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Tory Party

The Tories were members of two political parties which existed, sequentially, in the Kingdom of England, the Kingdom of Great Britain and later the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from the 17th to the early 19th centuries.

David Cameron Tory Party Conference Boris Johnson Theresa May George Osborne Jeremy Corbyn Nye Bevan Jeremy Hunt Labour Party Aneurin Bevan Priti Patel Dennis Skinner

Clearly slow deliberate infiltration at local Tory Party level targeting selection committees to select unintelligent right wingers as MPs
“What were your thoughts on the Tory Party Conference?” answers the question we've all been asking. https:/…
A country that works for everyone? No. Here's my Guardian video about Tory Party Conference versus the real world. https:/…
Theresa May sparks major backlash over 'citizen of the world' remark at Tory Party Conference
Ahead of Tory Party Conference Theresa May has private meeting with Murdoch - The Jeremy Corbyn Effect…
Theresa May and a Tory Party divided on Brexit/grammar schools leading to defections to UKIP
'It's Time for the Tory Party to Investigate what Former Tory Lobbyist Derek Laud May Know About
Bullying in the Tory Party, bullying in the BASC…a pattern?
Patrick McLoughlin says death of Elliott Johnson was a tragedy and there can be no place for bullying in Tory Party
Alan Johnson & Liz Kendal r the same With Portillo on the sofa Its like watching the Tory Party at home hav'n tea
Did the Tory Party not present General Dyer a ruby encrusted dagger on return to the UK after Amritsar?
By the by Murdo "public" does not mean Tory Party faithful.
apt of Boris Johnson to divert attention of media and public away from the conflicts that will arise in the Tory Party
Derbyshire Dales' Patrick McLoughlin is the new Tory Party chairman. Here he is taking reporters by surprise.
“For 10 years we in the Tory Party have become used to Papua New Guinea-style orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing.” - Boris Johnson
Seriously, is there no one in the Tory Party with any actual experience working in the NHS whom they could appoint as Health Secretary?
agreed with that interview could play well with some Tory Party members
Telegraph article by Jonathan Foreman reveals the Tory Party are petrified of Theresa May. 1/2
Tory Party getting ready to elect 2nd female leader and PM whilst Labour members fight to keep old middle class white bloke.
News coming in from Tory Party - Heinrich Himmler Gove stabs Boris Herman Goerring in the back for Fuhrer role
If you want to know what’s actually going on in the Tory Party then read this by
reveal Rupert Murdoch is supporting Boris Johnson to be the new leader of the Tory Party
Stephen Crabb & Sajid Javid team up to stand on a joint ticket in the Tory Party leadership race, Sky sources say
It is confusing, especially now the Tory Party is going to move even further to the right. Labour are a muddle.
Oil down to just $47 a barrel too. Maybe they see the end of the Ronnie & Reggie if the Tory Party
"It's more like the Tory Party Conference than the Oxford Union." Heath brings the house down
Currently many British conservative patriots wrongly believe that the Tory Party is their friend at Westminster.
seems happy to tear the Tory Party apart for the sake of his own glory. Go ahead, but the party will not thank you for it.
Apologies to any Hamas members offended by any association with the nasty immoral Tory Party.
I urge you to launch root & branch review of xenophobia & Islamophobia in Tory Party in light of
Now designated Imperial Wizard of UKIP in Wales. This was a man too corrupt for the Tory Party. Just think on that.
Dear Baroness Warsi calls for an inquiry in to Islamophobia in the Tory Party. Why is this not a headline?
Police preparing to prosecute 26 Tory MPs who won seats by cheating. Dennis Skinner summed up the Tory Party best. http…
Gordon Bennett, we have Hillsborough ,collapse of BHS, EU vote, the Tory Party split and yet we focus the Jews as usual.
Oh sorry, just re-read it. riding on a tank can't hide the true nature of the Tory Party!
Teenage Tory trio out to end Labour’s ‘one-party state’ at elections
Peter Oborne states what everyone already knows: Tory Party are racist & divisive party; they have been saying they changed since 1918 RT
Lord Feldman signed off the budget of RoadTrip2015 accoring to Guardian report. 227/11/15 Simon Hattenstone .
. Which Tory party will you be supporting after the referendum?
Affluenza seems to be reaching pandemic proportions in the Tory Party! Maybe the WHO could sort it out
Clearly all the evidence you need that our Tory Party is riddled with tax dodging scum.
The party nationalising it's like that scene in "Basically all the worst parts of the
Imam who Cameron slandered at today's tells he canvassed for the Tory party at the election
Hate to break it to you! All our party's when in power have sold weapons! Tory & labour. Both the same! Deceitful
Tory Party is taking us back to the Victorian Era- were some have and some dont!
Tory party always talk of freedom . Their donors don't actually believe in it ...
John Whittingdale, the Tory MP in charge of press regulation went to Rupert Murdoch's Christmas party in December
“The bad blood now haemorrhaging from the two sides within the Tory party will look familiar to this American. ”
does it include the whole of the Tory party as well as they are smarting with corruption from the leader to the back benchers
That shows HOW LOW the Tories will STOOP to get our NHS into the hands of the private health sector who DONATE…
SNP are the only party that can protect Scotland from a Tory gov and establishment who have no regard for Scottish people.
If is correct then an ISIS supporter has been campaigning for the Tory party, anything to say
is a Rightist plot to seize the Party & relaunch it in imitation of US Tea-Party Trumpism. Don't sleepwalk into the abyss.
Kez reiterates her wanting all scots to pay for Tory austerity that the Labour Party voted for,
If remain win, it's voters joining the Tory party to deselect EUROPHILES
Yet more evidence that the Tory party are divisive scum.
That one and probably all of the Tory party.
Conservative election candidate suspended by party over comments about homosexuals Bradford West Tory implosion
Could you remove the tory party from power? Thanks.
this is typical of the scare tactics of the Tory party
Labour and Libdems won't protect Scotland from brutal WM Tory government, both parties always put party before the peopl…
Watch tonight as Tory Party finally admits 'administrative errors' in under-declaring £10,0's in General El…
Am shocked by Cameron's attack on Sadiq Khan this is a new unexpected low for the Tory party- and I'm a Tory. Just vulgar b…
It's quite a sight watching half the Tory party use attacks lines Labour has for 6 years against their own government all because of
Morning New York. This is our best read story right now: Brexit may break Britain’s Tory party
PM used phrase "supports I.S." to attack Sadiq Khan by proxy. alleged "IS" supporter is in fact Cons party supporter https…
Neil says 'the union wing of the Labour Party'. I'm sure he will refer to 'the hedge fund wing of the Tory party' as soon…
New evidence of Tory Party overspending. Watch full investigation on 7pm.
What? Tory party using money to rig elections? Who would have thought such a thing could happen?
Heh. Member of conservative think-tank Policy Exchange and longtime adviser in the Tory Party, Lord Finkelstein.. https…
If Britain votes to leave the EU, as Prime Minister and Tory Party leader, David Cameron should... Remain: 33%. Resign: 4…
Will one of you lot in the Tory Party show some common sense we need our Doctors.
. This may dent a future Tory Party leadership bit by Javid. This is a massive miscalculation on his part. Maybe fancied the trip!
Republicans believe in a ruling class. Down with the peasants. Rip up the Constitution, bring back King George! The Tory Party.
MASSIVE OWN GOAL for Cameron - bringing up divided Labour just 5 days after former Leader of Tory Party walked ou…
If the vote succeeds, there will be a right-wing coup in the Tory Party against Cameron and May. Farage and must be ready...
If Tim Montgomerie has left party, MadNads is writing books and slamming IDS and IDS has gone...christian right over in the Tory Party.
How can anyone have any confidence in George Osborne as Chancellor now that IDS accuses him of only working in the interests of Tory Party
IDS confirms what many suspected Chancellor George Osborne’s budgets designed to benefit interests of the Tory Party rather than the economy
It's sad to see the Tory Party descend into a kind of semi-religious ideology that is the antithesis of Conservatism
I am pro EU but a out vote will destroy the Tory Party? Lead to a coalition gov in 2017...
A BRITISH firm supplying foreign steel for the Royal Navy’s new warships is owned by a Tory Party donor.
Unlucky for them that they weren't white and friends of the Tory Party like Leon Brittan and Jimmy Saville
Boris has just increased his chances of becoming Tory Party leader, says Tom Quinn
why did you work for the Tory Party as a gent then Mike if the …
Let's not limit our contempt to Jeremy Hunt, let's remember he's supported by the entire Tory Party, the cabinet and David…
Every right wing THUG in the Tory Party (eg IDS & Priti Patel) needs to read THIS:.
Our law is not on the side of anybody except for the Old Etonian Club ( sorry - the Tory Party)
but I need a brown envelope to the Tory Party so they can make a planning policy for me. Developers in the Caribbean rule!
.admitted fabricating a death threat. . What actions have been taken since by. Police. Tory Party. Commons. Media. Luc…
Labour and Tory unite for a vote in the North East. Cross party, many economists, businesses, professors say:
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I want to know if the Tory party deliberately set out to infiltrate the top echelons of BBC News.
Because the opposition party was so wishy washy. Didn't even challenge Tory lies for 4 1/2 yrs.
Time Graham Brady's safe Altrincham & Sale West constituency had MP that works for them not the Tory party
Osborne will cosy up to bankers as the Tory Party is the Politcal Arm of Banks & Business. Nothing else.
Is it me or does have fatal attraction 4 the Tory party?
big business lobbying the Tory party. That's what. And have you read the newspapers ffs. Not bias?
Yes, I of the Tory party. I became a Labour supporter, voted for Corbyn, but then resigned, rejoining the Tories.
Tory minister missed Conservative Way Forward Xmas do, but Croydon campaigning with them today.
Dear Laura Kuenssberg, while you are reporting excitedly about the shadow cabinet reshuffle, the Tory Party is getting away wi…
Found this interesting book, it's about a guy who wakes to find himself at the Tory Party Conference
Dammn that's a little too hard but I say party, Tory, then tiller..
Old Tory habit: It's all fault of ... [The Party Opposite, Ed M, Gordon Br]. They never take responsibility for anything! ;-\
In reply to request I had no pics of D Cameron but did quote Nye Bevan on Tory Party..'lower than vermin'
shows that the media blowing things up out of reality with the help of labour tory-lite MPs trying to danger the Labour Party!
Seems Camelot are blocking selling of tickets via Internet for tonight's draw in case a member of a party that is NOT a Tory might win.
oh you mean where Tory party in opposition, backed Labour spending pound for pound. But you knew that I'm sure
Absolutely - we PAY them (don''t forget this!) to represent us all - so why is it only the Tory party they bat for? https…
PS the appointment of Jeremy Hunt as Health secretary confirms the Tory party is a threat to our national health.
Hurry up and leave office and take the whole Tory party with you, leaving just in time for others to clean your mess
For the English media, they radicalized this Cymro/ Welshman into being a propagandist for the Nazi Tory party!
What's the point of having a Labour Party then? Should we just have a Tory party & floating voters?
rightly so. Imagine the outcry if that was a Tory..well I mean...he is a Tory, but if it was a Tory in the Tory party...
Zameer Choudrey got a CBE for “services to the UK wholesale industry” – but not for the £600,000 his wholesale firm gave to the Tory party.
We Licence payers are now paying a £150m donation a year to the Tory Party in the form of running
...& then we can a) make our blind, deaf dog editor of The Sun & our cat Dinah ed of The Times, & flush the Tory Party do…
the BBC is now officially the media stream of the Tory party...they are twisting and manipulating by a…
got play it first biggest con since the Tory party
. You'd think Gibb has connections to Tory party. . Oh, hang on...
Punches thrown at Tory Party meeting: candidate “put in a headlock”:. (you at the back there ... st…
Did the Tory Party replace the LDs to go into coalition with the BBC? . (Hat tip Phil)
bbc now a wing of the Tory party i would NEVER vote tory so why should i have to pay the bbc to spout there tory cobble…
Creating a split in (the Tory) party eh? Obviously learned nothing from you!
Cameron advertising ASDA wellies well they do donate to the tory party it's only fair.
Pathetic men who deserve little or no respect ,bleating to Tory Media and bringing shame on the…
Yes, while hard-working party members (who voted for Corbyn overwhelmingly) are out there fighting Tory cuts.
I meant Louise, she said vote for Corbyn which was cynical! But we want a Labour Party that isn't exactly like Tory
Blairites continue to shift focus from attacking Tories to attacking Corbyn. Plays into hands of Tories/Tory media a divided party
nothing to do with being a Tory supporter Martin. I am an ex soldier who is disgusted by the Labour Party.
August is done. I was putting folks on Party. Tory just doesn't have an identity
join andrew neil for another Tory party political broadcast? can't wait
We should ALL stop paying the (so-called) TV license. Its like donating tothe Tory party.
Tory Party is a stranger to the truth in so many levels
People of the Country need to know how comprehensively BoJo has been SPINNING himself as the "Golden Boy of the Tory Party". He IS NIGHTMARE
PETER OBORNE: Why this Cameron crony could break the Tory Party in two
We elected a Tory Party full of Racists & White Supremacists yet still some say Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable!
Priti Patel, IDS etc represent a new low amongst many very low, lows in the Tory Party right wing Nasty Party.
Solution the better online marketer on rearmost tory party footgear: APBWTECRU
He's one of those who brings down the average IQ of the Tory party. Quite an achievement.
You can. The whole Tory party are deluded.
Amazing spectacle: David Cameron in awe of a *publicly funded* . Thought publicly funded were dirty words in Tory Party.
Were it Tristram leading the party, he wldnt even bother joining, job done. Lab led by a tory. He has no allegience to Lab
Tory Party thought Greg Clark was a genius for avoiding risk of a parliamentary defeat over Right to Buy.
Not sure why I joined this. It's so heavily curated that only the Tory party line is coming out.
Jeremy Corbyn MUST rob of excuses for broadcasting DAILY Tory Party Political Broadcasts. Let Hilary join Tories from the backbenches
Tory plot 2 destroy the Labour Party completely for ever,
Panic at Tory and Lib Dem HQ's as fears grow Dan Hodges might join their party.
Birmingham Green Party | City Council needs to stand up to Tory cuts
‘Just to clarify, I’m not a Tory’: The Conservative Party Conference | O... viagrew up listening to radio 4
Every time a moderate flounces out of the Labour Party, a Tory fairy gets his wings.
Wonder how long the tory daily politics take before bashing Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party.
You are just a typical right wing nasty the Tory party are clearly for you while I am delighted to be a moral empa…
Making themselves into an unelectable Tory-Lite party probably caused t…
pulling strings from behind scenes & "more interested in protecting party machine than justice 4 Elliott” http…
Maybe THAT'S their cunning plan; they're going to take over the Tory party from within!! Be afraid...
. Great time to be a Tory as nothing to fear from the Labour Party at next General Election. We don't have a credible leader!
Encourage all to sign the petition on this article, cross party consensus that Tory plans will be hugely damaging
If you think Hilary Benn belongs in the Tory Party, your right to lecture on Labour's founding principles is nil
Dan Hodges leaving the Labour Party - again? Tim Peake'll gaze wistfully down on Earth tonight and tearfully mutter: 'Bl**…
SHOCKER as Tory party climate-change denying Lord says something totally ridiculous about cycling.
I agree, but note the role of Oliver Letwin, unelected, unaccountable & covering up MI5/Tory Party sins of the past.
Thank you to the 2 Lib Dem MP's who voted against the Tory Party motion to bomb Syria. Mark Williams & Norman Lamb have integrity.
Managed to watch about 2 minutes of the Syria debate until the howling chinless goons of the Tory Party made me want to smash my laptop.
James Landale and offered New Years Honours & jobs at for services to Tory Party.
Listening to John McTernan on GMS one has to ask why he has not left Labour and joined the Tory Party.
Something to think about while the Tory Party tries to cut tax credits and impoverish the poorest workers...
Liz Kendall thinks it's a "strong case". Wow. There's a strong case to decant her & the Blairite rump who voted for her into the Tory Party
New chair of Conservative Future, Tory Party's troubled youth wing, is 63
Problem for Tory Party is that chair Lord Feldman + MP Ben Howlett can't both be telling truth about handling of bullying claims
Apart from likening a Jewish Chronicle reporter to a concentration camp guard he said Tory Party was "riddled with homosexuals"
The GOP can respect me by disbanding and reforming a rational, moderate Tory Party
Cameron & Osborne should ask how Tory Party under them became so astonishingly inhuman it even disgusts House of Lords …
Boris Johnson and Theresa May the winners in Tory Party from the Treasury shambles over tax credits. Osborne big loser
How true is this ! Pity s Tory Party are a part of this evil agenda foisted on us all!
Still waiting to hear from the Tory Party & of a single economist who supports their laughable stunt ht…
Why didn't Clement Atlee not just join the Tory Party?! Attlee and the bomb | OUPblog
Sounds more like Jackanory than a Tory Party Conference. Maybe we should rename Cameron and Osborne, the brothers Grimm.
It's a funny old world. We have an Old Etonian, leader of the Tory Party, claiming to be for the working man/woman.
Just listened to party political broadcast by the Tory Party. Oh no it was an Eamon Holmes cosy ch…
Just watched the Tory Party political broadcast , struggled to stop myself throwing up ! Lying pig !!
NEW: hardly any mention of climate change or Paris negotiations at Tory Party Conference
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Owen Jones at the Conservative party conference: ‘Just to clarify, I’m not a Tory’ – video
The Tory Party are killing disabled people, that is why we call you
if we are to unite as a nation, we can't continue bashing each other. That's playing right into Tory party's hands.
We (generally) share conservative values. The main reason we tend to vote Labour is because we believe it's not as racist as …
Is it just me or does the decor of the Tory Party Conference have a really authoritarian feel?
Cameron's Tory party really are the nasty party basically unless your a millionaire living in home counties your f*d
Analysis: Why is Ruth Davidson not vying to be the next Tory leader?
Do you think the Tory party might regret it then? (better question since he's off before next election)
If this does not leave you crying, you should join the tory party
this man and the Tory party/government want to pull the U.K out of the E.U
CHILD ABUSE. Tory Party with help of Panorama determined to muddy the waters surrounding Westminster abuse. R/T
Disability Hate Crime perpetrated by the Tory Party and media that is why we call you
Five key messages NHS leaders can take from the Tory Party Conference
Exposing the Lie of tory "workers party"!. Jobs fall every time they're in power!.
Tory politician caught snorting meow meow at party conference
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I visited the Tory Party Conference in and this is what happened..
After today's speech by the PM will be applying to be affiliated to the Tory Party? Come on Be courageous ..
It's official: Jeremy Corbyn is a serious threat to the security and stability of the Tory party and its backers.
David Cameron lies at CPC15, he lied throughout GE2014, he is a LIAR. how can Britain trust a liar... and his lying Tory party...
rich/toff PM David Cameron and the Tory party M.Ps./and there rich members have a "britain-hating ideology"..!
Five things we learnt from the Tory Party Conference
The Tory Party are responsible for the death of David Clapson Victim of Austerity.
"I'm like the Tory party,I perform very well down south"
Jeremy Corbyn gatecrashes Tory Party Conference with speech at Manchester protest rally: Mr Corbyn...
Tory MP demands explanation from her party for cancelled Muslim charities event
David Cameron made a terrible sex joke and creeped everyone out
The Human Rights Act was notably absent from this year's Tory conference
Labour should surely focus everything on cuts to tax credits right now. Fatally undermines Tory message as 'party of worki…
Get on this Tory boy; bet his parents have disowned him. . Owen Jones at the Conservative party conference: video http:/…
Yes if the want an opinion on the tory party, get a bunch of tories on TV & interview them.
Female MPs complain of being used as 'arm candy' at Tory conference
I walked around the plush hotels of the Tory conference to find out if they are really a new "workers' party"
VIDEO: David Cameron's jokes from his Tory Party Conference speech
Thousands of migrants to be deported under secret EU plans amid radical Brussels crackdown http:/…
You're not a if you’re funded by charity leader tells Party Conference.
The passive aggressiveness of Tory Blairites joining the Tory Party is not surprising. They are all self centred attent…
So, after all Osborne's spin, the mask slips & the true face of the Tory Party reveals itself >
The Tory party is now akin to The National Front or Britain First but maybe with less caring policies.
Iain Cairns, Neil Currie - Boris Johnston just referenced Kyber Pass in his speech to the Tory Party Conference.
Police deliver truckloads of booze ahead of Tory Party Conference (why are cops doing this?)
Police form production line to deliver truckloads of booze for Tory Party Conference Is that re…
IDS has been bitter since colleagues passed a vote of no confidence in his leadership of the Tory Party back in 2003
Would reject a peerage from his favourite party the Tory Party as Lord Stig Of Chiswick Park? lol!
As we show, privatisation is exactly what they want. Just ask Dan Hannan, the Tory Party's real-life Patrick Bateman. http:/…
Nick Robinson.. head of BBC Politics.. former head of the Tory Party in his university? UNBIASED?! ah donnae think so...
Note that in both Boris Johnson becomes leader of the Tory Party and eventual PM.
Tory Party membership 150,000. Labour Party membership 300,000. And that is excluding registered supporters or affiliates...
I still struggle with the notion there were 48 Labour "rebels" who opposed the Tory Party welfare reform bill. Fancy the cheek of them.
The Labour Party, Lib Dems & Tory Party should be made to pay the bill. They helped to create the problems in Calais.
Fox hunting is political poison for David Cameron and the Tory Party
The lynch Nick Clegg campaign was a bit ill-founded. Now the Tory Party is free of Liberal constraint, the consequences ensue
How banal is that for the party of Keir Hardie and Nye Bevan? Perhaps you should join the Tory Party.
a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin .Aneurin Bevan > never a truer word spoken
FFS Will those Labour members who'd rather a Tory government than a Labour one please eff off to the Tory Party?
There are some extremely nasty people in the Tory Party.
134,446 people voted David Cameron leader of the Tory Party. 144,570 people voted Len McCluskey leader of Unite the Union. T…
the Tory Party may split over Europe Referendum, it's their corn laws again.
Alan Duncan correct; the dynamics of Tory Party are entirely different to during Major's gov. Backbenchers may not rock the boat as much.
In the words of Aneurin Bevan, nothing can "eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party."
This must be what passes for wit in Tory Party - I trust Labour folk are with SNP on this one & disagree with Boris: htt…
Breaking news. Boris Johnson now leader of Tory Party
Anyone seen David Cameron today? Is he now that much of an electoral liability that the Tory Party are hiding him from the …
What was Michael "backstabber" Fallon doing hanging about the rear entrance to a debate the Tory Party refused to attend..
Tory Party's uncosted and fiscally reckless manifesto shows that George Osborne still firmly in charge.
Tory Party supporting those who stand to inherit HUGE amount of money ...oh and of course those "hard working families" ..bless'em.
The wonderful of the wipes the floor with Tory Andrew Neil, never mind the Tory Party.
He only backs them when they toe the Tory Party very democratic of you Mr Pickles
Daily Mirror: Labour accuse Nicola Sturgeon of backing Tory Party with a ... -
Lab publishes the letter a savvier Tory Party would have published: signed by one-nation mix of employers & employees htt…
Where next for IDS & the Tory party if they win : cutting carers allowances? Or taxing disability benefits? .
Does your MP want to hide their voting record from you? – The Labour Party
We really are witnessing the end of the tory party!. .
think this is the cruellest Tory party ever
Parliamentary Party held back Yesterday for special meeting when in fact they were only ever plotting to stab
Astonishing ... another case of falling in with Ukip/Tory rhetoric...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Though more popular in the country than ... [the] Tory party ... is not held in high esteem by Tory MPs.
May lost me when she said nasty party she's just a wet patch on real Tory record
One less Illuminati believer :'( Clips of longest serving Tory party member Harry Beckhough who died this week (hr1)
Alex Massie: Tory party are playing a dangerous and reckless game
At the end of the day, there's only one party which are up to the job of ensuring Britain remains strong. That party's the Tories. Vote Tory
Unacceptable attack on Cannock Chase residents by Tory MP Aidan Burley, retiring because of his own poor behaviour.
I cannot believe ppl would vote for the Tory Party with these punishing policies against disabled ppl who are disabled not by choice.
Tory Party are really stooping so low, already making life hard for disabled ppl, now life will be in desperate state.
Graham Dwyer would of been a rock star god in the Tory party 20'ish years ago!
Tory plans for further cuts revealed ..their a party of "Clarkson's" ..someone has to be walloped ?
"even Mr Muscle wouldn't clean the Tory party"
Tory Party really are the nasty party. Unbelievable plans to cut disability & carers allowance etc etc
Well done for saying 'shocking threat to disability benefits' about tory leak, now where's Lab party backing h…
Why are politicians so unpopular? How much time you got? have remade Labour into a Tory Party. Voters aren't impressed.
Middle class kipper blocks me because I (working class Tory) point out that UKIP are not a working class party and are in fact led by a toff
Little Giant Ladders
it is the Tory Liberal and Labour Party that voted for these wars. they are the *** and are losing their war.
Leaked emails re. Tory welfare cuts shows just how fragile party’s popularity is over reforms.
there seem to be too many right wingers who don't get that they're not in the Tory Party of the 1980s.
I do understand. As I said not a fan, but we have to rid country of tory party for the sake of vulnerable.
I'll be very happy to see you back in parliament, but can you really still believe the party want to be Green?
More revelations about how nasty Tory Party really are. Tory plans for disabled people & carers are truly evil.
No, It's not a Tory Party Conference!. It is 'The one the PM agreed to attend'. -Fact won! htt…
Probably no links to the Tory party.
More Green Party lies... a vote for any other party than is a vote for another Tory..
spot the tory bias. We know that we are the party that represent women, just look at our pledges
= Real Tory Party or Continuity Conservatives. can rule out a pact 'cos they're the same party.
Former Conservative Cllr now joins UKIP - I'm sure there's more Tories in UKIP than in Tory party now?
Pure evil, and Labour Party have already stated they will be tougher than its Tory colleagues on Welfare Benefits.
Time to Care Fund launched at party conference. But Labour's Tory 'privatisation' accusations didn't quite stack up
That's the context of Tory Party austerity Shoot the Wounded.. Or Protect the Powerful while taking aim at the powerless
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
40 days. An opportunity to rid the Tory Party from office.To end 5 years of Tory Austerity that has caused so much pain.
'benefits cuts' plans leaked Someone wants us to know extent of nasty party's cuts for the sick and disabled
I've explained the larger interactions. Ideologically, in terms of party support. you're a Tory Lord, she''s a former Tory MP
vote for a majority party to get them out. Not ideal but you risk a coalition or Tory government again
hands up if your party voted in favour of Tory cuts for the next 5 yrs . http:…
The people of Scotland didn't vote for the Tory party but we still had to go with it. What is England's problem? It's a …
Look after bankers>policies made by donor lobnyists>pulvarise the poor sick and disabled>the caring party>vot…
Sir Simon Robertson HSBC Dep Chair. Look who he gave £100,000 to George Osborne £700,000 to Tory Party
Hugo Swire related to Joe Strummer. Grant Shapps related to *** Jones. Did The Clash plant sleeper agents in the Tory Party?
guests make me cringe. is awful. Gordon Brewer is a Tory Party propagandist.
Dennis Skinner has called on every left-wing voter to back Ed Miliband and kick out the most extreme Tory Party ever. htt…
Rifkind's replacement in Kensington stands out a mile, if Tory Party has any belief in UK left at all. Michael Portillo
Good Morning Britain.. Tory Party just a bunch of cowards and bullies.
Hedge Fund Barons have given over £50m to the Tory Party. George Osborne's tax giveaways have more than compensated. http:/…
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