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Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson (born July 10, 1991) is an American football running back who played at the University of Alabama.

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The last rb bust that was a top 10 pick was Trent Richardson in 2012 and he still had a good…
He also was upset when the browns traded Trent Richardson saying that he was the browns best player
You know who you didn't say was bad? Trent Richardson
The man traded for Trent Richardson because his staff thought it was a good move to win now…
That's getting into the weeds. It just seems like for CLE a QB/RB combo at 1/4 would make a lot of…
You’ve named two running backs who have each had one halfway decent year. Trent Ri…
You drafted Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson. You did enough.
Reigns is Trent Richardson's lady's brother, right?
Or what if hes Reggie Bush or Trent Richardson?
My history with jersey purchases is brutal. Stallworth, Trent Richardson (able to return), Bruce.list goes on.
Fill me in on how Trent Richardson, Eddie Lacy and T.J. Yeldon are doing and then…
Trent Richardson is signing autographs on 2/17. For details click on via
Has any high round draft pick succeeded in last 20 years? I don’t mean to put a…
Isn’t this the guy who had no problem trading up to get Trent Richardson
True but Cardinals fans have to be worried about the future with Shurmur. Remember this…
Um no. Sorry. It’s where draams go to die. See Trent Richardson. Said same when he got drafted.
Desperation move? Now everyone is a critic. Mike Holmgren said if he was the coach of the Browns, h…
Didn't see this until now. Only one year for the former Colts General Manager in Cleveland, the team he pulled off…
Barkley is the next Trent Richardson. Has bisymt written all over him. Give me Michel
Look, I’ve seen y’all do a lot of dumb stuff but I’d trade seven first rounders for Trent Richardson to ens…
Two words. Trent Richardson. Give me the proven RB1.
“Trent Richardson is one of the best backs to ever do it” *** I’m going to miss Jon Gruden commentating MNF games 😭
Fournette got field vision similar to Trent Richardson, this why Guice was better in college and will be a better pro
You mean to tell me the man who traded a 1st round pick for Trent Richardson didn't work out in Cleveland. Who could have saw that coming?
Nick Saban has nothing to do with the turnout of NFL players look at Trent Richardson hahha…
Imma go with some more recent ones . 1.Nick Chubb & Sony Michel. 2.Reggie Bush & Lendale White. 3.Ronnie…
Under his breath, every morning starts with the words “Trent Richardson”
I mean like Trent Richardson was preeety dang good at the pro level 😂😂
Grigson...the guy that gave up a 1st for Trent Richardson. What a joker.
yeah we really missed trent richardson. thanks for the click bait crap headline, Mike!
Alabama RB1s usage rates after junior seasons during Nick Saban era. (*declared for draft one year early). Damien H…
Regardless of advisory committee draft position? His workload's been light compared to other early…
Doesn't it seem fitting that the two teams that dumped Grigson were the same two that gave up on Trent Richardson?
A Thank you for the Trent Richardson trade
To anyone who asks “who?” . This guy gave the Browns a first round pick for Trent Richardson when he was colts GM.
Wow, Trent Richardson. Haven’t heard that name in a while. What a disappointment.
The guy that gave the Browns a first for Trent Richardson
Is that Trent Richardson? No it’s just another Alabama rb in the nfl
Trent Richardson. Hated everything about that pick. The player. The trade up. Everything. Fo…
New rule Sean mccvay coached lead backs even Trent Richardson behind Seattle’s oline you have to take him in the fi…
If you think about it, it's actually quite impressive that Jeff Fisher made Todd Gurley look like Trent Richardson.
Johnny Manziel, Trent Richardson and Jamarcus Russell. Saved you a click
Ryan Grigson to the rescue! He'll bring back Trent Richardson to restore the glory to the 😂
Funny man Bryce Brown matt Barkley Rueben randle Trent Richardson all bagging groceries right now
My point is if you put brad Johnson, Trent Richardson and Sam Hurd on those teams with that o line. Tho…
better draft a good running back. Abdullah is looking like Trent Richardson right now. We've haven't had a good run game since Barry.
Y'all said this about. Trent Richardson. Derrick Henry. Leonard Fournette. Melvin Gordon. And now Barkley...
Notes from Trent Richardson's debut and the thrilling 27-24 win over the last night.…
did you know that Trent Richardson is playing in the CFL. His rb career not over but is now with the Sask Rough riders.
Kansas City goes from Jamal Charles to Jamaal Charles 2.0 in Kareem Hunt. Browns go from Trent Richardson to Trent Richardson 2.0 in Crowell
Jeff Fisher made this guy look like Trent Richardson.
Ready for another "Where are They Now Wednesday?" Check out what Trent Richardson, Stephon Marbury, and Greg Oden a…
Rather have Bo Scarbrough's (healthy) body in my backfield than Shaun Alexander, Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson or Derrick Henry.
Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, Eddie Lacy, Trent Richardson (good in college), AJ McCarron (good in college)
Pretty sure Trent Richardson would've missed this 4 lane highway to run through..
I would say he and Trent Richardson are the sole two examples of high draft picks flaming out in the NFL. Co…
Trent Richardson,Mark Ingram,Bobby Humphrey,Sherman Williams all better. Yeldon isn't a feature back,he can't handle the load.
Trent Richardson, Barkevious Mingo, Greg Little, and Mike Phipps just to name a few
4th kid post-vasectomy? Cromartie's sperm break through the line more often than Trent Richardson ever did. .
Remember when Trent Richardson was the highest ranked back in the 2012 draf…
Only ONE thing can guarantee you to be a "bust: to be an overhyped SEC player (Michael Sam, Mark Ingram,Trent Richardson,Jamarcus,etc)
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Trent Richardson,Dexter Mccluster,Mike Gillisee and many many many more are all RBS that are a higher OVR than Ajayi
Steve Slaton, Trent Richardson and other top rookie RBs in recent years.
Paul, I went out and traded a future 1st for a former Top 3 pick! I want to introduce you to Trent Richardson. *cou…
The ineptitude of the team is like none I can remember. WHY did they fire John Brady and run off Trent Richardson, again??
Trent Richardson was arrested on domestic abuse charges. Looks like the former Bama player is finally ready to become a st…
Trent Richardson leaving the police station after posting bond...
Trent Richardson was arrested for domestic abuse. Reports say he tried to run from police, but only gained 1.2 yards befo…
Former NFL RB Trent Richardson arrested on domestic violence charge in Alabama.
Trent Richardson arrested in Alabama on third-degree domestic violence charge: By Sean
Trent Richardson. Sean May. Knowshon Moreno. Off the top of my head.
Trent Richardson was a can't miss as well...
The 5 players the Browns got for Julio Jones in the 2011 Draft: Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson, Owen Marecic, Greg Litt…
for Julio Jones. the browns got 5 draft picks. they drafted:. Phil Taylor. Greg Little. Owen Marecic. Brandon Weeden. Trent Richardson . ✌🏾
Browns could've had Julio but traded for picks that ended up being Phil Taylor, Greg Little, Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden SMH
Phil Taylor, Greg Little, Brandon Weeden, Owen Marecic. *** throw Trent Richardson in there, who was traded for a 1st, used on... Johnny.
you should see the house they got Trent Richardson's mom.
Zack Zenner went from Jim Brown in the first half to Trent Richardson in the second
Manziel, Tebow, Trent Richardson, and Luke Joeckel were pretty good in college too
man I thought Booker would be better than this. Oline is bad but he's playing like Trent Richardson right now, can't read a hole
where did you have Trent Richardson ranked? Jkjk
Rashard Jennings is equal to Trent Richardson they both can't see
Man put Trent Richardson behind Dallas O-Line and even he'd feast
Trent Richardson doesn't know how to read a hole
Yeah zeke's good but you could put Trent Richardson in with that Oline and play just as good.
has shown nothing to be excited about this year. His vision is every bit as bad as Trent Richardson's was.
it would have to take a blind man (Trent Richardson) to not be able to run through these holes
i have his name is Trent richardson
Watching rookies Dak Prescott & Ezekiel Elliott reminds of 2012 when the Browns drafted Trent Richardson & Brandon Weeden.
I think Jamarcus Russell and Trent Richardson could thrive in the Cowboys offense with that O-Line lol
Pretty sure even Trent Richardson would rush for 100 yards with that cowboys online
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Andre drafting Trent Richardson is similar to the Browns drafting him
that line makes holes large enough that even Trent Richardson could be a 1k+ rusher with them
I with more of a sample size you see the player for what he is. Trent Richardson had a good rookie yr too.
For context, Trent Richardson for his CAREER would fall in spot 771 here
Blaine gabberrt dion Jordan Trent Richardson all drafted top five
true. Also lacks quickness, burst and great lateral agility. Bordering on second coming of Trent Richardson.
Ryan Grigson's worst move as a GM was picking Dorset over Collins. Worst than the Trent Richardson trade.
this what I been stressing since Trent Richardson
if you took the 4 games vs the Browns out Jeremy Hill is Trent Richardson
I called em Trent Richardson 2.0 earlier this year. Dude fell off
RG3 needs to get the Trent Richardson treatment and leave the NFL
I'd take them back in a heartbeat. They can have Grigson, Pagano, Chud and Dorsett... oh and Trent Richardson too
Derrick Henry; Trent Richardson 2.0; only bigger, slower and stiffer. The games is a little harder when opposed by defenders of like size.
one name sums up grigson...Trent Richardson
someone just said to me.. Well we get a good pick. Really Trent Richardson.. Werner... Dorsett... Not with that guy pickin
Gurley really been Trent Richardson this year
I was being facetious. That's how the Chuckster described Trent Richardson
I will wear a Trent Richardson jersey if we win
the colts used a first round pick on Trent Richardson
LMAO I don't hate them like you apparently. Losing that 1st rd pick for the greatest RB ever in Trent Richardson didn't help.
Ryan Matthews and Trent Richardson the same person
When you're the 1st Browns player to do something since Trent Richardson you know it's good
With a 100+ yards today, Isaiah Crowell is the first Brown to run for 100 yards or more 3 times in a season since Trent Richardson in 2012
Trent Richardson name drop, that's not a good omen
Couldn't stop a Trent Richardson run at this point
I’m old enough to remember when people compared Le’Veon Bell to Trent Richardson because he had 3.5 ypc as a rookie.
Watching Dorsett play so much and do so little reminds me of Trent Richardson.
I just remembered how glad I am that we don't have Trent Richardson anymore
Andrew luck now has a longer career run than Trent Richardson
josh Gordon , trent Richardson , Johnny Manziel . They're trying real hard with ...
This man Darren Sproles on my bench is emmit smith but when I play him he's Trent Richardson
Gotta love the fan with the Trent Richardson jersey on up and doing a dance after a first down.
remember when grigson had four years under lucks contract to build the defense and instead he gave us Trent…
Trent Richardson thinks Lamar Miller bounces around too much.
considering they would get players like Brian Robiskie and Trent Richardson, it would take a long time.
reason why every running back aka Trent Richardson was HitBehindTheLine
BOB must have the vision of Trent Richardson.
Matt Asiata is trying to challenge Trent Richardson for yards per carry. He's gotta be about .008 per carry now. Watch out, Trent!
If you draft a RB high and put them behind Wes Johnson and Ben Ijalana, you're gonna have Trent Richardson, not Zeke Elliott
not likely those guys will be in the same realm. For every Elliot there are 5 Trent Richardson's.
and for every Walter Jones we get from Bama yall get a Trent Richardson, Derek Henry, Amari Cooper, Calvin Riddle etc etc
Mark Ingram & Trent Richardson at Alabama a few years ago would be up there
Trent Richardson: Ima run through the hole. Inner Trent Richardson: Run into your blockers instead
ummm sir your very own "honey badger" was up for the award that year and Trent Richardson was very nice that year 😐
not lets not forget 1st round busts like Trent Richardson, Cadillac Williams, Ronnie Brown, Darren McFadden, etc
I was never 1 to match picks with talent. I mean look at Trent Richardson, Jamarcus Russell and then look at Brady and Dak...
This is more devastating to Fournette's draft stock than his lack of performance, Trent Richardson was able to emul…
Let me find out Trent Richardson is a college scout team RB!! 😂
WATO Jon Jones is more of a wasted talent than: Jamarcus Russell, Trent Richardson, or GILBERT Arenas?
Future hall of famer Trent Richardson running with the scout team for Alabama this week ..
Derrick Henry is everything Trent Richardson was supposed to be.
The time to buy Trent Richardson and David Wilson is NOW!!!
Zeke went from looking like Trent Richardson to start the season to looking like a pro bowler these last three weeks
I'd rather have Trent Richardson than Matt jones
Luck's contract traded you a first for Trent Richardson
The Brown's drafted Trent Richardson. Don't give another team credit for the Brown's awfulness.
Terrance West is one of the worst RBs I've seen in the NFL. When he was with Cleveland I'd put him under Trent Richardson
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