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Trading Standards

Trading Standards is the name given to local authority departments in the UK formerly known as Weights and Measures.

Trading Standards Officers will be working across the city this week with to ^LJ
Trading Standards Officers working with Wolverhampton traders to avoid underage sale of knives ^LJ
Trading Standards Officers, and Rachel from working together to prevent underage sale of knives.
Stuart from and Trading Standards working together to prevent young people buying knives
Join Trading Standards on Wednesday 27th September at Bradley Walking For Health and get
Trading Standards Officers and working hard in Bilston to ^LJ
Do you think leaving the EU will make any difference at all t…
This is apparently an Ed Sheehan tribute act. Needs trading standards to verify.
I'm contacting trading standards, I had autorenew off and stil took money! Ignored emails…
V proud to announce Chimney Sweeps North East is now Trading Standards Approved with Checked and Vett…
Think lobby and consider trading standards complaint, it's almost fraudulent and no accou…
Can we report her to trading standards or suhin
Many thanks to Ian from Trading Standards who visited us at our Thursday club this week and gave us advice on how...
I need a senior member of the brand inspection team to call me tomorrow otherwise taking this to trading standards. 3
Been a busy week next week we are fully booked so thank you to all our customers we are proud members of Trading St…
EA have the worst customer service, I'll see if I get further going to trading standards since I spent money on fifa points.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Really Arnold... spit in their faces? . You really are a bully! What did the police, VOSA or trading stan…
Did you know that we are Trading Standards approved with Checked & Vetted? And we also have have…
I have already reported you to trading standards. Your Rep told me Apple told you the price to sell at. This is ROM and illegal
Trading Standards has also condemned the Why are you seeming to support c…
Congress has the privilege of insider-trading, perks and a different set of standards (laws) than t…
In what world is this not a massive violation of trading standards? In Luton Mall. Shut them down
Disgusting place ark mate, trading standards needs to have a look at it
The truth is, while we have trading standards for most goods and services there is no such…
What are you going to replace the bureaucracy with? How are you going to d…
When reporting to trading standards report vgl services limited or you're just wasting your time
Trading standards need to get on to him about that surname
Do the Inland Revenue/Trading Standards check up on people selling goods on ebay? Building materials, No VAT, Not C/E Compliant?
Reporting your company to the Trading Standards by Monday if not assisted by then and will go further from ther…
Report an incident or issue to Trading Standards - West Sussex County Council
I, amongst other qualifications, hold the post-graduate diploma in Trading Standards & worked as an Inspector of Weights & Measures
Trading Standards and Police warn against rogue traders
Trading Standards are warning businesses of a tool sharpening/hardening scam that has returned to the North East, at h…
Crazy stuff. Charity reports Fundraising Regulator to Trading Standards over levy letter | Third Sector
Herts is part of County Council, so Trading Standards, Resilience & Community Safety Unit all part of the Directorate with
I will never advise anyone to buy product ever again there customer service is an absolute disgrace! Next stop trad…
You could be putting your life at risk... by using second-hand tyres, Trading Standards say many are dangerous…
Republicans change name from GOP to OP, following pressure from trading standards.
Second-hand tyres up to 23 years-old putting lives at risk on Britain's roads, trading standards warn
awful awful company with no compassion! I will now be contacting the trading standards
bigger & heavier than original Range Rover and Transit van! Trading Standards : mini indeed!
Question: are we citizens or 'customers' in your own words? Does that mean your product is subject to Trading Standards?
I am going to report you to trading standards if my sim does not come early next week
Celebrating 8 years as a member - checked & approved by Trading Standards for your peace of mind…
It's possible to receive the latest information on avian flu here:
Businesses: does trading standards law seem daunting and complex? has free easy to follow guides
By far the worst company I have ever dealt with. Will report you to the Trading Standards for your fraudulent selling.
Really good advice in this alert from Trading Standards Surrey about currrent scams which are going around
She was too busy hanging up on me for no reason other than me saying I wanted it escalated, & laug…
Old enough to remember when there were standards for cabinet members like no insider trading, paying taxes, qualificatons
1/2: The unit will be in tomorrow with Trading Standards Officers and the local stop smok…
please do contact me as this will keep going further. I have took it to trading standards and to t…
Scroll through our list of commonly asked queries and problems to find the correct advice
Trading Standards warning: have you purchased an unsafe heated pet blanket? Find out more:
They can't do that also they won't provide me details for trading standards!
’TrustMark Trading Standards Approval hits home the importance of accreditation
Ellis should be reported to trading standards 🙈
massively over packaged product ...not acceptable! Surely there must be trading standards issues.…
Trading Standards warn against ‘quick fix’ diet solutions: With an estimated one in three people in the UK expected…
Seeing marketing about press release today, will go to national press, trading standards, which?, watchdog etc
Trading Standards has advised Harvey Nichols to stop misleading claims that their fur is “ethically sourced”. .
Excellent mornings work with Trading Standards at Walton Street Market. Keeping people safe from counterfeit goods.
Trading Standards at Kent first to net approval for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services to consumers
Valery: Stop moaning about men if you can't raise your standards and start interacting with guys who are actually…
Yuk! Have you made a complaint to trading standards, and notified the shop? XxX
You do wonder what Trading Standards & Watchdog would make of Fawaz' statements tonight. Incredibly bad PR & customer service.
"comedian" is there an equivalent of trading standards in the States, does that not require actually being funny?
We have a series of new posters for the unit, designed for a new Trading Standards roadshow.
Change your name or i will be taking you to trading standards
It's utter rubbish. Complain to trading standards. You paid for membership not applied for a loan.
I'm a single parent... Utterly disgusted by how I've been treated. I want a refund by Friday or trading standards and press!
If Owen Smith ran a market stall, Trading Standards would shut him down for flogging shoddy snide counterfeits
I'll be in contact with uk trading standards. :) 2/2
I want my issue sorting or I'll be going to the papers and to trading standards! It's been going on months now!
needless to say if I could refer you bunch of fraudsters to trading standards for mis-selling or even the SFO for fraud I would
Are you Help stop the scammers by sharing your experiences this Scam Awareness Month.
Essex Trading Standards: don't fall foul of online scams
I'm sorry I was unable to resolve this matter. Contact details for trading standards can be found at:.
I shall seek advice from trading standards then
National Scam Awareness month. Trading Standards will be at Chingford Library from 10.30 on Thursday 28th offering advice to…
you're a rip off as well, I'm reporting you both to Trading Standards
Want to avoid the scammers? Use Buy with Confidence businesses approved by Trading Standards
Started a small claims case yesterday and reported them to trading standards and action fraud. TS already knew their name.
You never do though. If you did then Birmingham trading standards wouldn't groan when they hear your name.
Glad to hear Trading Standards looking at website !
To be fair if tattoos were held up to the trading standards act, that tattoo would FULLY comply 🐘
back as it had been used!!! What?! It's been plugged in to see if it works that's all! Trading standards it is!
Proud to be members of - make sure your Trades People are Trading Standards Approved
Warning by Trading Standards of Rogue Traders in Leamington area. Householders are being warned about a high...
Trading Standards have been in High Town today warning the public about rogue traders and scams.
citizens advice op said would notify Trading standards and gave me case number
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Thanks. Excellent comment below the article re & A torrid time predicted for trading goods.
Buying a car? Before handing over your cash make sure you test and inspect the vehicle. More details, here: ➡️
Trading Standards recently undertook a search at a shop in Shirley & found approx £10k of concealed illegal tobacco. https…
I've just called Citizens Advice & raised a case with UK Trading Standards re. my HTC10. Consumer Rights Act on my side.
Sign this petition, too many people are having delivery problems with this company.
Don't get caught out by rogue traders this summer - use Trading Standards Approved
all them sites and apps over price us, I've wrote to trading standards about a couple, waste of Time that was too😡
. Cold callers on your doorstep? Get 1 of these stickers. You can pick 1 up from local trading standards
maybe someone should contact Trading Standards 'Celebrity' ?
all of which can be overturned by MEPs. Which legislation offends you? Fish packaging? Most of it trading standards
Been miss sold Sky Q. Promised way more than what was delivered. Will take up with trading standards. Lost multiroom
no email back after 3 days so I've now contacted Trading standards regarding your death trap you don't care
Want to avoid cold callers on your doorstep? Get a sticker for your front door from your local Trading Standards or police for…
Product recall information from our Trading Standards team for mid Jluy
Great result for and No escape for the fraudsters
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
multiple emails sent by my partner with no response, next channel is trading standards then I take it?
Sign this petition, so many others are being ill treated by this company.
Trading Standards and HMRC crack paving company tax fraud
Hundreds of women let down by shut bridal shop
Never use cold callers to do work on your property. Use the Trading Standards What Trader register to find reliable traders
didn't get his name. But I'm honestly disgusted with your service. I want to go to trading standards.
Probe by into illegal skin bleaching cream, aided by experts, leads to action h…
Hi Howard, did you see my response from my MP, G Clifton-Brown about Trading Standards and the Shell Station in Cheltenham?
Rogue trader lands hefty court bill thanks to our Trading Standards team
Hi Laura, To safeguard the visitor experience Trading Standards attend the show and nothing was reported. If you have extra..
Keep your cash safe. Police, Victim Support, Trading Standards and Care and Repair staff were at Morrison's in...
East Africa puppy scam in Cornwall: Trading standards officers at Cornwall Council are warning pet owne...
. Another 2,000 unsafe hover boards seized at Felixstowe port by trading standards officers.
Trading Standards officers seize 15,000 unsafe hoverboards -really
Hoverboards impounded at UK ports over explosion risk (
LOL Luddites - Hoverboards impounded at UK ports over explosion risk
"…at least three house fires were caused…over 10 days…" Trading Standards officers seize 15,000 unsafe hoverboards
Take care, a flat in Kong burnt down cos of these: Hoverboards impounded at UK ports over explosion risk.
The Guardian Hoverboards impounded at UK ports over explosion risk The… via
Nine in ten 'hoverboards' examined by trading standards could explode or catch fire –...
Hoverboards impounded at UK ports over explosion risk via
Gaurdian-Tech@ Hoverboards impounded at UK ports over explosion risk: Retailers issue product recalls as tradi...
RTHoverboards impounded at UK ports over explosion risk Hoverboards imp...
Hoverboards impounded at UK ports over explosion risk
Community Safety is preparing for a crime reduction/scam awareness event in on Monday in conjunction with Trading Standards
Community Safety met Trading Standards carrying out checks in Yeovil Town Centre ensuring retailers are complying to trading law
"I'm approved by Trading Standards & that means to the client that they can trust me" says Paul Holmes
Manufacturer warranty can't trump seller's Sale of Goods Act obligations. Time to involve Trading Standards?
no good talking about it, someone needs to stick a rocket up Trading Standards' *** and get them prosecuting!
Trading Standards warn of bogus trading standards officer calling at houses in Old Windsor, if you get such a call, phone police …
£93,000 worth of Tesco garlic bread removed from sale after Trading Standards discovery.
do Trading Standards deal with a national company if I have bought from them in my Bedfordshire home via the Internet?
A real story: I got ripped-off by wooden flooring company. 20% Deposit lost. Trading Standards were 100% useless!
PC Mehrotra worked yesterday with LBS Trading Standards at Barclays Wallington re Banking Protocol and Scam Awareness
Good turn out with hosts with a talk from Trading Standards about Business Fraud …
Given that the law came into force on May 27th and local Trading Standards are as hungry as a lion…: Given tha...
Surelock regularly work closely with a number of law enforcement agencies including the Police, Trading Standards and UK Customs.
not yet, took some advice from trading standards. Hoping we are getting our sofa soon or our money back
because their arms went floppy? Seriously, why are trading standards not shutting them down?
To my American friends, do you have an equivalent of our Trading Standards body? Where you can make complaints about companies? Let me know.
I suspect if someone from or Trading Standards took a stroll down they'd have enough work to last several years.
Should trading standards be notified?
Dodgy marketing practices & despicable working conditions at exposed by I hope trading standards are watching
My other account has been followed by Kent Trading Standards. I don't know whether to be flattered or concerned.
I'm beyond annoyed at your company! Where the *** is my parcel! I'm getting on too trading standards, this is beyond a joke!
Day 1 of 3. Great day today with Trading Standards & Scam Buster Teams on Advanced Suspect interview course. Keep up the energy tomorrow.
He's got more to worry about than a few fans boycotting home games. He'll get strung up by Trading Standards now.
Trading standards appear to have stood aside for this lot.
Real question about is why trading standards & regulators have not investigated , oh & the f.a. consider him fit to own a club
Surely trading standards should look in to what considers a secret.
Having the enviable responsibility for the offers in a high st shop, can confirm strict trading standards to be adhered to.
Hardly a secret! they been at it for 20 years & the only people that seem to have missed it is Trading Standards
Can we report Mike to Trading Standards for fielding a non-competitive football team? Football is meant to be competitive after all.
I have been in touch with Westminster Trading Standards about "Dr" Culp and Dr Sharma.
my first real job was at floors 2 go. They have a month off the "sale" every 6 month to satisfy trading standards.
Its deceptive and breaks trading standards
Already submitted a comprehensive complaint to Trading Standard…
Already submitted a comprehensive complaint to Trading Standards. :-)
Should I be paranoid that KCC Trading Standards have started following me?
customer 'service' make it clear they have no interest in helping. Luckily trading standards are much more helpful.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Nannys threatening Asda to go trading standards because of some out of date bread 😂
If you receive a call which you suspect to be a scam then hang up and report to trading standards on 03454 040506.
Thank you this has been forwarded to trading standards to investigate.
If you live in Cumbria and get a letter from the People's Postcode Lottery saying you've won £825, don't believe it, warn Trading Standards.
this very same lethal products are available to buy on Ebay
The BHTA has a Code of Practice – the only one in their sector overseen by the Trading Standards Institute >.
Visit - the online directory of genuine stockists of branded products. Supported by the Trading Standards Institute
Warning – Doorstep cold callers offering roof cleaning in Inverness. Report your experience to Trading Standards. http…
Warning – Doorstep cold callers offering roofing work in Dingwall area. Report your experience to Trading Standards. h…
i am going to seek advice from trading standards, over £100 extra from my account without pre warning is unacceptable!!!
Police and Trading Standards working together to tackle bogus crime in your area. Report anything suspicious on 101. In…
Still following this account (It's now inactive) We've a new one as we are now a joint service with Surrey Trading Standards
A step in the right direction to help trading standards tackle the problem of 'legal highs'
what would you be happy with? Hope you enjoy your call to trading standards 😀
Is this a matter for Trading Standards?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Congratulations to on their nomination for Trading Standards and Environmental Health
Lower staffing in Trading Standards leads to more creative
Need to report something to Trading Standards? Give us a call via 03454 040506
Bullying while acting like victim and selling faulty products (ASA & Trading Standards)
Bullying, rude, acting like victim, faulty products (see ASA and Trading Standards).
Potentially lethal skin whitening products seized by trading standards
An app by the Trading Standards Authorities has been launched, aimed at helping SMEs stay on top of regulatory developments. (1/2)
I spoke to Yorkshire trading standards about them on Friday.
Trading Standards issue warning amid reports of rogue traders in Coventry - Coventry Telegraph
Superintendent Andy Valentine: "We are working with partners, including & Trading Standards to
Not Dartford specific but KCC Trading Standards warning of a phone scam targeting people who've had flu jab this year
Glenn Johnson is now available as a free transfer under the Bosman ruling. Trading Standards are investigating if this is considered theft.
Trading Standards service helping to reduce number of people defrauded in Aberdeenshire
Signed up. You’re going to need to come to London again now. Soon. Otherwise I’ll be on to Trading Standards/my MP/Anne Robinson.
I will be will be back with on 4th Nov for a partnership with Trading Standards   10% Off
Hedge End, 15:37, salesperson was '81JIM'. FOS have referred me to Trading Standards and DSG Ltd for formal complaint.
If anyone else has been stung by Lee Bray at LB Autobarn, also known as The Autobarn, Unit 28 Star Industrial Estate Ponthir (formerly of Leeway Ind Estate Newport), send me a private message, Trading Standards are interested in contacting you. He stung me for £1400 in total and my car is still in bits after 10 months, it's locked in his garage that the landlord has kicked him out of because he hasn't paid the rent since July. He owes money to a number of parts companies and individuals. I have a full independent report outlining his poor workmanship which is now in the hands of Trading Standards who are currently building up a case against him and would appreciate any information from other people who have been left out of pocket by this charlatan. Please share so that no one else suffers at his hands.
Sad to say things haven't improved there, bought a bag which was unsatisfactory quality, returned it to the shop to be confronted with the owners partner! Quite an angry person, she refused to refund or exchange and called security when I informed her that she was breaking the law by refusing to refund my money. Anyway long story short trading standards have been involved,they arranged a full refund so I went into the shop today with my letter from trading standards advising coco blush to refund me the full amount only to be confronted with the owners partner again saying she was not refunding me, she doesn't care what trading standards have said and she is more important than trading standards. So the saga continues.
some days I do a good impersonation of one but other days I should be reported to trading standards.
West Mercia Police and Trading Standards are urging residents to be aware of cold calling
Successful operation with Trading Standards today, ensuring consumers are not duped into buying poor quality/unsafe goods.
Re-negotiate,trading standards may be able to help if its unfair contract
whats the point your company is an absolute joke and your staff are very rude. I think its easier to speak to trading standards
Trading standards op looking at counterfeit goods currently ongoing in Towyn.
We're not only a Which? Trusted Trader, but we're Standards approved too!
So 2 months in my at first impressive 50inch Smart TV died, many times nearly burnt my 2 year old. Trading standards
Trading Standards warning over mail scam.
Staying at the Quality Hotel, ringing trading standards.
DTN Vietnam: Online trading remains a risk: VietNamNet Bridge – Deputy Chairman of the Viet Nam Standards and&...
Reducing Earlier I partnered with Trading Standards for some test purchasing at local off licences. All bar one failed to sell
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
I replied separately re car giant. Be a good journo and speak to trading standards, also companies house.
Hertfordshire CC Trading Standards is warning residents to avoid a scam claiming to be the People's Postcode...
Still can't get over being told to "tell trading standards or whoever will listen" by when my paid for item didn't arrive. 😱
We're really proud of our partnerships with and
We've just assisted trading standards effect a warrant in relation to an illegally landed dog in the Carlton area
with service like that, I'm free to approach Trading Standards and promote.
For advice or to report an issue to us contact Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06. Or report it
tell us about it; I am retd from trading standards, govt cuts decimating that service, so more probs
Jus wrote a fat letter to trading standards. can do one FAST.
Incident involving doorstep sellers gaining entry to sheltered accomodation:
Mealworms back on the menu. I reported a few weeks ago that we have been advised by Trading Standards that we...
Please find attached the link to the latest Trading Standards Alert:. Further alerts will be posted on Windlesham...
since when was scientific fact considered libel? Surely Sally needs to prove to trading standards
£50,000 of illegal cigarettes seized in Birmingham:
WATCH: Drinks are tested as trading standards encourage people to look out for over Christmas.
and said nothing to be done - until I threatened trading standards. Now eng. booked for Thurs & operator said not likely to fix
News: Birmingham Trading Standards: £50,000 of illegal cigarettes seized in the city: Teams of off...
How difficult does it need to be to contact you? Where can I get an email address? Or do I need to contact trading standards...?
good thanks. Had 2 *** trying to scam me with advertising. Reported both to Trading Standards. Some not so lucky
See how the Council's Open Door scheme helped Laura land her dream job with Trading Standards h…
Our Trading Standards team are working with Police to find bogus workers in the Pollok area.
If you need a taxi this weekend call on 01245 335 555 trading standards approved service.
Read about scam mail, the latest phishing emails and a PPI warning in the Trading Standards scams and news update
Check you get your fireworks from a registered retailer. Trading Standards will advise.
You can report to Trading Standards via the Citizen's Advice Consumer Helpline no on 03454 04 05 06
always with the same reply. Why are so many waiting for a refund? Perhaps time to get trading standards involved.
might someone like Trading Standards get involved?
Id ring them mate they'd sort it or just threaten trading standards to your work
need to pull their socks up after they miss sold me a room nxt stop.Trading Standards/Travel Ombudsman 😤
I’m sure the Better Business Bureau & Trading Standards will inform you. My friend (a litigation lawyer) is just notifying them.
Looking forward to attending 2014 in next week!
If you receive a SCAM letter in the post you can help the Royal Mail and Trading Standards put a STOP to SCAM MAIL
try and get some advice from trading standards or a Local Government Ombudsman
..of Rusholme's businesses, all happy for trading standards to inspect their produce
Do call your local trading standards officer to report and they can follow up if any issues.
Machete murder London. How are these weapons available. Time for Police and Trading Standards. Time for Change votegarbutt
Meet the Liverpool City Council trading standards team, a right bunch of Kumquats!!!
Does anybody have the number for Trading Standards?
Will be writing to Trading Standards in the morning
Horfield Neighbourhood Forum – Topic Tables Trading Standards for sale of vehicles on a road - Joe
Someone had a go at me about trading standards and regulations today. I'm just the girl that tidies and smiles so don't shout at me
Q2 the one and only time I had a visit was from trading standards because Defra gave us too many CPH numbers for one site!
Q3 too many chiefs not enough Indians! Between Defra and Trading Standards no one knows who to ask or believe!
Some of my earlier emails threatened Trading Standards, Watchdog, Paul Lewis etc. Maybe they made a difference. Good luck!
Q4a sometimes yes trading standards love counting cats or dogs on farm ,and do any have access to the bulk tank? , featured in NBC s Science of Love
Just got in & pleased to report we've just finished harvest! Q2a Had a trading standards inspection last month, no problems..
sorry I'm late, Q1a we don't get too many really, just farm assurance inspection and occasional trading standards
Q2b most are ok , trading standards sometimes depending on the individual are best described as acting they are god
Could you become Trading Standards Approved? Find out how - enquiries
Q1b 1 visit in 6 yrs is about right from trading standards, only other inspections are for farm assurance FAWL
how many other customers are you ignoring??? DO I HAVE TO GO TO TRADING STANDARDS? So annoyed about this!!! Unbelievable.
Hi Andrew, do Trading Standards cover the same as Vet used to, or are there more ‘standards’ now?.
Q1a one livestock inspection - . Asked Trading Standards for advice, they gave me a full blown inspection.
Q1a Only 1 visit from trading standards no min visits for 8 years at least
Great partnership working in meetings today with agencies Standards, Thanks!
Q1a just the usual trading standards, farm assurance ,hse , etc
Thankyou so much for the tip, I will get in touch with reading trading standards regarding refusing to help
Excrement found in illegal cigarettes seized by trading standards. Find out *where* in tomorrow's
We have joined 'Fair Trader Fair Comment' the Council trader register. Setup by Trading Standards.
Hi, if you contact the Trading Standards Department of your local Council they should be able to help, thanks
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
youve forgot the warning IT MAY BE ADDICTIVE youll have trading standards going daft
Yes, have seen that. Trading Standards say otherwise. The club are advertising the service and facilitating payment.
we pay now & it's a crap service. Compensation is due & trading standards should investigate
I knew fine so had them checked and they were so took to trading standards
looking objectively it is a state to all intents and purposes. Social programs, even trading standards.
Asda direct are a joke! Promised 4 times for callback still not happened. Trading standards will be getting called! Furious!!!
. Thank you Mr Ruane. Who have you emailed Leeann? I have contacted Env Health, Trading Standards and Pontins HQ.
Has this been reported to Trading Standards?
Not what your team told me.. Ah well, Trading standards it is.
One pound punt? Having you done by trading standards ;)
A great scheme for East Sussex. is not just a logo. Read more on
. Alternatively, you and can argue who needs to sort it, while I make a nuisance of myself with trading standards...
We welcome these recommendations and hope Trading Standards receive financial support for any expectations:
if its faulty after 2 weeks, how can it be of merchantable quality? Ring Trading Standards to check, then go for them
I know their lawyers have already been in touch!! Loads of people now coming forward to Trading Standards.
A big thanks to Kevin at Trading Standards for helping us with our product label design. Much appreciated!
if you paid on credit card then you have consumer protection built in. Check trading standards for more hwlp
What, they made you sleep in a stable?! That is a serious complaint to trading standards...
I wonder if trading standards has a account?
Just got confirmation of working with trading standards! Can't reveal more but very exciting stuff!
I am sorry, we are unable to continue this conversation as trading standards will contact us directly on your behalf . Thanks -Riz
On September 17th, will speak abt the legalities & trading standards any hospitality operator should be aware of. DM us 2 join.
so you keep saying and it's at the fault of your own staff! Trading standards are involved now anyway
Just reported Amazon Prime to Trading Standards - it's DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. £79 for a year's subscription I didn't want and 3 days for a refund
Comment: Retailers need a radical approach to compete with etailers: As UK trading standards are unenforced for..
How can it benefit your business to be 'Trading Standards Approved'?
We agree with the recommendations but what about resources?
the mobile no and landline do not work. I will report you to trading standards if u do not get in touch within 7 days.
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