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Trevor Francis

Trevor John Francis (born 19 April 1954 in Plymouth, England), is a former footballer who won the European Cup with Nottingham Forest and played for England 52 times.

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“Take your hands out of your pockets.” More advice, this time for a young Trevor Francis as he receives an award from the Master Manager.
True I remember Trevor Francis saying he was delighted to get a shot at goal at all in Seria A. Dire
scandalous, wouldn't look out of place in the archive image. Trevor Francis being told to get Kenny Burns a cup of tea
Trevor dips his pizza in applesauce...
Look at what arrived in the post today – thanks
We wouldn't say it's the best DVD around at the moment. But it's in the top one. .
that has all my favs on it Rob Johnison, Francis Trevor and Marvin O'Doyle
Trevor Francis then and now. Want to comment on this or other blues stories? Join the forum @
Any out there? Is "I Believe in Miracles" worth buying? €12.99 in Heard interview with Trevor Francis.
least Trevor Francis has remained unemployed though! He was responsible for worst football I've ever witnessed.
Forest 1979 European Cup football card No.7 Trevor (hands out of your pockets young man) Francis http…
From Vatican City,Pope Francis:"How can the heart of humans to conceive and realize events so horrible?" (
INTERVIEW - speaks to Garry Birtles & Trevor Francis about Brian Clough:
Roger Hynd no less - as for Bob Latchford and Trevor Francis, what did they ever do?
Mr. Automatic, Trevor Samson, tied the game at 3-3 after a decent drive set up by Francis Bernard's 36 yd run & catch.
I'd still love to know why Trevor Francis hates Everton so much,
Trevor Francis urges Birmingham City fans to be realistic
Trevor Francis then and now: Blues legend on his best goals and favourite player . https:…
Do you guys do requests? Trevor Francis & Neil Warnock discussing England's chances at Euro 16 please.
that's not Damo that's aka the daytrippers Trevor Francis
After today's input from Trevor Francis on now we know why he's been out of football so long. Not a patch on Glenn Hoddle.
Trevor Francis had some advice for Jurgen Klopp and it didn't get a good reaction
Trevor Francis, BT commentator, "It's sad to see Terry like this. His legs have gone. He looks like an old man." Brutal.
Trevor Francis & Michael Owen, has there ever been a more monotone and dull commentary pair than these two dullards
Trevor Francis is the worst Co commentator going! And yes i did listen to Phil neville at the world cup!!
Hope are subbing Trevor Francis at half-time. Can only think he's in because someone called in sick this morning
If Vincent Van Gogh was alive now & listening to Michael Owen & Trevor Francis on BT Sport he would've cut both ears off.
Trevor Francis and Michael Owen on the mic at the same time 😩
Trevor Francis reminds me of your Nan at the Xmas dinner table, chipping in with random comments that have no relevance to …
Trevor Francis... Almost makes you long for Glenn Hoddle.. Almost.
Amazing that BTSport have found a worse commentator than Michael Owen and Glenn Hoddle in Trevor Francis.
I guess BT Sport felt that Glenn Hoddle talked too much sense so they've got Trevor Francis in to join in with Michael Owen's nonsense.
Trevor Francis is so acutely awful to listen to I'm almost missing the self-aggrandised tedium of Glenn Hoddle.
I think Trevor Francis just suggested Liverpool should think about making a change 6 minutes in?
perhaps his uncle Derek is still trying to flog those Trevor Francis track suits...?
(6/10/90) Trevor Francis scores the only goal as Sheffield Wednesday win 1-0 at Bristol Rovers.
overload today. Graeme Souness, Trevor Steven, Andy Gray, Mark Hateley, Trevor Francis and Trevor Steven all here.
According to Simon Jordan, when Palace sacked Trevor Francis on this day in 2003, "He just sat there quietly & said 'Bu…
Manager No. 32 & 33: *** Mills/Jim Barron (2001). Following the dismissal of Trevor Francis, Mills and Barron...
Denis Thwaites was considered an unfulfilled talent at Blues. Garry Pendrey said he was as skilled as Trevor Francis and s…
Trevor Francis, David Healy, Colin Hendry, Ray Wilkins. Couple of contentious ones in there.
And when Johnson was sold fans were angry at club and attendances dropped significantly (bit like selling Trevor Francis)
Can't wait for bad news Barrett to tell us Trevor Francis is our new no 2.
Oh I know. Even Trevor Francis noticed and he hates us.
Happy Birthday UK's first ever £1m transfer, from Birmingham to Nottingham in 1979.. Trevor Francis. 61 today!
Newcastle letting Pardew go and replacing him with the inept Carver is the equivalent of Trevor Francis needing to see Cantona on grass...
"happy birthday tricky trev Tricky Trevor Francis wears a magic hat when he saw the facup he said he was having that
I hope you're holding a joint Birthday party for Paul Caddis and Trevor Francis that we are all invited to. And of course,a cake.
Stuart Gray shares the same birthday as Trevor Francis.both quality managers!
Happy 61st Birthday to England's first £1m player Trevor Francis. Thanks for the memories!
Happy birthday trevor francis, 61 today
61st Birthday for Former Player and Player-Manager, (Also, and England) Flashback
Its my birthday today. And that of Sir Trevor Francis. Liverpool you have 1 mission today. You know what to do.
Big Happy Birthday to the legend he is Trevor Francis 🎉🎊🎈💙
Trevor Francis is at St. Andrew's promoting campaign. Watch on tonight
listening to old podcasts. Funny that you would struggle to get Trevor Francis or Howard Kendall but you can get Mark Wahlberg
Eric Cantona lines up for his trial game with Sheffield Wednesday in 1992. Trevor Francis decided not to sign him. htt…
Trevor Francis highlighted it that Fabregas doesn't seem to perform in the 2nd half of seasons. That was major downfall at Barcelona
Trevor Francis is the reason I watch BeIN sports, wish he'd be always be there
think all started 2 go wrong - profiteering - with Trevor Francis £1m transfer 2 Notts Forest from Man City.
Is that THE Trevor Carr of John Francis Estate Agents? The man who threw his bat when Richard Lewis ran him out in Cardiff.
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"Preach the gospel always. Use words when necessary. " St Francis
I went via Dublin when I emigrated to Aus. was on the flight! A great omen: I'd have turned back if it was Trevor Francis!
Trevor Francis first hero and weather player how about SOL Campbell !!
Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.- St. Francis of…
no, but you could get some Trevor Francis tracksuits from a mush in Shepherds Bush
I've been on the Trevor Francis Waltzer 'on many occasions'.
was slim pickings tonight , Trevor Francis and Trevor Steven the only pundits
The '45' was one of my mere 2 tv appearances. The other was watching Trevor Francis training for in 1982.
Trevor Francis turns away in celebration of his goal against Czechoslovakia. Bilbao,Spain. World Cup 1982.
Trevor Steven and Trevor Francis with me for double header. Everton v Kiev follows Wolfsburg v Inter on 11 hd
A fair article except that Trevor Francis was the first £million player, not Gerry Francis.
When God purchased Trevor Francis for £1m, he played for the 3rds in his first game. Was he out of order?
Trevor Francis is on SSN talking about England CB's & said that if Jordan Ibe can play RWB, then he should be given an opportunity at CB 🙈
Trevor Francis on my screen pretending he has a clue about football.
And to top off a pretty lousy evening, Trevor fcking Francis...
joining Wilkins and Silvestre tonight are Trevor Francis and Alan Sheared.
Trevor Francis far post header to win European Cup.
That was when Trevor Francis was on a buying spree; Nigel Spackman...Andy Gray...Andy Sinton and Colin Clarke (+Peter Reid)
Trevor Francis clearly still in fans' hearts (there's also a Des Walker onesie available)
Morning, coming up in part one of today’s Golden Hour, the hits and headlines from the year when Trevor Francis...
last time I was there, Trevor Francis was a YTS?, last time we won there, dion dublin scored?, will be interesting COYL
Garrett Francis, Trevor Hudgins, Gabe Awbrey and Pierson McAtee all finish in double figures. Final stats:
Jasper carrot, David harewood, Trevor Francis, the Bull Ring shopping Centre, Birmingham New Street you're boys took a *** of a beating!!
Has Arsene Wenger become the new Trevor Francis with all these players he tried to sign but failed for one reason or another?
yep great shame! Broke the bank to get Trevor Francis, only to find out we couldn't afford to pay him!
better late than never Trevor Francis Dennis Harford Ferguson Tait
Roger Hynd, Trevor Francis, Du Du Dugarry, the Horse, Taity for the T shirt
always wondered where Trevor Francis came from.
May I ask my first ever football question? What happened to Trevor Francis the first £1m player?
interesting you've given Pele the same rating as Trevor Francis
Trevor Francis reveals he turned down a lucrative deal with Birmingham City to play in D1 with Sheffield Wednesday
ha! Trevor Francis must have been a challenge. He was slippery & got his shots off early - something you guys don't like much.
Here's at Maine Road facing Trevor Francis. More Boro City memories on the way
Great discussion with Francis Maude & our patient rep Trevor Clower
Charming appearance from Tricky Trevor Francis on just then. Most unexpected cameo since Big Gav played Guto…
"25 years ago today: sacked at QPR, Trevor Francis joins Sheffield Wednesday
25 years ago today: sacked as player manager of QPR, Trevor Francis joins Sheffield Wednesday
are currently (Jan 1990) managed by Don Howe, who recently replaced Trevor Francis at Loftus Road.
20 years ago a professional footballer lunged at a spectator with a kick,why in the name of Trevor Francis are we celebrating this?? Daft.
dillon francis: "If we made a supergroup, we would be called... Jack U2". martin garrix: "Jack Us" . Dillon: "jack us.. off" lololololol
" It's exciting soccer action you can see and hear " Electronic Striker advert (1980) with Trevor Francis.
chose Attilio Lombardi as his classic Samp player.I wrote about another not long ago..Trevor Francis
Trevor Francis tracksuits from a mush in Shepherds Bush bush bush bush
Ahead of our latest guide to Sampdoria 4 Warm up with another Samp oldie, T. Francis
nah not yet prob just drink in town somewhere or might go that trevor Francis bar
work has brought me to. Birmingham Football Club working with to improve kids mental health services . No Trevor Francis
commiserations. Just be thankful its not Alan Smith or Trevor Francis. The man with a perpetual cold.
Trevor Sinclair: Francis Coquelin gives Arsenal something they have ...
Pope embraces girl who asks: 'Why does God allow children to be prostitutes?'
. Trevor Francis complained about the undercooked rice at the King Power but said 'the nachos saved the day!.
just listened to the podcast. Trevor Francis has got very Scottish recently
for £1, plus debt and Trevor Francis track suits from a mush in Shepherds Bush.
Trevor Francis is an *** how can going down be playing the sport right?
Our line up for Man City v Bayern tonight - CL winners and Trevor Francis; Gianfranco Zola and Alan Sh…
Love how casual Trevor Francis is, just chillin' on Liam Brady.
If you're off to get a last minute present for Kevin Ratcliffe, Trevor Francis, John Barnes or John O'Neill .
I've only seen Stoke twice.1st was Denis Smith's last game v West Brom & 2nd was Trevor Francis' debut for City against them.That was enough
Well done Harry Redknapp allowing Vargas to be at his daughters birth rather than play. Trevor Francis would have made you Eduardo!
Martin Tyler or Adrian Chiles! Not much of a choice. At least it's not Trevor Francis!
Danny Welbeck has scored more goals for England than Stanley Matthews and Trevor Francis.
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Welbeck's 12th goal, taking him ahead of Stanley Matthews, Wilf Mannion +, and alongside Cliff Bastin, Trevor Francis and Fred Dewhurst
20/10/90 Parkin & Wood keep out a attack Trevor Francis waits on & Andy Porter in action in 1-1 draw
Ian Storey Moore, Kenneth Burns and Trevor Francis are a must. Far too soon for *** Teddy, not for me Skip.
Ron Atkinson , Peter Reid , Alan Curbishley , Trevor Francis , Joe Royle , wouldn't be surprised with any of them
Trevor Francis called John Carew a former 'world star' you know. Lol.
I blame the not quite a million pound transfer man for all this greedy player transfer malarkey. Yes -Trevor Francis you!…
“Here's the highlight reel of Trevor Francis' episode of Who Do You Think You Are?: incredible
Trevor Francis needs to stop calling Gael Clichy - Cliché.
It's Brian Clough and the player was called Trevor Francis. In spite all this, I've never once won a pub quiz.
"Take your hands out of your pockets." Brian Clough (presenting player of the month to Trevor Francis)
Can't understand why there not putting the likes of Jimmy bremner, George best, Kevin Keegan, Trevor Francis in the England team or have they retired now ? ,,!!!
as bad as Trevor Francis. And that's a pretty stinging indictment.
Graeme Souness & Trevor Francis enjoying their time in Italy with Sampdoria
Roy Hodgson looks like Trevor Francis, an owl, Principal Skinner and Moe from The Simpsons and a bag of dust and fluff rolled into one.
Danny Bakers' World Cup brush Up. Hilarious, watch it to see Simon Groom and a "life sized" puppet of Kevin Keegan. Oh and Trevor Francis getting smacked by a bus.
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there is a nice one of another famous Janner, Trevor Francis there as well!
Trevor Francis definitely has a thing for Ryan Giggs...
Sky Sports follow a riveting first half with analysis from that living anaesthetic Trevor Francis.
Trevor Francis is going to start talking about Italian pop acts. "Sabrina. I like her. I'm not that fussed on Eiffel 65. Joe Dolce. I like"
Hopkin, Freedman, Trevor Francis, Ian Ayre, Rubery, Bruce, Woodhouse, Spackman, that Pompey * with the bell... I blame them all!
1979 - Trevor Francis joins Nottingham Forest to become the first £1million signing in British football
Jasper carrott / Trevor Francis ever seen them together !!! One and the same ?
Trevor Francis & of instructed in high value telecoms fraud, Operation Callahan at Crown Court.
SADGA welcomes Martin Williams to the Nedbank SA Disabled Golf Open. Name: Martin Williams Age: (42) – 24th April 1972 Place of Birth Swansea: Wales Occupation: Corporate Debt Recovery Manager Marital Status: Married Spouse Name: Carolyn Children Thomas (11), Ben (8) Favourite Sport: I am a self confessed sportaholic to the point where I think I should have been born in SA. I love all sports but espcially football, rugby, cricket, golf, fly fishing, shooting Sporting Hero: Golf :- Seve Ballesteros Football :- Peter Shilton Rugby :- Martyn Williams , Welsh No 7 Sporting Moment: Nottingham Forest winning the European Cup with Trevor Francis scoring the winner Any Ryder Cup moment featuring Seve Favourite Golf Course: Royal Troon in Scotland Troon North in Scottsdale Dream Fourball David Parkinson – best friend from school Cameron Diaz – not sure if she plays golf but she should be there Tiger Woods – have to test yourself against the best ! And of course Philip will be on the bag as he was the ...
Does anyone else think Trevor Francis and Chris Tarrant should be related?
Anyone else think Trevor Francis looks like Chris tarrant? Or vice versa, if you will
Trevor Francis still a TV pundit: makes me think: France, 1788.
1979 Football club Nottingham Forest clinched Britain's first £1m transfer deal when England forward Trevor Francis signed for Brian Clough's League and Cup winning side after eight seasons with Birmingham City.
On this day, in 1979, Brian Clough, the manager of Nottingham Forest, signed the first British £1m transfer football player. Trevor Francis, after 8 years at Birmingham City, later scored the winning goal to secure the European Cup for his new club, from a cross by John Robertson, one of of my all-time favourite footballers. And so the financial football foolishness will end in tears...ha!
I long for the day when Trevor Francis wakes up a mute
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ON this day 37 years ago, Birmingham drew 3-3 v Arsenal with two hat-tricks - Trevor Francis for Brum and Malcolm Macdonald for Gunners.
I couldn't watch the game on sky again fcking cnting Trevor Francis worse than Clarke Carlisle
Trevor Francis, David Pleat, Paul Walsh, great, why do we have to listen to Beglin every Man Utd game? absolute *
United beat Aston villa 3 nil this afternoon to put smile on the face of their fans for the first time since 3 weeks. Some believed that if given more time to the coach that he will better the team's performance which is badly staggering. I may not be a known authority in this game but many notable figures in the game like Andy Gray,Trevor Francis,Ruud Guilit, Alan Shearer & many more to mention have expressed their dissatisfaction with the way our team has been playing under Moyes. Many of my friends through these medium tried to remind me that the same thing has happened to Chelsea & Arsenal. Transition - that's what it is called. Please friends I don't mean to disagree with you guys but in these subject I've to. Comparing United with any other EPL team except Liverpool is unfair & disrespectful. I don't actually believe that Man U as a team has to share the same fate with some club who came into limelight in late 90's & mid 2000. Manchester United won their first European Cup in 1968 against Benfica of ...
I'm going to download a football game, what's good? I used to love Pro evo, apparently the new Fifa isn't all that? All I wanna do is take Sheffield Wednesday back to the Trevor Francis years and come 7TH every season. Can you create players on Pro evo? I'm gonna make such a Waddle.
In 1979 Trevor Francis became the first player to move for £1,000,000 when he was sold by Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest.
Disagree. Otherwise, there'll never ever be a new Brian Clough, or Trevor Francis, or Asa Hartford, Derek Statham, Bryan Robson...
This is my next event! Performing as part of a cast of dope supporting acts with Trevor Francis from BBC's The...
Lambert: "my idol was Trevor Francis, I even drew a *** on my head to be like him"
fairly sure it was Trevor Francis. If not him then Ron Atkinson. So yeah, *** !
If you're bored at work, how about a quick game of Electronic Striker with Trevor Francis?
An over priced Trevor Francis was a hype too.Bale's pace'll trouble La Liga defences whether Madrid got him for £30m or £85m
when i look back to 1977, many questioned the Trevor Francis one million pounds price tag...Bale might prove worthy
Love the Chappy video mate. Couldn't believe the American part. My dad has ALWAYS told me how good Trevor Francis was
As far as players debuts go,nothing could top Trevor Francis's at Stoke when he scored twice. One of the best days at a game that was.
Trevor Francis is leading worship this morning - and we're playing some great tunes :)
would have sounded better in a Trevor Francis shirt
it's Saturday night you and Del Boy never stop sell hocking gear. Any Trevor Francis track suits left?
$139 for a textbook is ridiculous. I'm not paying that. Imagine what Trevor Francis would be worth today.
It is. Guest judges like Alan Shearer and Trevor Francis and I mute my TV.
has he not rang yet?! If Trevor Francis had been manager it would have been a different story!
so Christiano is peeved that he may no longer be most expensive player. Spare a thought for poor Trevor Francis
Lets see how many likes we can get for Blues Legend Trevor Francis today
I thought Trevor Francis was worlds first 1million pound player???
are you watching BT sport? I think Michael Owen has caught the permanent cold of Trevor Francis!
its people like trevor Francis holding the England team/youth back. this aint technicolour days anymore the games moved on
Trevor Francis's debut. I was there and they'd sold out of programmes
Trevor Francis is still rocking a mullet in 2013
Yep!! I remember the first £ million player Trevor Francis, we thought THAT was obscene.
Forest bid for Trevor Francis/ur behind the times! If Barnes is at LUFC, Francis is coming to City! :)
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You mentioned Trevor Francis "2nd time around" When was the 1st time ? I think you were thinking of Gerry
Yeah Trevor Francis demanded he come to Wednesday on trial. Eric refused as he was a full FRAN international.
On BBC1: Plymouth woman woke up sounding Chinese; would be more surprising if she’d been from China and woke up talking like Trevor Francis
Ha might have been news when Trevor Francis moved across the midlands for £1m but not so much now. Bigger story is why.
A new favorite: Trevor Francis 'A Change Is Gonna Come' by 2013thevoiceuk on
He picked up the phone and rang Big Ron, Terry Venables & Trevor Francis, get me some players lads!!
A day late on this but when I read of Gareth Bale going for £85M I just think - wow, that’s 85 x Trevor Francis.
Musing over Trevor Francis being the first £1m footballer.
Trevor Francis scoring first half goal against Ajax in euro semi followed by Robbos penalty in 2nd half.
Feb 1979 - Trevor Francis at after becoming Britain's most expensive player h…
Thirty four years since Trevor Francis became the first million pound player...Gareth Bale,you're a jammy Welsh person.
I think during the climax when Burnley's reserve left back goes to Brentford for a Trevor Francis-smashing £100,002.38p
Maybe pro footballers aren't the financial investment I thought. Got a Trevor Francis I paid £1m for in the loft & have I had any offers?!
100 million Euros? I still remember people thinking that Trevor Francis was over priced.
Trevor Francis has become the first £1m player
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Ok. He was the first to pay £1mill (Trevor Francis).another £84mill. wouldn't have fazed him lol
Tricky Trevor Francis went for a million in 1979 and that was enough for me .lets shut the transfer window for good .
I remember when Trevor Francis went to Forest for a million quid and we all thought the game had gone mad now look at it
Peter Taylor has just been on the Big Match. He confirmed that Forest have made a bid for Birmingham's Trevor Francis.
Trevor Francis cost £1m in 1979. Bale's gone for €100m. At this rate of inflation, by the year 2047, record fee will hit…
Nottingham Forrest FC announce the signing of Trevor Francis for a staggering 1 million pounds.
I think we should put a bid in for Trevor Francis... Or Alan Brazil, he's supposed to be good as well.
When Brian Clough signed Trevor Francis for £1m that was a record and just about justifiable. Bale was signed for a small country’s GDP.
Just been sitting with Trevor Francis. He tells me the 'great' John Robertson has been unwell. Best wishes in your recovery John
Dietmar Hamann & Trevor Francis do not believe many other teams in the CL will fear Schalke in the group stages:
So we get Blue Peter boy and Trevor Francis. The SkySports summer holiday needs to end sharpish.
1 from each decade I've been watching; Trevor Francis, *** Harford, Louie Donowa, Dugarry, Seb Larsson
Trevor Francis back combs his pubes to look like Tom Huddlestone. Fact
Trevor Francis looks more like Arthur Scargill every day! ;)
"The sale of the club's most exciting prospect since Trevor Francis is a crushing blow". What about Darren Carter?
Marin Keown has got to be the worst commentator ever...well apart from Trevor Francis!
WHERE'S TREVOR FRANCIS? HE'S YOUR BEST FOOTBALL ANALYST! No offence to the others, but he's the smartest too. Excelsior.
We need to focus on this sort of thing.With PCT he'd have been "encouraged" to plead guilty4profit.
Clue 6 - I was a Trevor Francis signing, who am I?
Listening to Trevor Francis analyse football matches is equivalent to listening to good music and eating icecream. Best analyst ever.
"Brazil played the longest 1-2 in history in the build up for the goal" Trevor Francis
Just heard about trevor francis get well soon xxx
1982 England scrape past Kuwait 1-0 in the group stages of Espana82, thanks to a Trevor Francis goal
... Bryan Robson / Trevor Francis as well. Came to train at our school
Today in 1982 - Trevor Francis hit the winner as England beat Kuwait 1-0 and win Group 4 in Bilbao
"But when it concerns the most exciting talent produced from within since Trevor Francis, it curdles the blood."
Was the away end in 70s but stood there as a kid as cheaper Remember 3-2 v Birmingham 1972, 25,000 that day.Trevor Francis was 18
I was never sure Trevor Francis really wanted to come to City but what a debut!
not to bothered about Redmond and Davies if they go, when you've lived through Trevor Francis leaving you'll know what pain is!
. Prior to the 1979 European Cup final, John McGovern, Trevor Francis and Shilton went bowling + quasar, turning up at HT
you gave Trevor Francis a semi at 16?!!
The only thing I have to say about Wimbledon is that I went to the semis with Trevor Francis when I was sixteen.
News: Football legend Trevor Francis’ son cleared of burglary
First trip to Becks and Michael for company (oh and Trevor Francis!).
Trevor Francis & Gordon Ross overturn conviction of police officer for neglect at Court of Appeal
Trevor Francis was sacked over the phone by Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan. Francis's response? "But it's my birthday!"
Even Trevor Francis was allowed his dignity.and look at him !
Trevor Francis got 12 in 8 games as a 16 yr old for several of them dribbles from halfway line
Please rename the Bridgford after Peter Taylor, the Main stand after John Robertson & the Trent End after Trevor Francis.
Email WePlayMusic4 guestlist. Voice UK 2013 | Trevor Francis will be there - 30/6/13
Son of Trevor Francis cleared of burgling home of Lee Hendrie
Trevor Francis’ son cleared of burgling home of former footballer - General news - Yorkshire Post:
Q18. Who was head-hunted to take over from Trevor Francis at Birmingham City?
Teams for the Blue-Red Scrimmage Tryout: BLUE- Tyler Neville, Gabe Melmed, Shawn Curran, Cameron Archer, Tom Burns, Jacob Guay, Jacob Earl, Cody Collins, Tucker Rice, Seth Yachinin, Andrew Catlin. RED- Tyler Eddy, Jon Deshaine, Evan Pelkey, Ryan Gagne, Ethan Hall, Tyler Young, DJ Monteith, Ryan Ward, Trevor Francis, Patrick Quimby. Rosters subject to change due to attendance at the third tryout. Players on Blue come prepared with baseball pants and a blue shirt. Players on Red come prepared with baseball pants and a red shirt. Thank you and see you on Sunday at Husson. We can begin throwing and stretching prior to 9:30am. The scrimmage will begin at 9:30. Be EARLY!
From Best to Drogba, the top 10 European Cup final goals of all time This Saturday at Wembley will see two of Europe’s finest clubs clash as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund battle in the final of the Champions League. Many anticipate a thriller between the German sides and with technically gifted players on show, there is a high chance of top quality strikes grabbing the attention. But will any goals this weekend be able to compare with the great European Cup final goals of all time? Here Sportsmail compiles a list of the 10 finest. 10. Trevor Francis – Nottingham Forest 1-0 Malmo (30/5/1979) Trevor Francis was famously the first £1m player after Brian Clough brought the forward to the City Ground and he sure made it a worthwhile investment. In reality much of the credit for this goal should go to John Robertson. The Scot’s change of pace down the left flank saw him beat two defenders, before he looped a cross to the far post and out of the keeper’s reach for a grateful Francis to pounce with ...
Trevor Francis instructed in £8m Property Fraud at Leeds Crown Court.
How is Trevor Francis getting paid to commentate on football matches
R.Madrid v Dortmund is live on AJS+3 today at 21:00 Mecca. Gary Lineker will be joined by Graeme Souness, Trevor Francis & Steve McManaman.
Good to hear veterans like old experienced former players & coaches David Pleat & Trevor Francis analyzing EPL soccer on TV in USA? Good?
Does SAF rue not signing David Hirst for example in the same way Trevor Francis might have for not getting Cantona.
"Are any former footballers named after European countries?" "Trevor Francis." "Is he? Oh good."
Tough World Cup Qualifier game, even Trevor Francis would not have got a headache a few hours before KO for that one!
Watching the game online and stuck with Trevor Francis, at least it is not David Pleat i guess.
it has to be Trevor Francis, a true bluenose
A million? I suppose if a million fee is good enough for Trevor Francis, then it will be good enough for me!! =)
ENGLAND UPDATE! Leighton Baines is modelling himself on Trevor Francis!
I went round to see Trevor Francis today and he offered me cannabis. I got quite excited until he came back into the room with a Heineken.
Wife just said "That boy (Baines) looks like Trevor Francis's son," How do u know Trevor Francis and not Baines? My brother collected cards
I'm watching England on Al Jazera. Trevor Francis is summarising *resists temptation to say anymore*
Trevor Francis an *** He suggests: Welbeck should be playing for his height - like he scores loads of headers Carrick instead of Lescott
Trevor Francis track suit from a mush in Shepherds Bush!
I do, I got Trevor Francis to do a free interview :-)
If you are looking for more unobvious ones, Trevor Francis!! First Million Pound player, Birmingham City legend!
Trevor Francis is probably one of the most boring pundit there is. Yawn
Trevor Francis: Balotelli is miles ahead of Neymar. A big influence in the 2nd half.
Wow, Trevor Francis loves him some ... just said he's miles ahead of Neymar, bossed the second half
Ray Wilkins and Trevor Francis gushing over DDR . and rightly so
Ray Wilkins and Trevor Francis on Jazeera "Italy the better team"
Live coverage of Italy v Brazil is coming up on +3 shortly. will be joined in the studio by Trevor Francis and Ray Wilkins.
Evan Procaccini announces that he will return for his 5th year at St. Francis. This will increase his record of most JV starts on the ice.
Trevor Francis is a worse commentator than Andy Townsend. Didn't think that was possible.
Well Trevor Francis has been banded about with Michael Wiseman but they are hardly a Far East Group
If Kyle leaves St Francis to go play hockey for the U.S. development team I'm throwing him a party with no holding back.
he's old though. I think he scored against blues in the play-off semi-final where Trevor Francis took players off the pitch
best memory of was him celebrating goal v Greece at old Trafford. jumping on Trevor Francis back in comentry box
Reading The Loss of Chapter Twenty-One by Mark Hodder. Sherlock Holmes and Sir Richard Francis Burton meet in September of 1888.
"The first baby didn't like it, but after that they got into the mood." — BBC World News description of Pope Francis taken out of context.
Not the 1st time that 1000s of people have sat watching someone called Francis on TV and not understood a word, eh Trevor?
Richard Francis Burton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia remembering this extraordinary life and work today
Just re-watching the Villa QPR match again & Kevin Friend's reffing gets worse on second viewing - even Trevor Francis is slating him!
Baz just read ur book decent reading, your fear of Trevor Francis was like me when injured running after u
Tom can you clarify the comments made by Trevor Francis at the 70's night. Apparently he said he is coming back to Blues?
Me and Trevor Francis got arrested on indecent exposure, and carrying a deadly weapon charges in Thailand once. The weapon was my truncheon
Shouldnt Trevor Francis be sacked after his Alzheimer's "joke" about Sir Doug Ellis thinking Peter Withe was playing for
Oh my god..Trevor FFrancis still calling keeper Guzman in spite of commentator correctly calling him Guzan. How thick is he?!
Think your next album should be sung doing your Trevor Francis impression! Good luck fella!
Remember when Trevor Francis come to work and you shed a tear while he was talkin 😢
Nice to see Pope Trevor Francis give first sunday mass on Vatican balcony today before shooting off to Cyprus to withdraw all his greenbacks
UEFA Cup 1/4 final v Bayern Munich, scoring in the same goal as Trevor Francis v Malmo.
not as bad as Trevor Francis on football first... called lowton weimann then apologised and said it was Westwood
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
and also Trevor Francis on Football First confusing Matt Lowton with pretty every other player that started yesterday too.
Trevor Francis was full of them on Sky Sports...Guzman in goal, Baker playing about 40 mins after he went off
Yep he did & Trevor Francis on Sjy thort chance he missed - Lowton was Weimann then said oh no it was Westwood...
It's great to watch Villa win but even better when Trevor Francis is commentating and you can feel his disappointment in the win
& Trevor Francis comes straight to mind.
Francis:"Chance for Weimann. Actually it wasn't Weimann it was Westwood". Rob P:"It was actually Lowton". Glad to have you on board, Trevor.
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