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Trey Gowdy

Harold Watson Trey Gowdy III (born August 22, 1964) is the U.S. Representative for . He is a member of the Republican Party.

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"South Carolina representative Trey Gowdy, however, is not someone you gate scared off of something like this. He...
Trey Gowdy is my State Representative. He started righ…
a great Team : Sheriff Dave Clark for FBI .Trey Gowdy for AG ! Power team tip of the spear
Adam Schiff leads the House Intelligence Committee. Part of his job to investigate Russia. Trey Gowdy was o…
Trey Gowdy's gonna get you. ..and you and you...
Gotta love Rand Paul, almost as much as Trey Gowdy when he gets going.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Trump White House just called Trey Gowdy fake news. Yes, that Trey Gowdy. Pretty sure healthcar…
Trey Gowdy would be issuing subpoenas at breakneck speed -- and demanding committee resources equal to his Benghazi committee.
& Trey Gowdy includes that Ancient Astronauts guy in a list of experts to testify at congressional hearings on what he calls "Mars-ghazi."
Trey Gowdy & Donald Trump reported to FBI Office of Public Corruption for alleged bribery scheme re:Benghazi cmte…
Rep.Trey Gowdy upset about broken pledge that Dan Coats testimony wouldn't leak
Trey Gowdy is like Godzilla, you watch him him sometimes annd think about that song "Go go Godzillla! Oo"
I love Trey Gowdy, too. He's sharp-minded & a straight shooter. I think Gowdy would have made…
Trey Gowdy is another must go in 2018 His arrogance will be his downfall.
Trey Gowdy asking great common sense questions again that no one ever seems to answer.
Trey Gowdy stumps Jeh Johnson: “Why would the victim of a crime not turn over a server to the IC or law enforcement? h…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
How could you not love Trey Gowdy. He's the best
Trey Gowdy for president. This is guy is a straight shooter and doesn't suffer fools. Love any videos with...
Trey Gowdy is absolutely brilliant and very honest!!! He's the best!!!
I love Trey Gowdy.. but his gotchas never lead anywhere! It's time for arrests and trials!
Trey Gowdy drops HAMMER on Trump investigation: "not appropriate to..."
I do have tremendous respect for Trey Gowdy.
Omar Awan look alike behind Trey Gowdy today.
💥 TREY GOWDY 💥. 👉Why wouldn't victim of a crime NOT turn over server to IC?.
Trey Gowdy stumps Jeh Johnson: "If they were hacked, why didn't the DNC let the FBI look at their servers?"
Trey Gowdy, Kevin McCarthy, Joe Wilson - the GOP mental giants should run for senate.
Rep. Trey Gowdy's Benghazi malfeasances: Column via is as corrupt as they come
Rep. Trey Gowdy, SC-4, voted to uninsure 24 million people on May 4, 2017.
[ ] SC Rep. Trey Gowdy tapped for House oversight chairman
Rep. Trey Gowdy: 'I would not be the right person' for FBI Director job. Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina said
The Republican Steering Committee on Thursday chose Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) to lead the high-profile House...
This is the guy who lost his seat to Trey Gowdy in the 2010 primary race.
Rep. Trey Gowdy will probably give Trump and any Republican a free pass he seems to get a *** pursuing Clinton
Former Republican Rep. from South Carolina who took Jim DeMint's seat. (District now represented by Trey Gowdy.)
Only *45 would put the botcher of Benghazi in charge of House Oversight . Trey Gowdy wins Oversight gavel http…
Trey Gowdy might be the love child of Sessions and Cruella Deville.
I'm so excited and can't wait to see Trey Gowdy help drain the swamp. Congrats Mr. Gowdy.
Trey Gowdy Tapped to Take Over as House Oversight Chair - Republican Representative Trey Gowdy, who is best kno...
Trey Gowdy will do a wonderful job in that position. Glad to see him picked for such a prestigious position
Trey Gowdy said a long time ago that Comey would fold under political pressure in HRC case "proving to be true"!!
I wasn't concerned about McCain until he referred to 'President Comey' and then called Trey Gowdy "Lord Buckethead"
I hope to see one day a Trey Gowdy president
Trey Gowdy tapped for House oversight chairman
Trey Gowdy will replace Chaffetz as chairman of the Oversight Committee to again make a mockery of congressional checks an…
Trey Gowdy looks exactly as I would envision Hitler's love child would appear.…
Trey Gowdy is the new Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. I love 🇺🇸❤️
BREAKING: Trey Gowdy is the new chairman of the House Oversight Committee. . Are you tired of all this winning today?
GOP’s “Hillary slayer” and "Junior House Elf" will be in charge of investigating Trump in the House via
"Trey Gowdy" if this joker wasn't nephew of the great Curt Gowdy would be an also ran and nobody.
Better go with Curt Gowdy instead of Trey Gowdy!
Appears to corroborate Trey Gowdy's version of events re: Comey's decision following AG Lynch Clinton…
Congrats to Trey Gowdy being picked to be the new Republican making sure the House Oversight Committee isn't doing anything about ethics!
Trey Gowdy looks likely to take over powerful Oversight Committee via
Searing indictment of the NYT, including their coddling of source Trey Gowdy. And this is before NYT lied about Russian…
"Trey Gowdy to James Comey: We Need The Truth! STOP F**CKING LYING!". Why aren't all Americans watching this?!
Trey Gowdy to take over as House Oversight Committee chairman
Thanks! And Trey Gowdy would appreciate that also!
Trey Gowdy's effort to throw cold water on Trump-Russia collusion backfires spectacularly.
CALL YOUR REPS NOW! Demand Trey Gowdy recuse himself. Start: at Tell him about Trump's…
13/ Trey Gowdy should recuse himself from any investigations into Trump. He cannot be impartial while taking money from Trump'…
And Trey Gowdy is going to kick the *** of all the crooked a-holes in DC. That's right. He's coming for ya.
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Trey Gowdy starts to close in . What fun ! ! !
Yes! Trey Gowdy will be prosecuted for framing Hillary with so-called classified emails that he altered.
No reauthorization of surveillance programs until unmasking questions answered~Trey Gowdy. Yes! Heads should roll over Obama's…
Trey Gowdy thinks way too highly of himself … even for a lawyer and politician.
Trey Gowdy, senior GOP member of House Intel, downplayed Brennan's testimony, telling me it's not unusual for Russians to conta…
12/ Question: Why is Trey Gowdy on the House committee to investigate Trump while taking money from Trump's own super PAC?
‘Trey Gowdy needs to have his *** kicked’: Ex-CIA agent blasts lawmaker for grandstanding at Brennan hearing
If you’re running interference for Donald Trump, you’ll eventually beclown yourself like Trey Gowdy just did.
5/5: Gowdy set to benefit from Chaffetz resignation by being named chair of Oversight. Conflict of interest much?
So when is Phil Mudd going to be investigated for threatening a U.S. Representative? Last I checked that's a felony htt…
Trey Gowdy is the smartest most honest person in Congress and has forgot more than this man ever knew. He…
3/ Contributions from Trump's PACs to Trey Gowdy were made on March 31, 2017
Former CIA Director John Brennan lies to Trey Gowdy and says He Misspoke...
How long until Trey Gowdy says that it's not uncommon for candidates to body slam reporters?
Trey Gowdy is my congressman and Tim Scott and Lindsay Graham are my senator…
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One person who unequivocally lost the day: Trey Gowdy. His attempt at outsmarting Brennan led to a major revelation about
Trey Gowdy totally destroyed John Brennan today and exposed him for the HACK he is.NO evidence of collusion.Will MSM lies…
John Brennan to Trey Gowdy in today's House hearing: "I don't do evidence.". There is worthlessness. Then, there is malignanc…
Basically, how Trey Gowdy did questioning John Brennan today. NOTE: Gowdy is the little guy with the cape.
Former CIA Director John Brennan v. Trey Gowdy?? is so far out of h…
Trey Gowdy is what results when a hardcore Confederate reenactor consummates his deepest fantasy involving field artillery. And hardtack.
Exclusive video of Trey Gowdy trying to help Trump by asking former CIA Director John Brennan about evidence of collusion wi…
I looked up flopsweat and it was a picture of Trey Gowdy
The LA Looks hair gel is seeping into Trey Gowdy's brain and killing his brain cells.
TARMAC ISSUE IS BIG NEWS Mrs. Clinton put our country at risk with her 'bad deals' I want the info Trey Gowdy speaks of!
It's a super tough job & nobody wants it - Merrick Garland, Trey Gowdy & John Cornyn all indicate they do NOT want to be head of the FBI!
Trey Gowdy on NYT Story that Trump Asked James Comey to Lay off Mike Flynn! via
so Sen John Cornyn has withdrew his name for FBI Director preceded by Trey Gowdy & Merrick Garland 🤔 ... could it be “what they know”?
Trey Gowdy defends two-year Benghazi probe that was riddled with partisan conflict
BREAKING NEWS:. Trey Gowdy wants the job!. if he should get the job. Visit @
Maybe he's impeached before he picks Tx Sen. John Cornyn, SC Rep. Trey Gowdy or former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.
Trey Gowdy and John Cornyn are under consideration to lead FBI after Comey’s firing
.No matter what people say about Trey Gowdy, he's got the experience, State prosecutor, etc
I hope its Trey Gowdy the gentleman from South Carolina.
It runs in the family, I wrote are they are OK? he is very busy with v
please give the promotion to Trey Gowdy!
My pick is Trey Gowdy for new FBI Director, because he is tough, and the Dumbocrats are scared to death of him! DO IT…
Trey Gowdy as FBI Director..oh Lordy, that can't be..nevermind..of course it could be
Mr. President: we don't need McCabe in there very long, he *** Move Trey Gowdy in as soon as possible! 👍🏻😎
He's Back: Trey Gowdy Just Turned to Camera and BLASTED Hillary Clinton Back to the Stone Age - via
Breaking News , Trey Gowdy in the running to replace James Comey at FBI , White House news -
Is this stupid or what. Trey Gowdy turns out not to be a Congressman from the Carolinas after all, but rather, a...
I'd love to see the president replace Comey with Trey Gowdy. Trey is perfect for the job.
Dems are going to hate me for this. I don't care. The best replacement for Comey is Trey Gowdy. He's as honest as day i…
Should Comey be replaced by the corrupt Trey Gowdy or that Tryrant Clarke, I'm willing to Ma…
Thank your for firing that incompetent Comey! Please nominate Trey Gowdy to replace him.
We South Carolinians are so proud of *** Mulvaney, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Trey Gowdy, Jeff Duncan,…
I absolutely LOVE me some Trey Gowdy! He's a f**king shark/beast!
Trey Gowdy slams CNN’s Alisyn Camerota for trying to connect everything with Russia
Despite current GOP spin, Trey Gowdy is not taking over the House Russia Trump investigation. Mike Conaway is.
So funny... Just earlier, today, Trey Gowdy was basically telling James Comey "there WILL be prosecutions" and then this…
Let's look at this Nunes recusal more carefully. He's still Chairman. Mike Conaway, Trey Gowdy and Tom Rooney now step…
Panic amongst has set in as Trey Gowdy takes over their Fake Russia Probe! Heads will roll!. Join us @ https:…
I don't think he caved now. Nunes used this as an opportunity. That's brilliant. Mike Conaway, Trey Gowdy and…
Lindsey Graham: Chuck Schumer has been a destructive force. Trey Gowdy is also displeased with him.
Trey Gowdy told CBS "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson Sunday that he's disappointed that ...
Put Rand Paul and Trey Gowdy in charge. That's how.
Trey Gowdy gave a statement - he new they should have announce the request 4 Comey 2 appear 2day publically. Comey lies.
WATCH: Gowdy Rips Up and Spits Out Dems for Being Silent on This Chilling Illegal Activity htt…
Let us CELEBRATE...AND THANK GOD FOR TREY GOWDY...Our gift after all the mess.Alleluia 😀
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Trey Gowdy rocks!! So nice to hear someone who knows what he is talking about. I don't know how much more Libtard garbage…
is it true Trey Gowdy is replacing Comey?
Saw that video, Trey Gowdy needs to put her in the hot seat!
Congressman who railed against leakers now says it doesn’t matter where info comes from.
Trey Gowdy looks like he been playing in nuclear waste!
Trey Gowdy claims Nunes never talked to Trump about Russia — even though he admitted he did
Tucker Carlson interview with Trey Gowdy tonight:. Gowdy must replace Comey if we are ever to trust FBI again.
Trey Gowdy tells Chuck Schumer on Obama wiretapping ‘Spare us your advice on intelligence’
I liked a video Trey Gowdy on Tucker Carlson Tonight 'Obama wiretapping a clear violation of the law'
. "We have an independent council. It's called the F.B.I." -Trey Gowdy.
GOP intel member Trey Gowdy threatens to hide future Trump/Russia hearings from the public via
Trey Gowdy is respected whereas Schumer is just a windbag looking to stay in office.Time to dr…
Telling that even Trey Gowdy has been mislead to believe NSA not spying on Americans (watch interview)
It looks like slimeball Shumer has met more than his match. Trey Gowdy isn't backing down for anyone, others need to join him.
BREAKING: Trump Fires FBI Comey. Trey Gowdy to Head FBI as of April 1st ... via i hope this is true
sic Trey Gowdy in a court of law after that creepy pediphile
My three favorite people of the year so far (not in any particular order)-. Ben Shapiro, Jesse Lee Peterson, and Trey Gowdy.
Jim& Trey Gowdy have been my 2 favorites in the House,but I'm furious about this healthcare vote.…
By Ryan not getting this done, Trump holds all the cards. Also, whispers of Trey Gowdy taking the Speaker role beco…
Larry Klayman's Surveillance Whistleblower letter to Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy, & others may clear it up for
Trey Gowdy making it clear he cares more about leaks than an FBI investigation into Russian collusion with Trump team d…
While we're in antebellum politics mode. Isn't there something a bit John Tyler-esque about Trey Gowdy?
Trey Gowdy would be more worried about whether John McClane violated any laws in ending the Nakatomi seige than bringing down Hans Gruber.
Mrs. Trey Gowdy: "I learned that you've been screwing your secretary!". Gowdy: "That's awful! I will not rest til I discover…
Trey Gowdy, your party sure loved the leaks last summer, what’s up? Putin send you some chocolates and flowers?
Trey Gowdy looks like Lori Petty's vestigial twin.
This is the truth about Trey Gowdy's Benghazi report... America needs to know what it says about Hillary Clinton. https…
Sheriff how are you . Do you have space in your facilities for Sean Spicer, Trey Gowdy, Juan Williams and Seantor Ben Sasse
Awesome!!! Luv Biggy. BUT what if Trey Gowdy paid tribute to say "Hank Williams"? He'd be called racist. Black privilege maybe?
If you've ever wondered whether Trey Gowdy or Jason Chaffetz is the dumbest, it's Chaffetz by a nose!
New Trump appointment: Trey Gowdy as Deputy AG - to head up DOJ investigations. YES‼️
We are proud of Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott and Joe Wilson. We are ashamed of Lindsey Graham.
I added a video to a playlist Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro | Trey Gowdy interview
"If your goal is to persuade, you will not be insulting people." -Trey Gowdy
I wonder what kind of role Trey Gowdy will have in AG Sessions' DoJ? Head of the Dept. of Witch Hunts & Alternative Crimes? . 😳.
Should have been Trey Gowdy. Only disappointment thus far.
The Libs are blessed to have . Our backup plan was Trey Gowdy
So far only disappointment: AG should have been Trey Gowdy. He would have put Killary in jail w/o blinking an eye. :(
Trey Gowdy...Sean Hannity comment on nancy pelosi...and her ridiculous idiotic comments...
Trey Gowdy: The Law is not created by 1 person.(Towards Democrats)
Wish Trey Gowdy could have handled the case for the US.
Especially those Ears Trey Gowdy And Louie Gohmert have the same ears??
Senator Session is a good man but he supported Eric Holder, Trey Gowdy should be the new Attorney General.
I think I've pretty much watched everything they have on Trey Gowdy on YouTube! He's absolutely brilliant!
I would vote for Trey Gowdy in a second to be president of the United States!! I love his tactics! He takes no crap
All purpose parts banner
I would have rather had Trey Gowdy as Attorney General!
I liked a video from Trump Travel Ban - Here Is the Opinion of Trey Gowdy And Jason
I still wish Trey Gowdy was AG but all is well.
Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz don't care at all about the loss of William Ryan Owens in the botched Yemen raid by the Trum…
Miserable the Dems are so Screw-Up, slowing life down, A bunch of Ego Snails. Wish Trey Gowdy had been Picked, Alth…
We need more elephants like Trey Gowdy, and less Jack *** like Nancy Pelosi...
Loudmouth Democrat interrupts Trey Gowdy instantly regrets it
Love Trey Gowdy. He always gets right to the point.
We need to investigate Jason Chaffetzs role in the fake Benghazi docs that Trey Gowdy is being invest…
"Paging Trey Gowdy, paging Trey Gowdy." Will the real Trey Gowdy please stand up, please stand up.
Trey Gowdy advice: "Insulting people does not work if your objective is to persuade." Good political and cultural advice too!
I'm not going to lie, I don't like sessions for Attorney General. I'd be much happier with Trey Gowdy
Prediction for 2017: Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes away. President Trump nominates Trey Gowdy to fill her chair.
please find a way to let Trey Gowdy represent you in court especially on the ban.
By that logic, we should put a lein on Trey Gowdy's house for six years of investigations into Benghazi?
Update your maps at Navteq
And more fake news. Trey Gowdy never said that he was wrong. You'll believe anything.
should ask Trey Gowdy to argue for the if he's willing to.
Attention Trey Gowdy!! We should have a special Yemen committee. Don't you think ? I notice we don't hear anything about Benghazi.
Trump screws up in Yemen. When are the GOP hearings happening? Where is Trey Gowdy?
why isn't Trey Gowdy asking for hearings ?
Trey Gowdy has already scheduled 10 hearings with Hillary Clinton to get to the bottom of her role in the "Bowling…
Trey Gowdy is a man of God. Trey is a great American and a man GOD is well pleased with.
Trey Gowdy is a beast. He does not play and is *** good at what he does.
Trey Gowdy Exposed - James Comey A DISGRACE to FBI & US GOVERNMENT via Just a reminder who he really is
Trey Gowdy - Obama lied to us for 8 years it is time to go to JAIL via
Death threats have been made to JFK, Trey Gowdy, Ben Carson..etc etc. Any1 who goes against the Sa…
I hope Algeria will have in the future the quality of Trey Gowdy in the Parliament.
YES! Trey Gowdy has been named to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence!
Trey Gowdy will not put up with any BS, Keep Draining The Swamp!
makes my day.Trey Gowdy rules the school
Buckle up! Americans celebrate Trey Gowdy's new role in DC -
Americans celebrate Trey Gowdy's new role in DC Well Trey, no one was ever punished 4 Benghazi
"Trey Gowdy’s new role in DC." Now let's hope will be 'All Action' less talk in this new role?
'Buckle up!' Americans celebrate Trey Gowdy's new role in DC
Stroll down memory lane with Trey Gowdy & Jonathan Gruber(architect of Obamacare )
I liked a video from Best of Trey Gowdy & Jason Chaffetz Roasting Corruption
The years of Joe McCarthy ! Only we had Darrel Issa, Jason Chaffetz, Bob Goodlatte, Trey Gowdy, Mitch…
Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) speaks with Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) on opening day of the 115th Congress, at the U.S.……
Beavis and Butthead compared to Rocky and Bullwinkle I grew up with Hopalong Cassidy = why I like Trey Gowdy :)
Bill Maher is the Only individual I would not begin to raise an argument with. Or Trey Gowdy.
For 16 years I spoke in trial metaphors, and perhaps I need to get out...
Trey Gowdy eloquently explains the lifelong tension between Working Class People & the oligarchy. Revolution time!. ht…
Harry Reid is nothing but a Criminal; involved in Land sale Scandal in
so if an elderly person, or a child dies from this (God forbid) I want 2 see him prosecuted to the fullest extent o…
I liked a video Trey Gowdy Enforce the Law
Wow, Trey Gowdy started really young, career *** .
no Trey Gowdy 7 Jason Chaffeze are on the Oversight Committee check it. FBI NY branch check it
Trey Gowdy with the Truth on government, morality & persuasion GREAT!: via
I liked a video from Trey Gowdy Finds Out DEA Holds Underage Sex Parties
Trey Gowdy Petition - Demand congress investigate George Soros for intervention in the out come of the US Election.
We need Trey Gowdy to question about .
Methodist Bishop snaps at Trey Gowdy, instantly regrets it via
Pleeease appoint Trey Gowdy as our new Attorney General. Our country needs him in this position as we need you as our Pres!
Trey Gowdy is fed up with Hillary Clinton's Lies
People who I think should run for president in 2020:. Trey Gowdy. Michio Kaku. Sherrif. David Clarke. Bernie Sanders. Richard Dawkins
If Ryan starts rejecting DT's plans,get him out of there.Trey Gowdy or Louie Gohmert or Chaffetz would be much better.
don't forget she is great. Trey Gowdy, Laura Ingram, Gov huckabee.
Trey Gowdy for DOJ head.Skeleton crew for gov that works w strength of 5,000 people.Bring God,bible,pledge back
nominate Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Trey Gowdy, any of them would be almost a Scalia
Still think Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Trey Gowdy need to be SCOTUS justices.
Trey Gowdy, Allen West, David Clarke, Huckabee, Jeff Sessions, that's a good start.
I would like to see Trey Gowdy or Jay Sekulow.
Congrats to Trey Gowdy! is a national treasure for the Republican Party!
Trey Gowdy and Jason Chafeetz have issues with her actions. Jay Sekulow has issues with her actions.
Trey Gowdy: "Comey didn't tell Clinton to set up the server or lie. I don't know how he's responsible for any of this." h…
Please include Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy for abuse of power.
Trey Gowdy: James Comey didn’t tell Hillary Clinton to set up private email and lie about it
Yes, it worries me that Trey Gowdy is not worried about this incestuous DC family tree.
Trey Gowdy saying he's not worried about Peter Kadzik heading the probe.worries me.
Rep. Trey Gowdy: Democrats used to think FBI Director Jim Comey "was the Second Coming of Christ"
NEW: Trey Gowdy says FBI Director Comey had "obligation" to alert Congress about Hillary Clinton investigation
Trey Gowdy spanks Dems, Hillary and ‘hack’ Harry Reid over FBI probe: ‘I didn’t know Mormons did drugs’
Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, Doug Collins, Jay Sekulow, and others do come to mind as much better spokespeople.
"FBI Director Comey did the right thing" Says Trey Gowdy: via
Elijah Cummings requests were denied concerning Trey Gowdy. Let them deny Reid too. Still had to be done.
We already know that Trey Gowdy is corrupt bt altering documents to frame HRC foe Bengazi. Not sure about Chaff yet
Gowdy: Everything thats happened is the natural consequence of deciding u’re going 2 have a rogue email system"…
Trey Gowdy leaves DHS woman speechless! Love this guy!
Trey Gowdy Gives Epic speech. I admire this man so much.
Yes I Would Support Trey Gowdy As Trump's Attorney General and why you have removed to Vote on the question
J Chaffetz @ BOTTOM of the SLEAZE barrel w/Trey Gowdy & Darrell Issa. ALL 3 of these BOTTOM FEEDERS up 4 REELECTION http…
would LOVE to see Trey Gowdy as Attorney General! Would be a welcome change!
This says it all FBI being obtuse where Clintons are concerned same as Ken Starr Trey Gowdy and now Jason Chavetz
This man worked his fingers to the bone for justice, even with threats on his & his families lives. Applause to Mr. Trey Gowd…
Trey Gowdy has a job to do. WE need a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR.
Trey Gowdy responds to FBI Hillary bombshell: It's her own *** fault
you know who lied to the fbi ?Trey Gowdy when he misquoted Clinton's testimony to Dir Comey
Trey Gowdy says Clinton has no one to blame but herself.
I think Trey Gowdy should take Paul Ryan's place. We need Tough, Honest people like him with Integrity.
“The president already has a Nobel Prize for peace. I think he’s shooting for one in fiction.”. -Trey Gowdy. . featured in NBC s Science of Love
Won't have Judge Pirro on show nor Mark Levin,Trey Gowdy, Rudy,etc. because you are a bully and they would own you - bully bully
Trump, a pervert running for POTUS and supported by the BLOCK ALL Republicans like Speaker Ryan, Trey Gowdy, Kevin…
I have a difficult time believing anything reported by the FBI. Trey Gowdy had Comey mumbling like Ralph Kramden ly…
Trey Gowdy is too conservative to win nationwide. Jeff Flake maybe. Don't count Rubio out. The party must get bigger to win.
Jason Chaffetz & Trey Gowdy at these FBI email oversight hearings are like Greg Giraldo & Jeff Ross of Comedy Central roasts.
do u accept the findings of the Trey Gowdy select Republican Benghazi committee?
why the family members of the Benghazi four and Trey Gowdy both would be a nice statement not saying that as a joke either
Can she be worse than Trey Gowdy for Heaven's sakes??!! will not be distracted!
I can buy that but he truly must act. Go to Trey Gowdy in private... idk.
Trey Gowdy says much, accomplishes little. I'll stick with Giuliani as AG in my fantasy cabinet.
.We need Trey Gowdy in Trump's cabinet. Watch him destroy Hillary!. 'do', as in currently, Trey gowdy and Jason chaffez
TREY GOWDY grills Professor Gruber and his derogatory comments about American Voters . via
Would Trey Gowdy Make A Good Attorney General For Trump?. Yes, he'd be fantastic!. . What do you think?
Trey Gowdy: Clinton Didn’t Just Erase Emails "it's not smoke this is arson, it's pyromania
Watch Trey Gowdy FORCE PP’s president to ADMIT she supports ABORTIONS by... via
That would be entertaining, but Jason Chaffretz or Trey Gowdy would be just as intimidating and more "presidential" https:/…
should bring Benghazi parents, videographer & Trey Gowdy. Better than sending Hillary flowers.
we paid Trey Gowdy a lot of money to investigate this. What did he find?
I hope Trump doesn't. He should choose Trey Gowdy or Newt.
Trey Gowdy might accept an invite to the first debate. Hillary started this. What's good for the goose.
Trey Gowdy shreds apologist -- and exposes black witness intimidation .
I liked a video from Trey Gowdy shreds Black Lives Matter apologist -- and exposes
Trey Gowdy: Charge Hillary Clinton with Perjury for lying to Congress - Sign the Petition! via
Using "facts and logic," Trey Gowdy silences state department on Hillary... vía
She lied. Director Comey didn't say what she says he did. Trey Gowdy asked Comey the story. The country heard it. No BS
News from Mike G. - Tuesday on the Mike Gallagher Show: Congressman Trey Gowdy
The chair of the House Select Committee on Benghazi says: "we haven’t seen any evidence of a crime,” regarding...
There's several different forms of executive privilege. The one that is most absolute would be cl
On the contrary, Trey Gowdy found PLENTY wrong on benhgazi. Sniper fire in Kosovo?!
Gary Johnson is a twin brother of Trey Gowdy's. See the head similarities? Beware of Trey Gowdy in disguise. Deer...
Plus, it's the weekend, I'm sure Trey Gowdy will run with it.
Hope that Schultz has an honest interview w/ waterboarding by Trey Gowdy and an honest FBI. She knows all...
No doubt that Trey Gowdy will get RIGHT on it...Next year...
Trey "Ben-Gowdy" (R) wasted $7,000,000 and two years of investigation. Ask HIM what he achieved; force HIM to present facts.
.Here you go. Educate yourself on how badly lied to you.
Attorney General Trey Gowdy!. This alone is enough reason for me to vote for Trump!
unless Trey Gowdy is elected we're screwed
Trey Gowdy is a pit bull that is not only good for SC, but good for America. I live in WA and will support him.
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