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Tower Garden

Tower Garden is a patented, aeroponic vertical food production system that supports plant growth without soil.

Juice Plus Stephen Ritz

Growing my own food.. moving my Tower Garden indoors!
If that's the case they're doomed. There is so little truth in Genesis. No garden. No Snake. No Ark. No Tower. These are pure fiction.
Remember the Westview Tower Garden? Well the garden has flourished with the love and care from our 5th grade...
A little lettuce harvested from our tower garden makes a delicious salad!!
Thank you for Tower of God. Your vision and art is beautiful. And Baam is among the sweetest boys I've ever seen. So very precious.
Can you guess which Balboa Park garden is pictured in this view from the California Tower? https:/…
Enjoying our first bounty of lettuce from our tower garden!
Never visit empty handed! Sharing greens from my Tower Garden today. 🤗.
Kale, cucumber, butter lettuce and more at the Tower Garden
Beautiful tower garden..waiting for seedlings..great food is fresh.
Flavour Garden: a healthy sanctuary for time-conscious city workers in Tower Hill
First stop after morning coffee is our Tower Garden for fresh greens!.
Are you a big fan of the tower garden? I love the idea of a vertical garden, because it allows for more space for...
Toronto's Trump Tower on sale for $298 million. Is a name change in the future?
Colin Cudmore, talking about the fundamental benefits of the composting vertical Garden Tower container gardening...
Yes we do at our HQ- Bishops Garden tower and at Queensway Branch
Full "Tower Garden" grant story in today's Daily Journal:...
The Grade 5 Ss are harvesting the lettuce from our Tower Garden for our salad day!
Customer Reviews of the Tower Garden® Experience Let me know if you want info via
Mr Wohlleb and the seedlings ready for the garden tower at PS295. Grow team grow!
One of many Egg plants grown inside on my Tower Garden!!
to the installation of West Loveland Units tower garden provided by We can't wait to eat all the ve…
From tower garden to lunch program.
Check it out! Greely's Tower Garden project was featured on Shaw TV!! Way to go grade 4 and VIP for your green... https:…
There is nothing better than fresh produce! The Tower Garden is the perfect way to grow fresh produce all year long
French far right leader Marine Le Pen seen at Trump Tower
Place your order for Juice Plus+ capsules and your Tower Garden at:
Stephen Ritz is using the Tower Garden to create a healthy food revolution! Who can introduce me to a science...
Grow food on your back porch! Invest in a Tower and you invest in yourself.
Have your own garden on your back porch! Get your Tower Garden right now:
Grow food! Invest in an eco-friendly Tower that pays for itself.
Enjoy a of veg. & herbs at home! Get your Tower Garden by Juice Plus today:
Grow more. Save more. A Tower Garden is a cost & space efficient way to
Seen a Tower Garden? It's a convenient vertical system. Learn from the video:
Applied for a 2k grant from Grow to Learn for a tower garden and am receiving it! SO excited! My students are going to LOVE it.
Monday Momentum!! Love hearing education on the tower garden and wrap up after and amazing…
More tower garden lettuce and herbs were harvested today for salad bar!!
Enjoy your own produce aisle on your porch! Get your own Tower Garden by
Spent the day checking on several school Tower Garden Farms and seeing lots of…
What's a Tower Garden? It's a revolutionary system for Learn from the video:
Have you ever heard of a bottle tower Maybe. Maybe not. Check it out & let us know what you think...
You can eat and shop less. Reasons to own a Tower Garden by
Applied for a grant for a tower garden for my school and just…
Easy Simplify growing with a Tower by Juice Plus on your porch, rooftop or balcony.
eating from with less mess. Of course you want a Tower Garden for your patio:
Which vegetables & herbs can grow in a Tower Garden? The better question is what CAN'T you grow?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Today's creative constructions included a beautiful garden full of flowers, a green frozen tower that can make gras…
The Tower by Juice Plus is not only enviro-friendly & affordable, it also has landscaping appeal:
I just used Punchcard at Tower And Garden Shop, and won 10 Points! WOO HOO!!
Families who garden together together. That's why you need a Tower Garden for your family:
Imagine gardening without weeding, tilling, or kneeling. That's the Tower Garden by Juice Plus+.
The Tower by is not only eco-friendly & cost effective, it keeps you stocked w/ fresh veggies.
Start your garden today. No green thumb needed! Enjoy fun growing with Tower Garden by Juice Plus.
Grow Raise your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs at home with a Tower Garden by Juice Plus:
Nieman Elem 4th Gr have observed veggies growing in just 5 days-beans, peas, cabbage, cauliflower-in the class' tow…
What's a Tower Garden? It's a unique way to grow veggies ANYWHERE. Learn from the video:
Easy gardening: Make it fun with a Tower by Juice Plus on your patio, rooftop or balcony.
"Before he makes America great again, can he at least clear the trash out of the Trump Tower's public garden?"
We love this DIY tower of lights 💡 💡 💡. Add solar lanterns and you have a summertime eye catcher in your garden.
Turn your thumb green & eat with a Tower Garden by Juice Plus. It's simple & fun!
We finally starting our tower garden!
Trump Tower crappy public garden a harbinger of President Trump treatment of 99%. via
Grow Raise your own and herbs on your porch with a Tower Garden by
Start your today. No experience needed! Enjoy simple growing with Tower Garden by
Tower Garden system: Invest in one for your household or business today. Only $45.25/mo. for 1-year. Growing your...
Library displays Tower Garden to help youth learn about gardening:
Don't you love with fresh veggies and herbs? Raise them yourself with your own Tower Garden:
Heard of Tower Garden? It's a must-see vertical system. Just watch this:
The Tower Garden by is not just enviro-friendly & affordable. It makes easy
What can you grow with a Tower The better question is what CAN'T you grow?
You can and shop less. Invest in your health with a Tower Garden for your back yard:
Grow your own vegetables and herbs! Invest in an eco-friendly Tower Garden and you invest in yourself.
Gorgeous greens from my friend's Tower Garden.
Fun with my JP+ buddy, Alison and her beautiful Tower Garden.
Enjoy a on your patio! Get your own Tower Garden right now:
A class trip to exchange books, read, and guess what plants are growing in the Tower Garden!
You can eat and garden on your porch. Some of the benefits of a Tower Garden from Juice Plus:
plans frequently ruined by missing fresh herbs? Keep them stocked with an easy Tower Garden:
What are your go-to veggies and herbs for Keep them on hand with a new Tower Garden:
Don't you love with fresh veggies and herbs? Save money with a cool Tower Garden:
This morning we are hanging out with the Tower Garden, enjoying its trickling water
Our Healthy Schools Committee meets today at 4:00 in the library! Right next to out Tower Garden!
Grow your own Invest in a Tower Garden start today
Try and with a Tower Garden by Juice Plus. It's painless and fun!
Planter for urban gardeners grows entire garden in a single tower. Self-composting and heating.
My chocolate peppermint is going crazy!!! Peppers & broccoli are almost ready! Love my tower garden!!
Put a farmers market in your back yard! Get your Tower Garden for your family today:
Wouldn't you like to have your own supply of your favorite herbs? Keep them on hand with a cool Tower Garden:
At my office on the 5th floor of the famous Garden Tower during my first sabbatical stay at…
Heard of Tower Garden? It's a convenient vertical gardening system. See more here:
Heard of Tower Garden? It's an impressive vertical Let YouTube explain:
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
What's a Tower Garden? It's a cutting edge way to grow veggies ANYWHERE. Watch this video:
Garden season?Tower Garden now/Plan your nutritional future.2.5ft rd/no soil/90%lessh2o
What's a Tower Garden? It's an easy-to-use vertical gardening system. Watch this video:
Turn your thumb green and meet goals with a Tower Garden. It's simple!
Start gardening! The Tower Garden is an economical eco-friendly way to grow food:
Does anyone know what this green leafy veggie is that I planted on top of my Tower Garden? It's very very...
Turn your thumb green and eat with a Tower Garden. It's painless!
Farmer Lauren here! Look at some of my tower garden harvests (top picture) and growth celery and…
Rainbow Swiss chard- food for the body, mind and soul. Picked fresh from the tower garden for an…
Well it's not from my Tower Garden, but it is made from fresh ingredients. Blueberry pecan Cobbler. Delicious!
Next door have cut down a tree in their garden and only just realised it was shielding my view of the Strata tower *hisses*
Breakfast for lunch! Tomatoes and spinach from my Tower Garden made into an egg white omelette with organic, cage...
The Garden Tower Project, grow food like a prepper
Great reasons to start a tower garden, can't think of why you wouldn't ...I guess if you eat no real food that...
Illinoisan youths learn about with Tower Garden:
After an awesome visit with family out of town, so thankful to come back to our Tower Garden and have…
Excited to write an article for the Science section on Stephen Ritz and the Tower Garden for the…
10 hidden apartments in NYC and Paris
Teachers - learn more about using Tower Garden in your schools here:
Grow food! Invest in a Tower Garden that pays for itself.
Want to but Got a black thumb? No time? Drought? No room? You gotta check out the power of a tower. Link …
Check out our tower garden We started it around the middle of May and look at us now!
The self composting garden tower for any home.
I am eating a baguette in a garden by the louvre looking at the Eiffel Tower in the distance
Sitting on a bench in a garden eating a baguette looking at the Eiffel Tower in the distance&la vie en rose starts playing. No joke.
The 'Tower of London Poppy Print' is coming together nicely for the Kingsbrae Garden Afghanistan Memorial Ceemony on July 1.
I am obsessed with my Tower Garden! In just 6 weeks I have an abundance of lettuce and more
Our 3rd Tower Garden is up and running!
So I've just been told about this amazing old church/garden and it's right by London bridge / Tower Of London!
A bijou garden nursery within the sheltered old stable yard of Craster Tower.
Grow your own veggies and with a Tower Garden. It's painless!
Using green split pea and items from my Tower Garden (kale, cilantro, and thyme) in today's soup.
What a great morning! Dr. Sears is visiting Nashville and we are GIVING away a Tower Garden this morning! Can't...
Welcome to our newest Tower Garden farm - Bakers Bay Golf & Ocean Club in the Bahamian Islands.
Be proud of the 100,000 poppies you made for this. . Magnificent
I remember waiting in line at Tower Records in Garden City for the midnight release of Vs.
Have you seen the amazing installation of Poppies at the Tower?
Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red - 888,246 poppies at the tower for Remembrance
Have you seen the incredible Awesome review by
New blog post: Poppies at the Tower: Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red
Tower garden tragedy. One of the dogs wanted a pepper for breakfast!! So sad!!! Those peppers were…
the poppy garden at Tower of London should be left so others from afar can remember our fallen heroes ?!
Nasrine Shah-Abushakra have you seen this page Garden Tower Project Egypt??
This monday I have iv at Garden South Tower, mid valley city, pantai management resources for Pantai Hospital Group, Ya Allah, really hope
Everyone wants better cellular reception and services but no-one wants a cell tower in their back garden...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Thx! at $1,000 per minute didn't feel too bad ;) what do you think u can do for us?
Telus Garden and Trump Tower marketer Magnum Projects donated $75K to Vi$ion.
*** was wrong with the Rose Garden? NOTHING, nothing was wrong with it just like nothing was wrong with the SEARS TOWER.
Solar jobs: Save with Solar: TOWER GARDEN - Phoenix, AZ - I would like to invite you to get a free, no-obligat...
"These kale recipes prove that healthy and delicious can co-exist Grow Your on Garden.
You'll see it soon...The bell tower is halfway done now. *Andrea sighed contently as she looked to the garden*
We are going to bring our Tower Garden inside for winter. We are going to put it in the garage with grow lights.
"&Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) with Grow Your own food with Tower Garden
check out our It might be up your alley..
Planted our Tower Garden with students from Ms. Keany and Ms. Wronkowski's rooms! Now we can watch our veggies grow!
1st residents in their new tower Yellow pearl basil, arugula & more.
would be good to have a flower garden, similar to Tower Hill poppy field for RM Cancer Charity for those fighting cancer
The Tower of London's Poppy Garden: artist lost his finger
Emily asked if the queen would get in trouble for having so much heroin in her garden because of the poppies outside the Tower of London
Ebay bans people from trying to sell Tower of London ceramic poppies via
Ivy Tower secluded garden in York, all rainy soaked paths and ivy climbing on stone-walls retaining…
I want to get this for mom and dad for Christmas: The New Garden Tower Project via
Incredible watching people trip by the poppies at the tower of London .. this sea of red needs a permanent garden of remembrance
Have you been eating any Tower Garden produce you preserved earlier this year?
Madison Square Garden exterior of tower, with Diana statue on top. in 1906...
How the Tower of poppies were made...
Gardens to Groceries expands with new green house! This Culinary program teaches students how to grow their own produce using the innovative Tower Garden system. This breakthrough innovation in aeroponic gardening, provided by their manufacturer the Juice Plus+ Company, allows Boys & Girls Club Technical Training Center students to grow fresh produce for their culinary program with no soil and very limited space. Student actually grow their own produce then develop original recipes including pestos, breads, cookies, hummus and other treats that are then marketed at local retailers and Farmer's Markets. To learn more about the Tower Garden or to purchase your own visit
Dr Bill and Martha Sears love their Tower Garden and eating Tower to table too!. Thanks Denise Webster-Fueling...
Pretty excited that the fruits & veggies are growing so healthy on my tower garden.
Have a question about Tower Garden? You'll likely find the answer in our Resource Center -
First two cantaloupe on the tower garden󾮗
Let's not let SF Giants be the only one to serve fresh! Order Tower from my site
wow. The tower defense modus in PvZ Garden Warfare have no dedicated servers. So I played on a server where the host still had a modem.
The Botanic Garden in viewed from the TV tower
Wow! Great tips.always learning something new!...
Dinner... (with Dyan Sanny, mulia, and 4 others at Swiss Garden Residences North Tower) [pic] —
I bet you did. Did anyone make questions like the up the *** in Madison square garden like in mega tower lets build
Planted lettuce and kale in my Tower Garden and it's going crazy~ Also gonna have a couple dozen Jalapenos! Yum
Had a delicious salad from my tower garden! Love being able to pick my fresh produce ripe from the…
Grow Good Health with the Tower Garden!. Free Event!. Learn the Benefits of the Tower Garden!. How to Grow a LOT of...
The Tower Garden just might be one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century.
How to grow huge produce fast with a Tower Garden
Harvest some Tower Garden produce for this delicious dose of – Southwest BLT salad (it's
Organic Tower Garden, organic, fun conversations with friends.
Sharing tips discovered while restoring the kitchen garden, hopes to inspire you to grown your own food:
Tower garden seedlings after week 3. They're loving the humid weather
I guess my kids couldn't resist eating their Tower Garden tomatoes for breakfast!
Reforming The Ivory Tower vs. the Garden of Vulgar Delights by
Our Tower Garden from Juice Plus. Want one. nothing like a fresh salad!.
I love that the Tower Garden allows us to be "farmers" and grow our own food year round!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
at Edades Tower and Garden Villas...soon!!! So excited!!! Confirmed
Someday, Someway, Somehow by Brian McKnight (with FredyPS at Mediterania garden residence 1 tower Catelya) —
I played the tower defense a lot. If you're talking Garden Warfare I'm waiting for a sale...
"hydroponic tomatoes may one day be tastier than ones grown outside. Grow yours now with Tower Garden.
Check out our tower garden. We had salads trimmed from it twice last week!
Live salad picked from our Tower Garden!
My Tower Garden is thriving! Tons of tomatoes, look at top right for banana peppers & green peppers. I…
Tower Garden really taking off. Enjoyed a fresh salad from it tonight.
The Transbay Tower: now with NO ROOFTOP GARDEN, possibly NO TRAINS, and NO HISTORIC STRUCTURES! See:
Our community garden is starting to take shape,next artwork celebrating 50 years of & 120 years of Tower
Tower Garden party this Thursday at 7pm. Blue Shores Flowers, Wasaga Beach.
I just returned from a Juice Plus+ conference in Asheville. Dr. Paul Williams is so awesome. I learned so much about our products, a detailed training on the Tower Garden and I won a free ticket to the Fall Conference in Memphis. So much fun. So pumped.
"What was the last thing you ate that came from your Tower Garden?" Yellow squash!
Hey 2 of my green bean plants popped up! Excited :)) for starting my Tower Garden !
Anyone interested in getting a Tower Garden this year? Let us know.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
. Grow healthy together. Learn how with your own Tower Garden. No soil 90% less water. 90%less space
Join us in Murrietta, CA for a very special event with Dr. Paul Stricker: Fueling Fitness for All Ages...How to Transform Your Health, Vitality and Fitness. As a special treat at this event you will also to enjoy music by the Brewer Boys prior to Dr. Stricker's event and there will also be a Tower Garden demonstration after his event. 3 events for the price of one! Oh wait, it's FREE for all THREE if you RSVP :). Wow! Check out his bio!! Paul Stricker, M.D. is one of just under 200 physicians in the US who is board certified in both sports medicine and pediatrics. He was an All-American swimmer in college, and completed pediatrics at Arkansas Children's Hospital and a sports medicine fellowship at UCLA. He was selected by the Olympic committee as a physician for the United States team at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. He is a previous President of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, and is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics' Council on Sports Medicine & Fitness, and the editorial B ...
I represent Juice Plus and Tower Garden. Looking forward to meeting everyone Thursday.
Chuck Carter, master gardener, compares results of growing on the aeroponic Tower Garden vs planting in soil. Find more Tower Garden info:
Well, I finally found grow lights for my Tower Garden for the winter! Pretty excited to get going on it. If you would like to have fresh veggies for your family this winter, let me know and I can hook you up with your very own Tower Garden!
What a powerful presentation by Count me in as a sandbagger! Getting a tower garden tomorrow!
Mini peppers on my Tower Garden! I also have a ton of strawberries, tomatoes, basil, and more!
Why Juice Plus is a keeper for me and helping me improve my life naturally and simply...sharing my 9 month story.   December 2012deep fatigue, agitation, feeling low, puffy face, mental gaps, chronic pain, awful digestion, terrible sleepHigh expenditures on a variety of supplements that did not help.Food cravingsI ate well comparatively needed to eat more fruits & veggies but wasn't getting enough or enough variety December 18 2012started Juice Plus nutrition program which added the key phyto-nutrients of 31 fruits, vegetables and berries into my diet daily in 6 convenient capsules. I found out it was proven to be delivered into my blood stream. Dec 18 2012 - Sept 18 2013Many incremental changes and huge improvement in quality of life. September 18 2013Pain free, energy, no cravings, greater resilience to stress, better moods, clear skin, shiny hair, bright eyesLost weight and puffiness naturallyEating a plant based diet with zero will-power and feeling greatNo longer going broke trying and buying "possi ...
Good morning! I am running a special through the end of the month that if you buy a Tower Garden from me, I will pay the $50 shipping fee. I need to sell just one more this month for some special recognition in my company and I sure would like to make it! Visit my site at if you are interested! If you were thinking of buying one anyway, now is the time! Thanks!
Are you and your resume ready to impress? Here are the next 9 of the 37 companies you could be working for after tonight's Marlborough Works! Job Fair: • Employment Options, Inc. • Gardens Are • Green Workforce Training • Guardian Energy Management Solutions • Hampton Inn • Hologic Inc. • Juice Plus+ and Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ • Ken's Foods w/ Randstad In-House Services • Marlborough Hospital
This is the final week to save $50 on your Tower Garden by Juice Plus Conference Ticket for the Oct 17-19 Orlando conference. We have our tickets and will be there! Hope all my FL family/friends will attend our Thursday night Prevention Plus event with Dr. David Katz, MD. This is free and open to all and will be held at the *** Palms. Life-changing! If you'd like to see his bio or have questions, email me: swright883 Details below:
Gorgeous picture! Who wants a Tower Garden? Raise your hand! Higher, higher!!! Reach out to me here with a personal message and we can make it happen! Winter is comin', but you can still have fresh greens every day! :D
In 7 days it will not ONLY be my birthday, but also the day that I could reach the biggest promotion in my business. Who wants to help me to reach my goal for my birthday? Tower Garden anyone? Juice Plus+ Trio?! Interested in being hired to help inspire health with the "Farm to Table" movement and get a paycheck this month?!?
3 ways to extend your Tower Garden growing season!
Can't get enough of Bok Tower Gardens? Good news: a new book, BOK TOWER GARDENS: America's Taj Mahal, has been released. The book, by Kenneth Treister and David Price, explores the story of the extraordinary public monument. Author-signed copies are available now in the Tower & Garden Gift Shop, or online at
LOTS of kale in my Tower I made kale cubes. Put the leaves in the Vitamix with a cup of water. These are really concentrated.probably only need one in my winter smoothie.
Something I can make with my Tower Garden crop. I harvested beautiful rainbow chard, kale and we have tons of tomatoes. Very cool!
Cold weather on the way? Protect your Tower Garden from light frosts with our Weather Protection Blanket -
So excited to be sharing the tower garden this week-end at Ecofest! You also GOTTA come and see...
So with those tomatoes and the basil from my tower garden: finished soup with a vegan Quasadilla.
Amazing large scale vertical gardens! Check out these public installations of the Tower Garden
This is how clean the vegetables and fruits i eat grown in my Tower Garden
Time to take my Tower Garden diwn. Cantaloupe is not quite ready but i learned to star the seedlings indoor early...
Arugula, oregano, Swiss chard, jalapeños and tomatoes from my Tower Garden.
Tower Gardener Heinz Strahl sold lots of from his Tower Garden. Have you ever sold your excess Tower Garden produce?
Fresh basil from our tower garden for my quinoa salad for the week!
Jalapeños, kale and lavender on our tower garden - still all thriving!
Looking to Grow your own SHOW Tower Garden? Following the plan on the Tower Garden website, using…
Tower garden after 3 weeks bloomin... My kids will not wat store bought lettuce - but will go out and pick off...
Fun Tower Garden at see Washington gardens mag in booth
Fall festival today. Come enjoy the day and ask me about Juice Plus+ and the Tower Garden. (@ Field Home Rehab)
What can you grow on a Tower Garden?
Harvest a few bell peppers from your Tower Garden to use in this veggie-stuffed pepper -
One of the many exhibitors on site tower garden
The trump tower garden is a bit depressing.
Ok this is exciting as Humber College is trying the tower garden with their students. Check it out.
Day 3 of my cleanse! Well I feel very energized today! Picking tomatoes off of my Tower Garden in the…
Check out the amount of growth Nicole Marino experienced with her Tower Garden in 1 month (photo by Nicole) -
Chopped the tower garden. I had so much kale from it. Am going to plant more herbs and more kale for…
This is still a great time to plant a TOWER GARDEN!! All kinds of of great crops for fall!!
Come check out our new Tower Garden!!
I liked a video diy strawberry tower/ garden stick
Only 56 hours left in our Edible Arrangements photo contest Send us your photos of your Tower Garden grown beauty.
Aeroponics FAQ: Comparing aeroponics vs hydroponics in the Tower Garden grow system?
Plenty of late season veggies/herbs on my tower garden. Love watching the growth. Thanks
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
The Tower Garden Tuesday call is just 30 minutes away (6pm PST). Join us and grow vertical.
Wondering how Tower Garden is better than other types of We have your answer right here -
We're having a launch party/fundraiser on Oct. 10! Save the date! We will be raffling off a bran new Tower Garden so ms…
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