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Trisha Goddard Show

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Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby on the Trisha Goddard Show via
I love the trisha goddard show so much
i just watched an old episode of the Trisha Goddard show and this white woman was on there deadass cryin bc her daughters date black men.
On this day in 1998, TV talk show ‘Trisha’, with Trisha Goddard, made its debut on ITV.
I actually liked the Trisha Goddard show
i am watching the illest episode of The Trisha Goddard Show right now 😂😂😂😂
I was watching the Trisha Goddard show and it was a girl on there named Nissan,I laughed so darn hard lol
Watching The Trisha Goddard Show.crying with all these kids that have been looking dreaming and wishing for a father ...STOP having KIDS LADIES plz ITS NOT about YOU OR keeping a MAN..OR WHAT YOU CAN DO BY YOURSELF AGAIN ITS NOT ABOUT U.These kids from Birth to Adult over here HURTING NOT HAVING fathers or mothers... CHILDREN HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE BOTH PARENTS . Discuss it with the man you lay down with wether or not your in a relationship or planning or Not... Because at the END OF THE day The Child will be Born Damaged mentally ...single mom single dad label is not what GOD PLANNED FOR US
I'm watching trisha goddard show and this guest is on the show to find out who her father is...guess what her name is? Nissan... (cracking up) who would name their daughter after a car? That's just silly lmbo!
I come home and the Trisha Goddard show. This girl said she has been prostituting for 8 months and (cont)
Chilling watching Trisha Goddard show thinkn of something I can make for breakfast
Mann my family done showed up and showed out on the TRISHA GODDARD SHOW my FAMLIY a mess Mann they no they *** is wrong
Changing your looks on the Trisha Goddard show. - News - Bubblews
Is Erie, PA really that small? This girl on the Trisha Goddard show was dating her cousin and didn't know it.
del would rather watch the people's court than the Trisha Goddard show. how are we bestfriends? 💆
Will DNA prove you are not my mother? -The Trisha Goddard Show
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I'm watching The Trisha Goddard Show and earning great rewards from
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Watching a rerun episode of the Trisha Goddard Show with author Shahrazad Ali and white supremacist Craig Cobb & his all-white town takeover of Leith, North Dakota. LMAO reality TV bliss right now!!
White Supremacist Lynches Himself after Learning of His Black Ancestry. STAMFORD, Conn. – After white supremacist Craig Cobb learned that he was 14% black while in front of a live studio audience for the Trisha Goddard Show, he decided to “end the humiliation” by lynching himself, according to members in attendance. - “I didn’t expect that,” said audience member Jon Baker. “Being here I figured we’d be treated to some wacky, Maury Povich-type stuff. But a real-life, up-close hanging? That’s straight out of a Tarantino flick.” Cobb at first denied the DNA test results linking him to a Sub-Saharan ancestry, referring to the findings as statistical noise. “Wait a minute, wait a minute, hold on, just wait a minute,” said a frantic Cobb. “Do I look black to you?” But as host Trisha Goddard moved to fist-bump Cobb while exclaiming “Bro!” Cobb reportedly said that he “could feel the blackness suddenly and uncontrollably creeping up inside of [him],” precipitating a fist-bump r ...
a white supremacist went on the Trisha Goddard Show & found out he was 14% black...
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Tune in to the Trisha Goddard show this Wednesday baby representing for black women who were there…
Hey! To my Philly people. Watch Trisha Goddard show tomorrow at 12 on channel 57 n you might see me in the audience! Cheesin' like a mug!
Who wants to attend a live taping of the Trisha Goddard Show in Stamford CT In December! I have bus going only $10 includes transportation light breakfast, lunch at studio raffles and contest and much more! Limited Amount of Seats! WHO RIDING OUT??? GET AT ME THE BEST $10 YOU WILL EVER SPEND!!!
Thanks Joel Hahn!. During an appearance on The Trisha Goddard Show, Cobb was given the results of a DNA...
I watched the Trisha Goddard show today, and the topic was interracial mixing. There was a white woman named Casey, whose two daughters was dating out of their race. One daughter's name is Cynthia, who was dating a black man name James, the other daughter was dating a man, who was mixed, but not white, believe it are not, Casey, the mother, even though they was accusing her of being prejudice, she wasn't, there was Klans members on the Jerry Springer show in past, who was teaching their kids not to marry blacks, they was called prejudice and racist, they wasn't. There was a young man on the Trisha show today, who had a black father and a white mother, who hated blacks, and the black man that his mother is with at that moment, he said that he has respect for, because his biological black father was on drug and abusive, he was a mixed breed, but raised by whites. The only righteous people on the show was that mixed breed and Casey, the white mother of the two daughters. When they said that she was prejudic ...
I'm watching The Trisha Goddard Show and watching the latest episode, "Family Race War: I'm Devastated My Girls Are Dating Black Men."
White supremacist trying to establish all-white town in North Dakota learns he's 14% black on The Trisha Goddard Show
Wassup FB! I'm sitting here watching the Trisha Goddard Show, and I have to say the guests on here today are straight ignorant! Myself having a bi-racial son was not raised to look down on any race, culture, or creed. The things these *** people are saying on here is pissing me off with saying that the white race is superior to the African American race. "Black People are lazy, thieves, ignorant, trash" it's just the stupidity of man kind! PSA: For All Multi/Bi-Racial Individuals.1% of black heritage makes you what? BLACK! Be SMART, not a RETARD! If you don't know get somewhere in a *** corner and learn your history, and heritage ASAP before you run up on one of those trashy, lazy, ignorant smelly thieves and get dealt with PROPERLY!!! IJS
watching the Trisha Goddard show it's crazy today
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watching this Trisha Goddard show and it's very interesting how innocently ignorant these people act.
Watching the Trisha Goddard Show. . This young man hates being biracial on the show. .Smh..
Anybody watching The Trisha Goddard show?? This fool classify himself as a white male but hair nappier then Kunta Kinta's he betta get gone..
The Trisha Goddard Show is so great today. Talking about interracial relationships. Its 2013 come on world.
Lmao this white lady on the Trisha Goddard show has two daughters and both of em has black boyfriends. She's devastated loool
Yo this racist mom on the trisha goddard show is fine af
Trisha Goddard show with my Paul Mitchell girls 😄
Going to the Trisha Goddard Show. Hopefully we all have fun
Going to the Trisha Goddard show today with the Paul Mitchell crew !
LOVE THE SKIN YOU ARE IN! A couple of days ago my wife and I watched The Trisha Goddard Show showing people who had undergone extreme cosmetic surgery. Some of them as many as 90 procedures. One lady had one that unfortunately went wrong and became life threatening. It disturbed me a lot. I understand many of these people who go through these extreme cosmetic surgeries have psychological problems but that got me thinking how many times have we gone to extends to be more acceptable or desirable to others? True beauty comes from within! That you have great boobs or a great nose is not going to make any difference if the inside is not well! Love the skin you are in. God made you beautiful.
REVERENT & FATHER: I was a baptist but I noticed that they was calling the preacher, reverent, and the Catholics calls their preachers father, Clarence E. Lambert Sr, at that time was my daddy, and I never called him father, but I did have much respect for him, that daddy was tuff on us but after he died my big brother told me the reason, he was making us strong, living in the country with nine brates, a man, got to be a real man. Most men and women now don't realize what a real man and woman is. I knew two, my dad and mom, and the other was Arthur Austin Sr's dad and momo, Mr. David Austin, and his wife, Mary Austin, it can't get no better. Mr. Austin was tuff too. Matthew 23:8,9 reads:" Don't let anyone call you 'Rabbi,' for you have only one teacher, and all of you are equal as brothers and sisters. And don't address anyone here on earth as 'Father,' for only God in heaven is your spiritual Father. People are always calling me reverent, but that's for God only, I am a prophet. Greetings [''Peace be wit ...
This episode of abusive men on the Trisha Goddard show reminds me of my bestfriend's ex so much lol
*** this guy on Trisha Goddard show put a collar on his girl or something? This show looks crazy xD
Dude on the Trisha Goddard show is pretty much a modern Ike Turner lol.
These men on the Trisha Goddard show needs a *** reality check...
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Trisha Goddard show is really good . Aint she one of the Spice Girls?
How's this for a shocker I was reading the paper Craig Cobb a white supremacist who has tried to create a white enclave in leith n d received DNA results during a taping of Trisha Goddard show that he is 14 percent black. Lol.
Sitting here watching the Trisha Goddard show these dudes are are on the show for abusing and controling there wives this one dude even put a dog collar on his and walked her outside now he's crying cuz he gots a curable cancer but is afraid of dying *** that's no excuse all u want is pitty you don't deserve gethelp budfy I wish someone would throw yo *** in jail n to top it off u got kids PSH what eva dude you ain't no daddy sorry that's end of my rant
This Trisha Goddard Show episode on domestic violence is so good!
*** this was on the Trisha Goddard show yesterday I wish I kept watching lol.
I love the trisha goddard show but her wigs be killing me
Watching The Trisha Goddard Show. . . I take it it's a sophisticated version on Jerry Springer. ?
It get real on the Trisha Goddard show
Lol Franklin County is in the Trisha Goddard show right now!
I think I know this girl on the Trisha Goddard show 😳
@ Trisha Goddard Your show hav been an inspiration show
Trisha goddard show dnt deny ur child u r less of a man
Trisha Goddard's new American TV show is getting some great publicity this week after this clip went viral:
Did The Trisha Goddard Show and a “Scientific” Firm Pull a DNA Hoax, or is Craig Cobb a *** Neo-Nazi? Is the...
Craig Cobb goes on the Trisha Goddard Show, he is now white supremacist who found out he is black, Craig Cobb 14% african, Clayton Bigsby in real life
Trisha Goddard is very weird and insecure about herself, I don't even follow her Show at all because it is Lame...
All white people have African origins The fact is, all of humanity can trace its ancestry to Africa. Prior to humans migrating into Europe, all people had brown skin. As it turns out, white skin is a mutation that occurred after the exodus. Scientists made this discovery in 2005. Basically, no white human on the planet can say that their DNA is “pure.” White supremacists will say that the science is wrong, but that’s simply because they’re afraid to look themselves in mirror and think about the truth. Their entire belief system would shatter into a billion pieces if they did. So next time you meet a white racist, be sure to tell them all about the science, and then watch with amusement as they act just as shocked and dumbfounded as Craig Cobb did. Cobb has made multiple appearances on the Trisha Goddard Show and this episode will air in its entirety on November 18th.
I'm going to Trisha Goddard show again on Thursday! You can see me and my friends in the audience cheering, inbox me if you want to go. It's a lot of fun and it's free!
Watching the Trisha Goddard Show while I'm getting dis show
Richard Cohen takes a genetic test on the Trisha Goddard show, finds out he's 14% ex ***
Watch as a white supremacist is told he has 14% African ancestry on Trisha Goddard's US show. Booyah! [video]
I liked a video from Trisha Goddard show (Maria Mejia )
The video of the Amercian white supremacist finding out he's 14% black is astonishing. Mainly cos TRISHA GODDARD HAS AN AMERICAN TV SHOW!
White supremacist Craig Cobb discovered on Trisha Goddard's 'Race in America' TV show his DNA is 14% African (Video)
VIDEO: Talk show host informs Neo-Nazi white supremacist he's party African after live DNA test
Really the most surprising thing about this is Trisha Goddard still has a show
Photo: MUST WATCH & REBLOG!: The Dave Chappelle sketch in reality on the Trisha Goddard show:  EXCLUSIVE:...
White supremacist found to have African DNA on Trisha Goddard Show.
Everyone should be watching the trisha Goddard show!
The Trisha Goddard show be going ham. Love daytime tv
Trisha Goddard Show is the new Maury Povich! Love it!
Trisha Goddard Show is some real stuff.!!!
the Trisha Goddard Show is my new favorite show
I am so shocked by how awful The Trisha Goddard Show is that I cannot turn it off.
These folks on trisha goddard show is having one of them back yard arguments.lmfao
Hm Trisha Goddard show... Just as good as Maury. "I've been telling you for 37 years I'm not your dad. And your mom's a deadbeat."
Happy 4th of july sitting on my butt watching the trisha goddard show need to get off my butt & get ready to go burger's lake
*** .. To find out tht the woman u knw as ur sister is actually ur mom
This mom on trisha goddard show. Is an *** ..
Up watching The Trisha Goddard show & making breakfast
Well *** now we have a female Maury The Trisha Goddard Show
Being in bed sick all ican do is watch t.v. Not use to this at all ... But im watching this Trisha Goddard Show (myfirsttime) this bxtch is biting df outta Maury like wow this is madd ridiculous
Everybody trynaa get a show like Maury. Now they got a show called the "Trisha Goddard Show " .
I want to punch every person on The Trisha Goddard Show..👊
I hate Maury's audience. Why do they automatically boo the man when he comes out especially when it's an obvious case like today's. -_- A Black couple with a redheaded baby the color of sugar cookies?! Possible, but definitely a cause for reasonable doubt.
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All those who watch LLHATL, serious question?? Do you ever feel like after watching this show that your body was taken over by ratchetness?? I will be the first to step up and say that I love RATCHET REALITY SHOWS.
the Trisha Goddard show thw new maury show smh Shesh
"you have to be a father to this child and turn up.". -the Trisha Goddard show
Watching the TRISHA GODDARD SHOW... Your Husband is My Baby's Dad!! I love this show.
Why don't we meet on the Trisha Goddard show, as guests??? I can arrange it!!!
The Trisha Goddard show is exactly the same thing as Maury
Im watching the Trisha Goddard Show.. I wanna see this video 😂😂
"Blacks are the most racist group in America" May 8th appearance on the Trisha Goddard Show, speaking about race and racism. Herman Williams III, a.k.a., H.P...
Every Show now is trying to be like Jerry Springer, Maury or Steve Wilkos! All i see now is: 1) "The Trisha Goddard Show" 2) "The Jeremy Kyle Show" & some other shows!
Watching the trisha goddard show n this man was proven to be a faithful man to his lady it's getting so hard and rare to find a real truthful loyal man that loves a woman for her and most off all not a cheater or a liar they are getting more rare to find by the day but Lord save me one he is out there for me!!
Somebody Catfish me so you can get a free trip and we can flex on TV...LOL
Somehow I got hooked on this episode of the Trisha Goddard Show titled "I need a DNA test ... Is my sister really my mother?" Omg, daytime tv is retarded ... this is a bigger collection of white trash than Jerry Springer usually has. I hope, for the simple fact that I have NO faith in humanity after (or much before, really) seeing this that it's completely fake.
Trisha Goddard show has me in here crying!! I never watch the show and today a mother that is dying tell a girl, that always thought they were sister's, she is her mother! OMG!! She wanted her to know before she died. All these years and she has two other children that are adults that thought she was their cousin! They find out today, she is their younger sister! Everybody was crying!!
The Trisha Goddard show today is crazy!
Trisha Goddard show is good but her hair
Trisha Goddard is my new favorite talk show, that fake *** brit who is really ghetto
This girl on the Trisha Goddard show looks like Ving Rhames when he played that drag queen in Holiday Heart, with that lacefront and baby hair smdh!
Watching the craziest Trisha Goddard show over!.A man wanted to have 27 kids with every kid having a different ethnicity just to end racism, in my opinion that is the dumbest idea in history
I wanna know did n e one c thr Trisha Goddard Show? This fool said he wants 27 kids by 9 diff ladies nd his woman cant go n e where w/o his permission nd she has to look down when they r out... *** fool!!
If you know your lover is cheating on you &you don't want to believe it...Their not playing you for a fool; your playing yourself! These females bring themselves down being in a so-called relationship knowing what's going on! Ain't nobody's di*k made of gold; it's plenty of em out there. Just move around cuz their gonna do what they wanna do! I be damNed if I stay smfh!!! Watching The Trisha Goddard Show
Tune in Trisha Goddard show. Pahokee on that bi
Watching the trisha goddard show out of stamford connecticut
I wish the national weather service would stop interrupting my Trisha Goddard Show. If God wanted to take me out by way of storm, I highly doubt a message scrolling on my screen would stop Him.
Ok I'm watching the Trisha Goddard show this Black *** fool talking bout he want 27 kids by all race of women and his reason is so they can teach each other about the race that they are SMH
Watching The Trisha Goddard show. & this *** is a wanna be rapper who is cheating on his 4 year girlfriend which by the way she's 4 months pregnant with ugly rachet looking groupies which is also pregnant & he wants 27 kids with 9 diferent women -.- *** on something on the forealz!
I normally don't watch talk shows but S/O to my GodMother Latasha Kittrell for putting me on to " The Trisha Goddard Show " They is ratchet Lol
Ok sooo my show ended. And I'm watching the Trisha show. And this man on there wants to have 27 kids. What thee *** Your broke and want to have 27 kids?! Really?! UGH! If took me on a show and said he was cheating I would have slapped him so hard everyone would have felt it! : /
This *** on.On.the Trisha Goddard Show told his girl he wants 27 kids by Diffrent woman he has lost his mind lmao who says that and you cheating on.ur girl Smh ...
This man want 27 kids by 9 different raced women and for each to have 3...
Man these ppl on Trisha Goddard Show crazy AF
Im home now.watching trisha goddard show,these crazy women fighting over one man.
Daytime television is dreadful. There are some very sad women yelling at each other on some talk show called Trisha Goddard. It's dreadful.
Kickstarter to remove Ellen DeGeneres from television
I'm watching The Trisha Goddard Show and I feel like if you have to take someone on a show like this the 90% of the time they are lying...That's why relationships don't work...
Has anyone ever watched the Trisha Goddard show. This show makes Jerry Springer look SMART. I happen to watch 30 seconds of it today and the STUPID JERKS are so far out they could NEVER come back to earth, I can not believe these *** would get on t.v. and run their mouth to just show how STUPID they are.
The Trisha Goddard Show. Seriously the most gheto version of Maury I have ever seen in my life. Lord have mercy.
32665. There is nothin to do somethine but for now watchin the trisha goddard show (JOHN DEERE)
I've come to realize that there is no difference between Maury and Trisha Goddard show...
Yes girl, Devon's cousin was on the Trisha Goddard show. Smh
A need to see America Live & The Trisha Goddard show to see why God say we are just going in deeper.smh
This girls from bg on Trisha Goddard show acting like fools for money
Goodmorning fb up watching the Trisha Goddard show.
For some reason I'm starting to like The Trisha Goddard Show..
I would love to be a studio audience member of the Jeremy Kyle Show or the Trisha Goddard Show. 😂😛
why is there a trisha goddard show.. its basically Maury but hosted by a woman.
Goood mourning,Ladie$ and Gent'$ of the fb world.y'all know what tyme it is
This lady on the Trisha Goddard show sound stupid
Is that a man in that orange dress on this Trisha Goddard show ?!
Watching Trisha Goddard show and it got me in tears.after all these years this man found out all 3 kids was his and the 3 girls United together for the first to stop watching these shows be having me all sensitive and stuff
Jus sittin here thinking, (after watching the trisha goddard show) thank u lord for not allowin me to go down the "baby daddy" "baby mama" drama street! I now see clearly y u did the things u did! I dnt see how yal do it! Anyway have a good day! Love yal!
U know we was suppose to be on the trisha goddard show in september for ur dna test and u backed moma dont lie abt her kids father,s.i hate and luv u cuz god told me to.thats it.
the Trisha Goddard show is the name of it. She is supposed to be the female Maury Povich
The Trisha Goddard Show is like Maury! . This is gettin' interestin' !!!
The Trisha Goddard Show is like a ripped off version of Maury 😂
Once again the Trisha Goddard Show got me teary eye up.. Big grown a$$ man.. AROFL ROFL ROFL..Arugh lol
I hate shows like The Trisha Goddard Show and Steve Harvey..nothing but trashy people looking for attention
Laying here watching the Trisha Goddard show .
Is anyone else seeing this on The Trisha Goddard Show right now..
Watching the Trisha Goddard show . I kind of want to be a sugar baby lol
Watching the Trisha Goddard show lmao the truth comes out... Stop lying about your sex job." How do you make so much and still have a busted grill obviously not fat skamks and white girl weaves lol standard s right lol your a bbw BLAH! Next please
So I'm watching "The Trisha Goddard Show" and these girls talking about their gold diggin' career. smh
some broad on that Trisha Goddard show
Steve Harvey, easily the surprise breakout hit of the 2012-2013 syndicated talk show season, was renewed for 2013-2014 back in January but now comes word that the NBC stations that carry it (which cover more than 65% of the country) have picked up two more seasons on top of that, guaranteeing it stays on the air through (at least) the summer of 2016. This has been a big year for Harvey as Family Feud's ratings experienced a huge jump, a major rarity for a show that's been on the air that long.
Ima need this storm to go head n pop off, I could use this qt wit my bed + The Trisha Goddard show...
Here we go. Tornado watch for Canton, Alliance and Columbus areas. A few storms are popping before main event arrives and there is already a tornado warning north of Mansfield. Your watch goes until Midnight, if you fall asleep before then make sure you have a way of receiving sleep - interrupting weather alerts. Lori Hatton Zach Hatton Katie Erchick Jaimee Montgomery Erika Sammons Bret Mathies Lynn Stephanoff Wheeler Diane Hisey Bill Gilbert Ken Hatton
It's time for my daily dose of ratchetness. Now watching The Trisha Goddard Show
The Trisha Goddard Show just made my day.. She slept with the DNA Technician.. smh lol
lmfao but you watching the Trisha Goddard show ?
Lanaya we're watching the Trisha Goddard show too ard ? Ard
Watching the Trisha Goddard Show, guest says his 17yr old daughter goes through more men than a man changes his underwear. Smh wooow I love my afterwork talk show.
The trisha Goddard show is real rite now!
I'm watching the Trisha Goddard show. This dude got 4 women on stage&one in the audience. All saying he their babies father. This show is good!
That *** Trisha Goddard show is on some messy today!! 󾌯󾌯󾌯
Watching the trisha goddard show. Aalanas mom should be ashamed of herself for being mean and hateful.
If you sleep with every man that comes across your path. Chances are you are the town *** !! Watching "The Trisha Goddard Show"
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Why is it when the parents separate and u ask for his or Her help first thing he or she says you just want me back struggle watching Trisha Goddard Show!
So I'm watching Trisha Goddard show from earlier and these people their on race. Seriously?
Trisha Goddard show killed me today. Black people who don't like their own race 😐.
Turned on the tv Trisha Goddard show umm *** people are crazy
If y'all @ home y'all needa watch the Trisha Goddard Show
Is anyone watching the Trisha Goddard show? This episode is really real &shameful on how some African Americans see race as embarrassing! Tf
These ignorant people on the Trisha Goddard Show
I think she looks more like Trisha Goddard from that chat show!
this sell out *** on Trisha Goddard show saying, 'if it aint white, it aint right' my my my...
Oh sweet, race haters episode on the Trisha Goddard show. *** is wrong with ppl?
The Trisha Goddard show is getting under my skin
I'm watching the Trisha Goddard Show and the topic is "We're Black. Stop Dating Those White Women!"
Yo this trisha goddard show got me rollin son 😂😂
LMAOOO @ the topic of this Trisha Goddard Show! 'We're black, stop dating that white woman!' When y'all fix that nasty attitude, maybe!
The Trisha Goddard Show is the most assness I've seen inna while. Wasted 15mins of my life watchin dat lil piece
Nothing really, just watching The Trisha Goddard Show and waiting for my mom to get home. What'cha doing?
LADIES IF U wanna kno wat happens when u get butt implants.! turn to da Trisha Goddard Show lol.
The Trisha Goddard show nasty af today ewww love the skin you're in or work your *** off for the body you want 👏
So Trisha goddard show a knock off Maury huh
The Trisha Goddard Show is so ratchet, the entire audience is ghetto now too.
; Watching psychic readings, and encounters on The Trisha Goddard Show right now >
Daniel Stfu woman abuser piece of crap real talk Trisha Goddard show whoop on a man your match. STOP Domestic Violence. hope he reads
Amanda I applaud you keep doing what you do speak to these women put some sense into them please. Trisha Goddard show
The trisha Goddard show is crazzyy .
Things are getting pretty deep on the Trisha Goddard show
All of us at The Trisha Goddard Show are thinking of our Boston viewers.
Ceazia in the cut on the Trisha Goddard show lol Mychelle Winfrey just like yep lol mark like you Lying
Watching the Trisha Goddard show, where did they find her.
Jerry Springer, Maury, Steve Wilkos, & The Trisha Goddard show never fail to make my morning
U got pics of your husband dancing and kissing other women, why are U on the Trisha Goddard Show forcing him to take a lie detectior test?
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Anyone watch the Trisha Goddard Show? She's a good talk show host, and green is her color.
Wanna go to the Trisha Goddard Show? RHA will take you on April 12th! Sign ups are in Res Life! Lunch and studio tour provided!
I'm watching the Trisha Goddard Show. It's like a Maury remake. Someone go watch it.
Now, "Trisha Goddard Show". Black host on "black problems," but camera still shows white people laughing. That was killing me yesterday.
turned to channel 54 to watch Maury and this Trisha Goddard show is on ***
Straight Talk, Warm Heart - The Trisha Goddard Show! I found the black female Maury. ::giggles::
““What happened to Trisha Goddard” She died” How can she be dead when she has a talk show on Channel 5
“What happened to Trisha Goddard” • She does her Trisha show in America now
The Trisha Goddard Show is the biggest waste of time it's 10x worse than Maury & Jerry Springer combined 😳
wait what?? Lol, I'm watching all of this on the Trisha Goddard Show
Both watching The Trisha Goddard Show. Corey: If hes not cheating thats me if he is thats you!
z Trisha Goddard show is z nxt Maury ... Lawdy
The Trisha Goddard show is so ratch.. This can't be real .. & bill cunning ? It's safe to say people love cell sucking shows
Watching The Trisha Goddard show & it's bout psychics. I swear I wanna meet a psychic I need to know some information
Just caught some of the Trisha Goddard show on channel 5. It makes Jeremy Kylie look like Question Time.
From the directors of Jerry Springer and Maury; audience acting for The Trisha Goddard Show
So im watchin The Trisha Goddard Show nd Trisha is funny as *** .. she told this lady No dnt take ur shoes off, i kno wat that means ctfu
HA! This guy on The Trisha Goddard Show asked her what the definition of "empathy" was, after being accused of having none.
I love the Trisha Goddard show ..idk why
This *** Summer on the Trisha Goddard show is a smoke...
what is this Trisha Goddard Show on before Springer? don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about
Yo, this Trisha Goddard show... ..this woman, who is clearly 47, says she was born in 1993.
Running on the tread mill and watching the Trisha Goddard Show. Lmao this show has me beyond weak.
Watchn da Trisha Goddard Show then gonna takee me an nap.!!!
They cuttin up on the Trisha Goddard Show dude playn both of these female
This guy name "Chuck" on the Trisha Goddard Show" says, "Once you get with Chuck, you get Stuck!" Chuck has no respect for his girlfriend. He spits in her face when he says she steps out of line. He thinks he owns her. Really Chuck? You haven't met the right one yet, cause you would be squashed like a bug!!! Ignorant is so becoming of you!!! *** for real!!!
"He comes home smelling like sex"-Trisha Goddard Show. What does sex smell like? Sweat & latex?
Me and twilightstarr about to go on national tv @ Trisha Goddard Show
I never heard of the Trisha Goddard Show o.o lemme watch.
Watching this Trisha Goddard Show. Its another Maury Show fr! *** can people be original.?!
Hamilton Collection
that Trisha Goddard Show is... Iono, ummm my kind of show, ratchet city - maybe, sure
the Trisha Goddard Show is like the Maury Show and Jerry Springer times 4 what even I can't 😱😨😂
Bloddy *** it's the Trisha Goddard Show! These sistas hair is jacked up on this show!
Watching the Trisha Goddard Show, this is goood
Watching this Trisha Goddard Show, she like the female version of Maury, she just don't let them get as hood as Maury's show, lol
Y is the Trisha Goddard Show trying to be like the Maury Show. Their can only b 1 Maury:-)
Im sittin here watchin Trisha Goddard Show n these *** on here is comin up with all kinds of lies lmao!!!
So I'm sitting here watching the Trisha Goddard Show. Please tell me why the same people that was on the Maury show on here doing a DNA test for the same kids that was tested already?.o_O *** !! THEY GETTIN THEM CHECKS!!! LMAO!!!
I like the Trisha Goddard show, she is a real tell it all women!!
Chilln at my sista house watchn da trisha goddard show no way n da *** i would let a child of mine treat nd talk 2 me like dat!!! Nd da sad thing is it happens...
Watching Trisha Goddard show this family secret is no joke
A paternity test has revealed Lindsay Lohan's father has another daughter: A paternity test has revealed Lindsay...
This lil girl on the trisha goddard show got me sick 2 my stomach!!! i wanna jump threw this t.v & knock her *** teeth down her throat. & the momma got me even madder. smh 15 couldn't be mine.
Watching the Trisha Goddard show and if Suraya every popped off at the mouth like this girl do, she will have that *** jacked up!
Has n e one ever seen this low budget Maury remake!! Name is "Trisha Goddard Show" lol
Watching the Trisha Goddard show where the teenage girls disrespecting there mother and puting there hands on them.If my daughter EVER PUT HER HANDS ON ME OR CALL ME OUT MY NAME.I MIGHT HAVE TO GO ON 39th!
Watchin da trisha Goddard show...When do parents become scared of dere kids wat da wat...wat happen to that sayin i brought u n dis world and i will take u out...child boo the way this 15yr old talkin to her mom...No waii that wld happen n my mama house...beat dwn sayin
Oh no these girls on the trisha goddard show is on something else never that.
The Trisha Goddard Show cant be real..the topic is "our 15 year old daughter is a pimp" lmfao
Laying down watching trisha goddard show missing my babe cant wait till he get bacc home to me gm fb .
The " Trisha Goddard show" is the black female version of Maury. It's funny thou.
Whatever happened to the Trisha Goddard show?
Results of Michael Lohan paternity test revealed on The Trisha Goddard Show. Can't imagine Maury Povich too thrilled by that.
Michael Lohan agreed to submit to a DNA test for an episode of "Trisha Goddard" -- where he comes face-to-face for the first time with the 17-year-old girl who claimed to be his daughter -- and the results came back POSITIVE
A1R Psychic Radio was recruited by Paul Faulhaber & the NBC/Universal team (Jerry Springer, Maury, Trisha Goddard & Steve Wilkos) to consult on everything psychic & metaphysical. This is their Halloween show, 10/31/12, of which we received our first special thanks credit. Better quality credit coming soon from Dave Carfolite & our friends at WMYA- MY40-TV Greenville, SC/Asheville, NC - until then, here's a video of a TV screen. They even extended our presence on screen to about double the length everyone else had. Connie's reaction is priceless...
OMG! Does Lindsay Lohan have a secret half sister? Well it's all about to revealed on Trisha! Seriously, it's on TV...
Just when you thought things were quieting down in the Lohan world another scandal hits the news. On Trisha Goddard's Live TV show, Michael Lohan is confronted with the news of a love child he had in the 90's while still wed to his then wife Dina Lohan. A DNA test is taken and the results are handed...
Lindsay's father Michael discovers he has another daughter on TV chat show.
Despite reports of more trouble for Lindsay Lohan, the headline-making star says she’s doing well and looking forward to continuing to work and learn from her past. View celebrity photos and get the latest celebrity gossip online! Get Hollywoo
It's all about Lindsay's newest sister, Ashley Lohan
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Lindsay Lohan insists she didn't know she had a half sister as she promotes new movie Liz via
Lindsey Lohan has a haft sister Ashley Lohan I saw it yesterday I on the Trisha Goddard show were they had a DNA test talk about a Lohan Clan that Michael Lohan made.
.has a new half sister & she just found out! Michael took a DNA test and it's true! YOU ARE THE FATHER!
Congratulations to Lindsay Lohan, who just discovered she has a 17-year-old half sister! Hurray?
DNA Test Shows Michael Lohan Is Father of 17-Year-Old Girl: A Montana woman who has been claiming for years that...
Lindsay Lohan 's half-sister revealed on 'Trisha Goddard Show' - video YDNews
A paternity test has proved that Lindsay Lohan's dad fathered a love child while he was married in the 90s:
LiLo gets a new half-sister: Michael Lohan revealed as lovechild's dad
Lindsay Lohan has a new half-sister! Paternity test reveals Michael Lohan is ...
Michael Lohan, you ARE the father! DNA test reveals Lindsay Lohan's secret sister
In a desperate attempt to solidify his family’s place atop the trash heap, Michael Lohan appeared on The Trisha Goddard Show today for a Maury Povich-esque paternity episode. The patriarch has long been accused of fathering a child out of wedlock with Kristi Horn, but until the television offer came up, an official test was never taken to determine whether he’s actually seventeen-year-old Ashley’s dad.
Lindsay Lohan's dad takes paternity test on TV and finds out he IS the dad
Michael Lohan love child: Lindsay's secret sister (VIDEO)
Kristi Horn has spent four years trying to convince Michael Lohan he is the father of her 17-year-old daughter Ashley, and he agreed to settle the matter by taking a DNA test on "The Trisha Goddard Show." least she has good looks!!!
What will Lindsey Lohan's father not do just to be on TV? Michael Lohan is on the Trisha Goddard show to do a DNA test on this 17 year old that's supposed to be his daughter. He's such a fame *** This should not be on TV. Shame on all of them including the show's host.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Just met a couple going on the Trisha Goddard show in NYC. Pretty interesting story. Looking forward to watching Barbie and Jose :)
ok made a few mistake so to fill you in the free trip is the trisha goddard show and it is on the 6 dec and yes it is free but jerry is not inbox me for. More info sure hope you all. Want to go it the last trip of the year and I think you really would want to be there
I was watching this show called The trisha Goddard Show today and it was about Husban and wife coming to find out if there love ones were cheating on them. There was a couple who got me the most. There problems were just like me and mine. They have been merried for 14 years she passed he didn't. Trisha made a cummit to the guy saying cause this man was virbley abuseaf to his wife always called her names. So Trisha says you must have been abused virble and physcle and you don't trust people cause of that to the husban and then he says yes and she dosent desirve that because she is a good pearson. So it makes me wounder is that why I got treated the way I did from the love of my life. I cryed cause I have been threw that and it hurt.
Watchin the Trisha Goddard Show don't they knw they are in the wrong too
watching the Trisha Goddard show about gold diggers being exposed lol
My episode of Trisha Goddard Show comes on 2moro at 2pm CW69
The Trisha Goddard Show is like Jerry Springer and Maury mashed together. But she actually helps people.
Larry Lawton the Founder and President of the Reality Check Program a program that helps teens understand the consequences of their actions and author of the eye-opening book Gangster Redemption will appear on NBC – The Trisha Goddard Show on Wednesday, September 19th. (Check your local listening fo...
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