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Trish Regan

Trish Ann Regan is an American television host, Emmy nominated investigative journalist, financial expert and author.

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I let trump win because his more responsive
President Obama's move is certainly a very public display of aggression - on
.and the Intelligence Report would like to thank all our viewers for making this a remarkable year. Here's a l…
Fox News thick-headed Trish Regan continues demolition of the Cavuto show--& it's taped--b/c she can't handle "LIVE" wi…
a GR8 New Years to you Trish! You tell them Fox guys your the One to fill the low ratings after Bill O!!
I like anyone but Kelly but lisa booth is my new fav
How abt exposing this junk! This is proof dbl standard & muslim n chief telling her islam is peaceful.
DC Power Couple to Watch Out for in 2017: Mr and Mrs. Graham-McCain
yup only Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Trish Regan and Eric Bolling are decent to Trump all the rest are following the propaganda
FOX you need to give Trish Regan a political talk show. She is so much better then Megyn Kelly or Dana Perino.
Would like to see Megyn Kelly replaced by Harris Faulkner, Trish Regan, Sandra Smith or Andrea Tantaros
Trish Regan and she rocks! Common sense & unbiased the way the old Megyn Kelly used to be
Kelly File:Trish Regan would be a great replacement for Megyn Kelly.Talented, professional and yes fair & balanced. Pleasure 2 watch.
Kasich and Rubio are only proving they are establishment candidates!!! They do not want Trump or Cruz.
only republican I will vote know is Nobody else is worthy of my vote! Nor will they ever again
Hard to back Trump for GOP nominee when he isn't a republican. He is also dividing the nation.
Website Builder 728x90
Seems like the establishment can't be trusted AGAIN!
Its part of the estab plan stop the will of the people. GOP estab believes threat will stop votes 4 Trump.
Yeah, well everyone didn't realize what a nutbag, racist liar Trump is
Irrelevant failed candidates have no value in endorsements
The Establishment Elites on both sides fear for their survival, the people have had enough, no more 'Gravy Train'...
That was before Trump started his George Wallace routine and encouraged violence with protesters.
They pledged during the Fox News debate that they would support the candidate. Can you imagine if Trump wavered on his pledge?
Just shows how disloyal politicians are.
It used to be that only trump refused to take the pledge...
Dictatorship starts w leaning left, later further left,to dictatorial powers to save revolution
Looks like I'll be bringing a to the polls Tuesday with me to vote for
skipping funeral this Friday to go to discusses today @ 2p ET https:…
Thanks 4 telling it like it is re Establishment betrayal of the base in both parties.
If Party does not support Trump, base will never return Darell
Bill O Reilly listen up: Trump is doing what Regan did-- widening the base to win. Politics 101
Forget Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan -- was the true says
The more the media bash Trump, the stronger he becomes, cause trust is 0
.on the media's criticism of Tune in to 2pm ET w/
Soros and Bill Ayres behind this violence against Trump
Should give them free stuff. Throw lots of 💩 at them 😂😂
Ret. Gen. Scales tells that the clock is ticking against taking down
$15 by 2020, $10.50 by 2016. He's paying $1.50 more than the minimum in his bill
He's the ONLY ONE who pays interns and called for an INCREMENTAL increase in the wage.She's an condescending ***
Safe to say has the ginger faction on lock! Yasay
Ms. Smith doesn't matter and her son doesn't matter, at least not to - Ret. Gen. Peters to
.The establishment on both sides is trying to control America & the people have had enough https:…
"They were not only in love, they were best friends," Al Angrisani to
.recognizes the most outstanding examples of public service in the U.S. https:…
Promo run by Fox News,for my appearance to talk about Syrian Syrian Refugees.
or Trish Regan ,Sandra Smith Martha McCallam Brit Hume Bill Hemmer or Geraldo.don't need Kelly .
Also on post-debate interviews from Charleston with Neil Cavuto, Maria Bartiromo, Trish Regan & Sandra Smith
it's a finance show. They need Sandra Smith , Trish Regan or Gerri Willis .
Sandra Smith & Trish Regan make history as 1st female duo to moderate a presidential debate: http…
Sandra Smith & Trish Regan are first tier moderators in my book! Who were those three other *** though? They kept interrupting!
Neil Cavuto & Maria Bartiromo were divisive & were looking for ratings MS. & did not hold a candle to Sandra Smith and Trish Regan of the UC.
What It's Really Like to Moderate a Presidential Debate, According to Trish Regan and Sandra Smith via
Thanks for the behind the scenes account. You all did a spectacular job.
You & Sandra rock! Gerald needs to trim his eyebrows. They're scaring young kids.
We got the gang back together again!
Hey ur gonna break ur arm if u keep patting urself on the back for Wed's good debate. It was 3 days ago. Move on, kid.
& : Normally, I would rant on self adulation media love-fest: but you girls did an excellent job on debates. 👍
Great show again today!! Being a supporter I believe he says and has always said what is on his mind!
Ever seen old National Lampoon magazine? Born of Harvard Lampoon. More hardcore than MAD.
Now that was fun reviewing the Debate. Hope both of your families were there for the event.
What could be better than having on ?. Having on too
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Hi Trish, You did a great job at GOP debate on Tuesday! Go Jeb!
The gang is back together, team and on Intel now
I love watching on . Major upgrade IMO
Stop trying to push your own agenda and just interview them.
Cmon Trish. That wasn't an interview. You talked over the senator for most of it then kicked it to your paid correspondent.
U2. Could help revert back PERMANENTLY. TO DEBATE MODE =ASK THE.QUESTION,. then put a sock in it
I think media coming back to Jennifer because got good copy on the pay issue. Besides, millionaires need a voice!
Excellent pic Trish. Very good night for you and your panel. Good questions and the candidates were allowed to respond Good Job
now, would be a good time to bring up, dad's rights. Why don't dads have a say if child dies
who cares what celebrities say... People follow... Maybe more folks need to have their own opinions.
Help trish_regan,revert back to debate mode. ,asking VIEWERS questions then putting. A sock in the pie hole.
Please! get some hosts who can think. sounds lost, and babbles.
Joining on at 2:25pm to talk tax plan
anyone else would be in jail. Hillary is not trustworthy at all. She lies to your face!
if Hillary wins Id rather move out of the country.
I tell you this, I haven't settled on a candidate, but Fox Business Net won the debate and a new viewer.
Donald Trump was being strategical at fort dodge. On the surface it looks like a rant, but look at today he is in top news
trumps best asset is his worst enemy because some voters ultimately won't want his style in the White House.
Good AM. The markets look to bounce back big time today. FYI: "Born to Run" was released 40 yrs ago on this day.
My latest column: Crashing markets increase the odds of a Trump presidency via
let see 2+2=4 China cut interest rates for 5th time this year.Did the first four cuts help?NOPE China worse than most think
Good AM. I was musing if the Chinese move to cut interest rates will prod the Fed to raise rates next month.
market will not bottom until October but European equites a better value than US-Hedj
market over sold but any rallies should be sold as we will go below yesterday's lows.Rally into fed meeting should be sold
maybe you could permanently replace Geraldo...just sayin
We are not support our quest for Self determination
Silence of UN,World media on our quest for Self determination stands as evil to humanity
are Calling International Comunity to support our quest for Self determination
Did u survive redEye? Jew host is lazy. KT should run eartth
Oh, c'mon, These Wall Street guys make enough money, they can either bury their sins themselves or someone else will!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
. Get a studio audience to up the energy of the show.
Lovin' newb Knowledgeable, articulate and rockin' the like there's no tomorrow!
Nice to see Trish Regan on Haven't seen much of her since she left CNBC.
Hey folks, check out my girl, Trish Regan, during her debut today on "The Five".. . Trish is no " talking head"... http…
We've never seen her before, what a cutie. All Fox Women are cute. There is Nothing Obama could do to help anything!
You're still blaming Bush for everything. Even Obama said we're in 'recovery' prior to his last election!
What you fail to do is stop looking back and think present. Bush failed some. Get over it. Now it's today!
because he is a Marxist, and wants to take down this country
so what made Trish leave from Bloomberg to Fox? Bloomberg is boring now lol, sorry just the truth!
He could, but won't, cause he's like every other lib, just knows how to tax and spend
You Belong at Bloomberg :P. BEcause That's the only Channel in my country :(
Another rocky day on Wall Street… is here to explain what it means for you!
Could the president do more to improve the economy? weighs in.
When are you going to make your debut on ? =P
RedEye don't need no gentrifyin', I reckon.
Little Giant Ladders
I told to never follow hashbrownies wit…
I told to never follow hashbrownies with bath salts.
Updated for your pleasure: is hosting w/guests & at 3am ET/12am PT.
. KT McFarland . Awesome. Also. When is the return of. Donna Feldman
Cheap energy, cheap loans, cheap commodities, cheap labor...why isn't this the "golden" days ??? Deflation not recession
idk has a spell on me i want to stop watching her but she looks too *** FINE
I can no longer watch Street Smart with Too much Republican nonsense.
Moore's claim about Medicaid outcomes are wrong. He should have been caught on that.
If is repealed will taxpayers have 2pay4the uninsured when theyR hospitalized? Pass cost$ down?
. Wishing U all good. God bless U in abundance
. We are Muslims & read Quran daily, yet we love U like our family members. At Apex, we all have same one dad and one Mom
. Church inquisitions even burned whole live towns , That does not mean that all Christians are bad
. Mao and Stalin killed over 50 millions, that does not mean that all Atheists are Killers
. There are some Mullahs who misguide youth by twisting verses to advance their hate agenda
. that ISIS and Bokoharam are misguided Criminal fanatics and they are Harming Islam more than any thing else
. Lady:At BBTV usually ur tone is Clearly Against Islam&2.1 Billion Muslims but we assure U that 99.9% Muslims are peace-Lovers
I hope so Greece should default and not pay China can step in and help!
Chief Fixed Income Strategist talks with about on Watch here:
Excited to join today to discuss why matters to
Trish Regan is the most biased so-called financial reporter on Bloomberg. Gives the network that FOX News feel. Rather than interview her guests, she just interjects her opinions and then asks what they think. Cannot contain her self-righteous views against anything Obama or his administration. We have enough blowhards on TV bloviating about all that's wrong with this country now that the Democrats control the WH, so can we get some objective reporting. Trish Regan is the only Bloomberg reporter that carries on this way which makes me wonder what she is so acclaimed for. Maybe it's just her legs that keep her on the air!
THANK YOU & Many more children getting the gift of sight! http:…
Mark Luschini talks with Trish Regan and Matt Miller about the FOMC meeting minutes.
Here's a with my discussion from Friday with
I hope they have a exit strategy! Plus wonder what pressure the government to keep rates low with huge debt?
.I've always assumed the would remain aggressive. I just don't think it should.
Hard to pull off "OK, don't make you cool & doesn't make EVERYONE a dork http:…
There is no real solution to the Greek financial situation. The world is becoming a very large Potemkin Village.
sounds nice doesn't it? Except it won't do when Ireland and Portugal ask for same concessions
the EU was doomed from the start. Wise people could see that early on
Greece will leave EU and EU/Euro will die a slow painful death. Let's see w…
HighThere CEO Mitchem speaks with Bloomberg's Trish Regan. Tinder for Tokers: Finding Love Through the (Purple)...
Art Cashin - "There is absolutely no substance to this deal"
This is a 4 month can kick, we're back to the same nonsense in June.
We need to maintain the conditions we have now. Interest rate hike lowers confidence in the high street.
“Breaking: signs up for a 4-month bailout ext for can forget about raising rates!
Thanks to for her tough questions! Tinder for Tokers: Finding Love Through the (Purple) Haze. Bloomberg
Come now; the worlds oldest democracy can't be allowed to file 4 Chp 7/13 Bankruptcy!.
Trish-pls have Jim on weekly. He's right more often than anyone else on TV
Let's get one thing straight. Greece was not bailed out. German banks and Euro pension funds were bailed out at Greece expense
It would've been interesting to be a fly on the wall during the talks between Greece and Russia/China.
You'll be dancing a Greek dance for a while. Trish Reganopolus!
Great as alwasys girls. Mary, are there still many "Gross guys" at Pimco? Seems lots are leaving for "other opportunities"
Behind the scenes at Street Smart with on michaelsatsky discussing…
BREAKING: EU reaches deal with Exactly as I told in this interview on Feb 12:
A Cannabis community app already exists called MassRoots. They are also going public.
4 more months of misery for Greece and still same issues to deal with + weakened leaders! Yippie
Zerohedge full of stories explaining Greek gov't has lost all credibility with voters -3 weeks flat
all old beauty queens think they are expert in everything- I guess rich husbands are in big trouble.
Afraid ur right. "my column w on why we r long way from rate rise.
Trish is the defense expert. Pres. or Defense Dept. does not know anything. She is got guns loaded. What a shame?
on cutting off her guests answers, as she rattles off her Republican talking points.
We try one more argument. Friedman's counter-argument on Philips curve? Years after 1968: both cpi and unemp up
Trish Regan comparing Greek inability to pay debt to American "inability" to pay debt. Ugh. I expected better from her.
I recommend you lots. That said, Trish Regan does not do you proud as other hosts. She is a Fox Noise far rightwinger.
I hope you have a great weekend and Valentines Day.
In six months time we heard Euro is going higher because of Draghi, and then today Euro is not going to par.
250% debt to GDP and 40% unemployment by end of 2015 on current course? checkmate
With Greek economy hitting the skids the last week, more bridge debt and lower GDP = real trouble
The questions are will Greece make the plunge, or will Germany roll in tanks first to collect debts?
Leaving will be bad news for the remaining Euro nations, but a great move for the Greek economy. HMM
Is from CrowdStrike on with this afternoon on ?
Will be joining on shortly to discuss the Minsk ceasefire that won't cease the fire for very long.
Bloomberg's Trish Regan asserting that Privacy must stand down when American lives are at stake. Rest of the world can go eff itself.
Tune in to at 4:45pm EST. I’ll be chatting with about all the richie rich things in
.could well be disastrous for the EU project but not necessarily 4 Greece who have as a model.
best that can be said is Euro politicians for most part will do their best to stop it happening.
WW1 and WW2 were also worse than most could imagine. But they happened.
A flea on the Elephant's *** It would be better for Greece to leave Euro and turn East. Finland...
Ha ha, why do "experts" feel the need to make firm foolish statements like this when they can't possibly know!
Like 2 hockey players holding each other up so they can fight
My three new interviews with 1. Euro 2. Fed 3. Grexit .
Best case scenario is what ECB does best keep kicking that can and hope for the best
idk I think letting Greece get a haircut on debt would be worse it would open the door for others
Greek debt holder haircut coming, Greek austerity will still live on! Politicians, eh!
MT “= worse than can imagine. That's why won't happen.
5 straight closes above 18K sends Dow to 20K by summer.
"If Greece quits the Euro, there will be no bottom to markets." My new interview with http:…
"The Fed may never be able to raise rates." Part 2 of my new interview with
so who's interviewing who? she is easy to look at. I want Jim.
Will a be bad? Worse than you can imagine. and I explore the issues: http:…
you guys have some of the best interviews. She simply asks questions, and you simply answer them. Informative.
is off bottom, not going to par. Why? and I discuss the reasons here:
worse for the banks... Nationalized Greek bank issuing interest free drachmas = infinite prosperity for Greeks
asks me when Fed will raise rates. Using fed models, answer is theoretically "never." Our new interview:
will be worse than most can imagine. That's why it won't happen. and I discuss in new interview: h…
you get better .. Loved the show today. Thank you for your due diligence. Would like to see James Rickards if possible?
looking glamorous tonite on Street Smart the best programme on Bloomberg Television by a inspirational presenter thats u Trish
Q: What is the biggest in . A: The Strings ~James Blake .
Last guest talking about a clean energy future.Might ask does he mean private industry without gov't involved or gov kool-aid?
why is are we sending reservists? Don’t we have active duty troops available, we’re not at war right now are we?
I was impressed with the new iMac for $2499 and it all works together with your watch Smart
“Shouldn’t someone from have been there from the very beginning?” VERY good question, with an equally obvious answer
Thank you for the 1 guest who questioned the FED having any relevance. Trish, deflation is not bad.FED inflates prices of goods
looking as beautiful as ever glad im following u Trish best ever on Bloomberg TV USA
On bubble talk 'If tech is a bubble where's the industry that will grow?' Tech is a component of other industries w
this is when used 2 b on rival channel NBC USA Im glad Trish moved 2 Bloomberg TV totally love u Trish
The masters of creative destruction open w
Trish Regan: Italy to include sex, drugs in GDP
You are the opposite of Batman, Charlie Brown.
that's a GOOD THING, Rich I could go on but, am being respectful to my many west coast friends
Trish I have to agree with Peter here !. Us Canadians think alike :).
“no one better than you on financial news!” Ah shucks. Thank u, Peter. I'm afraid I'm blushing. Ok. maybe not.But THX!
Wow really cool. I need to get one. It will save me a lot of $ and yes, an occasional hangover!
Check out interview with on regulating Bitcoin:
Ha. It's okay! You did a good job still ma'am! Trooper! Need our financial reports rain or shine! Rest and medicine! :)
I think micro-mini skirts have a better probability as the skirt length inversely proportional to market moves
“Get better ☕️🐻” thank you. My cough, I see, is a dead give away
Please wear some green for the next two weeks. Red forbidden, and black ... makes a mess. Crazy market!
Trish Regan: Italy to include sex and drugs in GDP
Thank you to for having me on today & for bringing attention to as our front line in fighting
Thank you for the favorite.Thank you for the opportunity for nurses to be heard!
Great insight with Harold Hamm interview. A Positive takaway on energy after today's insanity.
If your talking heads don't know anything, how are they helpful?
Gotta love the media peddling mass hysteria for ratings ... Nice. Way to be responsible
Why blame the CDC? Conservatives want smaller govt and cut budgets --this is what you get!
Getting ready to go on w/to discuss nurses' stress due to hospital unpreparedness in fighting Tune in now!
Those feet & the straps around those feet are hot.
Join me on Street Smart w/as I disclose what some hedge fund investors are telling me about the markets. Today at 330 pm ET!
on at 3pm with to continue discussion on market risks - though 150 $ES_F points lower than when we started
On the set of Bloomberg with discussing BitLicense, privacy and
me and David don't see eye to eye, Hows the FN?
Discussing his forecast for U.S. stocks with Marc Faber expects a big stock selloff in the fall. |
Looking forward to joining on tomorrow to talk the latest on Iraq. Tune in 3 PM to Street Smart.
$APP: Trish Regan: Dov Charney just the latest CEO gone wild
Selfie with well.. That's the best I could acomplish from México at my desk. Great show! TV
Will be joining on Street Smart to talk the latest Iraq developments on Monday...Tune in...
Wait til gets fully rolled out here.
Even these airstrikes aren't about saving Christians.
When the hijacked western gov'ts come, it's to take $ or put a bullet in ur ***
The is about culling the human population.
Poor? Dark? Die. This also applies to whites in US now. - .
That's what means when it is apparent the doesn't give a *** about Africa.
An otherwise healthy black US male dies in b/c of restrictions?
Will be on Street Smart today at 3:15 P.M. Eastern to talk attacking and info gathering.
This is what happens when you are one of the world's most beautiful women Trish, the want u r picture et al
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Good morning happy Friday to you. Have a good day today. Hope you have a great weekend.
Faber has been frantically trying to save his followers from a 20% correction for the last 180% up move in market
Why Marc Faber expects a 'big selloff' this Fall: via
you're biggest fan just got her autographed headshot!! She LOVED it. Thank you !! 💐🎥💲
hes made this same call repeatedly for yrs (wrong each time). Google “Marc Faber wrong calls”. Maybe stop giving him a forum.
“Here's why Marc Faber says a 10-20% correction is coming My segment today on
the only question is has he ever been right? Nope
don't bye where would the money go? Rotating into what, Bonds, Cash? You have some equities yielding 2, 3, 4 %.
Only crazies thought this rally could continue unhindered
.expects a selloff this year. Here's why: via
A broken clock is correct twice a day. This has been calling for this for several years.
Groundhog Day for Faber. He's made that call several times. He will be right one of these times.
Why is Lululemon founder Chip Wilson selling half his stake? reports $LULU
You should ask Mr Rhodes about Argentina... If you haven't done so
West's indifference to will let become a big problem
well done for putting Marc Faber on the spot. Good questions.
not sure which gold shares Marc Faber's been buying. All mine are down.
Really enjoyed my time talking yesterday on . Thanks ! -
.Embracing Shift to Digital World: Dwolla CEO, speaks to the arena (
Jamie Merisotis, president and CEO of Lumina Foundation, discusses Starbucks picking up most of the tab for workers to get a degree through Arizona State University online. He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)
Cyber Chief Says Businesses Must 'Own' Cybersecurity Threats By Terri Moon Cronk American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON, June 3, 2014 - Cybersecurity threats are a vital issue for the nation, and like the Defense Department, businesses must own the problem to successfully carry out their missions, DOD's top cybersecurity expert told a forum of businesspeople today. Navy Adm. Michael S. Rogers, commander of U.S. Cyber Command, director of the National Security Agency and chief of the Central Security Service, addressed cybersecurity concerns in an interview with Trish Regan of Bloomberg Television at Bloomberg Government's Cybersecurity Summit. Corporations must successfully deal with cybersecurity threats, because such threats can have direct impacts on business and reputation, Rogers told the business audience. "You have to consider [cybersecurity threats] every bit as foundational as we do in our ability to maneuver forces as a military construct," he said. "When I look at the problem set, I'm struck ...
I'll be on "Street Smart with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson" on Bloomberg TV today starting at 3pm. Tune in to watch me discuss the Delta SkyMiles situation!
In today’s “Movers &Shakers,” Trish Regan reports that CEO Elon Musk has big plans to increase production at Tesla Motors on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”
June 14 (Bloomberg) -- Entrepreneur Mark Cuban discusses the U.S. Economy and starting a business with Trish Regan at the Clinton Global Initiative...
Intellectual Ventres founder and CEO Nathan Myhrvold invites Trish Regan and Bloomberg Pursuits into his kitchen where he creates cuisine through science. Myhrvold speaks as part of "Bloomberg Pursuits" on Bloomberg Television.
Robotics Industries Association President Jeff Burnstein and Bloomberg’s Trish Regan and Cory Johnson discuss Google’s plans for its new robotics acquisition. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)
Wilson: Apologizes. Sort of. Poor Chip Wilson. The Lululemon founder (and multi-billionaire) probably thought he was just sitting down with Bloomberg TV for an anodyne, soft-ball chat to plug his wife's meditation website last week. He seemed blindsided when network anchor Trish Regan asked him abou...
Chip Wilson, Lululemon Founder: ‘Some Women's Bodies' Not Right For Our Pants The Huffington Post CanadaNov 06, 2013 If your thighs rub together, Lululemon’s pants may not be for you. Canada’s 10th-richest man and the founder of Lululemon, Chip Wilson, says if your yoga pants are too sheer or pilling, the problem may be your body. Asked during an interview on Bloomberg TV what was behind Lululemon’s problems with yoga pants that become see-through or pill, Wilson admitted that the company “made a mistake” in its design, but the problem has to do with the women wearing the pants. “The thing is that women will wear seatbelts that don’t work [with the pants], or they’ll wear a purse that doesn’t work, or quite frankly some women’s bodies just actually don’t work for it.” “So, more likely that they’ll be see-through on some women than others?” Bloomberg’s Trish Regan asked. “It’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time ...
Univision/ABC launch 'Fusion’ for Latin angle. Anchor discusses with and me
We would love to have you visit our resort!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Anxious to see the numbers 2nite - my jr. golfers will be watching, no practice kids!
An amazing poker show, was a treat to watch.
Thanks for all your help on the show, Doug! Our in-house and math whiz
. Morning beautiful flower had coffee yet what color are your under armour today ;)~ xoxox
Tune into from 3-5pm to see my friend Colin Gilis talk shop with
Trish, Could you ask Mark where his firm receives benefits from gov't involvement in economy? Thanks
Those concerned about $NQ treatment of bank deposits as level 2 please read
I'm expecting a nice bump up if you know what I mean. ;)
$NQ correctly treats Cash as level 2 assets
Can't escape you, - poker night at Columbia biz school library
Check out this wonderful treasury by Trish Regan (Ashira) from AshiraJewelry on Etsy! It also features my 18"...
So Apple needs a buyback but does it really need to be cleaned up? $AAPL
please kindly bring back the full Street Smart show daily video on Thank you.
HEre is the full Poker video with Kuhn, Rogers, Others
Glad to hear it! Did catch it last night. Excellent!@ Go Sox in WSeries!
Order Miche Bag Online!
If you legalize weed, it should only be sold at Barns & Noble bookstores
Hey Trish, throw out a question. What does liquidity means?
$NQ CEO Khan tells and me he has 11.3M global users vs estimate of 250k. Also says Yidatong is NOT owned by $NQ
I think probably learned $FB 's lesson.I'm betting on a smooth debut.
. Babe I. Also have gold coins in my house in france . Can you pick then up too jordan carver has the key's
. Cutie Pie I have gold I have gold coins in my house in Germany can you pick them up jordan carver has the address
. Its probaly in a museum. We probably will have to wait for a auction site for goods
. Also buy Russian gold coins from the 1000 a.d. . For me j.b.
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