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Trans Man

A trans man (also trans-man or transman) is a female-to-male (FTM) transgender or transsexual person. A trans man was assigned female at birth, but identifies as male.

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also, Id think being a trans woman & getting into a rship with a straight cis man w/o ever telling
man legs to go with your man face. Are you trans?
Girl get real...bye! You are a pawn for his hate! Trans: U are being used by a man that don't like u! U r better than this!
Got back to moving story. Gatekeeping of HRT for trans autistic faults, led to a refused care trans man getting shot by police 🙁
Don't you worry what we call it. Just know we are taking America back. One woman (and man, and trans) at a time.
Should I become a man? You don't like *** but you do like trans folk. Interesting.
Black: 'proud to be Black'. Asian: 'proud to be Asian'. *** 'proud to be *** . Trans man: 'proud to be Trans'. Racist: 'prou…
BBCscum Obama *Man*ning sentence Don`t believe this Man-in Crap. He is part of a Obama Spy Trans…
ouch. Man, that's high. I'm having a street/strip trans rebuilt and it's only $1900
Born micro-premature. Proud Trans Man. Lived through more surgeries than I can count on 1 hand. Small hands don't define me…
telling a trans woman to be a man is like telling a lеsbian to be straight.
Oh man, jeez. How the *** did I even survive the last 35 years! 😆
Trans man crowdfunds to begin hormone therapy to avoid lengthy NHS waiting list
A trans man has been killed in a police shooting
no I'm admitting that I would fall for a man cis or trans and break up with him if they couldn't give me babies
No. Picture on right is trans something, but not a man at all.
Me neither, it's more a 'man corner'. Apart from the elusive Trans-Am think I know the Sinclair ones. Firebird, just not sure..
The Mail also has that story about a trans daughter and dad:
It's time to reboot "Valkyrie" with a Mexican *** as Hitler and a Black Muslim trans man as…
Handsome man sucked by a trans in public
Idk how does one know for sure that oneself is a man/woman/trans/shemale/others or hetero *** bi/others, so many options
Saudi trans-man speaks out about his experiences. Must watch.
This trans saudi man is an inspiration
[TRANS/DONGSTAGRAM] 170117 Dongwoon commented on Yoseob's post. . realbeastdw: Oh stylish man~~
This man was `racist` to his own white father, who is CONVERTING to Islam?? Is his father trans-racia…
I was raised by Feminists to be the ideal man servant. That's why nobody likes me. Fixing it instead of going Trans. Less tofu, more eggs.
My Brother's Pregnancy and the Making of a New American Family
[Hitmaker Live Trans] Doni said Doojoon is the reason this program was filmed 😂😂 And Junhyung described Doojoon as a man…
odd tho since a trans woman should love being refered to as a lady and trans man as sir..Isnt that the whole point of trans?
So this boy became a trans women and goes out with a girl who is a trans man so how does that work it's still a girl and boy relationship 🙄
I could be in a relationship w a cis man, or a trans woman, and our relationship would still be *** and also we could have kids
Trans Woman: god I hate my junk. Trans Man: I wish we could trade! . Trans woman: lol yeah! Take it away from me! XD . Cis people: ._. Wut.
Sade’s child comes out as trans man: "Today is the first day of the rest of my life"
I find it disgusting that a trans woman (Black haired creature) has attacked a trans man, privileged much!
What if a man looking trans goes in women bathroom? I would beat him. Its a hate crime now? 10 years in prison.
FAT!! SIMPLY 2 TYPES. Most good fats come from natural sources- Man hasn’t messed with them. Trans fats or bad fats are the man made fats.
Soul singer Sade's child comes out as trans man
is George will claim that after knuckle pumping this man, Trump fondled him in s trans…
He said he is 35 year old white man from Colorado 😭😭😭
He said 'males' like the only men we have in our country are are cisgendered men 😭. Guys we need to work on our erasure of trans bodies man.
Russian yuri is trans he's a short, angry trans man and this is the only headcanon I care about so far
Demarkis Stansberry: 30-year-old trans man killed in Baton Rouge, LA
I bet a white straight cis man could destroy a black *** trans woman with his mind alone.
It's another straw man that trans women want to stop women from talking about anything
Everything You Wanted to Know About Being a Trans Man but Were Afraid to Ask # via
But it's a young Latino trans man who shouts in Spanish, and he was practically branded a terrorist and, in French, "un agresseur".
One thing that makes me uncomfortable rather than sharing a restroom with a trans person is the straight man standing directly next the door
: S. Bear Bergman on a new movie that makes a joke out of murdered trans man Brandon Teena:... https:/…
(A current arc centers on a trans man reforming his misogynistic religion, an autistic quick-shot, and the bishop of the god of thieves.)
man playing p4 and the *** and trans narrative just getting THROWN IN THE TRASH makes me so sad..but i will keep playing..
(I don't know how men like to be complimented! As a man I always secretly wanted to be called pretty . . .)
If you look at the data, trans women are actually more oppressed than cis women. Why would a man *choose* that?
Maybe the man who said he would shoot me has changed his mind. But now he's every bigot who hates *** Jews, immigra…
Goal met, but u can still help! Trans man & LGBTQ activist Andrew needs open heart surgery!
Good Samaritans pull man from burning truck after crash shuts down Trans Canada near Springhill: SPRINGHILL, NS –…
Enraged to see new movie has a JOKE about murdered man Brandon Teena IN THE TRAILER.
Calling a trans woman a man is what makes you a bigot not being against the threat of male violence.
MAN kills woman in RESTROOM never happens right? 'I Did It Because Women Have Always Ignored Me':
the "trans" before the "woman" indicates you are speaking of a MAN who chose to live as trans.
I love when transphobes tell me "you're obviously a man" trying to insult me when I am literally a tRANS MAN LMAO
The man feels like he LOST his SON. Do you have kids? Does being trans mean NO ONE ELSE is allowed feeling?
A man literally trying 2 convince me that a few murders, beatings and suicides were worth it 2 not have 2 share a restroom…
So much awful here. Powerful white cis *** men speaking against a young trans man. Laurent McCutcheon is the WORST.
Seeing that man sob bcuz son is trans was sickening. It's not terminal cancer,THAT'S something about which to cry!I pray he changes.
"Oh, it doesn't matter that a cis man plays a trans woman.". "This violence against *** people IS AGAINST CISHET PEOPLE TOO.". Go do one.
20 yr old trans man Esteban Torres is being charged with assault for throwing a piece of paper at a politician
"tulak ng bibig, kabig ng dibdib" man I wish there's an accurate trans for this. This is exactly how I feel about those fake fans
Hate that ahs cast a man for the part of a trans woman but at least they go about the rest of it well I guess :/
Regardless of the politics associated with the debate on trans/sports; reality: It's a man. The name is a gimmick you know this
Incorrect:. • she used to be/is a man. • she turned into a man. Trans women don't 'turn into' anything, they *are* women rega…
So you want to be a trans now? "There is nothing fun about being a man."
It's funny how people Insult others by calling straight man a woman and Calling trans woman a man. E.g. Justin bieber and caitlyn Jenner.
yes. its transphobic bc they made a CIS man play a TRANS woman. the transition doesnt change that, but i see how you could-
Supermarket tried to make me wear low-cut uniform, transgender man says i... :-(
This man could be our next president: Ben Carson says trans people make "everybody else uncomfortable"
Top story: Trans man found murdered ‘with face cut off’ · PinkNews see more
yooo! I saw a post on tumblr from a straight lass saying she wouldn't date a trans man even post op bc they aren't real men
LRT Canadian cis man exploited trans inclusive policy to assault women- less notable if we assume men do what they do w/ or w/o sign/policy
Read This Book I Am the Word : A Guide to the Consciousness of Man's Self in a Trans…
Hey Spectrum! If you identify as a *** bi and/or trans man and are in the age range 18-29, check out this even...
Leslie Fienberg is also not a trans man and neither was the character in her book.
Trans man found murdered ‘with face cut off’: A transgender man whose face had been cut off was fo...
trans women ARE women. you can be a cis man and date a trans woman and still consider yourself straight
I am going to molest this amazing little Asian Trans man if he makes my legs and feet feel any more amazing right now!
If a trans man, marries a man and gets pregnant by said man that means that said trans man is still taking *** like a…
Trans man feels 'blessed' to have become pregnant and given birth
For richer and for poorer, In sickness and in health, man or transwoman, white or trans-black
"Gender stereotyping". 😂😂😂 You're either a boy or girl. Man or woman. Plain and simple. No Trans this or that! 💯
Amazing to hear speak on his experiences as an openly trans man in the military!
A trans man with a cis man is a homosexual relationship and so is a trans woman with a cis woman this is like 5th grade…
don't invalidate my identity or any other trans persons identity with this "caitlyn jenner is a man" nonsense. she is a WOMAN respect her
wht technology u talking about usually only trans men have their breast removed. My cousin is a trans man.
I'm all for people to express themselves but i don't agree w. that California prison to pay for a man's full trans surgery
it's a trans man meaning born a female transitioned to a man. So it doesn't really matter you can't build a *** Only chop off
neg// realizing the reason i never wanted to live to be old was bcuz i didn't want to grow up anything other than an old Man like trans af
Ladies weigh in on this top, could you date a trans man? 👀
Why not? Esp if he straps up? I'm not getting with a trans man any other way.
Someone: "Well… I'm a very many girl but I've never wanted to be a man". Me: well probably because you aren't trans
Oh god gimmie trans man or nonbinary Kid yes please and thank
Brian is my favorite, he is a *** man who has tattoos and when I told him I was trans he starts using make pronouns
Nope, and lemme tell you why. YOU can’t say what another person is. That was the point of the original post. …
when you play FFXII think of these:. - aroace Lightning. - trans man snow . - *** demigirl vanielle. - nb faang
A cis woman in a relationship with a trans man is a heterosexual relationship a cis woman in a relationship with a tran…
Bit worried. A lot of people don't take me seriously, thinking I'm a cisgendered man. Hows it gonna go when they find out I'm a trans woman?
so the one on the right is a trans man with ovaries and a *** Lol
Jim Hawkins is a strapping young aro/ace trans man, pass it on.
⭐️ • Man Utd transfer news and rumours: United offered chance to sign Mario Mandzukic: Man Utd trans...
'dissenting views' is one thing, dehumanising language is another. Cmon. you can't call a trans woman a 'man'.
Transgender issues. Where are the trans race issues? Trans height? I'm a short black woman trapped in a tall white man's body. Fund me!
same person btw said something along the lines of "I can't call a trans man a male because that would be like I'm lying"
V usually seems to act baby,but if he falls in love he would probably turn into manly man, sincere guy. JIN. kimmy-trans. as i expected.
This trans man loves transwomen excited to be amongst the babes
love this video of & her man, Tiq on becoming pregnant as a *** mama & trans* dad. blessings to you bot…
indeed,.. it was created by m-f trans (a MAN) to try to redefine what it means to be female
And if you use misogynistic language don't expect me to give you a pass or consider it "cool" because you're a trans man. Come on people.
I agree. God Made man and woman. Man creates trans. God will Not Be Mocked. Simple Truth!
Hearing a trans WOC was killed in but all media reports are saying they are a man. Any info? Thanks
I so totally agree. he is nothing more than a cross dresser, a drag queen. Only man and woman. NO TRANS!
like idk man I was raised catholic and I'm depressed af and am super trans why shouldn't I be allowed to identify w matt hmmm
Transparent: trans woman played by cis man, presents cis ppl's preferred narrative for trans ppl, praised by cis review…
tuesday: confirmed transmisandrist and Trans Man Hater (TM)
I’m thinking about stealth trans men and singing “secret afab man” to the tune of secret agent man in my head
[Content warning: violence toward, confusing misgendering of a trans person]. This happened right in my neighborhood:
I wish the whole "I'm a trans man" part in being John Malkovich was explored and not just tossed away after that scene.
Religion prof offers insight as a man to questions re: identity &
Y can't you have your opinion abt Bruce Jenner this is America. Bruce is a man not matter if she says trans. Man he will stay.
if this is actually a femme presenting trans man, is he straight? Not really
Whether trans people are capable of bearing a child or whether they have operations doesnt make them more or less of a man/woman
Dumb cis straight woman always steamrolling LGBT, n esp trans. Sittin here whining about *** man said my shirt was ugly, that's misogyny"
MAN trans people are weird arent they
[Headline news trans] Jung Ilwoo looks elegant wearing a tuxedo. 'The charming young man is here'.
Matt- (HE/HIM. Trans, man, artist, and absolute cutie. 💕
No matter what anyone says, you are beautiful whether you're a man, woman, trans man/woman, bigender, agender, any identity. You are radiant
(Cont.) you are treating being a trans man as a whole other gender, when in reality, trans men are just men who…
Tip for talking about matters:. Trans is an adjective. Add a space in between. Eg. trans woman, trans man, …
A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears. (Woodrow Wyatt)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
A man has been charged over the bashing of trans musician Stephanie McCarthy (http:/…
Meet Dean- he is a husband, a father and a 52 yr old Wiradjuri man. He is also a Brotherboy
"The Motley is already there. Aron Macarow, a trans man and Scripps alum who graduated in 2007, noted in a blog...
Black trans woman, Milan, confronts and beats up a white cis man who called her a man!!.
Every man I meet is in some way my superior. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
i saw one case of a trans gg individual getting a phone call. Absolutely terrible. I believe it happened...
Yeah because doesn't have tons of silenced minorities, women, trans, LGBTQIA oh wait.
As if trans world sport is still on man!
Ohio man sentenced to 18 years to life for murder of transgender woman
Annasui is a trans man basically in canon like. Come on. What if F.F. ends up being unlucky and sunburns anyway oh no
charming AND humourous, if I were a *** man or trans I might just jump in!
+ like if she HAD to be a man her ability to assimilate would be easier than a PoC who is trans
Photoset: flawfilled: RIP to all those who didn’t make it to 2014. And to those that did; I’m so, so proud...
Photo: haedia: thewolfofnibu: stahscre4m: there are guys in my dorm who decided to play cards in the...
"It’s so beautiful to kiss someone who actually means a lot to you." - Alena M. (via breanna-lynn)
Normally I don't mind being misgendered, but that therapist I saw today, a trans man himself, in a trans focus practice, did it to me.
Trans Dating lindogostoso from: lindogostoso, Man from Vitoria, 39 years
Trans Dating cowboyinde from: cowboyinde, Man from New Castle, 49 years
Kate Yoland of reports on Trans Pecos Fest. Man... I miss marfa
The point is that "man in dress = evil deceiver" is a real trope that endangers the lives of real trans women.
I thought the article was about trans people? Why did you interview a young *** man? If he is trans, that is not about his sexuality.
trans people are the gender they have swapped too so a FTM would be a man even if they had a woman's body
golden Man is sitting in the air without any chair. Graben, Wien
i hear "kill all men" and think Malcolm X was a man, Marx was a man, trans men are men. we are not kids we should stop talking like them
even though there's load differences between trans woman and *** men, I wonder how she'd feel if he cheated with a *** man?
A cis person lecturing trans* people on transphobia is as bad as a man telling a woman she's not experiencing sexism
Op-ed: Remembering the AIDS Crisis as a *** Trans Man in a Double-Closet
Gaby Hoffmann trying to seduce a trans man.+She takes gender studies class with Carrie Browstein. That show is AMAZING!!!
American Family Assn outs trans man, calls him *** " insists that government must cancel his wedding to woman:
Trans Dating besomuy from: besomuy, Man from Rome, 45 years
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Too exhausting being a woman, trans-sexual on the bludge to be changed back to a man
A lot of old money men who bankroll projects in Hollywood...and they don't want a *** man or trans woman headlining their work.
Another murder. This time in East Hollywood. Cops wouldn't say trans man or woman, confusing reporters. http:/…
Should a man who fell off a B.C. ferry be used to model where an oil spill might drift? -Globe & Mail
What kind of sex toys would be okay for a trans man?
Global Trans Gender Connection & Gurlfriend Needs A Man profiles - When a Tgirl needs to be spanked before...
Cis man and Canadian senator Wants to legally define trans to only those who have had genital surgery. Guess I am not trans
Trans Dating monkeyshine2000 from: monkeyshine2000, Man from Clovis, 46 years
141002 Kangin TW & IG Update . [Trans] I'm a man that puts on makeup. Going to work late today.
at last, u changed reference about trans WOMAN murdered. yesterdays fool kept sayng "he" and "man". evn in death--disrespect
After watching Season 1 of I'm debating living my life as a female to male trans man. I even had the below the belt surgery.
Oh man commuting via public trans is never a dull moment! Old man peeing onto L tracks!
I'm the trans Avenger :p. Not actually. They revoked my application because my *** is bigger than Iron Man's. Egos eh http:/…
Get ripped — Atlanta's first trans man bodybuilding contest takes stage this weekend :
amazing how many people assume a trans man is going to be masculine. throws hands in air. I need a drink.
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Trans Tuesday. No, not transformation Tuesday. Trans Tuesday because you look like a man.
My grandmother tried talking to me about a trans girl but she looked like a man and I nope'd out and almost puked.
Well, if there is man crush monday and woman crush wednesday, then what about trans crush tuesday or whatever?
oh sorry man. I'll keep it down. Didn't realize.
i'd be the Big Trans Woman who steps forward like *cracks knucks* "is this little man bothering you ladies"
Trans Dating piterakos from: piterakos, Man from Thessaloniki, 32 years
Any man can make mistakes, but only an *** persists in his error. (Cicero)
trans man Steve looking in the mirror for the first time after the serum and being in awe at the lack of top surgery scars
true. And that's only talking about cishet ppl. Idk if I wanna marry a man, trans or cis or otherwise
.Pretty sure trans-woman would count as woman here. Genderfluid. maybe too much man? How do you test this?
Idk, man. I feel like, at an HBCU, I'd have all black friends, all christian, all either *** straight/bi (no trans*), mostly middle class...
It's still a kind of bioessentialism to treat a trans woman like a man for any reason other than some specific medical ones
I mean, yeah, she doesn't identify as trans, and shouldn't be identified/heralded as such, and criticized where necessary ofc
I gave up tumblr for good after I saw a college-aged trans man say that non-binary people couldn't possibly have dysphoria
Had a trans guy tell me if I didn't like it to "man up"... I ... what. ._.
Apparently yer man that won the Eurovision is a 'Trans-el-vestite'.
article abt being married to a trans man "Ive learned absolutely nothing about gender nd Im boring as *** but arent I a super good person"
When I talk about trans issues I get lumped in the "angry trans woman" category. That's so not my scene. Those chicks sc…
Stabler is really not alright with strippers, and he was fairly mean to a trans man.
We have Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday, why not Trans Crush Tuesday? I nominate
when you are talking about physical violence and use the word WOMAN or MAN please make sure you mean (WO)MEN both cis and trans
just messing with you man. Way to say flick you to the system. Lol
A man (male-to-trans) in the women's locker room watches another woman dress, is caught by this onlooker.
Check out our job opening for a Rail Management - Various in Jersey City, NJ! H&M Internat'l Trans
Photo: nobody-in-particulur: lbittersweet: welcome-tobrightvale: basically OH This puts it in perspective...
1st test of harsh anti *** law will take place 12 June. Trial of *** man & trans woman. READ:
Trans Dating ste4tranny from: ste4tranny, Man from Verona, 57 years
[TRANS] 140511 KhunFany Running Man . MC: What is Tiffany doing right now? . Nichkhun: She’s on a break. Sleeping.
I am in love with my trans man. Hence the name. 😍
it'd be cool if trans people had equal rights and were treated like people and people didn't make fun of them I dunno man just saying
Stay focused man, got you in a trans!
Reports indicate GoM Bill says only man can be accused (good) but only woman can be victim - that's bad. Victim must include men, trans ppl
So in other news that I found out this weekend (that I can risk talking about) I realized my mom might be a trans man.
Oh man.. The bus drivers having a Monday.. Bus won't start up again.. to:
Idk man I just think that specifically would be what trans* people get all the time so you can't be patient & ~polite~ every time
Revelation 1:13: And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, cloth...
Exciting news! Why does the times continue to resort to bad puns and insulting language re trans ppl. 'new man?' ugh.
ohh dear lol trouble...and the white man takin the pics tho? Smh.
Seest thou a man that is hasty in his words? there is more hope of a fool than of him. (KJV)
Typical of a man professing to be trans-gender and proud! ***
"Nice BP today😎" good for you man, im proud of you.
Jaime and I are mentoring a young trans man. So glad kids are more free to be themselves now. We all win.
For one man who sincerely pities our misfortunes, there are a thousand who sincerely hates our successes. (Charles Caleb Colton)
Also I say unto you, Whosoever shall confess me before men, him shall the Son of man also...
OBAMA: Some are upset about the lack of media on my gold outing. TRANS: MAN I DIDN'T KNOW *** TIGER MIGHT BE DOING! HAD TO PLAY IT COOL!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Man ‘guilty’ of fraud for not telling girlfriend he was trans
JUDGE TRANSLATION "We are heart we are soul we are one man Link me to my Judge soulmate for ultimate power"(Buffy trans)
man dnt get me started cause u know I dnt give none either!
She likes 'em with a moustache, racetrack season pass, drivin' in Trans-Am, does a mullet make a man?
All I felt like doing when I read the trans was to shout MAN DOWN, RYEOWOOK, MAN DOWN!!
For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them. And they went to...
65-year-old trans man who's two weeks on T, for those who'd like to see older transitioners:
But this man, because he continueth ever, hath an unchangeable priesthood. (KJV)
man, thats scary, you dont even know man or woman or trans?? What liverpool stuff?
Weekend fun this time. Want to know why? Due to an exciting tv shows exclaimed. Like the "little man" on trans tv
[Trans] During singing Your Man, Dongwan was crazily belting out high notes, today ev via
When I go off to uni this is how introductions will go: Man: Hi I'm *** Me:Hey, are you a trans-gender? But really.
wah i so love this song.. I'm Your Man by Kim Hyun Joong ^_^
Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and...
Why couldn't the ghost see his parents? Because they were trans-parents!
I'm your man mv di trans tv skrg kkk
Come on trans tv hurry up !! I can't pause the running man too long -_-
I'm such α bad fangirl.. Choose watching Running Man than watching 2PM in trans TV xP
Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad; and a gift destroyeth the heart. (KJV)
The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. (William Thackeray)
And no man shall come up with thee, neither let any man be seen throughout all the mount; neither let...
If they sin against thee, (for there is no man that sinneth not,) and thou be angry with them, and...
for real! thisvid was afro we need to get back to that era-so many ppl! and actually DANCING their *** off
Man I love listening to the trans Siberian orchestra.
Homeless Man mocked in Timberlake video wants Timberlake to know what it is like to be homeless.
And he said, So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground; (KJV)
And there came a man of God, and spake unto the king of Israel, and said, Thus saith the LORD, Because the...
CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS: man interested in writing advice or blogging regularly? Visit
UGH. Please, like anyone would choose to be *** or trans. I would love to be a straight white man and male, pero no puedo
So glad to have the Pope’s guidance, here I was thinking all my *** and trans friends were good ppl NOT working towards the fall of man.
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I'd insult any man or woman who asked religions to unite in discriminating against *** and trans people. // Agree
Man...just hurt my knee doing an interpretive dance to the trans Siberian orchestra...
If you haven't blared Trans Siberian Orchestra - Carol of the Bells through the house by now you're not doing it right.
O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee. (KJV)
Wrapping presents and I forgot which twin likes spider man and trans formers 😖😠😣
Man I wish I was going to the Trans Siberian orchestra this year. Gonna be a great show!
Yo girl a trans boy she was born a man boy😂
I gave up on Cis men when I met my husband. He's a trans man. It was a big adjustment of personal expectations, but saved me.
Now watching Man eye a.k.a mata lelaki at trans 7
[TRANS] "My everyone~!Your christmas present is the cute Rudolph man who is none (cont)
My handsome man took me to the trans siberian orchestra last night!!!
Albert Cashier was a trans man who served as a soldier in the US civil war.
more like a trans... A woman trapped in a man's body but I still love you quise even if you're actually a woman
Moshe Koppel demonstrating statistical techniques to determine if a text is written by a man, a woman or a trans-gender writer.
hey sugar down - any sourdough loaves going spare today? Didn't order in advance but a hungry man!
Heh. Well, pretty much no trans-feminists claim that lower surgery magically makes a man into a woman.
Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ? (KJV)
He does love everyone. Man, women, homosexuals. Trans-gender, everyone.
“We are voluntarily accepting the role of Public Enemy The Black man is the most feared man in America.” --Carter,
Smh crazyRT My man could abuse me emotionally as long as he hands me over a 20+ piece hot wing tray afterwards. I'm so serious.
I'll go hands with this man, hit him with the left right. But if i pull out and go ham i hope this trans-vest-tight.
oh man I can't believe that. I need reinforcements remember alex silva at the fcw camp. I think he owes u trans
ur lying right please tell me your joking LOL thats no women that looks like a freaking man! *** IS SHE TRANS
If any man speak in an unknown tongue, let it be by two, or at the most by three, and that by course; and...
What better gift can a man have, other than prayers. However if u insist, check ur Trans International Bank acct for the alert
Tight pants I cnt stand, I dress like a *** man nd if you dress like the opposite sex you a *** trans
Okay cool man. I was listening to the whole track just now. It's awesome. Just puts me in a trans lol. Thanks :)
Hey man, do you still have the backing track for Trans Siberian's O Come All Ye Faithful? I'd love to get it.
Another pointless Life Trans class. Man,I could have slept in instead of sitting here with nothing to do.
And the LORD said unto Moses, Take thee Joshua the son of Nun, a man in whom is the spirit, and lay thine...
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I'm writing an adaptation of a play and would love to talk to a trans man. Anybody to help me please?!
No man I definately have to find a trans man a very sorry
Wednesday, October 24 at 7:00pm in CDT at Open Book
Trans out hope trans man cn tak me n 2mar ned my money maker bak up n rolln asap
Let's keep our feelers out for when this movie is released state-side. :)
I am looking forward to seeing this movie...
Stephen Ira Beatty doesn't mention his famous parents in YouTube video.
A video of me answering the WeHappyTrans Project's 7 Questions! Here is the text of the questions proper, if you're curious: 1) What's your name? Chosen or o...
View the photo Warren Beatty's Son on Being 'Trans Man' on Yahoo! News. Find more photos in our photo galleries.
Someone told me not to pretend to be a man when I took on a man's name as a pen name... but what if you realize you ARE a man.. a trans man? You aren't pretending any more.
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