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Trevor Bauer

Trevor Andrew Bauer (born January 17, 1991 in North Hollywood, California) is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball.

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Jose Altuve against Chris Sale and the Red Sox- 3-4 with 3 homers. Aaron Judge against Trevor Bauer and the Indians. 0-3 3 k’…
Salazar looked like Trevor Bauer did back in the month of May.Danny will get hot again
Trevor Bauer just went full savage on Avisail Garcia 😂
Trevor Bauer didn't want to wait around to carve up Avisail Garcia
Trevor Bauer on his exchange with Avisail Garcia in the fourth inning.
Trevor Bauer: Telling Avisail Garcia to get Back in the Box...then Telling him to go sit down. 😳
Trevor Bauer gets a win for Cleveland Indians as they beat Boston Red Sox by a score of 7 to 3. Cleveland Indians improve to 64 - (cont...)
"Lest we forget" the Indians were without their & 3 pitchers. Trevor Bauer and josh T…
"Trevor Bauer has been on a real tear lately."
MLB Video: Indians' Carlos Carrasco and Trevor Bauer artfully decorate a baseball to look exactly like teammate Jos…
My happiness of Trevor Bauer no longer being an Indian can only be surpassed by my sheer ecstasy when Bryan Shaw is no longer on the team.
Don't worry about Trevor Bauer, the Indians have Jason Pierre-Paul warming up in the bullpen.
Dan Otero (1-0) got the win in relief of starter Trevor Bauer - Otero threw 2 1/3 scoreless ...…
Trevor Bauer looks like, well, Trevor Bauer tonight
Trevor Bauer being relieved by Zach McAllister. This is my nightmare
Zach McAllister is the Trevor Bauer of relievers. Inconsistent. Can't count on him at all.
"Hey maybe Trevor Bauer has finally turned it arou--...never mind"
Steve Stone with a ruthless Trevor Bauer drone mock
Steve Stone is a savage with the Trevor Bauer drone reference lol
Matt Underwood is not hiding his disdain for Trevor Bauer's mental approach.
Sabrina isn't worthy of RBS practice squad spot, callers are a necessary evil, and let Trevor Bauer…
We had that magic. We were just on a roll until Trevor Bauer *** cut his finger off playing with toys
Trevor Bauer, pitch tunneler extraordinaire, seems to have abandoned tunneling in 2017. Me
Indians and Twins postponed on Wednesday: Trevor Bauer will have to wait one more day to make his third start of……
game today is rained out. Trevor Bauer will start tomorrow
...and then faced Josh Tomlin and Trevor Bauer for 5 games in the WS.
I would ask Trevor Bauer, but he blocked me.
- Trevor Bauer start pushed to Thursday
No game tonight. Tomorrow the will start Ervin Santana while the will start Trevor Bauer.
Momentum, of course, is tomorrow's starting pitcher, and now that may be Corey Kluber instead of Trevor Bauer. I'm just saying.
now let's get Trevor Bauer straightened out tonight. His pitching game, anyway. I'm not a miracle worker.
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🚨09' Commitment Alert 🚨 Trevor Daley (LT) from Pittsburgh PA he is a big power forward Bauer shootout
Trevor Bauer has a lower career ERA than Charles Nagy.
. Sabrina=go. Callers=go. Trevor bauer=go. Fast food panda express. Direct TV. . Yes to white house.
Sabrina: Go. Callers: Stay. Trevor Bauer: Jury still out. Fast food: Chick-fil-A . Pres? Would love to m…
Sabrina go callers go Trevor Bauer go best fast food master pizza
Trevor Bauer- Sabrina to hot to get rid of!. Golden Arches, My wife would refuse meeting pres, DIRECTV has got it going on!
RBS Stay or go:. Sabrina. Callers. . Trevor Bauer. Survey Wed: Fast food restaurant of choice? . Would you refuse meeting Pres? . TV Provider?
/Watches Trevor Bauer serve up a home run "So much for the tolerant left."
what if you could trade Trevor Bauer for a legitimate starting catcher? Stay or go?
It's Trevor Bauer tonight for the against Adalberto Mejia and the
Trevor Bauer will be the starting pitcher vs Minnesota Twins on Wednesday.
You are going to dig this one. What's different about Trevor Bauer? Rob Arthur explains
must win against Trevor Bauer and Corey Kluber the next two nights to save a split.
The Indians will send your team Josh Tomlin and Trevor Bauer in exchange for a bag of balls and a tub of Double Bubble. Interested?
Nice catching up with Trevor Bauer to talk drones for a bit. He brought his drone on the road trip and flew yesterday in Minneapolis.
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Last pitcher to strike out Mookie Betts was Trevor Bauer
The last pitcher to strikeout Mookie Betts in any game he's played in (regular/postseason) - Trevor Bauer Game 1 of the ALDS.
I liked your show promo with the drone. How about doing good another one with Trevor Bauer?
After this Bryant dinger off of drone Trevor Bauer in Game 5, never trailed again in the World Series.
I have a good one: Trevor Bauer's Drone
Myles Garrett is smart?. You know who else is smart, Trevor Bauer and he hurt himself playing with a drone in the playoffs. Don't want him.
My brother is an Indians fan. When Trevor Bauer injured himself with his Drone, it seemed natural. And it stuck.
I mean, Trevor Bauer played with a bloody finger. Why can't Carp?!
Paxton is under Vince Velasquez, David Price (who may not play this season), and Trevor Bauer going forward???
Wow. Just gonna disrespect Trevor Bauer like that?
Here was Bryan Shaw coming in to put out the fire Trevor Bauer set tonight.
For all of those who think I'm being too tough on Correa's boo boo, remember Trevor Bauer tried to pitch through th…
Trevor Bauer and Matt Carpenter are now blood brothers.
Carpenter's hand is bleeding at near-Trevor Bauer levels, uggghhh.
I realize that. But it was Trevor BAUER's nasty finger.
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Oh, of course it involves Trevor Bauer.
Roberto Perez, on if he was surprised by Miguel Cabrera's reaction to Trevor Bauer's pitch inside in the top of the first: htt…
Matt Underwood and Rick Manning have gone four innings talking about Trevor Bauer's psyche.Have anything else to talk about?
Finally Matt Underwood says something smart. . People who say Trevor Bauer thinks too much are ridiculous.
Trevor Bauer may be more frustrating to watch than Matt LaPorta was
Last time two *** faked a fight like this it was Trevor Bauer and Matt Marron
I always wondered how big of an *** Trevor Bauer had to be for Miguel Montero to hate him with a fiery passion so.yep
Shin-Soo Choo and Tony Sipp for Trevor Bauer and Bryan Shaw in 2013 was the worst trade in…
Red Sox? Lmao. Can't hit a Trevor Bauer fastball down the middle. Alds choke again in 2017
Q:Why did Michael Jackson like to practice hitting against Trevor Bauer? . A: Because he got to see lots of balls.
KRIS BRYANT TIES IT UP!. Bryant takes Trevor Bauer deep to center to tie Game 5 at 1.
Andre Dawson is an anagram for "and saw drone," which is funny because joking at Trevor Bauer's expense is not old yet.
There has to be some kind of catharsis for Chicago fans watching Trevor Bauer struggle - he looks just like Jay Cutler
Trevor Bauer looks like he could be Jay Cutler's little brother.
Ohhh I hate Trevor Bauer he's going to end up a blue jays isn't he?
*Trevor Bauer walks off mound and places ball in on-deck circle*. "Seriously, don't swing at that. I'm begging you.". *Javy…
Jose Ramirez takes Jon Lester Deppp to left. up 1-0. Trevor Bauer gets some early run support
Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist and Kyle Schwarber have already seen 34 pitches against Trevor Bauer. Incredible to watch them gri…
I'm pretty sure that Trevor Bauer is Rob Dyrdek's brother
In the dictionary next to the phrase "laboring" is a picture of Trevor Bauer.
I remember watching Trevor Bauer in the CWS for UCLA against TCU and he was an absolute freak. Him and Gerrit Cole.
"The Leaky-Pinkie (Trevor Bauer) takes on Jake Arrieta tonight on ESPN Radio." -
Cubs turn to Jake Arrieta, Indians send out Trevor Bauer for Game 2 of World Series. Preview:
Last night was wonderful for Cleveland fans, but a Trevor Bauer victory over Jake Arrieta would be magical.
Jake Arrieta on mound for Trevor Bauer for in Game 2. Game at 6:08 p.m. CDT tonight.
The Matchup tonight is Jake Arrieta vs Trevor Bauer. Chicago's Arrieta has a 4.91 era in the postseason, Bauer's is 5.06
Jake Arrieta takes the mound tonight vs Trevor Bauer. Will the bounce back and win Game 2? . Postseason Live…
We need to show no mercy to Trevor Bauer tonight
Note to self: Don't ask Trevor Bauer about Gerrit Cole.
Trevor Bauer on if he consulted former UCLA teammate Gerrit Cole on facing the Cubs: "I've spoken to him once since we…
If Cubs win NL, the two pitchers from Hart High's 2008 team, Mike Montgomery and Trevor Bauer, will be on opposite sides in World Series.
I don't believe the "-gate" suffix is dying anytime soon, but Ron Darling calling Trevor Bauer's finger injury "Dronegate" may be a new low.
Terry Francona explains why Indians are flipping Josh Tomlin, Trevor Bauer …
Unlike Curt Schilling, Trevor Bauer isn't a jobless has-been with ketchup on his sock
Shepard Smith coming out and Trevor Bauer's bloody pinkie in game 3 of the ALCS
Trevor Bauer's pinky is 1,000 times tougher than the Penn State defense I'll be shredding to pieces on Saturday.
Indians forced to pull Bauer in first
VIDEO: Trevor Bauer was forced to leave Game 3 after his finger starting gushing blood!
Trevor Bauer is drone for the night.
- Trevor Bauer Exits in 1st Inning of ALCS Game 3 Because of Bloody Finger Injury:
Let's check in to see how Trevor Bauer is doin--OH MY GAH!!!
My gawd, Trevor Bauer's hand is just disgusting.
Trevor Bauer's sliced up pinkie is extremely gross:
How will the loss of Trevor hurt the & go Inside The Dugout to tell you!
Gruesome, bloody finger forces Trevor Bauer out of ALCS Game 3
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.RHP Trevor Bauer exits in bottom of 1st inning after cut on right pinkie finger opens up.
i like how toronto fans are acting like Trevor Bauer got ejected from the game when he's dripping blood from his hand😂😂
Looks like Trevor Bauer recovered nicely from that drone incident
True Story. 3 months ago Trevor Bauer blocked me for asking if he has control issues flying his drone. Then he gets injured us…
Trevor Bauer's finger looks like Harvey dents face after that explosion in the dark knight
MLB playoffs 2016: Terry Francona appears to flip off camera during ALCS Game 3: It looked like Terry Francon...
John Gibbons just asked the umps to go look at Trevor Bauer's finger. Gibby was adamant too. Just kept droning on and on.
Trevor Bauer is bleeding. It's a slippery slope from here to defrauding the state of Rhode Island out of $75 million.http…
MLB Playoffs 2016: Trevor Bauer's drone injury could be a turning point in ALCS: It was all in good fun before Game…
Curt Schilling: Don't compare Trevor Bauer's bloody finger to my bloody sock: Schilling is not interested in being…
Cleveland pitcher's mangled finger proves you shouldn't mess with drones
Trevor Bauer is pitching with that pinky 😳
Trevor Bauer leaves game with bloody finger
Trevor Bauer departed Monday's ALCS Game 3 against the Blue Jays after two-thirds of an inning when the stitches in his r...
Picture of Trevor Bauer's pinky before his start in Toronto tonight. Drones ain't no joke 👀 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Motivation: If Trevor Bauer can keep pitching while his finger is dripping blood, I can finish my homework and college applications
Trevor Bauer telling the umps he can still pitch .
Trevor Bauer is now out due to this:
After suffering a cut on his hand from fixing his drone, Trevor Bauer leaves Game 3 after the cut re-opens. Dan Otero co…
Trevor Bauer exits Game 3 after his pinkie liquefies on the mound:
"Remember when Trevor Bauer cut his hand on his drone and had to leave the game early because it kept bleeding?" - Ind…
Cleveland's Trevor Bauer had to leave ALCS Game 3 after 2/3 of an inning. The reason: A finger on his pitching hand wouldn't sto…
if Trevor Bauer was a hockey player he’d have ripped that finger off ate it on the mound for intimidation then finished the…
Curt Schilling rejects comparisons to bloody Trevor Bauer.
Trevor Bauer during that mound meeting...
Do we feel sorry for Trevor Bauer or did he do a negligent careless thing on the eve if postseason and deserves the consequence?
MLB 16 time. Sox at 61-56, start of mid-Aug road trip in BAL. Trevor Bauer vs Ubaldo Jimenez. Orioles are 46-71 LOL
.profiles Trevor Bauer, focusing on his hobby of mechanical engineering/building drones.…
It would be extremely satisfying to light Trevor Bauer up like a Christmas tree. Of course there's still the Red Sox thing.
Hillary and Donald walk into the green room when Trevor Bauer magically appears. TB: "Take the L, dawg"
Or Jose's go ahead 2 run homer in the 8th. Or Trevor Bauer being their dad this year.
This lines up well for sox, as if we force a Game 4, Priceline has HUGE advantage at home vs Trevor Bauer
Rainout means having to wait 1 more day to see the sweep the Red Sux. If Tribe doesn't sweep Trevor Bauer goes in gm 4 on normal rest
have Trevor Bauer on full rest. could now go to Rick Porcello. Who benefits more from rain out?
Our rotation remains the same for now:. Game 3: Josh Tomlin . Game 4*: Trevor Bauer. Game 5*: Corey Kluber . *if necessary.
Trevor Bauer was asked if he was disappointed that he wasn't the winning pitcher tonight. His response was classic. h…
See the Indians AL Central Division title celebration through the eyes of Trevor Bauer.
The Indians’ Trevor Bauer has been keeping it simple, working with Chris Gimenez, as Ryan Lewis writes.
Trevor Bauer for Rusney Castillo, who says no?
Trevor Bauer did the same thing to me (in game) after I welcomed him to the thunder dome
Has Chris Gimenez become Trevor Bauer's "personal catcher", or does it just seem that way? - Paul C., Maple Hts.
TRADE: acquire Trevor Bauer, Austin Hedges and Yonder Alonso from for Brian Dozier and Ivan Nova -
want SP in 14t h2h 5x5 league. Would you trade Nomar Mazara for Berrios, Matt Moore or Trevor Bauer? Or hold tight?
Trevor Bauer silently weeps and turns on his favorite Smiths album.
Small sample size alert, but Trevor Bauer has opponents on a .180/.265/.328 slash line this year in his three starts.
Trevor Bauer guides Cleveland Indians to 4-0 win over...
I remember hearing that Trevor Bauer stopped doing some of his long toss, crow hop stuff during warm ups. Is that true?
Houston has a problem in Trevor Bauer, who again blanks the Astros in ...
Questioning Trevor Bauer about something political. And I swear I was not being snarking
Trevor Bauer allows 0 R over 7 IP as Indians top Astros, 4-0. Bauer now has a 0.67 career ERA vs Houston.
Put Trevor Bauer in the bullpen for games like these
how bout that game Trevor Bauer is pitching today!!
Looks more like a Trevor Bauer, lol
Danny Salzar and Trevor Bauer show no emotion on their face
I wrote about why I *might* be buying into Trevor Bauer for the first time
CLE AB Journal: Indians 4, Astros 0: Trevor Bauer strikes out seven and walks three, improving record to 3-0
Trevor Bauer on the importance of working quickly.
Alex Wood/Adam Morgan/Kevin Gausman/Trevor Bauer all solid outings. Too bad my bats slacked off.
Matt Andriese or Trevor Bauer for dynasty leagues? Who has the better outlook?
18 games into the season, Carlos Carrasco is on the DL and Cody Anderson is in AAA. I suppose THIS is why you don't trade Trevor Bauer.
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Trevor Bauer finally gets his shot with Carlos Carrasco down for a bit. Can he fill the void? .
Tito says Trevor Bauer is next starter up in Tribe's rotation following injury to Carlos Carrasco.
Grade the trade: Cano, Trevor Bauer, and Barbato for Latos, Houston Street, and Luis Sardinas
Chris Antonetti on Trevor Bauer: "He's got a ton of potential...we expect him to make meaningful starts for us"
Fever + podcasts = made up words and saying Trevor Bauer isn't so bad... 🤒
Everytime Trevor Bauer comes to pitch his confidence is completely shut. its like he doesn't even want to pitch anymore, no excitement
Francona on Trevor Bauer: "We like this kid... He didn't get 'banished' to the bullpen."
Trevor Bauer for either and you have yourself a deal.
Trevor Bauer pitching well in bullpen. What does that mean for his future?
There's a small part of me that thinks Trevor Bauer at some point thought, "I can get rid of them one at a time. Shaw's first"
If Tomlin has to miss a start is in great shape with Trevor Bauer having thrown 2 innings last night he can step right into rotation.
Trevor Bauer will be watching that situation closely
Even if his hamstring turns Tomlin into Aaron Dobson, Trevor Bauer and Mike Clevinger ready to go.
If only Trevor Bauer could get some drone cam footage of this.
Tomlin was dealing and now exits game after his warm-up pitches in the 6th. Opportunity knocking for Trevor Bauer?
Josh Tomlin exits the game with unknown injury. Pay attention if you're a Trevor Bauer fan.
Can we get a team of mad scientists on trying to combine Trevor Bauer's stuff and Josh Tomlin's command/feel for pitching?
CLE Plain Dealer: Could trip to bullpen turn into positive for Cleveland Indians' Trevor Bauer?
Cody Anderson and Josh Tomlin are way better than Trevor bauer.not
Boy I'm glad Josh Tomlin is starting and Trevor Bauer is just chillin in the bullpen
it was such a Trevor Bauer inning and such a Mets inning
Trevor Bauer is Nuke Laloosh. Always has been. Always will be. Someone get him a garter and help him breath out of the right eyelids.
I've noticed that Trevor Bauer hasn't been as violent on his thigh slap this year.
The Indians are using Trevor Bauer as a reliever? Why?
Trevor Bauer in on relief for Joba Chamberlain, Jose Ramirez stays in the game at LF. Rajai Davis goes to CF.
i know he trains a lot with Trevor Bauer in off-season
The Trevor Bauer drones are coming out of their caves now.
Trevor Bauer should be our 4th starter.
Even worst-case scenario Trevor Bauer is better than best-case scenario Cody Anderson/Josh Tomlin. That's a fact.
Hot take: this should be Trevor Bauer's spot in the rotation
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Hard to believe Cody Anderson is better than Trevor Bauer. Know for a fact Josh Tomlin is not.
Why is Cody Anderson in the rotation over Trevor Bauer comon Indians
Welcome to Sqor Sports Trevor Bauer we are glad you are here.
Trevor Bauer struggles in bullpen debut for Cleveland...
Three strikeouts in relief for Trevor Bauer
Three strikeouts in relief for Trevor Bauer via
Trevor Bauer in to insure the UNDER is a loser
Trevor Bauer please report to security, thank you
Cleveland put Trevor Bauer in bullpen, but arrangement can't ...
Trevor Bauer did speak with the media but was very short in his answers. Basically said as long as the team wins, he's good.
Cleveland has a lot riding on Trevor Bauer in 2016
Cleveland Indians have a lot riding on Trevor Bauer in 2016
Can someone please let Trevor Bauer know where he can fly his drone?
tell Trevor Bauer and Yan Gomes to report TODAY so we can get the season started sooner
Indians have discussed Todd Frazier with the Reds. I'm hoping we part with Trevor Bauer to have a chance at making it happen !
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Trevor Bauer, Archie Bradley and more recently with Angels Newcomb, Gatto, Ellis...maybe some others in there I'm missing.
Trevor Bauer. Archie Bradley, AJ *** Paul Goldschmidt and 09 draft that produced 9 MLs are what Jerry D mentions as moves he's proud of
[NBC Sports: Hardball Talk] - Indians demote Trevor Bauer to the bullpen
Trevor Bauer has been taken out of the rotation and placed in the bullpen.
Avisail Garcia singles to start B6. He's reached base all three times vs. Trevor Bauer today.
Cody Anderson and Josh Tomlin are trying their best to convince the to make Trevor Bauer available in the offseason
With Danny Salazar scratched, Trevor Bauer gets the start tonight for the Indians
Josh Tomlin - Carlos Carrasco - Trevor Bauer - Scott Feldman - Colin McHugh - None of those are pitchers. They've humilated the
Indians Video: Michael Brantley homers, but Trevor Bauer allows 5 runs in 1.2 IP in 9-1 loss to Red Sox (ESPN)
If you have a cheap team, I have to suggest Trevor Bauer, Jesse Hahn, and James Shields. Also Ichiro and Chris Davis.
Just heard Trevor Bauer's presser from last night. Sounded petulant and thin skinned. Got to handle the media better than that.
In defense of Trevor Bauer, Tribe's media corps does tend to ask some stupid questions
Ooh yay! Is it time for the media to turn on Trevor Bauer for not speaking in cliches?! Been waiting for this for a while.
Trevor Bauer leads the AL in walks.. T-4th in HR allowed.. really bad combo right there.
Trevor Bauer looks like a huge bust
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Can we face Trevor bauer every game?
- keeper league, drafted Trevor Bauer in the 24th, lose three rounds. Keep him or drop and redraft?
Trevor Bauer and Johnny Manziel are great ambassadors to the city of Cleveland.
Trevor Bauer is beginning to give me major concern... only 4 quality starts in his last 10... that's terrible.
Trevor Bauer is this close to being a bust
chase Trevor Bauer. New York's lefties just mashed him. Suppose it's fitting on
Meanwhile, Trevor Bauer does his best to keep people focused on the Browns game.
Trevor Bauer...just what the doctor ordered.
nice rebound by the Yankees offense, that's exactly what you have to do against a guy like Trevor Bauer
Trevor Bauer just needs to refine his command
Trevor Bauer wants to make sure that everyone is watching the 5-2, Spankees
Trevor Bauer is the most fascinating pitcher mind to me.
Trevor Bauer is gonna be on of those "never lived up to his potential players," huh?
bats look like they're finally coming alive again... Trevor Bauer has always been a good slumpbuster lol
So who's gonna teach Trevor Bauer some command
Is the offense back or is Trevor Bauer just awful?
Trevor Bauer and Nathan Eovaldi--two power pitchers that have no clue how to set up hitters or work of their fastball
Might be going on a limb here but Trevor Bauer doesn't seem to have it tonight.
glad to see Trevor Bauer filled up his gas can before today's start 🔥🔥🔥
Looks like Trevor Bauer wasn't such a hot choice for my DFS league tonight.
Trevor Bauer isn't fooling the Yankees tonight. Time to switch to the Browns preseason game ...for about five minutes.
They just said Trevor Bauer didn't have any friends in high school. What a loser.
oh man i hope you guys find this Trevor Bauer piece as epic as I am right now. may not have great stuff, but he’s making my day as I write.
Trevor Bauer has really sucked this season. He's been a disappointment.
Trevor Bauer ladies and gentleman.Trevor Bauer!. In case you never heard it.Enjoy!
Starting to think Trevor Bauer and Kevin Gausman just might not be aces.
Trevor Bauer is all over the place tonight.
Since the All-Star Break, Trevor Bauer has given up 11 homers over 6 starts. Gave up 12 HR over first 17 starts of 2015.
Another long ball off Trevor Bauer, this one by Stephen Drew. Yanks up 4-0.
Trevor Bauer's inconsistency is infuriating. Been blowing up my ERA in fantasy all year
Hey put Trevor Bauer on waivers this is getting out of hand
Ok Trevor Bauer definitely *** He just gave up a homer to Stephen Drew. Maybe he's what the need to break outta this slump
Not sure if this is a Hot Take or not but Trevor Bauer is bad.
Make that 5 home runs starter Trevor Bauer has allowed in his last 7.2
Trevor Bauer Signed baseball. Indians. ""HOTT"" first round… http…
Indians play by play guy commenting on Trevor Bauer's first inning struggles. Wonder if that has to do with ridiculous warmup routine
Trevor Bauer splits. Home: 5.60 ERA in 12 starts. Away: 2.35 ERA in 10 starts. He's also allowed 4 HR in his last 7.1 innings.
Trevor Bauer's inconsistencies have really plagued him this year: 4.06 ERA, 4.38 FIP, 4.00 xFIP. But he has the talent to figure it out.
Trevor Bauer lol we lost to the Indians when Carrasco pitched in the 14 inning
Do us a favor don't EVER start Trevor Bauer at home EVER again!!
Trevor Bauer w/ these occasional gms u can't go to McCann down & in, so as for him to just staright turn on it; it's on Gomez too
I gotchu. I mean McCann is 4-7 in his career against Bauer so I guess he is torching Trevor.
The Yankees have scored six runs in their last five games, but Brian McCann just hit a three-run homer off Trevor Bauer in the first inning.
Trevor Bauer with 83 pitches in the first inning. Get's into the 6th with 97 pitches.
Trevor Bauer is clearly the weakest of the Indians Fab Four starting pitchers
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Leave it to Trevor Bauer to put a damper on a good night. Need.
Trevor Bauer has been extremely unimpressive in my eyes this season.
Trevor Bauer threw one down and in, Brian McCann hit one long and far. 3-0 Yankees, T1.
3 certainties in life: Death, taxes, and Trevor Bauer giving up a homerun.
Trevor Bauer is the worst of the Indians 4 starters. Not bad, but he's simply not as good.
What. Just. Happened?!?! McCann 3-run HR...take a 3-0 lead over Trevor Bauer and the 1st inning.
Is it just me or does Look like in this 2011 Bowman Sterling Re SGC Graded card? via
Trevor Bauer is the guy you want to see if your lineup is in a slump.
Trevor Bauer he's a complete savage and has 0 chill with people 😂😅
Nathan Eovaldi will put an end to this losing streak. He gets massive run support. Trevor Bauer will be wild. We will win.
Trevor Bauer is the assistant principal on The Breakfast Club
Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer had some fun last night with his rare opportunity to make some plate ap
Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer had some fun at the plate by imitating his teammates' stances. http:/…
You mean Trevor Bauer, I think. Trevor Brown is the backup catcher on the River Cats! :)
Are either Trevor Bauer or Chase Anderson droppable for Mike Montgomery redraft?
Today's game(s) to watch is the Indians-Orioles dh; Indians SP are Trevor Bauer and Toru Murata; O's SP are Ubaldo Jimenez and Chris Tillman
Nothing more depressing than sending Michael Bourn 2 the dish w/ 2 on & 2 out in the bottom of the 9th. Pinch hit w/Trevor Bauer … anything
Schwarber got the HR ball back. Signed an autograph for it but then said Trevor Bauer had to as well. Was weird. Guess fan…
Trevor Bauer is supporting on Intentional Talk today!!
Jose Fernandez, Matt Harvey, Trevor Bauer and Jorge De La Rosa are the only starters to ever strike out Matt Carpenter three times in a game
James Kaprielian becomes Coach Savage's fourth Bruin SP to go in the first round, following David Huff, Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer.
draft UCLA RHP James Kaprielian. Good genes in the UCLA family with Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer excelling at major league level
hey so I'm thinkin about making this trade. Jose Abreu for Ortiz and Trevor Bauer? Should I do it
Trevor Bauer should write a rap on how his homies let him down.
Trevor Bauer: 26 strikeouts, seven hits allowed in 16 innings this season.
Trevor Bauer threw 3 no hit innings to begin the game/ 9 innings of no hit ball first since Hideo Nomo 2001. Bob Feller had a no hitter 1940
Trevor Bauer's no-hit streak to start the season ends at exactly nine innings, just as Bob Feller's did in 1940.
Highlight of ST, watching Trevor Bauer play long toss with Yan Gomes. 300 foot throws and Gomes never moved once.
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