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Triumphant Return

Triumphant Return is the third album from the Christian metal band Whitecross, released on January 31, 1989. It reached #13 on Billboard's Top Contemporary Christian Albums chart.

Tracy Morgan

The Burning Snowflake Ride Series is making its triumphant return! Join us for the first day on Saturday, January 2…
I liked a video COLGalarraga homers in triumphant 2000 return
I guess the former beat writer responsible for trades, losses and visa problems c…
We're back baby! This week we make our triumphant return from the holiday break with
Just made my first move towards my triumphant return to ps4
This is not the triumphant return of Cardcaptor Sakura
Tomorrow night marks the triumphant return of to We got our tickets the first day they went on sale.
This clears a path to sign Willie Jay for a triumphant return. 😉
Euro Buffett makes his triumphant return with "Project X" -
I would say with that one line she already made a triumphant return!
I don't know about that but please tell me your watching in his triumphant return to cinema tonight
So I hear that the are going to be making a triumphant return soon for Trump rallies. Can't wait for an…
Last night, made their triumphant return to
We are excited to announce our triumphant return to on Saturday, February 24th! 8 PM $5 BYOB Hope to se…
Girls, Girls, Girls 🎸. . The uber-sexual Samantha Hayes makes her triumphant return to the biz and books exclusivel…
☝...I'm about to have a cuppa ☕... I'll dedicate it to your triumphant return sire 🏆
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Can please make a triumphant return to I mean he’s hot, funny and amazing competitor. T…
Tonight! DJ UZ makes his triumphant return to our place, bringing your favourite tunes. We will be providing your…
The ticket stub spoils of my triumphant* return to ushering after a wee break. was…
Woo hoo! We cannot wait for your triumphant return! :)
WHEW I need a moment - Maggie’s gonna be toned as *** when she makes her triumphant return 🔥
The well-placed comma makes its triumphant return.
Awesome to see adding more guys to the tour. Now with &
Creepypastas have made a triumphant return! I love em! Will they contin…
NEXT: The triumphant return of to the Mothership airwaves IN STUDIO. .
Williams’ injects The Witchwood Crown with the same aged and thoughtful writing that gave the original trilogy its trade…
relieved to hear that they would soon be returning to their barracks in Volantis.He started to pack…
This may be my triumphant return to the concept of reading for fun.
We're back!! Here's this week's triumphant return of Raider TV.
“It’s hard to imagine a better director to bring Angels to a new generation than Elliott” on Angels in A…
We're people expecting a "triumphant" return for this series? Honestly forgot this series even exis…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
G Gundam makes its triumphant return to Gundam Versus in January
Check us out as makes its triumphant return this Sunday 1/21 at our BRAND NEW TIME, 11:00pm on 89.7 KRUI…
Festival Review | witnessed triumphant return with a unique one-day festi…
now that wretch Murdoc doesn’t own Talksport will you make a triumphant return ?
ICYMI: SOULCALIBUR VI Announcement Trailer: Check out the announcement trailer and get ready for the triumphant ret…
Nokia has made a triumphant return, says Nokia, brought to its you by Nokia.
‘Dirty Den’ getting ready for his triumphant return on the Eastenders Christmas Special
The Christmas jumpers made their triumphant return today as the team got festive for raising mo…
5) Saw Adele in concert for the second time. Id not wanted tickets on the Wednesday but they were all I could get.…
Sport: Australia fight back to bowl England out for 403 - PERTH (Reuters) - Jonny Bairstow made a triumphant return…
Will the ever make a triumphant return to our lives???
Watching stream in her triumphant return to the Woman Cave!
Before triumphant return, refresh your memory with this handy A to Z guide: https:/…
Holiday Gift Week: in which the ibuprofen gel I brought back from Spain makes its triumphant return.
So happy to see Jar Jar Binks make his triumphant return in episode 8.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I will be at work on Sunday when Aaron Rodgers makes his triumphant return to the field. Stop number 1 Carolina. I…
Upon a triumphant return from a battle a small girl laid a crown of flowers upon my head. I was quite popular!
"Are you looking for moi?" This muppetational fountain has made its triumphant return! "Wocka wocka" over to Disney's
As I make my long awaited & triumphant return to the stage tonight 😂 a large, unwelcomed zit has made its debut on my face. Show must go on.
Hey I think it's time for a triumphant return.
Congrats to Sydney Killeen on being named to the girls golf all area
I got to see Kesha's triumphant return and she absolutely killed it at the Ryman in Nashville.
When are you and Nick making your triumphant return?
Why don't u make your triumphant return to karaoke... Either tonight at Tilted Kilt or Saturday night at…
ARE BACK!!! They are making a triumphant (but temporary) return with a limited run starting t…
My show of the year without question. The triumphant return of
Live music tomorrow night! makes his triumphant return to Santa Fe! As always it's a free show!…
And the triumphant return of Charlie Smith after a four week absence with a broken wrist.
And when let out they will have embraced our culture and be no threat at all. And in Nar…
We chatted with Stedman Bailey about his triumphant return to the - Read it here:
Buy Miche Bag Online!
We'll make our triumphant return next year 🤙🏼
You know what this Broadway season needs? The triumphant return of Gil and George to Broadway in OH THELLO.
I'll miss the triumphant return of tonight for reasons beyond my control (Not Star Wars), but you…
Last Jedi Spoiler ---. Jek Porkins makes his triumphant return.
Sunset Boulevard reference. Quite inspired: Norma was a faded silent film star who liv…
I liked a video The Triumphant Return of Gina Linetti | Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The triumphant return of the Dayton area’s best wine-tastings list
PSX 2017: DJMax Respect is a Triumphant Return for the Rhythm Series
return to ABC 🇺🇸 on January 3rd, 2018 with all new episodes - which is also the day they make their…
Jimmy Kimmel, who'd been missing in action from work for a week, made a triumphant return to the late-night stage w…
The cult hit 'Desert Bus' make its triumphant return in virtual reality
The people have spoken, Michael! Please announce its triumphant return ANON.
You’re thinking of Jar Jar. Who also makes his triumphant return in THJ!
Missing the flavors of Indonesia while has been on hiatus? Get ready for their triumphant return to…
Absolutely brilliant matches and some dumb luck means I get a triumphant return to Gold status 😍😍
The moment that cemented my fandom for all-time. Hal's triumphant return in Rebirth. This is a fist-pumpi…
With that said, I do not lightly say this:. THE WITCHWOOD CROWN is a worth follow-up to one of the greatest…
In other news - Our "Winter White" Shakers will be making their triumphant return within the next few days! Be on the look…
Triumphant return to the attack tonight. 3 goals and 2 assists as the forward playing off the last defender. 6-3 win as w…
I make my triumphant return to the Go check it out on the app.
And of course, you'll be announcing your mid-September show in Whistler, right. Or your triumphant…
Lastly, Maui pops up again to help save the day BC the film is almost over. The film didn't earn that triumphant return.
so so excited to see you'll be making your triumphant Box return!!
Check out the details and let us know: Are YOU excited for his triumphant return to TV?
Putting off going to sleep, because I am super not looking forward to the triumphant return of my childhood nuclear war nightmares.
Coldplay's anticipated return to Montreal was mesmerizing, colorful, jovial and triumphant
A triumphant return. Season 9 of premieres October 1.
In discussions with the gorgeous who is in the middle of making a triumphant return to adult film! http…
Mike Smith makes a triumphant return to
The triumphant return of Yonder Alonso to Oakland is heartwarming
All purpose parts banner
We look forward to your triumphant return! . ~
Andy makes his less than triumphant return to Camp Firewood in a middling Wet Hot
Today's Snapchat including our triumphant vacation return home!
When Bruce gets canned youll make your triumphant return home.
Airplane Cat makes a triumphant return for
My favorite part is the triumphant return of the float at the end
Derry transplant team return triumphant from Glasgow
Lee Min Ki is coming back to Tv? Didn't mean to rhyme, but news like this requires it.
The Bastion god has made his triumphant return thanks to Total Mayhem.
In BvS, Superman was at his darkest, his most conflicted. Now, the world yearns for his glorious & triumphant return...
ICYMI: MF DOOM made his triumphant return. Listen to his new collaboration with
Kesha's triumphant return should not be leaked. The queen deserves the best. Help give her that by waiting till Friday!…
Our & Shakers have made a triumphant return! Support your squad & cop one today! .
It's going to be great at WWE Good Golly Miss Molly later this year when Jericho makes his triumphant return.
And the Christmas Light Scarf has made a triumphant return! Thank you Jericho for being a walking meme 😂😂
I'm planning my triumphant 2 day return to Fort William in the next 2 weeks, once this infection clears up.
Charlotte makes her triumphant babyface return.
Red Carpet Queen Cher Is Ready to Make a Triumphant Return to the Met Gala
Tomorrow I make my triumphant return
After 14 years one of the original 'Ten Tenors' made his triumphant return to the stage! 🎤 . | CONTINUE…
Waiting for to make a triumphant return, though I don't think most of them deserve the blessing
it's been 2 1/2 weeks since I last watched WWE programming. I make my triumphant return to it tonight, during 205 live. I miss my cruisers.
Gabriel making a triumphant return to to encourage Congress to with
| | The Footy Soldiers Podcast makes their triumphant return after over a year of radio silence!
Wed: Fresh snow & clearing skies at dawn. The sun makes a triumphant return though temps are moderate and the wind is feisty out of the NW.
Pres. Trump will make his triumphant return to his home town of NYC this week. He will be back to commemorate a World War II batt…
Great news! Eric Clapton's Triumphant Return to the Stage at Madison Square Garden! XO
I'll say it again: do not underestimate Elon Musk. SpaceX Sticks the Landing in Triumphant Return
it's been too long since was on. Completely awesome his triumphant return was on the The show is great!
After Decades Away, River Otters Make a Triumphant Return to the Bay Area: via
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
He's on Ball Kid duty with until my triumphant return. It's good for him!
Master Mouse And That Guy make a triumphant return. Sort of.
The church's greatest days are ahead. B4 The Coming of the Lord there'll be a return to The Book of Acts & we'll go out…
you're cool gangsta. Next year you can make your triumphant return with...a stream 😵😄😵😄
ICYMI - Rose triumphant in hometown return as Knicks down Bulls . RECAP:
Very excited for Scarborough to ride the wave of populism and make his triumphant return to politics
Today is the third anniversary of my triumphant return from Alicante. Happy Liberation Day. All the fireworks outside are for me
Pumped for my boy making his triumphant return to America today
the triumphant return of The Sauce Boss.
Triumphant return to Brunswick for and
Glitter makes a triumphant return in 2016 as make up bags begin to sparkle ->
A year ago today, Adele’s “Hello" became the first song to sell over a million digital copies in a single week
The triumphant return of Maya the awkward bisexual lawyer(?) millennial!!!
📷 Everyone, I would like to announce the triumphant return of one of our sexiest submitters: Luvo Luvo,...
Our November Innovators issue is on stands today! Art Innovator Ai Weiwei (makes a triumphant return to NYC:…
I have completed the quest ''Triumphant return'' in Cat Story
alum has a triumphant return with new song Watch the... by via
Here's my review of Hacksaw Ridge, a triumphant directorial return for Mel Gibson -
Just one more day until makes her triumphant return to This is gonna be good af.…
First, read about a triumphant return, then witness his work and listen as visits with USD art students
I liked a video from I'm Back! My Triumphant Return to the World of YouTu…
Just over two hours before my son makes his stage debut and my daughter makes a triumphant return. 👯❤️
"This indifference to the studio is part of what makes Ai a quintessential 21st-century artist"-
If you missed it earlier, Commissioner Cantona made a triumphant return...
Young making triumphant return to Cumbria via
Lakers stun Warriors; Knicks' Rose, Noah make triumphant return to Chicago
The Necromancers make their triumphant return to
By popular demand for a limited time, the Carriveau boys will make their triumphant return to the Motor City on 12/17
Carl Stevens’ Journal: A Poem For Tom Brady’s Triumphant Return: Carl Stevens says we're all lucky to see Tom Brady…
Jeff Beck’s Triumphant Return: ‘Loud Hailer’ is an ace record that reflects the tumultuous times in which we live.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The Mockbee makes its triumphant return today. Stop by for our opening nite.
I can't wait for Peepers triumphant return!
"Tiki Beach" should hold me over until "Leaves" makes a triumphant autumn return. 😉🍁
leaves work early on the triumphant return of the after the all-star break. THEY ARE PLAYING THE
Thanks Happy Valentine's Day to my wife (and me).
Tonight the Sweet Colleens make their triumphant return to Kieran's!. Music at 9!. No cover!.
After a whole week of being sick I made my triumphant return to & my fave boxing class. Per usual- *** was kicked. 💪🏻
Every moment of triumphant return to
Not feeling great today but got some medicine in that Saturday tea time slot with covering DW's triumphant 2005 return!😊
Watch make her triumphant teturn to in this new trailer:
... So I just got my 5-Day pass to SDCC. Can't wait to make my triumphant return and ransack the exhibitor floor. Let the savings begin...
Charles Barber makes his triumphant return to our stage tonight at 8:00 pm. If you haven't seen him yet, you are...
Beloved CPS teacher surprised her when she returns from cancer fight
Odell Brewing Co’s The Meddler is making its triumphant return. This Oud Bruin is sure to make you the hit of the...
Make you weekend more awesome with THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF WAITING FOR DOOM!
We are proud to announce the triumphant return of Alberto Avilla to central Florida and Atomic.…
The beautiful golden egg has made its triumphant and glamorous return! Get this bath bomb melt combo while you can!
Eagles of Death Metal bring rock, healing at triumphant Paris return show. Our review
thanks Gilles! I can’t wait for your triumphant return to the show soon 😎
Mo Farah makes triumphant return to the track with victory in Glasgow Indoor GP at Emirates Arena. A winning start to this Olympic year
(Reuters) - British superstar Adele said she cried all day after what was supposed to be a triumphant return to the Grammy…
48 hours is a long time in politics:. 1.) Battling for Britain. 2.) Triumphant Return.
WATCH: Past students of beloved CPS teacher surprise her when she returns from cancer fight
The wait is over, BOLO Coconut Brown Ale cans make their triumphant return!
A triumphant return to the cage for
. can't hold us down, Triumphant return today for Saturdays w/
David Brooks and the Triumphant Return of the Friedman Unit .
.And only sexism killed her “for her unicorn” by her abuser’s hand, while Crowley gets to have his ~triumphant “return"~ to Evil.
Watched my first episode this season due to your triumphant return. A real queen could never be dethroned.
.made a triumphant return to the stage last night! Watch her performance here:
Electronic Device Insurance
"The Triumphant Return of via WRs everywhere watch and learn!
Do you think "Splish splash we're gonna have a blast" will make a triumphant return this year?
With the legendary Donnie Simpson on the event if his triumphant return to both radio and television.…
I'm going to ask the question we all need answered. Will The Blazing Five make it's triumphant return?
well, when I make my triumphant Columbia return in 30-40 years ...
Against Me! make triumphant return to stage with first live album in 10 years
A triumphant return of pen to pocket and off home to eat beans out of the can. Amazing.
.make triumphant UK return at Milton Keynes show - in photos Photo: Sam Neill
Storytime makes its triumphant return TODAY 12PM! Join the fun every Tues & Thurs. We can't wait to see you again!
triumphant return to the field is THE STORY! He is an ALL-TIME GREAT BUCKEYE!
Excited to make my triumphant return to fantasy football as part of the -
Good morning, USA! After 2 months of being abroad I celebrated my triumphant return with BBQ brisket & ribs to Lynyrd Skyn…
I hope you experience little to no pain, and I will be eagerly anticipating the triumphant return. All the best.
I like to read this as Christ making his triumphant return on an ABC Family series (maybe thinks it's still CBN).
Extra Extra read all about it! The volleyball team is making a triumphant return! is the official page
Well, I made my podcast return, wouldn't say it was triumphant but a return none the less.
M's summer work hours end on Labor Day. Will make triumphant return the next day.
Newswire: Tracy Morgan to make triumphant TV return as host of SNL.. Related Articles:
Today's Morning Show by 89.7 Kindel’s Triumphant Return, Naaman and Obedience, and Gator Theft
How many are looking forward to Stephen Colbert's triumphant return to television? Here's a Nightly Slice...
It's the triumphant return of who is returning this quickly after breaking his nose because he isn't a huma…
When BlueBell makes its triumphant return, I will be eating a pint in celebration. Might get two.
That's what I like to hear! Can't wait to make my triumphant return.
Congrats to on his 1st win since career-threatening crash last year. Colorado proud!
Celebrating my triumphant return to with a shameless plug for my new(ish) blog/website:
Canary make her triumphant return} Laurel {He whispered softly to himself. He could see she was outnumbered. He+
He's back! Tracy Morgan is making his triumphant return to comedy as host of
The Transatlantic Tracker makes its triumphant return.
Great news. So glad to hear after that tragic incident.
Tracy Morgan will make his triumphant SNL return on October 17th   10% Off
RB joins All-Access NOW to discuss his triumphant return to action!.
The computer lab will be closed tomorrow to prepare for your triumphant return to campus!
what a triumphant return today, Heaven opened up & Angels rejoice in the wonderful testament you made on Live TV
Tracy Morgan is making his triumphant return to “Saturday Night Live” via
Kendrick Lamar Makes a Triumphant Return to 'SNL': Kendrick Lamar made his debut on Saturday Night Live nearly...
I'll make my triumphant return soon. I promise...
I'm watching LOST for the first time, and I am REJOICING at home, by myself - because of Jin's triumphant return in season 5!
is it bad that I still hope for a triumphant return from Kevin?
It's the triumphant return of Teen Niece.
The triumphant return of the green cooler deserves a parade. As do the game warden shirts.
Mr. Kobe Bryant makes his triumphant return in a few minutes.
Mighty Max Weinberg makes a triumphant (temporary) return to (
Is the Fox Box's triumphant return imminent? Balls and strikes in the actual zone returning to your screen?
could I possible make a triumphant return for the ?
HOORAY for the triumphant return of Derek on
I'm proud to announce the triumphant return of Bottles & Cans & Just Clap Your Hands @ Tell your …
If the Giants win, can we expect the triumphant / parole-violating return of Sports ***
The dancing GIF shall make its triumphant return.
Just took a slow dive to The Danforth to see the triumphant return of Slowdive to Toronto
I can't wait for Kripke's triumphant return for the Lifetime Tell All
on What a perfectly triumphant return to prime time!
Savage Love Episode 418 - It's the triumphant return of Dr. Barak, here to reassure us that drinking pee is still ...
I've wrote so many verses over the last few weeks, I'm gearing up for a triumphant return!
A triumphant return! Snowcase Advent Calendars are back, but not for long!
Apparently I jumped the gun, not wholly back. The world waits with Baded breathe for her full-fledged triumphant return.
What's next for Colt McCoy after his unexpectedly triumphant return to Texas:
the triumphant return of sarah and I in three weeks?
The triumphant return of Vandelay Industries to the field of competitive bar trivia (@ Gene McCarthy's Irish Pub)
Of course! Tomorrow night is the triumphant return of D Rose!
t minus one hour til his triumphant return I can't wait
Redskins Blog: Jason Hatcher triumphant in return to Dallas
Colt McCoy Somehow Made a Triumphant Return to Texas Last Night, Much to the Cowboys' Chagrin | Texas Monthly
Supermodel shamed for being too fat for Chanel makes a triumphant return to the runway:
Josh Perotti couldn't keep his hands off this blouse. Daniel Lawson's Top 4 Outfits from "Old Spice" …
Today on The Wolf of Wall Street: makes his triumphant return in NYC. Never go against he family. Or the Dow Jones.
Making my triumphant return from the DL tonight at 9:45.
All I know is, the community is making a triumphant return that will shake the foundation of gaming!
Gothenburg's At the Gates (make a triumphant return with their first LP in 19 years. Our interview:
ok, but that's not the story here. Almost, Maine is FAR from a *** play."
Media intern Sydney Treuer just published her story on the triumphant return of the Prince William Sound Youth...
Shulk looks like Marth + Link, Bowser Jr looks like Diddy kong + jiggly puff and Falcondorf makes his triumphant return
Lord I'm ready now. I'm waiting for your triumphant return. (You're coming so soon). This world has nothing for me
Wednesday with Jean Edwards Cellars! 27-Aug: Jean Edwards Cellars joins us in celebration of Cabernet Day! John Fodera regales us with his most recent trip to Tuscany and of course his delicious recipes 10-Sep: FLX Wine featuring 2013 Rieslings - Always informative! 17-Sep: Mark Eselstine returns! Bulk wine - do they all suck? (samples) 24-Sep: LEANNE LAINE FINE ART joins us to talk plus much more. So grab a glass and discuss with an internationally-collected artist! 01-Oct: The triumphant return of Cairdean Vineyards with Edwin Williams! (samples) 08-Oct: PENDING Become a guest-host for the coming Autumn / Winter season!
Welcome back blog where and have made their triumphant return to NY
makes its triumphant return to television tonight at 7 PT. Here's what to expect this time around:
//Since it's just for aesthetics, I suppose it's all right to just jump to the triumphant return.
My triumphant return to MVNU documented in scales.
The non-triumphant return of Poor Man’s PTI live this Thurs at 8PM ET! (prepping for our weekly NFL Picks podcast)
Time for my triumphant return to the gym (and my triumphant divorce when MRESQ sees how late I left)
Infectious will be making a triumphant return thanks for all your patience guys!
I wish crew would make a triumphant return, but for next gen.
24 hours until I make my triumphant return (after two weeks) to Weekly Tuesday Live Broadcast. Talk then!
Al's List or Craig's List makes its triumphant return to Rambo's Delco Radio. Download and listen see how you do!!
And making its triumphant return...
With Phillip Thomas injured and Brandon Merriweather suspended, will make his triumphant return back to Washington?
The thumbnail image captures the moment when a German sniper decided to spoil De Gaulle's triumphant return to...
That was a triumphant return for Under The Dome. The stakes have definitely been raised
The triumphant return of Captain Carrot via
Triumphant return of Miss Claudette at just spoke to Michelle Hurst about near-fatal crash. More TK
The triumphant return of Piggy the Dog! Brought to you by Darwin Animal Doctors, whose clinic…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Watch Dave Chappelle’s Triumphant (Surprise) Return To Hartford, CT: Many of us already know and have come to ...
> Derrick Rose makes triumphant return as U.S. routs Brazil on
FYI my friends: I'll be making my triumphant return to Route 300 on Tuesday September 2nd! Can't wait to be back out there!
we're patiently awaiting your triumphant return to campus. This weekend is move ins, just sayin
Pshhh, Freebird needs to make it's triumphant return to GTAV
Apparently, 30 is the new 15 as my acne from the 10th grade is making a triumphant return. The fug?
I'd love to have see the Ice Climbers make a triumphant return but I'll gladly welcome Rosalina and Luma s the new puppeteer character.
Celebrating my triumphant return to Football Manager with beer and hookers
makes her triumphant return to NYC and LOVES all the changes at studio four
August 22, 2014 - Page 3 - In the item on illegal immigration, the commaperiod makes its triumphant return. It's catching on!
I have made a triumphant return to the Donmar Warehouse
Bob Saget makes a triumphant return to the Venue for a evening of the best "Rated-R ish" you will ever see!
First ride of my triumphant return to Disneyland is Big Thunder AND I'M STOKED
The last recorded Superspoon sighting was in August 2013. But it soon makes it's triumphant return
And now, the triumphant return of our headliner,
I'm gonna miss you real bad man. I'm super happy for you guys though. Looking forward to your triumphant return
EDOX Delfin dived to new depths of water resistance when it was introduced in 1961 - and now it is set to make a triumphant return to the world stage. Named The Original Chronograph, the new Delfin is powered by an EDOX Calibre 10 and, like the original, is carefully engineered to withstand the stress of a deep water environment. The steel-cased watch has an extra-sturdy caseback (also engraved with the Water Champion slogan) and special casing around the movement to protect it while submerged. Available at at KUALA LUMPUR AWG Fine Watches AWG L3-44, Gateway in KLIA2 and SARAWAK Swee Hua No.1, Raminway, Sibu). For the complete list of authorized Edox retailers, please refer to
Celebrating my triumphant return to the stage with Taco Bell
The triumphant return of the was so much for that his brain…
I think this will mark a triumphant return to the golden age of
Scary how obsessed Corey the chipmunk is with Murph. Murph better get him flowers or something when he makes his triumphant return.
All smiles as we celebrate radio_amps triumphant return to NY: cc askvas mikematt1010
no worries lady! You rest up and get well! We shall prepare for your triumphant return. Car accidents pre-show suck. Been there. it when it first happened. Dont encourage the "triumphant return" and then react to the backlash.
Guess what is about to make a triumphant return? That's right, new shot glasses are ordered at long last! Get...
They're back!!! One of our favs makes their triumphant return to C'dale. Hot sauce committee plays pinch's retro hip hop party 2nite!
what are the chances of getting you to make a triumphant return to Moncks Corner at a new venue?
One week until month until my triumphant return to Chicago (a 4-day limited engagement)! SQU-EE!
A triumphant return back to the ol stomping grounds after all this time
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