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Tracy Wolfson

Tracy Wolfson (born March 17, 1975) is an American sportscaster for CBS Sports. She is a University of Michigan graduate with a degree in communications.

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Which talk shows will Takuma Sato be on? I love our annual racing driver being asked how they pee during a race by Tracy Wolfson.
Romo, who played for 14 years with the Dallas Cowboys, will join Jim Nantz and Tracy Wolfson on the lead announce...
Gonzaga vs South Carolina at 3:09 Pacific Saturday. Jim Nantz, Grant Hill and Bill Raftery will call the games with…
A "doggone" and a "daggum" from Roy Williams with Tracy Wolfson today Roy might just be a football guy.
Tracy Wolfson's voice reminds me of fingernails on a blackboard
Does Tracy wolfson bring anything to the broadcast? I'm being serious, does she tell you anything during the game that's at all interesting?
Tracy Wolfson is so average hot to me
For instant reaction from let's go to Tracy Wolfson.
Tracy Wolfson isn't the most beautiful sideline reporter. But she is cute.
Tracy Wolfson failing to report that the crew was there first.
Tracy Wolfson is a middle aged version of Sloane from Entourage
Tracy Wolfson is the master of the inanely obvious question. Much rather have the kid who asked Frank Martin the ? about attitude.
I'm allowed to have a crush on Tracy Wolfson...right?.
ha! John Calipari just said over the back with Tracy Wolfson so it must be true
That's right CBS, strategically position Tracy Wolfson so we can't see her mole during interviews
Tracy Wolfson: what do you want to see from your team in the second half?. Roy Williams: make some dadgum shots and some free throws!. Me: 😂
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Tracy Wolfson is so much better at asking meaningful questions to coaches than Allie LaForce.
Get Tracy Wolfson off the air please
She laughs at every single answer she gets during interviews. Tracy, it's not funny when a coach says "we started playing better defense."
Thanks to Tracy Wolfson for letting us know that trainers are looking at Berry's LEFT ankle. You know, the one he just injured.
Tracy Wolfson is awesome. That is all.
Tracy Wolfson needs to pop that big *** collar!
What are the chances Tracy Wolfson's breath smells like cigarettes.
That mole on Tracy Wolfson's face has been bothering me for a decade. How Is that not a health risk?
That Tracy Wolfson on cbs is kind of sneaky hot. 🤔🤔🔥🔥
Tracy wolfson and Michelle tafoya the two best to ever do it
oh man i was really hoping Tracy Wolfson would say the word "GroupMe"
Tracy Wolfson got them bedroom eyes.
Tracy Wolfson lowkey you can get it !
.will join Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery & Tracy Wolfson on the call
REALLY!? So..of that group, some1 decided that TRACY WOLFSON was the face we can't see??? That producer HAS2go!
Alford used the phrase "fake reports" when asked by Tracy Wolfson about the IU job.
Just loved Coach Calipari interview with Tracy Wolfson ( don't put three sec teams in elite 8 I mean 3 teams from sec 😀
Tracy Wolfson was cracking up at Cal 😂
Each time see Tracy Wolfson on the air I think:.
I have learned so much from Tracy Wolfson interviews
I think Tracy Wolfson should've asked Alford his thoughts on the rumor that Billy Donovan flew to Bloomington today…
Here's Tracy Wolfson's report on Alford and during the UCLA-Kentucky game:
Tracy Wolfson may as well have just said, "I spoke to Steve Alford about the Indiana job, and he deflected. Back to you guys." Lol.
That Tracy Wolfson report about Steve Alford and Indiana was dead air. Was he just going to tell her that the scuttlebutt is a distraction?
I'm here getting a workout in and I see Tracy Wolfson. Immediately proceed to run faster @ Orem,…
Would've died and gone to heaven if Tracy Wolfson asked Steve Alford about Pierre Pierce.
I got a big ole girl crush on Tracy Wolfson
Kentucky fans making it *** Tracy Wolfson to interview Joel Berry.
I like Tracy Wolfson. Interviews always on point.
I need to know where Tracy Wolfson's jacket is from. I need my own.
Tracy Wolfson should just interview Les Miles, every time. They have that magic chemistry together
Hey can you get Tracy Wolfson of to have a rat gnaw that thing off her face? That's my wish. ✨⭐🌠
Poor Tracy Wolfson. Can CBS not pay to get that mole gnawed off her grill?
OH MAN, Tracy Wolfson is at the tournament. Can I sense a return of
Her voice is so annoying. Perhaps she could learn to speak from the diaphragm.
Not even gonna lie, my dream job is to be the next Tracy wolfson or Doris Burke
Tracy Wolfson is hands down greatest ever
The top CBS team of Jim Nantz, Grant Hill, Bill Raftery & Tracy Wolfson is calling the South Regional games in Memphis: UNC-Butler, UCLA-UK.
Power failure sees CBS booth finish with one mic after Tracy Wolfson fills in via
AUDIO: talks Tournament, Duke, Michigan and more on
How about Nantz & company mikes go down & Tracy Wolfson had to do play by play.
Jim Nantz, Grant Hill, Bill Raftery and sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson will call the games in Memphis for CBS.
Tracy Wolfson passing the UM torch to Dana Jacobson.
JSU coach Ray Harper meets with the CBS TV broadcast team of Grant Hill, Tracy Wolfson, Jim Nantz and Bill...
Ray Harper spending time with Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery, Tracy Wolfson, and Grant Hill.
Coach Harper meeting with crew of Jim Nantz, Bill Reftery and Tracy Wolfson following practice.
The TV crew in Indianpolis will be Jim Nantz, Grant Hill, Bill Raftery and Tracy Wolfson. Dayton’s game Friday will be o…
CBS Sports' Tracy Wolfson on how inspired her to be a sports reporter.
CBS Sports' Tracy Wolfson talks about following her dream and landing her dream job at
CBS Sports' Tracy Wolfson weighs in on the Charles Oakley-James Dolan controversy.
Tipoff for Friday's matchup vs. Louisville is set for approx. 1:35 p.m. on CBS. (Jim Nantz, Grant Hill, Bill Raftery and Tracy…
Michigan-Oklahoma State at 12:15 p.m. Friday. Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery, Grant Hill and Tracy Wolfson on the call.
Play-by-play teams are out for the NCAA Tournament on CBS & Turner Sports: Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery, Grant Hill, Tracy Wolfson is lead team.
there's no way Tracy Wolfson's mole is bigger than Shame on you. Tracy is a class act, no mockery of her!
At my Patriots viewing party, as Tracy Wolfson held up the mic to interview Tom Brady, someone asked, ‘How tall is he and how short is she?'
Good deflection of Tracy Wolfson's dubious first question: "How did your receivers get so wide open?"
So it didn't occur to Tracy Wolfson 2ask about the motivation of the suspension? He wouldn't give you anything, but you HAVE to ask.
Tracy Wolfson may have pulled off the coup of the century. Getting Brady for an on field interview.
Tom Brady with the most intense blown kiss (for mom) of all time in his post game interview with Tracy Wolfson.
NOT the most erudite questions from Tracy Wolfson..
HA! Tom Brady saying hi to everyone, then asks Tracy Wolfson, "What was your question again?"
Watching NFL games on CBS reminds me how much I don't like Tracy Wolfson.
You said more that is meaningful in one picture than Tracy Wolfson has said all game.
Why does Tracy Wolfson keep calling them the "Stillers"
CBS is doing Tracy Wolfson no favors by repeatedly making her tell us she has no idea what's going on with Leveon Bell
Is Tracy Wolfson just in female form? She sounds like she ALWAYS needs to clear her throat
Tracy Wolfson reports that Le'Veon Bell is suffering from a left groin. I don't know how that would effect me, because I just have the one.
Does anybody bring less to a broadcast than Tracy Wolfson?
Every time I see Tracy Wolfson interview Mike Tomlin, the only thing I can think of is the Bad Lip Reading videos.
Why is Tracy Wolfson allowed to be a sports reporter when she cannot properly say the word "coach"?
I'm gonna hit the head at halftime, someone tell me what Tracy Wolfson reports on guys.
Tracy wolfson- "leveon had a pulled left groin but dont forget that Antonio Brown livestreamed after the KC game and got fined for it"
My favorite part of the CBS broadcast is when Tracy Wolfson narrates everything LeVeon Bell is doing on camera
"Now he's ready to just get back out there" says Tracy Wolfson, as Le'veon Bell gingerly jogs (soft j) back to sideline.
Gotta love Tracy Wolfson saying leveon bell is anxious to get back out there as he's shown jogging off gingerly
Tracy Wolfson's voice is not kind to my ear.
Isn't Tracy Wolfson the most horrible voice on air? She's an auditory toothache! She sounds like the Aflack Duck. Someone choke her, please
"Tomlin says it's been a non story since Tuesday" Tracy Wolfson. "Antonio Brown has been a non story today with no c…
up with Bell? Nice update on the sidelines by useless Tracy Wolfson on FB live
Tracy Wolfson hey is hurt as you ramble about yesterday's news.
"Welp, he posted something on social media, that must be why he can't catch now."- Tracy Wolfson, pretty much.
Tracy wolfson *** does that have to do with the game?
Tracy Wolfson talking about AB posting to FB like it's the first time anyone's heard of it.
Tracy Wolfson with week old story. Thanks Tracy
Tracy Wolfson, shut up about Antonio Brown already
somebody tell tracy wolfson to STFU
That was almost really really bad with Tracy Wolfson standing next to that heater
Dear J-school/broadcast school students: if you want to be a sideline reporter, be Tracy Wolfson/Doris Burke/Michelle Tafoya-calibre.
Tracy Wolfson live on the Steelers' fire alarm at "3:40 am this morning". As opposed to 3:40 am at night?
interesting choice of a hat by Tracy Wolfson... those were quite popular yesterday
Did Tracy Wolfson just refer to the at the Stillers?
Tracy Wolfson's hat was borrowed from the wardrobe person who did "The Goodbye Girl"
We went from seeing Erin Andrews to Tracy Wolfson. Talk about a drop off
Tracy Wolfson got the Steelers excuses lined up and ready to go.
NANTZ: Does that does anything for his football performance, Tracy?. WOLFSON: No, he just says it's important to "Gattaca your e…
NANTZ: You were back there with Ben, Tracy, what'd you see?. WOLFSON: Roethlisberger is completely hairless because it limits DN…
Listen to Jerry Kill vent about the firing of Tracy Claeys:
Gophers Football Coach Tracy Claeys confirms to our Darren "Doogie" Wolfson that he has been fired.
Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson will be on the call at Sunday's Dolphins at Steelers wild card game.
Which one is which . tracy wolfson and jami gertz
Tracy Wolfson can interview me any time. 😍
since you always talk about Tracy Wolfson, where does Allison Williams rank in your book?
Was that Tracy Wolfson that just kissed Jimbo?
32 to 32 Tracy Wolfson just pulled her Casio calculator out of her Ugg boot
Tracy Wolfson will report that Carr is on the sidelines looking for a left hand glove
Tracy Wolfson: Carr was screaming in pain, could not get the pinkie reset.
Please get Tracy Wolfson off the air
Jim Nantz, Phil Simms & Tracy Wolfson in Oakland: wow. Just seeing it during commercials of a certain game lol
She and Tracy Wolfson are the best at getting questions answered.
I feel like Tracy Wolfson must have had a surrogate, I swear I've seen her on my TV like 10 straight years and have never seen her preggo
Nantz: Let's find out what Tracy learned at halftime. ::Wolfson launches into astrophysics lecture:. Simms: That was impressive, JEM.
watching the game I’m Wondering if Tracy Wolfson and Bill Cowher are still together lol
Tracy Wolfson is my woman crush everyday.
Tracy Wolfson always been kinda sneaky hot.
Tracy Wolfson declares "there's a buzz in the arena" as the CBS cameras pan across fans with faces more fit for a morgue.
Every time i see tracy wolfson i think ...
Tracy wolfson embraces her mole better than anyone I've ever seen. Mole so hot right now
Il stuff Tracy wolfson's turkey all day
I might be in the minority but Tracy Wolfson could get the inches
This clip reminds me of how completely and utterly insufferable Tracy Wolfson is.
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Looking ahead to Sunday, fans will enjoy the call of Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson on
Can we get Tracy wolfson off the screen please? She just said "belichick said Brady needs to make better decisions" ..thanks trace
Tracy Wolfson should put a headset on her mole.
3 years ago some drunk alumni at Harry's said to me: "Tracy Wolfson is sneaky hot". To this day I still don't completely understand.
Is that microphone humongous or is Tracy Wolfson just tiny?
That time Uncle Buck showed up on the sideline for Pats v Steelers and met Tracy Wolfson
I missed what Tracy Wolfson said on her sideline report. Anyone have a recap?
Does anyone else agree that Tracy Wolfson has the best Mole in journalism?
Sitting in the press box at Heinz Field next to CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson. Just talked to Phil Simms for couple of minutes
Tracy wolfson , God her voice is annoying ! 💩
Tracy Wolfson is sick and I think her sick accent is from Minnesota
Tracy Wolfson reports that Brian Hoyer has broken his arm.
Tracy Wolfson reports on the NFL Network broadcast that Brian Hoyer has a broken left arm.
Oof, it's a broken arm for Brian Hoyer, per Tracy Wolfson. Bummer
How would McCarthy react if Tracy Wolfson asked him about playing with the leftover guys?
Did somebody snip Tracy Wolfson's vocal cords before the game? She sounds like Rachel Ray.
Tracy Wolfson's squeaking voice is cracking me up.
Tracy Wolfson is now covering almost TDs. You started a trend my friend.
Tracy Wolfson's voice has been cracking all night. Wonder what she did last night.
Tracy Wolfson with the voice crack heard around the world
Tracy Wolfson always sounds like she has a sore throat
someone get Tracy Wolfson a lozenge
Tracy Wolfson says Hoyer ruled out for the night.
Just how short is Tracy Wolfson? Has the top of her head ever cleared a player's sternum? It's no problem, but it's always a stark image.
Jim Nantz (play-by-play), Phil Simms (analysis) & Tracy Wolfson (sideline) on the CBS call for Sunday's Patriots-Steelers game.
"we now go to Tracy Wolfson down on the field"
EXCLUSIVE: CBS Sports activities Reporter Tracy Wolfson on Juggling Her Life at House and…
EXCLUSIVE: Facetiming from the 50-yard line makes sports reporter Tracy Wolfson the coolest mom ever to her sons.
EXCLUSIVE: CBS Sports Reporter Tracy Wolfson on Juggling Her Life at Home and on the Field
Tracy Wolfson sideline piece doesn't air. Phil Simms says"she could be sunning herself down there." She's a reporter at work…
"Tracy Wolfson looks like a Weston mom", my son
Dinged shoulder. Tracy Wolfson said he is expected to return.
I couldn't concentrate on the Jeremy Hill update because I was too busy looking at the 7 affiliates Tracy Wolfson was marketing. Jeez.
wouldn't be football season w/o you espousing the attractiveness of Tracy Wolfson!
Tracy Wolfson - please let a rat gnaw that thing off your face
Hey Tracy Wolfson you heard the news about Baseball player Jose Fernandez passed away from boating accident
Personally, I prefer Jim Nantz and Phil Simms and sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson. But, I'll watch no matter who they are! :)
Im going to miss those Les Miles-Tracy Wolfson interviews during and after games. They had that Ali-Cosell magic...
As always, Tracy Wolfson reminds me of Will Ferrell's SNL character who has Voice Immodulation:
Tracy Wolfson is almost as annoying as Chris Collinsworth -Horrible raspy voices. Hire younger, pleasant sounding announcers/reporters now!
Every time they say 'let's go to Tracy wolfson', my sphincter tightens
Hey, Violation on Tracy Wolfson using a injury word that's no longer used in the NFL: PROBABLE!
Somebody should give Tracy Wolfson a throat lozenge...
Not finding a drunk Nantz in Tracy Wolfson's postgame group photo is the greatest disappointment of my life
Breaking news Tracy wolfson reports Texans to fly home in JV letter jackets nice game losers
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Tracy Wolfson just asked you know who is smiling right now? I do, John Elway!
The only good thing for coach Bill Obrien is he has a lot of family members at the game tonight,according to Tracy Wolfson.
Tracy Wolfson can get some, in a cougar like way.
Tracy Wolfson to O'Brien: "Appreciate your time." Coaches have no choice. But we all say it. What we mean is, "Thanks for not being a jerk."
Nantz: Let's send it down to Tracy Wolfson to see if she's still swallowing those shards of glass. Tracy: Welllzghxaskizh. Nantz: Thanks Tracy
Tracy Wolfson looks like the grown up Louise of Bob's Burgers
Tracy Wolfson could get the mahogany log
Pats fans are stroking it over that Tracy Wolfson update...
can we get Tracy Wolfson to clear her throat?
The owner just hates Tracy Wolfson now.
Hi Tracy Wolfson i want to say i love your sideline reporting style. I like your Bio But Family First! Have a great evening TW
Tracy Wolfson is having a tough night on the mic. Sometimes you just don't have it.
Tracy Wolfson is so fat off her facts tonight it's embarrassing
That anecdote that Tracy Wolfson just relayed is mortifying for the Texans. Everybody in the booth take a bathroom break? What in the ***
Is it my imagination or do Tracy Wolfson and Amy Poehler have very similar voices
She may be good at her job, but Tracy Wolfson has the most annoying voice on television since Fran Drescher
Tracy Wolfson has no idea Brissett was just listening to some DJ Drama, 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, and Jeremih.
Anyone going to tell Tracy Wolfson that's a song lyric?
Tracy Wolfson's giant mole just made me think there was something wrong with my picture and start looking for my warrantee plan...true story
Now down to Tracy Wolfson for her segment, "nothing I'm saying is even slightly interesting"
Might need to start a GoFundMe account to raise enough $$$ for Tracy Wolfson to burn that thing off her face.
Tracy Wolfson is a decently attractive human/animal hybrid
do you guys remember the time Tracy Wolfson drank some of Cam Newton's special Cammy Cam Juice during the SEC Championship game?
Not big on celebrity crushes but I love Tracy Wolfson!
Tracy Wolfson can't cover up her accent for the life of her like you're supposed to in media and it hurts my ears
does this have anything to do with the Tracy Wolfson comments by Czabe?
Tracy Wolfson who is part of tonight's broadcast joins me 5:30
Get your questions in to sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson before she covers tonight's game!
Per Jim Nantz/Phil Simms/Tracy Wolfson to Call Eagles vs Steelers on Sunday at 4:25 PM
reasons to do it: (1) nihilism, (2) if you don't you'll get asspacked and land in the stands, (3) Tracy Wolfson is watching
I just saw Tracy Wolfson and I thought of you,lmao!
CBS Sports' Tracy Wolfson reports Walker "didn't feel right" and "couldn't catch his breath." I think it's nothing.
What the *** is Tracy Wolfson wearing? Is she planning to swim with sharks later?
Tracy Wolfson is evidence that ugly women can get jobs with CBS Sports. Awful
Tracy Wolfson said Delanie Walker "just didn't feel right, he couldn't catch his breath." Went to locker room between 1st and 2nd quarter.
Wow they still haven't fired Tracy Wolfson that ***
Tracy Wolfson back on my screen! Its officially football season now! Yes!
Around the Dial: CBS will have Spero Dedes, Dan Fouts and Tracy Wolfson on the call Saturday for Titans/Raiders.
Left Bailey's & saw & I said Wow there is Tracy Wolfson & she smiled & then realized that she didn't know me! Funny moment!!
The Holy Trinity of sideline interviewers: Craig Sager, Heidi Watney, Tracy Wolfson. Tony Sirigusa is a lot of fun. Like Doris Burke too.
I think instead of hiring Sean McDonough, Monday Night Football should move itself to CBS with Jim Nantz, Phil Simms, and Tracy Wolfson.
Who won the Kentucky Derby?. Jim Nantz, Phil Simms, and Tracy Wolfson won it because they got to spend it with you, the fans at home.
When Tracy Wolfson asked Iggy about his massage and he start talking about colonoscopies
Tracy Wolfson is like, this is SO TOTALLY DIFFERENT from my interviews in the NFL. I want more of this.
Never thought I would be working with Tracy Wolfson and an Olympic Gold Medalist in Spokane, but here we are.
OMG, Tracy Wolfson doing Will Tracy Wilson be there too? Cuz that'll get confusing real fast
Tracy Wolfson Net Worth: She’s extremely hard working girl with high ability and mind control and is doing an ...
Look behind him. Tracy Wolfson has a normal, human reaction. No longer convinced Jay Wright is a human being.
Tracy Wolfson eschews Jim Morrison look to now go "White Bird in a Golden Cage."
i love u babe beautiful white girl cutie girl tall girl big titties dat big *** my wife Tracy Wolfson hottie girl
Nantz/Raftery/Grant Hill/Tracy Wolfson CBS crew will be in Louisville
Why doesn't Tracy Wolfson get that planet taken off of her face?
Michael Jackson never died, he just changed his name to Tracy Wolfson and slapped a CBS sticker on his mic.
Hey Amy , I think Tracy Wolfson was kinda hot for Bill there at the half...just saying
Gr8 interview moment: "How important was mental toughness down the stretch?" asks CBS' Tracy Wolfson after Indiana win. Uh...
"They made some shots," says Bill Self to Tracy Wolfson, as though he expected a shut-out. (He might well have; he's not far off.)
And in the most fun upset of the day, smiley Tracy Wolfson upsets Grant Hill in an arcade shootout
Can Tracy Wolfson get that got *** growth removed from her face? My god lady, it's not 1812 see a dermatologist
Tracy Wolfson doesn't look as good in 4K
Tracy Wolfson came on the TV and you've never seen my fat, remoteless *** jump up so fast to change it.
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was it just me or was he trying to kiss Tracy Wolfson?
All Tracy Wolfson does is lob up quantifying softballs: how big, how important, how tough...Doris kicks her ***
Tom Crean gets emotional post game with Tracy Wolfson saying "I didn't want to stop coaching this team"
It seems like any time Tracy Wolfson is the sideline reporter in 2016, whoever I root for wins.
not a great angle for Tracy Wolfson
Tracy Wolfson could get the strokes
Man is just something about Tracy Wolfson I love her
Tracy Wolfson said OG Anunoby is dealing with a left heel injury but no athletic trainers have treated him.
Tracy Wolfson covers up potential flubs better than most reporters out that one
Crean told Tracy Wolfson at halftime that IU is not a dribble team. Too much dribbling, IU.
Tracy Wolfson confirms on the CBS broadcast that Indiana guard Robert Johnson won’t return to the game.
If i was Grant Hill I'd see what tracy wolfson about
Tracy Wolfson's mole is better at free agency than TT.
during the halftime interview Tracy wolfson told Crean he tried to get away and he said cuz you thought John would b in the lead
"You thought John would be in the lead" - Tom Crean to Tracy Wolfson being late to half interview because she thought would be leading
Tom Crean just threw shade at Tracy Wolfson, "No, you were over there, you though John would be in the lead." 😂😂😂
Tracy Wolfson looks like my aunt. It's kind of weird.
Tom Crean just flopped and drew a charge on Tracy Wolfson during the halftime interview
Does Jim Nantz not like to work with any another sideline reporters?? It's always Tracy Wolfson and she's awful
Tracy Wolfson's blouse just gave me a migraine.
Tracy Wolfson needs a couple phone books to stand on
I could totally see Jim Nantz carrying in an affair with Tracy Wolfson
I can't watch Tracy Wolfson do an interview without thinking of the NFL Bad Lip Dub videos on YouTube with her and Manning.
6:48 of Jim Nance asking Peyton to repeat what he said to Tracy Wolfson.
Peyton's interview to Tracy Wolfson was like the last verse of David Allen Coe's "You Never Even Called Me By My Name"
Solomon Wilcox said "Now we will go to Denver for Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson for the Broncos-Steelers game"
Poor Tracy Wolfson has a tick on her face.
McCarthy talked Janis to Tracy Wolfson before the game ... and Abrederis
I would love to have dinner with sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson.
No wonder why I've always like Tracy Wolfson... 〽️
Tracy Wolfson is a Michigan alum.. shucks :(
Tracy Wolfson or Pam Oliver who ya got?
Not to mention Tracy "The Ghoul" Wolfson. And this is how she looks *with* makeup on.
Tracy Wolfson and her nasly voice is unbearable ..,PLEASE . ...ENOUGH !!!
Tracy Wolfson is slowly becoming my new Andrea Kremer.
Tracy Wolfson talks through her nose..
His on-air at-the-half mini-interview with Tracy Wolfson was all space cadet psychobabble, so who knows what he'll do & why
it just me or is Tracy Wolfson the worst sideline reporter ever? She is not good at her job!
Tracy Wolfson sideline reporter. Do you have the flu? It looks like you didn't even try today.
Tracy Wolfson. Hardest working mole in the NFL
Still convinced that Tracy Wolfson is married to Mr. Wolfson. He definitely was batting above the average
Tracy Wolfson gonna be gone soon...looks fading by the day
Tracy Wolfson makes every NFL game seem like an SEC game, which means an upgrade in talent in SEC people's minds ...
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