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Truck Driver

A truck driver (commonly referred to as a trucker or driver in the United States and Canada; a truckie in Australia and New Zealand; a lorry driver or driver in Ireland and the United Kingdom), is a person who earns a living as the driver of a truck, usually a semi truck, box truck, or dump truck.

Army National Guard Sahara Desert

Living Without Christ is a Dead End. What the Bible really means, when it says to be carnal minded is death? I am a Truck Driver and when I travel; there are two roads I try to avoid. One that has a sigh that says No Outlets and one that says Dead End. God show me that I may be able to avoid these roads as a truck driver: But in my journey of what I call life in this world these signs No Outlets and Dead End are signs that I might not see: However they are on every road I travel and they cannot be avoided. What God simply showed me is that there is no outlet in life we can take to avoid this dead end called DEATH: Therefore we must be completely prepared for it. After reading Ecclesiastes chapter 12: Here is how God interpret these words in plain English to me. While you are young remember your Creator the one who allots you to a certain amount of time to enjoy the Breath of LIFE. For we are young for only a short period of time. For as we get older we will not be able to do the things we once enjoyed doi ...
Truck Driver: ALBANY, Keep the Nation moving forward in the Army National Guard. In the Guard, t...
Truck Driver - Part-Time at Army National Guard (Madison, WI): Keep the Nation moving forward in...
The final insult! David Allen Channel, Truck Driver for D & W Trucking Company of Parsons, West Virginia gets $50.00 fine + $50.00 court cost in exchange for one life.
3 Stars in 326 seconds! Level 46 Truck Driver. Weapon of choice: Beretta -33.
I was given the isn't much that folks don't all ready know about me, but here goes. 1. I was adopted at the age of 6 weeks old 2. The first 45 I ever owned was Galveston by Glen Campbell! 3. I fell at the age of 5 from a ladder and had to get 5 stitches 4. I wanted to be a DJ from the time I was 5 years old 5. If I had not become a DJ, my other career choices were: Truck Driver; Magician or a Secret Service Agent! 6. I lost my virginity to an older woman 7. My first car was a '74 Mustang II 8. My 3 biggest influences in my life besides my parents, in no particular order: Horace Cowell, Charlie Carawan and Casey Kasem 9. The first song I ever played on the radio was Sister Golden Hair by America! 10. My fav song of all time is Beginnings by Chicago!
88M (Truck Driver)- Washington National Guard (Ellensburg/Selah/Naches): Would you like to be a truck driver i...
Check out our job opening for a Class B CDL Truck Driver in Sugar Land, TX! Centerline
I wish guys flirted with me... oh wait they do... every truck driver that comes in...
Met some cool people, though. Including a truck driver in Colorado whose couch I crashed on in Sacramento.
the truck driver has gone off the highway onto the street before St. Andrews school! Completely blocked off
The truck driver involved in the Pinetown crash has been charged with 22 counts of murder:
Then it's off to being trained to be a professional truck driver.
it's a toss up but I would still like to pursue my dream of being a semi truck driver
NPA are trying to impress their dumb boss minister, murder chrge won't stick
Great conversation with Jeff the tow truck driver about missions =
I could see me being a truck driver
May all of MTDAN members please take a moment to review and share the flyer for our present MISSING TRUCK DRIVER:...
When she's snarky send her a clapping emoticon & be done w/ it. - Eileen. He's in truck driver school which is gross to me. - Marcie
I think I'll just be a truck driver. Or a janitor..
Kim k made a sex tape! I mean... There's always options! 😂 I told my mom after today I was going to be a truck driver.
kill yourself or die in prison? Your choice truck driver... 22 murder charges
I wonder what it's like to be a tow truck driver and know that all you do for a living is ruin someone's day
Someone's trying to talk the tow truck driver out of towing their car. Dinner & a show!
Oamaru News - Storm stirs up trouble for truck driver
Let me find out you done put your Honda down for that GMC lol 😂😂 BIG TRUCK DRIVER😂😂
is the hardest work in the world I have been a bricklayer and a truck driver, and I tell you, writing is harder Harlan Elliso
I'm in love w right now for whatever reason so love you truck driver babe
A truck driver ran over a herd of goats... You can see anything on worldstar these days
. You look like Vanilla Ice and sound like a truck driver. Please stop serving the devil. (paraphrased
I don't got time for these nasty truck driver *** either
But...I made one mistake today and the truck driver flashed his headlights at me. First middle finger now headlights. What's next?!
Southend one day and Carlisle the next! More miles than an Eddie stobart truck driver ;) .!!
every time I ask this truck driver what's his name he always says, "whatever you want it to be!" 😒😒✋ old ***
In the Sahara Desert, the Tree of T�n�r� was the only tree around for 250 miles, until in 1973, a drunk truck driver crashed into it.
wanted to be an architect or computer programmer. Had to leave home and 26 years later, I'm a spray painter &/or truck driver. :-/
Like who da *** does she text all day. My dads a truck driver .. He can't text and drive ☝
Check out our job opening for a Truck Driver in Grayslake, IL! Hines Lumber
A truck driver is a nice u like ur job? — Yes I do
3 Stars in 171 seconds! Level 7 Truck Driver. Weapon of choice: Remington Pipe.
Don't really take being called beautiful by a truck driver as a compliment
A truck driver died from injuries suffered in a crash in Orange County. A minivan and tractor-trailer crashed in the southbound yesterday.
skool is 4 chumps. I'm a truck driver.
"Honestly you look like a truck driver walking in heels, that isn't gonna help u either"
Key Energy Services - Field Operations is looking for: Trans/Vac Truck Driver.
Dad, while watching on CBS This Morning: "They said that guy used to drive a truck. Sounds pretty good for a tr…
Truck Driver: I can't go over 60 mph with this governor on my truck. Me: Leave Chris Christie at the next truck stop.
Someone just truck driver just called my dad an *** cause he passed him 😂 gotta love early morning road rage!!
Just saw the Yuengling truck driver wearing a Coors Light shirt what's 😳
ima be a truck driver idgaf u get Guap !!
If you can’t see the truck driver or the truck's mirrors, then the driver can’t see you. Don’t hang out in the “No-Zone.”
the state cop jumped out and threw his arms up like " *** I thought we were boys". The things I see as a truck driver
Bill The Truck Driver be talking about The Dumbest and Weirdest things ever aha
I saw him once -Austin,TX- a group of us were waving to his truck driver -gave me a harmonica used byBrue LOL!
Bicyclist was older gentleman in a bike lane in right of way wearing helmet on a recumbent bike. Charging pending on truck driver
They make it hard to transfer, when you're not a truck driver... SMH
Truck driver will be cited for crash
Ur main goal in life is to be a truck driver??? smh, im done...
If I was a nurse or a truck driver, I could find a new job today. Am i too old to join the military? Because something needs to change, NOW!
ty Hudson, professional exterminator, amateur monster truck driver and semi-pro stunt man
That awkward moment when you have to ride with the truck driver around the block to find the loading dock.
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Dear tow truck driver, I'd appreciate it if you checked your mirrors before backin up & nearly killing me. -Pedestrian whos glad to be alive
Had to ask the trash truck driver to move the dumpsters around so the short one was easy to get to lol
Great, and I also almost get killed by a truck driver. Thanks ***
Ya wanna see thirsty sit at drivers lounge in a truck stop and watch how *** thirst for a female truck driver hormones everywhere 😂
A truck driver from Indianapolis decided to make small talk with me. The convo topic: *** male prostitutes on the corners of Philly 😑
A truck driver just showed up with a hat comparable to Small's hat from sandlot
If you're a semi truck driver and think its a good idea to take your semi through the drive through...It's not..Go park and walk inside
I can't deal with this truck driver
I like how the truck driver is looking into his car watching the camera crew film him
Or Bill Bathe and his truck driver build? hehe
Mr. Truck driver I AM NOT happy about you being an hour and a half late today. I have WAY too much to do today.
*** be telling girls I'm O.B.O when his father be Dangote Truck Driver
Do you know your farmer, your butcher and your meat-truck driver?
Now Class 1 Truck Driver - Contractor Lease Program in Abbotsford, BC - Apply now ->
A truck driver finds out me and Porier drove into work together
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A truck driver here, sir.Love what you are doing. I can already see the changes. Keep on, …
Yet another commuter train accident: No one on the train was hurt because no one is ever on the train
Trucking company sued after truck driver causes wreck on Highway 315
Road main itna jam so the truck driver though let's cross the lane... live in front of me weirdo.
3 Stars in 91 seconds! Level 50 Truck Driver. Weapon of choice: Ion Cannon+.
Just passed a Brinks truck broken down on the side of the highway. That's gotta be a worst nightmare scenario for an armored truck driver.
the truck driver at Loves thinking its okay to talk to me about the hot dogs and his diet
Oh and the truck driver asked me if i liked to ride horses because his nickname is stallion..
3 Stars in 91 seconds! Level 17 Truck Driver. Weapon of choice: Barrett-P90.
The X is waiting to be picked up by the truck driver. I'll know a firm arrival date by tomorrow afternoon. It's happening!
I feel like I look like a truck driver and Kerry just confirmed it.
aka 'Lot Lizards'... My ex was a truck driver...
Good luck to Peter the truck driver who adopted a little black up eared girl rabbit today.
Yeah, and I'm catsitting my sister's cat while she's a truck driver.
But I can't be angry at him, it's hard enough being a truck driver.
I like girls who can burp like a truck driver. Nice and loud.
I have the mouth of a truck driver and a sailor put together.
Police say a truck driver with $28,000 in unpaid tolls tried to hide his plates while crossing the GWB this morning.
FleetRisk Advisors uses to drive truck driver performance
Truck driver faces 7, Korovin, so I read, faces 10. Road safety is a real issue so maybe these numbers don't really contribute to that aim.
Im really excited to retire so i can become a truck driver. DreamJob
Today is the day I swear like a truck driver. (: lovely morning guys.
Port Authority accuses trucker of being toll cheat: Port Authority police have arrested a truck driver, who th...
Academy Truck Driver Trainees - Scholarships for Veterans at Swift Transportation... Find this Job&More
It's not even 8 am & I've already seen 2 people smoking a vape, including a truck driver from Steve Forler Trucking in Sumner...not good.
My mom got flashed by a truck driver on the highway 😂😂😂
Saw a dump truck driver flip out when the guy loading stuff into his truck hit the side of his truck
Truck driver faces 7 years for that killed 18.
Driver Scott Rosenberg recounts putting his boom to work when he finds a pickup truck driver drowning in a pond.
What tips would you give this rookie driver?
Dear Truck Driver, Thank you for leaning out your window and making graphic sexual gestures at me. Why yes I would love to.
I'm at work on this truck with the worse truck driver ever, I hope I don't die lol
When I was younger I wanted to be an ice cream truck driver but live in it like a gypsy/hippy on the road and I'd have painted my van
Don't judge a Professional Truck Driver by their clothes. Judge them by their heart !
Its the big truck driver bom bom aye
A truck driver just blew me a kiss, who told him it was my birthday?
Seriously thinking I should just be a truck driver. I get along with these people perfectly.
Truck driver charged in Charles City hit-and-run that hurt 2 bicyclists.
Just saw a girl tow truck driver towing a jeep in her big *** hot pink towtruck.
what yes "Monique rose Fara, the truck driver"
Truck driver who owed $28k in tolls arrested on George Washington Bridge, police say | BergenCoNews
I have a name and a voice of a truck driver I swear
Now every Monday morning crew chief and truck driver that stayed at a holiday in express will think they know it all.
Getting truck driver's arm here at the office ☀
Truck driver to stay in custody after accident that killed 18
Omg I am so proud of my boyfriend he is at school right now getting train to be a truck driver. I am so proud of you babe. 👏😘
Jus seen a semi truck driver with one foot out the window.. ***
This truck driver hopped out his truck smelling like a oil ANd vinegar sandwich with extra onions!
Walked outside of my apt as the tow truck driver was about to latch my car up to the back
Truck driver yelled at me and this lady for parking in a certain spot. *** You shoulda seen this *** trying pull his 18-wheeler in lol
I just witnessed a truck driver drive completely over the median. I guess he does what he wants
If we don't get Dave the truck driver today my day will be ruined
Just saw the first Asian truck driver. His parents must be proud
CDL Truck Driver - Noble Gas Solutions - Albany, NY: and helping in the branch as needed. Qualified candidate...
Go to and search job posting # to apply for the position . 3764345 TRUCK DRIVER CLASS A CDL...
Truck Driver - CDL / OTR - Atlas SN Inc. - Elk Grove Village, IL: professional dispatcher that you can count ...
5 likes c: 1: Are you ready for 200 questions? 2: whats your favorite food? 3: whats your favorite number? 4: Who did you last say "i love you" to? 5: Do you regret it? 6: Have you ever been depressed? 7: Are you a boy or girl? 8: Are you insecure? 9: whats your favorite sport? 10: How do you want to die? 11: What did you last eat? 12: Have you played any sports? 13: Do you bite your nails? 14: When was your last physical fight? 15: Do you have an attitude? 16: Do you like someone? 17: What is your real name? 18: Have you ever read a book? 19: Are you gonna get high later? 20: Do you hate anyone at the moment? 21: Do you miss someone? 22: Twirl or cut your spaghetti? 23: Do you tan a lot? 24: Have any pets? 25: How exactly are you feeling? 26: Ever eaten food in a car while someone or you are driving? 27: Ever made out in a bathroom? 28: do you wear makeup? 29: Are you scared of spiders? 30: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance? 31: Do you regret anything from your past? 32: What are you ...
And then came the day when the garbage truck caught on fire around the corner from my house. Like, the cab of the truck was engulfed in flames on fire. And I had no idea this was going on until after the fact. Thankfully, the driver was safe. Whoa!!
The Watchers – by rassool jibraeel snyman “Making History” * They came through the air at great speeds accompanying the presidents plane; Air Force 1. They glided over the African continent like they owned it. They shut down the local airforce and commandeered the airspace. They flew almost silently with only the jet stream outlining the path they travelled. Zulu One to Zulu Two are we clear? The commander asked his eyes roving the skies Yes commander Zulu Two answered smiling to himself; despite his years he was the youngest and most skilful pilot in the squadron and everyone liked him. His freckled face, red hair and china blue eyes belied the fact that he had killed twenty three people. What are you worried about old man he said to the commander; this is Africa and these kaffirs cant find their butts with both hands even if we helped them. You can never be too sure blue eyes retorted the commander; keep everyone on alert the ETA is 14:00 hours at Oliver Tambo airport eastern tentime The young pil ...
We need O/O in the Cincinnati area. Come drive for us!
3 Stars in 129 seconds! Level 11 Truck Driver. Weapon of choice: Kalashnikov-II.
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Releases Results of Click It or Ticket Enforcement Motorists Reminded to Buckle Up and Arrive Alive The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office participated in the national Click It or Ticket mobilization conducted May 20-June 2. During the enforcement effort, deputies conducted a total of 69 traffic stops. Deputies also issued a total of 29 traffic tickets including: 7 seat belt tickets; 17 speeding tickets and removed 1 suspended / revoked driver from Lincoln County roadways. Seven out of 10 people killed in Missouri traffic crashes are unbuckled. Missouri’s seat belt use has remained relatively unchanged in the last six years. Missouri has 79 percent seat belt use, which is well below the national average of 85 percent. Teens and pick-up truck drivers are among those least likely to buckle up at 66 and 63 percent.
Funny moment of the day truck driver over 30 mins late.. arrives to front of the store asking how do u get to the back.. common sense should have hit him well *** if I'm in the front the back might be around the corner.. after a few circles around the store he finally finds the back... I'm just saying do they pass out CDL licenses like candy
we ran into an accident just now... Police said d driver was speeding and "hill hopping" wen he lost control and went downhill. D ten-wheeler-ed truck went off d hillside and crashed into about 40 feet of concrete-metal fence along Cogon and Dansolyan. Rescuers (our team) responded and took us about almost 20 minutes 2 get there n order 2 reach the scene, and there, we found "mga buhok ug utok" scattered around owned by one of d victims. All 4 persons n d car were from Pagadian City (nag byahe ug copra). 3 of dem who survived were taken to the hospital. One of the victims originally had died inside the truck while it rumbled down. Police said d 3 crews onli had minor injuries... "I pray dat wen dey do get better dat dey won't hav any lasting effects over dis" and so wth d soul of their member who ryt away had gone...may he truly rest in peace!
Sometimes i just wanna quit and become a truck driver.
I once considered being a truck driver. It was a dark time.
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Some of Austin Dillon’s fondest childhood memories include afternoons celebrating in Daytona International Speedway Victory Lane alongside the man who made his car’s number “3” an iconic symbol of the sport. Now 12 years after that driver, seven-time NASCAR champion and Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt passed away, Dillon is preparing to return his grandfather Richard Childress’ legendary No. 3 Chevrolet to the Cup Series again. And one of his biggest supporters is Earnhardt’s own son, Dale Earnhardt Jr. “I think it will be great,’’ Earnhardt said Thursday before the Coke Zero 400 opening practice at Daytona. “It meant a lot to a lot of his (my dad’s) fans. It was an iconic number for my father. But this sport doesn’t retire numbers and all the numbers have history tied to them for several different reasons and the “3” is no different.’’ “For a kid like Austin. … he drove the “3” dirt racing and in the (Camping World) Truck Series and Nationwide S ...
when i was just 6 yrs old,i used to think when i will grow up i will become a truck driver(as they travel a lot).when i became of 10yrs,i used to think i will become a postman(as i always used 2 remain curious to know about the letters).when i attained 15 yrs of age i thinked of becoming a teacher(as they influence lot of mind).but now after reaching ASBM & my hostel when in early morning i see the sweeper uncle hapiness i think i need to be this YAAR JO KHUSI UNKE CHEHRE PE HOTI HAI (unka gaana gana, unka hamesha muskurana,sabka hal chal lena that is great) .
semi truck driver shirt by creationbydebra on Etsy, $15.00 via
Saline County is accepting applications for Truck Driver with our Road & Bridge Department. For more information...
Falling in love with a Truck Driver, is like falling in love with a U.S. soldier. The lifestyles are very similar to one another. The traveling, the long periods of being away from each other, the loneliness, the sleeplessness, the worries, etc. It takes a lot for of time and patience to love someone and being away from them for so long. Dating or married. It also takes those who can have that trust and love to make through it all. The times you can't just pick up the phone to just say hi, wanting to share every moment with one another. But you always know they will be back. Then when they are home you try to catch up on everything because you have been away for so long. Making sure you see everyone. Most don't want this life because it is hard. It's not the easiest. But few have made it with all the challenges that come with it. You definitely know you love someone if you can sacrifice being away from them and taking the chances of building something that is a special bond to those that don't understand ...
Yay!! Erica & Adam are FINALLY here!!! I'm SO happy to see my beautiful daughter and my future son-in-law!! I'm a truly blessed man to have them back in my life again... Missouri is already a better place because they are here!
Read This Touching Story & SHARE It Widely. One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport. We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his brakes, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us! My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean, really friendly. So I asked, “Why did you just do that? This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!” This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call, “The Law of the Garbage Truck.” He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage (frustration, anger, and disappointment, etc.). As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they’ll dump it on you. Don’t take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Don’t take their garbage and spread it to other people ...
Well Chance Landry is officially a truck driver! He is on his first load right now, intercostal to Cameron! Hope he enjoys it I am one proud wife!
Who needs a GPS, when I have a hubby who is a Truck driver and knows these freeways ..
So while Jay was at a job site yesterday, some stupid *** driver backed into his PARKED CAR!! Her story was that she'd seen his car earlier in the day but then when leaving later, "forgot that it was there..." REALLY??!? 1.) that tells me you weren't looking when you backed out, and 2.) look at these pics... How fast were you backing out for Gods sake?! Are you kidding me?! She'd better be glad I wasn't there...
is loving this I do not know to not remember dam I could do a autopsy as a truck driver medical examiner
3 Stars in 99 seconds! Level 10 Truck Driver. Weapon of choice: Kalashnikov-II.
Leave Sunday at 2:05 pm to journey off and start my new career as a truck driver!!
Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's mother, did not hesitate when asked Friday whether the voice heard screaming for help on a 911 call made the night her son died was his. “Absolutely,” she answered resolutely.
An Arizona Department of Safety Officer pulled over a pick-up truck owner for a faulty taillight. When the officer approached the driver, the man behind the wheel handed the officer his driver’s license, insurance card and a concealed weapon carry permit. The officer took all the documents, looked them over and said. "Mr. Smith, I see you have a CCP. Do you have any weapons with you?" The driver replied, " Yes sir, I have a 357 handgun in a hip holster, a .45 in the glove box and a .22 derringer in my boot." The officer looked at the driver and asked, "Anything else?" "Yes sir, I have a Mossberg 500 12 gauge and an AR-15 behind the seat." The officer asked if the man was driving to or from a shooting range and the man said he wasn't, so the officer bent over and looked into the driver's face and said "Mr. Smith, you're carrying quite a few guns. May I ask what you are afraid of? Mr. Smith locked eyes with the officer and calmly answered, "Not a single thing!"
Laundry out and going!! Crib picked up and delivered!! Truck all gassed up!! Bout to knock out the dishes!! And then an evening spent track side with my baby!! Truck Pulls in Sandy Creek!!!
I am so mad I hate when people want to talk bad about truck drivers and all I have to say to them is up yours a truck driver raised me my dad and that truck driver put food on the table clothing on my back new shoes on my feet and everything I needed for school I am proud to say my dad is a truck driver so to you that have nothing but bad to say about truck drivers up yours why dont you talk bad about doctors who do stuff bad or dentist leave truck drivers alone
Only had 3 children today, all boys, in class today. Police and K-9 dog, and the Firemen came today to show and talk to the children . The boys got to get in the driver seat of the police car which they all thought was cool. Then they got to sit in the backseat with a little advice, "This is not the place you ever want to find yourself sitting." They got to see and hear about the inside of an ambulance and they got to get in the Fire Truck too! They really enjoyed all that!
Cement truck overturned on Jefferson outside my work ... How does that happen!!
Truck drivers are pervs- but in his defense he was the cutest truck driver I've ever seen
Hope that random truck driver gets back with my *** phone charger soon.
Yeah, Henrikh had to buy out his contract and got no money left for a palne.But passing by a truck driver (fan) ag…
Got my *** chewed this morning by work for not being able to do the imposible today. No matter what I would of done I would of been 2 hours late for second delivery that I was not even told I was supposed to do. Oh well can only do so much so I did it safely.
Having a discussion with another driver today and was talking about carrying guns in a big truck. He assured me that it was illegal and that Federal Law says so. This is a common misconception of the law. There is no Federal Law banning Commercial Vehicles from having a firearm. This is something Companies have been telling their drivers and people who do not research it believe everything their Company tells them. Texas is working on making the Concealed Carry License as an actual CDL endorsement. Which by law that would make it legal in any state due to the universal acceptance of the DL. PART I--CRIMES CHAPTER 44--FIREARMS Sec. 926A. Interstate transportation of firearms Notwithstanding any other provision of any law or any rule or regulation of a State or any political subdivision thereof, any person who is not otherwise prohibited by this chapter from transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm shall be entitled to transport a firearm for any lawful purpose from any place where he may lawfully pos ...
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I'm driving across this great country of ours. I realize what people should do take the time to thank a farmer and thank a truck driver too
Thank you to our loyal Oklahoma fans for voting QuikTrip as a Best of the Best (Company to Work For). We are honored!
Our goal is to assist the families of missing Truck Drivers by spreading the word through phone alerts and by using the ...power of social media to share the alert to thousands. We make every effort...
SeaWorld coach or truck driver maybe? I heard those guys have some serious driving skills.
3 Stars in 135 seconds! Level 20 Truck Driver. Weapon of choice: Simonov Pistol.
campers almost home..and the car dies.. right in front of the garage that i have an appointment with for on monday for the car. after AAA tow truck driver shows up and refused to haul the camper...even though I pay for...finally get home. a call to AAA and let them know what transpired and they are going to now go get my camper and bring it home..
This it too stinkin' cute! I can only hope that one day I'll have a son that takes after my dad and becomes a truck driver and mechanic. :)
Just aeen a Dhl Truck returning to Depot @ Boscombe Road/Dunstable Road. Driver didn't Know what Lane to get in. Pmsl. Must be one of the Elite Trg Ones!!! Pmsl Adrien Bray, Jason Paddy Wack, Ray Porteous, Alan Burke & Colin Jefkins
Returned home from running errands to find a large building supply truck in the driveway. When I asked the driver what was up he said "Nothing, just dropped off all your supplies." Hated to tell him that this was the wrong house! But don't blame me, blame that teenage boy who opened up the garage for you! Poor guy spent 40 minutes reloading his truck!
E wet truck driver in the world knows what that pungent truckstop of odor is...
Finally got to see firsthand someone getting their car door taken nearly off because they weren't smart enough to look and see that there was a city bus coming before they opened the door. *** Glad that the driver of the bus and any passengers were okay.
Learn about four of the biggest struggles to maintaining truck driver health on the road. Examples include exercising and eating well in a truck.
Okay no this tow truck driver/AAA man is not tryna holla, it is too hot for all that just do wat i need u to, ill pass anyway lbvs
My Pool Experience When we decided to landscape the backyard and to get an in ground pool I thought I was doing a great job with hiring the pool company, the landscaper, the storage unit and the fencing company. But I missed a lot of little important details. When ordering the shed I looked for price and quality. I decided on quality with a bit more on the price side figuring that the shed would last longer than a cheaper one. I ordered the size as specified by the landscaper, selected the siding to match the house, ordered a ramp. There. Done. Nope. The day before the shed was to be delivered I spoke with the landscaper who needed details about what kind of bed for the shed. I called the storage company for the details which they provided. I wrote them down and handed them to the landscaper. When the storage unit owner provided details he also needed to know where we wanted the doors of the storage shed to face on the truck given that they back it in and drop it off. The landscaper and I both thought ( . ...
The pager toned out at 3:15. “Car crash, rollover, Mile marker 284” (Actually, we now get our pages on our iPhones. Hondo is nothing if not High Tech!) I got out of bed, limped to the closet, fighting off the dogs who were already thinking, ”First breakfast!” We’d had a VERY HARD workout at Zia Crossfit that day, so I was laughably stiff. In the garage, I had to sit down to put on my bunker pants. Let’s just say it took more than the typical twenty seconds and there was swearing involved. That accomplished, I got in my truck and headed to the scene, listening to the rest of the Department respond. The roads were empty. There were lots of stars. It had finally rained and air smelled cool and fresh. I saw one coyote on the way. Rolling up the scene, there was an big SUV on it’s roof in the median. It was absolutely crushed. What we call significant “Mechanism of Injury.” My pulse rate went up a bit. We see our share of high speed rollovers. What’s weird is either the occupants are eit .. ...
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My name is Jordon.. I am interested in hauling livestock I live in Florida and have 3 years dry van experience any advice on how to get into hauling livestock?
OMG! A guy just pulled up next to me @ a traffic light (my lane was much further backed up than his so I was curious what he was up to.He was holding up a piece of paper w/the number 10 on it! All I could do was chuckle! CREEPER!!
That 2 for 2 UPS. First time you tell me your driver just can't find any place and now you completely lose my package? You're awesome. That was sarcasm, really, I think you suck a little bit right now.
TRUCK CRUSHES 45- YEAR-OLD ZOBO SELLER TO DEATH A 45-year-old Zobo seller was yesterday evening crushed to death by a truck, belonging to Dangote Group in Otukpo, Benue state. The truck loaded with bags of cement was on its way from Gboko when the incident happened. According to an eyewitness, the killer truck, with registration number Dcp/gbk/2c/02, killed the woman of about 45 who was riding a motorcycle. It was learnt that the woman was on her way to sell her local beverages at St. Mary's Primary School when the tragedy occurred. It was gathered that a shovel was used to remove the woman's remains from the ground as 10 tires of the truck rode over her. The driver and his conductor, we gathered vanished, but the truck was burnt by some angry youth who were present at the scene of the incident.
Wish we had a truck driver that could back a trailer 18 try's
Route Delivery Truck Driver Class A $1500 Sign on Bonus: is looking for strong candi...
Flippin non drivin Ree Rees!! Dude just ate a whooole lotta my hitch not lookin where hes backin 2. Dude didn even get out 2 check his damage! I saw it tho lol! Hes not gonna b happy.
Thank God for another beautiful day. I also thank him for his continued blessings on my son Jarryd T. Jones as he travels those dangerous roads day after day from one state to another. Go my big time truck driver!.
To everyone that reads this: Please take into consideration the truck drivers on the road! We go through a lot more than what you think! Most of you work, and the majority of your jobs are 8-5! For us truck drivers, our schedule is all over the place. Days, nights, holidays, good weather, bad weather, hot, cold, and calm or windy! We can drive up to 11 hours a day. More, depending on circumstances. Which means our actual working day is longer than that. You are home every night with your family, friends, pets. Maybe sitting back barbecuing having an ice cold beer. We are on the roads for days at a time. We LIVE in our trucks. In a different place every day. You may think we just sit on our *** all day, but you would honestly be surprised at what we really have to do. The "behind the scenes", if you will. We keep the majority of our lives in these trucks with us so as to try our hardest to have a normal life on the road. Things such as laptops, miscellaneous electronics or books to read or notepads to jo . ...
Today, i am playing the role of otr truck driver. Columbia to north of St Joe...
Just had a truck driver come into my work and ask for my lunch twice, tell me a joke and use the washroom. I'm speechless right now
It's amazing how a honk and wave from a truck driver can make the day of two little ones. 🚛 👫
PG student crushed to death by army vehicle QAYOOM KHAN Srinagar, July 5, 2013: (GNS) A Post Graduate student was killed and his brother injured critically after an army truck hit a motorbike at Bijbehara in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district. A police official told Global News Service that a truck, part of army convoy bearing registration number JK05C- 6797 collided with a motorbike bearing registration number JK018-5568 at Wuran Hall Bijbehara in Anantnag district Friday morning. He said the motorcyclist, Abid Bhat son of Abdul Rehman Bhat of Badoora Kulgam, a PG student died on the spot while his brother injured critically in the mishap. The injured person was immediately rushed to SKIMS Soura in critical condition, he added. A pall of gloom descended in the Badoora Village after Abid’s body reached there. People of the village took to streets and staged strong protests against the army, Mohd Yousf Bhat, a local resident said. Meanwhile, police has arrested the truck driver, Bashir Ahmad Bhat son of ...
Ima become a truck driver as much driving I do 😒
It's snake season, so be careful out there, folks! A truck driver is recovering after he was bitten by a...
Driving a truck for a living servicing the oilfields may be considered not too dangerous, but for one driver, this year...
A 33-year-old man who may have been intoxicated was arrested late Thursday after crashing his pickup truck into several members of a family returning to their car at Grand Lake following a Fourth of July fireworks display, officials say.
Those who din't watch Man of Steel, DO NOT read this article. Lately, People have been saying that Christopher Nolan disappointed them on Man of steel. But apparently, this is the truth.
Ronan Murphy 'my kids are guna have little toy slammed cars driving round the yard scraping everywhere. Making me so proud' lol typical
FROM THE NEWSROOM: We have received a report from the Troop D Barracks that a tractor trailer truck is down the embankment on Route 44 on the Ashford Line in Eastford on Old Colony Road causing a disruption in traffic. Stay tuned for more details.
PEOPLE STOP DRINKING AND DRIVING! this happened literally down the street from our cabin last night. so incredibly sad! GRAND LAKE - A father was killed and four others in his family of 10 were injured Thursday while crossing the highway near the Trail Ridge Marina around 10:30 p.m, shortly after the annual Fourth of July Grand Lake Fireworks Extravaganza. Colorado State Patrol says 50-year-old Greg Westley, died on scene after being hit by a truck. His wife, 49-year-old Debbie Westley, was flown to Denver Health with serious injuries. A 10-year-old girl was also flown to Denver Health with "minor to moderate" injuries. A 19-year-old woman and a 3-year-old boy were flown to Children's Hospital with serious injuries. The five other children in the family were not injured. According to Trooper Josh Lewis, a Public Information Officer with the Colorado State Patrol, the driver of the 2006 Ford truck, 33-year-old Lucas Ackerman, is in custody. His passengers, a woman and minor children were not harmed in the ...
is A.J. sold out? I'm a truck driver, I can't tune in as I'm in Alberta now. Was in yesterday and heard about show.
What would you do? You leave a restuarant You are standing in the parking lot waiting for your driver to pull around to pick you up You just happen to be taking in the scenery looking all around and then you hear a dog howling what in the world you think one just got hit but no commotion again, a howl know you are really honing in on the location right there 30 yards away a beautiful white large dog is sitting in 95 degrees of staggering heat in the passengers seat of an unoccupied van the windows cracked not more than 2" The dog's tongue is hanging out and white with saliva obviously thirsty looking all around at all the restuarant's activity saying ok family member I had enough of this I am thirsty and I am hot I wear a coat of fur the sun is shining in through the doors it's at least 20 degrees hotter inside a hot truck with the windows barely cracked i thought you loved me, and had my back with every door swing opening i hope it is you coming because I am choking if someone would rescue me - i am sure ...
Cops have a habit of pulling their gun and shooting first...They think because they have one they can use it in any given situation...Pathetic really...Yes, the cops need to be taught when and when not to use their gun...They also shoot people and plant it in the victim's hand so they're not charged with homicide by shooting a un-armed person...
A crazy wild truck driver cussed at me today lol! I can't help it you flying down the road in yo huge truck!
It is official just passed my DMV test I have my CDL's in hand I am a truck driver! YES!
dad: you can always be a truck driver. erica: nah that's doing the most, I'd have to get a mullet and everything
yeah im good I was working when it happened, a truck driver backed into my car.>:/ pretty much my boss is going to pay for it
I know you really can't get rich being a truck driver but how can a lead driver get food stamps? Talk about using the system.
How well I have known this. The sacrifice a driver makes is beyond the thinking of a daily working routine person. Even beyond the employer that hires them and most of the time their dispatcher. The stress level is high, you don't ever get a decent night sleep, or a daily shower, a decent meal, days without communicating with normal people, days and weeks with out being with family, rude and inconsiderate drivers and rude and inconsiderate shippers and receivers. That is just to name a few.
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'Majid Ali' raped minor girl for collecting pictures of Hindu Deities & reciting 'Jana Gana Mana' West Bengal : Barely three weeks after the brutal rape and murder of a 20-year-old Hindu girl in Barasat’s Kamduni, a 7-year-old girl in the same North 24-Parganas town is now battling for her recovery in Barasat Sub Divisional Hospital hospital after being allegedly raped by a 52-year- old man on Thursday evening. In Kamduni one Hindu girl student (a student of BA 2nd year of Baguiati Derozio College) was brutally gang- raped and murdered subsequently by a group of fanatic rapists under a leadership of local TMC operators named Ansar and Saiful Ali with other Islamic flag bearers viz Emanul, Rafiq, Nure Ali and Aman Ali on 7th June 2013. Lately some suspicious names like Gopal, Bhutto, Bhola were named in the rape case to secularize the matter. In the present case one Khairunneccha Khatun (7 years), daughter of one Hafizul (father - a daily labour) and Marufa ( Mother - a maid servant) was raped by one Maj ...
Just had a nice chat with the Franklin supervisor for progressive. That Is the company that just bought out SWEEDEE! Their driver used my yard for done of the road. Seems they have had done truck issues and are working diligently to get them running again. Hopefully they'll be back on schedule soon.
Truck driver takes out a pole one street over from us and kills power on the whole block ! On a Friday too ! Proof that some prayers do get answered !
Being a truck driver has got to be the worst job ever
I came across a wreck yesterday way up in the hills near Heber where a truck had rolled over on its roof, this had just happened cause no emergency personnel were there yet, so I stopped to c if I could help and I asked a local if the driver was still in the truck, he said no and that he had already clumb out, spellcheck gave me a fit on this one but I insisted that's the word I needed and it gave in !
Not sure how I managed it but I somehow ran over a bird. Not hit it while it was flying but run over it. I feel accomplished
Can anybody tell me if the young lady from liberty that was killed related to Angie Hill that works for LPS?
So here's how last night went. We went to Walmart and bought a small gas grill. We came back to the truck and grilled some bratwursts. Then we got out of the truck and watched some fireworks. The truck next to us had a female driver. She started talking to us. She was a nice lady. Then another female driver walked up and joined the conversation. The four of us watched some fireworks in the distance. We talked for quite a while. Then we all went to our respective trucks and called it a night. This morning I wake my son up. He looked me dead in the eyes and said that I need to get with the second lady that came by the night before. I laughed. He asked what was so funny. We seemed to get along well and had stuff in common. I said maybe so. Still laughing. He just quizzically looked at me. I told him she was a lezbian. She told me so. He said "that sux." Lmao Gotta love my boy.
Using other people's cologne so the tow truck driver doesn't spend an hour with Smelly Kelly.
We'd like to welcome Chris to the team. He is the driver of our brand new ice cream truck. If you see him say hello!
Jackie De Tore WABI in in the courtroom today: "Police say Perrin Oliver, 43, fired over 70 rounds of ammunition and is charged criminal threatening and reckless conduct with a firearm. The DA's office says Oliver will not be arraigned today. Saying he's not cooperating with the lawyer of the day. Might be in court on Monday." Perrin held Bangor police at bay for almost 4 hours yesterday just blocks away from where crowds began to gather for the 4th of July parade.
In Joe Cross's own words, six years a go he 'looked like I'd swallowed a sheep.' The Australian was 'fat, sick and nearly dead' weighing 22 stone.
3 Stars in 168 seconds! Level 19 Truck Driver. Weapon of choice: Simonov Pistol.
Pentagon 911 pulled over because obama was in it
Truck Drivers have my respect! (That is good ones )I just saw an Aaron's driver do a great job that was awesome!🚛󾮗
Flashback Friday...On this day in 1954, Elvis, then a 19 year old truck driver, walked into Memphis' Sun Studio...
The Schwans truck driver must be having abad day since he spilled his load all over Front street at Hendrix College today.
S/o to the a hole truck driver who blocked me into the parking lot
"Its peanut butter jelly time.peanut butter jelly time!!" *PEANUT BUHTTAH*
Cruising along as you do then 4 kids bailed in front of me to run across the road to the ice cream truck. Luckily I'm a safe driver or I would have killed them stone dead. Moral of the story tell your kids that being hit by a ton of steel traveling at any speed will pretty much put a dampner on your day.
Free gas why not... Anybody owning a Honda or Acura u get free gas at the shell on Kramer and la Palma... They should be here any min so hurry ur *** for free gas
Oh joy! I get to look for problems that dont exist on a truck that has animal hair all over it. My only hope is that the driver isnt around.
Me and the kids off on an adventure with papa in the big rig, heading to royal city then back to wapato. Then to spokane then back home. By the time we get done with that, we will see if we like the life of a truck driver. Have a blessed day everyone.
"Amy eats like a truck driver. She always has." -mamadoodle
Well got a temporary co driver. His name is John. We are both the same race same age. Seems like a cool guy so far. We are both non smokers and we both listen to the same type of music. He doesn't mind that I have more seniority thus more control over the truck. So we'll see how this works out.
So I just saw a truck driver beating himself in the head. 😳
Firefighter hit by truck in Thousand Palms
More new laws in effect for CDL drivers. NOT the companies that employ them, but the drivers. More income for the state as they issue more violations. Well, sit back and watch retail prices go up again, shortages on shelves, and fuel prices go up. Everything you don't grow yourself, you depend on a truck driver to deliver it.
Brain fart! My team driver is getting ready to leave, releases his brakes, gets up to grab his log book on the passenger side dash board forgetting he just released his brakes!..truck rolls forward and takes out our driver side mirror and the passenger side mirror of the truck to the left of us! What a dump truck
R.I.P. Jon Gercie and Tanner Sember. These individuals were friends of my great nephew who decided not to go with them and go to work instead. It makes me proud of my great nephew who showed responsibility towards his job, but also saddens me as he could have lost his life if he made the wrong decision. My heart goes out to the family and friends of these two lost souls. May God be with you all. Action News POHATCONG, N.J. - July 4, 2013 -- Two teenagers were killed when the truck they were in plunged into the Delaware River in northern New Jersey. Jon Gercie, 19, and Tanner Sember, 14, died in the crash in Pohatcong, Warren County on Wednesday morning. Police say the 18-year-old driver lost control on a curvy, narrow road. That teen survived with back injuries. Family members say the group was out to go fishing. The crash remains under investigation. (Copyright ©2013 WPVI-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)
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A truck driver talking on his cell phone.. That's comforting.
UPDATE: Motorist Flees Scene of Fiery Crash on Route 11 in Town of LeRay, Deputies Say
Tracy Martin was a truck driver. I doubt he was a college graduate
Can't believe this Monday marks 8 weeks since I was last an 'international truck driver' 🚛🚦
Meghan Anderson shared the following link: police are searching for the driver of a dark SUV or pickup truck whom they believe struck and killed a Traverse City woman as she rode a bicycle early today near Washington and Railroad streets.
My step dad's a truck driver and he delivers them to 7/11s and other mini marts in NJ. Around here? I have no idea.
me why you love your shelter or rescue pet! The person with my favorite answer/story will get a free tote bag of their choice!
Big white truck in parking lot at the Mickey D's, trying to back into a obviously -compact- car parking spot. One side is an island, the other... A Mercedes. Crunch goes the Mercedes. All the spectators within the restaurant pretty much make the chorused "Oo" sound. The police and a ambulance are here and truck's driver is the one with the medics holding her neck and whining... She needs a good kick in the *** at this point! Then a slap for blatant stupidity!
Feels good when you can make a truck driver honk his horn for you
Half way to Cooperstown. I get a speeding ticket. 74 in a 55. Ouch! Be careful outlaws!
A truck driver just pulled over, got out and laid down on the side of the road 🚚
Atlanta Regional Truck Driver at ConAgra Foods (Atlanta, GA): Transports freight as instructed in…
Question From Community Member Wilda Cooper: "Anyone else in Akinsdale not have their brown garbage picked up yesterday? About 10 of us on the same street were missed."
Not a good day. I'm going to the doctor now. Brand new truck too
Some *** killed me..He saw us sitting at the back of the truck on our way frm work,he laughed at us n asks us if re basadi ba kontraka,he was laughing n yene sham he sells loose draws on a corner n was waiting for his money frm a taxi driver lol,sum ppl mara lol...
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These are faces of kids stuck in a truck on the side of the road on the way to Hershey Park. 5 of us piled in with the tow truck driver and now we are at a dealership expecting Enterprise to pick us up but there are no rentals available. Thanks Lewes Auto Mall for assuring us that the service error was not a big deal 2 weeks ago and the truck would be fine pulling a fifth wheel to PA. Apparently you were wrong. The girls who purchased 1 D tickets 14 months ago are really happy sitting in a car dealership right now. Sure hope this vacation gets better.
I've been told I have an appetite of a truck driver 😒😁😂😄
LES DEJO ESTE CORREO QUE ME LLEGO, AHORA LOS MALDITOS ESTAN ASALTANDO EN PEPINOS: Just today around noon my two friends leaving Pepinos as the last truck out with their girlfriends in the back were assaulted. There were 3 guys on motorbikes. One guy was at the top of the steep gravel road on the left and just after they paid the señora and were climbing the hill he fired two shots into the truck without warning and they put boulders across the road to try and stop them after firing two shots into to the car. My friend continued driving right at him and then into the farm where there was the second to last car going slow. They honked repeatedly and got around them but the robbers chased them on bikes and fired 3 more shots into the back of the truck and broke his driver side window into the steering wheel and breaking off the gear shift and a bullet into his seat. My friend floored if up that really steep hill going 40km/hr right onto the highway. They got away as did the second too last car. My friend ha ...
Someone asked "do u like being a truck driver" as she wrinkled her nose. I said *** ya! I dont have to deal with corporate BS, im not locked in an office, the scenery is constantly changing and i get to see the most random stuff, things I would never see otherwise. I dont have to cover my tattoos, I dont have to talk to anyone if I dont want to, AND I do whatever I want as long as I make my loads on time." She looked at me, and said, "I totally get it. That WOULD be awesome!"
So my boss is looking for a guy who can do road side service that is willing to work long hours and maybe be on call 24-7 he will put u in a truck will ride around with me for few days for training
Well here we sit waiting for our stuff.our driver is MIA
Made a quick trip out to work. Had a grocery shipment coming in so we can get ready for monday. Our driver was waiting for us and was "napping" in the truck. Got a few things done and put back in place. Now just relaxing and thinking about lunch.
Just saw some jerk drive down the street, park his car, and then get out to harass the UPS man that was just delivering the Avon. He was mad because UPS didn't leave the package on his porch when he didn't answer the door. His package that contained an expensive computer that he absolutely can't wait to get until Monday. And he KNEW that UPS would need a signature for delivery, but he didn't feel like answering the door because he eating lunch. Then he got madder because the UPS man wouldn't just give it to him off the truck when he didn't bring along the call back slip or even bother to bring along his ID. The guy then called some supervisor and got in to his car where he had a very animated conversation with that person for the next 5 minutes. I bet that person is going to have a good story to tell when they get home from work tonight!
So this is my slam on Verizon today AGAIN. Two Verizon trucks came bombing down Hanlon Road carrying a big trailer with wire bundle on back. HTown country roads have no sidewalks as you have heard me lament many at time I have been near run over. The speed limit is 10 to 30 mph and they had to be going 60 mph. I motioned for them to slow down and yelled slow down. The driver in the second truck stuck head and hand out the window mimicking me and then sped up going even faster. Reported him.big jerk!
Went to the bank this mornin to the drive thru I pull in roll my window down and the woman at the window says you must be a pretty good driver to get that truck thru here. Lol I'm thankin if you saw half the tight places I took my truck you'd thank I was a really really good driver then lol
From the inbox: Anonymous Vent. Anonymous please. My mom, baby sister and I are going to see Despicable Me 2 today and I'm back home in Missouri, where I wasn't a dependant, so I wasn't sure who all had it here. I've asked a few places if they have military discount. At the theater we're at, I asked if they had it and she said that I have to be active duty. I told her I'm an active duty spouse, (I wasn't going to lie and say I was a service member,) and when I showed her my I.D. she rolled her eyes as if I was being rude about it. I don't ask for military discount everywhere, but I do like having it at a few places. I guess what irritated me the most is that people for some reason think that we (S/O's) think we're all high and mighty just because we have a shiny piece of plastic saying we're a dependant. I don't think I'm better than anyone because my husband is a service member, but I feel like civilians who have no affiliation with the military at all seem to think we're all *** who think we deserv ...
Whatever we do, we should do it to the best of our ability and set the standard. Remember, you are ultimately working for the Lord. He’s the one who put those talents and abilities in you. You are a steward of the gifts He’s given. Other people may show up late. They may complain. They may cut corners. But don’t sink down to their level — you are working for Almighty God. You are called to excellence! I encourage you today, stay determined. Stay focused. Whether you’re a waitress, a truck driver, an architect, a police officer or a CEO, do it to the best of your ability. God is the one who brings promotion. When you set the standard, He will raise you up and pour out His blessing all the days of your life. Amen and amen.
I heard on the radio this morning that another married couple passed away while riding there motorcycle and not wearing there helmets we as car drivers ,truck,and all other driver s have to wear a seat belt so there should be a helmet law as well when are we going to say enough is enough this could be a family member that you lose because they did not wear one it takes 3 sec of your time to wear one we put are seat belt so please put on your helmet your life is more important then not wearing your helmet at least I would think so David (cfkid)
I'm looking to buy a new driver. If anyone has one they're selling let me know.
Updated: Monday, June 3 2013, 08:26 PM CDT(CBS NEWS) -- Sunscreen is applied by millions daily to stave off sunburn and skin cancer. In what researchers are calling a first, a new study finds using sunscreen every day could significantly stall skin aging, also known as photoaging. And middle age isn't too late to start, the researchers found.   "The cost-effectiveness of promoting daily sunscreen use based on skin cancer prevention alone is probably substantially higher after accounting for the additional prevention of skin photoaging," wrote the researchers, led by Dr. Adele Green, a professor at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research at the University of Queensland in Australia.   According to the authors, sunscreens and antioxidants have long been touted to prevent skin aging, but no scientific evidence to date has shown they do.For the new study, published online June 3 in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers examined 903 people 55 and younger, to see whether daily sunscreen would sta ...
taking the kids to see Despicable Me 2 today at Woodbury... Anyone else wanna go?
ATTENTION TRUE STREET AND OUTLAW CLASSES-- WE HAVE TWEAKED A FEW MORE RULES [which you knew would happen] TO TIGHTEN THINGS UP A LITTLE AND TRY TO GET EVERYBODY ON A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. TRUE STREET--no entry fee--.5 pro tree--heads-up [no breakout] 1. can trailor in---must be street legal cars or trucks [diesels allowed] 2. no scoreboards---discreet time-slips 3. current tags and registration--2 front seats--seat belt [bring helmet] 4. working headlights--tail lights--turn signals 5. must have mufflers [no open headers] 6. fiberglass hood optional 7. factory glass [no lexan except back window of trucks w/ rollbars] 8. no tubs or wheelie bars -must have alternator 9. any size drag radial or et street tires ok -- must say dot with approved number beside letters dot] NOTE: if any tire is in question, we will refer to the brands website for legality. if it states that the tire is not for street use and for racing only it will be declared illegal. 10. beadlocks not allowed -rim screws ok 1 ...
Ok just one response to all the posts and texts. When you are told a story by someone known to embellish before you repeat it as though it is gospel ask yourself " is the story I am about to repeat actually the truth? Is it plausible?" How likely do you think it is that my mother could be hit by a Mack truck on John Fitch and Summer St and run away from scene? How difficult would it really be in the middle of daylight with traffic everywhere and many eye witnesses, to take off after a hit and run? Impossible and did not happen. The driver took full responsibility and my mother refused medical treatment. So all the other details have been added by the person who was not even around when it happened. So please stop repeating a story that did not happen! Thank you!
R.I.P. PJM. gone but never forgotten
Back up through Mississippi this time on the main roads headin Minnesota yeehaa
What is one training habit that all highly successful strength athletes have/had in common?
Im updating this status just to let the truck driver who is at this moment cussing me out that I really dont care what is coming outta his mouth. He is 2 days late, Sat at the wrong address for an hour this morning waiting to get unloaded, then when he made it here was in mood and expected an apology. What can I say...Sorry your a ***
Bangor, July 4: 1. During parade, an antique fire truck stalled out & ran into an antique tractor, flipping the tractor & killing its driver. 2. A gunman fired indiscriminately for 4 hours, hurting no one. Cause and effect does not work properly here.
Oh and i need a legit driver who can whip
Got me a second job.time to get things truckin.
The following jobs matched your search agent at PepsiCo and can be found at Agent: "Delivery" OR "Merchandising" OR "Truck Driver" AND Houston (Click to modify) Job Matches: Driver - Bay Truck Delivery- FT/Days - Houston, TX, 77017, US Merchandiser - FT/Days - Conroe, TX, 77301, US Warehouse Person (Loader) - FT/Nights - Conroe, TX, 77301, US Remember to forward these jobs to any of your friends who might have interest in any of these positions. Social Matcher – Match jobs using your favorite social network. A password has been system-generated for you unless you opted to change it. To update your profile, to update your areas of interest or to update the frequency you are receiving these messages, please click the following links. Please note, if you are prompted to log in or forgot your password, you can click ‘Forgot Password?” to reset your password and access your profile and agents. Change the frequency here. Add another agent. Click to discontinue agents. Powered by Jobs2 ...
OTA Begins Search for 2013 Truck Driver of the Year Each year the Ontario Trucking Association honours a professional, exemplary transport driver who has a collision-free driving record. The OTA/Volvo Ontario Driver of the Year award is presented at the annual convention of the Ontario Trucking Association in November. Entry forms are available from OTA and can be downloaded, printed or emailed . The award is generously sponsored by Volvo Trucks Canada Inc. The winner will be automatically eligible to compete for the title CTA/Volvo Trucks Canada National Truck Driver of the Year. Eligibility: Minimum Requirement: A professional truck driver who has been regularly employed for the last five years and during that period encountered no preventable collisions. This award program is open to company drivers and owner-operators contracted to OTA member companies. There is no limit to how many drivers a company can nominate. Other Criteria: The ideal candidate is a professional in every sense of the word. He/she ...
Truck Driver Recent Graduate or Student CDL A Truck Driver at US Xpress (Atlantic... Find this Job & More
That U.P.S truck driver that always speak to me and drag my name finally asked for my number today lol. . .he been promising me dinner and drinks since we met lol
Time for a new job! Sick of being a truck driver, think I wanna be a rapper instead!
I hate these *** pics on fb. With pretty girls. All the *** I see, Look like truck driver and lumberjacks. Rs.
As a truck driver, there are some rules and regulations that I must follow to drive within the parameters of the law. It's really as simple as this: Drivers may drive up to 11 hours, but are limited to 14 hours in a duty period The 14-hour duty period may not be extended with off-duty time for meal and fuel stops, etc. Each duty period must begin with at least 10 hours off-duty Drivers may work 60 hours on-duty in seven consecutive days; however, drivers can restart the 7-day period by taking at least 34 consecutive hour's off-duty Beginning July 1, 2013, a driver must take a 30 minute rest break following 8 hours of driving time. Beginning February 27, 2012, on-duty time does not include any time resting in a parked vehicle (also applies to passenger-carrying drivers). In a moving property-carrying CMV, does not include up to 2 hours in passenger seat immediately before or after 8 consecutive hours in sleeper-berth. Easy peasy.
Well i think i am going to call it a night because i am very wore out and needing some sleep.. i miss my truck driver i wish that i was with him this week... maybe after the 4th of july i will be on the road for a week, because i miss traveling with him... I love you Kenny & baby Bennett!!! hope all has a good night & god bless!!!
MONEY THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL... So i copped me a 750 bmw for my bday.. I had a few ppl get jealous but i really didnt see anyone sacrificing anything for me all those winter days i rode to work on a motorcycle but because i only was goin to get tbe car i i got a full raise that benefited me as well not to mention i got good *** credit and 3 women that want to see me shine.. I was threaten with child support accuse of selling crack, told i was stuck up.. Naw,im just me I started from the bottom now im here.. Car , truck, 2 bikes and working on a house.. Dont take my shine i earned this..
I know I don't want to be a truck driver I work on them only.
I think I'm going to invest in a old ice cream truck and with it I shall get a driver to drive me around whiping belts out the side at the "thugs" of Jackson
SO...Today was a very very very very very long day! I started out with hauling dirty tuxes outside around 9 this morning. Then it started to rain so I had to haul them back inside. Then around 10 the truck showed up to drop off the new tuxes for the week. So I helped the driver unload them and haul them into the store. After that I had to take all the plastic off the shoes and shirts. There were about 200 tuxes. There were other people help out unpacking the tuxes though. Then having to make sure every one is gainfully employed I helped a couple of customers. Then as the store kept getting fuller with people I had to run around and try to keep everyone on task and clean the store at the same time. Then my manager started to add stuff on my plate. I didn't sit down at all and I was supposed to leave at 7 but by the time I looked at my watch it was eight thirty so I pretty much was staying until of close. So after closing up and leaving the store it was ten thirty. I really needed the walk home ...
My mom just said that i burp like a truck driver and that its really unnatractive
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