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Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross (born October 29, 1972) is an American actress. She is best known for her lead role as Joan Clayton on the UPN/CW series, Girlfriends.

Anthony Anderson Diana Ross Ralph Lauren Regina Hall Laurence Fishburne Elizabeth Warren Viola Davis Kerry Washington Phylicia Rashad Jenifer Lewis Angela Bassett Gabrielle Union Jill Scott Tim Allen Katt Williams Loretta Devine

I liked a video Courtney B. Vance and Tracee Ellis Ross - Actors on Actors – Full Conversation
Tracee Ellis Ross, Courtney B. Vance Discuss the Importance of Race in TV via
for some reason I always want to pronounce Jasmine Guy's name like I'm Tracee Ellis Ross with a French accent
Tracee Ellis Ross making less than Anthony Anderson is ridiculous. They both seem to be underpaid as far as sitcom stars go.
Blackish's Tracee Ellis Ross & Anthony Anderson make less than half of what Tim Allen and Patricia Heaton make despite h…
Tim Allen gets 3X the salary of Tracee Ellis Ross despite earning half the ratings & none of the critical acclaim.
Find someone who looks at you the way Tracee Ellis Ross looks at Kate McKinnon
Oooh you could totally be Tracee Ellis Ross circa Girlfriends!!!
star Tracee Ellis Ross reveals what her mom said when she found out about her nomination
The hosts of new show Bingeworthy are rooting for Tracee Ellis Ross!
Tracee Ellis Ross says she called her mom first after learning of her nomination!
In love with this Marie Claire interview with Tracee Ellis Ross.
Tracee Ellis Ross didn't win at but she made history for women nationwide. That's what matters.
"I love my hair because it's a reflection of my soul..." -Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross is having a major moment
Elizabeth Warren and Tracee Ellis Ross on the Road to Activism
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Tracee Ellis Ross in custom at the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards .
Tracee Ellis Ross, well this is the way you wear a white gown & it's Ralph Lauren, come on American fashion!
Tracee Ellis Ross!. This gorgeous dress is by Ralph Lauren!. Jewels by de GRISOGONO. ️
Miles Brown, Trevor Jackson, Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross (in Ralph Lauren) and Jenifer Lewis arrived...
Gorgeous in white, Blackish actress Tracee Ellis Ross in Ralph Lauren at the
Yayyy!! This is a woman who knows what looks good on her. Tracee Ellis Ross (in Ralph Lauren...
Regina King in Elizabeh Kennedy, . Tracee Ellis Ross in Ralph Lauren and. Anthony Anderson at…
And btw I aint that convinced by Tracee Ellis Ross in Ralph Lauren.
Tracee Ellis Ross draped in Ralph Lauren for the red carpet. The star is nominated
Tracee Ellis Ross in Ralph Lauren is doing it for me
Elizabeth Warren says senators discuss people who lost homes as if they are "furniture that should be tossed out"
2 of my favorite ladies: Table for Three: and on the Road to Activism
I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me. —Tr…
Tracee Ellis Ross and Elizabeth Warren sit down to talk the coming election, road maps for social change
Tracee Ellis Ross' nomination reveals the Emmys' problem with race via
.slays US all the time, so we're not surprised she's making history:
Major salute to & the Black women who made history before her:
What and had to say about politics, activism and black-ish
10:50pm or after your local news, Tracee Ellis Ross, Andrew Rannells, Mac Miller and Anderson .Paak
Tracee Ellis Ross. I know she's not a fitness account but I do look at her account/body for motivation!
I feel dumb for not knowing Evan Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross are related AND that Diana Ross is their mom smh ..
Jennifer Lewis is my aunt. Tracee Ellis Ross is my mother. Loretta Devine is my grandmother. Angela Bassett is my god mother.
Tracee Ellis Ross called her mom, Diana Ross, after getting her first nomination
😂 Anthony Anderson & Tracee Ellis Ross make magic together on-screen. What a great pair
Tracee Ellis Ross is the reason I wear Ruby Woo by MAC 💖
Nah Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross hosting- BET Awards about to be lit 🔥🔥🔥
I want Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross to be married for real
Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson are really excited to host the
I feel like everyone needs to see this iconic video of Tracee Ellis Ross dancing to 'Daddy Lessons' while modeling.
They're back! Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross will host the 2016 BET Awards. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I don't find Tracee Ellis Ross all that pretty...
Sage Steele is fine bruh like in that class of fine that Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina Hall are in
I saw Tracee Ellis Ross on the flight to LA, and Anthony Anderson at baggage claim!
Conan finally learns to Snapchat from wise teacher Tracee Ellis Ross
When you have a dream that Tracee Ellis Ross is your neighbor & don't know how to act.
Tracee Ellis Ross definitely reminding us Ross is her name and Diana is her mother.
Tracee Ellis Ross did not come to play!.
See red carpet looks from Cate Blanchett, Kristen Bell, Naomie Harris, Emilia Clarke, Tracee Ellis Ross & more at
WOW is that Gabrielle Union, Rashida and Kidada and Tracee Ellis Ross all in Gab Union's snap story???
Tracee Ellis Ross my cousin & Diana Ross my Aunty. Been saying that since I was a child.
Tracee Ellis Ross been killing it since the lyricist lounge show
Listen man... used to tune in to Girlfriends cuz of the darkskin cute chick. Don't try to tell me Tracee Ellis Ross was fine back then lol
Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina Hall rapping "Jumpman" is too funny not to watch # via
Tracee Ellis Ross & Regina Hall breaking down the ultimate trust factor, which is
Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina Hall rap along to Jumpman
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Tracee Ellis Ross has really been setting it off with these looks…
Thank you Tracee Ellis Ross for sharing that quote! Just as The Nikki Thomas Network said it best! You must watch...
Joan Clayton was such a great character. Mara brock akil is such a great writer. & Tracee Ellis Ross is perfection. ❤
Matter of fact, with Amy Poehler + Edie Falco's respective shows wrapped up — it's overdue for Tracee Ellis Ross & Constance Wu to get nods.
Tracee Ellis Ross gives me so much life! She's seems like such a care-free, down to earth, beautiful person!
Tracee Ellis Ross eats her rice and cabbage
To know me is to know of my love of Tracee Ellis Ross, Gabrielle Union, and Serena Williams.
Take a Bow! See who will be honored At ESSENCE's Black Women In Hollywood Event
OWN will Televise 2016 'Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards’ as a special on Feb. 27th
The first inductee into the Hall of Fame: Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross' unconventional but fun childhood culminates in a funny story about Michael Jackson (begins at...
Gabrielle Union, Tracee Ellis Ross and Keegan Michael Key at the 47th NAACP Image Awards.…
Tracee Ellis Ross and Meshach Taylor as Will and Grace with Katt Williams as Jack and Khandi Alexander
Tracee Ellis Ross totally knocked it out of the park!
Tracee Ellis Ross rocks Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" on -- watch!
Order Miche Bag Online!
I still don't understand how Tracee Ellis Ross is single
Whoever styles Tracee Ellis Ross in real life and on Blackish
Tracee Ellis Ross I love how she dresses
I love that Tracee Ellis Ross never changed her hair for any of her roles. It gives me hope as a natural girl.
New year, same goals: look like Tracee Ellis Ross and buy gold bottoms
tryna eat Tracee Ellis Ross from da byke this year. aim high, miss high.
Tracee Ellis Ross continues to prove why she has our hearts. The actress appeared on "Larry King Now" on Sunday night to di…
I wanna play Tracee Ellis Ross in a biopic lol
If you're concentrated on Tracee Ellis Ross' teeth you're living life wrong.
Tracee Ellis Ross in that leather jumpsuit *** lol
Tracee Ellis Ross has grasp a big smile for 2016. 📺📺 check out the entire story on…
2016. And Tracee Ellis Ross still has a top 5 wagon, but the same Reptar face. Synergy.
Tracee Ellis Ross on her Role as Rainbow Johnson on Black-ish
Tracee Ellis ross and Diana Ross are just flawless . ❤👏
Tracee Ellis Ross has aged so well in my opinion
Can I be as bad as Tracee Ellis Ross when I get to be her age?
Need a Tracee Ellis Ross next to me tonight.
📷 johngotty: Tracee Ellis Ross stunting and stunning.
I'm trying to age like Tracee Ellis Ross
Diana Ross pulls daughter on stage to sing
I just seen a pic of Tracee Ellis Ross and started talking like ol boy from tha Patti Pie video. I said Tracee, Trace um um ummm Traceee
If I could get one thing this it would be Tracee Ellis Ross having my baby.
It's something I've noticed for a while, too; meanwhile, we got Tracee Ellis Ross, Regina Hall, etc., who are RIGHT here.
Rainbow (played by the lovely Tracee Ellis Ross) from knows what's she's talking about!…
Tracee Ellis Ross in blackish is the mom I want to be and I'm going to be
Tracee Ellis Ross has the best wardrobe on every show she's on.
I wanna be Michelle Obama when I grow up (and Oprah and Kerry Washington and Tracee Ellis Ross and so many others)!
Tracee Ellis Ross opens up about getting out of her mother's shadow
Tracee Ellis Ross been bae since girlfriends I used to watch that because they all of her & Toni chocolatey ***
My bundles came. I'm about to go from Tracee Ellis Ross to Kelis soon.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Tracee Ellis Ross recently stopped by "Larry King Now" to speak on the pay gap in Hollywood and…
I lowkey get offended when ppl say I look like Tracee Ellis Ross bc she gotta lazy eye 💀
Tracee Ellis Ross credits getting out of her mother's shadow as reason for career growth
I fell in love with Tracee Ellis Ross rapping 6 God smfh lmao
Gonna just do every workout Tracee Ellis Ross posts on Instagram 100 times & hope for that banging bod 🙏🏾
Your and Tracee Ellis Ross' characters were ying & yang. I tried to continue watching but couldn't.
Diana Ross' daughter is coming out and she wants Las Vegas to know! Tracee Ellis Ross surprised fans Sunday afternoon when sh…
A Photo Tour of The Set of ABC's with Tracee Ellis Ross! via
*** Tracee Ellis Ross and blackish got snubbed for real 😓
LRT: Great category, but would have loved to see Tracee Ellis Ross or Mindy Kaling nominations.
Tracee Ellis Ross & Kristen Schaal should be on this list imo.
It's hard to imagine that the ever-vibrant Tracee Ellis Ross was once shy about anything. But the 43-year-old daughter…
Diana Ross sang with Tracee Ellis Ross & they are our ultimate family goals
ALSO Tracee Ellis Ross because she should be in more *** stuff in general.
I just wanna be able to get my hair like Tracee Ellis Ross's
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Tracee Ellis Ross keep playin.: Ima catch her backstage at one of these award shows
I just want to be Tracee Ellis Ross. Is that too much to ask?
Maaan... I know I say this a lot but Tracee Ellis Ross is like my moms age and I'd take her hand in marriage any day.
Watching Laurence Fisburne pull Tracee Ellis Ross through that hospital is my favorite thing that's ever happened on
Be you. Follow your dreams. But never forget, Tracee Ellis Ross is watching you.
Tracee Ellis Ross is so dope. I love her.
Just waiting for Tracee Ellis Ross' hairstylist to hip us to her perfect rollersets
Tracee Ellis Ross so cute and fine and everything.
I love me some Tracee Ellis Ross. Y'all can spare my mentions with your contrary sentiments
Ran into one of the kids from Blackish & I may or may not have walked around the Disney lot for 30 minutes in search of Tracee Ellis Ross.
Tracee Ellis Ross Getting Pops to the doctor is no joke 🏃🏾💨 U won’t want…
“I want my body to be beautiful, but our bodies are not objects.” -Tracee Ellis Ross.
"I cheer for people. I was raised to believe there's enough sun for everybody" -Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross is like that cool *** corny auntie that you can't get enough of lol
Tracee Ellis Ross Happy Birthday to one of the men who inspires me to live…
'Style Influencer' Christina Brown's fashion crush on 'black-ish' actress Tracee Ellis Ross
I want to give Tracee Ellis Ross a baby
Tracee Ellis Ross can get all inches of my *** !
Tracee Ellis Ross is the only woman I'll trade in all men for. She's everything.
Tracee Ellis Ross looks so habesha to me
I love Tracee Ellis Ross so much lol
Tracee Ellis Ross dancing to hotline bling 👌🏽
.gave instagram 15 seconds of sexy while listening to "Hotline Bling"
Tracee Ellis Ross looks like she came straight from taking an old time family photo at an amusement park.
Tracee Ellis Ross recreated her mom's music video to empower other women
Tracee Ellis Ross is shaking what her mama gave her!. The NAACP Image Award-winning Black-ish actress recently...
Me when I grow up: Viola Davis, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Tracee Ellis Ross, Gina Torres, Michelle Rodriguez, and a splash of Angie Jolie-Pitt
Just discovered & has awakened my love for Angela Bassett, Queen Solo & Tracee Ellis Ross...
.she won out against Tracee Ellis Ross though..? Amber Rose? Rihanna? Serena? Bria? Me?
Kim Kardashian vs. Tracee Ellis Ross: who looked better in latex? Pic:
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
And no shade, but I'm tired of people like Tracee Ellis Ross and Phylicia Rashad playing the Black mother and Sanaa Latha…
And ya'll, it's Tracee. Not Tracy or Traci or Tracey. . Tracee Ellis Ross.
It don't make no sense for Tracee Ellis Ross to be that fine!
Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross got me wondering why nobody ever had Martin and Tisha Campbell host an award show.
I'm so done with Tracee Ellis Ross and and Anderson Anthony 😂😂😂
Tracee Ellis Ross is one of my queens. It's Beyoncé, Phylicia Rashad, Lauryn Hill, and Tracee.
Jenifer Lewis, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jeff Friday and others, moving and shaking at
Jenifer Lewis admits mental disorder after Tracee Ellis Ross presents her with award:
That's what's up there are hosting the Bet Awards nice. Tracee Ellis Ross & Anthony Anderson. 🏆
‘Hosts are Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross of but we still don’t now who’ll be performing yet! but i’ll keep y’all posted’
CCTA 2015: See blue carpet photos of Taraji P Henson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and more - Pulse Nigeria -
See Regina King, Tracee Ellis Ross, & Others dish on the influx of black women in
Excited great lineup for the Women in Media Foundation's 40th? . Tracee Ellis Ross, Linda Perry &Amy Pham+ get details.
Celebrity girl crush? — Tough one. Tracee Ellis Ross and Jill Marie Jones can still be my boos.
My personality and style are a hybrid of Solange and Tracee Ellis Ross. I'm completely fine with that too.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Tracee Ellis Ross optimizes what a woman should be. 😍
May the space between where we are and where we want to be inspire us . Tracee Ellis Ross.
Tracee Ellis Ross is my new favorite interviewee
Once I get a Tracee Ellis Ross booty, I'll be satisfied. Until then... 🙇
ok I be your vp then. As long as Tracee Ellis Ross can be our Olivia pope
Tracee Ellis Ross looking great at the NAB TV luncheon receiving Chairman's Award.
Tracee Ellis Ross, star of Blackish, receives the Television Chairman's award.
Tracee Ellis Ross is just marvelous. So glad she could speak at
Tracee Ellis Ross wins the television chairman's award.
Gorgeous and talented Tracee Ellis Ross receiving the NAB Television Chairman's Award.
For example. Tracee Ellis Ross. The mother of my child.
Tracee Ellis Ross will host the Gracies Awards Gala on May 19.
Photoset: soph-okonedo: Tracee Ellis Ross and her father, Robert Ellis Silberstein [X]
Idk why I think Tracee Ellis Ross sexy now but I do
Tracee Ellis Ross personality goals actually higher on the list
The stars of the hit show Black-ish Anthony Anderson & Tracee Ellis Ross were a riot today on…
Debbie Allen, Phylicia Rashad, and Tracee Ellis Ross are my favorite black women.
So many strong black women on prime time TV Tracee Ellis Ross, TarajiPHenson, Kerry Washington, Viola Davis. Yas.
If I don't get to see Kerry Washington, Tracee Ellis Ross, Matt McGrory or Viola Davis this semester then I did my internship wrong.
stuff that will give you Tracee Ellis Ross eyes. How we're self hating and caping for Whiteness by cheering on Ms Jamaica etc
Tracee Ellis Ross look scary as he'll when she smiles... I'd prefer to only see her from the neck down
Tracee Ellis Ross always looks SO good on :: I want a wife that fine
the *** on Tracee Ellis Ross is so serious, cant wait to run across her in games will be played
I got the crazy crush on Tracee Ellis Ross
"It's more important to be in the experience of your life than the accomplishment of your life." -Tracee Ellis Ross
Our is stunner natural is a force to be reckoned with!
Photoset: phattygirls: I would literally eat pound cake out off TRACEE ELLIS ROSS’S ***
Tracee Ellis Ross’s backside does not get enough admiration …
I had a once. It was Tracee Ellis Ross because the Lord took his time with her 😍
Tracee Ellis Ross is the best to follow on IG 😂
Do y'all follow Tracee Ellis Ross on Instagram 😂😂 what is wrong with her?
Tracee Ellis Ross on the hit Primetime show, 'Black-ish'
Prof. Tricia Rose contemplates the impact of Theatre Arts Major, Tracee Ellis Ross ’94, in the latest
Tracee Ellis Ross looks cool and intimidating af all at once...old age goals.
"My top three women I look up to in fashion are Tracee Ellis Ross, Solange and Kelis 🙌🙌🙌"
if anybody in the industry has a fat and REAL *** it would be Tracee Ellis Ross and Erykah Badu
"Tracee Ellis Ross the ultimate butter face" man
Tracee Ellis Ross the ultimate butter face
Tracee Ellis Ross is perfect man. I love her 😩😍😍
I talked to about all the incredible natural hair textures on prime time TV! http…
So stoked to be in Women in TV issue! Thx & …
Tracee Ellis Ross is everything. I just love her!
"You hire me, you hire my hair," says Tracee Ellis Ross. Tracee Ellis Ross Explains Importance of Na
I just love this pic of Tracee Ellis Ross and mom, Diana Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross is 42 and still killing the game! She gives me hope! Lmao
Ugh why is Tracee Ellis Ross so bae
Tracee Ellis Ross at ELLE magazine’s annual Women in Television celebration at Sunset Tower in West…
Tracee Ellis Ross, Muhva Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott got so much gaddamn body!!! 🙌
RTGirls With Grillz-Tracee Ellis Ross and more ladies rock flashy... OnlyBlackVibes
. Diana Ross and Berry Gordy with their daughter Rhonda Ross and sisters Tracee Ellis Ross and...
I have a new show, "Blackish" w/ Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross. Great casting, great story lines, gre
Tracee Ellis Ross and Tichina Arnold are proof women are funny.
I'm just catching that Tracee Ellis Ross' character is named Rainbow Johnson... Like the Richard Pryor character.
black-ish is HILARIOUS! OMG! A great show! Tracee Ellis Ross, Lawrence Fishburne and Anthony Anderson make...
black•ish" star Tracee Ellis Ross came out to support. Her brand new ABC series was just picked up by the network...
Comedic Duo: "Black-ish" co-stars Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson have as much fun off screen as they do on the show.
Black-ish has to be my new favourite TV comedy. Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson are doing the *** thing!
Watching this show with Anthony Anderson & Tracee Ellis Ross... Genius!! Good acting too!! ABC network 👌👌
oh Ray lol..Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson have a new show on ABC.
Lmao I like this new show with Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne and Tracee Ellis Ross. It's funny
All purpose parts banner
Switched on Wendy Williams on BET and really enjoying the Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson interview. I miss having this channel.
This morning we've got two stars of "BLACKish": Tracee Ellis Ross & Anthony Anderson. Listen in! Watch the show tonight!...
I like parts of the show. Tracee Ellis Ross. The kids. But overall, something about Anthony Anderson strikes me as disingenuous
Who has watched the new ABC show starring Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Laurence Fishburne, black-ish?...
Tracee Ellis Ross is so under appreciated
Black-ish: Series Premiere Review: Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Laurence Fishburne have some good,...
I can't decide if Lisa Salters looks good or not. She's in the Tracee Ellis Ross group. "Awkward Pretty"
Lisa Bonet, Stacey Dash, Tracee Ellis Ross need to come holla at a young *** like me.
I wish Tracee Ellis Ross, Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, and Angela Bassett could all combine their non aging techniques and give them to me
*Judy Smith “When I grow up I want to be Tracee Ellis Ross.”
Tracee Ellis Ross says role on ABC's comedy 'Black-ish' mirrors her life as a biracial woman BEVERLY HILLS, California (AP) - Tracee Ellis Ross says her upcoming role on the ABC comedy "Black-ish" allows her to be who she really is: a biracial woman. "I am both (black and white) and yet I identify as a black woman," said the 41-year-old actress Tuesday at the Television Critics Association annual summer press tour. Ross' parents are singer Diana Ross and music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein. "It's really fun for me to actually play a mixed girl on television. I am actually out (pause) as a mixed woman," she laughed. On "Black-ish", Ross is the wife of Anthony Anderson's character, who worries they've lost touch with their ethnicity. She said their TV marriage is rare because it's a happy, healthy relationship, rather than dysfunctional. "The comedy between this couple does not come from them hating each other," Ross said. "Black-ish" also stars Laurence Fishburne, who has a role on NBC's "Hannibal." F ...
Dudes don't like natural hair unless it's Tracee Ellis Ross natural. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Okay I see you! “Tracee Ellis Ross, 19, modeling for Thierry Mugler |
A secret society of Hollywood actresses (including Jurnee Smollet, Alfre Woodard, Tracee Ellis Ross, Meagan Good, Nicole Byer, Retta & Loretta Devine) reveal just how powerful black women really are in this hilarious spoof. Check out the video below via Funny or Die and find out what’s REALLY going…
Just found out Tracee Ellis Ross is Diana Ross' daughter. Lol, I feel dumb.
... or have natural hair that doesn't look like Tracee Ellis Ross' hair.
Meanwhile, I want my booty like tracee Ellis Ross 😓
The summer is here and we need to stay hydrated! Tracee Ellis Ross shows you can do this and protect the...
Alfre Woodard, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Loretta Divine, Megan Good, and Tracee Ellis Ross star in a funny skit on why black women aren't casted in major roles in Hollywood. Watch "Black Women Run Hollywood"
I have a big crush on Tracee Ellis Ross. I'm confessing and owning it.
WHAT A MAGICAL NIGHT! I mentioned that I would be covering the red carpet for OPENING NIGHT of MOTOWN: THE MUSICAL! And in addition to all of my intros, tosses, and tags, I interviewed a host of CELEBRITY GUESTS and the show's stars INCLUDE - twice tonight - Motown founder BERRY GORDY and "MY" Diana Ross!!! 45th Street shook like an earthquake when Miss Ross arrived in the same limo as Berry for the highly anticipated world premiere at The Lunt Fontanne Theatre, followed by party at Roseland Ballroom. I reminded Miss Ross and Mr. Gordy that Motown nor Diana were strangers to Broadway (1. Diana Ross & The Supremes and The Temptations' follow-up TV special to their debut TCB was GIT: Getting It Together on Broadway; 2. "Pippin'" with Tony-award-winning Ben Vereen was a Motown soundtrack and Diana and the Jackson 5 both covered the show's hit track "Corner of the Sky"; 3. Miss Ross won a Tony for her Broadway-staged one-woman show which broke box office records: "An Evening with Diana Ross"). Diana said to B ...
Send me a Tracee Ellis Ross...sect weird face looking broad with the CAKE
I love Black Girls Rock, I never miss it but it's funny how you never see Oprah or Beyonce on them real shows you know why because they ain't down for the real cause of survival amongst Real Black Women, who you do see is Queen Latifah, Taraj P. Hensen, Jill Scott, Tracee Ellis Ross, Regina King and etc.
& my aunties-in-my-dreams Tracee Ellis Ross & Viola Davis is starring in both of them !!
the thing I hate about natural hair is that you could go from Tracee Ellis Ross to Kunta Kinte if you lay down or enter humidity.
If they ever do a movie about Michelle Obama, Tracee Ellis Ross should play as her.
Through special events at select Macy's stores, guests such as fashion editor Constance White, supermodel Beverly Johnson and actress Tracee Ellis Ross will highlight the uniqueness of Black fashion and how many of these styles
Damnit, Tracee Ellis Ross was RT'd on my TL & I was reminded how gorgeous she is. Why couldn't Diana be my mom so I could have that hair 😩😭
Tracee Ellis Ross gotta be the finest ugly woman who ever lived
I'm tryna get Angela Simmons body and Tracee Ellis Ross booty for 2014. I think I can do it lol 😩😂👏💪
Tracee Ellis Ross is gorgeous to me. I love her features.
Guys are always talking about beyonce's butt, but.. She's got nothing on Tracee Ellis Ross! Lol
I want to cut my hair again but I want a hair like Tracee Ellis Ross MINUS her hair texture cuz my hair is def kinkier than hers lol
The Golddigga sketch from Lyricists Lounge with Tracee Ellis Ross is classic
I just want really big curly hair, like tracee ellis ross
Been at work since 7am .. Working til 730Pm .. Then a personal training session ... I'm more tired than Tracee Ellis Ross rolling her eyes
Following Tracee Ellis Ross on insta may have been the smartest thing I've done yet in 2014
41-year-old Tracee Ellis Ross got a lot of tongues wagging yesterday after she posted a pic collage showing off her curvacious body. Tracee explained the reasoning for her rarely seen booty shots and why she decided to post these pics. I have to say, in this day and age of fake booties and photoshop...
Tracee Ellis Ross "look back at it" game prolly ill, big ol eyes and dat ***
Wait y'all really think Tracee Ellis Ross is ugly?
Tracee Ellis Ross can sit on my face & good morning ya
Can I say good lawd for Tracee Ellis Ross again??.Good lawd Jesus
Photoset: heavenrants: Why you should be following Tracee Ellis Ross on Instagram 
Ms.Tracee Ellis Ross her buns are fresh out da oven her cake game is on Vanilla yeah I'd do her any real *** would http…
I love Tracee Ellis Ross. . She is just so perfect.
Tracee Ellis Ross has been my girl since she portrayed the perpetually neurotic and lonely Joan on the sitcom Girlfriends. Since that show has ended, Tracee has done well for herself with successfu...
Nigguhs be forgetting Tracee Ellis Ross is Cakin like crazy. Gimme the chance n id take her down in a minute.
I am not a SNL expert but Sasheer Zamata isn't the first black woman on SNL. Wasn't Tracee Ellis Ross and Maya Rudolph on SNL? Or they don't count because they are half black?!
At the age of 41, Tracee Ellis Ross would MOST DEFINITELY be an exception. Hashtag,
Thought of the day / Dam, Tracee Ellis Ross is amazing !
Can someone get actress Tracee Ellis Ross a tall glass of water . . . cause she's acting real THIRST...
"Here is my wish and my desire and my pledge as well: that we remember our true nature and our womanhood. That we own and know that we are more than our bodies and yet our bodies are these sacred, beautiful, rhythmic houses for us." -Tracee Ellis Ross
I don't usually post these kind of pics, but I love Tracee Ellis Ross and her mom, Diana Ross.and she does look really, really, good! Still read the caption.
I think I am in love with Tracee Ellis Ross.!!!
I think I'm developing a thing for Tracee Ellis Ross
"I want to be awake. I want to choose kindness, live & let live. I want joy, gratitude, and peace today." -Tracee Ellis Ross
Jocelyn Ward reminds me of Tracee Ellis Ross In ever *** way!
Tracee Ellis Ross "I'm not the type to post booty pics...I love my body but I try not to objectify it! But today I I made a *** collage!"- BUT LOOK AT THE COMMENTS FOR A GOOD LOL.
We never, ever can get enough positive vibes from Tracee Ellis Ross-- this time uplifting curves.
In love with Tracee Ellis Ross I love her uniqueness!!! She is fierce!!!
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