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Toronto Raptor

The Toronto Raptors are a professional basketball team based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry Vince Carter Miami Heat Chris Bosh Landry Fields Chicago Bulls Los Angeles Clippers Andrea Bargnani Kevin Durant Jonas Valanciunas

I liked a video OG Anunoby is a future Toronto Raptor - High School Highlights
Get in on the Deal: F basketball, Raptors,
Only mascot I like is the Raptor in Toronto, but that's from my childhoo…
And this brings us to a few weeks ago in Toronto, whereby you *** drove your jeep off the tracks and into the raptor zone
Which blue Jay would be the best Toronto Raptor — Honestly none but probably Smoak since he the biggest
Kennedy Meeks is the newest member of the Toronto Raptors
JR Smith is the Raptor I never knew Toronto needed.
i hope this ends with Toronto Raptor Faceplanting On Skates Dot GIF
Raptors sign undrafted UNC big man Kennedy Meeks - Raptors Rapture
sign undrafted UNC big man Kennedy Meeks via
Yep, The Raptor is the mascot of the Toronto Raptors. This NBA team plays their home game…
That throwback Toronto Raptor jersey is probably the greatest jersey of all time
Toronto Raptor fans rejoice, Jonas Valanciunas is ready to win you over | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports
She got attacked by a toronto raptor, be nice
Vince Carter should've signed with Toronto played this season out then retired a Raptor
Another raptor gone...another unfollow...good bye 2pat you represented toronto well 👍🏼
It's the "Take the wins and run!" culture. Any and all criticism is immediately flagged as anti-Raptor, anti-Toront…
EXCLUSIVE INT: Adam Lambert. Is he joining / Meet the new Raptor Sniper / Do cyclists need licences? .
Former Raptor DeMarre Carroll takes shots at the medical staff in Toronto (NY Post)
I'll take this one Zach...Nerlens Noel will be a Toronto Raptor. Having extensive experience with BC he prefers offensive guys
Will Kevin Durant be a Toronto raptor next season ?
Toronto Sports fans right now are on Raptor playoff high. No doubt. Basketball is not popular in canada
Robin Lopez beats up the Toronto Raptor over a crossword puzzle...
I think should play in the second half, even though he's a Toronto Raptor.
he would be great as a Toronto Raptor lol
[SB Nation: Raptors HQ] Throwback Thursday: Remember when "mini Valanciunas" came out to support the Raptor
.. That escalated quickly.. The guy who got kicked out of the Raptor's game, was shot to death, & in my area.. 😲😲
I'd love to see Vince Carter retire as a Raptor, play another year back in Toronto it's a good team that could use veteran leadership.
I thought Selena Gomez was a solid San Antonio Spurs Fan, but why is she wearing a Toronto Raptor Jacket?
Giving Dwane Casey an extension was easy decision for Raptors: Here’s the Toronto Sun reporting on the Raptor...
That's the Global Moose in Toronto with us, evolved from a Raptor. . .
Vancouver gangster who was kicked out of recent Raptor's game is Yonge/Eglinton shooting victim: reports
The best Toronto Raptor of all time is Master P💯💯💯
Delicious trouble is afoot with myself and Toronto, I'll be in you the first week of July.
.shares his thoughts on why some FAs have/had reservations about
On DeMar DeRozan, the Lakers, the Raptors, and home.
Excuse me, and , will you be attending any conventions in Toronto anytime soon? Pweeese?
ha ha ha that sounds like Toronto aka Raptor fans calling in about there team
im having toronto raptor withdrawals. Watching highlights on YouTube instead of unpacking.
Cj what, Cj who, you gotta be a Toronto Raptor.
i will never be a raptor fan if LeBron somehow comes to Toronto. I hate don't hate him I hate his fans and ESPN
We did damage in Toronto, we would have done more if we was fully healthy. The raptor should not have won
As a Raptor fan, this beat down is terrifying. By Associative property, GSW beats Toronto by 70.
Elsewhere in non-conspiracy news...Raptors asst Rex Kalamian has turned down overtures from Rockets & Wiz to stay in Toro…
Rex Kalamian will be staying on the Toronto Raptors staff with Dwane Casey. Kalamian was receiving a lot of interest fro…
is your NBA team the Toronto Raptor's?
I got fire in my soul.Toronto Raptor
I got fire in my soul. Toronto. Raptor.
Do you carry the Toronto Raptors mascot (the Raptor) stuffed animal ?
I still cant get over the fact that favorite all time Toronto Raptor is Biyombo, tell me that was a joke D-Neg!?!?
A Toronto Raptor has to start in the ASG in Toronto! Only a little while left to vote. Kyle Lowry R…
goes to Toronto Raptor's DeMar DeRozan! Insane play against Washington Wizard in the…
Remains of the Prey: the raptor left part of its lunch on the ledge. @ Parkdale, Toronto
Apparently, my new neighbour is a raptor. IE a large bird of prey... @ Parkdale, Toronto
if you would LOVE to see become a Toronto Raptor
perfect comparison...not quite Toronto Raptor Hakeem but hard to watch
The GOAT in the AJ VII "Raptor" (because they are black/red/purple like the Toronto Raptors' old…
I would lay a bet that Anthony Bennett is a Toronto Raptor in the very near future.
WELCOME to the 6! “been in Toronto for a week and I love it...if u never been here I advise you to make that trip ASAP lol”
yo Robert my name is jordan Dominicano here in toronto happy you and your family be part of the raptor
Toronto fantards can watch Jonas Valanciunas & the stink simultaneously...
Pickering's Cory Joseph pumped to be a Toronto Raptor
New Raptor Cory Joseph has been making plays in Toronto for years
I would like to thank the city of Toronto, the Raptor organization, fans, friends and family for your support during my time…
I will always consider Toronto my home and the Raptor nation as my extended family. I feel very blessed to have had this ex…
Going to Toronto to help the Raptor's D-League's team, the 905, in their open tryout. Another stop in my great summer basketball odyssey!🏀😊
Learn from UComn's Geno Auriemma, ESPN's Hubie Brown, Raptor's Dwane Casey and others at the CBBC by NIKE in Toronto
Ok Calgary. I like these Toronto Raptor esque helmets
Will have to make plans to discuss collaboration when you return to Toronto!
Spurs News Toronto's Patrick Patterson has a raptor skull on his coffee table (Ball Don't Lie): ...
ESPN's Hubie Brown,UConn's Geno Auriemma and Raptor's Dwane Casey are some of the coaches at CBBC by NIKE in Toronto
there for a minute I thought you were talking about the raptor from Toronto.
Toronto Raptor will do great this year
Movie buff and special correspondent to TIFF 2015, Toronto Raptor, Patrick Patterson.
Recently appointed Detroit Mercy assistant & former Raptor Jermaine Jackson, known for strong Toronto ties has landed his …
The JUNKYARDDOG 2.0 aka DeMarre Carroll aka your newest Toronto Raptor joined us Friday on the show.
Amare Stoudemire with his first basket as a Toronto Raptor
Neil just said if I can buy him a Toronto raptor truck free your train of thought 😂
I really dont like the new Toronto Raptors logo. Looks like the nets logo. And im gonna miss the raptor. Atleast ive met him in person
Q&A with Toronto Raptors guard and Portland native Terrence Ross: Portland native Terrence Jones on the Raptor...
Tarik Black as Raptor? We missed the boat: I fervently wish Toronto Raptors GM...
Raptors overpower Nuggets on road - Raptor Jonas Valanciunas hangs on to a rebound beside Nuggets forward...
Raptors vs. Nuggets Recap: Kyle Lowry had 30 points and 11 assists, and the Toronto Raptor...
Toronto fans waiting for Raptor breakdown like...
Raptor fans have multiplied since last season. Not only in Toronto too. I wonder how many of those fans are legit
I'm a Toronto Raptor fan, we sell out every game and we only started winning last season. A fan shows up no matter what.
Entering the game for the Mad Ants, Toronto Raptor assignee Bruno Caboclo. Mad Ants trail 13-21 with 3:26 left in the first…
Only thing have over the is the number of Raptor fanboys in the media. Its probalby 100 to 1 in favor of Raptors
Tonight is the home debut for Gary Talton and Toronto Raptor assignee Bruno Caboclo
Check out my Toronto Raptor's Mixshow and Keep Up with the Series -->
Lowry, Valanciunas lead Raptors over Clippers: LOS ANGELES (AP) Kyle Lowry and the short-handed Toronto Raptor...
Yes, hockey king in Toronto, but demographically declining~unlike the culturally diverse and young fan base
It's amazing how being a Raptors player you have support of fans in every arena around the league, who wouldn't wanna be a Toronto Raptor.
All the Toronto Raptor fans are coming out of hiding now
Recap: LA Clippers vs. Toronto: Kyle Lowry had 25 points, seven assists and three steals as the Toronto Raptor...
The raptor coming out of the leaf is pretty badass! Shoulda gone with that one The Toronto Raptors !!
Somebody should expose all these fake Toronto Raptor fans
Kyle Lowry is the second-greatest Toronto Raptor of all-time. Ahead of Chris Bosh. Behind Vince Carter. . WHEW! Got that off my chest.
When all is said & done I wonder if Kyle Lowry will be more favoured as a Raptor than Vince Carter amongst Toronto Raptor fans.
back in action today against the Game time 3:30 PM on Let’s go Raptors!
Thanks for ruining the logo. Stick to music. Leave the design to the professionals. .
My cousin tried to tell me yesterday that Toronto Raptor Vince Carter was comparable to Kobe Bryant
Former Toronto Raptor Jalen Rose recalls when team was NBA's Siberia - National Post
Chris Bosh really looks like a raptor”no Toronto
Toronto Raptor for Xmas please and thank you!!! 🎄🎉🎁
do you think there are no nba (not necessarily raptor) fans in this country? It's a popular league despite toronto
Couple Toronto games an a raptor game!
52-45 this Toronto Raptor team ain't playing,they lead the Chicago Bulls at halftime.
Kyle Lowry: 'I'm proud and happy to be a Toronto Raptor'
Hear ye! Have you been to the Town Crier lately? If not, check out Kris Bone's interview with Donna Thomson, author of The Four Walls of My Freedom, and their discussion of disability and caregiving; peruse Tracy Kyncl's recommendations for books with a Canadian political slant in the wake of our Ontario provincial election; read Nicole Grimaldi's investigation of Trans Activism in Canada: A Reader (Edited by Rupert Raj and Dan Irving) and cross-community awareness; scope out Jess Taylor's interview with poet and critic Jason Guriel as they discuss the limits and needs of 'community'; think on Jason Freure's take on the Toronto Raptor's "We the North" branding campaign; chew on Kris Bone's look at Toronto's Story Planet, connecting kids to creative writing, and read two new posts in our ongoing Author Notes series, by writers Patrick Roesle (on fighting games and fighting game culture) and Victoria Hetherington (author of the upcoming I Have to Tell You).
Landry Fields, Toronto Raptor and certified Lionel Richie stunt double. Such a shame he didn't win this competition
DeMar DeRozan Will Bounce Back In Game 2: To say Saturday was a whirlwind for the Toronto Raptor...
VIDEO: Toronto Raptor fans go crazy after a dunk by Jonas Valanciunas (04-19-14). Watch the reaction of fans outside the Air Canada Centre during the live playoff game. - (KyBella ©
Ok. So my first round picks i got Brooklyn Nets 4-2 over Toronto Raptor, L.A. Clippers 4-3 over Golden State Warriors,Indiana Pacers 4-2 over Atlanta Hawks, Oklahoma City Thunders 4-2 over Memphis Grizzlies, San Antonio Spurs 4-3 over Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat 4-0 over Charlotte Bobcats, Washington Wizards 4-3 over Chicago Bulls, and Houston Rockets 4-3 over Portland Trailblazers. Who agrees with me.
Toronto Raptor/Hip-Hop fans; Since I didn't hear the Drake diss dropped by Jay-Z recently is a great market ploy for both teams who are fighting for the Atlantic division and as high as a third seed in the playoffs! Drizzy may respond soon, but its more IMO, the case of cashing in, and well, I'm ok with that! Cheer on your Raptors, as they appear very real and very relevant this season! So Andrew Wiggins was oustes from the NCAA tourney as was Tyler Ennis, but it was fun watching them all year! Wichita State won 35 straight games without a loss, an NCAA record! But alas, they lost to a Kentucky squad that many left for dead! Iowa State nor Baylor should be taken lightly moving forward!
Does anybody want four free Cavs tickets for tonight's game against the Toronto Raptors?! Tip off is at 7:00pm
n the Toronto Raptors 19-year NBA history, there are not a lot of NBA team records this franchise can point too and be proud of. Twice it looked liked this franchise was about to break out and twic...
The Toronto Raptors are reportedly preparing to make a run at Kevin Durant when he enters free agency.
I cannot believe at one point this wannabe NBA player by the name of Rafael Arujo was a Toronto Raptor.
Gambino freestyle line from last night: I'm like Toronto, because I am a raptor. Yea im a rapper and an actor - sooo clever
When Kyle Lowry checked out of the Toronto Raptors’ game on Sunday five minutes into the first quarter, it seemed strange
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How could i not be happy yesterday?The dance pak and Raptor was featured on two newspapers all over Toronto! I got calls all day about it xx
Was able to meet the President and GM of the Toronto Raptors, Masai Ujiri!
DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry will try to lead the Toronto Raptors to another victory when they visit Cleveland Tuesday for a matchup with the Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena.
Toronto Raptors Are COMING! Leading the Atlantic Division and sitting at 3rd Seed! This team is young and exciting and FINALLY we are winning! just a fun tri...
Wen ever a raptor player leaves Toronto they seem 2 have a good career. When ever a raptor player goes 2 the spurs they get a a championship
"I'm just like Toronto, I guess I'm a Raptor 'cause I'm a rapper & an actor." didn't disappoint last night!
Went for the Atlanta Hawks vs Toronto Raptors at Philips Arena, 9th Apr 2010 which saw the Hawks winning the game.
I'm very exited to announce that after a world wide search I have been selected to play for the World All Stars against The Original Harlem Globetrotters April 9th at Barrie Molson Centre. April 10th I'll be expecting a call from The Toronto Raptors
“HIS SMILE BABY again.. why is he wearing a TORONTO RAPTOR hat AND A Chicago Bulls jersey?
"I'm like toronto; raptor, I'm a rapper and an actor." Gambino is genius!!
"I'm just like Toronto cuz I guess I'm like a Raptor"
So here's this weeks schedule Wed - Super You and Me with LBL Thur - MixMash Pool party with LBL Fri - Kung Fu class with LBL and Ultra Day 1 Sat - Ultra Day 2 and Borgore Sun - Ultra Day 3 Monday - Miami Heat vs Toronto Raptors All with a group of crazy good friends .. One of us won't make it back.
Check out my seats for Toronto Raptors vs. Milwaukee Bucks
Boston Celtics vs. The Toronto Raptors - March 26th (Wed.), wait for it ...
Success and the Toronto Raptors are terms that aren't often associated with one another. However the success the team has brought a familiar sense of hope.
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About time!! “Toronto Raptor's will bring back their "Dinosaur" uniforms next year
Alright peeps, I have an important question for you. Who is going to make it further in the playoffs this year, The Toronto Raptors, or The Brown Toronto Maple Leafs (if they make it)? I think the Raptors will make it further then The Brown Maple Leafs.
Q CLOSED - Again, happy 30th birthday to Chris Bosh, but also happy 31st birthday to TJ Ford, Texas Longhorn, player on 4 NBA teams and a Croatian team member. Both Bosh and Ford were taken in the 2003 NBA Draft, with Bosh being and Ford being Let's do the rest of the top 10 for the 2003 Draft as this was quite the draft! Try to name when the player was picked as well, if you dare... 1. LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers - St. Vincent-St. Mary High 2. Darko Milicic - Detroit Pistons - Hemofarm Visac 3. Carmelo Anthony - Denver Nuggets - Syracuse 4. Chris Bosh - Toronto Raptors - Georgia Tech 5. Dwayne Wade - Miami Heat - Marquette 6. Chris Kaman - Los Angeles Clippers - Central Michigan 7. Kirk Hinrich - Chicago Bulls - Kansas 8. TJ Ford - Milwaukee Bucks - Texas 9. Michael Sweetney - New York Knicks - Georgetown 10. Jarvis Hayes - Washington Wizards - Georgia
You never know who will be at the Apple Store. Amir Johnson plays for the Toronto Raptors. He got a pic with my step son. :)
Toronto Raptors Game before their season ends. They are doing good...Download the Toronto Raptors app and let's go Courtside
are you guys going to bring back Toronto raptor vice Carter again?
Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant hit a game-winning three-pointer to defeat the Toronto Raptors in double overtime.
Big raptor fan up in Toronto...think they could go a round or 2??
wuddup! I hope you remain a Toronto Raptor for your entire career! I know you miss the Cali Heat but ain't nothin like T dot!
the Toronto raptor tore his ACL this year and it was a big deal finding a temporary replacement
i was born and raised in downtown Toronto..and can only name less than 10 former maple leafs. but close to every former raptor.
Alberta CAN Edmonton » 867 Toronto Raptors winning by eight with 50 seconds left in overtime, then …
The Raptor's return makes the front page of the 'Toronto Star.'
Raptor talk right now on 90.7 RAV FM
Who likes the original Toronto Raptor uniforms?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Required viewing: interviewing the Toronto Raptor Just the best.
Rest easy, everyone ... the Raptor has returned
Rest easy, everyone ... the Raptor has returned via
Rest easy, everyone ... the Raptor has returned: After sitting out the first 5 1/2 months of the season, every...
Happy 30th Birthday to Chris Bosh. Forever a Toronto Raptor in my heart.
Where are all the Toronto Raptor fans at 4th seed pretty nice
Raptor mascot makes front page of Toronto Star.
My dream was to become a UCLA Bruin or Duke Blue Devil and continue on to be a Toronto Raptor but im not even point guard height :(
Toronto Star should win the Daily Front Page Award for their tribute
Great piece by as he writes a wonderful tribute to the Raptor.
Anybody want to go to a Toronto Raptor playoff game with me?
Took the girlfriend to her first Raptor Game; Toronto came out with the win! Spent almost the entire…
What a play by Lowry. But I think we know the real reason Toronto dug deep and rallied tonight: is baccck…
Two time NBA All-Star Celebrity game MVP, Kevin Hart will take part in this year's game again. He will be joined by Nick Cannon, Erin Heatherton, Michael B. Jordan, Erne Duncan and more. Now that's out of the way, here is a video of Kevin Hart rejecting Toronto Raptor's Kyle Lowry.
*** Cox and Dustin Phifer of Cox Sports Broadcasting report on the Charlotte Bobcats 100-95 win over the Toronto Raptor at Time Warner Cable Arena.
Air Canada Center is a rockin with Toronto Raptor fever
Tonight on the Micheal James Cooperwhite SHOW...Tonight we talk a little Leaf hockey, a little Toronto Raptor basketball.we also discuss Toronto mayor Rob Ford...We talk Al Sharpton trying to turn make Barneys look like a racist institution and why the race card is more scary than any costume you can wear today.we also discuss the very creepy things going on at Denver International Airport, you gotta hear this.all this and more tonight on 97.7 fm CIDO radio at 805 pm pacific and online in the east at 1105 pm on .cheers
Josh went to school last week and it was wear something to represent your nationality. I asked are you wear a shirt to represent your Italian or Puerto Rican sides. No he said I am Canadian like you Mom. I said Canada is not a nationality it is like American. He said I am wearing a shirt with a Canadian maple leaf and my Toronto Raptor basketball hat, that is what he wore.
Game ball last night goes to Chris Bosh! Yeah there was the dunk clearly after the clock went off and that unforgivable flop against Tim Duncan, but the rebounding, scoring in the paint, blocks and out working the bigs of SA had him looking like a Jurassic Park Raptor and not a Toronto Raptor (if you can picture an image of the Toronto Raptor logo, you'll get it)...
Alan Anderson current Toronto Raptor former is having De's current team travel to Milwaukee for his game this Saturday
A Toronto Raptor wins a dunk contest, shortly after a big trade that's making the team win and somewhat relevant again; in the very least - competitive. Dare I start drinking the kool-aid?
Finally, a Toronto Raptor gets some attention!
Hedo Turkoglu, possibly the most lethargic Toronto Raptor ever, has tested positive for steroids. That's a pretty good stereotype-buster.
Congrats to the new NBA Dunk Contest winner 2013 Terrance Ross! This former Washington Huskies and current Toronto Raptor showed up and showed out!!!
NBA Toronto Raptor's player Jon Lucas III was one of the panelist for the 2013 College Career Empowerment…
Calderon leads Pistons past Wizards AUBURN HILLS, Mich. - A lot has been made of Jose Calderon's ability to pass. His unselfish and willingness to share the ball is one of the main reasons the Pistons obtained the longtime Toronto Raptor two weeks ago. But if you leave him open, he can make you pay. The Washington Wizards were the victims Wednesday night, and Calderon's 24 points helped send the Pistons into the... ~SportsMan
Rudy *** scores a team high 20pts and five other Raptor players score in double figures as Toronto wins 102-89 over the Hornets.
Found my new squad in 2k the Toronto raptor
Who would win in a fight: raptors or zombies? I vote raptors.
Does anybody know any Toronto Raptor fans
is thankful to have you in a Raptor Uniform. Been a fan since Husky days.
gayraptor. I see u big things down here
Rudy *** 20+ points in every one of his Raptor games so far. Definitely a legend in the making in Toronto.
91-80 5:19 Toronto *** 2 pull ups for money,followed by weakside break down for another Raptor score,why run 3 at the ball?
John Lucas' best game as a Toronto raptor !!
Here's an interesting article on the raptors new team direction and Bargnani's standing on the team.
Some good thoughts on Bargnani's tenure as a via the Toronto Sun
I miss Rudy *** being a grizz but he doing his thing in Toronto I know raptor fans are happy af he there
Kobe Bryant is the greatest OVERRATED player in NBA history.
Good win for my Miami Heat team! Now to wait to watch the Toronto Raptor's kick some *** and get a win :)
Sat behind a Toronto Raptor on the plane. I was shorter than his arm pit and he was bending down.
Usually hate fans but I love this one
bosh looks like a Toronto raptor, he should of remained there.
They totally dropped the ball in Toronto not marketing him as a living raptor. You know him and Lebron make the same amount of Money??!!
Bosh looks like a raptor...he should if stayed with Toronto...
Is it me, or does Chris Bosh look very similar to an ostrich...?
Is it me or is Landry Fields the most useless Toronto Raptor since Hakeem Olajuwan?
Terrance Ross is the 5th Toronto Raptor thats going to the dunk contest !
Send all your good job luck our way, please! Joanna leaves for her interview at the University of Toronto this morning, and has one at Emory University next week.
I've always wondered what does a raptor have to do with Toronto Canada
Jose will always be a Toronto Raptor in my eyes
Theres always a that goes to the and gets cheated out! Not this year tho.
Greatest Toronto Raptor point guard of all time ..
It's February 9th and Andrea Bargnani is still a Toronto Raptor.
Thx for the great energy last night bday! Toronto is lucky to have you!
Wisconsin pulls off their best Toronto Raptor impression
"an overrated player with an overly inflated contract will be in Toronto. This is what we get for sticking with this team" Ryan Tune. "With 20+ point games in his first 4 games as a Raptor, Rudy *** has set a franchise record" including the clutch steal, and game wining shot last night pal.
This goes out to all the loyal, dedicated, faithful, committed, die hard TORONTO RAPTOR fans here at UoG. You are all awesome people. There is still hope for this season. Don't stop believing!!!
Good looking out on that link. What's the Raptor (Or should I say Rudy) talk been in Toronto? Explain to me the vibe...cheers
Do I even have any followers from toronto? Are there even raptor fans there
All purpose parts banner
I think you gotta get body slammed to get a call if you are a Toronto Raptor
Looks like Rudy *** still doin what he do. Grizzlies are stupid
Every time someone refers to this new Toronto I can't help but think of this:
rudy *** s gamewinner (a first) against the third seed pacers as a toronto raptor DOES NOT make that trade sensible.
your favourite raptor won it for Toronto today :)
The the Toronto raptor ate a wolves cheerleader.
Still can't take in the fact that Rudy *** is a Toronto Raptor
And even though I'm not a Toronto Raptors' fan, they do remind me of the Portland Trail Blazers and I do luv the city of Toronto. And speaking of the Raptors, imagine how great of a trade it would have been for the Lakers if they wouldve dealt Pau Gasol to Memphis for Rudy *** I'm happy for the Raptors and think it's a great opportunity for both the team and for *** But just imagine the Lakers with Rudy *** As much as I love Gasol and agree that he's one of the best players in the world, *** would(ve) been a great compliment for this Lakers squad. He's a great winger who performs best in the fourth quarter clutch. And that's exactly what the Lakers need this year. Just imagine the future the Lakers couldve had with Dwight (providing he makes a full recovery), Earl, Rudy, Meeks, and any other potential future prospects.
unfair calls in Toronto Raptor games upset me..
Bargnani may be the only raptor to ever get traded and not get booed when he plays against toronto. We all know he isnt a factor
Rudy *** now knows what it means to be a Toronto Raptor
These NBA refs are blind they must have something against Toronto I haven't seen so many fouls and non calls Tyler hansbrough is a hack plain and simple just like jack Armstrong said dirty player
The Toronto Raptor are goin to lose to New York Knicks !!!
Quick break from Chris Dorner talk~ The NBA dunk contest has some exciting participants this year. Let's see how it plays out. Now back to the topic of the day.
Breaking news: Reports show that the Chicago Bulls and the Toronto Raptors are having talks about switching Carlos Boozer for Andrea Bargnani... Pray raptor fans.. Pray
Breast Cancer Awareness
Two of Grind Time DMV's fan favorites go at it in this highly anticipated battle. Grind Time DMV's Rio takes on Grind Time DMV's Uno Lavoz at GTN DMV's Red O...
Picture a Toronto Raptor jersey with the name Boozer in the back.
Check out some of the high-flying highlights from 2013 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest participant Terrence Ross!
Raptor fans boo bargnani lol wow toronto fans are harsh!
Seriously? Close game, 5 min to go and the Raptors have Bargnani in. Are you kidding? Thankfully they just subbed in a real player for him in DD. a cheerleader would have been an upgrade.
Watching Toronto raptor against Boston celtics...raptors are getting better.@
The Toronto Raptor are goin to lose to Indiana Pacers !!!
Another exciting day, the Raptors look to take down the Celtics tonight at 7PM EST!
Made a little rap/hip-hop How do we know your real or not how do we know your your fake or are you just the complete opposite that you say you are . Wel Well ima kill it better then hopsin make him look like an opposite or make it look like he cant even hip hop about it or even rap about it yea you know it , wait you cant even show oh yea your flow swallows like *** So so these rappers raping thinking their better saying sawggity swag swag cant even rap about. Well so when my record sales and yours fall in *** dont come crying and lying to me to tell you suck and like your all out of luck so lately you been wanting to turn your life around so you can start all fresh new and get out of that slumpy slump you live in what you call that wealthy na i call it all crapy so go back from were you came from. And just because you wack and you lack dont mean you are going to het paid minimum wage all you can afford is the wage. So you gotta go to collage so you can get some knowledge and get paid better than the wa . ...
According to a source close to now Raptors star Rudy *** *** is happy that the Grizzlies traded him and he's glad to be a Raptor. -JD
BALTIMORE, MD (WUSA) -- The Ravens said they won the Super Bowl for their fans and during their parade through Downtown Baltimore on Tuesday they shared the trophy with them. Ed Reed and Anquan Boldin got out of their vehicles and walked through the streets and let fans touch the Lombardi Trophy. Re...
Boarding for Toronto!! Yeeehawww hoping to take in some sights in Toronto!!
According to sources, Pistons G Jose Calderon's visa issues have been resolved, and he will be in uniform for tonight's game.
Since the arrival of Rudy *** Raptor Nation has been buzzing. Toronto is 1-1 in his two games; a victory against the L.A Clippers, and yesterday's loss to Miami. In these two games, *** has been a treat to watch showcasing his athleticism, v...
Who was a better Raptor, Vince Carter or Chris Bosh?
I'm not a homophobe by any means, but I thought I would pose the question for all of you Raptor fans..would you rock a Rudy *** jersey?
My man Rudy *** has found himself a partner, 56 points combined for Rudy and Derozan. Watch out people.
"At least they didn't lose power to the raptor fences." (thanks, Natalie Brown Byrd!)
Refueled belly full again waiting for The Miami Heat and Toronto Raptor game at 7
The Toronto Raptor are goin to lose to Boston Celtics !!!
Chris Bosh *** u are so good! shooting over 50% love him even tho he's on the heat! but knicks all day!
We actually need Andrea Bargani to make this happen. Hope he comes back by wednesday.
Rudy *** has 20 Points at the half leading Toronto 50-44 over Miami! He's on pace for 40 in just his second game in Toronto! -Chris
Watching Rudy *** make his first day view on Toronto Raptor...
The Raptors need to play in they throwbacks with the Raptor on the chest!
We brought the raptor back to Toronto!!! Lets go Heat!!!
Any score predictions for todays heat game in toronto?-chandler murphy (manager)
Gasol has played a major role in L.A. win titles and reach Finals since his arrival in 2008. And a stressed D’Antoni, clearing the distractions of criticism and expectations by doing what he thinks is right with his rotation. Which doesn’t appear to have a primary place for Gasol’s particular, not-so-fleet-of-foot skill set. The outcome in the Lakers’ long-ago hometown Friday – a victory over the Wolves that got uncomfortably tight for a stretch and 22 points, 12 boards and three blocks for Gasol – isn’t going to significantly change anything about the dynamic. When Howard is fit to return, he’ll start and Gasol won’t. Simple. That figures to keep the veteran forward’s name in play right up through the Feb. 21 trade deadline. If he’s still around beyond that, either the Lakers received low-balled in offers for him (relative to their expectations) or they’re keeping Gasol around for Dwight insurance, should the All-Star center end up exiting as a free agent or as damaged goods for t ...
Toronto Raptors = New best team in NBA 2K13 not named the Miami Heat. Rush
tonight Leafs vs Boston going to c live at air Canada center,cant wait ")
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Toronto Raptors win in Rudy *** s first game as a Toronto Raptor last night vs Los Angeles Clippers night 98-73
Rudy *** a Raptor that is dope good trade Toronto
Call me depressing but do you ever go ro a crowded place. Say a bar and think, one day all the people here will make up half a graveyard?
Caron Butler drew the ire of Jonas Valanciunas at the end of tonight's game. Was Butler in the wrong?
*** clippers got smashed by 25 pts by the raptors n Kyle Lowry didnt do crap either..rudy *** was a steal in the trade. Now all raptors need is a coach..phil? He'll have a good pg n 2 wing players with a stretch 4..he'll pull wonders with that lineup like goin small ball with Lowry, Ross, DeRozan, *** and Bargnani. *** that'll be a great fast break offense..D'antoni shouldve went to Toronto
Before the Los Angeles Clippers embarked on their 14-day, 8-game road trip, Blake Griffin was asked what his expectations were for the trip.
I want to go to a superbowl party but don't know of any. Please help me find one.
The Raptors CRUSHED the Clippers in Toronto in Rudy *** s debut as a Raptor, 98-73! *** had 20 points off the bench. Will they make the playoffs? -Zack
Toronto Raptors just smashed the Clippers, I think Rudy *** has made his point. Can't wait for a Raptors vs Grizzlies match up!
RE-MATCH.The Toronto Raptor are goin to lose to Miami Heat !!!
so now all of a sudden, everyone becomes a Raptors fan? :D
Poor clippers, raptors are undeserving of their current record.. should be in the playoff picture
The Toronto Raptors have held the LA Clippers to 45pts at the end of the 3rd!! Bit of defense from the Raptors and poor shooting by the Clippers. New Raptor Rudy *** has already given the Toronto crowd plenty to get excited about, with a buzzer beater 3 to close out the 3rd!
gonna watch toronto vs the clips its rudy *** s first game as a Raptor :)
VC look like the Toronto Raptor formally known as Air Canada, a.k.a. Half Man Half Amazing
Former New York Knick and current Toronto Raptor has scored in double figures only once this season.
Vince Carter a Toronto Raptor again? This could be a reality. Carter was on TSN Radio and said, "If (Toronto) gave me the opportunity, I don't even think I'd let them finish the questions. Yes. I'm in." "Could I see it? Absolutely, I'd leave that up to the franchise. It all started in Toronto...
Wow. Vince Carter comign out and saying he'd like to end his career as a Toronto Raptor
After Listening to Vince Carter on Tim and Sid fan 590 yesterday, i have a new found respect for Carter. I wouldn't boo him at all, Carter has grown up, he's not the same immature kid he was 10 years ago. Too hard to hate him now, after you listen to the interview, you'll know what i mean. Hopefully he retires a Toronto Raptor.
Get to know a Toronto Raptor - Landry Fields - National Post - NBA - Sports: Advertise with... the dark knightrises
“Get to know a Toronto Raptor: Landry Fields thought you might like this.
I've got two tickets to a Toronto Raptor's game tonight if anyone wants them. Can't make it myself, let me know if you can take them off my hands! junt I designed for my Toronto Raptor 7s.
I need a pair of raptor 7's with a throwback Toronto jersey!
How can a shoe be "Raptor 7s" when the Toronto Raptors colors are RED&BLACK? They haven't worn purple in 6 years
Today's pickup.. Toronto blue jays fitted in raptor 7 colors..get on my level.
A classic video of Vince's return to Toronto --> Raptor fans welcome back Vince Carter - [Video]
I can't wait for raptor 7 to come out in toronto :) (y)
Its always that one chick with the Toronto Raptor toenails that consistently wears open toed shoes
Happy birthday to greatest raptor player ever from your biggest fan from all the way in Toronto would love to get a RT/follow back
On my way to the Let's keep it safe everyone! THANK YOU! 😃
No promo's on Toronto Raptor personalized jerseys - did u know we're the only place in Canada licensed to?
Or Wiz Khalifa might look like the toronto raptor logo
nerd. That's Toronto raptor talk man
I bet if Levine James went to Toronto Raptors, Fletch would be a Raptor fan
I'm so balling I could have been a Toronto raptor.
go Raptor!! (@ Columbus Crew Stadium for Toronto FC vs. Columbus w/ 4 others)
Unintentionally hilarious: "Watch this Toronto brick 4 open shots in a row! Buy a
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