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Tori Vega

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The Full Gallery: Redhead teen Lacey Vega taking a big ***
Are we dancing lobsters or regular lobsters? Or the lobster that spanked Tori Vega?
2) Tori Vega - Victorious . - overrated for her average talent . - kissed Jades boyfriend in the first episode . - friendzon…
Tell me why I thought she was Tori Vega off of that one show Victorious.
been told tonight i look like Ariana grande, Michelle keegan & tori vega out of victorious πŸ€”
Tori Vega was so annoying Cat Valentine is better
Hey tori I made a new curious cat because are being... β€” well, seeing I don't even see who you are, sorry t...
Tori Vega is selfish and took everyone's success: A thread
when i was a child i'd eat cucumber and carrot cruditΓ©s dipped in soy sauce because watching tori vega eat some looked very appealing
Tori Vega is still salty when she hears Ari's voice.
Full Movie: Redhead teen Lacey Vega taking a big coc... πŸ‘»Add me on snapchat: sexycamila18 πŸ‘»
Click here to watch it: Lacey Vega showing Jmac her *** .. πŸ‘»Add me on snapchat: imsophie95 πŸ‘»
I just woke up from a nap and couldn't stop thinking about how and Tori Vega from Victorious might be re…
Tori Vega needs to watch her mouth. Kissing Cat's boyfriend and all.
tori vega was so annoying I was only watching the show for the others bc they were funny
Tori Vega is my most hated character in Victorious. She's a selfish brat who whines and whines when she doesn't get…
He lowkey a snack but will highkey always be Tori Vega's friend let's not play bbg
49.) TORI VEGA. - show should have been about jade not this pretentious mf. - the least talented. - messed up a lot. - it's ok bc…
I am old and basically only listen to vintage Dionne Warwick, Tori Amos, Suzanne Vega, Joni Mitchell, and the...
SKY so high that Tori Vega parties here! πŸ’ƒπŸ»
It's 2am and I can't sleep cus all I can think about is why tori vega got all the main parts when jade and cat were so much more talented
Tori Vega: Did you just call me Toro?. Sikowitz: Maybe. . Tori Vega: It's Tori. . Sikowitz: I know, but I do love that fatty tuna.
Mr. Sikowitz: I spy a fly with my little thigh! . Tori Vega: [with a thick New Jersey accent] Thigh?
AndrΓ© Harris & Robbie Shapiro re-unite with Cat Valetine at a show on her SOLD OUT tour, while Tori Vega struggles to…
Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos, the incomparable Aretha, of course...
Since it's to when played Shelby Marx on ICarly & Tori Vega on…
on this day i would like to remind you all that Tori Vega Was In Love With Jade West
Happy early Easter with Victoria Justice from victorious as tori vega. -
I swear I relate so much to Trina Vega from Victorious, always hanging out w/Tori's friends. . Yeah I hung out w/people younger than me in HS
I want to be Tori Vega singing an indirect song about the guy who played her, levels of petty
94. Tori softie Vega defending her big scary badass girlfriend
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She's Tori Vega cause her name is VicTORIa
I was so surprised when Louise Nordoff turned out to be Tori Vega in "Freak the Freak Out"
I added a video to a playlist Victorious Beggin' on your Knees Tori Vega
54. "You got T Vega, that's Tori Vegadocious! Initials T.V. on your TV!" THE BIGGEST DORK ON EARTH
Argh! Got that piano melody in my brains for 3 days. Kate Bush? Suzanne Vega?. Just found: Tori Amos' Cornflake Girl.
Every time Tori Vega speaks a child is stripped of the ability to read
*Tori kissing you, taking your shirt and bra off*
The cat woke me up at 5 am today like a real *** but I'll try to do my best Tori Vega and…
what? His costume was exactly that, according to Tori Vega's Slap profile.
ok but tori too like the vega family ... I'll take a hard pass
Aye Bruh you don't talk about the legendary Tori vegaπŸ˜‘πŸ™„
Cat Valentine Is a legend and is better than that *** tori vega.
Kimye's exposing Taylor has nothing against Tori Vega & her friends when they exposed Ryder Daniels in Beggin On Your Knee's
Tori Vega mom is a *** πŸ˜‚. She was talking to the detective on the low.
aww Happy Birthday Tori didn't know your birthday was after mine πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸ˜‚
I love her remember her as Tori Vega???
why are John cena and tori vega the hosts that's so random
in 2013 while filming Victorious, Tori Vega met a kid in Russia that didn't know how to sing, she told him to believe in
(I loved me some Tori Vega on Victorious...)
Ariana, hands down. Demi had potential. JoJo is donedone. And well...lets just say Tori Kelly is no Tori Vega. β˜•
I wonder what Tori Vega would wear to the TCA's?
Hector Vega Rojas jr is boring and sits around and does nothing all day long does Tori Vega have a twin sister named Shelby Marks...cause both Icarly and victorious take place in the same universe.
Vic πŸ’–. Today i saw Victorious and i miss "Tori Vega" so so much 😭😒
I watched this movie and tori was in it and she had a different name of course and I was just like no *** you're tori vega 😭
VICTORIOUS | TORI VEGA RULED THE WORLD ! victorious were made up of literal gods, talent is present here
Most people I dislike are actually named Victoria. Like sillyharry and summerstarlwt and tori vega who stole Jade's boyfriend
Who writes the most cringeworthy status updates?? Tori Vega in Victorious. What were they?
me: hey! . Torrey: tori vega rise Happy Birthday caroline!
Nickelodeon Victorious Season 1 DVD With Signed Sleeve by Victoria Justice Hit the Stage With Tori Vega and All the
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Ever think that Tori Vega's TheSlap page would be the most blandest thing in the world?
I wish my friends were like Tori Vega xx
Did anyone else ship Tori Vega and Jade West or was it just me
I liked a video Tori Vega and Cat Valentine LA Boyz
I'm pretty sure Tori Vega's house has built in stage.
New Tori Vega. Not New to RP. Descriptive/Literate. Looking for Mains. RT/Fav? Help a girl out!
[Smiles] "Your awesome such an honor to be friends with the magnificent Tori Vega"
"that's good, I'm Tori Vega nice to meet you Maya."
Tori Vega was the queen of indirects also what you doing in the pilot ep?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
What if tori vega didn't make it shine ?
it's all good tho cuz Tori vega came in and sang for them to pay for the caviar
you're amazing! Are you gonna do any new show? I miss watching you on TV. Tori Vega was my spirit animal back then.
Her cheekbones... Tori vega could never
Funny when she was a 1000x better than Tori Vega
tori is vega. whenever we talk it's always hilarious. she's so nice and I love her a lot. she's also small like me
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I hated Tori Vega so bad. How are you the star of the show and trash. Jade deserved life.
I liked a video from Tori Vega e Cat Valentine La Boyz
"Ladies and gentlemen, once again, the Bird Scene, starring Tori Vega!"
You don't have to be afraid to put your Dreams in action. welcomes Tori Vega - - from Victorious
I'm not proud but tori vega is apparently
Growing up wanting to be Tori Vega and ending up being Trina Vega.
also Take a Hint by Tori Vega and Jade West aka my gaya
I liked a video from Jade West & Tori Vega: I don't wanna love her - Victorious
tori vega's pimple. shrinking or GROWING ?!!!
Charlie Long '13's sister Tori has gone missing. Keep an eye out, folks:
Tell the world about Puff Daddy and Tori Kelly's epic 'Coming Home' duet. . LAS VEGA
even Cat Valentine got cheated on, what hope do I have?? . P.s. I hate tori vega
All about Tori Vega Dating ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
The perfect flick when you're feeling the love, Caroline! And sure, we'd love to have more Tori Vega on our screens, too!
Katherine Pierce looking more like Tori Vega lately. I'm not high enough for this ma'am.
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ade thought my last name was vega and I have never been more happier in my life!!
"hi, im lauren YOU LOOK LIKE TORI VEGA want to come to my birthday party sleep over?"
Just pretend ur Tori Vega and your life will be 300x better
well I don't know who tori vega is sooo
I just came I to realization that the "tori" in victorious is bolded because her name is "TORI" vega!!
Yeah Tori Vega is cute and she can sing, but why does she have to post five times a day?
I've been lying to you guys this whole time I'm actually tori vega :\\\
I wasn't going too. You know... You should hang out with Tori Vega. You'd get along.
have I told you lately that I love you - Tori Vega
Remember Lola from Zoey 101 that wanted to pursue her acting career now she's Tori Vega performing & living her dream
From Lola Martinez to Shelby Marx to Tori Vega to Lindy Sampson. Victoria is amazing
"And that is why you don't know Tori Vega. She acts like the Queen Bee. You know?"
"Mmm... Tori Vega does... But not physically, just mentally." Jade put the scissors in her back pocket.
[Keeping up the Tori voice] Well howdy do to you too Tori Vega!
I want a girl thats tough as Katniss Everdeen. Sweet as Tori Vega . Funny as Carly Shay and as cute as Cat Valentine.
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I am Tori Vega in that one episode of Victorious where she was played a character that was obsessed with Raisin Bran. I am that character.
Happy Birthday even though you was mean to people Victorious you still became friends with others Like Tori Vega on the Show
I remember wanting a pear phone just because Tori Vega had one...πŸ˜‚
If Sophia is with Liam at the KC concert I will freak the freak out just like Tori Vega lmao
I would unfollow tori vega on the slap so quickly
will you give me an in-home concert like you did to Tori Vega??? 😺😺
I want to show you my students amazing work. Behold the new era of music
Tori Vega, Cat Valentine and Jade West are look so cute together and i missed them!!.
First Tori's nudes get leaked & now Trina got knocked up. The Vega family is so messy.
Happy Birthday to the awesome AKA Tori Vega from πŸŽˆπŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰
Missed changed her avatar to Tori Vega! lol
Tori Vega dont care is my fave slap video im
Tori Vega of "Victorious" is spreading EVlL in Southern California!!!
β€œVictoria Justice doesn't get enough credit 😍😍 is this really tori vega???
It's tori vega omg I love ur work on Victorious!!!
Just sent out some more samples!! Debbie McEwin Ponder and Tori Vega are you ready??? .
β€œVictoria Justice doesn't get enough credit 😍😍 when did this happen?! SING FOR ME TORI VEGA
When Tori Vega said "Here I am, once again, feeling lost but now and then I breath It in to let it go" πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
one question: ur my bff Tori Vega or a roleplay of Victoria Justice?
EVIL Tori Vega of "Victorious" is upset cause She transferred in2 a School 2late 2join the PingPongTeam, so she'll get mad at her Friends!!!
I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING, tori vega from victorious- vega= one of the brightest stars in the sky- "when i make it shine" YES
Tori Vega of "Victorious" doesn't want *** Sex w/Cat, she wants Jade, in this unhappy Episode!!! Will some1 please help Jade?
EVIL Tori Vega of "Victorious" over ate!!! A Normal $700 Bill is now $1300!!! Either she 8 a Whole Cow or a Bowl of Caviar!!! She's EVIL!!!
maybe Tori Vega went there from Victorious
and Trina Vega sister of Tori who hate Tori and thinks he has very good skills and envies the Tories
And then tori vega. Swt Tori vega. Too sweet for her own good Tori...
Tori Vega isn't even talented. Why does she get all the attention?
Tori Vega of "Victorious" wants 2stay in a Hotel controlled by Terrorist!!! She says "It's just Bombs!!!" She's EVIL, & loves Death!!!
Tori Vega of "Victorious" just kicked a harmless Dictator in the Eye!!! She's EVIL!!! She(Tori) doesn't care who she hurts!!! :-o
Tori Vega of "Victorious" is trying 2b the Love Dr!!! She's EVIL!!! Tori is trying 2get Jade & Beck 2break up, so she can move in on Beck!!!
Tori Vega of "Victorious" scared away 2Little Girls!!! She's EVIL!!! Tori is yelling at her Sister Trina, because Tori is Mean!!!
Tori Vega of "Victorious" is showing her True Face!!! She looks like a Demon!!! She's EVIL!!! Now she's being mean 2Trina, her Sister!!!
My Wife said, "What would Tori Vega of " Victorious " do?" She's EVIL!!! Great I have 2think like the EVIL 1!!! Tori Vega is EVIL!!!
I have mood swings... I can be the Cat Valentine, tori vega, and Jade West all in one. 😁
Tori Vega of "Victorious" is spreading EVIL in Southern California!!! She's the EVIL 1!!! Will any1 be able2 stop her? o-:
Tori Vega is so whinny,overacting and selfish.
Hey hey tori vega won't you be our very special
Tori Vega of "Victorious" is wearing a Horrible Costume at a Yogurt Store!!! Is that how she plans 2spread EVIL? She's horrible!!!
One time this little girl, she was like 6, she thought I was Tori Vega & so she chased me around this place trying so kiss me for hours. omg
EVIL Tori Vega of "Victorious" is singing, faster than Boys!!! That doesn't make sense, some Boys are Fat & Slow!!! She's EVIL!!!
Tori Vega of "Victorious" is conning her way on2 Trina's TV Studio!!! She's EVIL!!! Will she be a Block of Cheese(Mouse Food)!!! )-:
Tori Vega of "Victorious" is conning Jade in2 popping Trina's Back Pimple!!! Will Jade be forced or conned by the EVIL1?
Tori Vega of "Victorious" is being mean 2her Sister!!! Trina is not being allowed 2go2 the Beach!!! Fight back Trina!!! Fight the EVIL1!!!
Everytime Victoria Justice kisses someone on Eye Candy I freak out bc she's Tori Vega not Lindy she shouldn't be doing that !!!
Tnx for following fiance nd I cnt stop watching 'Tori vega'.we luv u.frm nigeria
Tori Vega of "Victorious" spilled Hot Cheese on Cat cause Cat is dating Tori's Ex-Boyfriend!!! I knew it, she's not Good!!! Eat Mo' Fishy!!!
I have a very interesting storyline to make Tori Vega and Lindy Sampson come to life in a story together. May be in a fanfic 😏
tori vega is on the front cover of seventeen I'm excited
Why is tori vega having sex on my tv lol
Im watching..victorious n started crying when tori vega got accepted into Hollywood Arts i need serious medical attention
Hollywood Arts changed her. This isn't the let it shine Tori Vega that I once knew and loved.
Yeah the one that she was screaming about. During that rooftop scene I was like OH NO TORI VEGA THIS ISNT YOU
It's funny how Victoria Justices Tries to be in a thriller tv show, like no you're still Tori Vega
Eye Candy is so good but I can only see Victoria Justice as Tori Vega
Nice job girl !! Seems like Tori Vega made it in Hollywood ;)
It *** to be Tori Vega, some things never change...
when the "sex" scene happened I was like "no Tori Vega you can't do that on tv" and then I was like *** THOSE BOOBS DOE
"My name is Tori Vega. For four years I was stranded on a Nickelodeon tween comedy with only one goal: survive..."
I love Victoria Justice and everything but tbh I can never see her as anyone but Tori Vega lol
Loved your new show such a big departure from Tori Vega, but you nailed it.
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I can't take Victoria Justice serious right now because I still see her as Tori Vega from Victorious.😍
Tori Vega was great fun, but Lindy is something completely different. Is there anything can't…
I kinda still see lindi as tori vega tho buh am pretty sure she can do better
And with that sex scene. Ends Tori Vega
"I just seen tori vega's titties. This is not okay"
Tori Vega isn't so innocent anymore!
She's deff not tori vega anymore lmfao
She's not my little Tori Vega anymore 😭😭😭
β€œLola Martinez = Tori Vega = Lindy Sampson = Life” I grew up with them all and getting to know Lindy πŸ’•
This is what happened after Tori Vega left Hollywood Arts
I can't believe Tori Vega's sister Trina died three years ago and now she's online dating
oh god...A lot. It was an amazing time in my life. Tori Vega & the gang will always hold a very speci…
1st photo there's Tori Vega and 2nd photo theres Lindy Sampson. 2 different girls don't ya get? :D
if you talk to me in a different language,Im gonna use google translator
hi I love victorious wery much and you too
I froze trying to think of what I liked about Tori Vega
Hey! He and I have a science project due to do tomorrow! I'll have to bring in my mold bush.
It's a performance they put on at her school every year--
Cat sees it's horror and whimpers. She hides.
Cat nods her head, squealing in excitment.
Cool. Anyways, ready to have fun tonight?
Cat gets there and knocks on Tori's door, "Tori?!"
"Saw Tori Vega giving Andre Harris head in the janitor's closet" - Hollywood Arts.
nope lol it's Tori Vega as a cat demon thing idk
I see that and I don't know you but I wanna
uh welcome I see that your sad wait do you hate me or something ?
And no but Vic's voice in the promo!!! Idk like her Lindy talking voice just sounded so much deeper compared to her Tori Vega talking voice
My fave couple would be Carly Shay and Tori Vega.
when someone at my school say "oh yes ariana grande it's tori vega in victorious" wOW OKAY GO AWAY
hai tori vega-kelly. Good luck in your examss, I luh ya x
hey tori vega how are you I love victorious
if my friends and I were in victorious, Shanae will be Tori Vega, Diana is Jade West and im Robbie Shapiro
Hey Victoria... or should I say Tori Vega!!! ilysm
One of my favorite quotes: . Mr. Sikowitz: You ever think about coming in through the window? . Tori Vega: No. . Mr. Sikowitz…
*Smirks*...hmm i guess but you hurt me ill hurt u
I was only flirting,I promise,when I am in a relationship,I stay loyal
I can't watch victorious the same anymore bc I seen tori vega's nudes
*walks in with Natalie and signs her in*
*Gets in with you and you turn the car on and pull out of the driveway*
*comes downstairs* Mom I just have to go get my jacket and I'll wait in the car *hands you you're -
sure you girls could go look me and Nikki could go look
*while upstairs I put some of you're makeup on*
*waits for her to get back and picks up my phone* Oo. Today is the day Natalie has to go for he-
N:-nods- Ok mom -she kisses me and she goes upstairs- Me;-smiles-
Must be hectic with a house full of girls
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
*walks into the room* Hey Family. Natalie is this you're girlfriend?
My profile picture demonstrates the friendship I want with tori again! WHERE IS VEGA
I love you thanks for getting me so many smiles with the character of Tori Vega idola are the best that a person can have.❀
Wonder if the pear phone crapped out on tori vega the way I phones crap out on us
pls follow me I'm like a huge fan of tori vega.a huge fan.
I remember that was bc of Tori Vega that i start sing and make everything for shine i luv uβ™₯ my only Tori
Follow me please we have the same birthday πŸ’œ Tori Vega
Taking the Lead lets avid gamers develop into Tori Vega as she tries to win the lead position in a Hollywood Arts...
no srsly every time I see ur name on my tl and stuff I remember tori vega
I just though that ur name reminds me of tori vega from victorious
Cat Valentine ended being more talented than tori vega lol so I think we all know who yells "VICTORIAAA"
follow me plese like vicTORIous tori vega thank you!
and another thing she has in common with Tori Vega.
Tori vega needs to change her profile picture. It makes her look fat
Tori Vega!! I love it that your character has the same family name as mine. :)
must have a listen to your Tori Amos, Fiona Apple and Suzanne Vega. Thanks for the follow!
Nikki:OMFG there are three sexy girls on my TL tori vega Carly Shay and kim sexy kardashian
Realizing that I am an east coast Tori Vega
I still wonder why the singing girl in Victorious was Tori Vega and not Cat.
In elementary school, I thought my locker in high school would be like Tori Vega's. What a disappointment.
If me and Carly get married should it be Carly Vega or Tori Shay?
At an old man's pub in cork where they have Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos, Janis Ian etc playing on loop..surprised & the pint is lovely
oh jk.. You have I to with Reagan and tori tho
tori vega.. Is that her real name idek
Tori vega so irrelevant why she there
for a second I was was like it's tori vega
Victoria Justice will forever be tori vega
Hi TORI: Does your crew have the urge to sing the VIBRANT fonda rae song called: fat rat from the year 1982 to boost it's ratings? Or else big time rush and Lucy Stone could sing that upbeat song to wow their GUESTS. What do you think?
"Who a better signer, tori vega or Taylor swift?" Justin Bieber 😊
What a beautiful name, Lydia! [She shakes her hand gently] I'm Tori, Tori Vega. You did a great job with the decorations!
Yes that true heh. [She offered her hand to you] Nice name Elena! My pleasure to meet you, I am Tori, Tori Vega.
"Because if I buy another PearPhone GX I guarantee the new XT will be released on the same day" - Tori Vega
People tell me I have cheek bones like Tori Vega'sπŸ’
Tori Vega's singing is equivalent to the piercing scream that gives life to constipated sheep around the world
Hey Elizabeth Gillies I like you may I please have your number and Tori Vega's number I like both of you
Cat Valentine , Tori and Trina Vega , Jade West , Sam Puckett and Carly Shay are much better, cooler, prettier and funnier
Cat Valentine and Tori Vega got stuck up your *** poor Cat and Tori
I'm just surprised to see tori awake at 10
Hello tori. tori vega. this is you.
my favorite tv show is sam & cat and victorious say to tori vega i like you very much - Lailah 9 years old
I need a follow from you mrs tori vega I love you
OMG that bit so funny and they are all arguing about who tori vega is πŸ˜‚
Well hello boys my name's tori vega buy me some liquorice and ill give you a kiss
Do you would accept reprise the role of Tori Vega if Dan asked you in a Victorious movie?
Someone might want to tell Tori and Trina Vega someone's squatting in their house.
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Saturdays were sacred treasures to Tori Vega, because they meant one glorious thing: no work. During the school year, +
I got : Tori Vega! Which Victorious Character are you? vΓ­a
I can't choose between Jade West and Tori Vega which one should I rp?
Just ate out Cat Valentine and Tori Vega- Feeling dirty 🐟🐱
Tori Vega and Lola Martinez is in my heart forever PLEESE FOLLOW
Tori Vega: No Sinjin, I have the longest internet cable in the world
alright, alright, fine. Just be lucky you're cute
Aw, alright I'll tell you Ash.sometime tomorrow or so πŸ˜‰
well your hair is nice either way: long or short. It's one of your best features πŸ™ˆ
Tori Vega had more of a better character that's why I'm a huge Victorian :( her character
when Tori Vega died and there was no more victorious
Really had fun watching Victorious today Tori Vega was awesome.Big shout out to @ Victoria Justice.Love you so so much
Loved Saxon; "Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos, Alanis Morisette, great songwriters but come on girls, let it go, we've all been dumped."
did you learn that from Tori or Mrs. Vega?
hi Tori Vega follow me plz. love Ariana Grande
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I love very much.I love Cat Valentine and Tori Vega most of all.
AJ is Tori Vega and Paige is Jade West.if you didn't watch Victorious, you won't get that reference and that's NOT my fault.
Can i have a squad like Tori Vega has
Playing a listener appreciation concert for tonight in Vegas at htt…
"but mom Tori Vega from Victorious didn't have her driver's license..."
Goodbye Cat Valentine,Robbie Shapiro,Jade West,Beck Oliver,Tori Vega,Andre Harris & thank you Dan Schneider for the great memories πŸ˜”πŸ’œ
Tori Vega: You're not supposed to hit her. Jade West: I felt that's what my character would do. Cat Valentine: My face hurts.
.and characters of note not to appear in are Carly Shay, Spencer Shay, Tori Vega, Trina Vega, Beck Oliver
What if Tori Vega wasn't the happy giddy girl we all know...?
i remember the first time i saw ariana was on Victorious when she introduced herself as Cat Valentine to Tori Vega . yes this was a long -
I read fanfic you wrote back in 2011 Lessons about Jade West and tori vega I found it though this link
I liked a video from Victorious 365 days audio Andre Harris ft Tori Ve…
The latest from Tori Vega (Hii guys it Tori =D I attend Hollywood Arts and my best friend is Andre :) Also my friends are Robbie,Can and Beck :) My sis is Trina . RP(Not Victoria Justice). Hollywood,CA
Thank you Tori Vega for the great memories, and for making part of my life, you make it so much better 🌟 πŸ’“
has an new thing red hair like tori's old hair omg i love it Tori Vega
Just now realizing that on my first day of Ocsa I was Tori Vega on her first day of Hollywood Arts.
You think Tori Vega has great cheek bones? Clearly u haven't seen Cody's
A girl who named Tori Vega.Her username is and
In my victory, just remember me When I make it shine "Tori Vega"
The gorgeous Tori Vega & stunning Cat Valentine! what about Jade, is she single? Her kissing me is still in my lips AMAZING
anyways aren't you doing a European tour?
that was my first time at coachella & ngl I was not disappointed πŸ‘Œ
i will literally become tori vega and freak the freak out tomorrow when Mikey posts a selfie of his new haircut I swear
Tori Vega stole my heart and Victoria Justice never gave it back.
If your first name is tori and last name vega... That ***
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