Toronto Raptors & Bryan Colangelo

The Toronto Raptors are a professional basketball team based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Bryan Colangelo (born June 1, 1965) is the President and General Manager of the Toronto Raptors of the NBA. 5.0/5

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Pre-NBA Draft transaction news: - The Cleveland Cavaliers hired Jim Boylan as an assistant coach. - The Milwaukee Bucks are interested in J.R. Smith and Chris Copeland. - The Los Angeles Clippers hire Alvin Gentry as their associate head coach. - The Orlando Magic's GM says the team hasn't talking to the Los Angeles Clippers about a deal involving Arron Afflalo and Eric Bledsoe in 3 weeks. - Bryan Colangelo has stepped down as president of team and business operations of the Toronto Raptors. - The Oklahoma City Thunder are pursuing a trade for a top-5 lottery pick, and their primary prospect target is Alex Len. - The Brooklyn Nets and the Cleveland Cavaliers discussed a trade that would send C.J. Miles to the Nets, and the Nets' 22nd pick to the Cavaliers. Brought by NBA Insights
NBA Future Rankings (ESPN Insider) 26. Toronto Raptors | Future Power Rating: 469 PLAYERS MANAGEMENT MONEY MARKET DRAFT 232 (22nd) 82 (20th) 84 (22nd) 37 (22nd) 34 (25th) The Raptors have seen better days. Toronto slid in our rankings this year after a season whose tumult was illustrated by then General Manager Bryan Colangelo desperately putting his former No. 1 pick Andrea Bargnani on the trading block during a live local TV broadcast. Bargnani was never traded, but the Raptors did absorb Rudy *** and his swollen contract ahead of the deadline. In Toronto, *** shot 42.5 percent from the floor, doing little to shed his label as an overpaid volume shooter. *** is set to earn $37 million over the next two seasons. The Raptors sputtered to a 34-54 record and a last-place finish in the Atlantic Division behind coach Dwane Casey. Colangelo has since been removed from basketball operations. The good news is that 2012-13 Executive of the Year Masai Ujiri of the Denver Nuggets might be taking over the reins in T ...
Bryan Colangelo's tenure as Toronto Raptors General Manager has had its ...
How lucky are the Toronto Raptors that Bryan Colangelo just can't seem to trade Jose Calderon?
We have all heard the constant promises of "We are building for the future."...but when is this future? Back when Bryan Colangelo became the President and General Manger of the Toronto Raptors, he promised change and promise for the future. We have received one Atlantic Division crown, an executiv...
Not a big fan of Bryan Colangelo nor George Michaels n Fred Durst for that matter but I have Faith in my Toronto Raptors.
Bryan Colangelo and the Toronto Raptors have had a busy off season. Less than a week into the free agency “offer” period we have 5 new Raptors faces and see one departing.
Bryan Colangelo is going to rebuild the Toronto Raptors!! this man is the perfect guy for the job and always will be!!!
On July third, Bryan Colangelo made one of the smartest moves he could have for the Raptors , by signing New York Knicks shooting guard Landry Fields to a three-year $20million contract according to iamagm...
Breaking news, it's just in: Operation Nash in place for the Toronto Raptors: Sources says a group that includes team governor Larry Tanenbaum, GM Bryan Colangelo, and coach Dwane Casey is flying overnight from Los Angeles to New York tonight on Tanenbaum's jet in order to be the first team to greet Free Agent point guard Steve Nash in the morning. omg they are actually going for it. i dunno lol
If Steve Nash does sign with Toronto, Bryan Colangelo would get a free pass - for life - from Raptors fans.
When the Raptors begin their full-on assault on NBA Free Agent Steve Nash a minute after midnight Sunday morning, they will have one very significant factor on their side: The man in charge, GM Bryan Colangelo, has done it before.
Unplugged: Dwane Casey and Bryan Colangelo on the Toronto Raptors - National Post
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