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Troy Smith

Troy James Smith (born July 20, 1984) is an American football quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL) in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

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He replaced Braxton Miller, who replaces Troy Smith, who’s pro career is already over.
Screw Troy Smith. He is one of only 2 Buckeyes I will never respect. He will never convince me he didn’…
You left off number two after Troy smith... Braxton Miller
I'm biased when it comes to Troy Smith because I went to high school with him for a brief time and have a hard time…
This game reminds me of the 2006 Michigan State Ohio State game, first time I left a game at half time. Troy Smith…
I️ wish Urban coached Pryor...even Troy
Lol all I heard early in season and preseason from Ohio St. fans was “JT Barrett the best qb in OSU history”. NOW y…
23 GOAL 2-1 Great play from Troy Smith to hold it up for Martin Crawford who buried a low shot bottom corner from...
Timeout on the floor. Oregon leads 17-6 with 7:55 left in the half. So far Troy Brown leads the Ducks in scoring wi…
Returning to two of my favorite poets from these past six months: Traci Smith & Troy Jollimore (books 22 & 23) https…
Oh Troy Harris nearly a perfect ride just a little too soon
Thank you Matt Smith, Jeremy Hughes, Troy Anderson, Jonathan Kelo, and Chris Jolliff for sharing your experiences w…
Imma be honest at osu I would take teddy ginn santonio holmes Anthony gonzo robot mike Thomas all over Johnny Dixon…
I used to have a Clinton Portis fathead in my room way back in middle school. . Troy Smith, James Laurenitis, and Dwight Howard too
The correct answer is Mike Singletary when he kicked out Vernon Davis and got into it with Troy Smith
Troy Smith charged with possession of drug paraphernalia: Ohio State football news
domain names
Luke Stocker, Luke Willson, Lee Smith, Troy Niklas can do that and are fre…
Troy Smith too.. im kinda just shaqtin a fool
See I know we haven't really won nothing since the Browns return coach Jackson is in a panic he don't want…
We're SO close to 3000 followers! Tell your friends to follow us and get a glimpse in the world of Troy PD. We will be…
NOW - Troy D & Ellerbe are joined by former Defensive Coordinator Rick Smith to talk about…
Troy Vincent was very good at CB. My overall point is, take Thurman and Smith off that roster, and t…
10:15 again. Guessing Commissioner Doug Smith & crew are glad…
if you're gonna have turner where's Troy Smith
If I need one running back In There prime give me Emmitt smith over anybody! Also if I need one QB to win a Super Bowl give me Troy!
Troy Smith got fat on the Banquet circuit and team thought they had it in the bag after tak…
Senior Troy Banks is the 1st player to top 20 rushing-TDs since 2014. His 21 touchdowns on the ground so far…
The same Ravens GM that drafted a shorter QB in Troy Smith, hopefully has eyes on a day 2 Mayfield.
You're a phony. Troy Smith was a phony. Greg Oden was a phony. Jim Tressel was a phony. The state of Ohio is a phony.
57 Curtis Thomas on for Troy Smith and Daniel Butler for Kieran Fitzgerald
Vince Young was step 2 to the end of Lloyd Carr. 4 mobile QBs in a row Troy Smith then Vince then Arm…
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Mr. Jones clearly never heard of the ONLY 2 time Heisman winner Archie Griffen, Troy Smith, The "Big Kat", Eddie George or D…
Cardale Jones winning the backup job in San Diego is oddly very exciting to me. I about lost myself with Troy Smith starting for the Niners
OSU stays with a black QB tho for as long as I can remember. Troy Smith, Tyrell Pryor, Braxton Miller, Cardale Jones, and JT Barrett.
Same could be said about great osu qbs like Cardale Jones Braxton Miller and Troy Smith tbh
(2005) Troy Smith finds Anthony Gonzalez who makes "the catch" to set up the game winning touchdown in Ann Arbor. https…
Have a scoop - OKC and Carmelo are officially circling each other. OKC's Troy Weaver recruited Melo to Cuse + has known hi…
Troy Smith messaged me personally talking about some I vaguely remember you. Okay😂
Troy smith and santonio fought valiantly
yep that game was set up for you to win when Slater and Smith were gone, never a better chance
Should I get a Troy Smith or Ted Ginn Jr Ohio State jersey?
Make sure to vote for Lindsey Cargill for and Troy Montemayor for
I couldn't figure out who is was until I realized it was Troy Smith looking like he has been on…
Ran into Troy smith telling girls in Vegas he was the current QB of the Ravens just a couple we…
Mike Smith catches up at on in today's CCA Oaks & his thoughts on performance yesterday…
Smart move. Unless he becomes Troy Smith prior to the NC game getting fat on the in n out burgers
All horses are entitled to a clear/unobstructed path. Smith on Abel Tasman tried to make it tight. But brushed his foe. Sho…
IMHO..Smith and Abel Tasman should've been taken down. Doesn't help me in the least but I believed it would've been right.
Jerry Jones: Jaylon Smith is looking really good. All testing looks as good as I could have hoped. The nerve is certainly r…
Okay yall suggested Seven for me &I brought it! God brad Pitt looked so good in that movie! I have Mr&Mrs Smith,Fight Club, Troy and Seven
Our first semi-final is a battle between Buckeyes and Troy Smith. Who had the better college career?
Henry's Halo maiden win at Finger Lakes with Jose Rohena up for Troy Smith Racing 💥
Troy Smith went on to win a Heisman, but he may still be looking for his helmet from 2005.
Watching 2006 OSU v Mich and my god do I miss watching Troy Smith sling the ball 45 yards to Ted Ginn
Troy Baker and Roger Craig Smith were great and need to do more Joker/Batman
88 mins Troy Smith header is saved and Martin Crawford rattles the post on the follow up.
68 mins Troy Smith shifts inside and unleashes a bullet of a shot that rattles off the bar. So unlucky
Bruh my high school's biggest rival Senior Year was the Glenville team with Donte Whitner, Ted Ginn Jr,…
Trent & his parents joined us , with Troy & Trevor 💃 .
If rings matter, explain Troy Aikman. 1 season over 20 TDs in 12 yrs. Did nothing but hand off to E…
would a team with Troy Bell, Craig Smith, Ryan Sidney and yourself win a NCAA championship?
Brad Smith, a true American hero from Troy!! Please mark your calendar. Please feel free to share. 🇺🇸
No, first sb was David patten, Antwan smith and Troy brown with jermaine Wiggins at te
JuJu Smith-Schuster talks about his nickname, following in the footsteps of Lynn Swann and Troy Polamalu, his draft experienc…
In his 1st starting year Brady had Antowain Smith for RB and Troy Brown as leading WR. Brown wa…
x2 is the biggest snub. "Soph's cant win it, so give it to Troy F'n Smith." THE NEXT YEAR - "OMG Tebow…
It's not my fault Sam Smith and Troy Sivanenakdno are bad tho
Good to see Josh Smith thriving in China
Celebrating his 33rd birthday today is alum Troy Smith. He won the Heisman Trophy in 2006.
Happy birthday to a much-loved Buckeye and Heisman winner, Troy Smith. . Pay homage.
Troy Smith, Tim Tebow also did. Also couldn't read defenses in the NFL and had short careers.
Minor issue, but wasn't Troy Smith a senior starter at QB in 2006?
Big Ten at 100, Nos. 70-61: Ohio State’s Rex Kern, Tom Cousineau and Troy Smith make list
Thank you ate el for giving us another account for Troy Harris Smith. 😌👌😘
Got to replace Lil' Troy with audio of him screaming at Stephen A. Smith at his first Mania. Go…
Football Stars Dan Dierdorf (HOF '96) and Troy Smith (HT '06) Added to the TRISTAR Autograph Lineup!…
With Alvarez's TKO over Liam Smith... he became the WBO light middleweight champion! . Vote: htt…
Thank you Eddie George & Troy Smith for allowing me to get a photo with both of you. Amazing experience!!…
Troy Smith appears to be the front runner for the coach job in Kingston. Troy formerly was with Hamilton and Kitchener in various roles
Troy Smith was drafted and in the league for years and JT was just as good his first yea…
We are DONE! 3 hour cleanup and huge thanks to Troy Smith and Sam Hatt for helping this morning. Now we...
Check out take on the concept. is an adviser to the city.
Doug Flutie. Troy Smith had a couple huge years
He lost his first heisman bid to Troy smith. Not tebow
Troy Scott Smith just signed up for your course at West Dean. La classe!
another gem the Als gave up on too soon. and was troy smith really that hopeless? calvillo took a few seasons. no patience no more.
will colt brennan ever be added to ultimate team? Or how about the heisman winner troy smith? We need those…
Show my son Troy Smith some respect man 😤
@ T8-1o: Dwight Smith Jr. doubles (2) on a ground ball to RF Jorge Bonifacio. Troy Tulowitzki to 3rd.
@ T4-1o: Dwight Smith Jr. flies out to CF Lorenzo Cain. Troy Tulowitzki to 3rd.
Coates is ready for some tough Training Camp competition
Troy Rosario slams it home after a nice feed from Smith. 23-10 KaTropa
Looking at what both did against Clemson...Jackson's closer to Mike Vick and Barrett is closer to Troy Smith.
Hoo my all time fave is probably Chris Spielman. Loved Troy Smith, too. And Eddie George. And Ted Ginn., Jr, and
Troy Smith is an absolute tank in the league. Maurice Clarett had a HOF career. Cardale Jones is dominant.
Get to meet Archie Griffin, Troy Smith, and today! Photos to follow later on, stoked! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
and VMI getting ready to tip at Cameron - UNCG has a lineup change, Smith out, Troy in.
Help NMDOG raise much needed funds, at no cost to you. . Do you shop at Smith's grocery stores?? Set up an...
Emmitt Smith is easily the most overrated RB of all time. Troy Aikman close to most overrated QB of all tim…
Troy Smith Hi My partner and i invite you to this kind of adult movie cam free of charge join Click on my profile.
God blessed me with this opportunity. Blessed to receive a preferred walk on to Troy University⚔️
He looks just like Jamarcus Russell and Troy Smith wrapped into one
Jeff and Troy are ready to go, and We've been told the hairclub for men President, Keith Smith is in the house…
You're an *** Exhibit. 1. Troy Smith, National Champion, All-American. Drafted in the 5th round. AND that will d…
I'm a cowboys fan and Troy is the biggest cowboy hater on T. V. Well other than Stephen A. Smith.
Watson Reminds me of Troy Smith great in college and fallter in NFL.
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Juju Smith Schuster out here jujuing on that beat
I liked a video Jaden Smith pledges to leave LA in bizarre tantrum: ´I´ve failed my dad´
Steve Smith Sr. thanks the Ravens, teammates and fans in an ad in The Sun today.
Troy Smith really busted monster club.
yes, but very talented. Darron Lee was a 3 Star QB and Troy Smith was only 3 Stars
Troy doesn't show the love like Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith
That wasn't a good ball to smith it was a stupid move to play at it
Troy Smith's No. 10 goes up on the Ohio Stadium facade. (Vine by
Stephen a smith could take some pointers from Troy and not show bias and use factual analysis.
Troy Sliney was 2nd in the HH, and went 2-3 with McGovern the in high jump. Keith May 2nd in the 1000, Brett Clark and Josh Smith 2-3 in SP
Back to back three's ... Troy and then Kev
I still think we need more gender neutural songs like what Troy Sivan, Years & Years, and Sam Smith make.
two quarterbacks were in his way Troy Smith and Justin zwick that's why Ohio State didn't land him
I bet you most of these "Cowboys fans" don't even know who Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman or Michael Irvin is😂
Please listen and share this amazing project by featuring I am so so so proud 😭
Listen to my very talented best friend
Troy Percival had a 1.5 and Kevin Brown and Lee Smith were worth 2 easy. Bob Gibson...*shudders*
Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith are good role models. But Michael Irvin is also in the Hall of Fame Zeke will be ok
Kianna Smith (of Troy HS (previously played at JW North) was named as a 2017 McDonald's Girls Basketball All-Am…
I don't care what anyone says, Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor, Braxton Miller, J.T. Barrett, and Cardale Jones are all the same player.
Off the top of my head, Tim Tebow, Reggie Bush, Troy Smith, Tyrann Mathieu, Johnny Manziel.
thinking thru options... Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Mike Hart, Brady Quinn, Charles Rogers all gotta be top 10
Lamar Jackson aka the 2016 version of Troy Smith
2006 winner Troy Smith was coached in high school by Ted Ginn Sr., father of teammate
And I love it when you smiling , I just hate when you cry
so true man Troy smith probably still up there trying to make it
This time of year it's important to remember that Troy Smith is the worst player to ever win the Heisman
Troy Smith would've beat the ravens in that game... js
I remember beating everybody in madden by like 50 when I used Troy Smith and the 49ers.
I forget Troy smith won the heisman smh
for the NFL including Troy smith. What I'm saying is the dude didn't even have relatively good numbers besides tfls
Mortgage Fraud for her non-profit and Martin W. Smith and the lawyers from Parker Stanbery etc. And the ICEL King Troy from Basal
A lot of us made that mistake. Deion Sanders, Emmit Smith, and Troy Aikman were "cool" back then
I heard lovie smith is at HHS, here to give leres spot to Troy kunde
Today you questioned whether Troy Smith shoulda won the heisman...are you drunk on the radio? He got 91.6% of 1st place votes..
is a team game. But that doesn’t mean all five players should have the same amount of shots. -Dean Edwards Sm…
I definitely feel like that was a cheap shot at Troy.
yeah i'll never like UF. They ruined Troy Smith
Emmit Smith is overrated BREAKING:this just in. Troy Aikman has just had another concussion from falling after hitting Irvins crack pipe
the way I look at it is if Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor, and Braxton can't make it as a QB then he has a very slim chance
Marcin gortat is the crying will smith "help me please" meme
2006: Well at least we don't have to see Troy Smith again... 2010: Whew, no more Pryor. . 2013: Bye Bye Braxton!. 2016: JT Byerret, amirite?
ok Troy Smith, even Pryor had to switch positions .. And again JT will never see the field as an NFL qb never
troy Smith is the last one wasn't spectacular but great for that season
John Harbaugh said that CB Jimmy Smith (back) is running again and getting closer to returning after missing the last 2 games.
cannot forget Troy Smith.he was the start of the dual threat QB for OSU in the modern era.never lost to UM
Troy Aikman's career passer rating is 81.6...Alex Smith's, which is climbing, is 85.which includes his horrible rookie years..
Tamba Hali ends game with sack/FF on OSU QB Troy Smith in 2005 win. https:/…
I like how before the TD chiefs fans wanted to kick Alex Smith out. After the TD Grant Cohn is comparing him to Troy Aikman.
we get early Alex Smith/ Jto Sullivan , Saun Hill, Troy Smith all over again.
With quotes from Troy Smith, Jim Tressel, Chad Henne, Leon Hall, Malcom Jenkins, Jim Delany, and more .…
Who was the biggest NFL Draft bust, Jarmarcus Russell, Vince Young or Troy Smith? 🏈
Sea-Baltimore in 2007 (I think) was horrible. Troy Smith as QB. 'Nuff said
You're essentially arguing that Bobby Hoying or Troy Smith were better players than Charles Woodson.
never. I thought Troy Smith had a shot. I never thought Miller or Pryor did.
I'll bet you thought Troy Smith, Pryor and Braxton Miller would be NFL QBs too. You're an OSU homer, just say that and move on.
But Jamarcus Russell, Troy Smith, Vince Young, Josh Freeman have a rough season (few rough games some cases) - career over
This logic says Tim Tebow and Troy Smith would've been NFL hall-of-famers! Lol
To a certain extent it reminds me of Zwick/Troy Smith in 2005. Great win, but real glad TSmith didn't play that whole game.
Public Lands Manager Troy Smith has received the Kansas 2016 Firebird Award from the National Bobwhite...
I put the car in park and never let her cry alone, I listen to her heartbeat because it plays my favorite song
"She done heard so many lies , she don't know what's true or not"
The Ravens still had Troy Smith,that's how you know it was a Minute ago
he y'all best player since Troy Smith.
If he ain't gone treat you right , then I ain't gone treat you wrong 👀
Note to self- Oakmont scrub says they will beat us by 40 this year.
The Vietnam Traveling Memorial will be at Troy Park all weekend. Brad Smith 5K Run Saturday morning.
J.T. Barrett became Ohio State's all-time leader in pass efficiency on Saturday. His mark of 163.82 pushes Troy Smith's…
I was Tedd Ginn fan when my guy Troy Smith was spinning it at tOSU. Glad to see he's still ballon with the Panthers so far.
Hello troy smith thanks for the follow!
Let me brighten everyones day with this glow 😊😈⛽
Rox tie the game at fives in the T7, with Madison making a pitching change. Troy Bacon on for Smith with two on and two out.
I hate small talk. I want conversation with depth. I wanna know all about you. Your past, future, family, what makes y…
you shouldn't be kissing anyone anyway ! Smh
BREAKING: The Los Angeles Lakers have signed Troy Bolton to a $127M contract after he got his head in the game.
Troy Smith getting ready for the Fourth
"50 Cleveland concerts in the 1990s you wish you attended" by Troy L. Smith,
.stayed hot by going 4-4 w/ 2 HRs, 5 RBIs for More on No. 1: https:…
We are underway against Starters are Jaeschke, Russell, Holt, Smith, Christenson, Troy and E. Shoji!
Troy Smith doesn't play on the team anymore, ***
Trying to figure out why its damnear 2 o'clock and literally NO ONE has texted me smh 😒😒😒😒
no way it was from me. None of the ladies be flockin to me 😭
just kidding I don't have your number yet 😂😂
Oh boy these are old but thank you Troy smith, I 💜 u as well
si Stephen Cruz tas Troy Harris Smith man lang
Mavs could roll out Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith and be better then the Lakers.
Low key hurts me knowing someone so close to me is hurting . idk why someone would let something so good go to waste ..
Why would someone give up something so good ? Smh
Study: Branded content more engaging on mobile devices than desktops: Troy Smith, president of Search Optics,...
tell that to Matt Linart, Brady Quinn, Ryan Leaf, Troy Smith and every Alabama QB for the past Ten years
So was Eric Freaking Crouch. So was Troy Smith. So was Jason White. So was Tim Tebow
Connor Cook has a similar resume as Tom Brady. Also no one expected Troy Smith to be a great NFL quarterback
From writing a college research paper on the 'importance of research' to claiming a "degree in bachelors" Troy Smith, just keep doing you.
Troy Smith (Ohio State University) graduate. Degree in bachelor's could NOT recite the alphabet from C to the letter W.
if that isn't the kettle calling the pot- Elvis Grbac, Kyle Boller,Jeff Blake,Anthony Wright,Tony Banks,Troy Smith
Boykin is better than Troy Smith or Tajh Boyd as a passer/NFL QB prospect IMO.
Antonio Cromartie struggling to remember the names of his kids is laughing hysterically at Troy Smith struggling with the alphabet.
Troy Smith trying to get out of his DUI: "I graduated OSU with a degree in bachelors"
Good to see Troy Smith applying his Men's Studies degree from The! Ohio State University.
Ex-Ohio State QB and Heisman winner Troy Smith arrested for DUI and pot possession
Report: Troy Smith's girlfriend is now going out with that creep Nathan.
Former Ohio State QB Troy Smith apologizes for drunken driving arrest he says was 'unjust'
Troy Smith when asked his highest level of education: “My name is Troy Smith. I graduated from Ohio State with a degree in b…
Former Ohio State QB Troy Smith looked like he was in really bad shape during a DUI stop this weekend:
The closest Troy Smith ever came to a 4.0 at Ohio State was his blood alcohol level. .
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Former Ohio State QB & Heisman winner Troy Smith was arrested for a DUI. Smith was under "THE" influence of alcohol.
I wonder if there will be extra charges brought against Troy Smith for answering "Ohio State" instead of "THE Ohio State University."
To be fair, I don't think Troy Smith could say his alphabets sober! But he does have a degree in bachelors from the University of Ohio State
10 years ago tonight, Tamba Hali sealed win over OSU with this sack/FF on Troy Smith. https:/…
Tamba Hali's 4th quarter sack of Troy Smith in PSU whiteout 2005
Whether is Deanlo Russell, Chris Carter or Troy Smith, former Buckeyes are always in the news for the wrong reasons. ht…
[AW Sports] Ex-Heisman winner Troy Smith arrested on DUI and drug charge
Former Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith was arrested for a DUI last night. Jerry Jones has responded by inviting him…
BREAKING: Former OSU QB Troy Smith was arrested for DUI and marajuana possession in Ohio...
Troy Smith won the Heisman. Shouldn't that get you 1st round then? Please make every college award winner's case for 1st rd
Rumor is Troy Smith still having nightmares of Derrick Harvey...
The same great minds who were excited that Troy Smith would play here are bashing Tim Tebow... cause, you know, it makes sense?
This is big !. The Heisman Trophy is coming to Toledo !. Troy Smith (2006 Heisman Trophy winner) Has agreed to...
Russell Wilson equals Troy Smith. Small for the NFL. Bust. Kirk Cousins would have been better.
Ted Ginn actually playing good football? But I didn't see Troy Smith, Anthony Gonzalez or Brian Hartline on the field.
Honored to be with my Buckeye legends all weekend such as Archie Griffin and Troy Smith and Chris Spielman
Vince Young, Reggie Bush, Barry Sanders, Troy Smith all better than him in college
which past winners are you referring to? He's better than Jameis, Ingram, Troy Smith, Jason Whte, Eric Crouch, Weinke & RGIII
Troy Smith wasn't a better college player than Darren McFadden. He just wasn't.
Troy Smith, AJ Hawk, Ted Ginn Jr. Those were some *** good players!
Should have listened to the man Troy Smith and ordered a life support at last call
Don't forget Heisman winners like Doug Flutie, Andre Ware, Ricky Willams, Eric Crouch, Troy Smith. The best NCAA has to offer
I'm just looking at Heisman winners in the 2000s...Troy Smith? Jason White? Eric Crouch? LOL...gimme the 80s man!
If this holds, it reminds me of that weird game when Troy Smith started in London and beat the Broncos.
Really hope JT Osullivan, I mean Troy Smith, I mean Shaun Hill, I mean Blaine Gabbert can get the Niner offense going today.
but for those of them that do, like Clay Matthews, Tyron Smith, Troy P, the list goes on. They're big names.
I was partying with a crew that knew a crew that was partying with Troy Smith. So almost kind of partying w Troy Smith tops my list so far
When you like wow Troy smith is next to you and he won a hesimanand you didn't do nothing *** !
WCU GOAL! Brendan Smith scores! Assisted by Troy Chaplin. 2:45 remaining in the first.
Eddie George Troy Smith and Charles Woodson? Oh *** yeah that was funny as ***
I said even after the NC game, y'all have to go with JT. He got you in position for that game. He reminds me of Troy Smith kinda.
Like he went on the Troy Smith banquet tour the past 2 weeks.
JT O'Sullivan, Ken Dorsey, and Troy Smith all had one good games before. It's all about consistency in the league.
Rocking the Troy smith jersey tonight
faced third down, but Dobbs picks it up with a scramble and a strike to Josh Smith.
Smith intercepted, Troy takes over with 8:09 to play in 3rd Q.
Fourth down ULM at the Troy 34 with 3:19 until the half. Garrett Smith is getting beat half to death by the Trojan defense.
Troy intercepts a Smith pass and returns it for a TD.
But Troy stops Smith short by a half-yard on third down.
Troy getting solid pressure on Garrett Smith, but he is escaping and getting positive yards.
Smith to Hawkins for a first down, now at Troy 30.
Smith dropped a wide open pass, but Dobbs goes right back to him and the are back in South Carolina territory.
TD WARHAWKS! Smith to Green - 47 yard pass. PAT is good... Troy 13, ULM 7 - 4:38 to play in 1st Q.
Garrett Smith to Marcus Green for a 47-yard TD for ULM Warhawks. Troy's Cedarius Rookard toasty after that one.
ULM converts its first third-down of the game on a 10-yard pass from Smith to Ajalen Holley for a first down at the Troy 47.
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Smith finds Green for ULM's second first down of the drive, ULM now at Troy 47.
Officials review Smith's attempt a fumble and Troy recovers at the Warhawk 29-yard line. Yikes.
Smith hit and Troy recovered it, originally called inc - under review
Touchdown Troy. Smith is sacked and his fumble is scooped up by Darrin Reddick and returned 19 yards. Play is under review.
Troy's William Lloyd blows by Chase Regian and sacks Smith on third down. Not the way the Warhawks wanted to start.
Paris Woods makes leaping grab in corner of the end zone. Lands on Troy Smith in the end zone.
Troy University. ... is this her pick. ...Stay tuned.Nancy Quinn Sprayberry Mark Bowen Sandra Bowen John Smith
I been an Ohio State fan since Troy Smith and Ted Ginn Jr played for them..
. When can i get Emmitt Smith on my MUT or Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Dieon Sanders.
Saw the Miller lite commercial with Troy aikmen. Jes looking hot wish they let him play along with emmit Smith. Great …
Sam Smith - Not In That Way Lyrics: there is two sides to every feeling.
They did! I give Jatarie "most improved" award. TRoy was knocking down the 3's and Coates was great on offense & defense.
"The child reportedly found the Smith & Wesson 9mm in the console of the vehicle.".
Wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. is the Ravens nominee for the award
Abrakadoodle franchisees from Virginia - Eileen and Troy Moore, Yolanda Smith and Sue Walia.
Former Heisman winner Troy Smith to speak in Sandusky July 10
JT O'Sullivan, Troy Smith and David Carr beg to differ
some macca players on that pitch yeh Wats happens to smith think he thinks he's Troy 😂😂
Troy Smith is cooking up the competition! Get his turtle soup recipe:
man I think Grbac was up there and Troy Smith even Shaun Hill
What is Troy Smith up to these days?
Off the top of my head... Alex Smith, JT O'Sullivan, Troy Smith?
Juice Williams and Troy Smith were my favorite; classic 2 bar with Nike visors
Where's Troy Smith when ya need him.
- it doesn't get much better than Troy Smith lined up in the shotgun against Michigan with Ted Ginn Jr and Anthony Gonzalez at receiver.
- nothing like college football back when Troy Smith, Brady Quinn, Colt Brennan, Vince Young, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush played. Legends.
Last time I saw Texas lose their first game of the season was back in '06 when Troy Smith and Ted Ginn Jr. absolutely torched them.
Ohio State was ridiculous in 2006. Troy Smith, Beanie Wells, Ginn, Gonzalez, Robiskie, Hartline. The offense was a machine
Tim Rattay, Ken Dorsey, Cody Pickett, Dennis Erickson, Troy Smith, Mike Singletary, JTO, Shaun Hill you can't stump me lol.
Cole won the offseason QB competition & will replace Troy Smith as starter. Looks like Gray is the backup as Tyler Torres was working at WR
Can we just take a minute to remember the 2006 Fiesta Bowl which featured Troy Smith & Brady Quinn.
I can see that because playing with Alex and Troy Smith, Weinke, Rattay, Dorsey and JT O'Sullivan doesn't inspire confidence.
from Troy Smith, to John Beck, to Marc Bulger, to Tyrod Taylor, to Matt Schaub, the Ravens love collecting awful QBs
Troy Smith, Beanie, Malcolm Jenkins, Cardale and Devin Smith my favorite players from Ohio State in my lifetime prolly
Troy Smith and Dale Hunter were standing two metres away from each other at HHOF yesterday. No one fined!
so did jason white Matt Leinart Eric Crouch Tim Tebow Charlie Ward danny wuerfell & Troy Smith how'd they do in the pros
Former Rangers coach Troy Smith on returning to Hamilton and the fallout in Kitchener:
Former Rangers coach Troy Smith is joining the Bulldogs
.announce hockey ops staff: Ron Wilson as assistant coach, Troy Smith as associate, Mike Parson as goalie coach...
MT Heisman Trophy winning Troy Smith posed for photos and took part in the
Tired of "he won a Heisman" being a reason people say Tebow deserves an NFL job. Where are those complaining about Matt Leinart/Troy Smith?
Look up Schlitchter Jeff George Mike Phipps & Troy Smith odds are against him & add issues?
Okay so did Tebow, So did Sam bradford, So did Troy Smith, and so did Matt Leinart look where they are now
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