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Tracy Morgan

Tracy Jamal Morgan (born November 10, 1968) is an American actor and comedian who is best known for his eight seasons as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and currently known for playing the role of Tracy Jordan on the NBC series 30 Rock.

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Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry, any of the Wayans, Tracy Morgan, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman do i need to continue??
Allen Maldonado (helps Tracy Morgan adjust to hipster Brooklyn in the TBS comedy,
I'm casually walking in New York and I see Tracy Morgan outside of his movie trailer waving at me
Dean Edwards talks about Tracy Morgan being upset of his impression: via
Always was afraid to say this. Chuck Todd. Lindsey Graham. Paul Ry…
I want to see Tracy Morgan singing Biz Markie's 'Just a Friend'
Isn't this why Tracy Morgan was injured.
Side note: I was on Scare Tactics with Tracy Morgan about 7-8 yrs ago
my inner monologue is In Tracy Morgan's voice.
Tracy Morgan: Good luck man. Be careful w/them Dr's though. I went in for a colonoscopy and they turn…
Omg Tracy Morgan passed out at the Emmys
Enter to win Four Tickets to see Tracy Morgan at Cobb Energy Center!
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born on this day in 1900. Relish his original watercolors for "The Little Prince":
Driver: Tracy Morgan was screaming in crash
Son of Comedian Who Died in Crash Upset at Tracy Morgan for Emmys Speech
Why Tracy Morgan look like the old, drunk uncle version of Busta Rhymes?
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hustle man was the start of Tracy Morgan
Is it just me or does Josh sound like Tracy Morgan?
TBT Chilling with Tracy Morgan at the box!
Odd I always thought he would sound like Tracy Morgan's character from 30 rock. That'…
Overheard in Jersey City, "you're familiar with Tracy Morgan, right?" Who are these people & where do they come from?? 😳
So, this just happened! Yesterday, I was walking Syd, and I see Tracy Morgan sitting in a van.…
Tracy Morgan is part of the cast check idmb 😁
Currently I have the lust of 1000 Tracy Morgan's looking at IG.
Confession:. I once clicked wrong and watched the 10 min intro to Tracy Morgan's special thinking it was an out of the box Master Of None ep
For all your criminal matter legal needs contact Rahil Khan, Leigh Morgan or Tracy Haslam on 01204 377600 - we...
In the immortal paraphrased words of Tracy Morgan, "Bacon is the candy of the meat family."
Tracy Morgan might've gone to that school, too...
"It'll be nice to sleep on an actual bed... while Tracy Morgan is driving up in his Ferrari." -
Just had a 20 minute conversation with Tracy Morgan
No job it too big or too small for Morgan Automotive Repair woth shops in Stockton, Tracy and Manteca! We Take...
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Tracy Morgan said retarded people are strong. THEY ARE. There's a reason you don't call it 'Rhodes Scholar strength.'
The 15 best jokes from the Alec Baldwin roast by Tracy Morgan and Ireland Baldwin. (Getty)
The jeweler I just got my ring from had pictures of him on his wall with Bone Thugs, Tracy Morgan, Omar Gooding, and
15 best jokes from Alec Baldwin roast by Tracy Morgan, Ireland Baldwin. The '30 Rock' actor was honored by family …
take me off the waitlist, ! I love and Jane Krakowski and Tracy Morgan! I ❤️
In the "PBS : Kennedy center honors Eddie Murphy", Chris Rock said "our next presenter is brought to u courtesy of Walmart, Tracy Morgan"
Cool that Netflix has a Tracy Morgan comedy special but when are we going to get our Brian Fellows show??
Can't believe how epic the new Tracy Morgan standup is. Instant Classic. MIchael Che Matters standup is pretty brilliant too
Who was the voice of Oscar Proud in The Proud Family??. 1,Tommy Davidson. 2,Tracy Morgan. 3,Sinbad. 4,Steve Harvey
Just now listening to Tracy Morgan on Howard Stern and literally doubling over laughing in my car. He's funnier than ever and heart is good!
This is a dream come true for Tracy Morgan.
I've been a fan of 'Cop Out' for years. Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan & Seann William Scott are so wonderful together. Such a fantastic movie!
when did Ryan Howard turn into Tracy Morgan?!
Music Insiders! Presales for Vicki Lawrence, Roger Hodgson, Tracy Morgan, and Janet Jackson are happening NOW...
Bathsheba A Story of Sin and Redemption by Tracy Morgan book
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I'm Tracy Morgan no not the comedian although I am funny. But I'm a watercolorist from Texas. My site is new and under co…
I just need to see Martin, Eddie Murphy, Eddie Griffin, David Chapelle, Tracy Morgan and other legends back on our screens again
yeah with Ice Cube, Charlie Day, and Tracy Morgan. It looks funny but also kinda stupid
I heard they did something like that to Paul Walker & Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan: Black and Blue absolutely must watch for stand up fans.
Just casually saw Tracy Morgan on the streets of NYC
Just a Wednesday night... Fab Kev Hart Anthony Moore ... Tracy Morgan in this pic too I was…
Brian Fellows is one of my very favorite Tracy Morgan characters.
I have the person at home, the person who has his privacy, too. Michael Jackson didn't do the moonwalk in his kitchen. Tracy Morgan
Charlie Day, Ice Cube, and Tracy Morgan star in Fist Fight playing at the Landmark Cinemas 7 Penticton. My...
Win tickets to Tracy Morgan from Atlantic City Weekly - I just entered here!
Tracy Morgan's vision of heaven: God is waiting to slap his butt
Tracy Morgan finds funny again in 'Fist Fight' after 'traumatic' accident
I was supposed to be asleep an hour ago but Tracy Morgan is on Kimmel and I can't miss that.
Tracy Morgan, come back to TV. I miss you.
TONIGHT: Tracy Morgan on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Plus Jimmy finds out if Matt Damon is his baby's daddy & a…
Tracy Morgan explains his sex life in detail to Ellen DeGeneres:
How about a episode of where Tina Fey has to try to convince Tracy Morgan not to let Alec Baldwin play trump on SNL?
Tracy Morgan is so uniquely funny even way back on Martin
For White Men Can't Jump - if he can play basketball, Tracy Morgan as Sidney. If it's too tough, then Dave Chappelle.
I liked a video Tracy Morgan and Jim Breuer
m Bill Hader. Also, sex with Tracy Morgan is impossible to imagine. I would hear "I'm Brian Fellows" the entire time
I can't believe we disappointed Tracy Morgan like this
.last appearance on was with Tracy Morgan in March of 2009. WATCH:
Truck driver who struck Tracy Morgan's van on New Jersey Turnpike pleads guilty
Driver who struck Tracy Morgan's van pleads guilty
Walmart driver pleads guilty to avoid jail time in crash that killed Jimmy Mack, injured Tracy……
Kevin Roper has pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and four aggravated assault charges
Errbody at 3 is gonna have a ball. Yes, ERRBODY! Get your tickets now. Don't be left out like.. whoa! http…
Tracy Morgan for example is terrifying
SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO unleashes the starpower!. John Legend, Flo Rida, Tracy Morgan and many more!. Watch this...
The truck driver involved in the Tracy Morgan crash pleads guilty
The truck driver who killed Jimmy Mack and almost killed has pleaded guilty
Driver in 2014 Wal-Mart/Tracy Morgan crash changes plea to guilty; under deal, might serve no jail time.…
Trucker responsible for Tracy Morgan's injuries, death of friend in a 2014 crash pleads guilty to vehicular homicide
Who was considered the role of Huggy Bear in Starsky & Hutch (2004)?. 1, Chris Rock. 2, Eddie Murphy. 3, Tracy Morgan .
Truck driver who struck van pleads guilty, could avoid jail time.
Driver in Tracy Morgan Crash Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Homicide: Tracy Morgan settled with Walmart over a year…
Walmart truck driver in Tracy Morgan crash accepts plea deal allowing him to enter pre-trial intervention program:
Tracy 💗I am more grateful than you know for our friendship. You and your children are do special to me 💗
Tracy Morgan character on Martin is classic 😂💀
Driver who struck Tracy Morgan's van pleads guilty: Kevin Roper was driving a Wal-Mart truck in June 2014 when he..
Lenny Dykstra is the best guest of 2016. Hands down. Tracy Morgan is a very close 2nd.
I feel like watching SNL best of Tracy Morgan. Harry Belafonte, Brian Fellow, Astronaut Jones and so on.
that's why the movie Top Five had a whole scene where Leslie Jones roasted Tracy Morgan? Right
Tracy Morgan was his funniest when he played Hustle Man on Martin.
Some examples we came up with: Chris Walken, Tracy Morgan, Jon Benjamin, Patrick Warburton. Who did we miss?
Dave Chappelle's new figure still kinda gross to me. It's like chubby AND muscles. Looks like if Tracy Morgan bought a Shake Weight.
In the past week, I heard Steve Reich sing "She Works Hard for the Money" and Tracy Morgan sing "On the Radio."
just bought us tickets for Tracy Morgan at Spirit Mountain. Aka December 10th is my Christmas this year
We could get like 30 rock Tracy Morgan on live tv crazy
🙏🙏🙏 Be the first time i watch SNL since Tracy Morgan made his comeback appearance
Tracy Morgan says on that he forgives the Walmart driver who caused his car accident
“The accident gave me a different perspective on life. It would have done the same for you”
Tracy Morgan is a national treasure
Tracy Morgan forgives Walmart truck driver who almost killed him
Tracy Morgan forgives the Walmart driver who hit him, details the accident's unexpected benefits:
Tracy Morgan says he forgives the Walmart truck driver who almost killed him
Tracy Morgan has kind, hilarious words of forgiveness for the truck driver who hit him.
New story from TIME in Entertainment : Tracy Morgan on Forgiving the Truck Driver Who Caused His Near-Fatal Accident https:/…
Tracy Morgan has to be the funniest alive. He just can't strop cracking jokes. This clip is 👌👌😂
Tracy Morgan says he's forgiven Walmart truck driver but his new white neighbors haven't.
Tracy Morgan forgives the truck driver who hit him in this Conan clip
"I forgave him, and I'm not even mad at him no more," Tracy Morgan said.
Tracy Morgan forgives the truck driver who caused his near-fatal accident
dude looks more like Tracy Morgan then Mark Davis
Tracy Morgan is set to star in a social-commentary comedy from
ICYMI: Totally Laime is headed to CBS. Also, Tracy Morgan is going to TBS & Anders Holm might be a FOX PI.…
Tracy Morgan-. *** Jay Mohrs! Anthony Davis is getting that basketball all Caterpillar pregnant!
TBS gives Tracy Morgan and Jordan Peele’s new show a 10-episode order...
Rob sneider, Tracy Morgan, tons bro Chris Rock lol
King Cizzy - Tracy Morgan (feat. Twan & Key) [prod. by Kae Em) in the Mozambican iTunes top 100 chart.
When Tina Fey made Tracy Morgan apologize to GLAAD he had the same look on his face as one of those jihad beheading victims.
lol I either get him, the guy from "Hot Tub Time Machine" or Tracy Morgan.
23. I have! I was actually in a movie with Jessica Biel, Jake Gylenhaal, Kurt Fuller, and Tracy Morgan!
The Tracy Morgan you see is the Tracy Morgan in real life. He's a great guy but... man, is h
Eddie is great but Jim Brewer does the best Tracy Morgan impression, by far.
Tracy Morgan - Def Comedy Jam. I can watch this all day✨
I'm about to introduce Jim Jeffries than Tracy Morgan, than Jeff Ross. It's a really good show.
It was a stacked young black SNL type show.Flex, Tracy Morgan, Debra Wilson, and lots more.
"I yelled Baba Booey at Walter Cronkite's funeral" - Tracy Morgan.. My favorite too.
Howard's dad singing Old Man River was eerily appropriate w/ the return of Tracy Morgan. Would love 2 download this song!
Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart & Tracy Morgan got me in tears 😂😭
I didn't know that was Tracy Morgan that played hustle man on the Martin Lawrence show
I don't know what Tracy Morgan does onstage, but I can assure you, it's no act.
Tracy Morgan was funny af on Martin. Hustle Man's "Pick Up The Pieces" song still gets me 😂
Watch the 30 Rock pilot again. The Tracy Jordan character is NOT based on Tracy Morgan. He's supposed to be Martin Lawrence.
Bert Kreischer tells his Tracy Morgan story on The Joe Rogan Experience
Now I'M crying. Tracy Morgan on his Emmy nomination.
I feel like me and are the only ones who see the comedic value in the Tracy Morgan impression scene in 22 Jump Street
Breast Cancer Awareness
All I'll say is this: even if people didn't find "Martin" funny, they all related to Tracy Morgan's Hustleman" character.
Tracy Morgan in Martin had me dead laughing lnnao
I'm sure some would have tried- Adam Sandler, Johnny Galecki, Larry Cable Guy & Tracy Morgan--- how could it fail? (jk)
now you got me trying to figure out my top SNL characters lmao. That so hard bro. Damon Wayans had some skits. Tracy Morgan
Almost forgot! Bought 2 tickets for Tracy Morgan at the Civic Opera House (8pm, Wed). Orchestra pit, so pricey, but if anyone wants to go...
I think my Hank Hill impression might be in my top 5 after Fred Durst, Morgan Freeman, McConaughey & Tracy Morgan..ahead of Jonathan Davis
Idris Elba as James Bond? Why not cast Tracy Morgan. Same effect for less money.
Remember that year those two buddy cop movies came out at the same time? Bruce Willis & Tracy Morgan vs Mark Wahlberg & Will Ferrel?
Don't miss Tracy Morgan when he performs at Hard Rock Live next week. Get tickets here
Tracy Morgan as Star Jones comes to mind.
Tracy Morgan was hella funny on Martin
People forgot Tracy Morgan was funny as *** on Martin during his cameos.
The only guy my girl is allowed to be friends with is Tracy Morgan in The Longest Yard
TRUE DECYPHER NEWS Tracy Morgan Remembers Prince - In an interview comedian, Tracy Morgan, did with The Hollywo...
Tracy Morgan on that one time Prince kicked him out of his house party:
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Tracy Morgan on Prince: 'He was a sexy man!': The purple icon once told the comedian to get the bleep out of ...
Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan has scrapped a scheduled April 29 appearance in Mississippi, citing its contested religious-objections
Bob Simon and Tracy Morgan wished they had! You'd think Alabama would have Saban travel ensconced in bubble wrap
Comedian, Tracy Morgan will be performing his hilarious stand-up routine on Saturday, April 30 at the Cobb Energy...
Tracy Morgan is coming to at Foxwoods...
Tracy Morgan talking about Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live in 2008 is still accurate
Tracy Morgan LIVE at Terry Fator Theatre at Mirage Hotel and Casino in on May 6-7:
I use to think Tracy Morgan and Busta Rhymes were the same exact mfs when i was younger 😂
Tracy Morgan May 6 - 7 at Mirage. A night of laughs with in
Both Tracy catcher Andrew Tavares and Lincoln catcher Zach Morgan have thrown out 2 stealing runners each. Defensive clinic today
Catchers shining today, too. Tracy's Kevin Saenz and Lincoln's Zach Morgan both fire out stealing base runners
Bruce Willis did so much damage to Tracy Morgan's performance in Cop Out hemight as well have drove for Walmart
I had a dream that I texted Tracy Morgan to ask what his bday plans were and he was like "oh, I don't really do much it's just me and my..
Featured Event ► Tracy Morgan at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre this Saturday, April 30th starting at 8pm!...
Big K.R.I.T looks so much like Tracy Morgan it's ridiculous Lol
Tracy Morgan Puts on 'Emotional' Special Performance for the Doctors and Nurses who Treate…
5 things we learned about Tracy Morgan from his new Rolling...
You & Gilbert impersonating Tracy Morgan still might be the funniest clip I've ever heard on pod
Crossing the Line: Guns in church but no Tracy Morgan in Tunica
I liked a video An emotional Tracy Morgan makes us laugh on Ebro in the Morning!
dumb late but this interview with Tracy Morgan is amazing man...
I was in a very dark place: Tracy Morgan admits...
[VIDEO] Tracy Morgan congratulated Seth Meyers on his new...
(Reuters) - Actor-comedian Tracy Morgan performed a show near the site of a New Jersey car crash two years ago in which he was nearly
Tracy Morgan shows his belly and glucose monitor on the red carpet!.
Musically, I am like Prince, Dave Chappelle, Edgar Allen Poe and Tracy Morgan wrapped up into one.
Tracy Morgan cancels Miss. show over 'anti-LGBT' law -
Tracy Morgan puts a performance for the doctors and nurses who treated him after car crash.
Chris Rock conversed with JJ Abrams, and my favorite bit was about how they all worked together on Tracy Morgan's 'Danish Girl'
"I’m feeling really funny": Tracy Morgan picks up the pieces on his latest tour
Tracy Morgan popped in New York Comedy Club last night ! It was amazing sold out comedy show. . Get your tickets...
that looks like Tracy Morgan, not John Boyega.
Yes. The Curry Family (including the baby), Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Tracy Morgan, and some more.
Tracy Morgan said white propel got they own crime 😂😂😂
Sometimes I feel like Michael Rapaport is the white Tracy Morgan.
Tracy Morgan awaken a dead spirit inside of me with his new found hope, & Howard Schultz, a calming spirit from a giant!
Nah you're still Tracy Morgan from longest yard
Tracy Morgan owns an octopus, wants to play Louis Armstrong...
I heard he was about to become Tracy Morgan in The Longest Yard but they released him from jail.
Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Jammie Foxx, Chris Tucker, Tracy Morgan, and Kevin Hart do all seasonal black comedians do a cop movie?
To me George Ezra singing sounds like if Tracy Morgan sang
crank yankers could have been good, Tracy Morgan etc, but it was absolute ***
Tracy Morgan contemplated suicide after traumatic car wreck
"I was sitting right here, contemplating suicide." Tracy Morgan gets real about his recovery in our new feature
Tracy Morgan opens up about his life-changing accident and returning to the road in our in-depth new interview
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Tracy Morgan was 'contemplating suicide' after his accident Until a lawyer told him how much money he could get
Tracy Morgan was 'contemplating suicide' after his accident
Tracy Morgan tells Clubber Lang's story in 'Creed' sequel on 'Kimmel'
"It sounded like a home run in the World Series." on Tracy Morgan's return to the Comedy Cellar
Matt Murdock out here quotin Tracy Morgan . . . He said it all wrong "I'm not gonna shoot you Frank"
Are New Brunswick Casino has seen good acts from time to time, we had Tracy Morgan, Bill Cosby (before the rape stuff) cheers!
Tracy Morgan joked about Walmart & his accident the other night at SXSW in Austin
Everyone’s 'crazy and dirty comedic uncle' is back -- Tracy Morgan at Funny or Die at SXSW
Tracy Morgan & Ghostface Killah are in Austin today but I can't see them :-)
Picking up the pieces: Tracy Morgan coming to Riverwind Casino - Norman Transcript
(1/2) They could've gotten Mike Myers, Sacha Baron Cohen, Tracy Morgan, and Jason Bateman to be the new Ghostbusters and..
David O'Russell's shelved "Nailed" is hilarious. Even Jessica Biel is great. Jake Gyllenhaal, Tracy Morgan & James Marsden always nail it.
Thanks for this. Now is doing the voice of God in the voice of Tracy Morgan doing Brian Fellows from SNL.
Tracy Morgan shines in this Oscars spoof about the lack of black actors in Hollywood
Tracy Morgan and Kenan Thompson aint fooling nobody.
Little Giant Ladders
After the latest version of The Colonel I told my buds that the new Colonel would be either Tim Meadows or Tracy Morgan.
Was so happy to see Tracy Morgan recovered from his accident & back to his old shenanigans
So anxious for tonight. The return of Tracy Morgan aka Brian Fellows. I hope to see that character again tonigh…
Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan, Jessica Williams, Michael Che, more to Chicago for Onion/A.V.Club Fest via
Come see Tracey Ashley take a break from her tour (opening for Tracy Morgan) tonight @ 7 in MU Ballroom! Come early & get a seat for dinner!
Top 5 at 5:25 coming has ur shot to see Tracy Morgan at Soaring Eagle this weekend. Keep track of countdown to win
Last chance to see Tracy Morgan at Soaring Eagle WOOD8
Final probability to see Tracy Morgan at Hovering Eagle
Tracy Morgan is hysterical in a satirical take on race in the movies.
Tracy Morgan (host of this year's Hot 97 April Fools Comedy Show) gets in on the joke w/Stephen Spielberg &...
How do you not put Tracy Morgan in that Black Astronaut bit? Astronaut Jones!
SNL THINGS:. – Leslie Jones made jokes about hooking up with Leo. – Tracy Morgan did Astronaut Jones with The Martian.
Tracy Morgan should've done that last bit as Astronaut Jones.
Would have been great to do Tracy Morgan in the bit for The Martian as Astronaut Jones though.
"When Martin coming on man?!" -(Tracy Morgan from Head of State voice)
Buff State welcomes Jesse Cook, Tracy Morgan to appear at Seneca Niagara Casino...
I see a headline that says "Wal-Mart Sued Over Parmesan Claims" and all I'm thinking of is Martin Mull investigating Tracy Morgan's crash
Working with Tracy Morgan on '30 Rock' is really great. I love Tracy. He's ...
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