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Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson (born July 10, 1991) is an American football running back who played at the University of Alabama.

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where did you have Trent Richardson ranked? Jkjk
Rashard Jennings is equal to Trent Richardson they both can't see
Man put Trent Richardson behind Dallas O-Line and even he'd feast
Trent Richardson doesn't know how to read a hole
Yeah zeke's good but you could put Trent Richardson in with that Oline and play just as good.
has shown nothing to be excited about this year. His vision is every bit as bad as Trent Richardson's was.
it would have to take a blind man (Trent Richardson) to not be able to run through these holes
i have his name is Trent richardson
Watching rookies Dak Prescott & Ezekiel Elliott reminds of 2012 when the Browns drafted Trent Richardson & Brandon Weeden.
I think JaMarcus Russell and Trent Richardson could thrive in the Cowboys offense with that O-Line lol
Pretty sure even Trent Richardson would rush for 100 yards with that cowboys online
Andre drafting Trent Richardson is similar to the Browns drafting him
that line makes holes large enough that even Trent Richardson could be a 1k+ rusher with them
I with more of a sample size you see the player for what he is. Trent Richardson had a good rookie yr too.
For context, Trent Richardson for his CAREER would fall in spot 771 here
Blaine gabberrt dion Jordan Trent Richardson all drafted top five
true. Also lacks quickness, burst and great lateral agility. Bordering on second coming of Trent Richardson.
Ryan Grigson's worst move as a GM was picking Dorset over Collins. Worst than the Trent Richardson trade.
this what I been stressing since Trent Richardson
if you took the 4 games vs the Browns out Jeremy Hill is Trent Richardson
I called em Trent Richardson 2.0 earlier this year. Dude fell off
RG3 needs to get the Trent Richardson treatment and leave the NFL
I'd take them back in a heartbeat. They can have Grigson, Pagano, Chud and Dorsett... oh and Trent Richardson too
Derrick Henry; Trent Richardson 2.0; only bigger, slower and stiffer. The games is a little harder when opposed by defenders of like size.
one name sums up grigson...Trent Richardson
someone just said to me.. Well we get a good pick. Really Trent Richardson.. Werner... Dorsett... Not with that guy pickin
Gurley really been Trent Richardson this year
I was being facetious. That's how the Chuckster described Trent Richardson
I will wear a Trent Richardson jersey if we win
the colts used a first round pick on Trent Richardson
LMAO I don't hate them like you apparently. Losing that 1st rd pick for the greatest RB ever in Trent Richardson didn't help.
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When you're the 1st Browns player to do something since Trent Richardson you know it's good
With a 100+ yards today, Isaiah Crowell is the first Brown to run for 100 yards or more 3 times in a season since Trent Richardson in 2012
Trent Richardson name drop, that's not a good omen
Couldn't stop a Trent Richardson run at this point
I’m old enough to remember when people compared Le’Veon Bell to Trent Richardson because he had 3.5 ypc as a rookie.
Watching Dorsett play so much and do so little reminds me of Trent Richardson.
I just remembered how glad I am that we don't have Trent Richardson anymore
Andrew luck now has a longer career run than Trent Richardson
josh Gordon , trent Richardson , Johnny Manziel . They're trying real hard with ...
This man Darren Sproles on my bench is emmit smith but when I play him he's Trent Richardson
Gotta love the fan with the Trent Richardson jersey on up and doing a dance after a first down.
remember when grigson had four years under lucks contract to build the defense and instead he gave us Trent…
Trent Richardson thinks Lamar Miller bounces around too much.
considering they would get players like Brian Robiskie and Trent Richardson, it would take a long time.
Matt Asiata is trying to challenge Trent Richardson for yards per carry. He's gotta be about .008 per carry now. Watch out, Trent!
If you draft a RB high and put them behind Wes Johnson and Ben Ijalana, you're gonna have Trent Richardson, not Zeke Elliott
not likely those guys will be in the same realm. For every Elliot there are 5 Trent Richardson's.
and for every Walter Jones we get from Bama yall get a Trent Richardson, Derek Henry, Amari Cooper, Calvin Riddle etc etc
Mark Ingram & Trent Richardson at Alabama a few years ago would be up there
Trent Richardson: Ima run through the hole. Inner Trent Richardson: Run into your blockers instead
ummm sir your very own "honey badger" was up for the award that year and Trent Richardson was very nice that year 😐
not lets not forget 1st round busts like Trent Richardson, Cadillac Williams, Ronnie Brown, Darren McFadden, etc
I was never 1 to match picks with talent. I mean look at Trent Richardson, Jamarcus Russell and then look at Brady and Dak...
This is more devastating to Fournette's draft stock than his lack of performance, Trent Richardson was able to emul…
Let me find out Trent Richardson is a college scout team RB!! 😂
WATO Jon Jones is more of a wasted talent than: JaMarcus Russell, Trent Richardson, or GILBERT Arenas?
Future hall of famer Trent Richardson running with the scout team for Alabama this week ..
Derrick Henry is everything Trent Richardson was supposed to be.
The time to buy Trent Richardson and David Wilson is NOW!!!
Zeke went from looking like Trent Richardson to start the season to looking like a pro bowler these last three weeks
I'd rather have Trent Richardson than Matt jones
Luck's contract traded you a first for Trent Richardson
The Brown's drafted Trent Richardson. Don't give another team credit for the Brown's awfulness.
Terrance West is one of the worst RBs I've seen in the NFL. When he was with Cleveland I'd put him under Trent Richardson
Trent Richardson (Alabama) SHAKES and BAKES his way to a TD. YIKES! Follow for more plays!
Grigson pick Djoun Smith sat next to grigson pick Bjorn Werner sat next to grigson trade Trent Richardson at the career fair
I had to turn it off yesterday when Stephen A said "I see Trent Richardson in Ezekiel Elliott" after one game
I wanna fight Stephen A for saying Ezekiel Elliott is Trent Richardson. I'll never let that go
this couple just walked into my work with matching Brady Quinn and Trent Richardson jerseys on 😑😑😑
Didn't one time you said Trent Richardson was the next edge James? That was in year 2 of Trents career in Indy lol
Trent Richardson literally completed two careers before Hill has finished his first. Nuts.
The chances of Eddie Lacy turning into Trent Richardson are high
It's like if the college Trent Richardson and Derrick Henry had a kid.
Throwback to arguably the best move of all time. Trent Richardson 🔥🔥
Here's on lessons to be learned by Trent Richardson's disjointed NFL journey.
Braxton Miller was one of the 5 best players I ever saw in College... Along with Tebow, Manziel, Cam Newton, and Trent Richardson
I'm at a bar with my friends from back home watching the game. 2- Trent Richardson . 3- Tim couch. 1- Johnny Manziel. 1- Joe Haden
Trent Richardson has been cut more times than a Ray Lewis murder victim.
Ray Rice can go to CANADA and play with Johnny Manziel, Trent Richardson, and Tim Tebow
they sign Trent Richardson back and he rushes for 2 other TD's
I’d probably say Charles Rogers, Aaron Curry & Trent Richardson are top 3 for me in terms of “can’t miss” prospect that just whiffed
Did I miss an entire season where Tony Romo was actually an effective QB? HOF? Yea, he and Trent Richardson can share that class.
Trent Richardson says greedy friends and family affected his career.
Trent Richardson: NFL Player Says His Family Spent $1.6 Million of His Money in 10 Months. Sounds like he needed Spenver Strasmore.
The entire E:60 interview with Trent Richardson is on YouTube
In this video, Trent Richardson says at one point he was paying for 11 Netflix and 8 Hulu accounts
Trent Richardson Knows a clean disco that jumps bucks
Mark Ingram & Trent Richardson are my favorite running backs
I really feel bad for Trent Richardson
I added a video to a playlist E:60 Trent Richardson (E60)
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Check out this article from USA TODAY: How Trent Richardson lost millions of dollars. .
You're right. Same goes for the running back position, I hear Trent Richardson is available...
Trent Richardson Tells a Story on How Family & Friends Secretly Spent $1.6M of his Money
After reading up on the Trent Richardson situation and watching the video my heart is heavy 😢 really hope he bounce back 😢🙏🏽
BREAKING: Trent Richardson has been claimed off waivers by the Perkins School for the Blind
NFL player Trent Richardson's family blew $1.6 million of his money in less than a year
That E:60 on Trent Richardson.. *** I hope he gets another shot in the NFL. No idea how it'd be to have every hand wanting $ from you.
Trent Richardson's Family and Friends Spent an Insane Amount of His Money. *** Got to feel for him.
" Trent Richardson opens up about family freeloading; relatives spent $1.6 million "
*** Trent Richardson said his friends and family spent 1.6 million dollars of his money in 10 months
Trent Richardson Has a phat trick that trips trucks
NFL star's family and friends blow $1.6 MILLION on booze and Netflix via
Trent Richardson: "The only player in league history with at least 600 career carries and a lower YPC average is Brett Favre." Dear God?!?
Trent Richardson says his family and friends spent $1.6 million in 10 months -…
Trent Richardson explains how he lost millions: He also had bottle service charges from clubs -- even though ...
Trent Richardson tells ESPN's Shelley Smith that his friends, family spent $1.6M of his money in just 10 months.
Trent Richardson tells how he lost millions:
Trent Richardson ignored bank account as friends spent $1.6 million in 10 months
*** what if all that money Trent Richardson family&friends blew through could've been used for them to get a degree a…
Trent Richardson says family, friends spent $1.6M of his money in 10-month span
Trent Richardson reveals his friends and family blew through $1.6 million of his own money! https…
Gained a ton of respect for Trent Richardson the guy put his whole family and friends on his back
Never will understand what went wrong with Trent Richardson and Tim Tebow
Trent Richardson got cut again and social media is having a field day
Bill Belichick is probably going to sign Trent Richardson and turn him into a guy that wins people fantasy leagues, just fo…
The Ravens have cut Trent Richardson. While leaving the team's training facilities he ran into the wall, completely i…
I knew Trent Richardson wouldn't do nothing in da NFL Henry will be the same other than Shaun Alexander RB who come outta Bama dnt do much
Ravens announce they’ve waived running back Trent Richardson one week into training camp https:…
Trent Richardson has been cut by the Ravens. He's now officially been released by 25% of the teams in the AFC.
Trent Richardson might be done this time
Trent Richardson said he was on track for the Hall Of Fame and he gets cut in the first week of training camp lmao
Trent Richardson for mailtime hall of fame?
I mean who you gonna show me highlights of. Trent Richardson? Kenny Stabler?
Didn't know my man Trent Richardson played the Philadelphia Soul in the According to the commentators, he's been dawgin.
Lmao don't ask why but I'm a sitton, emmitt smith, Trent Richardson, Doug Baldwin, graham gano, Alfred Morris and Jake Coker Stan
Chris Ivory is what Trent Richardson should look like.
Trent Richardson for the comeback player of the year
what if Ezekiel Elliott see's the hole like Trent Richardson on a snowy evening
You know how stupid you'd look if you drafted Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch or Jamaal Charles over Trent Richardson in 2012?
The Colts went from Trent Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw to Dan Herron and Zuron Tipton in 2014 😐
Trent Richardson needs more conditioning work, Baltimore Ravens ..
HC John Harbaugh feels that Trent Richardson is still out of shape via
how about the Ravens RB will it be Forsett, Allen or Trent Richardson
"Look at me Titans fans... I'm the next great Trent Richardson. Y'all ready?" - Derrick Henry
Hear Offensive Line Coach talking about the draft, Trent Richardson & rivalry
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Sir, you are hurt. Trent Richardson deserved the money he got. Albert Haynesworth deserved the money he got.
How would you know? You said Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson were great picks by the Browns. All you know is 1.4
Like how the Browns could have had Tannehill and Doug Martin instead of Trent Richardson and Weeden?
Last 5 RBs to go top 4 in draft:. Ronnie Brown. Reggie Bush . Darren McFadden . Trent Richardson . Ezekiel Elliott.
Clairborne, yes. Not so much Millner. Clairborne bust was weird as Trent Richardson bust. Happens
This the same thing they said about Trent Richardson
Mark Ingram, CJ Spiller, Trent Richardson are just a few of the reasons it's not worth the risk.
Mark Ingram is a pro bowler. TJ Yeldon split carries his whole career. Your only valid point is Trent Richardson
FWIW, Mayock also once infamously proclaimed Trent Richardson as the best RB since Adrien Peterson.
Many people thought Mark Barron nd Trent Richardson was dawgs both them mfs got drafted and ain't even produced quality stats in a season
Can't wait to see the reincarnation of Trent Richardson along with a battle tested Buck Allen
Trent Richardson became Javorius Allen's draft day guardian angel on
we don't need another Alabama RB. Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Eddie Lacy... Jury is out on Lacy.
stop me if I heard this before 🙄 won't let go of this Trent Richardson man crush
On a scale of trading a 1st for Trent Richardson to drafting a WR 29th overall, how incompetent will Ryan Grigson be on Thursday?
New Ravens' RB Trent Richardson has lost 22 pounds this off-season. The before...and after.
Trent Richardson's contract with the Baltimore Ravens guarantees no money.
Tim Couch, Phil Taylor, William Green, Barkavious Mingo, Brady Quinn, Trent Richardson... Want some more of your first rounders??
The last time the Browns traded back, they got Phil Taylor, Greg Little, Brandon Weeden, and Trent Richardson. The Falcons got Julio Jones
The have officially signed RB Trent Richardson, who gets another shot with a team with some opportunities at the posi…
Trent Richardson couldn't run through the Red Sea if Jesus made it part for him.
It does make me smile a tiny bit that Trent Richardson has a job in the but Greg Hardy does not...
then on the other side you have Trent Richardson lol but Henry runs exactly how Eric Dickerson used to run straight north and south
Trent Richardson doesn't like green, he likes to run directly into the pack
Teams traded up for these players trading 4 or more draft picks . Trent Richardson. Derrick Harvey. Ricky Williams. RG3. Julio Jones
if Trent Richardson's sorry *** was worth a 3 and then traded for a first rounder
There is no such thing as a sure thing. Robert Gallery, Aaron Curry & Trent Richardson were sure things
Werner... Traded the 2014 for Trent Richardson... Wasted a pick on a talented but unnecessary WR in Dorsett...
Andrew Luck has had Vick Ballard, Trent Richardson, Ahmad Bradshaw and Frank Gore when he was past his prime as his man backs
Everybody the Browns pick be busts. Brady Quinn, Justin Gilbert, Johnny Manziel, Trent Richardson. At this point I don't blame the players
I like RG3 on the Browns. But I also liked Johnny Manziel and Brady Quinn. Plus, I miss Trent Richardson...
you missed on Trent Richardson and Geno Smith.
Rueben Randle got less guaranteed money from the Eagles than Trent Richardson did from the 2015 Raiders.
Ravens signing Trent Richardson. Good luck with that.
Forsett, Buck Allen, Taliaferro, west and bum *** Trent Richardson, don't see why he was needed or who's the odd man out
We don't need Trent Richardson, we got Buck Allen, that's all we need
Trent Richardson to Baltimore, Mark Sanchez is already a Bronco & Kaep possibly to the Jets. It's been a good offseason for the Pats so far
BREAKING: The are planning on signing RB Trent Richardson
Sources indicate Trent Richardson is headed to Baltimore. If you own Buck Allen, Taliaferro, or Forsett.. You have nothing to worry about
The have an "unofficial agreement" w/ Trent Richardson. He can still be signed by another team (via ht…
Ravens' HC John Harbaugh says he has been exchanging texts with RB Trent Richardson and plans to sign him.
Ravens coach John Harbaugh says team has an ‘unofficial agreement’ with RB Trent Richardson htt…
Henry i feel will be Good back in the NFL could be a Mark Ingram 2.0 or worst case be a better version of Trent Richardson
Dirty *** Steve smith is going be back. They may get few in draft. Did Ravens sign Trent Richardson?
yeah but Bob, Trent Richardson, Mark Ingram, Shaun Alexander. point might not hold up.
He's kind of like a blend between Trent Richardson, Mark Ingran and Shaun Alexander, but scary Wilbur Jackson comps
Ravens on the come up tho. Mike Wallace, Eric weddle, Benjamin Watson, and (not) Trent Richardson will all be pro bowlers
recent history . Mark Ingram, fattie Lacey, Trent Richardson. Considering the hype, busts so far. TJ Yeldon, too soon to tell
When Grigson does something, we end up with LaRon Landry, Gosder Cherilus, Todd Herremans, and Trent Richardson lol
Chip Kelly would be a great fit for Trent Richardson, who would see a ton of carries and looks in Kelly's run-heavy offe…
2/2 In 2012, they had Trent Richardson as No. 3 prospect on their board. In 2008, they drafted Felix Jones. Stay away from RBs in 1st round.
Is he looked at as so good I see a scary amount of Trent Richardson with his lateral movement but I haven't watched a ton
Kyle Lowry reminds me of like Eddie Lacy or collegiate Trent Richardson for some reason. Just a beast of a dude.
I'm looking fwd to fighting over Andre Johnson & Trent Richardson
Trent Richardson sighting? Report says Ravens will sign him via
Touched a nerve in Trent Richardson's uncle there, ey Ben? Lol
I can't breaf lmao Trent Richardson needs to play arena football
Trent Richardson could sign with Baltimore Ravens: The Sports Xchange Running back Trent Rich... latest news
"Ravens expected to sign free agent Trent Richardson"
The Ravens are signing RB Trent Richardson, who will attempt to continue his NFL career despite being legally blind ht…
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If you're not following me, I'm giving your favorite NFL team Trent Richardson for Christmas this year
Ravens working on bringing RB Trent Richardson in for physical
Trent Richardson is expected to sign with the Ravens pending a physical. (via and
Sources say Trent Richardson has officially put in his 2 weeks notice at Wendy's to sign with the Ravens
I lived in Pensacola where Trent Richardson played high school ball. He won't flourish in the Arena league.
Joe Johnson and Trent Richardson are trending. Think I may have discovered time travel. Will update as more details emerge.
Breaking: The Ravens are expected to sign Trent Richardson. . Future News: The Ravens have cut Trent Richardson.
Why are Trent Richardson and Joe Johnson both trending? Please tell me they're going to have a footrace.
Trent Richardson ready and sign with Baltimore
Hilarious that people think Justin Blackmon is a better prospect than Trent Richardson. Take the blinders off, folks.
While you're here getting autographs/pics with Trent Richardson, remember to use the Hooked App to get 20% off of your bill!.
Doug McDermott is the Ike Davis of the NBA. Maybe can improve enough to be the NBA's Trent Richardson.
I'd say Ryan Leaf, Trent Richardson, and Mike Williams were my safest.
That last CJ Anderson run was brought to you by Trent Richardson
Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden, Barkevious Mingo, Manziel, Justin Gilbert... that is a spectacular series of whiffs.
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