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Travis Kalanick

Travis C. Kalanick (born August 6, 1976) is an American entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of the peer-to-peer file-sharing company Red Swoosh and the transportation network company, Uber.

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What will Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Travis Kalanick and Jeff Bezos set out to achieve next year? We've obtained t…
Five women accuse Shervin Pishevar, Uber investor and prominent defender of Travis Kalanick, of sexual misconduct w…
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns following months of chaos
"Following a scathing report of sexual harassment at Uber, CEO Travis Kalanick hosted an all-hand…
.signs an investment deal limiting its former CEO:
Back in the day, the founders of a couple of small startups that you probably have now heard of — Reid Hoffman from…
That means HN thinks my post is more important than Donald Trump's election... only 30 more upvotes before I beat o…
Visionary serial What else is Travis Kalanick? Find out in his
Is capital needed to buy out Travis Kalanick?
Most aren't like Travis Kalanick & Martin Shkreli, but equally successful!.
Travis Kalanick reportedly sought to reassert control at Uber after ouster
“We are but too apt to consider things in the state which we find them, without sufficiently adverting to the cause…
Uber is about to get billions of dollars of investment
Travis Kalanick strikes back against Benchmark lawsuit, calling it a ‘public and personal attack’.
I'm surprised this isn't getting more traction. Close friend of Travis Kalanick; supposedly of Elon Musk.
Japan's SoftBank: 'No final agreement' on Uber Uber unveiled the deal after former CEO Travis Kalanick and an infl…
Hoping you’ll love this post... What Can We Learn from Travis Kalanick Time at Uber?.
It’s been a turbulent year for the deal could help turn things around. Meanwhile has gained…
Be awesome & share this: Travis Kalanick: Uber is becoming ‘a robotics company’
Also, a piece reflecting on the parallels between the Traction wars and ride-sharing; Charles…
Uber signs an investment deal limiting its former CEO
All Juno wants its customer to know is, ‘we treat our people better’. How to compete in the age of glass box brands.
Why has the founder of Travis Kalanick, resigned? Check our blog to find out
Venture capital firm Benchmark, also a board member with Uber, and CEO Travis Kalanick may have reached a deal over the terms…
Uber's board strikes peace deal to enable multi-billion dollar investment by SoftBank to go ahead…
‘peace deal’ is ready for signing, and employees can now sell up to 50% of their stock. Article by…
A truce of Travis Kalanick's role has cleared the way for SoftBank to invest as much as $10bn in Uber
Travis kalanick stepped down as a CEO of Time for a new CEO.
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick explains how to find 'the innovator's playground' -
Many think that Uber's former CEO Travis Kalanick fell from power because of sexism claims, sadly that's not the ca…
Uber's "peace deal" ready for signing, allowing employees to sell half their stock.
Uber's 'peace deal' is ready for signing, allowing the SoftBank tender offer to…
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick will turn into 'legendary' CEO: Jason Calacanis
How dreadful is former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain? So dreadful that he's happy to be Travis Kalanick's hand puppet for $…
Ousted CEO Travis Kalanick shakes up board of directors.
Thuggish CEO Travis Kalanick strikes back at Board that ousted him for malfeasance.
Transport for London got angry when Travis Kalanick visited London
Ousted Uber CEO shakes up board of directors
Uber is definitely not happy with Travis Kalanick&board appointments
If approved by the board, the proposal by Uber’s new chief, Dara Khosrowshahi, and Goldman Sachs would reduce Trav…
Dara Khosrowshahi has called Travis Kalanick’s board move "disappointing" and "unusual" to Uber staff…
The corp gov plan that led to Kalanick's surprise board move: Less power 4 Travis, more 4 Dara, deadline for an IPO .
»MGN-AFRICA® pin:263789F4 » Ousted Uber CEO shakes up board of directors: Travis Kalanick, the ousted… »
Travis Kalanick appoints two to Uber board, company surprised by the move (Reuters) — Uber Techn...…
Details of the proposal put to Uber's board that spurred Travis to appoint 2 new board members. https:…
"Inside the New Proposal That Exacerbated Uber’s Board Divisions" by KATIE BENNER and MIKE ISAAC via NYT Technology
Here’s the proposal to change Uber’s governance, which is aimed at limiting Travis Kalanick’s power htt…
Despite opposition, Travis Kalanick has appointed two new directors to Uber’s board
Uber is definitely not happy with Travis Kalanick's board appointments -
It's almost as if they should have listened to Meg Whitman, made the board functional and really remo…
Not a fan of Travis, but don’t understand how Uber’s board can get away w/ eliminating his shareholder rights.
Benchmark may have found a new way to ban Travis Kalanick from Uber Julie Bort
The Business Book Club: Episode 1 – The Upstarts by Brad Stone If you think we’ve seen the last of Travis Kalanick, think again… Check It O…
Travis Kalanick, the former chief executive of Uber, won a partial victory against Benchmark.
Pishevar can’t seem to stop weighing in on Benchmark’s lawsuit with former CEO Travis Kalanick
Read the sensational letter one Uber investor wrote in defense of Travis Kalanick
Ex-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was key in picking his replacement
Uber hits a few bumps in the road, cushions the ride with buckets of money:
An epic 'Don't call me, I'll call you' slide was in Dara Khosrowshahi's job pitch to Uber's board…
Everything Benchmark used to love about Uber’s Travis Kalanick is what it hates now' by on
I am creating an audiobook on . Travis Kalanick: A Biography of the Uber Founder. by Brad Wilson . Currently in Production
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Eric Jackson Email: Here’s how Bitcoin will stop Uber fights between Travis Kalanick & Bill Gurley in the future
Says Kara Swisher:. "Sides backing Benchmark and those in the camp of CEO Travis Kalanick are shanking each other and…
Former Uber exec slams Elon Musk in exchange with Travis Kalanick
Equity podcast: Benchmark sues Travis Kalanick and more with special guest
Since Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigned due to alleged sexual assault cases, does this raise the competition with...
ICYMI (some irony here): Watch Valerie Jarrett, now Director, interview Travis Kalanick last year via
Ousted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick 'says he is Steve Jobs-ing it and hopes to return to lead the ...
...after he told several people that he was “Steve Jobs-ing it.” Oh, the arrogance..
After Meg Whitman's exit, Uber's CEO search is down to only male candidates
Uber CEO unlikely to be a woman. Good! Screamed token gesture + classic glass cliff
The Uber board struggles and Travis Kalanick meddles
Wow. A tour de force from on Uber's troubled search for a CEO.
"the group of 4 final candidates being considered are all men". How is not the front-runner for this gig?.
Former UBER CEO says he is 'Steve Jobsing' it -- and will return...
This is going full Kara Swisher on the Uber CEO-search drama! Total must-read!
Sources: Uber ex-CEO Travis Kalanick told several people he was "Steve Jobs-ing it"
In which I manage to troll in a major takeout on mess and quote Lloyd Bentsen. Kudos all around! https:…
1) Odd MAD bc new Uber CEO:. won't be a woman. won't be a suit . likely white. likely a pirate.
Lack of cohesion in Uber's search for a new CEO. L: C:
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is coding his own poster
'No more brilliant jerks' – Arianna Huffington ushers in the new Uber h…
"Sources: Some directors worry Travis Kalanick is trying to game the outcome in favor of his return after he told … http…
Travis Kalanick, just like Steve Jobs, says he will return to lead Uber: Comments:
Travis Kalanick is telling Uber CEO candidates he is "Steve Jobsing" it, and will return
Back in the day Michael Ovitz hired a goon to shakedown Travis Kalanick
Are troubles a wake-up call for all companies to observe better regulatory compliance? via
What Indian startups should learn from the ouster of Uber's Travis Kalanick
I've deleted Uber. I'm not reinstalling just because Kalanick's gone. It's the company's culture that's the problem.
He definitely knew, and she's definitely campaigning to be CEO.
Completely out of reality! Marissa Mayer defends former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick
steps down as the of : ..Details here. .
Typowy Londyńczyk 🙃 "Zbigniew, an Uber driver in London, said he wasn’t aware that Kalanick had been fired"
Was never a fan and this seals it: Mayer defends former Uber CEO Kalanick
I. Can't. Even. The how-could-he-know-so-busy defense? Marissa Mayer defends former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick
Mark Zuckerberg and Travis Kalanick laugh it up at ‘Babes and Balls’ party
women as bad as men: Marissa Mayer defends former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick via
Really interesting article about why we follow horrible leaders.
Just saw Travis Kalanick working as a driver.
"Marissa Mayer defends Travis Kalanick: 'I don't think he knew' about toxic Uber culture"
Downfall of Travis Kalanick, the brash ‘bro’ behind $70bn empire
Employees looking for their next jobs are having to defend themselves to - really?!…
Are u an Uber driver with feelings about the former CEO? Reply w/ to see what other drivers are saying!
Corporate values are a must-have to create great brands. Brand people love!.
The rise and fall of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick
Marissa Mayer defends Uber founder Travis Kalanick as a 'phenomenal leader' who just didn't ... Kalanick, who was …
Behind the plan hatched by partners at Benchmark to oust Uber CEO Travis Kalanick
So a group of Uber shareholders have been successful in inviting Travis Kalanick to jump off
Uber drivers on Travis Kalanick's resignation: 'I don't give a *** about that' - The…
"We need the eggs:" Board rationale for keeping him if he thought he was a chicken.
I agree with Marissa Mayer's take on Travis Kalanick. Also sounds like she's pining for the CEO job at Uber.
Minus Travis Kalanick, can Uber move beyond its "frat house" ethos?. via For…
Marissa Mayer defends Travis Kalanick: 'I just don't think he knew' about the toxic Uber culture…
who rode into the ground defends *** CEO on grounds toxic company culture not his bag
Sheryl Sandberg Approached to Replace CEO of Uber Travis Kalanick, may run for US President https:/…
I liked a video Lyft CEO Takes NO Pleasure in Travis Kalanick's Fall from Uber (I'm Sure...)
Now that Travis Kalanick has resigned, is it OK to use Uber?.
Travis Kalanick’s bosses share just as much blame for the Uber calamity
. Blaming the Uber calamity on the recently deposed CEO Travis Kalanick is convenient, but let’s not …
The 2020 Democratic primary between Jon Ossoff, Mark Zuckerberg, Travis Kalanick, and Oprah is going to be lit.
Mark Zuckerberg was Travis Kalanick before we ever knew the name
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Why Jeff Bezos is a Silicon Valley "God-King" and Travis Kalanick is Not (Yet)
: Uber gets a backseat driver as Travis Kalanick exits top job Uber investors have stumped up US$12 bill…
BREAKING: Uber founder Travis Kalanick has resigned as CEO, NYT reports
Travis Kalanick is finally out! Now to sit back, take a big sip of coffee and check out the news
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is taking a leave of absence. A look at the company's recent high-profile departures:
Companywide email just went out. Travis Kalanick is taking time away from the company to grieve for his mother.
Timely that Uber board hires Eric Holder / Covington & CEO Travis Kalanick's mother dies just as he's about to take "leave".
Uber CEO's mother dies in boating accident
This is a hard blow in a rough year. Deepest sympathies to Travis and family. Cease fire on the snark for a bit.
Terrible tragic news: Travis Kalanick's mother died in a boating accident, his dad in serious condition. Here's the email to…
boss Travis Kalanick's mother dies in boating accident: Bonnie Kalanick, 71, was out on lake with husband…
According to statement, victims of boating accident at Pine Flat Lake are parents of Travis Kalanick, Uber's co-founder.…
W/ Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, in his office in San Francisco earlier today
Just in: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s mother died in a boat accident Friday night. His father is in “serious condition.” ht…
boss Travis Kalanick's mother dies in boating accident
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CNN - Uber CEO's mother dies in boating accident
Bonnie Kalanick, mother of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, dead in boating accident
Mother of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick killed in boat accident - FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — The mother of the CEO of the...
Travis Kalanick loses his mother in a tragic boating accident, his father is in serious condition . htt…
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's mother killed, father injured in a boating accident on Pine Flat Lake. Terrible news.
Mother of ride-hailing service Uber CEO Travis Kalanick dies in boating accident in California
Mayor says he spoke to Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick last night. Kalanick is a notable absence from
Travis Kalanick and Oscar Munoz walk into a bar...
Interesting read on getting to know Uber's CEO by .
Yes, most relevant company to be launched in the last decade. , man has fought unions rig…
What about Uber allegedly Geofencing Apple from it's app to hide their data collecting activities -
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick needs to go to the DMV because his license is expired, spokeswoman says…
The source of Uber's problems has a name: Travis Kalanick
Uber tried to fool Apple and got caught
Hard to be an after reading this article. Uber’s C.E.O. Plays With Fire, via
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Wait. Leonardo Di Caprio and Jay Z are investors in Uber? Now, that's interesting.
Uber geofenced Apple’s Cupertino headquarters to hide that it was tracking iPhones
Another reason to "Uber had been secretly identifying & tagging iPhones even after app was deleted."
Uber broke Apple’s iOS privacy rules and Tim Cook wasn't happy about it
Uber ads: Drive with Uber! Work that puts you first!. Uber HQ: I mean it probably beats flipping burgers?.
UnrollMe scrapes your Gmail inbox and sells the data to Uber.
Deceptive practices by Uber has reportedly prompted Tim Cook to threaten to pull... by…
Interesting article by of on Uber C.E.O Travis Kalanick
- it was done to capture thieves, but I did it also capture data on all phones? Uber’s C.E.O. Plays With Fire
If you needed more proof that Uber was evil - they kept on tracking user after they uninstalled the app!
Travis Kalanick after Tim Cook told him he was not playing around about removing Uber from the App Store.
here is my profile of travis Kalanick, chief executive of uber.
“…Uber had been secretly identifying and tagging iPhones…”. On our radar:
Didn't seem like Uber really got in any trouble for this:
Least surprising/most satisfying revelation in this profile of his townhouse was dubbed the Jam Pad.
.. Uber had been secretly tracking iPhones even after app was deleted from devices.
I'd already been planning to unsubscribe from, but this sped up the timeline.
CRAFTING A KALANICK Your novel needs a complex leader—time to study the CEO.
Whoa. Uber tracked users *after* they deleted the app from their phones
Apple threatened to boot Uber from the App Store when it tracked users who deleted the app
This is a masterful piece of corporate reporting.
.CEO Tim Cook once personally threatened to kick out of the App Store
Uber future uncertain as CEO Travis Kalanick moves to hire 'peer' via
Pretty much everything about Travis Kalanick is bad.
"According to an internal slide deck on driver income levels viewed by The New York Times, Uber considered Lyft... htt…
. CEO Travis Kalanick has got to go.
Trump adds Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Elon Musk, and PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi to its Strategic and Policy Forum:
This CEO was so broke he crashed on Travis Kalanick couch, raised $18 million 4m Andreessen Horowitz https…
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick 'ashamed' of shouting at driver
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's ex reveals more of sexist culture in tech via
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's ex tells more of sexist culture | Daily ... - Daily Mail
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick meets with Jesse Jackson to talk diversity
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick promises to make diversity a top priority after one-hour Chicago meeting with Jesse Jackson
Huffington says, "Going forward there can be no room at Uber for brilliant jerks"
Top story: Barry Healy Solicitors - Uber Board Stands by Travis Kalanick as It … see more
New Economy Flares up: Uber's leadership says the company 'must change' after scandals
Now if only the NFL would do the same. YOU'RE ALLOWED TO TAKE A KNEE WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT.
That is the kids of death. The next screw up gets him the boot. It's clever, making this statement.
Uber’s autonomous cars drove 20,354 miles and had to be taken over at every mile, according to documents via
Ubers under way with search for new executive to serve as deputy to CEO Travis Kalanick to force bet…
Uber says it's bringing "more humanity" to relationship with drivers... as it continues aggressive anti-union effort https:/…
Uber Board Stands by CEO. A thriving culture starts w/ leadership. With this news, I will continue to NOT use Uber.
Uber presented a plan to repair its tarnished image in a call with executives on Tuesday.
From Recode: Uber says it just had its best U.S. week ever — despite its executive turmoil and image problems…
Uber’s board is confident with Travis Kalanick staying CEO
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"About half a million people requested deleting their Uber accounts over the course of that week"
In a conference call with executives, Uber presented a list of changes it plans to make to improve morale and re...
MIKE ISAACMarch 21, 2017 at 08:37PM Uber Board Stands by Travis Kalanick as It Reveals Plans to Repair Its Image …
Where do Travis Kalanick, Drew Houston and Mark Zuckerberg go for a night on the town?
[Berita] Uber CEO Travis Kalanick says the company has hired former Attorney Ge… see more
Travis Kalanick, Brian Chesky, Tim Cook, Sundar Pichai, Elon Musk, and the list could go on.
.CEO Travis Kalanick quits Trump advisory council after backlash
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick says he is quitting President Trump's economic advisory... by via
Critics included Uber drivers, many of whom are immigrants themselves. .
Uber CEO resigns from Trump's economic advisory council
Uber's CEO has quit Trump's advisory council after campaign via
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick quits Trump's advisory council; Elon Musk will stay on but objects to ...
What's going on? Uber CEO leaves Trump council, Tesla CEO vows… - The Mercury… Be found ->
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick bails from Trump economic council: Trump brand too toxic — as despised as the Nazi swastika https…
Too late. We already saw you w/ Trump's *** in your mouth. Uber CEO resigns from Trump's economic advisory council https:/…
According to this story over 200,000 users deleted their accounts over
Not trivial. Trump trying to bully business into being cheerleaders; making a Trump association poison blocks this https:/…
Wowow. More than 200,000 account deletions and 25 pages of letters from staff pushed off the Trump council https:/…
Uber CEO just bowed out of Trump's Advisory Board. The people have spoken. Keep organizing. It's working.
Uber CEO drops out of Trump's business advisory council in reaction to the immigration executive order.
Spurred by the backlash, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has quit Trump's economic advisory board.
Uber was crap with users’ privacy long before colluding with cronies. So many reasons to
Uber's Travis Kalanick is the first tech CEO to quit Trump's advisory board after and driver protests http…
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick thought working with fascists was an awesome experience until everyone started deleting his Ub…
The pressure is working! Uber CEO bows out of Trump advisory council after users boycott
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick leaves Trump's economic advisory council because of business backlash. This is how you do it fol…
over the past six days, more than 200,000 Uber accounts have been deleted.
The CEOs of and won't be attending meeting this Friday
Uber’s CEO said he would step down from a Trump advisory council because of the executive order on immigration
Worked!!!: Power to the people!!! Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is reportedly stepping down from his…
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has quit Trump's strategic policy forum. . Remember this every time someone tells you protesting do…
In a shocking about face, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has dropped out of President Trump's business advisory council
Friend,. Over the weekend, thousands of People’s Action members called on Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to step down...
Top story: Uber C.E.O. to Leave Trump Advisory Council After Criticism see more
Bravo Nobody should engage with a white supremacist backed govt. You cannot engage with fascism. https:/…
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick quits Trump’s economic council after employee and customer backlash
Elon Musk and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick are joining Trump's economic advisory team via
clearly Travis Kalanick, Peter Thiel, Doug McMillon see more than hate
Donald Trump has appointed Tesla's Elon Musk and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to his economic advisory team
Elon Musk, Travis Kalanick join Donald Trump's economic advisory team - on
Trump has added Elon Musk and Travis Kalanick to an economic forum dedicated to job growth …
Reed Hastings, Brian Chesky, Travis Kalanick, Evan Spiegel!$sigh want my name up there too someday
Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber . Q: Where do you see Uber growing? . A: China, India, and Pittsburgh .
The many things Travis Kalanick and Sarah Lacy suddenly agree on via
Intriguing article about Travis Kalanick (CEO entitled ‘What Makes Uber Run’ by Max Chafkin at Fast Company. https…
domain names
Kalanick, CEO : 'soon, nobody will own a car'
Your dad was practical. He can teach our generation a thing or two about the odds of becoming the next Travis Kalanick.
"Every problem has a solution, you just have to be creative and find it" - Travis Kalanick
"Fear is the disease. Hustle is the antidote." Travis Kalanick
Targeting of in case inc violations of privacy How safe is our
Every problem has a solution. You just have to be creative enough to find it - Travis Kalanick. Morning Pioneers.
time! Maybe he will go to this year yet! I'm already offering evidence in this case!!!
9 geek steps to entrepreneurship from Uber co-founder & CEO Travis Kalanick
After Scour, I started a company called Red Swoosh. The idea was to take those litigants who
Musk's 'Master Plan, Part Deux' is 'long on road but pretty scanty on map,' on
Tesla's product sales have covered only $1.7bn (27%) of its capex and R&D needs since 2008
Elon Musk may have a case of Uber envy via
Elon Musk's 'Master Plan Part Deux' is long on promise, short on plan
The problem with Tesla's new masterplan is that it isn't a plan: via $TSLA
How Uber secretly investigated its legal foes — and got caught
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Strange. Doesn't he keep claiming he has done shifts as an Uber driver?. In a 17 year old car and no,drivers...
Will anyone still own a car in 10 years? via
Just curious:How does one get liked by investors? Guess someone like Travis Kalanick or Martin Shkreli. More charisma & PR than track record
Travis Kalanick piñata at demonstration supporting tech tax, outside Uber. They didn't smash it, as far as I know.
Deliver change. "As an entrepreneur, I try to push the limits. Pedal to the metal." Travis Kalanick
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett earlier on stage at
Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama, and Travis Kalanick, co-founder of Uber…
Senior advisor topresident Barack Obama ,Valerie Jarrett and Travis Kalanick,Uber,CEO on the stage
Sorry, Travis Kalanick, but the anti-Uber coalition is more than just 'an idea'
I love this weekly roundup of the best Startup Grind blog posts. Learn about Travis Kalanick, failure and grinding
You would like to join and listen to Tim Cook, Travis Kalanick and Eric Schmidt on 24/6.
Travis Kalanick, chief executive officer of Uber Technologies Inc, failed on Thursday to win the dismissal of an antitrust lawsuit ac...
My shameless efforts to shake hands with celebs is over. Best ones? Justin Trudeau, Peter Mandelson, Travis Kalanick, Loretta Lynch
Would you rather have a one hour meeting with Travis Kalanick or John Zimmer/Logan Green?
An Uber rival is literally giving away free rides to compete with Travis Kalanick's $51 billion behemoth.
At Uber, the Algorithm Is More Controlling Than the Real Boss: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick often argues that the ...
Why I’d never want to compete with Travis Kalanick (By
Uber as Employer: The Boss Is an Algorithm: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick often argues that the company isn’t a bos...
Here's a nice read by CEO of Travis Kalanick
Uber is fond of calling drivers “partners,” yet it doesn’t treat them like that. Instead, it treats them like—in...
Uber Banned in Delhi, Making Uber the scapegoat of systemic failure not soln
India - Uber service banned after an 26-year-old woman was sexually assaulted by driver
Newsmaker: Travis Kalanick - In places, where Uber has been banned, it is defying the orders and continuing to ope...
Uber's rough day: German court bans UberPop as South Korea charges Uber CEO Travis Kalanick with operating illegal taxi …
Travis Kalanick faces arrest over illegal Uber operations in Sth Korea.Wouldn't it be great to see that smirking weasel ban…
Uber Korea Chief Booked on Suspicion of Operating Illegal Taxi Services: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was booked again… htt…
In South Korea, for instance, Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick was recently charged by police with operating an illega…
Watch "Travis Kalanick admits that UberX is illegal" on YouTube
Travis Kalanick wishes he were John Galt, but Elon Musk is John Galt.
South Korea just charged Uber CEO Travis Kalanick with operating an 'illegal' taxi service via
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Thoughtful piece on how Uber could follow Travis Kalanick's own words to solve its PR ubermess -
I do not understand how this would have prevented the sexual assault. Would Uber have not hired the driver?
More Alles Megalomania -- just -- it is a deeply evil corporate force via
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick says his company is maturing, but it isn't yet ready for an IPO
Without enough drivers, Uber’s $51B valuation will head South Any smart investor should...
Time and again, Mr. Kalanick’s self-interest has clashed with that of his driver-partners.
Uber’s success or failure will hinge on one major “input” into its business: its drivers
Poor wages + Uber's habit of reducing drivers’ split from each ride means Uber can be a raw deal for drivers:
Mr. Kalanick’s exaggerations about drivers’ wages later was debunked by a report from his own company
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