Toronto Raptors & Chris Bosh

The Toronto Raptors are a professional basketball team based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Christopher Wesson Bosh (born March 24, 1984) is an American professional basketball player who plays power forward for the Miami Heat in the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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Toronto Raptors done had Vince Carter, Chris Bosh, & T-Mac before but never made it to East Finals. Now Water Dat Down Tracy Mcgrady!!!
Chris Bosh puts up 23 Pts, 8 Reb in Heat's 96-76 victory vs Raptors. Toronto has lost 2 in a row after starting 5-0. http…
"“If all else fails, Chris Bosh could be the Toronto Raptors' mascot.
Figured out what Kevin Love's first 6 seasons w/ T'Wolves remind me of... Chris Bosh's first 7 w/ Toronto Raptors
Thursday / April 10 / 2014 Bosh suggests Gilas to press joaquin henson Photo: Miami Heat center Chris Bosh (1) is fouled by Toronto Raptors forward Patrick Patterson as he goes up for a shot during the first half of an NBA basketball game, Monday, March 31, 2014 in Miami. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee) MANILA, Philippines -- For someone who’s familiar with international competition, Miami Heat center Chris Bosh knows whereof he speaks and said recently he’s not ruling out upsets at the FIBA World Cup in Spain on Aug. 30-Sept. 14 with underdogs like the Philippines capable of bringing down favored opponents. What can Gilas do to win a game or two or three? “Press all the way,” said Bosh who represented the US at the 2006 FIBA World Cup in Saitama and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. “The key is to believe you can win. No, I’m not playing for the US in Spain, I leave that to the younger guys now.” The 6-11, 235-pound veteran of 10 NBA seasons was on the US squad that posted an 8-0 record to bag the gold ...
Q CLOSED - Again, happy 30th birthday to Chris Bosh, but also happy 31st birthday to TJ Ford, Texas Longhorn, player on 4 NBA teams and a Croatian team member. Both Bosh and Ford were taken in the 2003 NBA Draft, with Bosh being and Ford being Let's do the rest of the top 10 for the 2003 Draft as this was quite the draft! Try to name when the player was picked as well, if you dare... 1. Lebron James - Cleveland Cavaliers - St. Vincent-St. Mary High 2. Darko Milicic - Detroit Pistons - Hemofarm Visac 3. Carmelo Anthony - Denver Nuggets - Syracuse 4. Chris Bosh - Toronto Raptors - Georgia Tech 5. Dwayne Wade - Miami Heat - Marquette 6. Chris Kaman - Los Angeles Clippers - Central Michigan 7. Kirk Hinrich - Chicago Bulls - Kansas 8. TJ Ford - Milwaukee Bucks - Texas 9. Michael Sweetney - New York Knicks - Georgetown 10. Jarvis Hayes - Washington Wizards - Georgia
The Dallas Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki and the Miami Heat's Chris Bosh headline the list of 14 players that have been selected by the coaches as reserves for the 2014 NBA All-Star Game, the NBA announced today. Nowitzki earns his 12th selection, which ties him for sixth all-time with nine players, while Bosh secures his ninth trip to the All-Star Game in 11 NBA seasons. The 63rd NBA All-Star Game will be exclusively televised on TNT from New Orleans Arena on Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014. The All-Star Game, also broadcast live on ESPN Radio, will collectively reach fans in 215 countries and territories in more than 40 languages. Three first-time All-Stars join Bosh as reserves in the East: DeMar DeRozan (Toronto Raptors), Paul Millsap (Atlanta Hawks) and John Wall (Washington Wizards). The Brooklyn Nets' Joe Johnson earns his seventh selection, while the Indiana Pacers' Roy Hibbert and the Chicago Bulls' Joakim Noah are All-Stars for the second time in their careers. Joining Nowitzki as reserves in the West are LaMa ...
AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY MOMENT January 22, 2006: Kobe Bryant scores 81pts. This performance still stands as the second-most prolific in league history, behind only Wilt Chamberlain's legendary 100-point game. Chamberlain scored 100 points for Philadelphia against the New York Knicks at Hershey, Pa., on March 2, 1962, shooting 36-of-63 from the field and 28-of-32 from the foul line while playing all 48 minutes. In just under 42 minutes of on-court time, Bryant piled up 81 points (28-of-46 from the field, 7-of-13 from the 3pt line, 18-of-20 from the line) to lead his Los Angeles Lakers past the visiting Toronto Raptors, 122-104. With the usual sold out crowd at Staples Center chanting "MVP! MVP!" Bryant made two free throws with 43.4 seconds remaining for his final points. He scored 27 points in the third quarter, 28 in the fourth. REACTION: *"We were just watching him shoot," Toronto's Chris Bosh said. "He takes the type of shots where you don't think they're going in, but suddenly he's rolling, so he's k ...
I'm off to Las Vegas next week to perform two concerts at the beautiful Smith Center on Sept. 27th and 28th. Going to see Penn & Teller on Wed., the 25th. Looking forward to that. Okay, time for a few sports tidbits. The Milwaukee Bucks are gearing up for another exciting NBA campaign where they'll try to avoid 60 losses in an 82 game schedule. Mack Brown and Bo Pellini are about 1 to 2 losses away from getting their pink slips and you can count the tears that will be shed on your left hand. My wife has advised me not to say anything about the anchors on ESPN, so I shant. That says it all. Cam Newton has gone from next big thing to . . . Outside of Chris Bosh, who's no longer there, please name for me one person who's ever played for the Toronto Raptors. BUZ!! Time's up. And finally, Venus doesn't have her sister's talent but I'll alway like her more. But hey, that's me. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone.
...4 years ago. -Lebron James was on the Cleveland Cavaliers -Dwyane Wade was carrying a Heat team on his back -Chris Bosh was on the Toronto Raptors -Carmelo Anthony was on the Denver Nuggets -Steve Nash and Amar'e Stoudemire were on the Phoenix Suns -Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer were on the Utah Jazz -Chris Paul was on the New Orleans Hornets -Dwight Howard was on the Orlando Magic and people actually liked him -Pau Gasol was getting the respect he deserved -Kobe was still Kobe -Ron Artest was still Ron Artest -Allen Iverson and Shaq were still playing -Phil Jackson and Jerry Sloan were still coaching -The Charlotte Bobcats were a playoff team It's crazy how so much has changed in such a little time.
[OPINION] Why Miami Heat is still MOST HATED team in NBA?!? ☞ Lebron James (*a SUPERSTAR, left Cleveland Cavaliers & JOINED Miami, NOT via trade) ☞ Chris Bosh (*a SUPERSTAR, left Toronto Raptors & JOINED Miami, via sign-and-trade) ☞ Ray Allen (*an ALL-STAR, left Boston Celtics & JOINED Miami, NOT via trade) ☞ MOST of them FLOP more than Ginobili does (*actors on court!) ☞ MOST of them disrespects their Head Coach Erik Spoelstra (*he sometimes gets shoved!) ☞ Dwayne Wade once said "99% of your HATERS either owe you or don't know you! Tell them to rest in peace cause they are obviously dying to be you!" ☞ Chris Bosh talks a lot when he scores (*his mouth opens up so wide!) ☞ The Heat play with so much confidence that, at times, it seems like they are more concerned with how they look than winning the game at hand. ☞ Your friends and Family are rooting for the Miami Heat even though they don’t know a lot about the Heat. (*ask them a simple question and they don’t know the answer) ☞ Ev ...
The Miami Heat eased to a comfortable win over the Toronto Raptors, while the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics won thrillers on Sunday. Lebron James helped himself to 30 points, eight rebounds and seven assists as Miami won 100-85 at the Air Canada Centre, although the Heat didn't have it all their own way as the Raptors led by six points at half-time. However, the star-studded Heat conceded just 35 points in the second half, with Chris Bosh scoring 22 of his 28 for the match after the main interval. Dwyane Wade added 23 points of his own, making it a combined 81 points from Miami's 'big three', as the Heat improved their season record to 30-14 to go half-a-game clear on top of the NBA's Eastern Conference. The Lakers avoided coughing up an 18-point second-half lead when they held off the Detroit Pistons 98-97 at The Palace. Kobe Bryant (18 points, five assists) shot a three-pointer to put the visitors ahead with just over one minute remaining, and the Pistons wasted two shots to win it in the dying ...
Who had the better game? Kobe Bryant- 81 pts, 6 reb, 2 ast, 3 st, 1 blk. Remember this was back in 2006, Kobe had a terrible team with the best player besides Kobe was Lamar Odom, they also had Kwame Brown, Luke Walton and some other no names. So remember Kobe had to do basically everything himself. He hardly had any help. But he was facing the worst defensive team in history, the Toronto Raptors. The raptors had names like Chris Bosh, Jose Calderon, Jalen Rose and Matt Bonner but they all had a terrible night defensively, letting Kobe get open on almost every play. OR Michael Jordan- 69 pts, 18 reb, 6 ast, 4 stl, 1 blk. This was in the playoffs! Which adds to the difficulty. MJ had a great team with him though with names like Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant and John Paxon helping him out. But they were facing a team with great defense in the 1990 Cleveland Cavaliers and Mark Price Guarding him. Note- MJ did play 50 minutes with Kobe only playing 42. Give me your thoughts? as for me a guess kobe coz he playe ...
Chicago Bulls: My Comments to Doug Thonus Recent Sunday Bulls Beat: Doug Thonus had a Bulls Beat on December 30 where he discussed the Bulls spending and their future. Doug: He mentioned that Miami Heat are going to be next to impossible to stop for the next couple seasons until Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh start to decline. My Response: They will be difficult to beat and I'm predicting they win at least 1 or more titles. In the end, it comes down to the Top guys and unless Lebron and at least one of Bosh and Wade are playing well, the Heat aren't going to win a Championship. Anything can happen, and had Rose/Noah not gotten hurt last season, the Bulls could have gone to the Finals. Doug: He later discussed that the Bulls chances to rebuild with younger guys should have been done this offseason when Rose was hurt. They could have traded Deng to the Toronto Raptors this summer for Calderon and the (rumor) and then traded the Bulls Expirings for Ben Gordon + Pistons Pick. My Response: The Bulls were looking f ...
"Chris bosh played for the Toronto Raptors, because Chris Bosh is a raptor"
Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers both had large TPE's when trading Lebron James and Chris Bosh. Both teams didn't use the TPE's
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It's funny how Chris Bosh played for the Toronto Raptors cause he look like a raptor. Get it? No? Mann
The all-time team for the Toronto Raptors, according to us: Center - Chris Bosh, Charles Oakley; Power forward -...
This is a compilation of Chris Bosh plays from the past seasons. He's been a Toronto Raptor from 2003-2010 and left town after realizing that winning in Toro...
Congrats to Terrance Ross for getting selected by the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors, however, will still use Chris Bosh as their mascot.
Despite drafting Terrence Ross, the Toronto Raptors will still keep Chris Bosh as their mascot
Matter of fact, I'm happy for Chris Bosh too...One of the most underrated superstars of today and it took him to get to Miami for ya'll to notice him...Check his stats in Toronto Raptors and you'll see what I mean
I would like to thank the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors for being the Miami Heats D-League teams and developing Lebron James and Chris Bosh. Joking aside The Heat are the NBA 2011-12 Championships!
Funny quote of the day: "You know Chris Bosh used to play for the Toronto Raptors. Which is ironic because he kind of looks like a dinosaur." Oh my sweet husband, I'll be laughing about that all night.
Fact : Chris Bosh was in Jurassic Park due to his dinosaur-like appearance, Thus allowing him to play for the Toronto Raptors
So Kevin Mathews and Allen Boatman made a good point. Chris Bosh looks like a Raptor aha. Take your dinosaur looking self back to Toronto Raptors aha.
I can see Chris Bosh being the mascot for the Toronto Raptors when it's all said and done
Toronto Raptors won't need to worry about Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh in Miami ... - Toronto Star
Chris Bosh had 38 points and 14 rebounds, and the Toronto Raptors beat Portland 116-109 in double overtime Sunday to hand the Trail Blazers their second loss...
Chris Bosh booed after dunk in Toronto Raptors vs Heat 3-30-12
Am I the only one that thinks Chris Bosh (shares a strong resemblance to Charzard (   10% Off
Chris Bosh should kept his job being the Toronto Raptors Mascot..
The big three of Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh & Lebron James dominated for Miami Heat as they beat Toronto Raptors,...
- Chris Bosh scored 30 againts his former team as the Miami Heat used a late surge to push past the Toronto Raptors, 113-101.
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