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Tristram Hunt

Tristram Julian William Hunt FRHistS (born 31 May 1974) is a British Labour Party politician, activist, historian, broadcaster and newspaper columnist, who is currently the Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent Central.

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Great article in on the 5 museums up for the including our own
Turns out that Tristram Hunt is a clueless fool. Who knew?
talks on UK museums "here’s a strong sense of partnership, not just in our Exhibition Road family"…
.on "Great doing beautiful, challenging, innovative work" 🇬🇧
Don't be distracted by the Tory turf war – Michael Gove has questions to answer | Tristram Hunt
The prestigious Art Fund Museum of the Year prize will be awarded next month five museums on this yr…
I hope Tristram Hunt is enjoying the V&A museum.
What I'm thinking: thank God flinchers and sneerers like Tristram Hunt, Reed and Blenkinsop bailed out
If Tristram Hunt had led us into GE we'd have had 1931-style wipe out
Jeremy Hunt is a Cousin of Sir Peter and Baroness Virginia Bottomley and the ex Tory…
Remind me if they ever did this to Labour MP Tristram Hunt??? Guessing not! Perhaps this shows their "office" based…
Thats bcos Tristram Hunt was a Tory just like a few others in who ALL now know they eith…
Oddly, I've never heard anyone make the same mistake with Tristram Hunt
Never liked him. Just look at what he wrote in 2010:
Many do have 'keen sense of the and successfully collaborate .
On what Tristram Hunt is thinking:. 'I should have stayed': 16%. 'I wish we'd lost seats': 31%. Who cares: 53%. Via Survatio…
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Five galleries around the country go head to head for the Museum of the Year - who'll win?.
Five of the best museums in Britain today, by V&A director Tristram Hunt via
Tristram Hunt: If Jeremy Corbyn leads us into a GE we face a 1931-style wipe out. Reality: Labour's biggest vote shar…
Five of the best UK museums today by
2017 the year Jamie Reed, Dugher, Blenkinsop, Tristram Hunt, Gisela Stuart, Iain Wright all resigned from Labour Pa…
Alan Johnson and Tom Blekinsop to stand down. Following Jamie Reed and Tristram Hunt. It's already a bad year for labour.
policies are those of Tony Blair, his Education Secretaries, Michael Gove, Tristram Hunt.
Tristram Hunt to quit as V&A director and to take on role as nasty James Bond villain based on true life criminal underworld story
Tristram Hunt did NOT get elected. Labour did. He was a donkey chosen by Lord Peter Mandelson. His CLP can get rid of a
EXCL Labour whips 'braced for more resignations' after Tristram Hunt quits via
Why do Andrew Rawnsley and Tristram Hunt have the same slightly melted waxwork look
making a bigger deal out of Tristram Hunt leaving Labour than a child with meningitis sleeping for 5hrs in…
Now Streaming at - BBC News - Home : Labour's Tristram Hunt quitting as MP to head V&A Muse
Corbyn comment on Tristram Hunt resignation has just dropped. They ought to set up an email template to speed it up for ne…
Tristram Hunt resigns - taking his Blairite ideology where it belongs: in a museum.
Hamilton Collection
Tristram Hunt an ambitious nonentity that fulfilled his destiny and became a vacuous nobody.
Labour facing by-election as Tristram Hunt steps down from Stoke-on-Trent Central seat by
So the entire Tristram Hunt story is "fake news" because his seat was due to be axed by 2020 and Jez obv isn't gonna par…
this comment from ArtFund seems a pretty good counter to Hunt's article
Labour MP Tristram Hunt stepping down to become museum director, wants a job with a better future. Labour will soon be one of his exhibits.
In 2015 Tristram Hunt was "Britain’s least popular MP: a derisory 19 per cent of constituents voted for him"
Remember the time Tristram Hunt crossed a picket line so he could deliver a lecture on Marx
Why has Tristram Hunt quit Stoke? Because he isn't a fighter and UKIP would've beaten him. Get a principled local candid…
Tristram Hunt's resignation is a sign of things to come for Labour: me for
Reactions to Tristram Hunt resigning are a telling illustration of the psychology of the Labour Party. They need Jeremy Kyle. They do.
yer so-called "great mind" Tristram Hunt there going off to the V&A to advocate for trampling over one of New Labour's pro…
My favourite Tristram Hunt moment was when he said the 1% needed to be given more thought and priority in Labour. A man…
Disgusting that Tristram Hunt should show such disloyalty to in the run up to his deselection.
Tristram Hunt and Jamie Reed standing down as MPs within a month of each other. A sure sign Blairites starting to real…
Of all the things that Tristram Hunt achieved as an MP, this was probably the greatest.
I can't tell the difference between Zac Goldsmith & Tristram Hunt, so their 2nd resignation in 4 months came as quite a shock to me this AM
While I like Tristram Hunt, he has no curatorial, exhibition or major admin experience, does he?! VERY peculiar choice for V…
Tristram Hunt quitting politics to run an important museum is not turning his back on public service. Museums are also a p…
Why Tristram Hunt won't be the last to leave Corbyn's Labour Party are a joke party!
My favourite Tristram Hunt moment by via
Tristram Hunt resigns after discovering he's a Tory. (HT
Your annual reminder that Tristram Hunt's BBC series on Protestantism included the claim that, in hiding, Martin Luther 'grew a…
I doubt it. Tristram Hunt simply glides from one cushy job to the next
hasnt the parachuted candidate served the Labour Party well! And he'd lecture us, political career over
George Osborne is sad his fellow Aristocrat, Tristram Hunt, is no longer an MP. Losing Tristram is indeed a defeat for the 1…
If you want UKIP leader Paul Nuttall to stand in the Stoke byelection, UKIP 2nd in 2015, 70% voted Brexit
Ukip leader Paul Nuttall urged to stand in safe Labour seat vacated by Tristram Hunt
Tristram Hunt brought real breadth, insight and passion to Parliament and to Labour. Happy for him, sad for party to see hi…
I'd also favour ideological literacy tests for Labour MPs. But Engels expert Tristram Hunt would probably have passed.
The public responds to the news that Tristram Hunt was ever a Labour MP to begin with.
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Tristram Hunt: elected three years after Blair resigned & never voted against whip. They don't come any more Blairite Tra…
Jeremy Corbyn is by far the worst opposition leader in history, long may it continue
time to relive Tristram Hunt's finest heckling work
This is brilliant for Stoke-on-Trent! Tristram Hunt was parachuted in to this safe seat by PLP & local candidates were ignored. Great News!
Blimey! say odds of winning Tristram Hunt's seat slashed from 50/1 to 7/1 following rush of bets. Eve…
Good piece about how Labour NEC parachuted into his constituency
this is a contract with his constituents? Is there an emoji to express?. https:/…
Another Lab MP thinks "bugger this for a game of soldiers"... Tristram Hunt to quit as MP to become V&A director
‘Labour is doomed’ Ukip eye chance as Tristram Hunt is latest MP to quit Corbyn’s party
Tristram Hunt, chosen by Mandelson ahead of local candidates, took questionable donations & faced vote of no confidence by…
Asked why he was leaving Corbyn's Labour Party to become a museum director, Tristram Hunt says he wants something more f…
Jeremy Corbyn denies he has 'lost control of the party' after Tristram Hunt resigns Buy
Here’s incoming V&A head arguing for reintroduction of entry fees for museums:.
Tristram Hunt quits as Labour MP triggering by-election in 'Brexit capital of UK'
Tristram Hunt resigning to become director of an art museum is legitimately the most Tristram Hunt thing to ever occur
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After Tristram Hunt's resignation today how many more Labour MP's will resign because the Laour party is a disaster zo…
Hunt: 'Jeremy not the reason I'm quitting'
Also on Week in Westm'r 11am Radio4 Sat: Peter Mandelson tells us he's still a fighter, not a quitter, giving his view on Tristram Hunt 2/2
Independent: Tristram Hunt is the new V&A director and everyone's worried they're going to start charging
Tristram Hunt's resignation will not be the last. The moderates are giving up the fight. https:/…
'young talent'? Give me over Tristram Hunt ANY day of the week.
Aaron Bastani says Tristram Hunt and Jamie Reed have no "backbone" and are "nonentities".
Tristram Hunt: I'm leaving!. Labour membership: Don't let the door hit you in the *** on the way out.
Tristram Hunt's resignation from Stoke will be followed by many others. Labour is doomed.
NEW: Tristram Hunt takes veiled swipe at Jeremy Corbyn as he quits as Labour MP
Labour MP Tristram Hunt quits. Another one deserts the sinking red ship. via
I think we're at cross purposes - my point was Hattersley's insight re Owen seemed pertinent to Tristram Hunt's decision
Another creative ignored, unsupported and cast aside in SoT. First Mike Wolfe. Now Tristram Hunt. V&A is so lucky. Best wishes to Tristram
is it spurious to suggest that Tristram Hunt was parachuted into Stoke ahead of a working…
Watch live: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and British MP Tristram Hunt on cities in an era of rising nationalism
Paul Hutcheon is in my novel. And so is Glenn Campbell. So is Tristram Hunt. So is Alan Johnson, and ALL Home Secretaries.
And ignore the likes of Rachel Reeves, Tristram Hunt and John Mann who want Labour to scapegoat immigrants…
Just to be clear, the Labour Party doesn't want people like you. They want people like Owen Smith and Tristram Hunt. . The mind boggles.
Tristram Hunt is voting 4 alleged unity candidate Owen Smith. Is this the language of someone who wants party unity? h…
some like Ian Austin, Wes Streeting, Jamie Reed, Jahn Mann, Tristram Hunt and Chukka could sit with Tories
who is John Galt? John Galt is Tristram Hunt, crossing a picket line to give a lecture on Marxism
With Butskellism describing the shared values of Rab Butler & Hugh Gaitskell, how should we describe those of David Cameron & Tristram Hunt?
yes, definitely, and Tristram Hunt is another. But mass deselections would purge the party of its talent.
What, though, if Tristram Hunt is not the official Labour Candidate? We, that is, the genuine Labourites, increas the maj.
This has to be one of main reasons why big donor acceptors, like Tristram Hunt & Umunna are so opposed to Corbyn.
Angus MacNeil is another Tristram Hunt - one that just needs to sit there and look pretty but keep their mouths closed!
My mate Tristram Hunt MP has called on the 1% to dissent against Corbyn & take control of the Labour Party:.
mine used to be Tristram Hunt but his name rhymes with what he is. Wes Streeting is my husband
Is that Tristram Hunt's CLP, or is he Stoke Central?
Owen Smith is like a gateway drug to the really hard stuff. An overdose of Tristram Hunt is the inevitable squalid conclusion.
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if recall, Tristram hunt held meeting with CLP to prevent her nomination, claiming would prevent AS
David Edgar is right to warn about the English nationalism advocated by Labour's Tristram Hunt & Jon Cruddas
I accept that but.Danczuk?? I wouldn't want him near my sister (or daughter if I had one) Tristram 1% Hunt?? NOT Labour!
I agree with you but still believe a few MP's should do the decent thing & go. Danczuk? Tristram Hunt? Jamie Reed?
Really? How did Tony Blair create Liz Kendall & Tristram Hunt - he made them in a LabourTory. I'm up for banter Liz!
Aside from the clear agenda of Progress group the mention of Tristram Hunt says it all about this group
David Cameron has been forced to order fresh,Tristram hunt for missing dossier>114 secret files on paedophile cases missing”
Tristram Hunt. strongly criticised MP Tom Watson, who described Hunt's behaviour as "preposterous"
yep - Tories in the labour camp know tories in the tory camp are toxic which is why likes of Owen Smith Tristram Hunt joined Lab
You can't lead the Labour Party unless you were educated at Cambridge. It's not a job for the riff-raff you know. htt…
Tristram Hunt literally appeals to an elite to retake Labour.
Tristam Hunt literally said to Oxford students the 1% need to take back control of Labour .
Sad when journalist use such emotive language. Poor journalism from
Not entirely sure why this guy is even in the Labour Party...
Tristram hunt, the epitome of what was wrong with the Labour Party before Mr Corbyn let's get rid of the nasty ***
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Tristram Hunt tells Oxbridge Labour students that 'the top 1%' must lead Labour again eg THE ELITE vs members.
When Hilary Benn, Tristram Hunt and co are quite finished, I think they will see that our party has such a thing called…
I have a vision of Tristram Hunt, Hilary Benn & Yvette Cooper standing atop a pile of rubble in flash suits asking us t…
Ever since I knew of and knew about Tristram Hunt I've had nothing but dislike for him.
Tristram Hunt MP kicking off with a fascinating discussion of Stoke properties, smoke and society
Excellent point from Tristram Hunt MP "heritage buildings provide very good spaces for those working in the gig economy"
Agree fully with Tristram Hunt that urban Victorian industrial land- & town-scapes need connection and survival
Tristram Hunt celebrating The Potteries: from burden to benefit
Tristram Hunt MP makes opening address at the Icon 2016 conference
Tristram Hunt MP just taking the stage for
Great article you underline the lack of capacity of Labour to (re) connect with the working class
Tristram Hunt MP, Labour, Remain describes EU as 'democratic decisions made by sovereign countries coming together to work together'
Tristram Hunt MP, Labour, Remain, says young people he's met 'are passionate about working and studying in Europe' in the EU
'You can't blame everything on Europe, this is about political leadership by our government' Tristram Hunt MP, Labour, Remain.
Tristram Hunt tells audience at BBC Stoke debate that we hve to accept free movement for access to single market. Crowd "absolute no"
Audience member, Leave, blames Tristram Hunt and Remain MPs for the 630,000 people that immigrated to UK last year
Tristram Hunt, Labour, Remain, says the UK will face a 'major economic shock' if we leave the EU.
why don't you join Tristram ( I am the elite) hunt with his natural allies , the tories .
Ed Miliband and Tristram Hunt in college to discuss EU referendum
Tristram Hunt: "we'll get rid of Cameron a different way"
Tristram Hunt’s book calls on the party to consider more deeply what Englishness means today |
the lessons learned from that i.e. Tristram Hunt & co, is that Labour wasn't racist enough. "That is where the electorate are"
Tristram Hunt in an admiral's uniform, atop a dinghy
Exemplified in Tristram Hunt. . "What does he know about Stoke? I bet he went to a private school, bet he went and did PPE at Cambridge""
and the same could be said for Tristram Hunt, Mary Creagh, Rachel Reeves, all withdrew early.
...Tristram Hunt looking like he took a wrong turn on his way to Royal Ascot. Atrocious.
Or should people like Murdoch, Blair, Tristram Hunt be able to choose Lab Party leader, rather than members?
You're behind the curve Peter. Tom Watson, Tristram Hunt and Ed Balls all said today immigration is out of control.
When you look at Tristram Hunt, Kinnock Jr, Will Straw, it doesn't take you long to realise why labour has lost touch.
that was rotten to Tristram Hunt on Midlands Today for the same reasons.
Things get a bit shouty between Digby Jones and Tristram Hunt during a …
Tristram Hunt and Ruth Smeeth are Bitterite Shills for Israel. They have no natural rapport with people of Stoke.
The Labour supporters backing Brexit in Stoke-on-Trent heartland. The likes of Tristram Hunt to blame – video
Well worth 10 minutes: views of Leave supporters in Stoke (incl derisive reference to Tristram Hunt's education).
guessing Tristram Hunt parachuted into an easy seat here,gen working class not particularly gonna buy him i imagine
Stoke on Trent Labour voters stupid enough to allow Tristram Hunt to be foisted on them would accept a monkey with red rosette.
Supplies of Tristram Hunt's new book urgently required. Please give what you can.
Latest great but grim Anywhere but Westminster video hails from Stoke, where the Labour MP is somehow Tristram Hunt
Really don't trust anything Chukka Ummuna says. He's fake. Him and Tristram Hunt need to leave the and join th…
Good video - especially the Leave guy at 6 and the complete disconnect between him and Tristram Hunt
Labour MP for Stoke is Tristram Hunt and was selected ahead of local council leader. Labour quit representing sometime ago.
.good for you Tristram Hunt, this lady and her child have been treated appallingly.
I can't remember Tristram Hunt being a racist. So what makes Corbyn better than those alternatives?
Tristram Hunt is the worst at displaying exactly that
Agree with my former colleague on this - see recent piece:
He is- along with John MANN, Tristram Hunt, Harriet Harman and other Bitterites!!
what about Tristram Julian William Hunt, ex Cambridge man, son of Baron of Chesterton? Now fighting for the good people of Stoke.
We have Tristram Hunt in Northampton today ,he'll find he's flogging a dead Horse !! Outside London it's big on. Leave !!
apparently its not racist to be racist according to the Right (including Bitterite Right like Tristram Hunt)
News: 'Liar' row over immigration in West Midlands EU debate: Labour MP Tristram Hunt demands an apology from...
Labour's failure to take on board the resurgence of English national identity | Tristram Hunt
Laura Kuenssberg, Tristram Hunt, Ryan Bourne, Martin Wolf and Rafael Behr also feature in today's must reads.
anonymous MP was probably Michael Dugher or Tristram Hunt or Liz Kendall. You know, no axe to grind
Liz Kendall and Tristram Hunt do not represent anyone except themselves.
Call for new approach to education divide in UK via
Probably not now, no, but they did before. There're others though like Tristram Hunt, for example.
My column this week is on Scotland, Stoke-on-Trent, identity and democracy. Read it here:
I'm struck as to how British institutions of parliament have been replicated in India down to fish &chips on the menu.-Tristram Hunt
And this is the other side - MPs handily sweetened by £££ from the industry. Welcome to Britain.
Wrote this two years ago now. An Open Letter to Mr Tristram Hunt, Shadow Education Secretary. via
"British Politics is becoming more and more Indian" - Tristram Hunt. "My Condolences" - Shashi Tharoor.
Don't feel constrained by your passport: swapan to british mp tristram hunt during session on at
Britain a far more multicultural and multi ethnic society post imperial than France so don't compare. Tristram Hunt
British politics becoming more like Indian politics: tristram hunt. My condolences: tharoor quips
'I think the French were better.' . 'That's only cos Pres Holland is flying in this evening' Tristram Hunt.
yep. Tristram Hunt. Sadly, Swapan is trying to be more adversarial with Tharoor than he is!
Swapan Dasgupta locking horns with Shashi Tharoor in this debate. Tristram Hunt playing the conciliatory role.
I think our politics are becoming more Indian-Tristram Hunt. . 'my condolences!' Shashi Tharoor.
Swapan dasgupta moderating Sashi Tharoor & Tristram Hunt on the "Imperial Empire" . Yes!.
We are confused about our place in the world today. Tristram Hunt
Tristram Hunt seeming to start badly by telling us how good empire was for the UK's economy, health education and development.
In the public debate in England we are still discussing whether we should feel good or bad about Empire. Tristram Hunt
Never thought I'd say this 'apologies for not being Niall Ferguson' Tristram Hunt.
My most anticipated session has just been changed. Tristram Hunt stepping in on Empire with Shashi Tharoor.
11:10AM Front Laws at . On Empire: Tristram Hunt and Shashi Tharoor, moderated by Swapan Dasgupta
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Tristram Hunt's £40k from bookie revealed by ANDREW PIERCE: Few are surprised Tristram Hunt is rumoured to be ...
| Tristram Hunt on the hubris of British empire (via
JLF 2016: Tristram Hunt on the hubris of British empire
Dan Jarvis, Hilary Benn, Tristram Hunt, Liz Kendell, Jamie Reed etc.that's the future of Labour, not frigging Corbyn
I dispute his sincerity given this. He thinks elite born to rule.
Note to self - Contact Tristram Hunt every week and ask him how it's going
Tristram Hunt is middle class, Michael Dugher is wc, Dennis Skinner is wc, the momentum guy is middle class
Top comment. "He really doesn't get it, does he? . Numbers are a funny thing... . So let's look at some numbers:. 4%.
WOW What brilliant read by Graham Bendel could not have put it better, Tristram Hunt and rest 66 need all step back
No cost?? What of the charitable status and £700m in tax breaks Interesting name btw.
Plus aren't these the sort of people Tristram Hunt thinks should be at the vanguard of party saving it from the hoi-polloi
Tristram Hunt represents a bygone era. The world has moved on and so should he, or accept the fact that he has...
this : with knobs on . THIS is what the Labour moderates think of the extreme right within the party .
Tristram Hunt says he doesn't support 50p tax rate but wants greater taxation of wealth.
Tristram Hunt saying sensible things about wealth tax and inequality, but why do I have feeling he's mainly furthering h…
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The best way Tristram Hunt can help the party to unite is by keeping issues within the party and not constantly briefing…
IDS and Tristram Hunt? Peas in a pod wearing different colour ties
Hang on - this can't be - where's Tristram Hunt and his weekly attack on Corbyn?
What has Tristram hunt said, specially. Also, 2 MPs are not a "large" part of the PLP
Simon Danczuk, Tristram Hunt, to name but too. You really need should play attention.
Tristram Hunt just admitted most of his Stoke-On-Trent CLP was opposed to with Corbyn - yet he still v…
i would sack myself and ask Cameron to appoint Tristram Hunt
First time I've seen this: Stoke-on-Trent. The Tristram Hunt effect (lower prices mean more can leave the city!)?
Who would you suggest - Tristram Hunt? Liz Kendal?. They'll win back the Labour heartlands for sure.
Ah last week Tristram Hunt talking about - what have the Blairites planned for this week with an obliging
"They include former shadow ministers Emma Reynolds, Tristram Hunt, Jamie Reed, Chris Leslie and Caroline Flint." There we go.
A view from outside Westminister Bubble via
"Simon Danczuk should be made to wear a dress, I'm not sure why." via
Response to Tristram Hunt MP's attack on Stop the War Coalition
'The grasping inflexible politics of personal ambition, Orwellian doublespeak and disastrous foreign intervention.'
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Catch up on Tristram Hunt's much-discussed speech to the Fabians last week, on Labour's moral mission
If Chuka with Mandleson holding his hand won't stand then Tristram Hunt would need a Mugabesque contest to win
If Tristram Hunt can openly support the bombing of Syria, Corbyn can oppose it https:…
Punish Lab MPs by making them wear orange & listen to Adele's 25? Not a threat when OITNB & Adele is amazing
I knew about Tristram Hunt but now you're telling me there's another MP called Crispin Blunt?
If you saw Tristram Hunt on Marr yesterday we got a clue - repackaged New Labour
My letter from Tristram Hunt when he was Shadow Education Sec now all I get is vague answer from the admin team!
I'm responding to a speech by Tristram Hunt on Monday 10.30am-12pm if anyone's about!
& imposing Blairite candidates like Kate Hoey & Tristram Hunt which is Y Corbyn has such problems with Senior MPs & PLP today
Isn't it weird how similar Tristram Hunt and Dan Miller are?
Tristram Hunt as John Cleese in classic sketch on class with. Ronnie Barker/Corbett. Exactly NOT what Labour's about
Labour MPs like Ben Bradshaw, Tristram Hunt, Mike Gapes, Simon Danzcuk are doing LP a disservice - what can we do?
Ian Austin, Tristram Hunt, Frank Field, Chris Leslie, Margaret Hodge, Liz Kendall KNOW they'll be deselected. http…
GMB Union's leader-in-waiting tells "Labour no longer wants Tristram Hunt and Peter Mandelson"
Peter Mandelson and Tristram Hunt not 'wanted' in Labour anymore, says union official
Come on, Labour, get over the 90s and join in Jeremy Corbyn’s debate | Tristram Hunt
Tristram Hunt. Key line "opposition parties win from the centre".
What one man bumping into Tristram Hunt in a newsagents tells us about Corbyn's Labour Party by
Shouldn't over-egg this, really. Were Charles Clarke, Jacqui Smith, Tristram Hunt etc. parliamentary giants?
Rachel Reeves, Tristram Hunt and Chucka Umunna all resigned? That *is* a good start for Corbyn.
Tristram Hunt, Rachel Reeves & 5 other Labour MPs walked out today. But THIS AFTERNOON we gained more than 10,000 new memb…
Rachel Reeves, Emma Reynolds, Tristram Hunt, Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper indicate they will not serve under new Corbyn ht…
I'm glad that the likes of Tristram Hunt and Rachel Reeves won't serve under Corbyn. This is our party now, not theirs.
People should know that MPs like Tristram Hunt & Rachel Reeves are resigning because they won't be given a job anyway. N…
So we learned that Tristram Hunt, Blunkett & Charles Clark think it's a jolly bad idea to elect Where's the…
Theresa May and Tristram Hunt are both linked to Phil Hamilton and via him six people who lied on oath alongside Andy Coulson.
Tristram Hunt is not the sharpest tool in the toolbox. He's kinda dim. And the Keystone Cops of British Intelligence have done it again.
Peter Mandelson is just a Tory Entryist. Ask him about Phil Hamilton and his pal Tristram Hunt.
Douglas Alexander knows there's tapes verifying my account of a link between Tristram Hunt's Entryist and Andy Coulson's
There is a link between Andy Coulson's perjury and that of the polices spies who worked with Tristram Hunt's paid Entryist, Phil Hamilton.
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Tristram Hunt is linked to a spy called 'Phil Hamilton' who protected a thug who worked with someone who lied on oath with Andy Coulson.
I didn't pay £3 to infiltrate the Labour Party for Neil Kinnock and Tristram Hunt to tell me who to vote for !
Do you think when run out of right wingers like Tristram Hunt + Neil Kinnock they'll give 15 mins to
Tristram Hunt visibly wistful at the fact that judicial review & Human Rights Act now curbS such Govt power
Tristram Hunt: Eton headmaster Tony Little's guide takes on the Tory vision of schooling
Talking to Tristram Hunt! Why not Diane Abbot? Are you the anti Jeremy Corbyn station😡
Disappointed at rather histrionic attacks on Jeremy by Chuka Umunna & Tristram Hunt on Newsnight & at way they patroni…
Tristram Hunt has said risk being "condemned to oblivion", if they elect the wrong leader...
Harriet Harman and Tristram Hunt sounding pretty tough and resolute this morning about Labour's future direction
saw Tristram Hunt on Marr; banging on about "an English Labour Party" A Scottish one might be good. The man's a Tory, listening to him.
I humbly disagree with Tristram Hunt. I think Andy Burnham is correct to refuse to give an interview to The Sun "Newspap…
Tristram Hunt: By George, must we have another Budget?
Also, it's sweet how you've swapped out Corbyn for Tristram Hunt...
"Growing skills is fundamental to our economy" Tristram Hunt MP at launch
Tristram Hunt, like all Labour scum tried to lie about World trade through the EU. Well done Nigel for eloquently putting him…
Tristram Hunt withdraws from Labour leadership race
Tristram Hunt rules himself out of Labour leadership race and backs Liz Kendall – video
Nobody called Tristram Hunt could ever have been Labour leader
Compare and contrast: our clear education plan v Tristram Hunt's response when asked what would do. Please RT?
Tristram Hunt will confirm whether he will enter the Labour leadership race or not, as he urges the party to broaden its appeal.
Good of Tristram Hunt to admit Labour has let the North East down. Fortunately voters now have a viable alternative there called UKIP.
Tristram Hunt - Labour needs to 'recast its appeal'
Tristram Hunt: how Labour lost the plot on education – and the election
Tristram Hunt always looks like he's just woken up and doesn't quite know where he is.
you do surprise me I did think it was Tristram Hunt.(couldn't remember his name too much wine.)
Tristram Hunt is the lowest of the well known ones, fifth overall with 19.6%. Full lowest is Alasdair McDonnell (SDLP) 14.7%.
Tristram Hunt was elected on the fifth lowest percentage of the total eligible constituency electorate with 19.6%
When you even had Tristram Hunt calling for its end, you know that the other candidates are going to have to adopt this too.
Are Zac Goldsmith and Tristram Hunt the same person?
Tristram Hunt Open & honest. At least the lad turned up!
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Hunt MP, Shadow Ed Sec, gets the afternoon off to a great start with Q&A ht…
The party was Labour-tastic: Tristram Hunt, Chuka Umunna, Mandelson and (perhaps more surprisingly) Andy Burnham. Also: great canapés.
I suspect Tristram Hunt was named Tristram by toffs.
Tristram Hunt secretly suspects that was educated by nuns
I kinda like Tristram Hunt even more now, now that I know he likes Andy McNab.
Great articles in the Guardian today about BBC Radio 1 & social media and Tristram Hunt on Labour education policy.
Tristram Hunt looks like a cross between Prince Harry and James Cracknell..finally worked it out..been bugging me for age…
This man has the soul of a political poet. Love him | Tristram Hunt withdraws from Labour leadership race
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