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Tracy Jordan

Ogbert Jordan, better known by his stage name, Tracy, is a fictional character on the American television series 30 Rock, based on and played by Tracy Morgan.

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Just gave a math lesson to the manager at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I barely graduated high school by the way.
Decimating my CD collection. . Tracy: Keeping this? *holds up The Police*. Me: Nope. T: This?. Me: Oooh. Gimme that. *puts on Jordan Knight CD*
I want the confidence to lift my shirt for no reason a la Tracy Jordan.
Some photos coming up taken by Ciaran Conneely at this mornings & in Jordan's. A hugely popular ann…
"I think the white alphabet has 31 letters" - Tracy Jordan
Tracy Morgan is set to star in a social-commentary comedy from
I'm so tired I couldn't figure out how to get out of my car. Turns out I still had my seatbelt on.
Jack Donaghy and Tracy Jordan predicted the Donald Trump candidacy in season 2 [30...
5 players I wish I could go back n time 2 watch play would be. 1. Vince Carter. 2. Shaq. 3. Tracy McGrady . 4. Allen Iverson . 5. Michael Jordan
"Dress everyday like your gonna get murdered in those clothes" - Tracy Jordan
I think about Jack Donaghy saying he set a google alert for "Tracy Jordan ridiculous disaster" every single day
"I don't get why people like brunch. What's the benefit of combining breakdancing and lunch?" - Tracy Jordan
I would totally watch that movie, but only if Tracy Jordan starred in it.
Hub keeps sending me Tracy Jordan gifs from 30 Rock b/c the two locals I've dined with happen to be named Tracy and Jordan.
"I believe that vampires are the world's greatest golfers but their curse is they never get a chance to prove it." -- Tracy Jordan
Did Starbucks reduce the size of the Tall cups or did I just get a child sized drink by accident?
Officer Rocco would solve a case before Jordan. It took Tracy, Anna, and Franco to solve the GH serial killer case.
I hate the BMI chart. It is not at all an accurate representation of my health.
TBS gives Tracy Morgan and Jordan Peele’s new show a 10-episode order...
Why can't regular people wear scrubs every day? They're so comfortable!
Jordan... Tracy Jordan?. Love the Fassy. Love the Denzel. Love the Old Man. Neat choice with the Hawke.
Werewolf Bar Mitzvah by Tracy Jordan from the album An Evening with Tracy Jordan
whenever Tracy Jordan is wearing glasses he's 100x funnier
Girl in front of me in CVS line keeps turning around 2 stare at me. Yes I played TRACY TURNBLAD in Hairspray the music…
Not sure to 😆 or 😂 from the way Eminem looks at Gaga OR Tracy Jordan creeping in to get his EGOT
"The future is like a Japanese game show. You have no idea what's going on." (aka Tracy Jordan,
Ideally would like to date a guy named Shawn so when we get in a fight I can say "well I'm sorry SHAWN" a la Tracy Jordan
.Dear Premier: my views on your government's economic program.
My piece in Nova Scotia should follow the IMF's lead and ditch austerity economics
Last day tomorrow for this by Invited Sales by Tracy Jordan
Jack and Jill. Didn't Tracy Jordan already do a movie like that called Honky Grandma Be Tripping?
.Kate Ingram & Tracy Cobb and Lola Jordan of CDS speaking on panel at today.…
"If you're just joining us, Tracy Jordan is giving guitar icon Peter Frampton enigmatic clues about a secret treasure"
Jordan used to be media for the jays he is such a great guy he came to my seat we chatted
Tracy: "Who do I thank...which civic minded civilian gave us back our hospital?". Jordan: "It was Franco Baldwin!" . LOL
Waterfall runs down a mountain in Tracy Arm, Alaska.
"I may hug people too hard and get lost at malls, but I'm not an *** " -Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock
It had it all. Fayden, Friz, ScAva, Sexis, Jordan, Tracy, Julian, Nina. It all worked. Jasam just b…
The year will be 2315 and some cyborg will be asking: But is he better than Michael Jordan?
S3E12 of 30 Rock, Tracy Jordan on Larry King is still the funniest half hour ever put on tv.
Tracy Jordan: Superman does good. You're doing well. Clark Kent, nervously adjusting his glasses: Er, yes. I'm doing well. S'what I meant.
"That's a white myth, like Larry Bird or Colorado" -Tracy Jordan
They say people who kill themselves never regret it. -Tracy Jordan 😂😂
"A book hasn't called me this much trouble since Where's Waldo went to the barber pole factory!" - Tracy Jordan
The is great because of leadership by people like Suzie!
When you're proud of something and nobody cares 😭
Update your maps at Navteq
If you want to compare Curry to Jordan based on 15 points in 2 minutes, remember Tracy Mcgrady scored 13 points in 35 seconds
.why am I getting 11m down when I pay for 250?
. (2/3)INK Archer C7 router. (Don't take out the Comcast modem, it connects to it via Ethernet). Hope t
(1/3)Hello. We had the same issue with our 150Mbps plan. Solution? Get another router such as the TP-L
Hey Jordan, I'd like check into why you're getting such slow speeds. Can you DM your address or account number? -Tom
Kanye is just a more angry, less funny Tracy Jordan
I live by the advice of Tracy Jordan: "Dress every day like you're gonna get murdered in those clothes."
WHAT'S THAT? "Watch Vampire Diaries again from the beginning" you say? Well all right, if you insist.
Me: how come when I go to text you it's in green and doesn't say iMessage . Friend: cause I don't have an iphone. Me: I don't understand
LeBron hiring a team of mathematicians to verify tautologies is a next level Tracy Jordan move.
Tracy Jordan trying to make a movie about Jefferson with him, a black dude, playing all the parts. 2007 was a different time.
.why is it I pay for 250m down and I'm only getting 9m down?
Rookie of the Year-Jordan. Timberwolves Dancer of the Year-Tracy. Dancer of the Year-Kayla. Most Inspirational-Ashley
14/15 - SO CLOSE AND YET SO FAR!!! In my defence, I had no clue the Tracy Jordan Korean film was based on a real one!
Tracy Jordan is a constant source of inspiration
Neighbors left and the bed started thumping. They, like, START WITH THAT STUFF. Like Tracy and Angie Jordan.
30 Rock had a gag about it: Tracy Jordan's boys were named Tracy Jr. and George Foreman
Hey, now! Didn't know if you were using the Tracy Jordan method, is all...
I want to hear the full version of Tracy Jordan's party song "My Girl Has A Fat Neck".
Jordan clarkson gon be like a tracy mcgrady and d'angelo on this scenario is vince they need to stay together
I've been watching so much 30 Rock, I forgot that Tracy Jordan is not actually his name.
There being a Tetris movie sounds like a tossed off Tracy Jordan joke
Tracy Jordan: They took my mood ring! And I don't know how I feel about that.
Happy Burfday Jordan!!! 🎉🎂🎉 PS, it was mine yesterday... Nudge nudge!! 😊
Related: I could use a Tracy Jordan "uht oh here come the roofies" gif in my life
I'm officially calling for federal intervention to halt use of "Crying Jordan" after this attack on Riley Curry. 😡 http…
Being wrong has never been so awesome. Tony Tracy, Jordan Hasan
I surely won't spill chili on this other white shirt cause in ultra aware that I'm wearing a white shirt and eating chili. . Shoot.
It's my day off which means I'm home cuddling on the couch with the dogs watching either Spongebob or Breaking Bad.
I have a brilliant idea. I'm gonna eat chili while wearing a brand new pure white shirt.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I'm still waiting for a Tracy Jordan store.
Sounds more like an interview with Tracy Jordan
Yup. 3 back to back scoring titles. Only other player besides NOW curry, Jordan, and Tracy to average 30PPG I think.
It's been like 5 years and I still laugh that the movie Tracy Jordan won the Oscar for in 30 Rock was titled "Hard to Watch".
Had the best dream that I had a pet squirrel who I had trained to identify matches in flash cards like the game memory.
Tracy Jordan,"Affirmative action was designed to keep [us] in competition..while white dudes inject AIDS into our..nuggets." Who told them?!
if that includes Tracy, Ava, Monica, Alexis, Jordan, Epiphany, Liz and Obrecht, I'm in!
.as the Grizz to Tracy Jordan is my new favorite thing in wrestling.
I just realized I have a very specific giggle that I reserve for Michael Scott and Tracy Jordan
More attention starved than Jenna Maroney and Tracy Jordan
and according to Tracy Jordan, Martin Luther King Day is a good drinking holiday.
Did they get the idea for "Hamilton" from Tracy Jordan's Thomas Jefferson movie on 30 rock?
[I yelled out Baba Booey at Walter Cronkite's funeral, so I have no idea of what's appropriate] - Tracy Jordan
"Without the crew, we'd just be 2 amazing people succeeding in a vacuum." -Jenna Maroney to Tracy Jordan on
live streams everyday activities and had a feud with Ghostface Killa. Is he secretly Tracy Jordan?
"Live every week like it's Shark Week." –Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock
"I'm friends with Phil Harmonic, the worst rapper of all time!" Yet another amazing throwaway line from Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock. Gold.
Flashback to when Tracy Jordan tried to make a Thomas Jefferson movie on 30 Rock 😂
To paraphrase Tracy Jordan, Jupiter Ascending is kind of like a Japanese game show - you have no idea what's going on
Abraham after he almost sacrificed Isaac...
"I'm going to be the black Tyler Perry" - Tracy Jordan
Over/under Tracy's suit is from the Jordan wide leg collection.
Vince Carter, Michael Jordan and Tracy McGrady are my favorite NBA basketball players ever.
Tracy McGrady would have been better than Jordan if it wasn't for injuries
We had a lovely visit in the office from Jordan and her mom Tracy with the BCLM Pony Club!. Noel Asmar is a proud...
Oh cool! I just thought there was something off when Tracy Jordan showed up! Yes, please!
2yrs ago today we were cracking up at Tracy McGrady​ wearing this suit on NBATV | VIDEO:
All I'm trying to do is join the cast of TGS with Tracy Jordan @ 30…
Comedian, Tracy Jordan on how PT helped him.
Give Me One Reason COVER by Tracy Chapman. performed by Magan Phillips and Jordan Phillips of Iron Rations. Live...
Sure, everyone's gonna hype fleek & yaaas, but I'm thrilled that EGOT got its due. Tracy Jordan would be proud.
The last few weeks of school can be overwhelming, but just remember the wise words of Tracy Jordan: "Live every week like it's Shark Week."
Worry I'm not the Mike Jordan of the mic recording It's Hovi baby you Kobe, maybe Tracy McGrady
RIP the intellect of Kenneth the page, the charm of Frank the Luntz, the campaign strategy of Tracy the Jordan. Fare thee well
no. Just makes me sad you're not in town anymore.
.I'm bummed I never see your stuff on KC craigslist anymore.
"Live every week like it's Shark Week." . - Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock
First saw Tracy on Jezza and I knew I had to foster her
Tracy Jordan as Everyone On The Roof" still in the history dept made us use Chicago.
He talked to me the other week, near Westgate Road. Same day I saw the Tracy Jordan woman. That was a good day for anecdotes.
Had my pastor bless my avocados so I could have Holy Guacamole.
.to play iconic comedian Redd Foxx in upcoming Richard Pryor biopic:
Sheryl Underwood is like the real life version of Tracy Jordan
It pays to be the GOAT. Michael Jordan's last Bulls jersey went for $173,000 at auction: .
William Riker,. I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. - Worf SonOfMogh
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
These scenes between Ed and Peggy Blomquist are Tracy Jordan is Hard. To. Watch.
Ben Carson is what would happen if Tracy Jordan ran for president.
I just realized that all of Ben Carson's hard knock youth stories are actually Tracy Jordan's from
30 Rock character Tracy Jordan and Ben Carson are the same person. I compiled all the evidence here:
Here's wishing the little man a very happy birthday! Love Aunty Tracy, Rob & Jordan x ps left his prezzy at ur mums :-D
There was a episode just like this with Tracy Jordan and his "son."
read this like it's Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock
Fan theory: SW is actually set in this galaxy as is 30 Rock. Tracy Jordan and Tracy Morgan are the same person and definitely a Jedi.
My favorite Halloween song is Werewolf Bar Mitzvah by Tracy Jordan
When the jr high sermon hits you right in the feels. Not just for kids.
omfg, how did I not know this exists? is the best.
Got to fulfill a guitarist's dream. Played an original Klon.
If Tracy McGrady wasn't so unlucky he would have surpassed Jordan
Panoramic picture of my belt, you can see the 22 inches of extra holes I've punched in the last 5 months.
i actually think that Tracy Jordan will do a great job. Im looking forward to it
been a Burgi fan since Another World and love his chem with Ava and Tracy. Even has a spark with Jordan.
"I once saw a pack of wolves take over and successfully run a Wendy's" -Tracy Jordan
nothing cures sadness like Tracy Jordan and Jacky D.
In the words of Tracy Jordan, "You never end a sentence with a preposition at."
I'm considering starting a Chick-Fil-A franchise in my town just so I can eat there for free.
I always thought I was a Tracy Jordan but now its been made clear to me that I'm a Liz…welp time to go binge 30 Rock
Just watched SNL with Tracy Jordan, & I tells yer, that Demi Lovato REALLY can sing (I'm not being sarcastic).
I think it's time to re-watch 30 Rock. I have so many Tracy Jordan one liners floating around in my head!
The real and awesome version of Werewolf Bar Mitzvah
Our Director of Finance and HR, Tyler Tracy, and our Finance Analyst, Jordan Solomon are having a great time at...
You know who else didn't go to business school? Lebron James, Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant.
he reminds me of Tracy Jordan, I expect a wisecrack in every shot. Bad casting
I believe you, but at first glance I thought, "it's Tracy Jordan!!"
The bros beside me have heard the Atlantic Canada returns and are in full on Tracy Jordan on Larry King mode.
aye yo jenna (Said like Tracy Jordan) you weren't kidding about this being a lot of pumpkin bread mix! cant wait to eat it!
Remember when 30 Rock had a character named Tracy Jordan, played by Tracy Morgan? Yeah, that was great.
I heart you so much for calling him “Tracy Jordan.” (I always do the same thing.)
I am watching Tracy Jordan on and *** I love him. That Family Feud skit killed me.
This Anthony Mackie thing reminds me of a 30 Rock plotline. Maybe he's just taking Tracy Jordan's example...
I miss my baby Jordan, i haven't seen him in like 3 months. He came home this weekend, seen his son, sisters,...
'Heavy is the head that eats the crayons'. Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock
How has sound technology come so far & yet the McDonalds drive-thru still sounds like someone is farting into a walkie-t…
Tracy Jordan & Megan Wollover All smiles! The funnyman and his wife beam at Washington, D.C.'s Kennedy Center for …
Still smiling from the return of Tracy Jordan, Brian Fellow, Woodrow the Homeless Man, and Astronaut Jones this week on
Finally the coffee is working! "My genius is coming alive. Like your toys do when your back is turned." - Tracy Jordan, "30 Rock"
ICYMI: Tracy Jordan, er, Morgan hosted 'SNL' this weekend. Watch his opening monologue:.
I've only just started the episode, but do yourself a favor and go watch the opener of this weekend's SNL hosting Tracy Morgan (Jordan)
Watching 30 Rock and reliving one of the greatest performances in Creative Studies history with as Tracy Jordan...
"Stop eating people's old french fries, pigeon, have some self respect! Don't you know you can fly?" . Tracy Jordan
Before I let yall change me, Ill let Micheal Jordan be my stylist.ill rock one of them baggy *** Tracy McGrady Suits
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
What should I do to reward 200 pounds lost? Currently at 170 and want to set a reward to help motivate these last 30 pounds.
He's a grade A *** Then again so is Terrence Howard. Lee Daniels is gross too. Ps) fave Tracy Jordan quote
I love being an ambassador for it's such an honor to be part of their team.
Tracy Jordan would have been the greatest philosopher of all time if he wasn't a fictional character
dudes check your "info" customer service email. My order is messed up.
Just saw a gentleman open carry a 1911 in condition one. I love this country.
Live every week, like its Shark Week. -Tracy Jordan
By losing just 5-10% of their weight, an overweight person decreases their risk of developing diabetes by a whopping 58%.
Liz Lemon's goodbye to Tracy Jordan in the last episode of 30 Rock is one of the most heartbreaking and beautiful goodbyes ever
"This is my friend, Nobody. And his wife Susan Watson hyphen Nobody!" -Tracy Jordan
loved you as Tracy Jordan's wife on
I already donated elsewhere but if you have the cash this is like tracy jordan levels of WORDPLAY.
just a quick one. Please can the song 'Tracy Jacks' be erased from the playlist, plays at least 5 times a day, not needed.
Anybody else notice that the Ex in FedEx has an arrow in it's negative space? Or did it just take me 28 years to figure it out?
Tracy Jordan: if you've learned anything from me... it's how to do a bad job
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
"Regrets are for horseshoes and handbags." - Tracy Jordan
I ball like Tracy McGrady, and I have been getting dirty money like Jordan Belfort.
Tracy Jordan on Cash Cab is my favorite thing
Fixed a $500 piece of audio gear with nothing more than a leatherman and a steady hand. Feeling pretty good.
This was supposed to read *dynamic* EQ, although I have no idea what a Dynamo EQ is, it sounds pretty awesome.
Excited for to return to SNL. "I don't like to say I told you so, so welcome to Miami" - Tracy Jordan
apartment living is nice, but, Im looking forward to mowing grass in a house, sounds like fun. I'd get a reel mower, burn more calories.
Side by side, 4 months and 145 pounds difference between each other. Tomorrow, I'm getting a new shirt!
I must've consumed 3 gallons of water today from talking so much. As an introvert I've never required so much saliva.
SNL has become garbage the only reason I'll watch this season is for Tracy Jordan
"And I will take the top half, for that is the part with the face." - Tracy Jordan
. Yeah, first time watching it. Finally got over my distaste for the obnoxious Tracy Jordan character. Enjoy the writers & Liz.
Home for lunch and get to chill with this sweetheart.
Jordan Luck - Tell me what ever happened to Tracy?
Kenneth: Mr Jordan, you've never been wrong. Tracy: It's both a blessing and a purse.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
"Did you know that in the morning, they have food, TV, almost everything! It’s pretty good." - Tracy Jordan
Sitting down to my vegan, gluten free, soy free, antibiotics free, raw, non GMO, organic, fat free, low carb meal!
Data computing tip: Do not feel bad. CAPTCHAs are hard for me too.
iirc noted statesman Tracy Jordan has done something similar
Werewolf Bar Mitzvah by Tracy Jordan is the best cutaway in the history of television
"You cant ask a tiger not to turn bacc into a chinese man at midnight" -Tracy Jordan
These new tunes are all tattoo worthy.
"I have a Google news alert for the phrase 'Tracy Jordan Ridiculous Disaster.'"
Tracy Jordan in Hard To Watch: based on the book “Stone Cold Bummer” by Manipulate
Was definitely the most fun game of the Jordan era I can remember
"In order to stay sane, you have to go crazy!" -Tracy Jordan
My arch nemesis employee was working meats today. We locked eyes with contempt, he gave me 3 cubes of chicken, and smirked.
Refocusing on these really great female characters has, IMO better than any other soap! Anna, Sam, Liz, Jordan, Alexis, Maxie, Tracy
"Currently missing someone who probably doesn't miss me." 😭😭😩
New Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell wondered if Tracy McGrady might have been the GOAT. Then Kobe Bryant weighed in: http:/…
The fact that TWO classic versions of Tracy Mcgrady are in NBA 2K16 is proof to me that there is a God
You will need to play with the recipe a bit in order to get an idea how much splenda to use however.
Hey Jordan! Splenda dissolves much easier and quicker in cold liquids than granulated sugar so you won't need to dissolve it.
Honestly Tracy is my favorite player of all time but to compare him to jordan or Kobe idk I mean those to are GOATS
Tracy McGrady a.k.a T-Mac is one of the greatest of all-time in my opinions . Jordan. Kobe. T-Mac . ^ALL DOGS 💯🅿️🏀
Niggaz actually said Tracy Mccgrady is the GOAT like Kobe Bryant is not in the THRONE. Its JORDAN then Kobe not Jordan then Mccgrady TF
I still want to see Tracy Jordan in WHO DAT NINJA?
Awkward Jordan thought I was playing when I said I was on my way
Tracy McGrady had all the talent in the world but injuries cut his career way short. Kobe is flat out the second coming of Jordan.
I wouldn't be taking Tracy McGrady over Jordan or Kobe as the GOAT. Especially if I was on the same team as one..
hey Henry, can the simple sugar solution be done with Splenda? Don't know if it reacts on the stove the same way... Do you know?
At the state fair, and am, as tracy jordan would say, belly full
I would laugh my bee-hind off if Jake went around town proposing to folk: Liz, Carly, Sam, Jordan, Monica, Alice, Cook II, Sabrina, Tracy...
Between Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade. Tracy McGrady was always the most interesting to me.
Another kid in his 20s with an opinion on who the G.O.A.T is .. . He was in diapers when Jordan won his last...
The new fallout boy song with the Munster's riff makes me think of the Tracy Jordan bar mitzvah werewolf song from 30 rock.
"Treat every week like its Shark Week." - Tracy Jordan
This is the same guy that said Kobe was his Michael Jordan.
"I'm a strange man who can't be taken seriously". Tracy Jordan
The cheese Tracy Jordan uses to make his cheese friend looks really good. I may actually be Liz Lemon.
Tracy failed her geography because she couldn't locate her mum on a map! x
Results day is the only day when Tracy will get the D x
"Why don't Catholics eat meat on Fridays? Because the Pope owns Long John Silvers!" Tracy Jordan has some of the greatest lines in tv ever.
"“Someone licking 2 doughnuts and saying they hate America sounds like a fake Tracy Jordan scandal on an episode of 30 Rock.\"",""
Can someone PLS make some of these fictional Tracy Jordan & Jenna Maroney movies referenced to in 30 Rock?
If Liz Lemon were my mom and Tracy Jordan were my dad, how many hours a week of therapy would I need
This poor chihuahua had to go to the vet today. Got some meds and hopefully she'll feel better soon!
Demetri Martin Lawrence with Tracy Jordan and none would know the difference.
Picard management tip: If your team is outstanding, have a camera crew chronicle your work and stream it on Netflix.
Racist Atticus? To quote Tracy Jordan, a book hasnt caused me this much trouble since Waldo went to that barber pole factory
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Guns don't kill people. Planned Parenthood does.
Out: Ultrasounds are cool b/c you get to see the baby. In: Ultrasounds are cool b/c you can place the forceps w/o crushi…
Finishing up my article about compression for website! Link will be out in a few days!
My wife is going to Boston to visit family for 5 days, and I'm already dreading what life will be like
Oh good, not enough "real reason behind De'Andre Jordan's indecision" theories so why not more...
Watching so much 30 Rock I forgot Jordan isn't Tracy's real last name lol
"When I go to sleep nothing happens in the world!" - Tracy Jordan (Morgan) 30 Rock
"I lost my mood ring,and i don't know how i feel about that."-Tracy Jordan,he made my shortlist for possible role models.
Words to live by courtesy of Tracy Jordan .
shutup you use Netflix for Tracy beaker
Had a hearing test today. Proud to say that my ears are excellent and I have zero loss. As an audio engineer my career depends on my ears.
DeAndre Jordan saga reveals power of players in modern NBA free agency - (...
Getting my hearing tested. My ears are my most valuable tools!
"Live every week like it was Shark Week" - Tracy Jordan
Gonna be 99° today. I put the top back on my jeep so I can use air conditioning. I'm all for embracing but 99° is ridiculous.
.batsman Nick Larkin says spell has him primed for domestic season via
Jack Donaghy is probably the best thing about 30 Rock, after Tracy Jordan.
*At CVS*. Me: Ok which sunscreen should we get? SPF15 or SPF30?. *Super pale wife grabs SPF90*. Helen: This one.
Jordan Spieth is now one victory shy of tying Tiger Woods for most wins on TOUR before age 22.
“Hi. I’m Tracy Jordan. My wife is throwing away some of our old towels. Do you want them cuz they’re out by the trash cans."
"How you doing" "I'm doing good" "Nah superman does good, you're doing well. You need to study your grammar son" -Tracy Jordan 30rock
Dean Ambrose is the Tracy Jordan of the WWE
The other thing is they keep mentioning Bill Cosby, and how Tracy Jordan should be more like him, which is like, wow, how things change.
"I wanna be responsible but I've been me for a long time!"--Tracy Jordan
thoughts, pt. 5: Carly/Lulu, Sonny/TJ, Jordan/Valerie, Monica/Dillon, Jake/Sam, and Tracy/Paul. Good times. More of that, please.
An announcer tried to get Mark Cuban to talk about DeAndre Jordan. It didn't go well.
Jordan Spieth takes John Deere lead behind career-best 61: Jordan Spieth shot the best roun...
I was expecting a picture of a car.
With the Tracy Jordan Meat Machine, Meat is the new bread!
to quote a post on tumblr, "This sounds like a Tracy Jordan plot on 30 Rock."
Dogs can sense evil. So when my chihuahua sits in front of my closet and barks at it, I know there's a monster in there... or
this whole Ariana Grande story is just like a Tracy Jordan scandal on 30 Rock
A 23rd century Starfleet officer holding an animal native to the Planet Alpha 177.
COMMENT: you think DeAndre Jordan did a 180? A new hoops coach got out of car on way to his press conference!. VIDEO: h…
I only trust people who have read receipts turned on.
Excellent video about Culture Days success stories, featuring Tracy & Jordan from the
When Tracy Jordan says I want pirogues and you instantly start calculating how long it would take for you to have...
I want that gif set with Jena Meroni and Tracy Jordan looking for funny *** people and that one *** is like "I'm not *** .. I'm BILARIOUS"
Since its bestfriend day im bout to list ALL my bestfriends 😁. Darus. Jordan. Chanel. Roy. Tyler. Erica. Chris. Chris. meatball. Sean. Issaic. Tracy
I believe vampires are the worlds greatest golfers but their curse is they'll never get to prove it - Tracy Jordan
In case you were wondering, Michael Jordan can in fact palm a pumpkin. WATCH:
He's definitely Tracy Jordan, where he has Grizz and Dot Com lift him up so he can dunk.
Not if Tracy Jordan has something to do with it.
Helen Mirren Is One Step Closer to an EGOT: On 30 Rock, one of Tracy Jordan’s greatest aspirations was to one ...
"stop eating people's old French fries, pigeon! Have some self respect! Don't you know you fly?!?!" -Tracy Jordan
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
"I hate to say I told you Welcome to Miami!" - Tracy Jordan.
Chopping onions with a leatherman and not crying.
Don't know where any of the kitchen utensils went, so I'm cooking like I'm in the wild with my…
Lightning struck this tree outside my house.
Anna as the FBI leison, Tracy running the city as Mayor and Jordan as the commish. What a town that would b.
"I just can't turn down community service...b/c if I do, that judge will make me join the Coast Guard"--Tracy Jordan
The Bears announce the signing of former Saints Super Bowl hero, CB Tracy Porter. . Porter played with WAS in 2014.
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