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Travis Browne

Travis Kuualiialoha Browne (born July 17, 1982) is an American mixed martial artist who competes as a heavyweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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sharing the latest from | Rampage says Travis Browne ripped him off, sugges...
Rampage Jackson says Travis Browne ripped him off, suggests Rousey and Jones may have been intimate
Derrick Lewis destroys Travis Browne for the finish in the 2nd round .
Post-fight, Derrick Lewis continues to accuse Travis Browne of violence against women
I'm going to go way out on a limb and say Derrick Lewis doesn't like Travis Browne.
Derrick Lewis beat up Travis Browne, then he tried to steal his girlfriend
Derrick Lewis feared he would mess himself in the middle UFC win over Travis Browne
ICYMI: UFC heavyweight Lewis survived a tough first round to demolish in Round 2.
you sir are my hero. Hope you had a good boo boo after the Travis Browne fight lol.
Derrick Lewis KO's Travis Browne, calls him out for beating women, hollers at Ronda Rousey 😂😂😂
covers bowel issues, his frantic love-life and more in perhaps the funniest interview in UFC history!
Pros react to Derrick Lewis’ knockout of Travis Browne, late referee stoppage
Travis Browne my dude, I hate it had to be him.
The word SAVAGE gets thrown around a ton on the net. Let me assure you this post fight interview all 16 seconds s…
Derrick Lewis asking where Ronda is after he knocks out her boyfriend, Travis Browne.
See the final moments of as Derrick Lewis overpowers Hapa and finishes w/ devastating ground and pound.
I know the internet loves Edmond Tarverdyan (so here's video of him coaching Travis Browne tonight at
.Derrick Lewis after knocking out Travis Browne:. "Where Ronda Rousey fine *** at?"
Wow! Travis Browne WHIFFS on a hook and falls to the mat. Lewis pounces on him and unloads a clean barrage of punches and tha…
UPDATED: Lewis thanks referee for late stoppage, glad he got his "anger out on Travis' face" for hitting women
I don't like Travis Browne as much as the next guy, but he never beat his wife, that's a fact, that's been proven.
.had a classic answer to why he was holding on to his stomach during his win over Travis Browne on Sunday…
I remember watching a video of Travis Browne saying he could beat Anderson Silva. but he's just bad.
A LOT of fighters didn't like the late stoppage.
Derrick Lewis delivered an absolutely frightening KO to finish Travis Browne.
But the stoppage in the main event. My God. Mario Yamasaki is lucky nothing seriously bad happened to Travis Browne. Awful.
Streaking heavyweight is not holding back when he talks about . .
Derrick Lewis knows exactly who he wants to fight next.
Derrick Lewis sends message for Ronda Rousey after BATTERING her boyfriend Travis Browne at UFC Halifax…
Derric Lewis wants Mark Hunt next. "Mark Hunt is going to come out and fight. He’s just like me."
Derrick Lewis after knocking out Travis Browne: "I gotta do and "Where's Ronda Rousey's fine *** at?"
I couldn't care less about a women's 145 division in the UFC. They'll all get murked by Travis Browne eventually.
Transcript: Edmond Tarverdyan's expletive-filled coaching of Travis Browne at UFC 203(
100%. Does that go the same for Travis Browne, Rumble Johnson, Thiago Silva, Jason Miller, and Abel Trujillo?
Former heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez wins by first-round TKO against Travis Browne
results: Cain Velasquez def. Travis Browne via TKO (strikes) at 4:57 of R1
Cain Velasquez vs. Travis Browne kicks off the main card at That’s next.
TKO! Cain Velasquez earns his 10th UFC win by knockout, defeating Travis Browne in the 1st round.
Knockout! Cain Velasquez vs Travis Browne full fight video highlights from UFC 200 last night: . UFC 200 final...
UFC 200: Cain Velasquez vs. Travis Browne video highlights: Cain Velasquez wanted to come back strong after l...
I see you Travis Browne using the Karate Kid song 'You're the best around' but Luke Rockhold did it first and did it better.
Travis Browne is disappointed in your eye poking skills, says to work on it if you're ever going to poke a champ.
Looks like she's looking off at Travis Browne thinking about having his babies.
Mock Ronda's boxing technique as much as you like, but you wouldn't last one week dating Travis Browne.
When you're waiting on Travis Browne to pick you up from Hot Topic.
So Mark Hunt has been told to stay ready for UFC 200 as an injury replacement in the Cain Velasquez-Travis Browne fight?
Follow the top Travis Browne stories for May 31 on our topical page:
Travis Browne got pretty emotional when discussing false accusations yesterday ...
Travis Browne: Ronda Rousey and I saved each other...
Ronda Rousey and her boyfriend Travis Browne in LA
1. Joe Rogan hunts Bigfoot (not Silva). 2. Tim Kennedy hunts Hitler. 3. GSP hunts Dinosaurs. 4. Travis Browne hunts for love. I love
I think Cain should not fight Travis Browne and fight Jones 😱
oh me too... anyother options for Jones maybe Strouve or Travis Browne or Mir unless they all are scheduled already
While it's chaos season, they should tell Travis Browne to take a walk and make Jones vs Velasquez at 200.
Report: Cain Velasquez vs Travis Browne possible for UFC 200 in July
Top 10 Heavy Weights, Cain Velasquez (11-2 in the UFC) & Travis Browne (9-3-1 in the UFC) will lock horns @ UFC 200 in Las Vegas on July 9th
Missy Hyatt is a bum. Worst Virgil and Travis Browne put together.
Travis Browne vs Stefan Struve at UFC 130 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV on May 28, 2011.
Manager: Travis Browne ready to fight Roy Nelson in May - Now that Ben Rothwell is booked, Travis Browne’s mana...
Ronda Rousey engaged to Travis Browne? 'Rowdy' camp responds to SNL's ring-gate
Matt Mitrione left with swollen eye after defeat by Travis Browne at UFC Fight ... - Daily Mail
Matt Mitrione was left with very swollen eye after a defeat by Travis Browne at UFC Boston at the weekend...
Didn't see it coming! Matt Mitrione defeated by Travis Browne at UFC Fight Night
Co main event I'm going with Arlovski. After what he did to Travis Browne how could you not?!
Travis Browne steps in for Ronda Rousey at the rematch
Travis Browne and Andre Arlovski trained and LIVED together but they still fought in May
One of the best fights I've ever seen . UFC 191 Free Fight: Andrei Arlovski vs Travis Browne
Not 'dating' but Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne are together
Travis Browne v Andrei Arlovski still has to be one of the best fights
Travis Browne vs Andrei Arlovski UFC187 the best fight ive watched live😂😂😂
You posted funny headlines about Travis Browne beating his wife, right?
I liked a video Ronda Rousey & Travis Browne Seen in Public for 1st Time Since UFC 193 Loss
Why am I watching vs Travis Browne on Reloaded right now?
Ronda Rousey has been enjoying some downtime with her UFC fighter boyfriend, Travis Browne, as she continues her recovery from the
It's nice to see Ronda Rousey happy! She and boyfriend Travis Browne seen sharing rare PDA
ICYMI: Matt Mitrione on being in the title mix: After I beat Travis Browne, I think I’ll be… htt…
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Actually the real reason Ronda was covering her face was she didn't want to be seen in public with Travis Browne.
I think everyone should lay off poor Ronda Rousey, Travis Browne has clearly destroyed her shel never be the same again
can't take a punch anymore thanks to dating Travis Browne. How's his wife btw?
Media has this Rousey airport story ALL wrong - She had the pillow over her face so that she was not seen with Travis Browne :)
No one blamed Travis Browne for what happened to Ronda Rousey on Saturday Night
Her dating Travis Browne, Edmund and her mother beefing, and seeing how emotional Ronda was at the weigh ins. I called it…
When Travis Browne was getting bombed on by Arlovski, Edmond's corner advice was screaming "f** him up!" over & over
Andrei Arlovsky vs. Travis Browne is one of my favorite UFC fights ever.
Travis Browne Brendan Schaub and the peeping tom Ronda 3 bedmates tarnished her image what role model
Ronda is covered everywhere, everyone knows the Travis Browne story. Everyone hears her *** shame" the Kardashians.
Any idea what Holm's corner shouting out "Travis Browne" to her during the fight was code for?
are just saying that because u dont want Travis Browne to find out about u and Rondas thing.hey mate .
When the *** did ronda and Travis Browne date?? Lol furthermore, she looked miserable at that airport dawg
if she just stands behind him we'd just have a bunch of pictures of Travis Browne
keeps her face covered as she returns to America with PIC HERE! https:…
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You are always more than welcome at Glendale. Travis browne is great training partner considering you fight him soonly
sounded like u broke up a bit at the end of the podcast. What did u say about travis browne and side kick?
Travis Browne will be your undoing Ronda. Plus your soul is tied to a married man who beats women. Karma is your enemy now.
Mark Hunt vs travis browne would be good fight.
Shelley Long leaving Cheers was a better decision than Ronda dating Travis Browne
Matt Mitrione says Mayweather doesn't belong on P4P list; calls out Travis Browne
Anthony Pettis vs Edson Barbosa and Travis Browne vs Matt Mitrione in December = happiness
Because UFC didn't act, Jenna Renee Webb will press charges against Travis Browne. with the scoop.
Ronda Rousey said she hopes Floyd Mayweather grows up to be Mike Tyson and she might be dating Travis Browne. She should probably be quiet.
On July 21 HBO's "Real Sports w/ Bryant Gumbel" will air an in-depth piece on domestic violence in MMA. Expect movement r.e Travis Browne.
Travis Browne pulled from UFC International Fight Week after his ex posted these pics of alleged abuse by Browne...
A weak win over an average Brendan Schaub and tops a dramatically inconsistent Travis Browne. Not buying. (2)
Oh it did lol! Tim Sylvia has KO power for sure, but I think Travis Browne hits just a little harder imo. Tough fight!
Travis Browne vs Andrei Arlovski was as good a heavyweight fight I've watched in a long time
Legit best card in a long time. Picks were spot on except Travis Browne!
Andrei Arlovski and Travis Browne have one of the best heavy weight fights I have seen in a long while.Total throw down by 2 greats!
I still can't believe Travis Browne managed to stay on his feet as long as he did in that fight. His zombie skills were intense.
How on earth does Travis Browne still try to fight when he's that out of it for so long?
Best fight I've seen in a long time!!! Nothing but respect for Travis Browne.
Travis Browne was out on his feet the entire fight yo crazy how he lasted that long
I love Travis Browne fights. But I've been watching Andrei for as long as I can remember.
How long has Travis Browne's walkout song been the Haka?
Daniel Cormier, Travis Browne disagree on new Nevada drug rules
I love stuff yeah! Travis Browne and Daniel Cormier offer conflicting views on new NAC drug rules - Bloody Elbow
I really don't think Fabricio Werdum has a chance. He wasn't looking too hot against Mark Hunt or Travis Browne early.
Also, Travis Browne might be the single most unique HW on Earth, so Barnett is not smart.
Arlovski is expected to face Travis Browne on May 23, 2015 at UFC 187 !
Josh Barnett would make Travis Browne pay in a rematch: 'You will get your *** handed to you'
Josh Barnett wants to take off Travis 'HAPA' Browne (Official Verified Fan Page) head and says that Travis will...
on jre, watch out Travis Browne. Dead man walking. Cannot wait to see this rematch happen.
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I want to watch Travis Browne vs. Josh Barnett 2.
Josh Barnett wants to smash Travis Browne. Do you want to see the rematch?. Morning Report...
Travis Browne knocks out Stefan Struve with a Superman Punch!
I'm still waiting for the heavyweight fight! Cain Velasquez vs. Travis Browne pleaseee ! .
Fuuukkkiiinnng lol @ Travis Browne saying he has a Mark Hunt chin. That made me laugh like a little girl. C'mon son
Watching UFC 135. How good was this card?? Nate Diaz, Travis Browne, Matt Hughes, and of course Jon Jones v Rampage. This card was STACKED!
Fabricio Werdum beats Travis Browne by UD & will now face Cain Velasquez! . Thoughts?. http:/…
UFC on FOX 11 results: Fabricio Werdum put an end to the heavyweight rematch machine, inserting himself into a title fight against Cain Velasquez with his win over Travis Browne on Sat. night (April 19, 2014) inside Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.
UFC on Fox 11 results: Fabricio Werdum beats Travis Browne; earns shot at Cain... |
In case you missed it: Travis Browne vs. Fabricio Werdum video highlights
Fabricio Werdum set a showdown with Champion Cain Velasquez after defeating Travis Browne by decision in Orlando.
File the failure to put a television camera on heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez during UFC on Fox 11 on Saturday evening under missed opportunities. Broadcasting Velasquez as he watched Fabricio Werdum rout Travis Browne by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46) in Orlando, Fla., would have bee…
New post: Fabricio Werdum vs. Travis Browne full fight video highlights online from UFC ...
New UFC heavyweight No. 1 contender Fabricio Werdum believes Cain Velasquez wanted to face Travis Browne for one simple reason. “Maybe he knew he could take down Travis Browne and finish the fight,” said Werdum, on the FOX Sports 2 post-fight show after beating Browne. “He knows if he takes me down, that’s just the […]
If Fabricio Werdum fights Cain Velasquez like he did Travis Browne he will be the next champion
Dana White comments on Fabricio Werdum's win over Travis Browne and expresses doubts about Miesha Tate's victory over Liz Carmouche.
Huge win for Fabricio Werdum against Travis Browne. For a chance to face Cain Velasquez for the title shot.
The BJJ master Fabricio Werdum just schooled Travis Browne, with KICKBOXING. Will now fight Cain Velasquez in Mexico at the end of 2014
Fabrico Werdum vs. Travis Browne full fight results online stream from UFC on FOX 11 main event on April 19, 2014, from Orlando, Fla., featuring round-by-round LIVE real-time updates blog for five-round Heavyweight No. 1 contender eliminator match.
Somebody should have told Travis Browne: minimum movements maximum effect! And Mr. Sam Choy needs to teach him how to kick
Spinning back kicks, spinning back fist, knees, elbows, submission attempts. This is MMA baby!! Fabricio Werdum with a total domination win over Travis Browne. Earns his title shot. & it is now set to fight Cain Velasquez this fall for the UFC Heavyweight Championship!
I look up to successful brown people in anything . Travis Browne, The Rock, Mark Hunt, Dylan Andrews, Steven Adams, James Te Huna and more
Watching UFC on FOX. Cant wait for Fabricio Werdum vs Travis Browne fight. The winner of this fight faces Cain Velasquez for the Heavy Weight Champion ship. I hope Browne comes out on top.
Great UFC card tonight on FOX at 8PM eastern. Fabricio Werdum vs Travis Browne; Miesha Tate vs Liz Carmouche. The girls will be the better fight!
watchin' me some MMA/UFC, Travis Browne is gonna step it up big time tonight to get his shot at the title against Cain Velasquez, also, the most beautiful woman in the UFC fights tonight, good luck "CUPCAKE", MT time is in the HOUSE!
I hope Travis Browne wins tonight, but Cain Velasquez is going to kill him (or Werdum) especially since that fights going to be in Mexico. I don't envy the winner of this fight...
*** good fight card on tn! :D UFC on Fox 11 fight picks: Pat Healy, Thiago Alves, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Yoel Romero, Donald Cerrone..although he has a *** tough fight, Miesha Tate, and the heavyweights are a toss up but I'm gunna take Travis Browne!
UFC on Fox 11's Travis Browne embracing the idea of former foe Alistair Overeem joining Jackson-Winkeljohn
Travis Browne is the next Heavyweight Champion. There is no doubt in my mind.
Travis Browne 'embraces the idea' of Alistair Overeem joining Team Greg Jackson via
Travis Browne on Alistair Overeem joining Team Jackson: ‘I embrace' it |
Travis Browne is embracing Overeem joining the Jackson camp
Travis Browne on Alistair Overeem joining Team Jackson: ‘I embrace’ it via
Dominic Dipasquale missed the fights last night. Big country with first round KO and clay guida winning. Wish I would have seen em. Travis Browne tonight right?
Have you checked out the Muscle Pharm "MP Nation" Podcast with Co-Founder Cory Gregory? Recent guests have included Colts safety LaRon Landry, CT Fletcher, Clay Guida, Tyron Woodley and more! Our newest one debuts this Sunday with star Travis Browne! Awesome guests and awesome listen here to check them out:
Travis Browne knocks out Alistair Overeem - UFC on Fox Sports 1: via
The UFC makes its debut at Amway Center in Orlando on Saturday, April 19 with an action-packed card featuring some of the biggest stars in the sport. The card will feature No. 2 ranked heavyweight contender Fabricio Werdum vs. No. 3 ranked contender Travis Browne with the winner likely earning the n...
ESPN Orlando held an Exclusive with UFC Fighters Fabricio Werdum and Travis Browne before their April 19th fight @ The Amway Center. Be on the look out. Full...
my mans Travis Browne will be victorious! He needs to KO Bigfoot Silva
Unrelated: Travis Browne sounds like Forrest diction and tone that is...not painfully unfunny attempts at humor.
New post: Travis Browne says Bigfoot Silva didn't really beat him, he beat himself
Breakthrough Fighter of the Year. ->Travis Browne. International Fighter of the Year. ->Alexander Gustafsson.
nah Travis Browne just didn't wanna beat him too bad bc he's black & he didn't wanna be charged with a hate crime
MMA News: - Oleksiy Oliynyk is injured, UFC on FOX 10 bout against Jard Rosholt has been scrapped. - Antonio Rogerio Nogueira reveals that he is back in the gym and hopes for a summer return. - Travis Browne working on a new contract with UFC, bout against Fabricio Werdum likely next. - Martin Kampmann tells the guys at MMA Junkie Radio that he is going to take some time away from fighting. Join Brigitte for the News Hitz tonight!
Ronda Rousey was the big bonus winner at UFC 168, but Travis Browne took home the honors for the Knockout of the Night.
Geez. Travis Browne with the big bully beatdown.
Now it's time for Travis Browne to get that W.
Hey guys Bourbon Street Bar & Grill will be showing UFC 168 this Sat with no cover. Come cheer us on as Josh Barnett takes on Travis Browne.-Erik
Today's winners:. UK. . Ronda Rousey. . Travis Browne. . Chris Weidman. . Also want to see some dudes who are back in town. Please?
I highly recommend The Countdown To The UFC 168. This is already a big show and they did a great job of making it bigger. It focuses on the top three matches Weidman/Silva 2, Rousey/Tate 2 and Barnett/Browne. Dave Meltzer recommended me to check out John Danaher's promos building up Weidman/Silva 2 as his delivery reminded him of Gary Hart. Great cerebral promo skills Danaher has. Rousey/Tate stuff is just fantastic. The history is rich with great quotes to build this fight. Rousey is such a strong promo, but Tate is strong herself and knows her role. Josh Barnett knows how to cut great promos, so I expected him to be good, but I was a bit underwhelmed. Travis Browne surprised me. At the end of their segment he convinced me to root for him instead of Barnett. Awesome. One of the best Countdowns in a very long time.
Girls like Justin Bieber women like beards!- Travis Browne
Tomorrow... Chris Weidman, Meisha Tate, and Travis Browne are my dudes!!! Let's take that belt Tate, and Weidman do your thangg!
UFC president Dana White wants Fabricio Werdum to fight the winner of Josh Barnett vs. Travis Browne, but the heavyweight contender has decided what to do yet.
Full video of the UFC 168 pre-fight press conference, featuring middleweight champion Chris Weidman, ex-champion Anderson Silva and company president Dana White. Also on the dais are Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, Josh Barnett and Travis Browne.
Here is your chance to win two $35 seats at our first all pro event on January 18. All you have to do is pick the winner of each fight for this weekend's UFC pay per view. As always, for the tie breaker, tell us how the main event will end and in what round. -Chris Weidman (10-0) vs. Anderson Silva (33-5) -Ronda Rousey (7-0) vs. Miesha Tate (13-4) -Travis Browne (15-1-1) vs. Josh Barnett (33-6) -Jim Miller (22-4, 1 NC) vs. Fabricio Camoes (14-7-1) -Dustin Poirier (14-3) vs. Diego Brandao (18-8)
Hear from stars Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva, Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey before their historic rematches at UFC 168. Plus, Travis Browne and Josh Barnett ...
Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva not interested in Mark Hunt rematch, eyes Josh Barnett or Travis Browne after UFC 168
Junior dos Santos: Travis Browne or Josh Barnett UFC fight possibly up next Junior dos Santos failed to reclaim his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight title on Oct. 19, 2013, losing to current division kingpin Cain Velasquez in the main event of UFC 166, which went down from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. The loss marked the second for "Cigano" under the UFC umbrella, with both defeats coming at the hands of "Brown Pride." And as the Brazilian striker attempts to work his way back to another title shot, he'll have his work cut out for him in a division filled with plenty of heavy hitters. While dos Santos isn't one to pick his opponents, he recently informed MMA Fighting that he can see himself fighting either Travis Browne or Josh Barnett next. His words: "I believe it would (make sense to fight Barnett or Browne next). The heavyweight division is in a great moment right now. We have great fighters, and you never know what's going to happen in a heavyweight fight. One punch can change ...
Could not have had a better birthday present. UFC 167 lived up to the hype. Great fights and most of our predictions were right (except Rory). So many fighters just walking around the casino. Annette rode up the elevator with Chael Sonnen. I ran into Urijah Faber, Nick Diaz, Anthony Pettis, Alexander Gustafsson, Matt Hughs, Stephan Bonnar, Bruce Buffer and Joe Siva. Also saw Meisha Tate, Dan Henderson, Damien Maia, Forrest Griffen, Frank Trigg, Brendan Schaub, Travis Browne, Chris Weidman. Plus the added bonus of meeting some greats at the weigh ins - Royce Gracie, Mark Coleman, Dan Severn and Art Jimmerman. Best weekend ever! Btw Vegas was pretty cool too :)
Travis Browne could pass off as Andrei Arlovski's twin with that beard.
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just called Travis Browne the dark horse of the heavyweight division. Was that a shot at Overeem's diet?
Wow huge upset Travis Browne over Alistair Overeem in tonight's co-main event. Browne is the dark horse in the heavyweight division.
Travis Browne with a beard looks like Pat Healy on roids.
Alistair Overeem vs Travis Browne , the co-main event for the UFC's debut on Fox Sports 1 is sure to be a fight...
will face Travis Browne on August 17, 2013 at UFC on Fox Sports 1: Shogun vs. Sonnen
Travis Browne: Don't Complain About Pay Once You Sign the UFC Contract: UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy made a splash earlier this week when he sounded off about fighter pay. This is nothing new. Kennedy wasn't the first to do such a thing, and he certainly won't be the last. Anyone who has followed the declining career of Quinton Jackson over the past two years has at least a passing familiarity with pay complaints. The difference between Kennedy and Jackson—aside from the fact that Jackson was allegedly paid $15.2 million over the course of his UFC career while Kennedy has yet to make his promotional debut—is that instead of complaining about being treated poorly without giving specifics (that's Jackson), Kennedy actually went into a bit of detail when discussing the $70,000 he will potentially make for his upcoming UFC 162 fight against Roger Gracie. Here's what Kennedy told the GrappleTalk podcast: Kennedy revealed that he was due around $55,000 to show up at UFC 162, with the purse potentially incre ...
What a ko punch knocked travis browne out now I'm 18-7 unstopable
will KO Travis Browne in the first round. if he doesn't, I will riot, the raping and pillaging of my village will ensue
Why was Travis Browne given top billing over Bigfoot Silva at that FX show last October?
I want to see Travis Browne vs Stipe Miocic that would be a good fight
Travis Browne isn't a better striker than Alistair Overeem but his length and athleticism make him a difficult matchup for The Reem.
So pumped to see Joe Lauzon and Conor McGregor fight. Hopefully Travis Browne will pull off the upset because...
What a difference a day makes...congrats to my fam Traviatta Banks and Kash Jones on their new apartments!
Look at Travis Browne's green one on his arm
I liked a video Travis Browne 91 Second KO over Gonzaga
SUBSCRIBE to MORE Music Videos: Do not adjust your monitor: the herky-jerky effects applied to this v...
Wholeday naman brown out nlng ta man of steel...cnu maupod
Love how my boss messages me and ask if I wanna come a pull a calf:))
Following devastating knockout wins over Travis Browne and Alistair Overeem, Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva gets the rematch he’s craved tonight when he challenges Cain Velasquez for the UFC heavyweight title
Bigfoot looks to re-write history It was Mark Twain who wrote, “the very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice” and those famous words seem more appropriate than ever as we approach UFC 160. The UFC returns to the MGM Grand Garden Arena this Saturday, headlined by a title fight that most people have written off already. In one corner stands two-time heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, the man who mauled Junior dos Santos to regain his gold. In the other is a man who stands, literally, as a giant amongst the sport’s big men: Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. Statistically, the challenger looks every inch a viable contender. Standing 6’4 and weighing in at 285lb, he boasts a resume that includes Fedor Emelianenko, Travis Browne and Alistair Overeem. So why the pre-fight pessimism? Well, as any MMA aficionado would tell you, this is Bigfoot we’re talking about. You know Bigfoot right? Slow, plodding, clumsy old Bigfoot. Man, he’s got a ton of heart but the genetics haven’t be ...
Scores: Scooby - 57 Me - 57 Jeff - 56 Danny - 55 Yes against all the odds, the Ultimate Predictor, has reached it's centenary edition. As I have occasionally this means I am doing 8 predictions instead of the regular 7. Anyway thanks for playing guys and let's see just how long we can keep this thing going, anyway here we go: Heavyweight Championship bout: Cain Velasquez (c) (11-1) vs. Antonio Silva (18-4) Predicted Winner: Cain Velasquez - It must be said that Antonio Silva is a very talented heavyweight. First of all he is simply a huge man, he has big knockout power and he has a very good ground game as he is a black belt in both BJJ and Judo. He has also taken out top heavyweight contenders Alistair Overeem and Travis Browne in his last two bouts. However it could be argued that his win Overeem was as much to do with Overeem's over-confidence as it did with Silva's skill (although it was a vicious knockout). Plus, and this is the biggest sticking point, he was absolutely mauled by Velasquez in their l ...
Victory Fighting Championship have named a stellar card for their upcoming VFC 40 card on July 27th when they return to the Ralston Arena in Omaha, Nebraska. The promotion has helped developed some of the top stars in MMA including the likes of Benson Henderson, Jake Ellenberger and Travis Browne. H...
Dusty Rhodes would be proud of Travis Browne after those bionic elbows to Gonzaga!
TUF17 Finale picks tomorrow. my picks are - McDaniel, Travis Browne, Miesha Tate, Kelvin Gastelum, and Scotty Jorgensen
Travis Browne lost the extra fat he had. Miesha Tate was sexy. And Uriah Hall did a kamehameha wave.
Travis Browne, Erik Perez, Miesha Tate, Munoz, Pettis, Hughes, Chuck Liddell and Cruz r the big ones
Bigfoot Silva Happy to Shock the World Again by Beating Cain Velasquez "I was very happy, and that is being a part of the realization of my dream, and May 25th I will complete my dream and be champion," Silva told Bleacher Report in an exclusive interview just after receiving the news about the title shot. "I learned that I have to do what I trained with my coaches and follow the strategy," Silva answered when asked what he will do differently the second time around. "I will follow my strategy 100-percent and my training will be basically what I did in my first fight against Cain." Since his loss to Velasquez last year, Silva has managed to knock out previously undefeated heavyweight prospect Travis Browne as well as his thunderous finish of Alistair Overeem at UFC 156. The two emphatic victories catapulted Silva back into the title picture, and with his win against Overeem, he became the last man standing in the heavyweight contender's race. "I'm already used to it," Silva said about not being favored t ...
UFC News: It's official: With a first-round TKO over previously undefeated Travis Browne and a knockout win over top contender Alistair Overeem, Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva has earned a title shot against UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. That heavyweight championship bout will anchor UFC 160, to be held Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas.Plus, two of the top heavyweights in the world will settle their differences at the event as former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair "The Reem" Overeem will take on former UFC heavyweight champion Junior "Cigano" Dos Santos.Farther down in the weight divisions, fans will see a fantastic stylistic matchup as welterweights Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson and TUF season 7 winner Amir Sadollah do battle.Verbal agreements are in for all three matchups. More details about the event, including venue and ticket information, will be announced in the coming weeks.
Demetrious Johnson's next UFC flyweight title defence will take place against John Moraga in the TUF 17 Finale main event. Johnson, who outpointed John Dodson in his last outing, will return to the Octagon on April 13 to meet a man who is red hot in the 125lb division. Boasting a 13-1 MMA record, he is unbeaten in three years, finishing both his UFC bouts to date. He enters the title showdown off a submission win over Chris Cariaso. Also confirmed by the UFC is a heavyweight clash between Gabriel Gonzaga and Travis Browne, plus a women's bantamweight contest involving Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano.
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9 Fighters Released by the UFC | UFC News It appears that the UFC was forced to make some room on their current roster in order to accomodate their new Strikeforce imports, as 9 fighters were released by the promotion today. The recently axed fighters are as follows: Chad Griggs: Griggs sported an impressive 11-1 record when he made his octagon debut back at UFC 145. Unfortunately for Griggs, his lack of a ground game was quickly exposed by heavyweight Travis Browne, who choked him out 3 minutes in to the opening round. Griggs then made the decision to drop down to the UFC light heavyweight division, where he was welcomed by striker Cyrille Diabate. Many people expected this bout to be a stand-up war, however, that was not the case, as Diabate handed Griggs his second straight first-round submission loss. Marcus LeVesseur: As one of the more decorated wrestlers to enter the UFC in some time, “The Prospect” was thought to have the potential to be a future UFC star. However, it quickly became evident th ...
So next we will see Overeem and Big Foot Silva face off. Most likely, Overeem will win that fight. So that would set up Velasquez vs Overeem, which is what the UFC wants. Most likely if Fabricio Werdum defeats Big Nog, then we will see Dos Santos vs Werdum II, with the winner facing the Velasquez/Overeem winner. Most likely Cormier will face off with Mir before he heads to 205, but Josh Barnett will be coming over setting up the possibility of Barnett vs Mir and/or a trilogy with Big Nog. We then have Mark Hunt, Stefan Struve, Ben Rothwell, Roy Nelson, Cheick Kongo and Travis Browne in the hunt. Hunt vs Nelson is already set up, another fight between Rothwell and Nelson would be fun to see and heck it would be nice to see a clear cut winner between Kongo and Browne. Right now the Heavyweight division is at its strongest and it is going to be fun to see all of this unfold over the next year. Here is a final thought, if Jon Jones either somehow loses or officially cleans out the Light Heavyweight division, ...
Travis Browne but only because Bigfoot Silva already has a 'date' with the Reem.
When Shane Carwin returns (Feb/March 2013) who would you like to see him face? Now I'd like to see him face Mark Hunt but since he is tied up with Struve I'm thinking Travis Browne or the Overeem/Bigfoot loser. - Chris
Back Bigfoot: "Overeem won't be clean for our fight" December 3rd 2012 The loss suffered in his UFC debut against Cain Velasquez didn’t put any extra pressure on the shoulders of Antonio Silva’s shoulder, who went on to defeat Travis Browne by knockout in his following fight.Now the giant from Paraí...
UFC heavyweight Travis Browne talks with about the torn hamstring and subsequent loss he suffered in his fight with 'Bigfoot' Silva last month...
Bigfoot: I can beat 'created in a lab' Alistair Overeem "Bigfoot," who is coming off a recent win over Travis Browne, said he's more than happy to take on the massive Overeem, even if he was "created in a lab." "If Overeem really doesn't want to have to wait for a fight after his suspension is up, I am here ready to welcome him," Silva today told ( "I respect him as an athlete. After all, he was K-1, DREAM and Strikeforce champion. But I am not worried about titles or belts right now. "Overeem is big and strong, but I know I can beat him. Even if was created in the lab, I can beat him."
'Bigfoot' Silva KOs Travis Browne in the 1st round
Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva landing the Blow to end Travis Browne's unbeaten streak last night.
Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva vs. Travis Browne fight video highlights
Bigfoot Silva wants a rematch with Hear from him after a big win over Travis Browne at 5
At the UFC on FX 5 Weigh In's, main event heavyweights Travis Browne and Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva engaged in an awesome schoolyard stare down!
Run Bigfoot Run - Antonio Silva celebrates getting his first win under the UFC banner against Travis Browne.
Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva KOs an injured Travis Browne in first round at UFC on FX 5 - News | on MSN via
An amalgamation of Travis Browne's face and Bigfoot Silva's hand.
I was rooting for Travis Browne but Antonio Silva totally rocked his world.
Antonio "Big Foot" Silva lands this crushing right hand against Travis Browne to hand Browne is first...
Brazilian beatdown: Antonio Bigfoot Silva flattens Travis Browne at UFC on FX 5
The next fight for Bigfoot Silva after his first round destruction of Travis Browne at UFC on FX 5 could be a top division contender, however, there is a logjam at the top, meaning that a fight with fringe contender like himself could be on tap.
Travis Browne suffered knee injury on high head kick attempt in the opening moments of his UFC on FXmain event vs. Bigfoot Silva.. -El Capitan
Wow, Bigfoot Silva TKO'd Travis Browne last night giving Browne his first loss. Browne injured his hamstring during the fight and after that, he looked a little loosey goosey
Oh, and I'm sure Greg Jackson has done this already, but someone should tell Travis Browne that he ain't Jon Jones.
Antonio Silva ended his losing streak with a knockout win over Travis Browne
Travis Browne believes he hobbled himself in the opening moments of the fight, but refused to take any credit away from Antonio Bigfoot Silva for defeating him.
Those who thought Bigfoot Silva would get destroyed by Travis Browne are UFC huggin knuckleheads.
Greg Jackson told Travis Browne to blow out his knee
The Bigfoot Silva vs Travis Browne fight was crazy! They weren't messing around when they say don't blink during heavyweight fights. Now its TUF time!
that was something else! Travis Browne tried to take a page out of Dominick Cruz' book, think he injured his leg trying to move like a bantamweight... Great fights. Savage prelims! Serious knockouts! -Liam
Not a fan of these front kick to the knee. Travis Browne and Jon Jones both used them. Greg Jackson needs to have a word with his fighters!
I bet Greg Jackson told Travis Browne to come out like that Lmaooo
Aw shucks!Bigfoot Silva gets the TKO over Travis Browne.Browne may have blew out his left knee from the Kalapanas he was throwing.Keep your head up Travis Browne!
Travis Browne just got caught messin w/ Sasquatch! Cause Bigfoot Silva just beat a big man down!
Travis Browne hurts his knee then gets knocked out by Bigfoot Silva. Good UFC tonight lots of finishes.
Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva finishes Travis Browne in the 1st with a massive right followed by a flurry on the canvas against the cage. That's Travis' 1st loss, and it looks like he may have an injury to his knee.
Watching UFC Travis Browne vs. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva lets go Bigfoot. He's a juijitsu (IDK how to spell it) black belt & he's also a Brazilian
Travis Browne vs Antonio Silva who you got?
The more I see Antonio Silva, the more he like his namesake. However, I want to see Travis Browne become the second most awesome Hawaiian in the UFC.
Oh man! Antonio Bigfoot Silva and Travis Browne are about to throw down who! c'mon Bigfoot!
Time for the ufc on fx main event. Travis Browne vs Bigfoot Silva. I got browne with a 1st rd ko? Any ptedictions
at the spot watching UFC: Travis Browne vs Antonio Silva(Smash Squad).
watching UFC on FX 5. first fight was 45 secs into the first round Justin Edwards won with a gulliotine. ready for Travis Browne vs. Antonio Bigfoot Silva!
6-0 on my prelim picks. Time for the main card. Heavyweight fight between Travis Browne and Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva. Plus, a flyweight fight between John Dodson and Jussier Formiga to determine the next number-one-contender in the flyweight division.
Travis Browne vs Bigfoot Silva and Jake Ellenberger vs Jay Hieron face off pics from earlier today in Minneapolis, Minn., following the official UFC on FX 5 weigh in event from the Target Center.
Ufc on fx tonight at 5, Travis Browne vs Antonio Silva in a 5 round heavywieght bout.should be a great night of fights
Fight night. "Bigfoot" Silva vs. Travis Browne. Who you got?
Good luck tonight to one of my old students and friend in his UFC fight tonight! Travis Browne. He is headlining the UFC Tonight fight Antonio Silva.
Craving UFC. Tonight at 8PM we have Travis Browne vs. Antonio Silva live from Minneapolis. Preliminaries start at 5PM. Don Cherry's Rideau and Don Cherry's Kanata. Ottawa's best venues for sports viewing and Ottawa's favorite food. Great food, Great staffs, great atmosphere. Don Cherry's Kanata and Rideau.
Travis Browne 'not intimidated' by Bigfoot Silva after intense staredown at UFC on FX 5 weigh ins: Bigfoot Silva...
Taking bets. Who wins the Heavyweight main event tonight out of Travis Browne and Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, and HOW do they win (round and method if you will)? I'm guessing its going to be Bigfoot taking him to the ground and submitting Browne, and this is DEFINATELY a step down for him after Bigfoot's loss to Cain Velasquez back in May.
Totally forgot about the UFC on FX event tomorrow night yeah Im pumped for 4:00 and getting home and watching some fights maybe something after them as well. Travis Browne vs Antonio Silva, Hieron vs Ellenberger, De Silva vs Dodson, Yves Edwards vs Jeremy Stephens, Castillo vs Johnson, Volkmann vs. Roller, Palaszewski vs Nunes yeah stacked to say the least can't believe this card isn't getting a ton of love
Undeafeated at 13-0, Travis Browne will face 16-4 Antonio Silva. Can he keep his undeafeated record and slowly secure his spot amongst the top fighters in the division or was Silva's UFC debut loss to Cain just a fluke?
According to an Oct. 3 report from ESPN, Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva is going to be fighting with extra intensity when he squares off with Travis Browne on Oct. 5 i
I uploaded a video Bigfoot Silva vs Travis Browne Prediction by Paulie G
Modest Travis Browne building reputation in the Octagon, confident title shot will come eventually: The Ultimate...
Antono "Bigfoot" Silva or Travis Browne who u rooting for ??
Angry "Bigfoot" Silva eying first UFC win, top six rank against Travis Browne at UFC on FX 5
Take a look at UFC heavyweight Travis Browne's "Workday" with
Travis Browne gunning for a knockout at UFC on FX 5 -
I really don't know how many people hyped Travis Browne up as soon as he made his UFC debut, but I know I was one of them.
here you go! Marcus Levasourr and Travis Browne
Travis Browne is going to beat Bigfoot Silva so freaking badly... wow. I actually feel sorry for the guy.
Travis Browne discusses his upcoming Fight with Bigfoot Silva – Inside
Just posted: Travis Browne Gunning for a Knockout Against Antonio Silva at UFC on FX 5 -
Travis Browne ready to take giant step forward into title contention at UFC on FX 5 via
make yourself useful you giant retard and beat Travis Browne out of the UFC.
And in the main event is a heavyweight battle between Travis 'Hapa' Browne and Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva
Travis browne shld not be in ur top 5 and u hate him but rory macdonald shld be in top 5
Dave makes his first predictions for yearly season four
Behind the scenes with UFC fighter Travis Browne for FX TV.
Travis Browne believes a win on Friday puts him "in the mix"
I host a new on FX Preview with and plus moves from
The Ultimate Show starts another week off with a bang as we preview UFC on FX on Friday, October 5th. Jay Hieron finds himself once again back in the UFC and...
These “Quick Breaks” are short breakdowns of upcoming fights. In a summed up focus of strengths, weaknesses and variables; this will analyze what could happen in the fight, and end with this writer’s prediction...
I don't understand why eveybody is saying Stefan Struve is not top 10 heavyweight yet. Dude is 24 years old, with a 25-5 record, and look at who he's lost to... Roy Nelson, with the Granite chin and hands of stone, Travis Browne, who's a freakin' BEAST who is Still undefeated, and Junior Dos Santos, the current UFC heavyweight champion. He finished every fight he's won except 1 and he's is just now starting to come to his full potential. And the guys that he's beating are guys with no losses on their records. If this guy isn't top ten, I don't know what you're looking for.
Inside MMA Travis Browne is all set to take on Bigfoot Silva at UFC on FX 5. Hapa sits down with Kenny and Bas tomorrow night to talk about the fight. We're LIVE at 8p ET
Spend the day with Travis Browne as he prepares for his fight at UFC on FX 5 main event against Antonio Silva. Here's part 1 of Workday with 'Hapa' Browne
I must have missed when Bigfoot Silva vs. Travis Browne was announced for UFC On FX next friday it took me by surprise when I saw the commercial earlier.
Travis Browne insane knock out against Stefan Struve! Superman punch for the win!
What is happening between Dominick Cruz and Travis Browne
How Travis Browne learned to deal with nerves
Great perspective from UFC heavyweight Travis Browne on what to do with his nervous energy. He tells the story of...
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