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Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply Company (often written as Tractor Supply Co. or TSC ) is a large retail chain of stores that offers a number of products for home improvement, agriculture, lawn and garden maintenance, and livestock, equine and pet care.

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"The correct naphtha is NOT sold in the U.S.A. Not at Tractor Supply or Home Depot or Lowes or even Sherwin Williams. It's still sold in Canada though. I have a friend that does distill it to 100°F and saves what solvent does come off, to use for making oil." Steve Csicsek "If you live in the USA then you won't be getting the right Naphtha, all naphtha made in the USA can not be trusted because of the loose regulation on ingredients in this type of solvent. You will never get pure naphtha in the USA, even the vm&p can be completely inconsistent from one bottle to the next and isn't even advertised as pure. In Canada they make pure naphtha and it is the best solvent to use compared to ISO or Grain alcohol, don't make a huge mistake and waste meds or even worse make yourself or someone else even more sick by using the wrong solvent. Be warned the naphtha in the USA will even make an oil that looks completely as it should but will make you very sick." Chase Abanatha -- The fact that pure aliphatic naphtha d ...
Hi everyone we are going to do a adoption event again this sunday March 23 at Tractor Supply in Iron Mountain We will be there at Noon. We will try to get a album with the dogs that will be there posted in the next day or so. See you Sunday
P2P West 03/15/2013 Location: Mustang United Methodist Church 211 W Hwy 152 Mustang, OK 73064 Location is just behind Tractor Supply, North side of Highway 152, west of Mustang road. Date: Saturday March15, 2014 Time: 9-11:00 AM * Childcare will be provided, Please RSVP: jjabina1 by Friday March 14th. Snacks will be provided but if your child has allergies please make sure to bring him/her snacks. If I have any parent that would like to volunteer to bring snacks this week let me know. I am excited our speaker this month is: Diann Burris, M.S., CCC-SLP Speech Language Pathologist Canadian Valley Speech and Language Services Diann is not only a friend but also has been a SLP within the Mustang School district for several years. She will visit with us on Saturday to give us some tips and hopefully tricks that we can use at home. She will also share what services she provides at the schools and also within her private sessions. Please remember that just because we meet on the west side of the Metro we would . ...
While I'm being needy I have more requests.. I will still take donations for The Lovebirds: Fred and Ginger for hay. 1 bale of hay with hauling is 50.00. I also have a box of new halters, lead ropes, & also would like to add other items such as medical supplies that is being donated to End Of The Line Horse Placement who took a chance on a very old skinny pony now known as Trooper.. Then there is my favorite local horse rescue that I started a box of goodies for at Christmas to send to Central Virginia Horse Rescue. So far that only has 2 items in it :( New & used horse items will be accepted, bandaging materials, 1st aid items as well as much needed gift card to Tractor Supply, Southern States, gas, & food cards. For my horse friends please save the proof of purchases off Southern States & Triple Crown feeds as I donate them as well.. my Paypal is spoiledbonIF anyone wants to help.. please specify which rescue you would like it to go to or let me know of items that need to be picked up or dropped off :)
Rooster got into some rat poison in the barn the other night; he's spending the night at the vet in Penn Yan. Amanda Miller is in Nashville with Tractor Supply. That leaves Willie and I to hold down the ranch. Both of us miss our Thunder Buddies.
If you have not been to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter at 395 Belgrade lately, you should pay them a visit. There are always lots and lots of adoptable pets there just waiting for their very own special someone. If you have a little time to spare, why not use some of that time to volunteer at the shelter? The animals always love to take a walk, and it helps to socialize them for future owners.These are some of the animals available at the shelter. They get more daily. If you have any questions about one of them please let us know. Thank you Shelter hours Tuesday-Saturday 11-6 LOCATION 395 Belgrade Rd, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 They are located on the corner of Warehouse Rd and Belgrade Rd, directly behind Tractor Supply. Shelter contacts: Phone (Business hours) (865) 425-3423 Emergency (865) 425-4399 Fax (865) 425-3427 Email animalshelterFEE • $110.00 fee for the adoption of either dog or cat • $100.00 fee for the adoption of a second animal at same time Adoption fee includes our veterinarian performing a phy ...
Big thanks to those who participated in $5 Friday yesterday: Susan Nalley, Kelly Bruce, Sherry Wyleta, Lynzee M, Suggie & Buffie Dummitt, Bobbi Mount, Amanda Smith, Kloos Furry Crew, Amy Blevins, Beth Bishop, Lynn Williams, Caroline Felice, Kristina McGuffin, and Brad Wunderlich! Thank you to Katrina Butcher, Jean Varble, and Erin Winter for your donations thru Razoo earlier this week! Also a big thank you to Pennies-4-Paws Inc. for raising $100 for Kenzie's spay surgery yesterday as part of their Sneuter-a-day campaign! Come out to see some of our awesome dogs for adoption today at Poes Pet Depot 291 N Hubbards Lane from 11-3pm or Tractor Supply 11250 Preston Highway from 12-4pm.
I am without a phone so sorry if I haven't responded to your texts or calls. Here is the schedule for tomorrow! Group 1 (Shelby Danielle Johnson, Hailey McDaniel, Jordan Kite, Erick James McWhite and Cole Hamilton) will meet at Tractor Supply at 9 am in Marianna to set up and sell the first round of BBQ Sandwiches. Group 2( Sam Rabon, Jacob Brown, Taylor Reed, Destinee Douthit, JoeMac and Ketsia Tshimbalanga) will relieve group 1 at 11 am and stay until 1 pm. See yall tomorrow! Wear something that has FFA on it! :) Oh and a BIG thanks to Alan Toole and Barbara Miles Toole for taking care of the meat! Yall are the bomb dot com!
ATTENTION PEOPLE IN CLIO/SURROUNDING AREAS: As Justin and I were walking out to the truck in the Tractor Supply parking lot, 2 guys in a gold color SUV (I think it was a Tahoe) stopped us and asked if we wanted to buy a home theater system. Their story was that "their company got overstocked with home theater systems and they need to sell the last few they have in their vehicle before they return to their boss." They told us the system was $1,700 and were trying to sell it to us for cheap. So glad Justin and I didn't fall for it because as soon as we got home I did some research and they are what you call "white van scammers" and try selling you "awesome home theater systems" for a few hundred bucks that don't even work.
Thursday, February 13, 2014: Due to weather conditions South Side Mall will opening at noon. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Magic Mart. Tractor Supply, Glamour Girlz clothing & Floral lothing & Floral, Atkins Jewelry, GNC, Appalachian Wireless, Taylors Jewelry, Rave, Hibbett Sports, Paula Kay Shoppe, Shoe Show, McDonalds, Arbys & Sears will be open. Some stores and restaurants will remain closed. Tractor Supply will remain open till 8:00 pm; all others with the exception of Arby's and McDonalds will close at 5:00 pm.
Heard something on the radio this morning reminded me of Carlton Rusty Keen & Pamela-Dwayne Johnson, Sister locks brother in safe at Tractor Supply!!! Fire Department was called.
We will be posting our adoption album later tonight for our adoption event February 15th at Tractor Supply in Lakewood. We also will keep the album current for all the current rescues in foster care.
Safeway grocery stores: the one on West Main Street and the one on Long Street where Merchant Tire is now, that later moved to where Tractor Supply is now located
"Tractor Supply? Absolutely. You can get anything at
Ok cool, and however many you feel like bringin. I'm goin to try and get some from tractor supply maybe
I've been to Tractor Supply 5 times in 2 days... Cool
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
let's trade jobs, I work at tractor supply.
Thanks for helping to spread the word about endangered livestock, Tractor Supply Co.!
"I've never seen a professional salesman wearing at while working" well maybe he should visit tractor supply sometime
I bet someone at the barn has some I can borrow I looked @ tractor supply & they didt have it but Ill look other places thanks!
Fingers crossed for my tractor supply interview today!! 🙏
We have all your animal feed needs from Pigs, Beef Cattle, Horses, Chickens, Deer, Rabbit, Goats, oh and of course the Birds. We have Natural and Organic options available. Stop by today and compair our prices to Tractor Supply in TC.
According to Danny, wearing a Tractor Supply hat automatically makes me a farmer
you know if the tractor supply place in White Castle have it too ?
I held back from buying any seeds at tractor supply this morning
“Anybody know where I can get a 8 in one shot for a dog at ?” Sacks or tractor supply in Gonzales
Friday were back to Tractor Supply and I passed my road test so look out lol TODAYS LUNCH SPECIAL Fish sandwich fries and homemade coleslaw $8.50
Tractor supply better have poultice otherwise I'm SOL.
| Store Team Member at Tractor Supply (Forest, MS): * Recovery of merchandise in assigned areas * .. =...
Come out and see us tomorrow at Tractor Supply in Fuquay Varina!
Shootout in tractor supply last year.. *kaPOW*
I love my tractor supply shirt, it's so comfy
there's a tractor supply in my hometown😁. Definitely on a mission to find these now 👍
I got them at Tractor Supply, they might have them on their website.
My dad told me I was in charge of the puppy tmrw bc he's gonna take my mom out.. Then he said "to Tractor Supply" lmao
Tractor Supply on Airline Road is hiring if anyone needs a job.
If you can't buy it at tractor supply or the co-op you don't need it
Dear God why did I choose to wear my oversized Tractor Supply Co. flannel the night Beau Bennett at the same bar as me??😩😩😩
Jeremiah went with Daddy to Tractor Supply tonight. He sat and greeted 2 people.
Is tractor supply open if not I gotta hit up Walmart?
hmm i didn't know I had a cousin that worked at tractor supply! did he say i was his cousin??
Hey y'all thanks for stopping by today to get ur pork pulled tomm I will be at tractor supply in Milford w baby...
Still amused about 'just married' couple shopping at tractor supply yesterday. Purchases for the honeymoon.
When you put a new shirt on and it still smells like Tractor Supply 👌👌
Picking up treats for our little boy:-) (@ Tractor Supply Co)
mom just called me off a weird number and told me she lost her phone and Walmart or Tractor Supply 😂
If you are a guy and wear toms, scarves, and skinny jeans. Go to Tractor Supply and get your manhood back!
Tractor Supply to replace Life Tech. in S&P 500 after the close on Jan. 23 • $TSCO $LIFE
Tractor Supply shares jump 4% on S&P 500 add - This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered th...
I just went into Tractor Supply and it reminded me of you
| Store Team Member at Tractor Supply (Montpelier, VT): * Recovery of merchandise in assigned area.. =...
Tractor Supply Set to Join the S&P 500; Align Technology to Join MidCap 400; Roadrunner Transportation and Boise C...
Tractor Supply Co. sign blown off its post in Bismarck.
Thank you tractor supply for your donation!
I was at Tractor Supply this morning and saw they will be having the vet clinic again on February 1 starting at 9:30.
See you at Tractor Supply in Mineral Wells, TODAY!! (Thursday) 10am-?? We will have volunteers there with the shelter dogs that are in trouble! These babies are URGENT and need a home!! Please come by!! We DESPERATELY need volunteers too!!!
Shelter dogs are at Tractor Supply today ! Please go pick one up and SAVE their lives !!! PLEASE !!
Adoption events at Tractor Supply in Davison on Saturday from 1-4 and Pet Supplies Plus in Ortonville on Sunday from 1-4 !
When you prefer to go to Tractor Supply, Bass Pro Shop, Cabelas, etc. over going to the mall.
Really wanting to go to tractor supply tomorrow.
Tractor supply truck side boxes and husky ladder racks. Boxes are keyed alike powder coat is a bit rough but doors work good. $150 takes it all Cross posted
Tractor supply is hiring off the street and bringing in temps through first call.
Tractor Supply Brooksville Florida Adoption Event this coming Saturday. January 18th. 9 am to about noon. Need Some Volunteers.Please Private Message if You can Help. thanks--roger and susan
are back at Tractor Supply. Piggy banks beware.
My life is kind crazy just now getting ready for bed..played last night its hard to sleep when I get done doing a show.I will be up at noon cause I get my son today gonna take him to opry mills and play games and watch a movie and the run to tractor supply and get him some bibs...Good night.
Nicole Corne Tractor Supply Company was more than happy to make a donation !
Avoid 411 in front if tractor supply! Both lanes blocked
Tractor Supply in Westminster is hiring an Associate
Just heard that Tractor Supply is open. I am more excited about this than I should be!
I have a tractor supply metal tool box for small pickup it's painted black on 3 sides 40 Obo
NEW JERSEY: Jessica is a 20 y/o STB mare who's been waiting for a home for THREE YEARS since Horse Rescue United saved her from selling to a kill buyer at New Holland auction. This fantastic companion would be best with a small herd of kind horses or another horse/pony who needs a buddy. Jess is FREE if approved w/ contract, but must stay within a 3 hour drive of Jackson, NJ- comes with leather halter/nameplate and $50 Tractor Supply gift card. Email lunar_aradiato offer a home.
Tractor Supply was having a sale on toys, I got my grandson Tyler a big John Deer tractor and hay machine for $19 and four large rubber chicken squeaky dog toys for 99 cents each! LOL!
I hate buying hay at tractor supply. Just sayin.
Today is the final day of the Mix 93.1 Carter BloodCare Call To Arms Blood Drive. Roll up your sleeves and give that gift of life and you could win a Playstation 4. Donate today until 5 at Tractor Supply in Jacksonville or until 7 at Brookshire's on Rice Rd.
Holy crap! Accident by Tractor Supply in. Farmington ...yikes .. Get me off the roads
We are at Tractor Supply Co. In Ft O Today till 3. Come see us now!!! Quite a few dogs today looking for their forever homes
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Alright everyone we are at tractor supply set up and these guys are ready to meet you.
Bake sale at Tractor Supply and Co. Today. Come out and get upside down pineapple cupcakes, ciinamon rolls, zucjinji bread, pumpkin bread, and its all by donation!!!
At tractor supply this morning perusing around.A jacked up trick is sitting it the lot and his back windshield reads. Jack Em High Fat Girls Can't Climb. Hmmm
Going to be at Tractor Supply tomorrow with Kittens and even a cute pup!
Just letting everyone know that Tractor Supply opens tomorrow morning at 8am. First official full business day.
Tomorrow!! Tractor Supply in Tyler (behind Rudy's BBQ) 11am - 3pm Adoption event for Fur-Giving Hearts Rescue Come and support a wonderful cause. There will be lots of cute puppies and a few wonderful adult dogs. If you can't adopt please stop by to donate or just support our mission. Thank you!!
Weather permitting we will be at THE TRACTOR SUPPLY STORE IN TALLAHASSEE, FL. tomorrow SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 2014 from 10 am until approximately 2 PM. We will bring Brownie, Blackie and Tippy, our Labrador mix puppies who are looking for their forever home. If you are interested in providing them with a forever home come and meet them, a modest adoption fee applies, a FREE spay/neuter voucher is provided upon adoption. These puppies have had the initial puppy vaccines and determine to be in good health by the evaluating veterinarian. (from left to right Tippy, Brownie, and Blackie). Black puppies are girls, Brown puppy is a boy!
The Coopersville Tractor Supply meet and greet has been canceled for tomorrow. Please join us at one of our other locations!
In each Tractor Supply store, you'll find a staff of experts, better known as your friends and neighbors.
Come see me at Tractor Supply on 411 sunday between 2 and 8pm(:
Remember to stop by tractor supply in breaux bridge this Saturday from 11-2! If you are looking to adopt, come stop by, meet our babies and support us ;)
- Tractor Supply Company: Carry-On Trailer Folding Hitch Packer, 20 in x 60 in at
We are excited to announce that Tractor Supply Company has renewed their Optimization software license with us and they have expanded the partnership to include Revionics Optimization. By using both, they will continue to deliver value to their customers while enhancing their ability to match price and markdown strategies to customer demand.
Pa went to tractor supply for plumbing supplies and comes back with a Case tractor for Kayden.
New Tractor Supply Large single lid tool box still have the keys zip tied to the air shock cost $275 new 200 OBO located in florence al
Went to Tractor Supply for some horse rub for my knee.and come out with a pair of new boots and a sweatshirt.
Dollar Days are here at Tractor Supply - Oroville, Ca . Come in and see all the savings.
Heather Morris I'm at tractor supply and all of our bunnies r gone :(
Tractor Supply Company Distrobution second shift has been cancelled... Thank you... Not that I was going anyway... But now I don't even have to try to get out of the driveway...
I'm heading to Tractor Supply Co. after work to get some cracked corn and birdseed. Need anything?
Baby it's cold outside! With temperatures dropping into the single digits next week, don't forget your pets outside! SHARE this post to remind your friends! If you got friends that need hay go to your local tractor supply store see if you can get it from them to have some warmth if they are in a house of some type. if not 'BRING THEM INSIDE' or your FRIEND WILL DIE
Oh Tractor Supply how we love you. Just brought home the 2 man post hole digger with an 8' auger!! Looking forward to setting fence posts soon!
Went to tractor supply today and bought my baby goat a water warmer. I still can't convince Chuck Arms to let him into the house!
Hannibal inside Tractor Supply Co. Defiance Ohio. He was quite the attraction!
Come out to Tractor Supply in West Monroe before 3:00 today and pick out a new furry family member!! Waggin Tail Ranch rescue has some of their fur babies here for adoption!
Squeaky Tennis balls at Tractor Supply = 99 cents Fun for 2 dogs with cabin fever? = priceless!
I am so excited! Tractor Supply is opening a store in Trenton in the Trafford Square strip mall at the corner of Fort and VanHorn.
Tractor Supply has 3 kitties up for adoption. There is a long hair female that is adorable and sweet. I would get her but just can't right now... Anyone looking for a fluffy kitty?
Hmmm dead battery at tractor supply. well aren't I just a lucky Gal.
We have dogs at tractor supply in Bowie and Deniece is at the shelter come and see our great pets!
Tractor Supply Car Show Today check it out!!! There will be a Dog fashion and talent show also and as always 25% goes to the Humane Society of Manatee County.
Really tractor supply you sold me dog food that expired in MAY!!! Ok I understand a couple of months. come on!!! Hungry puppy=no sleep!
HSYC foster dogs wi be at Tractor Supply this Saturday. Come out and visit us and adopt a new friend.
Congratulations to the Tractor Supply Company Store in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee! This store received honors as the Earning District Champion for Fall 2013 Paper Clover. Thanks to all who supported 4-H at the TSC.
Second Chance Pitbull Rescue, Inc As everyone knows, dog food is the biggest expense that we have right now.. If anyone could donate a bag or everyone donate a gift card/monetary towards buying food, it would be greatly appreciated.. We are feeding Retriever Brand from Tractor Supply.. We mix the Mini Chunks (green bag) with the High Protein (blue bag).
Just got home from tractor supply now about to go feed the pups.
Bad wreck between tractor supply an stone hedge road . Section of road will be closed 3/4 hours I herd
Does anyone no If tractor supply is open today? And till what time?
Went to Lowe's, Tractor Supply Co, and stayed home for dinner. Pretty Wild New Years Eve this year!!
SHIPPENSBURG — Tractor Supply Co. will open a new store in the former Kmart building located at the Shippensburg Shopping Center along Walnut Bottom Road.
Guess what's cool...Tractor Supply...its like Lowes, Feed & Seed and NAPA all rolled into one!
Erica @ tractor supply in calcutta needs a seroius attitude adjustment & he teeth knocked down her throat!! Grrr
Of course tractor supply is being retarted an not returning phone calls now. I really need a job :/// there goes my New Years wish
In an effort to help out Mina Henning and Ty Wiltbank, in the loss of their son/brother, we are supplying them with hay for their horses and pellets for their stove. If you would like to help out, Tractor Supply is making it easy for you. Drop by and purchase a bale of hay ($17.99) and/or a bag of pellets ($4.89)and Tractor Supply will hold your purchase there for us to deliver at a later date. I am sure that this kind act will be greatly appreciated by Mina and Ty.
Does anyone know when tractor supply will start taking applications? I filled it out online.
Congratulations to Vincent and Decatur County's Triple R Equine Rescue Ranch for Vincent's selection as the number 1 Horse Comeback of 2013! Petfinder and Tractor Supply gave the Rescue a grant for Hay earlier this year and wanted to learn about the horses it helped! Vincent was one.
Our west end location near Tractor Supply will be open New Year's Day from 6 am - 2:30 pm. Our S. Cumberland location will be closed, but will reopen on Jan. 2 from 7 am - 2:30 pm. Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!
Tractor Supply Toolbox for full size truck have keys and cylinders work good $100
We are trying to identify this female from an incident at Tractor Supply on 12/23/13. If you know her or you are her please call us at 667-2168. If you want to be anonymous you can be! Thanks in advance.
Tractor supply and then home to clean stalls and feed animals. I think then i will be in for the night. Maybe rent a movie or two and relax :)
We are in need of a few items. Please share are list, we can meet for pick up or message us for address of member nearest to you. PUPPY FOOD~DOG FOOD~PUPPY TOYS~GARBAGE BAGS~PAPER TOWELS~ CHEWS~DURABLE TOYS FOR ARE OLDER DOGS~ SMALL COLLARS~CAT FOOD~ SCOOPABLE CAT LITTER~ DOG & CAT BEDS~MEDIUM CRATES We have donation boxes at Algonac Pet Center, Tractor Supply in New Haven and Classic pets in Marysville also donations can be dropped off at Anchor Bay Vet in New Baltimore . Thank you The Staff at Luvum All Animal rescue
Headed to Tractor Supply with my best friend for some chicken feed!
Going into Tractor Supply Co. is like looking at the inside of any dudes balls from north collins, Langford or new Oregon.
Bake Sale At Tractor Supply this morning! Oh my! Homemade cookies, cheddar cheese bread, carrot cake muffins with cream cheese frosting. All for the mini-horse rescue & support. E. Wareham MA off rate. 28.
Check out these Tractor Supply Company coupon codes and deals from RetailMeNot and save an average of $9!
TODAY we will be at Tractor Supply 10-1 selling spay/neuter vouchers.
Man the carhartt jackets at tractor supply are nice!
A blue hair at Tractor Supply just crop dusted me at the cart return!
Just bought stock in Tractor Supply Co. . Everybody go buy a new carhartt and horse feed :)
Heading to Tractor Supply and carrying Sadie with me in my heart because it was her favorite store. This will be very difficult.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Just found Tractor Supply has all the metal trucks and farm equipment toys at 40 % off and they still have plenty.
Finally going to the new tractor supply after work!
See us tomorrow at Tractor Supply from 10-1.
Anyone coming through Los Banos today/tonight that can pick up a couple things at Tractor Supply for us?
Gila County Sheriff’s Office Press Release December 22, 2013 Total number of calls received: 62 Total number of arrests: 00 Total number of subjects booked into the Globe Jail: 04 Total number of inmates in the Globe Jail: 152 Total number of traffic stops: 00 Total 911 calls: 67 Arrests: Avondale Police Department arrested Romero, Luis, age 51 of Avondale, on a child support warrant. Interests: 0903: Deputies responded to a residence on Alamo Way for a 9-1-1 hang up. 1124: Deputy responded to a residence in Kellner Canyon for a civil standby. 1253: Deputies assisted Globe PD with a report of shoplifters at Tractor Supply. 1409: Deputies responded to Kiko Radio on Broadway for an alarm. 1624: Deputy responded to Pueblo Heights MHP for a juvenile problem. 1638: Deputy contacted an abandoned vehicle at Highway 288. 1704: Deputy responded to Ragus Road for a report of a domestic. 1738: Deputy responded to a report of an abandoned vehicle at Petticoat Junction. 1823: Deputy responded to Old Oak and US ...
Christmas Wish List for the Critters. We are in need of the following: Dry cat food, wet cat food, Pet Supplies Plus gift cards, Tractor Supply gift cards, Advantage/Frontline flea meds, dry dog food, hay, straw, cleaning supplies, brooms, sponges, tarps, doghouses (any size), wheelbarrow, and any other useful farm implement. Donations can be left at our bin at Pet Supplies Plus and gift cards can be called in to the manager at (336)-750-0677. Donations can also be mailed to TWFS, P.O. Box 422, Pilot Mountain, NC 27041. Every dollar helps. $4.50 pays for a bale of hay, $6.00 pays for a 40 lb bag of cat litter and $10, a 50 lb bag of grain. Sponsors for individual critter vet visits always greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a blessed holiday season.
Thursday December 19, 2013. 5:00 am. Chilly 43 degrees. Coffee is made, working on the first cup. Warms my soul. Steams my glasses. Marlboro man fired up and comfy chair is comfy. Go figure. I do not have flip flops on this morning. Fuzzy slippers will do until Kate wakes up. She and Festus had eventful day at Tractor Supply. Cathy and the gang were there buying chow. Rabbit chow. Tasty pellets, a bag of timothy hay, and get this. a bundle of sticks. Sticks people. What the *** is going on? Are they magic sticks? Are the sticks imported from some far off land that rabbits rule? According to the Vet, rabbits like sticks, therefore a two story condo and sticks. Ah... Kate has arrived and is nuzzling my slippers. Nuzzling my slippers with her soaking wet face and ears because she just came from the water bowl. All of you that want a bloodhound, be prepared for gallons and gallons of slobber. Spit ropes hanging like 6 or 8 inches long. Every day all day. Unless that is, if she's sleeping. Then its only the t ...
To all interested parties, tonight the Caldwell County Democratic Party Executive Committee will hold its candidate ballot drawing at 6:30 pm. This event will take place 2301 S. Colorado Lockhart, Texas next to the Tractor Supply store.
CVS & Food Lion down, now Ollie's, Tractor Supply & the mall!!!
DFE Bake sale at Tractor Supply. Come on down before all the goodies are gone!
Adoption Day is Here!!! Come visit us at Tractor Supply in Prior Lake from 12-3! Come meet these cute dogs , pick up your calendar, or chat with us about fostering!! :) See you SOON!!
Adoption event and Bake Sale Today at Tractor Supply in Atlanta 11am-4pm
Christmas shopping? Tractor Supply Store on SR 54 in New Port Richey has given The Little Cats' Rescue space to do free gift wrapping for their customers! It's free, but of course, we are doing this to receive donations for our cats' veterinary issues. Tomorrow, 12/14, from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. We will be able to gift wrap anything you purchase from Tractor Supply. They have so many wonderful gift ideas - we hope you will come and support The Little Cats' Rescue!
Help support The Salvation Army Angel Tree this year! There are several locations where you can adopt an angel and help out another family who is in need. Use this time to also teach your children about giving and not just receiving during this Christmas Season. You can adopt your angel from the angel trees located at Arvest Bank (inside wal-mart), American Heritage Bank (both locations), Green Country Federal Credit Union (both locations), Tractor Supply, and here at our Boys and Girls Club. All gifts will need to be returned by December 19th. May God bless you this Christmas!
We'll be at two places at once this Saturday! Come see us, from 12-4, at the Norman Petco for pet adoptions and Mustang's Tractor Supply for FREE ID tags benefiting Girl Scouts.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I went to school colors, but don't go there. Go to Lancaster sporting goods off of *** path and 33 by tractor supply
Come on out to Tractor Supply today for pet pics with Santa! We're doing it again Dec 21st!!!
I get so excited about going into tractor supply. 😂😂😂💁
Let's go to Tractor Supply so the can tell me they don't have what I need.
I just got asked for my ID when buying diesel treat at tractor supply! Lol
The looks I get when I'm in Tractor Supply Co to get dog food 🙈
I'm going today to see! If they don't I'll probably go to Tractor Supply. Cuz I'm not working with wet feet again lol
Cold weather = mice. Good stuff here to git rid of them. (@ Tractor Supply Co.)
It was at Tractor Supply. The shelter that Moon Man came from was running it.
Sky at Tractor Supply in Milford 11-1p Christa got a Hippo for Xmas I got a goat fr Santa Stop by you can pet him!
God morning bbq peeps we will be open today at tractor supply 11-2 then back at mispillion river brewery co.
Getting ready to head out for a Pets with Santa photo shoot. If you are in the Conway area, stop by Tractor Supply.
Please come to the Litchfield County Willing Workers' Bake Sale today at Tractor Supply!
About to go drop a hundred at tractor supply just to find stuff to keep me warm at the ice bowl.
Seriously might be taking Penelope to see Santa at tractor supply today lol
Today we will be at Tennessee Tractor Supply, in Smithville with Santa, bring your children and your pets!
Animal Shelter of Pickens County Adoption Day today at Tractor Supply from 10AM - 2PM.
Another New store ribbon cutting ceremony, this time at Tractor Supply Company. The Eagle Pass Chamber of...
Don't forget today is HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS adoption event at Tractor Supply Co. on St. Rd. 64 in Bradenton from...
I cannot handle all 12 Christmas songs Tractor Supply feels the need to play this morning. 😒🔫
SOUTHERN TIER - TODAY - BAKE SALE & PHOTOS with SANTA!!! Santa will be posing with your pets (& you if you like) Saturday, Dec. 7th 9am-1pm at Tractor Supply on Constitution Ave in Olean. Cost of $10 goes to Joyful Rescues & you get a 4x6 photo with frame. There will also be a large holiday BAKE SALE. Bring your pets & come out for some holiday treats!
Listening to Brett sleep talk is the most entertaining thing. Apparently someone needs to check out the bullseye at tractor supply
$TSCO Benson Tractor Supply store grand opening on Saturday
Tractor Supply can suck my *** right about now.. Why would I want to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 😳🔫
All i saw at tractor supply in walmart parkin lot was trucks like yall think thats cool ?
Just discovered that all the rednecks of Fuquay hang out at the Tractor Supply. Lol, how appropriate.
my mom gets so many Christmas cards of families from Tractor Supply workers but still doesn't send any out of our family
Finally figured out what I need for Schizy! Those hand or foot warmers! Will hit Tractor Supply tomorrow!!
Went to tractor supply and moms boyfriend showed up from west palm, now were at outback, needless to say me and Haley are super embarrassed
tractor supply has my size but not the color. *** doesn't have my size. Carhartt website doesn't have my size.
In other non-dance related news, y'all come get your dogs' pictures made with Santa tomorrow at tractor supply 😁😁
I'm in clamont tractor supply getting batteries, belt. Then to senal to get a belt for my truck.
Step up. Surely can do better at Tractor Supply.
LC Loafers...Tractor Supply ...3 days of rain in North
Tractor supply can't even take this jacket back
There will be kitties at this adoption event too!! Sat. Dec 14th Tractor Supply, 953 Bypass 9 East from 10 to 2...
"A wide variety of cow bells available at Tractor Supply from $3-$8. Lets make some noise tomorrow!!!" Chris J
My mom spends about three hours in Tractor Supply Co. every week
My mom just left my car running in front of tractor supply while she went shopping. Yeah let's get my car stolen Linda.
My grandma and i just went into tractor supply, and she sees one of her customers from her work. She's so embarrassed. Lls.
Not that I'm really walking around tractor supply
You might spend a little time and money at Tractor Supply Company, when you get invited to their friends and family nigh…
Have you entered for your chance to win the Tractor Supply Company gift card yet? Hurry, only hours left before...
So if anyone wants to take me to tractor supply to pick up some stuff.. That'd be sweet:
Picking up some hydraulic fluid for the rollback. (@ Tractor Supply)
Applied to food lion, tractor supply, target & panera today.
Come see me tomorrow from 10-2 for PET Santa Photos at The Tractor Supply store. No appointment needed.
Thank goodness for carhartts... And not the cheap thin ones y'all get from tractor supply or wherever
Maxed out my credit card again at Tractor Supply. I've literally spent more money here than I've made here over the past 4 months. Oh well 💸
All Xmas trees at the tractor supply on southwestern are only $23! For whoever is still looking for one 🌲
I swear everything a man could want is in Tractor Supply
I need to go to Tractor Supply this weekend..
Monday is my first day at tractor supply
Just a note about our Adoption event tomorrow. . If there is a Snow Emergency or if Tractor Supply is closed we...
Me and my dad just scaled a mountain, almost wiped out in the mud, got NOT ever go into the nature trail behind tractor supply
Tractor Supply is my favorite store ever 😁😁
Come to tractor supply today and I will hunt you and your family down
Just saw a guy driving 1 of those cheap big wheel mini bikes from Tractor Supply.
Friday's Special fish sandwich and fries or a 1/3 lb burger and fries for only $7.00 at our Tractor supply location it's all good .
Excited, both of our seedy publications are now in stores, from Earth Fair to Dollar General, B & N to Tractor Supply
Update your maps at Navteq
in addition to Bass Pro, Culp now has another favorite store - Tractor Supply. He told me all the stuff he saw there that Mike wouldn't get for him. LOL
Bought a new pair of boots at Tractor Supply while in Missouri last year. Never wore them last year. The first time I wore them this year, it was cold and muddy - these boots should be perfect, they have "patented Thermolite technology". The mud sucked the sole right away from the base of the boot. Well sheee-it, what am I gonna do a year later??? I contacted them anyway, and sent pictures of the boots. A brand new pair just arrived today via FedEx. I'm in the post office when the driver called (My intercom rings through my cell phone and it rang all the way across town). The Fed Ex driver tells me to wait right there, he'll deliver... to the Post Office??? YUP! I told him to hurry, there's a bunch of people in line after me and they're prolly gonna get charged and arm and leg just like me, maybe he can get some new business for Fed Ex. The folks in the Orangeville Post Office were well entertained today when the driver came in with my new boots and had me sign for them. Canada Post, there's a lesson to b ...
Mange control in Dogs Tue Nov 26, 2013 10:28 pm (PST) . Posted by: backwaterjon I concocted a topical treatment for my dogs when 2 dogs we took in gave our dogs mange(mites) . I read the ingredients on the mange medicine at Tractor Supply and made my own. The expensive bottle there would only have treated one of my dogs. 1 Great Dane(same as a horse isn't it) 2 Rottweiler's, and a Chow mix. Anyway, I mixed: 1 cup of mineral oil 1/2 cup of turpentine 1/4 cup pine tar enough powdered Sulphur to make a slurry Put in an empty detergent bottle and squeeze on and rub in. Works well, but stinks and makes the animal a mess. Apply every three days according to the directions on the ready made stuff. It also says it is good for fungal diseases like ringworm. Worked on athletes foot! I also used the Ivermectin as a follow up. The kind for horses is much cheaper than that made for dogs, and has markings in 50# increments.
Attention...drop off locations for donations to Luz and her family are... Vanity Fur Paw Spa 233 Main Str Farmington (east of Tractor Supply) closed Sunday & Monday Also: Affluent Dog office 1820 Shelby Lane Fayetteville. Bank account should be setup tomorrow with Arvest Bank Thank you all ...I know Luz is so appreciative for your overwhelming support
Come on out to Tractor Supply @ 13235 Tamiami Trail E. To help support out 4H group. The kids are selling hot dogs and bake goods. Today 12:30-2:30..see everyone here.
Alabama Chained Dogs: Little Jay UNCHAINED!!! He was a little scared this morning because his parents couldn't be home, but he was happy to explore his new digs!! When we left him he was enjoying a chew inside his house. Thank you Denise and Buddy Hanners for sponsoring his kennel!! Jay is grateful for Christal McBride for providing his food and toy donation! All of the dogs received a tin of homemade biscuits and dehydrated treats from Annette Wright in Rhode Island!! Everyone was feeling blessed! Thank you for being a voice for the animals! There are many ways to donate or sponsor a dog. Or you may use Pay Pal directly at: were4dogsOr you may give a gift card to use or sponsor any item below. A Kennel $300, Females: Full vetting $160 (with Spay/Neuter Certificate - spay/neuter, basic deworming/vaccinations) Doghouses: Medium $69, Large $79 and up. An Igloo Dog house $109 large size and up. Food 50 lb bag for $25 at Tractor Supply. We give a bag of food to every chained dog the day they receive their ke ...
You can explore our Amazon "Wish List" for ideas on what you can donate to help us build fences for chained outdoor dogs. Or, you can donate gift cards from local stores like Tractor Supply, Meijer, Target, PetSmart, Petco, Menards, Lowe's, Home Depot, and Kmart. These stores carry a variety of items needed to help the dogs, including food, beds, medicated shampoo, fly repellant, and toys, along with fencing and related tools and supplies. Remember to look at yard and estate sales, too. There are often dog crates, beds, leashes, houses, and other items that are useful, too, for much less than retail price. As long as they're clean, in working condition, and flea-free, we can use them.
A big thank you to everyone who came out and helped today at Tractor Supply. It was great to spend the day with Mineral Co Humane Society, Briana Simone & Christa Van these girls! We had a great turn out, a few adoptions and lots of donations. Thank you all for the dog food, cat food,blankets, pillows, dog beds, and treats. Without your support this wouldn't be possible. Special thanks to Lynn McManus, Jamie Lewis, Monica Kelly, & Mary Nypaver Gero. All you ladies certainly are fun to hang out with!!
Tractor Supply's CEO Jim Wright says to be able to give credit and take blame in order to be successful in the retail industry
/ Food - Walmart expands in Calais as Tim Hortons, Tractor Supply move in - Bangor Daily News: Walmar...
Anyone that has a pc hooked to a printer please go on line to the Tractor Supply websites. They have a buy one get one free coupon offer on the grain i use for my rescue horses (Safe Choice Senior) is the name. They print out 3 coupons per email address and i really could use as many coupons as i can get, its gonna be a long winter. If you get them let me know and i will tell you where to send them. I Thank you and the horses thank you so much :-)
Nice little field trip to Tractor Supply ends in total chaos when I left my open wallet on the bed railing of Brenda Beech's truck, which then fell off in the middle of a four lane highway in the middle of rush hour on a Friday, cash and checks went whirling in the air everywhere, I just started crying walking down the double yellow lines with hundreds of cars whizzing by me at 60+mph, ONE LADY out of all of them stopped to help us, she searched and searched with us for an hour up and down the highway till almost all if it was accounted for (all but about $30), I tried to pay her but she refused. I cant believe out of all the people who saw money flying all over the highway she was the only one, Ill be paying it forward. License, bank card, medical cards and client checks all accounted for thanks to my friend and that ONE LADY. We all do stupid stuff sometimes, help each other out, stranger or not.
Its been a great day! Me and Chris Lott went to town this morning. We could not decide where to go for lunch so we opted to go to Subway. After we got through there, we headed to the Flea Market and Tractor Supply then home. I went this afternoon and visited with Nanny and Papaw and later on I visited with Slade.
Come check out the "Butler County Humane Society" in Greenville, AL at Tractor Supply's "National Pet...
MONEY: Construction underway on Tractor Supply: SIERRA VISTA — Construction is underway on a new...
You should check Tractor Supply up by Ramada Inn and I-68
Just meeting the Turtle man and Lollidog at Tractor Supply 😁
The only shopping I actually like doing is at Bass Pro Shops or Tractor Supply
This piece sent to me by a friend had me rolling on the floor in laughter. If, however, you are offended by salty language and bathroom humor don't read it. If you love to have a good belly on. The Electric Fence Thought y'all should read this in case you're thinking of installing an electric fence! We have the standard 6ft. Fence in the backyard, and a few months ago, I heard about burglaries increasing dramatically in the entire city. To make sure this never happened to me; I got an electric fence and ran a single wire along the top of the fence. Actually, I got the biggest cattle charger Tractor Supply had, made for 26 miles of fence. I then used an 8 ft. Long ground round, drove 7.5 feet into the ground. The ground rod is the key, with the more you have in the ground, the better the fence works. One day I'm mowing the back yard with my cheapo Wal-Mart 6hp big wheel push mower. The hot wire is broken and laying out in the yard. I knew for a fact that I unplugged the charger. I pushed the . ...
Sunday, July 14, 2013 10:00 AM Tractor Supply Company 204 Danbury Road, New Milford, CT (edit map) The Tractor Supply in New Milford is hosting their first ever farm tailgate sale for small livestock such as chickens, other poultry, goats, and other farm critters. It's free to sell or attend, and Tractor Supply has tents available for vendors. Let's help make this a success so that that they hold more of these! You don't need to register for this, but it would be nice if you could post what you're selling - that way other folks looking for particular breeds or species will know what will be available.
The Morning Report It is the beginning of a new week; are you ready? I said yesterday that it was a trip to Tractor Supply for feed and after unloading it I would probably be done for the day; I was. As I get older I find out that what I used to be able to do all day doesn’t work that way anymore. I have to take a lot more breaks and it takes a lot longer to do some of the stuff that didn’t used to take any time at all. My mind says that I can do it but my body just laughs and says go ahead and try. Then later on my body is telling my mind “I told you so”. I remember how proud I was when I could finally lug the hundred pound feed sacks into the barn and dump them. Now I’m really glad they only weigh fifty pounds and sometimes wish that it was less. I was the youngest of 4 boys and when they all left home; all the chores fell to me. I was too young and small to carry the hundred pound sacks of feed, so I had to improvise. I would get the feed buckets, open the sacks, fill the feed buckets and car ...
Fair Books are in and are available at the Chamber of Commerce, Tractor Supply, and Aaron's in Pocomoke and at Down Under in Snow Hill.
Went to Tractor Supply while ago and when I got out of there, a horrible sandstorm was blowing. I had to pull over to the side of the road because I couldn't see a car length in front of me. Scary!
Today is the first day of our fireworks booth Please ask your friends and family to support our team by purchasing their fireworks at our booth. The booth is located on Jack Tone Road in the parking lot of Tractor Supply and Les Schwab. You will be receiving a reminder call regarding your shift. There will always be a person from the prior shift starting with you. They will be showing you how to work the cash register, credit card machine, and some notable things regarding the fireworks sales. Please remember to ask our patrons if they want to purchase raffle tickets for our $500 fireworks box. We have had a lot of success with this in the past few years. Please note - You must be 18 years old to be in the fireworks booth. If you must bring a minor child with you to your shift, we ask that you bring a chair and some shade for them. They will have to sit outside of the booth. NO PRACTICE DATES We will not have morning or afternoon practice on Thursday, July 4th or Friday, July 5th. Outside of work ...
ON THE ROAD AGAIN! Left the homestead this morning about 9:20am, and arrived at the RV resort just outside of Anderson, SC about 2:00pm. Took a nice dip in the pool with the family, and then completed some pre-trip maintenance on the RV. Looking forward to our first event tomorrow at the Tractor Supply in Anderson, SC. Hope you can make it!
Cat food desperately needed!!*** Another Chance Animal Rescue is in need of cat/kitten food!! Our cubbards are bare and we are in the middle of Kitten season!!! We are also in need of either Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog food (Walmart) or 4 Health dog food (Tractor Supply)...Please drop ANY donations at the Thrift Shop in North Berwick Center or at the Kitten Shower at Marilyn Harley 's house $t. 4 Sanford, Maine...Thanks!!!
Don't forget that tomorrow we'll be at Tractor Supply from 10:00 a.m. until whenever, which is usually 4-5 p.m. :-) We still need dog walkers, but I have to say I've been VERY encouraged by the number of Arc Angels who have volunteered to drop by and help for a few minutes if nothing else. It matters!! (Especially to those doggies whose bladders are about to pop. LOL!) For those of you who have stopped by and browsed our adoption events at Tractor Supply before, you will see some of the same faces but also a whole bunch of new ones. This time we have puppies! And kittens! And small dogs, including what appears to be a purebred parti poodle underneath all those curls. He has several applications on him at the moment but no adoption pending. It's a process, but the most qualified applicant is the taker no matter who applies first. That might seem unfair, but it's best for the dog, and that's what counts. Hope to see you there!
Andy and Dennis treated me to lunch at Chickfila and then trip to Aldis and Tractor supply in Lakeland. Got 2 new Tractor Supply blue shirts and then onto Wally World for groceries and stuff. Then to Feed store for beastie chow and home again. Got onto computer for my own free time.Yahoo etc.Played with chickens, gathered eggs, brushed and treated all equines and took goats for ride in Goat Cart. Waiting for Movie, Sargent York with Andy and popcorn galore...what better way to spend a 40th Wedding Anniversary!
Help Needed - A friend of mine is a home health nurse. One of her patients is in poor health and elderly. Living alone on a small fixed income. So many are scraping by with just enough means to support them self. This gentleman owns a small breed dog and it very much needs to be treated with fleas and some skin issues. Which is probably caused by the fleas. I have sent one application of Frontline as well as some medicated shampoo along with the 7 way shot bought at Tractor Supply. This sweet baby will need a rabies shot and probably a skin scrape to insure the fleas are the issue. Probably capstar or something similar. Very easily could need more. The question is how can we help this man. Tears swell up in his eye when he ask what he could do. I quiet honestly don't know where to start other than what I already have done. He needs to keep his dog but yet the dog needs some medical attention. Rescue is not an option I think if his dog was to be taken it would be detrimental to him. We are in Pulaski Coun ...
Horseplay leaves from Iron Horse Ranch tonight at 10pm! Texas bound for the National Drill Team World competition "Superide"! Please pray for safe travel for our team and our horses and families. Also pray for health and wellness for all, for this week long competition. We appreciate all the community support and want to once again pass on our thanks to all of you that have made this possible. The Lord's good news will be shared and we thank Him for bringing this together through His people. A special thank you to all our 2013 sponsors!!! TheColumns AtTangaray Santuck Baptist Church Michael Blevins (Narrator) James Murphy of Broadview Media Studio Ed Wilson Performance Horses Trails End Ranch Harry Crew of Midway Auto Salvage Farmers Feed Service Southern Equine Veterinary Services, Dr. Gary Koepp Alexander City Horse Riding Club Iron Horse Ranch Channing Tatum Kwik Kopy Shop Stephanie Jackson- Einaphets Brush Poppers Cowboy Church RJ's Chicken of Wetumpka O'Reily's Auto Parts Wetumpka, AL Tractor Supply ...
Hamilton Collection
Any adoption event interest for this Saturday at Tractor Supply in Macclenny??
WOOO HOOO!!! Just called Tractor Supply because a few times I have stopped to get the Cow Hooves in the 10 pack and they have been sold out so decided today to call first and they do have 3 bags and will hold 2 of those for me at the register :) Now to hang out, relax a bit with my legs up, let my meds clear a bit (not driving right now) then get there before 7PM I think I'll take Jarvis because he is so good, respectful and won't pull on the leash, he only needs his limited slip collar and just voice correction if needed, when I am sore he's my choice!
Come join us on Saturday, June 22nd at Tractor Supply in Lexington at 5589 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072 . We will be there from 1-4. Please come by and meet our babies we will have with us for adoption! We do need food and litter donations desperately! We will have someone on site that can discuss volunteer opportunities as well.
CHURCH NEWS: This Sunday Graduation Recognition and Baby Dedication. Also Father's Day! and we will have a church wide dinner after the service. Special Speaker this Sunday, Rev. Frank Todaro. We will be collecting a "Love Offering" for Rev. Todaro so please come prepared to bless him. LIFE 2013 Car Wash - Saturday June 29th. 10-3 @ Tractor Supply in Culpeper. RECAP: We continued our Series, "In Search of..." by going in search of "Weight Loss". I hate to run. But it hasn’t always been that way. there was a day where I got enjoyment out of running long distances and running every day. But now it’s is more lie torture to me. Right now my body isn’t really built for long distance running. If given a choice I’d rather lift weights for two hours or unload a semi truck by hand then to run for 10 minutes. Just because someone excells at endurance sports doesn’t mean they love running. In fact I have heard interviews and even talked to people who are distance runners and very few run because they love ...
fun started with finding some rocks.  Easy, right?  Not for us!  I've never spent much time thinking about this, but we don't have many rocks around our house that are paint worthy.  So, I sent the husband off on a rock hunt.  First he hit up Home Depot, Walmart and Tractor Supply with no luck.  I finally suggested that he head to the pet store and he found some that were just the right size for our little project and a decent price.  6$ for 9 rocks... not bad I guess.  I had hoped to spend NO money on rocks.  Hopefully you have some around your house somewhere.     Time Needed:  45 minutes  -  Rate a 7   This was a quick project from start to finish!  So, this is great for a short activity or paired with something else.  Don't expect it to take up an entire morning or afternoon unless you've got lots of rocks, or type A children who have to have every speck of paint in the perfect spot.      Kids Enjoyment:  8   I would not recommend this for kids Joanna's age.  (We did this while ...
Its that time again.we are in need here at Fur Babies...and ANY help is greatly appreciated!!! Our biggest needs are dog food...we feed Retriever Mini Chunk sold at Tractor Supply...all you have to do is pay for it...I pick it up!! We also need a couple of chicken house fans for the babies...there are over 40 that are outside...they are going to be miserable this summer without them. As always...we need money for vet care...there are 42 on the property that need spayed/neutered and shots...PLEASE HELP...i
Local foster home for a blind senior horse in need of some items if any of my farm friends can help out. Need a manure fork, brushes, buckets, etc...anything to care for a horse or work around the barn. No tack needed as the horse is not ridable. Also looking for donations of some hay and grain. FB friends can also donate money or Tractor Supply gift cards to help care for the horse. Not sure of what feed is going to be needed just yet, so we are asking for monetary donations so they can get what they need for the horse.
ATTENTION! Ok everyone! There's this great organization in Odessa called Bully Time Rescue that I need your help supporting. Here are a few ways you can: 1) Foster or adopt a dog or puppy 2) Donate a craft item, baked good or supplies (food, kennels, etc.) 3) Go to their adoption event at Tractor Supply on Hwy 191 this Saturday and Sunday 4) Call Angel Vet and make a donation to help spay, neuter, vaccinate and heal these babies 5) Spread the word! Thanks so much!!
a friend coming is in from Florida this week. She and her sister will be with me Saturday at Tractor Supply with 3 shelter Dogs! In Anderson.
How to drive a coonhound nuttier than he already is: Step one: Purchase a cheap small cowbell at Tractor Supply for about $3. Step two: remove dog's collar. Step three: install collar on the ring next to the dog tags. Step four: Laugh at the silly cowhound. Poor Blue.
Ok am I the only one that is excited that they are building a Tractor Supply on M59 in White Lake?
Daily Doses of Dad (5/28/13): I will eventually catch up from the Memorial Day weekend. This is a new memory of Dad, that happened in his honor since his passing. Last Friday, my boys and I went to spend the night with Grandma Diana. We all went to dinner at the Village Inn Pizza in Taylorsville. We decided after dinner to go by the new Tractor Supply Company Store (Friday was their Grand Opening). Dad, as everyone knows always had several projects under way. Lowe's and Tractor Supply were two of his favorite places. He had been so excited that Taylorsville was getting a TSC. I'd bet he dreamed about the Grand Opening. But he never got to see those doors swing open. Diana and I thought a few photos of the boys in the store Papa had dreamed about would be a pretty fitting way to celebrate the grand opening. Unfortunately, as we approached the door, we realized that they had just closed. I begged the two employees at the door to let us take a few photos inside. They were very willing to oblige, so I started ...
Sound check done, feels good to be back out on the road. Marion, NC tonight at The Swamp Fox beside Tractor Supply.
I am looking for an actual fitted/sized ball cap. I went to Tractor Supply and even the Carhartt was a snap back. I just do not understand the resurgence of snap backs. They are a one size fits all cap that pulled your hair and made the back stick out in weird ways. I did not like them in the eighties. The only good thing about a snap back is cute girls can stuff their pony tails through the gaping hole in the back. I remember in the late seventies, cute girls in ball caps, halter tops and bent over tens speeds. That particular memory is still a pleasant one... My Sierra Nevada cap has been washed so many times it is the color of wood ashes and my KSN cap that Mike Conrad gave me has faded to the color of dirty blue jeans. Carol has to wash them because I sweat and they start to get a little rancid. I wear a small/medium and if you find a good cap save it for me and I will buy it from you. Darker colors work best for me because I get my caps dirty. I do not care what it advertizes as long as it is ...
From the 103 Country Calendar of Community Events for Friday, May 24th & Saturday, May 25th___ Friday, May 24th: Dept of Leisure Services invites you to come out and enjoy their Friday Night Dance, every Friday night at the Adult Activities Center beginning at 7pm and going until 10pm. Enjoy dancing and socializing with friends while listening to the Band called “Southern Express.” Bring all your friends and help keep the Friday night dance going. Admission is $4 per person. For info call 222-6891.. * The Red Level VFW, post 4388, will be at Tractor Supply from 8 am – 11 am this Saturday raising money for past, present, and future Veterans. If you donate, or just want one, they have Buddy Poppy’s available. All funds raised go to Veterans in distress or in financial need. For more information, call Larry Turman at 343-7377 * There will be a Memorial Day Ceremony Saturday, May 25, 2013 to honor all Covington County Veterans. The Ceremony will begin at 9:00 am, at the Covington County Veterans Memor ...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Trucks are packed and ready to go for tomorrow! Dad and I will be at The Meadows Farmers Market in Lake Saint Louis 8-12 and mom will be at the Cuivre River Farmers Market at the Tractor Supply in Troy 9-1. We both will have strawberry plants and baskets, pansy baskets, other flowers, tomato plants, sweet banana, jalapeno, bell, and red chili peppers, herbs, and many other things. Hope to see you all!
So our Memorial Day weekend got off to a stellar start. While I was grilling some hotdogs Gavon decided to run the electric tongue jack on the camper all the way up. With the stabilizer jacks down at all four corners it torqued the camper sideways until the shaft on the tongue jack snapped and the camper came crashing down. At least Gavon didn't get hurt. Now we're going to have to sleep in a very unlevel camper until we can make a trip to Camping World or Tractor Supply to get a new jack tomorrow morning. Hope it's not gonna be too costly to fix. On a positive note.Oscar Meyer New York Style hotdogs cooked over charcoal are some of the tastiest hotdogs I've ever had.
Come and visit with members of General Lightburn Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5131 (Jane Lew) at Tractor Supply at Marketplace Plaza on Saturday, starting at 10:00 a.m. Get a poppy and flag in honor of Memorial Day and maybe even a treat. Observe Memorial Day by honoring these veterans.
“Normal girls go to the mall to shop but and I go to Tractor Supply and Co...” Cool?
This is EMS Week! We would like to take express our appreciation and recognize the many EMS and Medical professionals in our community. Thank you! Come celebrate at the annual EMS Week Celebration tomorrow 5/25 9a-2p at the Tractor Supply parking lot in Bastrop. There will be free food and activities for the family- ambulance, medical helicopter, fire truck, blood pressure checks and more.
This is why my dad never brings me to Tractor Supply...
So for my birthday last night, I got.a new lead rope with a stud chain which I desperately needed, Flex Seal (wahoo!) for my horse trailer, $50 to Tractor Supply, $, and lots of other stuff! I am so happy! ROFLOL.
The following are the current collection points and the hours supplies can be dropped off through Friday of this week: Kearney, NE Sun Mart Grocery Store 39th St and 2nd Ave (3-7pm) KGFW Studios Downtown Wal-Mart (Out front) Lincoln, NE Tractor Supply on N 27th Inland Truck Parts on N 56th York, NE Plains Power in York (business hours) Wal-Mart of York is also holding items for us to pickup Milford, NE Bellwood Mennonite Church Seward, NE Big Cob Hybrids (8am-5pm), they are located behind Mc Donald's and Casey's Fairmont, NE Bills Repair (8am-6pm) Bellevile, KS Wesleyan Church (times TBA Junction Motor Speedway in McCool Junction will be taking items Friday Night.
tractor supply bud. You'll blend right in. Better become a friend of plaid
I'm gonna go to tractor supply and buy anew recovery strap so I can pull you guys out.😂😂
One of my high school teachers came into tractor supply today and told me I looked awesome. Definitely made me feel great about myself.
“I'm about to turn 16, where should I work?” Tractor supply
It would be funny if Supply Chain internships consisted of driving Tractor Trailers for a summer. I'd change majors.
sometimes I just go to tractor supply and shop like it's forever 21.
It's not a Tractor Supply Co is there aren't mounds of dip outside
ANOTHER ADOPTION COMING UP! This Saturday at Tractor Supply in Ashland City. A lot of really cute pups/dogs...
A big thank you to all the 4-H members and volunteers who came out to Tractor Supply in Lumberton today!
My dog is so unappreciative of the fact that I just spent $60 on her at tractor supply... 🐶
Only my dad has pizza delivered to tractor supply parking lot just so he doesn't have to drive into town
WE'RE FAMOUS! Pick up an "Out Here" magazine at any Tractor Supply and read our article!
Headed to tractor supply, then hopefully get to see her to tonight. Then got the choir concert tomorrow.
A woman that like tractor supply, now that's wifey material
Awkward I just saw Mr dukeman in tractor supply.
I like how I got put on hold when I called tractor supply and their hold song was Toot it and Boot it
I'm just about to leave the hospital. I'm still in the waiting room 😒. I could be at tractor supply.
Dear lady that works at Tractor Supply, please have sexual relations with me.
I've been in tractor supply for 2 minutes and I've already lost my mommy.
When your favorite catalog that came in the mail is from Tractor Supply.
Correction can I go to tractor supply
About to Cross I-44 at River - Tornado is redlining for Moore right now. Violent tornado. Near tractor supply
So glad my Tractor Supply hat doesn't look brand new anymore
The fact that I know everyone that works at tractor supply & they recognize me when I come in>> 😂
Do you have a Tractor Supply in your area? They sell a good food called 4Health that seems to work for allergies on some here
Come see us at Tractor Supply in Viroqua Tuesday the 21st. The special will be a family favorite!
There is a guy at Tractor Supply with a Duck Dynasty T-shirt on. He has long hair & beard with an American Flag bandana.
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