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Trevor Francis

Trevor John Francis (born 19 April 1954 in Plymouth, England), is a former footballer who won the European Cup with Nottingham Forest and played for England 52 times.

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He traded Trevor for crack *** steve Francis. He mortgaged the future for eddy curry and signed james to a huge contract. Stop it rob
Celebrations after Forest's Trevor Francis scores the only goal of the 1979 European Cup Final.
He's gonna be their modern era Trevor Francis signing and score the winning goal in the CL final 4 years from now
And Isiah Thomas also drafted Channing Frye 8th over Andrew Bynum and after finding Trevor Ariza in the…
🎶Francis scored a goal in Munich🎶. On this day 1979 Trevor Francis scored to secure their 1st European Cup with a…
*COMIC RELIEF*. RASTAMAN sits next to a NUN on a bus, he asks her if he could have SEX with her, she...
and Trevor 'i was training with the Italian team this morning' Francis *shudder*
been a few like him over the years. Trevor Francis and David Cross back then, Adebayor for 4 games more recently!
He is a bit boring, then again, so's Trevor Francis!
Gaius Baltar and Francis Dolarhyde as Alucard and Trevor Belmont? Yes. Sold. Please deliver this magic to my TV now…
Brand new video, Trevor Francis scored the winning goal in the 1979 European Cup Final with a diving header but.
allegedly Trevor Francis worked at Aberlour---Why did he leave!?
*COMIC RELIEF*. *Angry Wife:* "I should have married the devil, he would make a better husband than you."...
Good to see former England striker Trevor Francis in his second career.
You could buy, sell and own Trevor Francis... even at his peak. "You belong to me Trevor baby!"
Just like double decker buses or football pitches, the ‘Trevor Francis’ is still an official measurement of scale.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Still using the old Trevor Francis currency I see .time to switch to Messi's ???
In 1979 Trevor Francis became the first player to move for over £1 million when he was sold to Nottingham Forest by Birmingham City.
Michael Phelps will ring in Shark Week by racing a Great White.
For the record when last time we signed a 31 year old quality winger? Chris Waddle wow how good did that turn out Thank you Trevor Francis
Trevor Francis was an absolute steal at £1 million!
Trevor Francis V Peter Reid: In another thread I just was reminded of a game, a one off game.……
At least he's not as bad as Trevor Francis...
Jerrod Carmichael prefaces every outfit with "suspect was last seen." . Extended Interview: https:…
How much would Trevor Francis cost in this transfer market?
Simon Jordan isn't convinced by Frank De Boer. He was however convinced by Peter Taylor and Trevor Francis.
Trevor Francis dribbles the ball into touch. Ron Atkinson asks for Bovril in the commentary box. Nothingness.
Just had a thought. Was the “mush in Shepherd’s Bush” that Del Boy got the Trevor Francis tracksuits from Arthur Daley?
Trevor Francis lob at Villa Park and my favourite header was Sir Les against Man City at home 💥
Welcoming the legend that is Trevor Francis to this lunch time.
Though 2016 hasn't been normal, I still think Trevor Francis sending my mum a signed photo that he had lying around his son's house was odd.
Trevor Francis didn't play until the semi final of the European Cup.Facts ri…
Trevor Francis wasn't even the best player in that team...
Bought the European Cup, Trevor Francis, first million pound player, ofcoarse u win it
One line from Horsfield's daily mail interview. we'd always see players in the Trevor Francis suite after. Still ha…
"Trevor Francis tracksuits, from a mush in Shepherds Bush..."
A 16 year old Trevor Francis staring for Birmingham.
Zola fired and Trevor Francis in by the end of January.
New range of designs including Trevor Francis's European Cup winner and that free kick from Pearce…
The games gone mad Alan the man has done a great job at Birmingham. Silly sacking same as when we sacked Trevor Francis, silly.
sack Gary Rowett... very strange. The bloke has done wonders for them with fall. I bet Trevor Francis is in the running 😂
it was wonderful. Around that time I read the greatest forum post of all time. 'Trevor Francis and his black ravens of despair'
indeed. It's a cunning plan. I foresee Trevor Francis riding to the rescue up the Coventry Rd on a gleaming white unicorn.
Yeah, definitely. What's Trevor Francis up to these days?
Is it just me, but Trevor Francis is a ***
sorry Stan that's a joke Trevor Francis before you
The irony of the gift that keeps giving. Wasn't Trevor Francis Britain's 1st £1m transfer?
Trevor Francis is garbage too really really boring
In February 1979 Trevor Francis became the first million pound player when he signed for Nottingham Forest. In...
That's the worst one yet! Trevor Francis hang your head in shame!
Info : Olivier Giroud ( until 2019) and Francis Coquelin ( until 2021 ) have reached an agreement to extend…
*COMIC RELIEF*. I called an old school friend and asked what he was doing. He replied that he is working on:...
is it 1979 vic I actually worked in Trevor Francis first house he bought from his £1 million pound transfer
like Trevor Francis the other day saying kids shouldn't be taught to play out from the back
if it has Trevor Francis and dugarry on its mine!!
***COMIC RELIEF***. ***Never Force Children to Pray*** . At dinner, a little boy was ordered to lead in...
***COMIC RELIEF***. *Close the Pharmacy*. One day a mother-in-law visited her son and her daughter-in-law.
That's even lower than Trevor Francis saying it on Saturday.
1. 👉No matter how beautiful and handsome you are just remember Baboon and Gorillas also attract...
This is our singer Trevor Francis. Tune into BBC1 Music Awards tonight to catch him singing BV's…
***COMIC RELIEF***. One day, Jimmy Joe was walking down Main Street when he saw his buddy Bubba driving a brand...
"Take your hands out of your pockets." More advice, this time for a young Trevor Francis as he receives an award from the Master Manager.
Ball games, gold chains, whatsanames, and at a push. Some Trevor Francis track suits. From a mush in Shepherds Bush. Bush, bush, bush, bush,
"You can water the seeds of goodness in someone, but you can't make them grow." Charles A. Francis
plus Trevor Francis was injured again
you didn't hear trevor francis last night did you? Said english youngsters shouldn't play from the back
When we defend with 10 men behind the ball we are nervous according to Trevor Francis, when they do it its a masterclass.
Trevor Francis came out with some 4 syllable pronunciation during the live coverage
Maybe so but Trevor Francis knows nothing!
Trevor Francis just said he hoped kids WOULDN'T be trying to play out from the back on Sunday. With thousands watching
Trevor Francis- "Man City don't really have anyone on the bench apart from Sterling, Toure and Nolito" £87 MILLION POU…
I'm still trying to process managerial advice from Trevor Francis and Steve McManaman...
Trevor Francis enjoyed that half too much. British footballing culture really can be incredibly small.
urcoverage again totally impartial not!!Macca gets warned off Drake for not being neutral, what about Trevor Francis? Joke
Trevor Francis has just said you can't play with three at the back in England because it's a different game... meanwhile, at…
Steve Mac and Trevor Francis advising Pep on being a football manager and what to do at
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Y r dinosaurs like Trevor Francis still doin on tv? Surely even channel 5 football wouldn't get him. Question a lot…
Trevor Francis on City's attempts to play out from back: "I hope no young children watch that & try and do that". Missing t…
Trevor Francis says he hopes kids don't try & play it from the back during their games, that sums up why we don't produce skill…
Trevor Francis has it absolutely spot on about Man City
Lmao why is Trevor Francis saying that City have a "huge problem" without Aguero .. Have you not seen this shambles at the back
Trevor Francis there talking as if goal line technology doesn't exist.
Stones had to hoof it.. Trevor Francis then said 'I hope youngsters watching this don't do this tomorrow in their games' -
Have to agree with Trevor Francis *spits*. Without goalline technology Vardy may not get that and it was a great finish.
Brave of Trevor Francis to suggest we've just seen the advantage of goal-line technology
Trevor Francis has never seen Zabaleta cross a ball or score a goal, *** is he on...
Mind you, I could beat myself to death listening to Trevor Francis.
You think BT can't get worse than Owen and then they trot Trevor Francis out. The worst co-commentator I have ever hea…
1979 European Cup final to watch Trevor Francis nod home john Robertson's cross and win the cup for Forest
Trevor Francis is so funny ! He just said Mark Clattenburg is an accomplished referee 😂😂😂😂
Trevor Francis goal against Malmo FF to win Nottingham Forest the European Cup, 1979.
Flashback Dec 1989: In the aftermath of Don Howe replacing Trevor Francis, makes his Debut at
Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist and Kyle Schwarber have already seen 34 pitches against Trevor Bauer. Incredible to watch them gri…
If fish goes down to the bottom of the sea, and reports sharks are down there, do you believe it or not???
Decided on the game for my trip to - Trevor Francis' Footie Blast
Not only is Trevor Francis boring he does not know what he is talking about!!!
WANTED: A few competent Investigative Journalists in Jamaica. . WANTED: A new...
lol, Michael Owen, Robbie Savage, and Trevor Francis were the others that I could think of.
Yesterday, under California Absentee Early Voting Laws, I stayed all the way in Jamaica and voted (via Faxed...
Unless I'm very much mistaken, that picture shows Brian Clough with Trevor Francis.
In 1979 Trevor Francis made history when he joined Nottingham Forest for a then record fee of how much?. A) £1m B) £…
Tuned into "Trevor Bond on the South Side of town" by Francis Murphy at
Trevor Francis express just to give it an American theme
TIC TOC, TIC TOC. Trump's landslide shellacking by Hillary Clinton is almont guaranteed.
I love this - I hope you do too. An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole...
When did Trevor Francis start doing boxing co commentary??
reckon Trevor Francis was was 33 years old in this 1970-71 photo. He was 16. 🙈😫#BCFC
In last night's cheesy, spicy, sugary fuelled fever dream my tackle on Trevor Francis during the game in Woolco's car park was sublime.
Tie ballgame from The Swamp! Trevor Evans finds Mike Francis for an 8 yard TD pass! 10-10 with four minutes left in the game
Trevor Francis modelling the Jabba the Hut overcoat!
Six Golden Rules For F***ing. . 1. F***ing twice a week. is good for your health. 2. F***ing gives proper...
Half-time and Burton lead 1-0... how could do with Trevor Francis in his prime 👌. Bet here >>…
This year's Public Nominations nominees are Trevor Ulph and Alan McKay, Alan Jobson and Kristian Francis
Tony woodcock Trevor Francis Gary Birtles and you looks like im playing 4-2-4 lol
One of my favourite away days! Trevor Wood had an absolute blinder! Someone shouted "Trevor Francis? Ey conna ayven towk proper!"
perfect timing. I wouldn't care if it was Trevor Francis himself, as long as he got us promoted. 😊
yeah mate Trevor Francis is joining as a first team coach.
Asissi, famous for being the birthplace of Trevor Francis. A common pilgrimage for Nottingham Forest fans.
Ask trevor francis, maradona, van basten and gary lineker who was the best defender they ever played against.
Let's reminisce over some old midlands football managers. What are your fave moments under ... Trevor Francis
go to Naples thump 3 past Napoli, win 3-2 and Trevor Francis on says they didn't do deserve enough to win! ***
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Trevor Francis does this too. Voice constantly high-pitched, pretending that unfolding events have left him incredulous.
Trevor Francis really does talk utter *** at times.
Some persons should not be allowed to have children, or be a caregiver of children.
*A Joke to Lighten Your Day*. A woman and a man were involved in car accident. It was a bad one, caused by the...
Carlos for me is the best manager we've had since Ron Atkinson and Trevor Francis.
that's an easy question, it's 1 of 20 players but I'd go for adlene guedioura or Lewis mcguan, Jason lee or Trevor Francis
Eric Cantona lines up for his trial game with Sheffield Wednesday in 1992. Trevor Francis decided not to sign him...
Neil Hawes QC, instructed by Trevor Francis of secures acquittal for client in FCA prosecution in long trial at Southwark.
Fantastic footballer, two great feet, mega fast & strong, he and Trevor Francis best CF's l gave seen
I liked a video Trevor Francis and John Roberston talk Brian Clough and 'I Believe In Miracles'
Simon Jordan on sacking Trevor Francis: “He just sat there quietly and said ‘But it’s my birthday’. Heartbreaking.
Back in the Day: Apr 18 | Trevor Francis is sacked by Simon Jordan in 2003
McMananman wants Barca to play a centre back up front 50 minutes into a two leg tie. Trevor Francis level of logic.
Trevor Francis and Michael Owen, I saw more charisma in my bog this morning after last nights lamb rogan josh. (Spiced up may I add)
Simon Jordan, when Palace sacked Trevor Francis in 2003, "He just sat there quietly & said, 'But it's my birthday' https:/…
If Plymouth is small enough to count, Michael Foot, Dawn French, Trevor Francis
Trevor Francis and Chris Tarrant separated at birth?
Hi y’know Trevor Francis turned down chance to sign Eric Cantona? That negates his ‘expertise’ you pa…
I would be happy with that too. At least I wasn't Trevor Francis or George Burley so it's not all bad...
On this day in 1973... Goals from Bob Latchford and Trevor Francis sealed a 2-0 win over
My Brother Trevor Francis performing at Fu Manchu. Simply Red - Holding back the years (Cover)
I added a video to a playlist Trevor Francis Simply Red Holding back the years (Cover)
went to Portway House Italian Restaurant and Trevor Francis was on the next table. Great guy, happy to talk football!
Feb 79 Trevor Francis to becoming first 1M transfer. Other managers discuss in Shoot:
Like splitting the atom. My latest piece for looks at Britain's first £1m man:
What on: Trevor Francis & Friends: Trevor Francis is one of the UK's most in demand session singers and tonigh...
Shall we get Trevor Francis to buy it?? Seems pretty apt!
Trevor Francis had a shocker. Do they ever watch back their performance because his was a disgrace
Pleat not my favourite but absolute worst is Trevor Francis. Genuinely gets everything wrong.
Trevor Francis tracksuits from a 'mush' in Shepherds Bush
you've been listening to Trevor Francis.
Sampdoria never mess with their kit. Looks exactly like the shirt I saw Trevor Francis and Graeme Souness wear all those years ago. Unique
You just know Trevor Francis' go-to dinner party conversation topic is that time he got a new carpet & couldn't believe the range of options
Why the *** we have to have 3 commentators, I'll never know, especially when 1 of them is Trevor Francis. clown.
Trevor Francis decides what he's gonna bang on about at the start of the game then just convinces himself he's right for 90 minutes
Trevor Francis: "In the past ten minutes Chelsea have come on really strong." That must be John Terry leading by example again.
Really enjoyed listening to Trevor Francis on co-commentary tonight. Why isn't he on more? Adds something different.
Great analysis by Trevor Francis on "(Costa) wants to win this game."
Trevor Francis commentating takes me back to mark one. Has he mentioned being a million pound footballer yet??
Nottingham Forest's Trevor Francis heads the winning goal in the 1979 European Cup final against Malmo
Trevor Francis still got that cold then.
All Trevor Francis keeps saying is 'Watford are good at set-pieces'. Watford goal return from set-pieces suggests otherwise.
are excelling in the recruitment of the worst commentators,Trevor Francis makes & seem average
Trevor Francis sounds nasal. His voice is actually muffled because he talks through his ***
Trevor Francis gets paid to spout this drivel?
"Oscar is coming off. Don't agree with that. Chelsea don't need 2 DMs." *Matic walks off* . 97th incorrect Trevor Francis statement tonight.
All the money BT Sport have got and some clown decided to give Trevor Francis a ring
Nice to hear Trevor Francis back summarising on tv. Also keeps Robbie Savage of the airwaves for 90 minutes
Trevor Francis noting that the quality has dropped in the last ten minutes. Zouma intercepts, Watford corner.
Did Trevor Francis ACTUALLY just ask who the ref is to say what an advantage is. you NEED to sort your commentary out...
Further proof tonight if needed that Trevor Francis should be put out to punditry pasture.
Trevor Francis complaining about a ref playing an advantage now!!! Someone just stop BT SPORTS having commentators at all on games!!
I keep forgetting Trevor Francis is there. He just randomly pops in with a few words of wisdom every 10 minutes.
Trevor Francis. Great player. Dull as ditchwater co-commentator
Have I missed something or not been concentrating, but where did Trevor Francis pipe up from on bt sport??
Trevor Francis always sounds like he's got a cold.
Someone remind Trevor Francis that Hazard is right footed. Just like Oscar who he's battering...for being right footed.
Is Trevor Francis actually there or is it just a tape saying the same thing about Hazard coming on every two minutes?
Is Trevor Francis operated via 50p's, so he only speaks when someone puts money in the back of his head?
at what point do you think regurgitating Trevor Francis as a commentator is the answer, there is a reason Sky binned him
I'm going to cancel my subscription if you keep employing Trevor Francis as a pundit
has Trevor Francis seen Chelsea play in the last 3 years? Hasn't got a clue how we play and about players. Terrible
Can you imagine what Trevor Francis & some of these sad wankers would've made of Roy Keane, Cantona, Viera, Vinnie Jones etc...
Trevor Francis didn’t watch the MK Dons game, evidently.
Trevor Francis needs to get a grip! Every time Costa plays he moans trying to turn him into a pantomime villain. Nothing happened!
Trevor Francis giving Gus Hiddink tactical advice. Nah you're okay mate...
Someone get Trevor Francis a cold compress and a lie down before he does something drastic like start an online petition.
Trevor Francis is such a good co-commentator wish he'd be a part of more televised games
Jesus Christ no Michael Owen so you put Trevor Francis on instead!
Someone tell Trevor Francis that Oscar did play on the left against MK Dons. All his goals came from that area too.
Trevor Francis is a joke, apparently Oscar played ten at the weekend and not RLC.
get Trevor Francis on every week, he speaks perfect sense, great pundit
He didn't do anything Trevor Francis you boring ***
Somebody tell Trevor Francis Oscar played wide at weekend!
Someone tell Trevor Francis Oscar played on the right… 😴
The absence of Michael Owen compensated by the nasal banality of Trevor Francis and incessant drivel of .
Neeskens and Krol were a reality Steve. As was Trevor Francis and Wilkins
True I remember Trevor Francis saying he was delighted to get a shot at goal at all in Seria A. Dire
scandalous, wouldn't look out of place in the archive image. Trevor Francis being told to get Kenny Burns a cup of tea
Trevor dips his pizza in applesauce...
Look at what arrived in the post today – thanks
We wouldn't say it's the best DVD around at the moment. But it's in the top one. .
that has all my favs on it Rob Johnison, Francis Trevor and Marvin O'Doyle
Trevor Francis then and now. Want to comment on this or other blues stories? Join the forum @
Any out there? Is "I Believe in Miracles" worth buying? €12.99 in Heard interview with Trevor Francis.
least Trevor Francis has remained unemployed though! He was responsible for worst football I've ever witnessed.
Forest 1979 European Cup football card No.7 Trevor (hands out of your pockets young man) Francis http…
From Vatican City,Pope Francis:"How can the heart of humans to conceive and realize events so horrible?" (
INTERVIEW - speaks to Garry Birtles & Trevor Francis about Brian Clough:
Roger Hynd no less - as for Bob Latchford and Trevor Francis, what did they ever do?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Mr. Automatic, Trevor Samson, tied the game at 3-3 after a decent drive set up by Francis Bernard's 36 yd run & catch.
I'd still love to know why Trevor Francis hates Everton so much,
Trevor Francis urges Birmingham City fans to be realistic
Trevor Francis then and now: Blues legend on his best goals and favourite player . https:…
Do you guys do requests? Trevor Francis & Neil Warnock discussing England's chances at Euro 16 please.
that's not Damo that's aka the daytrippers Trevor Francis
After today's input from Trevor Francis on now we know why he's been out of football so long. Not a patch on Glenn Hoddle.
Trevor Francis had some advice for Jurgen Klopp and it didn't get a good reaction
Trevor Francis, BT commentator, "It's sad to see Terry like this. His legs have gone. He looks like an old man." Brutal.
Trevor Francis & Michael Owen, has there ever been a more monotone and dull commentary pair than these two dullards
Trevor Francis is the worst Co commentator going! And yes i did listen to Phil neville at the world cup!!
Hope are subbing Trevor Francis at half-time. Can only think he's in because someone called in sick this morning
If Vincent Van Gogh was alive now & listening to Michael Owen & Trevor Francis on BT Sport he would've cut both ears off.
Trevor Francis and Michael Owen on the mic at the same time 😩
Trevor Francis reminds me of your Nan at the Xmas dinner table, chipping in with random comments that have no relevance to …
Trevor Francis... Almost makes you long for Glenn Hoddle.. Almost.
Amazing that BTSport have found a worse commentator than Michael Owen and Glenn Hoddle in Trevor Francis.
I guess BT Sport felt that Glenn Hoddle talked too much sense so they've got Trevor Francis in to join in with Michael Owen's nonsense.
Trevor Francis is so acutely awful to listen to I'm almost missing the self-aggrandised tedium of Glenn Hoddle.
I think Trevor Francis just suggested Liverpool should think about making a change 6 minutes in?
perhaps his uncle Derek is still trying to flog those Trevor Francis track suits...?
(6/10/90) Trevor Francis scores the only goal as Sheffield Wednesday win 1-0 at Bristol Rovers.
overload today. Graeme Souness, Trevor Steven, Andy Gray, Mark Hateley, Trevor Francis and Trevor Steven all here.
Manager No. 32 & 33: *** Mills/Jim Barron (2001). Following the dismissal of Trevor Francis, Mills and Barron...
Denis Thwaites was considered an unfulfilled talent at Blues. Garry Pendrey said he was as skilled as Trevor Francis and s…
Trevor Francis, David Healy, Colin Hendry, Ray Wilkins. Couple of contentious ones in there.
And when Johnson was sold fans were angry at club and attendances dropped significantly (bit like selling Trevor Francis)
Can't wait for bad news Barrett to tell us Trevor Francis is our new no 2.
Oh I know. Even Trevor Francis noticed and he hates us.
Happy Birthday UK's first ever £1m transfer, from Birmingham to Nottingham in 1979.. Trevor Francis. 61 today!
Newcastle letting Pardew go and replacing him with the inept Carver is the equivalent of Trevor Francis needing to see Cantona on grass...
"happy birthday tricky trev Tricky Trevor Francis wears a magic hat when he saw the facup he said he was having that
I hope you're holding a joint Birthday party for Paul Caddis and Trevor Francis that we are all invited to. And of course,a cake.
Stuart Gray shares the same birthday as Trevor Francis.both quality managers!
Happy 61st Birthday to England's first £1m player Trevor Francis. Thanks for the memories!
Happy birthday trevor francis, 61 today
61st Birthday for Former Player and Player-Manager, (Also, and England) Flashback
Its my birthday today. And that of Sir Trevor Francis. Liverpool you have 1 mission today. You know what to do.
Big Happy Birthday to the legend he is Trevor Francis 🎉🎊🎈💙
Trevor Francis is at St. Andrew's promoting campaign. Watch on tonight
listening to old podcasts. Funny that you would struggle to get Trevor Francis or Howard Kendall but you can get Mark Wahlberg
Trevor Francis highlighted it that Fabregas doesn't seem to perform in the 2nd half of seasons. That was major downfall at Barcelona
Trevor Francis is the reason I watch BeIN sports, wish he'd be always be there
think all started 2 go wrong - profiteering - with Trevor Francis £1m transfer 2 Notts Forest from Man City.
Is that THE Trevor Carr of John Francis Estate Agents? The man who threw his bat when Richard Lewis ran him out in Cardiff.
"Preach the gospel always. Use words when necessary. " St Francis
I went via Dublin when I emigrated to Aus. was on the flight! A great omen: I'd have turned back if it was Trevor Francis!
Trevor Francis first hero and weather player how about SOL Campbell !!
Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.- St. Francis of…
I've been on the Trevor Francis Waltzer 'on many occasions'.
was slim pickings tonight , Trevor Francis and Trevor Steven the only pundits
The '45' was one of my mere 2 tv appearances. The other was watching Trevor Francis training for in 1982.
Trevor Francis turns away in celebration of his goal against Czechoslovakia. Bilbao,Spain. World Cup 1982.
Trevor Steven and Trevor Francis with me for double header. Everton v Kiev follows Wolfsburg v Inter on 11 hd
A fair article except that Trevor Francis was the first £million player, not Gerry Francis.
When God purchased Trevor Francis for £1m, he played for the 3rds in his first game. Was he out of order?
Trevor Francis is on SSN talking about England CB's & said that if Jordan Ibe can play RWB, then he should be given an opportunity at CB 🙈
Trevor Francis on my screen pretending he has a clue about football.
And to top off a pretty lousy evening, Trevor fcking Francis...
joining Wilkins and Silvestre tonight are Trevor Francis and Alan Sheared.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Trevor Francis far post header to win European Cup.
That was when Trevor Francis was on a buying spree; Nigel Spackman...Andy Gray...Andy Sinton and Colin Clarke (+Peter Reid)
Trevor Francis clearly still in fans' hearts (there's also a Des Walker onesie available)
Morning, coming up in part one of today’s Golden Hour, the hits and headlines from the year when Trevor Francis...
last time I was there, Trevor Francis was a YTS?, last time we won there, dion dublin scored?, will be interesting COYL
Garrett Francis, Trevor Hudgins, Gabe Awbrey and Pierson McAtee all finish in double figures. Final stats:
Jasper carrot, David harewood, Trevor Francis, the Bull Ring shopping Centre, Birmingham New Street you're boys took a *** of a beating!!
Has Arsene Wenger become the new Trevor Francis with all these players he tried to sign but failed for one reason or another?
yep great shame! Broke the bank to get Trevor Francis, only to find out we couldn't afford to pay him!
better late than never Trevor Francis Dennis Harford Ferguson Tait
Roger Hynd, Trevor Francis, Du Du Dugarry, the Horse, Taity for the T shirt
always wondered where Trevor Francis came from.
May I ask my first ever football question? What happened to Trevor Francis the first £1m player?
interesting you've given Pele the same rating as Trevor Francis
Trevor Francis reveals he turned down a lucrative deal with Birmingham City to play in D1 with Sheffield Wednesday
ha! Trevor Francis must have been a challenge. He was slippery & got his shots off early - something you guys don't like much.
Here's at Maine Road facing Trevor Francis. More Boro City memories on the way
Great discussion with Francis Maude & our patient rep Trevor Clower
Charming appearance from Tricky Trevor Francis on just then. Most unexpected cameo since Big Gav played Guto…
"25 years ago today: sacked at QPR, Trevor Francis joins Sheffield Wednesday
25 years ago today: sacked as player manager of QPR, Trevor Francis joins Sheffield Wednesday
are currently (Jan 1990) managed by Don Howe, who recently replaced Trevor Francis at Loftus Road.
20 years ago a professional footballer lunged at a spectator with a kick,why in the name of Trevor Francis are we celebrating this?? Daft.
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