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Tora Bora

Tora Bora , known locally as Spīn Ghar , is a cave complex situated in the White Mountains (Safed Koh) (Safed Koh is the Dari form for Spin Ghar) of eastern Afghanistan, in the Pachir Wa Agam District of Nangarhar province, approximately west of the Khyber Pass and north of the border of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in Pakistan.

Bin Laden Osama Bin Laden Al Qaeda Mullah Omar White House

Better to invest in an Erik Estrada Roller Disco franchise in Tora Bora, Afghanistan than a Jill Stein recount drive, evidently.
. I would have gone nuclear after Tora Bora. ...specks in a slake of glass from Algeria to the Hindu Kush. DONE DUSTED
Tora Bora is not the fruit of Taj Mahal.Why don't u point ur finger at the rightly; at the CIA & our corrupt establishment?
But I've seen some footage of Tora Bora bombing.
Had not bungled the Bin Laden siege at Tora Bora, the terrorist would have been killed in 2001 instead of 2011.
Bin Laden sneaked into mainly bcz trusted warlords struck a deal with him at Tora Bora, let him escape
i wonder if one of the main dealers still got snowmobile. nice try osama after 9/11 trying to show you werent in tora bora. IR
"imagine if we had these puppies in tora bora". Insinuating raptors would have been helpful in the fight against al-Qaeda 😂😂😂
Fascinating read and rare photos of OBL hiding in Tora Bora
He probably was killed in the Tora Bora hills, false flag
In 1999 I used to laugh this stuff off too. I didn't take the election seriously. Then I watched 911, Iraq, TORA Bora, V. Plame
mishandled Bin Laden siege at Tora Bora & ignored advice to put boots on ground. Result: Laden lived 10 more year…
In Brazil & tora bora hills some school has forcefully issued TC to kids of our AAP volunteers. Look into d matter http…
always assumed it was John Chapman, CCT at Tora Bora. Nice to know better
Don't know why Bin Laden ever hid in Tora Bora - he'd still be at large if he'd made his way to Brum..
I have to admit, I've spent 14 years thinking all those "Chapman"s were named for CCT John Chapman, who died at Tora Bora
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Don't put yourself through it , I'm living in Tora Bora till we hump the zombies
Afghanistan would also have benefited from an industrial sized glass parking lot at the base of Tora Bora.
Why did we bother with the Afghan war when the UK could have just parachuted Piers Morgan and a dozen ex SAS into Tora Bora in Nov 2001
just saw this as I was about to shut it down. Not in those days. And the caves at Tora Bora were short term.
Inside job means it was NOT some independent Islamic CIA created loon in a cave in Tora Bora.
.she didn't vote for "stove piped intelligence" or letting OBL go free in Tora Bora, or not having a plan for the day after Saddam
Our one of a kind solvent free hash drops tomorrow. It's a blend of our Tora Bora, CBD Blueberry and...
And that "Cheap" Proctor must be transferred to Tora Bora immediately.
is 9th Wife of Muatafa Khar and they are still enjoying their Honey moon in Tora Bora !!!.
he was in tora bora. Afghan govt were given 30 days to turn him over
How effective are these strikes?Why not obliterate the Raqqa headquarters?Did they forget how Tora Bora was handled?
Shocking political failures from Bush admin. 1. Lack of early intervention in Tora Bora allowed Bin Laden to escape
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I think it's a bit like blaming Laura Bush for the failure to capture Bin Laden at Tora Bora.
I can't get good wifi in my room but the taliban can upload videos from tora bora smh
rhymed with tora bora .. Sounds Freaking
I wasn't even making a point that it was intentional. I was going for GWB swung and missed at Tora Bora. OBL was there.
like I said, Tora bora. I understand it's hard to follow along when you're too busy owning liberals
It will be good to send Phil to rehab in Tora Bora
one of 100s of things Muslims hate about the West, if it's so unbearable, why not move back to a cave in Tora Bora?
Kerry is throwing cherries in d form of F-16 n they in return firing rockets.Magical Tora Bora mountain not explored properly byUSA
Sure about that? 25 years since "Desert Storm" only? I could have sworn I saw B-52's in Afghanistan in the area of "Tora Bora".
york daily news11/9 intelligence service industry has a project otherwise Nazi state, not work of members of the Tora Bora mountains
I have dream, that one day in the hills of Tora Bora, we shall re-establish the pious brotherhood of Mullah Omar and bring some tower down.
there is nowhere to hide at Golis Hills not like Tora Bora. For ur info we ar just waiting official acceptance from Sh.Adnani.
Tora bora was a time-out. Can't kill ur PARTNERS kid, now can we? Pakistan took billions to keep him safe.
exactly! "Can you imagine if we had these puppies in Tora Bora?' Best line in the movie lol
The OBL platter was blocked by ISI as per mian musharaff followed by the tora bora pickup - safe to say pakistan wanted the war.
My I will be feel sorry about this country!. Tora bora!
After he'd been living in the tora bora caves for a few months, probably remarkably similar.
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. Just wanted to say hi, and solidarity from here in the Mountains (not Tora Bora😉). Not drowning, just waving. 👋. X
Is it too much to ask to get to my home in 2015. I live in Northern Irealand and not Tora Bora
Go There! W didn't care where OBL was, when he was in Tora Bora Rumsfeld wouldn't give the orders to kill, kept us safe???
I know, son was there. TORA BORA was a time out to allow Bin Laden to go to Pak!!
probably they'll loose Mosul and Raqaa, but maybe it would be like when AQ lose Tora Bora, it wasn't his end
Only people Bush kept safe are Bin Laden (Tora Bora) and the Saudi families who funded 9/11 by cover it up
It's crazy the republicans care more about this than they ever did with 9/11, Tora bora and Iraq they rolled over for Pres Bush Y?
is a Saudi not British. Let the Saudis take him back. You are not in tora bora during the Afghan war for peaceful reasons
.That segment you did about Osama Bin Laden in Tora Bora. I thought you might find this kind of shocking
But the worst: Rumsfeld pressuring/distracting Franks midst Tora Bora for Iraq plan. Iraq 2 was a total setup. Plain and simple.
why Rumsfeld in Franks' face on Iraq 12/01 midst Tora Bora?.
Not buying this. More than likely he was dead years before the "dramatic" raid, killed in Tora Bora bombing.
no one knows. Were you there? Special forces didn't find him in Tora Bora, doesn't mean he was there and escaped.
Bubba could have killed Bin Laden early on in Tora Bora Mt.s but that would have been bad 4 military war industry
I don't think he knows where Tora Bora is.
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Trump didn't say anything about Tora Bora.
was saying it was a mistake the way we went in.. there was a smarter way.. OBL escaped from Tora-Bora!!
it's not a reversal.. he said there was a smarter way to go into afghanistan... OBL escaped from Tora-Bora!!
.why did your brother let Bin Laden escape at Tora Bora 3 months after 9/11?
Bin Laden is dead. He was killed in that very region. Was almost apprehended at Tora-Bora tho coalition didn't succeed.
GWB pulled Gen Franks out of Afghan to plan Iraq. That is why Bush let OBL go at Tora Bora!
Thanks for sharing my story - background note, Mr. Cowden hunted Bin Laden in Tora Bora 2001.
i do not, i've heard that their a specific strains to acquire: Charlettes Web, Tora Bora. More research needs to be done tho
TORA BORA was a time out to let OBL go to Pak. PAK took the billions in hush money!
No. We could have caught Bin Laden earlier if Bush hadn't of let him escape from Tora Bora.
Please Inform the comedian sitting in for Gutfeld that it was under Bush when UBL was let go at Tora Bora!
He let Osama's family leave the U.S. Why? Didn't catch him at Tora Bora? Why?
Let's also remember Bush gave up looking for Osama Bin Laden. Could have gotten him in Tora bora but wanted Sadam
hey buddy, maybe you should point out that Jeb's brother let OBL go when they had him in Tora Bora?
trump needs to start talking about how W let obl go at Tora Bora
Background note: Mr. Cowden hunted for Bin Laden in Tora Bora 2001 as a SF soldier
And then, once we got into Iraq and after the botch at Tora Bora, Dubya let OBL flee to Pakistan where it took Obama's balls to kill him!
Modern Western society shouldnt be poluted by islamic cavemen with a matching mindset. Go back to Tora Bora.
Khalid AlShreef. After living in the caves of Tora Bora, he became deputy Defence minister, armed terrorists,is now head of AlHadba prison.
Inside Osama Bin Laden's Tora Bora hideout: Amazing new photos show terror leader's life on the run
Rare new photos show a grinning Bin Laden at his compound in Tora Bora in the Afghan mountains.
Time to turn into before Hillary's server is safely tucked away in Tora Bora cave system
What's Afghan's nickname? They got to have one. Tora Bora Tornados?
"What I did on my Tora Bora vacation."
Rare photos of Osama Bin Laden at his hideout in Afghanistan's Tora Bora
Inside Osama Bin Laden's Afghan lair: Rare images of al-Qaeda leader in Tora Bora during the 1996 visit of a j...
also contributed to; War in Afghanistan, Battle of Tora Bora, War in North-West Pakistan, and Operation Neptune Spear.
The Delta Force commander's account of what happened at Tora Bora.
Yeah i know this even Sheikh Rashid used to claim that US will make Pakistan "Tora Bora" if not facilitated =))
"If the had been in office another year, Sinai would have become like Tora Bora"
Sisi, under whom terrorism has increased tenfold in Egypt, says Sinai would have been like Tora Bora if Morsi stayed
"If the Brotherhood had been in office for another year, Sinai would have become something like Tora Bora"
Journalistic career[edit] Mir with the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony BlairMir joined the Daily Jang (Lahore) in 1987 and worked there as sub-editor, reporter, feature writer and edition in charge. In 1994, he broke the submarines purchase scandal in Daily Jang. Some close friends of Asif Zardari (husband of then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto) were involved in that scandal, along with some Navy officials. Mir lost his job the day his article was published.[10] In 1996, Mir became the editor of the Daily Pakistan in Islamabad, making him the youngest editor of any national Urdu newspaper in the history of Pakistani journalism. He lost his job again in 1997, when he wrote an article in the Daily Pakistan about the alleged corruption of prime minister Nawaz Sharif.[10] Also on 25 December 1997, he launched Daily Ausaf (Islamabad) as founding editor. Mir went eastern Afghanistan, where he investigated the escape of Osama Bin Laden from Tora Bora mountains in December 2001.[11] Mir visited t ...
Same ape would have known better than you in allowing Afghan war lord to go into Tora Bora to get UBL Brilliant more sir
War on terror is a very interested story into our 21 century is a war of no winning. War on terror since 2001 United State of America were fighting terror before then the country was so rich with no debts but after 9/11 until today the country lost $6 trillions dollars with no hope of wiping out terrorism ideology in this world mashar sharif, pashawar, tora bora, Baghdad, Palestine, Syria, boko haram, Mogadishu Al shaabab, Islamabad, lawarpindi, Mombasa, Nairobi Kenya all this places still is the strong hold and terrorist targets. War on terror once you walk in you can't walk out safe. Two things when you decided to fights war on terror you go broke bankrupt or you go home ask united state of America. War on terror is not easy war. Kenya government should think what I just said.
Gee- i wonder if a trained ape would forget the mess that was Tora Bora as quickly as ...
and not enough forces in place to prevent Bin Laden's flight from Tora Bora. Your temerity is breathtaking.
Woke up nd nothin so ill keep lookin for somethin
I seriously would not wish this struggle on my worst enemy.
"Afghan Girl" — Now Seventeen years later, Sharbat Gula and her photographer met again. Gula is in her late twenties and lives in the mountains near Tora Bora with her husband and her three children. When asked if she's ever felt safe, she to Nat Geo, "No. But life under the Taliban was better. At least there was peace and order."
says the man who let Bin Laden escape from Tora Bora. You end a war w/the racist nutball ex-SecDef you have, not the...
This is the same guy that let OBL escape at Tora Bora, right? Then neglected the war to focus on a new one?
Sci-fi story - Part of this story is based on truth - Tora-Bora Mountains written by Hadas Moosazadeh via
New video release by Tora Bora Jihadi Studio entitled "Annals of History"
And people wonder why our generation is so screwed up
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First time I played slowpitch I fell in love. Real talk
Im not gonna waste the rest of my life lookin for someone to replace the only one that really mattered
I don't want/need anything from you. I just miss your presence in my life
"People leave your life for a reason, you have to accept it"
I get lost in my own head a lot... come join me
At this rate we're never going to get on the field. ❄️⚾️
Out of all people he was the last person I woulda guessed you were talking to lol
I hate negativity especially when I'm not in the best mood.
The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach ur full potential. these are the keys that unlock the door to…
I crack my self up sometimes. Nah, that's a lie; more like all the time.
I can't believe I had that much fun last night playing board games and cards, while rollin & smoking L's...
“My biggest pet peeve is having my time wasted cause you can't get that back”
Lmao dont act clueless. You're flawless.
Theres no way we could be friends. It doesnt really work like that
"Lonely nights in the hills of Tora Bora... Just you and Kerpal and the camels. The chilling wind forces you two to huddle together as
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Titanic is a tough movie to watch lol
What I know about Bin Laden: He's DEAD! Who cares what Pakistan knew. I always presumed they knew where he was since Tora Bora
aye stay strong buddy you're on your way to bigger and better things. Miss you man!
MAYBE If the would EVER publish the FACT that Tora Bora WAS GIVEN TO al-Qaeda by NATO to use as a hideout
Independent livin and we still movin
Flying over tora bora Afghanistan this afternoon. A good hiding place for Bin Laden before. Said to be rich in...
9 days until the glorious Tigers' season begins!
I'm sure the US loves the joke about the Qalamoun region becoming "the new Tora Bora"
You didn't understand the depth of my reply. For You it's Bora Bora Resorts Anda for us Its Tora Bora Mountains.
I love being single cause I think it's dumb for someone to put rules I'm their significant other. Honestly.
OBL was pushed in corner by US from Tora Bora mountains after nonstop drone attacks to hide in Pakistan.via
I've made a terrible mistake. So apparently, people vacation in Bora Bora, not Tora Bora.
Sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it's become a memory
New amendment in law makes WIFE BEATING LEGAL in Afghanistan!!! And to think that we went to war, killed hundreds of thousands to set up a corrupt Democracy to our liking (and reestablish the opium trade), and *** *** They are still beating their women under the Karzai dictatorship! But, But, But, didn't we go in there to free the women? Well, at least the opium is of good quality, and it has killed three times as many addicts before 2001-2002 when there was no opium crop in Afghanistan. (Because the Religious Taliban Zealots had made it illegal to cultivate Opium. The Northern Alliance of Opium Growers which held about 40% of Afghanistan was fighting a Civil War with the Taliban because the NA objected to being put of out business. The US Army sided with the Northern Alliance, and refused the Taliban offer to capture Osama Bin Ladin who was hiding in Northern Alliance held territory at Tora Bora. The Taliban would help capture Osama if the US Army would help them as it would cost them thousands of ...
Guantanamo detainee cites POW status, files lawsuit for release: The detainee, for whom the lawsuit is being filed, is Fawzi Odah, 36, one of the two Kuwaiti nationals remaining at Guantanamo. The legal action was announced on Monday, The Los Angeles Times reports. It was initiated by the man’s family, which over the last 12 years has managed to facilitate the release of 10 other Kuwaiti detainees from the prison, all of whom were captured in Afghanistan following the 9/11 attack. Fawzi Odah’s father, Khalid, is a Kuwaiti air force colonel, who received training in the US and in 1991 helped America in its war against Iraq. He argues his son was taken to Guantanamo by mistake and that he did charitable work in Afghanistan. The US intelligence officials however assumed Fawzi Odah was a Bin Laden loyalist working as a recruiter for a London-based terrorist cell. They claim the he was carrying an AK-47 assault rifle, when he was captured by a Pakistani militia near the Tora Bora mountains in 2001. Odah's ...
Friendly Fire For the last 12 years I have been haunted by a slanderous hatchet job by a left-wing public radio reporter who worked at the time for the Baltimore Sun. David Folkenflik’s December 2001 story essentially accused me of pretending to witness an incident of friendly fire in Afghanistan. As I explained in an on-the-air apology to my audience and via satellite phone from Tora Bora to Folkenflik himself, (he’s a TV critic who has never covered combat), I made an honest mistake. In the fog of war, on a day I narrowly escaped a sniper’s bullet, I confused the aftermath of a friendly fire incident I covered in Tora Bora, with a more widely reported friendly fire incident several hundred miles away in Kandahar. Folkenflik’s editor, William K. Marimow did write me privately praising my ‘grit and courage’ in combat. Further, he assured me that he did not believe I intended to deceive our audience. Still, after a two month long review process during which I made available to The Sun all our v ...
MY BRAH Ghulam Asghar Khan Osama bin-Laden had met his natural death on December, 2001, was buried somewhere in the mountainous region in Afghanistan. All the US- sponsored messages in print and electronic media were fakes. The alleged US Navy Seals operation almost 11 years after his death was a staged show and had never happened. Bin Laden was a man that most of the people didn’t need to be reminded in their everyday lives. But, GW Bush kept him alive to prolong his stay in the White House. It was a dead nemesis perpetuated by the Bush and Obama administrations. Bin Laden’s voice was regularly detected until December 12, 2001, by intelligence operatives monitoring radio transmissions in Tora Bora. Since then nothing has been heard from the al- Qaeda leader. President Bush had hinted in private that Osama’s silence could mean that he had been killed. The, then Pakistan’s military dictator proudly declared that the fugitive died in 2001, even, the Afghan President Karzai expressed to the CNN that ...
After killing Osama, Obama regime death squads managed to ‘capture’ a leading figure in al-Qaeda, this time not in Tora Bora or in Qandahar, but in the Libyan capital Tripoli. In a Hollywood style scenario, a death squad from the CIA commandos operating freely in post-NATO invaded Libya ‘ending a 15-year manhunt by seizing him in broad daylight near the Libyan capital’ as The New York Times put it quoting American officials. The man, Nazih Abd al-Hamid al-Ruqhay with the code name Abu Anas el-Liby (el-Liby means ‘from Libya’), is the suspect believed to be behind the bombing of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. Another US mainstream propaganda outlet, the Huffington Post said quoting the chief spokesman George Little of the US war headquarters aka Pentagon: ‘al-Libi is currently lawfully detained by the U.S. military in a secure location outside of Libya.’! The manipulating of words is the best the US propaganda machines can do: sending death squads from the CIA & FBI to arrest a ...
Osama Bin Laden is alive and well and living comfortably in a house in the north-west of Pakistan protected by local people and elements of the country’s intelligence services, according to a senior NATO official. The latest analysis contradicts the belief that the al-Qaeda leader is roughing it in underground bunkers as he dodged CIA drones hunting him from the air. "No one in al-Qaeda is living in a cave," according to an unnamed NATO official quoted by CNN. He added that Ayman al-Zawahiri, Bin Laden’s second in command, and was also living in a house close by somewhere in the country’s mountainous border regions. Pakistani officials on Monday repeated their long standing denials that the Saudi-born terrorist mastermind was being given safe haven. However, the NATO official said Bin Laden was thought to have ranged from the mountainous Chitral area near the Chinese border, to the Kurram Valley which borders Afghanistan’s Tora Bora, one of the Taliban strongholds during the US invasion in 2001. N ...
My new baby. Tora Bora. I've heard really good things about this for I have…
eh what real bigfoot is real, cave demons in tora bora are real? and now Brutalcorn is real, comming soon on Lost Tapes is it real
You want to go to Bora Bora, I want to go to Tora Bora.
Agree completely. But the initial CIA small footprint allowed him to escape in Tora Bora
He was. Every expert says he was in Tora Bora. We've stayed there too long but going after him there was justified
Invaded Afghanistan looking for Bin Laden. He escaped to Pakistan in December 2001 at the Battle of Tora Bora & never returned.
Mureed you having Tora Bora & London in bio. Please to providing proofs for human omnipresence from authentic Hadith.
That's a fair point. More importantly it took away military assets at a critical time - remember Tora Bora?
If we had gotten Bin Laden in Tora Bora would we have continued these maniacal wars? So much for the Republicans calling the right shots!
Are these the same intel guys who 'found' WMD in Iraq and Bin Ladens Bond villain caves in Tora Bora?
Hrm… must be all those Spec-Ops bears that the military was training to track down OBL in Tora Bora. Guess they went merc?
Imagine if autocorrect was around in 2001 and the US wanted to bomb an unknown place called Tora Bora. Goodbye Bora Bora.
OBL was a huge fan of he would stream it from cave to cave in Tora Bora
are you picking up any chatter from the caves of Tora Bora?
It took 10 years 2 get Bin Laden, although our President let him go at Tora Bora & took a detour into Iraq.
For me Extreme Adventures isn't a "Temple Run" game but a run in Tora Bora Mountains
Osama Bin Laden kept roaming in the Tora Bora mountains because his land was acquired by DLF and Robert Vadra.
Tora bora is a good movie but would have been better if it had english and arabic subtitles/translations when they spoke in ot…
Worst kept secret in Fort Bragg, NC. Bin Laden was in since late Dec 2001. Exfilled @ The Battle of Tora Bora.
Requests were made to provide troops to close back door. Refused (tora bora)
Oh no - I wasn't letting this be my Tora Bora moment; I hunted that ^$*until I found him and murdered him.
I'm convinced you can open a Starbucks in Tora Bora and within 24 hours it will be teeming with hipsters sporting Mac laptops.
oh, I get it now. bush knew Bin Laden was in tora bora, but let him escape to pakistan for 8 years to bide his time.
Your premise is going from weak to dead, I suggest we call it a night. I have to study about Tora Bora in 2001 and make some
murder “americans” & who was alleged 2 have been at Tora Bora w/him & who was one of the 3 ppl in the “notorious” video on 9/12
Or Tora Bora! “Anyone who denigrates our military deserves to be air-dropped into Yemen.”
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Sinai is turning slowly to Egyptian Tora Bora... Terrorist might be able to reach east bank of Suez Canal...!
nah you got that mixed up with Usama in tora bora
Let's hope that fellow admin from tora bora takes over from me. High time i get some sleep.
"The Tora Bora Law Ignorer" is the greatest nickname ever bestowed upon someone
By our will, we will build the free Syrian state & we will not import it from Tora Bora - Picture from Has Idlib
been on holiday in tora bora for last 10 years ? :D
Yoour terrorist group belongs to Tora or Tora Bora ! What is odd about that!!. That is the end of terror. Game over wake up man!
Tora Bora and Bora Bora. Just a typo away from a holiday nightmare
he should go for a holiday at tora bora in Afghanistan and cool down with his anger.
Can someone take me to the tora bora mountains in Afghanistan. Looks breath taking :)
If Bush had the info, y didn't he have him killed. He refused 2 pursue OBL in Tora Bora cuz it was hard. Bush had no budget!
Shame on who said that if we donot obey USA, they will make our Tora bora and send us back to stone age.
Some people still believe in Free Will. And they do not live in a cave on Tora Bora.
bora bora or tora bora. I forget which is the good one.
Photo: purloiner: One gram of TerpX Tora Bora from VMC in LA. $50 per g.
You mean the GWB policy that SHUT DOWN Alec Unit, the CIA Unit that was focused on Bin Laden? Or letting him escape Tora Bora?
After our recent screening of at the director & audience spoke to us about the film.
I want to go camping to Tora-Bora mountains 1ce,want 2 knw how adventrous was Osama's stay over there. Why should Terrorists have all d fun.
Maybe will move to Tora Bora and really get down to plotting out just how to make us beg for his mercy.
wen I asked my dad are we driving in lahore or tora bora? :P
Oh. You know, just donnyvhd chillin in the Tora Bora Mountains
Hass: "We will build our free Syria with our wills.. we will not import it from Tora Bora!" /via
Yes, Moxie, there is a He's now in a Tora-Bora cave. Soros, Ailes, Rove? All answer 2 him
Luxury is a state of mind, this could be Tora Bora and TTP HQ
You stand for selfish. Egyptians will not let terrorist group to lead them a single day anymore. Egypt is not Tora Bora
. Maybe that's why T-Mobile is so horrible. Cause they're squandering all their bandwidth on Tora Bora.
"Remember when they said Osama Bin Laden was in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan? Riding around in a donkey up there in Tora Bora? Well it turns out he was in Pakistan in Abattabad and he was driving around, he got pulled over and the Pakistani Police gave him a ticket. So I don't want to hear about Pakistan being lenient with him--they GAVE HIM A TICKET and that's the end of THAT." --David Letterman
Even Afghanis have more opportunities to apply for abroad. kash main Tora Bora mein he paida hua hota...Mummy
Afghanistan was a fools’ war... The US has discovered the hard way that there is no military fix to the conflict, but its decision to engage the Taliban in talks may be little more than a face- saver. Osama Bin Laden was permitted to flee his Tora Bora cave complex to Pakistan and now it appears that his protectors, the Taliban, which the US pledged to defeat, are poised to become Afghanistan’s prodigal sons. The $ 6 trillion ( the war’s financial burden on the US alone) question here is: What were the past 12 years all about? Tens of thousands of Afghan lives have been sacrificed; over 3,000 coalition soldiers have been killed while 50,000 were wounded in action, many requiring care for the rest of their lives. The terrible price in blood and treasure paid by all concerned could have been brought to a minimum had the Bush administration listened to President Hamid Karzai in December 2001 when he announced that amnesty had been extended to “common Taliban”, including their leader Mullah Omar, pr ...
Bin Laden was killed in Tora Bora YEARS ago Bush had enough sense to not want to make Bin Laden a martyr. Gates had said just a few months earlier that there had been no reliable intelligence on Bin Laden for years. Well duh, he was under twenty tons of rock in Tora Bora.
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0 1 2 c (AdVeNtuReRs) Those days of sorrow, those boring days, those delighting days, those cheerful moments, those secondary shool days, those interesting days when when the big boys were juniors. Those days of 'Pc' those days when talking about him sees him at your back. those days of vice pc (Nagya/Baban dady), those days when he used to set the school into vibration with his one-in-town car, those days of dodging prep, which when he sees your 'Qeya' you cant escape his judgement. Those days of Jss3 when Mr. Olu (maths teacher) always disturb us with his extra lessons on weekends. Those funny moments of Mal. Halliru (social studies teacher). I rebember the interesting 'Qira'ah' of our noble Qur'an teacher. Those days of "Gaban Malik". Those days when the whole school is gathered on basketball court after night prep. Those days of "Tora Bora". Those awkward nights of sleeping on bonk, when you can't sleep with a mattress for two consecutive days. Those days of Usman Dayyabu and co when they wake us up t ...
There is ZERO credible evidence supporting the official 9/11 theory. On 4/19/02, then FBI director Mueller admitted the FBI lacked any evidence to link any Muslims to 9/11, this is despite the seizure of tons of Al Qaeda documents in Tora Bora. Why were all the bodies and body parts found at the Pentagon traced only to Pentagon personnel? Why was a CFM-56 engine found the NYC streets? A CFM-56 is a 737 engine, too small for either a 757 or a 767 aircraft, indeed FAA rules forbid it. Or why only a single jet engine was found in the Pentagon and that no more than 1/3 the size of a PW2000 which is the standard engine on the 757 alleged to hit the Pentagon. Or the radar track of the craft that hit the Pentagon executed a 7G 270 degree turn to hit the Pentagon in its least occupied spot while ignoring a straight on shot at the offices of the Joint Chiefs. Why did the White House order AA and United Airlines to pull the passenger manifests? Could it be that not a single name was Muslim on the 4 lists? A ...
Maltbys finests top tip no 5494 Soldiers. Catch members of the Taliban by setting large moustraps in the Tora Bora hills and baiting them with a little girl learning to read.
BBC Security correspondent Gordon Corera tells the untold tale of how the Americans hunted their most wanted man - from the caves of Tora Bora in Afghanistan...
FAWZIA KOFI FAWZIA Koofi, is an Afghan politician and women's rights activist. she Originally from Badakhshan province. she is currently serving as a Member of Parliament in Kabul and is the Vice President of the National Assembly. She has also announced her intention to run as a presidential candidate in the 2014 elections in Afghanistan. Her father was a Member of Parliament (MP) for 25 years but died at the end of the first Afghan war (((1979–1989 but i will use that before this, Soviet also invaded Afghanistan))) killed by Mujahideens. Koofi began her political career in 2001 after the fall of the Taliban, promoting the right to education of girls in her "Back to school" campaign. She has survived several assassination attempts, including one on March 8, 2010, near the town of Tora Bora. She is running on a platform of equal rights for women, promoting universal education and the opposition to political corruption.
the Sibel Edmonds information is also mind-blowing! 3 months after 9/11 and in Dec 12 Bin Laden surrounded at Tora Bora. Hmmm
Latest CIA intel locates Punxsutawney Phil in a cave in Tora Bora following death threats from Midwestern extremists.
We've come a long way from Tora Bora.
Based on much of the writing about Afghanistan, they were some of the fiercest fighters in Anaconda, Tora Bora, etc.
How many times does John Kerry have to say "Tora Bora" before you remember that they had him, and he got away?
Anybody can do whatever they want but to identify after 2 days tora bora can't, need to be FBI for that
Muslims in Tora Bora also took the US on a ride...
Muslims in Tora Bora can't catch their breath from laugher how their 19 y/o Schmuk took the USA on a ride.
This whole Boston manhunt has a Tora Bora feel to it.
If suspect got away, that's the biggest strategical gaffe since Bin Laden slipped out the back door at Tora Bora.
“Watertown, Mass., is now Tora Bora! How did he escape more than 1,000 cops, copters and media.” The Bourne identity!
Revenge is response of the the prejudice
Chechnya fighters were active in Tora bora , I remember reading how shocked coalition forces were of how they looked like US troops
we watched Bin Laden walk out of Tora Bora back in 2001.. People will find away to get away lol
But in a way, yes those troops would be keeping us a *** of a lot safer on the Rio Grande than in Tora Bora these days
I don't know if it was required to be 10yrs long. Tora-bora. I'm not so flippant about these wars, I know too many war dead.
Looks like Boston PD will not let this turn into tora bora.
The last terrorist escaped US troops in Tora Bora. This one is evading cops in Watertown, MA.
situation is reminding me of Tora Bora. Here's to hoping they are able to capture suspect
if he takes the hat off they'll never find him. It will be Tora Bora all over again.
They are hunting him right now. It feels like I am 14 years old and watching Fox as Bin Laden was pinned down in Tora Bora.
Cable news hits new lows in xenophobia. can't tell if suspects "look American." wonders: Could they escape to Tora Bora?
We had (not Willmott) at Tora Bora yesterday. She squirmed away and regained her strength to fight us back, but We Will Prevail.
Revenge is a response of the prejudice
When is the Tora Bora article coming out?
Any hints on what the next article topic might be? Your work on Tora Bora was excellent. Keep writing!
Who bush? Bush had him trapped at Tora Bora NOT Clinton.
He didnt pull the trigger at Tora Bora when they knew he was there.
Musharraf the Kargil hero last seen running towards Tora Bora Hills!
Hoping to see next pic of from Tora-Bora caves.
We went from tora bora life to bora bora life
Just realizing that Tora Bora thing could have been a Family Guy aside.
You were nearly right. But when they got to Tora Bora, they realized he was actually watching Tora! Tora! Tora! miles away
This is exactly like the time I reported that US forces were closing in on Bin Laden at Tora Bora.
Breaking News: Osama Bin Laden has been captured in Tora Bora...
My tora bora bro we tight like that, u know him personally?
If only we had an MSM who was this pushy about Tora Bora... Let me stop..
I didn't say all of them but naturally its not like tora bora but not even sharif's paris
My Tora Bora article posts tomorrow on SOFREP.
I think they didn't to be made inot another Tora Bora.
this time they are thinking "Catch Me If You Can" Btw the pigeon courier from Tora Bora Caves, Afghanistan has bcome old
That stupidsame time vry funny moment,wen u done sumtin wrongalbab,u'll b taken 2 TORA BORA
She-Hulk suggest if Bora Bora easily confused with Tora Bora best you stay home anyway
He just happened to be hanging out at Tora Bora with Osama Bin Laden's inner circle. Let him starve himself.
Agree, but partly. Terrorists that come from tora-bora are mostly young, immature and brain dead, unable to even fear.
everyone praise Osama, i mean dad, he's in tora bora, oops gave him away
.Hmm. There are plenty of non-threats held at Gitmo for no reason. But is Moqbel one of them? Captured at Tora Bora ...
Re previous. Dude who got OBL back out of tora bora, senior ops planner and senior facilitator all linked to 911 released in recent years
What was the last movie you watched? Did you like it? — Tora hora bora she likes it back Dora
hang on I'm sending you to bora bora not Tora bora you should be grateful! Lol
That's an obvious treason. To say we would have gotten UBL at Tora Bora, is rank speculation
Oh, and btw, W also let OBL escape from Tora Bora.
Looking for a job in tora bora. anything would do. Any help?
gear worn by the military... Misread Bora Bora for Tora Bora (caves in Afghanistan)... wow, talk about getting lost!
Thanks. Look forward to book. Love "Tora Bora spelunking"!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Why don't you support Tora Bora Albion like the rest of yer 79 sisters ya ***
if you're from kandahar, yes. Come Tora Bora and Shinwaar, slang pashto👌
in Tora Bora. So far, not what I was expecting.
For a second I thought you said Tora Bora...
is goes to the Stan every year and is known as "the black wolf of tora bora"
"Tora Bora Summer Breaks" A wonderful destination to visit. Now that... well. y'know.. Come rave in our caves!
The failure in Afgan originated in '03 at Tora Bora.Nice try
Come on Sean. Do you give Obama credit for anything? Killed Osama and you credit Bush! Bush would still be bombing Tora Bora
Big Dots in hand and on my G17 today. Had to handle some school work, now it's out to Tora Bora Cave for some dry work!
at Tora Bora making Talibani's fight for the Apples
I blame Bush/Cheney who had Bin Laden trapped in Tora Bora, but blundered to Iraq inflaming Middle East splintering Al Qaeda!
bomb makers in a physics lab? That's a wet dream you can only experience in a tora bora cave
Are u gonna take him upto tora bora?
Really? So we should have sent cops into Tora Bora huh?
Long time back I wrote Letter To Editor that USA should look fr Osama in SITE Industrial Area bcoz it looks like Tora Bora
Shout out to the girl in my international relations class who wants to get married in Tora Bora...
which cave you live in. I live next to tora bora. give me the name I'll send it express watani delivery :P
What, you don't remember Giuliani's epic mission to Tora Bora, bowie knife clenched in his teeth?
Vlad went to Tora Bora. It was nice B4 the Daisy Cutter ruined the best vistas.
Na homie Tora Bora mountains will be better!
If you change it to Tora Bora, that would be so much better :D
should have leveled it when we first went in - should have blown Tora Bora off the map.
technically it was SOFD-D & OGA that was hunting UBL in Tora Bora
The sequester goes down with Tora Bora, Iraq, Katrina & financial crisis in the GOP's streak of amazing successes
All of Al Qaeda's leadership was with Osama in Tora Bora. We had them cornered. Yet no order for the Rangers to finish him. Why?
Osama was trapped in Tora Bora in Dec'01 & knew it. Praying, apologizing to followers & suggesting they surrender. Then Bush let him go.
hey mate, I might be shooting a film in Vancouver later this year. It's called Tora Bora and I'm playing an SAS soldier.
Me & the GREAT director Waleed Al Awadhi (Director of Tora Bora) and the one who announced me the…
which is toally fine. Makes them stand out, but not look like they are about to assault Tora Bora :)
Interesting to read that after Bin Laden disappeared from Tora Bora in 2001, the trail went cold.then in 2004, a captured Pakistani detainee named Hasan Gul, under coercive interrogation disclosed the name of Abu Al Kuwaiti... Bin Laden's personal courier. Two of the highest ranking Al queda detainees at Guantanamo, Khalid Sheikh(9/11 operational planner) and Abu Faraj Al Libi pointedly declined to talk about the messenger while in fact hassan Gul disclosed that both knew the messenger personally. The CIA deduced that Khalid Sheikh and Al libi were trying to shield the courier and that trailing Al kuwaiti would really lead them Bin Laden's hiding place.
I am going to screw my Travel Agent. I wanted to go to Bora Bora, He sent me to Tora Bora !!
Jeremy Young talking about an Al Qaeda interrogation he witnessed in Tora Bora, Afghanistan. December 2001.
Osama Bin Laden was Died in Tora Bora? Raymond Davis took Osama's Clone Watch this video for shocking truth,
Nasheed proudly said that if he come back to power he will re-arrest Judge Abdulla! but in court he denied for the charges against him for the Arrest of Judge Abdulla and when state submitted witnesses he failed to appear before court and is now -in a Qaddafi attitude- hiding in Tora Bora! Long arm of law will bend law bender "Fili Findi" Nasheed! Achcheedi ulhey faadeh!
A BRIEF BUT FAR MORE THAN TWO-PARAGRAPH EXPLANATION WITH NO "PITCHERS".HANG IN WITH ME HERE. C'mon. Be logical. If NOT taxing the wealthy produced jobs, if a booming stock market produced jobs, we'd be swimming in jobs. We are moreover not only the wealthiest nation on earth, we are the wealthiest nation in world history. In the 1990s, we were running a huge budget surplus, taxing our wealthiest, had a booming economy, and were easily paying down the inexcusable debt. To get that prosperity, to pay off the debt, back we have to understand what really happened next. Yes, yes, we were hit by 9/11. HOWEVER, over Rumsfeld's objection, 60 Special Forces commandos and lots of air power were sent into Afghanistan where EIGHT SHORT WEEKS after 9/11 they pinned Bin Laden and his forces down in Tora Bora. Our Special Forces guys make ninjas look like a garden club. Bin Laden was apologizing to his followers, telling them to flee, when Rumsfeld called the planes and commandos off of Tora Bora. Rumsfeld then refused, ...
Food for thought: The Battle of Hoth is a great analogy for the Battle of Tora Bora. The rebels (Al Qaida) barely escape with their key players. While the Empire (The USA, who are we kidding) Stages a poorly planned ground attack in conjunction with poorly utilized air power. Incidentally we were pursuing Al-Qaida for blowing up our "Death Star" makes you go hm. Of course the Empire never kicked in Lukes bedroom door and blew his *** away, so there's that.
The next stage war is the most difficult financial Report explains the features of the dilemma the French military campaign in Mali Islamic militants during their withdrawal from the town of Kuna after French troops clashed with them last month (French), The New York Times reported that, as a sit-Qaeda militants by the Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan, the Islamic militants now Mali resort to the vast rugged north country, which has become a symbol ongoing challenges generally international efforts to restore stability to the sub-Saharan region. And attributed to military officials, analysts and local fighters as saying that the expulsion of the French troops of the armed militias of Tmpktwoomdn other Nordic in a short period last month was the easiest part in the restoration of financial support from Islamic militants, "and now attention has focused on more mountain chain cruelty in Africa, the mountains of Adrar Avogas unknown Most people have. " It quoted Buckeye AG spokesman Hamid Ahmed Tuareg fight ...
PART II: The more that I listen to the arguments over drone strikes and assault weapons bans (seemingly two different issues) the more that I hear six crucial interlinked questions at the core. First two are in a previous post, Here are the next two: 3) If we as a nation by consensus choose to be at war, and a small overseas group is fighting us, but the nation that contains them will not extradite, should we declare war on the small group or on the entire nation? 4) is it better to take out the small group with commandos and air strikes or to send a huge army of our kids in vehicles overland into the other nation to try to capture the small group--killing and therefore being killed people who happen to be in the way and would not have fought us if we had not invaded? Wouldn't we have been infinitely better off if Bush and Rumsfled had let our commandos and drones takeout Bin Laden and crew when they had them pinned in Tora Bora eight weeks after 9/11? We would have avoided 12 years of war.
PRESIDENT OBAMA IS TOUGHER ON TERRORISM THAN ALL OF HIS PREDECESSORS COMBINED... Watch 'Seal Team 6.' The movie revisits Mitt Romney saying he would not order an attack on Bin Laden in Pakistan and John McCain saying Obama talks too loud when he says he will kill the Al Qaeda chieftain. George Bush let the terror leader escape Tora Bora. The Republicans are wimps who talk tough and do nothing. Our President continues to protect us and kill terrorists with drone attacks that cause no loss of life to American service men and women. President Obama killed Osama Bin Laden and brought justiced and renewed pride to America. There has NEVER been a military operation with the President in such direct command since George Washington. This President is an American hero. His critics are wrong, many guided by bigotry and prejudice. Osama Bin Laden IS DEAD; GENERAL MOTORS IS ALIVE GOD BLESS BARRACK HUSSAIN OBAMA GOD BLESS AMERICA
I have tons of respect for people who choose to join the military and take enormous risks on our nation's behalf in other lands. What I don't have respect for, at least not any more, is the top level military brass that makes the decisions for our troops. From the failure to get Osama Bin Laden at Tora Bora in 2001 to countless questionable choices that seem to have just extended our overseas excursions (to the point where I wonder if they're getting kickbacks from defense contractors for extending the conflict) to the latest debacles with tons of emails and parties and affairs with Tampa socialites (didn't know about this? Read up on Jill Kelley and Paula Broadwell), I just have zero faith in any decisions coming out of the Pentagon. Bring our boys home, refresh the leadership totally, and things might get better. Until then, I don't trust them and I don't respect them. They've betrayed our trust, in my opinion.
I feel like during the 00's the whole world was ruled by terrorists. Terrorists in the White House, religious nutcases from the hills of Tora Bora to the hills of Tennessee with a lot of weapons and an evil-minded desire to strike fear into the hearts of the whole world. It is going to take us a long time to process the psychological damage done to the whole world by a decade of living in fear. But one of the strange things that happened during that time was the disappearance of the term "revolution." Where did the revolutionaries go? I think we were all driven into hiding, not only because the rhetoric of the White House tended to conflate "revolutionary" with "terrorist." And the tv news certainly didn't help matters by drawing a direct line of influence from the 1980s mujahedeen revolutionary forces to the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden, the real life Raj Al-Gul. But this rhetoric obscures the truth completely: that the terrorist and the revolutionary are actually opposites, both in tactics and in goals. ...
since you all asked, this is what I'd like for my present
I believe it was For God and Country or Battle of Tora Bora when it was about that particular mission.
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