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Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah (born 20 February 1984) is an award winning South African comedian. He has also been a radio DJ, actor and TV host.

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Between Trevor noah vs basketmouth who would win...?
Thanx to trevor noah for making my morning next stop the beer garden
""I know what today is. The priest told us. It's Happy Friday" - 6-yr-old midget." Love your little lad. A young Trevor Noah
American ladies are drooling over Trevor Noah :'-D Hmm.
Trevor Noah.Not only in africa but the whole world.
Behind the scenes of Brand South Africa's new television commercial with leading local stand-up comedian Trevor Noah, who is now taking his act beyond ...
Trevor Noah this seem 2 cool the original coloured
Trevor Noah is funny. But he's always talking about Zuma, ANC, Votes and after a while its just get boring. Redundancy
Trevor Noah Rt:"In your opinion, who's the funniest Comedian in Africa?
Loool.dis dude is insaneTrevor Noah(dat's racist)
Off to sun city and watching trevor noah in da bus n laughing our *** out.
"We use to be a rainbow nation but now the colours are going in different ways" Trevor Noah
few of them can Noah trevor jase At least they keep it real
Had a great day of skating with Justin Wardia trevor Noah Kottmyer sam
who's going to play Harry o: and Liam ahh and Tessa ans Zayn and Trevor and Sophia and Danny and Tessa's mom and Noah AHHH!!
Look at Oscar Pistorius, look at him . he has no legs. but that didn't stop him from being. a Killer -- Trevor Noah
congratulations to aqsa for her graduation!! It's finally happening! It is your time *Trevor Noah …
Trevor Noah,its my calture.u gota love the show the guys rocks.nyt bangani.
Home n for some laugh ere ke she be Trevor Noah it's my Culture — at 31 13th Street, Menlo Park
What I have watched so near far in this past two months :- Game of Thrones House of Cards Trevor Noah -its my culture 100 Intelligent
Holy Cow. "Trevor Noah has competition: Mbete is a holy place via
Its my culture ay Trevor Noah yagula
y'know,I totally forgot about that. *in Trevor Noah voice* So,you from (z)Joburg neh?
Trevor taking Noah on stage and the way he seems so happy about it is melting my heart he's such a cute wee daddy😁💕
Lol Trevor Noah's mum canceled a medical aid because she never get sick... :)
Trevor Michael and Noah are literally the cutest. it makes me so happy to see a dad so in love with their child
Why it took me so long to watch do not know!...:")..arg Trevor Noah is goooddd!
I love Trevor Noah, I love comedy, he's able to navigate race with ease, I enjoy his shows..
i hope Trevor Noah is watching this Great Debate coz that's some serious comedy material right there. ;-)
When I see Zuma. I will try as much as possible not to think about Trevor Noah..
Can Trevor Noah release another stand up
I wanda what will happen if you put Chris Tucker and Trevor Noah on the same stage.
lol by Trevor Noah... ''Julius Malema is like a vuvuzela'' yeah ryt hz is a vuvuzela to me 2...
My sister and I watching Trevor Noah (again) in my bed. And she's like:. "Ek lê nie lekker nie.. Ek voel soos 'n...
Trevor Noah has competition: Mbete: Nkandla is a holy place: via
Trevor Noah . I don't want to watch more Kevin hart . I love an African dope comedian.
Trevor Noah's impression of Nelson Mandela drunk is hilarious
Watching trevor noah nd *** this boi s doin it.nice show hey...!
Accident or not, South Africans are still going to make fun of Oscar ..this is one of the reasons why this is the best country in the world. "The world says we're going this way and we say , ay we'll meet you there" wise words from Trevor Noah
I was at a prayer meeting last night and the preacher was doing jokes through out, nothing abou6t Jesus whatsoever.i felt like I was listening to Trevor Noah or Steve Harvey Show. In fact, the preacher was preaching and cracking like Eddy Griffin. I would like to share with you about preaching and define wat is a sermon. Its really worrying U know after telling a bed time story.the little girl asked "daddy is that a true story or ur just preaching"? What is a sermon or preaching? Many sail sermons in Shipwreck.this short study will equip you to have control. Preaching is delivering through man of a message from God for the salvation of man. *I shall continue to use the term "man" in a generic form encompassing women too The function of a sermon is the salvation and sactification of human souls. It is the uplifting of man to God, of earth to heaven by the operation of the Spirit through the spoken utterance of eternal truths. A sermon is a formal religious discourse, founded on the Word of God designed to ...
I can't wait for the 7 of May to come and go. It makes me angry to listen to all these politicians talking rubbish. Another reason I can't wait, is to sit back and enjoy a show of Trevor Noah covering this period before elections.
Sometimes I wonder what the tellers is doing behind their desks at banks, cause seriously how long does it take for a print???lol soma thinking of Trevor Noah, yor over booking yo yo yo overbooking anoda one anoda one!!! Lmimc!!!
lol ga eish Trevor Noah xi ndzi dlayisa ku hleka. ka ka ka ka a ndza ha koti. he made my day.
Oscar thinks Gerrie Nel is grinding him, wait till Trevor Noah gets hold of him
Alright ride home done. Shower dinner TV holidays :-) tonight Portlandia and Trevor Noah
Anyone watch the Free your mind segment last night? What did you think? Which Popular Comedian would you like to see on NTN Stage again - Trevor Noah, Marc Lottering, Free your Mind...etc..
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...hai Trevor Noah killed me.a re an ordinary man wil say 'i'm goin shopping' bt dz z wat a politician will say 'eeh u kno comrade i will embark on a journey which will see me utilising my lower limbs mobilising towards a pre-determined location,upon my arrival i wil engage in a systematic exchange of goods nd services betwwen myself nd a predetermined vendor'
Accussed person hitting on me ha ! His cute though ufana no Trevor Noah , huu , lol
Busy watching Trevor Noah.My culture,, probably for the 10th time,and i can do it for 50 more
Itz my culture by Trevor Noah. Awsome 1 ey... :-D
Watching trevor noah before my interview lmao!
Trevor noah-its my culture LOL...wud love to go to 1 of his shows
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!! Great News for all the Trevor Noah Fans in Dubai! Trevor Noah will once again be performing LIVE at DUCTAC Theatre on the 28th and 29th May! Tickets to be going on SALE SOON!
Trevor Noah is funny, but I can't help but think, he copies Russel Peters
Best way to start the day Just listened to Trevor Noah BRILLIANT Love him.
Oh! But Bishop Bismark and Trevor Noah have same kinda sense of humour, its what I call intelligence...
They say laughter is the best medicine huh, so why don't you make a joke and fix that make a joke inside... me too I can make a joke, knock knock who's there nobody death by its my culture Noah
Trevor Noah...its my not bad but trevor was better of ka bo day walker...
From today I forget about Trevor Noah as my favorite comedian. I have found a more naturally gifted comedian in Roger Dixon. He says he uses his own eyes as scientific instruments to measure something that he has no expertise or formal training in. Tsamaea Dixon
Trevor Noah Sad that someone that could support the fight for the freedom of these amazing, highly intelligent creatures instead chooses to support their captivity. He needs to educate himself! Please clic on the pic & leave a comment
Trevor noah is a famous standup comedian. When he poses with dolphin all his fans are raising their voices against dolphin captivity. its indeed a cruelty. Hats off to all those who have opposed dolphin captivity.
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Watching Trevor Noah my culture,i lyk this guy his so funny..yo lmao..
Ndiswa uyatiphakela. Me: whoa Nunu, that's enough ngeke ngikucedze lokudla lokungaka! Ndiswa: *in Trevor Noah voice* ya neh, you're funny neh? you've got jokes nhhe? y'wa fani wena mami I see. Eh! Kani kuhambani lakaMkwanazi? Who do I have bribe to get some food in this house?
A great way to end the day with Trevor Noah Afican American DVD
I am reducing the number of Comedian friends on my friends list on fb They dont invite me to anything. They dont connect me to gigs Sorry folks i have evaluated my friendship Its not working the following have been removed - Ricky Gervais , Trevor Noah, Terry Alderton and. Eddie Griffin.
You must not be South African if you don't find Trevor Noah and Leon Schuster funny
Gear up for the night!. Trevor Noah, the famous South African comedian is performing live tonight at Center point...
Trevor Noah is one crazy mixed race m'fka.These other stand up comedian have nothin'on! "Critical but stable,what does that mean?". Qhawe lamaqhawe! R.I.P
Thomas Ghumede.David Kau,shampoo naiza.n th best of them all Trevor Noah
When is Trevor Noah come to Zim.yo that guy
Celebrated as the most popular comedian in South Africa, Trevor Noah takes the stage in "African American" to explore his often-bewildering journey of arriving in America ...
This Trevor Noah he is making my day. Lol
.with an interesting point... Is there a difference between Gareth Cliff putting on a ‘blek’ accent vs Trevor Noah doing so?
South African comedian Trevor Noah takes time off from his shows in New York to chat about adjusting to the US, racial identity and the joys of being black. ...
This is the reason I struggle finding Trevor Noah funny tbh. He's not white but yeah..,
Completely different set in Melbourne Australia: Trevor Noah on David Letterman ...
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jinne - I think Barry Roux is now pulling the stunt Trevor Noah speaks about where when a cop stops u and you black - you just delay and draw out the answers till people are so exasperated they just let you go. Barry get to the point - joh even I am irritated with your long winded line of questioning now where u just not getting to the point
Just gt attaked for saying Trevor Noah said, SA ladies r beautiful. Whts wrong with appreciating wht SA gives us. If m driving a VW, is it a problem 2 say BMW is beautiful? Some1 pliz tell me wht dd I do wrong..
Somehow she sound like trevor noah when he immitate us capetonians
Crying is the sweat of my emotional workoutNOAH!
All three nights of Trevor Noah Live In Dubai have SOLD OUT.
Wow Jase is pulling a Trevor Noah "You gonna learn" stunt...chill bra its only Big Brother Mandla...BBM
Noah de king of stand up comedy 4 me -»dats my culture
recap: Joakim Noah was one assist shy of a triple-double as Bulls (36-29) defeated Rockets 111-87. 
Joakim Noah, he is one of the best passing big men in the NBA right now. Dwight doesn't have that too his game.
Watching Day Walker by Trevor never gets boring.each time I laugh like its 4 de 1st man is mal.
yeah and Noah reminds me of Trevor's friend with the facepaint
Watching "Trevor Noah: African American" Laughing so hard! This guys is right on the money.. Every thought Ive ever had since being a South African living in America.. Take the time to watch it...
Trevor Hine, Mason Tate and Corey Stauffer close careers on high note, joined by Noah Brockway, Dallastown 11th in 400 free relay
Not South African but having watched almost all Trevor Noah's shows (except African American) I have a good understanding of politics there
"if you guys aren't here in 5 minutes we're leaving without you" - Noah
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I have the biggest crush on Trevor Noah *** those dimples though.
Watching its my Culture by trevor Noah with
I want Trevor Noah on my lobola team, that way my in-laws to be will laugh through the process of thinking my family are out of their minds.
Watching its my culture by Trevor Noah with my friend nokuthula laughing all the way! Like the say laughter is a good medicine
Some comedians are less funnier that my beard. I think Trevor Noah is the only South African comedian that manages to make me laugh
Whenever I think of Trevor Noah I laugh. :')
Watching Trevor Noah it's my culture and he's killing it
Lol jimmy tau reminds me of Trevor Noah lol "eix ticket,eix seat belt" lol jimmy score prediction for Saturday "eix rob eix haikhona " that's how patient black ppl r hehehe
These comedians though, first it was Trevor Noah hating on CellC now it Loyiso Gola beefing with Vodacom. sizode sisebenzise eyiphi kanti?
Trevor Noah - Its My Culture. That guy is blessed with charisma †
I am no expert of comedy but surely know when a joke is funny or offensive. Some time ago I read a trevor noah joke that read " And the Oscar goes to. jail" just last night I read another that reads " I told Oscar if he had painted Reeva black with with shoe polish surely he cudve gotten away with it I then realized it was in bad taste coz y wud he own shoe polish without any feet" surely this is much more offensive than the Trevor Noah joke. TN got attacked by fans saying they had lost their respect for him for being so insensitive. To me the second joke is much more disrespectful and offensive. It is his disability u guys r refering to. Have a heart, TN is funny but not disrespectful to comment on legs a man has lost at birth. We r blessed guys jokes r jokes but keep it clean
The gap in the seat of your car is big enough to swallow anything you drop but small enough to make sure you can't reach it.- Trevor Noah   
TREVOR NOAH very intelligent stand up comedian. Catch his special on Showtime. Not for the ignorant
baby do assignments, eat Doritos and watch Trevor Noah,tonight its all you.tommorow gone.!! 😊😁😉😋
hey thank you thank you thank you for the TREVOR NOAH☀
Dogs in the townships bark like they complaining about the government ~ Trevor Noah
I thought i waz sleeping nd it did happn in ma dream english to english translationnoah...trial
Trevor Noah is my favourite comedian of all time, but do his jokes give us permission to joke about stereotypes and mock accents too?
Trevor Noah has a point.. I mean why do women shave their eye brows off then draw a line exactly were da brows are suppose to be!! I just dnt get it!!!
Watching this from the office...can't stop laughing iyooo...Trevor Noah - My Culture.
"Zebras are like horses with stretchmarks" ~Trevor Noah. :"D
Who has Trevor Noah 'It's my culture' plz share with me?
Dallastown Trevor Hine 500 free and Noah Brockway 100 back will be in consolation finals tonight
Trevor Noah is funny no lie about that.. But Chiefs supporters? They Even funnier.. :v :v The funniest goes to Real Madrid supporters.. :-\
Trevor Noah - Its my culture... Best thing ever...
The best SAMA's were the ones that were hosted by Trevor Noah.
Trevor Noah has nothing on ..power tarrifs to go up by 10%? We r awash in darkness further covered by silence on the matter.
as trevor noah had said "& the OSCAR goes 2 JAIL" its quiet evident that he is guilty
Trevor Noah aint that funny, ahhh.i might as well unfollow him...i never laugh, mwina 'mh' basi
Jacob *Trevor Noah voice* "Ladies, a date with Jacob Zuma or Goodluck Ebele Jonathan?
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Zach Galifianakis interviewed OBAMA!! Can we please have Trevor Noah interview Jacob ?:(
Trevor Noah Live in Dubai IS now SOLD OUT!!! March 27 to 29th! !!
Beat the queues & save time on the night by collecting your Trevor Noah tickets from the DUCTAC Box Office beforehand. 043414777 for info
"noah: Fridges should have glass doors. That way I don't have to stand with the door open trying to figure out my next move."
The difference between Trevor Noah and Loyiso Gola is that the other one lacks Charisma. That's like comparing a Ferrari and a Polo vivo Trevor is too much for South African comedians.He's way ahead
Trevor Noah live at monte casino tonight :) winning!!
I have a spare ticket for Trevor Noah show tonight 6pm Pls DM if u r interested.
"Put yourself first. Nobody else will" - Trevor Noah (2013)
What? A sitcom produced by Will and Jada, for Trevor Noah??
I have Dragic on DraftStreet & Noah on FD. But since I like them both, they will probably both tank. Trevor Booker good value.
Anyone willing to watch Trevor Noah Its my culture at The teatro (MonteCasino) between 24feb and the 9th of Mar??? Anyone?
You must be doing something on the 1st. Eminem, Santana, Trevor Noah, Football, Rugby, Rocky Horror Picture show,
Yoh ai my dad can be trevor noah sometimes lol.
OPRAH:"are you sir you not going to spank them?" TUTOR:No we not going to spank them (Opreah GOES) TUTOR: WE GOING TO BEAT THEM! tREVOR nOAH
Trevor Noah!!! ♥ if your feeling low :( trevor is there to make you happy .
Lol..just cant get enough of this guy,Trevor Noah...watchin ..ITS MY CULTURE,for the upteenth time!..lmbreek!!
U say she loves u bt if a guy lyk trevor noah proposed 2 her she wud leav u in a heart beat
Lol he is funny! Watch South African Comedian Trevor Noah on
There goes my dreams of taking Trevor Noah as my second husband.
I'm looking for Trevor Noah Tickets at monte Casino. Does anyone have extra 2 or 4 tickets. Please!
Primedia and the Gautrain have joined forces to launch "Gauteng's Big Night Out". "The concept is that, for one night only - Saturday March 1st, Gautrains trains and buses will be running late into the night in support of several. leisure locations and activities in Gauteng," Bombela Concession Company's Errol Braithwaite said in a statement. "Trains will run past midnight and special Gautrain shuttle buses will transport patrons between the venues and the closest Gautrain station." The venues will include the Eminem Concert at Ellis Park, the Santana Concert at FNB Stadium. Restaurants, shops and movies at Rosebank Mall and The Zone as well as night walks at the Johannesburg Zoo, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Trevor Noah and Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist at Montecasino. Rugby lovers will also get to enjoy the match between The Lions and Bulls at Loftus Versfeld without having to worry about transport. Ken Varejes, Group CEO of Primedia Unlimited, said: " Primedia is delighted to partner with the Gautrai ...
Tell your favorite African stand up comedian and I wanna upload a video for you to watch. Mine, the best is Basket mouth, clint de drunk, Okey bakassi and trevor Noah and finally Karis in that order
Wrong night!!! Why can't this be done on the 6th for the Trevor Noah show?! Driving from Rankuwa is not child play!
If Trevor Noah's followers can be redeemed for cash he would have been sitting on 1.2 Million
Lmao tell me bwt it "noah: I don't actually know how to be an adult, I'm just winging it."
Lol Trevor Noah is officially a boss after this pic...
Someone on TV once said she's worried about Trevor Noah's career because he refuses to participate in those sexy man award thingies. LOL
LOVED UP: Trevor Noah is usually quite low-key when it comes to his personal life so we were pleasantly surprised...
"He sAani,hee sanni,I'll butter u to death,die of cholesterol"-Death by Trevor Noah cn ma future hubby hv his personality plz Lord!!Kwaaks
White people's response to the manifesto says they want to jump into the nearest sea or any body of moving water. Remember when the people who still fondly refer to Zimbabwe as Rhodesia flocked to apartheid South Africa? The mood is the same but the problem is that F.W de Klerk's South Africa was the last bastion of white supremacy. The sea is the cleaner and more appealing option. The ANC's response is good material for David Kau, Trevor Noah and Loyiso Gola. Their good story has a tragic ending, just like the Nats' story. State sponsored violence and intimidation are the only viable options. It's interesting to see young people making powerful people shake in their boots once again.
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Trevor Noah is the Cell C CEO?? Yes, and its funny how the network works.. lmao lol
"You know u hot, when u start winning other countries competitions." Trevor Noah. I WILL marry this dude guys!
Waking up with a sore neck isn't the best thing to happen but I get to watch Bleach & Trevor Noah in bed ☺
Trevor Noah wrote:. Mandoza be like :. "Holap!Homafo,Zuma never wanna here us!West beheiviya
This will be YOU if you go anywhere near Trevor Noah in my presence :o no. really.
Trevor Noah has made it very difficult for me to decide of who to vote for come 7May .. *** you Trevor. Lol
yo Trevor Noah,here is a classic lol!!
Going to see Trevor Noah show tonight
Kenya wants to join the fray in jailing homosexuals. Trevor Noah raises a critical point, given the nature of punishment :)
4 hour wine tasting and then watching Trevor Noah LIVE! Awesome day ahead
Trevor and noah realized how good of a shot i am. I out did both of them.
Watching Trevor Noah videos at this time because it just seemed appropriate
Trevor Noah: The Racist Coming of age in post-apartheid South Africa, Trevor Noah explores race and place.
I'm sure Trevor Noah used this line! Lmao
The Daywalker II, by Trevor Noah followed by African American. Making my mood!
if you are from UK and can use iplayer look up trevor noah - the racist
Trevor Noah is such a LIAR. He claims his dad was "taken away because of Apartheid rules" when he was a teenager. Being born in 1984, and Apartheid having ended in 1990, did he become a teenager at age 5??
Just watching Trevor Noah - The Daywalker II, this guy is cool!
YouTube is going crazy tonight. ..Lmao. .Trevor Noah.lmaoo
Watchin trevor noah kwesi 4 lol yahlekisa lomjita
So good to hear my boys laughing uncontrollably... they are watching the latest Trevor Noah.. however, good therapy for a crappy day... my :( is now :)
Come on mr caliper,i call upon u,my time has arived,enjoying trevor noah to the last poin't of hapiness.
An intelligent man is a funny man. Humour rarely sprouts in a barren mind. Look at Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah-My Culture though... Definitely something worth watching after a long day :-D
fans - don't miss Trevor Noah's limited run at DUCTAC Mar 27-29. Tickets are on sale at our Box Office on level 2 of
M watchin Trevor Noah is my culture
Would Trevor Noah's jokes be funnier if he were Darkskinned?
Really worth a listen - Trevor Noah, The Racist - couple of days left on BBC iPlayer radio...
Comedian Trevor Noah, explains what it means to be mixed in Africa as opposed to in America. we bring to you the best black content around. we are :) :) :)
lol tht aint mi style... i'd pass... marr y coloured guys??? for who??? *Trevor Noah voice*
And so the countdown begins. Just 4 more sleeps until we move into our new home and until the long awaited Trevor Noah.
Did y'all see Trevor Noah's car on IG? *** ! Wow. 🙌
Just had a great laughter 2hr session "It's My Culture" by Trevor Noah what a gud start to my week ahead...
Its My Culture by Trevor Noah lol shem I haven't laughed so much in a while ah that guy is craaazy
Trevor Noah don't disappoint me, I am watching "Its my culture". Isisu sam sibuhlungu kuhleka
i must be a lucky chappie just got an email from Dubai confirming that i can get my tickets for the TREVOR NOAH show in Dubai
LMFAO Trevor Noah Mara..says bafana bafana is the only team if they playing in a tournament you must support the other teams for bafana bafana to go through the next support Ethiopia to win so that we go to the next round..
Trevor Noah is coming back to the Teatro at Montecasino in 2014 with his newest comedy show, titled ?It?s My Culture?.
At the hospital -Trevor nOah going for a voice surgery . . Nurse : next..! Name ? Trevor : TREVOR Nurse: surname? Trevor: Noah. Nurse : N O A H ... Aaah Trevor Noah, Trevor Noah. Trevor :yes Nurse : the comedian , the one who's making the jokes Trevor : yes :D Nurse : jokes about us when we on strike neh. Trevor: no not that one Nurse : yeah what do u want . U came here for da sejary. Wats wrong with your voice, its broken ,uyiphulile mtanami. Trevor : yeah Yeah...! Nurse : u Want the medicine?? Trevor : yes plz :) Nurse o ohk let me just... Oo they say laughter is the best medicine ,so y don't u make a joke inside funny guy, i got one for... Knock knock, who's ther, Nobody .. Yeah funny guy
I respect Trevor Noah and his dedicated fans... As he is still typing a status, it has 8 shares, 7 likes and 12 comments... By the time he finally clicks "Post", it has 102 shares, 298 likes and 400 comments. Nothing funny even, the guy is being serious writing "Goodmorning", people are commenting: - Lmao, eish trevor you funny tjo - You are the best, lol - Kk, good morning to you to Trevor Life of a comedian. Lol
Trevor Noah - Its my culture just can't stop laughing
Trevor noah be helping me deal with thee emotions.thee way am missing someone thou!
Oh dear .. you don't want Trevor Noah on the plane that can't take off coz there is not enough fuel -- as John Maytham says, that is just fuel for a comedian like him!
Trevor Noah is the best, i feel better already.
A 2012 matriculant hanged herself because she failed matric,so the ANC sent malema to represent them in the family's memorial service. These are the last words that malema said in conclusion to his little speech "and as such the youth should stop killing themselves,because its better to commit suicide than to kill yourself" people walked out of that memorial service laughing as if they just watched trevor noah show
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Ga goa sala sepe gre male Teachers of ths generation ba re "Morning studnts,can u pls take out ur phones and log in,a re direleng mo nakong bagaetsho,Go to search and open page ya ga Trevor Noah,find 5 adjectives,2 nouns and 3 verbs on his last post,then girls inbox them those answers to me ASAP,you boys dnt forget tht u post thm on my wall u nt alowd 2 inbox && dnt forget to poke me if i ddnt mark for u 4 end of month test,on a diferent note,wna ngwanyana ke wna,ija wa ikitse tlogela go nchapa ka seen"
Thanks Trevor Noah, now I want to travel to South Africa and taste a bunny chow ! Laurent Amaoua Jessika Méric
Do you really think that the president watches Trevor Noah mara. lol
After that Quaterly meeting I understand completely what Trevor Noah ment when he spoke of ANC people saying " mxm Ha ANC, Ha ANC u can do beter man mxm Ha ANC "
noah,the funny guy huh!de 1 wh maks jokes abt us goin on a strike(no its not me)wher r ur jokes nw(I left em in de car) Its a must watch!
Apostle Ed Bilong & Prophetess Pauline, what an honour to be amongst greatness, yet so humble and gracious. What a HOLY SPIRIT week spent with our family CHRIST FAMILY CHURCH - Linden, thank you to all the pastors, Ushering / PA team , Praise + Worship team. Well organised BREAK FREE conference, your attention to details didn’t go unnoticed. As for Apostle Singh, he is a TD Jakes and Trevor Noah put together. We look forward to the next one.
I am so curious to know how many km I actually walked this weekend... If only there was a way to find out! :P Between the Butterfly Festival in Coconut Creek with Tshego Pelo and ol' "Jimmy" giving us "directions" (and where there were in fact, no butterflies:/), and the Renaissance Festival in Deerfield with Sarei Deysel - Well I'm sure if I was darling Fro-dawg I would be a 3rd of the way to Mordor by now... But the beautiful weekend was so worth the agonising feet... And the nights of Trevor Noah (with Shay, Lauren Phillips and Graeme Dunlea) and Oasis Night Club (with Lila, Ryan Cramp and Kesha) just completed the joy in my heart of living in sunny Florida, USA :)
Trevor Noah and David Kau got nothing on this pirates team bruh
Today I went to David Kau, Loyiso Gola and Trevor Noah houses to tell them I'm the next best thing in SA. They all laughed, therefore it confirms my jokes are on point. Lol
Trevor Noah was right...Kgalema Motlanthe doesn't travel with Zuma lol
This is better than Trevor Noah or David Kau..ask 4 the originals bhabha 2 low!!U'd commit suicide..
You are to me what: -Dr Dre is to Eminem -40 is to Drake -Breast Cancer is to Rick Ross -Dirt is to Apollo -the Friend-zone is to Danny,Comfort,Skibo,Thato e.t.c -the Force is to Luke Skywalker -Jacob Zuma is to Trevor Noah -An afro-comb is to one 'man' outchea -Rihanna is to Maatla -Vaseline is to Shaniqua & Damon If you don't get how much I love you from all that then ke hardy hela... .-.
Who needs David Kau, Trevor Noah, Loyiso Gola, Riaad Moosa and all the SA comedians when there is a parliament filled with comedians? JZ was hiding behind his hand laughing during Mosiua Lekota's speech of our Presidents prohecy that the ruling party will be in power till Kingdom comes.
Watchn David Kau,,so funny,,but cnt beat the one Trevor Noah,,,after dis its Jeff Dunham,,i lv stand up comedies,,,cm join me.
I am sure the likes of Trevor Noah,David Kau etc are watchn very closely nd listening attentively & cnt w8 to myk fun of msholozi
British comic, Jimmy Carr, will be hosting the roasting of the Sushi King! Does Jimmy know Kenny Kunene? Could we not use David Kau, Trevor Noah, Anele Mdoda...the local list is endless
It seems like freedom of speech in this country is only allowed to stand up comedians, because they are the only ones who tell the trueth about the officials of SA without being threatened. I think its high time Thuli Madonsela hand her reports to Trevor Noah because he's not threatened to tell ordinary citizens what they supose to know.
Which comedians is the best in mzansi by stand up comedy Trevor Noah kagisho lediga mashabela Ashifa shabba David Kau
Yesterday watched Long Walk To Freedom by Madiba & Thats my culture by Trevor Noah special figures for the country
I just saw Caster Semenya and my day was remade coz Wen I saw her I just smiled nd almost laughed as I thought of the joke Trevor Noah made about Julius Malema about the Caster Semanya issue on media.
Trevor Noah did a full roast of Steve Hofmeyer. I think Mamphele Ramphela needs one too.
We'd also move to Australia if only they had Hip Hop Pantsula, DJ Fresh, the Big Five, Micasa, Somizi, Trevor Noah, Julius Malema, Riaan Cruywagen... actually, I take that back. We wouldn't move to Australia.
"Trevor Noah has just signed a 2-year contract with us as our new head coach", said Dr Irvin Khoza in a team press conference held in OP headquarters.
If you could have a dinner party with any 10 people (who are still alive), who would you chose? Mine would be: 1) Helen Zille, Oprah Winfrey, Barak Obama, Desmond Tutu, Carolyn Myss, Trevor Noah, Dynamo, Richard Branson, Graham Hancock and Prof. Jonathan Jansens ( for now!)
Famed South African comedian Trevor Noah is coming to DUCTAC in March.
Enjoy your Sunday evening if you are spending it with us, Paul Carrack in the Irwin Mitchell Oval Hall and Trevor Noah in the Memorial Hall
South African comedian Trevor Noah's first experience with tacos
can u do a vid with Trevor Noah my dawg?
We're excited to hear has landed his on US sitcom: Congratulations Trevor!
Trevor Noah at the Apollo: Oftentimes comedy is just tragedy rephrased. South African comedian Trevor Noah...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
AfroSuperStar » Too Funny: South African Comedian Trevor Noah(Full live stand up show at the...
Too bad Trevor didn't leave his number. I bet he's the one she really wanted. We'll never know...
South African comedian Trevor Noah on growing up biracial (funny video)
Trevor Noah you're hella hilarious .. repping Africa in USA
Trevor Noah's stand up on Netflix is hilarious.
Also, Trevor Noah does a nice bit that includes some German if you need practice
Am I the only African that does not find Trevor Noah that funny??? 😐
hi Julius are you really as cool as Trevor Noah makes u out to be?
Trevor Noah. U rock man. Watched your latest show like 8 times. Tops man tops
You guys should check out this South African comedian. His name is Trevor Noah. Funny guy
Having a good time watching Trevor Noah its my culter lmaooo trevor is so funny
it's my culture.Trevor Noah is crazy :"""D
Watching Trevor Noah its my culture 4 like the fourth time and I still larf!☺
Girls with body counts higher than 14 out here dissing the girl. We knows you *Trevor Noah Voice*
I added a video to a playlist Trevor Noah - Live at the Apollo - London
Trevor Noah and his comedic view of his life in South Africa! 😂
pliz do format her dirty mind! The Trevor Noah video too.. if possible
South African comedian on black americans - Trevor Noah - [8:03]
Trevor Noah - ROFLOL! Check out this and some of his other clips.
Trevor Noah wrote: Dear mosquitoes let's make a deal - I'll leave a spoon of blood next to my bed and you don't buzz in my ear all night.
Our very own Trevor Noah is also hilarious AF
My fellow Malawians, . I apologize for whatever Trevor Noah will have to say about us in his next show. . Don't worry, it'll be dry anyway.
Why half? Why not double? TWICE AS NICE -- Trevor Noah: Live at the Apollo, London: via
Just listened to an old *** podcast where Trevor Noah talks about the 'perfect racism' of apartheid (1/3)
"In 3 chapters, Noah isn't quoted as saying anything. This is because the story isn't about Noah, its about God.".
Let's have a Trevor Noah session tomorrow after our F2F session.
Trevor Noah♥ is so so funny. Lord, I can't contain my laughter! I'm watching It's My Culture. ☺
Trevor Noah:The only dude to make deals with mosquitoes :'''D ths dude
Whatching Trevor Noah its my culture *funny*
Watching trevor noah what a funny man
domain names
Leon Schuster is funnier than Trevor Noah in my books, but after that he is right down there with pond scum
Without Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema ... We probably wouldn't even know who Trevor Noah was. Food for thought
Trevor noah, this is my culture is off the hook :-)
Watching Trevor Noah what a good laugh
Trevor Noah its my culture who has it please share :)
Trevor noah. Eish this guy, can't get enough of him.
Trevor Noah yesterday was amazing so so so funny
Trevor Noah-My Culture,this guy is talentedonce#
Trevor Noah my number one comedian aKulalwa ndim namhlanje
Trevor Noah its my culture leka lag haikona
Trevor Noah got me dying lol this guy
Trevor Noah ...that was a good laugh
check out Leon Schuster, Trevor Noah, Marc lottering, labola, all SA made movies! Sigh!
Watching Trevor Noah..stand up comedy. Really funny.
Work...Trevor Noah was right its too soon
Trevor Noah - African American stand up show I hilarious!!
Trevor Noah! thee best comedian ever.nw it's my culture..
Lag trevor noah always does it for me
Watching trevor noah its my culture*lol mnxm*
Trevor Noah is the funniest person of ever heard
My personal 2013 Year Review 1. I can't believe "Turn(t) Up" is still being used. 2. Phrase for 2013 : Epic Fail 3.My personal live event of the year UFC 166 (check my pictures) 4. Album of the Year: Janelle Monae "Electric Lady" 5. Movie of the Year: "Captain Phillips" & "12 Years A Slave" 6. Book of the Year: "Living In Love: Secrets from Bible Marriages" 7. My Worst UFC moment of the Year: Anderson Silva losing twice. 8. My Favorite Moment of the Year: Skyping with my God-daughter Tolani Edward-Olafeso. That was the best Christmas tree I ever saw. 9. Favorite TV show of the Year: Breaking Bad. Thanks to Netflix and Nikki Birdsong I watched all the seasons in 2 weeks flat. I rarely watch TV so I missed it when it first came on. 10. My favorite sit com of the Year: Real Husbands of Hollywood. Good old silly fun tv that you can laugh at. 11. Comedic discovery of the Year: Trevor Noah and Anjelah Johnson. If you don't know check them out on youtube. 12.Worst Injustice of the Year: George Zimmerman walking ...
I don't know why we (South Africans) always wanna be Americans. I mean,we got everything they have. *They have Kevin Hart,we have Trevor Noah *They have Miley Cyrus,we have Kelly Khumalo *They have Kim Kardashian,We have Kanyi Mbau *They have Ymcmb,we have Kalawa Jazmee *They have Illuminati,we have witches(Baloi) *They have Denzel Washington,we have Sibusiso Dlomo *They twerk,Rena ra itjukutja
I'm sure Thuso Motaung makes more money that Trevor Noah and David Kau
I think I have the biggest crush on Trevor Noah now 😍😉
Gotta love him :D. Trevor Noah Live at the Apollo:
look at the video Trevor sent you on Insta 😂😳
Its my culture by Trevor Noah is so funny =D
Trevor Noah dissing our fellow black ladies for shaving off their eyebrows and drawing them again in weird shapes
I have the biggest crush on trevor noah. There i said it. You.
Trevor Noah: Its My Culture. Do yourself a favour - GO WATCH IT! I just finished watching it ♥ (:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Watching this Trevor Noah - Its My Culture dvd for the first time. Smart as *** this guy
Just got our tickets for Trevor Noah's London show - can't wait! Wondering how he will adapt crazy South African stories to English audience
Watching trevor noah with Dani so sad I have to say goodbye to the Dreassens tomorrow. had a real awesome time/
"Trevor Noah honestly leaves me in tears :') ." AGREED
Trevor Noah honestly leaves me in tears :') .
Nice thing about this spreadsheet is I can easily get suggestions. Thx to for "suggesting" Trevor Noah: African American.
"When you see Tasneem in Durban. Mm I knows you "trevor noah voice*
About to watch Trevor Noah come on make me laugh.
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