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Troy Smith

Troy James Smith (born July 20, 1984) is an American football quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL) in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

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Troy smith, tyrell Pryor, Braxton Miller, j.t barret, Cardale Jones all black QBs and 2 in the NFL.
A really big thank you to for putting "Throw Me in the River" at in their
Troy-based Entertainment Pubs cuts staff, turns focus to digital
That's how you know my music is diverse, from Sam smith to Troy ave
Mariotta will be the next Troy smith.
Just remember... You will never be as good as Will Smith
.is verified. Is it really Troy Smith?
Archie Griffin, Troy Smith, Tony Dorsett, and Tim Brown mingling and signing footballs with friends of…
Johnny Football played in One Game, lord forbid I bring up RG3, Troy Smith, or Matt Leinart, or Jason White lol
Troy Vincent went from being a premier CB to someone who is undermining Eric Winston's & DeMaurice Smith's reputation? cc:
OSU been playing D3 schools ever since Troy smith was a freshmen/sophomore. I'm not listening to anything said otherwise lol
Then again, Troy Aikman was more of a game manager and Cowboys had Emmitt Smith to take off some of the load. Romo's more skilled.
Jordan Rodgers? Hmm ... or how about another chance for Former Heisman winner Troy Smith? You know someone will take a chance!
Happy Birthday to our very own Troy Smith! . CHEERS!!
Joe Montana had Jerry Rice/Roger Craig, Troy Aikman had Michael Irvin/Emmit Smith, Terry Bradshaw had Lynn Swan...they suck too?
Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor, Braxton Miller. We can still develope QBs! Hope you stay man. Plus Meyer will find a good fit.
Troy smith probably had one of the most unexciting heisman campaigns ever lol
Troy Smith won the Heisman and that's it.
Just saw a bunch of highlights from Manziel's first start y'day, don't see him as anything more than former Ohio St QB - Troy Smith.
Cowherd nailed the whole thing today:don't get enamored w "college highlights".is just like Troy Smith.
Manziel will struggle to duplicate Troy Smith's career.
I hope Mariota gets fatter than Troy Smith on the Heisman press tour
Troy smith and leniert had way more talent. Tebow is a winner. Where are you going with this?
"Spending time tonight with 2006 Winner Troy Smith ni…
I think the Rough Riders are set at QB, but Montreal hasn't been the same since Troy Smith retired.
"Spending time tonight with 2006 Winner Troy Smith nighthawks alumni.
1991-1996 the averaged 12 wins a year, won 3 SBs, and were led by HOFers Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith 😴
J.T. Barrett is the fourth Buckeye to finish in the top 5 of the Heisman voting in the last decade (A.J. Hawk, Troy Smith, Bra…
Dez Bryant is not Micheal Irivin , Tony Romo is not Troy Akiman , DeMarco Murray is not Emmit Smith
the Cowboys still is not playing up to their potential I would love to have Troy Aikman Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin back!
Going to the CFL website and looking at the list of QBs was hilarious, it looks like Troy Smith *** even in the CFL
Help I think I just saw Troy Smith on tv
Troy Smith wasn’t a very good passer. At least not statistically. John Beck was much better that year.
Me and my main man w Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith!! O-H
…and Kitchener Rangers head coach Troy Smith. Should be up soon at + iTunes. - jeff
Cardale Jones throwing to Devin Smith and Evan Spencer felt like when I watched Troy Smith throw to Ted Ginn and Santonio Holmes. Always fun to watch
cardale's play fake is like Troy Smith not Timmy Tebow.
you mean like Johnny Football, Troy Smith, RG3, Danny Wuerffel bad?
College superstar means nothing, Matt Leinart, Troy Smith, Tebow, and Jason White won the Heisman and were college stars...
Cardale Jones, from Troy Smith's high school, will try to close out a Buckeye/Michigan game on the day Troy's number was…
You know... Troy Smith is in the stadium...
Take the time to talk to Chris Carter while you are there! You could be the next him! Also meet Troy Smith.
Congrats to Troy Smith! No. 10 enshrined into during today!
Troy Smith's No. 10 goes up on the Ohio Stadium facade.
Did Brian Griese just throw some serious shade on Troy Smith or nah? .
We need a little Troy Smith magic in this game.
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Ohio State football: Former Buckeyes QB Troy Smith's No. 10 to be enshrined in ...
Troy Smith talking about, looking at, his permanent place in Ohio Stadium "It's bone-chilling" h…
Troy Smith: Tressel was like my dad. Knowing that was last time on field with my dad, it was tough in sr yea…
Troy Smith on QB J.T. Barrett: The first advice is stick to the game plan. Don't try and be someone he is not... More>…
Troy Smith says he has talked a lot to Braxton Miller this year. Has also talked to Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett, he said.
well... Considering Eddie George and Archie Griffin are both better than Troy Smith...
Ohio State announces it will be retiring Troy Smith's No. 10 at halftime of next Saturday's Michigan game. Fitting.
Ohio State will honor Troy Smith before Michigan game: Ohio State will honor one of its greats from the Jim Tr...
The trying to add his name to Brandon Weeden and Troy Smith as the ONLY rookie QB's to beat Steelers DC *** Lebeau s…
Hill, like Troy Smith and (to a much lesser extent) Ken Dorsey, represented flickering glimmers of hope during dark times.
Some of the Qbs that have won the Heisman since 2000: Chris Weinke,Eric Crouch,Jason White,Matt Leinart,Troy Smith,Tim Tebow.
Barrett is 1 passing TD shy from Ohio State's school record of 30 (Troy Smith '06)
Troy Smith won the Heisman with 2,740 yds of total offense and 31 TDs. J.T. Barrett currently has 2,738 yds of total offens…
Troy Smith, Tim Tebow, and Sam Bradford turned out great too. College and NFL are just too different to assume a Heisman winner will succeed
what stats? Jason White, Troy Smith, Tim Tebow and Matt Leinart all won the Heisman. check out their NFL stats
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some other notables:.Troy Smith, Eric Crouch, Matt Leinart, Chris Weinke, and Jason White
Troy Smith “In the Past 14 years, I can't think of a heisman winner with a better pro career than Carson Palmer”
I forget that Jason White, Troy Smith and Sam Bradford won Heismans. Weird.
Ponder on this for a spell. . Troy Smith behind center in Urban Meyer's offense. I like it .
Brandon Weeden is still in the league but Kenny Guiton, TP, and Troy Smith...get outta here!
Mark Ingram, Reggie Bush, Troy Smith and others - check out the top 'Heisman Moments' from the 2000s |
dawg *** Michael Irvin, emmitt smith, Troy aikman? *** are you talking about? Get your facts straight
Oh Baby! Jason Witten is better than Troy Aikman, Roger Stauhach, Emmitt Smith... oh wait, NO HE ISN'T!
I think you're cutting Geno Smith some slack here. He's easily the worst in the NFL at the moment
Heisman winner Troy Smith now works at ESPN? You sure?
the heisman did wonders for the pro careers of RG3, Ingram, Bradford, Tebow, Troy Smith, Bush, Leinart, Jason White, weinke...
I miss the days of Troy Smith and Ted Ginn 🏈
Tebow or Troy Smith. The other guys drafted low (Manziel) are for off the field stuff. Which may hurt Gurley.
I wanna give a shout to Colorado's boy Troy Tulowitzki, partly because its his birthday, mostly bc he's stayed in Denver this long
Emmit smith larry allen jerry jones tony romo troy aikman norv turner dont rush to out to get the fanmail . Nbc news after bill murray wants
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Can't believe I'm gonna drive all the way to Troy for one 50 min. class 😕
If sam smith gets Ebola my life will be over
Ryan Fitzpatrick & Matt Flynn keep getting starting gigs in the NFL but Terrell Pryor is at home & Troy Smith is playing in Canada.
Dallas VideoFest opening night open edited by Bart Weiss voice over by Troy Randal Smith
what would Troy Smith have done in Herman's offense?
Watching brings back memories of arguing w/ brother and bro in law about who would have better pro career, Troy Smith or Quinn
That new Will Smith movie focus could be interesting. He's playing on the opposite side of his roles: The bad guy
Will Smith is a master con man with a sexy intern in the first trailer for 'Focus'
What? Emmit smith and Troy aikman better
Reggie Bush, Troy Smith, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, Jameis Winston and what would've been Todd Gurley. All Heisman. All cheaters.
Troy Smith is getting nervous about losing his Obscure Heisman Winner title belt now, too. Lots of implications.
it's Emmit Smith Troy Aikmen and Roger Staubach before it's Witten
Film: LB’s Smith and Mosely great job attacking run game
Film: Jimmy Smith effective use of his size in man coverage, gives him more margin for error. He’s no longer stiff…
Barrett is going to be better than Troy Smith.
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Without a doubt. He needs to come marry me. NOW.
Tony Romo: Jason Witten might be best Cowboy of all time: Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith are just a...
Emmitt smith, Troy Aikman, Michael irvin, damarcus ware, and the GOAT Deion Sanders!!!
been hit in the head too many times. Whitten not even close to greatest ever. Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman to name a few!
Does Torrey Smith fit the new offense?
Romo said Witten is the greatest Cowboy of all-time. Did Deion Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach not play for them?
Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Michael Irvin to name a few. Just shows how ignorant Romo truly is.
whoops! I did! Still a joke!!! Emmitt smith, Michael irvin, troy Aikman! All better and that's just the beginning.
I guess Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith were just figments of our imagination, huh?
It's like Tony Romo never herd of Troy Aikman, Emitt Smith, or Michael Irvin.
Frosh. J.T. Barrett is 1st OSU QB to throw for 300+ yds in back-to-back games since Troy Smith in 2005. …
Where did Brian Hoyer, Kirk Cousins, and Drew Stanton play? Terrelle Pryor, Troy Smith, Chad Henne were horrid but got drafted
look at Michigan St their entire defense was 2 and 3 star guys. Whooped our *** Troy Smith was a 3 star. Ditto Krenzel
Barrett has the poise and decision making of Craig Krenzel and he's a little less athletic than Troy Smith. Great combo.
Eleven Warriors Former Ohio State QB Troy Smith doesn't want Braxton Miller to be a 'glorified…
And brought up that former OSU QBs, Troy Smith & Terrell Pryor, have had unsuccessful careers in the NFL, and that they'd never get a ––
Troy Smith had a freak arm. All in all those are 3 good college QBs. Miller one of the best decision makers for a mobile QB.
We are at the fresher's fair today in Riley Smith. Come along for a chat!
All the hours of thinking leads back to the knowing of one feeling.
Rest in Power Troy Davis. 3 years ago today the state of Georgia executed an innocent man.
"“bruh I pray one day troy is like this" Jason Smith doesn't allow that.. too bad
I fell down the stairs at troy field and hit my head so hard it caused me to have a seizure. in front of lots of people lol
Beaver Stadium in 2005 against Ohio State, place was shaking with over 109K after Tamba Hali sacked Troy Smith
Funny how glenville had two starters at qb then cuz troy Smith was the starting qb and then fallowed him to osu
Anquan and Jim just reminded me of Troy Smith and Mike Singletary
Desean Jackson so real for this lmao
Steve Smith, Sr. has 2 100-yard receiving performances in 3 games w/ (18 catches for 290 yards total).
On the Flacco decisive, 32-yard throw to Steve Smith that set up game-winning FG, Flacco said he wasn't even aware he w…
I have to support them a little since they're the home team but I miss Troy Aikman, Emmett Smith, M Irvin days
Steve Smith Sr. gets ready for another divisional rival.
“Steve Smith, Brandon LaFell, Ted Ginn all gone from Carolina. And left at WR for the Panthers is...” h…
lets go 49ers ! Lets bounce back from that L last week .
They should let troy smith open the playbook
i liked the 90's cowboys, with the powerhouse trio Emmit Smith, Troy Aikman and Micheal Irvin...whose your team anyways?
Good to see Brandon Smith back out there. Hope all is well and has been properly looked after (head).
Note to Johnny Manziel, this is how you catch a ball:
never said Pryor was a leader and what did Troy Smith ever do?
The Cowboys era of Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, and The Moose Johnson would have made every football team now look silly
Remember when Flaco was behind Troy Smith on the depth chart and Smith got the flu, so Flaco started and never looked back?
Mark Ingram is prolly the biggest heisman bust since Troy Smith.
“The last quarterback to start a Ravens game other than Flacco was Troy Smith.”.
"Make some noise if you hate troy smith" go run into a wall you ***
Make some noise if you hate troy smith
Reminder that Tusk is the first movie of Kevin Smith's new trilogy
Dak Prescott has done some nasty stuff tonight. His last TD throw was a thing of beauty, Troy Smith-like circa 2005.
The Bulldogs come right back with an interception by Troy Smith to give the ball on their own 41 after a penalty.
we should start taking about Troy Williams & giving OC Smith a bus ticket... This crap is coaching
How ether bad your day is going, just remember you're not troy smith
same can be said of Troy Smith, TP, and Braxton Miller
This man got a emit smith Troy Aiken and a Antonio gates in one *** pack man
If I'm reading this right, Troy Smith is currently losing to the University of Georgia.
those legend packs look tough. Someone got Emmitt Smith Troy Aikman and a TOTW Antonino Gates in 1 pack
All I do is work anymore, but I'd still rather do that than waste my time.
I'm not surprised Troy couldn't get his head in the game to be fair
Why doesnt someone show up at my bedroom window with pizza n chocolate dipped strawberries bc troy bolton did so step up ur…
Troy Smith deserves a spot in the league and Dennis Dixon
Harker Heights with the rushing TD by Army commit Troy Smith Temple up on Harmer Heights 21-7 1:31 left in the 1stQ
Reminds me a lot of Troy Smith and his hiesman trophy season he had 7 years ago. 0 turnovers for Everett in the first 3 ga…
Army commit Troy Smith and Harker Heights well on their way to becoming 3-0 for the season and possibly cracking our p…
Josh Gordon will have to compete with Troy Smith, Bobby Hoying, Joe Germaine, Joe Bauserman, and Craig Krenzel for too car salesman in Ohio.
just like heisman winners Charlie ward, Gino Torreta, Chris Weinke, Troy Smith, and Jason White?
"You're The Worst" is the only show I've ever made time to watch every night it's on. Check it on FX!
he trash, he'll be just like tebow, troy smith, & all those other good college QBs that couldnt translate to tha nfl
I mean Troy smith won Heisman and didn't start a *** game in the nfl lol Vince young won Heisman and is broke now lol
Smith is a joke. Marginal college QB with absolutely no pro game. Think Troy Smith. Idzik screwed this one up bet …
we could have had plays like this for the past couple years if we would have drafted Troy Smith...
Smith Leads 2014 Golf Association of Michigan MidAmateur - Andrew Smith of Troy leads after the first round of the...
tyrod is looking to put some good things on tape to be troy Smith's back up next year
I met the Moose, Emmit smith, Irvin, troy,Ed to tall jones
PLEASE! Someone needs to play for them... ASAP... I've been saying this since Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman left...
Troy smith Eric Crouch?he won't be the first or the last and he's a qb not a receiver He doesn't need to be running
yeah he can definitely run, but seems he extends plays/scrambles with a pass first mentality ala Troy Smith. UM will still win
Between that & Tebow being with the SEC Network, it's only inevitable now that BTN hires Troy Smith.
yeah it's a lose-lose for UM. Watch out for Kam Bryant, he started QB for the HS team I played on. Young Troy Smith out there
Gordon will go right alongside Troy Smith
sounds like you were one of those dumb tosu fans that wanted the Browns to draft Troy Smith
Just like Ricky Williams dominated the CFL, or Troy Smith, or Quincy Carter..
The als had Troy Smith on their neg list so once he was released in the NFL, they were the only CFL team
“One more season like last year and RGIII should change his nickname to Akili Smith.”. ^. Troy Smith
The only reason I know about CFL contracts is from when ppl wanted Troy Smith on Browns last year...
he joins Ocho here in Montreal but we got no QB...Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith ***
Imagine if Gordon signs with Montreal, the Alouettes would have Troy Smith, Chad Johnson and Gordon.
I can see it now...Troy Smith attempts a pass to Josh Gordon that's intercepted. You know, because it's Troy Smith...
bk - Dean Smith today declared his summer dealings done – as missed out on a Troy Deeney windfall.
Ise be singing Sam smith and chris would be like "boy toy named troy just came down from the palace" or w.e
yeah there aren't many like Braxton, hopefully he can be more of a passing threat, similar to a Troy Smith
Sam smith's vocal talent is simply unbelievable. Even when it's live it's amazing.
you should tell them that she refused wills smith and troy in her prime. Farah and ashu r nothing.
before that. Crable had a late hit late in the 4th against Troy Smith & ohio on 3rd down. They were about to punt.
I took 10 because I loved Troy Smith and so couldn't have it
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I was so ready for football until I saw the hit on troy smith what the *** you can't hit with your shoulder anymore. What's wrong with it
I wouldn't put fox or smith on it, but john is top 5 for sure
Get your copy of "Bound for the Promise Land" by Local author Troy D. Smith. Available on Amazon or get your...
Our Employee Spotlight of the week goes out to Troy Smith! Click here for more info.
Torrey Smith -- the dude Brandon Meriweather hit -- doesn't think Meriweather should have been suspended
Thanks. “Smith says the site is to the cameras what iTunes is to iPods.” *cringe*
"Shelley Smith on ESPN just now -- LAPD told her on the Josh Shaw story: "We're still digging." . Beyond bizarre."
Johnny Manziel might be the next Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Jamarcus Russell
Ohio State fans do not worry. Watch. J.T. Barrett is the next Troy Smith.
Rival fans told OSU fans there will never be another Troy Smith, then not another TP, & now not another Braxton. Glad theyre…
A Navy prediction sure to come back to me: J.T. Barrett will have OSU's first non-vacated 300-yd passing game since Troy Smith vs UM in '06.
Jason White, Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Chris Weinke, Eric Crouch just to name a few. All great players, that never got it going in NFL
Working for the ALS is actually amazing. Put it this way. A few years ago I was playing madden with Troy smith as my QB & chad As my WR.
eBay. I saved my Troy smith jersey and this button up for o state
The Wiz knows his SS. I'll agree with him.
Enjoying the deer lease with Troy Smith peace and quite
I am ready to see Joie Smith. How about a wiener dog picture, Troy Smith?
.thinks he'll be able to help Troy Smith. via
Jeff Garcia thinks he'll be able to help Troy Smith.
Josh Johnson would be like a Troy Smith option. Sure, you know he's not really that good, but he can come win a few games for you.
CFL NEWS Video: Garcia Looked to Extend Knowledge onto Smith: After being hired to assist Troy Smith and the A...
where I'm in voted in as Mayor of and and I talk Troy Smith vs Cleo Lemon...
We asked on our Week7 show: Is QB Troy Smith worse than fav Cleo Lemon?
- Who is all time leader in passing TDs: Art Schlichter, Bobby Hoying, Troy Smith or Joe Germaine?
. I realize Troy Smith has been... not exactly great. But I'd be more than slightly agitated by this.
Montreal's issues are two years in the making and I'm not talking about Troy Smith.
I still have faith in Troy Smith is the right guy to get him going good hire!
Are & me too *** QB Troy Smith on We say he's the worst QB since Lemon
Along Granite Creek in the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness, Montana; photo by Troy Smith
eye shadow on point. Lips on point.
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actually no. I did her winged eyeliner perf.
MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK: What should the do with Troy Smith? The are for real.
I work in their office, Dr. Smith delivered Troy & the Twins.
young bull you got two chicks basketball and Brianna relax
he went to saint Martin's not Edmunds 😂😂
I dont u been that way since edmunds
With Jeff Garcia,Chad Johnson and Troy Smith involved with Montreal Als-Those 3 could buy the whole league by themselves
Oh, by the way HC Tom Higgins said that QB Troy Smith will start Friday vs Eskimos.
Jeff Garcia (on the sidelines at Stade Hébert with QBs Troy Smith and Tanner Marsh. http…
Johnny Manziel is basically the white Troy Smith
Think it's safe to say now that Troy Smith is NOT the problem on offense. Tom Brady would look like a Pop Warner QB with this play calling.
If Tom Higgins was only going to give Troy Smith a quarter, why bother starting him?
Football Helmet Head thinks Drew Willy is better than Troy Smith
Johnny Football will have the same NFL career as Troy Smith out of Ohio State. Both were winners not suited 4 NFL
Manziel could either be the NFL's next Troy Smith or he could be the next Brett Farve. The hopeless optimist in me says the ladder
as does Chad Johnson, who's QB is Troy Smith.
I go with AJ Hawk as favorite buckeye! Lol Chris Gamble, Troy Smith, and Teddy Ginn close seconds.
Long time coming: rookie defensive end Alex Bazzie tracks down Troy Smith for his first sack.
While Jim should pick his own coach, Tom's not the one who seems 2 worship Troy Smith as saviour
Watching John Beck, Troy Smith, Chad Ochocinco's playing in the CFL. This is weird
We are now being treated to John Beck against Troy Smith. What have we done to deserve this.
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Troy Smith won the heisman. That's even weirder.
Troy Smith hook'd up wit Chad Johnson for a TD.. Nfl to Cfl
Chad Johnson caught a touchdown pass from Troy Smith in the CFL last week. what a washed up sentence.
Troy Smith to Ochocinco?? (Montreal Alouettes are clearly my favorite CFL team.
Troy smith us throwing the ball to Chad Johnson in that league ! Wow
Thanks to my Wonderful Husband ❤️ Troy Smith for making Awesome BBQ Hamburgers for Supper😊
Chad Johnson caught his first TD last night (from Troy Smith!), stirred controversy by hugging official. Video:
what was Troy Smith thinking about on that last drive? Why two short pass attempts?
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Dang Troy Smith still has an arm. Wish he woulda stayed in the NFL
Did you know Troy Smith threw a touchdown pass to Chaf Johnson last night ... Me neither .
Troy Smith & Chad Johnson on the same team in the CFL 😳
Troy Smith and Chad Johnson is foolin in the Canada football league.
yeah I seen that. I didn't know Troy smith was in the CFL. Is that the same Troy smith from Ohio State?
Hey did you see caught a TD pass from your Buckeye boy Troy Smith last night in the CFL? allez Montréal!
The best part of this is that they only refer to Troy Smith as "former Ohio State QB"
Defences are figuring Troy Smith, only expected in 2nd full year. He will need to adapt and stop leaving pocket.
Great game yesterday by both teams. Troy Smith INT was the difference but he played a solid game and made some good throws.
No way Caleb Hanie is an NFL QB while Troy Smith is throwing tds to C. Johnson in Canada and Tebow is out of league. Both are better backups
glad you caught your first touchdown this year from my favorite buckeye Troy smith
congrats on your first touchdown. You should be killing that league, only if you didn't have Troy smith throwing you the ball
lotta jewels in this: a) Troy Smith threw that td b) Ocho bout to bring them celebrations back c) you can rock in the
if I was urban Meyer, I would let braxton just watch all Troy smith and Tim Tebow college videos. that's how he has to play this year
I added a video to a playlist Troy Smith CFL Highlights - Montreal Alouettesᴴᴰ
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Lmao its not even fair, the Alouettes have Troy Smith, he won the Heisman Trophy and now playing in the CFL...
Has everyone seen that Troy Smith to Chad Johnson td?
Troy Smith has the greatest dropback…i wish he woulda made it smh
Troy Smith was on looking good. Man I wish he had a better shot in the NFL. He's got a good arm, one of the best buckeyes
that's all we ( me, troy and steve) were calling him last night, we didn't know his name! It's his Kerchak.
Congrats! on your first career CFL touchdown Friday—a 46-yard haul from Troy smith. I hope the is watching
I find it hilarious that QB in the CFL is OSUs Heisman winner, Troy Smith.
Troy smith threw a TD pass to ochocinco last night in a CFL game...
Troy Smith Heisman Trophy winner throwing touchdowns to Chad Johnson in the CFL lmao 😂😂
Troy Smith had 3 touchdown passes last night and one was to Chad ***
Troy Smith in the CFL. I was wondering what happened to him
Troy smith and Chad Johnson play on the same cfl team
Troy smith to Chad Johnson in the CFL that's awesome.
Lmao Troy Smith playjng in the CFL too? 😂
Troy Smith still get an arm. Just saw him throw a bomb to Chad Johnson
Troy Smith to Chad Johnson? That's something I never thought I'd hear before.
Chad Johnson finally got himself a touchdown. WAIT... TROY SMITH is his QB.. Wow.
also, remember that Troy Smith had his best CFL game to date Friday, and can play in the NFL, I know he can :)
lot of them but troy,Mexican,Mr and Mrs. smith,inglorious *** world war z,I miss the moneyball movie
The end zone just hit 85 degrees. Touchdown His first TD is a 46-yarder from Troy Smith. MTL 7 WPG 3.
Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson scores first TD in CFL from Troy Smith pass, hugs ref
I think we're ready for an Aussie if he's the right man, look at Troy Cooley as bowling coach in 05.
lmao I can't do that . My dad won't let someone get a ride
I'm pretty sure lol, you've played hurricanes before
oh lol. If you don't go you should play
Troy Smith Guinness I did it 😊👍 Troys World RecordAbdominal Hover Plank with 100-LB Pack please share.
I love both of you guys and I swore I did!!
when u told me u felt bad cuz she was weird?😂 😂 aha and i miss u too ! 😒 u never texted Me . 😒😒
I just had a random flashback to when you traded me for jevelle 😒😂😂
Troy is being so difficult right now.
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nooo *** we got Vince young not there Troy smith Calvin Johnson Chris Johnson Steve slaton Sean taylor he no…
Chad Johnson gets his first touchdown on a long pass from Troy Smith. Solid grab. Johnson hugged the official in celeb…
OH MY! Troy Smith with a 48-yard missile to London again and the are in the red zone! First down Mmmmontréal! …
Troy Smith is in the CFL and Kenny Guiton is in the Arena Football League.
Chad Johnson's CFL teammates include Troy Smith, Tyrell Sutton and David Clowney. I feel like I'm watching a time capsule
Troy Smith plays in the Canadian Football League. His team lost 1-29. Ohio State just breeds talent. 😂😂😂
Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith is playing in the CFL
Like common Troy Smith is a Heisman Trophy winner. We need him to act like it, I honestly think he just needs time.
Troy Smith played for Ohio State... Won a Heisman Trophy... And still can't score more then one point in the CFL 😭😭😭
So I just turned to this Canadian football league game and Troy Smith is in at QB and OchoCinco is at comes at you fast
And, Troy Smith is sucking it up today in the CFL game I'm watching. Oh how the mighty have fallen after a Heisman Trophy sometimes.
"Clearly" Troy Smith is the Als' future, Rod? I say, what game are you watching?
It's funny that former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith is struggling now in the CFL.
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