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Trinidad James

Nicholas Williams (born September 24, 1987), better known by his stage name Trinidad James (also stylized as Trinidad Jame$ ), is a Trinidadian American rap musician.

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it's gone be same thing that happened with Trinidad James and Uptown Funk
I added a video to a playlist Trinidad James - Def Jam
Trinidad James hit a lick with the song they're playing. (Spurs game)
Right now on - "Just a Lil Thick by Trinidad James feat Mystikal & Lil Dicky
I legit use to listen to Trinidad James hard AF. 10 pc mild got me through senior year of high school.
Yall remember yall tried to tell me Trinidad James was gonna be here to stay?.
Currently bumping my head to Trinidad James . Def Jams// Trinidad James 😍
I'm listening to Bet I ft Trinidad James on SongFlip!
Trinidad James x Mystikal Γ— Lil Dicky. This should be interesting.
Trinidad James , Mystikal & lil dicky dropped the most random song for the big girls πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Trinidad James stay with the all gold
I added a video to a playlist Asap Ferg - WORK (REMIX) Without FrenchMontana and Trinidad James
Sorry man but you biting on Trinidad James Def Jam flow
Premiere of Tantrum ft. off my EP out tmrw!! Check it out on
you clearly haven't heard of Trinidad James
Datsik smart he probably only had to pay Trinidad James 100 bucks for that feature
Order Miche Bag Online!
If you could ask Trinidad James one question, what would it be?
Since the salty Wiscy fans are coming right at MU (per usual)..
Listen to Gucci Mane - Super Bad Feat K Camp Trinidad James Prod Note by Gucci Mane on
Woah. and have a hit on their hands
rappers like drake, Trinidad James etc..even rick ross
Trinidad James really got a Grammy before Nasir Jones & Calvin Broadus. Anything is possible.
Weirdo Rappers are: Travis Scott, Asap Rocky, Asap Ferg, Trinidad James, you know. *** like them, Smh
Trinidad James performing at our house tonight!
This is what "Reachin" feat looks like when I perform it live. Listen here
Trinidad James would've never made it in Trinidad but he made it in America.
Analgrease gotta hurry up and put some makeup on. She starting to look like Trinidad James.
Trinidad James was on the scene for like 12 seconds.
When u hear Trinidad James and u have flashbacks u saw him but barely remember...
Premiere: Listen to 'No One Is $afe,' the New Project from Trinidad James, Right Now
Why do I work out to Trinidad James. More importantly where has Trinidad James been
What happen to some rappers like trinidad james & french montana 😭
Wake up from the nap feeling like Trinidad James.
Trinidad James should sign a major deal to stop signing major deals
Extremely happy to announce that I've verbally committed to play tennis at the University of Wisconsin! https:…
some fraternity hired Trinidad James to perform at their frat tonight lmfao
Trinidad James, 2 Chainz and Wale would have some stiff *** clothing lines
Remember kids Trinidad James got signed off one song. Then he was offering dap on the TL
Seen some canchanchara recipes that use lime. Hope this picture from Trinidad, Cuba clarifies it's lemon.
Trinidad James knows, Yeezy 1 one of the best sneakers to come out.
Young Thug is good and all but he's no Trinidad James
with the homie Trinidad James for more dope content go to
Di ras and Grandpa James in Trinidad once again: via
Happy birthday to one of my best friends I think this picture sums up our friendship nicely
T.J. must be short for Trinidad James
I can't wait until Trinidad James gets the Vince Lombardi trophy for saving the NFL halftime show
I liked a video from Barack Obama Singing Popped a Molly by Trinidad James
Trinidad James I'm attracted to your hair that you are Trini and how you pronounce your words.
*** u was off that Molly like Trinidad JamesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
i got my mom trinidad James for christmas
What happened to Trinidad James though lol?
Trinidad James one of my favorite rappers tbh. 🌚
You say it's based on who got the hottest single out right ? Where's Trinidad James ? OG Maco ? The *** that was in love with the coco ??
Yall the same ones who made Trinidad James hot
Y'all kicked Trinidad James to the curb so hard πŸ˜‚
Trinidad James went from 'all gold everything' to 'all sold everything I own to pay rent'
Lookin like a mix between jay z and Trinidad James
Listen to Gucci Mane Ft. Trinidad James - GuWop *** (Prod By Dun Deal) by Flame Emoji Music on
πŸ’¬Wonder what Trinidad James is up to.
I wanna hear stories about you club hoppin back when Rick James was out. All we get is Trinidad James.
I'm so mad lol they put Trinidad James on a track
Hypebeasts we know bout ya word to Trinidad James
Listening to All Gold Everything because Trinidad James is my gift to the Baby Jesus since I heard he's a gold fan
Out here feeling like Trinidad James after he popped a Molly
Trinidad James type mood bro. U feel me
my heart beating dumb fast and I'm sweating like Trinidad James.
Coffee got me feeling like Trinidad James "I'm sweating" WOooO
If Trinidad James can make it anybody can
Look at the white shoes. Trinidad James and Jerome music comp. (Vine by
From Sugarhill Gang to Trinidad James, a look at the influences of & "Uptown Funk"
Trinidad James the best rapper to ever do it
Burning River News: Rapper Trinidad James speaks out on the Paris attacks
When you're Trinidad James and you own a PS4
Trinidad James really dropped scripture with Don't Be S.A.F.E.
Trinidad James done fell all the way off
Saw rick ross nd trinidad james today rozay skinny asf now –  10% Off
Trinidad James performing at half time. His one hit " All Gold Everything"
Lmao I forgot I was walking right next to Trinidad James on Fairfax last night
See ? Not the next Trinidad James after all 😌😌
Trinidad James SoundCloud was jumping so hard they got signed. Because people pay for that type of music
Trinidad James is the ugliest mf i ever seen
Materials things by Trinidad James is so *** accurate
Trinidad James No One is Safe tape was slept on
I mean. The have to come out on the field to Trinidad James "All Gold Everything" right?
We doing it for Trinidad James tonight ✊🏽
"If Dali is the Chris Brown of Malawi then is?" Trinidad James
the fact that jay park and Trinidad James made a song together makes me wanna roll off a cliff
Bobby Shmurda or Trinidad James. Who the modern day Mike Jones ?
. Trinidad James must be the Peter Shiff of rap then...
"You can now get around terrestrial radio like Trinidad James or Migis etc to get your record out there" - Bryan M Cox
Trinidad James break through mixtape had some cookers
im sure Trinidad James and Bruno Mars would understand and forgive
yea anybody can example Trinidad James and many 1 hit wonders
Hmu if you wanna feel like Trinidad James tonight its ladies night at Houstons
Trinidad James' hair is so versatile
This ain't for bandwagons fans, get y'all's *** in the same spot...y'all the same nikkas that got Trinidad James hot
Trinidad james spits man why aint no one fuc with him
Maxwell teeth twinning with Trinidad James in MS
*** is dis *** wearin he look the white version of Trinidad James πŸ˜‚
Freshmen year we used to mess with Trinidad James mixtape super heavy lol
I don't know why but I just imagined myself trying to explain Trinidad James to my grandkids
Trinidad politics is pure comedy yes!!! 😭😭😭
you watch your dad strum your brother whilst he listens to Trinidad James ft skrillex
Roger Goddell is a huge Trinidad James fan.
he look like Trinidad James' cousin
Why nobody put Trinidad James in their sets no mo'
Pics from our Space Jam Party last week with Trinidad James. .
I relate to trinidad james on a personal level
Have you tried listening to Trinidad James while meditating?
I feel bad for unfollowing Trinidad James but he so not attractive πŸ˜”
listen to that track tho and tell me it ain't iight tho. Trinidad James Quez. Nice beat and tough features.
yes.. Trinidad James and Marijuana Deathsquads at the Turf Club. Plus more great greatness to be added. Youll love it
lol have you heard Trinidad James' motivational psychobabble on Po$$ible No Guarantee?
There was a time in my life where I thought Trinidad James was the next big thing in hip hop
Look how lucky Trinidad James was today that he got a pic with the one and only πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
He's also in a video with Trinidad James cleaning his shoes lol pretty cool man
β€œTrinidad James better then drake jcole and Kanye west” woah kill yourself
If this escaped your radar, Trinidad James snaps so gahddamn hard
Why is Trinidad James of all people in the conversation? Did I miss something? Lol
it's even better when they get a famous African American to speak on it. Ie: Trinidad James
rich homie is not dequantes Trinidad James is not Nicholas they are to not sign with anyone using loans to pay people
I might see Trinidad James down the street and call him my *** Why call him my *** Because he is my *** . ✊
Trinidad James be out here looking like Eddie Murphy from Vampire in Brooklyn
Troy Ave want to be Trinidad James so bad Lol
Outside the club in Miami, it was a Trinidad James looking guy w/a microphone/speaker. He was yelling "God blessing all the trap *** "
Curren$y - Purple Haze feat Lloyd and Trinidad James
I'm the rl Kevin Malone but you're Trinidad James twin
Trinidad James first tape was fire.
Look I need to get in the booth and make a hit so I can be a one hit wonder like Trinidad James and come up on a quick check
"I'm not trying to bring hip hop back, we got Kendrick for that." - Trinidad James
Listen to Pyramid Scheme feat. Trinidad James - Cut It Up by Pyramid Scheme EDM on radio worthy
A lot of Trinidad James and Frank Ocean influence here.
don't believe me just watch . -Trinidad James . These artist are trying to tell you something
Here's the full clip of me, Ben Ferguson and Trinidad James talking about the N-Word.
Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, ASAP Mob and Trinidad James on one stage
Last week Trinidad James found himself in the midst of the controversy surrounding a viral clip showing a University of Oklahoma Sigma
We saw Lil Duval and Trinidad James today lol ***
"Well, slavery and the Jim Crow era resulted in-". "I think the real issue here is that I can't comfortably sing along to Trinidad James"
Would really appreciate it if these photos of Trinidad James with the Cynthia Bailey blowout would cease as soon as possible. Thx.
Can someone tell me why out of all rappers did CNN pick Trinidad James to discuss the n word
MARC Lamont Hill & Trinidad James seconds ago justified the use of the n-word on CNN. BOTH of them are hypocritical as ***
. WHAT about black folk? Marc Lamont Hill and Trinidad James are both stupid as *** TOTAL hypocrisy.
I'm listening to Purple Haze feat Lloyd and Trinidad James (DatPiff Exclusive) by Curren
"Trinidad James is the George Strait of rap" -
Delta Chi Spring Break ft. Trinidad James $1 drinks all night for those of age.
I just got what Kendrick said "Trinidad James in 4 weeks but now my album platinum" lol I'm so slow
On me Uptown Funk is just a Morris Day and The Time rip. With a Trinidad James line.
Bruno Mars really jacked Trinidad James' line and Morris Day's sound for this single of his πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Everytime i hear that Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson joint...Trinidad James comes to mind. U never forget the 1 & dones.
Trinidad James - Def Jam: via looking like in the color after she got a shugadaddy
Trinidad James look like a hoodrat Jimi Hendrix.
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Jimi Hendrix never died, he just moved to Trinidad to keep a low profile until he resurfaced as Trinidad James
how about gold so Trinidad James can be the wedding singer
We need to get Trinidad James to sign a major deal... To stop signing major deals
they thought Trinidad James was a way to distinguish between White James and Black James from accounting.
I'm glad Trinidad James got writing credit on that new Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars song lol had to double check real quick
Listen to This The Truth ft. Andrew Darker, Trinidad James by Old Trap Lord on
Trinidad James is the poster child for struggle β€œLMFAO *** β€œ
Chief Keef, Trinidad James and Bobby Shmurda all had once in a lifetime opportunities and screwed it up
bra U just found out about speaker knockers talkin bout U know music all U listen to is Trinidad James and Bobby Shmurda
So. umm... We can say that Bobby Shmurda ended up worse than Trinidad James.
If I could be someone else it would be Trinidad James
Trinidad James is actually pure comedy
FINESSE starring Zaytoven, Al Nuke, Trinidad James, Migos, Dj Holiday, Dj Scream, Oj Juiceman and so many more XMAS pre order now at
So Trinidad James just walking around downtown Philly lol..., true
I heard Trinidad James doin shows for $300, a pair of jordans, & 2 black & milds
Gabe walkin around lookin like Trinidad James
I'm the king of the rap game, I don't mess with ya'll lames-Trinidad James πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
No disrespect but you see what the game did to Trinidad James
you lot are quick enough to tear down the likes of riff raff and Trinidad James for mocking hip hop but not her?
A *** got on Trinidad James page and said "u so *** ugly" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I just got payed I look good af in my true religion hat and my mom's coming to town today it's all golden like Trinidad James attire
"Pills that turns your poop gold all gold everything thing. -Trinidad James
Trinidad James is roaming the streets of Philly right now.
just waiting Trinidad James and Wale.. When is it gonna happen on the Sneak Peek..
β€œIDisDummies *** of course they do lol. Its the INDUSTRY. TF”Where Trinidad James?
Trinidad James was easily the worst rapper of 2014
We really let Bruno bite some old funk records and Trinidad James and put it on a record. Smfh.
first heard that song and secretly wanted it to be some upbeat cut of Trinidad James
yap! And his bail an looking good either. I guess he pulled a "Trinidad James". His career was short AF.
Ronson and Mars should have asked Trinidad James to cameo on Uptown Funk
I rap better than Juicy J & Trinidad James. Too bad I'm in Nigeria :(
Shy Glizzy ft. Trinidad James - Pilot (Official V…: ok i kno law3 is out but ilove this song...
Trinidad "All Gold Everything" James dropped from Def Jam. I was hoping for more tho!!!
he looks like Trinidad James in a Christmas suit "Marry Christmas my *** πŸ˜§πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚
H.O.M.E. -- Trinidad James. listen. you're welcome.
"Despite Epic paying his $2 million bail one can foresee this going the way of Trinidad James & Chief Keef."
Told yall Bobby Shmurda was the Trinidad James of nyc
There would be no August Alsina without Trinidad James happening prior.
Wonder what Trinidad James doin for a living these days tho...
For Halloween I'd dress as Trinidad James, Fresh Prince (Will Smith) or dye my hair n go as Dani Alves
Danny Ferry lol?? "This is the worst thing to happen to Atlanta since Trinidad James.
"I'm looking forward to the next Trinidad James project"
Trinidad James and Gucci Mane is probably the best combination of all time.
"Og maco a super saiyan Trinidad James"sounds about right
ATLANTA β€” β€œI think the fact that he wasn’t able to afford anymore gold is what really pushed him to do it” Says a neighbor of the one hit wonder rapper Trinidad James. Rapper Trinidad James was found dead in his bedroom at his mothers house where the rapper has[...]
Went from the Trinidad James & juicy j show to the nation & waka flocka!! Finna sleep for 5-6 hours then we to Dallas for BLESSED
I liked a video from Trinidad James - Who Dat Feat. Curren$y
S/o to Trinidad James for having stilly poppin tonight πŸ‘Œ
Ran in to trinidad james in stilly tonight and just my luck my phone was dead πŸ˜”
I added a video to a playlist Papoose (- Jive *** Turkey [Trinidad James Diss]
Whipping whipping it i'm over the stove. No Trinidad James, everything gold
Trinidad James was better than Juicy J tonight😴😴
Happy birthday! You share a bday with Bruce Springsteen, Ray Charles, and Trinidad James!
Females Welcomed by Trinidad James is the deepest song ive ever heard. ***
Trinidad James would show up to Firehouse ten minutes after I leave...
Hi nice to be front row and get on stage. Thanks Trinidad James πŸ‘
Why Im just now hearing about Trinidad James killing himself tf
Pretty bummed i didnt get to see juicy j flocka and trinidad james :/
Juicy J and Trinidad James concert was live tonight
Trinidad James Goin up.. Juicy j up next
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Trinidad James is at Coney Island right now
Lol is true that Trinidad James killed himself because he got dropped from Def Jam ??!!??
Trinidad James is a one hit wonder and broke
Watched interviews of Trinidad James on & I like him. Never listened 2his music other than 2songs on radio but he seems coo
This *** is about to be another Trinidad James
All gold everything with my boy Trinidad James
Nah he WAY more talented than Trinidad James.
Ty$ won’t last long, he gone be on that Trinidad James train soon
Hate x Trinidad James bruh speakin that real
Can Trinidad James not be at the club right nowπŸ˜’
a different 1 lol, it was juicy j & Trinidad James at tumbleweed & waka was somewhere else tonight then tomorrow is riffraff
i remember when people walked passed Jcole and Trinidad James before they was hot and skipped out on a Rick Ross concert
Trinidad James and Riff Raff are the best rappers ever
β€œbut.. U shouldn't even be comparing the two.”. Y not? It's not like Kendrick is Trinidad James..
Trinidad James and Travis Scott would be a good rapper/producer combo
Sam Hunt, Roscoe Dash, Trinidad James, Hurricane Chris, and Waka Flocka all in Auburn this weekend
😫 this *** Ÿ”₯. *Trinidad James voice* @ Student Union at Savannah State University
agreed Trinidad James is so lucky if they're still talking
"Certain artists collaborate and can do no wrong together." Like Nick Cannon and Trinidad James would?
Trinidad James first mixtape never gets old
Trinidad James got dropped from Def Jam today. Next stop is Cash4Gold πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Trinidad James went in on that doin me Realtalk
cause the Dave Chappell version is better. Why you mad. Trinidad James died. It's over
Will Paul George ever be 100% again?. Will someone ever sign Trinidad James again?. Will "bae" ever text back?. Next time on Dra…
Trinidad James is a prime example of the music biz. They sign ya off 1 hit song&than drop ya once your not at the top http:…
Trinidad James at least you lasted longer than MC Hammer
Trinidad James got dropped by Def Jam. Here is my opinion on that--->
Trinidad James got dropped from Def Jam Records all bad
Trinidad James got dropped from Def Jam records and now his mixtape is free ***
Young Dro's FDB Remix. I cut out Chief Keef and French Montana and mixed in T.I. and Trinidad James. All credit goes to Young Dro and Hustle Gang! Enjoy! CHE...
The competition is getting harder and harder!!! We cannot thank our AMAZING contestants enough! The night started off with the legendary Brian Glowacki, former host and last night's judge, setting the bar with "America, f**k yeah!". Congratulations to the winners of last nights The Captains! Op, op, op, op Oppa Gangnam Style! They brought props, costumes, they lip synced the entire song and had an AWESOME dance routine! Dixie Normous came in 2nd, KILLING it with one by Mary J. Blige. 3rd place went to the sweet lady Chanel who put on one *** of a GANGSTA performance with Trinidad James - All Gold Everything. Join us next week as we get closer to the GRAND finale with a $1000 prize.
what ever happened to Trinidad James
I gotta get my mom hip to trinidad james.
When Trinidad james verse come on work remix
Trinidad James only got one hit... and he paid asf.
Haaa she got golds now... she look like trinidad James
, I love listening to Trinidad James! You can network with the people responsible for his career using
Trinidad James is the best rapper alive.
Shout out to Def Jam for wasting 2mill on Trinidad James!
β€œMy patience is just as short as Trinidad James career!”
I'm like the patriotic Trinidad James! All flag err thing!!
ft. Trinidad James is available on iTunes now... Go Get Dat
fresh off the Trinidad James video shoot
So, Lecrae (Christian rapper) called out Lil Wayne, Trinidad James, and possibly Kendrick Lamar...
I thoroughly enjoy turning ratchet songs into soulful ballads. Trinidad James 'All Gold Everything' is my best one
Asap Ferg and Trinidad James are some ugly *** rappers!!πŸ˜†
Kartel look better den trinidad james to me-boss
. Trinidad James Put Gucci and Childish Gambino on the same track.
New Jet City is riding only track I might skip is Purple Haze cuz Trinidad James so trash
grow your hair and you'll look like Trinidad james
Never going to understand how Trinidad James got a deal
I just finished oomf song in my head, lol I love Trinidad James 😍
I wanna be like Trinidad James when I grow up. I wanna sing like Adele and have a Solange reputation.…
Give him the Trinidad James treatment β€œAndray Blatche just posted "F*** Brooklyn" on his Instagram.
Always found James Saunders has good vibes and spirit. Surely Trinidad will have no qualms with him. Lol
you should've seen my mom during Trinidad James's set last year. I was in tears.
Why is Trinidad James a suggested user to follow?
Ain't heard from Trinidad James in a while
Saw this in the App - Best Collaboration: August Alsina f/ Trinidad Jame$ - β€œI Luv This”:
4EU3 Gold best friend on The Mashup Radio with Trinidad James ans Foster the people.
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I am Trinidad James with straight teeth. I am Kurt Cobain with blown brains. Still trippen on cocaine..
LeBron a better rapper than Trinidad James tho..lool..but that's not saying alot.
are you gonna do a track with Trinidad James?
Who is going to have a comeback first? Anthony Bennett or Trinidad James? πŸ˜‚
What happened to Trinidad James he was so hood rich
Trinidad James is trap music but Ace Hood got character man. You shouldve said Migos or sumn
Chelsea is just SO lyrical, idk why the good rappers always be underground and people like Ace Hood & Trinidad James get real forward ...
Funny how I could be in Buenos Aires and Trinidad James playing. Spelman still getting their shoutout lmao
I have the only iPod that goes from Stevie Nicks to Meek Mill to Ellie Goulding to Elton John to Peter, Paul, & Mary to Trinidad James.
The beast XXL cover was the one with dizzy wright logic Travis Scott they could of left out Trinidad James tho
Kevin hart and Trinidad James got a pair
Are you looking to add some flair to your sneaker collection? Are you on the hunt for something to rock to the next Trinidad James concert? In either case, we strongly suggest checking out The Nike Air Force 1 Low β€œGold Elephant Print”. It’s one thing to have a shoe wrapped in elephant print, but...
I need to see king chip, big krit, Trinidad James, curtis williams and the rest of the two9 fam, rejjie snow, and pouya live.
Trinidad James is the ugliest rapper out there
yo, after you pulled off Trinidad James last Halloween, consider Aloe Blacc for this year!
Wherever that missing plane is, I'm sure Trinidad James, Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock, Ahmad, Craig Mack, Bonecrusher, Mims, and Wreckz N Effect are right there with it… ??
NYC letting *** like Trinidad James disrespect yall...come on fam whats going on up there?
I never felt more in touch with my African American heritage than when Trinidad James was yelling the words to All Gold Everything yesterday
*** if Trinidad James and tyga can rap you can rap ain't about actually rappin nomore to be successful skills don't matter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This man Trinidad James was on Tim Westwood with the worst freestyle I ever heard in my life
All I have to say is I'm about to see YG, Ace Hood, Trinidad James, Mike Jones, Ying Yang Twins, and Waka Flocka
106&park just played nick cannons video. There's actually someone worst then Trinidad James and riff raff lmfao rofl. I seriously thought it was made for comedy central. was like malibu most wanted part 2
I'm either gone be Prince, Red Power Ranger or Trinidad James for Halloween this year
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