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Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah (born 20 February 1984) is an award winning South African comedian. He has also been a radio DJ, actor and TV host.

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2/2 don't take this the wrong way but, i never cried when Bernie Mac died. I prolly will when Trevor Noah does.
Its fair 2 say 2015 SA youth were the most inspiring from Trevor Noah,student uprising 2 Cassper. Imagine what's coming in t…
Overheard On The Daily Show - It's been almost a month since Trevor Noah took over as host of The Daily Show and ...
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Jeb Bush and the Age of Superheroes -
Super high resolution picture from the Knicks Home Opener. You can see Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, Ben Stiller, Spike Lee, Kate Upton and th…
Cassper Nyovest & Trevor Noah have taken SA to a completely new level this year.amazing.
I've a lit cigarette in my right forefingers but have a glass ashtray within arm's length. Trevor Noah's Move From South Africa to the US
I MISS Jon Stewart on the Daily Show I don't care for Trevor Noah!😭
Trevor Noah's bucket list could go in a shot glass right now or what?
Review: Trevor Noah charms but lacks bite at Dubai Comedy Festival - The National
Trevor Noah helps John Harwood prep to question Trump in Wednesday's debate.
The Daily Show is interesting television right now. Trevor Noah is great and funny. His guests have no idea how to not be weird to him.
Trevor Noah to “Star Wars” boycotters upset at the casting of a black actor: “Stop complaining, racists”
Alright, I approve of Trevor Noah. He's not Jon Stewart, but he's funny in his own right
The Daily Show host Trevor Noah added to the scrutiny, claiming that fantasy sports is cheating Americans out of their hard-earned &...10-16
The past few weeks haven't been easy on The Daily Show's new host, Trevor Noah. Not only have ratings for the show plummeted -- as shown ...
Can't believe Trevor Noah tried to steal jokes from god... Dave Chappelle and thought he'd get away with it
True that. Trevor Noah never credit David Kau once.
Russel Peters, David Kau and US media are accusing Trevor Noah of stealing jokes. But he got the money, the show, it's gonna be hating now.
Perhaps this is off-base, but it seems like Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore are pro-Clinton and anti-Sanders.
David Kau and Russell Peters on the Trevor Noah allegations..
David Kau accused Trevor Noah of stealing what jokes? Kau is not even funny
Trevor Noah accused of stealing a Dave Chappelle joke... justice for David Kau 😂
Trevor Noah accused of borrowing jokes from Dave Chappelle without permission. David Kau and Russell Peters made same allegations before.
People stop hating on Trevor Noah's hustle first David Kau, then Russel Peters now this other guy how does a person steal jokes???
Daily Show” host Trevor Noah says pro-life GOP-ers should put some of that passion into preventing gun violence
Trevor Noah schools racists: “The Daily Show” has an essential new mission and comic voice
I am a huge fan of the Daily Show with Trevor Noah!
word but that looks like Trevor Noah of the Daily Show with some hair lmao
what do Americans really think of Trevor Noah as the host of The Daily Show,me being an South African and all...
So, Trevor Noah has bra Hugh's hair preferences. I see...
Catching up on Still digging the idea of Trevor Noah as host but so far he seems kind of unnatural. Roy Wood Jr is gold.
Trevor Noah is a charming, quick-witted and promising new host of the Daily Show
Anyone ever seen Jermaine Jenas and Trevor Noah in the same room together? I ask this because their facial features are quite similar.
This is Larry Wilmore's brilliant moment: It's not all about Trevor Noah on ... - Salon
This is Larry Wilmore’s brilliant moment: It’s not all about Trevor Noah on Comedy Central via
Also, Trevor Noah's "take" on Donald Trump and recent African leaders.
News and Nat Geo's main photography pages if you like that kind of stuff. Also, Trevor Noah
A Proudly South African moment watching Trevor Noah anchoring the 💢👊💢 [VIDEO]
Trevor Noah: Lost In Translation at Symphony Hall on 10th Oct 2015: Social and cultural observations.
Trevor Noah believes the Donald *is* presidential -- he's just running on the wrong continent
'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah: 'Donald Trump is the perfect African president'
Watch Ryan Adams cover Taylor Swift as Trevor Noah's first musical guest
Props to Trevor Noah for managing to find an original funny angle on Donald Trump (and busting out his Xhosa):
Video: Donald Trump is African Presidential Material. According to Trevor Noah, he is as good as Idi Amin,...
Watch:Trevor Noah uses Zuma, Idi Amin, Mugabe,Gaddafi to argue Trump is an African president.
Trevor Noah make the Case that Republican candidates are Very Presidential, just like ANC presidents & Idi Amin Dada
Trevor Noah proves Donald Trump is 'presidential' by comparing him to Gadhafi and Idi Amin
Trevor Noah seems fine on Daily Show. Roy Wood Jr though? KILLING IT!!! Early on and Roy Wood you the real MVP!
Trevor Noah has been killing it with The Daily Show so far, but honestly, Roy Wood Jr. is stealing the show for me. He's incredible.
Trevor Noah whiffs with Chris Christie: Scott Timberg is a staff writer for ...
Chris Christie to Trevor Noah: "I work with Democrats in my state all the time. It's not an option."
Chris Christie to Trevor Noah: "The (last) debate was three hours and I got to speak for 10 minutes."
Daily Show w Trevor Noah has been pretty great so far, and after that I get to watch LS w Stephen Colbert, which has also been great
Trevor Noah begins as host on Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show' on Monday
Trevor Noah is doing pretty safe and cool in his Daily Show on Comedy Central.
Trevor Noah buries Generation X: The irony-free belongs to millennials now via Scott Timberg
Trevor Noah is your new political stepdad:
Here he is, our Mounted Modern Knight, now charge!!. '5 quick takeaways on the very first Daily Show with Trevor Noah'
Can't help but thinking that Trevor Noah replacing Jon Stewart on is as doomed as when Moyes took over from Sir Alex at Utd
Trevor Noah has made his debut as the new host of "The Daily Show" in the US.
I don't think it's a good idea to make us choose between Trevor Noah and Trevor Gumbi on this particular
killed it today. Trevor Noah was awesome, I cant wait to see more!
Trevor Noah can get it but I still wished it was Jessica Williams tbh.
Neil deGrasse Tyson congratulates Trevor Noah: Your Earth is rotating in the correct direction: Astrophysicist...
Trevor Noah is hot as *** but I'm not convinced he's funny or even a decent interviewer
Really hoping Jon Stewart appears as Obi Wan as Trevor Noah takes his premiere episode home.
Is it me or would Trevor Noah and Jessica Williams have been a *** of a duo?
Trevor Noah will be loved by everybody and be the new Stewart and I will still be upset 40 years from now Jessica Williams isn't in his spot
Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah, Chris Scott. 3 people with 2 first names who have all hosted the Daily Show.
Ok this is it. 10 minutes until the premier of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on the East coast. is too fu…
Wait, Trevor Noah's first guest is Kevin Hart? Seriously? Was Gilbert Gottfried not available?
So proud of my hubby for producing the new open for the Daily Show with Trevor Noah! Everyone check it out tonight!
I'm cautiously optimistic about Trevor Noah's first Daily Show tonight.
Trevor Noah before his 'Daily Show' debut: 'I'm not Jon Stewart'
Trevor Noah has the whole of behind him - messages of support flood in -
New 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah admits he's feeling a lot of pressure before his big debut - …
So keen for The Daily Show tonight. Trevor Noah and Kevin Hart is a MUST see
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (me) launches tonight. Please join me and my first guest as we make history.
"He looks like Trevor Noah "Transformation tuesday: The Weeknd lot like him
Trevor Noah gives Fox News a free pass: The new “Daily Show” could be great ... - Salon
Lets support Trevor Noah as he does his first Daily Show and flies the South African flag high. The Daily Show...
Keen for Trevor Noah's Daily Show shandis' coz Kevin Hart is also the first guest!!
Trevor Noah 'nervous, excited & happy' ahead of first show: The South African comedian will officially host hi...
Watching lots of Chris Rock and Trevor Noah's videos was a good idea
[WATCH] Are you ready for Trevor Noah's 'Daily Show' debut on Monday?
Trevor Noah's first guests include Tinder co-founder and Chris Christie
42 of anything w/ PS: He’s in TORONTO PERFORMING LIVE TONIGHT! Passes:
"Trevor Noah isn't the problem. You are"
“Lol The Weeknd, back in the days. looks like Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah named South African of the year
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
8 things we learned on the set of Noah’s revamped ‘Show’: Right now, South…
New Jon Stewart - and other Africans hitting big time Daily Show’…
8 things we learned on the set of Trevor Noah's revamped 'Daily Show': Right now, South…
Am I the only one bummed out by the fact the Trevor Noah is not only not politically progressive but is actually a fan of Rand Paul?
Kevin Hart, Chris Christie are guests on Trevor Noah's first week as 'Daily Show' host
Kevin Hart is going to be Trevor Noah's first guest on "The Daily Show," with Chris Christie not far behind
Ready proud of my friend Joseph Opio who is part of Trevor Noah's writing staff. We will be watching The Daily Show on Comedy Central, mate!
Trevor Noah needs all the support with the pressure even with the Daily Show with Jon Steward dominating the category at the EMMYS
Trevor Noah said it, black South African would rather play soccer than Rugby so stop with the race card.
I think many black South Africans enjoyed the Boks lose, but Trevor Noah gets it. Great Nigerian accent.
Lewis Black on surviving two decades at Jon Stewart leaving and what Trevor Noah has in store
September 28th will be a beautiful day for Daily Show fans and more specifically Jon Stewart fans. You'll find Trevor Noah is a perfect fit.
Trevor Noah does a really good impression of Nelson Mandela.
Dave Chappelle and Trevor Noah coming out to Dubai! .
She looks like Rebecca Malope and acts like Trevor Noah's love child. Somebody give her a Bell's
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Trevor Noah's butt makes its slow-motion debut in a new teaser. Surprisingly worth it.
Trevor Noah and Dave Chappelle show that 'inaugural Dubai Comedy Festival is ... - The National
The Daily Show will be on all digital and social platforms in the Trevor Noah era |
HILARIOUS: Watch teach his new colleagues to say 'zebra' .
I'm waiting for Trevor Noah to take this one on during his first week at The Daily Show.
and who is Dave when the Trevor Noah sun is shining?
Idris Alba just got denied the James Bond role, so mele ubangene. Trevor Noah for James Bond
Don't forget about colonization.. Watch "Trevor Noah on The John Bishop Show (2015)" on
Trevor Noah is so cute maan, yesses. Is it the fame? Fitted suits? U.S. work Visa?
Win a trip to New York to watch Trevor Noah on The Daily Show!:
Note to Trevor Noah: don't try too hard to be our buddy. Don't try too hard to be irreverent. Just be smarter than us & the rest will come.
"Its hard to assassinate a black person" Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah did mention the not so common wealth, the Brits pulled wool over our eyes...
Comedy fans in Dave Chappelle and are coming
Starting to like the comedian Trevor Noah.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Hey, Trevor Noah, careful, competition is coming. Question is, who interviewed this guy for the job?
As Trevor Noah said, the CW games are a great way for us to win some of our stolen gold back. one medal at a time
Vuvuzelas need not feature: Trevor Noah assures the Daily Show that "nothing's gonna change".
Comedy fans in Dubai: Dave Chappelle and Trevor Noah are coming
Vogue wasn't sure having on their cover would sell so they asked me to be in the mag. http:…
Counting Down to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah! Watch the Funny Promos: We are seriously counting down to So...
See what has in store for in this new promo
Jason Byrne & Trevor Noah last night was absolutely quality
Not to say Trevor Noah is perfect for the Daily Show but atleast different, John Oliver is just like Jon Stewart's duplicate to me
Such a good match but finish is just terrible! Rollins and Stewart vs Cena and Trevor Noah (New host)?
While he's got a different style than Jon Stewart, I still think The Daily Show is in good hands with Trevor Noah.
ICYMI: Here's your first look at 'The Daily Show' with Trevor Noah
'Daily Show' Promo Passes the 'Power' to Trevor Noah: Watch: "Same chair, different *** ". Those are the only f...
All the best to Trevor Noah, but y'know who would've been the perfect replacement for Jon Stewart? Brian Williams.
I go to this every year. Always an amazing time! I purchased tix for Trevor Noah and Sarah Silverman. Psyched!
Trevor Noah is steadily getting more attractive. Watch this space, he'll pull a complete Drake on us soon.
Guys, Trevor Noah is gone. His passport says UNLOCKED, basically he is no longer South African. He just needs a selfie with Drake now.
Thank you Jon Stewart! You're a master the kind of wit I love the most. May your tribe increase - starting with Trevor Noah!
I'm just about to start watching the last Jon Stewart episodes of the Daily Show. There may be tears. Bring on Trevor Noah.
Excellent from on Jon Stewart & the Daily Show. Looking forward to Trevor Noah's debut!
U sound like Trevor Noah when he described Shabir Shaik's what-what on Crazy Normal. LoL
Burning River News: 'Daily Show' success isn't all about Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah reminds the British about Colonialism in the most funny way and I wish we could all learn comedy so...
I remember when Trevor Noah was new in comedy, John Vlismas said "thats not comedy" & David Kau said "He's famous but not funny"
South Africa vs USA, Trevor Noah is a comedic genius! So happy that he's the next host of The Daily Show
Big thanks to Mike Myers, Mike Judge, Trevor Noah, Dave Chappelle and Jim Breuer for signing this past week
Trevor Noah on the Wyatt Cenac-Jon Stewart kerfuffle: that's what is supposed to happen in a writers room. You should fight & be passionate.
Julius Malema; "Why does IAAF only want to test Castor Semenya but can't test Venus & Serena Williams, why?" Trevor Noah
.Who is Trevor Noah??. South African comedian and TV host. Taking over from Jon Stewart on Comedy Central in Sept
And he didn't even campaign, Trevor Noah won life guys
Lol I like Trevor though mxm . Yoooh — watching Trevor Noah: African American
I had two dreams last night, the usual and the other one, Trevor Noah was dating Khanyi Mbau and so madly in love. I was not happy...
I concur. We have enough talent on our continent. Trevor Noah ; Bonang Matheba ; Minnie Dlamini ; LootLove ,all very capable
South African comedian Trevor Noah will replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show in September. New Daily Show *** ..
'Time is right' for Jon Stewart to leave says new Daily Show host Trevor Noah
I'm gonna miss Jon Stewart's biting commentary on American politics and prepare myself in not expecting Trevor Noah to be the same
Not even Anderson Cooper is allowed to interview Trevor Noah. He's done with life, fam!
People who find Loyiso Gola and Kevin Hart funny are less likely to find Trevor Noah funny.
I added a video to a playlist Trevor Noah - Melbourne Comedy Festival
Incoming Daily Show host Trevor Noah is Jon Stewart, minus the rage
South Africa has some of the continent and the world's funniest comedians in Trevor Noah, David Kau, Loyiso Gola, Malema & Pres Jacob Zuma
I liked a video from Trevor Noah on The John Bishop Show
Though I'm excited for Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart, you will be missed. Can't get over this powerful speech.
Are they still going with Trevor Noah as Jon Stewarts' replacement?
Lupita Nyong'o surprises Trevor Noah at his Joburg comedy show - Times LIVE via
Trevor Noah supposed to be Jon Stewarts replacement on The Daily Show.
Watch: Trevor Noah tests out his new chair on the Daily Show - Times LIVE
Trevor Noah's storytelling ability is amazing. I was very lucky to have an opportunity to watch him live at Monte Casino this Saturday nite.
Trevor Noah looks like Michael Buble if he spent a week in Florida.
I liked a video Jim Norton on Louis C.K., Trevor Noah, and Outrage Culture | 'The Andy Greenwald
Some of my fav Chris Tucker, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Trevor Noah, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith
Trevor Noah will be at the Edinburgh Festival before taking over as host of The Daily Show
Fikile Mbalula availing himself for the Fifa job is something not even Trevor Noah or Barry Hilton came up with!!
Neither I, nor paul Weller, nor Trevor Noah will be on the John Bishop show this Saturday night, 9pm BBC1, do not tune in.
I really wanna go see Trevor Noah ko Monte Casino hle
Jimmy Carr slays me. But Frankie Boyle, Micky Flanagan, Kevin Hart, Trevor Noah are all better than James Corden.
Bad news if you were planning to watch when Trevor Noah takes over from Jon Stewart: Comedy Central Extra (UK) is dropping Th…
Joakim Noah, Trevor Noah and the film Noah starring Russel Crowe. It's all starting to make sense now.
Trevor Noah: African American - Sports in America via Just gotta love this!
We see Trevor Gumbi, maaaybe let Trevor Manuel finish.. but Trevor Noah the Greatest Trevor of Aww TIME!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
"It's not where you come from that matters, but where you are going." on Trevor Noah htt…
The female Trevor Noah? 6 things you should know about the woman Lupita Nyong'o calls the 'funniest Ugandan period'.
DSTV Kudos: the Trevor Noah shows were a refreshing change to the recycled movies. Laugh, the Beloved Country.
Daily Show's Jessica Williams looks awesome. She's been spending time getting to know Trevor Noah.
Most South Africans celebrate that Trevor Noah made it big it US, reality is he is foreigner
it's heartbreaking coz not so long ago we were congratulating Trevor Noah on his new job in another country
Trevor Noah became the first SA stand-up comedian to appear on The Tonight Show. Know more? Take our quiz:
Now Jon Stewart's replacement Trevor Noah is accused of stealing jokes, the most taboo thing for a comic to do.
Now someone wants to chain herself to the Paul Kruger statue, how could Trevor Noah not be a global sensation with all this m…
Trevor Noah: Pity the guy who tries to replace Jon Stewart:
Been reading some responses to the anti-Trevor Noah backlash, and this captured my thoughts
Wonderful take on Trevor Noah. Thx for saying what needed saying. As Thurgood Marshall said "All our skinfolk ain't our kinfolk."
Black folks can't say just anything. Trevor Noah said he wanted to be black. Welcome to our world, Trevor! See More
Some observations, some advice and a warning to Trevor Noah.. Jon Stewarts replacement on TheDailyShow
The PC box people expect comedians like Trevor Noah and others to live inside seems silly. Lenny Bruce or George Carlin, anyone?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Someone at Luthuli House pressed "send all" dispatching ANC statements in outbox, incl congrats to Trevor Noah & handover of Marikana report
Trevor Noah was the dude Bobby Lee told u about in ep. 76...watched it the other day. Ya know, in case that's useful to you
I liked a video Trevor Noah on CNBCA - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Answer on by Jeremy Arnold to Who is Trevor Noah and why was he chosen to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Sh…
That said, Kimmel had a whole show based on this sort of garbage. Trevor Noah's record's no worse than the average white …
Nice to see somewhat defend Trevor Noah & edgy comedy. except Natalie Morales, she can suck a d*ck!
It simply because we're defending Trevor Noah's >
I bet most of those causing uproar over Trevor Noah hosting Daily Show are white. Comedians make offensive jokes worldwide
Trevor Noah, next ‘Daily Show’ host, is no fan of Israeli attacks on Gaza via
Daily Show star defends new host Trevor Noah
Daily Show star defends Trevor Noah: One of the stars of The Daily Show speaks out in defence of Trevor Noah, ...
UPDATE: Trevor Noah has been named the hew host of replacing Jon Stewart.
I don't love Trevor Noah taking over The Daily Show, but let's be real, there will NEVER be another Jon Stewart. The man is one of a kind.
First Jamie Foxx then Trevor Noah. At this rate comedians are just gonna have to go back to being mimes.
Inspired by Comedy Central's hiring of Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart, "Democracy Now" vets Jeremy Clarkson
One amazing thing about Trevor Noah is watching the same outlets reverse their positions on him w/in 24 hours
Meet Trevor Noah, the man replacing Jon Stewart on The Daily Show
I think most Black Americans forget that they LOL'd at "Eddie Murphy Raw." Now Trevor Noah is "anti-Black American." Wha…
10 Reasons why you should be excited about The Daily Show's new host Trevor Noah
Nonsense!. “Trevor Noah, new Daily Show host, under fire for jokes about Jews, women
Glad to see Comedy Central took their time and thoroughly vetted Trevor Noah. Oh they didn't? Nevermind.
Comedy Central supports Trevor Noah in a statement."To judge him or his comedy based on a handful of jokes is unfair"
...regardless im still psyched to see Trevor Noah on
Trevor Noah I need to go visit the tim burton exhibit 😍😍
Maybe watch some of Trevor Noah's stand-up:
Vox on why Trevor Noah is SO FUNNY sounds a lot like 1998 era geeks explaining why The Phantom Menace was going to be SO…
Trevor Noah, the new Daily Show host, is no stranger ...
I did weigh in a little more on Trevor Noah.
Trevor Noah expects to be criticized long before his first episode as host of "The Daily Show"
So if I get this correctly, Trevor Noah will be cool as long as he's never ironic; he never talks about women,...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Comedy Central: Don't Judge Trevor Noah "Based on a Handful of Jokes" ❤️❤️ him
Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart's Replacement, Goes From Hero To Villain In 24 Hours: Soon after it was announced that Noah will host The Da...
My Trevor Noah Problem (and yours). Trevor Noah, Brian Williams, Jon Stewart and the culture of fake news, What Trevor Noah got w
The problem isn't that Trevor Noah is offensive. The problem is that he's a giant dope:
The backlash in America to Trevor Noah's appointment would make for great content on his first show! ✊
.Think Trevor Noah would be getting as much pushback if he were a black Conservative comedian?.
Trevor Noah: Because the Piers Morgan experiment worked out so well for CNN.
Everyone is soema Trevor Noah and comedy experts now I'm soema tired can we talk about something else? Make fun of hipsters? I dunno... 😔
"When Nelson Mandela is listed as a guy's top comedic influence, you know Trevor Noah will bring the laughs."
Comedy Central says Trevor Noah 'like many comedians ... pushes boundaries'; 'To judge him or his comedy based on...
Thoughts on the new 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah? Rolling Stone broke down who he is.
Trevor Noah's advance team should have known this was coming when he decided to run for President.
reading this whole Trevor Noah fiasco and... I got nuthin. just gonna walk around it and pretend it ain't there.
*Trevor Noah makes 4 bad jokes over 5 years* He can't host the TV *People say homosexuality is unnatural* ya you can hold pub…
We give you Julias Malema and bring our Trevor Noah back
. The new cool kids for the left. No talent, no class, AHole, Brats. Dan Savage . Trevor Noah. Lena Dunh…
I expected Slate to not mention that Trevor Noah is of Jewish descent. For some reason, I expected the New York Times to …
“Sleeping Beauty just thought she was getting coffee with Bill Cosby.” - Amy Poehler. And yet, Trevor Noah is getting lambasted.
The verdict is still out on Trevor Noah. I watched his stand up special last night. I guess...
Listen I'm here for Trevor Noah. I listened to several of his stand ups last night and was crying laughing.
Yep, found it when looking for the David Frum puppy that Trevor Noah must have kicked.
Trevor Noah announced as new host of 'The Daily Show' - Christian Science Monitor
Mantashe: Trevor Noah, Loyiso Gola, Chester Missing, we have no problem with them. We can only say congratulations to…
Wow, judging by the US press reaction, excuse me for thinking Trevor Noah's new job seems more important than that of a Supreme Court Judge
I really though Jessica Williams would be picked to be the host of 'The Daily Show' but Trevor Noah will do!
Personally, I would have liked to see Jessica Williams take over the Daily Show. Was never a huge Trevor Noah fan.
Trevor Noah 😕 Hoped to see Jessica Williams take over from Jon Stewart. But she's not a dude. So no chance.
Why Comedy Central picked Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'
Im very happy Trevor Noah is on the show. I hope Jessica Williams is still on it!
i agree, Jessica Williams would've been AWESOME. Trevor Noah is really good in his stand-up routines tho so we'll see..
I asked my mom what she thought about Trevor Noah hosting the Daily Show and she said “they should’ve hired Brian Williams"
Reading up on Trevor Noah & I like him already, sure I rather have John Oliver or Jessica Williams on the Daily Show but Noah is just fine.
Trevor Noah to host I had thought Brian Williams would be a good pick for his knowledge base
I'm excited for Trevor Noah's promotion. His segments so far have been great. (Kinda wished it had been Jessica Williams thou)
Would have preferred Jessica Williams but Trevor Noah would do a good job
Trevor Noah hosting the Daily Show is cool but Jessica Williams deserved it.
I'm excited to see what Trevor Noah does but I do feel like although Jessica Williams said she wouldn't, it was a missed opportunity
Congrats to Trevor Noah! Seen his stuff he is funny... still I've had a crush on Jon Stewart foor...
LRT: I'm only a little surprised. Was pulling for Jessica Williams to host, but I do like Trevor Noah...
Trevor Noah has been really sharp on his appearances. Can't say I saw it coming (was kinda hoping for Williams) but I approve!
Trevor Noah is a solid choice to replace Jon Stewart. Huge job to fill Stewart's shoes though.
My wife is disappointed that Jessica Williams turned down the Daily Show host job. I am too, but I'm hugely excited for Trevor Noah.
I love Trevor Noah, but why not Jason Jones?. Even better, why not Jessica Williams or Kristin Schaal?
So relieved that Jessica Williams isn't hosting Trevor Noah is more serious than Jon, so he should be a good host I think.
Trevor Noah is more qualified than Jessica Williams? Hm okay...
feel like Trevor Noah hosting the Daily Show is proof that Jessica Williams was experienced enough to take over?
I still think Jessica Williams would have been a better choice but I'm a big fan of Trevor Noah... SOOO... Yeah!...
I'm disappointed Jessica Williams didn't get the gig, but Trevor Noah will do for now.
I can see Trevor Noah and Jessica Williams pulling off amazing skits of The President and First Lady.
You know you all wish it was Jessica Williams taking over the but I'll take Trevor Noah. He's good w/ me. I'…
Out of all the possible choices to replace Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah is the least natural at the job. Jessica Williams is more qualified.
I would have picked Jessica Williams or Aasif Mandvi, but this makes Trevor Noah sound pretty good.
Photoset: pjamma-sf:Trevor Noah and Jessica Williams. The new Stewart/Colbert of The Daily Show. This is...
Should've been Jessica Williams, but I'm happy about Trevor Noah getting the nod.
I love Trevor Noah, super pumped to see him on The Daily Show :) (still could've loved Jessica Williams, too, though)
I like Trevor Noah, but I still wish Jessica Williams was replacing John Stewart
But if Jessica Williams is unqualified, how is Trevor Noah more qualified?
Trevor Noah, yes, definitely, but Jessica Williams more so. Jessica Williams. JESSICA. WILLIAMS. Come on. . (I'm a lit…
First Jessica Williams and now Trevor Noah. Comedy Central is for real pushing color. Im with it.
The Times Union - Trevor Noah to replace host Jon Stewart on 'Daily Show'
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Jaden Smith made the right decision appointing Trevor Noah as Jon Stewart's replacement.
Just 31 years ago, Trevor Noah's parents had to hide their illegal union in apartheid South Africa.
Trevor Noah is replacing Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show, according to the New York Times.
The Daily Show has chosen its next host: Trevor Noah (will take over when Jon Stewart leaves. My report:
ICYMI, Trevor Noah has emerged on the short list to take over
Can you say left field? MT Trevor Noah, South African comic, eyed as Jon Stewart's' replacement: report
South African funnyman Trevor Noah is coming back to Dubai for a four-night run
Who taught Trevor Noah how to speak German? That boy Steven Pienaar maybe!
At ye olde Artscape to watch Trevor Noah.
Trevor Noah wrote :. In honour of their great leader. Zimbabwe decides to remove "Victoria" from victoria falls...
Trevor Noah at Levity Live - Trevor NoahAppearing at Levity Live (West Nyack, NY) on Saturday, April 18, 2015
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