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Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is a series of compact pickup trucks produced and marketed by the Toyota Motor Corporation.

Ford Ranger South Africa Boko Haram Land Cruiser

For the first time in Australian automotive history, a ute is the top selling "car" of the year - the Toyota Hilux!
Nowww this Toyota Hilux has beautiful seats.
do you use any trucks other than the indestructible Toyota Hilux?
1/24 the and sedans LN107 Toyota: Hilux pick up double cab lift up \' 94 model car
Steve Orme takes a sideways look at the motoring scene!.
Who would have thought an article on the Hilux could be entertaining...
hardtops for the fleet of 50 Hilux pick-ups
it's no problem at all. The manual is a different animal!! Glad you enjoyed
Struts and arms bars from Ultra Racing to Toyota Hilux & Fortunner last generation. Toyota Fortuner 2.4 2015- 2WD…
My neighbors1998 Toyota hilux bakkie is called Wadomokele
trio muscle through to Dakar top 10,
Beyond Tough Deals on the New Generation Hilux @ CMH Toyota Umhlanga. Call 031 5804000 to find out more.
MK8 Window Visors. One set free if interested. Tel/Text: 077-8662-6006 for more…
The new hilux looking stunning on this sunny day in mid Wales.
FCS Vehicle Solutions has some great pick up deals - just like this Toyota Hilux Call on 01…
⚠Warning all Toyota bakkie owners⚠ An increase of Toyota Hilux bakkies have been reported stolen in our area.
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Toyota Hilux Chrome Led side mirror with Auto flip motor and button included. Now all hilux and Vigo can flip...
Toyota redefines tough in its newly launched Hilux campaign via Saatchi & Saatchi, NZ
needs to sell the Hilux in the US I would hella cop one
Toyota hilux failed the roll test however the manufacturer is not interested in addressing the issue
Editor Steane and I took a new SR5 Hilux for a spin up to the property last week to do a thorough analysis of...
. ISIS tried to build a fighter jet?! You can't crash two Hilux trucks together and get it to fly!
One can of 4L paint or 20L paint could win you a brand new Toyota Hilux or many more great prizes! Which can will you buy?…
What's happened to insurance these days cheaper to be on a 2.5 litre Toyota Hilux rather than a 1 litre Toyota Yaris absolute joke 😒
What do you think of the new van line-up at RMB Toyota Teesside??
GP When you need a war wagon, Toyota Hilux.
This 2007 TOYOTA HILUX SR GGN15R MY07 has has all the strength you’ll need, along with sophisticated and...
2007 Toyota Hilux for sale in Kingston / St. Andrew -
6788 Knights in mosaic will join making it biggest team in !…
Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄Enjoying a lovely summer break with the awesome
The new Toyota Hilux 2016 fails moose test
Doesn't it seem strange that ISIS has a huge fleet of identical Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks? The US Treasury...
wish someone would do a full blown expose' on the Toyota Hilux trucks being all over Syria via state dept. would hit home.
Christmas night starts talking... Merry Christmas to ALL of You! :).
Santa just came down our street in the back of a Toyota Hilux, had to get a selfie with him
I liked a video from Toyota Hilux pulling off a truck thats blocking the road (BEAST
prepares for take off at the 2017 Rally:
The Toyota Hilux/Fortuner 3.0 D4D is still the easiest vehicle to steal (next to the VW Chico anyways) on SA roads.…
star testing the Toyota Hilux in Upington, South Africa > media action clip
Everyone gathered around anxiously awaiting for the computer generated number to pop up on the screen.
The Toyota Hilux population in Spring Creek, Marlborough is a large one
Built to last, the Toyota Hilux now available from £271 per month + VAT
in fairness, ISIS do like using Toyota Hilux
Check out Toyota's awesome arctic truck!
So Toyota has sold 3185 of the new Hilux in May alone in SA😳 and they're back on top with the best selling Bakkie in SA
Another of our previous toys... Loved this thing!! 84 . 5 Litre with Cam…
A new range of Toyota approved hardtops have been unveiled for the new generation Toyota Hilux. Click her for more:
Seeing things differently is easier with the new and its 48° limited angle of vehicle turn over
The new 2016 tougher, stronger and more capable than ever before!
Is the 2.4 GD-6 4x4 SRX the sweet spot in the Hilux range? We find out... https…
We love the look of the new Toyota Hilux, do you?
Tougher, stronger and more capable off-road. Take a closer look at the new Toyota
Right now if you buy a new 2016 Toyota Hilux you will get your very own purpose built Swanndri courtesy of Toyota...
Another great things is the post that goes “guys, I’ve built a 24 litre V18 toyota hilux with diffs from a caterpillar dozer and seats from
Toyota’s Hilux latest version has once again topped the sales charts in May.
Hayden Ball, his girlfriend Monet & their trusty HiLux tackled Blowering Dam in the Snowy Mountains. Great snap!👌
In this week’s Autocar: Mega Clio RS16, new Toyota Hilux driven in Namibia and more:
NMMU students . Be alert of A Tinted all white Toyota Hilux with Canopy (singleCab) going around terrorizing Students in Summerstand
Reason to own a bakkie: Take your camping trip to the next level. view our Hilux range at:
Toughness can come in a lot of different shapes and forms. Build your own Hilux at:
back Hilux gives Toyota number one status in sales...
2008 Toyota Hilux Double Cab 3.0 D4D 4x2. R180,000. this is the only way I could afford one!
New post: ". Australian storm leaves Toyota Hilux swamped as it drives through floodwaters. " .
: 2017 Toyota Hilux Is Going To Get French Facelift: The 2017 Toyota Hilux is going to be given a...
Toyota Motor Company: Toyota Pull the Pro-Trophy Hunting Commercial for Toyota Hilux - Sign the Petit... via
South Africa’s 10 best-selling bakkies of May 2016: . Toyota Hilux or Ford Ranger? The battle for th...
Pres Jacob Zuma&Dr Johan van Zyl; Chairman Toyota SA arriving for the official launch of the new Toyota Hilux...
The biggest of bakkie battles: we pit the Ford Ranger against the Toyota Hilux...
I liked a video Driving a 1995 toyota hilux
I liked a video toyota hilux 4x4 2013
Take a look at the and how it has progressed over the years, then explore more here:
No matter what colour the new remains unstoppable
2016 Toyota Hilux launched in Malaysia, priced from RM90k to RM134k
Save on a Toyota Hilux 3.0 at Donnelly & Taggart Eglinton
Hilux Monster Edition exclusive to Freeway Toyota. Extras upto R50 000. visit for more:
The new Toyota Hilux proves its mettle.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
You would say that wouldn't you now Toyota:-)! And yes I like both the Land Cruiser and hilux but prefer the old Land Cruiser.
2016 Toyota Hilux price and specification: All-new Toyota Hilux price and specification rev...
The All-New Toyota Hilux and All-New Fortuner been officially launched in Malaysia!
2016 Toyota Hilux makes its official debut in Malaysia – six variants, priced from RM90k to RM134k
Here with a starting price of RM89,900.00, the Toyota Hilux is going to blow your mind!
hilux surf bby. I own an 86 4Runner and FJ because Toyota master race.
10 year old with a budget that can buy a brand new toyota hilux Dakar. Woah
Thought he was hit by a Russian attack helo while driving his Toyota Hilux to a supply depot tears
A PSA boss has revealed to us that new pickup will be based on Toyota Hilux. More to follow.
It's a Hilux. Taxi people are crazy loyal to Toyota
A rugged new Toyota Hilux Invincible 3.0 D-4D manual in island blue with optional hard top canopy and tow bar...
Unfortunately that reg comes back as false and belongs to a Toyota Hilux.
Report: PSA Peugeot Citroen is coming out with…
Bloody love this old tank. Makes me smile every time I trundle to and from work.
Gaddafi was fond of the Uzi, and the Toyota Hilux with added optional Rocket Launcher
Good to see the Hilux fleet still running strong! 😡
2016 Toyota HILUX REVO for sale in Kingston / St. Andrew -
Hundred Crack Paw attack against the front of a Toyota Hilux
TOYOTA TAKES ITS CHANCES with new Fortuner just arrived in South Africa. Luxury in the bush
by smashedmango: The beast at Youdale's Hut Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. .
The All-New Hilux D/Cab is the future of tough and innovative. What do you think of the new
With over 3200 Hilux units sold so far, the future looks good for the toughest bakkie around
Look who's just picked up a new Invincible X from 😁 Enjoy it
Driving technology for security: in donates 3 pickups & 41 computers to
A new means a new reason to choose a 4x4 icon. >>>
gears up to export nearly half of its Hilux bakkies...
New SAC upgrades for the Toyota Hilux and Fortuner
Toyota now has some serious competition for their Fortuner and Hilux. Ford up'ed their investment in Everest and Ranger. It's official.
THE ULTIMATE UTE ROAD TEST . have road tested 8 current model utes! View the video/read the article. .
Toyota leads sales race with new-generation Hilux. All-new Fortuner waiting in the wings. http…
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All new toyota hilux sold 3200 units in march 92% retail not even at fleet buyers yet demand outstripping supply
Tackle any terrain in South Africa's most anticipated bakkie. The all-new Hilux has arrived!.
It’s the most anticipated comparative test of the year! How do these 4 match up? Let's see htt…
News just in Mccarthy Toyota PMB Sales Rep Carla Greyling will be setting up a cool display at the Start...
ICYMI: 2016 Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger. Which is the better buy? You decide:
USAID presents Toyota Hilux pickup vehicles to SARI
The All-New Hilux approaches - get ready! Visit your nearest Toyota showroom to book one!
Is the Toyota Hilux really the best-in-class bakkie? Watch as it's put to the test!
Toyota Hilux looks so muscular. I like...
Toyota picks up the pace with Hilux and Kluger out in front.
There is a vast range of new and late model Toyota Hilux, Hiace, Prado and Landcruiser's on the Rutherford St...
MALE driver of Toyota Hilux towing camper trailer on Hume Highway near Wangaratta South died after it crashed into tree this afternoon.
Brand new MK8 2016 model coming soon. I have the Hard Tops to fit. Pre-order now!
VW Polo, Toyota Hilux and Fortuner are the most hijacked cars in the country. So many cases every single day
I added a video to a playlist 2016 Toyota Hilux Review - Offroad | 4X4
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2WD Toyota HiLux fitted with a flange towbar
The all-new Toyota Hilux launched in style, find out more... Imperial Toyota Nelspruit
*Goes in Toyota Gobabis*. Me: How much for the new Hilux?. Lady: 550k with no extras, sir. Me:
Overland Andez rear bumper on the Toyota Hilux of Boss V.
For both porma and practical usage. Overland Andez rear bumper installation on the Toyota Hilux…
The heralds a new era for the pick-up, with style, comfort and advanced technology.
Ford Ranger wildtrack is leading the pack on the double cab section. ..but Toyota Hilux DG6 2.8 4x4 will claim it's no 1 spot.
No matter the task, the all-new Hilux is built for every. adventure! Discover more:
Toyota Hilux Revo – the Revolutionary Next Generation Hilux – is available in our stock for…
Is SAs bakkie king back? 5 things we expect from the new Toyota Hilux via
Test drive the NEW TOYOTA HILUX today at Maitland or Port Stephens Toyota. This award winning new model is so...
Take a trip down memory lane with a unique presentation at this year’s
Which one is the best pick up to buy. Toyota Hilux. Isuzu KB. Ford Ranger. Nissan Navara. Vw amarok. Tungland. Mistubishi Tritron
Loyal Volksie bus about to leave to attend a marathon three day launch
Pls sign to Tell Toyota to pull the pro Trophy hunting ad!
New is toughness, redefined. Want to know more? >>>
The new 2016 Toyota Hilux 2.8 D4D can come and lick my Hilux 3.0 D4D ***
The legendary toyota hilux in Gulfoss, Iceland. Watch Top Gear s3e5 to know what im talking…
Toyota hilux. White beast off road pls bro... by Vagi Sarwom
I still want to own a 2015 Toyota Hilux Dakar Club cab, with a rear camera & blacked out rims.
The new Hilux is tougher than ever! promise improved performance on and off-road
A Toyota Hilux, a luxury long wheelbase Mercedes and an SUV, preferably Mercedes, Range Rover or Land Cruiser. lol
2005 TOYOTA HILUX has been in stock for 124 days check best offer!
$847. Toyota Hilux belonging to U.S. Army hit the claimant's son - Panjshir.
2007 TOYOTA HILUX RAIDER has been in stock for 52 days check best offer!
2012 TOYOTA HILUX 3.0D-4D RAIDER XTRA CAB has been in stock for 57 days check best offer!
2014 TOYOTA HILUX has been in stock for 36 days check best offer!
Toyota Hilux, Fortuner & Innova launching in M'sia this year:
2007 TOYOTA HILUX has been in stock for 130 days check best offer!
2012 TOYOTA HILUX 3.0 D-4D RAIDER 4X4 has been in stock for 71 days check best offer!
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To God be the glory. I just bought my first car. I'm the happiest person on earth right now.
A maroon Toyota Hilux CV54 PFU has been stolen overnight from a property in Cradley. Any info? Quote incident 126-S-1701…
Toyota 4x4 Hilux usually being used for transportation purposes and is more prone to minor accidents, scratches...
The fight rages on for the crown of "King Of The Bakkies"...
Deckchairs in the hilux . And the gaffers looking very photogenic lol 📸
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2009 TOYOTA HILUX 2.7 VVTI RAIDER DOUBLE CAB has been in stock for 35 days check best offer!
New Toyota Hilux, Fortuner SUV and Innova MPV launching in Malaysia this year – research houses
2016 TOYOTA HILUX has been in stock for 40 days check best offer!
2010 TOYOTA HILUX has been in stock for 47 days check best offer!
Congratulations to South Africa's on a fantastic 3rd place in the Rally in the Toyota Hilux. https:/…
The Hilux is world-renowned for its safety with good reason. Book you test drive today!.
After 16 years, this '89 Toyota Hilux is now a mythical creature in magical metal form.
2015 Toyota Hilux & Innova Clearance Sale!. Huge savings to be made here on these 2015 models. Don't miss out on...
No Thanks. I want a Hilux $51,000 of US Taxpayer money. Same model provided to ISIS
2009 TOYOTA HILUX has been in stock for 114 days check best offer!
The All New 2016 Toyota Hilux Vigo is now out. Pre-order your unit now.
Toyota Hilux: Very clean and in excellent condition, new tyres,5l engine. - Cars - Embu Town.
Could you imagine being the driver of this Hilux!?
1995 toyota hilux 4x4 I cant get wheel studs for the front wheels any where: Broke some studs on my hilux 4x4 ...
So at the State provided with the Toyota Hilux, that's why she hides the emails,
Drag race: L200 vs VW Amarok vs Toyota on and off-road!
Why do terrorists love the Toyota Hilux? via
I do like the design of their Toyota Hilux Revo which I saw in Thailand earlier this year, though its face does look emaciated 😄😂
I guess ISIS also watched all the old Top Gear episodes that showed how tough the Toyota Hilux really is!I want one!
We'll see the road again, Sakura. Trust me. .
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2001 TOYOTA HILUX has been in stock for 778 days check best offer!
2007 TOYOTA HILUX has been in stock for 30 days and the price has dropped!
The Toyota Hilux is strangely popular with terrorists - here's why (via
In case you're wondering. |Why Rebel Groups Love the Toyota Hilux
Have you seen THAT 335w Toyota Hilux that everyone is talking about ?.
loiz77 : Toyota Hilux and terrorism how to grow business dramati…
Hello, take a look at this, just remember there are cheaper options out there, so search here
has been discovered to have shipped 100s if not thousands of Hilux vehicles to terrorists
Could the owner of the Toyota Hilux registration number.
the boss doin Hotel California, the magnates of and the All-New
Most of the Trucks we see in Boko Haram videos are mostly Toyota Hilux vehicles. Lol. I dunno if this is good or bad for Toyota.
do you have a competition for Toyota hilux which the ad was placed at isolezwe newspaper I want to be sure
in Zimbabwe toyota hilux double cab with 2 rooftents - motorhome rental
I think the SV's engine was forged in Mount Doom wasn't it?! Indestructible.The Toyota Hilux of Bikes!
Vehicle Theft in Pretoria West, Gauteng on 2015-07-28 at 14:00 White Toyota Hilux Bakkie DC35LRGP
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To Hilux or to Fortuner...That is the question. The Fortulux or the Hituner? What do you think? (
Toyota Hilux: Very good condition, 5l Diesel engine ,manual,new tyres. - Trucks - Commercial...
.president Michinobu Sugata said it's time to welcome the king. Meet the all-new Toyota Hilux.
The new Toyota Hilux is available for order in Russia. Russian dealers of Toyota began to take
This Toyota Hilux was involved in a house robbery in a Party Street Erasmia Pretoria last week. SMS 32211
power window switch grease on tarago. Centre bearing support on hilux. Yes, I love Toyota.
Our sponsored Adventure Racing World Champ Nathan Fa'avae is clearly pleased with his latest Toyota Hilux. It is...
Just in! Toyota Hilux up for auction! starting bid from 2 million naira. visit our website http:/…
Full Mode Change being displayed at all Toyota Cebu branches. 😊. Contact me…
MSPV is a known for its durability and dependability.
MSPV is Vehicle known for its durability and dependability. …
Purina Pound Pups to Dog Stars returns tonight on One of the famous NZ dogs trained by Mark Vette here:
A Toyota Hilux with more than 1.2 million kms on the clock has sold for $3000
Top nz news today "A Toyota Hilux with 1.3million km on the clock has sold at auction"
Toyota Hilux with 1,200,000 km on the clock sells
'71 Hilux that started out slow but quickly went full custom. Tell us about your mild to wild custom build.
The frequent use of Toyota Hilux by Boko Haram should be investigated
Oh no. It's not as "Wild" as it used to be. The new Toyota Hilux stands a great chance.
The first new Toyota Hilux X invincible 3.0 D-4D sold by CVC Direct was definitely worth the wait. This example...
Theft of another Toyota Hilux. The solid waste officer at the Solid Waste Management Department of the Ministry of...
"We're going to need a bigger 1996 Toyota Hilux"
Toyota Hilux vs Mitsubishi l200. War horses of asham. l200 > all day
Zaria More than 10 Toyota Hilux vehicle conveyed dead bodies and injured people! Death toll might exceed 200!
Up to $5000.00 Cash back. Inbox us for more details. (Special conditions apply)
I reckon that must have put the indestructible Toyota Hilux as a vehicle in the game
Nuel I m very sure... My friend saw a lot of Toyota hilux carting our corpses of d victims...
.say spike in theft of Toyota HiLux vehicles in Sydney’s east could point to a black market operation.
Toyota Thailand Sends First Shipment of New Hilux to Export Markets: Toyota Thailand begins exports of its all...
I liked a video from Toyota Hilux Top Up Cover with Styling Bars
Toyota to export new Hilux pickup model from Thailand [NNA]
: Spike in theft of $50k Toyota HiLux 4WDs in Sydney's east could be black market operation say .
Black market theory to spate of Toyota thefts
Black market theory to spate of Toyota thefts: A SPATE in thefts of Toyota HiLuxes in the eastern suburbs coul...
Congratulations Frank Demarco on the purchase of your new 2015 Toyota Hilux SR5. Frank has always had Toyota's...
First line of my OK Cupid profile: creator of devastating Toyota Hilux memes
2005 Toyota Hilux imported from Japan in England. - 1758966: 2005, Manual, Diesel, Si...
Toyota Hilux Rear Diff 4.1 Ratio: Toyota Hilux diff in very good condition. Only remove to replace with higher...
This evening at 19:00, two in overalls men in a toyota hilux with registration number NDE 18992.
Something old, something new, these make a formidable pair don't you think?
Are you old school enough? Check out this unique Toyota Hilux on a set of TE37V wheels paired up with Project MU...
It is common sight to see big Toyota Hilux vehicles piloting a Parado or similar 4x4 on the highways of Islamabad as if providing VIP escort
Hey, Why isn't there a mention of Toyota Hilux, the most selling pick-up of all times ?
Get this very clean Toyota hilux pickup for only 2.0M ono . 2500cc, turbo diesel. YOM 2008
Purchase a Toyota Fortuner, Hilux or Corolla Quest and qualify for 50% of a Freeway Toyota upgrade pack.
Very nice car for the age, imported from Europe just have been arrived.
Unfortunately a Toyota doesn't have the same wow factor. Or a flux capacitor.
The armored Toyota Hilux is an extremely popular vehicle, commonly used by military, police, private security...
MSPV is an extremely popular commonly used by private security companies and civilians
these are the cars which were set alight this early morning, it used to be a Toyota Hilux. MS
Win a Hilux when you sign up for selected products. Details
TOYOTA HILUX Full service history ,air con,trackman top and tow bar drives
we've found how to destroy an 'indestructible' Toyota Hilux. Turns out all it needs is a Kia Sportage..😳 htt…
Catalytic converters stolen from a Toyota Hilux in a Peugeot 307 in & a Ford Transit in
Favourite our - the new Invincible X, with eXtra spec, just got eXtra stylish!
Finally got to drive a Toyota Hilux. It was nice!
Congratulations Hilux! 3 Countries, 13 stages and 9295 km of the world’s toughest terrain.
2006 Toyota Hilux Surf for sale in Kingston / St. Andrew -
Basically if drove a you'd get ⬇️This is his 800bhp Trophy Truck from ⬇️
Luff Motors just supplied a customer with the Best Price on a Toyota -- Hilux -- Sr5 (4x4) in
The Toyota Hilux is great for tradies as well as for lunch breaks at the beach :). Check it out at Maitland or...
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police man brutally beating a young. tattered boy.he was dragged into a Toyota hilux. which was driven away.
All time classic Toyota Hilux with tie down hooks and on Samoset St San Francisco
well I have used both before, I'd choose the Hilux any day. The Ranger Limited edition comes close but can't beat a Toyota.
Head To Head : The '08 Nissan Navara vs the '08 Toyota Hilux. Which one would you pick?
Market Toyota Cavendish proudly sponsors this Hilux for Varsity Vibes - have you seen it around town?
Save up to R50k & only pay in March 2015 -Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Hilux Legend 45.
Not going to care that much. The Toyota Hilux is EVERYWHERE in the third world because it's tough and reliable.
Nathan Fa'avae biked in from Kina today to pick up his new Toyota Hilux from Bowater Toyota. IN THIS HEAT! And he...
Have you seen our new, lower rates for the Toyota Hilux 1 Tonner bakkies? .
Finally some pics are starting to emerge of Toyota's replacement for their ageing Hilux in 2016, in this case the...
Bravo probably enjoys your great Donation of 43 brand new Toyota htt…
Checking out the black edition of the Toyota HiLux 4x4 ute this week!
during my long drive to & from Sandakan, my driver & I concurs, Toyota Hilux is the best Off-Road vehicle
When looking at the shape of his 3rd gen crew cab pickup, Dad will be surely quite upset! http:…
2015 Toyota Hilux 2.5 D4-D RB SRX prices starting from as little as R4 368 per month with No Deposit! To apply,...
Mitsubishi Strada will directly compete with top models like the Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, and the Toyota Hilux
Police are hunting two attackers following an aggravated robbery of an Ashburton man. The incident happened yesterday morning just after nine. Police say the victim parked his blue and silver Toyota Hilux truck at the Ashburton River parking area at the end of Trevors Road when he was approached by two Polynesian men who asked him for a smoke. One man is reported to have hit him in the face knocking him to the ground and then kicking in the ribs and stomping on him. The two men took seven hundred dollars in cash from the victim’s wallet which was in his truck. They were last seen heading towards the Ashburton River bridge then along the Ashburton River Track. Police say the Ashburton River Track is popular, and police want to hear from anyone who was in the area at time of the incident. One of the offender’s is described as Polynesian, in his mid 20’s, average length scruffy hair, approximately 6 feet tall of solid build. He was wearing a dark hoody, shorts and jandals. The other man was also Polyne ...
Selling my `93 Toyota Hilux. Or partial trade for a 12 person Land Cruiser. When I bought it, I went bumper to bumper. New head with pistins and cylinders checked, new wiring, new water hoses, rebuilt the carb, new air conditioning unit and all new wiring for it, new battery. Upgraded suspension: over length gas shocks, re-arked leaf springs. Checked, cleaned and filled front and rear differentials, Two new clutch pumps, new windshield, and washers, Box off full body job done, chassis, box and front & rear bush bars rhino lined, new paint inside and out. New seat inside. New massive tires. Literally bumper to bumper. Runs strong and fast. Nothing electric to foul up. Never die 4 cylinder economical gas engine. Perfect truck. Even better with the custom steel canopy I had built for it (in the background). Four side locking doors, and one large door at the back, with carrier rails on top perfect for gear or surfboards. $9000 firm. 8253-1522 Christopher (Ceviche)
Two Narromine teenagers were arrested on Saturday the 16th of January following allegations of illegal hunting, vehicle theft, and dangerous driving. Police allege that on Friday evening the suspects unlawfully entered a property outside of Dubbo where they stole a Toyota Hilux to use for their evening’s activities. By Saturday morning the suspects were in Nyngan where Police observed them on Pangee St. Lights and sirens resulted in the vehicle accelerating harshly, driving out of town at high speed with Police in pursuit. Unable to shake the Highway Patrol car, the suspect vehicle went off road, ramming through farm gates and crossing various properties. The suspects made their way back on to the Colane Rd where Police deployed road spikes, causing the rapid deflation of the offending vehicle’s tyres. The vehicle crashed off road and the suspects fled on foot. A Police dog was brought in to assist and the suspects were soon located hiding in thick scrub. The suspects were arrested and taken to Nyngan ...
For sale or swap for the right car toyota hilux extra cab ute custom body has blue slip 116000 km seats 4 auto tinted windows bucket seats like new forbes
Trying to find exhaust for a 1988 1Y motor Toyota hilux ute .big ask I know.T.I.A
1993 toyota hilux 4x4. 22r petrol motor only done 4500km new tyres hid headlights steel tray. Only selling due to up grade to a dual cab. $4500 ono
EOI: 1999 VT GEN III SS 5.7L 6 speed manual fresh clutch and master cylinder only a week ago ve ss 19" rims with good tyres tinted windows growler intake extractors just over 5 months rego left on it looking to sell for $5000 ono or swap for a Toyota hilux or somethin...
Powerade Africa Eco Race 2015 - Stage 4 Resumée AFRICA ECO RACE® 2015 : THE FIGHT The second last Moroccan stage of the 2015 AFRICA ECO RACE® was a sort of big descent towards southern Morocco but nothing impossible appart from the fact that waypoints were divided by two in order to have a more interesting and selective navigation.A difficulty which was accepted by the participants as a whole but added to a very technical day, today’s stage between Assa and Oued Aarraid gave the opportunity to the top list to make the difference and also to animate this beautiful Moroccan day. A very violent wind was sweeping the finish line, situated not far away from As Sakn, when Pal Anders ULLEVALSETER crossed the line in 1st position as he has done everyday since the beginning of the Rally. But, he nearly got beaten by Robert THEURETZBACHER who came closer and closer to him just after 100km of stage. After the refuel of CP 3, ULLEVALSETER did a second navigation error the same day. The Austrian understood the er ...
Bullbar ONLY to suit Toyota hilux ,4 runner, $280
First things first: Paul Kim’s self-designed Lego 1983 Toyota Hilux is not the truck from Back to the Future. Marty McFly’s pickup was a 1985 SR5, and sharp-eyed Toyota fans will note the differences between the two immediately. But when you build a black ’80s Toyota on beefy tires with a rollbar an…
Up for sale/swaps is my1997 Toyota hilux. Never misses a beat daily driver work car. New plugs and leads. 4 months rego left on it. Has 20" x 10" DTM wheels (rare). Tints alround.roll pan. Leafs are reset 3" also has 2.5" lowering blocks in the rear. Front has wound dow...
Matching word with action, as Turnah George Alabh , Chairman of the George Turnah Found Foundation today 1st of January 2015 in KOLO Twon Ogbia LGA made the following presentations: 1. Four (4) Brand new Prado 2014 Model TOYOTA Geep to Royal Majesties in Ogbia Kingdom. 2. Four (4) TOYOTA Hilux van to 5 Battalion Nigerian Army Ogbia, SSS Ogbia, & Two Police Division in Ogbia LGA 3. Seven (7) TOYOTA Hiace Buses to Youth/Women groups & Chiefs Council in Ogbia Kingdom. 4. Cash worth Two Million Naira as cash prices to best goalkeeper, Best player, Winners/Runners up & other categories in the just concluded GEJ Football Competition in Ogbia LGA Powered by The George Turnah Foundation 5. Twenty Million Naira Empowerment fund for KOLO 1, 2 & 3 Communities as starter packs for various businesses. 6. Distribution of a Trailer of Rice/Cows to all Ogbia Communities. 7. Commencement of major renovation work at the Ogbia Brotherhood Hall, a Centre of Unity as the Ogbia Hallmark and many other packages.
Rebuilding the rear diff of a Toyota Hilux SR5
Any toyota hilux 2.8 turbo setups out there?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Borrowed this bad boy over the weekend, pretty cool :)
From 'Winning the is not easy, but this car will give us the best shot yet.'
Hope 2015 is the year of the Hilux.! Good luck!
Imperial Toyota South Africa Dakar Team fielding the best race Toyota Hilux yet. Check it out: …
Our Toyota Hilux Race vehicles are being reassembled for shakedown in Argentina tomorrow!
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