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Trans Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), also known as the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement, is a multilateral free trade agreement that aims to further liberalize the economies of the Asia-Pacific region; specifically, Article 1.1.3 notes: “The Parties seek to support the wider liberalisation process in APEC consistent with its goals of free and open trade and investment.” The proposals have been accused of being excessively restrictive, providing intellectual property restraints beyond those in the Korea-U.S.

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Trump to scrap Trans Pacific Partnership deal on his first day in office - Yahoo7 via
I'm sorry I forgot to tell my ex boss who was a Trump supporter that he plans to tear down the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.
Japan's PM says Trans Pacific Partnership would be "meaningless" if Trump follows through on pledge to pull US out of the deal
Why small businesses don’t like the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement
The Senate's soon-to-be top Democrat told labor leaders Thursday that the Trans-Pacifi…
Heres the link explaining the TPPA rules
"...that Obama would push hard for Congress to approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal". .
I'm also surprised how many people still have now idea what the Trans-Pacific Partnership was.
>tfw you just wanted to play video games. >tfw you end up saving it. >tfw you Make America Great Again. .
um...trump kinda...killed it today. Weird right?
Thank you for supporting Trump’s opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. So appreciated! we will all…
In conference at Yale Law School, DeLauro pushes to stop controversial Trans Pacific Partnership
Kasich , working with Obama to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership, sending American jobs overseas.
Here's how the Trans Pacific Partnership could impact Chattanooga businesses
it's tpp Penny. Trans Pacific Partnership. What's the TTP you mention? Trump Too Pathetic?
Bernie electrified the Democratic convention with his call to stop a vote on the Trans Pacific Partnership deal...
Not saying I'm for the "Trans Pacific Partnership", but it would probably help if they used the right acronym.
Tim Kaine has been praising the Trans Pacific Partnership and has been pushing hard to get it approved. Job killer!
1 question, friend, "Is the TTP in ur bio Tea Party Patriots ot Trans Pacific Partnership?". I think I know answer, but must b sureTY
We can still Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. It's worse than NAFTA
Trans-Pacific Partnership can help small in
I can't believe you're about to play the Trans-Pacific Partnership
And they wonder why this is an anti-establishment election.
Trans-Pacific Partnership should be called the Treason Act
The TPP as 21st century "cordon sanitaire"? It's a bit more complicated than that but Cohen raises some good points
More of same media on - issue still over-politicized but trade deal a net gain for US:
Senator Stabenow says TPP isn't right for Mich. -
"Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Key facts. for sheep & beef sector" from https:/…
'Despite being portrayed as a trade deal, the TPP is not even really about trade'. Via .
The TPP would Impose American Copyright & Intellectual Property Laws on all Members
The NYT Opinion Pages really are the earnest conscience of neoliberalism: "If T.P.P. Crumbles, China Wins"
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The likelihood that the next president would abandon the T.P.P. has energized advocates pushing for a vote this year
is all about containing China, says supporter
If the Trans-Pacific Partnership falls apart, China wins. It’s as simple as that, writes
Indonesia's Automotive Industry Ready for Trans-Pacific Partnership?' - Indonesia Investments (press release)
Senator Stabenow says TPP isn't right for Mich.
Read how negative interest rates are also pushing foreign investors into American muni bonds!
"Openness" & "transparency" when it comes to yet another "trade agreement". Trans Pacific Partnership all over again h…
Obama calls Trans-Pacific Partnership the best chance for America, NOT China, to 'call the shots' on global trade
TPP: The Possible Effects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the Cost and Regulation of Medicine in Canada -
Adjustment and Income Distribution Impacts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership [pdf]: . The authors esti...
Obama and the true nature of the Trans-Pacific Partnership via
Trans-Pacific Partnership & Intellectual Property -impact on IP regimes in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam
The TPP trade dealis not received well in Euro. Hillary is for TPP- Bernie is against Trans Pacific Partnership
'Confirming that the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership amounts to “a huge transfer of power from...
. Was Amelia Ehrhart in favor of the Trans Pacific Partnership?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Trans-Pacific Partnership (Asian version of would let America, not China, lead the way. Quack quack!
It's the worst trade deal ever. Read all about it Or even better take action
A day in the life of a Trans-Pacific Partnership consultation. It might not be what you think.
I am not wrong on TPP. She will support it after the election, she always supports bad trade deals.
.The G&M piece goes in the same direction.
National AFL S/T Shuler in Dayton Tue w/ Mayor Whaley for Presser on TPP, Women …
The Trans-Pacific Partnership still needs work according to cheesemakers and several other U.S. industries.
TWU Local 100 stands with and the NY Central Labor Council against the Trans Pacific Partnership
The NDP has been standing up against the Trans Pacific Partnership in Parliament. . I'm pleased to have...
Do you support the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement?
Anyone heard about TPP. Trans Pacific Partnership. Ask Ted Cruz and his wife. Global trade agreement that restri…
1/2. Cruz voted for cloture on TPA, (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) . Fast Track trade authority, removing the hurdle…
ICYMI: Article from about why opposes the Trans Pacific Partnership:
Hill said he doesn't agree with the Trans Pacific Partnership as it is currently written. However, he does not...
Get your tickets! March 29th seminar on the Trans Pacific Partnership
Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.18.16 via "TPP Trans Pacific Partnership will be SECRET for 5YEARS.."
How ready is the Philippines to join the Trans Pacific Partnership, the most ambitious trade agreement?
"The Joint Standing Committee on Treaties is accepting submissions on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).
voted for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) that would fast-track the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Full text of the Trans Pacific Partnership has been released..worse than anyone could have imagined.
List of 218 members of who voted for Trans-Pacific Partnership (Fast Track authority.
Trans-Pacific Partnership hides significant health costs, according to two new studies via
The Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty was written by the rich to get richer.
Just as President Barack Obama’s deputy signed the unpopular Trans Pacific Partnership free-trade deal during an...
Thoughts on the trans pacific partnership being signed on February 4th?
Top official negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership RESIGNS over bribery scandal
The legally verified text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was released on 1/26 - check it out here:
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: the dirtiest trade deal, you've never hea...: via
Andrew Robb's National Interest Analysis for the is a farce
Trans-Pacific Partnership Signed: Despite protests and opposition, the Trans-Pacific Partnership moves fo...
Justin Trudeau: Allow ordinary Canadians to comment on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade d... via CdnChange
On May 13th, Rubio declared: “It's important that Congress give Obama trade authority so that he can finalize the Trans…
A deal over chicken that will make some squawk: the Trans-Pacific Partnership
NAFTA, the open trade pact with China, and now TPP.
It's already happening on the docks - your job is next - join your 2 & against the fallout
The Liberal party & Chrystia Freeland have made a criminal error by signing the anti-democratic Trans Pacific Partnership
what is happening with Trans Pacific Partnership (risk of American firesale, to any company/country who wants to buy America)
What does agreement on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) mean? | Wilson Center via
Giving away US Sovereignty, this is TREASON!. What's Actually in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP)?. RT
TPP risks overstated - ExportNZ: It will take time to consider the full text of the Trans Pacific Partnership,...
Is the Trans Pacific Partnership a western solidarity group with the lady boys of Bangkok?
The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) trade agreement is very bad for the people of all the countries involved, and...
SHOCK REPORT: . Secret chapter of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) leaked by WikiLeaks ─► htt…
Hillary Clinton breaks with Obama to oppose Trans Pacific Partnership
Trans Pacific Partnership or Terrible Polluter Protections? Sign now: No more secrecy. Reject the treaty!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
's opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership has brought the support of labour unions.
Listen: making sense of the Trans Pacific Partnership, a Canadian perspective
Original Post: October 5, 2015 TORONTO – NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says he will not implement the Trans Pacific Partnership if he wins the Oct…
Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in crime? Subvertion of local control of government. Transnational Gangsters called Business Men BOUGHT LAW.
Democrats got one big thing from the almost-finished Trans Pacific Partnership
"The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a corporate trade deal that would ship U.S. jobs overseas, endanger our...
Demo in Wellington against Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) - very low key but a bit of argy bargy!!
Via - The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the changing world of international trade: A Q&A with Mark Wu
One more: Do you support trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and an agreement with the E.U.?
A doctor was arrested during an anti-Trans-Pacific Partnership protest in Wanganui via
The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the changing ... - Get your Card
Looking forward to a discussion of the impact of Trans Pacific Partnership at the CSCB conference - Kelowna: Sep 20!
In a dark corner of the lurks some pretty nasty copyright law
Why is making it harder to have access to through
It sounds good to say the Trans-Pacific Partnership will limit China's power, but is it true?
Ban for refusing to show ad "What does Trans-Pacific Partnership mean for your family? Wat…
Could Donald Trump poison the bipartisan agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
What does the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal mean for your family? GetUp! Australia.
The Nationals are being urged to privatise broadcaster SBS and block the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership if it…
Members of Congress are making arrangements to ram through the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s secretive and extreme Internet …
I have heard that TPP will mean higher prices at the pharmacy. Get the word out. TPP=Trans Pacific Partnership
Why is our Gov working against the People & for Corps?
Trans Pacific Partnership treaty appears to contain language that may prevent US from eliminating statutory damage...
It should take one more round of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) ministers' talks to lead to agreement
In this 5 Minutes for Business: What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership? What would joining it mean for your business?
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the 12 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) nations are at a sta…
"Bird dogging Scott Peters and Susan Davis for their vote to Fast Track the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). They...
Trans Pacific Partnership sank without trace when delegates could not reach agreement. It is likely to stay sunk.
to reduce dependence on China. There was a talk that given the TPP agreement (Trans Pacific Partnership?),
Negotiations on the secret Trans Pacific Partnership, touted as the largest free trade agreement in the world, have…
Last week, as you might have heard, negotiators on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement gathered in Maui...
The TTP or Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement may soon be on of the most important free trade agreements ever...
All so Obama can get a North American Union and the Trans Pacific Partnership
"Paying a lot of money doesn't mean better access to care." Australia tackles the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement
The lack of transparency and high level of secrecy behind the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) negotiations is...
Changed my account to keep American jobs by stopping the Trans Pacific Partnership …
I don't understand why the Trans Pacific Partnership has been a farely unspoken topic. Pretty big deal
53% of voters nationally have no opinion about Trans Pacific Partnership. 18% support it, 29% opposed:
Everything you need to know about the Trans Pacific Partnership
So the government is trying to fast-track the Trans Pacific Partnership.
I like how Republicans and Democrats are both against the Trans Pacific Partnership.
Top 9 Myths About The Trans-Pacific Partnership Read up, is right here. Lotsa BS flying
Why the Partnership Agreement is a Pending | via
As the fight over the Trans-Pacific Partnership heats up, Hillary Clinton faces mounting pressure to take a stand:
Re: TPP Trans Pacific Partnership Via Executive Action Just think about it ... They want a 51-49 vote to decide NO…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
There is no question that millions of American jobs will be lost if the Trans Pacific Partnership is ratified, if...
Chart of the Week: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Improves on NAFTA | The White House:
Funny, you don't see too many people asking about being involved in - wonder why…
Details still unclear on how could shape
TPP is not about free trade (which is already liberalized and which I support) but about corporate capture.
"Why has President Obama been willing to spend so much political capital on the Trans Pacific Partnership?"
Text in the TPP Trans Pacific Partnership will open up H1B Visas to all White collar jobs. i.e.: Accountants etc.. America is…
Sorry, here is on massive coalition vs. trade bills. Led by, but much larger than labor:
Trans-Pacific Partnership: Obama's bill for fast-track authority defeated by Congress via
Take that Enviros celebrate as Obama trade agenda takes a blow …
What political high staked are they up to? Obama and Republicans Agree on Trans-Pacific Partnership … Unfortunately
WikiLeaks' free trade documents reveal 'drastic' Australian concessions More:
Would be interesting to hear Obama explain how this represents "fairness" in trade policy:
Patagonia opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement and Fast Track approval:. "We stand to...
Interesting article. TPP defeat: Why labor movement's war against Fast Track may not be over
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
It's true - she has very explicitly stated that she backs the TPP:
Watch our new video: What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership? See why you should care about the
Claims that the TPP is secret don't hold water
TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is a BAD deal for American family farmers. Let your congress person know you...
Trans Pacific Partnership would better connect the U.S. with economies along the Pacific Rim — from Canada to Japan, and Peru to Australia.
Trade agreements the Trans Pacific Partnership protect corporate investors but lead off-shoring of American jobs.
Robert Reich on why Nike and the Trans Pacific Partnership are the problem, not the solution:.
Trans Pacific Partnership will reduce poor countries' access to drugs. Medecins Sans Frontieres.
Happening now across from Roots Cafe: A Teach-In about the Trans Pacific Partnership!!! We'll be here til 9! FREE BLACK SHEEP FOOD!
*speaks with union members about the Trans Pacific Partnership. . .
YOU LIE WYDEN: You favor Trans Pacific Partnership that destroys the internet & jobs
Checking out "The Dangers of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Secret "Trade" on Tea Party Command Center:
SLAVE TRADE is not FREE TRADE. 8 of the 12 Trans Pacific Partnership countries are HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS.…
Allow full Congressional debate on the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement.
Okay... we as a people in this country are about to be betrayed in the worst possible fashion. There is a secret trade agreement ( the Trans Pacific Partnership) that has been negotiated in secret that attacks the sovereignty of elected governments and gives that sovereignty to multinational corporations. It will be Fast Tracked through Congress shortly after the Republicans take control. It is one thing Obama did that most people who know anything about it oppose. It is NAFTA on steroids. It means more jobs shipped overseas. It means corporations can disregard safety, labor, and any other laws they don't like. It makes multinational companies more powerful than elected governments. They can sue countries that impact their profits. Profit trumps democracy and clean air or clean water. It makes even inadvertent copyright violations a criminal offense punishable by jail time. It will make propaganda and censorship legal. Free speech will be curtailed. It is a 12 nation cartel that will rule the western w .. ...
The former Labor government had a blanket ban on Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanisms in free trade agreements, and with good reason - an ISDS provision allows overseas corporations to sue the government (taxpayer's money) if our laws (e.g environmental and workplace) get in the way of their profits. Since coming into power the Abbott government has signed off on two free trade agreements, one with China and one with South Korea. Both of these trade agreements contain an ISDS mechanism. To make matters worse, Abbott and Co announced this week that they intend to secure free trade agreements with France and India. Abbott and Co have also indicated that they are willing to sign the highly controversial and highly secretive, Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement (TPP). To state the bloody obvious: Abbott and Co are selling are us out. TDTP Gillard Government Trade Policy Statement, 2011: INVESTOR-STATE DISPUTE RESOLUTION 'Some countries have sought to insert investor-state dispute resoluti ...
The people have been getting the shaft from President Obama since January 2009. He has done a splendid job for Wall Street, Banks, and Corporations (including the Insurance Companies) by forcing people to become customers under this joke of a law called The Affordable Care Act. Grab your ankles and reach for the Warming K-Y Lubricant because he's about to give all of us a good screwing. Keystone XL Pipeline, Trans Pacific Partnership, and the "chained CPI" that will reduce all future Social Security payments.are all coming soon from President Obama. To me, he is nothing but a corporate *** The ONLY differences to me between Obama and Bush are: 1.) Obama gives a far more rousing speech off of the teleprompter 2.) Obama's teeth are whiter ;) p.s. I'm as Liberal as it gets when it comes to politics. I voted for Obama in 2008 and in 2012. I voted for him simply because he was the lesser of two evils when compared with John McCain and Mitt Romney. Unfortunately, our president is nothing more than a corporat .. ...
The second great one in a day by Robert Reich. "Big corporations and banks are frustrated that the Trans Pacific Partnership, a proposed free-trade agreement beween the U.S. and 11 nations of South America, North America and Asia, is going nowhere. Partly that’s because Japan refuses to allow in exports from American agribusiness. But the real opposition lies in Congress. “The problem is largely with Democratic labor groups and constituencies,” says Susan Schwab, former U.S. trade representative in the George W. Bush administration. Wrong. It’s that the deal was negotiated behind closed doors by big corporations and banks, and its details still haven’t been shared with the public. All we know is corporations get protection for their intellectual capital, banks get protection for their financial capital, but human capital – American jobs and workers – get no protection whatsoever. According to polls, most Americans don’t want or trust the Trans Pacific Partnership. And they shouldn’t."~ R ...
| The vulnerability of being ill informed: the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.. Reference:...
With the coming ASEAN Economic Community and Trans-Pacific Partnership how will trade impact Read more
US President Obama is embarking on a week-long tour of Asia, with the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal high on the agenda.
Japan's minister of Abenomics is sent to the US to revive the Trans-Pacific Partnership after four months of gridlock
Ask how the Trans-Pacific Partnership hurts working families; offshores kills …
I added a video to a playlist Should Korea Join the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
Next round of negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) may be in Canberra next month:
A new report urges trade officials to reconsider aspects of the
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement . What does it mean to you: .
The Trans Pacific Partnership is selling out America to Corporations. via
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a top-secret, global corporate power grab of breathtaking scope Pls share
Workers' rights and environmental protections should be in place before the moves forward:
Central America and the Trans-Pacific Agreement: Analysis of the impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on th...
Trade issues: eye-glazing, but worth the trouble. Today: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
How Big Pharma (and others) began lobbying on the Trans-Pacific Partnership before you ever heard of it
"Longer term, the Government will hope to progress the Trans Pacific Partnership."
Council on Foreign Relations. Remarks By Ambassador Froman on the Strategic Importance of Trans-Pacific Partnership
The still-secret (and developing) Trans-Pacific Partnership is a massive assault on America’s national...
2014- Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement-Is this an overthrow of the American
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would empower foreign pharmaceutical corporations to directly attack our...
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is bad news. This excellent YouTube video explains why:
Under the Trans Pacific Partnership, US companies may be able to sue the Australian Government for billions.
Top story: USW Supports Ranking Member Levin's Call for Greater Scrutiny of Tra… see more
ISDS: The devil in the trade deal Listen now Download audio show transcript Sunday 14 September 2014 8:05AM TPP Negotiations Honolulu 2011 Image: US President Barack Obama with the Trans-Pacific Partnership leaders at a meeting held in Honolulu in November 2011. (Saul Loeb/Getty Images) A common provision allowing foreign investors to sue host governments has become a ticking time bomb inside trade agreements like the soon to be signed Trans Pacific Partnership. Some countries are now refusing to agree to the provision and are questioning its legal legitimacy. Jess Hill investigates. The Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP, is one of the biggest trade deals in history. If it’s signed, it will cover almost 40 per cent of the global economy and 12 countries that border the Pacific Ocean, including Australia and the United States. US Secretary of State John Kerry was in Honolulu last month to preach the ethos of what he calls a ‘21st century agreement’. ‘In the 21st century, a nation’s interests and ...
Coming to a member of the Trans Pacific Partnership near you soon?
Here is My Blog on Trans Pacific Partnership to overtake WTO ?
Urge Congress to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership as it is bad for the environment and human rights.
Little Giant Ladders
No money went to Brunei.Comped.Stop US gov't from closing the Trans Pacific Partnership,that is how you'll affect it
Minister for Law explains the Trans Pacific Partnership represents about 40% of global GDP and 1/3 of all world trade
Register Now June 4th Webinar on the Trans Pacific Partnership! 6:30-7:30 pm . The best hope is that trade...
These Texas organizations are just a few that have taken stand against the effort to "Fast Track" the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement now being negotiated. They were among the 564 signers of a letter to Congress (see below) urging a full and open debate on this largest of all NAFTA-based trade deals and a rejection of the Nixon-crafted "Fast Track" procedure that would strip Congress of the right to examine, debate and amend the TPP. Texas AFL CIO Texas AFSCME Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Texas American Federation of Teachers Texas Fair Trade Coalition Texas Farmers Union Texas Political & Legislative Committee – CWA Texas State Association of Electrical Workers Texas State Building and Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO Texas State Council of Machinists Texas State Employee’s Union CWA Local 6186 A Philip Randolph Ft Worth Texas Chapter Austin Central Labor Council (TX) Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera (TX) Coastal Bend Labor Council, AFL-CIO (TX) Communications Workers ...
We would like to welcome D'Marie Mulattieri to the Justice Party National Steering Committee. D'Marie Mulattieri is a founder and executive director of an educational charitable nonprofit. She has organized over 1,000 events ranging from educational classes to multiple day conventions of over 450 people. She organized benefits to provide charitable aid to Cusco, Peru after it was devastated by torrential floods and then for the victims of the Fukushima tsunami. As a concerned citizen and activist, D'Marie began actively organizing to bring people together to create awareness and brainstorm on solutions to problems exasperated by the economic crash of 2008. She ran for Congress in District 39 during the 2012 election cycle as an Independent. She is currently a lead facilitator for GMO Free Orange County and Americans Organized for Change, a trans-partisan coalition to support grassroots activists. AOC's current focus is stopping the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) as well as Fast Track Authority. D'Marie i ...
Right now, Obama and other leaders are in closed-door meetings to Fast Track and finalize the Trans Pacific Partnership. And what they’re talking about will shock you.
enough of net neutrality side show. Y r so few talking about Trans Pacific Partnership? Whole families can be kicked from web
It's wonderful to see the raised awareness about the dangers of GMOs, and the victories being won at the state level, but I want to issue a very loud BEWARE! If the Trans Pacific Partnership is allowed to pass, it is most likely that GMO labeling will not be permitted. The TPP regulations, by design, will supercede US regulations, which in turn overrule any State policies. Make no mistake, the TPP is the beast that must be slayed. They are trying to secretly push it through. We need to make sure it doesn't remain secret, and that the US does not commit to it.
regarding a perjanjian called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). It involves ASEAN countries too if my facts are right
I have supported Obama from day one, but if anything changes that it is going to be if he keeps pushing this Trans Pacific Partnership free trade agreement! It is nothing more than NAFTA on steroids and I just don't get why the guy is promoting it. It will destroy more American jobs.
If we're lucky, the corporate-favors "Trans Pacific Partnership" will be dead soon. This is encouraging.
It's happening everyone and it is somehow connected with another equally devastating proposal, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). We need to vote these A*out of office!
♥ Obama leaves for Asia tour Wednesday, April 23, 2014 12:19 AM President Barack Obama departed Washington Tuesday for a weeklong tour of Asia in what the White House has called a "rebalancing" eastward of US foreign policy. Obama left Andrews Air Force Base at 10:30 am (1430 GMT) aboard Air Force One, on a trip that was first to make a stopover in Washington state to visit the scene of a deadly landslide. From there, the president's itinerary was to take him to Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines. The visit is Obama's fifth to the region during his presidency. During his travel, Obama will attempt to make progress in dragged out negotiations over the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, and reassure potential partners that he can get it endorsed by a reluctant Congress. Senior US officials have said both Japanese and US trade officials have been working to narrow gaps on market access in the auto and agricultural sectors that have slowed broader TPP talks. In Seoul, Obama will hold ...
Today on the show, justice is served on Earth Day; the Trans Pacific Partnership; a WHOLE LOT of law; the war on drugs; the Internal Revenue Service and oligarchy! Today is Earth Day and guess who is waging war ON the Earth? The President is going to Asia for the week and he will try to get the TPP through. Many law cases happened today - the Supreme Court heard a hugely important case about television; the Supreme Court decided a case about affirmative action and there is more law than we can shake a stick at! There is drug war news and it is very good and encouraging! The I.R.S. did something good today but something bad is happening to the I.R.S. -- or maybe it is something good! Question: What is an oligarchy? Answer: The United States? On Beyond The Norm, a rare two-for-one: Notes on Earth Day and what do we do about an out-of-control Supreme Court? Fierce independence means not running from the tough issues. We confront them daily, here, at the home of fierce independence - The Norman Goldman Show! ...
Poll › Should Japan join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade talks, which seem to be stuck ove...
We still have time to kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership!
If the Trans-Pacific Partnership was going to have a positive impact on working Americans, why aren't those in favor talk…
Learn how new patent provisions could make medication costs skyrocket under secret deal with corps. htt…
BOO HOO, Pres Obama can't get a single one of the 200+ House Democrats to co-sponsor for
Please SIGN to help say, "No More New NAFTAs, Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership"
what are you going to do about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the threat to our sovereignty as a nation?
Tell Tony Abbott to block the Trans Pacific Partnership - via This has been kept so secret !!
So what will signing up to the Trans Pacific Partnership mean for us? Here is the sign of things to come... A few months ago our govt found that Palmer's nickel refinery was Illegally discharging toxic waste into the waters surrounding the Great Barrier Reef. When confronted with this, Palmer responded by threatening to sue us for $6.4 billion if we try and stop him. So what did our govt do?
Mining for Profits in International Tribunals: Implications for the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Japan, U.S. trade talks in stalemate Not a lot of fresh FX-related news breaking over this Easter long weekend,...
Japan, U.S. trade talks in stalemate
You need to research the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). If the TPP is adopted the door will be open wider for...
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a hostile corporate takeover of national sovereignty -- VOTE NO!!
How the Trans-Pacific Partnership would impact food safety:
SCMP: Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal won't be sealed when Obama meets Abe: . . This we...
We as a People have to Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership from becoming a reality.
If Nigel Wright worked on the European trade agreement, I wonder if he's now working on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.
Brae Mate uhrrr Trans Pacific Partnership (13 countries) i don't go supermarket anymore - I put in brief submission (Greens & Pirate Party website form) against TPP (like just register ur displeasure 20 min) really needs to be challenged for internet privacy/ freedom, medications, & worst of all the Corporations can sue OZ govt for lost profits when OZ introduces new laws eg the recent tabacco advertising law - no branding on pakaging - tobacco already sued cost us Taxpayers millions in legal bills - TPP would wind up OZ beholden to rampant Corporate legal sue of us $. They would likely win law due to TPP. Tobacco co recently lost their case - TPP we would lose & either pay very hefty cost of loss of their profits!!! or have to rescind OUR law!!! ) speak up - petition is ok but simple submission - all politicians need to hear is there is widspread opposition & threatens their hold on power - that's all
U.S. and Japan wrangle over details in Trans-Pacific Partnership deal via
Top story: U.S. and Japan continue negotiations regarding Trans-Pacific Partner… see more
The Future of Food. by Monsanto. Pictured: A can labeled "Food" with Monsanto brand name. Ingredients: None of your business. Stop the TPP! (Trans Pacific Partnership)
I heard a discussion about the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership on NPR today. They said it was similar to NAFTA. I wonder if it will affect US citizens working in those countries.
Mike, Thanks to grassroots support from people like you all over the world, so far we’ve managed to stall the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Internet censorship plan from being finalized. The extreme proposals contained in the TPP will turn the Internet we know and love into something very different from what it is today. Specifically, the TPP will make your Internet Service Provider (ISP) liable for everything you do online.1 This will turn your ISP into the “Internet Police” monitoring what subscribers are doing as well as censoring & removing content to protect itself from getting sued.2 We know that US officials are leading the effort to globalize censorship through the TPP. The good news is that, this is an election year in the US; at OpenMedia, we’ve got a plan to amplify your voice right when decision makers have no choice but to listen. As a grassroots, community-backed organization, our ability to make an impact depends on you: Mike, can you chip in with a donation to help us put our pla ...
Tell Stephen Harper to reject the Trans Pacific Partnership and protect Canadian democracy via
Phillip Morris, an American multinational corporation, has used a "free" trade agreement between Australia and Hong Kong to challenge Australian law which requires anti-smoking graphics on labels. In spite of the labeling support from all Australian political parties as well as the Australian High Court, Phillip Morris has sued in private trade tribunals to be compensated for anticipated future profits which it says have been hurt by the labels. Outrageous but only one of many such suits! "Free" trade agreements move multinational corporations to be level of nation states and give them "rights" not available to domestic corporations. They do at the international global level what US Supreme Court decisions establishing corporate personhood rights have done within the US. Call your US Representative and US Senators - No to Fast Track Authority! No to the Trans Pacific Partnership! Time to renegotiate all existing "free" trade agreements to eliminate the Investor-State Protection Clauses which is what P ...
Join us on Thursday, March 13th 6:30PM at the Ames City Council Chambers for a Trans Pacific Partnership...
Going to the council building on the square at 3pm today to support Sue Pugmire Well today's the day! ...I don't think I slept a wink last night. My speech was rolling around in my head. ...I wonder how they'll all vote today.. I don't think I want to live in a post-TPP New Zealand. It would break my heart to see the changes. Well...up & at 'em. I'm off to a breakfast meeting at Tomato with Cr. Duncan McCann If you support this motion asking that we see the TPPA BEFORE its signed, please like this. Wednesday, 12th February 2014 To the Chief Executive, Palmerston North City Council, PALMERSTON NORTH I, Councillor Chris Teo-Sherrell, under Council Standing Order 3.10.1 hereby GIVE NOTICE OF MOTION that I will move at the next Council meeting on 24th February 2014, the following motion: That the Council resolves that: That PNCC send a letter, before 28th February 2014, to the Prime Minister asking him to submit any agreement that NZ reaches in the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations to the scrutiny of Par ...
"BREAKING NEWS: Nancy Pelosi comes out against Fast Track for the Trans Pacific Partnership. This "free trade"...
The recent leak of the environmental chapter of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) — a massive free trade deal being negotiated by 14 countries, including Canada — only serves to strengthen the argument that such economic deals pose a threat to the environment.   That's the message being sent
NDP calling for transparency in Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement
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from UP of visit to fight Trans Pacific Partnership.
from UP of visit to fight the Trans Pacific Partnership.
Canadian Govt puts our environment at risk in a locked down pact by on-signing to Trans Pacific Partnership...
Prime Minister Tony Abbott is keen to sign up to a free trade agreement called the Trans Pacific Partnership but critics warn it could open the way for the government to be sued by foreign corporat
Some updates so far... I have right now occucards regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership and ALEC (American Legion Exchange Council) one of the few organizations monsanto and their lackeys use laws and policies to benefit their agendas. They are brief summaries. If you want a good read please stop by at People and Planet Community Wellness Store and pick them up. I still have plenty more with me. check out
QUICK FLUSH - TPP 101 - Want to eat poisoned food or triple your medication costs? TPP will do that. Confused about how Multinational Corporations created the TPP, a Trans Pacific Partnership 'Trade Deal' that will hurt people globally? Wikileaks recently published two chapters of the agreement big…
*** marriage. *** athletes. That's not what this is about any more. The ruling class has co-oped this issue for its own gains. Example 1: Obama has many problems concerning his illegal drone program. Forget about international law. Most Americans don't care about that. But the big O has violated the Constitution and might so again. Add NSA spying, the record breaking deportations, and his ardent support for the Trans Pacific Partnership (more outsourcing), the *** issue is all the current administration has. That and maybe legalizing weed. They SHOULDN'T be issues that any political party can hijack. Example 2: The NFL (and the NBA) are PR nightmares. Never mind the off field antics from Riley Cooper, Michael Vick, Aaron Hernandez, and Superbowl champ/commentator Ray Lewis. Never mind the baby factories and lack of child support to follow them. And never mind that your taxes fund these corporate powerhouses (excuses about job creation are bunk). The game itself should NOT exist. It's one thing for concuss ...
Multi billion dollar gains to the economy - is the core of the pitch for why New Zealand should join the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) with the US and ten other countries.. Trouble is the FIGURES DONT STACK UP Firstline... 'The big sounding numbers have generally been taken at face value by political commentators and the media, with very little investigation into to how they were derived, what assumptions underlie them, and what crucial issues may have been left out of the calculations. Alongside this uncritical acceptance of the superficially-big numbers has gone equally uncritical acceptance of the characterisation of the TPP as a Free trade agreement (FTA) as if it is just another traditional trade deal focused on tariff cutting. The TPP is far from this, with only a few of its 29 chapters dealing with traditional trade legislation into line with a US-designed template, and compelling a wide range of provisions aimed to benefit US legacy.' corporates in particular (those protecting histori . ...
Celebrities have joined Russell Simmons in calling upon Ambassador Caroline Kennedy to pressure President Obama to abandon the Trans Pacific Partnership
Senate Leader Harry Reid ruled out Fast Track for the Trans Pacific Partnership, thanks to activism. Our voices matter.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Trojan horse for corporate control of agriculture via
Senator Harry Reid is a hero on the issue of "Fast Tracking" the Trans Pacific Partnership! Visit Healthy Eating to find out why!
The most insane part of most people of conservatives ATM is no one in the base is talking about the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
How the Trans-Pacific Partnership will literally kill us:
Trade-off: In exchange for ur constitutional rights, earns corporate CEOs WAY more $:
Austin MoveOn members are joining the fight against Fast Tracking the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. There are international actions on Friday around the globe to shine a light on how this free trade agreement will weaken the rights of…Read more ›
Has anyone been reading about the Trans Pacific Partnership? This is some REALLY important stuff, and NEEDS to be stopped. Read up on it.
Fight back against the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Friday at Portland State University:
Despite attempts to conceal its contents from the public, we know that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would take money and power away from the people an...
A film about the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership and how it screws the people's food safety in order to increase the green in the 1%'s pockets.
Did our senators vote yes for TPP...
What is the future of in Join in the discussion:
The Trans-Pacific Partnership smells a lot like and the WH wants to speed it up.
Will the Trans Pacific Partnership really be the job creator Obama claims? Or will it export jobs like...
Unless ur questions have anything to do w the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership. Thx Wikileaks!
Make it here. No one does it better than an American. Trade Expert: Why TPP — “NAFTA on Steroids” — Must Be Stopped
Free Software Foundation releases statement about the Trans-Pacific Partnership:
Have you issued a position on (hopefully opposing) Fast Track of the bad, secret Trans-Pacific Partnership?
the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will end it all for working folks. Oppose it at all costs!
Big new trade deals in Europe and the Pacific are near completion. What happens next?
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Over 100,000 people signed a petiton to deport Beiber but I people have never heard of net neutrality or Trans Pacific Partnership
Why should those working for a fair, sustainable system care about the Read this and find out.
Veto the Trans-Pacific Partnership Act and other similar agreements.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a terrible "trade" deal being negotiated in secret. Tell Congress: Stop the
Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens internet freedom, workers rights and the climate. What's to like?
“We need Members of Congress to oppose fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership," -
5 great reasons you should join the protest against the Trans Pacific Partnership (in Seattle on Fri |
With the exception of his attempts to sell the Trans Pacific Partnership - and fracking -, I was happy with it.
Is anyone besides Ed Shultz speaking to the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal and Fast Track authority? And of course, Amy Goodman and Thom Hartmann. Here are links to articles regarding the Democratic and Republican stances on this issue. The other three links are to articles re Honeywell outsourcing jobs—I looked these up because the CEO of Honeywell is one of those advocating for TPP and FTA, citing concerns that other countries place high tariffs on Honeywell products. The last link is actually a lengthy article from 2002 pointing out how many industries, including Honeywell, were outsourcing jobs. Sen Max Baucus (D-MT) heads up the finance committee that is pushing this FTA. He is also the one who scuttled the Public Option part of ACA, which had been passed by the House. For all this, he is awarded the appointment of Ambassador to China.
The White House plans to make a major push to convince Congress to Fast Track the Trans Pacific Partnership. Ed Schultz and James Hoffa discuss the dangers.
Here is a short video by Economy in Crisis which explains the global governance agreement known as Trans Pacific Partnership as well as Fast Track...
Trans Pacific Partnership would empower corporations to directly sue governments over laws, policies that they claim reduce their profits.
Trans Pacific Partnership - A Multi-National Corporate initiative to ensure they have no impediments when raping your Land and Resources and polluting your environment - If our Governments agree to this they are free to plunder and pollute and if you say no you will go to Jail!
The Green Party of Canada was dismayed to learn that the Canadian government has been lobbying Washington to abandon proposed environmental regulations in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).
Almost exactly two years after the historic Stop Online Piracy Act blackout protests, the fate of the free Internet may still be in limbo. Hollywood has launched a full-scale assault on online piracy. As the movie industry protects its copyrights, Silicon Valley and online activists worry that tighter web controls, like those being proposed in the Trans Pacific Partnership, will kill innovation and investment. RT’s Ramon Galindo has the story.
Update your maps at Navteq
Trans Pacific Partnership will only make it worse! The CWA is working to fight The TPP.
"Trade at any cost is not a value. Our core values – democracy, economic justice, consumer and environmental protection --must be enshrined in our trade agreements. We cannot delegate the responsibility to achieve those goals to secret negotiations nor to appointed officials without meaningful democratic control. Congress must play a strong and enforceable role in ensuring those goals are being met." --CWA President Larry Cohen, testifying today before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee on the danger of the Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP. Read Cohen's full remarks here:
Larry Cohen, President Communications Workers of America, Statement to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, Wednesday, January 16, 2014 For the hearing: Advancing Congress’s Trade Agenda: the Role of Trade Negotiating Authority, for the Trans Pacific Partnership (Fast Track)
Note to Secretary of State Kerry (cc: Senators Cantwell and Murray and Representative Heck): Re. Ongoing development of international trade agreements Given the growing concerns around planet earth regarding the impacts of human development on our limited natural resources, it should not be surprising to you in your leadership position that the efforts to develop new trade agreements causes one to pause, to say the very least. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the United States and European nations, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) between the USA and other Pacific Rim countries and the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) between Canada and China will each have significant consequences on each of our lives and lifestyles. Guaranteed investments by foreign-owned corporations in other countries is like playing with fire and must be avoided. This is asking for unimaginable, unaffordable ramifications These “behind closed door” trade agreements a ...
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