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Travon Martin

The fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman took place on February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida.

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Beyoncé is a woman that has uplifted BLM. She had the parents of Travon Martin and Michael Brown in h…
She is a radical Islamic terrorist look at the blind cleric all radicals…
Tamir Rice and travon martin were grown men thou
Yup cuz 18yr old Mike Brown was every bit of a "man" Travon Martin, 16... "man" 😔
Lifting up mother of Travon Martin and
Why do Lib anti-police people insist on bringing up George Zimmerman-Travon Martin. ZERO police in that incident. Zimmerman not a cop. Sad.
By walking protesting in the street since Travon Martin?!!
Thinking abt Travon Martin today&his family.So sad his life on earth had 2 end so soon.GZ had all help fm his daddy friends.makes me sick.
Whats so suspicious of a kid with brown skin? (Travon Martin was murdered!) via
Michael Brown and Travon Martin are dangerous men; Trump Jr is an "honest kid"
Exactly right. This is also part of BHO'S doing since Travon Martin.
My dear was it political when right wing pundits laughed at Presi…
I gave been disgusted with ever since their exploitative…
They are still demonizing Travon Martin and they have no plans to stand up for Mr Castile
Ok. I watched the one about Travon Martin. It's not anti-black. His standup was hard to accept at times, but it's honest.
Jeronimo Yanez (Philandro Castile murderer ) and Ron Zimmerman (Travon Martin murderer) should be in prison. How this happened?
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It's like the *** who say Travon Martin was an adult because he was 17
Dopey??? This from a 2Face 💩Face who tried to disparage Travon Martin for wearing…
What kid was killed for holding a bag of skittles by a cop? Maybe you…
We saw that with the Travon Martin case
Ruth, I have honesty test for you.1 Did Michael Brown have his hands up? 2.Di…
MSM aired Caylee Anthony, O Jay, Travon Martin, And many more in depth, but not one word for Seth Rich, Why? What a…
BLACK LIVES MATTER🖤 She Dedicated her dress to all the lives that were lost starting with Travon Martin..This is the best…
Seems The Dems in congress cared more about thug Travon Martin!!!
This could easily turn into a self defense case. look at how the travon martin case ended
Remember Tamir Rice, Travon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and others. Compare their treatment by cops to body slammer
Maybe Travon Martin n' others would still be alive if y'all would have been discovered this!! 🙇🏽
no suck thing as police brutality? Philando Castile, Anton Sterling, Travon Martin?
Of course not. He was a democrat. Democrats can try to kill republ…
Yeah was at the top of the list sending reps to travon Martin's funeral and none to any cops that were gunned down.
Hoods up one time fo Travon Martin.. Blessed🙏🏾
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The same people with calendar reminders in their phones to make Trayvon Martin jokes on his birthday think I should respect Rog…
WRONG! Here's BLACK pastor explaining how AFRAID a BLACK person would be if THEY ran into TRAVON MARTIN…
Yes, This is like George Zimmerman they portrayed him as a "white Hispanic"!!! (Travon Martin)
Travon Martin could have been his son, remember? Or how the…
Did travon Martin and etc have mug shots? No because they didn't have mug…
You know that is not what this Canadian thought I was taking about how the news always wo…
Let us not forget that TRAVON MARTIN would have received his degree this month too. . .
*** It's too bad you weren't Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Travon Martin, Tamir Rice, or Eric Garner.
Riiight. Hit us up when there's "accountability" for the deaths of Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Travon Martin, Freddy Gray, Er…
a POTUS who respects the POLICE not the THUGS,HUSSEIN obama ,CROOKED hilary sided with TRAVON martin and MICHAEL br…
Yes I could it woul be the mother of all bombs 1000x worst then when Obama said that tra…
Travon Martin's murderer walks free but
yea. Same is true of say.. Travon Martin. But there is a cardinal rule in not getting hurt: obey the police. I would
You can't challenge a police officer to fight then say "I thought I was gonna be the next Travon Martin"
Travon Martin was not shot by a police officer.
OMG this is the Black Man of America treatment. Travon Martin smoked pot in HS so ofc Zimmerman was th…
NO! Charlie Murphy is one of the greatest storytellers I've ever heard in my life! My heart goes out to his family and…
Prob liberal before. I didn't understand the fuss over the Travon Martin case at first. I was one of those "why mak…
This is called Daniel troubles that the scripture WARNED us about, Travon Martin, Sandra Bland and many more. The...
She thought another Travon Martin? Was this guy a criminal like travon?
I hope the cops Travon Martin you the next time you get pulled over ***
Such reporting to blame the victim has become common place Remember what they did to Travon Martin
Trump wasn't president when Muslim men were asked to leave airplanes, Travon Martin etc Stop the B.S. we know better
I used to HATE when the media brought up Travon Martin smoking weed/getting suspended as if smoking weed means you deserve a death sentence
Travon Martin, Alton Sterling Painting hitting eBay today.. Make your bid on it Starting @ $150
Travon Martin said on the phone to Rachel Jeantel that he was being followed by a "creepy *** crack…
Martin-King - put 2and2 together: Travon Martin .. Rodney King ... This means what to you..? Thoughts on this conn…
That's what should happen to cops! we need to demand change as society!# justice for Eric Garder Travon Martin Micheal BROWN!
Is that like when obama spoke about travon Martin or Michael Brown
The trouble with the campus was and still is obama he started when Travon Martin was shot. He was and is the problem. He never got it right
this *** and pedophile called said travon Martin looked like a "gangsta so that's why he was killed"
BO: Travon Martin could be my son. Reagan: Donald Trump could be mine!
she's 16. She's a child. If Travon Martin was a child, so is she.
How about you reopen Travon Martin's case before you're too late, again.
Some Iowa voters said they turned on Obama after he appea…
On what planet? *** so you mean to tell me Travon Martin shoulda bought a pepsi instead of a Arizona?…
Travon Martin was 16 & called a thug. Mike Brown was 18. Want more?
🤔If only Travon Martin had a to offer George or if Mike Brown had boughtinstead of wraps? Or Sandra Bland offerd a
obozo should not have defended Travon Martin or commented on Michael Brown...but he did...
I recall obama weighing on travon martin 😯
Osborne tried to give me 10 Days and charge over my Travon Martin Rally too lmao
So if travon Martin bought a Pepsi instead of a arizona tea he would of been saved???
*** .Only if Travon Martin. Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and the others knew that a Pepsi would s…
Travon Martin had Arizona tea in a white neighborhood, killed. Kendall Jenner had a Pepsi in a protest, paid.
- There was a very similar response to Paul Perkins tribute to Travon Martin but I knew he…
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Rest in peace to travon martin we wear hoodies ✊
but Gaga makes ONE song about Travon Martin and all of a sudden she's this big activist for the Black community.
We had a wonderful author program last night with the parent's of Travon Martin. They were in conversation with...
Mfs be forgettin who killed Travon Martin
I had an amazing time hearing the parents of Travon Martin parents discuss the life and legacy…
Give us back Travon Martin ya can have this one
How about as often as they did Travon Martin?
You hear more about Travon Martin than these terror attacks from liberal media sources.
Travon was a thug who attacked a man. I applaud Zimmerman, celebrate Martin's death, and laugh at liberals.
Can u imagine two parents separating then being so happy to never see the other again and then your son Travon Martin gates mu…
Travon Martin's death Ripped ❤'s! We're left, with an 'If' he'd lived would this world B safer 2day? WE Can=peace a…
. There is a black guy trashing Travon Martin and Obama right now.
📚📖 "REST IN POWER" A parent's story of love, injustice & the birth of a movement. Honoring the life of Travon Marti…
Travon Martin level coverage from obama though?
if BHO didn't give it the "Travon Martin" treatment then it wasn't covered properly by WH. think that is the thought? Partisan
You really think Travon Martin was killed by a white supremacist because Obama was in the Whitehouse?
Travon Martin ws a drug dealer thug as well. d propagandists &at the top the list BLM want 2 make fake heroes out of some thugs
Sleep in Peace to the Lil homie Travon Martin
I don't know if you have seen the *** Neonazi's birthday greeting to Travon Martin, but can I punch him now?
Trump's team won in America's blackest, gayest city on Travon Martin's birthday.
In other news Travon Martin would have been 22 today. Happy Birthday Travon. Gone too soon
this happened on TRAVON MARTIN 21st BIRTHDAY !
We will NEVER forget about the young king Travon Martin .. 👑✊🏽
Thoughts prayer and love to family of Travon Martin.
Super bowl history on travon martin b day
Travon Martin and I would've been the same age today.
Let's go ATLthis one for Travon Martinthe familytears 😭 are with youson will never be forgotten
Interceptiondown, lets go ATLthis one for Travon Martinbirthday baby boy
Travon Martin would have been 22yrs old today.
Never forget the tragic death of Travon Martin.
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: Then there's this I just got on my timeline... Happy Birthday, Travon Martin. You'd be 22 today. 😕
Happy 22nd bday to travon martin we didnt forget about u homie
Travon Martin. My God bless your family!!. Incredible by the talented
Travon Martin. A young life unfortunately taken by hatred! May God bless your…
Rest In Peace & in Power Travon Martin. (3/5/95 - 2/26/12). Ghazal for Our Sons. . No one knew seventeen would be...
Happy birthday to Travon Martin may he Rest In Peace!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Travon Martin should still be with us. Rest In Peace.
My prof began day three of class by writing on the board and looking at us. "Travon Martin. Michael Brown. . Tamir Rice. . Walter Scott."
Like his comments about Prof Gates & the cop, Travon Martin, Ferguson, Dylan Roof, Black Lives Matter, Freddy Gray…
have you heard about Ken Burns? Apparently he posted about Travon Martin's butthole on Reddit
Ken Bone (Americas Home Grown Hero) thinks George Zimmerman was justified in shooting Travon Martin. And that pretty much is the end of it
Ken was put down because he believed the Travon Martin shooting was justified. So did the court but... not the press or Obama!
why just cause he believes the truth about Travon Martin! Lol lyin Clinton propaganda rag
Ken Bone is no hero. He thinks it was ok for George Zimmerman to murder Travon Martin. Ken Bone is what's wrong with America.
said Travon Martin's killing was justified. Now he is dead to me.
here's a bit more, plus his thoughts on Travon Martin 😐😐😐
insurance fraud when he was a pizza driver and then comments about the Travon Martin case.
The police, a jury, and anyone who actually knows the facts about the Travon Martin agree with Ken Bone.
Another failed attempt for racing to be Kool. U sure u want a guy who says Travon Martin killing was justified?…
In an AMA Ken Bone spoke of bare backing his wife & said the Travon Martin killing was justified. Guess he's not an undecided voter anymore!
is when ya bald at 30, say Travon Martin's murder was justifiable & still become a living meme cuz yr name i…
Florida, where a pink flamingo can get justice but Travon Martin could not. lololololololol
well yes it does. Michael Moore,Travon Martin ,Freddie Grey, OJ Simpson.
Michelle Obama and Sybrina Fulton mother of Travon Martin from my Black History tumblr
George Zimmerman is auctioning the gun that killed Travon Martin? What's next, Casey Anthony auctioning off Caylee's crib?
George Zimmermann wants to auction of the gun he murdered Travon Martin with.
George Zimmermann is auctioning off the gun he used to kill Travon Martin, which is probably the most disgusting thing I've seen this year
All of George Zimmerman's actions since he murdered Travon Martin show that he took it as a joke, & could careless..but he stil…
mother of Travon Martin - Sabrina Fulton endorsed Hilary Clinton
I marched for Eric Garner and Travon Martin. I drove to McKinney, TX when that cop tackled the black girl
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I'm really sorry that you are unable to comprehend the truth! Travon Martin & Michael Brown were criminals!
FRIDAY! NATIONAL HOODIES UP DAY !. wear hoodies friday to remember Travon Martin. I wont take off my hood for no one
Martin O'Malley is suspending his campaign to spend more time with his pecs
Martin O'Malley is "suspending" his campaign in the same way people "suspend" their gym membership.
you should post katie of cam/payton picture and show how these types of views affect people like Travon Martin gl god bless
Apparently I also killed Travon Martin, along with every other white person.
My cab driver passed up a white couple to pick me up and in that moment I knew we inched a little bit closer to Martin's dream.
If Travon Martin was my son Racist *** George Zimmerman would been sleeping with the fishes
oh yes. Travon Martin is a prime example. Organs was missing from his body.
The Travon Martin killing was pre planned ..
did this fool just compare Travon Martin situation with the hate that Cam Newton faces??
John thought Travon Martin had an Arizona "Tee"... Like a tee shirt. 🤔
All this came from a convo about Travon Martin. Cause they think he more than likely provoked the animal. I'm like you CAN'T be serious.
Obama has already reformed criminal justice. From Cambridge to Travon Martin to Ferguson etc. the authorities are prejudged guilty.
more like Emmitt Till rather than Travon Martin. But, same ending
The craziest stuff happens in Florida -- OJ Simpson, Elian Gonzalez, Casey Anthony, Travon Martin, and now --
Hey We blame you for Travon Martin's death in Florida, your brother for Iraq war, republican governor Synder for murder
it had a mention to a Travon Martin costume. No one got away with those. I can write off his whole point with one source!
Hello it's the bully in a Travon Martin hoodie and a bunch of gynecologist tools to operate on you ***
Unreal! No one could give reasons for protest, one said justice for Michael Brown, Travon Martin etc etc. Really?!
Blacks ridicule Ben Carson, Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas while making martyrs of the likes of Michael Brown and Travon Martin.
The fact that George Zimmerman has 6 mugshots, yet Travon Martin was the one labeled a thug 😑 oh but it's not about race 🐸☕️
The killer of was running, but the murderer of Travon Martin & Eric Garner is still walking around.
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