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Trevon Martin

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*** i Say ,, " We Dig UP ,, Trevon Martin ,,, and Mike Brown ,, See !! Shoot them in the HEAD Again & Aga…
this has been the story for every news event. Be it Trevon Martin or Pez Elect, degenerates love to destroy.
where is Obama's diarrhea of the mouth now? It isnt a racial opportunity for him to destroy our U.S.A. like Trevon Martin
Unlike Trevon Martin, Sandra Bland, Kate Steinle and so many others, at least he was able to live after the crime
You should ask Trevon Martin, or Eric Garner, or Micheal Brown, or Sandra Bland... Oh wait 🤔
When he commented about Trevon Martin before knowing the facts.
*** on Bath salts Trevon Martin hurricane Matthew this was all sign to disown Florida as a state
Hillary has BLM, Khan & Trevon Martin's mother lined up for her victory celebration. *** She is the anti-law candidate! Trump has to win!
Jamal brown, Alton sterling, trevon Martin. These are less than 10% of all UNARMED shoo…
Trevon Martin- shot to death by neighborhood watch for not turning around when being called...
Trevon Martin sent where violent thugs often go.
she had Trevon Martin mom that's absurd
Beyonce Panther tribute not enough. Gaga will lament Trevon Martin to extend BLM lies.
Trevon Martin died a tragic death due to his own actions. Tell the truth
Hillary spotlights Trevon Martin's mom and his mom's "movement" what about Benhgazi victim's mom's loss...huh? You left them behind...
as a matter they are Why don't you cover real issues like Trevon Martin? He was murdered by corrupt cops
Breast Cancer Awareness
Barkley said he liked that Trevon Martin's Killer was found innocent. Wonder what he would say if it was his child.
HRC wants protect sweet kids like sweet Trevon Martin?.
The Black Community needs better heroes than Trevon Martin and Mr. Brown..Corey Jones and the fleeing man in S Carolina
I would bet u have no idea who these people r: Trevon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice So many unarmed DEAD PEOPLE
How is this different from people blaming Eric Gardner or Trevon Martin for their own deaths?!?
Trevon Martin's mother belongs in jail for perjury -not on a stage with Hillary. Maybe they can share a cell.
Trevon Martin's mother should be in jail for perjury.Maybe she can share a cell with Hillary
Aint thats trevon martin in the middle 😕 a cop did not kill him George Zimmerman did
one time I was the only black person in class and the topic was Trevon Martin 🤔
It is a sad day when the Republicans start playing the Race card! What's your oppinion on Trevon Martin?
Emitt Till, Sandra Bland, Trevon Martin,Christopher Columbus appear to be "Latino" like Cruz & Rubio.Not "White" like Donald Trump.Wake-up!
Walking to school like Trevon Martin hoodie on 🔥
Was your faith the reason why you had to display your righteousness to a woman whose son Trevon Martin was murdered?
They remade the Trevon Martin case on this episode...
Trevon Martin got killed because he assaulted a PO, not because he was walking down street! He assaulted an old man!
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Like the kkk is just as much of a thug in a hoodie as trevon Martin. Where'd he get escorted to? .
he means don't use him like Trevon Martin and Michael Brown
now its a green and brown/white and gold jacket on the day that Trevon Martin died. Didnt this happen last year on this day, With the dress?
I just watched this today and it reminded me when my family was watching the Trevon Martin verdict.
On this day in 2012, Trayvon Martin was fatally shot by George Zimmerman. Wear your hoodies up for Trayvon today 🙏🏾
finna stab this Chinese lady, shoot this bear, and rob this footlocker for Trevon Martin.
They got Hilary Clinton in support of Trevon Martin Sandra Bland ..multiple black people in the back ! Corny commercial ..for black votes 🙄
criminal,Hillary,has the mother of trevon Martin campaig.for her we see how this power drunk woman wants to create friction
Hey just say Trevon Martin and Hollywood is in play. . lol 😃 .
PAID Black actors crying over awards.Will there be any mention about the late Trevon Martin's 21st Birthday. SMH, REALLY
The resemblance is crazy, Emmit Till & Trevon Martin
bruh lets be Trevon Martin and George Zimmerman for holloween? or is it too soon?
Just saying "Rip" out of respect. It wasn't false claiming when we were all saying rip to Sandra Bland or Trevon Martin!
Obama's shoulder shrug on these brave soldiers massacred in TN is because none of them look like Trevon Martin.
"Jeh johnson" Never heard of anyone but Trevon Martin. Kate's law? "duhhh" Did he even acknowledge family? Blacks only lives matter I see.
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Trevon Martin is.Black the woman in San Fran. Narcisism IS OBama and Heraldo, and Juan.THEY will "fix" it!
Obama publicly remarks about deaths of Trevon Martin, Michael Brown & Freddie Gray on national TV. Murder of Kate Steinle. Not a word!
Trevon Martin, Michael Brown, and Freddy Grey's family got condolences from and Katie Steinle's hasn't. Sexist?Racist?Or Obamas ego?
cares about law breaking Michael Brown, Trevon Martin & more but completely ignores Kate Stanley's murder by illegal immigrant
. He had time to mention Trevon Martin and Michael Brown. Why them and not her? Read the link.
Why is there no outrage over the murder of Kate Steinle!? Why does Obama have something to say about Trevon Martin but silence on Kate?
When everybody was blackin out they photo for trevon martin.yeah imma…
The Opening: Trevon Diggs Evaluation: BEAVERTON, Ore. -- A breakdown of the play of Scout 300 receiver Trevon ... http…
"I'm a person" S/O . Eric Garner . Mike Brown and many more!
"This is a movement that started with the Trevon Martin and it’s been growing." Comment from an audience member forum.
SF Sheriff: Kate's Death Being Used for Political Gain. Excuse me? What was Ferguson and Baltimore and Trevon Martin? I hate duplicity.
didn't he attend funeral foe trevon Martin and the thugs of ferguson or Baltimore? Obama only respects blacks
Obama silent as Kate Steinle is laid to rest, (...but not about Trevon Martin, Michael Brown, or Freddy Grey). WHY?
Dat website nice. Put da Trevon Martin tribute to What Dey Do on there
Obama is quick to defend 'injustices' against Henry Louis Gates and Trevon Martin but what about Kate Steinle's murder? Obama is complicit
why did you post pictures of these men as adults and not their baby pictures like Michael Brown & Trevon Martin
The police officer did not hear trevon martin go way hooo
This should be bigger than Trevon Martin and Freddie Gray
Where is Obama's press conference on illegal immigration the way he had one for Trevon Martin, Charleston etc?
what was her first thoughts on the Trevon Martin shooting?
Trevon Martin's older brother. So this family is doing good for the community. So why in the world did you let a...
I saw trevon Martin Momma Twice this Week, She's so Nice!!!
I've been in the US for 4 years. It started w. Trevon Martin (murdered by a civilian for nothing), Mike Brown, Eric Gardner
I know taxpayers were on the hook for Trevon Martin protests but check this out!.
“They just confiscated Heather's live stream for evidence. I thought we established Trevon Martin shot himself?
Trevon Martin's mom letter to mother "if they refuse to hear us, they will feel us"
This message is for the president of the United states. Mr. President, I am sure you have heard by now that two New York city police officers were ambushed and executed in the streets of Brooklyn today. Over the last 2 years, you have injected yourself and your administration into the ongoing race debate in this country including the tragic deaths of Trevon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Gardner. In my opinion mr. President, you have done absolutely nothing to squelch or calm the divide that is growing in this country. You have enormous power, president Obama. The American people are hungry for the leader that you promised you'd be as a candidate in 2007 and 2008. Actually, mr. President, you have fueled the fires that burned the businesses of innocent Americans in ferguson, Missouri by your inability to communicate a message of peaceful protest to all Americans. I wonder ,president Obama, if you will take the time out of your vacation to Hawaii to speak this message of calm and peace that is long overdu ...
Larry Elder is out of touch. Behave differently? Trevon Martin purchased skittles. Nothing illegal here Larry!
Police rode by my house I put my hood on with my hands up for Trevon Martin and Mike Brown sense they didn't get justice
Cause it's popular to protest right now. And this in conjunction with Trevon Martin and Ferguson just put it over the top.
Mike Brown , Trevon martin, the black that just got killed in NYC for no reason. All Killed by white people
“"Wow.. yall forgot bout Trevon martin” he wasn't murdered in 2014...
After that Trevon Martin 💩 I have no respect for 12 period point blank💯👌
It amazes me how many white college students come to the aid of Michael Brown and Trevon Martin. Ten years from now they'll wonder ***
ESJ's Tre'Von Jasmine and Troy Green combine for 34 in CYO championship against Brother Martin - HIGHLIGHTS
I have just written a hit song in loving memory of Trevon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Coming out soon and it will be a hit
The dark match tonight is an interpretive dance number based around a Hispanic Jesus and a female Hispanic Trevon Martin. This is no joke.
Its like our sacrifice is in vain Eric Garner, Trevon Martin,Micheal Brown have already laid down their lives it cant be in vain
Trevon Martin was not killed by a police officer.
This one here has hurt and infuriated me the most, you guys seem to have an argument about Trevon Martin, Mike...
just found these old videos of , Trevon & I a night before my 17th bday.
lets not forget Trevon martin, or the 12 year old blk child, murdered for no other reason than they were blk.
When I was a freshman not a lot was going on like nationally. until the Trevon Martin case & they didn't like us talking about it in school.
Should i save money for my son to go to college or a CASKET? R.I.P Mike Brown Trevon Martin and Oscar.
“Trevon Martin was not your cousin stfu”so serious he is 😂😂 like DEADASS
Trevon Martin was not your cousin stfu
I got my hoodie on like Trevon Martin, but ill give Zimmerman the busnuiss
Hello yall its the bully, in the trevon martin hoodie
Where are all the DOJ investigations on Trevon Martin case, Tamir Rice, John Crawford, Rumain Brisbon, and numerous others? Public Hearings?
please explain to me how that justifies being murdered. Lol and Trevon Martin? What crime did he commit? It's a racial issue.
Jarell Martin playing above the rim
"Michael Vick's dog received more justice than Trevon Martin, Mike Brown or Eric Garner."
Praying for Eric Garner and his family. Trevon Martin, Mike Brown, and now Eric Garner.
Since when? :-) he just can't stop lying. Trevon Martin, Darren Wilson...
Yes!! Didn't we learn anything from Florida and Trevon Martin
Trevon Martin is basically Emmitt Teal! History has a way to put us back to the days when it was hard to look forward to the next day
I want justice for Mike Brown, Trevon martin, Eric Garner...where that at Dylan!!?
I wonder if African-Americans, Esp boys, feel awkward when discussing the recent events at ferguson & Trevon Martin.
Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Trevon Martin, Pee wee Pruitt, and all the rest of the Children of the Most High,...
please next time Trevon Martin is brought up make it clear he was not killed by a white police officer but a hispanic watch guy
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They have been investigating Trevon Martin for the longest time yet what results have we gotten so far?
Eric Garner protest, Trevon Martin protest, Mike Brown protest. If we let this continue. They'll be no one left to protest.
. Should I not watch any bad things?Rice knocking out his wife. 12 yr old boy shot cause he was playing w/toy gun,Trevo…
Y'all upset about the wrong case Trevon Martin was the one who was wrongfully shot. Why wasn't there an outrage then.
okay and yeah that's true just like that Trevon Martin kid who got shot by the cop it was unreasonable to shoot him there
Michael Dunn found guilty of killing Jordan Davis. If you remember Trevon Martin you should remember Jordan Davis
9/11 is a day to be remembered but let's not forget about all the other people whom have lost their lives to the American Terrorist whom walk these streets killing unarmed Black men. We will remember something like 9\11 which happened 13 years but forget about Trevon Martin which was a couple years ago, What about Michael Brown which was a month ago. Rip to every man women and child whom lost their lives to stupid American Terrorist.
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