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Train Wreck

A train wreck or train crash is a type of disaster involving one or more trains.

I listened to Train Wreck by Kasey Chambers on Outlaw Country
At 23:00 UTC on TGV repeat of Chrissie's Train Wreck: British and American
Every day should be National Cheesesteak Day! Get a unique & 1 of best Cheesesteaks in Beck's Train Wreck!
If you're Mrs puts the film Train Wreck on and you think it's another chick flick, it's not it's actually funny
Cory Wilkins and the Train Wreck live 5/7 at the Coyote Music Festival, El Cajon.
I'd like to go back to simpler times when I wasn't sleep deprived, or emotionally unstable, or a complete train wreck.
Don’t watch Fuller House. It is like a train wreck that you can’t look away from.
Most likely to be a train wreck: tburke
Perhaps that 65% national unfavorable rating has many seeing the Trump train as a train-wreck.
"We should start you tubing ourselves. Hello we are Train and Wreck. CHOO. CHOO." 😂😂🚂
This last sequence of events with the umpires was a train wreck 😂
My current status: an emotional train wreck
.Worry that you are on the train, I think it's headed for a wreck
is like a train wreck. Like its so sad and you don't want to look but you can't help it and then you feel bad for staring at it
man my feet hurt and my heads pounding why am I a physical train wreck
Think he's driving as far away from this train wreck as that truck will take him.
Though I do not agree with 99% of Hillary's views and conduct, I am appealing to her as a fan of Castle, to stop this train wreck.
I legit said this would be my season and it's been nothing but a train wreck for me. I wish I could go back and do things differently. ):
Before the train wreck that would be Leah and Jenelle? No chance.
It just set in that me Adrienne and Ryan are going to be living together wow what a train wreck
OTH is making me an emotional train wreck rn.
If we wind up w/Trump vs Hillary I'm done with the RNC and the MSM that orchestrated this train wreck.
Did you not see that train wreck last night in SF?
for sure, Ells hasn't been terrible but Headley has been an absolute train wreck since getting his money
. If the twins have creative control this show will be a train wreck!.
any hope of a contested convention. It sure does feel like watching a train wreck
So I'm at a yogurt place and No by Meghan train wreck was on and my dad started singing so I'm about to ask the cashier if they have rope
If your team is being railroaded by monologue, a train wreck awaits. Applies to in-person & virtual. https:/…
Oh, but the pundits show us how Trump can get close and we must give it to him "don't ya know" .Trump Train Wreck!!
Here are 19 mins of the Legislature train wreck caused by Wanner issuing an allegedly pre-written ruling. http…
I never said I thought it wouldn't still be a terrible flick... I think it'll be an interesting train wreck. Ha-ha.
Train wreck. I am college fan. To know he has a Heisman pains me.
Unbelievably frustrated with the Celtics. Glad I didn't watch that train wreck of a game...
fans have had the worst luck in all sports. What a train wreck
Oh I know. I was just making fun of Sandoval because we all knew it would be a train wreck and we were right.
“Empathy & hatred collide in an emotional train wreck.” Inside .https:…
Total train wreck. Lots have tried to help. Needs to bottom out.
Yo everything is a train wreck and terrible but I'm suppose to act like it's all okay 😎✊🏿
My mind is a steadily declining train that has a steep drop off a cliff leading to an ineitable wreck
It's like a train wreck goin' up in flames I can't seem to turn away.
Soon to be president train wreck unfortunately.
Hopefully it will be but, what if it's a train wreck???
American politics are fascinating. Not unlike a train wreck. Tell the youth the importance of the vote, and laugh at what they voted for.
Our country is approaching the train wreck we all knew was coming. Enlist in the USFA at
A bad experience in life isn't like a train wreck. It's more like a derailment. You just have to get back on track and pick up steam. -SG
I’ve been leading the fight against this train wreck. As POTUS, I’ll repeal every word of it
Stop being mad at God for all the crazy prayers you prayed that didn't get answered and be thankful that He saved you from…
My Condolences... . Who talked them into THAT train wreck ??
First it was the train wreck with the vultures and now this.
I might do my makeup... and I might post a selfie... pls let me off on this one I might look like a train wreck
Try your best to ignore me, but your eyes can't look awake from the train wreck that I am
And did not share their table with him. The poor guy looked like a train-wreck and sat on another table on his own..The 2 other guys were..
It really feels like the inevitable Harbaugh vs Michigan train wreck is gonna be entertaining to watch.
Totally seeing this tonight. Don't care that it's probably more of a train wreck than the actual train movie.
If you stop progressing, you will soon be a train wreck waiting to happen.
So cringey! You're married yet begging for a streamer's attention... 🙈 Cant watch that train wreck anymore.
My takeaway from this is that every time white guys from reddit try and interact with the world its a train wreck.
yeah, but drunk Adam duritz (minus the head cold) is an emotive genius and is spectacular for the near train wreck on every song
Train wreck. Disaster. Dysfunctional law enforcement allowing supplies in so this continues. Irresponsible.
Atlanta has been a train wreck for 10 years. San Antonio had limited ownership.
you are stronger than me. I can't not watch, like a train wreck or one of those "hold my beer" gifs.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Sometimes I hate having 3 politics classes because we have to do in depth discussion about the train wreck that is the Republican party...
no chance, the girl is a train wreck. If she stays n Jeremy goes she'll walk. Too insecure n needy to stan…
This whole situation from beginning to end was an absolute train wreck. Christian Yingling
Went low last night. Didn't wake. Had one of those struggling dreams. Now feel like train wreck.
Trump is like a bad train wreck, you just have to watch, then disgusted you did
I can't stop watching highlights from last night. It's a train wreck.
Resigned to relegation. Not even Johnnie can save this train wreck
Debates = watching a train wreck happen, u just can't look away. FYI, you're a sports guy, putting politics in my sports list :I
I'm imagining the Heyward/McLouth train vs Toyota Prius wreck all over again.
― "Okay, Yeah. I'm a total train-wreck today ― attempting to fix my hair last moment." . Tomas lowly utters.
Keele and Dundas is normally a train wreck. I'd hate to be anywhere near there rn.
Cruz had a strong opening. Other than that, this is a train wreck.
A lot are ppl who would never support him but want to see the train wreck as it happens. :)
and I said how big of a train wreck that would be
Lmaoo why are we such a train wreck? 😩😂😂 I miss the ratchet days!
That MB is a train wreck. Parents calling out coaches/players. Coaches calling out other teams players/parents/coaches.
Ooh. You meant need to UNfriend him then? Meh. Something to be said for rubbernecking a train wreck.
That would be outstanding and likely a train wreck.
today's gonna be a train wreck but at least I'll look cute going thru it:-)
The rail service in Britain is a wreck, you have to pay £20 for a short journey where the train is delayed and absolutely packed
Sitting outside drinking cinnamon coffee and listening to . Perfect Friday morning. Too bad my hair is a train wreck.
When people ask me for guestlist tonight
What’s up with multiple downloads for different players and files? This is a UX train wreck please figure it out. *rant*
was a walking train wreck in later years. In 06 at a reunion show, chain-smoking and swigging vodka, but a legend. RIP.
This how I feel after working in the studio for days ...
I think I may be watching a figurative slow motion train wreck. How many red flags will I need to raise to try to stop?
month end nonsense. I suspect the train wreck will resume next week
My stomach hurts, my phone is broke, and I'm emotional. So basically I'm a train wreck today. .
oh *** yeah...he's an alcoholic train wreck. Should stick to stand up comedy!
I may look like a train wreck but the 12 hours of sleep was definitely worth it
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
"You may be a train wreck but you're my train wreck. And I think you're a hot train wreck. A train wreck on fire.". "You can stop now."
"Raiders are exploring Las Vegas" - How could this not be the most awesome train wreck ever? via
Kanye is the biggest train wreck ever lmao
"Consensus forecasts" for GDP started in that 2.5-3% range . 0.7% is a train wreck vs. Old Wall expectations
Looking forward to this absolute train wreck of a football game later
don't even think someone can argue that he'd fill seats. Not sure a lot of people want to watch the train wreck for much longer
5* Great read like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
“It’s kind of like having to watch a train wreck. I know how it ends,” says Marcia Clark of the O.J. Simpson series: htt…
Damnit The best video quality of any vid conf solution out there, but biggest train wreck UX wise. Make it simple again you ***
The debate was a train wreck!!! Not only that, but it made all the other candidates look extremely bad.
Today has been rock bottom for It is simply impossible to watch this slow motion train wreck masquerading as journal…
Law Society once noble has become a train wreck. Professionalism ousted as poor leadership alienates its members https…
Terrible showing today every game before Champions League is a train wreck. We're better than that
Must. Stop. Reading. The comments. Must. Stop. It's like a train wreck - I want to look away but can't stop myself.
First 11 months out of the year: life is a train wreck. In December: life is a Polar Express wreck
oh babe. Compared to your train wreck of an existence; I'm practically royalty.
I'm watching a painfully slow train wreck and the conductor is oblivious to what is about to happen despite all the war…
America :: you're going broke. Help us stop the train wreck & enlist at .
"if Trump gets the nomination I'll vote for him. I've never seen a train wreck."
How was my first year of college so successful and my second was a complete train wreck
Last nights train wreck was sponsored by rumple minze and tequila 🌚
I feel terrible for who is clearly mortified as her network drags her into an absolute train wreck of a segme…
My life has been a train wreck for I don't know how long now.
Reading your TL is like watching a train wreck, horrifying yet fascinating Makes me feel better about the US. Schadenfreude
- OK lots of thoughts from our group but we agree that the defense is a train wreck so Erik Karlsson please and thank you.
The massive update done to by is a complete train wreck. One of the best apps around, completely ruined.
it’s the first time I have ever written a review. And like the hundreds of others written today we all agree it’s a train wreck
Me through the year: my life is a train wreck. Me in December: my life is a polar express wreck
My omelette didn't look like a complete train wreck this time 😊
It was like a train wreck in slow motion. Made my skin crawl but I couldn't look away, just sputter in disbelief.
Cracking being an utter train wreck again
The one thing that survives this train wreck is a Tank?
Fighting for the spotlight, feelin' no shame. It's cool to be a train wreck, put it on the Internet.
📷 i-may-be-strange: His character was golden and the only reason to watch that train wreck
Until Americans realize that this complete train wreck of a President is part of God's judgment, they won't understand wha…
I'm still here sadly, still struggling on with my train wreck of a life constantly trying to find just one person who might love me.
The nostalgia to visit Disney land hits me like a train wreck.
is such a complete train wreck compared to his two predecessors Giuliani and Bloomberg . It's tragic NYC has to suffer this clown
I can go from emotional train wreck to cold hearted so fast
The starting 11 is either going to be genius or a train wreck. I hope you know what your doing Hughes.
And, honestly, if somebody wants to criticize me for not being a train wreck, that's fine with me. - Taylor Swift
Train Wreck ... Hartford, Ct. My dad's first time "driving" he drove through the roundhouse walls!
Hahhaa im watching train wreck and lebron is even funnier than I was led to believe
It's only 11 and today's already a train wreck, forgot my wallet so I can't eat until after work at 8 and my lighter just broke 😊😊
what is doge? That meme from almost 3+years ago. Nope, I will be skipping this train wreck.😃 I love Zero Punctuation! .
This train wreck of a semester is almost over!!!
If I see anyone I know irl today I'll cry, I look like a train wreck & have the worst cold
Nyle won this validating watching the last train wreck of a season. Go slay the world Nyle!
Why am I up at 4:20 in the morning, watching this train wreck called a stream
This may turn out to be a train wreck - but someone else just grabbed a front row seat to watch the carnage!
The first part of my night went well and then it became a train wreck
I've only watched the promo 50 times. It's like a train wreck.
The Republican Party has created all the horror tales of an TRAIN WRECK. The truth is OBAMACARE is running FULL S…
BHP Billiton can't afford another train wreck
These past three weeks have been a complete train wreck for me
To those who never sat in a train, even its (alleged) "wreck" is better ;-) Experienced admins may not need but users do.
omg monstax is coming too. HI CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SHIP SEVENTEEN OVER FOR ME PLEASE. i mean join the train wreck right? Bts, got7, ...
I haven't heard it!!! I wish I did but I know I'd be a total train wreck
I know we're not everlasting, We're a train wreck waiting to happen. One day the blood won't flow so gladly, One day we'll all get still.
Carlisle away in 1970 was an absolute train wreck. Some good players in that team too. Very odd!
I love when ratchet people have their instas set to public so I can observe their train wreck lives unfold
I'm a train wreck follow me if you like dumb.
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