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Trader Joes

Trader Joe's is a privately held chain of specialty grocery stores headquartered in Monrovia, California.

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Does tricking Trader Joes from me paying ten cents for a bag make me a bad person
Do they not sell milk at Trader Joes?
Sorry I see so much promos of "Ham" this week & Trader Joes. Ham is from a violently killed animal that wanted…
Reminder that today is my day off. I need to run some errands and I might even go to Trader Joes for the first time…
Trader Joes has the best snacks ever! Wish we had a tjs in canada!
Part of me wishes I lived in the States so I could just buy out an entire Trader Joes during exams
Trader Joes is diggin' those Pastabilities, too
But costco sells beer and Wine there! (and so does Trader Joes). Tho I think FTM is goin…
If you haven't tried Trader Joes' Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning get on it. Literally. Roll around in a bed of it...
Kinda drunk and just left the bar to buy cheese and *** at Trader Joes happy marathon Monday 😊
Okay but when a guy approaches me while I'm trying to be all messy dad bod only shops at Trader Joes kinda aesthetic it just ruins the feel
Ur gonna have to start shopping at Whole Foods & Trader Joes & sprouts lol
why yes atlanta, I AM prepared to live in my car for months on end while I try to get to Trader Joes
Apple pay is fast, efficient, + more secure. I wish more retailers would take it! Trader Joes, Mollie Stones…
The Trader Joe's products you should be buying based on your zodiac sign:.
Trader Joe's Orange Chicken and Broccoli with Reduced Calorie Rice - pt 1 -
All purpose parts banner
Kai:. "I wanna be super slim by competition". *eating chocolate chips at midnight* "These are healthy because they're from…
honestly the line in the foggy bottom Trader Joes is like something out of The Day After Tomorrow
We were at Huckleberries too!!! Trader Joes, Eggers, Huckleberrys. Our South Hill haul
Stewart loves the beet hummus from Trader Joes! @ Duncan, Oklahoma
anybody wanna talk about NPR or Local Natives or Tiny Desk Concerts or early 200s indie rock or Trader Joes hmu
Wondering what I can wear today that can go from the farmers market to the Ritz-Carlton to Trader Joes. Any suggestions?
Petition to get a Trader Joes in College Station
Saw Billy Gibbons on the sidewalk yesterday. Pretty sure he walked into a Trader Joes.
Corner of Baseline and Gilbert rd. right next to Trader Joes!
Idea: a Romeo & Juliet/ West Side Story spinoff, but the rival gangs are Trader Joes vs Whole Foods.
Mango bars and red wine. God I love Trader Joes! One stop shop!
Where might one be able to purchase said hot sauce? Trader Joes? Whole Foods? Where?
Trader Joes lemon pepper pasta with Trader Joes pesto sauce with Trader Joes Ciabatta bread and Trader Joes wine for dinner
I think the view from my parking space at Trader Joes is quite lovely.
I added a video to a playlist Trader Joes Haul
I had a dream a bunch of construction workers were outside and stole all of my reusable Trader Joes bags and I was very upset
There's a great frozen section for meatless products at Trader Joes and tons of organic vegan foods
Trader Joes needs vegan sushi, steak, and ice cream
Favorite past time: walking around Trader Joes having a full blown argument with myself over crushed tomatoes.
thankful my mother works at Trader Joes so she can always tell me what wine to get
This lady in Trader Joes is taking a picture of her husband standing next to some lemons...
What disorder is it when I am constantly going against traffic in Trader Joes??
One good thing that came from leaving Bradley was Trader Joes coming back into my life. πŸ‹πŸ…πŸ†
Dude in Trader Joes lookin so smug, like he don't think we ALL Gettin 'nanas for 29cents.
I get excited when I go grocery shopping lmfao Trader Joes & sprouts is heaven to me
Gonna start going to Trader Joes. I miss is very much
So happy I'm back working at the Pima location bc Trader Joes 4 lunch
White girl with the dreads, wandering around Trader Joes, muttering to yourself incoherently, you're not unnerving.not at all.
Trader Joes sticker holding on for dear life
Walked into Trader Joes and they were playing "That Thing You Do." πŸ‘πŸ»
Time to buy vegan food at Trader Joes and some alcohol
In the same complex as the Trader Joes and Babies R' Us, just at the far end, away from Travis Blvd. it's super good.
my aunt is sending me Trader Joes cookie butter God bless
remember when I had to stop u from buying a huge stuffed animal from Trader Joes πŸ€” Trader JoeS
Never thought to look at Trader Joes beauty products (too busy buying stuff I shouldn't be EATING! ❀️
Got back from the Trader Joes. Got some stuff together to make a nice salad for dinner. But I forgot to buy a couple of slabs of mozzarella.
Slowly realizing all my money went to Wall St., Bar Louie, Happy Hour, Trader Joes and Über in Orlando lol. Definitely cutting down on that.
Cashier at Trader Joes somehow thought I said I am taking 2 weeks off to do nothing, so I went along with it. I hope I never see him again.
lmao. I used to hate them but Trader Joes has some pretty great options
Halsted st Chicago. Orland park IL. Staff at Halsted said no longer stocked by WFM. suggested jewel or Trader Joes
That mini heart attack while buying wine at Trader Joes when they ask you your age and it takes you a minute to remember that you're 23
Has anyone tried the meatless meat balls at Trader Joes? I just bought them and I'm curious about how they taste
Ummm yes Smooth Caffeinator rocks AND you can get at Trader Joes now!
have you tried the vegan chorizo from Trader Joes??? it gives me LIFE
Old people at Trader Joes are my bane
Jumping on the Trader Joes peony bandwagon.
My step counter is such a liar. Says I'm 1/2 done. The line at Trader Joes was long but not THAT long.
I just got side-hugged by an older gentleman at Trader Joes. What an unexpected way to feel warm n fuzzy on a Monday morning 😊
it's Monday afternoon. tensions are high at the Chelsea Trader Joes. multiple cases of screaming WASPs over the dreaded line-cut.
No, Citlali. The older man with the "Sic Transit Gloria" tattoo at Trader Joes is probably not just a really big fan of brand-new.
THIS could increase your property value?! Who knew?.
Trader Joes is out of their black bean dip until June. JUNE.
This Trader Joes chicken Asian style noodle salad is giving me life today πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
This is a photo of a koala after vegans deforested his home so they could have flax seed crisps at Trader Joes
Trader Joes on 21st at lunch time on a Monday. Madness.
Trader Joes got the best corn. Lol OMG
How is Trader Joes ALWAYS packed why don't people work
John Oliver: "I guess that's a brawl by Canadian standards ... but in New York we call that shopping at Trader Joes" htt…
Places not to go: Beverly Center, Westfield Mall, any Trader Joes.
Healthy Living market in Vermont. I think it might be a chain like Trader Joes and Whole Foods, but I'm not sure
When you confidently wish the cashier at Trader Joes a happy hump day...
My friend took his pet monkey to Trader Joes and it stole a banana, so he spanked it. Yep, he got arrested for spanking his monkey in public
dinner courtesy of Trader Joes. I finally bit the bullet and tried the Kung Pao…
Big day for Long Beach! Grand Prix is here! Also so excited for the new Trader Joes location in Bixby Knolls! It's a great day!
I literally only ever go to Trader Joes for two things: 19cent bananas and two buck chuck 🍌🍷
Trader Joes is a trap though. I went in for apple cider vinegar and left with that + curry sauce and a six pack.
Trader Joes roasted garlic hummus is so good 😍
Clay Matthews is a big fan of Trader Joes.
I would even have them use Trader Joes coconut oil spray at the this point! 😩😩😩
Would also like to thank Trader Joes of Newton, Bubbies Sauerkraut, and Pioneer Valley Heritage Grains for donations.
we actually aren't sold in Trader Joes yet but are sold in all Whole Foods and Gourmet Garages!
I compared the price of Whole Foods '365 Everyday Value' items to Trader Joe's β€” here's what I found
Whole Foods is only a few blocks from me but I only go if I want to cook steak. Trader Joes for everything else πŸ€—
What I found when I compared the price of 'Everyday Value' items to Trader Joe's
Amazing Trader Joe's Dinners Under $4 - Two Buck Chuck? We can almost do better than that. via delishdotcom/amazing
Order Miche Bag Online!
Trader Joes is a terrifyingly happy place. Way too much happy.
I never eat my while potato πŸ– the union i really was hungry ! Trader Joes is not for the faint hearted the i
Trader Joes is not for the faint hearted sir I suggest you follow the unspoken rules of shopping for potatoes WHEN YOU GET IN LINE GAH
For anybody who cares Trader Joes is the move for organic🍌
Listen tall man if you're coming to Trader Joes you need to not fight the system this means not froggering your cart about in the lines
I bit into this Italian wrap I got from Trader Joes today & the mayo burst into my mouth.worst experience ever!!!
Check out this article about how a Trader Joe's employee moved a Mom to tears!
Living across the street from Trader Joes is amazing
The Trader Joes parking lot today was reminiscent of the commuter lot at CMU except instead of students it was old people and trophy wives
Omg these people straight up speaking French in Trader Joes
Just paid $12.50 for two bottles of wine, ily Trader Joes
just bought my 1st certified product at Trader Joes- Preserve toothbrush. Know you are a fan!
How many times have you shopping at Trader Joes while trying to avoid someone you know.
This week: how much Trader Joes Mac and cheese can I shove into my body before I die
I know I'm obsessed with Trader Joes because i searched it on IG just to look at pics of TJs food.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Mini Trader Joes Cookie and peanut butter for the kids. Also got some chicken and…
What living near a Trader Joe’s or a Whole Foods will do for your home:
Good to know...since the store's right around the corner. Amazing dinners under $4, says
What do I want from Trader Joes besides everything
I bought some vegetable masala burgers from Trader Joes and they are LIFE.
I want some cookie butter but Trader Joes creeps me out
I should have eaten lunch before going to Trader Joes. Now I have much more than 2 items I went in for!
they had brie samples at Trader Joes yesterday.. Tasted like mushrooms..
Tried a French Roast k-cup from Trader Joes this morning. um. YUMπŸ˜‹
Nothing more satisfying this time of year than getting on the Trader Joes PA system and announcing they canceled Coachella.
Stocked the house with healthy food from Trader Joes, got home and ordered a pizza πŸ˜”
New life goals: be half as happy as the people who work at Trader Joes are
Mason made more friends in the 45 minutes we shopped Trader Joes than I actually have in real life.
Who has fresher fruit.. Sprouts or Trader Joes ?
Buying wine at 8:30 this morning at Trader Joes.
These pumpkin cereal bars from Trader Joes legit taste like thanksgiving. So good. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹
that sounds amazing. I wish we lived near a Trader Joes 😭
Went to Trader Joes this morning and only bought fruits and vegetables. So proud of myself ☺️
bruh they have to have to someone lurking all day bc this man goes to Trader Joes and looks at organic beer it's on bleacherreport
Yesterday my boyfriend & I got into an argument at Trader Joes so that means we're falling in love, right?
Life would be 100x better if Morgantown had a Trader Joes :(
APod is the MVP for going back to campus after I realized I didn't have my wallet in the Trader Joes parking lot.
It's not fun when I have to slam my brakes because someone jaywalked in front of my car to get to Stonestown Trader Joes. USE THE CROSSWALK.
Shout out to Trader Joes for having good gluten free food and allowing me to enjoy eating. 😍🍴
Trader Joes with my minion and apple jack 😜
Popular food items price compared at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Walmart, and Cub. The results may surprise you!.
If anybody still needs flowers, stop by Trader Joes on Manhattan Beach Blvd. We're wrapping bouquets today for Valentines Day 😊
should have a Trader Joes, a Whole Foods or an independent health food store of some kind!!
25% - the percentage of Trader Joes shoppers singing under their breathe or whistling along to Fat Bottom Girls right now
Is Trader Joes only on the west coast?πŸ€”
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I seriously can't sleep cause I'm so excited to go to Trader Joes tomorrow
.try on Beverly, Rainbow Acres in Culver City/Marina del Rey or One Life in Santa Monica + Trader Joes, Target
Dear Trader Joes: this man deserves a raise! Wading through lake formed in the parking lot just to gather yr carts
So this Daniel fast is going great so far!! Trader Joes n Whole Foods give me life! I'm loving this!
also on my list: a Trader Joes bag if you ever make it out there. I have dc, sanfran, and Colorado...
Worked, Trader Joes, Happy hour, saw some and stand up. Good Wednesday.
The only bean I want to flick is a Brandy Bean from Trader Joes.
Just took my rain boot off in Trader Joes and showed my new friend Lawrence how I can roll it up and fit it in a pocket. . Thx
I'm guessing the best way to make a murderer is by putting a bunch of people in the Trader Joes lot at rush hour.
I need to go Trader Joes. I've been saying this for weeks.
At this point in my life, I appreciate few things; quality socks, quality underwear and Trader Joes gift cards
Only thing I've accomplished in past hour was eat half jar of Trader Joes salsa and listen to 311 greatest hits 🌚
oh. You aren't missing out lmao. Idk if you have a Trader Joes but their soy ice cream is bomb
Don't go to Trader Joes after u haven't eaten all day..
We had buffalo cauliflower with Murasaki Sweet Potato from Trader Joes. I was in heaven during…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I ate six kiwis in the past 2 days. They have packs at Trader Joes lol
Everyone at my Trader Joes already knows me LOL
I think I just fell in love with the cashier @ Trader Joes lmao but he was a white boy 😩
My favorite thing to do is getting on the PA system at Trader Joes and announcing they cancelled Coachella.
I find this Best of TJs list v interesting as I only buy 2 or 3 of the products:
that made me choke on my Trader Joes dark chocolate covered raisins
Walking through Trader Joes and singing the Pokemon Rap a little too loud. I am adult.
I came in so exhausted tonight I ate popcorn for dinner. At least it was Trader Joes they have the best popcorn.
Trying to eat a low sugar diet but then these came into my life. πŸ€” You win, Trader Joes.
Aww my dad specifically went to Trader Joes while I was at work today to get me avocados πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™πŸ½ real MVP
of course! The secret is sautéing in soyaki sauce from Trader Joes 😏
Enjoys long walks to Trader Joes, doesn't season chicken, loves Seinfeld, still learning how to Dougie
Whole Foods/Trader Joes also takes the extra income once spent on pancakes and omelettes.
You can blame places like Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Shop organic or niche foods. Skip comfort foods.
I get all my snacks from Trader Joes, Ice-Creams, yogurts, refrigerator period. Lmao
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
A new lawsuit alleges something fishy is going on at Trader Joe’s.
The Trader Joe's products you freaked out about in 2015
Steal My Sunshine by Len is playing at Trader Joes and all I see is Nathan Fielder on a rollercoaster. Perfect cure to my bad day
A line of cookies sold at Trader Joes looks a little too familiar to
In recent cookie news Pepperidge Farm is suing Trader Joes for
yeah places like that. Maybe even Earth Fare, Trader Joes, etc.
Star Wars spoiler alert! The Dagobah system is now littered with Trader Joes & luxurious condo's with retail space.
The Super Spinach Salad at Trader Joes is more than amazing ⏰
Sprouts, Lassens, Whole Foods, Trader Joes- and I still prefer the 99 Cent Store.
Just finished shopping at Trader Joes in Long Beach on Bellflower. It was crowded. Think we need one up on Spring and Palo Verde.
"No Easy Way Out" from Rocky IV is on at Trader Joes so I feel like I should be shoving barrels of produce all over the store in snow boots
. CHAMBERLAIN CUSHBOMB: M'lord the people complain of the death panels. ME: Increase the Trader Joes wine ration by 6%.
Canadians shop in the Albany/Saratoga area on the way to Montreal too. Trader Joes, TJMaxx, Lake George outlets, etc.
I bought wine out of habit at Trader Joes completely forgetting I had come from Total Wine so I now have 5 bottles. That's acceptable right?
Today's highlight: listening to classical music strolling through every isle of Trader Joes & discovering my new fav: http:/…
How to get looked at like a zoo animal- wear heels to Trader Joes in Agoura Hills.
PSA: that new Rite Aid building on Division IS IN FACT going to become a Trader Joes next Spring HALLELUJAH
Mom spaces during work hours on weekdays: the mall, Trader Joes, 7th street market
I just love grocery stores! I just can't seem to stay away. Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Metropolitan Market & farmers markets. Peaceful !
Trader Joes' aesthetic is like the east India tea company/ vintage Eurocentric exoticism/ vacation bible school.
I've gotten it at Lassen's over by Woodward park. And I'm pretty sure Whole Foods or Trader Joes would have it πŸ’πŸΌ
I saw like 10 prettier females at Trader Joes earlier that were hotter than Miss Oklahoma. No joke. Hope she won for her answers and talent
Trader Joes spinach & kale Greek yogurt so so good and only 15 calories per tablespoon!
Whole Foods, Trader Joes get some competition with Walmart. .
Trader Joes is the bomb!! Two-buck Chuck. . . well, now it's three-buck Chuck, but still!!
Trader Joes is going to be the death of me. Or atleast my bank account.
Just ran into Mr. Crowley at Trader Joes lmfao
They're absolutely incredible. They're probably what I'd call halfway between a giant eagle and a Trader Joes.
Lmao @ Trader Joes any Mexican food is changed to Trader Jose and Asian food is Trader Ming
Why is Jenn facetiming a Trader Joes worker in California
Breast Cancer Awareness
This is how we survive on a Trader Joes trip. shops and the girls and I look for…
Officially a resident just did my first food shop at Trader Joes 😎 @ Trader Joe's
Here's a better list of Trader Joe's picks :-)
Get yo fat *** out sees candy Trader Joes around the corner
Who wants to hang with me in BK today? (This requires your company to and from Trader Joes, fyi)
The Brookline Trader Joes - where fellow customers have no idea how to not block all the aisles.
FRE BAG of Charcoal TODAY at Trader Joes (while supplies last)
When the hot worker at Trader Joes asks if you want a sample
My level of enthusiasm over Trader Joes new frozen organic riced cauliflower is a bit silly.
So happy there is a Trader Joes close to me πŸ™Œ
This *** wrote an ECR with works cited on his IG picture lol bruh, it's just some Trader Joes chicken πŸ˜‚
: JenniferJHirsch: Awesome solution for & -
Just fell in love with my cashier at Trader Joes.
I didnt post it for Trader Joes though πŸ˜‰ I should of @ you sorry babe πŸ˜”
actually I just threw it on to hit up Trader Joes 😁 but I had you in mind too πŸ˜‹πŸ˜˜
Meet Black Singles 300x250
*** you, Kenny Loggins! I can't NOT sing "Footloose" when it comes on. Little strut included while I'm in the middle of Trader Joes
Joined team Almond milk... got hip to coconut oil, Trader Joes and the first aisle of kroger
do you have Trader Joes where you live or is that just a California thing?
I just saw this 80 yr old man play you are my sunshine on the harmonica at full volume in Trader Joes and it was beautiful
Beet hummus from Trader Joes is so good
Productive day so far. Stopped by Trader Joes to stock up on some goods. Now baking something good.…
My mom needs to stop buying these cookies from Trader Joes πŸ˜” I have no willpower
Trader Joe's fans! fav things from Trader Joes. We second the coconut chips!!
I have so much homework but I also need to go to Trader Joes
I love the hippies that work at Trader Joes!
Throwback to my first day at Trader Joes
it's the Trader Joes Fearless Flyer. And I want to try each and every item that they write about 😯
All my niggaz need to come to Trader Joes lbs
Trader Joes is a wonderland of munchies.
Look what I now see at Trader Joes.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Rally 2nite for these poor dogs tied up outside Trader Joes for over 7 mins. It's 2015 people we don't tie up friends …
It's the little things in life... Like being able to go to Trader Joes and not worry about the weight of the bags
Why people say they gotta spend $500 at Trader Joes just to feed themselves i'm set for maybe a month and only spent $25 smh
I'm get you RITAS too and anything you want @ Trader Joes
Go to Trader Joes and buy me green tea mints.πŸ’–
I highly recommend gunpowder green tea from Trader Joes
Omg... I wish we had a Trader Joes in Illinois.
Forever searching for my soul mate in Trader Joes
I love getting the free samples at Trader Joes
they are so good I just love Trader Joes in general I always take like a billion samples
In other news, the people at Trader Joes think I’m crazy when I manage to make the trip out there and stock up on ALL THE JUICE.
Meredith have u ever had the green tea mints from Trader Joes?? they're so yummy omg
I wish I had someone who would buy me flowers and a bag of frozen mangos from Trader Joes :-(
Roar playing ironically in Trader Joes rn is something I'm super excited about
I have a bag full of every chocolate covered snack from Trader Joes next to me bed so no one in my family will eat them
I baught a whole tub of cookies from Trader Joes and hid them in my room bc thats how much of a fatty i amπŸ˜‚
why didn't they make that sports authority a Trader Joes? We needed good/healthy food not expensive sports wear )):
Anytime I think "now would be a good time to go to Trader Joes, I bet it won't be busy" I am wrong. ANY. TIME.
I just moved from Trader Joes parking lot to NOVA's parking lot just to eat... 😟
Trader Joes frozen choc. bananas are 😍
I manage to find the most unhealthy snacks at Trader Joes & buy all of them.
When is a good time to confess my love for the man bun babe that I see at Trader Joes every time I go?
When carina stalks you at Trader JoesπŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
When the employee at Trader Joes asks you what classes you had today and you tell him. His reaction: 😳
Who's got better prices - Trader Joes vs Whole Foods vs Target vs Safeway
THIS IS NOT A DRILL: $6.99 peonies at Trader Joes. For all you flower lovers out there, THIS IS REAL LIFE.
πŸ˜’ is everyone's expression as they make their way to the back of the line as Trader Joes plays a life size version of "Snake" in the store.
I want to make an urban outfitters coffee table book of the conversations I hear in Trader Joes.
Got 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of champaign at Trader Joes. Oh! And food for the kids
If I go missing tonight plz look for me at Trader Joes
I spend like half of my paycheck at Trader Joes.
lemme guess... your favorite store is Trader Joes right? hah get it TRAITOR
Trader Joes in BK is like better than any lezzy club in the world.
omg I need to go!!! I'm totally gonna try to go this weekend! I've heard so many good things abt Trader Joes!!
when you see Mr. Woodward at Trader Joes and he says "long time no see" even though you had him last period today :'(
Join us for our last Spirit Night tomorrow (Tuesday) night at Willy's (Trader Joes parking lot) from 5pm-8pm.
I love Whole Foods! Do you know if there's a Trader Joes in CT? If there is, idk where it is!!!
Don't buy me Gucci. Buy me a Vitamix and give me a gift card to Trader Joes.
It's instant friendship when someone's fridge is stocked with Trader Joes yummy shenanigans
If you have a Trader Joes in tot area. You gotta go buy this stuff.
Holy busy Boston Trader Joes at 6pm
I think it's time for a Trader Joes run
i am obsessed with the girl who works at Trader Joes like How Do I Become A Model Scout cause she is so seductive she is a versace woman
I know an inker (don't want to name names) who makes their real money working at Trader Joes
I can't go into Trader Joes anymore way too dangerous! Lol spent way too much on groceries
great I'll give them a shot. I went by Trader Joes and called a few other stores and they didn't have it.
Trader Joes' Sriracha BBQ has your name all on it then my brother.
Carrying a Trader Joes bag filled with condoms .
it is at moments like this that I realize just how much I love Trader Joes
Got some greens at Trader Joes finally. Now I can stave off the scurvy for another week.
Trader Joes - Strut Your Stuffed Recipe Contest: Do you have an inspired, β€œstuffed” recipe?. D...
That is disappointing! It is now less popcorn for the same cost! Sorry but will have to go back to Trader Joes popcorn πŸ˜‚
(microwaves 2 things from Trader Joes and puts them together) I am a domestic goddess!! your body is a temple nurture it!! New year new me
Cashier at Trader Joes was just talking to a customer about John Wayne Gacy and his crimes. Glad I didn't get in his line.
Not bad from Trader Joes. - Drinking a Mission St. India Pale Ale at -
Sparkling pink lemonade from Trader Joes! Perfect start to the weekend!!
Hey man, Trader Joes has Kona coffee beans. Pricey as you expect for Kona, but so good. In case you wanted to slum it. :)
"I'll just go to Trader Joes and pick up two more bottles of Charles Shaw! It's a screw top!"
same. so I settle for the ugly Step Sister.. Trader Joes β€œi love Whole Foods, expensive but great”
Toledo needs a Trader Joes not a Whole Foods.
The Green Giant Brussels Sprouts in the bag were not as tasty as the ones on the stalk from either or Trader Joes
Trader Joes french roast is to die for πŸ‘Œ
If you're a fan of stores like Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Native Sun & The Fresh Market, you should try Earth Fare too.
Having an early dinner date with The Hubby Chris Johns... Next up Trader Joes
stores and eBay, also try Dr Bronners products sold at Trader Joes, Walgreens, CVS, Earth Fare, Whole Foods and more pla
Finding out that Whole Foods and Trader Joes sells bad produce along with markets like Ralphs and Vons. I'm kind of in shock.
A dog hitching post at Trader Joes. Clearly one of man's greatest ideas
Sam & I might be a little too excited for the new Trader Joes opening.
Trader Joes pizza is like eating a slice of Wonder bread that Giada de Laurentiis just blew her nose into
Oh yeah, we found that out. Apparent flash mob at Trader Joes.
We live a blk south of Ventura Blvd so we can walk to Trader Joes, Target, Whole Foods & a few restaurants. So spoiled! LOL!
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