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Toronto General Hospital

The Toronto General Hospital (TGH), is a part of the University Health Network, and a major teaching hospital in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

United States African American Civil War Union Army

Keeping awake at my appointments with marvelcoffee ! @ Toronto General Hospital
@ Toronto General & Western Hospital with Vasculitis Foundation Canada @ Living with Vasculitis 2014 Symposium ! Making history here people!
Presentation on the Toronto General Hospital excavations by Eva MacDonald
Eva MacDonald is presenting on the Toronto General Hospital! Excavated over 3 seasons of field work :)
Join us at 10am TOMORROW for a FREE information session on banking at General Hospital.
Free Flu Clinic at the Show sponsored by Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation!
Dr. Shef Keshavjee, chief of surgery at Toronto General Hospital, giving MGH Surgery grand rounds-"The Future of Transplantation"
I checked in at Toronto General Hospital on
'Days of Our Lives' News: Allison Sweeney to Leave Show for 'General Hospital,' Oct. 22- 24…
'General Hospital' News: Donna Mills to Return to the Show, Oct. 22- 24 Spoilers
Toronto General Hospital wants to know: How do you want to die?
Pleeease! WHEN oh when will the new subway entrance to Toronto General Hospital be opened at College and University?
I saw an aborted fetus this size when I was a nursing student at Toronto General Hospital around 1983. . Tell me...
Come stop by the booth today at Toronto General Hospital to ask a question or get more info on your pension!
at the pension presentation happening NOW Toronto General Hospital!
One-on-one sessions at Toronto General Hospital today until 4pm in RFE-2S-403 RFE-5S-402 (EC9-312 (and E10-205 (
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
is Toronto General Hospital today! Drop by our information booth, check out a presentation or book a one-on-one session.
A Toronto doctor who specializes in the treatment of tropical diseases says it's unlikely a recent outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa could spread to North America. Canada 'taking steps' to guard against spread of Ebola 6 crucial factors for Ebola-hunting 'contact tracers' Dr. Jay Keystone, who works in the tropical diseases unit of Toronto General Hospital, was interviewed Wednesday on CBC Radio's Metro Morning. sars-852-04095707 A woman puts on a protective mask to protect against SARS at a wash station at the entrance to North York General Hospital in Toronto in May 2003. (Kevin Frayer/Canadian Press) He said the SARS outbreak in 2003 that killed more than 40 people in Toronto helped improve how we identify, treat and contain infectious diseases. He said such measures are lacking in countries affected by the current Ebola outbreak: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone As of July 23, the number of Ebola cases in West Africa reached 1,201, with 672 deaths, according to the World Health Organiz ...
Hey Toronto friends, A dear friend of mine from Montreal is being transferred to the Toronto General Hospital to await major surgery. Her sister is looking for a place to stay near there (University & College or Dundas area) for an undetermined amount of time. Any leads? Let me know or contact Vanessa Forget directly (in English or in French). Thanks
you can find answers to your questions on the UHN Toronto General Hospital website.
First MRI was a success today another great trip to Toronto general hospital 😄👌
this Toronto general hospital we have Zoe, she fell down the stairs.
 All - sharing with you our loss of our mother and wife:     Jan Izard (nee Hicks)  1949-2014   On 6 May 2014, Jan Izard passed away peacefully at Toronto General Hospital with family present. She had fought valiantly for 4 months to recover from a liver transplant and we are grateful to the dedication & care of the ICU staff at TGH throughout her time there. She is survived by her husband, John Izard, and two sons, Roger (Sabrina) and Douglas (Clare) and four grandchildren (Luke, Nathan, Kara and Joshua).She is also survived by her brother, Roger (Linda) Hicks and her nephew Bruce Hicks and her niece, Emily (Scott) Lindsay.  She will be greatly missed by her many friends of the Brampton Fall Fair Quilting Group, Brampton Curling Club, St. Paul’s United Church UCW & Round Robin Bridge.  She was a passionate gardener, golfer and dog lover. She was born in Princeton, B.C. and graduated from UBC with a teaching degree. She was a terrific wife and mother and her cheerful personality will be dearly m ...
Join us for a FREE banking info session. May 24 at Toronto General Hospital.
is proud to support the Toronto General and Western Hospital
Confound 3-d expiration gilded enlarged sit up goodwill the district with respect to toronto about la general hospital favor conve:...
We've come a long an operating room at Toronto General Hospital in 1900 (Photo
New listing at 1867 TORONTO Street in Regina: General Hospital tons of upgrades : MLS(r) # 496054
World First - Toronto General Hospital performed the world’s first successful single lung transplant in 1983 and...
Salt & Sugar: the 1st things that greet you walking into Toronto General Hospital.
Had a great time supporting McHappy Day here in Toronto with the proceeds going to East General Hospital! Don't be afraid to donate!
Taking the subway on our way to to volunteer for Toronto East General Hospital
Our lab team, located in Toronto General Hospital, has over 16 years of experience.
It's McHappy Day! Proceeds from local McD's go to Toronto East General Hospital paediatrics program. Check out...
OBI jumps for joy after finding a fire hydrant @ Toronto General Hospital
Walking by Toronto East General Hospital. Lot of people out and about. Who said East York is quiet? Well, it is...But certainly not dead.
And so begins the Journey, I'm here for you sis — at Toronto East General Hospital
GOOD MORNING everyone. 2 years ago today at 12:00 noon I was wheeled into the OR at the Toronto General Hospital. 5 hours later the Surgeons walked into the waiting room to inform my family and friends that my DOUBLE LUNG TRANSPLANT was a success. The real hero in this story is my DONOR FAMILY because without their selfless act of kindness I would not be here today to send this huge hug and Thank You to them. I would like to thank all the staff at the TGH for the excellent care given to me. For the hospital stays I have had since I came home I would like to thank the staff and Dr's at the QEH and the PCH. Thank You to all my family and friends old and new for being with me on this journey. Hope to see alot of you at the Transplant games this summer in Moncton(this includes you baldie) aka Brian Martin.
For anyone coming to university/college/coop in Toronto next year... I am looking for a subletter for my place at Elm and McCaul from September 1 to April 30 (It will be possible for you to move in late August though), it may be possible to extend the sublet, but I can't say for sure at this time. More details: - 900$ per month(Includes all utilities and internet) - Two bedroom, one bathroom, decent sized kitchen (note there is no living room!) - Apartment will not be furnished - Share with 1 roommate (OCAD student) - Five minute walk to: U of T Health Science Building, Toronto General Hospital, MaRS Research Centre, SickKids, U of T Medical Science Building and St. Patrick Subway Station - Across the Street from Michener, U of T Rehab Building, Mt. Sinai Hospital, TRI and Princess Margaret Hospital - OCAD and Ryerson within walking distance - South facing view - Laundry on site For pictures/to set up a viewing please email erin.gleeson
Today In Black History • March 8, 1825 Alexander Thomas Augusta, surgeon, professor of medicine and Civil War veteran, was born in Norfolk, Virginia. Augusta attempted to study medicine at the University of Pennsylvania but was not allowed due to his race. Therefore, he enrolled at Trinity Medical College of the University of Toronto and in 1856 earned his Bachelor of Medicine degree. Augusta remained in Toronto and established his medical practice, supervised staff at Toronto General Hospital, directed an industrial school, and founded the Provincial Association for the Education and Elevation of the Colored People of Canada. In 1860, he returned to the United States and in 1863 received a major’s commission as surgeon for African American troops in the Union Army, the first African American physician and the highest ranking African American in the army. After the war, Augusta accepted an assignment with the Freedman’s Bureau, heading Lincoln Hospital. He also served on the staff of the Washington, ...
Left To Die: Muslim Sees Jesus August 9, 2013 by Nasir Siddiki By age 34, Nasir Siddiki, a successful businessman, had made his first million, but money meant nothing to him on his deathbed. Diagnosed with the worst case of shingles ever admitted to Toronto General Hospital , his immune system shut down and doctors left him to die. The next morning I woke in a sterile room on the eighth floor of the hospital, my skin burning as though someone had doused me in gasoline and lit a match. I felt on fire from the inside out. My doctor arrived and looked at me in wonder. “The blisters are multiplying so fast I can literally watch them grow,” he said. ‘”Your body isn’t fighting back.” The next morning, in addition to shingles, I had chicken pox from head to toe. I was put in strict isolation. That evening my temperature soared to 107.6 degrees — hot enough to leave my brain permanently scrambled. For days I continued to deteriorate. My nerve endings became so inflamed that a hair drifting across my ...
Music practice for Christmas concert at Toronto General Hospital!
30 years of lung transplants at Toronto General Hospital
Welcoming gift from Rheumatology Division of University of Toronto.. Thanks 👍 @ Toronto General Hospital
The only benefit to having treatment at Toronto General Hospital is that I have learned how to take the subway all by myself 👌
students tour Toronto General Hospital for the first time during @ Toronto…
Little Giant Ladders
Toronto General Hospital- Great team of surgeon... Thank you for your GREAT work
My take on Wayne the Pen Man - now at Toronto General Hospital. A true Toronto icon, returning soon to the Beach.
This is the story of how a near-death experience in 2006 brought Dr. Heather Ross even closer to her patients at UHN's Toronto General Hospital. Dr. Ross is ...
Did you know,Toronto General Hospital had a Bowling League for Hospital staff and their families from 1924-1979?
NP in Toronto -->My job: Nurse practitioner at Toronto General Hospital
Had an awesome time teaching my cooking class at Toronto General Hospital today! It was all about the guilt-free...
at Toronto General Hospital visiting my gramps...oh man
MacLeans 1945 I WAS A DRUNK by An Alcoholic as told to J.J. Dingman A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF RECLAMATION BY COOPERATION, THE STORY OF A PRACTICAL FELLOWSHIP, ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Two years ago I awoke late one day in the psychopathic ward of Toronto General Hospital. I was 39 years old, completely broke, out of a job. I was despised by my formed friends, shunned by my family. I was a "rubby dub" who the night before had socked a cop and been tossed into a cell. When the jail doctor found me still in a fog the next morning, I was hospitalized. I was, politely, a confirmed alcoholic, colloquially, a "drunken bum." I had drank myself out of a $10,000 a year business I had inherited from my father when I was 33. I had served three terms for drunk driving before hitting "skid road." My wife and daughter had left me after standing by me for many miserable years. When he had fired me, my last employer had conceded that I was a good worker, when sober, but said my periods of sobriety were too short. I had no hope ...
Keith Childerhose, an Oakville man with a rare lung condition, is recovering after getting a double-lung transplant at Toronto General Hospital on Tuesday.
Nurses and all other staff at Toronto General Hospital really work their u know what off. Amazing how much they care
FB 70 - I come here late and my digital people tell me that because I do this, many of you do not read me . they say that the morning hours are the best ... so here I am ... it is 3:15 in the morning ...
UHN/Toronto General Hospital sacs the life of double lung transplant patient who now advocates for organ donation
Double lung transplants become like doing a cholecystectomy ! transplant team General Hospital
Lost in a maze called Toronto General Hospital. All I want is to get to University ave. =(
Toronto east general hospital's application form is so lengthy -.- Bismillah
Closest thing I'm getting to a Christmas tree today =\ @ Toronto General Hospital
Here is what Craig Duhamel, vice president of communications at Sunnybrook hospital says about this video and its posting on the hospital's official channel: "I don’t see any harm in it." If you disagree with him, if you do see the harm, tell us here by posting a comment to this post. You may also choose to send Craig Duhamel an email: craig.duhamelyou wish to remain anonymous, message your comments to this page and we will re-post them here without mentioning your name.)
Eve delivery. Dropping off our Outdoor Survival Canada x x @ Toronto General Hospital
A special thought today for all of Ontario's donor families. May the holiday season bring you peace and comfort. So many other families owe their holiday joy to you.
Big thanks to Dr. Feld, Dr. Roscoe and nurse Lexi at Toronto General hospital
Check out my story on Toronto East General Hospital's local food initiative
Thoroughly impressed with Toronto General Hospital, the fact that they care about my well-being makes me follow through on what they tell me to do. I remember visiting York South after a car literally parked on top of my leg and when they discovered that miraculously nothing broke they wanted nothing to do with me... I guess that's why my ankle makes that strange popping noise every time I move it.
With deepest sorrow & pain I am sharing with all of my friends the sad news that beloved mother of my nearest & dearest friend Mustafa who lives in Canada passed away (Inna Lillahe- Razeun) at Toronto General Hospital due to kidney and old age complications. She was 77 years old. She will be buried at the family grave yard in Bangladesh. Her dead body is on the way to Bangladesh. Please make dua for my friend's beloved mother so that may Allah (SWT) grant her the best place in Jannah.
I was a cusp baby born on a rainy Friday night in Toronto General Hospital 50 years ago! I am mostly Virgo with a generous dash of Libra which really explains a lot.
Up at 5 am excited to see my mom today, hope I find my way to Toronto General Hospital lol see u soon mom love u
Lovely day off with my babe at Toronto General Hospital.
Res ispa loqitor! The facts speak fir themselves age 34, Muslim businessman Nasir Siddiki lay on his deathbed with what Canada's Toronto General Hospital called the worst case of shingles in the hospital's history. When it seemed as though the night couldn't get any darker, a light entered the hospital room.
well now im going to sleep i leave tomorrow for Toronto General Hospital gone for at least a week enjoy this sun thats coming tuesday and beyond
Oh cool off to shadow mom tomorrow at Toronto General Hospital
"Colombian man is desperately fundraising to pay Toronto General Hospital for life-saving abdominal surgery"
Community in East General Hospital neighbourhood - community forum, Monday at 7 pm
Toronto General Hospital screwed up my finger, what's wrong with health care today? such
A 30-y-o man who left Toronto East General Hospital yesterday has been located by police. He was considered a danger to himself and others.
Police seek escaped man with "violent history" Toronto Police searching for 'elopee' from Toronto East General Hospital
Tattooed prisoner escapes police at Toronto East General Hospital
search for man missing from Toronto East General Hospital's psychiatric facility.
View of University Avenue from 11th floor TGH @ Toronto General Hospital
On Sunday July 1, 2012 the Gregoire Family was at Toronto General Hospital handing out Canada Flags and raising awareness of organ donation and
Joe Oliver gets interrupted at Toronto General Hospital press conference. Video:
Happy Canada Day to all my family and friends. We had a great afternoon at Toronto General Hospital greeting people with a Happy Canada wish along with Canadian flags, pins and BE A DONOR information. If you haven't done so, why not spend a few minutes going to and registering your last gift to humanity - the gift of life. Cheers!
Mike Allan MacDonald wrote: The results of my first assessment meeting at the Toronto General Hospital was an eyeopener to say the least. The reason why there has been no movement on the living donor program is because Toronto will not *** anyone until I'm officially on the waiting list for a liver transplant. They see no foreseeable problems for me getting on that list but until I do nothing can be done as ...
To all of those who do not know there is a grave announcement. Joy Fenton has been been fighting cancer for a long time, but yesterday the doctor has informed us that she may only have a month left. My mother would really like it if her friends would come and visit her in hospital. She is in the Toronto General Hospital on the 14th floor in room 407. Thank you all for being wonderful friends to my mother and hope you can come bye and send her your best wishes. Thank you very much. -Amber Fenton
Dropped off coffee and cookies for a friend whose wife is having surgery (@ Toronto General Hospital)
♥♥♥ A MESSAGE FROM JESSICA CARVER ♥♥♥ follow her journey at My name is Jessica Carver and I have Cystic Fibrosis and CFRD. Jealous? I’m currently listed for a double lung transplant at Toronto General Hospital which will give me a second chance to live and laugh with brand new, beautiful, chunky lungs. Although the circumstances are serious, there’s always a silver lining in every cloud and I have a lot of hope. Anyone that knows me understands that I find humour in everything; my health included. I want this blog to be an avenue for encouragement, laughter and whatever else you want to throw at me (exceptions: grenades, darts and slimy hippos).The support I’ve received has been overwhelming and therefore I want to share this adventure with all of you. Thank you to everyone who’s contributed in some way towards my journey for new lungs. = One of God's Blessing to me just to know JESSSICA and her family; JESSICA God speed as you continue on your journey and th ...
Camera: Jerry Seinfeld regales the city’s well-heeled at a fundraiser for Toronto East General Hospital: By Frances...
& helped raise $3MILLION for Toronto East General Hospital on Thursday night.
News wire video of Jerry Seinfeld talking about his charity comedy show at Toronto General Hospital
Toronto East General Hospital raises three million dollars with Celebrities Jerry Seinfeld and Will Arnett
Tonight in Toronto & Jerry Seinfeld are performing at a gala to raise money for Toronto East General Hospital.
Going to the Toronto East General Hospital tomorrow. Called Laughter is the Best Medicine Gala. Featuring Jery Seinfeld. Be there at 6 pm.
On behalf of everyone at Toronto General Hospital thank you for all you are doing to increase the profile of organ donation!
concerned about missing 76 yr old Cynthia Swan, last seen at General Hospital 6:30pm Fri
Doctors at Toronto General Hospital do lung cancer surgery using a robotic system for the first time in Canada.
Do you think Toronto East General Hospital should merge with The Scarborough Hospital? Community meeting Feb 29
Calling people in east (East York + Scarborough) - community meeting on hospitals Feb 29
Family wins $8-million from Toronto General Hospital almost three decades after staff caused baby brain damage
Man shot by Toronto police identified: … Toronto East General Hospital is just a few blocks away. Toronto...
Police search for man last seen leaving Toronto East General Hospital: TORONTO, Ont. - Toronto police are...
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