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Trevor Donovan

Trevor Donovan (born October 11, 1978) is an American actor.

Matt Lanter Luke Perry Tristan Wilds Eleanor Roosevelt Jessica Stroup Joan Cusack Darryl Hall Michelle Trachtenberg Drop Dead Diva Matt Bomer Freddie Smith Shenae Grimes Jessica Lowndes

How does Trevor Donovan look the exact same now as he did 18 years ago? I swear the man is not human!
if you're interested in meeting a you should look up Trevor Donovan. Ask your frien…
please make a skiing movie with Trevor Donovan!
Trevor Donovan is a well known Hillbot who is still salty after Hillary defeat
Upcoming Glasgow Study Day this Friday. Join us to explore the opposing views of the future of amalgam with speaker…
Wait til Donovan and Trevor realize they dont need to collect rent from barbers in their shop. When each…
Watching Trevor Donovan & Rachel Skarsten in on They need to marry each other n…
I eat whole, seeds and all... yes, like a horse. Trevor Donovan!
Folks, I saw Florida blow plenty of second half leads during the Billy Donovan era, against teams lesser than No. 1 in coun…
Mike White, a largely unknown guy, was hired to replace the giant shoes of Billy Donovan. Look where he is in his 3rd ye…
today at 11am followed by Trevor Donovan and bot…
Go ahead and count the number of Buckeyes Donovan Peoples-Jones shed on this punt return.
Check out Trevor Donovan on the beach
Certainly Mounting and Assassinating Trevor Donovan and Emojis In The Name of Mobility in Paper Mario is Perfectly Acceptable
Oh nuts. Danielle C. Ryan has spilled flour all over Trevor Donovan's shirt in a scene from .
Because of backlash from Trevor Donovan, the SU have banned mice.
Update your maps at Navteq
Glasgow study day - 1st December with Terry Donovan and Trevor Burke. Book your place now and join the debate on th…
The UEA SU have boycotted CDs in case they kill Trevor Donovan.
first ever. Saw Trevor Donovan on Hallmark. Johnny Blaze. Funny as ***
Actual discussion in our household at the moment: Emilie Ullerup should do a movie with Trevor Donovan
Where will you be on January 7th? We'll be watching starring Trevor Donovan as Hunter, a man who's been…
Wholeheartedly agree What would make it better is more Trevor Donovan…
📷 gifscheckpoint: Trevor Donovan in an Instagram video
I remember meeting an incredible guy there by the name of Trevor Donovan! 😉
Trevor Knight completes a 17 yard pass to Rory Donovan in the endzone... after review, ruled a touchdown. Two-point conversion good. UNH 8-0
UNH scores first on Trevor Knight's 17-yard TD pass to Rory Donovan.
I liked a video Trevor Donovan behind the scenes Fitness Underwear Photo shoot
I liked a video Trevor Donovan and Dogs popping bubble wrap
I liked a video Trevor Donovan playing in the dirt
Trevor Donovan stars in movie more like Marry me right now I'm in LOVE!
This is how Donovan Goliath, Trevor Stuurman, Johnathan Liebmann & Alessandro Khojane got a helping hand to succeed…
Such a packed show/weekend I totally forgot how great Donovan Dijak vs Trevor Lee was.
do you know Trevor Donovan? Well, you should! You two would make a gorgeous and fun couple. Both amazin…
Kevin Durant conveniently forgets that Billy Donovan & that bad roster was up 3-1 on 73-win Warriors before KD & Russ laid…
Hello! My name is Trevor Donovan. You killed my library technician. Prepare to die.
Trevor Donovan, you're a f^cking *** - lyrics are copyrighted. TITLES ARE NOT COPYRIGHTED
Another blow for students as the SU have banned The Merv Griffin Show for fear they will kill Trevor Donovan.
I liked a video from Trevor Donovan watching Westminster Dog show with Dogs
before they cast Jason Mamoa as Aquaman think Trevor Donovan would've also been a good…
really enjoyed your interview earlier Trevor with
Adding a Trevor Donovan to your life probably has the same effect.
📷 If you ask me, Trevor Donovan looks beyond hot in this picture. ;)
you should meet Trevor Donovan, you're like Barbie and Ken
I work out at Runyon Canyon almost every morning.
27. Trevor Donovan. Teddy from 90210. He might've been *** on the show but that didn't stop ya girl!!!
Want to see Trevor Donovan shirtless? See him doing pushups here:
Trevor Donovan: They say Smart phones are making us anti-social :-/
I grew up in Mammoth Lakes, and they shot an episode up there, and I was hanging around when
Had an awesome weekend filming alongside and Trevor Donovan for creativecap2012 at…
Trevor Donovan is a great replacement for Mark S
please replace Mark Saling with Trevor Donovan, he's very hot, likable and loves animals :-)
I liked a video from Trevor Donovan "Taming the Horse" Country Music
Trevor Donovan takes it all off for Instagram - Entertainment Focus
thanks for sharing Trevor Donovan, have a great Sunday :) 🔹🆓Grow followers ➪ 🆓🔹
Trevor Donovan takes it all off for Instagram...
90210's takes it all off for Instagram
Vice Chairman Bob Donovan making a presentation to Trevor Cummins of match ball sponsors
One of my songs was on a jazz station for awhile. It was a song that I wrot...
In daytime, you're shooting an episode a day, which is on average about 90 ...
Somebody needs to tell Donovan that Trevor Daley scored tonight.
Thank you Trevor Donovan's parents for making such a handsome human being..😻
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
You've got Trevor Royle saying please, that's got to mean something!
When I was 17, I was so shy I could barely speak or introduce myself to any...
Trevor Donovan: Dogbert is such a hot dog. Dogbert is such a…
Trevor Donovan behind the scenes on Texas Rising Series for History Channel: via
Trevor Donovan behind the scenes of Love Finds You in Charm: via
Trevor Donovan bootylicious and shirtless: via
Trevor Donovan walking the runway in Leather Jacket: via
I liked a video from Trevor Donovan trying out a new Exercise
I liked a video from "Who's your Best Friend?" starring Trevor Donovan with Dogbert & Tito
I liked a video from Trevor Donovan Behind The Scenes Footage
I liked a video Trevor Donovan interviewed by Perez Hilton
I liked a video Trevor Donovan Interview & Singing
I liked a video from "Fields of Gold" performed by Trevor Donovan for movie Love Finds You
I liked a video from Trevor Donovan Malibu Beach Photo shoot
I graduated from school for graphic design, and I started to get into actin...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Student Government Day at the State House with Owen and Trevor of !
VIDEO: Thunder coach Billy Donovan doesn’t know what controversial play you’re talking about ht…
Billy Donovan is not sure what play was so controversial
Presti traded D.J. Augustin because Payne was supposedly ready to be the backup PG. Then Donovan played Foye. Now OKC doesn…
I'm gonna have to switch to your steak joint if hotties like Trevor Donovan eat there
And she and Trevor think youre the best!
please make more Love Finds you with Trevor Donovan! Love Finds you in charm was the best one
I was just terrified in front of the camera. I couldn't even say my own nam...
Kyle, I have a man for you, and NO its not Trevor Donovan. See how he kisses her. So romantic.
I liked a video from Trevor Donovan Interview (BELLO mag
Trevor Donovan talking about The Dalai Lama on TMZ: via
Trevor Donovan Kissing on both sides: via
Trevor Donovan behind the scenes photo shoot: via
Trevor Donovan as The Little Merman Part of that world: via
so upset you miscast your new show with someone else besides Trevor Donovan :-(   10% Off
Melissa Joan Hart looking up how to extract semen from Trevor Donovan's testicals on Melissa & Joey was less creepy.
FLASH AH AH! is coming to save the world. Trevor Donovan
Will Shiloh Jolie Pitt grow up to look like Trevor Donovan?
// Yes, I definitely think Trevor Donovan has now crept onto my list , along with Henry Cavill, and Chris Pratt.
I added a video to a playlist Minecraft is for EVERYONE! - ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO by Ross O'Donovan -
You saw Trevor Donovan and Kat Graham three times!! AWESOME
Photos from the Monte Carlo TV Festival have been added! -
Trevor Donovan attends a photocall for the 'Texas Rising' TV series on June 15, 2015 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.
season 2? It's up in the air according to Christopher McDonald and Trevor Donovan, but it could be.
Now this is one of my brothers shots. Alex with Cory from Green n Trevor Donovan from90210
Donovan McNabb should have rode in on the Eagles in LOTR: The Return of the King. It would have been epic and strategic marketing
ask Trevor Donovan if he would come to Miami for a visit and if he likes deep sea fishing
...Cynthia Addai Robinson & Trevor Donovan. Any questions for them? Send them at gceatmc
His name is Trevor Donovan. He's really funny too lol, but I think he looks the part of LJG
Please have Trevor Donovan on your channel like everyday. Don't care what, he's just so nice to look at
Ran into Trevor Donovan at Runyon. I was too sweaty to ask for pic // exactly what…
You can't deny the resemblance between Shiloh Jolie Pitt and Trevor Donovan /…
I don't eat fast food, but I can't live without pizza. - Trevor Donovan
7 days until Love Finds You in Charm!! with Trevor Donovan on the set :) htt…
Trevor Donovan at The Robert F.Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights Presents 2012 Ripple of Hope Awards Dinner h…
"I never had an urge to ride a large animal till I saw Trevor Donovan on a horse" http…
Just saw Trevor Donovan at the grocery store. Tried not to faint
Can't wait to see Trevor Donovan as in on 5/25
do want Freddie Smith and Trevor Donovan work together again.
With Donovan retiring this year, and Rimando having another couple years, could he retire with more shutouts than Donovan has goals?
im spending my last night in LA watching trevor try on every single one of rickys wigs it's been like an hour and he's still …
Trevor Lam, Donovan Huffer and Elliott Erkel due up for . Lam homered last night in 15-0 win.
Another K for Fitzgerald & the top of the 6th is in the books. 6-0 Draft leading with Trevor Lam, Donovan Huffer & Ryan Coale coming due up
Trevor Lam, Donovan Huffer and Ryan Coale coming to the plate for in the bottom of the third. Hosts yet to get a hit.
Missed my first workout day in about a month I have 7 ambulances on standby today. Double scoop Donovan? Triple Scoop Trevor!
Update your maps at Navteq
Is Trevor Donovan gorgeous or what? I'm a huge DAYS fan so I'll try to get him and Kate Mansi etc to attend the event on 9/20!!
All I wanted to do was slug a couple shots with Jim Donovan
Trevor Donovan looks kinda like Kristoff Bjorgman from Disney movie /…
Well your song Taming the horse ever be released for purchase? Great song. // Its free
Oh Donovan, oh Donovan, you wish you were like Beckham...
Now Garth talking about Donovan, DCU, and other MLS news. Ask him about the cap,
“My gut just told me it was right and that it was time.” . – Landon Donovan on retirement (
Landon Donovan cemented his soccer legacy by rising above:
Landon Donovan will retire as the all-time goalscoring leader for both and the
"Even when we're underdogs, we are expected to win." - Landon Donovan.
Watching the US vs Algeria game with Landon Donovan's goal still gives me the chills
Trevor called himself Donovan McNab and also said he had endurance like a camel
"I don't agree with Jurgen. ... We agree with the American Outlaws: 'We believe that we will win.'" - Landon Donovan
"This will come as a surprise to nobody, but I don't agree with Jurgen." - Landon Donovan on Klinsmann saying won…
Photo: menandtheirdogs: Trevor Donovan gives his support to the non-profit organization ‘Helping Homeless...
Mike Tyson became the youngest ever world heavyweight champion, at the age of 20, defeating Trevor Berbick in 1986 htt…
So wasn't Trevor Donovan just playing a high school kid on Tonight he pops up in high school on but as VAL's classmate.
tell Trevor I'm coming over Sunday for Father's Day!!
Millionaire Mind Panel at 4pm with Donovan Rivers, Israel Barsh, Victor Irving Jenkins, Trevor and Chase and...
Trevor Donovan needs to come back to visit his UK'ers and soon. can we get in London?
How does Donovan not get picked to play on the USA team?!
Watch "90210 Trevor Donovan Tennis Dad and Silver" on YouTube - 90210 Trevor Donovan (cont)
Congrats to Laura Blake for being Trevor Donovan's smartest person today
Trevor Donovan wearing our Crazy 8 pant in Leman Blue and also our RPM Qulited Jacket in Black. . Shop his looks...
Trevor Donovan is so gorgeous omfg.
Trevor Donovan aka Teddy Montgomery is the same age as my dad... Oh my.😭😭😭😭
Can Klinsmann somehow twist Ox's injury in such a way that allows him to call up Donovan? Trade a roster spot or something?
LINDA HAMILTON STARS IN NEW SYFY ORIGINAL MOVIE BERMUDA TENTACLES, PREMIERING SATURDAY, APRIL 12 AT 9PM NEW YORK – March 11, 2014 – Linda Hamilton (The Terminator) will star as an Admiral of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier battling an ancient monster in the new Syfy Original Movie Bermuda Tentacles, premiering Saturday, April 12 at 9PM (ET/PT). When Air Force One goes down over the Bermuda Triangle, the Navy sends its best rescue team. But in saving the President, the team awakens a monster which threatens America’s entire Eastern Seaboard and, ultimately, the world. Bermuda Tentacles, which is a production of The Asylum (Sharknado, Sharknado 2), also stars Trevor Donovan (90210), Mya Harrison (The Blues) and Jamie Kennedy (The Jamie Kennedy Experiment).
It's not the holidays without the perfect Christmas movie. Celebrate with A Snow Globe Christmas starring Christina Milian, Alicia Witt, Donald Faison and Trevor Donovan, Saturday at 10/9c.
killed it on the show!! "there's three Jamaican names Trevor, Donovan & Tronovan"
currently on my TV is Trevor Donovan looking sexy as usual.
Skin - Rihanna cover by Trevor Donovan via
"Trevor Donovan has made our list of The Top 50 Hottest Guys on USA TV!
Laura thinks Trevor Donovan looks the part of
Trevor Donovan aka Teddy Montgomery on 90210 read my message guys omg
If You Were Born Today, October 11: You are witty, fun to be around, and charming. Your sense of humor is well-developed, and you are a sports lover. Generally considered rather "lucky", it's really because of your enthusiasm and positive attitude that you seem to "get your way". You respect others and are generally very courteous. Although you can stretch the truth quite effortlessly, most of the time you do so to try to keep the peace or to avoid hurting someone's feelings. You are very amorous and you possess much personal charisma and understated charm. Famous people born today: Luke Perry, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sean Flanery, Joan Cusack, Darryl Hall, Trevor Donovan, Matt Bomer, Michelle Trachtenberg. Your Birthday Year Forecast: When a Quarter Moon occurs in your Return chart, as it does this year, you are at some sort of a turning point in your life, in terms of personal growth. Events that occur this year act as catalysts that get you in touch with some important issues in your emotional life. Your e ...
is that Trevor donovan in the top left bro?!
Trevor Donovan is on Drop Dead Diva with a shirt on. Surely this is a crime.
I'm so so so proud to be a fan of Trevor Donovan, Zak Bagans and Lauren Conrad. They are the best ❤💚💜 👌
A Hunger Games show with Trevor Donovan gets my full approval and support. Proceed!
Sat here watching Drop Dead Diva and melting over trevor donovan ahah, I need to get out more =D
Trevor Donovan on right now on Lifetime.
Great night for TV. Trevor Donovan on Drop Dead Diva, Breaking Bad and Dexter
Really missing 90210. They all just stepped off the scene after the finale. Except Trevor Donovan.
'Drop Dead Diva' sneak peek: Trevor Donovan We're watching on big screen
has anybody ever told you you look like Trevor Donovan but way better — No
Im very jealous of u! U have gotten to kiss Trevor Donovan and Justin Hartley!!! Ur a lucky woman!!! Lol
I'm putting the site on Maintenance Mode just for today to toy with a possible new layout the gallery (will be up!
Stills of Trevor in Drop Dead Diva have been added! -
Politics 'Drop Dead Diva' sneak peek: '90210's' Trevor Donovan drops trou in court
more Trevor Donovan is needed on TV!!!
Didn't even know what a ShoutOUT was :) “Look, got this week's ShoutOUT via
Trevor Donovan is killin' it in the latest issue of Glamoholic Magazine!
Trevor Donovan Covers 'Glamoholic' May 2013: On his best memories of 90210: “The people I worked with from the...
Photo: 90210fanboy: Trevor Donovan, Michael Steger and Matt Lanter sure are hot. :) Tristan Wilds is just...
Trevor trying to get Cocoa to get in.
Prom about to be so hype honestly me and Trevor and Donovan about to fool!
It doesn't seem so long ago that we were campaigning HARD for Trevor Donovan to star in the seq...
Brant Daughtry, Chandler Massey, Trevor Donovan: people Freddie Smith was PAID to make out with.
90210 — (9:00–10:00 p.m. ET)“Dude, Where’s My Husband” (TV-14, DL) (HDTV)   ROBBIE JONES GUEST STARS — Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) meets up-and-coming mogul Jordan Welland (guest star Robbie Jones), who hires her to plan events for his media empire, while Annie (Shenae Grimes), Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) and Silver (Jessica Stroup) plan a girls’ night out for Naomi, which ends with disastrous results. Dixon (Tristan Wilds) starts to develop feelings for Michaela (guest star Lyndon Smith), and Liam (Matt Lanter) finds out that the Cronus brothers plan to blame Navid (Michael Steger) for the cheating ring and is forced to befriend them to clear Navid’s name. Trevor Donovan also stars. Matthew Diamond directed the episode written by Liz Phang
Make sure to check out the screen caps from last nights 90210!
So you fall behind on maintenance enforcement, they seize your bank accounts, suspend your licence, passport, screw with your job, living, . But what about the other side when there is no access to your child that is court ordered ? Just crap
Jam Nite at O'Hagans Rock Cottage tonight! Pull in for a great Tuesday's night of entertainment! Awesome music & Muso's Hosted by the one & only Roy Schoombie :)
Ready to shoot this new music video. Gonna be killer
Trevor Donovan is the only blonde I've ever found attractive and yes those are my hands 😍
My part from state your name, for that dude!
They say that 1 out of every 100,000 applicants gets an offer at Google. But Trevor Sergison is one in a million, so he sailed through and will be joining the Enterprise team! Go Trev! Jason Tolkin Lisa Donchak Serena Donovan Ashlie Chan Erin Winslow Omid Scheybani Amanda Bourque Remy Sharp et al... can't wait for you to meet my boy Trevor in a few weeks!
It was "Come See Beckham, Keane, Donovan." I expect a drop in attendance, but it's not going to be like the haters want.
I don't know why i'm so in love with Trevor Donovan from 90210 !!! He's absolutely one of the hottest blonde guy i've ever seen
Have you guys checked out the new layout? Tell me what you think!
Most expensive player in the league ever? Be it transfer fees or wages.. Who do you think it is? Go..!
Got Trevor Christian and Donovan hooked on breaking bad!
It's the last day of LORD/FLIES! I commend the incredible performances by all the actors involved! It's been an AMAZING process! Congratulations to Neema Atri, Luke Marinkovich, Matt Stillo, Mason Lee, Julian Goldhagen, Jason Silverman, Alex Tissiere, Jonathan Sokolow, Ben Yahr, Adam Donovan, & Trevor Bachman on an amazing experience!
Charity single benefiting The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and the medical aftercare of Casey Fitzgerald . more info at Download Lin...
The Asian gentleman sitting opposite me in the restaurant is tucking into a plate piled high with sausages and bacon on one side, and a humongous mound of rocket lettuce on the other. I want to tell him how very wrong he is.
can you ask Jason Donovan of he remembers Trevor and Simontaking the micky out of him
We're bringing the music scene back to the WF
Almost won boys, we had that game and its was crap that we lost. We will beat em next time. with Trevor Sampson, Cameron Joel Visscher, Laine Wilson, Broden Mar, Levi Cale, Oztin P Bowden and Donivan Kinihan
FULL NAME: What you call your child when they are in big trouble. ~Amanda~
Wish I was in Banff right now skiing with Trevor Donovan 🏂❄👱
Matt Lanter, Trevor Donovan and Tristan Wilds are something else. :-)
i miss 90210 so bad. i miss Teddy. i really love Trevor Donovan character.
- thank you! & I was considering either of them. I just decided this was best! 😊
I know on 90210, Trevor Donovan's character Teddy used that word once and Trevor said he didn't
I think you guys would agree with me:
- no rush no rush. Take your time but try to hurry
“Have you told your girlfriend that you're *** yet?” Don't rush me!
getting ready to attend the AHL ALL STAR SKILLS COMPETITION tonight and ALL STAR GAME TOMORROW night. Come on now, Mark Welch, Keith Dallas, Jay Odjick, John Charbonneau you know you are
Trevor is in the 99th percentile in eyelashes.
I got to meet Martin Sheen, Paul Sorvino, Matthew Morrison, Alfre Woodard, Katherine Keener, and Trevor Donovan today. Awesome day and such an amazing show. Speak Truth To Power!!!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I want to hang out with you and Trevor Donovan.
Ferociousness isn't a word for tonight's 'inside Death Row with Trevor McDonald'
Death row with Trevor McDonald is sooo interesting 👌
I still miss the pub - staff, friends, first time visitors, repeat visitors - folks I didn't get a chance to say "thank you" or goodbye to. Off the top of my head- "thank you" to Trevor for making Brigid's your lunch spot; Suzie I hope you had the time of your life in Ireland; Rita for your fervor for life and being my "pub mom"; The Friday night BSU corner table for "training" and retraining, and retraining ... the staff and providing spice to the evening; Jim and Irene for traveling from Park Rapids on Sunny days just to have the bison, salmon and unsalted chips and leaving us with "warm fuzzies" after each visit (Table 11 just isn't the same without you!); Brian Donovan-I enjoyed your intellect (Of course, Mine was NO match) especially after you'd had a pint; Regina from way up nort'- what a gift you were every time you and hubby came in. And I treasure the Beautiful scarf you gave me the last time I saw you! There are countless others who impacted me life, made my day, taught me lessons, and share ...
what i just realized that Trevor Donovan has been in numerous episodes of lately, is he back on full-time?
This makes me very happy. And who doesn't love Trevor Mcdonald?
Trevor Donovan is welcome at my place anytime 😍
The comments are now working again - this time for good! Enjoy!
Looking forward to "inside death row with Trevor McDonald" itv1 10.35pm
i'm not Trevor Donovan but good luck for you exam. xx :)
Like hanging with the good ole boys , Ryan Heuser Trevor Donovan. Another good night of bowlin
Celebrity body of the day: Actor Trevor Donovan looking ripped. What do you rate him 1-10?
Manager Bruce Arena confirmed Landon Donovan will definitely return to the Galaxy this season
Watching the boys for a week, Taylor, Trevor and Donovan. we went to breakfast at Aunt Jenny's Rte 41 Diner. Great food, but it was packed.
Don, Trevor. Trevor, Donovan. I've heard good things about Cobra... How much are your water balls?
I am also a big fan of Brady Sanders in Fieldcrest, Dayton Ince/Donovan Oliver at Kewanee and Trevor Lay at Wethersfield.
I'm one of those jocks in the article. Thank you!
Why does Trevor Donovan think he's funny/relevant.
90210's Trevor Donovan and the Bill Clinton Connection (Photos) via
Who wants to smoke a blunt when I get outta work? Hmu I get off at 10 ^.^
Hate to hurry my life away. But I'm ready for spring. Hate walking in water to get to my truck! And it's under the carport! Really?
Trevor Donovan & Philip Seymour Hoffman Palpatine Special // Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen
only you will understand the Palpatine concept Trevor Donovan & Philip Seymour Hoffman "Palpatine Special"
Oh alright. Like Matt Lanter and Trevor Donovan are obsessed with those
den ask holly y Trevor Donovan agreed 2play a 17yr old on 90210 as @ 2007wen he was29 ...
Me to wake up as Zac Efron or Harry Judd or Trevor Donovan or Olly Murs or Matt Cardle or Michael Buble or Enrique Iglesias please
I'm always looking for new affiliates! Feel free to apply [or recommend us to some other fansites!
We're excited to see 90210's on The Client List next season! & also a little jealous of
has a crush on How do you know if someone will be a good fit for you?
Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest photos have been added!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
You guys got the gallery to over 40k views! It's gone up 10-20k in the last month or so. Glad you guys love it!
Question 15: name 7 players on the Wizards
New event from last night has been added!
Trevor Donovan is actually thee most beautiful man I've ever seen.
ATTENTION all Trevor Donovan fans he's out on the streets of NYC!! this is not a test
Nice of you to show up, Trevor Donovan.
Jessica Stroup: '90210' 100th Episode Airs TONIGHT!!!: Jessica Stroup and Trevor Donovan chat in this new still ...
Our photo gallery is almost to 40k views! Help it get there by viewing just one of the 10k Trevor pix we have to offer!
Trevor Donovan. 😘😍 I have a slight thing for muscular blondes. 😉
Breaking News; Breaking News; Breaking News. We understand that Head of Finance/Company Secretary, Martin Evans is yet another member of the Senior Management Team who is about to leave the employ of Everton Football Club. No doubt he will be leaving the Club by mutual consent like most other members of the management team. We wont be drawn on the rumours circulating L4 4EL that his leaving is be due to yet another poor set of company results or his involvement in last years leaked emails. scandal. Financial meltdown or Kindergarten ? Martin has been employed at the Club since 2007.
Indovina Il Número Del Brano Sette And good times they come Before you know they're gone But bad times seem to go on and on and on And how about you embrace the tastes the bad times make It's so much easier just to follow that way
EVERYONE!!! Time for the AFWM dance! Okay everyone ~ we're doing the AF WingMom line dance...pocket pat panic! Everyone put yer cell phone in yer pocket and let's go.(cue the music) step to the right, pat the pocket, step to the left, pat the pocket.spin right, make sure it's on, spin to the left, volume check.10 steps forward,'s on the table 10 steps away.(big finish) run 8 steps back and DIVE DIVE DIVE!. Now click "like" if YOU'VE ever danced the AFWM dance! Shout out LOUD&PROUD (which means to post your TRS/FLT) and tell us who you are proud of today! (((hugs))) ~lisa
Where can I get the TEAM GLOSS Trevor Donovan wore to Twilight Premiere?
It's so boring here without donovan & Trevor.
I know Sam is Finnick Odair, but in my heart and every time i re read the books it will always be Trevor Donovan.
My friend, Trevor Donovan, featured in a article:
Effie Kutcher liked '90210' Actor Meets 2 US Presidents: "90210" actor Trevor Donovan handed some of the most…
Nothing like seeing Trevor Donovan walking his adorbs dog after a perfect day!
That's Trevor... I'd never dare get a prius in the first place!
Norfolk Virginia, Hey, my names Jared. I'm looking for a good person to have fun with an do whatever the *** comes to mind. I'm a person that believes music can actually save a person. There is a song
Donovan went down pretty easy under a halfway outstretched arm. Thorrington was simultaneously kicked in the ankle/slapped.
So everyone needs to recognize for his courage to take up arms and give himself to this country.
It was cool chilling with steph, trevor & donovan.
are you going to be Trevor Donovan (Teddy's) love interest? I hope so.
And that's on a team with Donovan, Beckham, and Keane. Give me a break.
my bio pic would be a *** version of Leaving Las Vegas, the Elisabeth Shue part being played by Trevor Donovan (Ty Pennington was set PA)
Jessica Stroup and Trevor Donovan looks absolutely good together!
I just want Donovan and Erika or me and Trevor to win. Preferabbly Donovan and Erika.(:
any pictures of Trevor Donovan from your weekend?
Lol. Why can't Trevor Donovan be in my bed
Trevor Donovan, more famously known as Teddy Montgomery on the teen drama television series 90210 reads Divergent also!
Mark your calendars! Set your DVR! Hallmark Movie Channel will re-air Strawberry Summer starring Trevor Donovan October 25th 9/10am
Trevor Donovan what happened to you in the new 90210?!
Lol still trippin off Brandon punching Donovan aha!
we tried to say what's up to him and then he ignored us and then he told Donovan to get away from him
In case you missed it, added caps from the season 5 premiere of 90210 -
"-Eleanor Roosevelt -MC Lyte -Luke Perry -Matt Bomer -Trevor Donovan -" Matt Bomer IS A LIBRA, my life is made
more shirtless pics of Trevor Donovan and Ian Sommerholder please
Happy Birthday to Luke Perry & Trevor Donovan, who turns 34 today!
Wishing a Happy B-day to "90210" hunk and congrats on your show's own recent big milestone too!
that hot guy in my school looks like trevor donovan, :D well at least he's not 33 so. im a bit happier yeah. TREVER Y U SO HOT?
Nevermind! Fixed the problem. Tell me what you think of the new layout!
During yesterdays conf call, Klinsmann said that Donovan had an MRI scheduled for his knee, but cancelled it b/c he felt better.
Way2go 3 innovative characters changing the map on tv day by day in a good way
Trevor Donovan is OLD LOOKING. I'm supposed to believe they're just 19/20? Well I do not.
So at 33 years old has anyone else stopped buying Trevor Donovan as a 20 year old?
I am only watching the parts of 90210 with Trevor Donovan in them. For the other parts I am closing my eyes and humming.
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