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Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah (born 20 February 1984) is an award winning South African comedian. He has also been a radio DJ, actor and TV host.

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Trevor Noah was just spotted having drinks with the Yahoo Finance account.
Exclusive - John Stanton Extended Interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
Dear God. Can somebody get me Trevor Noah and Gareth Cliff books. Thank you🙏🏾
Trevor Noah recalls life in apartheid South Africa in new book Born a Crime /via
Trevor Noah is the absolute WORST. Going from Jon Stewart to him was perhaps the biggest downgrade I've ever seen.
Trevor Noah proves he's Jon Stewart's successor as he takes Trump supporter apart piece by piece
Trevor Noah to Rob Corddry on Thu. "You're one of the few people who have had a good 2016 & I kind of hate you for that"
Trevor Noah & Pearl Thusi showing us that ITS POSSIBLE, oh African Child.
Honestly, President Barack Obama & Trevor Noah on "The Daily Show" have a "good talk" at his castle about how the country gratifies racism🏦👪
Trevor Noah has joined the likes of Beyoncé‚ Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & Kendrick Lamar on the nominees list of the 2016 Image Awards
Barack Obama said on tv to Trevor Noah, THERE WAS NO HACK you *** libtard. They were leaked emails from Wikileaks…
Ehn?? You don't know Trevor Noah? Senior man!🙌 🙌 🙌 That SA/American Comedy Central guy that is not all that funny…
While Preezy goes on Trevor Noah and reminisces about his legacy. What an embarrassment.
In keeping with our theme that the Presidency isn't entertainment, POTUS will appear on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
Trevor Noah will interview Barack Obama at the White House
I bawled my eyeballs out during Trevor Noah's interview with President Obama tonight.
Obama gives Trevor Noah a measured response on Trump not taking intel briefings. But emphasizes that without them you're "fly…
President Ash Carter met with Israel PM Netanyahu today in efforts to strengthen allied Israeli military. Barack Obama met w…
Oh, Barack Obama is on The Daily Show. Guess I'll have to put up with 30 minutes of Trevor Noah, though..
Levels, Trevor Noah interviews President Barak Obama, should be interesting to watch this interview. ht…
Trevor Noah's interview with President Obama wasn't exactly funny—but it wasn't meant to be, says
2016 independent conservative candidate offers an approach to holding Trump accountable.
POTUS sat down with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.
Trevor sits down with President Barack Obama to discuss race, Russian hacking, and Obamacare. htt…
Trevor Noah last night sat down for his biggest ever yet interview when he spoke to Obama. South Africa be proud 👌👏 https…
Barack Obama says Russian hacking was no 'big surprise’ in one of his final interviews while in office .
What does Trevor Noah,Young Thug,Charlemagne, D.L. Hughley,Chris Brown,Steve Harvey,Don Lemon,Dave Chapelle have in common? they all ashy af
So when do you think Trevor Noah will be fired & replaced by Seth Meyers?
Trevor Noah explains meeting up with Tomi Lahren after The Daily Show interview. . It was not a date.
What's the difference in what Trevor Noah did and what Melissa Harris-Perry did?
team her up with Lin Manuel Miranda, John Oliver, Dunham and Trevor Noah to make a Voltron of wokeness
Tomi, Charlamagne, Trevor Noah, Pence *** neighbors,Derrick Rose petty and more https…
This whole Trevor Noah situation is so dumb 🙄 how you gonna be angry at someone confronting the head of the snake that is white supremacy
. Need more skate journalists than what we have:. Gary Rogers = Trevor Noah. Pat O'Dell = Ken Burns. Chris Roberts = Jimmy Fallon
The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, David Kibuuka, Roy Wood Jr. and Joseph Opio show why American is the...
Did you miss Trevor Noah on this morning??? Well here you go!!!
Not comforted Van Jones & Trevor Noah are voices for us. Van Jones on ‘Daily Show’: Trump Is ‘Much Worse’
We need to recall Trevor Noah from the US. We'd be livid if an American took a prime-time spot on SA TV and used it to brown-n…
Trevor Noah commends journalists who are trying to get straight answers from Trump’s inner circle.
Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah on Trump's America: 'Divided people are easier to rule' via
Carrie Fisher, Trevor Noah, Joel McHale, Norm MacDonald ... so much literature to get to in 2016.
As expected Trevor Noah has won me over on guy is smart, funny and great host. Also loving Roy Wood Jr
Looks like Trevor Noah drank from the poisoned chalice last seen in Melissa Harris-Perry's hands.
I added a video to a playlist Trevor Noah on Channel 4's Comedy Gala 2015
Trevor Noah the shill ask David Seaman to come on his show to talk about and we need to support him
Trevor Noah talks to Sen. Cory Booker about his new book, Born a Crime:
I never was a fan of Trevor Noah. I always thought Che, Jessica Williams, Roy Wood, and Al Madrigal were more...
Tomi Lahren Destroys Trevor Noah Over ...felt like this needed to be shared
I liked a video from Tomi Lahren Destroys Trevor Noah Over
got destroyed by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show and I couldn't be happier
Trevor Noah making excuses for black supremacist murderers. Why is it okay to defend murder now?
WTH! Who is this person.Now this is the problem with America, freedom of speech from people that has no...
Trevor Noah on historic issue of Dakota Access Pipeline -... via
Trevor Noah, no matter your stance on the strength of his humor, is a great arguer.
Trevor Noah's trump impression is on point.
I am more annoyed with trevor noah and the breakfastclub than I could ever with Tomi Lahren.
Match 1 scored by Noah R and Calvin D, Match 2 scored by Trevor S and Jack A
Love how people think that that *** Trevor Noah won the debate with Tomi Lahren over when really he didn't at all.
the trevor noah & Tomi Lahren vid stresses me out. like All Know Lahren why are we doing this to trevor noah why do we Hurt him like this
Trevor Noah: A Case Study on the Pointlessness of Trying... via
Re: Noah-Lahren interview: Very well said time to stop creating equivalence with lunatics and liars
"You don't see color? Well what do you do at a traffic light?" . Trevor Noah was dragging Tomi Lahren like
Trevor Noah finds out about & the new rule making the National Anthem compulsory in movie screens.
Thank you again Noah & for this snippet of the Tomi Lahren interview . 😁. Interview:…
Somewhere Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren having Spring Thomas sex right now. SMH
Just watched Trevor Noah's full interview with Tomi Lahren, he drug her so eloquently .
Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah met for drinks last night in the aftermath of her controversial "Daily Show" appearance.
Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah's date is part of the new millennial wave...Debate My Humanity and Chill
Trevor Noah defends Standing Rock protestors: This time white people 'can be the ones who move ' - Raw Story -
Trevor Noah didn't own Tomi Lahren, all he did was give her attention and wanted to make a moment for himself. She's a b…
Watch Trevor Noah tear into demonetisation and national anthem issues.
Mike Flynn, Trump’s nat’l security advisor, has a checkered past that includes charges of racism and incompetence. https:…
The Daily Show's Trevor Noah asks one of those important questions of conservative commentator Tomi Lahren
Trevor Noah didn't "grill" or "drag" Tomi Lahren, he spoke to her nicely & continued the liberal failure of responding to…
Trevor Noah didn't "go to war" with or "destroy" Tomi Lahren, he gave her brand more audience & humanized someone who dehu…
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“Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren” wades through the unwatchable and helps you weed through the hype.
I was really hoping Trevor Noah would deconstruct Tomi's views & make good arguments but he mostly just listened while…
Trevor Noah challenging Tomi Lahren and her stance on Black Lives Matter, her racist narratives, Donald Trump and more https:…
Trevor Noah has a lesson on how to talk to conservatives via
god bless Trevor Noah for trying to have a civil conversation with Tomi L*hren bcs lord knows I would've just punched her in th…
Little girl, you were owned by Trevor Noah on last night's Daily Show, you Ann Coulter never be.
Trevor Noah on Nelson Mandela's sense of humor.:
On the other hand, South Africans understand all too well and commiserate (Trevor Noah had a whole bit on this in fact)
Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren had quite the convo last night!. Peep the video.
Trevor Noah puts Tomi Lahren in her place must watch!
Also, Trevor Noah works on Comedy Central, Tomi Lahren works on YouTube. I'll let that speak for itself.
Tomi Lahren is like... I'm not a bad person. . Everyone in Trevor Noah's studio:
I honestly love Trevor Noah. He went in on Tomi Lahren and I'm all for it
Trevor Noah:"You still haven't answered HOW is a black person to protest in America..." Tomi Lahren is the last person to ask that question!
Trevor Noah deserves an Oscar Emmy & Grammy nomination for that Tomi Lahren interview
Must-See: Trevor Noah takes on Tomi Lahren in heated showdown
Tomi Lahren: "I don't see color.". Trevor Noah: "So what do you do at a traffic light?" .
🚨Must Watch🚨. Tomi Lahren gets destroyed on The Daily Show by Trevor Noah for calling Black Lives Matter the new KKK. "I…
Here's part 2 of Tomi Lahren on The Daily Show explaining to Trevor Noah why she dislikes "Black Lives Matter" so much. ht…
Tobias Harris kinda looks like an athletic Trevor Noah.
"I"ll bet this year people didn't even go for the deals. They just wanted to punch somebody." -Trevor Noah on Black Friday
I would rather consume a full colostomy bag than sit through a Daily Show episode with Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah is funny and all, but he's so liberal it hurts
After a seemingly endless Thanksgiving break, we return to The with Trevor Noah!
Trevor Noah's stand up bit about colonization is so funny 10/10 recommend
thedailyshow's video I love this Trevor Noah so much. The laughs my belly has endured from him ... amazing! 😆
When Trevor Noah suddenly had a sore throat one day before the MAMA's
I am reading Trevor Noah's, just wow. Read it.
can't find that clip where Trevor Noah said Trump would fit perfectly in a comedy cellar. Just add crowd laughing sound effect 😆
I think I've posted this before but I LOVE TREVOR NOAH
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Saw the Today Show with Trevor Noah live earlier. It was okay. . A bit heavy-handed with the Trump jokes.
Born a Crime: Trevor Noah’s journey past the scars and the stars
Does anyone actually think that Trevor Noah is funny?
Someone the other day (may have been Trevor Noah, can't be sure) said that now Facts are seemingly just opinion.
Adding this book to my reading list: ‘Born a Crime,’ Trevor Noah’s Account of Life Under Apartheid in South Africa
I can't believe Trevor Noah is bringing Tomi Lahren on the show. I. Cannot. Wait.
I'm so excited I'm next in line at the library for Born A Crime by Trevor Noah 🤗 📚
Trevor Noah's telling of his childhood will have you turning the pages as fast as you can. https…
I haven't watched a single episode of the Daily Show since Jon Stewart left. That dude Trevor Noah is real corny.
"Don't let those in power trick you out of your freedoms by using your fear." Terrific conversation with https…
Trevor Noah: "Language and accents govern so much of how people think about other people."
Trevor Noah does a glorious impression of Jill Stein 😂😂😂
Financial reports? Please play santa & buy me Trevor Noah's book. Get Anele to sign it before you post it cause she…
My review of Trevor Noah's sad-funny-wrenching memoir about growing up, half-black half-white, in South Africa: https:…
"That’s how South Africa has almost always been. You couldn’t not be. We were born political.” Trevor Noah:
Trevor Noah: All Americans should sign up for Trump's Muslim registry via
I would like to have dinner with Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee. Somebody kindly arrange that for me. Thanks a bunch.
or Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Amy Schumer, Stephen Colbert (his old stuff was decent), and Jon Stewart for that matter? 🙄🙄🙄
Zadie Smith, Trevor Noah, Haruki Murakami, and more have new books out this week:
If you think you can undo Trump with *more* Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, and Seth Meyers, I have some bad new…
Trevor Noah: "I don't know if you came to the right place for jokes tonight"
Trevor Noah makes final plea for people to vote against Donald Trump
Stephen Colbert,Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah..? (Idk there all cute 😂😂)
I'm not a big fan of Trevor Noah. I just think Jon Stewart was funnier
I love Trevor Noah, but sometimes you really need some Jon Stewart.
Trevor Noah on his childhood in apartheid-era South Africa and getting comfortable in Jon Stewart’s chair.…
Trevor Noah helps but John Stewart got me through Bush years
maybe it's watching 47 minute interviews on Trevor Noah 😂😂
“Side effects are the only area where women earn more than men." Hilarious!
I hate that someone said that, but let's be honest. Trevor Noah does suck
This video of Trevor Noah calling Trump out for his "locker room talk" is so on point 👏🏽🙌🏽
Aman did some really profound comedy on the realities that guy is the next Trevor Noah and Russell Peters in one quote me
Trevor Noah living the black experience HILARIOUS!
Trevor Noah just called people who don't vote toddlers bc "they don't like their choices so they don't want anything"
Yeah and don't get me started on Colbert, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, John Oliver. ALL of them hacks!!!
I love Trevor Noah, true he is not Jon Stewart, he is Trevor and he is good and very funny
Trevor Noah is so dreamy and even more beautiful in real life 😭😭😭💔
Ordered! Cannot wait to read 'Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood' by Trevor Noah!
OMG Trevor Noah and Ted Fu in a photo! Wong Fu Productions represent!
Behind the Scenes of the Trump Campaign-The Daily Show with Trevor Noah | Trump’s speeches all make sense now
Things 1 yr ago you didn't predict would be in HRC's closing video. BLM. Benghazi. Bernie. Samantha Bee. Trevor Noah.
Trevor Noah. Dude might have to seek asylum if Trump wins. And he can't go back to SA, not with the way he chucks for Zuma. 😂
"In conversation" a special event in NYC on 11/15! Each ticket comes with a signed copy of Tickets: https:…
"The O'Reilly Factor" Gets Racist in Chinatown on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
“Go back to Djibouti, we want Jon Stewart back.”
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My guess is, they didn't want your policy proposals upstaging Trevor Noah's jokes, & raising interest in having you take over…
Trevor Noah and Jon Stewart are both terrible.
I miss Jon Stewart. I like Trevor Noah but I miss Jon Stewart. My first comedy love
Because now that Jon Stewart is gone the Daily Show is a stain on America. Trevor Noah is horrible.
I think Trevor Noah does a fantastic job on Daily Show but holy gosh I miss Jon Stewart sometimes
I loved Jon Stewart but just didn’t take to Trevor Noah. No matter, with Sam Bee & J Oliver I’m taken care of.
I dont have this prob with him alone btw, like also Trevor Noah and John stewart whatever, but yeah you might be right
Lady Wood - Tove Lo. If Ke$ha is the Jon Stewart of pop satire. Tove Lo is Trevor Noah. . She's not as sharp. But s…
I don't know about you, but I am warming up to Trevor Noah. Thanks to youtube. But I do want my Jon Stewart fix too. Come back bro.
Love John Stewart but Trevor Noah is doing a really good job.
The worst part about the Daily Show is that Jon Stewart used to be hilarious, but Trevor Noah just comes off as arrogant.
I await the cancellation of Trevor Noah, not because of politics but bc he is incredibly unfunny. Show should've re…
Trevor Noah is adorable and he obviously loves the U.S. Good choice Jon Stewart
I enjoy news presented like Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert etc. . Too much stiffness makes me see robots/propaganda 😕
Love Trevor Noah. USA election. Way scarier than any horror film. Please God not the Orange Comb Over Man or we're…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Watching Trevor Noah interview US National Security Advisor Susan Rice makes me long for the Jon Stewart days of intelligent dialogue
" I only know how to be an outsider " - Trevor Noah
If you missed this, it was awesome. The Daily Show took place in an apocalyptic future, post trump. Trevor Noah...
Look how he touches his daughter. Look how he talks about his daughter:
The hasn't been the same since Jon Stewart left, but Trevor Noah's episode was brilliant:
trevor noah is funny af. Imma check the other one tonight :) thanks.
22% done with Born a Crime, by Trevor Noah
Trevor reports from the year 2020, days away from President Trump’s reelection. Watch the full episode:
Nice mention you got tonight by Trevor Noah on
A Trump supporter in 2020. Watch the full episode:
I didn't know Trevor Noah is married 🤔
Trevor and report from the year 2020, 4 years into President Trump’s first term. Watch the full episode: https…
Again my son Rob nailed it. Recommend you watch Trevor Noah and see how a Trump presidency can wreck our beloved county & o…
Trevor Noah: "My mother refused to be bound by ridiculous ideas of what black people couldn’t or shouldn’t do."
Jordan Klepper sittin in Jon Stewart's (and Trevor Noah's) chair!
Nonhle Thema saying she passed the torch to Bonang after she retired, is like Loyiso Gola saying he passed the torch to Trevor Noah
was this written to make up for Trevor Noah's being so completely unfunny?
Trevor recaps the best of the worst of the election season.
.takes a look at Hillary Clinton's appeal to black voters.
I'm v highly attracted to Trevor Noah. It's so far over the line of inappropriate
For a young Trevor Noah, a car was freedom.
Rosie adores Trevor Noah on the Daily Show, this was right after she kissed the screen.
Trevor Noah says he's "super freaked out" by Donald Trump's threat about the election via (No) I too
Noah Trevor and Jon Oliver with an Evisceratibg new Election Special: Punching Left
A good read about The First Time I Drove a Car. (I Was 6.)
What could withstand the indefatigable Truth-O-Meter, the skewers & barbs of Trevor Noah & John Oliver? Surely not this tsunami of fascism
Boring awards 😴😴 Trevor Noah was gonna make it more fun coz he is a comedian . Thats why Comedians must host shows .
I'll never forgive Trevor Noah tbh 😂 these awards 🙈🙃
y'all say I'm *** because I'm with Bonang not Trevor Noah! 😂 😂 🙌. *** are those on Trevor' side. maybe Bonang may let me bapse some days.
Trevor Noah y Mara?bonang slays red carpet events but I'm not sure she will pull this off
Dear I only bought your ticket to watch Trevor Noah not Bonang, I feel disrespeked it's time to S…
They've set the bar so high with Trevor Noah and Bonang may look like the bar but she doesn't meet it.
I lowkey think Jordan Klepper is a better host than Trevor Noah. Jordan reminds me of old school Stephen Colbert.
John Oliver,Trevor Noah,Stephen Colbert all of them show their true colour in this election cycle.It's disappointing
One bright spot in this year’s election: I’ve discovered YouTube channels for commentary by Steven Colbert, John Oliver and Trevor Noah. :)
Trevor Noah has really grown on me. Last few weeks he's been seriously on point. Also funny.
GOP strategist plans to write-in her mother for president rather than vote for Donald Trump.
Donald Trump claims the election is rigged.
Unfortunately I was subjected to hear Trevor Noah spew his Viacom speech tonight. UGH! Why did I leave the TV on?
Wow, Trevor Noah has made the Daily Show virtually unwatchable.
The takes Melania Trump to task for equating her husband to a 'teenage boy'
Wow! Trevor Noah knocking it out of the park tonight!
Russell Simmons - Dismantling Islamophobia on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
Trevor unpacks Donald Trump’s claim that the presidential election is rigged.
Trevor Noah continues to be mega cute & pretty funny but lacks the AUGH FIRE & BRIMSTONE PASSION of Jon Stewart that we need right now.
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"We do not spank children in SA. Spanking is for monkeys. We beat them" - Trevor Noah
I don't know what shocking revelations Trevor Noah has (prob none) but I am sure they won't be funny -previous shows!
FFEU Chairman dismantalling Islamophobia with on with
WikiLeaks Latest Revelations on Hillary Clinton on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
Trevor Noah is kind of Bae, but he doesn't know it YET. But it's okay though
Trevor Noah says Wikileaks proves Clinton is guilty -- of being boring via
Looks like Trevor Noah is ready for MAMAs via
Trevor dives into the WikiLeaks controversy and discovers a mean risotto recipe.
.friend of Trump for 30 years, shares his thoughts on the Republican candidate. https…
Trevor Noah shouts out to the MAMAs
Spend an evening with Trevor Noah, host of one of America's biggest political comedy shows on 26 Nov.
'At Least She's Only Plagiarizing Herself': Trevor Noah is quite gentle with Melania really... via
Trevor Noah: Trump is rigging the election -- against himself
If you haven't watched this, you really should. Trevor Noah has convinced me he's worthy of Jon Stewart's chair.
🌟🌟🌟🌟 I can't wait to see Trevor Noah at the Random House Open House in NYC on Dec. 15! 👍🏻
Little Giant Ladders
So this is what will make America great again?...I'm so confused.
Today's clip from The Daily Show:. As multiple women come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, the...
.Trevor Noah: Trump is the new Cosby, only he "bragged" about it
Trevor Noah: Trump is worse than Bill Cosby via Trevor Noah is a scumbag!
If you missed performances on last night, we got you:
No longer surprised by what say or do! via
That Trevor Noah skit ya the Chinese guy wanting to be a black man 😂😂😂
.talks to Trump supporter who claims many women "would love to have their *** snatched" by Trump https:/…
Have Donald Trump’s misogynistic comments hurt his reputation? went to a Trump rally to find out.
UNCENSORED: .thinks Trump should be asked about one thing and one thing only.
yes! And his comparison between crude talk and assault so good! I heart Trevor Noah
Katrina Pierson debunks Trump groping allegations on grounds that “first-class seats had fixed armrests” in 80s.
What do Trump supporters think of their candidate boasting about sexual assault? reports:
Trevor Noah is on Trump's case today sha
Samantha Bee & Trevor Noah killed this very sad episode in American history on their shows. Check’ em out!
Trevor Noah on Trump: "If you conduct locker room talk everywhere, it's not the locker room, it's you, motherf—er!"
Ken Burns, Tony Bennett, and Trevor Noah. It's a good weekend to be in Rochester.
Tony Bennett, Ben Folds, Trevor Noah, Ken Burns ... oh my. attracts big names for Meliora Weekend
It was all good when Trevor Noah made jokes about Oscar. This freedom of speech thing is tricky, let's be fair on Skhumba
I miss Jon Stewart on TV, but am glad we still have Colbert, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah plus few others.
There's no Republican Colbert, Sam Bee, Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah, John Oliver. No satirists on that side.
I really though Stephen Colbert would be the ultimate Jon Stewart replacement but he *** and so does Trevor Noah. John Oliver is closest.
Maine Gov. LePage claimed his state’s drug dealers were 90% black and Hispanic. Funny story… http…
Trevor and Alicia Menendez discuss Clinton and Trump’s tepid race comments during the first presidential debate.
Trevor Noah eviscerates Donald Trump's love of stop-and-frisk
Trevor Noah's show is hands down the worst thing to ever air on tv
NO Disneyland or Trevor Noah or At Home with Monsters or Diana's wedding then until you get rest !
It IS stressful turning on the TV lately. Been watching more Trevor Noah and John Oliver to keep me off the ledge
Yep. And also, Bill Kristol is a better argument against conservatism than anything Borowitz, Jon Stewart, or Trevor Noah served.
I didn't even have to lift a finger. Cuz I'm one to go around commenting on Trevor Noah articles telling people to get over themselves.
Trevor Noah going in against suing Saudi Arabia for 9/11. Sovereign immunity seems like a bad idea: drone-killing random civs w/impunity.
What the Actual Fact? - The First Clinton-Trump Debate on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
The Taliban’s review of Trump’s debate performance is in and it is NOT kind.
October is going to be a great month in politics! Grab your popcorn, pull up a chair, and enjoy the show. The...
Thanks, and for making North Carolina the butt of late night jokes! (This is funny, though)
Now the table is DEEPLY divided on Trevor Noah.
Donald Trump's tax returns prove that he's the hero America's been waiting for.
Putting North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law to the Test on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
Here it is: my full 9 minute interview with on via
How any woman can back him as presidential material is beyond me.
Trevor Noah will be an amazing host at the up and coming MTV Africa Music Awards 2016 MARK MY WORDS!
Yall know ngiyamthanda uB. But uya exagerrater hey. I'm here thinking we'll get Trevor Noah'd kanti ughel is on a maggie cover.
Trevor reveals new evidence that Donald Trump is more sexist than we ever imagined.
Donald Trump continues fat-shaming a former Miss Universe winner, and the sexism doesn't end there.
Yes, it's already been a Year🙌 | Don't miss the eNCA exclusive interview with Trevor Noah tonight at 21:25 CAT - https…
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Hey Trump surrogates, are you sure “restrained” is how you want to describe Trump’s debate performance?
Watching The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: Tales from the Trump Archive: Donald Trump's History of Misogyny on
Trevor unearths a deep cut in the Donald Trump sexism archive.
HuffPostWomen: “You know you’re going too far when the Fox News staff is cringing at your treatment of women.”
Trump called "Fox & Friends" to double down on his fat-shaming comments about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. https:…
Tonight wraps up my awesome week at Trevor Noah, Omid Djalili, Hasan Minhaj, Gary Gulman, Mark Forward and Ron Funches + all openers
South African entertainers like Charlize Theron, Trevor Noah & now Pearl Thusi are holding their own in Hollywood.…
On True North: "Trevor Noah: We’ve never actually tried to repel terrorists with signs, you know" by Ed Morrissey.
Amazing interview by Richard Crouse this morning - Trevor Noah at the Second City for
Trevor Noah beats Basketmouth and Idris Elba to host 2016 MTV MAMA: South African comedian and host...
And let's add that those that remain have sold their souls (yes, you, Trevor Noah; ps, you aren't even remotely fun…
I liked a video EXCLUSIVE: Trevor Noah - Unplugged and plugged in
. Just watching now-Thanks my buddy! He * Trevor Noah get close but not in Heroes Hall yet!
New Yorkers React to the Manhattan Bombing-The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Video Clip | Comedy Central
While Fallon was touching Trump's hair, Trevor Noah and Bill Clinton got real about the ugly campaign
Trevor on Colin Kaepernick's protest and the role we expect athletes to play.
Love this bit from Trevor Noah about the NYC thieves disarming one of the bombs.
I want Somizi or Trevor NoAh to host👌
Trevor Noah pounces Republican Donald Trump in sturdy open video message (NSFW)
much the same as Trevor Noah finds it
, with Trevor Noah around , we might as well have two hosts ? But that means both sexes
Trevor Noah is really tame compare to Jon Stewart and old Colbert. Try John Oliver on HBO and Samantha Bee on TBS.
IK, Trevor Noah, Basket Mouth, Idris Elba, Basket Mouth, Falz or who else should be the ???
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