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Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah (born 20 February 1984) is an award winning South African comedian. He has also been a radio DJ, actor and TV host.

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What could withstand the indefatigable Truth-O-Meter, the skewers & barbs of Trevor Noah & John Oliver? Surely not this tsunami of fascism
y'all say I'm *** because I'm with Bonang not Trevor Noah! 😂 😂 🙌. *** are those on Trevor' side. maybe Bonang may let me bapse some days.
Trevor Noah y Mara?bonang slays red carpet events but I'm not sure she will pull this off
Dear I only bought your ticket to watch Trevor Noah not Bonang, I feel disrespeked it's time to S…
They've set the bar so high with Trevor Noah and Bonang may look like the bar but she doesn't meet it.
I lowkey think Jordan Klepper is a better host than Trevor Noah. Jordan reminds me of old school Stephen Colbert.
John Oliver,Trevor Noah,Stephen Colbert all of them show their true colour in this election cycle.It's disappointing
Trevor Noah has really grown on me. Last few weeks he's been seriously on point. Also funny.
GOP strategist plans to write-in her mother for president rather than vote for Donald Trump.
Donald Trump claims the election is rigged.
Unfortunately I was subjected to hear Trevor Noah spew his Viacom speech tonight. UGH! Why did I leave the TV on?
Wow, Trevor Noah has made the Daily Show virtually unwatchable.
The takes Melania Trump to task for equating her husband to a 'teenage boy'
Wow! Trevor Noah knocking it out of the park tonight!
Russell Simmons - Dismantling Islamophobia on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
Trevor unpacks Donald Trump’s claim that the presidential election is rigged.
Trevor Noah continues to be mega cute & pretty funny but lacks the AUGH FIRE & BRIMSTONE PASSION of Jon Stewart that we need right now.
"We do not spank children in SA. Spanking is for monkeys. We beat them" - Trevor Noah
I don't know what shocking revelations Trevor Noah has (prob none) but I am sure they won't be funny -previous shows!
FFEU Chairman dismantalling Islamophobia with on with
WikiLeaks Latest Revelations on Hillary Clinton on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
Trevor Noah is kind of Bae, but he doesn't know it YET. But it's okay though
Trevor Noah says Wikileaks proves Clinton is guilty -- of being boring via
Looks like Trevor Noah is ready for MAMAs via
Trevor dives into the WikiLeaks controversy and discovers a mean risotto recipe.
.friend of Trump for 30 years, shares his thoughts on the Republican candidate. https…
Trevor Noah shouts out to the MAMAs
Spend an evening with Trevor Noah, host of one of America's biggest political comedy shows on 26 Nov.
'At Least She's Only Plagiarizing Herself': Trevor Noah is quite gentle with Melania really... via
Trevor Noah: Trump is rigging the election -- against himself
If you haven't watched this, you really should. Trevor Noah has convinced me he's worthy of Jon Stewart's chair.
🌟🌟🌟🌟 I can't wait to see Trevor Noah at the Random House Open House in NYC on Dec. 15! 👍🏻
So this is what will make America great again?...I'm so confused.
Today's clip from The Daily Show:. As multiple women come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, the...
Exclusive - Ana Navarro Extended Interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
.Trevor Noah: Trump is the new Cosby, only he "bragged" about it
Trevor Noah: Trump is worse than Bill Cosby via Trevor Noah is a scumbag!
If you missed performances on last night, we got you:
No longer surprised by what say or do! via
That Trevor Noah skit ya the Chinese guy wanting to be a black man 😂😂😂
.talks to Trump supporter who claims many women "would love to have their *** snatched" by Trump https:/…
Have Donald Trump’s misogynistic comments hurt his reputation? went to a Trump rally to find out.
UNCENSORED: .thinks Trump should be asked about one thing and one thing only.
yes! And his comparison between crude talk and assault so good! I heart Trevor Noah
Katrina Pierson debunks Trump groping allegations on grounds that “first-class seats had fixed armrests” in 80s.
What do Trump supporters think of their candidate boasting about sexual assault? reports:
Trevor Noah is on Trump's case today sha
Samantha Bee & Trevor Noah killed this very sad episode in American history on their shows. Check’ em out!
Trevor Noah on Trump: "If you conduct locker room talk everywhere, it's not the locker room, it's you, motherf—er!"
Ken Burns, Tony Bennett, and Trevor Noah. It's a good weekend to be in Rochester.
"The O'Reilly Factor" Heads to Chinatown on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
Tony Bennett, Ben Folds, Trevor Noah, Ken Burns ... oh my. attracts big names for Meliora Weekend
It was all good when Trevor Noah made jokes about Oscar. This freedom of speech thing is tricky, let's be fair on Skhumba
I miss Jon Stewart on TV, but am glad we still have Colbert, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah plus few others.
There's no Republican Colbert, Sam Bee, Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah, John Oliver. No satirists on that side.
I really though Stephen Colbert would be the ultimate Jon Stewart replacement but he *** and so does Trevor Noah. John Oliver is closest.
Maine Gov. LePage claimed his state’s drug dealers were 90% black and Hispanic. Funny story… http…
Trevor and Alicia Menendez discuss Clinton and Trump’s tepid race comments during the first presidential debate.
Trevor Noah eviscerates Donald Trump's love of stop-and-frisk
Trevor Noah's show is hands down the worst thing to ever air on tv
NO Disneyland or Trevor Noah or At Home with Monsters or Diana's wedding then until you get rest !
It IS stressful turning on the TV lately. Been watching more Trevor Noah and John Oliver to keep me off the ledge
Yep. And also, Bill Kristol is a better argument against conservatism than anything Borowitz, Jon Stewart, or Trevor Noah served.
I didn't even have to lift a finger. Cuz I'm one to go around commenting on Trevor Noah articles telling people to get over themselves.
Trevor Noah going in against suing Saudi Arabia for 9/11. Sovereign immunity seems like a bad idea: drone-killing random civs w/impunity.
What the Actual Fact? - The First Clinton-Trump Debate on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
The Taliban’s review of Trump’s debate performance is in and it is NOT kind.
October is going to be a great month in politics! Grab your popcorn, pull up a chair, and enjoy the show. The...
Thanks, and for making North Carolina the butt of late night jokes! (This is funny, though)
Now the table is DEEPLY divided on Trevor Noah.
Donald Trump's tax returns prove that he's the hero America's been waiting for.
Putting North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law to the Test on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
Here it is: my full 9 minute interview with on via
How any woman can back him as presidential material is beyond me.
Trevor Noah will be an amazing host at the up and coming MTV Africa Music Awards 2016 MARK MY WORDS!
Yall know ngiyamthanda uB. But uya exagerrater hey. I'm here thinking we'll get Trevor Noah'd kanti ughel is on a maggie cover.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Trevor reveals new evidence that Donald Trump is more sexist than we ever imagined.
Donald Trump continues fat-shaming a former Miss Universe winner, and the sexism doesn't end there.
Yes, it's already been a Year🙌 | Don't miss the eNCA exclusive interview with Trevor Noah tonight at 21:25 CAT - https…
Hey Trump surrogates, are you sure “restrained” is how you want to describe Trump’s debate performance?
Watching The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: Tales from the Trump Archive: Donald Trump's History of Misogyny on
Trevor unearths a deep cut in the Donald Trump sexism archive.
HuffPostWomen: “You know you’re going too far when the Fox News staff is cringing at your treatment of women.”
Trump called "Fox & Friends" to double down on his fat-shaming comments about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. https:…
Tonight wraps up my awesome week at Trevor Noah, Omid Djalili, Hasan Minhaj, Gary Gulman, Mark Forward and Ron Funches + all openers
South African entertainers like Charlize Theron, Trevor Noah & now Pearl Thusi are holding their own in Hollywood.…
On True North: "Trevor Noah: We’ve never actually tried to repel terrorists with signs, you know" by Ed Morrissey.
Amazing interview by Richard Crouse this morning - Trevor Noah at the Second City for
Trevor Noah beats Basketmouth and Idris Elba to host 2016 MTV MAMA: South African comedian and host...
And let's add that those that remain have sold their souls (yes, you, Trevor Noah; ps, you aren't even remotely fun…
I liked a video EXCLUSIVE: Trevor Noah - Unplugged and plugged in
. Just watching now-Thanks my buddy! He * Trevor Noah get close but not in Heroes Hall yet!
New Yorkers React to the Manhattan Bombing-The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Video Clip | Comedy Central
While Fallon was touching Trump's hair, Trevor Noah and Bill Clinton got real about the ugly campaign
Trevor on Colin Kaepernick's protest and the role we expect athletes to play.
Love this bit from Trevor Noah about the NYC thieves disarming one of the bombs.
I want Somizi or Trevor NoAh to host👌
Trevor Noah pounces Republican Donald Trump in sturdy open video message (NSFW)
much the same as Trevor Noah finds it
, with Trevor Noah around , we might as well have two hosts ? But that means both sexes
Trevor Noah is really tame compare to Jon Stewart and old Colbert. Try John Oliver on HBO and Samantha Bee on TBS.
IK, Trevor Noah, Basket Mouth, Idris Elba, Basket Mouth, Falz or who else should be the ???
I don't even have any idea ...BT I don't tink it's Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah should just be the host ☺ .
Hip Hop started as a voice of the community...time to get our voice back
Trevor Noah would make a great host this year. And IK always lives up to expectations too
Little Giant Ladders
Next time I lose my temper I want it to be this funny: Trevor Noah DESTROYS Donald Trump https…
Weird how i read this in Trevor Noah's voice
At this point! I think it should be between Trevor Noah, Basket Mouth or Falz
Trevor Noah is a pass. But I'm still thumbing for Idris Elba or our very own Frank Edoho.
yup looks like Trevor Noah's ears right there.
And what say you to Trevor Noah ? We've seen Chris Rock as host before
New Yorkers react to the Chelsea bombing in the most New York way.
if you want Trevor Noah to be the host
Cant wait to see Trevor Noah , Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden and Bill Maher to talk about in their next shows 😂😂
So Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Oliver have all won Emmys. Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore? Just saying...
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah not even getting nominated after Jon Stewart dominating the category for so long must sting
I'm Still up.this is crazy. hooked on MSNBC... then I have to catch up on Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Bill Maher, etc.
Trevor Noah went on the late show and said we didn't get Colbert in South Africa. But we did. Why he lie?
Trevor Noah talks and in advance of Chicago Humanities Festival
I think we should deport Trevor Noah's back to S. Africa where he belongs. He has taken John Stewart's crappy Daily Show and made it worse.
One thing no one talks about during Ann coulter's set on the Lowe roast was that she said Rob Riggle was on Trevor Noah, not Stewart
Like Stephen Colbert , Trevor Noah handles Trump or if on Air Jon Stewart would have handled Trump
I love Trevor Noah and all, but man I miss Jon Stewart.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is...I must say, much better now without Mr. Stewart and with Mr. Noah.
He's gonna get replaced by Trevor Noah or Jon Stewart isn't he?
Trevor Noah, still wishing he was Jon Stewart
Bill Hicks was one of the greatest comedians who ever lived... how we got from Hicks to Trevor Noah is tragic, period.
Look. I don't dislike Trevor Noah. But Stewart's "what the actual" perspective/attack on modern journalism? Necessary now more than ever.
it was a different show. Trevor Noah is why i really miss stewart
Seeing Jimmy Fallon, Kimmel, Jon Oliver, Trevor Noah, even Stephen Colbert incessantly cater to mediocrity reminds us what a gem Stewart was
I still can't see myself liking Trevor Noah. I've really tried for Jon Stewart's sake, but I just can't
Can we have Jon Stewart or Trevor Noah or Stephen Colbert interview both presidential candidates?
Trevor Noah's got nothing on Jon Stewart. Jon would've ripped Trump a new one.
The Daily Show is just not the same anymore,I like Trevor Noah and all but he's no Jon Stewart.It's turning into a Pro Hillary show
Trevor Noah has done a good job as the host of The Daily Show, but I still miss Jon Stewart. TV needs more intelligent people on it.
Trevor Noah's replacement of aging Jew Jon Stewart is an apt metaphor for what the Left has brought on itself
Look, I love Stewart, but Sam Bee, Seth Myers, Trevor Noah & Colbert are doing a great job.
Miss Jon Stewart? knocks out of park. No shade on Trevor Noah, but do wish she had The Daily Show .
"Trevor Noah reads off a TelePrompTer in another attempt to have his breakthrough as 'Stewart's rightful heir' moment"
I thought replacing Jon Stewart would flop but I really like Trevor Noah. It only took me two episodes to reply like him.
Media is turning Seth Meyers into the next Jon Stewart. Sorry, Trevor Noah. .
Trevor Noah totally rips apart Matt Lauer over his presidential forum: 'He was terrible'
.This however, is totally legit and real. Trevor Noah is on point about me here.
I don't think I've gotten over Alex Jones thinking Eric Andre was the Daily Show guy, Trevor Noah, yet
Disappointed with Comedy Central. Larry Wilmore much funnier and more relevant than Trevor Noah. I hope a horse-sized duck sits on you.
Comedy Central cancels Larry Wilmore, calls the perception that Trevor Noah is struggling “a myth.”
when Hillary goes to prison for hiding her brain cancer and Trump gets owned too bad by Trevor Noah, Larry Craig and Mark…
few conversations have surpassed my expectations like with Trevor Noah has.
Roy Wood Jr., your favorite correspondent on a the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, is here this…
I'm sick of all British talk show hosts, Trevor Noah, Pierce Morgan, Trisha Goddard, etc. Send all of their *** back to Great Britain
I love how Trevor Noah infuses comedy into some really deep issues.
The real star of the new Daily Show isn’t host Trevor Noah; it’s Roy Wood Jr.
Trevor Noah and David Kau got no jokes * * Bring your girl around your squad, you'll discover the real deal comedians
Julia styles gave a more emotional and better take on Alton Sterling & Philando Castile than Trevor Noah did. Was sad. Need back can't lie and say that Trevor Noah is a good TV host either. His show is where political humor goes to die
.trashes Trump: "You cannot lie and say Donald Trump would be a good President":
Oscar Isaac, Eva Longoria, and Trevor Noah at an event in NYC (7/14/16)
Election Update: Trevor Noah takes ‘The Daily Show’ live for Hillary and Trump
GOP convention coverage on late-night TV: What to expect from Trevor Noah, more
and Trevor Noah are going live for Hillary and Trump
Trevor Noah and 'The Daily Show' lead the fray in conven... via
Trevor Noah reflects as host of The Daily S…
"Daily Show" host worried Trump might have him deported:
Trevor Noah is a talentless hack who has no real sense of humor.
We're broadcasting LIVE at 11pm ET on the final nights of the RNC and DNC — 7/21 and 7/28! https:…
Trevor Noah is killin it on the Daily Show rn
Lucy Fest 2016 is here! Trevor Noah, Lewis Black and Brian Regan are all headliners. National Comedy Center opens 2017 Jamestown NY too
Trevor Noah says Donald Trump won't appear on the 'The Daily Show' via
Like his predecessor, Trevor Noah regards Trump as the comedic gift that keeps on giving
well, my opinion is pretty cliché, but Trevor Noah sums it up pretty well
Trevor Noah stepped it up a notch. its impossible not to in this atmosphere.
Trevor Noah reacts to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, calls for better police practices
Trevor Noah perfectly puts it into prospective.
Worth the listen. So well put and said.
The Daily Show's Trevor Noah: it's possible to be pro-cop and...
Trevor Noah on The Daily Show was speaking 100% absolute TRUTH.
Catching up on & so inspired to hear about work on the Inclusion Act.
.“You can be pro cop and pro black, which is what we should all be”:
The Fatal Shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile-The Daily Show with Trevor Noah -...
feed came back on & I saw Trevor Noah saying that it's possible to be "pro-black" & "pro-cop" and we all should be. https…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Trevor Noah responds to the deaths of Alton Sterling & Philando Castile: 'This is an American problem' via
"You've gone against what you're trying to do, you have to be twice as good..." - Trevor Noah, 53:03 .
"Trevor Noah's powerful monologue on police shootings"
I am extraordinarily frustrated by Trevor Noah. Talking about being "pro-cop and pro-black" is so painfully ahistorical.
Trevor Noah speaking on the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings. Great points.
Trevor Noah: 'You can be pro-cop and pro-black': 'This is an American problem,' the host says. 'Eve...
The Daily Show gives me AIDS. Trevor Noah is so terribly unfunny. At least Jon Stewart was good
Trevor Noah applauds the SCOTUS decision defending abortion rights in Texas
Trevor Noah must really love abortions
Even the gets the Illinois budget mess. Check this out.
yep Trevor Noah just kisses everyone's *** including LOL & even with that she said the dumbest things
She was responsible for some of the funniest and sharpest segments, often on the subjects of race and gender,...
England's Brexit fever carries over to the soccer pitch.
Trevor Noah is pretty hilarious on the Daily Show 😂
Check out segment on the Illinois budget impasse
Order Miche Bag Online!
Jesse Williams Calls Out Racism at the BET Awards on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
Honestly, my only criticism of the new show is that I don't find Trevor Noah very funny. Nightly Show's still good, though.
I think Trevor Noah’s still finding his voice w/o being TOO detached from US culture, but he’s getting there.
My favorite exchange: "Dude, the constitution explicitly says the governor can line-item things out of the budget" https…
Comedian Trevor Noah Live at Phoenix's Comerica Theatre on October 14! Tickets on sale now:
Trevor Noah shares advice Jon Stewart gave him, helping fix the world an... via +HOT 97
I really wish she or Samantha Bee had picked up the Daily Show, I don't think trevor noah is very funny at all tbh
Jessica Williams' departure is a blow for Trevor Noah's Daily Show
Leaving Amid Struggles. gonna miss her, looking fwd to whats next
My mom: Why'd you go into politics again?. Me: To fulfill my dream of being called a muppet on national TV. Mom: Oh. https:/…
"1. Buy a lotto ticket. 2. Win. 3. Get the Fout of "
ruled on a slew of cases prior to going on summer break. Congress baffled.
Journos who knock Trevor Noah's ratings: He has to compete w/Oliver, Bee, & more politicized late nite shows on CBS/NBC.…
Jordan Klepper tries to solve Illinois's budget impasse with trust falls.
Three hours together so most was cut. Here's another clip. Fun experience. Btw, Daily Show is a comedy.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
We'll be at tonight, come by for a laugh and a scoop! Who doesn't love some Trevor Noah?!
Amy Schumer will be here Oct. 22, and Trevor Noah on Oct 14. In there.
There's so many great comedians out there though. Gabriel Iglesias, Amy, Angela Johnson, Trevor Noah, DeRay Davis...I could go on
I liked a video Jay Z signs Cassper & AKA /Trevor Noah hangs out with Robert De Niro
Trevor Noah is playing Sydney Opera House in August, after which it will become painfully mediocre
I don't like Fallon at all John Oliver I love Jon Stewart I love Trevor Noah does ok Bill Maher my hero too
The Daily Show's Trevor Noah points out the total absurdity...
Dying of laughter watching the Trevor Noah: African American comedy special. 😂. He makes me so proud to be South Africa…
keep it 💯 what would a fight between Larry Wilmore, Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert be like
Trevor Noah: ‘It’s easier to be an angry white man than an angry black man’
If I liked Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert more than Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore am I a racist
No, Trevor Noah isn't Jon Stewart. But he's a smart young man doing a credible job, as is Larry Wilmore who follows him.
Trevor Noah with the British, Indian and South African accents and gods. Too funny.
Jon Stewart doesn't need to return to TV to save us, we got John Oliver, Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore.we good
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah chimed in on the gender wage gap and ... it's pretty funny. WATCH:
"Daily Show with Trevor Noah" filming in Cleveland during Republican National Convention
Finally got to watch Comedy Central Celebrity Roast with Steve Hofmeyr and Trevor Noah as the Host
Seth Myers and Trevor Noah need to call it quits
now who stole whose's joke, David Kau & Trevor Noah told the same joke.
I see a few Trevor Noah clips. I watch for Jessica Williams who is the real Daily Show MVP now.
Sam Bee was like a 6/10 as a correspondent on the Daily Show but now slaughters as a lead on Full Frontal. Id take her over Trevor Noah easy
23:55 Live at the Apollo: Comedy legend Eddie Izzard introduces Trevor Noah and Josh Widdicombe.
forget Trevor Noah, David Kau, Chris Rock, politicians are threatening to upstage 'funny' as we know it.
Saw the Ben Carson interview with Trevor Noah and I'm thinking we might have wanted to take him a little more seriously..
Trevor Noah's Ben Carson impersonation was spot on
😂😂😂 Trevor Noah is something else, just look at him impersonating Ben Carson in his presence
"Trump is a reflection of American society" Ben Carson on with Trevor Noah
oh my god i'm watching the Daily Show episode where Ben Carson debates with Trevor Noah's impression of Ben Carson
Trevor Noah interacting with Ben Carson is sf cute
Why is anyone still talking to Ben Carson? . Carson is just too needy. Trevor Noah's 4/20 interview/skit finished him
"Trevor Noah debates Ben Carson on his show, dressed as Caron's estranged twin, Ken Carson" please shoot me to death now
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah says goodbye to Ben Carson...
I don't like what Trevor Noah did to Ben Carson Tuesday's episode of the Daily Show though
Trevor Noah's ripping into Dr Ben Carson as Ken Carson is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Good sport by Dr Carson.
Ben Carson insists he's not crazy for endorsing Trump. Trevor Noah remains unconvinced
Ben Carson tries to convince Trevor Noah he’s not insane for backing Trump — and he fails miserably via
At least, Dr. Ben Carson has a sense of humor! Kudos to Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah doing his Ben Carson impression while standing next to Ben Carson is wildly uncomfortable.
Ben Carson tries to convince Trevor Noah he's not insan... via
Trevor Noah imitating Ben Carson, while standing next to him = Best. Thing. EVER.
Trevor Noah and Black Coffee...🙌 That's what Oliver Tambo died for.
Mag dishes on Trevor Noah bringing The Daily Show to Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts this...
Trevor Noah and comedians Lewis Black and Brian Regan will be the headliners at the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival in August.
Trevor Noah asks DNC chair if Bernie Sanders is being 'c---blocked' via Goldwater girl Clinton will not win!
Once again Trevor Noah has found a way to make Jon Stewart look like Edward R. Murrow
Lewis Black talks Bernie Sanders, Trevor Noah, 'Inside Out,' Woody Allen and more via
Trevor Noah burns Kasich for telling Trump he's lucky Jon Stewart is no longer around:
Trevor Noah talks racism, tacos at Phillips Center...
'Trevor Noah is proud of where he comes from and makes sure everybody knows. I will always have love & respect for him f…
I liked a video Trevor Noah: African American - Sports in America
Interesting that comedians like John Oliver, Trevor Noah, and Bill Maher deliver better, more captivating news than the major media outlets
These are the commentaries and commentators that we need in PHL. The likes of John Oliver, Bill Maher & Trevor Noah.
Do like Trevor Noah, but I still am not used to the Daily Show without Jon Stewart.
With all respect to Trevor Noah, I'm feeling lost - both socially and politically - in a world without Jon Stewart's Daily Show
I've tried watching with Trevor Noah but it's not nearly as good without Jon Stewart. It's super frustrating that he retired👎😤
I hope that Trevor Noah will grow on me. Jon Stewart wasn't Jon Stewart in the first years either.
I know, right? I guess John Oliver is my new Jon Stewart, but I really could care less about Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah is not as good at interviewing as Jon Stewart. Constantly interrupting Graham to make a joke
I like Trevor Noah, keep in mind how far upward Stewart pushed the bar. I couldn't watch Colbert, he was too good at it.
Trevor Noah live. . Easter bunny breakfast. . The best things to do in Chicago this weekend:
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Loved Jon Stewart so gave Trevor Noah a shot. Man Samantha Bee is so much better. Should have gotten that job, Sexist Comedy Central.
Trevor Noah is OK, but he's yet to hit his stride with the Daily Show. Still miss Jon Stewart. Trevor's delivery just isn't believable.
Trevor Noah's style is too departed from John Stewart's. I know he has to develop his own style, but I'm not feeling the comedic vibes
Trevor Noah was a perfect replacement for Jon Stewart.
Things to do in Chicago this weekend: Trevor Noah live, breakfast with the Easter Bunny and more - Chicago Tribune
I like Trevor Noah. He's very funny. Jon Stewart just had a passion w/more knowledgable political perspective that really transcended comedy
Jon Stewart has got to be pretty proud of Trevor Noah tonight.
I'm more inclined to watch the Daily Show now that Trevor Noah is hosting. And I love Jon Stewart, esp. when he was in Big Daddy
Trevor Noah is the perfect replacement for Jon Stewart. Trevor Noah on Media & Terrorism.
I like Trevor Noah but I so miss Jon Stewart.
I like Trevor Noah, but I know I keep wishing Stewart stuck around until after this election. Stewart probably just feels relief.
Is there anything better than a John Oliver rant on tv right now? Big fan of Trevor Noah but they should have given Oliver the keys.
Scott you are on a ONE MAN campaign of BS. Trevor Noah will never be Jon Stewart so get over it! Be he is *** funny.
Had high hopes for Trevor Noah but Samantha Bee has taken the mantle left by Jon Stewart
Trevor Noah wins the award for the least funny person working in comedy right now. Can we PLEASE bring Jon Stewart back?
I really like Trevor Noah and I think he's done a really great job but it's hard not to miss Jon Stewart's edge during this election cycle.
I knew there was a reason I didn't like Trevor Noah beyond just not being funny
Not a peep at top of the Daily Show about Brussels from Trevor Noah. They know that Noah's no Jon Stewart so they don't even try.
Trevor Noah would be a lot funnier if he was John Stewart
'The Daily Show's' bumpy transition from Jon Stewart to Trevor Noah...
Very John Stewart-esque: Trevor Noah is very mad at the media for its breathless coverage of Trump: via
.John Oliver got the moral baton from Jon Stewart before Trevor Noah gained the gravitas or Larry Wilmore, the following.
John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, all traitorous cucks..& Reason I threw out my Talmudvision over 10yrs ago!
Love her. She's awesome...and she should be Jon Stewart's successor, too, no offense to Trevor Noah.
CMO of at talking about Jon Stewart to Trevor Noah video campaign.…
you’d be forgiven for assuming Trevor Noah is Jon Stewart's heir apparent. but you’d also be wrong.
BS! You people want him to be Jon Stewart. He is Trevor Noah and he is Black. Is that the problem?
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