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Troy Smith

Troy James Smith (born July 20, 1984) is an American football quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL) in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

Matt Leinart Ohio State Heisman Trophy Tim Tebow Cardale Jones Dale Hunter Sam Bradford Ken Dorsey Braxton Miller Archie Griffin Terrell Pryor Reggie Bush Eric Crouch Beanie Wells Ted Ginn Jr Brady Quinn Devin Smith Terrelle Pryor

I was partying with a crew that knew a crew that was partying with Troy Smith. So almost kind of partying w Troy Smith tops my list so far
When you like wow Troy smith is next to you and he won a hesimanand you didn't do nothing *** !
WCU GOAL! Brendan Smith scores! Assisted by Troy Chaplin. 2:45 remaining in the first.
Eddie George Troy Smith and Charles Woodson? Oh *** yeah that was funny as ***
I said even after the NC game, y'all have to go with JT. He got you in position for that game. He reminds me of Troy Smith kinda.
Like he went on the Troy Smith banquet tour the past 2 weeks.
JT O'Sullivan, Ken Dorsey, and Troy Smith all had one good games before. It's all about consistency in the league.
Rocking the Troy smith jersey tonight
faced third down, but Dobbs picks it up with a scramble and a strike to Josh Smith.
Smith intercepted, Troy takes over with 8:09 to play in 3rd Q.
Fourth down ULM at the Troy 34 with 3:19 until the half. Garrett Smith is getting beat half to death by the Trojan defense.
Troy intercepts a Smith pass and returns it for a TD.
But Troy stops Smith short by a half-yard on third down.
Troy getting solid pressure on Garrett Smith, but he is escaping and getting positive yards.
Smith to Hawkins for a first down, now at Troy 30.
Smith dropped a wide open pass, but Dobbs goes right back to him and the are back in South Carolina territory.
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TD WARHAWKS! Smith to Green - 47 yard pass. PAT is good... Troy 13, ULM 7 - 4:38 to play in 1st Q.
Garrett Smith to Marcus Green for a 47-yard TD for ULM Warhawks. Troy's Cedarius Rookard toasty after that one.
ULM converts its first third-down of the game on a 10-yard pass from Smith to Ajalen Holley for a first down at the Troy 47.
Smith finds Green for ULM's second first down of the drive, ULM now at Troy 47.
Officials review Smith's attempt a fumble and Troy recovers at the Warhawk 29-yard line. Yikes.
Smith hit and Troy recovered it, originally called inc - under review
Touchdown Troy. Smith is sacked and his fumble is scooped up by Darrin Reddick and returned 19 yards. Play is under review.
Troy's William Lloyd blows by Chase Regian and sacks Smith on third down. Not the way the Warhawks wanted to start.
Paris Woods makes leaping grab in corner of the end zone. Lands on Troy Smith in the end zone.
Troy University. ... is this her pick. ...Stay tuned.Nancy Quinn Sprayberry Mark Bowen Sandra Bowen John Smith
I been an Ohio State fan since Troy Smith and Ted Ginn Jr played for them..
. When can i get Emmitt Smith on my MUT or Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Dieon Sanders.
Saw the Miller lite commercial with Troy aikmen. Jes looking hot wish they let him play along with emmit Smith. Great …
Sam Smith - Not In That Way Lyrics: there is two sides to every feeling.
They did! I give Jatarie "most improved" award. TRoy was knocking down the 3's and Coates was great on offense & defense.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"The child reportedly found the Smith & Wesson 9mm in the console of the vehicle.".
Wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. is the Ravens nominee for the award
Abrakadoodle franchisees from Virginia - Eileen and Troy Moore, Yolanda Smith and Sue Walia.
Former Heisman winner Troy Smith to speak in Sandusky July 10
JT O'Sullivan, Troy Smith and David Carr beg to differ
some macca players on that pitch yeh Wats happens to smith think he thinks he's Troy 😂😂
Troy Smith is cooking up the competition! Get his turtle soup recipe:
man I think Grbac was up there and Troy Smith even Shaun Hill
What is Troy Smith up to these days?
Off the top of my head... Alex Smith, JT O'Sullivan, Troy Smith?
Juice Williams and Troy Smith were my favorite; classic 2 bar with Nike visors
Where's Troy Smith when ya need him.
- it doesn't get much better than Troy Smith lined up in the shotgun against Michigan with Ted Ginn Jr and Anthony Gonzalez at receiver.
- nothing like college football back when Troy Smith, Brady Quinn, Colt Brennan, Vince Young, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush played. Legends.
Last time I saw Texas lose their first game of the season was back in '06 when Troy Smith and Ted Ginn Jr. absolutely torched them.
Ohio State was ridiculous in 2006. Troy Smith, Beanie Wells, Ginn, Gonzalez, Robiskie, Hartline. The offense was a machine
Tim Rattay, Ken Dorsey, Cody Pickett, Dennis Erickson, Troy Smith, Mike Singletary, JTO, Shaun Hill you can't stump me lol.
Cole won the offseason QB competition & will replace Troy Smith as starter. Looks like Gray is the backup as Tyler Torres was working at WR
Can we just take a minute to remember the 2006 Fiesta Bowl which featured Troy Smith & Brady Quinn.
I can see that because playing with Alex and Troy Smith, Weinke, Rattay, Dorsey and JT O'Sullivan doesn't inspire confidence.
from Troy Smith, to John Beck, to Marc Bulger, to Tyrod Taylor, to Matt Schaub, the Ravens love collecting awful QBs
Troy Smith, Beanie, Malcolm Jenkins, Cardale and Devin Smith my favorite players from Ohio State in my lifetime prolly
Troy Smith and Dale Hunter were standing two metres away from each other at HHOF yesterday. No one fined!
so did jason white Matt Leinart Eric Crouch Tim Tebow Charlie Ward danny wuerfell & Troy Smith how'd they do in the pros
Former Rangers coach Troy Smith on returning to Hamilton and the fallout in Kitchener:
Former Rangers coach Troy Smith is joining the Bulldogs
.announce hockey ops staff: Ron Wilson as assistant coach, Troy Smith as associate, Mike Parson as goalie coach...
MT Heisman Trophy winning Troy Smith posed for photos and took part in the
Tired of "he won a Heisman" being a reason people say Tebow deserves an NFL job. Where are those complaining about Matt Leinart/Troy Smith?
Look up Schlitchter Jeff George Mike Phipps & Troy Smith odds are against him & add issues?
Okay so did Tebow, So did Sam Bradford, So did Troy Smith, and so did Matt Leinart look where they are now
Video: See who Troy Smith would pick as Ohio State's starting QB - Big Ten Network
Troy Smith knows who he would start at QB. Hear his answer in this interview with
Troy Smith threw it 68 yards. But you have to see Cardale Jones' throw at half of spring game. http:/…
Troy Smith, Archie Griffin and Eddie George talked about Heismans last night at
Eddie George & Troy Smith got JUICED up last night! But they always had it! Get yours here:
Marlins traded Trevor Hoffman to San Diego, Steve Smith for Heat and Panthers, Dolphins - Troy Vincent.
Very informative presentation on Estate Planning by Troy Smith AHFA Conference
Good news for Indiana: Troy Williams is coming back! 😃. Bad news for Indiana: so is Tom Crean. 😥
So proud of Jessica Jeffers presenting on "Growing Mathematicians".
Players the Ravens have taken with draft picks in the 20’s: Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Mark Clayton, Ben Grubbs, Michael Oher,…
London coach Dale Hunter fined 5K by OHL for saying Rangers boss Troy Smith purposely sent Liam Maaskant out to hurt Max Domi in GM 5.
Dale Hunter will have to dig into his wallet. $5,000 fine for saying Troy Smith sent Liam Maaskant out to hurt Max Domi.
Ozzie Newsome on Torrey Smith: 'I thought Torrey had an impact in Baltimore.'
I love you because you like doughnut 🍩 btw troy asked us to tell you nice things ☺
Manziel, RG3, Bradford, Tebow, Troy Smith, Matt Leinart. 6/7 Heisman winning QBs since 2004 that have done nothing in the NFL.
Now Playing - 'Me & My Drink Ft. Ian Smith & Troy Ave' by 'Kenny Shane' . Tune in now to
Cam Smith or Cronk would be handy as well! 😜
what!! Hit me up and we will kick it, I miss you bro
I live like 1 minute away from u now 😂
I was going through old clothes today and I found my Troy Smith jersey and I just can't get rid of it 😭😭😭
My mom always has an attitude with me and I have to deal with my brother calling me out my name every time I see him.I can't take it no more
don't understand how he didn't but Troy Smith did? Makes no sense.
Troy Daniel Smith Will the internet crash on Friday with the…
he did pretty well lasted 10 years in da league. How Terrell Pryor doin or troy smith? Or Ted Ginn garbage
Kickboxing is nothing new to Troy Smith. She is exicited to show off her skills as well as build on them.
Lol at the fact that we're still having parent night for High School Musical tonight without a Troy 😂
Former Ohio State QB, Michigan nemesis Troy Smith on Wolverines, Jim Harbaugh: 'It's great for the rivalry'
Dale Hunter on revisiting his post-Game 5 Troy Smith comments in Kitchener series: "That's in the past. I don't talk about that (anymore)."
You are invited!. The Putnam County Library Friends are hosting Coffee with an Author this Saturday at 10:30 a.m. with author, Troy D. Smith.
This site takes hip hop back to day buddy in Harlem Troy Smith
Devin Smith is a beast I wouldn't mind getting him in round 1
that is Troy Smith, the mostly quickly forgotten Heisman winner as the following year was all about gators and titles
get one team for both sports? Bandwagon. Doing this since Santonio Holmes Troy Smith & Greg Oden E Turner
Once the Sonics left I became a GS fan and Troy Smith was my favorite college player as a kid so that's how
oh well. I been an Ohio State since Troy Smith days & an Oregon fan since Jeremiah Masoli days as far as football goes
Photo: LONELY BOY and FELLY Producer Troy Daniel Smith moderates a panel at the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival...
Troy is getting a Publix!! 🙌 now if they can just build a Church of the Highlands campus my life will be complete! 😁
Ohio State greats Troy Smith and Beanie Wells enshrined in OHSAA Circle of Champions.
Good to see the 2006 Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith throwing the ball around today during Pro Day.
Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith drops back to throw at OSU pro day.
Looks like a Glenville grad will be throwing at Ohio State's pro day: Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith warming up to throw for WR drills.
Former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith getting loose. Scheduled to throw later on at OSU Pro Day.
His QBs in Montreal this season included Troy Smith and Jonathan Crompton.
Awesome mediation seminar with Troy Smith n Sally Bowers Really worthwhile and well done!!!
Congratulations to Troy Smith, Bob Jacoby, Darryl Baldwin, and the 21 scholar athletes honored by the National Football Foundation tonight!
Tucker coached Ryan Clark, Mike Doss, Will allen, and Donte Whitner...he's got game. Also recruited Ted Ginn and Troy Smith.
This is for Andy Katzenmoyer, David Boston, Chris Gamble, Beanie Wells, Troy Smith, Bobby Carpenter all guys who bled that scarlet x grey
Urban has now beat last 3 Heisman winners going for title -- Troy Smith, Bradford & Mariota (via
Troy Smith called Cardale Jones Tuesday with some advice:
Troy smith won and got smacked against Florida
Good enough for Troy Smith, good enough for you.
Who cares if Troy Hill plays? Devin Smith will burn him badly on verticals. Horrible matchup for Oregon, Buckeyes will take Ducks to school
There's a reason why j r smith is my favorite player
will troy smith be there? His name was not on the buick list
I liked a video Foxleaf Books Present Meet the Author with Dr. Troy D. Smith and Beth Nelson
Which skill would PG LOVE to open on to complete his game? READ:
by heisman hangover you mean like what Troy smith did?
Troy Hill and Chris Seisay will shutdown Devin Smith and Michael Thomas next Monday
Didn't Troy Smith bang a teammate's GF before a NC game?
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I wish Troy Smith's NFL career panned out better. He didn't even cut it in the CFL :(
I got Ohio State taking it all on Monday though.. I been messing with the Bucks since '06-when Troy smith was on the team lol
Last 3 Heisman winners to play for title all won, but won 2 titles at Florida over winners Troy Smith and Sam Bradford.
Now that he's been traded, let's all remember JR Smith's greatest moment as a Knick: "You trying to get the pipe?"
Check out Judge Smith tomorrow night as we welcome lead guitarist Brian Curtiss, and drummer Troy Tinker Dewdney...
EVERY TIME WE BEAT MICHIGAN! Oh just 1 moment?? 2005 1st&10 30, Troy Smith to Anthony Gonzalez great throw&catch at the 2.
There is only one team thats a nation they are called Florida ask old Troy smith
Tim Tebow won a playoff game..only thing saving him from being trash too. Troy Smith?! TRASH
OSU vs Michigan in a battle of vs this would launch Troy Smith led Buckeyes into title game!
Watch this weekend's NFL Playoff predictions with Scott Anthony Smith, Mark Haskell, Danny Simmons and Troy Peasley
Make sure to mention that Troy Smith was allowed in the Heisman House
you and me both, brother. Especially if freaking Troy Smith is already in there and Tebow makes it the next year.
almost never in the last 15 yrs has the offense won in the title GM. Troy Smith v Meyer; Sam Bradford v Meyer. Check NFL also
Lol well that and I've been a small fan since Troy Smith was their QB
I'm giving away: TROY AIKMAN 1991 , EMMITT SMITH. Check it out -
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I want to see troy lamson, tyler diamond, harlem Dillon, bruce smith, and parker reid in rfa in 2015
Imagine. Troy Harris Smith Singing this song!! . Brace yourself for !!!
On this day in 2007, the Florida Gators dismantled Troy Smith's Ohio State Buckeyes, 41-14, to capture the BCS national…
Steve Smith has now scored the most runs by an Australian in a test series v India. He passes Sir Donald Bradman's 715 …
"In the last 25 years, 16 QBs have won the Heisman. Only 1 has won an NFL Playoff game: Tim Tebow" FALSE TROY SMITH
third time Urban will face the Heisman winner in the title game: Troy Smith, Bradford, Mariotta.
I'm in the minority, but would've like to see Troy Smith brought into training camp.
Remember that Troy Smith (QB) is in Heisman vote margin, and look how his post-season turned out :-)
Then Troy Smith was running for his life away from that Gators DLine!
he's a dumber version of Troy smith
Tyrod Taylor, Troy Smith, Dennis Dixon, Colt McCoy on that list too then
Check out my new single feat Troy Ave called “Me and My Drink” hope you enjoy it!
He was overrated in college. Tebow.Matt Leinart, Terrell Pryor.& Troy Smith were to.
I still can't believe Brian Billick said Johnny Manziel is gonna be like Troy Smith. Its just insulting. Troy Smith wasn't THAT bad.
Cardale Jones was a little bit overwhelmed, a little bit Troy Smith and a lot of Craig Krenzel tonight. .
or else Tim Tebow, Pryor, Graham Harrell, Troy Smith, Ryan Leaf, Eric Crouch, among many others would be all time greats to you..
Judge Smith, tonight, Saturday, at King Street Blues Old Town from 9-12. Then again on Sunday from 6-9 (with Troy...
“Welcome to tha H Josh Smith. Good win Rockets. That's a playoff game in the West.
Troy Bolton drove this far in his broken down busted truck to surprise Gabriella ... But u can't text me back!!
Josh Smith has more FGA in 15m than Harden has in 26m. “Low risk,” they said.
“And yes, I just took up for Josh Smith in an incident. We are one people!” lol
Former student Troy Smith made the Critter for this fan film. Please RT.
Troy aikman also had emmitt Smith and place played in an era where you didn't have to air the ball out 50 times a game
Throw in 2 parts Jim Sorgi, one part Charlie Batch and sprinkling of Troy Smith & you've got Chase Daniel.
RB Justin Forsett has been named the team MVP by the local media, and WR Torrey Smith received the Media Good Guy award.
While captain Trevor Smith is with the Leafs, Sam Carrick, Troy Bodie and Matt Frattin all wearing As today.
Will this be Torrey Smith's final game with Ravens?
San Mateo, CA deputy Colin Troy Smith found guilty of felony assault causing great bodily injury, witness...
Steve Smith is playing a Captains knock
Perfect gifts, thanks to Troy Smith and TD Sports in Rich Square.
right! Going right next to the smith and Wesson 9mm 😏
They need to do a on the with Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and Michael Irvin..
the closest I'll get to sam smith. 😭😍❤ ily.
right up there with Troy Aikman and Emmett Smith.
Michael Troy just traded for Josh Smith in fantasy basketball man, i gotta go to bed now.
If you don't know who Michael Irving, Troy Akeman, Emmitt Smith, Earl Cambell, Tony Dorsett, or Roger Staubach are you are not from Texas
Manziel proponents say he can be Russell Wilson. I liken him more to Troy Smith...a 5th rounder no longer in the NFL: htt…
Word on the street have called Colt Brennan, Matt Leinart, Troy Smith, Todd Marinovich, & Brady Quinn to play Sunday.
Guessing both would play but Randle more of the lead back. Read:
Troy smith, tyrell Pryor, Braxton Miller, j.t barret, Cardale Jones all black QBs and 2 in the NFL.
A really big thank you to for putting "Throw Me in the River" at in their
Troy-based Entertainment Pubs cuts staff, turns focus to digital
That's how you know my music is diverse, from Sam smith to Troy ave
Mariotta will be the next Troy smith.
Just remember... You will never be as good as Will Smith
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
.is verified. Is it really Troy Smith?
Archie Griffin, Troy Smith, Tony Dorsett, and Tim Brown mingling and signing footballs with friends of…
Johnny Football played in One Game, lord forbid I bring up RG3, Troy Smith, or Matt Leinart, or Jason White lol
Troy Vincent went from being a premier CB to someone who is undermining Eric Winston's & DeMaurice Smith's reputation? cc:
OSU been playing D3 schools ever since Troy smith was a freshmen/sophomore. I'm not listening to anything said otherwise lol
Then again, Troy Aikman was more of a game manager and Cowboys had Emmitt Smith to take off some of the load. Romo's more skilled.
Jordan Rodgers? Hmm ... or how about another chance for Former Heisman winner Troy Smith? You know someone will take a chance!
Happy Birthday to our very own Troy Smith! . CHEERS!!
Joe Montana had Jerry Rice/Roger Craig, Troy Aikman had Michael Irvin/Emmit Smith, Terry Bradshaw had Lynn Swan...they suck too?
Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor, Braxton Miller. We can still develope QBs! Hope you stay man. Plus Meyer will find a good fit.
Troy smith probably had one of the most unexciting heisman campaigns ever lol
Troy Smith won the Heisman and that's it.
Just saw a bunch of highlights from Manziel's first start y'day, don't see him as anything more than former Ohio St QB - Troy Smith.
Cowherd nailed the whole thing today:don't get enamored w "college highlights".is just like Troy Smith.
Manziel will struggle to duplicate Troy Smith's career.
I hope Mariota gets fatter than Troy Smith on the Heisman press tour
Troy smith and leniert had way more talent. Tebow is a winner. Where are you going with this?
"Spending time tonight with 2006 Winner Troy Smith ni…
I think the Rough Riders are set at QB, but Montreal hasn't been the same since Troy Smith retired.
"Spending time tonight with 2006 Winner Troy Smith nighthawks alumni.
1991-1996 the averaged 12 wins a year, won 3 SBs, and were led by HOFers Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith 😴
J.T. Barrett is the fourth Buckeye to finish in the top 5 of the Heisman voting in the last decade (A.J. Hawk, Troy Smith, Bra…
Dez Bryant is not Micheal Irivin , Tony Romo is not Troy Akiman , DeMarco Murray is not Emmit Smith
the Cowboys still is not playing up to their potential I would love to have Troy Aikman Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin back!
Going to the CFL website and looking at the list of QBs was hilarious, it looks like Troy Smith *** even in the CFL
Mariota won 90.92% of the total possible points, which is the second-best of all time to Troy Smith (91.63%).
Help I think I just saw Troy Smith on tv
Troy Smith wasn’t a very good passer. At least not statistically. John Beck was much better that year.
Me and my main man w Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith!! O-H
…and Kitchener Rangers head coach Troy Smith. Should be up soon at + iTunes. - jeff
Update your maps at Navteq
Cardale Jones throwing to Devin Smith and Evan Spencer felt like when I watched Troy Smith throw to Ted Ginn and Santonio Holmes. Always fun to watch
cardale's play fake is like Troy Smith not Timmy Tebow.
you mean like Johnny Football, Troy Smith, RG3, Danny Wuerffel bad?
College superstar means nothing, Matt Leinart, Troy Smith, Tebow, and Jason White won the Heisman and were college stars...
Cardale Jones, from Troy Smith's high school, will try to close out a Buckeye/Michigan game on the day Troy's number was…
You know... Troy Smith is in the stadium...
Take the time to talk to Chris Carter while you are there! You could be the next him! Also meet Troy Smith.
Congrats to Troy Smith! No. 10 enshrined into during today!
Troy Smith's No. 10 goes up on the Ohio Stadium facade.
Did Brian Griese just throw some serious shade on Troy Smith or nah? .
We need a little Troy Smith magic in this game.
Ohio State football: Former Buckeyes QB Troy Smith's No. 10 to be enshrined in ...
Troy Smith talking about, looking at, his permanent place in Ohio Stadium "It's bone-chilling" h…
Troy Smith: Tressel was like my dad. Knowing that was last time on field with my dad, it was tough in sr yea…
Troy Smith on QB J.T. Barrett: The first advice is stick to the game plan. Don't try and be someone he is not... More>…
Troy Smith says he has talked a lot to Braxton Miller this year. Has also talked to Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett, he said.
well... Considering Eddie George and Archie Griffin are both better than Troy Smith...
Ohio State announces it will be retiring Troy Smith's No. 10 at halftime of next Saturday's Michigan game. Fitting.
Ohio State will honor Troy Smith before Michigan game: Ohio State will honor one of its greats from the Jim Tr...
The trying to add his name to Brandon Weeden and Troy Smith as the ONLY rookie QB's to beat Steelers DC *** Lebeau s…
Hill, like Troy Smith and (to a much lesser extent) Ken Dorsey, represented flickering glimmers of hope during dark times.
Some of the Qbs that have won the Heisman since 2000: Chris Weinke,Eric Crouch,Jason White,Matt Leinart,Troy Smith,Tim Tebow.
Barrett is 1 passing TD shy from Ohio State's school record of 30 (Troy Smith '06)
Troy Smith won the Heisman with 2,740 yds of total offense and 31 TDs. J.T. Barrett currently has 2,738 yds of total offens…
Troy Smith, Tim Tebow, and Sam Bradford turned out great too. College and NFL are just too different to assume a Heisman winner will succeed
what stats? Jason White, Troy Smith, Tim Tebow and Matt Leinart all won the Heisman. check out their NFL stats
some other notables:.Troy Smith, Eric Crouch, Matt Leinart, Chris Weinke, and Jason White
Troy Smith “In the Past 14 years, I can't think of a heisman winner with a better pro career than Carson Palmer”
I forget that Jason White, Troy Smith and Sam Bradford won Heismans. Weird.
Ponder on this for a spell. . Troy Smith behind center in Urban Meyer's offense. I like it .
Brandon Weeden is still in the league but Kenny Guiton, TP, and Troy Smith...get outta here!
Mark Ingram, Reggie Bush, Troy Smith and others - check out the top 'Heisman Moments' from the 2000s |
dawg *** Michael Irvin, emmitt smith, Troy aikman? *** are you talking about? Get your facts straight
Oh Baby! Jason Witten is better than Troy Aikman, Roger Stauhach, Emmitt Smith... oh wait, NO HE ISN'T!
I think you're cutting Geno Smith some slack here. He's easily the worst in the NFL at the moment
Heisman winner Troy Smith now works at ESPN? You sure?
the heisman did wonders for the pro careers of RG3, Ingram, Bradford, Tebow, Troy Smith, Bush, Leinart, Jason White, weinke...
I miss the days of Troy Smith and Ted Ginn 🏈
Tebow or Troy Smith. The other guys drafted low (Manziel) are for off the field stuff. Which may hurt Gurley.
I wanna give a shout to Colorado's boy Troy Tulowitzki, partly because its his birthday, mostly bc he's stayed in Denver this long
Emmit smith larry allen jerry jones tony romo troy aikman norv turner dont rush to out to get the fanmail . Nbc news after bill murray wants
Can't believe I'm gonna drive all the way to Troy for one 50 min. class 😕
If sam smith gets Ebola my life will be over
Ryan Fitzpatrick & Matt Flynn keep getting starting gigs in the NFL but Terrell Pryor is at home & Troy Smith is playing in Canada.
Dallas VideoFest opening night open edited by Bart Weiss voice over by Troy Randal Smith
what would Troy Smith have done in Herman's offense?
Watching brings back memories of arguing w/ brother and bro in law about who would have better pro career, Troy Smith or Quinn
That new Will Smith movie focus could be interesting. He's playing on the opposite side of his roles: The bad guy
Will Smith is a master con man with a sexy intern in the first trailer for 'Focus'
What? Emmit smith and Troy aikman better
Reggie Bush, Troy Smith, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, Jameis Winston and what would've been Todd Gurley. All Heisman. All cheaters.
Troy Smith is getting nervous about losing his Obscure Heisman Winner title belt now, too. Lots of implications.
it's Emmit Smith Troy Aikmen and Roger Staubach before it's Witten
Film: LB’s Smith and Mosely great job attacking run game
Film: Jimmy Smith effective use of his size in man coverage, gives him more margin for error. He’s no longer stiff…
Barrett is going to be better than Troy Smith.
Without a doubt. He needs to come marry me. NOW.
Tony Romo: Jason Witten might be best Cowboy of all time: Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith are just a...
Emmitt smith, Troy Aikman, Michael irvin, damarcus ware, and the GOAT Deion Sanders!!!
been hit in the head too many times. Whitten not even close to greatest ever. Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman to name a few!
Does Torrey Smith fit the new offense?
Romo said Witten is the greatest Cowboy of all-time. Did Deion Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach not play for them?
Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Michael Irvin to name a few. Just shows how ignorant Romo truly is.
whoops! I did! Still a joke!!! Emmitt smith, Michael irvin, troy Aikman! All better and that's just the beginning.
I guess Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith were just figments of our imagination, huh?
It's like Tony Romo never herd of Troy Aikman, Emitt Smith, or Michael Irvin.
Frosh. J.T. Barrett is 1st OSU QB to throw for 300+ yds in back-to-back games since Troy Smith in 2005. …
Where did Brian Hoyer, Kirk Cousins, and Drew Stanton play? Terrelle Pryor, Troy Smith, Chad Henne were horrid but got drafted
look at Michigan St their entire defense was 2 and 3 star guys. Whooped our *** Troy Smith was a 3 star. Ditto Krenzel
Barrett has the poise and decision making of Craig Krenzel and he's a little less athletic than Troy Smith. Great combo.
Eleven Warriors Former Ohio State QB Troy Smith doesn't want Braxton Miller to be a 'glorified…
And brought up that former OSU QBs, Troy Smith & Terrell Pryor, have had unsuccessful careers in the NFL, and that they'd never get a ––
Troy Smith had a freak arm. All in all those are 3 good college QBs. Miller one of the best decision makers for a mobile QB.
We are at the fresher's fair today in Riley Smith. Come along for a chat!
All the hours of thinking leads back to the knowing of one feeling.
Rest in Power Troy Davis. 3 years ago today the state of Georgia executed an innocent man.
"“bruh I pray one day troy is like this" Jason Smith doesn't allow that.. too bad
I fell down the stairs at troy field and hit my head so hard it caused me to have a seizure. in front of lots of people lol
Beaver Stadium in 2005 against Ohio State, place was shaking with over 109K after Tamba Hali sacked Troy Smith
Funny how glenville had two starters at qb then cuz troy Smith was the starting qb and then fallowed him to osu
Anquan and Jim just reminded me of Troy Smith and Mike Singletary
Desean Jackson so real for this lmao
Steve Smith, Sr. has 2 100-yard receiving performances in 3 games w/ (18 catches for 290 yards total).
On the Flacco decisive, 32-yard throw to Steve Smith that set up game-winning FG, Flacco said he wasn't even aware he w…
I have to support them a little since they're the home team but I miss Troy Aikman, Emmett Smith, M Irvin days
Steve Smith Sr. gets ready for another divisional rival.
“Steve Smith, Brandon LaFell, Ted Ginn all gone from Carolina. And left at WR for the Panthers is...” h…
lets go 49ers ! Lets bounce back from that L last week .
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