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Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah (born 20 February 1984) is an award winning South African comedian. He has also been a radio DJ, actor and TV host.

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John Stewart and Trevor Noah compare racism in America and Africa. Ridiculously genius:
The Daily Show is ab to get more hilarious w/ SA's Trevor Noah.
New "Daily Show" correspondent Trevor Noah just arrived from South Africa, and he talked race relations with Jon Stewart for his first show.
Jon Stewart Shows in Skit the Real Math of Africa Vs. United States! Beautifully Done with Trevor Noah! Fiction time is UP.!
Jon Stewart: "I know that you flew in yesterday from South Africa." Trevor Noah: "Yeah, I just flew in and boy are my arms tired." Jon Stewart: "Okay, alright there, oldie but a goodie." Trevor Noah: "No, seriously, I've been holding my arms (up) since I got here. I never thought I'd be more afraid of police in America than in South Africa. It kind of makes me nostalgic for the old days back home." Jon Stewart: "But you're okay now, you're not nervous?" Trevor Noah: "I'm still a bit nervous to be honest. Between your cops and, frankly, your Ebola." Jon Stewart: "Your Ebola, my friend. You're from Africa, it's your Ebola." Trevor Noah: "South Africa, Jon, we haven't had a single case in over 18 years. In fact, my friends warned me, they were like, 'Trevor, don't go to the US, you'll catch Ebola.' And I was like, 'You know what guys? Just because they had a few cases of Ebola, doesn't mean we should cut off travel there. That would just be ignorant.' Right?"
The Daily Show introduced its newest correspondent last night, the handsome and charming Trevor Noah, a stand up comedian from South Africa. Prior to joining...
Trevor Noah was extremely funny on The Daily Show.
Between rampant racial inequality and Ebola outbreaks, South African comedian Trevor Noah admits he hesitated to visit a country as underdeveloped as America.
South African comedian, Trevor Noah, absolutely killed it during his first appearance on the Daily Show. Watch the video here.
UNITED STATES - Trevor Noah will make his debut on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in the US tonight. Noah joins the cast of the Emmy Award-winning late nigh...
Trevor Noah holding his own and doing a fantastic job on a The Daily Show. Incredible... Some good news:
Trevor Noah's first appearance on The Daily Show – Spot the Africa
I've been checking out Trevor Noah's stand up videos on YouTube. The guy is hilarious! 😂 Thank you The Daily Show! 👏
New South African contributor Trevor Noah's friends warn him against traveling to the U.S.:
On Thursday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart introduced a new contributor from South Africa, Trevor Noah. Then Stewart and the rest of us went to class. "I ne...
Trevor Noah: "I flew in from South Africa yesterday. My arms are tired." John Stewart: "Aah, an oldie but a good one." Trevor Noah: "It's because ever since I've been here I've had my hands up like this..."
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Jon Stewart is giving a stage to Jessica Williams and Trevor Noah. That is something I like about him. I'm trying to be gracious here...
Okay, this Trevor Noah guy just went thermonuclear on Pair him with Jessica Williams and holy mother of God let there be lulz!
Trevor Noah is fast becoming a big name comedian on an international level. If you can't laugh at this, nothing will make you laugh today.
Rip to the teachers that have Jordan andruw Noah Trevor or I.
Trevor Noah was was awesome..., was that *** that bleated for the first hour a comedian? the best part of his act was when he walked off the stage.
Trevor Noah a comedian from South Africa said it best. We know everything about the statistics of sports but when it comes the ECONOMY... 👀
Watching Trevor Noah chastise American pronunciation on Netflix is making me miss SA pretty hard.
Imagine if events like Ferguson and the housing crash were covered this well. Trevor Noah on Sports in America.
Plot twist: Trevor is Noah's real baby daddy
Watching marathon, in Ep 1 Noah says Trevor is 8 (soon to be 9), in Ep 2 says Trevor is 10. Hint of Noah's spotty memory?
I seriously do not wanna see Noah be physically taken away but I know he will bc he's in family court with Liv & Trevor
I think this is a great comic.. He actually hits on a number of points I always ponder... — watching Trevor Noah
"Hehe... and u managed to make me laugh once again. Boy ur good. 😃😂. But that's still a mean thing to say Trevor Noah or nt "
yes I did, if it was Trevor Noah or Shampoo you would be say lol you funny now because its me whose not famous you say OMG!
Trevor Noah was right. SA have the most beautiful black women by far, in the world!
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"I'm the loser I'm not the one the ground screaming who's gonna save you huh?!" Trevor kicks Noah again
Thank you mahn Trevor Noah...when you've had a long week and confusing month there's nothing more healing than watching 'Trevor' !
Trevor Noah talking about credit is EXACTLY how I feel about credit.
Trevor Noah should host every awards
What matters is that it ain't a 'special order' # Trevor Noah"Having dinner at Wimpy, currently knowing that my lamp chops ar
We literally got free drinks yesterday at Trevor Noah.. Compton was mean mugging the jokes for two hours *** fam
According to reports from bae am left with 20 months in order for us to start bapsing, bae must be Trevor Noah's sister i swear :"D
Trevor Noah night was awesome!!! And the activities that took place after that :)
Trevor Noah' s show was amazing yesterday
Watched Trevor Noah : African American on Box Office. So unfunny, I stopped watching halfway through. Total waste of time!
Went to cop some Trevor Noah stand up yesterday and the guy had no clue what I was talking about
Hii story ya mazishi imenikumbusha ile stand up ya Trevor Noah. . Guys,we are on the same continent with S.A btw.
You guys were right. This city got fine as *** females.. That ONLY come out for trevor Noah shows..
Trust Trevor Noah and Eugene Khoza to produce a full house, great night of comedy...
Great show last night, Trevor Noah did best, S/O to everyone who came, trust the brand...
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watching Trevor Noah and thinking of you!
Anyone wanna hangout with Noah Trevor and myself?
too funny. you have to check out his comedy special Trevor Noah: African American
This dude Trevor Noah is hilarious. Me and are dead right now at
mare the Trevor Noah show was on point... mathata it was short
Last night after my set with the champions from Trevor Noah's tour.
Better admit that I am's fan,this dude is was better than Trevor Noah and Mr Bin-salute ntanga ♥♥♥☺
Richard Pryor told them Trevor Noah jokes first...
I'm watching Live at the Apollo 9x01 "Eddie Izzard, Trevor Noah, Josh Widdicombe "
“Who are your top 5 fav comedians? (Dead or alive)” Trevor Noah. Melissa McCarthy. Katt Williams. Martin Lawrence. Kevin Hart.
Jim Carey was the funniest man in the world. Then they found Trevor Noah, Kevin Hart , Bovi and Donga
I liked a video You Obey Traffic Lights?! - Trevor Noah - Live at the Apollo - Series 9 - BBC Comedy
Hasan Minhaj joins the Comedy Central late-night faux newscast as a correspondent next month; Trevor Noah joins as a contributor in December. The two men are being added to what’s billed as “the be...
Season 04 Episode 02 - 12 Sep 2014 David Baddiel, Trevor Noah and Joey Essex are the guests on the show this week.
A DELIGHTFUL DAY IN THE DAULAH Maulana Khalid Dhorat Humanity today stands at the dawn of a new age: an age of crumbling superpowers and tumbling economics. An age of uprising against tyrants, resistance against injustice and exposing of traitors. It’s an age where misinformation technology and media propaganda is backfiring upon those who promote it, an age when our open enemies, hidden enemies, open hypocrites, secret hypocrites, and collaborating hypocrites are being exposed day by day. It’s an age where old ideologies have become rusted and are being replaced, the bloods of millions of innocent Muslims are being avenged, the myth of the invincibility of our enemies broken, and the Will of our Creator is being implemented. Indeed, we are standing on the horizon of a great change, and change is always bloody. What is this change? This change is according to a Prophetic prediction that this ummah will undergo various phases. The first is the era of Prophethood, followed by Khilaafat on the Prophet .. ...
Ha ha Trevor Noah linyora Said :Meninsters:we demend a qortr system,we want more black players in the national rugby team And black pple are like maybe you baba,maybe u...ngena ngena I'm here me I'm here playing soccer baba
Comedian TREVOR NOAH joins Elliot In The Morning live in the studio. (photo via ) .
I bet girls see a *** like Maps or Trevor Noah and still get gwababa
*Trevor Noah's black impersonation* Imagine if you had somebody to go home to in this weather? he? Just imagine...Lol
Trevor Noah to join 'The Daily Show': submitted by Kelly8 [link] [comment]
The passive Shrien Dewani ""D is plus 1 working material for Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah is doing greats things, huh.
Ain't nobody on Trevor Noah's level, laughing so hard my collar bone is in pain ye. Know its weird, he done it to me,
At -- Minutes before the comedy show by Trevor Noah...Great guy
At -- Trevor Noah show at the Opera House , brilliant show, brilliant...
Trevor Noah is really a comedic genius. . Awesome show.
Trevor Noah is a man with a plan!. And the comedian’s star is rising higher and higher as he is set to join...
Did You Miss This? > Trevor Noah to join the cast of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
OMG I saw ' 5 days till Trevor Noah ' in my drafts and I wanted to cry because show starts in 10 minutes and I'm at home 😡
CONGRATS! to join Jon Stewart as part of the cast for Comedy Central's Emmy Award-winning The Daily Show
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
SA comedian Trevor Noah is to join Jon Stewart and “The Best F*&News Team Ever!” as part of the cast for...
think I'd go me & David Mithchell, Sarah Millican & Charlie Brooker, Jonathan Ross & Dara O'Briain or Trevor Noah, he's hot
Enjoyed South African humour at Trevor Noah's show at the last night
WED 12-4pm Comedy with Trevor Noah Win 2K with Karan Beef The rewind game You say it we play it Celeb birthday game Lame jokes
Trevor Noah on TDS with Jon Stewart, couldn't be any more perfect.
mara nka go zamela, le Trevor Noah o teng unless u wana watch a live 1 then I can make a plan 4u in November
LNN, Trevor Noah to boost SA comedy globally - From the satirical news show Late Nite News (LNN) being ... -
South Africa's top comedian is joining The Daily Show: YES!
Trevor Noah is my fave comedian. I love his standup comedies. He doesn't need to swear to be funny. +he's cute. 😍
The Best FTeam welcomes new correspondent and new contributor
Trust me to forget Trevor Noah's show at the Opera House. Last show tonight. . Luckily I managed to get one of the last remaining tickets.
Beyond excited to be joining team with my South African brother NYC here I come!
At -- Off to see South African comedian Trevor Noah last night as a belated happy birthd...
I like the Comedian Trevor Noah. He takes the simplest things and make them funny.
South African comedian joins the cast of
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Plz show Love to my bro Trevor Noah when he's in the US, gents! Best C…
I want Drake, Trevor Noah and Brighton Ngoma to talk on behalf of my bfs lol
Being mixed as "born a crime" - By Trevor Noah funny but loaded with lots of meaning = Trevor Noah is the son of a black South African woman and a white Swiss man who met when interracial relationships were illegal in South Africa, Noah jokes that he was "born a crime." On stage, he draws upon his particular life experiences to tackle thorny issues with his funny, and sometimes trenchant, punchlines. Much love for this talented young man!
21:00 Live at the Apollo: Comedy legend Eddie Izzard introduces Trevor Noah and Josh Widdicombe.
This could be us but we have Trevor Noah and Loyiso Gola 😔
That was a super awesome show Loved it. Come back soon to Witbank. ♡♡♡. Witbank love's Trevor Noah
"noah: If some people choose to hate and give you crap, use that crap as fertiliser in your garden of success. …
how about having Trevor Noah as a guest
If Trevor Noah was a news reader on LTV he would go like this.:"News just in is that members of devil...
Trevor Noah Witbank show tickets for sale
Its so hard but funny as *** when I get deep with masego. She goes Trevor Noah on me.
And Trevor Noah's “race” humour succeeds 'cause it affirms prejudice instead of confronting it. Confrontation isn'…
Man U is in a critical condition but stable. *In a Trevor Noah's voice*
I just watched Trevor Noah: African American. This kid is hilarious.
Trevor Noah, if you like stand up comedy please go look him up straight hilarious
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I think S Africa got the funniest stand up comedian in Trevor Noah. His material also hits the spot more often than not. Truest fun
Trevor Noah. If you haven't seen his latest stand up I recommend it to everyone. Hits on race perfectly. It's on Netflix
Trevor Noah on netflix. I cant stop laughing
My new favorite comedian Trevor Noah!!! I just died!!!
I laugh so hard every time this Trevor Noah comedy special comes on. Hilarious.
ya. Only because you are el homosexualo
you called dips.. I called dibs.. according to Spanish 3 I win
If you want really funny, thoughtful and 90% clean comedy.get on Netflix and lookup Trevor Noah
Ok. Trevor Noah and his fellow coloured comedians KILLED Emalahleni hey. I laughed so hard. Great night out. :)
CONGRATS Girl on getting tickets for Noah.
Great, great stand up comedy show from Trevor Noah and Friends... 😃😃😃
When Noah (says my helmet is about to get in line for paint. That's all I can think about! About to be one sick helmet!
"Trevor Noah, Tsogo Sun to raise smiles via via
Lol what if Trevor Noah decides to visit your hood and he's like "Hey Minnie Baby Girl woza la". You'd go to him...
is this where Trevor noah shows are?
where is it? also i lost my phone charger so tell trevor and mikey I'm eating right now!
Lmao Idols can be such a trevor Noah show
Tonight we have two stacked shows!. Trevor Noah makes his club debut and is joined by Nikki Glaser,…
They need to bring back that Trevor Noah and Kuli Roberts show back.
and when Trevor Noah mocks whites, it's funny? You're a hypocrite! A supporter of the Marxist invention of
let's arrest all who make scottish and Irish jokes too, ooo, what about Trevor Noah? He is racist too
when Trevor Noah knocks whites ,do you also feel obliged to report him?
But that southafrican accent always makes my day. Reminds of Trevor Noah everytime !
Comedian Noah will be performing from August 7th-9th in Southern California's Irvine Improv.. More details here:...
Who is Is he related to Trevor Noah?
Trevor Noah is my new favourite comedian
I just wana watch Trevor Noah videos all night
Trevor Noah makes jokes about AIDS, they laugh, we make jokes about ebola, they act like we voted for satan
😂😂 “Ufuna ukwenza a Trevor Noah with the Russian girl
Somehow I can never take Zuma serious. I blame Trevor Noah. .
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lol bra you must hear these Zim peeps talk , it's like I'm living in a Trevor Noah movie -_-
So anyway, Trevor Noah has probably conjoured up some Earthquake jokes already, can't wait to hear them
Hacked by Kirsten love Trevor Noah , love him, or you jus
I'm convinced Trevor Noah should get it
Because of Trevor Noah I laugh when South Africans with that deep accent speak, I laugh. Blame Trevor.
you're pregnant with Trevor Noah's child ... you have no say.
I'm honestly going to enjoy this journey back home watching Trevor Noah
Lmao coloureds are exaggerating, this woman a re it felt like the whole world was going around. Reminds me of Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah's next show is going to be interesting. Quake may just feature
I'm going to that Trevor Noah show in November.
ayee watch this comedy skit called my culture by Trevor Noah lmao *** got jokes
dancing is an art to Capricorn its like watching Trevor Noah perform
I don't fear nothin', no tremor, cause I don't Noah bout it, I guess I'm so Trevor
I think this time he will give trevor noah the honor of leading the investigation. Starting off by. This is crazy funny
Ag please that was so small it reminded me of Tremor Noah, oops i mean Trevor Noah.Dillan Oliphant Charles Ash , Jason Goliath
I wonder if Trevor Noah has been there yet? I think he has. Good lad :D
These tremors are getting worse fam... i'm moving to Australia *Trevor noah voice
Trevor noah got no award at the comedy choice awards mara why
I added a video to a playlist Trevor Noah African American
I wanna hangout with Trevor and noah 😒
Totally loving the John Pinette comedy on itunes. Sad all the good comedians die. I guess Trevor Noah has a long life ahead of him.
Check out my column tomorrow. Starring Julius Malema, Thandi Modise, Lindiwe Sisulu, Jacob Zuma, Baleka Mete and Mmusi Maimane. There are two cameo appearances by Leon Schuster and Trevor Noah. The Star. Pretoria News. The Mercury. Cape Times. Watch out for it.
Russel Peters and Trevor Noah are my favourite comedians!
Guys and girls, the Jive Cape Town Funny Festival playing at the Baxter ends on the 22nd June with only a few tickets left. You seriously need to make a plan to see it, it truly is a laugh! I completely enjoyed my evening seeing Kev Orkian, Schalk Bezuidenhout (local and sooo unexpectedly funny) and Trevor Noah yes you read right, live!! R150 isn't that bad! And if you buy 10 or more you pay R135.
Share this post and stand a chance to win a ticket to the Trevor Noah show "Its my Culture" in Walvis Bay!
ivor is so ignorant smh... u remind me of the girl who asked Trevor Noah if he knew her friend from Ghana
Just saw a dear little lady sweeping the floor in the mall with drawn on eyebrows that made her face look angry. Yoh! Made me think of Trevor Noah...had a good giggle. Shame😝
"Black Hitller" :D Trevor Noah talk about racisme but it's JUST FOR FUN :D and stay awsome ...: via
Any1 in whk wanna go see Trevor Noah with me next weekend??
Whenever I see bra Julius, I catch myself singing the Prince classic: "She wore a raspberry beret, the kind you find in a 2nd hand store..." He's funnier than Trevor Noah.
Watching Parliament on TV is like watching Trevor Noah at the Baxter.
You wanna go to the blue hole tomorrow morning with me Trevor Noah and Toby?
is better than when It comes to jokes... Be Comedian in the world is Julius 'Juju boy' Malema
“this is better than Trevor Noah” *~ guy it's as if these oaks breathe a different typa oxygen
Malema is now more of a comedian than an EF fighter. No need 4 that. We got Trevor Noah & the guy is doing a brilliant job.
We all watched and heard Trevor Noah... Accents shouldn't faze us
Wish was staying in JHB or CT. Trevor Noah and David Kau collected plenty of material from the to make me laugh the whole yr
If you think Trevor Noah is funny, think again. Tune in to Parliamentary Service Channel and watch our Politicians
Listening to Trevor Noah's impression of a Nigerian accent makes me want to never talk again
the way i crack up when my daughter hands me Trevor Noah's dvd saying "mummy, treber no" lol uhm ya
So do I get Trevor Noah and Kev Orkian for company?
At the The award being presented by Trevor Noah. Song Of The Year! Aand the...
Trevor Noah or Kevin Hart. Which of the two must I watch
Some comedy for the stretched mind.. . African American - Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah:"Julius please stop scaring white. people". Julius Malema:"they are no scared of me". TN:"but you...
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''Honorable Malema'' one could mistakenly conclude by say these are Trevor Noah's words
Malema is a better comedian than Trevor Noah.
Then Kevin nd finish it off wit Trevor Noah...!!!
Malema won't ever be our president but his presence and banter has a role to play! Stand up comedian of note I say.Trevor Noah watch out
Mara JM is gifted as a stand up comedian...the only problem is that he masquerades as a revolutionary and misleads our people. *Trevor Noah is very lucky that JM went into politics instead of comedy*
Trevor Noah "Which celeb would you love to take a selfie with?"
food for thought,DJ Sbu and Helen Zille... What they have to say on behaviour,worst of all,Trevor Noah's comedy!
Trevor when do you ever go to the club?
Trevor Noah- African American. Super funny LOLBlack people can make you feel confident by asking who you are LOL
The way a woman shares food with U shows U what she'll be like in divorce*trevor noah* ihlanyanyana
Good day once again my fellow South Africans just a small favor to ask does anyone have any South African movies and yes I mean mostly the Leon Schuster type as you can find all Trevor Noah's shows on the movie websites if anyone has a few certainly, I will be more than happy to buy it from you or if you may have a website for me where i can watch it from. It would be highly appreciated as this guy Leon Schuster he really knows how to take you back home to South Africa.and I know he has released a new movie now .Please, Asseblief en Dankie julle is mos die BESTE
and ever since the beard eish *looks away*. Why can't AKA be like trevor noah and make us coloureds proud?
Trevor Noah take us to 18:00,Tons of laughter.
Someone come chill with me Trevor and Noah
I was just going to tell you should do another Taste Test, it should be you, Jake, Noah, and Trevor :) featured in NBC s Science of Love
lol you can never go wrong with Trevor Noah friend :-D
Didn't watch but I'm sure there was something Trevor Noah can work with...
A prediction of trevor Noah jnr of the game is 3-1 to Brazil
Brazillian anthem reminds me of Trevor Noah -you want play ?
Watching state of the nation address by my guy Zuma. Literally waiting for one of those moments he slips up or says something Trevor Noah will use in his stand-ups!
Disney on Ice, Trevor Noah, Rihanna, John Legend... good people dont come to Durban... best thing we have is curry and breyani
Trevor Noah : Shaka Zulu Was *** He Never married .. He told his men to never seek the love of a woman .. But the love of their Fellow men
Trevor Noah : Shaka Zulu Was *** The Only Woman he loved was his mother..
Lol no trevor no i cant laugh anymore this trevor thing i will finish it tmorow laughlikethis in bed trevor noah
Trevor Noah is no longer as sharp as he used to be. Let me get this rather
First Trevor Noah, now AKA. What's 8ta trying to tell us about the commodification of the yellowbone male in this country? Ponder, Cretins.
Trevor can't score u could probably beat him 😂
Guys wjo can twll me when is Trevor noah coming to windhoek. .
Trevor Noah "2. Who is your favourite South African comedian?
Watching Trevor he supposed to be funny
who's willing to take me to Trevor Noah' show?
The fact that they would place Trevor Noah and Lupita in the same category as Chimamanda worries me.
INSERT 7... Waqeda ukpheka u Ntombi and I helped her carry the pots to our room. Safika u Nkule e busy talking to her boyfriend Thando e fonin.. Phatho had her earphones on kucaca ukuth she listening to music. Waphaka u Ntombi with my help of cos. Saqeda and gave the others their food. Sadla ke in silence kusana leya tension. U Ntombi broke the silence Ntombi :So this how its gonna be? All 3of us :huh? Ntombi :Ngisho layndlini. C'mon guys bekumnandi sizwana and now it's all sour... I looked at Phatho and Nkule, Nkule looked away nd Phatho carried on like she heard nada. Me : Ntombi is right guys, I suggest we talk it out. Like adults ke kodwa no shouting. Phatho :ai ke mfazi nindkhuphe klonxoxo yenu mna, akhonto ndzoytheth apha. Andzelanga zofundisa abafazi abadala iintlanzeko mna.. Ntombi : akekho othe khona ozofundiswa.. the room went dead silent. She continued. :siphuma emakhay angafani, so we won't behave the same way sonke so.. Me :*cutting her off* I think we should set rules. Ntombi :my thoughts e ...
Almond butter and Trevor noah night at with maxmandias , HA HA HA @ Burgreens Eatery
I'm confused?!, I was given the impression that Trevor Manual was the first black finance minister. It is No no I mean Nene. What is Noah
Feel like watching something ya Trevor Noah
Like Trevor Noah,i wanna also go to USA so i can be black
I would so go all the way to South Africa to see Trevor Noah live.
Trevor Noah phokol, Free Your Mind phokol, I am sorry but this hasn't sunk in yet.
any1 with latest Trevor Noah's shows pls pls pls contact me
The way Trevor Noah imitates black people and their accent . :"D
Watching Trevor Noah and I just laugh thinking about my old friend Kenan Barends lmk miss jou my chommie
Trevor Noah: "Getting Married at the age of 22 sounds a lot more like leaving a party at 09:30PM" :v :v
Trevor Noah wrote; Boss (to the new employee): We are very keen on cleanliness. Did you wipe your feet on the mat as you came in? New employee: Yes, sir. Boss: We are also keen on truthfulness. There is no mat.
Aish! Today i'm giving away stuff at Christmas Specials and its only may. Still New Ps3 up for "crabs" like Temco would say! Ridicoulous give away. I'm talking Trevor Noah Crazy prices! Even Kevin Hart wouldn't need to explain this! * 2 controllers * Fifa 14 * 150gb only asking for a small P2000! No neg! Unless you're negitiating to pay more cause this deal is just too sweet like Candy! *Dramaboi voice!*
Trevor Noah the comedian,the 1 who z making jokes
Bafana Bafana drew -_-". Perhaps this result would only make Trevor Noah happy
Trevor noah said it"a draw is a win 4 us bafana's well done bafanas u finished de exams"trevors voice
The Black human race holds a rear abillity "Element of Suprice" Tiger Woods Vusi Thembekwayo Nelson Mandela Trevor Noah etc. When God greated us he knew what he was doing
But when my dad sings Nelly Furtado's "all good things" in AFRIKAANS maaahn ! , and perfectly btw . Funny Guy *Trevor Noah voice*
The best joke from last night's show: "I hate flying business class but I love business class lounges. It's fun to be there because all you hear are words like 'acquisitions', 'mergers','business startups' - whereas in the economy class lounge you hear people saying 'did you pack that? Where did you put it. It's not in this bag. Which bag did you put it in?' " - Trevor Noah
I was in the crowd. when Rafiki held Simba over the edge of the cliff,. like an African Michael Jackson. -Trevor Noah.
2day I jst wana say happy bday 2 my baby who is 3years old...I thnk God 4 ths boy hs blessed me wth...waylin u r my happiness my smile upon my face nd my little comedian(my own trevor noah nd emo adams) nd I love u so much...happy bday my baby
Anyone who has the new my culture(trevor noah)would you plz and be kind and hook a brother up!!
He was so confident that he knew the word!
and I said their estimated value was 575 million
yeah but so was i! I said they would sell for over 1 billion
Lmfaorl. yeeeaah, and I look like Trevor Noah
I cant even hold it in anymore!giggling aint enough...Im laughing out loud!!!Trevor Noah!
I would actually go but I'm goin to the pool 😎
Had the most amazing time today. Watched Trevor Noah and then hung out with my amazing cousins! !! Thanks for giving up your ticket for me cuz!!!
Look who we met today!!! TREVOR NOAH!! Guess I gotta start going out more. The way these celebs troop…
Sometimes even Trevor Noah takes jokes personal you know??? You just gada understand that when reality strikes, it can create depression hence jokes aren't jokes anymore!!!
I Wonder Y Trevor Noah Do Jokes with me Tjo WIll call him tomorro. Bt Was very Funny
Just imagine how life would be if: Trevor Noah was the RSA President Jacob Zuma a stand-up comedian Blade nzimande a real goboza presenter Leon Schuster a minister of defence Loyiso Gola a sports minister Wiz Khalifa didn't smoke and Julius Malema was a pansula . Life would be so Perfect
Thanks Trevor Noah.had a Great time.yalla. .
Day 53. Had a nice quiet day at work and enjoyed Trevor Noah tonight.
Lolololmaolol...Trevor Noah is 1 crazy comedian...lolol...Yeah it sure hz bcum hz culture 2b crazy,does it wthout
I just had the hottest and most chilli bunny chows ever, and I don't seem to see a tap of water nearby, worst torture ever, And trevor noah wasn't lying, now am talking fast like indians joe,
I think they served me a "Trevor Noah's special order" at McDonalds today, that lady behind the window looked at me funnynyana.
Trevor Noah tickets purchased:-) So glad he came on board the CTFF...ha ha ha he he he!!
Trevor noah, David kau or mashabela galane
Indoda ayikhaliswa yizinto ezincane oyalinda kuze kube khona into enkulu eyenzekayo den he wud cry in bulk esekhalela nalokhuya okuncane he ddnt cry for "Trevor Noah"-Its my culture.
On my way to watch Trevor Noah live in DUBAI! :)
South African national anthem will never be the same again, thanks to Trevor Noah -_- "South Africa...remix*starts beatboxing* "
On our way to watch Trevor Noah in Dubai. Going to be a good night.
Celebrated as the most popular comedian in South Africa, Trevor Noah takes the stage in "African American" to explore his often-bewildering journey of arrivi...
"Comedy is just like sex. Because you just have to sit there and I have to satisfy you" Trevor Noah...
i'm @ hemingways mall... Ndbona abantu taking pictures while riding the Escalators... Mybe they're frm Trevor Noah
If you're picking up tickets from the DUCTAC box office for tonight's sold out Trevor Noah show please come early to avoid queuing.
The South African commedian, Trevor Noah, is such a pain to the lungs. HEhe Pilot!
So on Trevor Noah gets to a point where he says there’s ALWAYS money around Jacob Zuma but it’s NEVER his…today the papers revealed that he was very much involved in the 100 billion rand oil scheme with the DRC and his nephew… already I can hear him in parliament being questioned about the scheme and him saying “I…. I DON’T KNOW”
Economic Freedom Fighters are more likely to be fans of Kaizer Chiefs than of Orlando Pirates, almost a third of them like local beauty Bonang Matheba, and plenty have a soft spot for Oprah.EFF supporters have a sense of humour. Half of them follow comic Trevor Noah. including me!
I honestly thought that Trevor Noah was making that stuff up about how Jacob Zuma and Julias Malema talk. You know, the pauses and commas in between words and what not for JZ and the comical drone by Malema? And then yesterday I was watching eNCA and guess what? Trevor wasn't making it up! I was so disturbed, especially after listening to Julius for about 5 minutes...I couldn't even laugh, it wasn't so much funny as it was sad. Meanwhile the DA sent me a text message on Saturday which read "Say NO to 5 more years of ANC corruption in Gauteng, and YES to jobs and clean government. Your vote can make history. Vote DA on 7 May!" Heck, I didn't know I was eligible to vote in SA. But the unsettling thing is, how in the world did Helen know I was in Gauteng on Saturday?
//Steve Harvey,Trevor Noah & all the other comedians move aside...Julius Malema is here. I really feel like I'm watching a comedy show,tjer rolling on the floor with laughter...
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