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Trevor Ariza

Trevor Anthony Ariza (born June 30, 1985 in Miami, Florida) is an American professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association who plays for the New Orleans Hornets.

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Eric Gordon might win 6th man of year, Lou Williams who is a past winner, Pat B, Trevor Ariza, Capela > Victor, Adams, Kanter
Because Trevor Ariza knows Russy first step is gonna obliterate him...and you want him to shoot fr…
Eric Gordon and Trevor Ariza. Does that get max space?
I'd almost put money on him not being a star...he's at best a slightly better Trevor Ariza
Tired of getting on this app and seeing people arguing that Harden has help and then say Trevor Ariza as the example. I'm tired.
He's not the MVP because what he does has become "regular." But you're making it seem as if a vote for him…
Are you going to tell me Bobby Brown, Nene, and Trevor Ariza are not the components of a super team? If s…
Lou Williams , clent capela , Trevor ariza ... should I keep going?
Trevor Ariza: Breaks out of shooting funk -
Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza, Lou Williams been good. Compare OKC team to the Rockets
I mean, Trevor Ariza or Beverley are probably Houston's 2nd best, and I would take Gold…
Outside of the obvious: I thoroughly enjoyed the Nico game and Salah's Yo Mama joke to Trevor Ariza
Your telling me on paper . Trevor ariza,Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon is better than = Olidipo, adams and kanter
Trevor Ariza passed Kevin Martin for 66th all-time in 3-pointers.
during the time, Trevor Ariza wanted more money than the account he received from the Rockets
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Trevor Ariza has a ring bro I'll take him over Russ and harden too
Trevor Ariza always been one of my favorite players especially on 2k😂
Trevor Ariza was that important, lock down defender for the lakers and a good wing that developed a shot!!!
the real money issue was Lamar v Ariza. Lakers got Ron on the cheap. Had to choose Lamar and Trevor
Throwback to when Trevor Ariza did this
Ryan Anderson and Trevor Ariza were out too, and they beat the suns the same tea…
How much better is the supporting cast in Houston, though? Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza ..…
Patrick Beverly, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza, Ryan Anderson and Clint Capella... would 100% NOT be a playoff team without James Harden.
Patrick Beverly, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza, Ryan Anderson, Clint Capela. 6th man Lou Williams! Yeah i think they could be 8th seed
Without KD? Not true but You have Lou Williams,Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza, Patrick Beverly, and Capella
Trevor Ariza had a great all around game today & it was good to see. Sweet Lou was on 🔥& couldn't miss from 3. Dekker & Gordon played well.
The beard, EG, Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza, and now Lou Wil. A LOT of shooters on that Houston team now.
Lou Williams, Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson and Trevor Ariza in D'Antoni *** man they loving it
Talk about a team loaded with threats from beyond the arc. Houston got Harden, Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza and now Lou Williams
I want to see a James Harden, Lou Will, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza, Ryan Anderson lineup.
vs Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, and Trevor Ariza on the court sure does play games with your mind.
Trevor Ariza gets rejected and Ryan Anderson cleans it up.
James Harden, Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza. And now Lou Williams. Rockets bout to wreck the west
pelicans have three players on the rockets Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza
U take a first round pick from a team with boogie and Davis...You're LUCKY if that turns out to be a player like Trevor Ariza or Kyle korver
Patrick Beverly, Trevor Ariza, two incredibly dirty and disrespectful players are complaining, James Harden is the prime example.
It sounds like there were multiple teammates with Trevor Ariza outside of the Mavs' locker room; James Harden and Patrick Beverley included.
Sam Dekker is coming into his own! You know Daryl Morey's got itchy trigger fingers on Trevor Ariza.
players shooting 40% or better on catch-and-shoot threes: Ryan Anderson, Sam Dekker, Trevor Ariza, Patrick Beverley, James Harden.
Wilson Chandler at 23, David Lee at 30 + Trevor Ariza at 43 is pretty good. Can't believe you got me defending Zeke.
exactly. 2nd best player is Trevor Ariza
why are you comparing Trevor Ariza to washed Luol Deng
Luc is washed on offense All D no 3 😂😂y'all need a Trevor Ariza type & of course but he's shown that he can go beas…
low key would love to see us land Trevor Ariza or Tony Allen though. We got plenty of offense need a defender to help out
plus harden 2nd best offensive option is Trevor ariza so it makes hardens numbers even more impressive
If you consider Oladipo super good then what about Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Clint Capela, Trevor Ariza?
bra lebron had a whole starting 5 and 7 players coming off the bench... Kobe had L.O and Trevor ariza and Shannon Brown lol..
Porzingis trying to post up Trevor Ariza but the problem is Carmelo Anthony has never thrown a post-entry pass in his life.
Trevor Ariza-Houston Rockets Ariza is expected to suit up against the Knicks on Wednesday despite a head injury.
Trevor Ariza's Delusional, must have rubbed on on Mike D'amphoni, who comapred Ryan Anderson to KRS-2! NOT even close!
Just crazy amounts of history on the line tonight. Will Trevor Ariza defeat one of his former teams?
Recommendation by :Trevor Ariza hurt himself a...
Trevor Ariza will play in Wednesday's game vs New York.
Trevor Ariza on Bobby Brown,. "I have known Bobby Brown since the 6th grade and we grew up together!"
Trevor Ariza well in the restricted area on that charge call, should've been a block and two free throws for LeBron.
Isiah Thomas' first Knicks draft pick, Trevor Ariza, now in his 13th year. Not bad for a 2nd rounder.
After receiving 5 stitches, is now fine. .
There should be some form of punishment for the hit Tristan Thompson put on Trevor Ariza to give him 5 stitches
Trevor Ariza will be a GTD. and will get mins if he's out.
Tristan Thompson should be fined or suspended: He delivered five stitches in Trevor Ariza’s face During the…
Trevor Ariza has five stitches in his face from a shot by Tristan Thompson. No foul, no nothing
Trevor Ariza: Dealing with swelling on cheek [Fantasy News]
Trevor Ariza (dealing with swelling on cheek. More at
Trevor Ariza: Dealing with swelling on cheek. .
Trevor Ariza: Dealing with swelling on cheek
Rockets' Trevor Ariza fine after exiting game to receive stiches.. Related Articles:
Trevor Ariza on the finally few minutes last night . "We got a lot of good looks, we just didn't make shots"
Trevor Ariza (face) will be a game time decision for Wednesday's game vs New York.
Trevor Ariza returns after getting stitches on Tuesday
Trevor Ariza returns after getting stitches on Tuesday: Ariza temporarily left Tuesday's g...
OH you're talking about the 2015 Rockets my bad lol probably Trevor Ariza or Dwight Howard
1- James Harden. 2- Eric Gordon. 3- Trevor Ariza. 4- Ryan Anderson. 5- Clint Capela. Anyone see this team competing in the west this year?
Jason Terry and Trevor Ariza says on that Kobe Bryant was better than Tim Duncan and LeBron James https:/…
Can offer draft picks this year to with it, Deron Williams and Trevor Ariza be nice
we also have good players that can play along side to you and harden. Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza, Clint Capela
The Rockets offered Trevor Ariza and Patrick Beverly to the 76ers for Nerlens Noel reports
In preliminary trade talks, Houston pitched the Sixers a package involving Trevor Ariza and Patrick Beverley for Nerlens…
Rockets should continue rebuilding by trading Trevor Ariza
Correcting an earlier pick. took Gorgui Dieng, C, MIN with not Trevor Ariza.
Green's -73 shows that he is no superstar. He same as Trevor Ariza from 09 Lakers.. Role player living off curry
Rockets' Pat Beverley, Trevor Ariza get votes in All-Defensive balloting
Pat Beverley and Trevor Ariza picked up votes to the NBA Defensive teams.
I miss the old Lakers with Trevor Ariza, Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown
Trevor Ariza out here DMing fans so they could fight smh😂
Trevor Ariza is a good player. Dwight Howard is a good player if you gave him the ball. Micheal Beasley is a good player.
Trevor Ariza is on his way to fight a troll.
Trevor Ariza is in route to fight a fan who called him out during season. Apparently Ariza DM'ed him this morning to sa…
Marcin Gortat only had 48 dunks in 2015-16. That’s fewer than Gordon Hayward, Larry Nance Jr., Trevor Ariza and 57 other players.
Gonna be front and center when Trevor Ariza, Smush Parker, and Shannon Brown throw rose petals on the court for Kobe's entra…
Trevor Ariza finds Dwight Howard who over powers the defense for the jam.
Trevor Ariza and James Harden hit the first two buckets of the game, Dwight Howard got i…  -via ESPN
What if ROCKETS Starting is like this. PG. Tracy Mcgrady . SG. James Harden . SF. Trevor Ariza. PF. Dwight Howard . C. Yao Ming
Trevor Ariza was like forget harden and Howard. He's never won anything with them! Pay tribute to Kobe like you know how
Trevor Ariza speaks in Kobe's farewell video. No words from Dwight Howard or even James Harden
Just guard AD with a wing and the Pelicans can't get him going. Jared Dudley, now Trevor Ariza.
Trevor Ariza commits a five-second violation. ball, up by four with 20.4 seconds remaining
Stephen Curry really tryna square up on Trevor Ariza LOOL
My mans Trevor Ariza would dog curry
How is curry gunna fight Trevor Ariza tho? Lmao
I liked a video from Trevor Ariza Bumps Stephen Curry, Gets Technical Foul!
One day Ima meet Trevor ariza and ask for back child support
He just LOOKS like he should be awesome. But then. He isn't. Tho Trevor Ariza used to be the same way.
Jus got off the fone with Trevor Ariza its a 👌 thing 😋
what happened to Trevor Ariza? Who was bought out that we could pick up?
n i was that heat fan that wanted us to get trevor ariza instead of deng. Better 3pt shooter
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I think Trevor Ariza is a good example for the Rockets. Veteran, level headed, defensive minded, knows how to win
a Trevor Ariza type player who can help you matchup with Golden State's small ball squad
Would Trevor Ariza be a good fit for the Spurs?
Trevor Ariza we need his veteran Defense
Cavs tried to acquire two guys that they tried to get back in 09 in Frye and Trevor Ariza. Ended up with 1 of 2 7 years later
The Clippers need to trade for a 3&D wing player like Trevor Ariza (if he's available) or even Iman Shumpert. LAC needs to make a trade.
Cavs front office we are running out of time What about Iman Shumpert for Trevor Ariza,and Ben Mclemore
At least move Shumpert and Mo for Trevor Ariza. C. Frye is a nice start but not enough.
My CAVS get Trevor Ariza its over we gone really ball and Lebron James do need a good player backing em up and Ariza would be a nice fit😂😂😂
Trevor Ariza would be big for Cleveland!
a trade for Trevor Ariza would be a solid pick up to come off the bench.
Probably Cleveland might go after Trevor Ariza if they don't get Channing Frye
I would not mind if we get Trevor Ariza... Just the age but he still has a few more solid years
Dwight Howard, Trevor Ariza, and a pick for Kevin Love. Would actually be a good trade in my opinion
What happened to the days where you could turn a mo Evans and Brian cook package for a stud like Trevor Ariza?
Cleveland need to trade Kevin love for Dwight Howard and Trevor ariza and there goes out chip right there
Trevor Ariza is not a shooter. Excellent defended and athlete, IMO. But, he would complete the roster. Good point CC
If we get Dwight I want Trevor Ariza back as well
Horford, Teague, and Hardaway Jr./ Trevor Ariza to Miami. I'm calling it
Cavs did ask about Trevor Ariza but nothing they have interests the Rockets from what I've been told.
Trade shumpert and get trevor ariza or kyle korver.. They need another shooter
haven't been linked to him at all, but we need to swing a deal for Trevor Ariza.
Any possibility of the Cavs going after someone like Trevor Ariza?
Report: were interested in SF Corey Brewer and SF-PF Trevor Ariza earlier this season, but Houston rebuffed their entreaties
Buddy Hield raw but he just gone be aight in the league like on his Trevor Ariza
Trevor ariza, he plays D which the coach would like shoots the 3 over 37% (anderson 38%), he's a winning player
Any chance the Cavs could get Jae Crowder or Trevor Ariza, along with Ryan Anderson?
can we throw Trevor Ariza into this mix yet?
I always search Trevor Ariza when trade talks begin to see what foolishness is being proposed. Lol
Every team could use a Trevor Ariza
Trevor Ariza came out of the womb shooting a corner three
I think the Cavs will make some move. Maybe a stretch guy like Channing Frye or a Trevor Ariza-type.
Chicago Bulls were interested in Trevor Ariza/Corey Brewer earlier this season. Houston said no then. Things may...
I like it but... And hear me out. Take out Rudy *** and put in Trevor Ariza. Boom.
Trevor Ariza on if the Rockets needed a break: *** yeah we needed a break, everybody needed a break its good to be back…
REPORT: Trevor Ariza, Joe Johnson, and Ben McLemore are among the wings the Cavs are targeting in trade talks. https:/…
Not a bad suggestion, and we need another shooter: I want Trevor Ariza
if NYK could swing SF Derrick Williams for SF Trevor Ariza in this deal, could protect HOU Rd1
Mo gotti for Trevor Ariza . Mozgov for Courtney Lee
Vlade, trade for Tony Allen, Lance Stephensen or Trevor Ariza. Please get good on ball and 3 point defenders!!
Mr Griffin The Land can use John Henson,maybe Ben Mcclemore,especially Trevor Ariza,Rudy Gobert,Norris Cole,what are you all
Hopefully Justin Anderson develops. He could be like Trevor Ariza or Kawhi Leonard if we're lucky
Patrick Beverley is my main dude atm. Love that guy. Trevor Ariza as well.
"[Trevor Ariza] should definitely be in the conversation for First-Team All-Defense." —James Harden
it only seems like yesterday that Trevor Ariza was on my Belmont Shore team at Kingwood Classic but couldn't make a FT lol
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SF-SG Corey Brewer started yesterday's game at SF in place of star C Howard (ankle), SF Trevor Ariza to PF, C Clint Capela to C.
Markieff Morris, Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza, Channing Frye, Courtney Lee and Brandon Bass are the top players we are considering
should send Joe Johnson and his expiring contract to for Trevor Ariza and Corey Brewer.
they say Trevor Ariza available, how yall think he'll fit with the Bulls
sing when is Ron artest, Trevor Ariza, Scott brooks, and Avery Johnson star players 😒 they not no dwade and bosh boy
meta world peace Trevor Ariza they brought in a ton of guys
No sense of urgency on the defensive end. Trevor Ariza looked like a allstar when we played Houston.
look like Trevor Ariza..and its a girl
James Harden did what he had to do to win games, steph curry not making trevor ariza snd Terrence Jones into all-stars
should I sell high and trade Marcus Morris for Trevor Ariza?
If you want to train with same trainer as Dwayne Wade & Trevor Ariza, TEXAS your chance is now.
your dumb af cause I had Cj McCollum and Trevor Ariza on the bench hm wired
Trevor Ariza was a god with the Lakers
Only led Joey Dorsey Jason Terry Trevor Ariza & Donatas Motiejunas to a 2 seed in the West. Troll on tho bro.
They did the same thing for Trevor Ariza. Crowd went nuts when he wiped his behind all by himself like a big boy
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Some girls catch a foul ball - I caught a player! No 1 Trevor Ariza right in my face :)
didn't he pass it to Ariza and not Ty though? Trevor is almost as good of a free throw shooter as James.
When the announcers say Trevor Ariza is a top 5 small forward
Rockets need some points from Trevor Ariza. He's been pretty good of late, but he's 0-5 this evening in 20 minutes.
A coach who has Trevor Ariza on Blake Griffin should be fired on the spot but we have so it's all good.
Trevor Ariza is an average shooter at best. Not the sharpshooter that people think he is. Misses a lot of open looks.
Trevor Ariza is in for a rude surprise if McHale wants him to check Blake Griffin for 30+ minutes tonight
They got Trevor Ariza on Blake Griffin? As Shaq would say BBQ CHICKEN
*** you're brilliant why i ain't think to ask Trevor ariza lol
Trevor Ariza makes every open three..
James Harden led the way with his season-high 43 points, along with 13 assists. Trevor Ariza with 18 points and 8 rebounds,...
I wanna know why the *** did the Wizards let Trevor Ariza walk after the '13 playoffs
Boneheaded foul by Trevor Ariza regardless if it's a two or three.
Trevor Ariza could probably lead a seminar on the art of swishing back breaking threes in meaningless pre-Christmas games
To this day, I do not understand why the Lakers did not hold on to Trevor Ariza after that 09 championship season
Lets goo Trevor Ariza dropping back to back 3s non-stop always thought he was sick from down 3 point range 🏀🙌🏻
Sitting here pumping my fist for Trevor Ariza. I've reached status.
Trevor Ariza has been doing this for years. Dude is a winner.
Trevor Ariza having an out of body experience at the three-point line.
My heart momentarily skips when Trevor Ariza tries a dribble drive
Trevor Ariza been a very underrated player in the league. Got the clamps lil ratchet and will finish
Lakers never should have given up Trevor Ariza
Trevor Ariza is one of the most dependable players I've ever seen play
Let Trevor Ariza guard Seth it really that serious Mark Jackson?
Corey Brewer and Trevor Ariza are pretty much the same player.
As far as role players are concerned, Trevor Ariza is a REALLY freaking good one. Fans shouldn't take his contributions for granted.
Hey Josh! Out of these four men who would you pick? Evan Fournier, Kevin Martin, Tobias Harris, or Trevor Ariza? need 3sFTM
I miss the days of Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Trevor Ariza, and Shannon Brown
Steal And Slam - Terrence Jones intercepts the pass and gets it to Trevor Ariza for the dunk on the br...
In Transition - Terrence Jones runs the break and finds Trevor Ariza for the rim-rattling jam.
2021 Zachary Williams 5'11 Wing good on ball & team defender. Good catch & shoot 3. Trevor Ariza like.
he's in the same category as Trevor Ariza, Ryan Anderson, and Luol Deng. gtfoh, man.
Trevor Ariza looks a lot like Jason Terry.
I do NOT like the Houston Rockets ! Dont like James Harden, Definitely hate Trevor Ariza sorry ***
Check out 5'9 rejecting a dunk attempt by 6'8 Trevor Ariza
so i met Trevor Ariza over here in San Lucas.. @ Mango Deck Cabo
The Rockets may tend to use Trevor Ariza as power forward and Cory Brewer as small forward. . I think it's a good idea.
James Harden and Trevor Ariza with soccer superstar Neymar Jr! Talent respects talent
Just walked past Trevor Ariza and Courtney Lee in the hotel
Anthony Brown said he wants to emulate Trevor Ariza, DeMarre Carroll, and Khris Middleton. . I really like that Ariza com…
*** say Kobe didn't make his players a lot of ppl didn't know Shannon Brown & Trevor Ariza until they were on the Lakers
Trade Machine: Send Gallo to Bulls, Lawson to Rockets, Nuggets get Taj Gibson, Jason Terry, and Trevor Ariza.
This kid Anthony Brown that the lakers drafted can be solid...He reminds me of Trevor Ariza but he looks smoother offensively.
Of course the Lakers will have a quick rebuild. Sleeper pick: Anthony Brown from Stanford. Trevor Ariza type pick
Tyus Jones. James Harden . Trevor Ariza . Josh Smith. Dwight Howard. That would of been nice😈
Klay Thompson takes a brutal knee to the head from Trevor Ariza - SB Nation
I agree it's an awkward fit. They just need Tristan Thompson at Center & someone long to hit shots like Trevor Ariza. Not Love.
Someone get Trevor Ariza to hurt steph curry and Klay Thompson please.
3 ppl today said I looked like Tristan Thompson smh and then 1 person said I look like Trevor Ariza smfh what is wrong with ppl eyes
Lebron with a serious injury? Say that to Klay Thompson's face. Got hit by Trevor Ariza and still manage to win. Smh
Trevor Ariza for the Houston Rockets was the X-factor. His collision with Steph Curry and Klan Thompson are still...
Thompson playing himself into a Trevor Ariza contract.
jack of all trades, do it all players, love them too. Trevor Ariza, draymon green, etc
harris is the wing player we bin missing since Trevor Ariza left
if Cleveland wins the title Trevor Ariza should get the MVP for what he did to Curry and Thompson.
Andrew Bynum Derek Fisher Ron Artest pau gasol and Trevor Ariza all in their prime
Change for Western Conf finals G5:. Turnover by James Harden (9:15/2nd Q) now goes to Trevor Ariza. Harden: 12 TO in gam…
Trevor Ariza has landed more significant strikes this year than Dominick Cruz, Khabib and Cain Velasquez combined
Trevor Ariza should be taking home the belt from Chris weidman after that knee to the head 😂
Golden State guard Klay Thompson has a concussion after getting kneed in the side of the head by Houston's Trevor Ariza.
Trevor Ariza learned defense by watching Enter The Dragon. .
lol what? Harden has a team too .. Trevor Ariza, Dwight Howard, Terrence Jones, Corey Brewer?? And more
There is 6 players in the playoffs that use to be Knicks.David Lee,Pablo prigioni,Tim Mozgoff,Trevor Ariza,Iman Shumpert, Jr Smith
Trevor Ariza and Cory Brewer got some of the most active hands in the league
they choked to Josh Smith, Cory Brewer and Trevor Ariza lol
so Trevor Ariza and Cory Brewer aren't solid wing defenders that won't make Curry work?? It's a market thing
With the Clips being eliminated, just a friendly reminder that Doc could have signed Trevor Ariza but was like "Nah, I want Spencer Hawes".
The respect level for Jason Terry, Corey Brewer, Trevor Ariza, Josh Smith, and Dwight Howard is at an all time high. They didn't quit.
James Jones passed Mario Elie, Craig Hodges, Trevor Ariza, and Kirk Hinrich for 74th all-time in playoff 3's.
Trevor Ariza said to Terrence Jones you better come give me this handshake or else!!!
I still hate Trevor Ariza from that dirty *** play he did on Rudy Fernandez years ago
Trevor Ariza passed Jason Williams, Raja Bell, and Isiah Thomas for 89th all-time in playoff 3's.
Trevor Ariza has been terrific on both ends, and Terrence Jones woke up. Harden is hitting FTs but still off his game.
Trevor Ariza on Rockets being down 0-1 with Game 2 in Houston: "We’re not really thinking about leaving here 0-2,”
Trevor Ariza passed Jamal Crawford, David Wesley, and Jerry Stackhouse into a tie for 92nd all-time in playoff 3's.
Trevor Ariza is on fire! He has 11 of the Rockets 15 points to start the game.
The rockets have 2 good players.. They start Jason Terry, Terrence Jones, and Trevor Ariza y'all really think they have a chance to win west
jk I'll name the currents too Dwight Howard James Harden Josh Smith Corey Brewer and uh Trevor Ariza
Trevor Ariza and Josh Smith out early taking shots. Smith from the line, Ariza from the corner.
Trevor Ariza and Josh Smith are both Rockets, and I'm more comfortable with Josh Smith shooting threes.
Unfortunately (for you), Trevor Ariza & Josh Smith play much better D than Derrick Rose did on that last play.
idk about that. To me, realistically, he's Trevor Ariza.
I think we would've gotten Kyle Lowry & Trevor Ariza
The Clippers losing out on Trevor Ariza to the Rockets hurt them a ton. Would be much better served with Matt Barnes coming off the bench.
sorry but that's just not as fun as watching Trevor ariza and Shannon Brown, those two were insane
I was heart broken, he was one of my faves with Ron artest, d fish, and Trevor ariza
he'll figure out how to score on him he did the same thing with Trevor Ariza, Luol Deng, and Him Sooo *** get it
Trevor Ariza passed 4 players into a tie for 93rd all-time in playoff 3's.
I remember when I was sad we lost Trevor Ariza. HA. Classic
That's Trevor Ariza money we threw away
yeah, they need a Trevor Ariza, Corey Brewer, or Chandler Parsons type of player to play the 3.
Josh Smith, Corey Brewer, Trevor Ariza, Jason Terry, and even Clint Capela all contributing to these wins.
yeah they need an Andre Iguadola or Trevor Ariza Bc Matt Barnes is 🚮🚮
I agree that Harden is the MVP, but he has teammates like Patrick Beverley, Corey Brewer, Trevor Ariza, Dwight Howard
you know who wouldn't have done that...Trevor ariza
Trevor Ariza realizes Dirk is guarding him. (Vine by
Give me the HOF Paul Pierce over a viable Trevor Ariza any day.
And that's why Paul pierce is an upgrade from Trevor ariza
Guess thats why they went out and got Paul Pierce and let trevor ariza go
Trevor Ariza would've never done that
so Trevor Ariza, Jason Terry (3rd all time in 3's, Josh Smith, and all the good role players are scrubs
Trevor Ariza scores four points in 36 minutes
Chandler Parsons wouldn't have made much of a difference.. Yall must've forgot Houston UPGRADED and got Trevor Ariza.
Trevor Ariza the most uncoordinated wing player since me
Trevor Ariza is too reluctant with his shot
Trevor Ariza is trash and McHale insists on keeping him in over Brewer whose been out best player.
Trevor Ariza mid range game is terrible.
Trevor Ariza hasn't done anything since the lakers finals. 😂
There's taking one for the team, and then there's the charge Monta Ellis took from Trevor Ariza. That looked like a Smash Bros. launch lol !
Trevor Ariza acted like he really didn't karate chop this man in mid air, foh
Trevor Ariza was doing the worm begging for the call. Lol
Does Trevor ariza understand the concept of driving and dishing?
Second half James Harden and Trevor Ariza are playing on another level.
Trevor Ariza plays no defends at all
Trevor Ariza shoulda been a Laker for life... still baffled about that one..
Trevor Ariza and Corey Brewer are examples of the absolute PERFECT perimeter role player.
Houston looking really smart in this series for letting Chandler Parsons walk and signing Trevor Ariza, he's done way more for the rockets
Dear trevor ariza. Don't pass up an open three for a Josh Smith open three ever again. Thanks.
I remember when I was underwhelmed by the Trevor Ariza signing. I'm sorry.
Trevor Ariza draws an offensive foul. Crowd not happy.
Rise Up and Throw Down Trevor Ariza rises up for the big slam.
Someone play me on 2k, I SWEAR that My FAV Trevor Ariza WILL drop 30 a piece and I'll win✋🏽 .
I miss Trevor Ariza being on the Lakers.
Trevor Ariza rises up for the big slam.
can't wait to see what he does when he's 27/28 years old..the next Trevor Ariza but potentially better
Trevor Ariza realizes Dirk is guarding him.
Trevor Ariza just got destroyed by Tyson Chandler
I don't care what anyone says Trevor Ariza is the reason the lakers were so dominant from 2007-2011
Udrih, Zach Randolph, Jamal Crawford, Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, Trevor Ariza. When people LEAVE , they get better.
Trevor Ariza is a professional basketball player who currently plays for the Houston Rockets trevor is a de…
not on his own. Trevor ariza. Patrick Beverly. Dwight Howard. Come on now
Trevor Ariza likely to defend Monta Ellis: The Rockets and Mavericks likely will put their top defenders on the…
Trevor Ariza played in all 82 games.
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