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Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply Company (often written as Tractor Supply Co. or TSC ) is a large retail chain of stores that offers a number of products for home improvement, agriculture, lawn and garden maintenance, and livestock, equine and pet care.

Tractor Supply Co Tractor Supply Company Home Depot Car Wash Bake Sale Family Farm Willie Nelson

Its not letting me fell out a application a spencer tractor supply.
Celebrating Summer with our backyard friends with a little help from our friends Tractor Supply Co.
$TSCO: Tractor Supply Company to Participate in the William Blair 34th Annual Growth Stock Conference
Such a good vacation โ˜บ๏ธ now goin to tractor supply to buy some new boots and clothes!!
Meet local Author at the Tractor Supply July 12th. Homeless vet with family to support. We live in an RV.
Meet the Author Michael Hammor at Tractor Supply Farmers Market in Sierra Vista July 12th.
I have a meet the Author event at Tractor Supply July 12th in Sierra Vista Arizona.
Ive never seen someone get so excited over a Tractor Supply ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€ frigging Buster is hilar.
I had to buy tons of it at tractor supply last year but it was like 120ft
: Photos of Georgia's missing petsFOUND : This dog was found Friday at Tractor Supply, Hwy 53 Calhoun Ga. Plea...
I really just need to go on a shopping spree at the tractor supply
The Tractor Supply Co. is now hiring for distribution jobs. Check out for jobs near you.
I live in Fuquay. Yes I have a truck. But I will not just park at Cookout to just sit there or Tractor Supply or wherever
Tractor supply parking lot looks to be the hang out spot for the hoodlums. Says a lot about Skiatook.
Tractor Supply never fails and always gives me at least one hot guy to look at.
Omg why did I come to town with my brothers we're gonna be in the stupid tractor supply place FOR DAYS.
Everyone needs to stay away from tractor supply. Sick of customers. Omg
They are giving away adorable kittens at the tractor supply store off of Watson Blvd. ๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ’™
No I wasn't! I was looking for a tractor but TRACTOR supply doesn't sell them ๐Ÿ˜„
Apparently I'm not old enough to buy liniment for Brennan at tractor supply ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ‘Š
S/O to the Russian lady at tractor supply that just talked to me for like 15 minutes. I don't care.
Fact: I enjoy going to Tractor Supply Company, and Menard's more than I enjoy going to the mall. This does not...
Just saw brother at Tractor Supply Co. โ˜บ๏ธ
Joel said I am banned from Tractor Supply for wearing my Fleet Farm uniform ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Bloodhound Vita shops with Mom at Tractor Supply after her tracking of lost Terrier "Sadie". Just as Vita was to...
The only stores I like: tractor supply, cabelas, bass pro shop, and gander mountain. โœŒ๏ธ๐ŸŽฃ
If you don't like Tractor Supply Co. You're crazy.
Went to tractor supply for a new belt... Came out with a belt, hat, and shirt.. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Running to tractor supply to buy a new halter and lead for my baby boy๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿด
they have a new flavor- hard to find but worth it..BACON! We found em @ tractor supply & online. The other flavors r easy2find
Didn't know how to act up in tractor supply ๐Ÿ˜‚
Steven is the man.. Not even on the clock and helping guests at tractor supply ๐Ÿ˜‚
I just bought 2 at Tractor Supply so I'm thinking like 2 pairs of breeches, 2 more pairs of jeans? Yeah. That sounds right.
They need to have a academy mixes with lowes and a tack store with a Tractor Supply Co. It would but the walmart of hardware๐Ÿ˜
TODAY noon-6pm at Tractor Supply on Keith St. Come out & adopt your new best friend!
$TSCO: Tractor Supply downgraded to Hold from Buy at Argus
Car Wash and Bake Sale today @ Tractor Supply in Logan from 12-4! Please come out and support the athletesโœจ๐Ÿ’•
Yeah, but by the rules of supply and demand that would make the tractor blades MORE expensive, right?
I want one of those baby chickens from tractor supply๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿฅ
The Vigo County Fair opens today! Visit the 4-H Exhibit Hall at NOON to see the Display of Champions, sponsored by Tractor Supply Company!
Carwash and hot dog sale at Tractor Supply in Summersville. Today from 9am until late this afternoon. Will deliver orders to businesses and big orders to boat docks. Please help out the 11/12 yr old girls travel to moorefield for the state tournament
Yo if y'all want your cars washed, stop by tractor Supply from 10-2 tomorrow! The cost is whatever you feel like paying (donations)! YAY
๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š you're good at tennis and we used to be friends and I saw you at tractor supply and you window chalked my car.
I'm no veterinarian but after a trip to Tractor Supply for the necessary supplies, I look like I know what I'm doing.
Road block at tractor supply all the way across the road. Lol
You don't need a gym member ship when you work at tractor supply you're lifting and running all day. I don't mind tho.
PSA I'm out by Tractor Supply in my jeep and I have no gas. I'm ramming my head through the windshield as I type this.
Just a few new friends today at Tractor Supply.
So proud of Andrew for getting the job at Tractor Supply ๐Ÿšœ
Tractor Supply is the best overalls. just saying.
Come visit your girl at the tractor supply grand opening ;)
you guys. I found Caitlan salt water taffy at tractor supply
"Oh my favorite store is up here. Tractor supply!"
Went to tractor supply to buy a fire extinguisher,left $164 later without a fire extinguisher ๐Ÿ˜‚
Tractor supply is so ghetto. Ran out of toilet paper.
A selection at Tractor Supply: Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and...Simon and Garfunkel
Had a great time today at Tractor Supply Co./Jefferson City, MO...Time to load up and head home!
The store is even FFA approved, so go to Tractor Supply Co. Today!
Found these at tractor supply. I think they're for feeding horses. They hook on and look great for sand.
Today we were at Tractor Supply Co., the best part is stories from those who love these MISunderstood breeds.
Having too much fun out here at Tractor Supply Co./Jefferson City, MO! Here 'til 3 pm! For info click the link
You know you're from The View when people actually go clothes shopping at Tractor Supply Company
I've been on hold with tractor supply for 22 minutes ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’
Seriously though if anyone is looking to get a puppy go to tractor supply today or tomorrow. They deserve a second chance!
Riding mower 101! Watch out ! Come hang out with us at Tractor Supply Co. in Helotes!
Greek American Eatery and Tractor Supply Company opening in one weekend. That is one crazy as well NEPA weekend
Tractor Supply is jammin out today.. I can hear their BBQ'n music from inside my house
Woman goes into Tractor Supply with no money, comes out with a garden *** Call her "Miss Stole ***
I drove past you this morning in front of tractor supply! I thought that was you lol
Hope is just chilling out in Tractor Supply ๓พŒฐ
Look at Buddy sitting in the Tractor Supply cart ๐Ÿ˜Ž come on down yall
SHOWTIME here st Tractor Supply Co./Jefferson City, MO! Click on the link for more info
Rocky says "waiting for my forever family is tiring!"at Tractor Supply
Colorguard Carwash at Tractor Supply on the Georgia Road till 2pm. Come support and check out the Bake Sale.
Don't go to pet smart , just stop by the tractor supply parking lot
Setting up for the show! Tractor Supply Co./JEFFERSON CITY, MO CLICK ON THE LINK FOR MORE INFO
I think Tractor Supply is the most useless place for buying anything horse related.
They finally finished the road work going from Tractor Supply to Grantville
Ribbon cutting for Tractor Supply Co this morning ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’™
Yay for Saturday! Going to be a busy one! First stop. 8am Ribbon Cutting at Tractor Supply! Wish my brother was in town.
Willie Nelson look alike just walked into Tractor Supply. This day just keeps getting weirder
Games and dog wash are on at Tractor Supply in Pdc. 10:00 am. Come on down!
Goin on a early morning tractor supply run for my piggy ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ˜
DJing the car show at Tractor Supply today from 10-2, come by and check it out!
Today we're at London Tractor Supply 10:00 AM-11:30 AM and. Tractor Supply W Broad St in Columbus 1:00 PM-4:00 PM
The Animal Protection League of Anderson will be at Tractor Supply in with adoptable dogs June 28.
Rabies & Microchip Clinic June 22 at the Tractor Supply located at 7631 Devilbiss Bridge Rd, clinic from 1-3:30pm. Rabies vaccines are $8.
"Yeah they sell that at TSC" . "Whatchu know bout Tractor Supply? Is that where you and Matt go on dates?" Russ Chandler, โ€ฆ
Good news. I just Googled 'jobs near Newark OH' and there are 3,392 available! Here are a few: host at Olive Garden; cashiers at Family Dollar, Home Depot, Petco and Coughlin; deputy clerk and corrections officer for Licking County; receptionist for Kindred; catering coordinator, associate and night baker at Panera Bread; hostess at Bob Evans in Heath; teller at Huntington Bank; manager and tech at MPW; fitness trainer at Planet Fitness; manager at Tractor Supply; line operator at Anomatic; a bunch of positions at Licking Memorial
I was at Tractor Supply yesterday and they had a sign posted Now Hiring
Enjoyed a good service with Bro. Dale Lee at the Cowboy Church of Orange County, then lunch at Pizza Hut & a stop at Tractor Supply! Now we're watching O Brother Where art Thou.
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Hap, Moe, Nina&Dana first went to Tractor Supply. They invited La paw Rescue&Hobo Hotel to bring some of our adoptables Met some really nice folks Then we packed up .not an easy job and drove to PETSMART to get the dogs more exposure. Hap&Moe alwayssteal the show. .they are big teddy bears, really . Now we are home and Nina and I went to the woods and dug up some potato vines to plant in our front flower beds.
Education and fun are a huge part of what CCAA, Inc is about. We had the best time teaching about responsible pet ownership with the Boys and Girls Club in Fort Valley Georgia. They got to meet our Princeton and made some awesome posters about vetting, spay and neuter and dog fighting. Please come out to Tractor Supply in Warner Robnis and see their wonderful artwork today!!!
We will be at Tractor Supply in Cedar Park this Saturday from 10-2. Lucas, Teddy, Edgar, Toby, Biscuit, and Mocha will be waiting to meet you.
The Aransas Pass Animal Shelter will be hosting an adoptathon tomorrow at Tractor Supply, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
DITR will be at Tractor Supply on Transit road in Lockport Saturday from 10a-3p with other great rescue groups for an adoption event. There will be a few available cats and dogs that are up for adoption, and we will have tickets available for our Krolick's fish fry fundraiser that is being held Thursday June 12th. $11.00 includes fish, 2 sides and a dessert. It's the best deal in town. Stop out Saturday and say hi to the crew. And a couple people have asked...we will also be accepting basket donations for the Wilson Dog Paddle that is being held next Saturday June 7th.
Thursday 05/29/2014 Reports: * Domestic Violence Report, Ironton. * Theft Report, Tractor Supply. Rototiller taken from front of store. * Theft Report, Rome. Truck entered, wallet, debit cards, DVD player, & cash taken. * Theft Report, Proctorville. Vehicle entered, debit card, cash, & check taken. * Shoplifting Report, Wal-Mart. Lap top. Suspect walked out of the store with the item. Have photos of suspects. * Shoplifting Report, Wal-Mart. Lap top. Suspect took item to clothing section and then hid the item on his person. Have photos of the suspect. Reports with Arrest: * Shoplifting Report, Wal-Mart. Socks, toothbrush, hairclip, socks, & donuts. Today May 29 in history: * 1848 - Wisconsin became the 30th state to join the U.S. * 1916 - The U.S. Presidents official flag was adopted. * 1953 - Sherpa Norgay & Edmund Hillary became the first men to reach the top of Mt. Everest. * 1974 - President Richard Nixon turned over 1,200 pages of Watergate transcripts. * 1981 - The U.S. performed a nuclear test at th ...
Sharon here, 2014 MASAR Conference Coordinator and MMSAR President. Over the next day or two I will be posting somewhat random thoughts about our unit's experiences hosting the MASAR Conference for the first time. This post is to thank the various companies and individuals who donated so generously to our selection of raffle items... and also all the MMSAR members who solicited those items. Please message our page if we missed something. We were able to offer about 55 prize packages, many of them with multiple items included. Many of our attendees spent as much as $20 or more on raffle tickets in addition to their registration fees, so our raffle earned more than $300 towards conference expenses. Please support our donors with your patronage. In no particular order, they are: (4) Framed Prints - David Footer (Artist) & Melissa Looman, MMSAR (Frames) Bird Package - Ace Hardware Bird Feeder - Aubuchon Hardware, Buxton, ME Weather Radio - Rosanne Young, MMSAR Rope Chain Saw - Rachel Jalbert-Palian, MMSAR ...
so.I go to Tractor Supply to get chicken food, that's all, and meal worms for the bluebirds. This lady, now my fb friend, comes up to me and says, "I see you have chickens", which I reply, "yes" and she explains to me that they found this baby duck, lost from its clan, how do you take care of them? So I say, "Too bad you didn't just bring it, I could just take it home since I have raised ducks many times!" Next thing you know, she is zipping off in her car to her house and comes back with a baby duck. It is now in a pen on the cupboard, under a light to stay warm! Pictures to follow! Kittens are doing good today also, except that the really sick one died this morning. Randy is sitting on the floor holding it and saying, "I think this little one is going to make it".so I texted him saying it didn't. There are three here now, the spittin' gray one, who had clamed down tremendously, and the two from the stone wall! A yellow tiger who is going to be a huge guy, and a three colored girlie, I think!!
Back to reality today to good old tractor supply.. Ugh, Ocean City went too fast. Take me back!!!
East San Diego County - meeting if you want to support your local tack and feed shops: Tractor Supply, a large...
I think I should call the gneiss book of world records. The world's slowest cashier works at the Tractor Supply store in Pottstown Pa.
Some photos from Tractor Supply Spring 4-H Paper Clover Days promotion. These girls are from the Western Berks 4-H Dairy Club. Thank you to all 4-H Clubs that helped to sell paper clovers!
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from Tractor Supply Company $TSCO
I just can't wait to be done at tractor supply
We have a broken hearted little girl her duckling named Bella died :( does anyone know where we can get a couple chicks beside tractor supply and big r? Thanks
lmao boys I spend bread at tractor supply I should already have a foot in the door
Park in lot next to Tractor Supply & watch/cheer Run for the Wall motorcyclists from Springridge bridge as they ride thru Clinton
lemmie provide for my own table first then I gotchu lol... Tractor supply got the now hiring sign
Monday May 19 nice sunny day we are all set up at Tractor supply today and we have a great menu even have slush puppies and soft frozen lemonade today's special is our 1/3 lb burger cheese and onions and peppers free fries or onion rings and drink $8.00
Stopped by my local Tractor Supply this morning to look at one of the Schrade 194OTs that they had on sale. Each one had defective locking mechanisms. Does Taylor have problems with this particular one, or did Tractor Supply just get a bad shipment?
Senior prank were all buying chickens at tractor supply, sneaking them into the school and letting them run free in the school
We are in our glory... lol.. so far we have ran into 2 random people who complimented us on our flower garden.. One was a clerk at tractor supply.. "Are you at the corner of Adams and Dunham with the beautiful flower bed?" Makes us very happy, because this was a 4 year work in progress.. Took a while for the perennials to come in fully ... 1 st couple years they were thin. Now every year we just purchase a few filler flowers and it really looks nice now ... :)
So I've been taking Snape to the vet for like the past year for what I was told was mange. Well I've spent over $500 to treat said mange and it never got rid of it. So I go to Tractor Supply to get flea stuff and I show this dude a picture of Snapes hair falling out and such and he tells me it looks like she's allergic to grains. So we get a grain free dog food, and bam her hair is starting to come back and it's been like 2 days. Props to that dude, he wasn't even a freaking vet.
parking: old Kroger next to Tractor Supply; walk over; CPD will close lanes and direct pedestrians. Come watch&cheer these veterans
I broke a bolt on our pool filter yesterday, it was really nice being able to run by tractor supply in Covington and not having to make a trip to Lewisburg.
I think I will try that at Tractor Supply Co. next time I am there. :D
The Run for the Wall Ride will roll through Clinton MS on I-20 TODAY around 11 am. You are invited to watch and cheer as more than 700 motorcycles moving through Clinton on I-20 As riders approach Clinton, canon volleys will greet their arrival and salute their service. CPD will close off two southbound lanes of the Springridge Bridge at 10:30 am for pedestrians to watch the ride come through. The City encourages you to Park in the Old Kroger parking lot (next door to Tractor Supply) and walk over. Police will be present to direct traffic and pedestrians at the access points to I-20. You are encouraged to stop and watch as the riders come through around 11 am. North and south lanes will remain open to traffic. CFD will have a truck and large flag flying at the Clinton Raymond Road interchange. Entrance ramps to I-20 from Norrell to Springridge will close around 10:50 am, to traffic heading east. Many of the Run for the Wall bikers are active, ex- or retired military personnel with a mission to promote hea ...
Pjhsa is hosting a Car Wash and Bake Sale on Sat. June 14th at the Nazareth Tractor Supply if anyone is willing to help with Car Wash or donate any baked goods or Soda, Water, Hotdogs, Rolls Etc Please contact a board member!
but I did walk from bio life to Tractor Supply was a good walk I needed it
sorry did not mean to offend everybody Friday about the walk to Tractor Supply and had to walk to Elkton we were just joking with Gary ray Shifflett in the Shifflett family so sorry to everybody
The stylishly dressed young black man who checked us into the hotel last night complemented me on my sharp yellow and gray plaid shirt. He seemed somewhat bemused when I advised him that it was from the Tractor Supply spring ensemble collection..
Sitting in the new agricultural classroom makes me feel like I'm sitting in the middle of a Tractor Supply Co store
Good morning all. Someone stole my friends 96 Jeep Grand Cherries it has a Tractor supply sticker in back window also a palm tree. Please dial 911 if you see it much thanks
What abt sales of chicks & ducks @ Family Farm & Home & Tractor Supply Co? Heard they kill some by slamming them against walls
Whew, that was some weekend! Thanks to all the folks who came by the beerfest! We had amazing weather, beer, and music, all combined for a great day! Thanks also to the folks who came to the Awendaw Chicken Club's Artist & Farmer's Market yesterday at Tractor Supply in Awendaw. There were farm fresh eggs, veggies, and art. Looking forward to this market growing! After that i went to Charleston Crafts Cooperative to help re-arrange the gallery ahead of Piccolo Spoleto. It looks so fresh and new! Today I need to load the kiln for a bisque, get a haircut, get started on more platters and mugs, and make some more jewelry to put in the shop. And clean. And put the newsletter together. And take a nap. What are you doing today?
I've managed to keep a child alive for 4+ years and I just got an A on my chemical biology test. I can work at Tractor Supply I promise.
Went by Tractor Supply yesterday in Crestview. Fell in love with the store! First time I've ever been in there. So I came home and I checked their site and they are hiring for a team member position. I started the application but had to cancel it because my resume was out of date. Gonna fix it and restart a new application in the morning. Would have done it tonight but frankly after todays events I just didnt feel like it. I may not get anything from it but I am definitely going to try. What an awesome store!
Well today is my anniversary, and I got taken to tractor supply :) I sure do love my hubby! Next we are gonna look at tractors!
Remember were joining Purina Days at Tractor Supply. May 28th We will be doing a Car Wash! Thank you Steve...
So Tractor Supply didn't hire me. Kinda funny because I think I was the best candidate out of all of us at the group interview. One guy had zero warehouse experience, one guy didn't have a license, and the lady there... Well she just didn't have it in her. I mean seriously?
Check your local tractor supply or ask a wanna be country boy you may know. Lmao
Will never buy chickens from tractor supply again don't know what it is but they are all dying don't know what going on.On a good note i did kill a opossum and a armordillo maybe the neighbors will be happy I got one of the armordillos that been tearing yards up
We at that combination Tractor Supply and Taco Bell
Reminding everyone about the Great Fun Pet Event May 31, Saturday at Chester Supply in Chester. Sherry's Pampered Pet Parlor & Lodge in conjunction with Chester Tractor Supply is having a Pet Owner Look Alike Contest. Prices for every winner.. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Grand Prize will be given. Contest registration is 10:00 am.. Contest starts at 11:00 am Sherry's will have a tent set up for Free sanitary clips, nail files, nail clips, bandannas, bows, perfume ear cleanings and more.. We will have our baby goats, Brennon, Leroy and Noah there for petting zoo, CAROLINA PLACE ANIMAL HOSPITAL WILL HAVE A RABIS CLINIC FROM 12 pm until 2 pm - Chester County Animal Family, Chester Friends of the Animals, Palmetto Storm, CCPD featuring Nikko the Canine Police Officer and much more.. Bring your pets for a great fun time.. (For all pets safety, we do ask your pets be on a leash) If you would like to be a vender please contact Jeanna Laws at Chester Supply between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm
Sitting with some Tbell and in a Tractor Supply parking lot on a Sunday night in NichVegas
Like new 2013 Honda foreman 500. Bought in February. Never been in mud, never been on the road. Has 23 miles on it and tires and rims was bought from Honda. Also will come with a brand new fourwheeler trailer bought from Tractor Supply Company. Wyg?
OK I am so torn as to what I should do about my chicks that were purchased from Tractor Supply and from Mt. Healthy Hatchery. If they don't act sick should I still worry? Is there something I can to make sure they don't have Salmonella? I don't want to kill them if I don't have to but I also don't want to have to keep them quarantined for life and not be able to eat their eggs. They were bought to provide eggs and also I bought six for meat. I have read and listened to so much stuff on here that has me confused. If I can medicate them and be safe I will but I can't afford testing on 30 birds. I have kept them away from my older hens but I can't do that forever. The older hens like getting out to forage when the weather is good. Please somebody explain this all to me. I have never had to deal with sick birds because our girls have always been healthy. The only problems wev'e ever had to deal with was predators getting in the coop. Thank goodness that has only been twice in 5 years. Any advice ...
When a girl tells you her favorite store is tractor supply. My response must be yeah... I know how to cut grass and do yard work, but...
I found a few pairs of boots that I want at tractor supply. I think I really need a new pair
Had a wonderful morning ride on the Pasos! Krystle Padgett and I got going early. We rode at Jennings but oh my the horse flies were big and in great numbers! Still had a good time. Came home and got the hubby and off to the Waldo Flea Market. Got some great tomatoes and lawn mower blades! Then went to Ace Hardware in Keystone Heights to get horsey treats. They carry a special kind that my horses just love...thanks to Robin A. Forehand...who first got them hooked on them! Then we went to Goldhead State Park to visit with Max Forehand...enjoyed our time with him. Later we stopped off a Tractor Supply for some ant killer. I had an abundance of them this spring. time to get rid of them. Even got to spend a few minutes with Patty Shear Michon and our friend, April. Cooked a good supper...salmon, taters, green beans, tossed salad...yum! Got the kitchen cleaned up and clothes off the line. Time to kick back!
How long would the Florida Georgia line guys last inside a tractor supply store
Open carried in Pine Bluff today. Only went to game stop and tractor supply in Whitehall. No issues.
Dustin and Debbie made some great wreaths to sell at the Tractor Supply craft show. They are thinking about...
Had a great time at Tractor Supply craft show. Made this for a lady who picked out her special stone.
HOLY COW!!! Tractor Supply. Home Depot. Fix mower.. Run almost to Lebanon to sell a set of Indy 500 tickets Back home to cutting my Acre of grass with my 22 inch push mower. WOW. productive day.
I have a dimond plated steel tool box for sale i just don't need it anymore going to make flat bed costes 170 at tractor supply i will take 50 bucks for it an meet i can post pics if anybody is interested would like gonne tomarrow might come down on price if seriouse
very proud of myself ! I drove a standard for the first time yesterday from my house to tractor supply!!! (:
Rabbit Hutch bought last yr from tractor supply has removable tray.. $45
Great job everyone who came to our two day dog education clinic! Hopefully you learned a lot of new things! Was great to see everyone again on Saturday. I mentioned dog project books being due early. They are due with your June 15 exhibitor forms. I will go over them and get them back to you so if you want to enter them in fair you will have them. We need baked goods for the tractor supply event. Please call me if you can make something.
Ill be at tractor Supply monday from 3pm till 330pm. Tory Shipley Brandi Carson Barbara Long Sarah Martin Sherri Kerst Remy Peck Ricky Ram Ryan Wishard Joyce Cecil-Verdic do you want me to drop yours off at Callie Cecil Davis? Also Tonya Stewart Martinez Kelly Snider Lambeth. I have something for Amanda; Tory but I guess she closed her FB account . If anyone wants their stuff let me know before I load it in the truck. Thanks
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
would be proud to know that I was stranded at Tractor Supply Co. ๐Ÿ˜‚
OC, yesterday around Brighton and Howell with no issues. Went to Tractor supply, C&C sports, BestBuy, And Art & Van . Today went to Dairy Queen and Walmart with no issues. GREAT WEEKEND.
I have an outside Dog kennel I just bought like 3 months ago.. I paid 300 for it at tractor supply. It's a 10x10x6. I'm only asking 200 for it. Also there is a dog involved. I moved from hamptonville to try and get on my feet. I've had this dog his whole life. He is a full blooded red nose pit bull. He is 3 years old. Text me for pictures. I will sell him and the kennel for 500. I'm getting to the point where I can't take care of him anymore. He is WELL trained. Kennel trained and inside trained. If interested please message me!
Awh I took them to tractor supply for the first timeโค๐Ÿšœ
Our rescue is in need of fencing materials to fence in the property to keep the fur babies safe and contained. We have priced Lowes, Tractor Supply and just the materials we need will be around $5000.00. Does anyone know of any suppliers that would be cheaper or may donate materials? And of course we always accept any donations and they are tax deductible. Theresa's Concrete Service Inc will donate the labor! Thank you so much! PayPal theresaHow to Save a Life 2135 Gheen Road Salisbury NC 28147
Tractor Supply Contacted me today to see if we could do a fundraiser on May 31st from 10-2. We will be doing pony rides and selling hotdogs and hamburgers. We will use the proceeds to help the ones that qualified to go to State. Please let me know who will be there to help Thanks.
every time me and dad go I to tractor supply we always come out with something even if it's not what we went for๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Spent the day at Mom's out in the country fixing the water spickets, fixing the garage door, put in new locks, went to tractor supply, ran into my brotha from anotha motha Jimbo Burden, and got to witness a classic Jerry Springer style altercation between two slightly stained wife beater wearing gals in the ol Walmart parking lot. How's that for a relaxing day off?
For sale...great working fridge white in color $75, washer and dryer not matching set however both white...$150 takes both, dog pin originally $297 at Tractor Supply...will part with for $100 obo on all listed...text 3510609 if interested. :)
Here are the results of the SVF Deanise Heer Memorial Barrel Race. I would like to thank all the barrel racers for coming and supporting a memorial of a very beautiful and sweet fellow barrel racer!! A big thank you goes out to Mike and Paty Raine for putting this all together. You both did an outstanding job and were tremendous help all day. Thank you also goes out to Patti Silva for all her help announcing. To Earl Escobar for setting up the arena and to Boomer for the tractor driving. Also the Jr. Fairboard for helping set barrels and work the gate.. It was so nice to have Mr. and Mrs. Bailey there to honor there daughter Deanise. Thank you Emily Hannaford for a beautiful prayer read by a dear friend, Terrie Graves. A big thank you to all the sponsors for the wonderful awards we gave out down to 5th place in each division. RMP Racing, Courtney Morrow- State Farm Ins., Paty & Mike Raine, and Krista Williams for the buckles. Christine & Phil Davi for the beautiful breast collar we awarded to the fastest ...
Just witnessed a women wrangle her cat into a "pet stroller" then walk into tractor supply. The cat was massively disagreeing with this idea. Wouldn't be surprised if it kills her in her sleep tonight.
Now family trip to Tractor Supply to visit
VB Tractor Supply - went in to spend money. Got treated badly. Not going back! ! They have jeans on sale. Not worth the time or sale!!!
I needed the tractor yesterday, (it hasn't worked since the first big snow storm). So with fingers crossed, a trip to Tractor Supply, a wing and a prayer I got it running, (I was amazed too). You want to see the mice vacate once it fired up! The Wheel Horse is once again ready, might start calling it Lazarus.
Safe Haven Pet Rescue will hold an adoption day from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 18, at Tractor Supply, Rte. 209, Brodheadsville. Safe Haven will have many young dogs available for you to meet...
Took my kids to that petting zoo at tractor supply they had fun now at McDonald's eating and playing before their daddy gets off work
Detroit woman arraigned on three felony charges for allegedly trying to defraud Tractor Supply in Jackson of $26,000
There's this employee at Tractor Supply in Pleasanton that is just ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Sorry to the young girl who works at Tractor Supply my husband has been working nights for 35 days and has no patients!๐Ÿ˜ฉ
To everyone that was told the clinic had been cancelled and not advised of the new location by the Tractor Supply...
Brand new atv winch, never used. Bought it at tractor supply! $80 no trades
Its official.. I am an employee at tractor supply :)
Remember how I was talking about a new Tractor Supply opening nearby? It opened yesterday! Picking up what I need during son's youth group.
Volunteers needed for adoption days at Tractor Supply in Jackson, CA on Saturday 5/31/14. 9:00 am to 2 pm. Please let me know if you are able to help.
Love Tractor Supply. I can barely afford what I spend there.
Someone's hardcore jamming to rap in tractor supply's parking lot
Sunny day in Noblesville on a Sunday. TRACTOR SUPPLY now Home Depot. I Will be on news tonight for strangling someone. Please get me home. ER
One of the small babies dared to be in the coop with the bigger birds, not sure it was them that hurt her, but now her tail is gone and bleeding a little. Going to head off to Tractor Supply and see if I can get some styptic powder to put on her as well as wash her off with peroxide. I think she will be fine, but going to bring her in the house for a few days to keep the flies from laying eggs on her and give her treats. It is one of the red sex links that is the youngest in the flock. The bantams are not being nice to the others at all, but also the dogs have been going nuts around the coop too, so not sure who got her, but very sure she was gotten
At tractor supply for a bunch of stuff yesterday- the guy asks me if I want some free "mare-goals", so I'm thinking little potted marigolds and say sure. He gave me 6 of these Eco-pots with a peat pellet and seed packet in each. So I'm thinking, how gimmicky- I'll just plant the seeds straight in my garden. But oh I will try out these pellet things, just for the heck of it. Omg- they are so much FUN! Soil soufflรฉs!!
At Tractor Supply- in front of everyone at the registers Jennifer: wait- do you need to get one of those hooker things? Me: they didn't have ice cube trays, I don't think they have those
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Paul Smith and Terri Clifford just spent a bunch of time at harbor freight and tractor supply. I may need a second job...
Playing Marco Polo with random guys in Tractor Supply ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’
One piece of advise I have heard the most from Tractor Supply Costumers: "Never get married."
New lingerie section at the tractor supply store is pretty hot. Nothing but camo and men with beards.
Hopefully trey hasn't left me at tractor supply cause that would be a long walk. ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Seriously dying in the bathroom at tractor supply rn. ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜‚
It smells so good in tractor supply
My Daughter Shelby is working for a Animal Rescue Shelter and they are at Tractor Supply in Plainfield today until 4:00, Stop by and say Hi and check out the cute animals they are working hard to save. I am Very Proud of her for giving her free time to try and make a difference in the lives of homeless animals.
Had a great weekend with the kids and James Allen. We got the yard mowed and cooked on the grill and went to a petting zoo at tractor supply! The kids had a blast! I truly enjoy these times with James and the kids!
Please tell me why I volunteered to go to the Tractor Supply store with T-Roy..
Tractor Supply in Shamokin Dam is having a low cost vaccination clinic on June 1 @ 11 am to 3pm. Not sure of the costs though.
Gosh it's Sunday isnt it.Mondays list for Dequeen is, Tractor supply at 3...Renee Logan, Sherri Kerst, Kandie Verdic, Debbie Labit, Kelly Snider Lambeth, Cynthia Long, Julie D Lowrey, Kay Dishongh Duggan...Chase Gabbard I will drop yours of with Kathy Boone Gabbard.dropping off for Johnye Leathers Fisher, Kay Farrow Smart, Diane Daniel Duncan, Terry Bernard, Fran Baribeau, .Sue Ann Howard-Perry do you want to wait a bit on yours and let your pile grow ??
Interacts don't forget today is our trash pick! Meet at Tractor Supply at 2 with the items you volunteered to bring
Well the best news Dan ever heard is I'm closing my flock. Due to the CDC announcements of a hatchery outbreak of Salmonella including the state of Pa and friends who have had chicks or chickens purchased from breeders carrying EColi and MG. Even NPIP does not guarantee birds will not be infected. We have never purchased birds from auction or tractor supply and such. I had my birds test last summer and they were negative and I want to keep it that way. I am not making anyone who has purchased these birds or has carrier or sick birds a villain. They are victims and many have lost thousands in birds and medical and rebuilding expenses. Nevermind the heartbreak of culling birds. If there is anything I cab do to help anyone I would be glad to.
"I'm gonna make a short film about me and tractor supply" - Andrew
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I have a dimond plated stell tractor supply tool box for a truck it bolts the bed on the bottom costed 170 dollers new. Do to the lid being mested up a lil I'm asking 50 bucks it don't leak or nothing still a good tool box .
Well *** on the way to Bike Week bout lost a wheel on the van. Replaced rear lug studs n nuts in a gas station parking lot in the rain ! On the way home blew a trailer tire so we bought four new wheels n tires n put those on in a Tractor Supply parking lot in Charlotte! Man what a ride good times n good friends!!! I'd do it again tomorrow.!
Car Wash at tractor supply in skiatook! starts at ten! benefitting justin morgan! COME GET YOUR CARS WASHED PEOPLE!
Electrolyte drinks are for wussies. Serious athletes buy cattle salt blocks from Tractor Supply Store to lick before each race.
Okay. I'm seeing a ton of posts about vomiting puppies with diarrhea. If your puppy has these's Parvo. I'm a licensed veterinary technician so seeing these posts causes alarms in my head. It's Parvo season. If your puppy has not had it's shots the chances of it getting Parvo are very good. Puppy shots are $7.99 at Tractor Supply & $9.99 for their second & adult shots. Rescue the Animals has also begun their $24.99 shot clinic again. I'm begging all dog owners to please get these shots. Parvo treatment can run anywhere between $200.00 & $800.00. It's way cheaper to get their shots. Mind you the rabies vaccination is not included in the shots that can be purchased at Tractor Supply & other farm feed stores due to the fact it has to be administered by a veterinarian. Please please get your puppies vaccinated before it's too late.
Carwash today at tractor supply for Justin Morgan! It starts at 10. Come and support justin and his family! :)
Is there anywhere local I can buy ducks? Tractor supply is out.
What a wonderful Saturday it was. Bob (aka the Cabana Boy) came home for a week, the house in PA is officially on the market, Bob's new tractor arrived from Tractor Supply (thanks Johnny) and I come home to Jeff and his buds taking down some trees in the yard and then they opened the pool for us!! Ahhh.the sound of chain saws and the smell of stagnant water.Life is good!!
yeah we're getting an Ulta and a Hobby Lobby by tractor supply
Come get your Car Washed at tractor supply ๐Ÿ˜
Yesterday was a great day!!! 9 animals were adopted! 4 kittens were adopted at the cat/kitten event at Tractor Supply, the two gorgeous Calicos we had were adopted and 4 dogs were adopted also! Blitzen, Jason, Chachi and the senior chocolate lab Brandy all found their homes yesterday! So grateful for days like yesterday! Hoping some more cats/kittens are adopted today! If you're out and about stop in to Tractor Supply and check them out! We have some great cats looking for their forever homes!
Your god *** right I wanna take a trip to tractor supply
For my chicken-raising friends: Did you buy your chicks from Tractor Supply and if so, have you heard about the salmonella outbreak at the hatchery they buy from? The website recommends culling any you purchased from TSC. I can't find any info at all besides one article and word of mouth so I am hoping for enlightenment from my friends. I don't want to kill these chicks...
Est time for the White House Correspondents to have to stop at the Tractor Supply...
My self and 4 other people sitting at tractor supply waiting for them to open. Apparently we ALL think they should open at 8:00.not 9:00
Since Shelby did a horrible job of advertising the Car Wash is at Tractor Supply๐Ÿ˜‚
Need to get some feed for the chickens this afternoon. Can't wait for them to open a tractor supply slightly closer to home.
In 10 Minutes โ€“ Iโ€™ll Give You The Truth About Tractor Supply Coupons in store - had constituted boosted ...
I went to tractor supply today and wasn't there :(
Best thing at Tractor Supply all dayโ™ก
Man its so nice around her now. House is still clean, its quiet and the light bill went from 500$to200$. Its so amazing what minus people will do for you. Had a great day today. Took Payten to the flea market and lil crazy self entertained people by dancing in the back of the truck. Brought my grandson some new shoes. They are awesome. After all that we went to tractor supply and got mama some butterfly bushes. And Payten got her some really cute daisys to plant. Cant wait til they start growing. And got stuff for the garden. Been on a roll today. Only to come home and find out somebody done stole from us. That makes twice in a week. Some people are really sad. Anyway hope you all have a great night sweet dreams love ya. And oh yea I miss you Whitney Paylor.
Irrelevant post here- Anyone ever hear of a store called "Tractor Supply Company?" There is one being built near my home, but I have never heard of it. Come to find out there are about 1700 of them in the midwest (Merika) somewheres. Is this another harbor freight tools with communist china good or do they sell American-made stuff?
Baby Jack update: Aunt Angela and Aunt Dana came for a sleep over last night and Jack had a blast. He was so happy that they were still at our house this morning when he woke up. We watched movies, did makeovers, and played outside. While we were having a girlsโ€™ day (plus Jack), Halston and all three of my brothers were out having a โ€œMan-venture,โ€ as Delane called it. They went to Beaverโ€™s Bend and spent the day canoeing and fishing. Lucky for them, Jack didnโ€™t know what was going on, or they would have been in a lot of trouble for leaving the littlest man behind! In the afternoon, Pops and Nonnie came to pick the girls up and Jack and I tagged along. We stopped in town at the little petting zoo that was set up next to Tractor Supply so that Jack could see the animals. (And also because, I have never been known to pass up a perfectly good petting zoo in my life.) Right away we saw a big camel giving rides and Pops asked me if I trusted him to take Jack on the camel. I thought to myself, โ€œHmm . ...
Ok you Crafty people Tractor Supply in Alice Tx is Holding a Farmers market on June 7, 2014. Anything from Crafts, to vegetables/fruit, All kinds of canning preservatives, Pickling, air brushing tattoos, pet adoption, anyone wanting to share information on farm & ranch 4H clubs, FFA, ALL IS WELCOMED. Just drop by tractor supply n put ur name on the list n pick a spot. Come Friends you can make ur money and get free advertisement as well. All surrounding Counties Welcomed as well. Inbox me for more info if ur interested. โ˜…PLEASE Spread the word. โ˜… THANK YOU
I am a tired puppy! Last two days and only about 9 hours sleep total. Six dogs to the clinic for spay neuters on Friday and then adoption event today at Tractor Supply in Waynesboro. Got some fantastic pictures and wanted to share before hitting the hay for a good night's sleep. Please be quiet tonight doggies, Mama is tired. Special thanks to Patricia Glenn for going with me Friday and helping with the six puppies that were spay/neutered and the amazing job she has done bringing Milo out of his shell. He now walks wonderfully on a leash, can sit and shake and is ready for his forever home. They were all siblings and some still very fearful of humans so it was quite a job.
Been a long crazy day. Had tons of meets for varagesale. Have to say it was a good turnout. Then went by a family members house and my day turned nightmare. They had several pups..noticed one using the bathroom and a huge clump of large round worms hanging out of its rear. Not to mention they were all covered in ticks and little tummies just bloated. Felt so bad so I went to tractor supply and bought wormer, flea and tick dip, canned pup food and also bought puppy shots and administered those myself. Was a blessing to see them running around the yard and playing after they had their first bath ever. Also took care of the mom while I was at it. You could tell they felt better atleast somewhat, after they got over the fact of being scared to death of water lol. Going to try and see what I can do about getting the mothers spayed and these pups into a rescue. Just found out theres 6 or 7 more newborns under their house :/. Looks like i'll be at it again in a few more weeks once they are weaned. God puts us h ...
So pleased with pretty Celeste today at her meet and greet. She greeted Lacey and Heath with a big smile and wagging tail, but was polite about it at the same time. She even demonstrated her kick ball skills, which are very good and sat so pretty for treats. As for the work she and I have been doing, I loved her focus as she would look directly at both of them, intent on what they might want her to do. We even went to Tractor Supply and she behaved like a champ.
***ADOPTION EVENT*** Sunday May 18th 12-4 pm at Tractor Supply in Plainfield IN. We will have tons of puppies, including Fifi,Domino, Dee Dee, 7 maybe retreiver mix pups, and 4 Beagle mix puppies. Also, Mo, Tilly, Billy, Amelia, and Charley will be looking for their forever homes! Hope to see everyone there!!
Does anyone remember the Chatterbox where tractor supply is now???
Very disappointed in New Milford Tractor Supply and what it's become! I literally BUILT that store along with Stacy and we were some of the first employees hired to work once the store opened. The staff *** (not including you Michele!), the selection *** and TSC has lost it's agricultural base. It's now more about buying stupid clothes & dog food than it is about buying the real things you "need out here" for farming and livestock tending. Just sent a nastygram to the corporate office about the disrespectful cashier who rang my mom out today. I really hope to hear from Alan Morris directly!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Went to Lowes and Tractor Supply no porch swing ... really! People don't swing anymore??? Ugh ugh ugh
Mike's engineering skills are required on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. Besides Tractor Supply Co, does anyone know where to find steel tip cowboy of the requirements is no shoe laces.
Guy at tractor supply says this hitch doesnt fit rv's ...yes it does...just need a plasma cutter, welder, grinder and some balls. :)
So I've seen a lot of posts about awning safety lately, and questions regarding such. Someone asked how to strap down an electric awning (sorry, can't remember who). So here's some photos and a list of stuff I used. Been using this for 4 years now, works excellent, and collapses to about 4 1/2' so it's easy to store and take everywhere with me! (1) 8' stick 2" PVC cut in half (1) 8' stick 1 1/2" PVC cut in half (2) 2"x1 1/2" bushings (2) PVC pipe saddles (3 or 4"x2" I think)...whatever size your tube is, I can't remember for sure (2) 15' ratchet straps (2) heavy duty screw in ground anchors (2) 5/16 hitch pins from tractor supply...2 1/2" long I think Drill a hole in the top of the 1 1/2" to put hook into from ratchet strap. Make sure hole is far enough down to allow clearance between hook and bushing. Hole only on one side, not clear thru pipe. Drill a 5/16 hole 1 or 2" down on 2" PVC thru both sides. Slide 1 1/2" into the 2" pipe. Adjust height to what you need, mark the 1 1/2" using the hole in th ...
Today has been awesome...great day of football in Gilmer, came home and went to movies to see Godzilla, then to the petting zoo/camel rides by Tractor Supply and now walking to the Farmers Market :)
I'm absolutely clueless what to get Cody for his birthday next weekend. I think it's time to take a trip to tractor supply..
Playing in Tractor Supply with my baby!!! (-:
Southern Maine ***Amazing Adoption event at Tractor Supply today!! Lot's of folks came out...FB friends and fosters!! All three dogs had a lot of interest and several applications were given out.Thank you to all of our bakers, the treats flew out the door.Special thanks to Wes Kel Westbrook and Francisca Wiersma . and Sherrie Baldwin Goss..Molly and I couldn't do this without you guys!!.Also thanks to all of our amazing foster moms and dads ;)
Wow what a day, adoptions went great. Adopted Chauncey, Snickers, Tippy, Boo, Peabody, Lucy and Dixie. On trial Bolt, Toby, Frannie and Rosie. Don't worry if you missed out today we will be back at Tractor Supply next Saturday from 12 to 4.
I needed a few more bags of dirt and just picked up a different kind from my tractor supply... it smelled like pig slop but I figured after being mixed with the mulch and peat it wouldn't be noticeable... started spreading it and then the dogs... both of them started face scooting through it and then rolling on their backs... making snorking noises through open mouth grins and kicking their legs... and as I stood there with horrified interest... they ran past me and into the house... lovely... :p
Tractor supply here i come i need more boots
Someone just stole our very pregnant Texas heeler out of my husbands truck from the tractor supply parking lot. Please keep your eye out for her! Her name is Daisy
So nice to stop by and help my girls Lisa Tindal Mirra & Paula Langford today! Big thanks to Tractor Supply for hosting WARS - Midlands!
First person to go to Tractor Supply, get a bottle of liniment, and bring it to the kroger gas station wins the contest. Im in pain. Be an angel.
Does anyone know when the new tractor supply opens in LaBelle?
At tractor supply now with this guy. Has his shots and chipped and is neutered. Needing an immediate home. Come adopt snickers free to the right family ;)
Ladies snap up western shirt - new- 2x but runs bigger from Tractor Supply. $10.00. Six quart 18-10 professional heavy duty stainless steel pot with steamer and lid $12.00.
What a helpful friendly staff at Tractor Supply - Marana, Az! Thanks Ken Kingan for the wonderful photos! Album coming soon from the Marana Chamber of Commerce!
Lafayette, Youngsville, or Broussard needs to be all about getting a Tractor Supply. Because driving to Abbeville, Breaux Bridge, or Opelousas isn't at all convenient.
Ok horse folks who go to Tractor Supply in Farmville all of the BMB and what ever other brand of halter they use to carry are on clearance..Weaver Browband headstalls that were $57 are now $24.99( yes i had to get at least one) The halters /leads/lungelines are inthe clearance section on the left side of store all the way back to side wall you can't miss them.the bridles are hanging by the other tack.
Love using this machine thanks tractor supply why i cant shop there lol
Love the farm sounds outside tractor supply today.
Stopped at the little petting zoo at tractor supply. Missed the photo of the camel eating Alicia Henderson's hair
The FFA is having a cookout today at Tractor Supply Company!!! Please support this great organization!
PLEASE stop by Tractor Supply Brodheadsville tomorrow and visit! We will have SUPER baked goods for people and dog treats from the SAFE HAVEN RECIPE book available. We will also be selling Bow Wow Bike Jam tickets. We will have our t-shirts, cookbooks and scarfs for sale as well. As always we will have info on the dogs we have available. 11 am- 3 pm.
To my great happiness, my tiny patio garden is thriving! With the new toyota tacoma I can get plants, mulch bags and dirt and back up the the sidewalk. With this new truck bed of plastic coating, objects just glide easily - especially when I pop the clutch and roar around the corners, scaring the retirees in their Prius Electric-mobiles. From the truck I can easily shove the things into my TRACTOR SUPPLY 4 wheel cart (this is an adult version of the Red Flyer wagon). Tugging the pots from the truck bed and into my cart, then rolling it onto the patio from the curb is easy. I got the empty pots from under the porch, stole several big chunks of gravel from the construction sites nearby (no witness, no crime, uh oh that was a confession? Nah?) Then over the course of 2 weeks, finally got them all transplanted. THEN off to NORGE to the farmer's supply store for a shrub and more little flowers that I need to transplant. I mixed liquid MIRACLE GRO fertilizer in a bucket and spread it all out amongst my Holl ...
It's been a great day here at The Stillwater Tractor Supply Company! We have Hotdogs, Baked Goodies, Fresh Fruit Smoothies and other fun interactive live demonstrations here at the 4-H Day at TSC. Thank You To All Of My Payne County 4-H members and family's for making this a huge success! And to my awesome Co-Worker Dea Rash, I couldn't do it with out you thank you for all your help!
Dog and Cat lovers: Tractor Supply in Bad Axe is having a low cost, no apt pet vaccine clinic on Sat May 17 from 9:30 to 10:30 am. It is being done by PetVet Clinic.
Purina Days are creeping up fast! We are being sponsored by Tractor Supply and Purina for the end of May Adoption Event weekend. May 30, 31 and June1- Tractor Supply Co. Car Wash and Bake Sale from Ruff Ryders of Las Cruces will be donating a portion of proceeds to ASCMV. Stop by, get your vehical washed, buy some yummy snacks and adopt a furever friend. 10am-1pm
So update for everyone Tractor Supply has stepped up as lead sponsor! Mike Trask and Ben Jay Anderson will be our esteemed judges, we have 4B bucking bulls and Lightning J bucking bulls bringing the heat and Milo DeWitt hauling some rank ponies, this event is going to be wild and western and if you miss this deal you will regret it! We also have some fantastic silent auction items that you don't want to miss out on, all this followed by a buckle presentation( the buckles are freakin awesome!),as well as live music and good times all for a good cause! So if you have something planned the 24th cancel it trust me you don't want to miss this!!!
Hamilton Collection
Saw Jerome and Tiffany Davis at Tractor Supply! NO ONE will ruin this week!
Coldwater Creek blue jeans, size 8. NEW. I wish these fit because they are very nice! Need $10. Aeropostle Stretch Flare blue jean cut-offs, size 9/10S. Adorable, just too big for me. Need $5. Handoff at Tractor Supply in Bedford, afternoons or weekends only.
Come by Tractor Supply and get your steaks for Mother's Day BBQ!! We are set up at the intersection!!! FRESH home raised Angus beef..
Join us for our first Holy Truck in Marion Ohio outing at Tractor Supply from 11am - 4pm today
Thanks to all who came down to see us at Tractor Supply on Saturday!!! We really appreciate your generosity. We, the Mainly Gaited Pinks team for Susan Komen Ride For The Cure will be back there again this Saturday and every Saturday till the ride on the 31st. Hope to see you there!!
Sunday, May 4 is the last day to support Wood County 4-H with your $1 donation at the register at Tractor Supply!
Boy Scout Troop 360 will be having a Hamburger/hot dog fundraiser at Tractor Supply in Bosque Farms this Saturday May 3rd from 11-1. Please come out and support these boys as they raise some money for expenses and future summer camps. Thanks in advance!
Tomorrow at 10:30- until at the Tractor Supply, Rock Of Faith Baptist Church will have it's 2nd BBQ sale!! This is the best BBQ in town! Plates are $7 and all proceeds will go to our youth for summer camp!! Please come out and join us and help support our youth in the service for Christ!!
OK, got on the phone today trying to find more donations.. Tractor Supply (need to call back tomorrow) Home Depot (needs a letterhead explaining what we need it for) Walmart (Same as above) Meijers (donation application, pick up at service desk) Pleasant Thyme (left a message) IF anyone is around any of these places it would be really awesome if they could pick up the applications or drop off a letter in regards to it. If you do this please let me know what place you did so I don't go there. I don't have a ton of time to do all these things, so it would be nice if others helped too. Lastly, what places am I missing?? Garden centers in MP?
Looking to donate to the rescue but not sure what to purchase??? He's a few things at the top of our list that are always helpful to receive: Cash donations, fuel gift card, Home Depot or Lowe's gift card, TSC ( Tractor Supply ) gift card, Family Farm and Home (located in Richmond) gift card. On behalf of our current and future rescued horses, THANK YOU for your support! ~Elizabeth
Petting Zoo at Tractor Supply in Kerrville that has Exotic animals! Landri loved them!
Gonna be at the Tractor Supply in Mount Airy till about lunch time to support Maryland High School Rodeo Association. Hope to see some people there :)
Westland track Car Wash at Tractor Supply on West Broad today. Kurt will be there from 10-2 if anyone needs a Car Wash.
HELLO EVERYONE! We have 3 of the Catahoula pups for you! Rascal, Remington, and Rocket! These sweet boys are growing up FAST! They need homes! They are now 11 weeks old, and as sweet as their faces are! They need 2 more vaccinations, the last of which will be given when they are neutered. They are super SMART and LOYAL! The boys will be at Tractor Supply in Lufkin, Saturday the 26th at 10:00am. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!
We are at Tractor Supply in Hendersonville, NC off Four Seasons Blvd tomorrow from 10-1 selling spay/neuter vouchers.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Today we kick off our Paper Clover Campaign at the Tractor Supply in Highland. Please spread the word and let us know if you are available to help! Customers at the register will be asked to donate to 4-H through May 4th, and the proceeds will help defray the costs of the Ulster County Fair.
Alex Mitchell how is your new dog food doing? The 4Health brand from Tractor Supply?
Mercy Fund Animal Rescue will participate in the Earth Day Celebration. Details: April 26, Saturday, instead of adoptions at Tractor Supply we will be at the McDowell Earth Day Celebration. This event will be in the parking lot in front of Big Lots, set up begins at 8am that day! Event begins at 9am and lasts until 2pm.
Little Yorkie Rescue will be having their very first adoption event. May 31st @ Tractor Supply in Amherst Ohio. There will be other rescues attending also so please stop by and support all these rescues and maybe find your next forever friend. The address is 1971 Cooper Foster Park Road, Amherst Ohio. Hope to see a lot of people attending.
Ennis FFA Booster Club is having a Bake Sale @ Tractor Supply. Come on out and grab a dessert for Easter lunch, buy a hot dog or a raffle ticket. All proceeds go towards scholarships for our seniors.
๐ŸšจSAVE THE DATE๐Ÿšจ . April 26th from 11-3 Tractor Supply on Hickory Flt! Come get the pollen washed off your car for donations to Horse Rescue!
Look at what Oleo Acres is doing in Tipton County for SRVS/Tipton County Enhanced Learning Center - they created a huge garden for the people supported so they will be able grow and sell their own herbs and vegetables. The individuals loved learning about gardening, digging into the earth and coming closer to nature! Thank you, Tim Ammons from Oleo Acres, the City of Stanton, Home Depot in Covington, Tractor Supply and all the wonderful staff who made this project possible!
On Saturday, April 26 from 10-2 at the Tractor Supply store in Ruston, we have been asked to help with the 4-H Clover Sale. I need several 4-H students to be there to help. You do not need to stay the whole time, but I do need a few students there to represent us. They ask that you wear a 4-H shirt of some sort (shooting sports, camp, etc.). Please call the office and let Miss Samantha or myself know if you can help that day. Thanks! Mrs. Wendy
Yay! We received our first donation for our Wildlife Judging team! I am so grateful and it seems like a good start! I have hope that we will meet our goal and it will make our trip so much easier! Thank you to everyone that shared the previous posts and please continue to do so! We will be selling cookies and awesome pound cake as well as helping Tractor Supply on April 26th and May 3rd in Griffin. Please come by and see us or if you want to just donate directly to the Wildlife Judging Team's National Competition fund, you can come to the Spalding County 4-H office. :) Thank you again and every little bit helps!
Tractor Supply : From farm to suburb, chicken coops are at the heart of the self- reliance movement $TSCO
Still trying to get the flyer so that I can post about the Venture Crew sale. If you have items to donate, you can drop them off at the old P and c Building on Elmira St. Here are the dates for drop off: Sat & Sun April 12 & 13; 19; 26 & 27; Sat May 3 โ€ข 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM โ€ข Former P&C Grocery 1730 Elmira Stree t; SAYRE, PA across from Tractor Supply and Peebles The sale is May 10 and 11!
*Feed* We use Purina Rabbit Chow Rabbit Feed 50 lb bags at Tractor Supply is $18.49 (before taxes) and Mize Farm And Garden in Gray is $16.75 (before taxes). You can get Tractor Supply to call Mize and they will match there price. The number to Mize is (423) 467-2300.ย  We also use Royal Wing Black Oil Sunflower Seedsย  at Tractor Supply 40 lb bags are $19.99 (before taxes), 20 lb bags are $12.99 (before taxes), 12 lb bags are $10.49 (before taxes), and 5lb bags are $6.99 (before taxes). We use Calf-Manna Performance Supplement to keep the does big for the babies and plenty milk. They can't have it everyday though. We mix the small scoop of Calf-Manna, Oatmeal, and Boss and give the does half a cup every other day when they are bred and before the babies get moving around to eat. The babies can not eat the mix.ย  We get the Calf-Manna Performance Supplement at Tractor Supply a 50lb bag is $29.99 (before taxes), and a 10 lb bag is $12.99 (before taxes). We also use the Quaker Old Fashioned Oats 42 oz at Wa ...
Today I took metal rings of the hose on the sprayer that my dad wanted m to do . The sprayer is a farm mechainary that he uses to spray the field and all . He's getting a new hose for the sprayer at Tractor Supply . I went drinking today twice with my mom first I got a b plus , because I did't look when I pulled out of the parking lot at Target . Then I went driving with my dad on the way down to Rutter's in Wrightsville . Then it was my sister's turn to drive she drive to Mac's ice cream shop to get ice cream . Then my dad was talking on the phone in the parking lot for along time . Then we took a long way home . My sister drove all the way home . I drove to Rutter's .
Breakfast with Trisha Zimmerman running errands then dinner with Tom Zimmerman and Rus T Bucket then Tractor Supply...I want those baby chicks and ducks :) now its time to relax and watch Harry Potter, what an awesome day...have a good nite everyone...
Boone adopted today at Tractor Supply by a "cat whisperer". His new Dad spent 45 minutes just gaining his trust. He even had him purring!!!
GIRARD LIFESAVER RESCUE, INC. ADOPTION EVENT SATURDAY! WE WILL BE AT TRACTOR SUPPLY TOMORROW, SATURDAY FROM !:00 Til 4:00 Bobby Jones Exp., Augusta, Ga. come on out and join just may find your new best friend! We are In great need of Tractor Supply brand Retriever Hi Pro dog food and Purina Puppy chow for the many puppies and dogs we have in rescue. For the wonderful Couple from North Augusta who were interested in Blue Boy and Baby Girl, our two AWESOME pitties, they will be there as promised! Thanks all and please share! Lets find homes for these babies!
Welcome Home Tractor Supply Company! Today marks a new chapter in the history of Appalachian Milk Soap. Our Furry Friends All Natural Pets line will go on sale as a test market in 24 Tractor Supply stores across the country. We are excited about the opportunity to work with Tractor Supply and to introduce our all natural pet products to their customers. Below is a complete list of the Tractor Supply stores where our all natural pet soap, pet refresher, and pet salve will be available for sale beginning today, Friday, March 28, 2014. We encourage you to tell your friends and families who use our pet products, to please go out and support us. Leading up to this announcement we have been talking with our Furry Friends customers and they are thrilled to know we may be coming to a Tractor Supply near them soon. Your support can help make it a reality. From all of us here at Appalachian Milk Soap a sincere thank you to all of our customers for fueling our passion to bring you the best all natural, handmade prod ...
I am totally gave out . went to Sears and KMart with Brandon...then to Walmart and Tractor Supply with him, Cameron,Crystal and Mem.they are going to fix dinner while my tail sits on the couch.hope everyone has had a blessed day
Here are 2 of the faces coming to the adoption event tomorrow at Tractor Supply on 191 Odessa, Texas. They are 1/2 lab 1/2 Dalmatian. Aren't they precious!!! Come out and adopt.
Old man came up to me in Tractor Supply & asked what kind of "computer box" I have. Uh well sir, one, it's called a phone.
"The correct naphtha is NOT sold in the U.S.A. Not at Tractor Supply or Home Depot or Lowes or even Sherwin Williams. It's still sold in Canada though. I have a friend that does distill it to 100ยฐF and saves what solvent does come off, to use for making oil." Steve Csicsek "If you live in the USA then you won't be getting the right Naphtha, all naphtha made in the USA can not be trusted because of the loose regulation on ingredients in this type of solvent. You will never get pure naphtha in the USA, even the vm&p can be completely inconsistent from one bottle to the next and isn't even advertised as pure. In Canada they make pure naphtha and it is the best solvent to use compared to ISO or Grain alcohol, don't make a huge mistake and waste meds or even worse make yourself or someone else even more sick by using the wrong solvent. Be warned the naphtha in the USA will even make an oil that looks completely as it should but will make you very sick." Chase Abanatha -- The fact that pure aliphatic naphtha d ...
Hi everyone we are going to do a adoption event again this sunday March 23 at Tractor Supply in Iron Mountain We will be there at Noon. We will try to get a album with the dogs that will be there posted in the next day or so. See you Sunday
P2P West 03/15/2013 Location: Mustang United Methodist Church 211 W Hwy 152 Mustang, OK 73064 Location is just behind Tractor Supply, North side of Highway 152, west of Mustang road. Date: Saturday March15, 2014 Time: 9-11:00 AM * Childcare will be provided, Please RSVP: jjabina1 by Friday March 14th. Snacks will be provided but if your child has allergies please make sure to bring him/her snacks. If I have any parent that would like to volunteer to bring snacks this week let me know. I am excited our speaker this month is: Diann Burris, M.S., CCC-SLP Speech Language Pathologist Canadian Valley Speech and Language Services Diann is not only a friend but also has been a SLP within the Mustang School district for several years. She will visit with us on Saturday to give us some tips and hopefully tricks that we can use at home. She will also share what services she provides at the schools and also within her private sessions. Please remember that just because we meet on the west side of the Metro we would . ...
While I'm being needy I have more requests.. I will still take donations for The Lovebirds: Fred and Ginger for hay. 1 bale of hay with hauling is 50.00. I also have a box of new halters, lead ropes, & also would like to add other items such as medical supplies that is being donated to End Of The Line Horse Placement who took a chance on a very old skinny pony now known as Trooper.. Then there is my favorite local horse rescue that I started a box of goodies for at Christmas to send to Central Virginia Horse Rescue. So far that only has 2 items in it :( New & used horse items will be accepted, bandaging materials, 1st aid items as well as much needed gift card to Tractor Supply, Southern States, gas, & food cards. For my horse friends please save the proof of purchases off Southern States & Triple Crown feeds as I donate them as well.. my Paypal is spoiledbonIF anyone wants to help.. please specify which rescue you would like it to go to or let me know of items that need to be picked up or dropped off :)
Rooster got into some rat poison in the barn the other night; he's spending the night at the vet in Penn Yan. Amanda Miller is in Nashville with Tractor Supply. That leaves Willie and I to hold down the ranch. Both of us miss our Thunder Buddies.
If you have not been to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter at 395 Belgrade lately, you should pay them a visit. There are always lots and lots of adoptable pets there just waiting for their very own special someone. If you have a little time to spare, why not use some of that time to volunteer at the shelter? The animals always love to take a walk, and it helps to socialize them for future owners.These are some of the animals available at the shelter. They get more daily. If you have any questions about one of them please let us know. Thank you Shelter hours Tuesday-Saturday 11-6 LOCATION 395 Belgrade Rd, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 They are located on the corner of Warehouse Rd and Belgrade Rd, directly behind Tractor Supply. Shelter contacts: Phone (Business hours) (865) 425-3423 Emergency (865) 425-4399 Fax (865) 425-3427 Email animalshelterFEE โ€ข $110.00 fee for the adoption of either dog or cat โ€ข $100.00 fee for the adoption of a second animal at same time Adoption fee includes our veterinarian performing a phy ...
Big thanks to those who participated in $5 Friday yesterday: Susan Nalley, Kelly Bruce, Sherry Wyleta, Lynzee M, Suggie & Buffie Dummitt, Bobbi Mount, Amanda Smith, Kloos Furry Crew, Amy Blevins, Beth Bishop, Lynn Williams, Caroline Felice, Kristina McGuffin, and Brad Wunderlich! Thank you to Katrina Butcher, Jean Varble, and Erin Winter for your donations thru Razoo earlier this week! Also a big thank you to Pennies-4-Paws Inc. for raising $100 for Kenzie's spay surgery yesterday as part of their Sneuter-a-day campaign! Come out to see some of our awesome dogs for adoption today at Poes Pet Depot 291 N Hubbards Lane from 11-3pm or Tractor Supply 11250 Preston Highway from 12-4pm.
I am without a phone so sorry if I haven't responded to your texts or calls. Here is the schedule for tomorrow! Group 1 (Shelby Danielle Johnson, Hailey McDaniel, Jordan Kite, Erick James McWhite and Cole Hamilton) will meet at Tractor Supply at 9 am in Marianna to set up and sell the first round of BBQ Sandwiches. Group 2( Sam Rabon, Jacob Brown, Taylor Reed, Destinee Douthit, JoeMac and Ketsia Tshimbalanga) will relieve group 1 at 11 am and stay until 1 pm. See yall tomorrow! Wear something that has FFA on it! :) Oh and a BIG thanks to Alan Toole and Barbara Miles Toole for taking care of the meat! Yall are the bomb dot com!
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