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Troy Smith

Troy James Smith (born July 20, 1984) is an American football quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL) in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

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The best part of this is that they only refer to Troy Smith as "former Ohio State QB"
Defences are figuring Troy Smith, only expected in 2nd full year. He will need to adapt and stop leaving pocket.
Great game yesterday by both teams. Troy Smith INT was the difference but he played a solid game and made some good throws.
No way Caleb Hanie is an NFL QB while Troy Smith is throwing tds to C. Johnson in Canada and Tebow is out of league. Both are better backups
glad you caught your first touchdown this year from my favorite buckeye Troy smith
congrats on your first touchdown. You should be killing that league, only if you didn't have Troy smith throwing you the ball
lotta jewels in this: a) Troy Smith threw that td b) Ocho bout to bring them celebrations back c) you can rock in the
if I was urban Meyer, I would let braxton just watch all Troy smith and Tim Tebow college videos. that's how he has to play this year
I added a video to a playlist Troy Smith CFL Highlights - Montreal Alouettesᴴᴰ
Lmao its not even fair, the Alouettes have Troy Smith, he won the Heisman Trophy and now playing in the CFL...
Has everyone seen that Troy Smith to Chad Johnson td?
Troy Smith has the greatest dropback…i wish he woulda made it smh
Troy Smith was on looking good. Man I wish he had a better shot in the NFL. He's got a good arm, one of the best buckeyes
that's all we ( me, troy and steve) were calling him last night, we didn't know his name! It's his Kerchak.
Congrats! on your first career CFL touchdown Friday—a 46-yard haul from Troy smith. I hope the is watching
I find it hilarious that QB in the CFL is OSUs Heisman winner, Troy Smith.
Troy smith threw a TD pass to ochocinco last night in a CFL game...
Troy Smith Heisman Trophy winner throwing touchdowns to Chad Johnson in the CFL lmao 😂😂
Troy Smith had 3 touchdown passes last night and one was to Chad ***
Troy Smith in the CFL. I was wondering what happened to him
Troy smith and Chad Johnson play on the same cfl team
Troy smith to Chad Johnson in the CFL that's awesome.
Lmao Troy Smith playjng in the CFL too? 😂
Troy Smith still get an arm. Just saw him throw a bomb to Chad Johnson
Troy Smith to Chad Johnson? That's something I never thought I'd hear before.
Chad Johnson finally got himself a touchdown. WAIT... TROY SMITH is his QB.. Wow.
also, remember that Troy Smith had his best CFL game to date Friday, and can play in the NFL, I know he can :)
lot of them but troy,Mexican,Mr and Mrs. smith,inglorious *** world war z,I miss the moneyball movie
The end zone just hit 85 degrees. Touchdown His first TD is a 46-yarder from Troy Smith. MTL 7 WPG 3.
Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson scores first TD in CFL from Troy Smith pass, hugs ref
I think we're ready for an Aussie if he's the right man, look at Troy Cooley as bowling coach in 05.
lmao I can't do that . My dad won't let someone get a ride
I'm pretty sure lol, you've played hurricanes before
oh lol. If you don't go you should play
Troy Smith Guinness I did it 😊👍 Troys World RecordAbdominal Hover Plank with 100-LB Pack please share.
I love both of you guys and I swore I did!!
when u told me u felt bad cuz she was weird?😂 😂 aha and i miss u too ! 😒 u never texted Me . 😒😒
I just had a random flashback to when you traded me for jevelle 😒😂😂
Troy is being so difficult right now.
nooo *** we got Vince Young not there Troy smith Calvin Johnson Chris Johnson Steve slaton Sean taylor he no…
Chad Johnson gets his first touchdown on a long pass from Troy Smith. Solid grab. Johnson hugged the official in celeb…
OH MY! Troy Smith with a 48-yard missile to London again and the are in the red zone! First down Mmmmontréal! …
Troy Smith is in the CFL and Kenny Guiton is in the Arena Football League.
Chad Johnson's CFL teammates include Troy Smith, Tyrell Sutton and David Clowney. I feel like I'm watching a time capsule
Troy Smith plays in the Canadian Football League. His team lost 1-29. Ohio State just breeds talent. 😂😂😂
Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith is playing in the CFL
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Like common Troy Smith is a Heisman Trophy winner. We need him to act like it, I honestly think he just needs time.
Troy Smith played for Ohio State... Won a Heisman Trophy... And still can't score more then one point in the CFL 😭😭😭
So I just turned to this Canadian Football League game and Troy Smith is in at QB and OchoCinco is at comes at you fast
And, Troy Smith is sucking it up today in the CFL game I'm watching. Oh how the mighty have fallen after a Heisman Trophy sometimes.
"Clearly" Troy Smith is the Als' future, Rod? I say, what game are you watching?
It's funny that former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith is struggling now in the CFL.
Chad Johnson and Troy Smith both former Nfl players on the same team in the Canadian Football League. Poor Ocho Cinco.
Watching Canadian Football League for the first time. Troy Smith garbage this *** overthrowing everybody.
Troy Smith.yes the one who won a Heisman Trophy is playing QB for Montreal
Chad Johnson. Now Troy Smith. The Canadian Football League is on the come up.
Troy Smith...Heisman Trophy winner...can't throw a ball properly with prolly the best WR core in the league...
Chad Johnson, Kenny stafford, Troy Smith playing in the Canadian Football League..
I'm watching this Canadian Football League because Troy Smith and Chad Johnson are playing
Troy Smith the former Heisman Trophy winner for Ohio State and Chad ochocinco play on the same cfl team Lol on espn 2
Watching the Canadian Football League Chad Johnson and Troy Smith playing. Wow lol where's T.O.
Stamps 11-Als 0 A10 min mark of second quarter --Troy Smith *** --coach Higgins no headset? How does he know what's happening
Currently watching a CFL game where Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith is trying to pass to Ocho Cinco (Chad Johnson)
And they got former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith out there
Watching Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith and Ocho Cinco do their thing in the CFL.
Anyone know if Troy Smith ever won the Heisman Trophy? Rod Black hasn't mentioned it.
The beginning of a new era with the angry birds and former Heisman Trophy winner,Troy Smith.
First look at Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith at QB for the Alouettes today
Troy Smith in the CFL?! Heisman Trophy winning Troy Smith?! Makes it worth a watch... But it ain't American football. 😯😁🏈
Former Ohio State QB and Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith will start for Montreal
Troy Smith, Tedd Ginn Jr, Santonio, Holmes, Vince Young, and Reggie Bush when they were in college >>
Connor Bunnaman and Troy Smith signing the dotted lines at The Aud this morning
I was sleepin' on the The have Troy Smith, Chad Johnson, Mardy Gilyard and Duron Carter! SQUAD!
Ahem...ahem. All hail King Babinski. ( had to get the shameless bowing and scraping in while I can) Now.. If you will all direct your eyes towards the big calendar posted over by the front door you will notice other than the heart circled round my birthday... (Thank you Lisa for that) .that we have just under a week to go before we start the liking process... This is how it goes... On June 20th we stop posting pics and start "liking" the photos we On June 22 the count will begin. We here at Scavenger hunt central (aka ranch kitchen duty) ask that on June 22 you count your own "likes" and send them to either myself or Troy Smith... We will from there determine the leaders and count them. (I think Troy and I are going to rock, paper, scissors, Spock, lizard, to see who does the count this month) Then by June 25th we should have a new King or Queen... Yay! New royalty means new hunt... There is still a chance that our current King could win again. The booze run rule only comes into play after a Ki . ...
I loved that game. Troy Smith will always be my favorite I think
Troy smith was a savage at Ohio State
And there it is...Troy Smith escapes pressure, wings one down to Anthony Gonzalez, who makes a great catch. First and goal.
Troy smith was so good at Ohio State
Antonio Pittman, Troy Smith, Ted Ginn Jr, and Anthony Gonzalez best Buckeye offense ever!
The Montreal Alouettes will have a particular NFL flair in training camp this season as they welcome veteran receiver Chad Johnson and former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback and former Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Troy Smith. They aren’t the only high-profile or notable pl…
Man do I miss the Troy Smith Ohio State days!
Troy Smith ( my favorite college player ever) is the starting qb for cfl Montreal. is his receiver
Happy Father's Day to all the dad's in my family, Kriss Doddridge, Thomas Doddridge, Jason Doddridge, Robert Moore, David Moore, Vernon Sams, Christopher Crawley, Justin Harrison, Rod Webb, Michael Webb, Anthony Kachinsky,Chris Roberts, Allan Roberts, Craig Rogers, Corey WebbDon Skinner, Gerald Smith, Gene Smith,Troy Smith, Bob Lee, and to my sister Beth Moore and my niece Erica Crawley who pull double duty as mom and dad!!! Love you all and for anyone I missed Happy Father's Day to you too:)
"Mother knows best, but father knows everything." -Troy Harris Smith, from SITNOL-A by ABCastueras
Kenny Guiton has more OSU passing records than Braxton, TP, and Troy Smith combined.
I had to test out the ramp that Troy Smith made first and we made it higher
It's official LiveFi The Hottest in the City! Brandon Knox Troy Smith Ex Speck Da Unexspecked we let our work Speak!!! Numbers and Work Congratulations B-Knox I told you was the Best in the city!
LMAO I had a jersey but not anymore. I do have Ginn Jr, Terrelle Pryor, and Troy Smith though!
//Troy Smith & Antoine Winfield, 2 of my top 5 Buckeyes of all time.
At mountainviews graduation and theyre calling it "The Jungle" and that its their home field too. No it's Troy Field and it'…
also that one hurt. Was Troy Smith's 1st game of season. Suspended for 1st game. Hamby dropped sure TD for OSU.
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“JR Smith says he will never talk to Melo again if he signs with the Heat. . m…
50th B-Day Celebration for Troy Smith tonite at Club Vybe. We have dancers, free food, beer and Mascato biggest Gemini party.
Jokes from a tattoo artist are NOT cool Troy Smith
Troy Smith, Maurice Clarett & Ted Ginn the best Buckeyes of all time
Had a great session last night with Bugsy Blackmob ,& Troy Smith and s/o to Darrell Three-d for stopping through and choppin it up
Carolyn Andrea Marie, Monique Nicole Apodaca, Troy Smith, Annette Torrez, Andrew Paul, Demond RrFreight Train Rhodes Can you pleasr help get everyone out for this amazing event? Thank you
Working out with the family Troy Smith Zachary Smith Tiffany Smith and Randall Schneider
Troy Smith heads 13-member hall class, will be introduced at halftime of the Buckeyes’ game against Cincinnati.
I used to watch the NFL back when Troy Aikman & Emmit Smith played. Now the game is too watered down & corporate for me.
Hanging with Troy Smith my buddy were having us some sunrises as soon as he makes em lol
Here's the first look at Chad Johnson in a Montreal Alouettes uniform:
First look at Chad Jonson and Troy Smith in Montreal Alouettes uniforms (Photos)
I hate Sam Smith's voice man pisses me off
I hope Rick Smith and RAC approach Flowers about coming to Houston.
Turn up this Saturday for Mr Troy Smith and Eric Mr 229
Club Vybe Eric /Mr.229 and Troy Smith Gemini Birthday Bash this Saturday all geminis free with ID free food drinks and other party favors.
2006 Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith was among the athletes inducted into the 2014 OSU Athletics Hall of Fame
Congratulations to Troy Smith and Antoine Winfield, who lead a 13-member, 2014 Ohio State Sports Hall of Fame class. http…
Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith among just-announced Ohio State Hall of Famers:...
Among the inductees to the 2014 Ohio State Hall of Fame Class are football players Troy Smith, Antoine Winfield, Bob Vogel and Ralph Wolf.
Receivers Green, London, Johnson, Bowling & Stafford are practising with the 1st offence under QB Troy Smith
everyone is a baller in college...Troy Smith, Vince Young, Matt Leinart..the list goes on and on
Other recent Heisman winners, Matt Leinart, Tim Tebow, and Troy Smith...just to name a few.
. can't wait to hear : Troy Smith to Chad Johnson. Touchdown !!!
I have enjoyed this week with the love of my life, and with my precious baby girl and my awesome son-in-law. Troy Crum, Amanda Smith, Troy Smith
Jason White, Matt Leinart, Troy Smith, Tim Tebow yall get it don't fall into this list.
Tim couch, Brady Quinn, akili Smith, Ryan leaf, Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Jason White. You get the point
Ok so let take a ride on the history train for a sec. In 2007 there was a guy out of Notre Dame who people wanted to try and put over the Ohio State super QB Troy Smith by the name of Brady Quinn. In that pre draft many many anyalist and fans all over kept saying over and over Brady Quinn is going number one. He's this and he's that. Closer to draft time people started drumming up rumors that he could fall to number 3. Which the Cleveland Browns held the number 3 pick in that draft. So Quinn falls a little bit in the mock drafts weeks before the draft. And no one thought anything else but the Browns taking him at 3. Co.e draft day the browns flip the script on everyone and Take Joe Thompson out of Wisconsin. Once that happend Quinns facial expressions changed dramatically. He was sure he was going to Cleveland. Don't know why but he did. The next 6 picks they show his face and it gets worse. Why aren't people taking this supposed to be football stud??? Because they were all smart he sucked. He was ok at . ...
I hope he doesn't end up like Troy Smith, Dennis Dixon, Terrell Pryor, etc.
If this was 5 years ago, Johnny Manziel woulda got the same treatment as Troy Smith: An undersized Heisman Winner that never got a chance
Think he could beat out Troy Smith and Collin Klein for the starting job?
I have and some disagree. If he falls to the 2nd, so be it. But to call him Troy Smith is ridiculous
Mi pa da wa big Miami Heat Fan and the ride hard with Memphis. I guess he knows the danger of a healthy Thunders line up. Troy Smith
As has been the case for the past several Fridays, I had a column in the sports section. Football fans will recognize the name Troy Smith. The former Heisman Trophy winner spent three days this week at Historic Dodgertown, attending a minicamp with the Montreal Alouettes. I talked with him about what he wants to do when his playing days are over.
if Chad Johnson does indeed make the Montreal Alouettes' roster, his quarterback will be ex-Ohio State star Troy Smith
*** Chad Johnson playing in the CFL! Troy Smith throwing to Ocho Cinco. ..lucky aholes in Mtl.
Eric crouch, Tim Tebow, Troy Smith, Chris Wenke, Matt Leinart.( Soon to be Johnny Manziel )= wash out heisman quarterbacks
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Johnny Manziel is easily the next Chris Weinke, Jason White, Troy Smith, Tim Tebow, Erich Crouch, or Matt Leinart.
I was going to say Troy Smith but now I think he was Ken Dorsey
Aaron craft was at OSU so long he got to share a backcourt with Michael Redd, watch Troy Smith win heisman and get tats with Terrell Pryor
Johnny Manziel won a Heisman Trophy, and everyone says how good he'll do in the NFL. But hasn't history proved otherwise? Look at the previous Heisman QB's. -RG3.hard to tell cause he's always hurt. -Sam Bradford.struggling as a starter -Tim Tebow.not in the NFL -Troy Smith.not in the NFL -Matt he in the NFL? lol -Jason White.WHO? -Carson the NFL (but ask Bengals fans about him lol) Cam Newton's the one QB going back to the 90's or even further, that's won the Heisman and shown signs of doing anything useful in the NFL, (verdict is still out on RG3). So is Manziel worth the risk? Personally, I think I'd go with Bridgewater
Its sad to see all these NCAA QBs are nonexistent like Matt Barkley, Kellen Moore, Collin Klein, Troy Smith, Brady Quinn, Colt Brennan, etc.
The Reconstruction era and beyond were trying times for Native Americans along the Mississippi. In the North, warfare against the Sioux continued for more than a decade after the Civil War ended. In the South, Choctaws remaining in Mississippi saw their rights further infringed upon when local governments tried to classify them as “colored.” Choctaws, safely “civilized” for decades, had the benefit of many nostalgic white supporters who had developed a romanticized view of Indian influences on their home state. Native Americans in the Mississippi River Valley, 1851-1900 by O. Vernon Burton, Troy Smith, and Simon Appleford, University of Illinois. Public Domain Choctaw MS
Peyton Manning you are no way compareable to Anthony Calvillo, Warren Moon, Joe Theismann, Joe Kapp, Doug Flutie, Tracy Ham, Damon Allen, Matt Dunigan, Kent Austin, Tom Clements, Dieter Brock, Danny MacManus.Manning and this goes for Eli as well.You're no Jeff Garcia, Tom Burgess, Vince Ferragamo ya he sucked. he had 25 int's in like 4 or 5 games until he was benched for Gerry Ditilio...werdd Gerry Ditilio... and shout outs to Joe Barnes, Ron Lancaster, Canadian QB Russ Jackson.and Ricky Ray and Steve Salisbury...also respect to Gilbert Renfroe, Kory Joseph, Dave Dickinson, David Archer, John Hufnagel, Troy Smith, Kerwin Bell, Steve Congemi.I think it was Steve..he played st Pitt after Marino...John Congemi.that's it.
As a participant and fan of team sports my entire life, I understand that winning all of the time is not a reality. And being a 49er fan for as long as I can remember has put us through many challenging times. .. I remember vaguely coming of prominence in the early 80's, the dynasty years, the many years I sat at the Stick watching the likes of Troy Smith, Shaun Hill, and Alex Smith. Now with Colin at the helm and much QB evolution expected, the future is bright. We have played in the last 3 conference championships and been to the Super Bowl with this group. With Harbaugh leading the way, with the talent we have, in conjunction with lots of draft picks, there is every reason to be optimistic about this team and the rivalry with the Seahawks. I am sure there will be many more battles to come. Great season Niners. .. congratulations on making it to a 3rd straight conference championship game. And with a heavy heart and a bitten tongue I say congratulations Seahawks on a great season and a job ...
The players are in no particular order just the best 10 guys at the position (5 returners) in the BCS era. The list is based on each individual player's performance as an collegiate player only. Popularity, draft position, success in the NFL or lack there of is NOT a factor in the ranking of these players. Also unlike ESPN on this list each player was required to have actually played a down in the conference so you wont see Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh listed. Disclaimer: The Linebacker position was byfar the toughest position to rank as there were so many great ones and not everyone can make the list, so here we go.    Quarterbacks:  1. Drew Brees (Purdue)  2. Russell Wilson (Wisconsin)  3. Troy Smith (Ohio State)  4. Antwan Randle EL (Indiana)  5. Brad Banks (Iowa)  6. Chad Henne (Michigan)  7. Kurt Kitner (Illinois)  8. Curtis Painter (Purdue)  9. Drew Stanton (Michigan State) 10. Drew Henson (Michigan)    Runningbacks: 1. Ron Dayne (Wisconsin) 2. Larry Johnson (Penn State) 3. Mike Hart (Mich ...
.Ranks 4th all-time at with 52 career TD passes. Troy Smith (2002-06) is 3rd with 54.
Come on out this weekend to meet Jim Tressel, Archie Griffin, Craig Krenzel, Troy Smith, and more! Details here...
Eric Crouch, Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Ron Dayne and now ROBERT GRIFFIN III.Heisman Trophy winners who were BUSTS in the NFL!
Okay Browns Fans, since you're all so hot to hire a college coach with no NFL experience, why not Jim Tressel ? Unlike Chip Kelly, Tressel has been to two National Title Games and won one. The Browns plain vanilla offense would be perfect for Tressel and unlike that indecisive gerbil Shurmer, he'd actually make it work. Jim never had a running back stable as good as the Browns and he'd put them to good use. If Tressel can make a stiff of a quarterback like Troy Smith a Heisman Trophy winner maybe he could do the same with Weeden or McCoy. Think about it.
I COMPLETELY agree with this Browns fan!!! "This is the biggest thing that I hate about being a Browns fan, having to deal with stupid OSU fans who want to draft every Buckeye that comes out with all of our picks. When Ginn came out, I read a long article about how the Browns would be in the playoffs if we "draft Ted Ginn in the 1st, Troy Smith in the 2nd and Anthony Gonzalez in the third." Now, I hear people saying that we need to draft Carlos Hyde with the number 4 pick. This is idiocy. First of all, Jim Tressel would still have to serve his suspension from the NCAA per Roger Goodell. Secondly, when Tressel was the head coach at OSU, he had the second most amount of player arrests(the coach with the most during that same time period, ironically, is the new head coach of the Buckeyes.) Furthermore, look at the level of competition he had when he was the head coach... the Big Ten has been awful for a long time, on a national level. Now this video points out 3 successful former college coaches coaching in ...
Braxton Miller, just like Troy Smith, Terrell Pryor were recruited as a running quarterback because that is what they are best at is running. Little they know that they will never be a NFL quarterback material, because it takes a lot more than running to be an excellent qb that must be able to determine quickly the defense schemes, directing traffic, excellent communication not only with coaches but also with players, the ability to throw a ball, and probably one of the most overlooked skill is vocalization of plays, drawing the defense offsides, etc. Unfortunately, OSU Athletics program have recruited a running QB for over 10 years all of which have been afro-american descent, and no caucasian QB at all for a long time. What happened to equal opportunity employment. It's time for a change. We need a qualified QB. Otherwise, OSU Buckeye football will remain a big joke, DoDo Bird.
Braxton says he's ready for NFL!?! Perhaps he needs a long phone conversation with Troy Smith, Joe Germaine & Craig Krenzel! The last three Buckeyes to be unsuccessful in the league!
TP is the same category as Troy Smith, Vince Young & Tebow.
Where is Tim Tebow and Troy Smith? They can't possibly be somewhere more important than the Heisman ceremony.
Remember when Troy Smith won the Heisman because Adrian Peterson was injured? Now, he's in the CFL.
Fun fact of the day: Only 8 of the 74 Heisman Trophy winners are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Moral of the success does not automatically equal professional usefulness (i.e. Troy Smith, Matt Leinhart, Tim Tebow). Perhaps the Browns should consider that when drafting QBs (i.e. Spergon Wynn, Brady Quinn, Tim Couch, Brandon Weeden...).
wanna be Troy Smith, Mark Sanhez, or Matt Leinart, leaving chasing money and never being looked at as a real contributor
Will Anthony Calvillo retire? I think the Als are focusing on Troy Smith as the pivot of today and tomorrow. Would Anthony stay as a backup? Any interest from other teams? I would like to see him retire as a player and stay as a coach and mentor for Troy Smith.
By % of vote, the largest Heisman margin ever was Troy Smith, by vote count, OJ had the greatest margin. Will Winston top both?
absolutely. We may be in Troy Smith territory with Winston.
In 2006, Troy Smith received 91.63% of the vote, beating Darren McFadden (31.67%) by 59.96%. Interesting to see if Winston eclipses that.
Let Jameis Winston win the Heisman. Remember when Troy Smith won the trophy and showed up 10lbs overweight in the BCS game against Florida?
What is there to debate about the Heisman? The only question is if Jameis Winston wins by more than Troy Smith did. is reporting that Braxton Miller is saying he'll return for his senior season, although he says it's not "100%." Troy Smith is in his ear advising him to return. Troy returned and won the Heisman. Could be a similar scenario next year.
The Heisman is the most overrated trophy in sports, Matt Leinart, Troy Smith, Ty Detmer, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, and Mark Ingram all won it
Repost: Troy Smith would tell Braxton Miller to return to Ohio State and wait on the NFL
Yes! A thousand times yes! “RT Troy Smith's advice for Braxton Miller: Stay for senior year
Nov. 12, 2006: Top-ranked gets 4 TD passes from Troy Smith, including 2 to Brian Hartline, in a 54-10 rout at Northwestern.
Montreal's GM, Jim Popp is a patient man! Troy Smith has been on Mtl's Negotiation List since 2005.
ok Tuesday Night Question.If you were a NFL Head Coach and had to Start 1 of these 4 Past Heisman Trophy Winners as your Starting QB which 1 would you Start? a) Matt Leinart. b) Troy Smith. c) Jason White. d) Tim Tebow.
Whatever happened to Mark Ingram ? Heisman winner bust, same with Tebow, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, Troy Smith and Jason White ha
Braxton Miller has 6,910 yards of total offense in his career. Today he passed Troy Smith for 3rd in OSU history. Hoying n…
so did Matt Leinart but Reggie Bush, Tim Tebow, Troy Smith and Sam Bradford all lost after that. It's still a thing
Come at me Wellington with Josh O'Keefe, Sam Duff, Tyler Barnes, Chris Sandoe, Robert Neal, Ambrose Benedict Hickman, Marcus John Belcher, Troy Smith and of course the STAG Stuart Densie!!
Troy Smith, Pryor and Braxton have a combined 0 wins at Purdue. But my god Purdue is bad, OSU loses imma play in traffic.
if Troy smith would have never caught that stomach virus and lost 40lb.,he would've doneokay when he played 4the ravens
Tomorrow night at Troy Smith Field The Bobcats will host the wildcats for the 50th year anniversary of plays Salem!!! Former bobcat football players will be recognize at halftime.. But the school encourage all alumni to come to the game to celebrate this milestone for Bogue Chitto High School!!!
With the right around the corner, Troy Smith will have a lot to prove this week. WATCH -
Bout to watch the conjuring with Erica Tomalak and Troy Smith II
Troy Smith's arm strength reminds Don Matthews of Warren Moon's big arm -
She's dressing up as Troy Smith in the national championship game after visiting the buffet circuit
If Tyrod Taylor was good as some people think he is...he'd be a starter on another team. Where's Troy Smith now? Enough…
The Night after Troy Smith died He in front of all male family cursed and yelled at his mother, on the porch and no one did anything to stop him! Real men huh
Who wanna chill in Delhi wit me and Troy Smith ? (:
At this point Popp says Troy Smith will start East Semifinal, but he reserves the right to make a quarterback change
Jim Popp says Troy Smith will start at QB FRI, but does want to give Tanner Marsh& Josh Neiswander playing time.
Girl next to me at the airport is spitting mad fantasy football game, brokering 3 way trades and ripping on Willis McGahee and Troy Smith.
This Friday Night, Nov 1, 2013, the BC Bobcats will host Salem at 7:00, at Troy Smith Stadium. There will be a SR recognition before the game starting around 6:15. Halftime will consist of Recognition of ANY Football Player that has ever played for the Bogue Chitto Football Program over the course of the last 50 years!! *We want to recognize you!! What an awesome night this will be! The PeeWee Cheerleaders will also perform!! Tailgating Festivities will begin around 5:00 on Tailgate Hill! Hope to see everyone there!! ♥Go Bobcats!!!♥
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Good golly, Troy Smith gave us equal gifts, and four of his grandchildren didn't see his wife before she died?
I have to thank Michelle and Troy Smith for helping with my costume and all my coworkers for being as bad a as they are!! Happy Halloween Yo!
Vick with Atlanta Troy smith with Ohio State dirk with Dallas and pujols with the cards
Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor and Braxton Miller are among the most decorated QBs at OSU. They're *winless* at Purdue.
and are the only programs to ever have beaten all three of these QBs: Braxton Miller, Terrelle Pryor, and Troy Smith
Troy Smith, Tyrelle Pryor, and Braxton Miller -- all decorated, winning QBs who did nothing but lose at Purdue.
., why cant you just sign Dennis Dixon,Troy Smith,Pat White, or Tim Tebow for your team. Im no Bills fan, but I'd watch them.
i Really wish that along with Urban Meyer we could bring Troy Smith as Qb Coach
Congratulations to Troy Smith, the Player of the Game as voted by fans
Why don't the browns go after Troy smith he is doing really well in the cfl
Not a Browns fan but it would be awesome if they gave Troy Smith a shot at QB.
Braxton Miller and Troy smith play so much alike, id be sad if Braxton doesn't win heisman by a landslide..
live or on tv,,should have phrased my question better — I guess I have to say Troy smith. He did win the Heisman...
Reggie Bush and Troy Smith both lost their title games , If you go back Paul Hornung won it on a Notre Dame team that was 3-9
Congrats to the 8th grade girls bball team on their 26-7 victory over Troy Smith this afternoon! It's a great day to be a Crusader!
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Troy smith jersey comin out for tomorrow
that doesn't mean he's going to be a good nfl qb ask Tebow, Troy smith, Matt linenert..
troy smith started the Heisman moment current trend.
Sitting here watching the replay of the o.state Penn state game..and at times miller looks like troy smith in...
best Ohio State qb since uhhh... Troy smith
Its crazy Troy Smith had the 2nd highest% of points possible to win the Heisman in trophy history and only played in 20 games over 4 seasons
Happy Birthday to my cousin Alex " Pastor Troy " Smith 🎈🎊🎉 you'll forever live on ,miss you. 😔😘
I know what you're thinking right now.. WHERE IS TROY SMITH
Troy Smith. “_ is my QB if I have to win one game.”
Terrelle Pryor and Troy Smith are the only Ohio State quarterbacks that i like
Brady Quinn is on the browns and Troy Smith CFL
trestman needs to look at his old team for a new QB. troy smith started for the ALs and had 3 tds last game.
College GameDay is really hyping up the next Troy Smith, a.k.a. Marcus Mariota
Eagles fans have the biggest obsession with Marcus Mariota, and I can't understand why. I see him doing the same things and having the same type of success that Troy Smith had at Ohio State. Personally, I'd take Blake Bell, Jordan Lynch or Aaron Murray over him
There's gotta be guys out there better than Weeden and Campbell.Lets give Troy Smith, Daunte Culpepper, or Pablo Sanchez a call
Ha ha. Troy Smith would be happy with a job!! Let alone a Pro Bowl
I'm sure Troy Smith would be thrilled with only 1 pro bowl.
A Manning has never won a Heisman Trophy. But Tebow, Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Crouch, Weinke, Wuerffel and Bradford have. Let that sink in.
Yo you boys still keen on playin twilight?? Adam Tipper Troy Smith Ants Bell Kyle Graham Jordan Joblin-Hall Jordan Healy Sam Roebuck ?? I think registration have to Be in within the next few weeks
*** Troy Smith could have put up at least 7 on Carolina. 😂😂😂
word but I loved Troy smith he was a god
Troy Smith, a current CPL student has recently imported this Mentor from the USA. Ex USAF, this type was used for many years as a basic trainer. It is actually a highly modified Beechcraft Bonanza. Aerobatic with tandem seating and joy stick controls, it is the only one of its type in Australia. Troy hopes it will be flying by October [if CASA paper work permits!].
L O L troy smith *** u goin back 2 07 ok. Ill take Flacco over Cam anyday. yall got them boys top of da draft
Y'all drafted 2 QB's back to back years as well? Remember Troy Smith?
Truck oil pump and timing chain done. Thanks to the 240 Fail Shop. Everet Hampton, Lacey Buchanan-Legan can tell Nick thanks, and Troy Smith.
Troy smith was so good at Ohio State...what happened
no we want T Rattay !! Or Shawn Hill!! Or Troy smith or possibly David Carr I hear he's available lol!
I would like to thank my children for coming out to church today. I pray that you heard something that will bring you back.Church was awesome the Holy Ghost fulled the house. Our pastor Troy Smith, preach an awesome word. Stop playing games.It was like heaven on earth, what ever you wanted from the Lord today all you had to do was reach out and grab it. When the praises go up God shows out. Be blessed on this week.
benched for Kap yeah, didn't go well when benched for Carr, Troy Smith, or the rest of those failures at QB.
she's the same person who constantly pushed for Troy Smith over Flacco when she was in Baltimore. Credibility = 0
Teddy Ginn and Santonio Holmes both scoring touchdowns today...somebody sign Troy Smith and Beanie Wells and we'll have Buckeyes in the endzone all over the
Basically any Troy Smith game is on par with this
They go trade quicker than they did Troy Smith
This game feels like Mike Singletary and Troy Smith.
head coach Troy Smith says he's reluctant to break-up trio of Pedersen-Marcantuoni-Bailey, even after just one game.
Ted Ginn and Troy Smith were the perfect combination at Ohio State.
Ed Reed could have bapped Troy Smith but he couldn't do it
Here we go with this s*** want to start cheating Troy Smith was not out of bounds
Man when Troy smith Ted Ginn and Pittman was at Ohio State >>> that use to be the team. After they left I stop watching Osu
Our Offence was terrible till Troy Smith came sharing that rock.
Troy Smith would be better than weeden
/ Hey Bruce, don't you think Troy Smith would do a whole lot better and Brian Hoyer
/ I really think Troy Smith Heisman Trophy winner would do a whole lot better than Brian Hoyer .
I'm sorry manziel isn't much more than a glorified Troy Smith in my eyes...
/Here we go, Joe Jurevicius talking hometown hero about Brian Hoyer. I can remember Troy Smith won Heisman Trophy.
Braxton Miller getting some mentoring from former Heisman winner Troy Smith.
I'm also high on Braxton Miller but Ohio State Qbs have let me down before. Coughs Troy Smith
Troy Smith. Options for this story. I work at the best place in the world, . Helping myself and helping others...
Not only did Troy Smith run for his first CFL TD for Montreal today, Duron Carter caught a touchdown pass in the Alouettes' loss
Former QB Troy Smith scored his first TD on Saturday. Here's what it looked like ->
Kenny Guiton is now the 5th Ohio State QB with 4 Passing TDs in multiple games in 1 season. (1st since Troy Smith in 2006)”
Aye what happen to Troy Smith ..the QB from Ohio St..
nice, I haven't been to a game since Troy smith was there
Tim Tebow, Jason White, Matt Lineart, Troy Smith; all won the Heisman too
Manziel is a lot like Troy Smith I think. Not as much arm as Troy. How'd Troy do in the NFL? Lol
Weird to think that former Heisman-winner Troy Smith was in today for the annual-game. -
Michigan is horiible along with the entire big ten. I miss when troy smith and the boys had the nation scared.
Troy Smith with the pose after scoring td... Very nice...
Bill Snyder is treating this game like Jim Tressel treated Justin Zwick. Just leave Troy Smith in the game. I mean Sams.
yeah so does Matt Leonard and Troy smith
whoa. I completely forgot about Troy smith. Nvm!
They already have Troy Smith! Who I'd take over VY any day given their recent form...
congrads to Troy Smith,will b back just like hof'er Warren moon
but you're an OSU fan so i hate you. cause of that fiesta bowl where Troy Smith, Santonio Holmes, and Ted Ginn killed ND
“Troy Smith 1st CFL TD congrats. Maybe the would wisen up and sign Troy Smith.
Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith with his first CFL touchdown.
Jim Popp must use Troy Smith for the next full game:forget nieswander
But despite calls from fans, Jim Popp says he's not planning to give the ball to former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith.
What does Cam Newton, RG3, Mark Ingram, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Troy Smith, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Jason White all have in common? The Heisman Trophy. Anything else? They all appear to be either a bust in the NFL, on the path to being a bust or just "so-so" players.
Of OSU's individual top 20 total offense games, four came against Michigan. Three by Troy Smith and one by Braxton Miller.
Hey man. Sanantonio Holmes played with Troy Smith and he was Ted Ginn Jr. was But he graduated before they went to the
Troy Smith really never got a proper chance to play in the NFL. I thought he was going to be at least alright in the NFL
really thought Troy Smith was going to be a good pro lol
OSU is a 37 point favorite to beat Buffalo. PUT TROY SMITH IN!
I actually had a meeting with Troy Smith at the A's facilities about themThey told me they had no issue
So... Is Troy Smith adapted to the yet?
All my Ohio St friends are telling me how Troy Smith will dominate the CFL.He will...if he stays away from the buffet table and players gf's
Troy Smith is another QB, great at OSU out of job in NFL
I remember you starting out selling raffle tix every week at score during troy smith heisman yr
Troy smith was sick in college he plays in the CFL now
yeah but its a little too obvious. Last preseason fav to win Heisman was like Troy Smith/Sam Bradford
Vince Young, Cam Newton, and Troy Smith all went through McNair's camp 😳
Whenever people see me wear this49er jersey they say"Alex smith was *** even tho im reppin Troy smith...
Montreal may have found their eventual replacement for Anthony Calvillo in Troy Smith...if they don't make him a starting WR/SB!
Braxton Miller is averaging 52 more yards of total offense per game over his OSU career than Troy Smith had (Brax 216, Troy 164).
I hate all things Montreal sports. I hate all things Buckeye. I like the Alouettes signing Troy Smith last week. He could be a stud up here
That's kinda what I was thinking. It's happened before (Tolzien, Troy Smith).
They brought in Tolzien and Baalke was on board when Troy Smith came aboard.
I hear Troy Smith is leaning hard towards Ohio State..any truth to that?
What I Am Hearing: Troy Smith still impacting OSU recruiting; Top DB hears great things about OSU from...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"What I Am Hearing" has Troy Smith still impacting Ohio State recruiting, prime time Buckeye recruiting and more
Good example of how something starts off cool and ends up meh. Devinci Troy (Smith’s bike) and what you can buy.
so Troy smith is coming over to party with us tomorrow.hhah
has a bit of Troy Smith to his game, maybe only with better instincts! (Hopefully)
Watching the "Big 10's Greatest Games" on Michigan/OSU from 2006... Just because I like torturing myself, and I still hate Troy Smith.
the debate in my mentions about Troy Smith in the NFL
put up big college numbers with no pro skills that translate to NFL success, ala Troy Smith or Tebow.
Whoever "Troy Smith dealer" is, needs to stop putting his graffiti all over Cambridge
But he said RG3, Troy Smith has nothing to do with this
“you said he won nothing. He won the Heisman that's something worth mentioning.”Troy smith won the heisman
show me one non Buckeye fan who believes Troy Smith is a good complete qb.
If you're having a bad day, here's a photo of troy smith in Hive 😂😂
How long until we see Troy Smith under centre taking snaps for the Alouettes?
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