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Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah (born 20 February 1984) is an award winning South African comedian. He has also been a radio DJ, actor and TV host.

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A powerful statement by Trevor Noah about the case.
Trevor Noah calls out NRA for silence over legal gun owner Philando Castile # via
"Trevor Noah points out that the NRA is all about standing up for legal gun owners — unless they’re Black."
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah's short segment on Philando Castile is incredible. First time I've seen a segment with no…
Trevor Noah on the Philando Castile verdict: the NRA should “be losing their *** minds” - Vox
He's among the best at speaking truth to power. Shares the company of Trevor Noah, Steven Colbert and Seth Myers.
Trevor Noah: At American Airports you're told to take your clothes off, you feel like a child in a Catholic church 😂😂
Trevor Noah explains 'Julius Caesar' for all the ding-dongs who never read the play in high school via
Stephen Colbert hosts Trevor Noah. Humor and sarcasm on steroids 🤣🤣🤣
Trevor Noah and Steven Colbert, this is an awesome interview 😊
yours is the only real news show I watch. I get the rest of my news from John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Steven Colbert, and Seth Meyers.
Trevor Noah, Steven Colbert, Seth Meyers ... in that order of funny.
"Why waste energy on speculative crazy when there’s so much actual crazy to focus on?" Trevor Noah said
Trevor Noah dove into Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee
Seth Meyers, John Oliver, Trevor Noah and Steven Colbert are just the scum of humanity. Unbelievable
Dave Chappelle is throwing a 10-show party at Radio City, with Chris Rock, Trevor Noah, the Roots and more
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah mock Pres. Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord
Rosenstein=Snape, Clinton=Mad-eye, you and Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah are Fred & George Weasley and Lee Jordan.
Bill Gates recommends Trevor Noah's book as one of his top five reads -
We talk story with The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah before his Maui arts and Cultural…
Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers should swap shows.
Trevor Noah tears into over James Comey's bombshell memo
Sources say the Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah are having a secret love affair.
Fr. I don't know who knows how to change accents more; Trevor Noah or Aries Spears
Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah respond to Trump's firing of FBI chief James Comey
Trevor Noah: Trump's reason for firing James Comey is "gangster" via
Nice lineup for annual Entertainment & Tech Summit today in NY: Jeff Bewkes, Michael DeLuca, Trevor Noah...
Running 7.12 to 7.31, in Montreal includes Jerry Seinfeld, Laverne Cox, Kevin Hart, Trevor Noah + more!
Congress won’t pay for Trump’s wall either, so Trevor Noah suggests he try Shark Tank:
Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah know exactly why Donald Trump doesn’t want to celebrate 100 days: https:…
Our favorite looks from the men: . Maxwell, Michael B. Jordan, Jaden Smith and Trevor Noah.
Trevor Noah, Daily Show host, said Obama is cashing in, like everyone else. But it used to be considered improper
Win tickets for Trevor Noah at The Chicago Theatre, October 20, 2017 with Do312
Love this humour. Poor showing by potus.
I wonder, in the future will Trevor Noah realize how much of a complete tool he is.
Trevor Noah back: D Love this guy. Easter at the Trump White House: The Daily Show via
Trevor Noah pinpoints the spot where World War III will start on
Trevor Noah is back this week. Yay - I missed him!
5 Traveler Secrets to Find the Best and Cheapest Flights - In his Netflix stand-up comedy special, Trevor Noah ...
Trevor Noah - Donald Trump and Jesse Williams on The Daily Show (older) via
ur friend suddenly turns into Trevor Noah whenever your girl is around
The kids at school keep telling me Trevor Noah is in the new Sin City movie -- is that true?
Trevor Noah loves the giant eggs that Trump laid at his Easter shindig via
Donald Trump stands next to a giant rabbit and almost starts World War III. Somehow both are equally scary.
Also Cinema Paradiso, Trevor Noah's brilliant standup show, and documentary The Fear of 13. (Really will stop now.)
Recent faves: Commonwealth by Ann Patchett, Swing Time by Zadie Smith, Born a Crime by Trevor Noah & Smal…
Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert step up: Donald Trump made “The Daily Show” and out-of-character Colbert - Salon
Wow, Trevor Noah just called out Ben Carson: “What makes you the arbiter of black?”
Marketing Lesson from Trevor Noah: Power of Words Isn't Enough by via
ICYMI: My chat with on his ratings growth, the death of hypocrisy and why he's not angry: via
Sure. So should Trevor Noah. Each is in entertainment. One admits it
Willie Parker - Changing the Reproductive Rights Narrative with "Life's Work"-The Daily Show with Trevor Noah -... https:…
Trevor Noah: When it comes to sexual assault month, knows his s**t
Jerrod Carmichael, Michael Che, Jo Koy, Neal Brennan, Bill Burr, Trevor Noah, Mike Birbiglia, Roy Wood Jr. all got some great specials out
Residente of the duo Calle 13 weighs in on Puerto Rico while being a guest star at The Daily Show with Trevor...
98yo Irene got a visit from Meal Team Six who reminded us that is a vital lifeline.
Last night, Trevor Noah had a quick very strange clip during his show. I watched the repeat episode and it didn't appear again. Curious!
Trump threatens Republicans who are against his health care bill.
Nobody dominates the news cycle like Trump.
Trevor Noah talks about importance of laughter at N.J. college talk
Residente - Bringing Authenticity Back to Music with "Residente" - Extended Interview-The Daily Show with Trevor...
Neil Gorsuch and his wife share a tender, awkward embrace.
When you live life in the middle, life is found more in the middle than it is on either side. . -Trevor Noah (paraphrased)
Trump continues his assault on the environment.
Trump vows to end the nonexistent war on coal, and Third Month Mania gets down to the Flagrant Four.
Despite a global rise in alternative energies, Trump rolls back regulations on the coal industry.
Trump declines an invitation to throw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals’ home opener.
Please turn to Comedy Central for the Trevor Noah show! Seriously
when this is done I watch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on comedy central. Let me knw what hashtag you are using. Varies.
Trevor Noah looks like the love child of Chrissy Teigen & Emmanuel Lewis.
Black Coffee & Trevor Noah,I jst can't help bt smile that I am South African & these guys are out there representing us with…
Hero honoured for ending a street fight praises mum, and Ugandans really want Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah calls out the 'hypocrisy' of suspending Tomi Lahren for being pro-choice
Wow, this guy sure plays a lot of golf instead of doing his job Do you think it's because h…
This segment should be titled, "How Trevor Noah got his groove back". So good.
Finally wound up my first audio book, Born A Crime by Trevor Noah. What a beautiful story! What a life!
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I swear Trump supporters are so ignorant man! Geez! 😒
Trevor Noah is an incredible human being.
Trevor Noah said he would've protested suspension but there's no "black people protest she's comfortable…
"Honestly, this is not cool": defends following her suspension from The Blaze
I liked a video Trevor Noah joins Van Jones on the "Messy Truth." SURPRISED by Unexpectedly TOUGH
Trevor Noah went to an incest place with Ivanka Trump
Trump hits the links (again), and finds out why we're already talking about the 2020 election.
Trevor Noah “Ivanka says she’ll follow all the ethics rules. I feel like the first rule of ethics club is: don’t hire you…
get you someone that looks at you the way i look i at my laptop screen while watching Trevor Noah :))
Gorsuch, Tomi, Ivanka. Too much news, too little time!
"They say Murfreesboro is about as Middle East as you can get.".
Why response to Tomi Lahren’s suspension from The Blaze was so perfect
Not sure if Trevor Noah is a sellout? Watch his interview with Donna Brazile. It'll be all over the web shortly...
Trevor Noah won the 2017 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work – Biography/Auto-biography for his book, Born…
Trevor Noah got Tomi Lahren the entire show.
Website Builder 728x90
Trevor Noah talks comedy in the Trump era and that viral interview with Tomi Lahren
Take a bite out of this. This Is Improv and NSU's Performing and Visual Arts Department are opening Trevor Noah dur…
Trevor Noah last nite on Van Jones. Worse that GOP used Obamacare as pejorative or ppl fell for it?
Trevor Noah and Van that's a real pair of wankers. How's those ratings CNN?
Trevor Noah: "When people say The 'Hollywood elite' I go -- who is your President?"
I honestly don't know which of Samantha Bee or Trevor Noah is worse. Tough call.
I admit I did watch the Van Johnson show on Wed.nite Trevor Noah was on you need to have Trevor on your show Smart young man.
Trevor Noah: Trump is a stand-up comedian when I see Trump I want to throw up!
Trevor Noah makes history, attracts record ratings on his show
Having a shake and watching Trevor Noah. I'm thinking of it as a pre-birthday celebration. .
I like Trevor Noah more every day. This is an incredible interview. (His mom's pretty cool as well!)
He read her for filth. Trevor Noah held it down for the culture.
Trevor gives Ben Carson a lesson in semantics after he refers to slaves as immigrants.
Former President Bush reminisces about his faux pas during a book promotion tour.
I don't know if it's just me but South Africans are not really basking in Trevor Noah it because they can't relate to him? W
Trevor Noah puts Bronx savvy to the test on "The Daily Show"
Watching Trevor Noah's "Afraid of the Dark" comedy special realizing that I don't have many loyal friends.
Donald Trump peddles the conspiracy theory that former President Obama wiretapped him during the campaign.
Conservatives who bashed Obama for going on vacation and playing golf have gone silent on Trump.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah scores record ratings. Read more:
South Africans on the cover of Time Magazine. -President Mbeki. -Trevor Noah . -Verwoerd. -Murderer Pristorius. -Nelso…
Trevor Noah was the second African Comedian to appear on the popular US Hip-Hop radio show, The Breakfast Club, behind…
A great content ahead for Trevor Noah, Stephan Colbert, John Oliver, and the whole Internet actually lol :D
Trevor Noah summed up how I feel about Great Britain and colonization on his new Netflix special lol
So we all celebrate Trevor Noah buying a house in the states and we hate it when foreign Africans buy houses here? Double…
South Africans are seriously mad at Trevor Noah? Lol! That's HIS money. Be mad at your president, 'cause that's YOUR money.
South Africans . Trevor Noah buys R130m house with his money people complain . Zuma builds R260m Nkandla with their money…
Next time: Trevor Noah is dating Rihanna. South Africans: There are lots of broke yellow bones in SA, why doesn't he date the…
Trevor Noah in less than year:. Became 1st from SA & Africa to host Daily Show. Bought $10m penthouse . Interviewed Obama. R…
John Oliver 'accidentally eviscerates' Trevor Noah as guest on 'The Daily Show'
Breast Cancer Awareness
Trevor Noah has bought himself a R130 000 000 3,600sqm penthouse ($10M) in Manhattan, New York. . Amazing to see South Afric…
No freaking way!! John Oliver is on with Trevor Noah and Jon Stewart IS WITH Stephen Colbert!!!
I genuinely like Trevor Noah, but man Jon Stewart on Colbert right now is reminding me just how much I miss him.
Great seeing Jon Stewart on Colbert! As much as I love Trevor Noah ,WE NEED Stewart back !
Be still my heart!. Jon Stewart is on Colbert tonight!. And John Oliver was just on Daily Show with Trevor Noah. After watching Bates Motel.😍
John Oliver on Trevor Noah's show, and Jon Stewart on Stephen Colbert's. Nice
Trevor Noah has really settled into his role on the Daily Show. I don’t even think about Jon Stewart anymore.
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert on and John Oliver/Trevor Noah on makes for a late night and long day tomorrow.😍😴
When John Oliver is going on Trevor Noah and Jon Stewart is going on colbert
not be English, no Englishman thinks Trevor Noah or Jon Stewart wanna be have anything interesting to say. Poor guys.
Not since Grease to Grease 2 has a replacement been this great a step down from Jon Stewart to Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah is great but I miss Jon Stewart.
And Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, Trevor Noah, John Oliver and Bill Maher are pillars of piety??
Sambee or Trevor Noah or Seth Meyers or Jon Stewart. It ought to be good without DT. He has no humor. Only knows how to be ugly
Absolutely. Love Samantha Bee and Trevor Noah. Miss John Stewart. Sad/disappointing that Maher is crossing himself off the list.
Trevor Noah is no John Stewart...but then, John Stewart is no Trevor Noah. ❤
The WHCD should invite Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee and Bill Mahr to replace him. 45 would be ripped to shreds
why do WE watch Trevor Noah, Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jon Stewart, John Oliver and Johnathan Pie??
Trevor Noah's just trying to boost his ratings by wanting Trump to come on show. Show is tedious & NOT funny…
I miss Jon Stewart. Where do I turn? Trevor Noah is NOT FUNNY! The show is too scripted, he doesn't talk off the...
Trevor Noah is all around hilarious to me. I dunno why ppl want him to be another Jon Stewart
I miss the *** out of Jon Stewart but I must admit that Trevor Noah has grown on me.
Trevor Noah is so much more endearing than Jon Stewart.
> Trevor Noah... So if like me you're really missing Jon Stewart these days, I highly recommend Meyers.
Trevor Noah may be an imbecile but worse he's actually really unfunny. Daily Show used to be good with Jon Stewart - now it's just meh
John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Etc.there is no humor on the r…
In terms of stand up comedy, Trevor Noah is better. But as the Daily Show host, Jon Stewart is far superior.
Is it just me, or is Trevor Noah actually funnier than Jon Stewart?
i could watch John Stewart and Trevor Noah's vids all day
Can't tell if Trevor Noah has no comedic value bc he had to take over for J Stewart or he truly just has no delivery.
Can John Stewart come back to the Trevor Noah is offensively unfunny
Trevor Noah isnt funny. Terrible successor to the great Jon Stewart.
Trevor Noah's nice and all but I prefer Jon Stewart (sorry)
Trevor Noah is middle of the road, Colbert is still funny, I miss Jon Stewart
I hope every single degenerate who laughed along to pundits like Stephen Colbert & Trevor Noah, feels ASHAMED after seeing t…
Trevor Noah and john mulaney coming to loyola👌🏽
Trevor Noah headed home for new comedy show |
Memoir News: Trevor Noah's Memoir: “Born A Crime” - Trevor Noah, a man best known in America for his current *** ..
Trevor Noah says he won't be silenced by President Trump.
When what's her name Tanya goes on Trevor Noah, she wins visibility, credibility + new followers.
Scott Baio tells Trevor Noah to shut his pie-hole after comedian mocks him for Nordstrom…
“I love how he says ‘SEE YOU IN COURT,’ like this wasn't decided in court." on decision: https:…
Here is my chat with Trevor Noah about his shows at the DOME in August - tickets on sale on Monday the 20th…
YES TREVOR NOAH...coming to SA for two nights at the DOME 10th and 11th of August !
Trump: Zuma is that you. Zuma: Yes it's Jacob Zuma . Trump: Come & fetch Trevor Noah . Zuma: Sorry wrong number.
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Trump praises senior adviser Stephen Miller for defending his false voter fraud claims.
Hey, Any truth to the reports by BOTH Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert that Michael Flynn will be working for you?
Trevor Noah back in SA for comedy show|
Trevor Noah and The Daily Show are getting me through the craziness.
Trevor Noah talks Trump, censorship in candid interview
I'm trying my hardest to like him, but Trevor Noah we'll never replace Jon Stewart in my heart!
Laura Jane Grace - Discovering Gender Identity in "Tranny" on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
as Trevor Noah said, the presidency is suppose to age the president, not the nation
Trevor Noah has a new Netflix special coming out in 10 days YES
If you do anything tonight have it be watching & on 🙌🏾 so good.
National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns. We're only three weeks in, people.
Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Steven Colbert, &SNL. The only things keeping me sane in an insane world right now. Such a disaster…
Trevor Noah explains why is like the Knicks ➡️ by via
Definitely watch on Trevor Noah and see why he should be the next DNC Chair.
Trevor Noah says Steve Bannon is the "real president" on the
Keith Ellison - The Future of the Democratic Party - Extended Interview on The Daily Show via
I used to dig Trevor Noah's comedy, now he just makes propaganda. Ah jeez.
Lot of good stuff in this video. via
laying to subvert Entire Branch of = - Trevor Noah . J…
Trevor Noah: Wealth will determine your education under Betsy DeVos
My game plan is still to have "brother husbands" here's my unofficial list so far: . -Trevor Noah. -Sufjan Stevens. -Matthias Schoenaerts
President Trump criticizes the media for underreporting terrorist attacks, which is not a thing the media did.
President Trump blames any future terror attack on the judge who halted his immigration ban. http…
Shout out to David Frum, Lee Fang, Trevor Noah & the rest of the "Resistance" pushing that civility & nonviolence above all else rhetoric
The way you ladies go crazy about Trevor Noah and Khaya Mthethwa is the same way your mothers used to go crazy...
I liked a video Trevor Noah's Move From South Africa to the US
Trevor Noah and Bill Maher have proven that by having Tomi Lahren on their show, they exposed her lack of expertise in debating politics.
attending Trevor Noah & Paul Zerdin in Qatar at Qatar National Convention Centre
"The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah is coming to IC April 8th! Tickets on sale Feb. 15th.
Trevor Noah has signed out. This is a boxing match with no gloves.
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Spoke w/abt why we can’t walk away frm Given nature of threats, need all countries at table. Watch: https:…
UPDATE: Trevor Noah says tonight’s Daily Show blackout was just a glitch.
President Trump orders an investigation into mass voter fraud.
True, like Trevor Noah said he's unfortunately the first politician to go through on all his promises
Trevor Noah I don't like as a host. But especially as an interviewer. It hard to Follow the master him…
I can't stand Trevor Noah. Haven't watched since the run-up to the election, but I almost guarantee you that still pop culture.
🏈 Gerald Luster and Aaron Scroggins to Miles. Trevor Orum to Huntingdon. Thomas Sims to Lane. Noah Wilder to Gardner-We…
Trevor Noah's blacked out during a passionate discussion about Trump's travel ban 
The Trump administration gets defensive about “crowd” size.
Somebody tell she just made the case for defunding -Be Defund
The next four years of Trump is going to be him and his people saying one thing and us saying "we have eyes."
Trevor Noah: Trump's first week proves he's a bad businessman ➡️ by
.explains why Trump is the ultimate snowflake.
Putin, nice try cutting our feed last night. ►Full extended interview with... by via
.examines the uplifting public response to Trump’s Muslim ban.
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Has anyone checked on Trevor Noah, Pearl Thusi, Charlize Theron and other South African comrades in Trump-states?
Enter to win a pair of tickets to see Trevor Noah at the Tower Theater.
She's been phenomenal. She and John Oliver are filling the void left by Jon Stewart while Trevor Noah finds his way.
Jon Stewart was brilliant, Trevor Noah is just a warn….
Heather Ann Thompson, a University of Michigan history professor, appeared on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah."
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via Fight for 10th amendment Protections, fight DTs Muslim ban now!
She used to be with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Watched for years. Now watch Trevor Noah host. Also like John Oliver.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via Happy Analversary donald make election day paid
for giving SNL, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver & Trevor Noah so much fantastic material to work with. Jon Stewart we need you!
Trevor Noah is actually brilliant. He'll be around a long time I think... Jon Stewart - you picked the right guy!
Trevor Noah= Daily Show.1/ 24/ 17. SPICER has Long history of disputes with Press. College newspaper. dubbed him=Sean Sphincter. It Works !
Trevor Noah burns Sean Spicer: "Wait, did he just say unemployment isn’t a number, it’s a feeling?"
You misspelled "mansplained". Also, Trevor Noah was not educated in the American Public School system. He went to…
Trevor Noah puts John Lewis and Steve Harvey’s responses to Trump in context on Martin Luther King Day. https…
"Without a fully functional press, the only one who's going to be blind in this situation is us.”
Cordon should team with Trevor Noah for the "Unfunniest Funny Guys On TV Special"
5 of 5 stars to Born a Crime by Trevor Noah
Watched an interview and Trevor Noah said "Racism doesn't stand up to contact". So powerful!
It's appalling that members of congress think health care that affects half of the U.S. population is partisan
Trevor Noah isn’t buying Donald Trump’s promise that he can avoid conflicts of interest.
Noah Trevor I maybe wrong but I can not see your work on TV in Pittsboro, NC. We can see Friday 13, 2017
.finds out how a gun control activist got Apple to replace its handgun emoji with a water pistol emoji. https:…
Jonathan Chait - Reflecting on Obama's Presidency in "Audacity" on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Other than that, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Trevor Noah's book and even Helen's book. Got back into reading late last year.
Help us Trevor Noah, you're our only hope. Support a to save the ACA.
I liked a video Trevor Noah interview for Guardian Live – full video
Trevor Noah is the love of my life. He can catch all this faithfulness and love 😩💗
As a kid, Trevor Noah was a "linguistic chameleon." He discusses this & challenges of growing up under apartheid. https:/…
Why is Trevor noah still winning local awards??
My mom said she could see me marrying Trevor Noah. Thanks mom forreal, you're the real MVP!
No one knows if it's true about but, you know, "people are saying..."
Trevor Noah back tonight. I always record two airings of TDS so.I have a string of seconds to carry me through the times you get a break
South African mixed people (esp. biracials) must reject the mess of Trevor Noah, whenever they can hay.
Trevor noah on Freakonomics - so eloquent on race, religion and politics
I liked a video Trevor Noah Funniest Campaign Moments of Election Year 2016/17
Trevor Noah pack your bags cos Donald Tump is 100% deporting you. Man kills me on the Daily Show every morning.
Donald Trump's news conference is no joke to Trevor Noah maseg tr...
Trevor Noah is such a beautiful person
I knew Trevor Noah was witty. That was it, period, full stop. Now I know he is a writer of depth, warmth, candour &humour.…
After Apple’s redesign of the gun emoji, Roy Wood, Jr. sits down with a millennial to talk about the change.
The top government ethics official weighs in on Donald Trump’s conflict-of-interest plan. https:/…
At his Senate confirmation hearing, Ben Carson says he may not be an expert, but he knows how to hire experts.
So Trevor Noah has made me aware, but prior to that knowledge I have always commended them on their genius.
President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, explains why women’s healthcare shouldn’t be politicized.
Bud, have you seen her interview with Trevor Noah?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Someone remind Trump that the campaign is over.
Trevor Noah calls out the 'most frightening' moment of Donald Trump’s press conference
President of Planned Parenthood, responds to Republican efforts to defund the organization.
Trevor Noah talked about this on TDS last night and I can confirm he made it to the top of Huayna Picchu
Trevor Noah was just spotted having drinks with the Yahoo Finance account.
Dear God. Can somebody get me Trevor Noah and Gareth Cliff books. Thank you🙏🏾
Trevor Noah recalls life in apartheid South Africa in new book Born a Crime /via
Trevor Noah is the absolute WORST. Going from Jon Stewart to him was perhaps the biggest downgrade I've ever seen.
Trevor Noah proves he's Jon Stewart's successor as he takes Trump supporter apart piece by piece
Trevor Noah to Rob Corddry on Thu. "You're one of the few people who have had a good 2016 & I kind of hate you for that"
Trevor Noah & Pearl Thusi showing us that ITS POSSIBLE, oh African Child.
Honestly, President Barack Obama & Trevor Noah on "The Daily Show" have a "good talk" at his castle about how the country gratifies racism🏦👪
Trevor Noah has joined the likes of Beyoncé‚ Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & Kendrick Lamar on the nominees list of the 2016 Image Awards
Barack Obama said on tv to Trevor Noah, THERE WAS NO HACK you *** libtard. They were leaked emails from Wikileaks…
Ehn?? You don't know Trevor Noah? Senior man!🙌 🙌 🙌 That SA/American Comedy Central guy that is not all that funny…
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While Preezy goes on Trevor Noah and reminisces about his legacy. What an embarrassment.
In keeping with our theme that the Presidency isn't entertainment, POTUS will appear on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
Trevor Noah will interview Barack Obama at the White House
I bawled my eyeballs out during Trevor Noah's interview with President Obama tonight.
Obama gives Trevor Noah a measured response on Trump not taking intel briefings. But emphasizes that without them you're "fly…
President Ash Carter met with Israel PM Netanyahu today in efforts to strengthen allied Israeli military. Barack Obama met w…
Oh, Barack Obama is on The Daily Show. Guess I'll have to put up with 30 minutes of Trevor Noah, though..
Levels, Trevor Noah interviews President Barak Obama, should be interesting to watch this interview. ht…
Trevor Noah's interview with President Obama wasn't exactly funny—but it wasn't meant to be, says
2016 independent conservative candidate offers an approach to holding Trump accountable.
POTUS sat down with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.
Trevor sits down with President Barack Obama to discuss race, Russian hacking, and Obamacare. htt…
Trevor Noah last night sat down for his biggest ever yet interview when he spoke to Obama. South Africa be proud 👌👏 https…
Barack Obama says Russian hacking was no 'big surprise’ in one of his final interviews while in office .
What does Trevor Noah,Young Thug,Charlemagne, D.L. Hughley,Chris Brown,Steve Harvey,Don Lemon,Dave Chapelle have in common? they all ashy af
So when do you think Trevor Noah will be fired & replaced by Seth Meyers?
Trevor Noah explains meeting up with Tomi Lahren after The Daily Show interview. . It was not a date.
What's the difference in what Trevor Noah did and what Melissa Harris-Perry did?
team her up with Lin Manuel Miranda, John Oliver, Dunham and Trevor Noah to make a Voltron of wokeness
Tomi, Charlamagne, Trevor Noah, Pence *** neighbors,Derrick Rose petty and more https…
This whole Trevor Noah situation is so dumb 🙄 how you gonna be angry at someone confronting the head of the snake that is white supremacy
. Need more skate journalists than what we have:. Gary Rogers = Trevor Noah. Pat O'Dell = Ken Burns. Chris Roberts = Jimmy Fallon
The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, David Kibuuka, Roy Wood Jr. and Joseph Opio show why American is the...
Did you miss Trevor Noah on this morning??? Well here you go!!!
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