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Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is an American television drama created by Mark Schwahn, which premiered on September 23, 2003, on The WB Television Network.

Dan Scott Brooke Davis Donald Trump North Carolina Jamie Scott Jake Jagielski Nathan Scott

Seriously cry every time Jake comes back to Tree Hill 😭😭
6X18. Julian has to leave Tree Hill:-/ . This scene makes me sad😭 . "I'm gonna miss you, Brooke Davis."
"There's only one tree hill Jamie Scott, and it's your home" . -Haley James Scott @ Tree Hill, NC
"Happiness is a mood not a destination" - Julian Baker 'One Tree Hill'
Donald Trump as president is as bad as Dan Scott being mayor of Tree Hill
Happy Father's Day to the loving fathers of Tree Hill!
I wanna go to Chicago for Tree Hill for my birthday like someone hook me up.
last night at the concert I saw a guy wearing Nathan Scott's Tree Hill basketball jersey and now I know that love at first sight is real
"there is only one Tree Hill. and it's your home"
I liked a video from Bethany Joy Galeotti Talks "One Tree Hill" & Diamond Gothic at Zooey
Forever wishing I lived in Tree Hill and married to Nathan Scott and was best friends with Brooke Davis 😌
Everything would be so much easier if I lived in Tree Hill, North Carolina and I was bffs w// Brooke Davis and Quinn James
John Winchester is married to Tree Hill cheerleader, Peyton, his son Dean Winchester is married to Tree Hill chee…
Good series on Netflix (not in order). Revenge. 90210. White Collar. Dexter. Prison Break. One Tree Hill. Gossip Girl
I didn't know Tree Hill's villain Dan Scott played Donald Trump back in a 2011 episode of Criminal Minds..
Ugh. Lucas and Peyton leaving Tree Hill was so dumb. I want answers!
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Otr when I go to college and they ask me where I came from I'm gonna say Tree Hill, North CarolinaπŸ˜‚
I feel like Donald Trump running for president is like the time Dan Scott ran for mayor Tree Hill
~Formerly Karen's Cafe/Clothes over Bros~. "Tree Hill is just a place in the world. Maybe it's a…
Dan Scott is in a lifetime movie. Excuse me sir? You belong in Tree Hill
I love this fandom and one tree hill so much
There is a One Tree Hill reunion happening right now πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜­
I wanna start watching one tree hill but I can't find a website to watch it from the start πŸ‘€
why am I not in Wilmington right now at the one tree hill reunion
One Tree Hill theme song is lit every time it comes on
One Tree Hill will ALWAYS be one of my favorite shows. The second they take it off Netflix , I will be buying it on DVD immediately .
Tree Hill dancing moments are the best moments.
One tree hill is the stupidest show I've ever seen in my life
So cool how "Brooke's bachelorette party" was at Brooke Davis' real house tonight at the One Tree Hill convention!
I'm so overwhelmed with happiness I LOVE ONE TREE HILL
I just finished One Tree Hill and I don't know what to do with my life
I want to go to a One Tree Hill convention so bad πŸ˜…
One Tree Hill has taught me more about life than school ever did.
Waking up in my queen bed, with my dog by my side, drinking my morning coffee, watching One Tree Hill while it rains 😍☺️
Amazing photos taken during the One Tree Hill convention today! Thanks πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
Wishing I was in Tree Hill meeting the cast but instead I'm spending the gorgeous day inside at work
I need antwon's straight outta tree hill top!
I honestly miss new one tree hill episodes
Uncle Skills and Jamie at Tric in Tree Hill! Their bond is the best.
finished One Tree Hill for the fourth time and i still cried on the last episode
actually really salty that i can't be in Wilmington right now for the one tree hill reunion
"One tree hill is just a show about basketball" πŸ™„
One Tree Hill will always be my favorite showπŸ’ž
Donald Trump as president reminds me of Dan Scott as mayor of Tree Hill
No but seriously Tree Hill would be a wild place to live
I wish I felt the same way about B'ville as Haley James Scott felt about Tree Hill
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Seriously if I could choose any Tree Hill guy it would be Jake
Seeing actors from my favorite shows in other movies and shows really freaks me out. Melissa Hastings you don't belong in Tree Hill.
Tyler Hilton (One Tree Hill, Walk the Line) performs at the Rail Tuesday nite.
"it is Tree Hill, so half of those kids could've been kidnapped by now and maybe he's on a vigilante mission to rescue them" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
nathan playing basketball is the hottest thing ever don't fight me on this (Vine by hella tree hill)
One Tree Hill all night last night w/ Chel & all this morning, slightly obsessed
Oh my the great hall is too pretty ! There's a giant tree in this wooden interior ! Like a cottage on the hill !
Just started rewatching One Tree Hill so this day is going to be just as unproductive as the lastπŸ˜‚
I love one tree hill so much I've watched it 5x & still cry everytime like its my first πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
Haven't watched One Tree Hill in a week. Proud of myself
Don't tell me that this wasn't one of your favorite One Tree Hill episodes. Baby Mama, B. Dazzle and Shutterbug.
I finished one tree hill and now I don't know what to watch
Can I just have a relationship like Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill please thanks 😭😭😍
Fall Out Boy on One Tree Hill makes my life
after watching one tree hill I have a new love for basketball, mainly basketball players
thank you so much. One tree hill. American horror story. Etc. Thank you
all of the relationships in One Tree Hill have fallen apart ):
One day you're 17 and planning for someday. Then you started watching One Tree Hill. And this is your life.
Oh my big Xmas tree at ashorne hill !
I think One Tree Hill got my expectations too high on life
my mom and I were like that w one tree hill πŸ˜‚
We automatically become best friends if you watch One Tree Hill and obsess over how amazing it is with me.
The One Tree Hill characters are so badass.
Kind of want to start watching One Tree Hill but idk if it's good or not so.
I use to watch one tree hill and sleep all dsy
One tree hill makes me so happy... I wish I could erase my brain so I could watch it all again and be so happy and sad at the same time😭😭
"There is only one Tree Hill, Jamie Scott. And it's your home."
Spending some time in Downtown Wilmington, aka Tree Hill. Yup.
On another note, who in Tree Hill would ever support Dan Scott as mayor?
I'm so original my characters names are Dwight Halpert (the office), Lucas James (One Tree Hill), and Blair Van Der Woodsen, (Gossip Girl)
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I've just watched episode S01E16 of One Tree Hill!
Upon the hill at dusk Lumberjacks daughter implicated in fantasy tree slaying
no one can replace one tree Hill in my life!
when I'm rough I always want to just sit with a munch and watch one tree hill, I'm worse than a bird on her periods min!
I've just watched episode S01E15 of One Tree Hill!
So fell asleep while watching Catfish so I just switched to One Tree Hill. She seems cool with it.
Stupid book and stupid One Tree Hill. And I can't type, apparently.
I swear to god my life is exactly like One Tree Hill.
One Tree Hill looking splendid in the sunshine
when it's 5:30am and i'm watching one tree hill.I have no explanation
A hate in one tree hill when Peyton and Lucas aren't together :(
β€œLife is short and opportunities are rare, and we have to be vigilant in protecting them." - One Tree Hill
Just cried like a baby about Keith's death in One Tree Hill and I'm not ashamed.
I need to buy all the boxsets to one tree hill i miss it
I just watched two hours of one tree hill interviews and gag reels. πŸ‘
no idea but I am to!!! We have to have one tree hill sessions soon xxx
Seriously though, how good of a show was One Tree Hill?
LOL sorry I didn't realize we live in Tree Hill πŸ’πŸΌ
Brb getting drugged at college parties in Tree Hill~ @ Riverwalk, Wilmington, North Carolina
Whenever I wear my Keith Scott Body Shop hoodie, I feel like I live in Tree Hill. .
picturing dribbling her basketball across the Tree Hill bridge in her Keith Scott Body Shop hoodie πŸ’™
Jake Jagielski's house in Tree Hill. I got way more excited over this one than I should have 😍😍
Jake Jagielski better stay in Tree Hill more than 5 minutes this season
l love that episode!!! My fav is by far when there's a huge storm in Tree Hill and the power goes out. Memorized that one
Uncle Cooper from OTH is in How I Met Your Mother and now we all know what he was doing when he wasn't in Tree Hill. ((Robin))
Karen Roe: fill-in mother for every kid in Tree Hill.
Brooke Penelope Davis was born at New Brunswick County Hospital in Tree Hill, North Carolina, to parents Robert Theodore "Ted" Davis, Jr.
Idk what's in the water in Tree Hill but all the people in this show are seriously messed who's high school was like this??
Happy birthday Mark Schwahn. Thank you for making Tree Hill our home. ❀️
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