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Tracy Wolfson

Tracy Wolfson (born March 17, 1975) is an American sportscaster for CBS Sports. She is a University of Michigan graduate with a degree in communications.

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Tracy Wolfson is the best sideline reporter around. There can never be enough Tracy! Love her
Tracy Wolfson interviewing Frank Kaminsky on camera is just high comedy
Tracy Wolfson having just as bad of a day as the Bucks, just called Travon Jackson Traveon and her halftime interview wasn't audible
Tracy Wolfson with every name not actually Traevon.
some of my caucasian homies have moms that look like tracy wolfson. I need em.
Calling Sunday's Wisconsin-Ohio State MBB game on CBS is Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery and Tracy Wolfson.
CBS College Basketball broadcasts were also fine before today & dealing with Tracy Wolfson again. Sideline reporters, we don't need them.
Tracy Wolfson could perpetually get it
I'm tellin yu, hire me on and I'll be the next Tracy Wolfson
it looks like A team for is Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery, Tracy Wolfson
Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery and Tracy Wolfson will be on the call of the Badgers at Ohio State game today at 3:30 on CBS.
CBS crew of Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery and Tracy Wolfson visit with D'Angelo Russell before practice.
CBS Sports announces Jim Nantz, Bill Raferty, Grant Hill and Tracy Wolfson will call the NCAA Final Four and National Championship games.
The AFC Championship Game will be 30th game this year for Jim Nantz/Phil Simms/Tracy Wolfson -- most ever in one season…
Every time they go to Tracy Wolfson on the sideline.
Tracy Wolfson comes on the tv and my dad just starts going "mole, moley, moley, moley, mole." 😂😫
Time to remove the mole E mole Tracy Wolfson
Every time I see Tracy Mole...I mean Wolfson...all I can see is her...nevermind.
Get Tracy Wolfson off the sideline that Mole is distracting the players as well as making me sick!
Also, make that woodtick on Tracy Wolfson's face go away.
When did Tracy Wolfson get that mole?
Tracy Wolfson's mole giving Speights mole a run for its money.
Wonder if Tracy Wolfson of can afford a hair stylist. Because she needs one.
Tracy Wolfson: "How much does losing Rey Maualuga affect you?". Um. Have you seen Green, Gresham, Eifert, Jones or Burfict on the field?
Marvin Lewis did NOT want to be chatting with Tracy Wolfson right there. Clearly wanted to head into the locker room.
Am I the only one who finds Tracy Wolfson as hot?
Tracy Wolfson sounds like she just got done screaming at 3 or 4 orphans right before her report.
Rey Maualuga has been ruled out for the rest of the game per Tracy Wolfson.
someone get Tracy Wolfson some lozenges :) she needs a lozenges sponsorship deal too.
Tracy Wolfson thinks hamstring injuries which lead to a player being lifted onto a golf cart and driven to the locker room don’t look good.
Tracy Wolfson's voice is annoying. She sounds like she takes her job too seriously.
Tracy Wolfson’s outfit looks like she’s about to get an Xray at the dentist.
I'll watch any game Tracy Wolfson's working.
Tracy Wolfson is wearing...something. What is that? Sheesh.
I like Tracy Wolfson. I think she's a pro.
I like Tracy Wolfson. I think she does a solid job.
They just showed Tracy Wolfson interviewing Inky Johnson since that was the year he got hurt. Time flies...
Tracy Wolfson, Dana Jacobson, Swin Cash,Laila Ali, and Lisa Leslie. Some of my faves...dope so far
Sundays gonna be fun!!! 1:00 start on Jim Nantz, Phil Simms, & Tracy Wolfson on call!!!
Ole Tracy Wolfson was the first to experience the cammy cam juice.
Tracy Wolfson really has to take care of that mole
Tracy Wolfson should get some Cammy Cam Juice for old times sake.
Awful all around. I ONLY like Tracy Wolfson from that group.
Falcons Fans: Don't forget today's game has been moved to CBS Jim Nantz, Phil Simms & Tracy Wolfson have the call http:/…
CBS' "A-team" of Jim Nantz, Phil Simms, and Tracy Wolfson will call the Panthers game this Sunday.
The get the CBS ‘A' team on Sunday for their 4:25 p.m. kickoff with Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson on the call for
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.CB Jerraud Powers gets the nod for post-gm interview w Tracy Wolfson
Is there a Kickstarter campaign to give Tracy Wolfson money to not start her on-field report with the word "well"?
Tracy Wolfson with her "I'm having an affair with a black man coat" on tonight. That little rascal
Just saw Tracy Wolfson walking by in the background in slow motion. Nice.
Tracy Wolfson looks like she got dicked down back in college
you got a crazy schedule but good news is Tracy Wolfson is a strong lady that can take anything on. See ya tonight.
I could ask better questions than Tracy Wolfson.
Why did CBS replace Tracy Wolfson with LaForce again? She just asked Saban basically the exact question twice and got the same answer.
This sideline chick for CBS is better than Tracy Wolfson. Much better looking too.
LOL. Take a million of hers over that hussy Tracy Wolfson or Pam Oliver's crooked *** weaves.
Alex Flanagan, Pam Oliver, Kristina Pink, Charissa Thompson and Tracy Wolfson are my current top 5 sideliners.
Best sideline reporters so far in 2014. Pam Oliver (Fox) and Tracy Wolfson (CBS). Worst: Jenny Del (CBS).
A week ago Bill O'Brien told Tracy Wolfson Clowney was a go for MNF. This week has been the 50/50 thing. Why the change? Just SOP for BOB?
Rex should just snap and go put Tracy Wolfson ' s foot in his mouth.
Thank you so much for Tracy Wolfson's sideline reports. I'd be lost without that next-level insight.
I remember Tracy Wolfson as the reporter that drank the Cammy Cam Juice lol.
Hearing Tracy wolfson reminds me of working at Glenwood. Right Mike Casini
Tracy Wolfson may have the worlds most ANNOYING, HORRIBLE *** voice ever. Enough to make me not want to watch the game.
I bet Tracy Wolfson screams at the mirror in her hotel room then cries herself to sleep after games.
Tracy Wolfson is in the right place at the “perfect time.” The CBS sideline reporter said she believes this is a crucial time for women in sports media with the domestic violence discussion heighte...
Must be getting close to winter as Tracy Wolfson is getting tanner.
Does Tracy Wolfson smoke unfiltered camels and gargle with razor blades? She rivals collinsworth for harshest voice on TV
I went to a party at Tracy Wolfson's house once. All she served to drink was Mol(e)son
Way too not be *** out for the boys Tracy Wolfson need Jenny Dell sideline reporter for every Pats game
Tracy Wolfson may have been the first ever "hmu" recipient. I'll have to check the record books.
The Jets suck.However Tracy Wolfson does look good in that ballcap.
Holy Moly, Tracy Wolfson going all casual tonight.
Tracy Wolfson's voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me
Watching can't take my eyes off of Tracy Wolfson's
Tracy Wolfson rockin the hat forward look for you tonight! The only thing I can figure is she doesn't know your out there yet.
Tracy Wolfson says that Brady told her that he sprained that ankle pretty bad in last Friday's practice.
How many Butch women can this attract ??Tracy Wolfson loves the sideline and 'overdue' female-driven show via
What's going on NY? Tracy Wolfson loves the sideline and 'overdue'… Get Found ->
.on working NFL vs. college games and "long overdue" female-hosted show
Wolfson: Patriots 'will be there in the end' for postseason hunt
Tracy Wolfson loves the sideline, and ‘overdue’ female-driven show
With Tracy "The Wolf" Wolfson promoted to the NFL, Allie LaForce has some big shoes to fill on the sidelines for CBS.
Last time played in The Swamp, I met Tracy Wolfson, Bobby Jindal and Florida's Governor.
I'm so glad that CBS has Tracy Wolfson to alert me that JJ Watt may be tired after that TD...
Breaking news you guys, Tracy Wolfson found out a football player is tired in the 4th quarter.
u praise Tracy Wolfson and then rip Sam Ponder? I hope you remain tied to that tree just for that comment
in a Fantasy Sports Reporter league, Tracy Wolfson would be an undrafted free agent that wouldn't make a roster...
You know how they say Chimps are 2 chromosomes away from being Human?Tracy Wolfson is 2 away from being very hot. So close, yet not close.
What in gods name is Tracy Wolfson wearing!?!
I would do unspeakable dirty things to Tracy Wolfson
Bruh, I would take Tracy Wolfson out to dinner and actually call her again.
Tracy Wolfson, sweetheart, what are you wearing
Is it ironic that Tracy Wolfson looks like a dog
Please Tracy Wolfson. Nice try but your not quite as beautiful as my wife
Tracy Wolfson just called an Athletic Trainer an "Athletic Trainer", you've got my attention CBS
I can't stop staring at Tracy Wolfson's mole...
Tracy Wolfson: "I have official word, Niles Paul is out". This sideline reporting is SO insightful! . CAPT. OBVIOUS STRIKES AGAIN!!
I want Tracy Wolfson's job...just informed America that Paul had a concussion. No shot sherlock? Other news grass green & sky is blue
Thank you Tracy Wolfson, I thought niles Paul was gunna play again
Every time I see Tracy Wolfson I think of this...
Tracy Wolfson with stellar sideline reporting telling us McKown has a injured thumb.
Man, I'd rather listen to nails on a chalkboard for hours than hear Tracy Wolfson's voice for a second. She's just...UGHHH.
Tracy Wolfson... more like Tracy "Woof"-son... can we please get someone younger, hotter, and blonder on the sidelines, jeez
Does anyone else HATE Tracy Wolfson, the announcer, and wish you could give her a quarter to naw that mole off her face?
Tracy Wolfson has some hot milf teacher thing going on
Love Tracy wolfson, she's really good at her job
Tracy Wolfson still does it for me.
BREAKING: Lovie Smith & the Bucs decide to leave at halftime. Smith tells Tracy Wolfson, "What's the point?"
have you been giving Tracy Wolfson lessons? she just said McCowan...
Jim Nantz, Phil Simms & Tracy Wolfson head West Sunday on DEN/SEA can't be any worse...Can it?
Tracy Wolfson can't even begin to feign interest in this game
To think we have Phil, Jim & Tracy Wolfson at least twice this season calling games. Only
I miss Tracy Wolfson on Saturday's. I don't like her on the sidelines for the NFL
Tracy Wolfson is looking a little Lemmyish
Sorry Tracy Wolfson but due to that Mole on your face it's very difficult to listen to you .
At some point Tracy Wolfson was cute. That point is not today.
Tracy Wolfson skinnier than what i remember
Tracy Wolfson's wart is the key to tonignt's game.
Tracy Wolfson: Falcons will be without Roddy White tonight. Strained hamstring. Bucs will be without Doug Martin. Bobby Rainey will start
Tracy Wolfson isn't sideline reporter this year. She is doin NFL
I may be in the nosebleeds for Hogs VS. Bama, but at least I don't have to hear Gary, Verne, and Tracy Wolfson.
(2 of 2) Kickoff is at 8:25pm EST & Jim Nantz & Phil Simms will have the call from the booth & Tracy Wolfson will be on the sidelines
Tracy Wolfson has had Auburn's secret sauce
Yeah... nothing like random speculation from not-a-doctor Tracy Wolfson. You're just fueling panic.
Phil Simms is not too bad of a color guy. I'd rather fans ban Tracy Wolfson. She looks ugly and is not a good sideline reporter.
And Pam Oliver & Tracy Wolfson but after staring at multiple sports networks all weekend, 95% of them are the same...
Tracy Wolfson discusses importance of sideline reporting, her experiences as a woman in the business
Congrats man, we have Tracy Wolfson giving updates! Reminds me of how "Wolves mate for life, unlike... " ;-)
Tracy Wolfson gone let me hit or nah
There's a lot of wildlife on the sidelines of the Den/KC game between John FOX and Tracy WOLFson...I'll see myself out now.
"It didn't seem to be bothering him. He was actually eating a sandwich on the bench" -Tracy Wolfson on Demaryius Thomas
Tracy Wolfson just reported D Thomas was eating a sandwich on the sideline. I, for one, want to know what kind of sandwich he was eating.
Tracy Wolfson just reported that she doesn't know what happened to Demaryius Thomas but he was eating a sandwich on the bench.
Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson twice in 3 days. This is my own private *** Taking it one day at a time.
Tracy Wolfson says Charles kept pointing to his Achilles.
"Jamaal was pointing to the Achilles part of his heel" - Tracy Wolfson
Jamaal Charles to the locker room, per Tracy Wolfson. Pointing to the Achilles part of his left foot, of course.
I hate to listen to that post Valley Girl Erin Edwards sideline reporting. Tracy Wolfson has a more mellow voice.
Jim Nantz, Phil Simms, & Tracy Wolfson (Field reporter) will be doing the vs Broncos game this Sunday.
now that's what I want to hear! Jim Nantz is the best. Just love the man. How about we get Tracy Wolfson on? Thanks
NJ's Tracy Wolfson, the NFL's newest sideline reporting star, has some stories to tell: ... Jim Nantz and ex-G...
she did get screwed big time. Erin Andrews is NOT better than Pam Oliver. But I say the best of the best is Tracy Wolfson!
Roy Hibbert told Tracy Wolfson that he and Paul George went fishing yesterday, didn't talk hoops. Credited good gm w/ Paul's "love and care"
He's as known for his loud sportcoats as his sideline reports for Turner Sports for many years. Craig Sager will not be on the NBA/TNT sidelines Sunday when the Bulls host the Wizards at United Center in Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs due to a battle with leukemia. Tracy Wolfson will sub for Sager while Marv Albert & Steve Kerr call it nationally. Marv, Steve & Tracy will also call Game 2 late Tuesday night nationally at 8:30P.
Tracy Wolfson reports that Willie Cauley-Stein is out for tonight | Kentucky Sports Radio
Video: Tracy Wolfson interviews Aaron Harrison after his game winning shot
God is Tracy Wolfson boring and horrible on CBS!! I hope get final four assignment
If Tracy Wolfson married Wolf Blitzer his name would be Wolf Wolfson
CBS' Tracy Wolfson said UK had no response to reports WCS has a stress fracture in his ankle.
Jim Nantz didn’t say how many Final Fours Tracy Wolfson has played in.
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So bummed for this kid rt“Via Tracy Wolfson, WCS on crutches:
Danny Mac, I don't ever hear any talk about Tracy Wolfson. Id like your opinion. In the mature category.
Tracy Wolfson (CBS rep) said she heard him tell ATCs "I heard it pop."we don't know what other injuries he had underlying.
Ok CBS time to bench Tracy Wolfson. Allie LaForce is the real deal and her voice isnt irritating as *** either.
"grab a rebound already" comment by Tracy Wolfson in today's Kentucky v Michigan game. Jewish much! I doubt that was a direct quote from Calipari!
Correction, I just realized I worked out on the elliptical next to Tracy Wolfson of CBS Sports! Not a bad start to the day
Mom just told me she happened to walk right by Tracy Wolfson after the game last night and referred to her as a *** "
I can't decide who the best sideline reporter in the business is... Rachel Nichols or Tracy Wolfson.
She may be good at her job but Tracy Wolfson looks like an alien
you're a version of Tracy Wolfson who follows me, what an honor that an awesome fellow reporter affords me :)
yet somehow Tracy Wolfson said he would apply for a medical redshirt last night. Funny
Happy photos just keep coming from Vicky Graff as Cats wait to talk to CBS Tracy Wolfson
Just watched Tracy Wolfson's post game interview with Rick Pitino. I have to say, Pitino was very gracious. No whining, praised his team, praised the Cats. Well done Rick.
Give Pitino credit, *VERY* classy in his remarks to Tracy Wolfson. Proper perspective on his team and their run.
It might just be me, but it seems like Tracy Wolfson (has had a fantastic tournament. Done really well, from what I've seen.
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Pretty sure when the camera's get turned off Rick Pitino is going to ask Tracy Wolfson if she'd like to be a waitress at a restaurant after hours.
No Tracy Wolfson, they are still freshman...
Tracy Wolfson. Yeah, she wasn't on the list.
Tracy Wolfson's voice is like nails on a chalkboard. My ears bleed whenever she says "Coach."
Just put sideline reportor Tracy Wolfson in my Spank Bank!
Tracy wolfson's shirt tonight looks like something from the collection.
Tracy Wolfson just broke the news that Greg Gumbel said on air like 25 minutes ago.
I thought he was gonna attack Tracy Wolfson!
Pitino whining to Tracy Wolfson about our guys fouling. Wt entire F?
Rick Pitino complaining to Tracy Wolfson about officiating and UK manufacturing foul calls. C'mon now, Rick.
Pitino crying to Tracy Wolfson at the half
Given Rick Pitino's tone just then with Tracy Wolfson, I don't think that U of L locker room will be a fun place to be during halftime.
For a moment there, I thought Pitino was going to try and eat our girl Tracy Wolfson's face on that question. He looks like a dragon.
Classic Pitino cutting off Tracy Wolfson. "If we made out free throws, we'd be up 13." He's pretty much right tho. Lot of misses.
Calm down Rick, don't want to tackle Tracy Wolfson with your track record with women
Tracy Wolfson says he heard Willie Cauley-Stein tell trainers, "I heard it pop." Not good.
Per Tracy Wolfson, WCS told trainer he heard it pop.
Tracy Wolfson on Cauley-Stein injury: He hurt left ankle and told trainers, "I heard it pop."
“Oh, man, Tracy Wolfson's description of Cauley-Stein injury sounds very serious. "Heard it pop."” Yikes.
Tracy Wolfson that was really your outfit of choice tonight? Sorry but that looks horrible on the screen and so many people are tuning in to see you!
Well at least I finally know why Tracy Wolfson isn't smiling at the UK-UL game cuz that shirt is so hideous Hellen Keller would leave it in the drawer.
Tracy Wolfson caught up with Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall after the Shockers lost 78-76 to the Kentucky Wildcats in the third round of the NCAA Tournament.
Hallway chat time between Andrew Wiggins, Jim Nantz and Tracy Wolfson
The Lobo MBB game will be televised at 11:30 a.m. Friday on TBS. Jim Nantz, Greg Anthony and Tracy Wolfson are calling the ga…
Just a reminder, 1045 The Zone SportsFest Day One kicks off this morning at 10 AM! Brandon Haghany and I will be on air from 11-1:30, joined by a wild cast of characters. Come and see us if you're there at the Music City Center...speaking live tmrw on our speaker stage: David Legwand, Al Wilson, Jeff Jarrett, Butch Jones, Tracy Wolfson! We'll be on 9-11 on Sunday morning for Day Two coverage... plus a special Saturday edition of Squared Circle Radio tomorrow night at 7 to send you home from SportsFest and get you ready for the Elimination Chamber.
NEXT on CBS: The AFC Championship - New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos. Can the Broncos out-score the Patriot's run game? Jim Nantz, Phil Simms & Tracy Wolfson are on the call.
Peyton Manning meets with Tracy Wolfson after the Broncos 24-17 win over the Chargers on Sunday.
VIDEO: Peyton Manning met with Tracy Wolfson after the 24-17 win over the
NEXT on CBS: Philip River and the San Diego Chargers kick off against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium with Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson calling it. Can Denver make it to the next round, or will San Diego upset their Super Bowl aspirations?
He's going back next Sun w/Jim Nantz & Tracy Wolfson to call SD/DEN in the Divisional Playoff. Phil Simms? The best CBS has?
Erin Andrews Sam Steele Tracy Wolfson etc are all great looking but add something to the broadcast. PO adds nothing. NOTHING
Philip Rivers threw for 128 yards and a touchdown in the San Diego Chargers' 27-10 win over Cincinnati. Tracy Wolfson caught up with Rivers after the game--
Tracy Wolfson is now pregnant as a result of simply interviewing Phillip Rivers
Game hasn't started and Erin Andrews is 20 times more useful than Tracy Wolfson
I feel like Rivers is going to finish this interview with a "Yee Ha!" And then dumping a beer on Tracy Wolfson's head
I'll take Tracy Wolfson over Erin Andrews any day.
Erin Andrews sexy quoteint doesn't come close to tracy wolfson. Whose with me?
Tracy Wolfson (CBS sideline reporter for the SD-CIN game) clearly has never been to San Diego. Even if you've never been to my hometown, you should know that 41°F is NOT "San Diego weather".
I know it sounds like BS but that is what CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson reported earlier
Hey Tracy Wolfson, "Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face! Good day to you, madam." - I love Uncle Buck. I get so hateful on football Sundays, lol.
Hearing Tracy Wolfson without Uncle Verne makes me sad.
Ryan Mathews did something to his ankle/leg in early 3rd, so someone’s not being honest with Tracy Wolfson.
Tracy Wolfson says the Chargers told her Ryan Mathews isn't hurt. Tracy Wolfson has been lied to.
Where's Tracy Wolfson giving the status of Mattheus and Woodhead?
Tracy Wolfson reports the offense took a 40-minute shower and have missed the 2nd half of this game.
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I want to see Tracy Wolfson talk about blue sky now.
Interesting report by the female sideline reporter, Tracy Wolfson, at the Bengals/Chargers game."Mike Nugent (Bengals kicker) was AT the 1981 playoff game between the Bengals and Chargers" (she reported he was AT the game, he was actually there).Nugent's mother was 2-months pregnant with him at the time and she attended the game. I'll bet Wolfson is pro-choice.
Wind, rain, cold-ish temps, it's just like San Diego weather as Tracy Wolfson stated!
CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson first said today's weather in Cincy is similar to that of San Diego.
Did Tracy Wolfson say that Mike Nugent doesn't have a memory of his mom being pregnant with him?
Little known fact, Tracy Wolfson is actually the son of a wolf
Tracy Wolfson obviously anti-"womb"…in her mind Mike Nugent came into the world like an Alien.
thanks Tracy Wolfson, my IQ dropped while listening to that story. I was shocked that the guy didn't remember his time in the womb.
Tracy Wolfson, talking about a player as a fetus is the best you could talk about?
Dear Tracy Wolfson: I know you don't need a biology degree to be a sideline reporter, but babies are not housed in the belly. That is all.
That was a dumb sideline report by Tracy Wolfson.
Tracy Wolfson should just pack it in. She's been beyond terrible today.
Come on Tracy Wolfson...He was at the game...he was
That Mike Nugent in utero story by Tracy Wolfson was really awkward
Tracy Wolfson is gorgeous but her voice cuts through me like a chainsaw through butter.
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That Tracy Wolfson sideline report may have been the low point for us as a society.
What Tracy Wolfson just said was completely most sideline reports
They really couldn't find a better milf than Tracy Wolfson? Another reason I hate CBS
Tracy Wolfson can say all the ear elephant stuff she wants. She's a qt.
Thank you, Tracy Wolfson, for making us all picture Mike Nugent as a fetus.
"Mike Nugent was in his mother's belly," Tracy Wolfson, with a really uneducated explanation of how that works.
Tracy Wolfson's reports have been utterly useless. Stop it now.
Tracy wolfson doesn't know what she's talking about
Tracy Wolfson, not as MILFY in the cold.
Uh, what did Tracy Wolfson just report??
Tracy Wolfson would also look good in anything green.
Tracy Wolfson is killing me. I don't want to hear about Nugent in utero.
Tracy wolfson's mole looks like a piece of food on her face
if Tracy Wolfson didn't have that mole.
I feel the need to say it again.. Tracy Wolfson is such a ***
Tracy Wolfson is on College Hoops 2k8. Whenever I play that she always has some graphic that blocks way too much of the screen.
Somebody should ask Danny Woodhead to whip out his stiletto and perform an impromptu biopsy on Tracy Wolfson’s face mole.
Tracy Wolfson nods her head so emphatically during interviews, it's like she's looking straight up at the sky.
That CBS sideline reporter, Tracy Wolfson, is pretty cute. If only I was Joe Namath...
Every time Tracy Wolfson is shown during a game, I automatically start doing my impression of Dr. Evil saying "MOLE!".
, is tracy wolfson hot enough to be a sideline reporter? Same qualifications as gentlemen club cocktail waitress? Eye candy?
My Bad. Phil Simms, not Boomer making fun of Tracy Wolfson comparing Cincy weather today, to San Diego's.
Marvin Lewis just cut into Tracy Wolfson going into halftime because he's probably freezing his *** off for waiting for the entire question
I would treat Tracy Wolfson like the Saint that she is..
I like that Marvin Lewis just cut off Tracy Wolfson. Too many reporters feel the need to tell a story before asking a question.
tracy wolfson great interview at the half with Marvin Lewis
Tracy Wolfson's mole had a big first half.
I have a feeling only one coach likes Tracy Wolfson, and that's Les Miles. Everyone else is so short and tries to kick her away.
“Cue Tracy Wolfson trending in SD.” Maybe she has never been to SD. Or own a map. Or seen weather.
A few observations during first half: Nantz and Simms need to switch ties Refs ow understand "forward progress" Tracy Wolfson has never been to San Diego
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It's 41 degrees w/ a chance of precip in Cincinnati, so of COURSE Tracy Wolfson claims it is "like San Diego weather."
I'm pretty sure Tracy Wolfson was comparing Cincy weather to SD bc of the other games, in case that went over anyone's head
I take it Tracy Wolfson has never been to San Diego...
Hilarious. Feels like San Diego weather in Cinci, according to Tracy Wolfson. It's 41 degrees!!!
Tracy Wolfson CBS says like San Diego weather!? WHAT? Even Sims made fun of her! Ha!
Tracy Wolfson of CBS just said it feels like "San Diego weather" in Cincinnati because its 40 degrees. She's wearing beanie. People in don't own those. It might not even dip to 40 degrees in the middle of the night once all January in San Diego but let's not mess up her storyline. Geez.
It's 41 degrees Fahrenheit in Cincinnati... Tracy Wolfson just said "It feels like San Diego weather!"
Really, Tracy Wolfson? San Diegoesque weather? 43 degrees? Glad Phil and Jim called you out on that awful sideline analysis. Did you get that weather report from a Brick Tamland?!?
Don't know where this new sideline reporter for CBS, Allie Laforce, came from but she is a big improvement over Tracy Wolfson. As a dirty old man I must say she is a babe as well.
Jamie H. Vaught Recognize this lady at the Kentucky-Louisville game? Tracy Wolfson is a sideline TV reporter for CBS. Jim Nantz, who once wrote a blurb in one of my old UK basketball books years ago, introduced me to her before the game. She doesn't look approachable, but she is a pleasant and friendly person -- a likeable celebrity. I ended up doing a feature column on her after learning it was her first-ever trip to Rupp Arena. Will try to post the column later on FB.
Off the top of my head: Michelle Tafoya, Lisa Salters, Tracy Wolfson, Erin Andrews and Sam Ponder
I think Tracy Wolfson's Mole would be a good name for a band.
Hi everybody! Louie checking in from Rupp Arena in Lexington! What a day already! Took pictures with the broadcast team from CBS...the great Jim Nantz, Greg Anthony, and Tracy Wolfson. Plus met with former coach and now NBA scout Matt Doherty, and had a chat with WDRB's Rick Bozich! I always like to sit in the ball rack...that's fun! I got on the radio, and even sat on Louisville's bench! I'm having a blast today! And remember I am going to bring all my souvenirs when I am auctioned off at the end of the season...all to raise money for the V Foundation! It's ONE BEAR'S JOURNEY TO FIGHT CANCER! And good luck to both teams...but GO CARDS! (I AM Louie after all...)
Pre-game discussion between Tracy Wolfson, Greg Anthony, Jim Nantz and the Kentucky + Louisville SID staffs before the second game in our CBB doubleheader.
College Basketball on CBS Saturday December 28th CBS Sports features a marquee holiday hoops national college basketball doubleheader on Saturday, Dec. 28. Action tips off at 2:00 PM, ET as undefeated No. 2-ranked Syracuse (11-0) takes on undefeated *No. 8-ranked Villanova (11-0). Following at 4:00 PM, ET, No. 6-ranked Louisville plays No. 18-ranked Kentucky in a battle of the Bluegrass. Tim Brando and Bill Raftery call the action for Villanova-Syracuse live from the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, N.Y. Bob Mansbach produces and Steve Milton directs. CBS Sports’ lead college basketball team of Jim Nantz, Greg Anthony and reporter Tracy Wolfson are courtside for Louisville-Kentucky from Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky. Vic Frank produces and Mike Arnold directs. AT THE HALF, CBS Sports’ halftime studio show features analysts Doug Gottlieb and Seth Davis. Vin DeVito produces and Linda Malino directs. In addition, CBS Sports will stream Louisville-Kentucky as well as select games from the entire 2013-14 college .. ...
RECAP: Keenan Reynolds rushed for 130 yards and 3 scores as Navy Athletics defeated Army 34-7 today. Tracy Wolfson spoke with Ken Niumatalolo and Keenan Reynolds following the game.
NEXT on CBS: Army Black Knights take on Navy Athletics Football with Gary, Verne, and Tracy Wolfson on the call.
TODAY on CBS: The annual Army Navy Game at 3 PM ET with Gary, Verne and Tracy Wolfson. Follow A Game of Honor for updates!
CBS Sports' Tracy Wolfson opened up about being a sideline reporter, from the increased scrutiny those in her profession face to the unique opportunities she is presented with by being so close to the action. Wolfson, during a one-on-one interview at the '13 IMG Intercollegiate Athletics Forum, said
Chris Davis returned an Alabama missed field goal 100 yards to give the Tigers a 34-28 win over the Alabama Crimson Tide. CBS Sports' Tracy Wolfson caught up with Gus Malzahn after the thrilling game.
NEXT on CBS: 2013 kicks off with Gary Danielson, Verne Lundquist and Tracy Wolfson. Can pull off the upset?
Add Tracy Wolfson to the list of people who don't know the difference between irony and coincidence.
I know two things. 1. The Cowboys are amazing. 2. CBS needs more sideline reports from Tracy Wolfson.
My thoughts when I saw that Tracy Wolfson chick on CBS.
Tracy Wolfson has pictures of CBS execs in compromising positions with sheep, that's gotta be why she keeps getting these games
I love the lil mole on Tracy Wolfson's face
"MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY." -Anytime Tracy Wolfson comes on the screen.
Tracy Wolfson gotta cut that thing off her face. It's distracting.
Her name Tracy Wolfson...I wouldn't fuk with her
Tracy wolfson looks better when she covers the SEC !
Somebody must have told Tracy Wolfson that mole by her nose looks good cause why?
If Tracy Wolfson ever cut off that mole, I would eat it.
Tracy Wolfson still living off that “Cammy Cam Juice” dummy
Thankful for your intelligent reporting Tracy Wolfson
For an NFL sideline girl, Tracy Wolfson looks ready to be put out to pasture...
Im bout to follow her. Dam she is sexii. Love me some older white women . Tracy Wolfson
Tracy Wolfson is nowhere near attractive enough for a game break.
Tracy Wolfson is not an attractive individual
Loving Tracy Wolfson being a part of this NFL broadcast for Tracy NEEDS to be on the sideline for more NFL games. She rocks!
Me every time they show Tracy Wolfson on the sideline
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