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Total Gym

The Total Gym is a brand name and product line of exercise machines used for strength training, stretching, and pilates training designed by EFI Sports Medicine Incorporated of San Diego, California.

Chuck Norris Christie Brinkley

I honestly feel really good being back in the gym 🙃 total therapy for me!
When you find out that you have to pay $60 to use the gym at school over the summer because you're not a "full-time" bs
Good morning everyone, I'm going to the in the morning, total focus on the legs and abs for today. 💪
Strength and Conditioning classes. Every Wednesday 8am, 12pm and 6:15pm at Total Boxer Gym. Book your first class F…
Today its total body destruction day at the gym. Have you even thought about applying that to your mindset?
I have been looking for mince with a new way to get to work - I suspect there is a wormhole behind the Total Gym.
Looking forward to training some awesome people this afternoon at Total Body Gym
Comeback day 8. Omw to the gym to crush a total body workout. Then since it's so nice out...sleeping giant cardio. Get it!!
Invest in health/gym.Total 30 yrs cost'll b around INR2Lacs.It'll save u from taking loans4hospital cost
so I had a total of 12 tbsp of PB. 6 bottle of water. 1 1/2 at the gym. I lost a total of 3.6lbs
A Massive 88% off Wireless activity fitness tracker @
Lost 1.5 kg after three months of circuit and strength training. That's a total of 4 kg since I started hitting the gym last Jan. 💪💪💪
Got in the gym tonight and got my head right,rededicated myself to getting in Warrior shape just out of total respect for Wa…
Naw it was this pre workout stuff I took and I went to the gym for like 5 hours total today without eating lol
I added a video to a playlist Fat Burning Exercises On The Total Gym
🔥❤ Pump-up total body. Tryna be a gym rat lol one day at a time! Super stoked for my goals. 😝
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Today st the gym I spent way too long in the suna. My class was fun and a total body workout!!
"Total effort will win people's hearts." |
(1) Chuck Norris began selling the Total Gym as an ill-fated attempt to make his day-to-day opponents less laughably pathetic.
Hitting the gym tonight. Total fitness in Powdersville.
when your lazy and have ur dave crist shirt from the gym and lost total of 40 lbs since October
Oh but Riyadh is quite pretty in a non obvious way and he's not a total gym moron. It's a fairly normal…
the arrogant you just spoke to in the gym who thinks higher earners work harder so shouldn't pay more tax! What a total
Circuits the_gym_braunton . Circuit class is a total body workout designed for a mixture of…
Comeback day 7. 100 pushups and 1 hour of cardio. With me having 2moro off I'm hitting the gym for a total body workout. Rollin
I slept in instead of waking up early to work out. No excuses, time to pull out the total gym
Genuinely just went in a total huff with stevie for talking about doughnuts when I was in the gym..I'm not a nice person in a diet 🙄😂
I'm most likely going to eat Burger and workout on my Total Gym when I get home.
Screw the gym. Bouldering is a great total body workout. It improves strength, agility, endurance, a
Check out my new gym kit from surprisingly - total cost for both pieces -> £13.00!
Here is the uphill version of stomach exercise for Total Gym that I am doing.
I am currently doing these Total Gym stomach exercises and I am also doing the uphill version of this as well.
Big AJ fan. He lives less than 5 miles from me and I have seen him in the gym. Total athlete
Strength training has been proven to combat disease. Our total gym class at 6:30PM can help you begin your journey to fighting disease.
(4) When Chuck Norris works out on the Total Gym, the Total Gym feels like it's been raped.
Want a FREE workout with me? . Tue 6pm Circuits . Thur 6pm Total body workout .
Total cripple after big gym sessions on Sunday & Monday. Owwwch!
Q : How many times do you hit the gym on a typical week?. Lee Hayward's Total Fitness Bodybuilding.
His bicep is the size of my wrist. He does 6 sets total the gym, then stares at himself for 45 minutes, t…
10 Exercises to Turn the Outdoors into a Gym
Better keep training Sean, because my source inside the gym says you are a total snowflake 😂😂😂
I'm going to start running to Starbucks and back every morning. That would be two miles total. Then I could work out at the gym/dojang later
Pro tip: go to the gym during pens games. There's a total of about 6 people here
Why do guys have to be total creeps at the gym
I joined the gym a month ago with the assumption Id see numerous people fall off the treadmill. Not even one. Total wa…
your new Total strength is straight 🔥 pre and post strength training
Tonight we Launch Christie Brinkley's secret weapon to fitness! . Total Gym proven to get results! Muscle knows no a…
My friends at Total Gym will be launching their newest Total Gym Fusion on QVC tonight & tomorrow night 11:00 PM EST https…
As the lovely and wise said, I'm making today a total Chris day. Gym, laying by the pool and then watching tonight.
Wish i could find a reliable gym here in new york that isn't a total scam. God i wish i knew someone with this knowledge right now
Total Body Conditioning Great start to a beautiful wknd in
Getting ready for Saturday total body workout with a friend
Another low cost gym opening in my area, that takes the total number of gyms within a half mile of my home to 7... (Not all low cost)
Big yard sale at 88 Valley St. in Winfield TODAY! New gym can't use because of down sizing.
If you're a who's a total with equipment, how would you if a girl approaches you to correct your form?
. I have a Total gym at home, so depending on the exercise I can do both. If not it takes me a minute to respond
nice one. Not much this weekend just returned to training in gym so am in total agony
There's a total of 5 people at the gym 🙂
USF added 3 more squat racks to the gym. Grand total of 6 now.
Which is great,convenient& what we pay for. Driving to& from the gym to shower- a total 6/7 mile trip both ways to shower was adding up. £££
Males wearing leggings in the gym, total nich nich
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Summer is approaching! Lets create a LIT summer body!"Total fitness takes more than a gym" Accepting Clients in HOU
Where does your Total Fitness take you?
Xercise4Less secures £7.5m BGF fund to support 20 new gym openings
Gonna go get that gym membership today. Gonna start being less total person.
secures £7.5m fund to support 20 new openings
I swear I see the same Total Gym Commercial like 4 times a night.
Literally was at the gym for a total of 8 hours today
I'm dreading wearing new shoes to the gym like a total noob who's never worked out before.
Just liked this Pin: This basement gym (looks to be a basement) is total beast mode. Insane dumbbell collection
I was able to make it to the gym one other time this week for 30 minutes, adding up to a total of three times this week.
I'm totally gonna do that tues at the gym to a total stranger!! Omfg hilarious!. I won't forget to wink😉
The best thing about insane workout! So needed! Have a great night people! 😘😴😴😴
1st Place Team Awards goes to the host gym Jax with a total of 108.650!
I hate it in a year alone my gym cost me over 400 total. And I couldn't even use it for a month cause I've been sick
Some days I go super hard at the gym, and some days I am a total fat *** Today is more like the latter.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
~1.3 miles to the gym biked just now. ~2.6 miles biked both ways. ~11.4 miles biked today in total :D
I don't JUST weight train to get bigger. Lifting is my passion and my only stress reliever. The gym is the one place I can find total peace🙏
It’s no secret, the dynamic duo known a ... -
WOOHOO! Just ordered me a "Total Gym Utima". Can't wait to start adding to my fitness regimen and see the rules by October!
Third trip to the gym in 24 hours. Total beast mode and got a lot done. Now dinner, couch, and The Walking Dead.
coming into and running them outta the gym. Total beatdown
I could only do 3 total 2 weeks ago. 2 sets of 5 now achieved.
first one in, last one out... A total gym rat
My 6 mile all terrain run begins right across the street from my gym The Island Personal…
9 signs you have, we’re sorry to say, become a total GYM BORE.
If you can barely spare half an hour at the gym, try this 25-minute total-body circuit.
GYM: Final - Owls total 189.075 to finish 4th. Full info coming at
GYM: Owls with a 47.4 on beam for a 3-event total of 141.250
GYM: Owls total a 47.05 on bars for a two-event total of 93.8.
A4-4: Food intake and s-exercise matters as well. Also really important. I'd marry my Total Gym if it were a bit more conversational
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Chuck Norris makes his beard use the Total Gym. They have both had sex with Christie Brinkley.
you've been to the UCF gym a total of 5 times... Lol
Tagged in Premiere Athletix's photo: Premiere Athletix is the host gym for the Total Body Championships.
yeah but on top of that I have gym, drums, being Cinderella and my total body challenge. I think I might die. 😂
Last day of soaking up the rays 😢 although I'm super looking forward to getting back to the gym and…
Big Daniel Buck pulling me (80kg) on the sled along with another 50kg. 130kg total.
Can I just be Oikawa and like date all these guys like a total gym *** or???
Still on this | No Gym, No Problem! Check out these 10 great total body…
I seriously was just at the gym for a total of seven minutes. Im dedicated.
No gym, no equipment? Don't worry, you only need your body weight for this routine and you can do it anywhere-
But not from a gym total waist of money
This gym might have the most jacked up DB rack I've ever seen! It was a total crap shoot finding the right...
No gym membership? No problem! Just head outside for this body weight workout.
Romy Camargo working out on the Total Gym at Stay In Step Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center!!
I walked a total of 2.75 miles today. Most of that was not done in the gym. As you can see I was only there for...
thanks adelissa ❤️ like... why else would I be at the gym if I wasn't trying to be skinny?! He's a total jerk!
Total Gym’s 3-Week Pike-Up Challenge: Week 2 – Total Gym Pulse: View the Blog Post with this video:
Insanity Live workout in the bag. No sweat. Too easy. @ Total Fitness 24hr Gym
aye, mate used to see him in the work gym a lot, said he was a total sleaze bag! Northern United's our team.
Repping out some pull-ups over the door at the Rock house. This place is a total gym. I think that…
I am selling Total Gym for $150 near: West Dundee, IL on OfferUp.
When Chuck Norris had sex with Christie Brinkley, she gave birth to a Total Gym.
Christie Brinkley shares her love of Total Gym
At the gym about to put this work in. @ Ballys Total Fitness
This couple at the gym are doing deadlifts total wrong its depressing.
I've lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks and I have only ran 5 miles total at the gym. Is that healthy?
Eh. We'll see. I might be able to pull a free Total Gym out of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Totally made my night!!! Even though I'm a total nazi in the gym, and always making him give me…
Ironton area asking 100$ for each 100lb heavy bag great shape and total gym power platinum with attachments for it
Woke up to an infomercial of Chuck Norris and kellen winslow telling me they both use the total body gym.
Can't wait to hit the gym today. TOTAL MOTIVATION.
TUESDAY'S CLASSES. Total Body 6pm. Killer Kore 7pm. Zumba 7pm. Weight Lifting 8pm. Included in the monthly membership or try it out for $10
If any females are thinking about joining golds gym in NA, don't. Full of complete & total tool bags.
Imagine me paying for a year of gym and i only go like 3 months in total 😂 id kill myself
I did a fitness evaluation today at the gym. I'm 5.1% body fat, 48.6% muscle and have a lean body mass of 152lb of 162lb total weight.
Wearing the Belle & Sebastian tee shirt my Swedish penpal from the Sinister mailing list gave me in 1998 to the gym, like a total dude.
Was good to have lunch with E today! Was a total trip to eat in same gym I ate in at his age! I think might be...
I have a 1500 total gym I am looking for some new rollers for the guide board all I can find is used ones I want new ones can you help
Really wish I didn't have gym this semester so I could shave my legs a total of never
My local gym uses Nautilus machines and the training protocol they market is a total-body machine-based workout 2-3 times a week
You hear that? Total generalization based on being fit and going to the gym. As if that is a negative thing.
Cool what did you watch? I went for a fry up with my friend afterwards I went to the gym I burnt off 500cal in total
I had a fab time at the gym this afternoon I burnt off 500cal in total I will be back tomorrow afternoon.
So ready to get my gym membership with so we can look like total babes. 👌
Gym/Diet status:. Consumed 1690 calories. Worked off 813 calories. Total caloric deficit of 1163 for the day.
I am thankful that today has been a very productive day, and made it to the gym also and did a great total body workout.
Spent a total of 8 consecutive days out of the gym to rest. Dropped 5lbs and lowered bodyfat percentage. . Time to get back in and grow.
The Total Gym is the Home Gym with the 30 Day trial!
Eat a diet rich in protein and fibre, keep an eye on total calories. Include as many gym sessions as your lifestyle allows.
A total of 7 miles today at the gym. I guess hating the world has its benefits
The other gym I was going to was total BS😒👋 had to wake up by 6 a.m be there by 7 a.m & only had 2 hrs to workout till we had to leave😒
It feel so good to be back in the gym!
Really would like to make it to the gym today so I can get an idea of my current Crossfit Total. We shall see.
Total calorie intake so far: 533. Now, I'm going to the gym for an hour to go burn off some of these calories.💪
yep, can't go the gym as planned at 330. Total media blackout
I think girls who spend hours at the gym are total bad *** though. Y'all do your thang.
Morning workout loving the new equipment in the Prenton gym!
Gym/Laps on Sunday..this am will loosen up on the bike trainer...good day on weights and 3/4 mile up front for total of 2.5hrs...:)
Been to gym once since June and that was for a grand total of 15 minutes
after buying this amazing total gym by MARCY Since mid July thus Sumer, we were too busy to set it up as it take...
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Didn't make it to the gym today and I had several portions of carbs, so I just ran/walked around my block twice (about 2 miles total)
A seven-minute total workout without gym equipment! Is that even possible? According to scientists, it is!
Called Chuck Norris to come save you. U will be the new and improved Total Gym.
Messy hair and no make Up sundays are awsome 🙌 relax total. para esta semana: volver al gym como…
need to start going to the gym I've been paying for a membership for almost two years and went like one month total out of it
There are seriously like 12 ppl total here at the gym
I pay the gym to allow me to train clients there! Its a total joke there!
At -- Even personal trainers love our wraps! Whoa!! Total...
This girl looks like a total Barbie at the gym. Complete with pink headphones and smart water. Then there's me in a cut off okkk.
I feel like we need to talk about how the leather daddy gym coach in Nightmare on Elm Street 2 is also Kuato in Total Recall.
I no longer have a gym membership. I have invested in my and that give me my total body…
I eat about that amount in total Mon-Fri to facilitate these pigouts! Took past week off from salads & the gym I feel alive again :)
Up to this game. She had played a total of 1 play in this historic gym. She had her chance coming off…
Being fit more than just heading in the gym for some cardio, it's a total lifestyle transformation! . Every...
2nd set of 6 today, 12 total. Wish treadmills went beyond 60 mins at gym. Great today. Getting it back!
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