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Troy Smith

Troy James Smith (born July 20, 1984) is an American football quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL) in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

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College GameDay is really hyping up the next Troy Smith, a.k.a. Marcus Mariota
Eagles fans have the biggest obsession with Marcus Mariota, and I can't understand why. I see him doing the same things and having the same type of success that Troy Smith had at Ohio State. Personally, I'd take Blake Bell, Jordan Lynch or Aaron Murray over him
There's gotta be guys out there better than Weeden and Campbell.Lets give Troy Smith, Daunte Culpepper, or Pablo Sanchez a call
Ha ha. Troy Smith would be happy with a job!! Let alone a Pro Bowl
I'm sure Troy Smith would be thrilled with only 1 pro bowl.
A Manning has never won a Heisman Trophy. But Tebow, Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Crouch, Weinke, Wuerffel and Bradford have. Let that sink in.
Yo you boys still keen on playin twilight?? Adam Tipper Troy Smith Ants Bell Kyle Graham Jordan Joblin-Hall Jordan Healy Sam Roebuck ?? I think registration have to Be in within the next few weeks
*** Troy Smith could have put up at least 7 on Carolina. 😂😂😂
word but I loved Troy smith he was a god
Troy Smith, a current CPL student has recently imported this Mentor from the USA. Ex USAF, this type was used for many years as a basic trainer. It is actually a highly modified Beechcraft Bonanza. Aerobatic with tandem seating and joy stick controls, it is the only one of its type in Australia. Troy hopes it will be flying by October [if CASA paper work permits!].
L O L troy smith *** u goin back 2 07 ok. Ill take Flacco over Cam anyday. yall got them boys top of da draft
Y'all drafted 2 QB's back to back years as well? Remember Troy Smith?
Truck oil pump and timing chain done. Thanks to the 240 Fail Shop. Everet Hampton, Lacey Buchanan-Legan can tell Nick thanks, and Troy Smith.
Troy smith was so good at Ohio State...what happened
no we want T Rattay !! Or Shawn Hill!! Or Troy smith or possibly David Carr I hear he's available lol!
I would like to thank my children for coming out to church today. I pray that you heard something that will bring you back.Church was awesome the Holy Ghost fulled the house. Our pastor Troy Smith, preach an awesome word. Stop playing games.It was like heaven on earth, what ever you wanted from the Lord today all you had to do was reach out and grab it. When the praises go up God shows out. Be blessed on this week.
benched for Kap yeah, didn't go well when benched for Carr, Troy Smith, or the rest of those failures at QB.
she's the same person who constantly pushed for Troy Smith over Flacco when she was in Baltimore. Credibility = 0
Teddy Ginn and Santonio Holmes both scoring touchdowns today...somebody sign Troy Smith and Beanie Wells and we'll have Buckeyes in the endzone all over the
Basically any Troy Smith game is on par with this
They go trade quicker than they did Troy Smith
This game feels like Mike Singletary and Troy Smith.
head coach Troy Smith says he's reluctant to break-up trio of Pedersen-Marcantuoni-Bailey, even after just one game.
Ted Ginn and Troy Smith were the perfect combination at Ohio State.
Ed Reed could have bapped Troy Smith but he couldn't do it
Here we go with this s*** want to start cheating Troy Smith was not out of bounds
Man when Troy smith Ted Ginn and Pittman was at Ohio State >>> that use to be the team. After they left I stop watching Osu
Our Offence was terrible till Troy Smith came sharing that rock.
Troy Smith would be better than weeden
/ Hey Bruce, don't you think Troy Smith would do a whole lot better and Brian Hoyer
/ I really think Troy Smith Heisman Trophy winner would do a whole lot better than Brian Hoyer .
I'm sorry manziel isn't much more than a glorified Troy Smith in my eyes...
/Here we go, Joe Jurevicius talking hometown hero about Brian Hoyer. I can remember Troy Smith won Heisman Trophy.
Braxton Miller getting some mentoring from former Heisman winner Troy Smith.
I'm also high on Braxton Miller but Ohio State Qbs have let me down before. Coughs Troy Smith
Troy Smith. Options for this story. I work at the best place in the world, . Helping myself and helping others...
Not only did Troy Smith run for his first CFL TD for Montreal today, Duron Carter caught a touchdown pass in the Alouettes' loss
Former QB Troy Smith scored his first TD on Saturday. Here's what it looked like ->
“Kenny Guiton is now the 5th Ohio State QB with 4 Passing TDs in multiple games in 1 season. (1st since Troy Smith in 2006)”
Aye what happen to Troy Smith ..the QB from Ohio St..
nice, I haven't been to a game since Troy smith was there
Tim Tebow, Jason White, Matt Lineart, Troy Smith; all won the Heisman too
Manziel is a lot like Troy Smith I think. Not as much arm as Troy. How'd Troy do in the NFL? Lol
Weird to think that former Heisman-winner Troy Smith was in today for the annual-game. -
Michigan is horiible along with the entire big ten. I miss when troy smith and the boys had the nation scared.
Troy Smith with the pose after scoring td... Very nice...
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Bill Snyder is treating this game like Jim Tressel treated Justin Zwick. Just leave Troy Smith in the game. I mean Sams.
yeah so does Matt Leonard and Troy smith
whoa. I completely forgot about Troy smith. Nvm!
They already have Troy Smith! Who I'd take over VY any day given their recent form...
congrads to Troy Smith,will b back just like hof'er Warren moon
but you're an OSU fan so i hate you. cause of that fiesta bowl where Troy Smith, Santonio Holmes, and Ted Ginn killed ND
“Troy Smith 1st CFL TD congrats. Maybe the would wisen up and sign Troy Smith.
Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith with his first CFL touchdown.
Jim Popp must use Troy Smith for the next full game:forget nieswander
But despite calls from fans, Jim Popp says he's not planning to give the ball to former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith.
What does Cam Newton, RG3, Mark Ingram, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Troy Smith, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Jason White all have in common? The Heisman Trophy. Anything else? They all appear to be either a bust in the NFL, on the path to being a bust or just "so-so" players.
Of OSU's individual top 20 total offense games, four came against Michigan. Three by Troy Smith and one by Braxton Miller.
Hey man. Sanantonio Holmes played with Troy Smith and he was Ted Ginn Jr. was But he graduated before they went to the
Troy Smith really never got a proper chance to play in the NFL. I thought he was going to be at least alright in the NFL
really thought Troy Smith was going to be a good pro lol
OSU is a 37 point favorite to beat Buffalo. PUT TROY SMITH IN!
I actually had a meeting with Troy Smith at the A's facilities about themThey told me they had no issue
So... Is Troy Smith adapted to the yet?
All my Ohio St friends are telling me how Troy Smith will dominate the CFL.He will...if he stays away from the buffet table and players gf's
Troy Smith is another QB, great at OSU out of job in NFL
I remember you starting out selling raffle tix every week at score during troy smith heisman yr
Troy smith was sick in college he plays in the CFL now
yeah but its a little too obvious. Last preseason fav to win Heisman was like Troy Smith/Sam Bradford
Vince Young, Cam Newton, and Troy Smith all went through McNair's camp 😳
Whenever people see me wear this49er jersey they say"Alex smith was *** even tho im reppin Troy smith...
Montreal may have found their eventual replacement for Anthony Calvillo in Troy Smith...if they don't make him a starting WR/SB!
Braxton Miller is averaging 52 more yards of total offense per game over his OSU career than Troy Smith had (Brax 216, Troy 164).
I hate all things Montreal sports. I hate all things Buckeye. I like the Alouettes signing Troy Smith last week. He could be a stud up here
That's kinda what I was thinking. It's happened before (Tolzien, Troy Smith).
They brought in Tolzien and Baalke was on board when Troy Smith came aboard.
I hear Troy Smith is leaning hard towards Ohio State..any truth to that?
What I Am Hearing: Troy Smith still impacting OSU recruiting; Top DB hears great things about OSU from...
"What I Am Hearing" has Troy Smith still impacting Ohio State recruiting, prime time Buckeye recruiting and more
Good example of how something starts off cool and ends up meh. Devinci Troy (Smith’s bike) and what you can buy.
so Troy smith is coming over to party with us tomorrow.hhah
has a bit of Troy Smith to his game, maybe only with better instincts! (Hopefully)
Watching the "Big 10's Greatest Games" on Michigan/OSU from 2006... Just because I like torturing myself, and I still hate Troy Smith.
the debate in my mentions about Troy Smith in the NFL
put up big college numbers with no pro skills that translate to NFL success, ala Troy Smith or Tebow.
Whoever "Troy Smith dealer" is, needs to stop putting his graffiti all over Cambridge
But he said RG3, Troy Smith has nothing to do with this
“you said he won nothing. He won the Heisman that's something worth mentioning.”Troy smith won the heisman
show me one non Buckeye fan who believes Troy Smith is a good complete qb.
If you're having a bad day, here's a photo of troy smith in Hive 😂😂
How long until we see Troy Smith under centre taking snaps for the Alouettes?
With Troy Smith joining the Als ... He becomes the 6th Heisman Trophy winner to join the CFL in the past 40 years.
rg3, cam, Bradford, leinart, palmer, crouch, weinke, ward, Troy smith, detmer...just to name a few...last was vinny testaverde
Finished pregame chat with senior marketing guys Troy Smith & Travis LoDolce. Working on post during game, hope you guys like it.
yeah they're my second fav college team they were my fav when Troy smith was playing he balled so hard
Dude you were 10 years Old when Troy Smith was in college STFU.
Someone is salty. Troy Smith can't throw. Every single scout who evaluated him said the SAME EXCT THING.
Harvey sacks Troy Smith. Get used to this.
I had a dream last night that Troy smith came back to osu for another degree and dominated at QB again
Montreal Alouettes sign QB Troy Smith to a 2 year deal! This will be very interesting to see!
Oh, that wasn't Troy Smith...even worse for Johnny.
Troy Smith and Ted Ginn was awesome. Hope Braxton Miller and Devin Smith is too.
Tell Troy Smith from tOSU to pack a winter coat for the CFL coach
thats why I didnt respond. Its on tomorrow tho lol. And they mentioned Troy Smith too. gonna get.em lol
in college he's the next Troy smith
HEISMAN winners that r not as good as expected in the NFL: Tim Tebow, Mark Ingram, Ron Dayne, Carson Palmer, Troy Smith, Sam Brafford. Ect.
Manziel is like 5'11" he's gonna be another Troy Smith. Amazing and versatile in college, but not enough size for the league though.
Troy Smith won the Heisman but never did good in the NFL
same but a special package here or there. Worked with Troy Smith
Former Ohio State QB Troy Smith has signed a two-year deal with Montreal Alouettes of the CFL. Smith won the Heisman Trop…
Will Troy Smith see the field in Montreal? Find out by streaming the 2nd half of the @ now:
I'd take Troy Smith signed 3 days ago over this joker
“The only Buckeyes I like are Troy Smith, Boom Herron, and Ted Ginn” Braxton? Eddie George? Terrelle Pryor?
can u make me a epic Troy smith Ohio State qb
Why the niners cut JOSH JOHNSON or Troy Smith.
Troy smith was a backup when we one the championship too. But that doesn't count.
I understand he didn't win a title, and yes troy smith was good, but better? Idk, maybe as a passer, but definitely not a runner
The first QB to have 4 bowl games. Besides Nobody wants to be associated with Johnny Manziel, Matt Leinart and Troy Smith.
I always felt that way about Troy Smith
he didn't win a title is what I was looking for therefore he's not even close to the best...Troy Smith was better lol
No, I'm talking about since John Harbaugh has been there...Troy Smith was there with Harbaugh & he wasn't the starter tho...
Also a S/O to my dude Troy Smith. Was always one of the realest dudes back in high school. Hope life is treating you well bro.
323 - your good at Volley ball, your pretty & we were good friends freshman year. Me , you & Troy Smith. Lmao
Yet Troy Smith is the only one with a heismen.
Troy Smith and Tedd Ginn told me I had a good catch at the Ohio State football camp. Miss them playing together!
I would formally like to state that Kirk Cousins is better than Pat White and Troy Smith since he's actually relevant to an nfl roster
I just had a flashback of Troy Smith throwing a bomb to Ted Ginn Jr. for a touchdown. Those were the glory days.
Tajh also reminds me of Troy Smith, and obviously Troy Smith is my favorite player ever, so, I really like Tajh Boyd as well
Troy Smith won the heisman at Ohio St. and got drafted in like the 5th round. How does that happen?
I thought that was Troy smith playing for the ravens for a minute
Troy Smith... Another piece of fecal matter from The Ohio State of losers
I'm still confused.Young-signed by Packers.Davis playing for Atlanta n bengals have Johnson. But Troy Smith is in Cbus. NOT playing anywhere
Remember Suggs also wanted Troy Smith starting over Flacco.
If you're going to sell a Troy Smith plaque, I'm not sure this is the game you'd want the picture from. DERP.
Remember Troy Smith for Ohio State??? He won a Heisman too and went in the 6th round and never played
i guarantee that they release the Heisman hopeful troy smith tomorrow
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you stuck through some rough Troy Smith/ Mike Singletary years and now San Fran is rewarding you
how about two hiesman trophy winners.. Vince young, Troy smith
Congratulations to for naming all 5 players... Sam Bradford, Troy Smith, Jason White, Eric Crouch, & Chris Weinke.
I will place a large wager on releasing the HH troy smith tomorrow
Bruce Rondon looks like Troy Smith after an In-N-Out Burger bender.
*** didn't care about Trayvon Martin or Troy Smith...
Can we please get a late night HH surprise? Troy Smith would be pretty sick to play with. 😇
Yeah I'm pretty sure it was Troy Smith.
prolly Troy smith. Carson Palmer maybe b4 him
If I'm Eddie George or Troy Smith, what about the $ I made OSU?
This was 3-4 years ago. Troy Smith was our starter
I just name dropped Troy Smith. My apologies smh
Im not gonna respond to Raider fans till they can explain to me how a 0-5 niner squad 3 seasons ago led by Troy Smith washed em scrubs
I sometimes wonder what would have been if Troy Smith never got sick and doesn't lose his starting spot to Flacco.
And anyone who says Troy Smith was whack cause he never took an NFL snap is crazy... This dude took Ohio St to the BCS so your wrong
Troy Smith won a Heisman Trophy with Ohio State doing the same hit Manziel does... Smith was drafted to the Ravens in the last round
Troy Smith Heisman Hopeful would be nice to put up !
Trivia answer, Brady Quinn in 2006, while he was finishing 3rd in Heisman to Troy Smith and Darren McFadden.
Pressure busts pipes but it can also make a diamond. -Troy Smith
why isnt there a Heisman Troy Smith??
Here's a video of 5 Chargers' fans saying we should've kept Boller & Troy Smith & drafted DeSean Jackson. Hmm. lol
Tim Rattay, Troy Smith, Trent Dilfer.I've been to rock bottom.
Troy Smith to Ted Ginn in the '06 game against TTUN was one of the best plays in the history of Ohio State Football
No shame in that. Lots of Heismans have went down that path as well.Troy Smith. Also, Tony Rice from ND, Charlie Ward FSU
When 49ers had Troy Smith and the GREAT Shaun Hill at QB he dished out just as much critique as to Raiders now
Hugh Jackman's arch rivals in this movie? Troy Smith, Beanie Wells, and Jim Tressel.
why are you putting mike Vick but still no Troy Smith??
Funny to watch Justin Zwyck under center, and Troy Smith on the sideline. Also pros all over the field on both sides
dropped that pass and then missed block against hali on Troy smith fumble at penn state same year cost us
Just saw Troy Smith from the ravens at the gas stion he try act like he waznt him
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Troy Smith charging $39 for an autograph is a tremendous joke
Please give us Heisman Hopeful Troy Smith. That's all I wanted when I bought this game.
and that is why Troy Smith won the Heisman
i just want a troy smith. I dont have a good OSU qb to use because Pryor got smacked by the game
lets get a peter warrick next then a heisman troy smith to throw to him because Troy was a beast
compared to Vick while at VaTech Troy Smith was avg at best. Troy Smith would have been eaten alive by that
I'm patiently awaiting for the Troy Smith Heisman card. Is it coming soon?
Well can we do that with Terrelle Pryor? If not can we atleast get Troy Smith and Cam Newton?? 2 beast winners.
Trent dilfer,JT o Sullivan,shaun hill,troy smith man did i hate those years with the niners qbs
Craig Krentzel, Troy Smith, Todd Boeckman was good that one year then Terrele Pryor and now Braxton lol straight ballers
I'm done wit the mode already. Jus a cash grab no coin bundles. Vick would sell more the troy smith that's y
I have a Buckeye wall with the pics signed by players I met on the Buckeye Cruise. Archie, Troy Smith, Krenzel,Todd Boeckman
That sack on Troy Smith gives me chills every time
2005 gets my vote. Nasty D (go down the list of NFL players), speed at WR, NFL O line, Troy Smith at QB. Should have beaten TX.
The love Troy Smith! Best step father ever.even though he used to drive me crazy
would you like to go with us to San Diego Troy smith:)
EXACTLY. i liked the troy smith chris leak comp so i watched how THEY did when they got drafted. but dont f.w. the teams
where is the troy smith heisman card? I'll buy 100 packs to get that. Forget about stinky old Desmond Howard.
I wonder where Flacco would be if Troy smith never got laryngitis?
I mjust hope (and I suspect they will)that the Ranger fans will take it easy on Troy Smith at the start.He'll have a very young team!
Get ready! Troy Smith will be giving away a pair of tickets this afternoon to see The Temptations and The Four...
Ohio State use to be the real deal when Troy Smith was there they couldn't be touch
you guys need to put Troy smith in here.
when will we get a Troy smith for an Osu themed team
Be listening to Troy Smith today from 4-6 pm for yourcue to call in and win a pair of tickets to see The...
.is  in the limelight over on our In the Mix Blog
Troy Smith's TD proving that there was a decent QB called Smith for the 49ers in 2010
Kyle Boller had a shoulder injury while Troy Smith had a tonsil infection. In comes the rookie from Delaware. The rest is history...
that's true, but so was Troy Smith. Professionally he hasnt done anything. its not a bad thing, just an intersting phenomena
Definitely Troy Smith's 38 yard touchdown pass for the 49ers in 2010.
Troy Smith and "the pass that should never have been completed" to Delanie Walker for the
make a Troy smith heisman card it would be cool :)
Ohio State goes up 21-7 off a Troy Smith fake to Beanie Wells and hits Ginn deep for 6!
Troy Smith was ballin in 06. No doubt about it.
Watching an old OSU Michigan game lol Troy smith and Beenie killin it
Looking forward to seeing how Braxton Miller responds to all this adversity. Reminds me of Troy Smith's tenure, Ohio State stay in turmoil
Troy smith was ridiculous in this game!
Thank you Shawn Crable. Your helmet to helmet on Troy Smith helped secure the win 2006 game
BTN just showed the Shawn Crable late hit on Troy Smith. Thanks Mr.Crable for keeping our undefeated season alive a little longer.
Troy Smith was always one of my favorite players 🏈
Like 2 years ago I had pictures of Terrelle Pryor, Beanie Wells, Troy Smith & Teddy Ginn Jr taped to my bedroom walls. 😎
I miss Ohio State vs Michigan games from way back when... Troy Smith, Ted Gin and Santonio Holmes vs Mike Hart & Mario Manningham
Back in the days of Troy Smith, Anthony Gonzalez, Antonio Pittman, Brian Robiske, Beanie Wells, and my man Teddy Ginn Jr.
Just heard a redskins fan on 106.7 the fan who said he's been watching football since 1965 say Bob griffin is the QB in the NFL...delusional fan base...flacco won the super bowl,has been to the playoffs all 5 years he's been in the league ,has the most wins since 2008,and is the Super Bowl MVP and has never been hurt and i would rate him 7th
Noted surgeon Dr. Andrews wants your young athlete to stay healthy 06/24/2013 NOTED SURGEON DR. JAMES ANDREWS WANTS YOUR YOUNG ATHLETE TO STAY HEALTHY BY PLAYING LESS. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- James Andrews has seen enough. Enough of parents who think their son or daughter is the next superstar athlete and must be pushed and pushed and pushed. Enough of youngsters who are forced to visit him and his colleagues around the nation. Andrews has become so alarmed that he is issuing written and verbal warnings to anyone willing to read or listen. Why should the public care what Andrews thinks? Because when the "Dr." is placed in front of his name, he becomes a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon. Andrews, who has practiced medicine for nearly 40 years, is most famous for his ability to put professional athletes back together. These athletes -- notably, a who's who of quarterbacks -- have signed contracts for a combined total well north of $1 billion after his surgeries. In 2010, Andrews was the only doctor to be named ...
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If i say to you Troy smith am Christian, or Muslim, or a sinner. You would say those is the only one will be save. My father Jesus forgive sin. I the holy spirit forgive trespass. My father was the only perfect man. All of god glory is for all. I will not only save Christian, or just one persons. Divide we comes up short of God glory. But together we can openinf up heaven gates.
Just curious how far and wide our fan base is, please say where you are from:
Worst Australian test side i have ever seen. We could be in trouble.
What ovr is Pryor, and is there a Troy Smith?
Thank u Janice Crist-smith my BFF and Troy Hettwer for coming out with me thank u Troy for being my dd I will be out tommar to lol god bless u all be safe call a taxi or a friend Drive unlike I did good night all
I've had a wonderful B'day, my Wonderful Husband and girls spoilt me with yummy bacon and poached eggs for Brekki, then more beautiful pandora as a gift. Thank you so much my wonderful family. Then went out for Lunch with my wonderful mothers group mums, its been 15y since we all meet, you all are so wonderful and spoilt me today love you heaps ladies, Fiona, Alison, Tracey, Leonne, Kylie, Rebecca Bell Xxx Top the arvo off with Eb netball group singing to me again, love you girls thanks heaps Kim Bunting, Kaylie Smith, Shellie Troy Ellis. Xx
LMS if u r still awake knowing u shud b very sleep right now!
I remember that day when me, Troy Leidall, David Thibodeaux, Rader Smith, David Gruver, and Dylan DeWoody succesfully watched all 7 Saw movies in succession, oh yeah, that was freaking today. HOLY LITERAL CRAP!
We may fight we may argue but in the end were still family and you don't turn your back on family even when they do everyone might think I turned my back but I didn't cuz I'll always be the first one there to back you up
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Troy Anthony Smith wrote: Many people give the testimony that God saved them and pulled them out of sin and living an ungodly lifestyle. But then continue to say that they are still a sinner saved by grace Newsflash: if you are a born again believer, you are no longer a sinner, you are saved by grace. Sin is not an action, or something you do. The word sin is translated from the Greek word, hamartia, which mea...
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WOW herzlich just had 3 solo goal line tackles on Archie Griffen then sacked Troy smith on 4th down at the 1 yard line
Troy Anthony Smith wrote: Grace makes it available. But faith makes it available to you...
everyone had lots of fun riding the fast go carts and the skycoster even Troy Smith who didn't want To do it and he beat us all on times on the go carts even with his hurt hand
Happy Birthday Teresa! You should already be in Pensacola with Medora Monigold and Little Medora Oriana Davison. Hannah Rose and Troy would be there too. Julie Preddy and I should be on our way to celebrate your birthday on the beach like so many times before. Nothing has ever been the same without you and we all miss you more than you could ever know. Happy Birthday sweet friend!
doing Eddie George heisman game and troy smith is the QB that might say something about the future
I love my son Troy Adam Smith, he is so awesome! I can't wait to see him and my three beautiful granddaughters again. I am going to bake him some special chocolate chip cookies so that he won't miss me so much!
Colin Kaepernick has put on a 49ers hat. Perhaps we’re going to have to find something new to talk about during the slowest point of the offseason. Kaepernick, the 49ers quarterback who raised the ire of fans and commentators by posting a picture of himself on Instagram wearing a Dolphins hat, has n...
What an amazing night for skiing! Amazing ride with some drills, thanks to Troy Smith, thrown in! Perfect water. .. just like glass-
I've set in the house and watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Ray, and The Color Purple as if I haven't watched them each at least 10 times already! All I need now is for Pretty Woman and Troy to come on. LOL!!!
In Nebraska they have a thing called "significant weather advisory ". ***
is Troy smith an ultimate team player
THE head of Australia’s leading alcohol research body has called for marijuana to be legalised to reduce the harm of drinking. Robin Room, director of the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, says marijuana should be legalised under strict controls because…
is Troy smith a player in ultimate team?
Dinner wit my lil man... Missed his bad butt... Sorry Slim Smith work made you miss out
Arnold Barnett says just because planes are safe that doesn't mean we should tolerate even two deaths as human error.
My schedule this week: Thursday: Star Lanes / Toro with Ritchie 'Kombat' Arana Friday: Toro on the Levee Sunday: Sunday Funday at 601 Nightclub
Everybody this goes without saying, the SUCKaneers SUCKETH!! -Will
Troy didn't end up having to work late, so.Papa's BBQ chicken with Woody's cookin' sauce, Nanny's banana bread and mom's green bean casserole - what could be better? Oh yea - maybe some Big Red ice cream and Grandma MacKendricks strawberry pie! And maybe a movie later!?!? It's turning out to be a great Tuesday!
thanks for featuring Master Sommelier in-training, Troy Smith... helped us 30 best under $30
Assigned actor: Brad Pitt (assigned by Cathy Kelly) Movie I love: Fight Club Movie i like: Inglorious *** (honerable mention: *** moneyball, oceans series, interview with a vampire, true romance, seven, meet joe black, mr. & mrs smith) movie i hate: troy movie i hate to love: burn after reading (Brad's funny in that one... and he dies... )
Off to Troy to watch our girls cheer! Lets Go Warriors!!
Actor I was assigned: Jamie Foxx Movie I liked: Collateral Movie I Loved: Django Unchained Movie I Hated: Held Up Movie I hated that I like: Dream Girls Movie I've been meaning to see: The Soloist Like this and I will assign you an Actor/Actress
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A big thank you to Troy Smith and Shirley Powell Smith for keeping our boys today! We love y'all!
S/O too whoever is on the greatest team in NFL schedule(Dallas Cowboys) mark that as a lose! What! Yea I said it! Cowboynation!!!
My daughter just called to tell me she got hired at the Olive Garden Restaurant! I'm so proud and happy for her! We went to Abyssinian Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday and the word, as always was on point, Trust in God! She put her tithes in without a 2nd thought. Our first blessing was after church went to Chevys and when we were almost done the waiter came over and showed us that our bill had been paid!!! Thank you so very much!!! Now today after my daughter had been countlessly looking for work before she attends college got the email on Sunday evening, (all in the same day) that they wanted her to call to schedule a interview. Today was the 2nd interview and they hired her on the spot!! God is Good! Trust God with all, when you do He shows up and shows out! Thank you Jesus
*** where is Troy Smith, if he is not in this game, Ill rage quit.
and Troy smith isn't? Lol qb was their weakest spot. But every other position dominated the rest of the field.
Kamarion just tryed to take off with my car 0MG. He had it in drive I to catch the car.Im laughing and mad @ the same *** time cuz he was scared. I GOTTA HIDE MY *** KEYS SMH
This weekend, more than 70 people will arrive in Texas to take what some say is one of the hardest exams in any profession. The test has roughly an 8 percent pass rate.
Earlier this year, I announced that Tom Smith, our long-time Vice President of Human Resources, would be transitioning to a new position of Vice President of Quality and Customer Service on our Operations Team, and that we were conducting an extensive nationwide search for a new CBC Vice President o...
Thank you Kevin Tarr for the new metal gates he donated to the rescue!! Much needed! And to Troy Smith for bringing them with Kevin! Very appreciated!!
Troy Smith, Sami Smith, Nina, and right now, especially, Jack.
Key witness in Bradley Manning trial: Guantánamo files just 'baseball cards' Former chief prosecutor Colonel Morris Davis says WikiLeaks detainee files contained information already available publicly A key defence witness at the trial of Bradley Manning has told the court that in his expert opinion as a former chief prosecutor at Guantánamo Bay, the assessment files on detainees passed by the young soldier to WikiLeaks would have had no value to enemy groups and would not have harmed US national security. Colonel Morris Davis, who served as chief prosecutor in the Guantánamo military commissions between 2005 and 2007, told the court that he had compared a sample of the detainee files leaked by Manning to WikiLeaks against public information that was freely available at the time of the disclosure. He said he found considerable overlap and repetition, and even passages in the official detainee assessments that were almost verbatim copies of publicly-available material. "A lot of the information was repe ...
So excited for Saturday bring on the baseball and beer!! Ashley Coville Troy Sommerdyk Cory Michael Perkins Chris Smith Pierce Lapensée:)
Any takers for the Dayton Dragons Subway Fresh Fit 5k? Lots of cool, free stuff for kids and I am willing to drive!!! Lol
do you think Ohio State will win the National Title this year? And will Braxton be better than Troy Smith?
mr troy smith I think started one lol
Most over rated team in professional sports has to be the Dallas cowboys. What do you think?
“Tahj Boyd is Troy Smith 2.0”--I liked Smith more at same point but spot on comparison
I don't want to call anybody out (as I look toward Elizabeth Smith and Kati Blackwell), but Josiah and Troy think I make the greatest grilled cheese sandwiches on Earth.
Troy Smith the right man for the Kitchener Rangers head coaching job.
Hello everyone just a reminder I have a booth run by friend Rich at the Troy Pig out at the riverfront park Troy NY 7/13-14 also on sat farmers market next street over come eat some Q and vote on best ribs I will be at Finger Lakes wine fest in watkins glen int'l speedway watkins glen NY come join the fun Thinking of my cousins the Peter J Smith family love you hugs to all
Emilio Rojas' "Give The World To You," Ft. and Produced By Dave Schuler is the latest video from "No Shame...No Regrets." The video was directed by Court Dun...
Happy Anniversary to my soul mate. 25 years of marriage. Together for 28. Something to celebrate! If I had my life to live over again.Next time I would find you sooner so I could love you longer ♥ with Renee Callagy Christine Zellinger Mary Pladson Sheldon Wendy Weidler Mieke Olswang Heather Dutra Troy Dutra Mike Callagy Sr. Tom Callagy and Mike Callagy , JR
Troy J. Smith I'm thinking this is when we should take our Vegas trip.PLEASE
THE LOCATIONS OF THE 'HEAVENS' Taken from the 1916 translation of The Prose Edda by Brodeur. If you recall yesterday (or if you read it today) was researching which came first - Ymir or Yggdrasil. Ive read accounts of Yggdrasil coming forth from a seed and grew into the Nine Realms (The Big Bang). Ive read accounts of Yggdrasil springing forth from a seed on Midgard, roots going down into Niflheim, Jotunheim and Midgard and branchs extending up over the heavens and off into Alfheim and Vanaheim. And how Snorri's account of Asgard - being it on Earth "center of the world" or in the heavens. Let's examine: "They took Ymir and bore him into the middle of the Yawning Void (Ginnungagap), and made of him the earth". "They took his skull also, and made of it the heaven, and set it up over the earth with four corners; and under each corner they set a dwarf: the names of these are East, West, North, and South." Now some people say Snorri was influenced by Christian influences when he wrote the Eddas and this is qu ...
Just got a message from a friend who has to move and is looking for a house to rent in the Troy/Sterling Heights area? Anyone out there know of something?
Let's play a Lyric Game 1st Correct Answer gets 2 Decals Free Who I are and what I do are different I do music and I'm gifted but for me to share my digits is ridiculous Artist(s) - Title - Frequency
I was shocked to see Troy Smith go in the first round. He was great, but as great as IDK...
I still can't believe that 2005 game vs Ohio State never existed and I was there yelling at Santonio Holmes and Troy Smith.
Here's your "Tell It Like It Is Tuesday's Inspirational Message" from the ministry of "Common and Practical Sense". Whenever a person cannot respect his or her own self, know they cannot and will not respect respect you. Billy Preston said it like this: "Nothing from nothing leaves nothing." You owe it to yourself to embrace the treasures of life. You cannot do so if you're side tracked with trash. All forms of trash must be discarded. Remember: "Dressed trash is still trash." If you pick up, you'll eventually begin to stink. Take heed to today's message knowing everybody don't want to function outside of dysfunctionality. Some people prefer to function within the parameters of dysfunction. You can't change them. Put your "Captain-Save-a *** gear down and simply get the *** away from them. Move on with your life. Your V E R Y health and wellness depends on it. Don't look back because "Next" is coming.REsolve and K.I.M.
Good luck UCA staff, Ashla Smith Sullivan and Caitlin Pearce- doing work at Troy Univ and Univ of Alabama! UCA- Where America Cheers!
Mack Fountain " Putting your employees first in all circumstances: Leaders do have to make decisions all the time. Good leaders will try and consider the well-being of the company, as well as that of the employees. While this is clearly not an easy task to do—indeed, so many different factors can affect the running of a company—a responsible leader will look for decisions that will benefit both the company and the employees." Tracy Smith
One for you Grant William Jones From the West Australian (PERTH) Newspaper. An SAS trooper collecting toys for children was stabbed when he helped stop a suspected shoplifter in east Perth . The 'Toys-R-Us' Store Manager told 'The West Australian' that a man was seen on surveillance cameras last Friday putting a laptop under his jacket at the store. When confronted, the man became irate, knocked down an employee, pulled a knife and ran toward the door. Outside were four SAS Troopers collecting toys for the "Toys For Tots" program. Smith said the Troopers stopped the man, but he stabbed one of them in the back. Fortunately the cut did not appear to be severe. The suspect however was transported by ambulance to the Royal Perth Hospital with two broken arms, a broken leg, possible broken ribs, multiple contusions, and assorted lacerations including a broken nose and jaw ... Injuries he apparently sustained when he tripped whilst trying to run away. One of the Troopers said, "He was a clumsy *** ...
Well...yesterday and this weekend was spent dwelling on the father...when he wouldn't ever have was his bday yesteday and he entered the hospital on the 4th for the last time and all I remembered fireworks from a 10th floor hospital room knowing the battle had begun and could be short.I was blessed it was short.I did something Dad would not want me to do...dwell.and most certainly...not your typical ZenZeh.the past is is gone.the future is nothing you can predict and .thinking of the 2 isn't the way to "live".live here and in the present.The Gulf can be spiritual .and rather than calling someone and saying "I love you" was something I wanted to do badly wasn't possible or it this morning!!! Problem is .there are way too many of you people to do...and that is the true mom, Tamara Smith Amber Ryan Smith Shea Harmon Mitchell Branon Mitchell Ganon Mitchell Michelle MitchellBrint Filibuster Lollar Matt Pittman Chuck Williams Lugnut bra . ...
What should the Bills do with the Jairus Byrd contract talks? Vote in our web poll (three choices):
Hey, any of you wonderful NFUT late nighters noticed, witnessed, laid eyes upon an OSU Troy Smith? Heisman Winner. He was a beast
So excited for the first No Excuses Focus T25 Challenge group to get underway ~ I want to welcome Eddie McThorn, Verenice McThorn, Margaret Sorrentino Boston, Jackie Wayman, Craig Cooper, Tabitha Ferguson, Kym Heintz Sells, Caroline Heriot Hinton and Vanessa Smith. We will have more beginning July 15th and about you? Join this great group and gain all the support and encouragement needed to be successful!
Terrelle Pryor or Troy Smith... & ohh when you tryna go to the gym no g
Harry O has just taken over as my most hated person .. Don't worry Shane Watson your a close second
Blowing up our VERVE business out here in PC
Been saying the same thing. Tajh Boyd is so much closer to Troy Smith, than he is to RG3
How high profile was the 49ers QB gig when it was Troy Smith, or Shaun Hill?
What happened to Troy Smith the QB? He won the Heisman in '06 for Ohio State.
Orlando Pace followed by Troy Smith, possibly then Mangold
Re: Heisman. Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, all won the heisman
Kitchener Rangers asst coach/GM Troy Smith interested in head job with club, has not been asked by Steve Spott to join him with Marlies
. LOL - I keep forgetting we're shy a GM. Is Troy Smith interim HC?
Deion branch Troy smith randy moss west walker Brandon Lloyd stall worth u buggin he always had good receivers
Noel Devine, Troy Smith, Juice Williams, should all be playing NFL football...
all I gots is madden 12. I just played and the 9ers still had Troy Smith on the roster.
Can you find a Terrelle Pryor or Troy Smith?
All my exes live in Ohio like I'm Troy Smith
Yeahhh. tristan and troy smith duh. that sounds so stalkerish
Troy smith is the best qb Ohio State ever had
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