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Travis Kelce

Travis Michael Kelce (born October 5, 1989) is an American football tight end. He played college football at Cincinnati.

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Do I do they trade half- PPR league I give up Brandin Cooks and Travis Kelce for Michael Thomas and Zach Ertz or Kyle Rudolph?
Does this sound like a good trade: I sent Julio Jones for Dez Bryant and Travis Kelce?
Injury Update on Eric Berry, Travis Kelce, and two new ones from Friday. ➡️
Kaep was throwing to bums while Dalton has AJ Green & Tyler Eifert and Alex Smith has the new human joystick and Travis Kelce
2013 - Miss on Travis Kelce - Jordan Reed & Kennan Allen were also available when Ball was selected.
Jojo - Leave (Get out) - my thought about Travis Kelce as long as that…
I think it's Travis Kelce again or Hunter Henry
That's like saying Karl-Anthony Towns isn't as important as Nolan Arenado Who is Lesser than Travis Kelce
Spencer Ware, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce are among the 50 best fantasy football players for 2017
Injury News- According to reports, Chiefs TE Travis Kelce (Shoulder) has a "good chance" to be…
Travis Kelce: Kelce (shoulder) missed all of OTAs, but coach Andy Reid expects him to return for training camp,...
- Travis Kelce return for camp anticipated
Travis Kelce: Return for camp anticipated -
Travis Kelce says Chiefs are "putting pieces together that you typically wouldn’t see in a normal offense"
Raiders safety compares Jared Cook to Travis Kelce via
I want Travis Kelce as my tight end in 75% of my leagues.
They're literally not in the same stratosphere, look at the per game averages
Raiders safety compares Jared Cook to Travis Kelce - Silver and Black Pride: Silver and Black…
Raiders safety compares Jared Cook to Travis Kelce -
Travis Kelce is gone...sad day for women everywhere. But one time for the black girl that snatched him up!
And to think Travis Kelce passed on that
Omg I discovered Travis Kelce on insta and he has the same fear of balloons as me 😍😍😍 I'm head over heels rn lol
For the late night crowd ... . Fantasy updates on Blake Bortles, Travis Kelce, Gio Bernard, Danny Woodhead & more:
Chiefs HC Andy Reid said Thursday that there's a "pretty good chance" TE Travis Kelce is ready for the start of tr…
** Raiders safety compares Jared Cook to Travis Kelce -
A compilation of Travis Kelce's best dances/celebrations over the years.
Travis Kelce progressing from offseason shoulder surgery
Had a nightmare last night. Travis Kelce bought house across the street. I told "We need to get garden gnomes!..."
Travis Kelce progressing from offseason shoulder surgery #
Travis Kelce progressing from offseason shoulder surgery via
All 90 players on the roster were at minicamp today. Tamba Hali, Travis Kelce, Dadi Nicolas & Parker Ehinger d…
TE Travis Kelce expected to be ready for Training Camp after shoulder surgery this offseason.
'Good chance' Travis Kelce ready for camp
[Chiefs Digest] Travis Kelce on track for training camp return
An update on Eric Berry, Travis Kelce and other Chiefs who missed practice time during minicamp. Via
chiefsdigest​.com >> Travis Kelce on track for training camp return
TE Travis Kelce, LB Derrick Johnson on track for training camp return for
"Travis is going to give you everything he has on every play." . Travis Kelce moves up to No. 26.
Reid doesn't expect Parkger Ehinger ready by training camp, but "pretty good chance" Travis Kelce is ready.
Andy Reid said Travis Kelce, who has missed the offseason bc of shoulder surgery, is still set to return for the start o…
8️⃣7️⃣ vs. 8️⃣7️⃣. Gronk or Kelce?. Which tight end would YOU rather have going forward?. 5 analysts debate:
Travis Kelce should be ready for camp
Jeremy MacLin missed 4 games last season and Travis Kelce went over 100 yards in 3 of them.
We of the Black Delegation would like to offer Jason Whitlock, Ben Carson, and Sheriff David Clarke straight up for Travis Kelce.
In light of recent events we the black delegation have decided to trade Jason Whitlock for Travis Kelce and Jon B. Effective immediately!
Travis Kelce will be a top 5 TE again and Bennie Logan and Chris Jones, Justin Houston and Dee Ford will combine for 8 sacks each
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Whenever Mahomes gets the starting job, he figures to have Travis Kelce, Jeremy MacLin, and Tyreek Hill as his primary weapons. Beautiful.
The stock of Jeremy MacLin, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce just went through the roof. The Chiefs offense might be great again.
Watson to KC? Yes, please. I like the idea of him under Andy Reid, along with Travis Kelce, Jeremy MacLin, and Tyreek Hill to work with.
Travis Kelce or Chris Webber the entire tournament??
You don't know the pain of having Jeremy MacLin, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and Chris Conley and your QB throws for 17 TD…
Travis Kelce, Allen Bailey, Phillip Gaines, Jamaal Charles, just to name a few guys who are 3rd round picks on Chiefs roster.
Travis Kelce was 3rd in the NFL in YAC in 2016 with 653. Only David Johnson and Leveon Bell ahead of him.
People keep clowning Butch about 5 star heart, but w/o throwing in your face he's laughing at you: Antonio Brown, Derek Wolfe, Travis Kelce,
This is my parents with Emmitt Smith, Andre Johnson, Kirk Cousins & Travis Kelce. 2 mins after this was taken they…
Travis Kelce blamed a ref for Chiefs playoff loss, said he shouldn't even be allow
Led by Andy Reid & coaching staff, the AFC wins 20-13. . Alex Smith, Travis Kelce involved in the only two T…
Travis Kelce just gave a shout out to Oklahoma Joe's in KC on Mike and Mike. Woot! Woot!
Charge it to the game. Chiefs TE Travis Kelce writes check to the NFL during ‘Sunday NFL Countdown’. 🎥:
[Sporting News] Official gets Super Bowl nod after Travis Kelce said he shouldn't work at Foot Locker
Yes (if he also has Jamaal Charles, Tyreke Hill, and Travis Kelce)
Imagine if Odell did what Travis Kelce did?. Imagine if Odell did what Michael Bennett did?. Imagine if Odell did what Antonio…
Chiefs TE rips into ref with profane remark
Travis Kelce was pretty angry with referee Carl Cheffers and the holding call that negated a two-point conversion http…
That was almost a huge play from Smith to Travis Kelce, but it ended with Kelce doing this:
Dear Travis kelce,. Shut up you have no room to complain about bad penalty calls doofus. . Signed,.
(Washington Post) says ref who called holding on Chiefs not worthy of job..
Lmao Travis Kelce is crying about the refs 😂😂😂
owner worked at a after calling out a ref. Maybe TE Travis Kelce should put…
Travis Kelce was not happy with the holding call that took two points off of the board in Chiefs' loss to Steelers.
Travis Kelce has a very punchable face.
After seeing that Travis Kelce interview... James Harrison Bullying him is so much better to watch! 😂 https:/…
Travis Kelce didn't hold back from sharing his frustrations about the officiating in the Chiefs' loss to Steelers. https:…
Travis Kelce gotta go work at Foot Locker for a day or something that's too good not to make some money off of.
Travis Kelce on the official that called holding on 2pt conversion: "He shouldn't even be able to work at f*ing Foot Lock…
Travis Kelce makes those catches all season long, and now he chokes? The entire chiefs team is just a bunch of chokers.
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Chiefs' Travis Kelce rips ref who called 'horses—' holding penalty on 2-point try
😲🤔😳 Travis Kelce says the ref who called holding shouldn't be allowed to wear a zebra uniform again. Not even at Foot…
Kelce's quotes are now transcribed. Part of it:
This is Travis Kelce dunking on a girl who wants to date him. Romance is still alive
TE Travis Kelce showing up to huge cheers in the tunnel, while donning his Michael Jackson leather. ht…
I don't think Travis Kelce needed any help from Mitchell on that one.
Nolan thinks that Travis Kelce on the KC Chiefs is you 😂
Just remember your horses on offense in this half. Spencer Ware, Jeremy MacLin, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill.
Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Jeremy MacLin, Spencer Ware. They aren't at the top of the big names but there is talent.
have talented players like Justin Houston and Travis Kelce but IDK Boomer likes Pittsburgh because Roethlisberger's got big hands.
If Jimmy Graham,Jordan Reed,Travis Kelce were Avaliable for Trade i'd want the Broncos to make a move for them immediately tbh
Team update time! Sold Gronk bought Sean, Dallas Clark and Travis Kelce. Going after LT Mel Blount next.
Chiefs' Travis Kelce best player on the field in win over Broncos
TE Travis Kelce lays devastating block on S Darian Stewart to free Tyreek Hill for a 70-yd TD in 1Q.
Travis Kelce is the Luke Bryan of the NFL
Travis Kelce has set a record for TE receiving yards. His 158 tonight surpass Tony G, who had 147 in 2000
I thought Tyler Higbee would show signs of a Travis Kelce type player.. So far, no go.
Piano, Hunter Henry over Travis Kelce this week? Thanks man, and Happy Holidays!
Congrats to Marcus Peters, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and Eric Berry on making the Pro-Bowl. Hopefully they won't be able…
Congrats to my boys Travis Kelce, Eric Berry, Marcus Peters, and flash aka Tyreek Hill on making the
VIDEO: TE Travis Kelce was frustrated with the team's 19-17 loss to the Titans:
Watch salty tight end Travis Kelce: "Felt like we got a little conservative."
I had a dream last night that we traded Travis Kelce and Jamaal Charles for Ryan Fitzpatrick. What a nightmare.
Travis Kelce does Marquette King's dance right in front of him.
Travis Kelce joins Tony Gonzalez as the only Chiefs to do this in the Super Bowl era.
Travis Kelce said Marquette King told him he had no rhythm. Kelce looked at him and said, "We both know that's a lie."
Travis Kelce taunts Marquette King after Hill takes his punt back for the TD 👀.
Travis Kelce's streak of 4 straight games with 100 Rec Yards is tied for the longest streak in Chiefs history with Tony Gonzal…
Travis Kelce w a huge catch setting up 1st down around mid-field. Coach Andy Reid considering punting now to catch OAK off guard.
Travis Kelce is so underrated. He seemingly makes every big catch for the
Travis Kelce did one of Marquette King's dance moves right in front of Marquette King. Travis Kelce savage.
Travis Kelce is not going to let The Oakland Raiders punter get away with his goofy antics tonight.
Who had the better unsportsmanlike conduct penalty? . Marquette King (. . Travis Kelce (h…
The level of disrespect Travis Kelce just sent The Oakland Raiders way is otherworldly.
I can't express in words without sounding totally inappropriate how much I hate Travis Kelce, Alex Smith, Andy Reid, and the Chiefs
Remember when I said the Dolphins should draft Travis Kelce in the 2nd round & they took Jamar Taylor? Good times..
Travis Kelce's volume has been there the last few weeks (which Andy Reid will surely ruin soon), but he's the same…
Alex Smith would just throw the button hook to overrated Travis Kelce
I found it interesting that Travis Kelce likened today’s game to Andy Reid going back to Philadelphia in 2013.
Keeping it 100: Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has career day vs. Falcons - Kansas City Star
An Andy Reid who gambles on 4th down and features Travis Kelce is a dangerous Andy Reid
Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce should both see plenty of volume against quite possibly the worst pass defense in the…
Hunter Henry might be better than Travis Kelce already
I think Jake Butt's upside is higher than Hunter Henry's but lower than Travis Kelce. He can be a very solid pro
I wonder who screenshot my ig post and acted like I actually think I date Travis kelce 😭😂
zach Miller is better then Travis kelce lul
Just traded off deandre Hopkins Theo reddick Travis kelce Thomas Rawls for zach Miller Emanuel sanders and Melvin Gordon what's yous think
Late but I'm so mad Travis Kelce picked Maya she's trash
Travis Kelce thinks Q 39 is the best BBQ in KC.
Travis Kelce you made the worse choice ever! Veronica was the one bro. You dead wrong boy.
I cannot believe Travis Kelce picked Maya over Veronica... smh
Ew I had so much love for Travis Kelce but he has terrible taste in women and now he ***
Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce on his TV dating show ||HOT NEWS 365||: qua
Travis Kelce is the GOAT for tossing his towel at the ref... 😂
I'm really upset that Travis Kelce isn't single anymore😂
Oh wow. Remember weeks ago when we were chattin about this?? Travis Kelce sure did somethin different! Yay to choco…
Travis Kelce is the ginger that has my heart 😍
Travis Kelce is backup long snapper (via
So effing mad that Travis picked maya on catching kelce 😡😡
If James Winchester is unavailable for Sunday's game, special teams coordinator Dave Toub said Travis Kelce would serve as bac…
he is doing *** good since Justin Houston is injured & i hope Ron Parker & Travis Kelce gets 1 eventually
Travis Kelce is Chiefs' backup long snapper
Brah, Travis Kelce did Veronica so dirty. Like Steve Harvey dirty.
I want Colquitt to go down this week (just a cramp) and have Travis Kelce snap to punter Marcus Peters and then light the…
Anthony Sherman, Travis Kelce are Chiefs backup long snappe..
Thank you, Travis Kelce! About time someone threw a flag on these NFL officials.
Nick Foles drives down the field and throws a TD to Travis Kelce
I traded Mark Ingram and Travis Kelce for Marvin Jones and Carlos Hyde
for TE, should i have Jimmy Graham, or Travis Kelce, and for WR should i have AJ Green or Amari Cooper
also set to face three of league's top tight ends in consecutive weeks: Greg Olsen, Travis Kelce, Jimmy Graham.
if you could choose Travis Kelce or Jimmy Graham for this week's matchup who'd you take?
Have RB's Hyde, Gordon, D. Johnson, Crowell, Jennings, to let Crowell go for Travis Kelce? If not, who, any?
ppr. I have Charles. I trade Odell Beckham/Lamar Miller/Travis Kelce and I get Allen Robinson/Gronk/Spencer Ware? Do it?
I'd like to thank Travis Kelce and Jimmy Graham for being on bye weeks and making me pick up Martellus Bennett :)
Who need to be replaced this week: Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, Jeremy MacLin, Travis Kelce, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson.
Of course I play you when Allen Robinson and Travis Kelce are on bye 🙃
the Sunday night football into video shows Travis Kelce doing the bow and arrow celebration.
LOL wait... ...the pregame intro to Sunday Night Football showed Travis Kelce doing the bow-and-arrow?
I NEED Alex Smith, Travis Kelce, and Jeremy MacLin to do well for Fantasy 🙏🏽 Please Steelers just let them do well and help me out
I need Travis Kelce and D Williams to get off. Please and thank you
I traded Jordan Howard and Mike Evans for Travis Kelce and Todd Gurley... thoughts?
Hey would you trade Latavius Murray for Travis Kelce straight up when your other TE options are D. Allen and Marty Bennett?
Travis Kelce almost picked Marcus Gilchrist off the ground with that stiff arm.
Bad decision of the day, going with Julius Thomas over Travis Kelce because Delanie Walker was injured 😫
Travis Kelce with the 42-yard gain, Marcus Gilchrist with the “tackle."
who should i start week 3 at QB & at TE Tannehill or Matt Ryan and at TE Travis Kelce or Dennis Pitta. thanks for the help
he's said that Lamar Miller is equal to Knile Davis and that Travis Kelce is > Jordan Reed lmao
I've got a few players for you. Travis Kelce, Jamaal Charles, and that vaunted Chiefs defense. 😉
Travis Kelce has a habit of barking route changes at Alex Smith in practice. Why? The Y-Iso Trips package. .
Still to come on The Program today on Sports Radio 810... Mike Boddicker, Travis Kelce and Trent Green.
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Travis Kelce not optimistic Cavs can end his hometown's championship drought
you look like you just saw travis kelce while on the world's "happiest" Hawaiian boat tour
Travis Kelce. Fantastic all round tight end. No weaknesses.
Yelling at me. “Are you still be sending me a Travis Kelce’s headshot in a long sleeve shirt.
My dad is in an elite class of having a picture with Bill Self and Travis Kelce at the same time
How did Travis Kelce get the nickname "Baby Gronk"?
I really had no idea how ginormous Travis Kelce was until I saw him in person
TE Travis Kelce led the team with 4 pancakes.
Makayla is flipping out because Travis Kelce is at her job!. And I quote from Makayla "he is so fine OMG". Plus...
PSA: Travis Kelce is going to be at Top Golf filming for "Catching Kelce" today
doesn't throw many touchdowns either hopefully Travis Kelce stays healthy all year and stays away from Westport
Just casually just talked to Travis Kelce like its nothing
Even Vance McDonald thinks the should have taken Travis Kelce.
I'm in Travis Kelce's locker just going to wait for him until training camp
Im sorry...but how tf did Kirk Cousins and Jordan Reed get snub, but Travis Kelce and Eli Manning are starting when they…   10% Off
olsen, travis kelce, Jimmy Graham would by far be but he doesnt get looks with the Seahawks than theres bennet witten
Congrats to Jamaal Charles,Derrick Johnson,Alex Smith,Tamba Hali,Travis Kelce,And Jeremy MacLin for being among the greatest in the NFL.
Johnson & Charles join Travis Kelce, Alex Smith, Tamba Hali & Jeremy MacLin on the NFL's Top 100 list for 3 more to come. 👌
Lucrative off-season for top NFL TEs. Big extensions now given to Delanie Walker, Jordan Reed, Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz, B…
National SuperHero Day is here. A big thanks to Kansas City Chief TE Travis Kelce for being the biggest SuperHero...
I liked him a lot as well. Saw some Jordan Cameron/Travis Kelce in him
off top of my head--Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce, Trent Cole, Connor Barwin
If you come to the hockey game tomorrow you'll meet Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce, so why wouldn't you come? 7:30 @ Kent State vs. US
Eric Hosmer was asked today if he'd ever been approached to do a reality show like Travis Kelce: "I don't know if I have th…
Ross Cockrell just recovered a fumble by Travis Kelce in my Madden 16 season
6. Travis Kelce is better than Tyler Eifert and Greg Olsen
Travis Kelce and Odell Beckham put their Pro Bowl practice time to good use this week
Eric Berry & Travis Kelce joined Tamba Hali & Marcus Peters on Derrick Johnson is the lone wolf on .
Congratulations to Eric Berry, Tamba Hali, Marcus Peters, Derrick Johnson & Travis Kelce for making the Pro Bowl.
John Brown, Emmanuel Sanders, Travis Kelce and Doug Baldwin all over 65 yards receiving and all to score a TD.
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Travis Kelce and Tyler Eifert are Pro Bowlers over Jordan Reed and Delanie Walker.
Travis Kelce Postgame One-on-One: Travis Kelce dominated in Houston. He visits with Mitch Holthus and ...
Very impressive show of athleticism by Travis Kelce on that long strike.
Travis Kelce with a long crossing route, brings a 25-yard gain for the Chiefs. They're almost in field-goal range. Chiefs lead 10-0.
Travis Kelce just drug rookie Kevin Johnson for a couple of yards after that catch.
Texans rookie corner Kevin Johnson loses his helmet on tackle on Travis Kelce, Chiefs moving the chains. Picked up 25 yards
KC vs. HOU: KC is better, but the home crowd helps Houston stay close. Alex Smith + Jeremy MacLin and Travis Kelce will be too much. KC by 7
Gronk. Btw, get Jimmy Graham weak *** outta here. Travis Kelce more fitting.
Last week was the only expert to choose Javorius Allen and Travis Kelce...both A+ picks
Alex Smith finds Travis Kelce who tumbles in for the 13-yard TD. . Chiefs extend lead over Browns, 17-3.
Alex Smith finds Travis Kelce for his 2nd TD pass of the game.
Travis Kelce and Alex Smith just played Barkevious Mingo for a fool.
Moncrief is my only bench WR since Edelman is still out. Doug Martin and Gevoni Bernard are bench backs. Travis Kelce bench TE..
championship game .. Big Ben or Russell Wilson and flex Travis Kelce or Tim Hightower PPR
Jordan Reed owners appreciation thread: Thanks for being what we thought Travis Kelce w...
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Travis Kelce making the Pro Bowl over is a joke! No factual or statistical reason for it in any shape or fo…
Chiefs building a legacy for the TE position. First Tony Gonzalez then Travis Kelce.
Jordan Reed should of made the Pro Bowl over Travis Kelce and Breeland should of went over Marcus Peters..he's given up a ton of tds
CB Marcus Peters, S Eric Berry, OLB Tamba Hali, OLB Justin Houston and TE Travis Kelce have been named to the Pro Bowl.
Flex open, Marvin Jones, Allen Hurns or Travis Kelce, RB one spot Sproles, West, Bernard or Lacy?
Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs, "hit the quan" after a touchdown and only Robert Flores talked about it. No others.
Fantasy Q for all of you: . Travis Kelce vs Oakland. Scott Chandler vs Philadelphia. Julius Thomas vs Tennessee. Pick one
I need help should I trade Travis Kelce for Chris Ivory
Sammy Watkins, Preston Brown and Travis Kelce leave the Bill, but we welcome in Odell Beckham Jr, Prince Amukamara, and Josh Sitton
An open letter to Travis Kelce after he hit the Quan in the end zone.
ESPN’s Robert Flores takes shot at First Take over Travis Kelce and Cam Newton
Travis Kelce injury update: Chiefs TE is active for fantasy owners
Doing a 2013 redraft... D.J. Swearinger has more AV for the team that drafted him than Terron Armstead or Travis Kelce do for theirs.
Eddie Lacy, Tyrann Mathieu, Bennie Logan, Jamie Collins, Travis Kelce... the list goes on and on
do u think Travis Kelce would pick up Von miller and put him on his back and throw him down hard?
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Chiefs fans think Von Miler is dirty eh? However, it was Travis Kelce who tried to end Miller's season in Week 2 lest we forget
Who should I start in my flex? Standard scoring... Travis Kelce,Allen Hurns if available or Matt Jones ? Thoughts ?
Brandon Marshall and Jordan Read for Travis Kelce? Sure...keep in my M.Bryant and Maclin are on my bench
Imagine if Travis Kelce was on a real team with a real qb lmao. What Brady/Eli/Rodgers and those dudes would do with that beast isn't normal
Aaron Rodgers or Carson Palmer and Ladarius Green or Travis Kelce in PPR league?
Travis Kelce only has 10 more PPR points than Ladarius Green, who has missed a game and played partial snaps in 2 others.
Chris ivory, Travis Kelce and maybe one other person
due to injuries and matchup, Charles Clay or Travis Kelce?
[SB Nation: Arrowhead Pride] - Travis Kelce has his Back To The Future shoes on
Jimmy Graham, Keenan Allen and Lamar Miller for Travis Kelce, Jarvis Landry and Jeremy Hill. Who wins in this trade?
Do you think that a trade package of E.Sanders, Duke Johnson, J.Reed would be enough for Travis Kelce?
Coach Rosinski getting dunked on by Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce in 2006
I'm comfortable with Baalke picking him with Travis Kelce, Eddie Lacey and the Honey Badger still on the board.
Looked like a fumble to me. Travis Kelce got sidewiped by Michael Johnson. Reggie Nelson took it back to the 6. Unde…
Reggie Nelson with the fumble recovery and return of 25 yards is sustained by replay. Travis Kelce displeased but Bengals in the red zone
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A rather quiet day for TE Travis Kelce just got worse, fumbles after a catch and Bengals S Reggie Nelson returns to Chiefs 6.
AJ Green, Jamaal Charles,J-Mac,Giovanni Bernard, Travis Kelce,Andy Dalton, as Marcus Peters.. yea def the best matchup today
Nah. We are using trade override to send Travis Kelce to Green Bay
Last week I picked up Andy Dalton just because I had an open bench spot (Luck is my starter). Today I turned that into Travis Kelce.
Trading away Calvin Johnson for Dion Lewis and Travis Kelce. I have Steve Smith, Cobb, Cooper, Abdullah, and Kyle Rudolph at TE. Good trade?
Someone just compared Travis Kelce to Jason Witten... How dare they.
Jason and Travis Kelce's parents are to be credited. They raised some quality kids who can play the game of football.
Which brother would be better at the other's position, Jason Kelce at TE or Travis Kelce at C?
I'm ahead by 27 and he has Travis Kelce and Mason Crosby left. I think I'm safe
would you sit Calvin Johnson for Jarvis Landry or Travis Kelce?
my flex should I sit Calvin Johnson this week in favor of Jarvis Landry or Travis Kelce?
which jersey should I get: Travis Kelce, Marcus Peters, or Dontari Poe? Pros/cons?
Should I give up Rob Gronk and Brandon Marshall for Julio Jones, Travis Kelce and CJ Anderson?
Jordan Reed or Travis Kelce? Then do I start the other over Dion Lewis in the Flex spot?
De'Anthony Thomas, Travis Kelce, Jeremy MacLin, Jamaal Charles.and Doug Pederson still doesn't know what to do.
Nothin' says "Merica" like Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce showin' up the the game in a sleeveless flannel & jorts http…
"Travis Kelce! He's not a receiver because they don't throw TD's to WR's in KC." -Dion Sanders 😂
I think Travis Kelce or Alex Smith should and I'm a steelers fan... But they deserve it maybe Brandon McManus
It's the Alex Smith show in Houston! The KC QB throws for 3 TD - 2 to Travis Kelce - as Chiefs beat Texans 27-20.
Top story lines today: Alex Smith to Travis Kelce. Mike Evans sitting out, TY Hilton hurt. James Jones back w/Pack. what else?
Travis Kelce had one TD. Travis Kelce now has TWO TDs. And this one went for FORTY-TWO Yards.
First TD of the day! Alex Smith finds Travis Kelce for 10-yard TD.
Travis Kelce wind up punch out TD celebration dot gif
The first touchdown of today goes to the TE Travis Kelce. 10 yards from Alex Smith for the score. KC 7 HOU 0
Travis Kelce finished 13th last year in TE TDs with 5 TDs, 0 tied with Jermaine Gresham
Do I start Delanie Walker or Travis Kelce as my TE this week? 🏈
i have to pick 3 keepers out of Jeremy Hill (lock), Allen Robinson / Davante Adams / John Brown / Travis Kelce. Advice??
Get yourself a joe horn and Travis Kelce
. 1) Dontari Poe's back. 2) Andy Reid getting the football to Travis Kelce
He tried lobbing it to calvin, got picked off by Stephon Gilmore. I lob it down to Travis Kelce, touchdown
I just had a 10-team draft where I ended up with Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Randall Cobb, Jordan Mathews, Brandon Cooks, Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce has mildly sprained ankle, all is good again: The Kansas City Chiefs have given the Kingdom great news…
In week one, Alex Smith had to trust Anthony Fasano and Donnie Avery. Now, Travis Kelce and Jeremy MacLin. Not a bad up…
Currently in the store I have pieces signed by:. -Salvador Perez. -Travis Kelce. -Greg Holland. -Christian Okoye...
Travis Kelce gave me flashbacks of Tony Gonzalez there. 😍
Tony Gonzalez spoke with about the incl. Travis Kelce, Smith and more:
Tony Gonzalez told me he's all in on the Travis Kelce in 2015:
Tony Gonzalez loves Chiefs, Travis Kelce in 2015: Tony Gonzalez is the greatest tight end in National Football…
Travis Kelce for Charles Johnson and Tyler Eifert. Full ppr. Which side do you like?
Travis Kelce picked as top 5 tight end in "Madden 16."
Travis Kelce, Justin Houston, De'Anthony Thomas stand out as excellent values
With the 58th pick and my fifth round selection, I'm taking my man crush from last year. Travis "Thor" Kelce!
I don't get the Travis Kelce love. There. I said it. I trust Jim Abbott's handless arm more than Alex Smith's tiny right hand.
Travis Kelce, Derrick Johnson, and the one and only Jamaal Charles
I need your help Evan! Keep one (same cost, ppr): Jordan Matthews, Travis Kelce, Lamar Miller. Thanks as always!
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Nice pass breakup by safety Husain Abdullah on a pass across the middle intended for TE Travis Kelce.
Travis Kelce is going to struggle this year because Andy Reid has never used his TEs - some moron somewhere
Derrick Johnson, Travis Kelce, Albert Wilson and offensive coordinator Doug Pederson are expected to speak to the media after practice.
Owen Daniels or Travis Kelce. I think Daniels will thrive with Kubiak(loves his TEs in redzone) & Peyton. thoughts? it's tough
Between Albert Wilson and Travis Kelce, defensive backs will need to keep their head on a swivel against the h…
Allen Robinson, Travis Kelce, Jordan Matthews. Will develop other man-crushes in preseason
Kyle Long, Travis Frederick, Le'Veon Bell, Travis Kelce. There were some great players that year
can you tell Collins his teammate is trying to get Seattle D and Travis Kelce for AP and a pick. I wanna know his thoughts.
Travis Kelce had 67 rec, 860 yds & 5 TD last yr. The only other to do that: Bowe, Kennison, Andre Rison, Tony G & Derrick Alexander.
My favorite play goes to Travis Kelce, who caught a pass up the seam in front of Gaines and did a Deion Sanders high-step …
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