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Tracy Emin

Tracey Karima Emin RA (born 3 July 1963 in Croydon) is a British artist. She is part of the group known as Britartists or YBAs (Young British Artists).

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My bed has started to look like Tracy Emin designed it as it's covered in sick covered muslins, remote controls & a dog bed!
Thank goodness I thought I was going to have to admit that if Tracy Emin had made M&T…
The point is Tracy Emin saw the art in it, you can feel how she was feeling from the work
And that's the explanation of why Tracy Emi…
Is my second favourite piece by Tracy Emin
If it's neon and I don't like it, it's usually Tracy Emin.
This is getting a bit close to Tracy 'the rock' Emin. Avoids spelling mistakes I suppose.
I had to suffer a Tracy Emin and David Hockney exhibition in Chile so…
Hubby's hung the washing out; here's my dress... I've deduced it's an art installation along the lines of contempor…
This is going to make no sense but two nurses gave me clean bedding & proceeded to make my bed into Tracy Emin styl…
Why don't you plonk a big fat Richard on it and pass it as a Tracy Emin
Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you an around-the-world air ticket whenever you want ~ Tracy Emin
Bronze sculpture of Tracy Emin on the shore of Folkestone. I do like this series of baby…
Azerbaijan song stage looks like one of Tracy Emin's nonsense waste of space at Tate Modern
Why has Damien Lewis developed a Tracy Emin mouth?
Excited to be flogging ‘art’ at in in July alongside Tracy Emin, Peter Blake, Gavin Turk, Martin Cr…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tracy Emin. I loved this chair and concept when I saw it. Great idea and lovely object steeped in me
Hey, if Tracy Emin can get away with it...
Can we know the we prefer by how long we look? Simple test finds average time visitors viewed
If Tracy Emin can marry a rock then this back pack is my mistress.
Tracy Emin's drawings make me feel something lovely
I'm surprised Tracy Emin isn't worth more than that 😉
you need to scrunch up a receipt and throw it in the pile and it WOULD be a Tracy Emin piece 😂
My lounge looks like a polite Tracy Emin installation
This new Tracy Emin is possibly her best work yet.
Do you know has worked with Henry Moore,Tracy Emin,John Piper Can you? OPEN CALL
Tracy Emin prints in recent Phillips auction. Head to our site, link in bio, for available editions from one of the…
If there's anyone near the gallery in Hyde Park turning out and needed cabs 5 mins ago. Just took Tracy Emin to the wolsley
Agreed. Any good brickie could do that. Just like my teen daughter could do Tracy Emin's unmade bed (minus condoms!)
Dory Previn's honesty (when I looked her up) slightly made me think of a scary musical Tracy Emin without the money or glam.
- just listened to your videos. You have a beautiful voice. I loved the Tracy Emin song
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
is it a Tracy Emin installation piece; "Finger Buffet, 1983"?
That's like something Damien Hurst or Tracy Emin would come up with!! x
Tracy Emin takes questions from a curious but socially unskilled five-year-old-- adorable.
This doesn't sound consensual. - Tracy Emin marries "a very beautiful ancient stone, and it’s not going anywhere”
IF Tracy Emin had anything to do with it, I just don't want to know.
did Tracy Emin contribute neon artwork or..???
Check out this little guy by Tracy Emin RA! via
ARTSY | Calling all art lovers. Love Tracy Emin? You may find one of her pieces in your suite. Photo:
bless her . Have you checked she's not Tracy Emin out for a wee day trip? Lol
now my mind is ticking! Tracy Emin, Cindy Sherman, the Guerilla Girls, great Aussie one: Deborah Kelly...
Calling all art lovers: You may find one of Tracy Emin's pieces in your suite at Photo:
tracy emin michaelangelo and Andy warhol
I feel like I'm just copying above but Tracy Emin, Michaelangelo and Andy Warhol
Brian Sewell at his best: the controversial art critic on everything from the Turner Prize to Tracy Emin and…
it could if u really wanted it to but then it wouldn't be a student room any more! Be like tidying up Tracy Emin's bed
Saturday. A day of Wishing you a lovely day. Enjoy each one. Take care x. Our first kiss is by Tracy Emin.
...much as l agree,are there no contemporary painters out there selling well?...l dont mean Tracy Emin and Marc Quinn.
he's very overrated too - and Tracy Emin. I think they're very clever with the joke they are playing on us
Stuff like Tracy Emin's unmade bed winds me up. Just taking every day stuff, putting it in a gallery and saying it's art.
‘Hey you look a bit like Tracy Emin’. She’s unlikely to take that as a compliment is she…? 😳
I live surrounded by art. Madame's style of home decor is heavily influenced by Tracy Emin's Bed.
Fur coats and no knickers. Where's Tracy Emin when you need her?
I could sketch out a mental image, but honestly it would be more horrific than anything Tracy Emin has produced so far.
Tracy Emin is way too cool, honest and feminist.
Just checked into the Belgraves thompsonhotels and there's a Tracy Emin piece in my room.…
Damian Hirst - I don't get it. Can someone translate please? Tracy Emin too. Happy to be educated
.. You tell that's what Tracy Emin said
"The Polish Tracy Emin’s bed has lovely hospital corners." Al Murray on his election strategy
Pretty eager to go by train to Vienna to see Tracy Emin and Egon Schiele (and stop quickly to kiss a girl in a coffee shop whilst I'm there)
...relevant or not? Would Tracy Emin's My Bed stand the test of time? It's a variant on Dada and that was all about taking...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Tracy Emin sits in front of her 1998 piece 'My Bed' on display at Christie's in June. With its dirty
A large mattress has been deposited next to thee dustbins in my street. Is Tracy Emin trying to make a few bob?
Way to my heart- buy me Tracy Emin books and garlic bread
I used Tracy Emin as my main inspired artist for my art GCSE final piece and my teacher said "She's not much of an artist, an easy option"
Well if Tracy Emin's got a bed, why can't Lee Hadwin? Opening of his solo show
Tracy Emin leaving the embassy because it's not looking forward to popping in. ShivHarrison said she should not be a bowl of Rice Krispies i
In a world obsessed with looks have taken a big risk asking 'what do Tracy Emin and Ed Sheeran have in common?'
She looks like a younger Tracy Emin in this photo
Tracy Emin wrote hers on the ferry on the way back from Amsterdam, apparently. I'd love to read it. I bet it's terrible.
Tracy Emin's design of this years Brit Award is just stunning
inspiring day! Tracy Emin and Thames Baths imagine!
Tracy Emin and Sharon Stone should do it.
Tracy Emin is the professor of drawing at the Royal academy. How is that possible?.
Tomorrow: private view at The Whitaker, Rawtenstall. Art from Tracy Emin and John Squire amongst others. 7-9pm.
Such a good piece of 'Telling It Like It Is' exactly! : Dolly Parton, Tracy Emin and the fall of Rolf Harris
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Art Lovers: Charles Saatchi is putting Tracy Emin's unmade bed up for sale and Larry Gagosian [a rival gallery owner who now markets Emin and hates Saatchi], will have to pay over the odds for it, particularly if the bed fails to reach the predicted £1 million plus, in order to keep Emin's current prices up in the stratosphere . it's like when Damien Hirst's diamond skull was bought secretly by Damien's backers to ensure his other work retained its 'value'.
Tracy Emin thinks David Cameron "will be remembered as a really nice prime minister" Nope. He will be forgotten as an …
Modern art: How gallery visitors only viewed work by Damien Hirst and Tracy Emin for less than 5 s... via
DH Lawrence, John Lennon, David Bowie, Angela Carter, Tracy Emin, Anthony Burgess. Please try and be more middle class.
Don't judge me for how little I care about sports and I won't judge you for how little you know about Andy Warhol, Yayoi Kusama, Tracy Emin, and Chris Ofili. Please and Thank You! Okay? Okay!
So Charles Saatchi had a fixation for Tracy Emin's bed? He must have loved it, paying so much for a cheap bed.
FURTHER INFO….. Stewy’s distinctive stencils are commonplace across the UK, and his life-size portraits of British eccentric punk poets, artists, and other British icons have sparked much interest by galleries worldwide. Now the search is on to find out who Stewy is… Join us in discovering what the illusive street artist is all about as he presents his latest show ‘Northern Souls’ at the iconic central Manchester venue The Great Northern, Deansgate M3 4EN in collaboration with Future Artists. The Pop up art exhibition will be running from 3rd December through to the 8th with limited prints available to purchase as well as the unveiling of brand new work, some of which will be produced live in the exhibition space! You may have already spotted one or two of Stewy’s stenciled characters, such as Tracy Emin in Margate, John Cooper Clarke in The Black Lion Pub in Salford or Frank Sidebottom on Oldham Street in Manchester. ‘Northern Souls’ will also see the unveiling of a new piece of street ar ...
The new M&S campaign. Helen Mirren doing her regal Queenie act again (hand the Oscar back sweetie), Tracy Emin looking las if she swallowed a box of frogs (backwards) and the rest are like constipated mannequins. In a field. Epic. Fail.
What have we learned Mary Portas? Don't mess with Margate unless you grew up there like Tracy Emin.
its how you make it big. Take Tracy Emin as an example with her sob story about having too much sex...
Just seen a billboard advertising m+s with tracy emin on it
Jimmy Page with Jerry Hall, Tracy Emin and Jo Wood at GQ Men of the Year Awards Diner. 2 September, 2008
I find it hilarious. She's being a character in each one. Also enjoying Tracy Emin's expressions.
If I were to describe this game as a work of art, it would be by Tracy Emin. Not good.
OoS is many things last week Joshua Kent's performance reminded me of Tracy Emin's bed at Tate Britain!
Website Builder 728x90
Georgie's 18th birthday. Cake is a replica of 'Tracy Emin's Bed', exhibited at Tate Gallery London.
Pugs are the Tracy Emin of the dog world.
Tracy Emin : A prize-winning British artist famous for her unmade bed
And I can't believe you paid Tracy Emin to look that bored with modelling clothes. She's totally mugged you off there.
is that a Tracy Emin piece under the window? Or just inspired by?
Tracy Emin's dreamlike film inspired by the Thames
What's wrong in this picture: Tracy Emin. Union Jack. Boat. Red coat. A logo of
"It's from the Tracy Emin Collection at B&Q..."
Tracy Emin without a doubt. So raw and real. As an 18 yr old I was in absolute awe
ta da ok go enjoy . That other lady I like - Meryl is on my tv . Have a lovely Saturday .
That would leave room to escalate with Tracy Emin's bed.
Tracy Emin at stedelijk at Good start of the evening.
Who's idea was it to have Tracy Emin as a "model" in the new M&S Leading Ladies marketing campaign?!
isn't Tracy Emin riddled with sti's?
I'm pretty sure my bed is grosser than Tracy Emin's right now.
Hamilton Collection
Marks & Spencer: Are Dame Helen Mirren and Tracy Emin REALLY the women to save M&S? via
God I can't stand Tracy emin silly cow
So it turns out one of my professors knows Tracy Emin...
Hating on Tracy Emin is not that edgy since 3/4 fratboys already agree Damien Hirst is hogcum.
The most interesting loo queue I've ever waited in: Bianca Jagger, Daisy Lowe and Tracy Emin. Went to the loo after Tracy. High Art.
Charles Saatchi is a *** He's the reason Damien Hirst and Tracy Emin aren't poor like they should be!
Charles Saatchi huh. Put Thatcher in power, gave us Damien Hirst and Tracy Emin whilst ruining the UK art scene. Now he's gone and throttled our Nigella. What a prize ***
Nigella Lawson Hubby Charles Saatchi: I am not sure what was worse, grabbing his wife by the throat or buying Tracy Emin "My Bed"
A piece here by Tony Spiers, a writer who took part in our Museum Tales course earlier in the year. This piece is taken from the 'Museum Tales' pamphlet that is on sale from Creative Future and Brighton Museum. Artefact, by Tony Spiers: you're my pottery child I kneaded you from raw clay I adored you but you never liked yourself much you wanted to be a Grayson Perry earthenware pot the Wembley turf John Lennon's glasses the Bayeux tapestry Krakatoa the Cerne Abbos horny hillside giant Marcel Duchamp's urinal the Venus of Willendorf the Mariana trench Tracy Emin's bed the Rosetta Stone a Lalique amber vase the Seven Sisters the Shard Queen Victoria's vast cotton knickers the Okavango delta Frankie Howerd's last wig the Cheops pyramid the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway the Crab nebula not this a stirrup cup circa 1780 in the shape of a half-potato you brim with disappointment but look how handsome you are in your white pearlware biscuit glaze gleaming like polished ivory.
Mary Queen of the High Street on 4 on Demand. Watch Mary Queen of the High Street online when you want on 4oD. Mary Portas tries to inject new life into Margate's high street, with the help of artist Tracy Emin, an inland pier and a cut-price deal for the London to Margate daytripper Margate's high…
really glad you could make it, it was nice to share my experiences of Tracy Emin and George Galloway!
Tracy Emin didn't come out too well of my book dramatisation last night, but maybe I didn't either! eBook link here
Just been to see Brian Lewis' The Hokusai Project at Deanclough Gallery. 74 year old guy decides to draw 1000 sketches in a year as a response to Tracy Emin becoming Professor of drawing. And he did it. And its well worth going to see.
Tracy Emin takes on Times Sq rather than the bedroom. For 3 mins each day, billboards show her work.
Agreed, also his singing in Les Mis was total cringe! Tracy Emin only has one camera look too, that of melting wax!
Who would it be easier to make casual conversation with in an empty room: Tracy Emin or P.J Harvey?
No prob, Londoners will think it's a new art form. U cd join Tracy Emin, Damien Hirst, Gilbert & George & become rich & famous
I hear it's a fascinating show. Almost has an 'installation art' quality to it. Good mix with Tracy Emin's 'My Bed' exhibit.
Tracey Emin, Stella McCartney head up artists and designers in New Year honours list | Metro News | via
This is where Tracy Emin Damian Hirst and so many others should live! Trouble is I can't find any houses on the lane!
A used tea bag makes an ideal pillow when creating a Barbie version of Tracy Emin's bed installation.
I just don't understand this Tracy Emin art.
Missed last weeks bin collection just put them out for first time since before christmas.Front of house looks like sumat tracy emin would do
hmmm but you can’t make an old master out of a Tracy Emin
I don't know what this 'betta kulcha' is but I'm imagining Tracy Emin saying it and it's making me homicidal.
I think I may just leave it...go all Tracy Emin and say this is new for 2013!
looks like someone shat out a picture of Tracy emin
Two-headed auto traced Gorilla and words typed in courier, is this new Davie Bowie video a prank or another "masterpiece" signed Tracy Emin
"It makes perfect sense to know they killed you" -Tracy Emin
My staircase is being enclosed in plastic, no it is not a Tracy emin instalation, jut the builders doing another ceiling!
Memories of my cocktail at 10 Downing St: beautiful Bridget Riley canvases and a fantastic Tracy Emin "More Passion" neon.
If Tracy Emin kissed a skeleton, there'd be some luvvies that would call it 'ART'...
Excited to be mentioned in Material World: The Modern Craft Bible by Perry Lewis. Contributors inc Grayson Perri, Tracy Emin and Rob Ryan
*Wake up* will today be a good day? *checks internet* NO. Tracy Emin still has her CBE. -.-
so feminist. This photo and a Tracy Emin piece as your dp
Quentin Blake knighted, which is brilliant. Conversely, Tracy Emin also to receive similar honour, which utterly devalues it all.
Vacuous moron Tracy Emin has now received almost the same national honours as computer inventor and WW2 code breaker Alan Turing
Recovering after my visit to a Jack Wills changing room today. How can a Tracy Emin style bed and a grubby mirror be of any PROPER use?
Hockney work in secret auction: Visitors to a gallery can bid for an original David Hockney or Tracy Emin ...
Funny as feck. Tracy Emin on Sunday Brunch trying to explain to Tim Lovejoy that these picture of FAECES are actually valid pieces of art. Superb.
Britain has over a hundred film studios, and together they’ve won more than 23 Grammys in the last three years. The UK is also home to some truly GREAT contemporary artists: from Steve McQueen to Tracy Emin, David Hockney to Grayson Perry. Here we’ll explore what makes Britain a GREAT place to be cr...
Michael Craig-Martin and Tracy Emin fail to articulate this in word, but it is an instinct as an artist to find that aesthetic.
just seen Tracy Emin and Christopher Biggins strolling by at Port Vell in Barcelona
Jeanette Winterson and Tracy Emin get intimate about their personal lives at London's Southbank
There are too many men on TV who look like they just got up out of Tracy Emin's bed. Simon Schama is a prime offender.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The magnum opus of Tracy Emin entitled "Everyone I have ever slept with 1963-1995" Hmmm, certainly creative...
So far today: bought duck and sausages at the local farmers market, been to the royal academy summer exhibition (tried and failed to buy a Tracy Emin), lovely Italian lunch in shepherds market, now nursing a pint and about to watch England smash the boks before a 40th birthday booze up tonight. Happy days!
Kids getting undressed for a shower last night, David lays his clothes out carefully on the floor and says, 'Look, Papi, a face.' He was right, he'd just invented cubism. But before I could get on the phone to the Tate modern, they'd been swept up and put in the washing basket. I think Tracy Emin once suffered a similar fate.
Interview with the always interesting Tracy Emin, touching on several subjects
Tracy Emin! Derek Chisora! Travi McCoy!!! . You all make onto my list. And you shall stay on it!
Tracy Emin,the Carlton Palmer of British Art,strikes again “Tracey Emin designs new Olympic Tube map -
I can't really imagine spending real money, then staring at a Tracy Emin on my phone.
Chris,Willie Thorne is one of the foremost collectors of Young British Artists work, I'm told he sleeps in Tracy Emin's bed .
Michelle Williams, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tracy Emin, have all star spotted me this week.
At the Southbank Awards. Tom Jones, Rob Brydon, Tracy Emin, Mr West from the Wire & others all in the house.
Wiki-ing home town (Chatham) find list of notable residents: some footballers, Tracy Emin (sort of) and, spectacularly, Kevin Eldon.
being Eva Braun with an Innocence of Lotte Reiniger a gravity of Tracy Emin
Brighton-based artist and designer, Pascal Anson, has been mentored by Tracy Emin and has worked with British Airways …
Move over Tracy Emin - thanks to Julian Hanford for this bit of genius.
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