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Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is a public space and tourist attraction in Central London, England, United Kingdom built around the area formerly known as Charing Cross.

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YULIN/BOKNAL CELEBS have been protesting in thd UK (&globally) for 3yrs. We march into 2018 where we will be protes…
Trafalgar Square, family jump in. £8.80 on the clock; havent moved an inch. Comfortable as a warm Taxi might be, I advis…
International Human Rights Day - last night I was singing in the cold in Trafalgar Square for the detainees in Syri…
Our friendship with Norway. The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square is given each year by the Norwegian capital city, Os…
Let’s hope we don’t get to Nelson Mandela and his Column in Trafalgar Square .
Trafalgar Square from high up? via Reddit. I want to take an "aerial" picture of Trafalgar Square, somethi…
Catch District/Circle to Westminster. See HoP. Walk up Whitehall to Trafalgar Square. Left down Mall to Buck Palace.
UPDATE- we have a new assembly point. Now meeting at North Terrace of Trafalgar Square next to Pall Mall East. We will be th…
1985, 150,000 people march from East, West & South London to Trafalgar Square to demand British sanctions aga…
Just found out that Bono dedicated Sunday Bloody Sunday to the British army at a gig in Trafalgar Square at the wee…
So played and dedicated Sunday Bloody Sunday to the British Army in Trafalgar Square yesterday.?
Yes it has. St Pauls Cathedral has moved. Looks like it's now somewhere near Trafalgar Square.
Meet Lord Nelson. No…not that one. That one is in Trafalgar Square. This one is a Sam and Sarah lookey likey in...
Trafalgar Square from St Martin in the Fields before the building of Admiralty Arch. The oldest postcard in my co…
That day I was so hungover I had no makeup on. And there was a choir in Trafalgar Square. Did not help…
Armistice Day, Trafalgar Square shoot - Behind the Scenes - Look for WW featurette Crafting the Wonder on Digital.…
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A bus in Trafalgar Square. A painting by Mike Jeffries.
I wrote a post on the blog about the centenary sculpture in Trafalgar Square
The peloton will pass Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square during each of the 12 laps.
Mud soldier in Trafalgar Square will slowly dissolve in the rain, marking h…
Pure magic hearing Ricciardo in the old V8 engine @ Trafalgar Square
At A4 Trafalgar Square. Royal visit by the King of Spain. Road closures from 09:00. The roads affected include Constitution Hill, The Mall
From the Eiffel Tower to the Golden Gate. From Trafalgar Square to the Empire State. & the Maths. Vapour Trails/The Shape of Things
Formula 1 Trafalgar Square takeover to bring racing legends to the heart of the capital
Interesting to see Mayor of London move 2 ban Hezbollah. What about those statues to Sir Henry Havelock and Major Clive in Trafalgar Square?
All alone in Trafalgar Square, but so worth it 👌
A mega event take place today at Trafalgar Square in London in honor of Canada Day. Legendary Ron Duguay sends his…
Mark Carney & Ron Duguay, coached by Mike Keenan, in a Trafalgar Square game of ball hockey. Nicely done
Eid festival in Trafalgar Square this Sunday hosted by a much needed celebration for all…
Just 1 more sleep until 🇨🇦 Head to Trafalgar Square for a fun-filled, maple glazed celebration…
This Sunday DON’T travel to Trafalgar Square; head for Victoria Tower Gardens, a short walk from Westminster stn!
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Join in the Festival this Sunday 2nd July at Trafalgar Square. There's sure to be lots of foo…
Due to a larger event happening in Trafalgar Square we have had to move this Sunday’s special event – details here…
Kareena Kapoor poses in Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge in London for as their newest brand ambassador! h…
Got stopped in Trafalgar Square by someone who wanted to compliment my Blind Guardian shirt. A+.
Eid Festival 2017 - I'll be interpreting at the Eid Festival in Trafalgar Square on July 2nd.
He's here... 👻 The are killing it on the Trafalgar Square stage right now!
Boris Johnson says Trafalgar Square fountains will be 'flowing with the black
Boris Johnson says Trafalgar Square fountains will be...
Nightmare job Trafalgar Square to Churchill place. Kill me now 😩
Thank you all! We're just by Trafalgar Square if you w…
Makes me think of The great John Noakes. @ Trafalgar Square
OMG am devastated would have been like when Nelson Mandela spoke at Trafalgar Square
Come to our tent at Trafalgar Square and pin your ribbon to show your support for those affected by breast cancer! 🎀
London's Trafalgar Square 'is evacuated by armed police'. via
- Trafalgar Square evacuated. Armed police on scene.
Breast Cancer Awareness
UPDATE: Trafalgar Square has now been declared safe and re-opened to the public
We shouldn't have told ISIS that Trafalgar Square was a false alarm and let them claim responsibility
TOURIST HOTSPOT ALERT. Trafalgar Square in London evacuated by heavily armed cops after ‘suspicious item’ found.
Trafalgar Square and Charing Cross station evacuated by armed police over suspicious item in Central London
'The waiter told me to run' Kent woman describes terror as Trafalgar Square evacuated | Kent Live
"London's Trafalgar square is on lock down this afternoon after being evacuated by armed police."…
Trafalgar Square being evacuated related to a suspicious package. Please avoid the area, our CRC is monitoring s…
"Trafalgar Square evacuated by armed police"
London's Trafalgar Square 'is evacuated by armed police'
L1rqqondon's Trafalgar Square 'is evacuated by armed police' ht6tp://dailym.aą/ i/2sXsihAk ~
Trafalgar Square evacuated as a precaution because of a suspect item. Charing Cross station is closed.
Trafalgar Square evacuated as London armed police rush in | UK | News |
More abject terror and fear in Central London .
Trafalgar square in closed over reports of suspicious item
I liked a video Trafalgar Square Evacuated by Armed Police After Suspicious Item Found
Trafalgar Square deserted with police cordon around it...
London's Trafalgar Square evacuated by armed police after reports of 'suspicious item'
UPDATE: Evacuation at Trafalgar square on day not no injuries reported
Trafalgar Square evacuated by armed police:
Pal just got out at Trafalgar Square Tube to be greeted by machine gun-armed police shouting "Out! Out! Out!" as people…
British police evacuates after suspicious item found 🚔
Trafalgar Square evacuated after 'suspicious package' found
Jeremy Corbyn speaking out against animal testing at the World Day for Laboratory Animals demonstration in London’s Trafalg…
Emmeline Pankhurst addressing a crowd in Trafalgar Square, campaigning for women's rights to vote
BREAKING: London's Trafalgar Square evacuated as armed police move in
For discussion later on Hello Internet: No Fun in Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square on the road at the US Dressage Festival of Champions at USET Gladstone, NJ. Happy to see our ad...
I wonder if Nelson had a crew who were half French whether we would still have Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square?
everything is just getting progressively worse. here's a fountain. @ Trafalgar Square
I came second in the staff Bake Off to celebrate the museum's centenary year!👨‍🍳 Trafalgar Square fountain m…
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Whitehall event- Traffic slow into Trafalgar Square. All approach roads to Parliament Square & on Bridge St and Vic Embkmt congested
Trafalgar Square heart of the British Empire 1896 -1910 (postcard images)
Are you joining the St George's celebrations on Trafalgar Square today? Don't miss out!
Join the fabulous celebrations at Feast of St George festival in Trafalgar Square this weekend! 🎉 > https…
Feast of St George, Saturday 22 April - Trafalgar Square - 12-6pm - Free. Wear your best red and white and head...
The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist, work by alum Michael Rakowitz, to be installed in Trafalgar Square:
will be marked 20/8 in Trafalgar Square again this year
Most events the Mayor arranges are in Trafalgar Square, like the St Patrick's Day celebr…
Me and jodygabriel enjoying ourselves in London. Tourism is great. @ Trafalgar Square
What's the betting we'll be celebrating in Trafalgar Square. I'm in...
THANK YOU MAYOR: Vaisakhi Returns to Trafalgar Square in London - . Read the full article in :…
Philip Horne on social and political geography and history of Trafalgar Square as part of annotating Henry James
I want a statue to John Rae in Georges Square - if this grubby union continues I want one in Trafalgar Square an aw
worked in Europe too. This sketch by Tom Roberts was painted in Trafalgar Square
TOMORROW: Join us in Trafalgar Square for biggest ever celebrations!
What detail to include in a note on Trafalgar Square in 'The Princess Casamassima'?
I might end up living in Trafalgar Square if you don't do something about housing...
Join in Trafalgar Square. Taking place from 22nd April 2017 from 12pm until 6pm. For
Do it with donuts 🍩. Table runner pattern from Granny Squares, available from Trafalgar Square…
Photo from my archives: Trafalgar Square in that
Tomorrow in Trafalgar Square, celebrate the best of English food, history & culture at the Feast of St George
TOMORROW: Join us in Trafalgar Square for our biggest ever celebrations!
Yeah but it's the `Marathon on Sunday so Trafalgar Square was probably already booked.
It's tomorrow! Head to for traditional celebrations
I was sat next to a lion in Trafalgar Square
He sits in trafalgar square outside the National Gallery!!! Give him ££ in exchange for the rings if ur about
Love this from the Rowan's website: "Rowans Leisure Complex is only 15 minutes from Trafalgar Square, Moorgate or Victoria."
The best place to celebrate St George's Day in London this weekend!
This Saturday, join us in Trafalgar Square for our St George's Day celebrations!
Join us in Trafalgar Square tomorrow as we celebrate English history and culture at
Trafalgar Square (WC2N) (Southbound) opposite Canada House - Lane one (of two) is closed due to an obstruction. Traffic is slow on approach.
I once sat at table near the window drinking coffee in Cafe Nero's Trafalgar Square dressed as Roman centurion.
Four years ago today since I saw Doctor Who being filmed in Trafalgar Square. Happy times! :) .
Well I am going to read the Evening Standard in Trafalgar Square. Lovely evening in London.
When there were protests here during the Arab Spring, I toyed with 'Maidan at-Tarf-al-Gharb' for Trafalgar Square.
It's about time we stopped demonstrations gathering in Trafalgar Square & Central London.Interferes with tourism. Hold th…
On Saturday we will meet outside the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square, before blocking the fascist marches. https:…
Trafalgar Square vigil led by & but always standing shoulder to shoulder are the communit…
. ⚡️ “Ahmadi Muslim youth amongst 1000s who attended vigil in Trafalgar Square” by http…
British Ahmadi Muslims standing in solidarity at Trafalgar Square. teaches loyalty to your country of residence.
Thousands of people have gathered for a candlelit vigil in Trafalgar Square, paying their respect to those who lost their liv…
Proud to see at Trafalgar Square vigil, standing against all who hate and with all who love.
Muslims at Trafalgar Square condemning the actions of Khalid Masood & sharing msg of true Islam:
Chalk artwork by the public at Trafalgar Square
What if we could fill up Trafalgar Square every day to pay tribute to innocents killed–we dropped *26000 bombs* in 2016 al…
domain names
So this is how afraid Londoners in Trafalgar Square, look like!
London pays tribute to victims of Westminster terror attack in Trafalgar Square vigil
Join us in Trafalgar Square at 6pm to remember the victims of yesterday’s attack and stand against terrorism.
People in London's Trafalgar Square pause for a minute of silence to honor the vicitims of yesterday's terror attack
I was interviewed by for at Trafalgar Square this evening at the vigil for attack in
The people in Trafalgar Square realise he was no more a Muslim ,than these are Christians h…
Trafalgar Square filling up to pay tribute to those who died yesterday. London united.
We're live on at the Trafalgar Square vigil. Follow our latest story, add BBCNews via mobile:
Ahmadi Muslims out in Trafalgar Square vigil strongly condemning the Westminster attacks in London
British hold a vigil for victims of in Trafalgar Square. God bless all
British Imam will be live on Periscope at 6pm GMT from Trafalgar Square, taking your questions on Islam…
Islam makes it clear that we stand with our friends at Trafalgar Square to condemn actions of Khalid Masood in…
Crowds gathering in Trafalgar Square to hold a vigil for those killed and injured in yesterday's attack. (Photos: David…
We owe all emergency services a "thank you", says Home Secretary Amber Rudd at Trafalgar Square vigil.
France24: "Only a few thousand show up to 'unity rally' in Trafalgar Square"... I guess they figured out they are under attack.
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Drop by Trafalgar Square if you can. UK Muslims out in force, lighting candles, condemning terror. V powerful/moving. https:…
Amber Rudd and Sadiq Khan both at Trafalgar Square at beginning of vigil for victims of yesterday's Westminster attack https:…
London attack: Trafalgar Square vigil .You make things look beautiful.Ghana supports you at this difficult moment.
Crowds gathered in London's Trafalgar Square for a vigil for the victims of the Westminster attack.
'Love for all, hatred for none' Thousands gather at the Trafalgar Square vigil tonight for the Westminster attack victim…
Here in Trafalgar Square with thousands of Londoners for the vigil remembering the victims of yesterday's attack. Sombre, u…
Thousands of people gathered in Trafalgar Square to pay their respects to the victims of the attack outside the Bri…
Finished the day at the Trafalgar Square vigil, packed out not only with Londoners but ppl from across the UK
They've gathered to remember him. Hundreds in Trafalgar Square tonight.
"The terrorists will not defeat us" says UK home secretary at Trafalgar Square vigil for London attack victims
Thousands hold vigil in London for victims of attack
BREAKING NEWS: 'Explosion' heard in Westminster as mourners pack Trafalgar Square for London terror attack vigil.
A minute's silence held in Trafalgar Square at vigil to remember those killed in London terror attack
We asked people at the vigil what their message was after the -https:/…
Ahmadi Muslim youth amongst the 1000s present at the vigil in Trafalgar Square today. Paying their respects to the innoc…
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WATCH: Londoners gather for vigils in Trafalgar Square and on Westminster Bridge in honor of terror attack victims:
"As British Muslims we stand together with everyone." BBCNews live on now from the Trafalgar Square vigil:
Join us in Trafalgar Square at 6pm. We stand together against this attack on our democracy and our city.
Prayer Vigil at St Mary Magdalene, Richmond today between 6 and 7, for those who can't be at Trafalgar Square.
Thousands turn Trafalgar Square into sea of green to celebrate the St Patrick's Day Parade in London
This. Any human activity in Trafalgar Square has to work against its design. It's like the opposite of civic space.
Activities Day - Art and Photography Ramble visiting the South Bank, Trafalgar Square and Somerset House
Well, I would try to squeeze in Oxford Street even if you can't shop and Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey...too much to see
If you're anywhere near the West End or Trafalgar Square today drop in for a day ticket to see Buried Child...
A rare colour photograph of Trafalgar Square during WW2 by Ted Dearberg with propaganda hoardings on Nelson’s Colum…
needs support - for next weeks NHS March in London 4th March UCLH Euston Rd to Trafalgar Square ,unpaid…
This Sunday, Trafalgar Square hosts a free screening of The Salesman, which premiered at 2016
hey Jennifer! We're in Sheffield 18/19th March & at Canada Day in Trafalgar Square 1st July! Hope you can make one!
St. Patricks day London, Trafalgar Square by bordbia ldn_gov irishbeef what an…
Whoah! I'll remember that cloud formation!... Bit like Trafalgar Square the other day!
It was a beautiful day in London yesterday, one of the highlights for sure was playing in Trafalgar Square.
The day Trafalgar Square was all mine.
These amazing crew members the other day! I miss you guys already! @ Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square will be absolutely PACKED that day🤔
When cycling past Trafalgar Square and you see 3 homeless people having a three-way kiss. want Valentine's Day yesterday? 😒
Asghar Farhadi's "The Salesman" will play in Trafalgar Square on Oscars day, 26 February.
Outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. And yes, it was very cold that day. Back in…
Sadiq Khan is hosting a free screening of a banned Iranian director’s film in Trafalgar Square on Oscar night |
I hope a million ppl watch it in the street-->Mayor to Screen Iranian Film in Trafalgar Square Oscar Night
The Salesman director Farhadi,who was hit by ban, says Trafalgar Square event on Oscars night is ‘symbolic of unity’
Iranian nominee Asghar Farhadi won't be at the Oscars - but is celebrated that night in Trafalgar Square screening https:/…
Mayor and top film directors to host UK premiere of Oscar-nominated The Salesman in…
Farhadi in Trafalgar square ha? I didn't come across with such an event when I was there, while Boris was in charge :(
Londoners can watch Iranian film The Salesman in solidarity with those affected by Trump's travel ban
you have to attend ! Iranian Oscar contender to screen in Trafalgar Square before ceremony
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Celebrating London's success as a creative hub: join us on 26th Feb at the UK premiere.
Good for him!. "The mayor of London said on Tuesday that he will stage an outdoor screening in Trafalgar Square...
On 26 Feb Trafalgar Square will transform into a giant cinema for the free UK premiere of The Salesman https…
Join us for a free Oscar-night screening of on 26 February in Trafalgar Square →
Happy Valentine's Day from Trafalgar Square Books! Share the love with this free heart mitten pattern from our...
Proud to be a Londoner today. Trump tries to ban Director of from the Oscars, so we host a public screening in…
Iranian Oscar nominee gets free London screening in snub to US travel ban
26 February on Trafalgar Square, a free Oscar-night special event: the UK premiere of the Oscar-nominated
Views from Trafalgar Square of Big Ben and those classic red buses
Big Ben from Trafalgar Square. Whitehall is always a busy road with plenty of our red double…
This is a great idea. Like the art on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.
it starts at Trafalgar Square and goes past st pauls
“yellow in red” back stage practice for celebration of Chinese New Year at Trafalgar Square,…
Meanwhile, on the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square
maybe we should just have Trump stuffed and installed on the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square.
I think we should start a petition to get a statue of Trump installed on the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square.
The National Gallery is an art museum in Trafalgar Square in the City of Westminster, in Central London. Founded...
Put it on the Trafalgar square art plinth.
Genting Casino's new year wishes in the U.K.! @ Trafalgar Square
After the night bus home from Trafalgar Square.
I liked a video 29 to Trafalgar Square ibus announcement
A must go to pub in London Trafalgar Square
First ever use of a Snapchat filter! Tonight we're in Trafalgar Square painting Andy Warhol's Mickey…
Sitting on the steps of Trafalgar Square with music blaring in the background of the night sky. I'm feeling good
A Point of View: Will Self explores the significance of the artwork that adorns Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth
photo ... Trafalgar Square but can't remember when 😳 !. ✨. Photo: Tucumano in London…
Trafalgar Square, London. Protesting the current situation in Aleppo, Syria. . ht…
I'm thinking of going as well, when is it? The one in Trafalgar Square?
Service of remembrance for people bereaved by 10.30am 4 March in Trafalgar Square London - for free tix email…
Remembering when Bush had a mid-Iraq war & a giant statue of him was toppled in Trafalgar Square
Ask Russel if his dried off yet from when he went for a swim in the fountains at Trafalgar Square?
Chinese New Year in London: Where to celebrate the year of the rooster via
very regal, like a Trafalgar Square Lion, Palmerston
Well in that case, the birds at Trafalgar's square must be superbirds cos they are flying with humans.
Gagggh the stink out there today - blown in from Trafalgar Square? First Central London purple of the year I've see…
approach a dead bird like you would your dad hanging in Trafalgar Square
Listening to a really good busker in Trafalgar Square to end the trip 🎶
Installed in 1867, the 4 lions in Trafalgar Square are also known as ‘Landseer Lions’ after their creator, Edwin Landseer…
This Sunday, join Frank for a walk through Chinatown, then to Trafalgar Square for the big Chinese New Year party!…
.If it was any woman of the left - he & his creepy Graun fans wld be in Trafalgar Square by now.
Had such fun today with my best mate out London at st James park and Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar square has come to a standstill
A group of our students attended Choral Evensong at St. Martin-in-the-Fields on Trafalgar Square.
FREE lunchtime recital 1pm in Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square right now. London, you beauty
Trafalgar Square shortlister is giving a FREE public lecture on 1st Feb - book now!
Winged bull, drone-topped ice cream up for Trafalgar Sq spot
This Mickey Mouse painting is going down a treat with guests! Why not give it a go on the 27th in Trafalgar Square:. htt…
probably inviting them to the next public beheading in Trafalgar square
Ice cream and empty robe in Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth artwork shortlist
Here's looking at you kid interview on show at Canada House in Trafalgar Square
Just announced: this year’s shortlist, featuring artists from across the globe.
The shortlist for the new Fourth Plinth has been unveiled, including a whipped cream sculpture topped with a drone.
Iraqi American work is being considered for Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth
Shortlist for Trafalgar Square's new revealed needs to be kept away!
I haven’t seen this in Trafalgar Square, but now the MASSIVE THUMB statues in Tiger make sense...
A scoop of ice cream covered in parasites is one of the new proposals for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square…
Join me and hundreds of members at this Saturday. I'll be the MC at the rally in Trafalgar Squ…
1 of many things I love about BBC News - Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth artwork shortlist announced
I.T. - Blokes: Stories of the Day; Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth artwork sho… see more
One of these designs will be on show in Trafalgar Square very soon:
Trafalgar Square's shortlist announced - . On view at u…
Models of five nominated artworks for Trafalgar Square go on display at National Gallery in London
A group of gents enjoy an impromptu snowball fight in the serene and stately setting of Trafalgar Square, London, circa 1…
Meet the five candidates shortlisted to become Trafalgar Square's new installation
How to walk 17 miles from Trafalgar Square without crossing a road...
Oh were those trailers near that Buckingham Palace/Trafalgar Square area? Along the road that I can't remember the name of?
BTW in an echo of a time before Trafalgar Square, the street address for this northern part of Whitehall is actuall…
Under an hour to get from old Kent road to Trafalgar Square. And I am not even done yet.
Charing X Road, Trafalgar Square & Parliament on walk through city that never disappoints.
Peggy Seeger and Paul Robeson performing in Trafalgar Square in 1960.
tree Ramsden road a joy for all Trafalgar Square,OXFORD St., Regent street eY your hearts out
King George V at the unveiling of Edith Cavell Memorial, Trafalgar Square
FREE Lunchtime Concert: Dr. Tanya Ekanayaka - St Martin-in-the-Fields - Trafalgar Square, concerts in London
Reckon I'm gonna get stoned in Trafalgar Square then hung off Tower Bridge for this
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Two arrested after man was stabbed to death near London’s Trafalgar Square
Lots of activity in Whitehall and Trafalgar Square. Several lorries with steel barriers seen in the area.
Two men arrested over Trafalgar Square stabbing death.
She should have joined THAT protest in Trafalgar Square
"During the first series, Cumberbatch and Freeman could film in London's teeming Trafalgar Square without drawing much atten…
Christmas tree in Domodossola ! Better then the wonky one we have in Trafalgar Square !
How far can you walk from Trafalgar Sq without crossing a road?
Two men arrested over Trafalgar Square stabbing death by
Two men arrested over Trafalgar Square stabbing death -
its concern is a later. data visualizations: from Trafalgar Square in case u missed it! does... thanks yes! that type of my is
Trafalgar Square in snow. Photo by Mary Gregory. by Places and Moments
Trafalgar Square murder: Two 19-year-olds arrested after man stabbed to death
Two men arrested over Trafalgar Square stabbing death, right next to police station
Two men arrested over Trafalgar Square stabbing death
Good to see Trafalgar Square celebrating both Christmas and Chanukah
When my grandad was 18 he drank 8 rum and chasers then climbed one of the lions in Trafalgar Square
Two men arrested over Trafalgar Square stabbing death
Two men arrested over Trafalgar Square stabbing death |
Two men are arrested on suspicion of murder after a man was stabbed to death near Trafalgar Square.
Armed police out in force to protect bargain hunters around Trafalgar Square
First country - United Kingdom 🇬🇧 Beautiful 😍 Christmas tree in the center of Trafalgar Square🎄.
Lost my pet pigeon in Trafalgar Square. If you're there please call for him. His name is Kant and he's a bit deaf so ple…
Trafalgar Square Christmas tree. Yearly Gift to people of UK by city of Oslo as token of gratitude for British support to…
There are many famous ways that is celebrated in from the lights of Street to the Trafalgar Sq…
Trafalgar Square in London at 5:30 PM on Look closely in final photo to see Nelson's Column.
TIL the Christmas tree in London's Trafalgar Square had been given by the country of Norway every year since 1947.…
Reminder - March TODAY, Marble Arch to Whitehall via Oxford Street, Regent Street and Trafalgar Square, from 1.30pm to…
Here is a pic of the statue of Havelock in Trafalgar Square.
What a great tradition. This year's tree is rockin' Trafalgar Square
I would suggest that we all meet in, say, Trafalgar Square next Wednesday evening to mourn the end of but I live too far away. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I'm putting together an epic itinerary for our trip to London! When is the Christmas tree lighting in Trafalgar Square??
Saw that man at Trafalgar Square & the fact that he works *** those rings to offer it for free to see people happy makes me so happy
Emma literally travelled around the world going to the worst chat shows and also built a brutal exposition in the middle of trafalgar square
That's a beautiful drawing! Here's what Trafalgar Square looked like at night last Christmas 🎄🇬🇧
I can't be the only person who thinks the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is embarrassingly awful
The water fountains at Trafalgar Square, London were frozen this morning. Central London big freeze.
At St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, for Shelter's Christmas carol service. . ♫ Oh come, all ye faithful,…
"an annual gift from the Norwegian capital"
Bookies don't offer me a punt on there being a statue in Trafalgar Square by 2150. So I guess this is correct
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