True Detective season 2 instead of, you know, True Detective season 2.
Optimistic Rust Cohle: Nihilist ex-cop keeps everyone pretty positive about the prospect of True Detective season 2 being…
I must be one of the only people who enjoyed season 2 of True Detective.
Season 1 was awesome. Now watching Season 2 💀 — watching True Detective
Guys should I even consider watching True Detective season 2?? Heard it's trash
True Detective season 3: Everything you need to know via I'd like season one part 2 please 🤞🤞🤞
Starting season 2 of True Detective. My man Vince Vaughn is in it so you know I'm with it.
Rewatching season 2 of True Detective. Time to find out if it got a bad rap or if I'm just a glutton for punishment
My least favorite season is nuclear winter followed closely by 2 of True Detective.
The Sinner on USA is great if you thought Season 1 of True Detective was too great & 2 wasn't ludicrous enough.
True Detective season 2 was just a bad remake of Who Framed Roger Rabbit
True Detective season 2 is more interesting than Ozark
Truth be told I have never watched True Detective but if Mahershala Ali is going to be in season 3. It's time to binge watch season 1 & 2!
Hey haters, True Detective season 2 isn't so bad if you don't watch episodes 4-8 and spend that time playing Neko Atsume i…
Idea 2: Re-make the first season of 'True Detective' with Earl and Randy (characters, not actors) from 'My Name Is Earl'. 'True Defective'.
Lol at this True Detective trailer that straight up pretends that season 2 never happened
You don’t like season 2 of True Detective. You don’t like John Wick. Tell me Bonga, do you like tripp…
If you didn't like Season 2 of True Detective, I'm very sorry. But don't stress. I liked it enough for both of us.
Aside from season 2, True Detective is the best show I've seen since GoT
I need to finish True Detective season 2 already I know it won't beat season one that one kept me on edge, but it be good in it's own way
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Season 2 of True Detective. This is too easy.
Alongside Sopranos and True Detective season one it's the best TV there's been (ig…
is brilliantly made.Haven't seen anything this riveting since True Detective and Fargo season 2
God is punishing us for True Detective season 2. Fingers crossed for 3
How has he not been cast in the new True Detective. TOM SIZEMORE IS THE TRUE DECTIVE
I hope the world ends after Mahershala Ali is on True Detective but before Sean Spicer is on Dancing with the Stars.
The problem with True Detective s2 wasn’t that it didn’t have one director — it wasn’t an interesting story.…
Season 2 of 'True Detective' is trash but that final shoot out scene is one of the best things I've ever seen in my life...
Mahershala Ali confirmed for next 'True Detective'; Jon Stewart to return to stand-up in HBO special…
Getting Mahershala Ali will be great for True Detective but LONG LIVE SEASON 2 JOKES
Gonna watch True Detective season 3 simply for Mahershala Ali. Not even gonna watch the other 2 tbh.
Mahershala Ali to star in 'true detective': via
Mahershala Ali is starring in True Detective season 3. They haven't even started shooting it and it's already better than se…
'True Detective' Season 3 'will be a go' as soon as HBO nails down a director -
The only proper partner for Mahershala Ali during True Detective's third season is...himself?
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They should cast Riz Ahmed in True Detective season 3.
True Detective coming back for season 3
Everything you need to know about presentation at Jon Stewart! Watchmen! True Detective! Deadwood!
Time to start watching True Detective to catch up
“Now the circle is almost complete. Watch and listen to the dream of time and space.” (Twin Peaks). “Time is a flat circl…
honestly if I could only watch one tv show for the rest of my life it would be season one of True Detective and I would be a happy camper
I can't even explain the nonsense that was True Detective season 2 but, my king, Mahershala Ali will save it in season 3
HBO confirms Mahershala Ali will star in True Detective season 3
HBO teases the return of two highly-anticipated shows
Confirmed: Oscar winner will star in season three:
It's official: Mahershala Ali will star in Season 3 of HBO's 'True Detective'
All that matters is season 3 of True Detective starring Mahershala Ali.
Mahershala Ali has been confirmed to star in Season 3!
Mahershala Ali will appear in the upcoming third season of HBO’s oft-impenetrable series, True Detective
Use a gif to describe your reaction to Mahershala Ali being casted as a one of the True Detective Season 3 leads. featured in NBC s Science of Love
"Time is a flat circle," said the True Detective as he took the frisbee out of the trunk...
'True Detective' Season 3 has "five great scripts" and HBO is looking for a director.
Mahershala Ali officially cast as the lead in Season 3
season 3 officially locks up Mahershala Ali and HBO is talking to directors
True Detective update: Mahershala Ali confirmed for season 3
Mahershala Ali to star in 'True Detective' season 3:
Really hard to get excited about a True Detective season 3 after season 2. I'll watch but expectations are certainly low.
Mahershala Ali is a perfect choice for True Detective. He's a great actor, it will probably elevate the series after season 2.
True Detective season 2 is not an underrated masterpiece. It had a lot of cool ideas, but 4 main characters def made it feel unfocused
Good to know I wasn't the only one who disliked "True Detective" Season 2 (I stopped watching it.) Update on S3!…
True Detective season 2 wasn't as bad as you think it was. Season 1 was just so amazing, and season 2 was a little too complicated.
Was watching Free State of Jones, but thinking Mud, Dallas Buyers Club, True Detective, Lincoln Lawyer, etc etc
Me: True Detective season 2 was not good, I don't need a season 3. *Mahershala Ali in talks to join season 3*. Me: https…
Mahershala Ali in talks for potential third season of True Detective
They announce who's starring with Mahershala Ali in True Detective season 3 yet?
Please. Please. Make Mahershala Ali the lead for S3 of True Detective.
Finally (for now) in True Detective dream casting, we have Mahershala Ali and Allison Tolman. Code Name: Alli-Ali. https…
Mahershala Ali in talks to join 'True Detective season 3'
HBO hopes Mahershala Ali will be the truest detective of them all in True Detective season three: https:…
Ali looks to head long awaited third season of True Detective.
Mahershala Ali in talks to join 'True Detective' season three.
Mahershala Ali, Moonlight star, reportedly in talks for True Detective season 3
'True Detective' Season 3 could star Mahershala Ali and suddenly we're interested again
Mahershala Ali reportedly in talks to star in ‘True Detective'
Listening to is like watching True Detective season 2
If you haven’t seen season 2 of True Detective, it’s worth a watch for this song alone.
True Detective ends at Season 1. We dent the existence of Season 2. That's just how it is.
Rewatching season 1 of True Detective just reminds me of how awful season 2 was. But time is a flat circle & all life is an illusion, so w/e
The tv series (especially season 2) is around ten times better than the far more drab True Detective series
True Detective. season 1: best season of television ever. masterful. season 2: a compelling argument in favor of auteur theory
I felt suicidal after 2 eps of True Detective season 1. But this is even scarier than that.
(I think I'm one of the few who had zero trouble following True Detective season 2 and it had 900 characters.)
Season 2 of True Detective gets too much hate
True Detective season 2 isn't as thought provoking as season 1 but it is still solid police drama. Enjoying the rewatch much more 2nd time.
My boyfriend's hair inspiration is Colin Farrell in True Detective season 2
the season 1-5 run of Supernatural and season one of True Detective, haven't properly followed a TV show in like nearly 2 years though.
Season 1 of True Detective is already better than season 2 and I'm only halfway thru it
And I was saying😌“For every good decision True Detective made, makes a bad one: htt…
This is like the drop off from True Detective season 1 to 2.
No show has ever gone from so good to so bad from season 1 to season 2 more than True Detective.
bingewatching True Detective, season 2. so many plots!
Nice to see the kid from True Detective season 2 grow up
Dirty deeds in Richland Co. Feeling like I'm in True Detective. Season 2 unfortunately.
Season 1 of True Detective is phenomenal. Completely disappointed in season 2.
True Detective season 2 is seriously good only started it last night, why people complained I have no idea
Has anyone seen True Detective season 2? Is it worth watching?
Finished season 2 of True Detective. That last episode was crazy. As a whole I thought it was okay. Slow at times. I'd say 3/5
My disappointment in Fargo may be greater than True Detective season 2. I could at least hate watch that garbage.
My prime was watching True Detective season 1 in one sitting. Now I can barely get through 2 episodes of Frasier before sleep. What happened
Niagara Falls (the city) = Vinci from True Detective season 2
For the record, I still think True Detective season 2 was relatively good.
Season 2 is to True Detective as the Wizards era is to Michael Jordan.
i wanna start season 2 of True Detective 🤔
What do yall think of True Detective season 2? I think if you go in expecting just a good pulp comic…
Excuse me.Season 2 of True Detective would like to have a word.
That first season of True Detective was just such peak television that they never should have tried to make season 2
(today in irrelevant rants: I wanted McConaughey from True Detective as Randall Flagg, not McConaughey from How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days :S)
If True Detective more than last years aside from Vince Vaughn.
True Detective season 3 in the works, Deadwood’s David Milch joins creative team
Exclusive: has penned at least the first 2 episodes for a potential third edition of
Sometimes a single sentence can suggest a world of possbilities
Since True Detective Season 3 may happen, may I just suggest this casting.
David Milch and True Detective? I don't care if it's 8 hours of just a guy sitting in his car listening to Enya, I'm all i…
Exclusive: season 3 has been revived:
‘True Detective’ might be revived for third season - NY Daily News
LOL can you imagine True Detective getting renewed if a woman was behind True Detective season 2?
They need a True Detective to figure out who allowed season 2 to be so awful.
True Detective season 3 bless. Now just do a better job casting unlike season 2.
True Detective S3 news is going to bring out all those stale "S2 was a lacklustre disappointment" posts again, huh?
season 3 in the works with "Deadwood' creator on board as a writer .
is coming back to life for a third season, with a little help from David Milch
True Detective may get a third season with the creator of Deadwood
Early progress is being made on True Detective Season 3, and Deadwood's David Milch is aboard to help out:…
True Detective season 3 is in the works with Deadwood creator David Milch
Who's ready for Season 3? Nic Pizzolatto has already written two episodes:
True Detective Season 3 only needs one detective.
I’ve been trying very hard to remember Things that Happened in True Detective S2 and not coming up with much
True Detective season 3, with Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern, but just Big Little Lies season 2: Now in Tennessee
Nic Pizzolatto is writing Season 3 with help from David Milch. Are you excited or is it too late?
the 1st season of True Detective had 2 detectives. Next had 4. 3rd season determines what kind of detective proliferat…
When you read that the third season of True Detective is in the works
'True Detective' season 3 revived, David Milch joins team
LIVES! 'Deadwood' alum David Milch is teaming up with Nick Pizzolatto for a third season
‘True Detective 3’ no longer dead wood thanks to David Milch. .
'True Detective 3' no longer dead wood thanks to David Milch .
Report: Nic Pizzolatto and 'Deadwood' creator David Milch teaming up for 'True Detective' Season 3 https:…
Exciting news! HBO hired me to write True Detective season 3. Working on my first script right now:
I want Jake Gyllenhaal and Mahershala Ali as leads in True Detective season 3,if it ever happens that is
BREAKING: True Detective is coming back for S3. Deadwood's David Milch is joining the creative team. Will you come back…
Michelle Monaghan is in this movie and i feel like all she's done since is True Detective can someone get me her agent's number
Was Vince Vaughan trying to be funny? Because if they were jokes he failed miserably... Reminded me of True Detective season 2.
Just remembered that awful season of True Detective with Vince Vaughan
Vince Vaughan should take this opportunity to apologize to the world for True Detective season 2
i just saw the girl from True Detective at this party and i'm fanning out so hard i can't breathe.
This look like the hood from Rust Cohle's undercover biker continuous shot scene in True Detective
Ok je valide True Detective 👌 Matthew McConaughey as Rust Cohle is everything
A new WaPo slogan -- but you can only pick from Rust Cohle quotes in season one of True Detective.
Off to see the Handsome Family (of Season 1 True Detective theme tune fame) tonight. I'm going as a latter years Rust Cohle.
I've figured it out. watched True Detective & thought Rust Cohle's "Time is a flat circle" line was about the Earth
Molly Solverson is a better True Detective than Rust Cohle. Get on the Netflixes, people who haven't watched Fargo yet.
Rust Cohle - Philosophy of Pessimism (True Detective) This is a good summary. Ligotti's book is rust
Death created time to grow the things that it would kill. . Rust Cohle, True Detective.
almost a full season into True Detective and I realize that Matthew McConaughey isn't Owen Wilson
Hot pics for NSFW Michelle Monaghan on the spice-filled True Detective
One of my ultimate favorite books is King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers, so I decided to be a good human and finally watch True Detective
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"True Detective", an American anthology crime drama television series premiered on January 12, 2014
he also said True Detective season 2 was good so
Even if I lived in the mind of Matthew McConaughey's True Detective character, it still would be less weird than re…
PSA: Bosch on Amazon is a very good cop/detective show. Has some True Detective notes to it. More drama, but less distrusting. Highly reco
See I'm just going to ignore these words coming out of his face and remember season 1 of True Detective
Algo de True Detective sobre Dios: You are a stranger to yourself and yet he knows you.
True Detective is like someone thought 'Let's make a show for lads Lads L-A-D-S!'. I don't like being pandered to that way.
I've got one episode of true detective to go now I don't wanna finish
I'm beginning to think people's enjoyment of True Detective relies on them thinking the main characters are cool. I think they're bawbags
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America is falling apart faster than True Detective.
Rewatching True Detective Season 1. IMO McConaughey gives the single best performance in TV history
If you haven't watched season 1 of True Detective, please go yourself a favor.
I got season 1 of true detective and I liked it.
True Detective director teams with Emma Stone for new dark comedy series on Netflix via
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I've just watched episode S01E04 of True Detective!
The third True Detective should be based on a very complex tax evasion case.
I see four beautiful detectives standing before me tonight. But only three are still in the running to become America's next…
I find myself becoming more and more like Matthew McConaughey's Character in True Detective and I don't think that's a good thing.
This is amazing. Someone cut together a Deflategate movie using Taylor Kitsch's scenes in True Detective Season 2
A True Detective vibe for this one..
Watching True Detective season 1 again, and remembering when it was much scarier than C-SPAN.
"My family's been here a long, long time" It's all getting a bit True Detective Pikachu please?
Find someone who looks at you like I look at Matthew McConaughey in True Detective
I feel even more justified telling people True Detective was garbage now
feeling good about my long-held position that True Detective Season One is probably one of the most over-rated seasons of tv of all time
yes. True crime. Told from the perspective of the lead detective--me.
Vince Vaughn channeling me watching True Detective's second season
Matthew McConaughey doubles down, says he “wouldn’t hesitate” to return to True Detective
Matthew McConaughey on reprising Rust Cohle for a new season of True Detective: "I wouldn’t hesitate for a second"
Matthew McConaughey says he would return to \'True Detective\' role
Matthew McConaughey wants to return as Rust Cohle for another season of 'True Detective' -
Matthew McConaughey has talked about returning to ‘True Detective' for a third season
Matthew McConaughey would not ‘hesitate for a second’ before returning to True Detective
Matthew McConaughey wants to return for a third season of 'True Detective'.
Matthew McConaughey says he would return to 'True Detective' role
You guys got to watch "Eyewitness" on USA network. It's like True Detective or Fargo. It's outstanding!
Hot Ariel Castro kidnappings is cheaper than partial True Detective (season 2)
RIP Leonard Cohen, writer of many great classics such as the opening credits song from True Detective season 2
Only 2 episodes into True Detective season 2 but I'm on board so far. Colin Farrell is excellent and Taylor Kitsch's character is intriguing
talking True Detective from a June 2016 interview on The Rich Eisen Show: .
did anyone notice how that one shot in the new RE7 trailer is basically ripped straight from True Detective season 1?
Nothing in the television show 'True Detective' was plagiarized.
Rachel McAdams On the set of True Detective in Los Angeles
Jio MAMI: Creator of 'True Detective', 'Beasts of No Nation', Fukunaga to visit India
House of Cards, Masters of sex, Ray Donovan, True Detective, etc etc
I love Breaking Bad and True Detective and Gaspar Noe movies and so on and so on, but gloom needs levity or sheer quality or both
In the latest Plots with Guns, my short story "All Dog." Mississippi detectives go a little too 'True Detective.'
Will True Detective’s Second Season be to True Detective as Halloween 3 is to Halloween? via
History Channel's American Pickers is a fun show and all, but it's game over once they finally encounter a psycho worthy of True Detective.
Been fw S1 of True Detective and reading this Red Dragon book. These are some fine pieces of art.
Robert Downey Jr is in talks for a Perry Mason TV reboot with True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto, according to Variety.
The creator of 'True Detective' is working on a new crime drama with Robert Downey Jr. https:/…
Robert Downey Jr. teaming with True Detective creator for HBO Drama
Michelle Monaghan keeps getting weird roles. True Detective and now The Path
New for Michelle Monaghan really brought the spice on True Detective
so good 🙌🏼 It's like True Detective and Twin Peaks had a baby.
6 even better tbh, True Detective fell off a cliff after episode 6
reminds of the tent revival scene in True Detective season 1.
Pokemon Go is substantially better than season two of True Detective. Huey Lewis is substantially better than loneliness.
Review this morning: "Twin Peaks and True Detective had a baby called Moody and atmosphe…
The twisted confessions of pastor from Louisiana who inspired ‘True Detective.
Matthew McConaughey wants back in on True Detective to save the show
Matthew McConaughey is speaking to HBO about reprising his excellent role in True Detective
Matthew McConaughey wants to return to his True Detective role via
Matthew McConaughey says he's 'in talks' to return to 'True Detective'
the second season of True Detective. a small cactus. a sneeze. a cube of cheese. a complete list of everything Pete Campbell has said.
Rust Cohle from True Detective. I still wonder at 3 in the morning how Hector Salamanca got onto the wheelchair
It LOOKS good but this sushi is actually MORE disappointing than Season 2 of True Detective
Ayyy girl wassup, my name is Matt , but you can call me True Detective season 2 because I would disappoint you so hard
Did either of you watch HBO's True Detective? S1, I couldn't get through 1/2 of season 2. Wasn't up to par
Why did they make Season 2 of True Detective though!?
Still can't get over just how terrible season 2 of True Detective was compared to the 1st.
season 2 of True Detective is unwatchable. no one's been able to do it. not one single person.
Just watched the 1st episode if True Detective season 2. Should I devote any more time to this - or get out now?
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True Detective was fun the first season, season 2 was meh in comparison I guess...
if you have HBO Go, check out True Detective. Season 2 is good but season 1 will blow you away
I'm trying to get through season 2 of True Detective. Keyword is "TRYING"
Currently drunk trying to convince people to watch season 2 of True Detective
Netflix sent me the first two discs of True Detective season 2. I hope it is not as bad as everyone says...
season 1 was great. Is it True Detective season 2 bad?
A little upset. True Detective won't be coming back for season 3. Was season 2 really that bad?.
"I've just started season 2 of True Detective!" - we were meant to watch it together! I've seen 2 episodes! FULLY Livid!
Rookie year wonder True Detective is no more. 4 rookies in sports who pulled a TD Season 2.
Season 2 of True Detective: Let's not go there.
Season 1 of The Wire: 4/10 for me. Season 1 of True Detective: 11/10 for me. Season 1 & 2 of Fargo: 7 and 8/10 for me. For me
Only seen season 1 of The Wire, and I thought it was ok. Season 1 of True Detective or season 2 of Fargo probably my fave TV
The response "Colin Farrell's moustache in season 2 of True Detective" is universally appropriate
Watching season 1 again as season 2 let me down 󾌣 — watching True Detective
cause we still haven't gotten over True Detective season 2
Looking forward to crushing season 2 of Bloodline in its entirety tonight. Hoping they don't pull a True Detective.
The one good part of True Detective season 2
Vince Gilligan has a Hancock. Nic Pizzolatto has a True Detective season 1... and True Detective season 2
True Detective cancelled. That's what happens when you go from the best actor in the history of acting to Collin Farrell
u can see her boobs in True Detective season 1 episode 2
Who are there booing to its a screen would they boo watching TV maybe for series 2 of True Detective?
just listened to the True Detective podcast from 2014. Did y'all do one for SN 2 to talk about how god awful it was?
Have you guys seen that True Detective parody with Vince Vaughn and Collin Farrell yet?
screw watching that trainwreck when you know what it is. That's like watching True Detective ssn 2 knowing how it goes
Seriously considering rewatching first season of True Detective to lament over the fact season 2 was underwhelming.
Finally finished season 1 of True Detective last night. Have heard season 2 isn't as good - should I watch it anyway?
And I'm rewatching season 2 of True Detective realizing how everywhere they were
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