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Treyvon Martin

The fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman took place on February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida.

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I'm white. Treyvon Martin and Tamir Rice were murdered. If you don't respect that you're a racist. Obama didn't cau…
- oh and fyi...stand your ground did NOT apply in the Treyvon Martin case. It was just plain old self-defense!
Reminds me of what happened with treyvon Martin.
How can Treyvon Martin's friends and family celebrate the 4th of July after what was done?
Love my Obama calls thug Treyvon Martin a boy who "could be his son". All you need to know.
"Treyvon Martin wasn't a victim, it's *God it makes me sick realizing people w/could actu…
Just be glad they didn't treyvon Martin your *** aight?
3) you won't be able to change our agenda") Holder (calling Ferguson "racist" w/NO facts) Obama (calling…
Just look at the treyvon martin, michael b…
Treyvon Martin, etc he no only didn't seek accuracy, but fed the then (cops) against us narrative. He & HRC normali…
God bless Treyvon Martin, I'm in my hoody. Another young brother who met a bully!!
That begs the Q, should America insist on a confrontation with Minnesota (Philando Castile), Texas (Sandra B…
Treyvon Martin wants to know who gave the United States permission to mess black people up for over 400 years? And why do some want it to
No one wants to make a big deal about it but liberal platform had BLM on stage treyvon Martin mother o…
Obama jumped into EVERY potential "race" situation AND he was WRONG every time…
At the same time, Castile was killed because he looked like another black man. Treyvon…
Michael Brown . Tamir Rice . Treyvon Martin . Eric Harris . Matthew Ajibade. When will we wake up?
I'm kind of afraid to ask you your thoughts on the Treyvon Martin case and the "stand your ground" law.
implying without specific examples like Treyvon Martin its just noise. Be specific and fight each battle to win the war.
What Michael Brown, Freddy Gray, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Treyvon Martin have in common.
Hands up dont shoot- lie. Micheal Brown murdered- Lie. Treyvon Martin murdered- lie. What do all of them have in common- thugs.
it has been successfully used as you say but Zimmerman was driving, Treyvon Martin walked to the store for his Mom
it applies to defense of one's home, G Z was driving around-stalking Treyvon Martin-George got away with murder
So y'all wanna stop guns because *** were shot down but when Mike Brown,treyvon Martin were…
yeah well as a president you don't get brownie points for trying by calling thug Treyvon Martin your theoretical son Barack lol
I wish what didn't kill me made me stronger... Or maybe just doesn't kill me in the long run, cause my livers shot like treyvon Martin
Treyvon Martin with the hoodie,. But I'm strapped what's goodie?
How do you know Treyvon Martin died in a white neighborhood?. because they found him with his sneakers still on
the world is a better place without Freddie Gray. That is a fact. Nobody misses Michael Brown or Treyvon Martin
Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, we haven't forgot. ❤️ and never will
treyvon Martin had no incident with the police though...
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Racism is at an all time high under Obama's term " If I had a son, he'd be just like Treyvon Martin " direct correlation there huh ?
fa gun shots to Treyvon Martin's head!
same with treyvon martin case. Should have went for manslaughter.
Talk about Treyvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown and countless other senseless murders. Instead of harping on OJ
Treyvon Martin was never a person 2Obama he was a talking point Just like ghettos He runs his mouth but helps no 1
look up on Google images "what gun was used to kill the gorilla" it shows up as the Treyvon Martin case its terrible
George Zimmerman sold the gun he killed Treyvon Martin with... Smh
man Denzel curry that *** but nostalgic 64 is the name, u should listen to it. He went to school with treyvon Martin
The massacre of Puerto Ricans in Orlando might just be the "TREYVON MARTIN pivotal moment" in our history...
when Treyvon Martin was shot for selfdefense
. Stugotz you mean like parents of Treyvon Martin and Latasha Harlins
I'm gonna pass on buying the Treyvon Martin gun cause I'm saving my money for the gun that killed that reporter on live TV.
Why'd I weap when treyvon martin was in the street when gangbangin make me kill a *** blacker than me.. hypocritical
Everybody is so pro black when something bad happens to somebody Mike Brown Sandra Bland treyvon martin ..etc but forget in a heartbeat
Stories don't fit narrative? Treyvon Martin, Katie Couric. Solution=edit transcript. MSM will make news not report.
Please get him off, as an Expat American - Treyvon Martin was begging for his life was stalked by "Neighbourhood watch" volunteer
"Who's Treyvon Martin?". "Dude that foul on Lebron in game 2 was such bulls**t" . -white people
I want all my creations coming alive tonight to fight for Jordan Davis, Treyvon Martin and all kids bullied. Kill bullies day tonight purge
Why is it that when we wanna remember the date of Treyvon Martin etc, we create racial tension. But let us forget Independence Day...
Mike Brown, Treyvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gary the list goes on and on 😢😢 Its very sad
where have you been ? Treyvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Ect
should have been blaming obama for his divisive speeches. Started with the professor the Treyvon Martin. obama created this.
Year ago today Treyvon Martin was murdered. Three hundred and sixty five days of life silenced in a dream never blossomed.
Rip Tyshawn Lee, Mike Brown, Treyvon Martin and everyone that died from the hands of others
seriously Mizzou? "gotta get justice for Michael Brown and Treyvon Martin" This is college level thinking?
pls acknowledge that boys DO have to worry about what they wear and how they dress, Treyvon Martin was literally shot b/c of his attire
Check out "dope game ft:Treyvon Martin" by Nu worl Artiz - stop killing mysids cause they minds big as you
They do NOT look like Obama's son like Treyvon Martin---
Treyvon Martin, killed in self defense by a hispanic democrat, was blamed on white racism. Where were you then
I miss treyvon Martin and Mike Brown
Hillary met with mothers of Michael Brown & Treyvon Martin.Unbelievable.Does she think that will get her the black vote?Blacks r not stupid!
I watch the treyvon Martin episode of south park at least twice a day just to see George Zimmerman get the electric chair...It calms me.
Nervous meets with Treyvon Martin's family to gin up ignorant angry black vote to beat Trump. Trump polls high with blacks.
He should be in jail just like that guy that shot Treyvon Martin.
hillary meets with Treyvon Martins family!! Read all about it!!! hills keeps me laughing. Go girl..
Someone on my feed actually dressed their (white) child like Treyvon Martin. For Halloween. No words.
Why are the only pictures of Treyvon Martin from when he 12?
They made Fruitvale Station bout Oscar Grant, why not make Ferguson bout Mike Brown Or A Treyvon Martin Movie. Show the world wassup Outchea
Something tells me that God might still love me if I don't repost that picture of him, MLK, and Treyvon Martin
How about we all just agree to be outraged by that guy blackfacing as Treyvon Martin?
they did, when that guy dressed up like Treyvon Martin
this is supposed to be treyvon Martin..
saying "I hate white people" for making a disturbed treyvon Martin "decoration"
There are actual people who are mad at me for being upset about that treyvon Martin "decoration"
stupid *** made Treyvon Martin on their lawn...true devils right there.
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treyvon martin with the hoodie but I'm strapped, what's goodie?
I swear if i see a young *** dressed like Treyvon Martin ima dress up like George Zimmerman and whoop his *** ..
Garner was KILLED, for WANT of a JOB! If Treyvon Martin had a JOB, to be at or prepare FOR? Americans NEED JOBS! Idle hands... Idle HANDS!
that is the same STUPID logic as, "Treyvon Martin should not have been wearing a hoodie."
@ again, the kid shot in the face did nothing. The guy shot in the back was a threat leaving. Treyvon Martin had candy
Me on Halloween: All lives matter. Treyvon Martin deserved it. Reverse racism. Meninist
Photo: sir-ivan-hoeless: Ran into Treyvon Martin at my uncle’s funeral RIP
if you recall it all started w treyvon Martin case & the *** in chief remarking on it
"Injustice For All" with the mothers of Treyvon Martin and Mike Brown, Benjamin Crump
White people are sickening! . what makes you think it's okay to dress up as Treyvon Martin for Halloween?!
In 20 minutes, I'll be listening to the mothers of Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown speak.
Sandra Bland...Freddy Grey.Treyvon Martin...literally only to name a few.
White people are really mad over lion costumes?A LION COSTUME? But if someone dressed up as Treyvon Martin ya'll wouldn't …
"It's too soon to dress up as a lion." That didn't stop ppl from mocking the death of Treyvon Martin on Halloween.
Pres O spoke out about Treyvon Martin, rest his soul, I'm sure he'l condemn blk lives matter yelling"Pig fry like bacon,and killing shreiff
Because coming together as people would honestly just be so much better, and this whole country's been in a fit since Treyvon Martin.
Funny how could comment on Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, etc..., but somehow Kathryn Steinle's murder is …
Or looked like his possible SON Treyvon Martin. Or have to have a beer summit... or baltimore... or or or or.. ***
Obama had immediate comment on Michael Sam's draft, Henry Gates, Treyvon Martin and Donna Summer's death and not ONE wo…
Don't forget all the people we lost, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Treyvon Martin, Walter Scott, Jordin Davis, Rekia Boyd and all others
What if all of The Recent Media Propaganda On Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, Eric Gardner, and Treyvon Martin are Meant…
Cont. Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Eric Gardner, Treyvon Martin, Martese Johnson, Amadou Diallo and the many in between to Emmet Till...
First it's Treyvon Martin, Mike Brown, now it's Walter Scott. He ran from the cops, gets shot, whether it was his fault or not.
RIP Mark Duggan, Treyvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott & all the other unarmed black people kill…
--how i gonna weep when Treyvon Martin was killed when *** n the hood will kill a *** blacker than me.HYPOCRITE!
But in the midst of this I have to educate them about Treyvon Martin and Mike Smith
"Mom, I'll be right back, I'm gonna go get a snack from the gas station.". - Treyvon Martin
Idk about the rest of these celebs but made her profile pic black before and post several pics about Treyvon Martin
*** Gregory figured this out as far back as treyvon martin. Totally on to us.
Guess they gotta kill Treyvon Martin to stop me, oh wait they already did that. Guess iAMA ghost
I understand you want justice for Eric Garner, Treyvon Martin, etc.
Have you looked at who leads the White House? And who defending Treyvon Martin and Mike Brown? I dont call that exploiting blacks
Went to Florida for formal got treated like Treyvon Martin smh
2/2 Especially when he was told by 911 operator to stay put. The only person acting in self defense was Treyvon Martin .
“Nobody cried when they killed Treyvon Martin, but they cried when zayn Malik left one direction.”
Fuk a cop dey da ops dis has got to stop. From Treyvon Martin Mike Brown to Erick Garner. All I'm trynna do is make bands n avoid your honor.
like the fact that Treyvon Martin's death anniversary was shadowed by a dress. Somebody's always hiding something it seems.
where were u when Treyvon Martin and Mike Brown were Viciously Murdered by White Supremacists like Zimmerman and Officer Wilson?
It wasn't as important as Michael Brown, or Treyvon Martin, or Ferguson !
What does Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, George Soros and Move-on Org have in common?. Big Money in Politics. .
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